10-06-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--I wonder if you would elaborate on the Biblical History of this which we were discussing before you came in, relative to the rain fall patterns, the severe droughts in some places where as we are getting this unusual rainfall pattern in this valley?

ANSWER:--We spoke some months ago maybe a year ago, upon the weather pattern. Of course there has been promised lots of things such as droughts which are judgments. We can prove this--"The LORD can balance the rainfall of the heavens." The scriptures declares that this is one of His prerogatives. He balances the rainfall, He has many times warned Israel that under certain areas of disobedience He will turn the rainfall of the heavens from above, and when the earth dries up it will become parched. There is no doubt of this, the areas in which this is most important is when they get careless in their recognition that HE alone is God. When they become careless in associating themselves with strangers. When they move into unbridled immorality. Through the course of their actions they violate His laws in the areas of usury, and He says: He would turn the sun and their sky to brass. Also you will note that in the book of Revelation, one end time measure was that on parts of the earth the sun would be so hot they would curse God, but they could not find death. In other words the actual interpretation is, that one of the chastisement is that it would not kill men, but so inconvenience men that they would be suffering as the heat of the sun would so scorch the earth and there would be a lack of water and so forth.

Now, the amazing thing is that the New England States have the Hudson River Valley which has one of the largest fresh water flowing rivers in the world. Probably no grander river to behold, especially if you are an easterner, than the Hudson. It is a pretty river, not to contaminated industrially, it rolls down through the eastern states, comes down through the mountains and has always been a beautiful river. From the hills above Troy, New York all the way down through the Adirondikes and Catskills, sometimes it is miles wide, no reason why there shouldn't always be a flowing river. It has an average run of seventy to eighty feet deep channels, and is one hundred thirty feet deep in places until you get way up close to Albany. This is a tremendous river of fresh water, and in its mountains its springs and streams flow continually into it. Never has there been a shortage of water in this area. I grew up on the east coast and I never heard of a water shortage. There are certain reservoirs in New York state which are huge and monstrous lakes and they are full of spring water and snow water, and they are brought down to take care of New York City, and other cities of that area. When I was growing up I would hear farmers complaining about it never raining but not about a water shortage. Some years it didn't rain so much but usually enough rain so that there was some kind of crop, but never would they worry about a water shortage in that area.

Now, however at the present time they are anticipating running out of water in New York City about this September. I had a talk with some people just back from New York City and they said that while they were there they would not serve water in the restaurants unless you asked for it. And that in office buildings the rule was that several were to use the toilets before they were flushed. This is a vital sanitation problem but there was not enough water to flush the toilets. So they must work together and conserve water in this area. Where as it was inconvenient, it was still important to limit the water, and especially on Manhattan Island. At the World Fair it was found that all the drinking fountains had been turned off, and it was easier to get a drink of pop than water.

Now, the Delaware River comes from back in the mountains where New Jersey and Delaware come together and parts of Pennsylvania. Here the problem is so great, that this great river which comes down-moving over rocks just like a trout stream up in the mountains, and you see it coming down, but the Delaware River used to be a big river at its mouth into the ocean. But fresh water coming down determines how far the tide water goes up the river. Normally it does not go back many miles, but now the rainfall pattern has fallen off so much that tide water goes back, further and further. If this is not corrected the salt water will contaminate the water supplies of Camden, and even Philadelphia, from this Delaware River. But then Philadelphia today is more or less a Negro area, but the fact remains that these areas will be without water, so what will the people do. The New Frontier, and now the Great Society decided too try to bring water from the Mid-West to the East Coast saying there is to much water in the Mid-West. (Well today that is not the case either.)

But the thing is, these drought situations are hitting the areas of Babylon, these are suffering the most. In New York City there are some good people living there, but there are many Negroes, Puerto Ricans, Jews and the scripture has long said, come out of Babylon. I talked to relatives living in Penthouses in New York City and told them to come out, but they didn't want to, but now some of them would like to, and this is only beginning. You have no idea of the situations which develop in these areas of mixed and mongrel people if there is a time of no water or when different pressures descend on them.

