10-05-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question:----Genesis claims God created Adam and not Eve for a while until Adam had a chance to look around and couldn't find a mate---why did he do this?

Answer:----So as to get it into the record.

Question:----Well did God himself have to look around and find out that there was no mate for Adam?

Answer:----Of course not.

Question:----What are the origins of mankind distinguished from the Adamic race.

Answer:----This of course is a rather heavily covered question, but when the Adamic man was begotten of God---remember we have in the Hebrew so many words which may come out somewhat the same, or are used for many words which are not interchangeable. The word Bara and Yastar are both words used for creation. But Bara in Hebrew means to begat, to bring out of the womb, or to form an issue thus a procreation of creation by birth. Yastar means to mold or make, like make something out of putty or create something. So to begin with these words existed.

Now the Old Testament, the book of Genesis is written by the same symbolism of mystery that Jesus referred to when he spoke in parables. He said:---unto you it is given to know the mysteries of God, unto them it is not given. Then he sites that they had spiritual perception and they would understand the parables and mysteries written but the world wouldn't understand it, and the powers of darkness wouldn't understand it either. So the book of Genesis in the opening chapter is written somewhat in allegories. But where he talks about the establishment of the Adamic race in chapter two the word is Bara. Because of this there has been areas of mis-translation in the book of Genesis. For instance in the first chapter of Genesis, this 6th., day---morning and evenings were eras of time, over periods of thousands of years.

In the beginning YAHWEH created the heavens and the earth. And in the beginning---this could be any amount of time before the next verse of Genesis--when the earth became void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. It happens that the Hebrew word here for void means aftermath of Divine destruction.

And once he destroys or upsets something then the word used here is void.

Now; the old testament, the book of Genesis is written by the same symbolism of mystery that Jesus referred to when he spoke in parables. He said:----unto you it is given to know the mysteries of God, unto them it is not given. Then he sites that they had spiritual perception and they would understand the parables and mysteries written but the world wouldn't understand it, and the powers of darkness wouldn't understand it either. So the book of Genesis in the opening chapter is written somewhat in allegories. But where he talks about the establishment of the Adamic race in chapter two the word is Bara. Because of this there has been areas of mistranslation in the book of Genesis. For instance in the first chapter of Genesis, this 6th.

day--morning and evenings were eras of time, over periods of thousands of years.

In the beginning YAHWEH created the heavens and the earth. And in the beginning--this could be any amount of time before the next verse of Genesis---when the earth became void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. It happens that the Hebrew word here for void means aftermath of Divine destruction. And once he destroys or upsets something then the word used here is void.

Now; the Hebrew lexicon also shows the original meaning of the word void. We can void something with the stroke of a pen, and say:--we have made this void but this word void came out of the process of God's utterly destroying or devastating it. So "In the beginning YAHWEH created the heavens and the earth, this stands out as a whole other page, another chapter in the story. Then the earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep or imparted motion. He said: Let their be light.

Now; in the catastrophe of destruction we have many catastrophes, many destructions in the Luciferian warfare, but actually this re-creation period of time was at least 73,000 years ago because we have some evidence that 73,000 years ago a great mantavara occurred. This is a Hebrew word but also an Asiatic word. It means a terrific onslaught, a terrible upheaval, and it is thus called a mantavara. ancient Asiatic literature as well as in the literature of the Assyrians you find this ancient word. In the Assyrian rooms in the British Museum are some of the most remarkable of all archaeological history. There are thousands upon thousands of Paprice as well as clay plates. The Paprice are in scrolls and the clay plates are very thin plates, and they stand thousands upon thousands of them. They come out of a long period of Assyrianology, of the things found in the High Steppes. The remnants of these were found in record houses where they used to store records of the King lines of these ancient Assyrians. They cover thousands upon thousands of years. They move over 4 or 5 generations. And we discover that they also talk about the word Mantavara. And in the Hebrew and the Assyrian words they tell us that a terrific upheaval occurred which existed according as to how they measure time for eons of time. Everlasting is a universal word also, and the Hebrew has it and the Assyrians did also. We think of it as a time which never ends, but it means a very long time a very long period of time. To the ancients this Everlasting was about 12,000 years as close as we can compute it. So from one 12,000 years to the next 12,000 years is an Everlasting. We think of Everlasting life as life without end, and generally it is. It has been translated in the New Testament--Everlasting life, but this is not the same word as this ancient word Everlasting.

But these ancient people talked about this and they say:--from everlasting to everlasting to everlasting came this mantavara. So they go back and actually count back to 73,000 years--or count 6 times 12 everlastings, back to this great time of the battle in the heavens when this great warfare occurred. How long it lasted--we do not know. But they referred to Lucifer as Tiamat.

The Assyrianologists whose own civilization goes back into the ancient Tungus man---back in this period when God re-created the heavens and earth---back then the Tungus man roamed over the steppes, and their cycle is found in this period of time when God re-created and called the light day and so forth. But this light could have been the reappearing of these planets thru the dense masses of water that produced this great catastrophe which made the earth void. But the Tungus man is the first created man we find upon the face of the earth because in looking thru the records, the artifacts, the tracing of history we discover the Tungus or Asiatic man was the first creation or oldest one found upon the face of the earth.

