10-04-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Brain tendrils are your thinking frame. And why you are thinking it is translated into electronic memory, therefore. And it goes down around the electrons of the brain. And the tendrils of the brain become sort of solidified---thousands upon thousands of electrons. How could you measure electrons?---You can't even see them. They are so small that if you would multiply thousands upon thousands, you would see electrons. So if you stopped to think,-----well---all of the experiences are translated into electronic memory and stored around the electronic memory of the brain.

Now ; the strange thing is that everything that you hear in a physical body is stored in the electronic memory. It is sort of like this tape as electrons are put on the tape. You can start this tape and this starts the electrodes and you get the sound back. So all you have to do --this is done electronically--automatically, and you think of something you want to remember and you go right down these tendrils of the brain to this spot, and you start the electrons to moving around those nerve tendrils and the thing you are thinking about automatically comes into your brain. This wonderfully made instrument which sees and records all experiences --thus you remember, you can see these things again and then stop thinking about them, and the electrons stop revealing.

Within the generation of a people for instance within the generation of Adam, in the process of the society we have spermiogenesis, therefore and the ovum cell, and sperm cells were formed in Adam and Eve. Now within this capacity these cells had chromosome in them, and in them were also genes, and in the genes were chromitin entity of electronic energy.

Now; in the chromotin for the genes which operated up around the brain were also all the experiences Adam had been experiencing which were also stored in the chromotin of the genes. So all the experiences that Adam had been storing in his brain were also being stored in the chromotin of the genes. Each time --a genes--may have been made each day in Adam, the fact remains that all of his mental abilities were also stored in the chromitin. The same thing was also on in the ovum cells of Eve. And the offspring then had the experiences of both the father and the mother, and he then adds his own experiences. Then in a few generations if he thinks about what his father has done, he will visualize it. But little does he realize that he would see almost the same thing, almost the same culture. This is why thru the hundreds of generations, all is carried down thru the offspring of each and every offspring, and is offered more culture in its rudimentary phase. This capacity of inheritance could be translated to other offspring unmutated. Then mongrelize the specie, mutate the specie and you don't have an affinity for it. In other words the child can pick up things from his parents, but suppose for instance that one parent was an Asiatic and worshipped Buddha, and you had the worship of Buddha there with the worship of YAHWEH , this will not work , we possess genes and things different for we started out differently and we worship God. Even tho Adam lost that light God promised to restore it. He was a spiritual entity, he had a living soul. He lost the immortality that he had altho he did not realize it, and without that realization he did not protect it. But as far as Adamites are concerned all those experiences are the inheritance of our offspring, if unpolluted, down thru the generations down from Adam.

If you were polluted no discovery of the mysteries of the scriptures or the acceptance of spiritual truths would come thru. The things which are of the spirit would not come thru if pollution had occurred. This is one of the reasons why God said he would cleanse again the blood of his people, because he has to be sure his people did not mongrelize. But the majority of race didn't mongrelize. Only a few brought home Japanese wives, for instance, or pagans when we in our history fought others. Surely we may have brought home German girls from Germany or girls from Scandinavia, and these are all of one race for they had the same origin. But you don't bring home Asiatics and so forth, but those are the things which help to mutate the race.

A culture therefore is the inherited capacity of a race, of its remembrance, of its religion, its knowledge, its experience, its wisdom. culture is almost undefinable but it is the pattern of remembering existence of electro-memory which can be the gift of the race. All races to a degree have a culture. The Hottentots haven't produced much culture or civilization thru out all the ages, but the Asiatics at one time had a much greater culture until they fell under the seduction of Lucifer. That is why they worshiped their ancestors because they had a greater day in the time of their ancestors than they are having today.

Now; they are copying some of the things of the white man in China, where as the Japanese have a greater capacity than most of the Asiatics. He can copy most anything in the world but he does not invent them. In fact he says --we need America, we need the western world. We don't want to fight them anymore because their enemies are our enemies, we have a civilization which is great and strong because we work at it, but it is sort of a borrowed western culture, and they are passing this on to their children. The mistake they make is hanging on to their Shinto gods, for their gods do not work with their western culture. This is an area where there is no inspiration what so ever. Whether they accept Christianity or a socialistic concept of Christ in his humanities, not in his divinity-----however there are some Japanese of course who are Christian and they believe