There is no question that this water shortage is timely. We are seeing this even up in the North West where you would think there would be plenty of water. If there is any place where you would think you would never see this its in Oregon, but their water supply is now way down as in Northern California.

This is a sign of the times, we are going through unprecedented waves of measures of low atmospheric pressure conditions which are becoming quite a problem. This produces heat patterns, smog and earthquakes follow these patterns. There is one out in the Pacific Ocean which has a few more days to run, and fortunately it is not targeted for California, the second wave if it is out three or four thousand miles may hit in Asia, or the Indonesia area. But what we are under is this low atmospheric pressure band, and it was in Colorado and my father wrote of the tremendous rains, the floods washing out railroads, cars being overturned and people being washed away. A woman flew back last night from Colorado and she said, I left waves of catastrophes, floods and storms still going on in the mountains. But this is again the sign of the times. And the weather forecasters find themselves a bit upset, their predictions do not hold up, they say they don't know of any reason for so many intense storm bands.

There is only one answer for why these strange conditions: HE who holds the balances of the heavens in His hands, has turned on the water valve in some places and maybe this will bring some people to their senses.

The sun spot activity effects this low atmospheric pressure band follow certain patterns just as alignments do. The moment you get into sunspot activity I always remember: There shall be signs in the sun, moon, and stars, sun spots always add to the low atmospheric pressure, to thunderstorms and electronic storms.

QUESTION:--Would you tell us how Jews came into being, both before they were called that and after they were called Jews?

ANSWER:--Well, this is not to difficult. In the first place the Jew or Yehudin is a cursed people. When in the course of Lucifer's rebellion, when he gathered up people from various parts of the Universe, mostly the shock troops of his ships were people without spirit, a soul consciousness but subject to destruction, and of course in the areas of rebellion. These were the dark people, and we call them Negroes today. They were the axmen and swordsmen on the ships of Lucifer according to ancient Enoch. The book of John also talks about these people. So in the days when the Archangel Michael and his hosts defeated Lucifer and his hosts, then Lucifer brought to earth people we call Negroes. But with him also were a vast company of overseeing and administrating Angels, administrators of the Milky Way System, and the areas that they controlled. One third of all the Island Systems of the Universe in the Milky Way and its planets under Lucifer's control were effected. And when Lucifer came to his temporary habitation in earth after being defeated by Michael, and was walled off in this Solar System he started to debase or change everything God created here which might by its will power be able to challenge him. So immediately he started utilizing the Angelic hosts with him and the Negroes, and started the intermingling of these hosts with the people of earth, so that they might raise up unto him fabulous personages who they said would be god-men of great renown, capable of doing much for their relatives, and joining with Lucifer in ruling the world. And this would lift their families into status of relatives of God. This is the background of the ancient Asiatic religions as well as even in the areas of Asia Minor, this was the stories of tradition and background of how gods mated with people of earth, and how there were offspring of gods and people of earth. And how they were elevated to the Status of gods. Thus this laid the background of Pagan religions as well as the passages of early mythology. Thus in this we see that all these fallen angels as they intermingled with earth people, produced those called Nephilin. This word also applied to the Angels as they took on physical body forms and started to intermingle with people of earth.

The Book of Jude makes this very clear that one of the things for which God punished the Angels was that they did not keep their first estate. We would point this out--that some of them are being held in the Netherworld, and this created the foundation of the Netherworld story which runs through all theology.

"And Angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, HE hath reserved in Everlasting chains under darkness unto the Judgment of the Great Day; even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example until the Eternal Judgment." The pattern thus referred to was of course that these Angels (Celestial created beings) had not kept their first estate, but they had intermingled with people of earth.

Now, the word Jew or Yehudin was the word accursed, not a specie normal to earth, or any of God's creation. When the Nephilin intermingled with the peoples of earth, the offspring of Lucifer and his Angelic hosts who intermingled with the people of earth were called Yehudin. When Lucifer later seduced Eve and Cain was born then Cain was sort of a white Jew. And all his offspring would be Yehudin or Jew. So there were offspring of fallen Angels and Asiatics who produced the yellow Jew, and in that way you also get the black Jews, and all kinds of assorted colors of those people. So Jews in no way could be Israel, because if there is one major thing which comes out of this outline of the Adamic race down through Seth, and on down through Abraham then it is that God was continuing a policy of keeping that race pure. And when Abraham was called out of the land of Ur of Chaldea it was to keep that race line pure. He obeyed God and when he selected a bride for his son Isaac the spirit of God directed him to get a bride from among his own people, so as to retain that race purity. So the one condition and mark of Israel is RACIAL PURITY. They maintained this for 'Out of Isaac, and then out of Jacob was thy seed to be called.'

