09-30-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question: Please explain, 'Try the spirits'. (I John 4:1-3)

Answer: "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits for many false prophets have gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God; every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God. Every spirit that confesseth NOT that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God, but is of Anti-Christ that was to come." This is in itself explanatory, the only thing to remember here is that it has some holes in it. As to Identity it is quite clear. This is more than that He came in the flesh, but that He was the embodiment of YAHWEH, Himself. The fact is that this was YAHWEH who said through the prophet Isaiah: "I am YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA" or "I am YAHWEH THY SAVIOR", beside me there is none else.' (Isaiah 43) I alone am God, and then when the Angel spoke to Mary he said: "Ye shall call his name YAHSHUA, for HE shall save His people", thus identifying HIM AS YAHWEH. "Blessed is He who comes in the name of YAHWEH', this is the identification, this is the embodiment of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA or the LORD JESUS as we say today. Jesus is the derivation from the Greek word, and when the Angel spoke in Hebrew to Mary he said: "Thou shalt call his name YAHSHUA".

Of course all the forces of Anti-Christ deny that this was YAHWEH, or the embodiment of God as YAHSHUA. Of course all the pagans worship a multitude of gods until they do not particularly recognize the true God of the Universe at all. And never do any of the pagan gods recognize Christianity. In other words no other area, Buddhism or Hinduism ever recognizes Christianity, but in this country we find a sort of sly strategy which is trying to unify all kinds of religion. They will set up a temple of all Faiths, and make it sort of like a six pointed star and put Buddhism in one wing, Hinduism in one wing, and Judaism in one wing, and Christianity in one wing, and Witchcraft in another and so on, and say that this all related to one God which is of course a fallacy. Because Hinduism has about 11 gods, and Buddhism has a multitude of evil spirits along with present every day Buddhists philosophy which was started by the conflict Buddha in prison who conned his way out by pretending to be a god. But the fact remains that here in the writings of I John you were told to try the spirits because all kinds of the religions were going on in this Jewish warfare against the Christ, and of course John is the great expert on the master plan of Jewry.

Always Jewry was seeking the crucifixion of Christians, and the liquidation of its leadership, and the total destruction of the Christian Faith. They used the power of their purse and influence on Rome and others to bring about the vast martyrdom of Christians, and of course always their major factor was to deny the Deity of Christ, and to deny that the Christians had anything in their proclamation that this was the embodiment of YAHWEH-GOD. So this is why this passage is included as for you to 'Try the spirits'.

One thing is strange, but is also true, in most instances demonic religions actually apply a tremendous fury when the Clergy or their manifestations are questioned concerning the Christ. This explodes their many areas of false and Satanic spiritualism. This area of Spiritualism works with 'familiar spirits'. And all you have to do is ask a question concerning THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and watch that whole meeting blow up. They will explode and go into cursing, and 'familiar spirits' will scream and shout and curse the moment the name of JESUS is mentioned. Showing again that when we say the word JESUS, it is because they as well as we understand what is meant by that name. If you want to see that type of meeting explode then use the name of YAHWEH or YAHSHUA and watch this type of meeting explode. Today the Jews cannot stand the name YAHWEH, and they put it in tetragram as an unmentionable name, so that no one will mention it. This blows them back into high anger when they hear any of us refer to HIM as YAHWEH because it is an unmentionable name of deity. To them, they have transferred this tetragram to Lucifer who they declare is God, and YAHSHUA the embodiment of YAHWEH is to them the real Satan. They say we Christians have it all twisted around. In fact I have a Talmud sitting on my desk right now in which they say that JESUS is Satan, and Lucifer is God. This is why they act as they do because they are children of the devil, and they call their father, god.

Now; at the same time Lucifer is the god of this world to this degree, he is god to his mutated offspring, and the world order are his troops. But you try every spirit as to its works. I have discovered today that there are spirits who are materialistic, and mechanically inclined to con people, they are trying to put over a Socialist revolution. So they have entered even into the Christian Church. Just a few weeks ago we had some clergy declaring that they do not believe in the Deity of Jesus the Christ. Oh, they talk about Jesus in great platitudes and talk about his philosophy, and they talk about the teaching of Jesus as to love everybody, offer no resistance to anything. But this is a Communist interpretation of the philosophy of Jesus only to sell this to the people they want to neutralize. So under this instance they give lip service, and if you have fundamentalists in your congregation, and they don't want to loose their income, then they say; Oh, yes we believe in Jesus. Then they go over to a group of young people and they say: Jesus is a fine teacher and philosopher but of course we do not believe in his Deity any more. So you see the Devil is cunning enough to even lie about this, and Jesus perceived with Omniscience that they would do this very thing. He said there would be great numbers who would say, 'Didn't I do this, and that in thy name,"LORD, LORD" didn't we do this?' And HE says: "Ye workers of Iniquity, I never knew you", because they have no part nor lot in this matter.

Thus you have to use a little discernment with any rule, even this one because this is a paper and ink rule. When we say that it is a paper and ink rule, well, a lot of things transferred to paper and ink are true as far as the signs of a working idea, and as far as Satanic spirit is concerned, is true except when he is cunning, has his fingers crossed, and knows he is not making an affidavit as far as only to deceive. In the general pattern of this, every spirit that confesses that Jesus is come in the flesh, and then goes on and makes a testimony of this, even with their lives, then you can be pretty well assured that although they might be blind in a lot of ways, they might not know because they are tied up by hierarchy but they are still working hard toward God, in the right direction by declaring this as a keystone of our Faith. But these spirits which start in denying Jesus the Christ are evil, and mutated to the point where they have nothing but Satanic spirits. You should avoid anyone who repudiates the Deity of Jesus. Someone who denies the Deity of Jesus should never be included inside the society of the church, or the structure of the Kingdom. If you are real smart you will never let such a person handle your economy, never let them instruct your children because this is the way of trouble. Never go only by what they say, but by their general pattern of what they produce in testimony. This is especially true when you deal with psychics and phenomena of 'familiar spirits', and their demonstrations. If you want to blow these "familiar spirits' sky high ask a question about Yahweh and even say Jesus and watch this happen. The best thing of course is to stay out of one of those meeting because it is not a good environment, and the vibrations are not good.

Question: Years ago I saw something about a write up on this word, meek, in the Bible, I suppose it was by a 'Milk toast' type of person, but I have forgotten what I read, so what is the meaning of, meek?