Now; using radio carbon where we can go back 73,000 years, we can go with Carbon ten a little further than this and tell the antiquity of things. For instance the city of Peking was built on a city that was older than this one today. Over 11,000 years older. But outside the city of Peking about 8 miles from the city is "Chicken bone hill" on a mountain which is kind of a high mountain. And in the caves of this mountain they have been burying the dead for ages and ages. So there is layer upon layer of dead buried in this mountain. Some in robes and different attire. But they have gone in here and found these artifacts, and they have tested and they date them back 23,000 years in chicken bone hill alone. The reason why they call it Chicken bone hill is because they found so many chicken bones in there. But one of the oldest foods was apparently chickens, and they must have buried live chickens so the dead could have food--or so they thought. So they found these chicken bones along with fine robes etc. But definitely 23,000 years back is recorded in this hill. And back that far they still found people who wore robes and jewelry. Every kind of skull they found is the Oriental the high cheek bone, the slant eye patterns.

Now; we also discover that here in Genesis, when the sun, moon and stars were permitted to appear, then it is established as waters gathered into one place, so dry land appears. The earth brought forth grass and trees with fruit after its own kind. Whether this was a creation or a bringing forth of fruit etc,---at least you can say he made the trees and their fruit that were found at this time, but he also made them "In the beginning". And HE said: let the earth bring forth grass and the trees fruit after their own kind. And God saw that it was good. And the Evening and the morning were the 3rd. day---but this was not a 24 hour day, this was an era. "Let there be light in the firmament---the darkness was clearing away so as to divide day from night. But they had already had day and night way back before he started the growth of grass because grass won't grow without sunlight, with out photo-synthesis so this happened actually before the sun and moon came thru the envelope around the earth and the vastness of the sidereal systems were seen.

In this pattern again God said let light divide the firmament and the heavens so---so he said:---let the two great lights shine thru the greater to rule the day and the lessor to rule the night. So He made the stars also, but he now permitted them to re-appear. We discover that there was a vast dense envelope around the earth, and light came thru it, but now at this point he permits it to be more clearly seen. Now;---God said: Let the waters bring forth abundantly, and the moving creatures that have life, and the fowl which flies above the earth, in the firmament of the heavens. But the waters were just to bring forth abundantly they had patterns of life which came from the Pre-Adamic world which had been flooded out by a great catastrophe. Whole areas were not destroyed however, but this was just a conditioning of the earth in a period which led up to the establishment of a creative man (Adam)

Now;---The 26th verse may very well belong to the Adamic race, but this word here Enosh did denote that God did create so called human beings---but this is the Asiatic man, the Tungus man. If this be true then 73,000 years brings you down thru history of this Tungus man. But actually we have 600,000 years of what we now refer to as the original Tungus man, or the original primates. And this means that these created men made weapons, they wore attire, they came out of the steppes of Asia and they went into Europe and into Africa as far as Tanganyika. There they built cities, around lakes, that were up on poles because of the flooding of the water. This they did thousands and thousands of years before the coming of the Adamic man. So we have the Asiatic race that did exist, and we had a light very light tan race like the Egyptians. Almost white yet not the same, but they had a light olive tan color of the skin.

Today we can prove that the Asiatic Tungus man did exist for 600,000 years in some form of the Tungus man. And this creation here in Genesis may over lap several times since the rebellion of Lucifer in the heavens. You see if you take the Assyrian measure of the Mantavara then we come out with 73,000 or so years---long ago. Their writing was not just stabs in the dark, they actually talk about their history, They say there was six everlastings back to the time of the great Mantavara when Tiamat the Chaos monster fought against Murdoc. In Assyrianology Tiamat the chaos monster was Lucifer and Murdoc was the Supreme God of the Universe. And Tiamat was the Chaos monster, and the mantavara was the battle fought approximately 73,000 years ago, but at least 6 times 12,000 years ago. (Notice the number 12 even back in those days)

We find the same thing in India. At one time in India they were a very light tan race, much like the ancient Indians. But the pouring in of the Mongol invasions and before that was invaded by the Tungus man. Then when the Adamic race had been established in earth they came into the Tarim basin and these people were Aryan. And when you come upon identification of the Aryan man you find him identified with the right God--YAHWEH--he is identified as a son of YAHWEH--who is Our Father, and we are the offspring.

] So in the book of Genesis 2--we come to the begatting of or the creation of the Adamic race which is a begatting. The Hebrew word is Bara--and YAHWEH begat an offspring or brought forth an issue. So we find that YAHWEH said to the Elohim--gods plural--meaning that God had children, that they existed in spirit, in spiritual plains, and these offspring were called Elohim. God thus turned to the Elohim and said:---Let us make Adaum in our own image.--It says:--in the image of God begat he Adaum--so he turned to his children and said:---Let us make Adaum in our own image.

Now; in the Epistles of Paul and in his Apocrypha and in the writings of Enoch etc, where as God has spoken of this---as to how he would transfer his children from heaven to earth---then these children existed in bodies of light in spiritual planes, but now he was to transfer them to earth. Now that he had containers to put them in---since he had begotten a body like his body this author--creator who had created all mankind, he was carrying out his plan. But, yes he had made all things, but he also existed---spirit, soul and body---his children were begotten in the heavens in the spirit but HE said now they would have a body like he had, and if necessary they could be embodied in earth.