in the deity of Christ. Generally they are those who have crossed with the Ammonites who were exiled out to the Island of Japan. There is some of this blood line left there, and they would have some retention. There are some of them possibly left----this is the Atu--this is an old race of white people who lived in the mountains. They are a part of the stock of Ammon who never mongrelized or mixed with the others. The Chinese put them out there because they considered the Japanese Apes. There were some white apes, and some of the Japanese did mix with the Apes, but the brilliant Japanese were strictly of the cast system, and there with----and there is nothing wrong with the Caste system as it is applied to hold up the standards. We found the cast system in India and they say , my this is terrible, but it wasn't. Actually the Brahman were offspring of Keturah and Abraham, they were the high cast and they wouldn't have anything to do with the others. But these were Aryans, they were in Hindu land and maybe Hinduism captured their minds to some extent after a long period, after they were surrounded and outnumbered for so long, but they were Aryans to begin with. They did not worship Kali, Siva, Vishnu, those gods of India. The man --Jahannagar--the one who built the Taj Mahal for his wife --these were Aryan engineers who designed this structure and built it. That was Aryan architecture. But there were Mongols in India, and Negroes in the ancient past, and way back when the seduction of Adam took place--by Lilith then these children from that lineage came into India. Some of Cain's descendants also came into India, and Isis to them was Kali, and Siva was the mother of the Ganges, and also the offspring of Lilith.

Now; God walked in the garden-----Eve was deceived but Adam was not. Adam had already been shown that he was to have nothing to do with the 'tree of good and evil. A tree of knowledge to be sure, but this was a racial tree, and Adam had looked over all the trees in the garden, and there was none fit for a helpmate for Adam. Eve was formed out of Adam and then she had not been shown this. Lucifer was the Angel of transgression, and had violated divine law which brought about this catastrophe that enveloped the earth. The people of India that were from Lilith and Adam had little culture, but later Aryans moved across into India and they left their mark. The moved in proclaiming One God. Zoroaster was also and Aryan and a Priest for the Aryans of Persia, the Mongols had their gods and then those Hindu who had been there all the time with their gods of Brahma, Siva, Vishnu and Kali made quite a mixture in that land.

Again Kali was the wife of Lucifer, and Siva was her daughter, and they were Satanic goddesses. The Assassins were a cult of servants for Kali, and they would murder and rob and steal and bring the loot to Kali's temple. And the evil demons guided them in their religion. It is fantastic this power of paganism and Satanism in t his evil society.

The same is true in China. The Red Buddhist is one of the most hideous things on the face of the earth. The Shamans who worship the Red Buddha , they are guided by these evil forces in all kinds of crime. In the Temples there is the yellow Lamas and the Red Lamas, some of it is good but the fact remains that the Red Lamaseries are a Satanic, Luciferian empowered force. Almost all the Lama Priest of Buddhism today are Jews. You say where did they come from?--Well the Yehudin is Jew--in other words we translate Yehudin today as Jew, actually there is no place in the old Testament for the word Jew, it is just translated there by error a few times. In the new testament the word Judah, or Judea is translated Jew --where as the Yehudin is also translated Jew. But these hooknosed offspring of Lucifer, these mongrels, bullet headed --Jews we know today came out of the Lamaseries, out of Asia, and they control those temples . Of course Buddha--the Gotmas of China----goes all the way back. Lucifer took over the original creations of God. Took them over in his fall. Then God said he would put his own offspring in earth, thus thru Adam and take back these children of creation that Lucifer took over.

The design of the kingdom of God is the conquering of Lucifer, to liberate and free the people of earth. We are not to integrate with them, not to marry with them because we are the offspring of the MOST HIGH. And then as he had offspring then they grow up in his image , in his likeness, with the capacity of his spirit running thru them. These are the things god has decreed.

Now; Gotmas in the days of this intermingling, we see that these Luciferians in human form would seize white women, and women of other races and they forced themselves on them and they raised these mongrel offspring who had demon power, they might be 30 or 40 feet tall, and they were called Gotmas. This is true, we can prove it by the scriptures. It tells you in genesis 6 that even there in the high Steppes where the Adamites lived that there were Gotmas in the land. This translation as Sons of God is wrong, it should have been Nephilin, fallen hosts out of the dimensions. There were Giants there--Gotmas--and in Asia they worshiped these great Gotmas. Buddha was not a god, he was just a man who got thrown in jail, and the Jews decided to rescue Buddha and make of him a Gotma, because the Gotmas were dying off. There were not many of them left so they decided to fool the jailor and they got Buddha out of Jaial, and paraded him around and said he was a god, and that the jail could not hold him. The Jews were writing poetry to him and carrying him around thru the streets and the people of Asia fell for him. Thus they drew up pictures of Buddha, but made of him a great Gotmas as had been, and they called him Gotma Buddha. And then the chants began---Buddha, Buddha, Buddha and when the mouth could not go fast enough they wrote and put all the prayers on a wheel and then they could spin the prayer wheel, and everytime they turned the wheel , they were saying all these prayers. the Buddhist Priests take in the money, maybe 10% and up to 30% which ever the Priests levy. This is a terrific scheme, lots of money coming in for the Jews. They had everything in their hands, in the land. When the white race came in they seized the white women and raised more giants. Goliath descended on down from the Gotmas.