Answer: Well, the word meek in its Greek form means non-arrogant. First it was in Aramaic and then translated into Greek, and then into English as meaning without arrogance. In other words this is a person who is firm, and determined but without arrogance. In other words there is no premium based on some sad sack pacifist who won't take any position on right. Christ never took a position like this. Even though He was the fullness of God, and had the power. He did not use arrogance, He used kindness and firmness. When He dealt with Satanic forces He was not against taking a whip and driving them off the steps of the Temple, and He could get angry. When in physical body He could demonstrate emotion, so we do not have a "Meek and Lowly Jesus", someone who you could push around. The fact is that the Satanic forces of Jewry were seeking to destroy Christ, and were a tremendous power. It wasn't that He feared them but He did avoid them at times because they would have tried to kill Him and He would have had to have demonstrated Immortality to avoid them, but He did avoid them because He was here to finish His ministry, and their timing was to seek to destroy Him, before He could accomplish that objective. But their move to Crucify Him, and then His power of Resurrection totally destroyed their program. You see if Jesus hadn't gone into Galilee among his friends and family, then He would have had to keep constantly disappearing all the time, because they were out to kill Him by any means, just to stop His ministry and atonement. They had Him trapped several times, once down in the treasury department of the Temple, they had stones down there, and when they took up stones to kill Him, then He just disappeared. They looked behind doors and under the tables so where did He go? Well, He was just outside on the steps talking to the people.

But you couldn't do this to often or the Satanic forces which were physically embodied, not in their first estate, were going to get leery, and just back off. After all you don't see an apparition more than once, and if nothing happens to it you just save your ammunition. As far as this resistance is concerned, there was no area of passivism or fear, or no area for making Peace with the Devil, on the part of The Christ at anytime. He challenged him always, head-on.

When it says: "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth", this was that they would stand firm without arrogance. Being able to move with stability, but without arrogance, this is what is meant by the word. There are people who today just throw their weight around and they are arrogant. This type of arrogance goes along with high egotism, and sometimes with intense Satanism, and even exhaultness. So one thing that was not becoming of a son of God even though you have it, is to throw this arrogance around just because you love to perform.

Even in early English this word, meek, had a different meaning than we think as of today. For instance the Knights of the Round Table were said to be MEEK in demeanor. But they didn't mean by that, these Knights were a bunch of 'Milk Toast" boys because they wouldn't have gotten far in their work at the Round Table with that type of person.

Question: Some say that the Germans are arrogant people, or were?

Answer: Well, we are getting into a rather technical subject here, the Germans are Judah people, of the tribe of Judah, and you find these Judah people in Germany and Austria, and their inheritance and heredity comes down from way back in the book of Genesis, Judah people were always a war like people, but they were also the part of the Household which was responsible for defense, and they were sort of a Pari-military group. The white race spread into 2 distinct households, and then into eventually 4. Thus because they did break up into sort of 4 groups eventually they had their 4 marching signs, the Lion on the East, the Man on the South, the Calf on the West, and the Eagle on a staff on the North, but of course the Eagle was involved in more than one place. Later the marching signs became, the Lion, the Man, the Bull, and the Eagle on the staff. But these 4 sides now had become almost a united kingdom with massive man power. Where as Israel when in Palestine before any split came, had their provinces laid out in the same way, North, South, East, and West.

The people of today from the tribe of Judah, along with Zebulon and Issachar are still on the East, and on the West are Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin. On the South was Reuben, Gad and Simeon, and Dan, Asshur went North taking Naphtali with them. The white Italians are of the tribe of Gad today, still some of them left. The Germanic people, the Slavs and the Finnish people are on the East. On the West you have the Anglo-Saxon people together with the Benjaminites. Some of Reuben people went North into the lowlands of Holland, and the Spanish people are of Simeon. So you can trace them today, and still locate the standards of tribes. And all of them had some type of military and all made their contributions to the strength of the race.

When the Kingdom split because of those strangers who came in as advisors, they became weaker. Then Sannacherib came and took the Northern tribes and later on Nebuchadnezzar out of Babylon captured Judah and Benjamin. They went into captivity as they lost their strength of solidarity. But even the warfare between Judah and Nebuchadnezzar lasted several years before the Judahites fell for they were a war like tribe in its military. And when they came into Europe this was the coming of the Goths and Visgoths. The first division of Goths settled in Central Europe and then about the time of the Titus the Roman in came the Visgoth and the Normans, and settled in their places. Asshur, Naphtali became Scandinavians, and some of the Benjaminites joined them but some of the Benjaminites were the Normans in France, and finally their standard was set in Iceland. The tribe of Dan, the trail makers finally settled their standard in Denmark, Dan's land. The Anglo-Saxons settled in the Isles and then finally spread Westward. The tribe of Gad settled in the Pyrenees, and in the Alps and finally in Rome itself. Almost all of the white Romans were of the tribe of Gad. Under the Roman Empire were Aryans such as the Simeon people, and others. The Apostle Paul for instance was a Benjaminite but was living with the Simeonites in the city of Tarsus, but this was a Spanish city in the Roman Empire.

This entire Aryan race has followed its prophetic pattern, and on of the most important things was that a barrier was to be thrown up between the world order and the Kingdom, this is a wall to divide East and West, and this is prophetic, and it was also to be a Judah wall, on the East.

In the Southern part of Germany is this small province of Saxony, Judah land but still a part of Germany. In the Anglo-Saxon world you have the House of Joseph, they are also as Judah some are very militant. What we call the Prussians today, remember that the area we call Russia today was captured by Genghis Kahn and his hoards. This was done after the Jews from the Isle of Pergamos set up their headquarters in Venice. They virtually built Venice, and there they set up their headquarters of their Illuminati, and their gold buyers to influence the gold buying of all Europe. It was from here that they sent out their feelers into Asia, to find some Tribesman who they could plan on to bring all these bands together into one fighting force. And then to deliver unto them the cities of Asia and those on the border line, and divide the spoils with the Jews who would make the conquerors feel utter dependent upon their guidance. Then they would bring him and his hoards against Christian civilization in Europe, and crush this civilization. But they would divide the spoils and the Jews would live in the middle of the Christian society, open the gates of the city and point out the loot and so forth. This is why Genghis Khans contract was arranged by Chepe Noyon the Jew representative, and this led to the taking of the cities of Samerkand and Baghdad, and others. The Jews opened the gates of the cities for the Mongolian hoards, and they opened the gates to China as well.

Remember Marco Polo who went all over the East, well he was a Kike although people don't seem to know this, because he was such a world explorer. But he had all the Jewish backing in the world behind him. He was an operational man right out of the city of Venice. The thing which makes this significant is that after the establishment of what we know as the Russias, the word Kahn remember is the Asiatic word for ruler. And the Czar-Khan was a ruler after Genghis Kahn set up an Imperial Dynasty with one of his nephews. And Shoggy Khan was a nephew of Genghis Kahn, and thus these surges of the Kahn kept coming and coming against Europe. So Germany's seven Princes gathered together some of the best German Knighthood and a group of warriors from Northern Europe, of the race, and even though they sometimes fought each other for power, still they had an agreement for the protection of the race. This was only once broken and that in the time of Charlemagne who had a Dynasty power greater than some of the rest of them, but always they would turn for their King line right out

of Britain.