God outlined this program and the bride for Jacob came out of his own people. Thus if this is a type of the spirit of God gathering the Great bride, throughout all history, for God himself, then it is thus this race which brought forth His embodiment, and he sends this message among His own people. God did not marry a stranger, for HE said: "I am married to Israel." HE then later said: show me if you can a bill of divorcement? Oh, he set Israel aside for a time because of her transgressions but He never released you. He gave a bill of divorcement or set aside for a time, because of your transgressions, this going after other gods. But He said that in the environment of strangers, these strangers had caused Israel to turn from HIM for a little while. Even with all these chastisement HE said He always had a remnant of Israel who did not bow the knee to Baal, (Lucifer) and the pagan powers, and with them (this remnant) HE would regather the people of Israel, in all times.

Now, to be HIS Israel, then the people would have to be all the same color which ever it was. So since this was the Adamic race, and we have proved that God's progeny is thus the white race, then this identifies the Christ and the people He came from, this Adamic Race or those called the white race of today. But the Jews are not white, they are at least some of them, sort of white, and then there are yellow ones, and some black ones, and then some of them are swarthy looking ones. And then go down to Palestine today and you say my, look at all these colors of Jews, the black ones, the yellow ones, and off white ones, and so forth. Then some people want to argue that no, they are just converted to Judaism, thus they can be black Jews with a hooked nose, or yellow Jews with the high slant eyes, and yet they are all Jews. There are Ashkenazim, and there are Sephardic Jews. Look it up and the Ashkenazies Jews are Asiatic Jews, and the Sephardic Jews are southern European and North African Jews. It says these latter are thinner featured and more hawk like, more pronounced in this way. So you have at least these two types at least and they mark them from a different race stock than the Aryan. But if the Jews came from Abraham they would be of the Adamic race line, and all of one race stock. This is the continuing mark of Israel, and that which makes them a "Holy Seed". This however is one thing that now the Jews demand, that 'they be a holy seed.'

There is one thing about this, no Jew can come along and put a very intense attack against you and your race, oh, they may hate what we stand for, but the fact is that they cannot as they hate us, then hate us because we advocate racial purity, because if they do they cannot make their false claims according to the content of the scriptures. For the scripture demands this, but they also refer to it as a promiscuous regulation, in the higher councils of the whiter Jews. But at the same time it just goes to show that they are not the Israel of the Bible. Although we have come down through some 7400 years, the bulk of the white race has remained relatively pure, and uncontaminated. We have what we call the White Trash, properly named because, without morals or ethics, without standards or racial respect. It has some times mutated and mongrelized itself from time to time, with anything which was close to it. Generally these had no vision, never do well, no energy which accomplishes much. They have lost so much in inner breeding and contamination. But generally speaking the great heart of our race is uncontaminated. If our soldiers sowed promiscuously in foreign lands generally they left them there. It is only in this last do gooders of the world order to try to get us to bring home children and pagan wives, and absorb all the things they have planned for us.

Now, the word Jew comes from this word Yehudin. Only two places in the Old Testament are the word Jew used, in the King James translation alone. And in the New Testament many times the word Jew is translated for the word Judah, or Judea. But where God does talk about these evil ones He refers to them as they are--a by word--as Accursed or Sheenie--a Hebrew translation. In the Greek the word is used as accursed, and as you come on through this, then the people who are called Jew today are in no way Israel. They are a mongrel line, and the so called white ones are from the Cainanite line descended from Lucifer, and all are thus descended from Lucifer and the fallen Angel hoard who rebelled with him.