Out of the texts of ancient Egypt, in the books of Horus they go back to that ancient Kingdom of Atlantas when that land was sinking. and they dwelt in the house of God, they knew they were the offspring of God as these presided in this ancient temple, but under this instance we see again that the Adamic race was specific specie. It was the offspring of God, in physical bodies and God so many times had brought out these truths as we find the apostle Paul writing them in his apocalypse. But we unfortunately today---the church doesn't have an Apocalypse of Paul. We had one at one time for some time here. We also have the Roman form of one after Rome destroyed the original because they had to have hells, fires and purgatories, so to do that they had to destroy the original Apocalypse. But in the original God spoke to Paul telling him that he had called him to be an Apostle to his family, to his church, and that he was to tell them things which was to be brought back to their remembrance. And God told Paul as he had told Enoch of the areas of great mystery. And in this teaching of the Apostle Paul---then God said to Paul---I have already told you this with all spiritual blessings before the foundation of the world. Before the world was even framed. They existed with me in the bosom of spirit, they are my love, my children before the world was framed. This is why the Apostle Paul says in Ephesians that you have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings in the bosom of the Father before the world was framed. This is why he says that those he did foreknow, he did pre-destinate to conform to the image of the son (embodiment). These are the things God brought back to the remembrance of the Apostle Paul so as he could instruct our race in the fact that we are the household of the Most High.

Now;--as we go back into the pattern of the Adamic race, then this Race is the only human on the face of the earth for hu-man is spirit man. This is the spirit which is out of God. The word hu-man is out of hu-Adam--or Nu-Adam they are much the same. This is out of the old Aramaic--the word for spirit. And Hu-man is out of God and now in the flesh, or as he had begotten children he now placed them in human flesh--connected their consciousness, and left them the resident soul which was the resident occupying personality that resided in the spirit in the heavens. But as ego consciousness comes into the flesh it therefore can draw upon the senses for its opinions, its ideas, its knowledge. We draw on our senses in our patterns of environment but the children of Gods spirit have an intelligence which has never been corrupted by the fall of our race. It remains perfect, the spiritual consciousness is absolutely perfect.

Now;--the Adamic race was the children of the Most High God---he gave birth--begat---brought Adaum out of himself. It says---out of the womb of yesterday. He said:--I have begotten a man in the image of ourselves, and the spirit of Adam was the spirit of one of these Children of God. We see that as Adam was put into earth that he and God walked the earth and saw the Enosh. These he referred to as Beast of the field, and this is true only that they lacked a spirit such as Adam had. But they were creatures who dwelt in the field, the lion was just a beast. All the low beasts were those who lacked even the area of soulish perception. They might have had some type of elementary soul, we do not know---but we find that some creatures do have a type of soul, for instance there are horses in heaven, this we know, for they have been recorded. We know from the writings of Enoch that there are some dogs in some planes of heaven. They may not move into the Celestial sphere but there are difference--in creatures and in animals so lets face it. We know that there is also a great difference in people. The book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible it was written about 5,000 B.C. Enoch and Job were of the same time, these men were pillars of wisdom of the race. God selected these two men for a task. They moved out of ancient Oruselem to go down into Egypt for their building projects of the pyramid etc. First they built the city of ON, the Temple of Zendera with its 612 illuminaries hanging in the sky. These are the things accomplished by our race.

Job said there were people--Enosh who cried out of the thornbush. He said he captured them out of the thornbush and brought them into his house, he made them work in the fields and he tamed them. These were the dark and curly haired Negroes as he tells us. Job said:---you remember how Lucifer used to walk up and down thru the earth, and he came one day before God and he said:--you protect Job and some of these people but they wouldn't worship you if you didn't protect them. So God said:--consider my servant Job--but Lucifer said--yes but you protect him so I can't touch his health etc.---Remember back in the books of Enoch we discover how viruses and disease germs are the creation of Lucifer, how he took portions of anamaloual and protozoa which were harmless, how he bred them together into cultures like grasses of the field, and then put them together and in their crossing, in the interbreeding, they produced new strains that people were not immune to. In other words he was playing with germ warfare. The creation of sickness and disease was an attempt to violate the laws of God after Lucifers rebellion, for Tiamat of the Assyrians was Lucifer. He drew a third of the angels of his part of heaven into his rebellion, and he gathered people out of the milky way, these various areas of creation. The Negroes were a creation, they were not an earth creation this is not discussed in the Bible. But there was a time when God did create the Negroids. They had not fallen at that time. They were not the spirit children, he had not begotten them in spirit but HE had put a living spirit in them without a doubt. But in the time span when these people followed Lucifer in rebellion it may be that they were given no spirit at all. For they are now known as the walking dead, the Zombie. When the Negro is dead, he is just dead until the resurrection of All Flesh---until that restoration takes place. This is not the judgment of our race, for our judgment is in Christ. The reason for this is that the embodiment of the Eternal YAHWEH is YAHSHUA or Christ. When we refer to the judgment seat of Christ then this is the area where Christ dying on the cross atoned for all things, paid the price for every last one of his children---Redeemed them. And He said:---who can lay anything to your charge for he paid it all---redeemed his people on Calvary’s cross. So he atoned---and with the atonement he paid it all---redeemed his people on Calcary’s cross. Altho he hasn't come to take possession yet, still he is your savior, your Redeemer. This comes out with the interchanging with the book of Isaiah. All doctrines that we hold to are so interlaced with the scriptures that they come out and predominately show the distinction which God has in the creation of the races, and of his household, of the establishment of the Adamic race in physical bodies, and with Gods Grace toward the world, for that matter, because it was here that they were to be taught, and to be restored. In this area then the Adamic race is the Hu-man race. It means spirit man. In other words the spirit is perfect, the soul consciousness can err because it does not have to be guided by the spirit, it can be guided by the flesh. And of course when Adam was placed in earth he looked over all the Enosh, he looked over the animals and he names them but as he looked them over he found there was not mate for him. He said:---If I marry one of these that would separate me from YAHWEH. So YAHWEH put Adam into a deep sleep and he formed Eve out of Adam. Oh, he didn't make her out of a rib, the Hebrew words say he separated the female portion out of Audaum who had been begotten bisexual for this purpose. So YAHWEH separated the female portion and brought forth Eve. They try to step around this and change it even in the Septuagint but it is still there. So Adam and Eve were begat out of the same substance. They were separated to begin his Adamic family. This is even more than that, for Adam and Eve were flesh of His flesh and bone of his bone, in a very personal way.