Now; the word German actually comes from the fact that areas in Central Europe were called part of Gaul, the provinces to the north were German, in other words they called Northern Gaul, Germany and the word still remains, which was the Latin word all over Europe. But these people were Christians, even Protestants, and yet they referred to them as Huns and Barbarians, still they were Christians, and had good weapons and a fine civilization. When St. Augustine went up to Britain, and then came over into Germany, and he said these Barbarians had a civilization as fine as any he had seen, he also said that their architecture is good, their metallurgy is good, and their art is terrific. So he said: maybe we have looked at them all wrong. They fight ferociously and we call them barbarians but when our troops fight that way we call them heroes. This was St. Augustine's evaluation of the Germans, and the British after he was there. He had to admit that the Britons weren't so barbaric as Rome had thought, in fact they were rather smart. They wanted roads so when the Romans would come into Britain the army would retreat, and the Romans would build roads for their armies. This building roads is what the Romans did real well, they built great highways, and they used different grades of rock and sand and then sealed it with the tar from pits, and they had a highway nearly as good as ours today. So when the British wanted a fine highway they would refuse to pay Roman taxes, and the Romans would come in and build these highways for their troops and then Britain would pay the taxes and the Romans would leave. So the taxes paid were a small cost to pay for the roads that they needed. Finally St. Augustine said: these fellows aren't so dumb they are getting just what they want. The Romans were skilled architects and engineers and the bridges they built were magnificent. The Germans also pulled this and they had the Romans make one tour right up through the heart of the Rhine Valley. They put a beautiful road right up on the right side of the Rhine River. They cut down forests and built their road with Germans flanking them on both sides, and they got the road just where they wanted it. And when the Germans got all the roads they wanted they revolted and drove the Romans out. The Romans had built the road called the Romanian Way, and the Romanians were the Iron Gate to the East. Today there is still a highway all along the East side of Germany.

Now; the Germans had set up a wall to keep the Mongols out, it went up to the North as well as to the South all along Eastern Europe, and they were trying to stop the Mongol hoards from coming into Western Christian civilization. Finally the Germans and other Knighthoods of the Aryan race moved east and conquered the Mongols of Russia and they overthrew this Dynasty of Shoggy Khan, and his hoards and they established a German Prince as ruler of the area of Russia, and established the throne. And they called this ruler the Czar of this area now known as the Russias. Then from Germany eastward into Russia was formed a flanking guard for Russia proper against the hoards coming in. The first troops from Germany under the Czar formed a circle around Moscow and at that time it was not called Moscow. These guards for the Czar were called Prussians. They were the finest of military of all the German troops. This Czar was from the lineage of the throne of David, just like the throne line in Britain. And there was marriage between the throne lines of Russia, Germany, and Britain. Thus King George, Czar Nicholas, and Kaiser Wilhelm when World War I started were all of the House of David, all tied into that chart on the wall of Buckingham Palace, and were cousins. Remember God said there would never be a lack of one to sit on the throne, well there never has been a lack of one to sit on that throne, and it has only been a matter of selection. The Germans understood that the Davidic throne was to be in Britain, or in Joseph until the day when Christ would come. Kaiser Wilhelm was trained to thoroughly believe that being a man of the tribe of Judah, and ruling over Judah people was destiny. Even Bismarck knew this even though he was part Jew, but he knew this. He knew the Germans were true Judah and the Jews today know this. They know they are usurpers, but also in Germany there will always be this so called Anti-Semitism because this is ingrained in these Judah people, many of them know that the Jews are usurpers trying to steal their birth right. This ethnic pattern was so well known that I can show you this in the history books that go back before Bismarck. And it is in British literature all the way back down through the throne line clear to Applestain in Ireland. In fact from the days of Jeremiah on, forward to Ireland, and from Ireland to Scotland, and to Wales, people, all people may not have known it, but the leaders knew, and the lore contains it.

Now; the military were the generals and throne protectors, Prussians, set up what was called a war college, and this college trained the sons of Generals to improve their aptitudes. These were intelligent young men trained in all the remembrance of their inheritance. And it has been proved that it is better to train a son of a mechanic to be a mechanic, and a son of a general to be in the same type of work as his father. Thus these men from this college would develop the type of defense necessary for the nation. So Germany solidified all of its Princedoms and all systems were brought together, and they had this military order called Prussian. And as a military defense was thus formed to defend the Kingdom from the Khans of the East. Thus there was now a Czar over the Russians and for years they had no more trouble. Having now set up this Czardom they now protected it and they had a military flank always against the Khans, these Nomadic riders of the Steppes.

So the Prussians were nothing but a military line, and out of the white race, they were also great craftsmen. There were some men of the white race who were Metallurgists and they made swords, and some made shoes, and thus the military of the race was established, and we would see in the race this situation where a son would follow in his father's footsteps, and so on down. Today you find relative after relative coming out of West Point, generation after generation. Other crafts work the same way, but there is always a layer of suspicion upon the part of the public of anything which is a professional officer as such. Always they think someone is going to take them over professionally, and this has of course happened when dynasties have become instrumental in tyranny. Actually instruments of tyranny were proselytes over our race, through the International conspiracy which has always wanted to rule the world at all times. And almost every tyrant we have ever had was effected by Jewry unless he was sort of a sap like who shouldn't have been where he was. We hear people attacking the Prussians and they talk about the Prussian military cast, but this was just a responsible service.

Whether we know it or not most of us in the Western World can be most thankful that in Divine destiny there was that wall of the Prussian Military might which kept the hoards of Asia from coming through. If there had not been this strong military might in those areas they would have come through the Caucasus Mountains to spread out on into Romania. They would have come out of the Northern passes as well and been invading out of Asia through out every generation. The overthrow of the Czar and his rulership ended all of this. Of course there were a few rulers who were not all they should have been, but not on the scale of tyranny as found in the World Order as the hoards of Asia took over. Of course the liquidation of all Christian society becomes the goal of the revolution, led by the armies of Christianity. The Anti-Christ cannot stand our Faith, they must knock out the ruling families who know heritage and replace this rule with a revolution. Practically all those white Russians are dead, today there is almost nothing but Mongols. Khrushchev is not a white man, he is a Jewish Mongol. The little counties of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on the border has now been mongrelized. There are more white Russians in America today than there is in all of Russia. So you see how the Revolution has drawn the line between the Western civilization and Eastern civilization. Today when we look at this then we realize that the residency of Germany is probably like that of the Anglo-Saxondom, it is well demonstrated as they bounced back after the war. So Germany is still a part of Israel, on the East standing in place, and one of the results of this perhaps not to far removed is that the Russians will try to sweep across Europe, and they will attempt this through Germany. In this struggle you already have forces in Europe, and you are thus committed, and you will find that one of the strongest of allies will be troops out of West Germany. Oh, you say but there aren't any troops there anymore. Yes, they are there, you may think they don't have the Air Force or military strength, but in the hour which comes you will find that they are just as strong as they were in 1938. Make no mistake abut this, for this is destiny. They may smile and bow but they will rise again. Even with all the technology of the Anglo-Saxons there is also German cunning which has made certain ares of our technology in rocketry and space what it is today. Do not think Germany is backward in developments, for they have terrific potential for the future.

