10-04-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--(from the tape audience)--If Seth is the first pure seed child from Adam and Eve, after Eve was seduced by Lucifer, then where did the pure white woman come from for a wife for Seth?

ANSWER:--Seth was the seventh born to Adam and Eve after Cain. When Cain was born, Adam said:--where did this one come from? And Eve answered:--from the lord---(the name was Baalie, or Lucifer deified.) Thus Cain was the son of the ‘wicked’ or Evil one. This is confirmed in the Epistles of John and again confirms the Old Testament. Under the pattern of law, it took seven gestations to eradicate the evil from the womb. Children born to Adam and Eve in this time were not perfect enough for the building of the Kingdom. Thus this cleansing of the womb took place and Seth was the seventh child after Cain. And now Adam said:--’I have begotten a man in my own image, and in my own likeness.’ And this was then--Seth. And then the genealogy of Seth is given. And also the genealogy of Cain. But the Enoch of Cain, is not the son of the Adamic line descended from Seth who was a great wise man of God. None of the generations from Cain were good. They were all evil men. Cain knew his wife who was from the Akkad people east of Eden. So he married an Akkad woman who was Luciferian sown seed. And she was what we refer to as mongrel Jewess of the Yehudim race called Akkads. This is where Cain got his wife. And after Cain’s genealogy is placed here in the scriptures, then you find his lineage all the way up to Lamech. But this Lamech is in no way connected with the household of God.

Now, Adam and Eve had a son and called his name Seth. And Eve said:--’YAHWEH hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel whom Cain slew.’ To Seth also was born a son, and he called his name Enos. Then men began to call upon the name of the LORD. This is the lineage of Adam and the word is begotten instead of created. But the fact remains that Adam lived 130 years and begat a son named Seth. And the days of Adam then after Seth was 800 years. And he begat sons and daughters. And all the days of Adam---930 years and then he died.

Now, there were daughters begat by Adam thru Eve after Seth. And then Seth married a sister who was past this seventh generation. Since Seth was to be the channel thru which the Kingdom was to come, then by no stretch of the imagination did he marry anyone but a younger sister. Seth thus after the cleansing of the womb, would have more spiritual capacity than Abel had. There are other passages that tell us that Seth is the eighth child of Eve’s born after the cleansing of the womb.

QUESTION:--Please explain the coming earthquakes. Does the Bible teach that there will be great earthquakes on the face of the earth?

ANSWER:--Yes. It does. The book of Revelation tells us about earthquakes. Scripture tells us they will be along the coasts of the earth. And that one-third of the people who live along the coast lines will die. This is quite understandable because we have the fault lines along our coasts. For instance there are great shelf systems extending for anywhere for 10 miles on out to sea for hundreds of miles. For instance here in California at Monterey Bay, the ocean is over 5400 feet deep. And the ocean goes back under the land. And at 800 feet or so there is a shelf which extends all the way back to Hollister. And at San Juan Batista, is where the fault moves thru. San Juan Batista is at the upper side of the fault and you can go down 1200 feet at the back of the fault and you hit ocean water that goes down for 3 miles. There is a big channel there.

If a major earthquake at San Juan Batista ever split off that portion, then that land would sink and it would be under water two miles deep. Some of the deepest parts of the ocean is under there. Whereas at Monterey Bay, it runs 250 feet to 800 feet, and then on down to one of the deepest parts of the ocean underneath our entire coastline. Our land split is actually a great shelf. But this was once a part of the continent of Lemuria. And as the continent of Lemuria sank, it broke in this shelf-like formation all along our coast. And this continent of Lemuria sand and left islands, because those islands were its highest mountains. So we have a lot of these islands, such as Easter Island. At Katiku, this is relatively the height of a plateau and of course the areas of Japan were once high mountains, which were high peaks of the land of Lemuria. As this broke off from the continent, we now call Asia, there was some shelf along that coast as well. But we have this along our coastline. Even up to Portland, it is this way. Some of it went totally down and just left our coastline. But the ocean floor beneath this land, like the basin of Los Angeles---there is about 2000 feet of water under these land masses that would make water of 50 to 75 and up to 500 feet above the land mass if the shelf breaks. We have the San Andreas Fault line in California which is one of the longest faults in the world.