Then the fallen Angelic hosts intermingled with this offspring to some extent--this offspring of this mutation. And all Jews were Nephilin in the first generation. But all Nephilin were not Lucifer's sons, but sons of fallen Angelic hosts as well. Generally speaking Lucifer raised up a seed, unto himself from among these many people, the Nephilin, and the Satanic brotherhood built this Satanic priesthood. In the days when they were bringing in Baal worship, and they wanted to destroy the Adamites who were living in mountain, in the high Steppes of Asia, they came in and seized the woman, forced them into marriage, and these who resisted were killed, and every thought in their minds was evil continually. But they were seeking to mongrelize the white race out of existence. But God drowned multitudes of them in the flood in the High Tarim Basin to preserve a pure strain out of that area. And only Noah, his wife and three sons and their wives in that upper basin were saved, but the other Adamites who were pure had gone out of that area and were existent in other places at that time. Some were already down in Egypt and were not touched with that flood.

There were Jews even before Adam, there were Jews who were Luciferians sowed among other races through this catastrophe of rebellion. We would tell you long stories traced through Archaeology of the history of their contamination of races back to Atlantas or Lemuria in the ancient days. When the Adamic race came to earth they immediately sought to upset it with the dark Priests and all pagan forces. But Jews originate from Luciferian destiny, and Jesus said: "Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do." Ye are thus the progeny of your father, you cannot understand my speech, because you cannot hear my words. Your father was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, the truth was not in him. Thus he tied them back to Cain.

There are no Jews who are Israel, and no Israelites who are Jews. In Revelation 2:9 "Woe unto them who say they are Jews and are not, they are the synagogue of Satan." And Revelation 3:9--also--but you know that no one runs around saying they are Jews unless they are brain washed or off their rocker, you don't just call yourself a Jew. But the Jews try to call themselves Israel, and people do try to call themselves Judah. Thus the true translation is: "Those who say they are Judah are not, they are the synagogue of Satan. "Woe to them who say they are of Judah and are not." These are the Jews who say this, and they are of the synagogue of Satan. Jesus makes this quite clear, having already identified them, in Matthew, and in John as the synagogue of Satan, the den of vipers, and in the Book of Revelation as being behind the Babylonian order, the forces of World Government with all its conspiracy. Then Jesus said: they are your merchants, and all these things so its pretty hard to remove that label.

This then is the origin of the Jew. Biblically there were Jews before Adam, and then after Adam then there were lighter colored ones. So there is no way to modify the identity of the Jew.

Someone said:--but I know a Jew who has light blond hair, and blue eyes, and has been converted. This blue eyed, blond haired person was probably out of an orphanage when he was little. The Jew has a high sterility, like the proverbial Jackass or donkey. If you cross an ass and a horse you get a mule, and 99% of the time the mule is sterile. But not always, for I have seen mules that could breed one generation, but then the offspring were sterile. This is also true of all mongrels. People say, but they intermingled with the same specie? No, the Hu-man has to be spirit man, life of God man, and Luciferians are not. Some think that Germans are one specie and English are another, but no Nordic, Scandinavian, Germanic, Lombardic, Basque are all kindred people, and they never create sterility when you cross nationalities of these people. But cross an Asiatic and a white man, and you produce a high case of sterility. Sometimes you produce one generation, and then this generation has a high sterility factor, sometimes they breed out, something they don't have maybe is sterility at first, and then pretty soon it shows up.

But Jews are a different situation, they bring a specie of a host who did not keep their first estate, their offspring in earth have a high sterility. And one out of every four of the Nephilin is sterile.

QUESTION:--Dr. Swift, you have just proven that any mongrel is a cross between two races and is then a Jew.

ANSWER:--No, a mongrel who is a cross between Luciferian and another race is a Jew. Any mongrel who is a cross between say an Asiatic and a Negro may not be. But a white man crossed with a Chinaman is a Bastard. Someone said: but that is just someone who does not know who their father is. No, the definition of a bastard is someone who is from two races. The Bible word translated is bastard.

QUESTIONER:--Cain didn't have the religion of Judaism but he is a Jew, accursed.

ANSWER:--Now, Judaism is a misnomer, in order to keep the semantics of the word Jew, accursed would fall on all of them. But specifically the species we call Jew today are the offspring of the Luciferian fallen Angel lot, this is their mutation. They go back to that line, they are of their father the devil.