The Russians with the help of conspirators in our nation are moving fast into the nuclear field, they are stockpiling their bombs, but in the book of Zachariah it talks about the fact that in these latter days that there would be a rising powerful conqueror in the midst of Judah, and he would enclose all the people round about, inside the House of Judah (Zech. 12). Then he would wane because of the pressures of all the world, and the great struggle would come against all of our race, and in that intensive victory we would have to save the tents of Judah first. Well this took place as Hitler tried to unify all the German people once more under the seven Princes. This was a great upheaval and struggle, and during this time we had the House of Joseph fighting the House of Judah, and this is what the book says: The Anglo-Saxon people, the British and the United States as nations did get involved and we were fighting Judah, but if we had studied the scriptures we would have joined with Judah and the enemy would have been destroyed already. So let us hope there are a few left that we did not massacre at Nuremberg.

Question: This word Deutschland, what does it mean?

Answer: The land of the government, the land of the law, remember that the law goes "out of Zion". This is prophetic, it comes down through out history for the law goes "out of Zion"; and the Scepter is in the hands of Judah. So there is no question that the throne was transferred into the hands of Joseph for this period of time, but still the Scepter is in the hands of Judah. The Dutch know they are the tribe of Reuben, and they are not of Germany at all, but of course they are inter-related. You are talking about nationalities here and not actually races. When you talk about the German race, this is an Aryan Race, and the Anglo-Saxons are a part of the Aryan Race, as are the Dutchmen. So there is not a German race, but there is an Aryan Race from which the Germans come.

Question: But this Deuscheland, the law, this is not clear?

Answer: Well, this is a clear law, a law of science, of government thus a land of law, and out of Zion goes the law, which is a true law of God. This is the meaning of this word in the original.

Question: Dr. Swift, where do you get all this information as to who we are, and about this law, and what is to happen, how do you know these things?

Answer: Well, there are thousands of volumes that contain these facts. Unfortunately today we do not have to many text books on worthy subjects which deal with the continuity of all these things put together. What we need most is a Bibliography of facts, because we have this lost Chapter so to speak. Of course we are pretty well acquainted with the history of these people, but in studying the background of history of these people we learn. I can show you in German history as to how they set up the Czar in Russia. But you see most Englishmen don't read German history, they read English history, and we read American history and so forth. But here, we read contemporary and medieval history, but today they are brain washing all this. They are even trying to set up African history as European history, so you can't go by text books anymore.

But I have text books to Bibliography and history, and can show you anything I am telling you, and no historian that I know of today, or student in any of these areas will deny what I am telling you, or deny these sources of information, even though he hasn't thought about it seriously. We happen to have the capacity to correlate these things and remember where to put our finger on them. There are lots of books that deal with quite a few of these things.

Question: I have gone through all the works of Howard Rand, and Comparet and there is nothing I can find that lays this all out and puts things all together, it seems like they are just Identity people quoting each other?

Answer: Not necessarily, we don't spend much time quoting Rand, and we were working before quite a few of the others considered as Identity began, but the thing is we are not quoting each other, we just agree.

Now; Comparet works with the scripture, and his work on the Jews is very accurate, as compiling of Biblical record, with facts and the Jews. And he is quite interested in certain areas of archaeology which ties the Jews back to the Cainanite line. Where as we are more interested in all areas of anthropology that we have run down in the ethnic line, the migrations, the philosophies, the semantics, and the responsibilities. In this instance the important thing for us to under stand today is that the Christian church is a Living Oracle, this is God's purpose. It is the Oracle among the family of nations, as to what this family is to accept. So the church should not only be equipped to teach all Truth, but also the relationship of all these things. I don't like to tie the church to one set of ideas. In other words someone says: are you British Israelite? No, because Britain is only a small part of this entire picture. The entire Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian, Germanic, and Lombard people, all these are kindred people, all of these of this Adamic race coming down into their heritage, even to their naming is a part of "Is-ra-el", that He selected, for the name of "Israel" before it was given to a specific household was given to the Whole race, and Israel means "Issue ruling with God". This was told to Enoch, and it was known in the days of Enoch and Job, and Seth also knew that he was of God's "Israel", that he was selected to be the posterity of these rulers with God.

The ancient writings of Seth were known, they were traditional, they were available in the days of the Zohar when they had all these scrolls. In the days at Nicaea, the books of Seth were not canonized, they did not take these scrolls because they were somewhat fragmentary. Some of the documents of Seth however had been long used, but Rome did not particularly want to absorb the books of Seth because these books were absolutely predestinarian, Divinely Totalitarian directives. This was the race by which "I AM going to set up my Kingdom, with which "I AM" going to accomplish My purpose. And through this race My Celestial children come into this world, and of them I shall love nothing.

Now; no theology which operated on a possible loss operation, that required a High Priestcraft to retain the law wanted to canonize one of the earliest documents of written revelation which said: "I am not going to lose anything". Thus you could not have this and Priestcraft at the same time. In fact this negated the Priestcraft, so it was not canonized. In fact almost all the decisions as to whether the books of Seth was or was not inspired, when they worked on the acceptance or rejection of the books they were considering at Nicaea, it was does this do anything against our influence and our position, and our control. This was supposed to be the spirit of the meeting, but after 10 o'clock in the morning that fine Eastern Greek wine was the spirit of the meeting. However we are very fortunate that God used as an intervention pattern so that we at least retained 64 out of the 66 books that are good ones. From the 163 we have 64, and we could have used most of them.

Question: Where did you find them?