This stems from down in Mexico and comes up thru the San Jacine Valley and up thru San Bernardino and on up thru the Cajon Pass, just south of Palmdale and on across to Gorman. Then on thru the Tejon Pass into Salinas Valley and on up the coast. In fact, the whole area of that country is caused by ripples. The whole land mass to the west of that fault is only here and there solid as great mountain masses go down. In other places it is like great tunnels, systems unsupported, and major shifts of this fault could drop whole areas of this beneath the ocean. This is in itself, the potential for a great catastrophe. No doubt of that. And a greater portion of the Los Angeles basin into Riverside, and on out to the coast, Oceanside down to Long Beach---is on terrific shelfs and only one place where the San Gabriel Mountains come on thru with solid spur is it solid. The rest could go under water from 75 feet to 1000 feet due to the thickness of the land and the amounts of water and so forth.

Many of what we call fissure faults, these are old faults that connect the present American continent and the old Lemurian continent when it was a single land mass. And these faults go across, and they make the fissure faults system, that moves into Inglewood and out to Venice and in by Bellflower, and so forth. These are fissure faults off the fault line of the San Andreas fault. When you take Fairfax and Hollywood---there is a main fault that runs under there to Santa Monica and where Sunset continues on out from Sunset Strip. Whole areas of that area could sink away. Of course, that is one of the biggest ghettos in the world now that the Jews have moved in on Fairfax. And Jewish population makes up the mass of it. Just drive outside of these great streets and you find apartments and Jew home after jew home for the elderly, the Jewish hospitals and so forth. They are setting on a powder keg. What they don’t seem to know is that the ocean water is under there. You can take a doctors stethoscope and put it on a solid rock and hear the water below. Some places the land is 1000 feet thick and some places not. But this goes all the way to the ocean and there are many area where they drill deep wells and they get ocean water. Then there is a narrow fissure where they can make fairly deep wells where the rocks like a root have come out of the mountains.

So not only is this true that the Bible talks about these earthquakes but just prior to His returning there is to be a great earthquake and one-third of the people living along the coasts are to be destroyed. When it talks about it is the Bible we can be sure that God is giving us some insight into this situation.

When I was a young preacher about twenty five years ago, I had a vision of that whole thing sinking clear up to Watsonville and all the way down. I was wide awake. And it wasn’t a dream. And I saw the same thing the next night. I was preaching in a little town next to Watsonville and was holding meeting there for a minister who had that church. So I told them of my dream. And a lot of people sold their houses and moved away. And that didn’t go over so good. But it is still coming. So they may have been smart.

I had this vision here about ten years ago. I saw that same coastal plain go. It didn’t all go at once. One part went, then another part. And water came all the way down the San Fernando Valley all the way to Ventura. And that sandy hip was moved out of there. And I saw City Hall go down part way and then totally. I saw all this go and I was wide awake. I told my wife, we have to get ready to go take pictures of this catastrophe. It was so real. Then I realized it was a vision. But I had a conformation on that later. And I can see that whole coastline from Santa Monica clear out Sunset Strip, and ll the way down to Riverside. And I know what is going down and not going down. I didn’t know until later that another minister got this same vision. And then another one. In fact, I happen to have in my pocket, a prophecy from another church movement. He sees this and tells about the eruptions taking place and how some of the internal volcanoes move. This could be Mt. Lassen because it is ready to blow all the time. Is always smoking. Anyhow, he saw this whole thing happen. A tremendous catastrophe. He tells about the whole coastline going down. Everytime we go down to preach and come up that hill, I always say--’we made it.’--ha.

Now, San Joaquin Valley has fissure faults to and some of it can go down too. But there is some solid rock along that coast. But there is also great reefs that come in letting ocean water into San Joaquin Valley if it isn’t 30 of 60 feet above sea level. But the whole San Joaquin Valley is not going to fill with water. And it is not all going down. But to the coast and outward over that range of mountains, some of that will also go down.