So---now we have Adam and Eve and the starting of the Adamic race who were to multiply and populate areas of the earth as well. But before this: on the 7th., day God rests. He is not creating anything, he is looking out over the things he has created and he knew people were moving over the earth, and Lucifer had already established temptations all over the world. There had been massive wars fought on earth. The Angels who rebelled with Lucifer had fought back and forth. Atlantas and Lemuria had gone down and the catastrophes when they fought nuclear war was recorded. These things had already taken place long before God said:---There is no Adamite to till the soil. There is no one with a green thumb. The people were Nomads they roamed looking for something to eat, and they killed for food but they never had agriculture as we know it today.

Even in ancient China for instance they had the ground for ages and ages, but they never sowed it. We discovered that herbs grew, and some of these things like chickens roamed the land by the millions and they ate these chickens. But the chickens grew wild so they hunted them. So the first thing we discover about this Adamic race is that they knew how to make things grow, as well as to have domestic herds and so forth. So this is in the book of Genesis. And this Adamic man is Hu-man---or spirit man. Where ever we find them moving out, they were Aryans, children of YAH.

Yahweh refers to them in the books of Enoch which go back to the first generations after the seduction of Eve and the fall of Adam. Then Cain and Abel were born, and Cain was the son of Lucifer and Abel was the son of Adam but he could not be a perfect seed for he was from a contaminated womb. It would take 7 gestations before the womb would be cleansed. And then Cain killed Abel and all of this was before Seth was born. Seth was the son of Adam who now said: "I have now begotten a man in my own image and in my own likeness."

Enoch comes along later in the lineage from Seth, and then Noah, but the parents of Enoch and Job had come down out of the upper Tarim basin long before the flood of Noah's time. They settled in the area and built the city of Oruselem. Some of the Adamic race moving out of the basin went into the steppes of Asia, and they were know as Aryans. They were spreading out in the earth. This continued for generations before you come down to the time of the flood. When you came to this time of the flood then you have Ham, Shem, and Japhet, and they also came down out of that area. But Nimrod proceeded them into the ancient areas of Mesopotamia. And they learned how their people had been destroyed in Old Orusalem. And one of the things Nimrod wanted to do was to wage war with the Cainanites because there was endless war between the sons of Noah and these people who waged war on their race. Even tho a lot of Cainanites were drowned in the upper Tarim basin still there were lots of these savage tribes fighting the Aryan civilization down in the Chaldean area. Because when Nimrod built his great city called Ur of the Chaldeas, and as it became quite a city the Cainanites were moving in on it. Remember that Terah the father of Abraham was Prime Minister of that Ur of the Chaldeas. Abraham as a boy was sent to the caves where Noah lived and was taught, so Noah lived in the days of Abraham--still lived in those days.

But you go way back before the flood and you have a long line of people coming down even before the flood and they had moved on out of the area--most of the Aryans were moving out all the time.

Now; even back before Adam we find that Tidal king of the nations is mentioned here, and he is pre-Adamic, he was king from the land washed by the waters. This is the meaning of Tidal, then you had the people of Lemuria, and they were not Egyptian, they were Asiatics, and they existed as God established Eden for Adam. The Egyptians were a great Empire but the Assyrian Empire extended all over the earth.