Answer: They were found everywhere. The Church in Alexandria, Egypt which Mark was pastor of, had them all. In fact in early church literature, going back into the writings of Clemens and Polycart and you find them quoting out of a great number of these manuscripts that you do not have today. But there are fragments of them, and sometimes out of libraries they do show up. And over the last 400 years or more there has been times when they found bound clusters of these translated and published by British publishing houses because of the great curiosity of people to read all of the scared writings, records and books. And you can read even all things of Buddhism and Hinduism, and so forth in English today as well. But in this instance the Episcopacy became very responsible to protect the souls of all their believers by denouncing all that was not Episcopacy, (church government by Bishops). So therefore they permitted Oxford to publish these things, but they would always make a declaration as: We believe these to be spurious. These were not canonized by early Christians but were thought to have been written in the first to the third centuries by Christians. They continually did this, trying to discourage the use of these early scrolls, but the thing that amuses me is that the finest people we had in the world were Christians whether the first or the third century, but if Christians wrote these things in the first or third century, they were either copying them from manuscripts which they had or they weren't very good people, so which? In other words, I have been fortunate to discover that most of the good documents of the earlier ones existed so far before the second or third century that they would have had to be copied by these later Christians. For instance, Mark had them in his church in Alexandria, Egypt and the early church Fathers quoted from them, therefore they surely couldn't have been written 200 years after that. So in the actual verification of the antiquity of these documents and the acceptance of them we have found to be an interesting area of research, and quite extensive as they run backward to those like the book of the Bee, the books of Enoch, and we find them quoted in the Old Testament.

We find that the Zohar quoted them, and that before Enoch and Job were born that these books of Seth and the book of Bee were guiding books for the race. It wasn't until around about 1450-80 B.C. that the scrolls of Moses became in common usage. Then these were kept and copied diligently by the Levites, so that in the days of David, we still had the writings of Moses and Samuel etc., all of these were separate scrolls. Never were any of them all bound together, they were kept in their separate scrolls, and then all bound together in the third century. Then they were still religiously copied and bound together. Then the printing press started to come with the Gutenberg Press, and this finished the tedious copying which no longer was needed. But there were centuries, clear up into the dark ages where the Monks were laboriously copying these passages, and books even at this time, then the Sinatic and Vatican manuscripts were already slightly changed from the earlier manuscripts. Where as the earlier manuscripts had been changed by Jewish scholars when they moved in to control the church of Rome, where in earlier texts could still be found and compared, for instance in Holland and places in Germany, these started to disagree with the Vatican text. But pre-eminately today the King James Version is translated out of the same Greek-Vulgate-Vatican text material because the text out of Alexandria, Egypt passed through Rome. But see how the truth still comes out, for they could not quite bury it. The only thing which happens is that the attempt to sow controversy in the scripture by the enemy was to try to obscure the things they did not want us to know. But what they did not have was spiritual discernment to know was that God had seeded this through the whole book until they were still not able to blot it all out.

Now; we have people today who do not worship, THE LIVING WORD, instead they worship the paper and ink. If there is one sentence which disagrees with 2/3 of the book, still that sentence has to be right according to their line of thought. But we discover that this sentence was not in the original, it was inserted to change doctrine and to confuse people. So you must also accept the fact that since there are areas of this by inspiration that there are also evil men. Just like all men in this room being dedicated to one thing, which is to serve God to the point of their vision, yet God has called them separately, and gave them vision and directed them to write these things, it was like this, these things in the scrolls which became, THE BOOK, this is what happened with this book.

Now; if this thing had ceased, if after the book of Revelation was finished, if there was no longer any revelation like this we might be rather hard to put to keep up with truth. But his has not ceased in this "Called" ministry, and God does not only just give a flash picture. I can go through this passage and line this thing out, why? Because there is a monitor right here, in your head, all the time which rings the bell saying, this is spurious, this is right. When ever this happens and I go over this area, when it hits this way I usually find by research that it was not in the older texts, but was the result of later translations. We have repeated this many times as we have pointed this out to people that the last of the book of Matthew and also of Mark were not even in the original, actually 20 verses were added. That idea for you to go into all the world and preach to every creature, the whole thing is a lie, for God never said anything like that. Go back to the book of Mark, the last Chapter and look at the footnote, and it tells you that from verse 9 to the end of the Chapter were added by 2 Jewish Priests 200 years after the death of the Apostles. But we still have this in the book that these Apostles wrote. In other words it is impossible for the Apostles to have written these verses we find here which didn't show up until 200 years after their death, so we do not accept those verses. It is saying here, Trinity, but they do not make any sense anyway. Do you suppose God ever said for you to go out and preach to every creature? You might have better luck preaching to some pet dog than you do some people, but there is nothing in all the true word that says that those who believe will be saved, and those who do not believe will be damned.

Salvation starts with THE LIVING WORD, this is true because they are saved from the errors of their sins. It was not to save them from the torture chamber which He hadn't made. And this shocks people because this 'torture chamber' is always for the other fellow. But there have been people who thought they were never going to make it. We have mentioned this in the past, and we mention it again, over in the book of Deuteronomy which is the last of the books of Moses, and yet it tells about his death and burial. Yet no one knew where Moses was buried, and according to tradition the body was hidden. So how could Moses have written the end of this chapter, when nobody else knew about his death and burial? The last of the book of Deuteronomy of course was not written by Moses, he knew that his time had come, and he just went out to depart this earth, he didn't think he was going to die, and he didn't, he was just carried upwards just like Elijah, was in a space craft of some kind.

Some people don't like this word space craft either since there are so many of them around now, so call it anything you want, call it a chariot, or call it a super dreadnaught of the MOST HIGH but this is what was used. The great ships came in the days of Ezekiel, and they were real. I have seen them and no one has given us any astronomical word for them. No one in our great observatories are telling the truth if they say they haven't seen them. I know it is not taught but I also know many of these men, and I know that I can see with my equipment, so I know what they can see with all their advanced equipment which is available to them.

Now; getting back to Moses, remember that Moses was with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, with Elijah also, so this is evidence enough. If Moses was dead, he would have been in the Netherworld waiting for Christ to come to speak to the Spirits of the Adamites in captivity. But Moses was not there, he shows up on the Mount of Transfiguration with Elijah before the crucifixion. He was already in the dimension of spirit, and never tasted death, that was why he was on the Mountain of Transfiguration.

The thing I am pointing out here is that in the original text of the book of Deuteronomy before they redid the Septuagint there was nothing about Moses dying. The text closes with Moses knowing that he was about to depart. That he was not going to enter into Cannaland for YAHWEH was going to take him. So the Septuagint was redone and all this nonsense about Moses being dead was put in. But you remember how the Devil did not know where the body of Moses was? In the book of Jude it tells you this, the Devil was arguing with Michael, and Michael the Archangel is actually the commander of all the fleets of space. He heads all those fleets which Daniel tells about which are thousands times ten thousands, times thousands. In this last climatic struggle (Daniel 12) again Michael is to be called upon by the children of God, and he is going to deliver every last one of the race with a great victory, just as he threw Lucifer out of the Heavens in the early days.