In San Francisco Bay, it goes all the way back to San Jose. And under Walnut Creek there is a fault that would drop Berkeley and Richman, that whole area into the ocean. There is one fissure that cuts across Lynn County, and Sausolito is on an area which has water beneath it. Then portions of Mill Valley will go. But there will be high islands there. Then go on up to Eureka and you discover that there is an area that goes clear back to the Trinity Alps, that is actually a part of the old continent of Lemuria. And also Crescent City is a part of this. There is some of the oldest country in the world there---where the redwoods grow, that is the oldest vegetation in the world. But after all, the Andes came up 11,000 years ago. We know this because we find sharks teeth and these other things in the High Sierras. So they came up alright, but the shelf does also run along the coastal plain.

The scripture says that in these catastrophes that a thousand can fall at thy side, and 10,000 at thy right hand and yet no harm shall come unto you. This is talking about areas of the battle. But you are not to dwell in Babylon. You should run from the Babylonians. Get out if you can’t run them out. For if you live with the Babylonians then when they get their judgement, then this judgement falls on you also. So you better have a life preserver or be able to swim. This is coming. There is no if, and’s or but’s about it. I do not advocate any safe places in that area basin clear to the coast.

QUESTION:--Are there any riffs under Pasadena?

ANSWER:--Not too much. Some come down from the mountains, the Sierra Madres where Mount Wilson is, there are riffs there. But whole areas of that mountain has so much ocean under it that if an earthquake cracks it, then the tops of that mountain will be seashore. That is one reason that---at Newhaul, for instance, the water is held back by a sand fill at Ventura. But the sea used to wash in all that area of Newhaul and Sargus---all that canyon. But is the fault ever cuts that area then it can sink. There could be a whole lowering of that mountain range to the outside. We don’t say that it will do this. But if the fissure moves off the Andreas Fault, and it slips, say 20 feet, and moves any of these trigger faults, then it could drop many parts of this area. You think of LaCanada and its 1000 feet up the mountain, but if there is 3000 feet of water, you will still be in pretty deep. We don’t know the size of the catastrophe, except we do know that as you get down on that coastal plain, a lot is going to drop. Period.

The book of Revelation talks about the coasts of the earth. And not only our coast, but a lot of them where Atlantas and Lemuria broke off are going to face this catastrophe. There are a lot of these catastrophes in store for us. Lots of them are judgements. There is also to be famines such as you have never seen. It won’t last long. The LORD will come at any time and cut this thing short. If He is to tarry, then there will be crops that will be hit more and more. We will lose more and more crops each year. The drought patterns are growing. San Joaquin Valley grows enough food to feed the people, but it is going to get less and less. Storm patterns are growing more intense. One year you will lose 25% of the crop. The next year, 50% of the crop and so forth. And the prices will inflate and inflate. A good thing to do is to put a little canned food away and you can go thru this. The price will rise and rise because of the loss of fruit and so forth. But we have been warned. God has told us not to pour out our blessings on His enemies. We get Evangelistic and sentimental. All filled up with the idea of giving to the ends of the earth. We start giving to India for instance, millions of bushels of wheat. But we charge the taxpayers for it. And we pay the shipping of it and the unloading of it. All this stuff the government gives away and we pay the farmer for it by taxing the taxpayer. But God says ---I will punish you for giving away My blessings. He says--If you don’t stop feeding the pagans and giving My blessings to the pagans, then I will take them away.

God never told us to give anything to the pagans. You say--what a wonderful Christian spirit we have. Give it to the pagans, so God bless you anyhow and tho you worship Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kale, that’s okay. They hate us. They vote every time with Russia. And yet every time they have a bread shortage, India cries to us for help. This is a very fantastic situation. And because of this God says He will make you pray for food. I am going to make you appreciate it--He says. I have poured out My blessings on you, given you a surplus and now you want to give it to those who hate Me. Make they buy it. Don’t give it away except to a Christian nation. So we are in for a drought. Last year we started a wet cycle. And we know that in a normal cycle, we get 30 years of a wet cycle. Of course, God can do anything He wants to do. But as long as we keep all these ‘schmoes’ here I don’t think we will get too much protection. But people stay here because they can make a good living. Money is being spent on military installations and manufacturing and the space program and so forth. And they can get high wages. But these high wages won’t amount to much as they have to put it all out to get something to eat. But you can’t tell people this. I tell you that the best thing to do is to have a basement of canned goods, because food is going to be a valuable factor.