Now, if a Chinaman crosses with a Negro he is not of his father the devil especially, but he is already a mutated specie with no future. The fact remains this is also true in other fields. A white man mixes with the Asiatic and the seed goes back to Asia, because it has no part nor lot with the white race.

QUESTIONER:--Well why is it that every time, that the offspring of two of those runs turns out to be twice as mean. They are not only--

ANSWER:--Well, they take on the worst characteristics of both races.

QUESTIONER:--Well then I contend that they are all Jews.

ANSWER:--Well, that is alright with me. Ha!

QUESTIONER:--Well I think that is a literal explanation.

ANSWER:--The only thing I have to specify is that to be a Jew they have to trace their posterity back to Lucifer and his fallen Angels. But this is the seed and the progeny of this type of Beast System.

Now, everyone of these people who are mongrels, are Enosh beasts without spirit, every one of them. The Negroid has already been brutalized, and debased so many thousands of years that the word is Zombie--or walking dead. This is a marked factor for the Negro, they are dead when they die, and they do not know nothing at all. They are just as dead as a chair, for instance. There can be general resurrection for the dead, but when they are dead they are just dead. There is no Israelite who is dead, no child of the Father is ever dead. Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. His Spirit cannot die, He is Hu-man or man with spirit who cannot die.

Again, we have been told not to permit the mongrel to abide in our land. Even the stranger--a pure Chinaman can come through but not abide in your land. The Negro has already been brought down but some contest this by saying its alright he can be a slave and dwell in your land, but actually it is not an ideal condition to have them around, because they emanate a sense of moral depravity.

Their whole way of living has been sensuous, even if they get religion and accept the truth, they translate into a physical body emotion. Someone said: this is great, this is as Negro spiritual. But a spiritual Negro is still so far below the white man that it is better for them to be spiritual Negroes than for them to be without any contact. I would rather see the Negroes in church, singing, and clapping hands than to see them running around with the Mau-Mau, see. I know some real fine old Negro Preachers, and they believe all the story. And like little kids they love the story, and from what they have been taught, if God bought the whole world they are paid for, and somehow, someday they hope--and they are caught up in this somehow. Then along comes a witchdoctor and takes a whole generation of Negroes from them and kills them off for being traitors to their own witchdoctor race. So if you can separate these people and put them under the influence of the white man, you can train them, and develop them, and you have to rigidly administrate their affairs, rule over them, and enforce the law over them, but at the same time they are not to dwell in your lands. At the same time, this is the picture all through the Old Testament, this is a firm position, and the experience Job had was that he treated them pretty well. He took the Negroes out of the thorn bush where they never had enough to eat, and he took them in, and educated them to a degree, and clothed them and put them to work, and fed them.

Then when the devil was trying to argue with God he said: consider thy servant Job--no one would serve God if God didn't protect them. If it wasn't for the fact that God bought them they would not serve. Lucifer said: why should not Job serve you, after all you have blessed him, you have increased his crops, his family. You have given him wealth and power, but you also protect him and won't let me touch him. So why would he not praise you? But if you will let me have a whack at this Job, he wouldn't be like this. So God said: 'Alright, I will just set back and watch for I know Job, I always know what he is going to do, and how he is going to act. Alright, this will be hard on Job but then he will get back a hundred fold plus all the experience he will have.' What I am getting at, is the fact that when trouble started to happen all the niggers ran back into the brush and then they stole from Job and reviled his people, and killed them. So since he had befriended them, now they turned on him and did all these things. And Job said: Look at these people, never again will I let them on my place, I will drive them back out to the thorn bushes from whence they came, these Negroes are not fit to lie down with my dogs. Well, if you have a good dog, say a shepherd dog, or even a little poodle you know this is true. But Job had to find this out, and I will prove it right here, you will let your dog in your house but you will not let the Negroes in to stay. You may laugh at that but you know what Job had to find out by experience, and you have come to the conclusion that your dog is more compatible with you, living in your house than these people. Your dog will not turn on you, like these people will. So they are classified in the Enosh system, but they are Enosh without spirit and die like a dog, where as any of the Adamic race when they die their spirit returns to God who gave it.