Then we come into this picture, when Michael is down here in this Solar System and along comes the Devil and he says: I have a right to all the dead for "The wages of sin is death". Therefore I demand the body of Moses, so where is it hidden? So we have this dialogue which Clemens writes about, and supposedly contains much more than just what we read in Jude about the great argument between Michael and Lucifer, for Michael says: who said that thou hast conquered Moses? The Devil says: well, he is gone and I demand his body. Michael said: you are not going to get it, and then undoubtedly Michael and the Devil had some words, and undoubtedly Michael had a few choice words, but YAHWEH stepped in and said: 'Now Michael you can't cuss Lucifer out, stop this, you can fight him, but he is an Archangel too. He is a fallen one, and you can thus fight him, but you can't say anything about him. This is the dialogue and the book of Jude states that before this was over that Michael said: If Moses were dead you would have his body, but since he did not die you don't have it and you can't find it. Lucifer said: But he died, you just carried his body way out into space to rob me of his body, and I demand that you return it, or I will wreck great havoc upon the kinsmen of YAH. Michael then dared him to do that because then he would intervene. So the idea was that the Devil would take his spite out on us because he could not find the body of Moses. And Michael said: 'If thou had a body thou would have filled it with evil spirits and led the children of YAHWEH away with this body.

You and I know that if they could have resurrected the body of Moses and put an evil spirit in it, they could have led the children of Israel around more than they already have. This is why Michael said but Moses is not dead. He said you will never find the body of Moses for there is no body to find. This conversation finally reached a point where YAHWEH stepped in and HE said: 'Be still Michael'. So I guess that even Archangels get angry at times.

This is what I wanted to point out, these are just some of the outstanding points where changes were made in the scripture. All the way through even the New Testament insertions made, and this word, Sheol, which is the grave because the physical body breaks down as violations of Divine Law occur, having lost its power to perpetuate, it thus is subject to, 'The wages of sin is death'. The grave thus is Sheol, and any place in the New Testament where you have any Hell, it is translated from the word Sheol meaning the grave. In the Old Testament it is Sheol, and in the New Testament it is also Hades, but always it is taken out of this word, grave. The thing is there is not one place in the translation until inserted in the Vatican manuscripts, that sets up a Babylonian perdition meted out by the gods for vengeance or disobedience. The Conquest over death was THE RESURRECTION, and ULTIMATELY THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS. This is the theology of Christianity, all Israel is to be saved. All flesh then is to be saved, and in the fullness of time All things shall be reconciled. I can show you this from John to Timothy and back in the book of Isaiah as well. It is in the book of Acts and other places also, but ultimately it is the purpose of God to put the whole Universe in order. Never mention to YAHWEH that this or that is enough.

Question: According to my understanding the Grace of God to our family the Adamic Race suffered a breaking down, or a breaking off of Grace, and Grace did not go with them into the Egyptian Captivity, or into the Holy Land after the death of Moses. There was this breaking off about the time of Enoch, and many of these people who were responsible for bringing a high level of civilization to Egypt were Summerians?

Answer: No! No, our race did that.

Question: But many people say that the Summarians were there before our race went into Egyptian captivity?

Answer: No, wait a minute, it was Enoch and Job who went into Egypt about 5000 years before Christ.

Question: I have often wondered if more of the history of that part of the family is to be found in some of these old books? (We would guess that this man had never been in Bible study before, or else his ears were closed. Ha!)

Answer: We won't argue with you on that, but I have talked a lot and will again when something doesn't get in the way, but in the High Tarim Basin in the Steppes of that area, our people, the Sethites migrated down out of there to the Persian Gulf. Some went into India and this was the coming of the Aryans, the Vedic into India, bringing the highest civilization India ever had. We can trace every migration of the white men coming into India. But ever one of those strains coming in were finally conquered by the extreme weight of numbers over the years. In other words the line coming down from Seth continued to expand, but we must remember that there were catastrophes, and we were involved in them. In the upper Tarim Basin it was the attempt to swallow up our race by the Giants, and the Mongols which brought about the catastrophe knon was the flood of Noah. Remember that by passing the flood was Enoch and Job who were down in Egypt having gone down there to build the Pyramid, and other things, long before the flood. When Enoch and Job went into Egypt our race had already built the city of Ur-usalem, with Ur meaning just as UR of the Chaldeas meant city of the Chaldeas. Ur-usalem meant the City of Peace. Then with these Savants at that time Enoch and Job went down into Egypt, and there built the city of On to begin with. Enoch and Job both went leading this great company of their people, but they left back in that land which is now called Palestine some of their own white people in those cities. And the Cainanites came out of the hills and captured those white people in those cities and wiped them out. They then called the land Cannaland and they built their cities such as the city of A and of course Jericho and others. These cities were built after the overthrow and killing of some of our race. After they had produced such men as Enoch and Job and they had gone on down into Egypt with those 144,000 Savants.

Later we would have the great conqueror as God called Nimrod. And this Nimrod was a descendent of Ham. He is after the flood, a descendent of Ham actually a great grandson. But Nimrod was a white man, and every Hamite was a white man so remember that. And Terah comes down from the Shem line and he is a white man. Now; remember at that at that time this Ur of the Chaldeas was the most powerful city in the world, and Nimrod ruled over this city, but Terah the father of Abraham was the Prime Minister. But now the Asiatics were trying to capture this society by bringing in their gold and silver and pagan religions. By pouring great pomp and ceremony out, then Nimrod fell for this and was victimized by it so YAHWEH called Abraham out of that land before the race line would become mongrelized. And now Abraham, a Shemite becomes the leader of the purest line from Shem. The spirit even required him to take a bride from among his own people, and Abraham's bride was thus from his own immediate people. For racial purity was the basis of Abraham's covenant on down, so that we might not be mongrelized. Some even going as far as Africa before this happened, but in time Ham's line was absorbed.

The Japhetic line was eventually absorbed in Asia, by the Chin people, and those out of the Steppes. Thus you are now down to the Shemitic white man of today. There is not true Japhetic white man left in the world today, and those old words which remain in the Russias like Gog and Magog are not the true Japhetic lines they are the results of mongrelization and mutation. But the Shem line retained its highest purity, and the mongrelization didn't even hit the Ham line until the day of Nimrod. So get this straight.

In talking about the white race lines, in the days of Moab for instance the Moabites were actually white Patriarchial Chieftains, Nomad Chieftains who moved with their flocks. Some of them had great wealth and were Mighty Potentates. For instance Jethro was the High Priest of the Midianites, so who was he, but a white man in the land called Midian after a famous son. The people later called Midianites were not the same as those dwelling in the land of Midian as Nomads. Jethro's daughter was white with blonde hair, and she is the woman who married Moses. So by the time you get down to Abraham, there is practically no remaining which lines which have not been almost exterminated by the hoards except a few outside of their major line through Abraham, and down in Egypt there is this group around the city of On, and this Priest line of On where Joseph finds his wife, and the daughter of Pontipher the Priest of On was this lady.