Now, we also have another factor to reckon with. We have the Communist Party and the Soviet Union and Red China and the hoards of Africa who are spreading out after being communized. Their design is to crush, to destroy the white race. This war is Armageddon and the Anti-Christ program.

Now, Armageddon isn’t the easiest task. We haven’t tasted Armageddon yet here. But we are protesting because our boys were sent over there to fight the Viet Cong. We see many casualties over there. And we have a right to cry out because there is not enough leadership or intelligence in our nation to win a war. All we do is send men over and while they are being killed, we talk peace, peace. Every military man says that we should win the war quickly by hitting the enemy with everything we have and then come on home. And you could win the war this way. The military know this, but the Pentagon says no. So who is running the Pentagon? MacNamarra. And I think he is the man for the outstanding medal of Lenin for this year. Even if they put diamonds in this one, I don’t think there is anyone who has served the Soviet Union as efficiently as this man. But here is the situation again. We have all these Peacenics buzzing and of course all this propaganda and the churches are even moving out to help. We have the ‘flower children’ and the hippies in their parades and their silly get-ups. And next month 300,000 of these silly people are going to Washington and march around. And in a mixed crowd I can’t tell you what they call it, but it is not a ‘sit in’, but it is a major program. They are going to throw human excretions over the entire city of Washington D.C. this is what they say they are going to do. And the Negroes are going to march with them. And the ‘black power groups’ are going to be there.

Of course, Washington almost deserves this. But they are going to be in a bad spot. They have a Negro mayor there. The President appointed him because this is about as high as his sights could reach. But they are saying---when we were there---the Cuban underground told us that they are going to bring race war upon us. And then they told us why. They also told us that there has been about 8 or 9 thousand refugees over the 28,000 legitimate ones to come into this country. And these extras are Moscow trained military attaches---generals and colonels. And they come thru Cuba. And Castro has shipped them in here where they spread out. And they didn’t need any assistance. Don’t need any money. They moved into the West coast and into Oregon and Washington, and Washington D.C. and so forth. And they are taking command of the Negro revolution. Soviet Russia has shipped 500,000 guns into the U.S. bu way of Cuba. And 173,000 came into the U.S. just last month. And the FBI was notified of this and they didn’t even seize the trucks that were distributing these automatic weapons to the Negroes. This is why the Cuban underground figures the FBI must be totally infiltrated. Or the administration is so totally infiltrated that they take orders from them and don’t want to stop the Negro rebellion. They say that there is 500,000 arms being delivered. They come in every night that the moon if not out. They come in by fast fishing boats, into Louisiana and Texas.

Now, they tell us that three million five hundred thousand Negroes will actually take up this was against the U.S. and they are being armed to do this. And this is no Rap Brown or a Carmichal or a Martin Luther King deal. This is ‘Commies’ leading this riot and it is going to be a highly trained, highly organized brilliant logistical operation. Because these Negroes will be commanded by Russian officers who came in here as Cuban refugees. Some of them even speak Spanish and some don’t. The Cuban underground is very worried about this. They say that our government liquidated all the patriots when they forced Batista out and backed Castro. Even tho they deny it. But the soldiers have buried their guns all over Cuba and at the ‘Bay of Pigs’. These men were trained. And there were about 18,000 men who went into this Bay of Pigs invasion and they had been trained by our Army and Navy. They knew exactly where to hit and their underground had contacted the underground in Cuba and they dug up the guns that night ready to come out.