So again as you ask about the origin of the races of mankind then the Egyptians were a light tan, and his features were somewhat between what we would refer to as Orthodox and Oriental. But they were a definite specie and they came from ancient Atlantas and they moved across the northern parts of Africa into the area of the Nile Delta. We not only have this from their records (the Books of Horus) but also from the 31st. chapter of Ezekiel. For God sent the prophet Ezekiel to tell pharaoh that he had a great Empire alright when HE planted Eden, but that the Assyrian Empire was greater then the Egyptian Empire at that time. It was all over the earth, and HE tells him that the Assyrian Empire was like great and mighty trees, mightier than the great trees of Lebanon, so you see the head of the Empire was the great trees, and the smaller trees were smaller areas, and the waters were so great, and the stream of life from their race trees made it a mighty Empire. And thus it was a Great Empire when God established this Adamic race (in Eden). These trees were all over the earth at that time and this is in your Bible. But the main theme of this book starts with Adam. This is a record of history and of God's dealing with his own offspring, his own household, and their battles in earth against Lucifer, and his offspring.

So we discover that this book is not written for Africa, or for Asia it is written for you. Today it is for you, the sons of Heber who was also a grandson of Noah. All the people who come from Heber are Hebrews today.

Of course most of them come out of the Shem line but we discover that there were white people on the earth before the flood who were Israelites because the word---Israel---was given to Seth, and to Enoch and these Israel Aryan people were reunited in different places, some even in Britain, and some in Egypt. Some had gone down into India, some built the Do-rings in Persia, and some crossed into Europe and started building Stonehenge like they built the great Observatory high up in Burma. These were all built by white men. In fact as one discovers the lore of the white man he discovers that just about the apex of wisdom, civilization and intelligence, astronomy and wisdom moves out of this people. They always had a tremendous understanding and knowledge. There is no doubt that God told many things to Enoch and he told a lot of things to Job. He used to come down and talk to Job who was given the knowledge of science and wisdom of Mathematics. This is called the law of the fulcrum. Job was the first Mason, this is where the Masonic order comes from. They were master builders. It is the law of the fulcrum, the tri-square, it is the application of the science of utilizing things as they are, this is a profession.

Now; Enoch was the Master of the Rose Cross, this tied to the Rose of Sharon, the Crux of the heavens. And this is the highest area of spiritual law. This was taught under the Mystery School of the Rose Cross. So these two were the two pillars of Wisdom, and Masonry recognizes them also. The Jerusalem pillar and the Universal Pillar. They also existed in the city of On, at either end of this great central square in this city---after they brought all streets of the 12 divisions of the city into a great center square, and there were these two great pillar, one on each side of the square. Now; those two pillars existed in the city as well as the great Temple, and this is just some of the things the Adamic race had produced under the guidance of Enoch and Job. Of course there were many Servants in the city with them. But the moment this great company with Enoch and Job left old Orusalem then hill country Cainanites swooped down and waged war on those left in that old city, and they wiped out all the white people who remained in that area of ancient Orusalem. This is why God said wipe out these people of that area, as he brought them back out of Egypt and into that same area. This is why Moses was told to go into Egypt and "Lead my people out". They had resided in the land of Goshen since the days of Joseph. He told Pharaoh, "Let my people go". then he makes the declaration that "Israel is my first born. When HE brought His people out of Egypt he used Moses who was his leader, and he established the Priesthood which was in Israel, and installed Aaron in that position. Oh, there had been a Priesthood before this, but now HE established the Priesthood in Israel, and he took His people out for 40 years into the wilderness. Joshua was then to lead them back into this old land now called Canaan land. God was going to give it to the children of Israel but it was now occupied with these Cainanites, they were hill country people, and they were adulators and practiced everything evil. They had build their cities of Jericho and Ai, and others. The land was Majestic, it produced everything, was very lush. It took two men to carry a bunch of grapes, it was a wonderful land that God had planted originally for his people. But the Cainanites had come in and taken over. But now under Joshua it was to be taken back once more. And God said about the city of Jericho. You march around it seven times and the walls will fall, and then rush in and slay every man, woman or child.

Now; of course you get a lot of these oldsters who were raised with the scriptures, and they don't complain about this, but you have a lot of modernists today, people who have been educated under a dilapidated concept, after the infiltration of Jews into our Seminaries, and they are always trying to get some area of appeal, so they site this is a superstition---this old God of Israel---that they worshiped, but what kind of a God would say:---go in and kill every one of them? We don't want a god like that, we want a loving God, we want one who will say you are to spare these people, go in and marry with them, mix your seed etc. This is the kind of God they are creating today. But originally you didn't ask why---God just said---I am going to deliver this land to you. These people killed, their ancestors wiped out the Aryans of Job and Enoch's time as they left that land with that great company and went down into Egypt. They wiped out the people in this old city of Peace---all the Aryan people who here were left in that area.

Remember this was why Nimrod was fighting. And the plains of Shinar were covered with armies in the days of Shaldamere when Abraham crossed the plains. Remember Noah was still alive and Abram was being taught by him, and yet when Abraham moved out of Ur of the Chaldea there was a big battle going on for the gold of Ophir on those planes of Shinar. And Tidal king of the nations was there, as was the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah. These were the cities---Sodom and Gomorrah were the cities of evil, wicked people, with offspring of fallen Angels and mongrelized people of every evil, they were still there at that time. There was a terrific amount of men fighting there. So if the flood had drowned everyone but Noah and his family you couldn't have bred up these many people so soon, for instance just the warriors on the field, let alone the civilizations and the cultures behind these warriors of that battle, then you know there is something strange here. But this just shows you the difference between the races of earth at that time.