AT the time of the baby Jesus there was still a Priesthood there, and at the Sphinx which ties into the antiquity of the race. And Egypt didn't bother them, for Egypt feared this line of Hyskos (white shepherds). Remember when Joseph was warned to take Jesus out of Palestine because the Jews wanted to kill him, that Joseph then took Mary and the baby Jesus into Egypt, and there they remained until the death of Herod. Thus, 'Out of Egypt have I called my son (embodiment).' Thus it is that Christ was raised for that time at the very same place where Enoch and Job had built the city of On, the Pyramid and the Sphinx. This is where Moses was raised and educated, where Joseph got his wife, where the Mystery wisdom was put into the Pyramid, where it was known and kept. After all Moses was raised as the son of Pharaoh's daughter but he was a leader of the race, and was taught in On, because this was where the great Mystery of the White Race was taught. And because he perceived the higher intelligence, the higher learning of its monotheism against the paganism taught in Egypt, then Moses preferred the God of his mother's people rather than to be known as the son of Pharaoh's daughter. Even to the point where he slew the Egyptian who was persecuting one of his own race. He would rather be identified with this race and the proper God than to be known as the son of the Pharaoh's daughter. This was no small honor because the son of Pharaoh's daughter was next in line to be Pharaoh because Pharaoh had no true son. This is when Moses was building the great treasure cities of Memphis. One of the things which proves what I am saying about Moses is that he was not only trained at On, but had great knowledge of the architecture and of the use of the fulcrum (levers) and of course as a Master Mason he was in charge of building Pharaoh's great treasure cities. The great massive movement of stone, and the mathematics implied, Moses' cartouch is still on those buildings today as the builder. And he received the training at this city of On, but not from the Egyptians, who did not have it.

Now; after the coming of Alexander the Great into Egypt and the establishing of the city of Alexandria, then the Greeks came down to study at the city of On, and other places, and they then went back and gave Mathematics to Europe. They took back Algebra, and Geometry and all those things, back to Greece, and then gave them to Europe. And today we talk about Greece as the mother of Mathematics but they went down into Egypt to study and got their knowledge there. Just like Plato who went down there to get his knowledge of a Republic, and the history of Atlantas, and the background history of the Egyptians. So once again where does it all come from but right out of the white race line. The Greeks of course had an affinity for this and they went down to learn, and came home to carry it forward. Thus that which was sowed in the days of Enoch and Job was transplanted and carried down through our race. When these students from Greece went down then who were they but the Scythians, Issacians, or sons of Isaac, and they transplanted this knowledge back into Europe where it became the Mathematical culture of the Western World. It is still carried on today, but this was the wisdom of the Pyramid builders. This knowledge of Mathematics was sowed as part of our culture. The Africans do not have anything in this, they never made a wheel in all the this time. The great war chariots rolled through Africa, and then Livingston went down there, but the Africans had never made a wheel in the Chariots of the Israelites rolled through, and later Stanley and Africa. This is just the difference between people of vision, of the Household of God, and the masses without vision who have gone backwards under Luciferian and Witchcraft and so forth do not have the vision. They, these people of Africa are not much different today, and you expose them to education, and give them a degree, but none of them can think the same as the children of YAHWEH, and you should not expect them to.

Question: Do you know the difference between the Higher and the Lower order of the Priesthood, and where is Levi in this? I have been noticing many things in this, and the Melchizedek Priesthood, does it all lead into this?

Answer: Now wait a moment, let me tell you this, the Levitical, the House of Levi was set apart by YAHWEH to be ministers and Priests to Israel forever. Therefore the Levi were scattered among all the tribes, and the line of Levi and the Priest seed, a spiritual factor of probably a specially quickened consciousness, and awareness continued down through this Levitical line. It remains, thus today, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian, Germanic, Lombard and so forth, there is a seed line of Levi in all the race. I believe that every "Called" clergyman today has the civion to capture this covenant of Levi. Thus every "called" clergyman today is a Levite.

Now; the degree of the Priesthood was established in the Old Testament, and it existed in the Temples of Israel through out all times. But it was not because it had been delegated in the background of the Levites as to whether or not that certain family could ascend into a higher Priesthood. It was the eagerness with which the spirit served the longing within that particular set of Levi, to search for the truth. Thus it is that the Priesthood was separated by the discernment of the Spirit, and appealed to this longing. This is why the early Priesthood had the Urim and the Thummim. This was a factor for divining, and was spirit controlled. And the Priests came before HIM in the days of the Israel nation, and those who spiritually desired to teach the Mysteries of YAHWEH were sealed by the Urim and Thummim, and others were placed in other areas of lesser responsibility.

Now; this continues into the areas of the church because the Ecclesia of the church is the same Ecclesia in the New Testament that we have as the Kehilla in the Old Testament. It is the Spiritual center of the Kingdom, and the spiritual center in the nations.

The priesthood continues and in the time of the Christ he calls his disciples, and they are 'called out' but they are not apparently of the Household which is now holding the power at the Temple, why? Because the Cainanites were now in power at this time. Annas and Caiaphas were Cainanites, Jesus proved that they were from Cain, from their father who was, 'A murderer from the beginning'. He thus in the 8th, Chapter of John identifies them with Lucifer. Zacharias was a pure Levite, and Jesus selected, out of the Benjaminites, out of the House of Judah, but they were men of the Levite line as well. And most of them were Essenes. For most of them belonged to the company desirous of spiritual truth. And because of this they were camping out, waiting for the Messiah. So Jesus called them because of their aptitude. And we have Matthew, Mark ,Luke, and John, and some of them were Essenes, and some were not, but all of them had within them the essence of this capacity by inheritance. But after Christ establishes his ministry, of His Apostles, and sends them out He establishes the fact that every individual is a witness. Every individual goes out to witness, but this does not mean that every individual was of the Priesthood, or the ministry which God called. So it is a matter of Apostolic succession, there isn't a minister or priest in the world today whether in the Methodist or Catholic, Presbyterian, or even Pentecostal when you get through with it whose minister wasn't ordained by somebody, who was ordained by somebody who goes back to the Apostles. Because all the churches of today have come out of the other churches and all ministries have come out of other ministries. And without exception unless they had no church background at all, almost all the churches then have Apostolic succession. But I can tell you this, the Holy Spirit will clearly mark the High Priesthood of God, mark the upper Priesthood, and the Lower Priesthood by their advocacy, to know, and their ability to see. For YAHWEH brings into the physical Temple today what he brought to Enoch and Job, and the Patriarchial at that time. But they did not have to stand around a great brier and watch the rippling of water to catch the witness, because He brought it to their consciousness. This is why the New Covenant is better than the Old, because, "I will put my spirit into your hearts". Thus He was also quickening the spirit of His ministry. Therefore He said: 'When the Spirit of Truth is come, and the word is Paraclete, thus when the Spirit of my consciousness has come it will bring ALL TRUTH to your remembrance, and lead you to the knowledge of all truth".