When people get into the scriptures and find out the mysteries of the scriptures that you found in myth or history, actually they were a part of the story and the background. Adamites --Israel had a culture which was different than others because they had thousands of years of this stuff before Adam came. Their electronic memory was made up of this kind of thinking, mentoid is creative vision, which moves thru the white race and comes out of the dimension of spirit. there has been no new spirits allotted for the Asiatics since they started worshiping Lucifer.

This is why they have moved into reincarnation and they go thru the cycles of return, even fractions of it. When their spirit dies they go into the netherworld then reenter and go thru the cycles of re-entrance all because of the jungleism of their religion. For these Asiatic earthlings God never produced one new spirit for the fallen under Luciferian hosts.

In our race we are the avenue by which the spirit comes into the world. The spirit within us is the son or daughter of YAHWEH . So sons and daughters of YAHWEH move into Adamic bodies and live here, but when we die it is ---'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.'

So our scripture says this--the apostle Paul sites this and ecclesiastics says;---This physical consciousness to our celestial consciousness ---This re-entrance of the spirit into the heavens of these children of the Living God is assured. But the design of the increase of the kingdom also of this there is no doubt, not only do we see the design of all this wisdom and knowledge but this is the retention of racial purity which maintains our cultural pattern. When we speak of remembrance then we know ---God says--my spirit will not cohabit with another race. Mongrelization cuts off this remembrance factor. So therefore if a white man cohabits with an Asiatic then there will be no spirit of God in the offspring because God's spirit will not be involved in this cohabiting. Therefore it will only be a physical cohabiting. The child will have no spiritual capacity and will only follow the pagan concepts of his mother or father which ever is oriental. If re-bred back for ten generations they would bring back this offspring but this would also put ten families outside the spirit so this is just a way of saying that it will not happen.

In areas of Asia today when we go over there trying to evangelize them while the white man is there transferring the input of his own kind into their consciousness, it sets up the image of likeness and proper concepts of thought and they may recognize Christ and they build a church and therefore the trinkets and so forth are brought out, but when the Communists came and drove out the white teachers and white preachers then they go back to being Buddhist again. In fact it is much easier for them to be Buddhist. They chop down the bell of the church and make it into bullets. There is nothing lasting unless you have spiritual seed.

We do know that there have been people absorbed by these races who had some capacity. The people of Ho-Nan province of China where most all of the Christians of the isle of Formosa came from, most of the Mandarins, the Kai Shecks came from that Province of the area where Ammon the nephew of Lot went. Many of them in HoNan province were these Ammonites, and they still were pretty much white, and the Chinese government captured many of them and exiled them to the island of Japan, to the land of the Monkeys as they referred to it. But many of the Ammonites of HoNan province went into the upper Steppes, some went up river. They formed tribes and lived like the Mongols. This is why some Chinese eyes don't slant and so forth. There are even, or may be some still today. And there is in this blood the capacity to respond. but basically the administration of the kingdom belongs to Israel, the concept of the MOST HIGH GOD is from Adam to Seth, thru Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to our time, this is basic Israel of God, we thus are the children of God.

We might get over to another subject, we are fast moving into an area of fulfillment because we note here that as we told you a few Sundays ago the Soviets are gathering troops, in eastern Europe. So they came, and brought in troops and invaded Czechoslovakia and this is God which comes to try to take over the world. 63 times the Russians have broken their contract. Romania had an iron guard like Germany but we are giving in to Russia. Still the president wants to go over and talk to the Russians. She is doing this because we are bogged down in the Viet Cong struggle. McMamara did the job for them by disarming us. Nixon said he would build up your armaments. This money goes around in a circle and don't hurt you like that given to your enemy. Russia aims to move into take a spoil-----then earthquakes are also picking up------

Now Hezekiah became king of Israel, and everything had been taken over, religious wise --the Temple even had excrement in it. But Hezekiah ordered the cleansing of the Temple and the army cut down the pagan temples and cleaned the land. So Hezekiah said:---give me 15 more years to live and I will clean up this land, and whip the Assyrians. And God gave him the 15 years and Sanacharib was finally killed. But Sanacharib sounded like the national council of churches today. We must at least get a man who believes in the God of Israel and if he would call on the people then----'If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land.

The corruption of our land today, the Hippies, -------McCarthy was stirring up the people, and he is not as he talks, for the Jews are exploiting this , and in the meantime increasing your taxes. It is someone who will move in like Hezekiah did that we need in this land today. It is a minority yet who are taking the drugs, but you will never get rid of the drugs until those behind the scene are exposed, until you know who is pushing this drug business.

end of tape.