Now, we put 17,000 of these men ashore and then no aircraft or ships, or destroyers were allowed to back them up. None came as was planned. As these men hit the beaches great search lights turned on and machine guns were set up. Kennedy notified Castro that they were going to hit the ‘Bay of Pig.’ So Castro had the search lights ready to turn on and they cut down the Cuban underground at this lowly spot where you would not be expecting a landing. So 17,000 men were lost. And every single patriot who had dug up their guns to help in this, were taken and shot. So now there is no way for resistance and today you have an anti-Castro underground---key people working in Cuba,--send information out. But the U.S. government sand the Bay of Pigs invasion. And one of the Cuban underground men said when Kennedy was shot, we had a happy holiday in our hearts. And every Cuban felt this way. At that time I sort of wondered who did shoot Kennedy. But the Cuban underground men talking to me said:--’here is our problem, we don’t dare go to the government anymore. Because the government is in the hands of an echelon who seems to be serving the whole ‘Red’ cause.’ He said:--’when we report the facts as to what is going on, then three of four more patriots are liquidated. And they are the only ones who could know. So Castro is notified and he liquidated the patriots in Cuba. We can’t go to the government. But we see this country going down like ours did and all we know to do is fight. So if we can contact the ‘right wing’ groups, we can help save this country.’

Well, this is the situation. So he said:--’we do know that this fall and winter--the race war will break out. That it will be directed by Russian officers smuggled into these United States. In this fall and spring, we believe it will be this fall,--then Red China will also attempt to ‘atom bomb’ the U.S. They have the equipment. They have the submarines to use for this because Russia has given them to them. There is no split between the Soviet Union and the Red Chinese.’

Well, we have always said this. The fact is that Russia wants China to do this so we will retaliate on China. Well, we have a President that loves the Soviet Union. And he has told over 19 of our big plants to build plants in Russia. Like IBM for instance. Their equipment is being used to turn out material being used against our men in Viet Nam.

Well, here is a strange situation. And chastisement and judgement is in this picture because a race war is upon us. But how many Americans except in the ‘right wing’ are armed and ready to stand off a Negro revolution? There are 25,000,000 Negroes on census. But 7 million Negroes are judged to not be listed on the census. But they say if they only take 3,500,000 Negroes, they are ready fight. Then you don’t have enough military men and police force to match them. There may be 50 million guns in the hands of the American people in their homes. So you better get wise quickly because you will be fighting for survival right here in the U.S. But this again goes back to George Washington’s Vision which is to be fulfilled. The thing which we say is that it will or it may well be that the time will be shortened and you won’t move into the famine years. This may be an intervention by YAHWEH. We do know that the hosts of Michael will be standing by. We have the assurance that they will not take the little flock because God Almighty says He is going to intervene and fight for you and destroy the powers of darkness. We know this is going to come. This is the one area of surety that we possess. And Faith gives us the Key. You can fight this thing. You can go against it. But one thing you do know, we are on the winning side. For God intends to support His people.

This morning, as Mr. Bond returned from Oregon, I was given quite an article out of their papers. It says---why is the government trying to cover up the flying saucer stories? So many have been seen. So many have observed them in the air. The fact is that the government know they are out of the outer space.

Well, there is one thing about this. The Jews are scared to death of these flying saucers. We knew the Jews were frightened, for back there when Eddie Cantor was speaking at the Jewish sector in San Fernando Valley, and he was answering questions in this Jewish Assembly, one of the questions was about the flying saucers. And Eddie Cantor said:--’Well, I will tell you this, we don’t know too much about it, but there are a vast number of Christians who believe these are an army who will return with Christ. They believe this has something to do with the second coming of Christ. If it does, then we’ve had it.’ And a moan went up from the audience. But some moan and some of us laugh. I believe those coming in will be more firm and organized than MacNamara’s air force. Every time we appropriate the money for a new airplane, then MacNamara writes it off and the money goes somewhere else. We have more airplanes on paper which have been paid for. But Mr. MacNamara knows where they went. I do not know. Just know our air force doesn’t have them. But he shot them down with his pen. And he won’t be able to do anything about those coming in from the outside.

One person asked:--what do we do when this comes to pass? Well, when you know prophecy, you know it will come to pass. When you know the book of Ezekiel, you know it will come to pass. Jesus said:--I am against Gog and Magog. I am against these nations of Asia and Africa who rule one hour with the Beast. They are going to come thru the air, over the top, and by submarine. But they will attack the Kingdom. But God says ‘I am against them.’ And it tells the He will destroy them with fire. It tells of how He will burn the cities of Asia. In the book of Esdras, it says that the cities of Asia will be powder and dust. It tells us this and we believe it.