This was what Jesus was trying to get across to his disciples, that no man could ascend into the heavens unless he came down out of there. And they only made this single when they translated the King James Version. They thought they were going to hang this ONLY WITH JESUS, but this is not what He said: "No man can ascend into heaven but they who came down out of it". Then Jesus said: "Thine they were in the heavens, mine they are in earth", proving that His disciples were in the heavens. And the Apostle Paul said after his experience as he writes in the book of Ephesians concerning these things--as God brought this to his memory, as he was traveling around up there. Told him that this was His family in heaven and earth. He was talking about those flying saucers which are to come in, and do a lot of good things for us. And His family is on these saucers along with the Angelic hosts who serve them. I don't doubt but that they sit back and let the Angels pilot those great crafts, because Angels were made to serve the household, and they are tickled to get into the scene. Remember God had to hold Michael back. Anytime Michael got into a good scrap he wanted to keep on going, so God has to hold him back. He just wanted to wipe the situation up and figure some way to disintegrate Lucifer, but he could not do this because Lucifer you see is an Eternal spirit also. Thus God said: Now Michael you just hold on--wait until the end and then we will take care of Lucifer. After all Lucifer was God's Archangel and as big a man as Michael before his fall. But the fact of the matter is that the family of God is bigger than the Angels. And this family are HIS own begotten offspring, who are celestial children who God entered into the world through the process of birth.

Now, in this instance in the book of Ephesians the Apostle Paul then talks about how we existed in the bosom of the Father in love, before the foundation of the world. And we have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings with God before the foundation of the world.

Now, this bosom of the Father--is also applied as--in the presence of God--enveloped in the Glory of God, or in the Light of God, thus we have already been blessed. And the word used in this is from the Greek text--aura. It is a similar word, and in the Hebrew it would be Shekinah. This is a rather significant thing, He the Hu-man has a spirit which is of HIS spirit, he has a Light wave length which is of HIS Light and when he says: His children, elect before the foundation of the world, one of the things we are--predestined to do is to be changed from glory to Glory, until conforming unto HIS own image, until we are enveloped in Glory comparable to HIS own radiance. This would include immortality, power, and all these facets.

There is one thing I want to make clear since it has been brought up in conversation--however I am forced to go to absolutes; first because in all these years of study I never get tired of thinking and meditating on these things and looking for answers, and getting deeper and further involved. Because it is like looking into a hole that gets smaller and smaller until your infinite eye can't see through the tube, see. So you have gone from macrocosm to microcosms (the great world--the Universe contrasted with the world of Universe in miniature), and now you start going the other way and it gets bigger and bigger until you can't retain it all in your mind. But God can continue to do this because we are spirit of His Spirit, and there is no limit as to what this mind can contain. Because He said: He could bring me to the knowledge of all truth, and to the knowledge of all things in remembrance. I could get along on just remembrance--if you knew everything He could bring to your remembrance you would know everything that HE knows up to date that has already happened. This could be a tremendous amount beyond anything you could understand because HE has never had a beginning, and has been working at these things forever. The beautiful thing is that everything God worked at he brought out. He never set up an idea that He did not finish. So when you look into tomorrows we catch this infinite pattern, and we see this thing. Therefore in this essence of purpose we who are His offspring are begotten by spirit. Lets get this thing clear in our minds, that a people who are begotten of God--HE being Deity, then they who are HIS offspring are divinity.

Now, they--were born of HIS spirit are born of incorruptible seed. The semantics does not require that I make any further description. But you just cannot destroy something that is incorruptible--it cannot be done. You just cannot destroy something that is incorruptible. So, now you can say that this is perception, this is the perception center of the house of the consciousness of HIS children. Having been begotten of incorruptible seed then their LIGHT bodies are made with a LIGHT Intelligence brain capable of thinking His thoughts--absolutely perfect--can't be wrong. Now since they have to have a resident personality therefore the very life of entity is breathed out of the ego center pulsations of God's creative form, and the pulsations from infer-red to ultra-violet in an expansion compression cycle is the process while the synthesis of their Light body takes place. Out of which their soul embryo--their soul emerges. And therefore their consciousness is their residence in this soul perspective within a Celestial being. And it is only therefore operating as an entity with a perfect line--observing, worshiping, thinking, and moving with the Father. Incapable totally of thinking outside this field. Even an Angel might have had an area of difference because he was not the offspring of God, only a servant minion of God. They are one with HIM, breathing, pulsing with HIM. This breathing, pulsing of the Universe, this secret pattern of motion is the LIGHT pulsation that I wish I could project into words. I think it can be charted probably among the great physicists of time they have charted this, but this is the waves of the spectrum ends that holds its existence in the LIGHT of GOD.