Now;---God called Abram out and changed his name to Abraham then later changed the name of Jacob to Israel, and after the wilderness journey they came back to the old land and fought against the people of those old cities. And in that city of Ai there were about 175,000 first line cavalry men to move out against, together with shock troops numbering 1 1\2 million people, and this from just Ai alone. There were infantry men behind these 175,000 Cavalry men. So God told Joshua, don't look at this---don't lock horns with this great mass, you just move up and they will get grouped to come against you. But you hold back of this line I have measured. And Joshua did this, but God had prepared for this event ever since Venus had come into our Solar System. And Venus rocked back and forth and formed the conditions that brought all the judgments on Egypt, at the time of the Exodus. All those conditions, the lack of rain, all the stuff that fell on that land were the result of Venus settling in, and there were great masses of debris in the tail of Venus that was in the solar system. It was neither light nor dark for 40 years remember, so God brought a great meteorite shower down on this army of the city of Ai. He told Joshua to move up to the battle line and then stop and as this group charged, Joshua was told to wait, and then as the great army came charging out toward Israel, the god just pelted them with meteorites and wiped them out. When the meteorite shower was over the Israelites went in and destroyed what was left of the Cainanites. Lots of these fellows will say---my, my isn't that terrible, what kind of a God would do that. But these people were sons of Lucifer and other fallen Angels who had not kept their first estate, were actually living in those cities. So the best thing you could do would be put them back in their right places as far as that is concerned but actually it was just delivering the land and cities back into the hands of the children of Israel.

Now;--everything you see God doing is justification for those acts by this fallen Angel, and his seed, for what they did on earth before the Adamic race came to earth. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were totally destroyed but my they were so corrupted that there was nothing to do but totally destroy them. They were totally degenerate and evil and they needed total destruction. You have an example of their darkness, for when Angels went there to warn Lot these corrupt immoral people wanted to attack them, they wanted the Angels to enter into Sodomy with them. They wouldn't do it so they plotted how to crush the resistance and seduce the Angels of the MOST HIGH GOD. But the Angels told Lot what these evil men planned so you see how depraved these people were. After all see---these people had been on the earth for 3,000 years since Adam had been on earth and a long time before that. So you see that in the scripture and in the records of Enoch this great mongrelization which came upon earth was the results of these fallen Angels. Job said:--as he brought the Negroes out of the thornbush and tried to civilize them---they turned on him. As soon as God allowed Satan to come against Lot then these people he thought he had civilized turned against their master and joined the Devil in his raid on Job's people and property. And Job said they were not fit to lay down with his dog. So Job learned it doesn't matter how far your civilization goes with them, the Witchdoctors have a greater hold on the Negro, and Witchdoctors today ride around in Cadillacs and in good clothes but they are still Witchdoctors.

Kenyata who heads the Kenya colony is a witch doctor who won his doctorate at Oxford for writing a book on Witchcraft. He talks about it as being an exact science of the service of Lucifer. He says that men shouldn't be so narrow minded that they don't recognize that there are many gods. They call their gods devils, their are also good devils and bad devils. He writes this in his book and you can read it today. England was so worried that if they put him to death that the Mau Mau would rise up. But they should have hung him for he had killed thousands of white women, had them dis-bowled, cut off their arms and legs. Today not only do the Witchdoctors roam Kenya Colony, but they are also in New York, and Chicago and so forth. And these Negroes are switching back to their Swahili gods which mean devil gods.

Now;---there existed races ages before Adam. But when you talk about the Adamic this is hu-man--spirit man. With other races we deal with mankind. And Mankind may be all the primates who walk upright. There is primates like the Chimpanzee who are the smartest of all apes. He is really smart, he has a sense of values and you can even teach him to paint. He can draw a few simple things, but he may draw a whole picture or leave it half painted, the interest may leave and he will just walk away. He can match colors, so he does some of these things, and they have taught them to count. These are beast areas alright, and the Negroid is as close to the Chimpanzee as he can get. He did not evolve from the Chimpanzee but he did mix with them. There is no question of the fact of bestiality being practiced by the Negroes. And God placed in his law definite restrictions on this. For this was co-habitation with the beasts, and this was being done by the pagans on the face of the earth. There was no missing Link but there was mixing with the higher primates. But as we deal with these primates still there is only one Hu-man, and that is the Adamic race, the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. And because of the high spiritual values, and the things we have to learn, which we know from God as he teaches us---we find he tells us about himself. We have also the tremendous mysteries of the Holy Scriptures and areas where in God brings out the spiritual purposes. These things become so different and vital that we are able to perceive them because God gave us a spiritual mind. We were separated from a whole area of our spiritual consciousness in our fall but God has restored that to us since Calvary and the greatest area of it is yet to come. Because He has redeemed us. He has not yet come to take the redemption---in otherwords he has not come to unify himself with redemption, but he has removed the curse so that we can be as spiritually guided as we are willing to seek to apply the areas of illumination. So God brings out the mysteries and these truths, and of course we have many people who see a few things and they are Christian, but the reason why they haven't gone on is because even tho we came out of the dark ages, yet in the areas of the original church it was very spiritual, it had tremendous wisdom, and the capacities of perception in the soul consciousness was moving into the Holy of Holies the seat of this perception. And they were gaining great things, many of the great churches were scattered out with great spiritual truth, but of course Jewry was unable to conquer even using the Roman church so they then joined the church and sought to change the doctrines, and they succeeded in many areas. They joined the church---the Jews talk of this in their many books. But as the Jews came in they sought to take out many areas of spiritual truth. They sought to give us a form of religion with spiritual truth blocked out.