Actually, in a Christian country, you shouldn’t elect anyone who does not believe in the Bible. If we believe the book, we should not be trying to be friends with Russia and China. Instead you are to carry the bombs to them. This is inevitable. Instead of seeking peace with her when she does not want peace, then don’t fool with her. Blast her to kingdom come. Don’t make any mistake. Believe the Bible. God says that when He gets thru with this country, they are going to know His name and know that His name rests upon the land of Israel. They will know from the least to the greatest that I AM YAHWEH--THY YAHSHUA--I AM GOD. So we know we will have the victory. We possess these factors. And as people know the truth, they listen to truth. They are walking by what is called faith.

Abraham believed God. He sat down and looked ahead and saw the great civilization of your day and God imputed this as righteousness to Abraham and it did come to pass. It did happen this way. We can turn to the book of Ezekiel, and see the prophecies being literally fulfilled seeing the dangers of the world being lined up against us. We see that today we have the pillars of fire and the umbrellas of smoke. We are in the days of the atom bomb. So we have arrived at the end of the age. So we have to learn to survive in this area. People say:--’oh, God is going to send manna down from heaven.’ But I’ll tell you this. You may have to depend on some of those things that you have stored away. Because God has told His people what is happening. If you believe the Bible, then you act. You do not wait for it to happen. A lot of people wait until the last moment and they are stuck. See? And then they come knocking on some one’s door. But what you are facing now is that we are in the climactic period of the scriptures. You are going to see wars, and internal revolutions, and famines and attacks and charges and an increase in crime. And at the same time, they will thru one fourth of your society into ‘hippies’ and so forth. As long as they get the minority groups, it isn’t so bad. But they are getting the white kids also. They are scrambling their brains with LSD and marijuana. So we are in a period of time such as there has never been since there was a nation. Make no mistake about it. We are in trouble right now. The economy is in trouble. Everything is in trouble. And they bolster it up with phoney money. The whole thing is phoney. Everyone feels tense as tho something is about to happen. So in the face of these things, do you worry about this?---No. Just survive.

I believe God. So I will survive. I don’t think they will even get us in battle because 1000 can fall at thy left side, and 10,000 at thy right hand. And no harm can come to you.

Now, some people are trying to make friends with the Negroes. But I am looking for a revolution. When they come to burn our homes, I think you just shoot. That is what you do to looters. This is what George Washington must have seen. This battling in the streets and smoke rising. But he also saw the White Race winning and the rest running. If you believe in the Bible, then God says:--there is not to be a stranger in your land.’ The word stranger means that the Beasts of the Field will be shipped out. Then the Cainanites have to go because there is not to be a Cainanite left in the house of God.

The Jewish people are of their father the devil as Jesus said. He was a murderer from the beginning. This may be a hard struggle, but at least there won’t be a dull moment. Some people say--oh, I wish it would hurry up.’ But it can’t go much faster unless they just pull the plug and let everything go down the drain. What God is doing right now, is calling on the nations of God’s people to wake up and realize that we are in a climactic period.

God says:--’I am going to take a little flock. This means the white race. They are a little flock because there is six times as many pagans in the world. So as we see these situations, then remember that God has a hand on His nations. The truth still goes out. They have not found a way to turn it off. George Washington said in his farewell speech--’Do not ever let the spirit of revolution die. If you let this thing solidify with a tyrant over you then you are gone.’ So keep the spirit of revolution going to keep this country free.

QUESTION:--Do you think the Negroes will follow a Russian officer?

ANSWER:--Yes, Carmicael went down and told them that the revolution is ready. And they would have the guns and leadership. But then there is a lot of these Moscow trained revolutionaries who are from Algeria and South America. And they are not white. The pure Cuban is white. Some a litter darker white. But these fellows I have seen are dark.

QUESTION:--We have seen hundreds of them coming into Santa Barbara. Every week we see more and more. And they are military trained. You can see that. And they are not white. But they are stirring up the Negroes.

(Tape ends)