So with this in mind we would classify today the true ministry of God's church, this great invisible church which may break up into all forms and denominations, but still remains the great invisible church, the spirit within this invisible church. The Called Priesthood is still alive, and still Levite, because God said : Levi will be my ministers through out all generations. This meant that although Levi was absorbed into all the tribes still they can be in the seed of Judah, or the Anglo-Saxons and so forth. You do not find Levi numbered out in one corner of the nations of Israel, for Levi was given to be a Priesthood for them all. And the House of Joseph became split into Manasseh and Ephraim thus the tribes can be still numbered at 12, a symbolic number. When Levi is numbered among all Israel this is possible. This is the functioning factor which can be multiplied in all mathematical patterns of genes and spiritual capacities which God continued to the present. This is why some areas of the hierarchy try to set up some areas of divining and Priestcraft and selection for some areas of Priesthood. They do that and sometimes that becomes satanical, but you don't have to worry about this for the spirit of God will select the true Priesthood and the evidence will be as to whether or not they can capture the leading of God, whether they can present the truth. The trouble is we have been led today, not by only a second class Priesthood, but even led by a Priesthood which is no Priesthood at all. Thus when the blind lead the blind, they all fall in the ditch. This is what has happened to us many times in the past.

Question: You never said anything about the Aaronic Priesthood?

Answer: Well, Aaron was of the Levi, and this Aaronic line of the Priesthood was out of this line of Levi, and the sons of Aaron were perpetuated in this.

Question: Well, if the Aaronic and Levitical Priesthoods are one and the same how come there is nothing said about the Melchizedek Priesthood here?

Answer: Now, wait a minute, let me point this out about the Melchizedek Priesthood, the true Melchizedek Priesthood starts with the embodiment of YAHWEH. You see God in the flesh was the Melchizedek Priesthood. Without father, or mother or beginning of the days or end of life, abides a Priest King continually. (Hebrews 7:3) So God Himself who was the Patriarchial father of his entire family as you are told in Ephesians: "The whole family in Heavens and in earth is named." So God Himself is the head of the Patriarchial Priesthood of his entire family, His Creator, author but more than this not only the maker of the Universe, but father of his own family And the Melchizedek Priesthood is the Patriarchial Priesthood which comes down through the family but it has to be a divine seed. Thus it was that the man Christ Jesus was the fullness of YAHWEH DWELLING BODILY. And in this instance again this ties in with the words of the 82nd Psalm, "Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH". Because of this the Melchizedek Priesthood is the Priesthood of the Patriarchial, The Called out service, and has to be Divine seed physically embodied. There is no Melchizedek Priesthood outside of your race, and this Melchizedek Priesthood which Christ carried in the earth, then as Christ was so are you. Because you are also embodied out of Heaven into earth, then He said: 'You are not of this world just as I am not of this world. Thine they were in the Heavens and Mine they are in earth'. All those that constituted the Disciples and all the rest of the race are, thine (Spirit) in the Heavens, and mine (embodied) in earth under this Melchizedek Priesthood.

Therefore the Maintenance of this Melchizedek Priesthood actually comes down as the highest order of the Patriarchial Priesthood. It does not stay with just Levi it moves through all the House of Israel people, but the fact remains that this is a Patriarchial Priesthood, and a subject we could talk about all night. I don't want to get into all the responsibilities of this, but just remember that this does not start, 'After the flesh', for it is a Patriachial Priesthood without father or mother, without beginning of days or ends of life, abides a Priesthood of God Continually.

Question: Would you explain a little bit more about the Urim and Thummim?

Answer: It was just a little object worn by the High Priest with two compartments in it. These compartments would open, this way or that, and when the High Priest had a great and accusive question, and it was placed before YAHWEH in the Holy of Holys, lest any human element effect his thinking, it was reduced down to a yes or no answer, and decided by the Urim and the Thummim which turned over. In other words this answer given to the High Priest was with this element of divining. And the only reason this was done even though this man had spiritual discernment if he was a good High Priest, and even though he could come out before the people and say: 'God told me this , or God told me that', still if you could come after the question had been placed before God and through this area of divining the answer was yes or not, then you knew that the Priest had no control over that answer.

Question: Something came up the other day about the significance of the Scarab?

Answer: Well, a Scarab is a seal, you might carve a seal for a ring, and in early days when they sealed a manuscript of parchment they put some material like sealing wax on it, and then pressed this seal into it, and thus it carried the seal of the writer. Then this could not be melted and new wax put on it, because then it wouldn't have the right seal. A Scarab was a seal and it is Egyptian in origin, all Egyptian seals were Scarabs, and much of their material was also done on clay tablets, and then sealed with the Scarab. And on top of this they made tapestry from the reeds of the Nile River, and they melted a material out of this, a rosin, and they used the Scarab in that. I have in my library, one of the Scarabs from an Egyptian tomb, and this Scarab is from the House of Joseph. These once belonged to Pietrie and this is just a little piece of ivory like material, and in the hieroglyphics is the seal of Joseph. They found these, and I am happy to have one. I also have Peitries Book of the Dead, and it was from the original plates, and a very old copy, it is from this that Dr. Budge did his work. So I can show you what a Scarab is. Some Scarabs were made of various materials and of precious stones, they were in gold mountings which would flip open so they could press the bottom flat side of the stones in the seal. There were some that were round and they rolled them like a cylinder.

Question: I always thought it was like a beetle?

Answer: That is right, it is shaped like a beetle on top and the bottom of it is the hieroglyphic. This one looks like a little ivory beetle. Now; no one used Scarabs except people of great power and authority. Many people had shields, but Scarabs were tied in with treasures of great prize out of the East, and everyone was always trying to buy one, but generally they were Egyptian. Later they were used in Baghdad and also in Sammerkand.

Question: I had a book written in England I think, I don't understand it but they showed at least two distinct races, and they used slants of rulers and other things to show a higher one and a lower one, and they said this cannot be changed, it is fixed.

Answer: It depends on what they are doing, I have seen books which show some things like this, aptitudes, posture, blood type and there have been master volumes done on the different races, and they make it pretty easy to see how they mastered this difference of the angles of the head. This was done in Britain years ago. In Scotland Yards, and in Liverpool, and they use more blood typing than you realize. Fingerprints and blood typing can be used to divide the races, and this is done more than you realize. The Israeli are even using finger printing now to tell which people are Jews and which are not, so they can determine who are true Jews, and who are not. Sorting out who are Jews by conversion only.

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