Now, there were churches in Armenia, and in Greece and there were churches of the Apostles, and there were Abbetries in Great Britain, and these were able to maintain spiritual truth, which the Jews were not able to remove. But after 500 or 600 years the scriptures were now going backward. They had removed enough until we went into semi-darkness. Then when we emerged out of the dark ages it was as Martin Luther exposed great areas of untruth, and Protestantism came in. But the Abbetries had the truth to some degree, and they started to move out for they had knowledge which had never gotten out of the Abbetries before this. They had the recognition of the Christ, but people in those days were not scholars, could not read or they did not take the time to read. But the Abbetries had continued to copy areas of the scriptures, and they had great areas of tradition which they taught.

Then as the King James version of scripture came ---after being put into English, and people were encouraged to read, and in the last say 600 years or so we have had a great Renaissance for spirit of God has been putting back spiritual wisdom, since the ‘Latter Rain is going to be greater than the ‘Former rain’.

Now many people in the Methodist and Baptist churches have gone as far as their Clergy went back into the areas of truth, at the time they set up their denominations. The Methodist and Baptist taught a lot of things altho they did not go back as far as they could go in the truth which existed all around them. Then we move into the last 20 years and we have seen the taking into our Seminaries those who you cannot assimilate with. They came in and this high controversy comes to deny the Deity of God, Himself, and the earth visitation of God, the atonement and everything else, and to attempt to mongrelize the race, back into the other races, and to destroy our religion, our Faith. This was their aim altho they did not want to admit it at first. They worked at this in our Colleges, and in our schools, and this was the pattern in the church as well, not that the church had come back to full life, but within the church was this new revolution trying to turn people away from truth, to mongrelize what they would call Christian, but it hadn’t been Christian at all.

Now; at the same time God has been putting out tremendous truth, He has been guiding you into all areas of truth. He said:--’My Spirit will lead you to the knowledge of all truth, and it has been doing just that.’

Today the Gospel of the kingdom is the Gospel that Jesus preached and the church will come to this. It contains avenues of every truth. There is not one thing that is a door to the Gospel of the Kingdom which Light does not open up, as manuscripts come and books pour in and the panorama is a continuous pattern of knowledge. This Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the people----and then the end comes. It shall be preached to all the Ethene, or nations and then comes the end. So we have this retrograde program poured out from the groups who cannot be assimilated which come into our theology. Today we think one of the most effective methods is the tape for we have Methodist Ministers and Baptist ministers listening to tape. It has no name hung on it so far, it just comes out of a Christian church so they don’t fight it as yet. They play the tape and before you know it they know they are Israel. They are not thinking British Israel, but they know the Anglo-Saxon people and the Scandinavian people are Israel. In fact they did not begin to fight this until they had converted their people, until they were trying to teach someone else.

God blessed this movement, and blessed it. No doubt that radio played its part but T.V. has never been open to this Gospel of the Kingdom. There has never been much chance of getting it on T.V. and won’t be until Babylon falls. The Radio is still open to us, but not as it has been before. Radio is not to effective altho we found out that anyone who is Israel will listen to it when they know it is on, so this is a favorable input if someone stays on radio, but it is not an effective area because you only reach those you have reached before. We decided that we could take the same amount of money and buy tapes and it would go further. People buy tape recorders and they copy tapes and they spread tapes. Capital records have been using about 1200 tapes a week as they cut tapes, and of course they cut records as well. They have six reproductions and so forth, moving off of one tape, and we have 20 going off on one tape. The thing is that we never realized how hungry people are for truth until we started sending truth out.

Today we find people in the church who have heard that we are Israel, they don’t even remember where they heard it, and it is true that the race question is the greatest obstacle to get over, but the ignorance in this area has put blinders on the Gospel of the Kingdom. They say we can see that Eret means all that country, so all the people on the face of the earth did not die in the flood of Noah’s time, but what do we do with that information, that is not what the church teaches.

Well, these things were sown in by Jewry to put a halt to the Gospel of the Kingdom, to the identity of Israel, they didn’t want you to start thinking, just the Adamic race--and then come on thru. They wanted to usurp this area of thinking, --being a declaration form of the area of Jacob, they wanted to move in on that, but the patterns of history will still stand up.

People will say; but where did the races of earth come from anyhow? There are more people here than those from the sons of Noah, and then they find that the Assyrian Empire and the Egyptian empire were ages before, and they come into area of the earth where there were still different people than they had thought and they begin to wonder. One of the things that God told the sons of Noah was that He was going to divide up the earth according to the children of Israel, this was just another pattern marked for them.

There is something else we would like to point out. In the Dan Smoots report for October 3, 1966--and he did an excellent job on this report ---especially in the areas of Civil Rights Legislation. In the senate when it was being discussed Hubert Humphry was managing the bill and Senator Byrd did the questioning;---

Mr. Byrd:---Mr. Humphry can you assure me that under the 1964 Civil Rights Act that School children will not be bussed from one end of the community to the other at the tax payers expense to relieve racial imbalance in the schools.?

Mr. Humphry:----I do.

Senator Byrd:--would the senator from Minnesota site the language that would give me such an assurance. ?

Mr. Humphry:--The language appears on page 21 of the bill beginning with line 18. It refers back to desecration, and it says that nothing therein shall empower any official or court of the U.S. to issue any order seeking a racial balance in any school by requiring the transportation of any teachers or pupils from one school district to another to achieve racial imbalance.

Mr. Byrd;---Can the office of the U.S. government deny federal assistance to a district where imbalance exists?

Mr. Humphry;--Let me read what the bill says;----Nothing therein shall empower any official or court in the U.S. to issue such an order.

Mr. Byrd:---Then it will not be possible to cut off funds for any school because of racial imbalance?

Mr. Humphry;---In order to cut off federal assistance a president would have to issue such an order.

Mr. Byrd:--Could you give me such assurance that the President will not approve such a requirement?

Mr. Humphry:---I do not believe the President will violate the law which is here

spelled out.

Mr. Byrd;---This is not the safe way for us to speak, we are not told by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to trust a man no matter what confidence you might have in him, therefore lets restrict him in this.

Mr. Humphry;--I cannot go to the White House and take a blood oath from the president. I cannot make him say that he shall not empower any official or court in the United States to issue such an order. The President can read, he will not violate

the law. I am the manager of this bill as far as the legislative history of the bill is concerned, it will have great importance but the President will not violate this bill.

Now; Mr. Humphry did violate the bill he brought in by supporting illegal actions. And the President did violate thee bill, and just before Mr. McNamara was transferred to his job as Under Secretary of State, in the areas of the south he supported the transference of people. He brought out Mr. Howe who in 1966 was appointed the U.S. Commissioner of Education. Wee never had before this a Commissioner for Education because the tenth Amendment of the Constitution says that any area of authority not delegated to the Federal Government in writing is reserved to the states and to the people. The Federal Government has nothing to do in the Constitution concerning Education, it is reserved for the people. But the President appointed a Commissioner of Education and this Commissioner has upped the budget of Federal finance from 175 million dollars to 375 million dollars annually. They are doing this to complete the obliteration of present school districts required or the rezoning of school districts in attentive areas without regard to state, county, or community lines, for complete racial balance in the schools. To require bussing of white children from the city suburbs into black inner schools. To require a new kind of curriculum for public schools, to promote total racial integration, to subsidize the rewriting of history, to present racial minorities int he light which is pleasing to them.

In other words if you do not like history just rewrite it, but you can’t do that for history is already written. Either you record it accurately or you dummy it up. Here you have them violating the civil Rights bill, so I don’t think by any stretch of the imagination that they can hold the are Katzenback is trying to do.

To answer back Governor Wallace who said;--we will not accept any government money, so stay out of our school system, or we will run our school system as a private school, and pay the tuition of our students in the private schools-----but Katzenback has already order law officers into these areas, and they have started three suits in these areas on rezoning. So this reasoning is a violation of the 1964 Act, and the President violated the law, and now this Commissioner of Education is violating the law.

I think every American should totally refuse to obey the areas which violate

the law. This is what the south is standing on---this 1964 desecration or Civil Rights Bill. It is totally illegal and they are forced to admit it, but I think the strongest area of defense the South can make is that ---you can make no law abridging the establishment of religion, or the free exercise thereof. And Christians cannot accept integration for it is a violation of Divine law. And we can not absorb these people racially into our society, for this is absolute--”Thus saith the LORD”. If they hold to this they will have to abolish the first Amendment.

Oh, yes, the most dangerous thing was the United Nations Bill against racial discrimination, it was a treaty in convention form. This bill on racial integration contains the abolishing of all immigration laws and permits anyone to vote in any area of residency. It can be any member from an nation, from China or from any of the 37 states which have been erected in Africa. So anyone can come to America under this bill, and anyone can move any where he wants to and all you have to do is to be in that spot where they are having an election, and you can vote. This is in the small print of the bill. It sounds wonderful to all the Kook heads. If they get this ratified by the Senate they will soon even be out of a job. In fact the whole area of Christian Democracy will be out of a job. In fact the whole white Christian civilization will be out of a job. Mr. Goldberg said; --we will sign this U.N. treat and then the Senate will ratify it as soon as it can be presented in the proper administrative light.

Well many Senators walked out on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, so surely they will walk out on this one because Aliens would pour in here by the thousands

to vote.

No, this is not under the Genocide Treaty, this is the ‘Convention’ against Racial discrimination. Maybe you could write your Senator and it might shake them up a bit to realize the small print of this bill which can put them out of a job. This is just preparing you for the idea of one man, one vote. They will do this first in the States, and maybe one county will have 20 Senators and some counties will have none. This upsets the status of representative government, but this is one thing that came out of the Hurma conference, the Equalizing of America--and in time do away with the Senators and make us the provinces of the United Nations. This is what they have designed to do.

Tape runs out.