Now, this is the constant emerging force of synthesizing HIS Sons and Daughters. Cosmic conception thus produced the children of the Father. We therefore then existed with HIM (Ps:90), when we became embodied in the physical world he had begotten out of Himself, in HIS physical form your entrance into this physical world through Adam (the Adamic race). Remember God always has been Spirit, soul, and body, because as HE synthesized a physical Universe, it was a Universe synthesized out of energies. The first thing which had to exist in the form of anything which he synthesizes is HIS own Embodiment--in that realm. This is why the Body of God is the first formed of any creature or creation, in every creation which he forms. This I want you to catch--out of the ancient mysteries of Enoch's time, when God addressed Enoch after taking him into the heavens and into His presence, He said: it was necessary that I bring you here in a body lest I speak to you in Vision, and you find it hard in your body (physical body) to delineate--as to was this a Vision, or a dream. One can come from pickles and corn, and the other from inspiration and Vision. The church is troubled with pickled visions, see. This is where they get in trouble.

Well, in this instance God spoke to Enoch and said: I have brought you here in the body--right through the plains and dimensions, so that you will know with your ears, and eyes, and nose and the mouth as well as with the witness of what you have seen and heard. He said: I brought you here because you are My offspring, and because I want you to go back and tell My children, the children of Adam's race,--My offspring. The word is thus that He told Enoch how to measure the heavens, how to look forward to the fulfillment of HIS promises. That Enoch would then declare HIS WORD. For as you have existed with Me in the plains of spirit, with all these kinsmen thy brethren, for all the family in the heavens and on earth is thus names. The Apostle Paul says the same thing: 'In HIM are all the family both in the heaven and earth named.' What family? The Family of YAHWEH as marked between this family and other families of the Universe, this Family being HIS FAMILY.

Now, He created families, who are not His offspring, but they were created families, and they worshiped HIM, and loved His Universe. He balanced it accordingly, but HE then makes this statement, as I have always been making, as I step up to the edge of the void and I move in a circle. This is one reason why I don't think there is any edge to the Universe, because the Universe is round. The Universe is an Eternal, wide, expansive, unlimited ball, see. In that God is always moving on the edge of the circle, or in a circle, and always moving around it, and reforming, re-changing, has always been doing this, has always existed. But before He enters into an area of formation--HE APPEARS in that area from the edge of the last creation, and stands as HE tells Enoch, on the edge of tomorrow. And therefore, I YAHWEH in the LIGHT of MY presence stand on the edge of tomorrow, and MY body is the first formed of any existing element, of the first existing step into a new order, is thus God.

People do not know what is being talked about when it says--Jesus was the first formed of every creature--what does it mean when it says here is the body of God? The scripture says unto this embodiment, called in translation--SON--"Thy Throne O God is forever and forever". Now this is not just someone who came along and grew up to be God. This is YAHWEH, Himself, this is the one where it says that 'all things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made that was made.' HE was before all things and by HIM does all things consist--HE is thus YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. This does not refer to Celestial plains as being areas of creation, for they always exist. The Celestial plain being the spirit realm as the Light realm of God's embodiment. The existence of God in the plain of Spirit has always existed in this environment. So HE tries to explain this to the finite mind of man that this infinite field of Celestial environment, the Light plain and wave length has always existed as HE has always existed in its midst as sovereign force and power, the supreme force in it. But all creation is then synthesized in the Electronic Universe in which HE is always the first appearing form for each new creation.

Now, there has never been a time when there wasn't worlds and Universes but all was made by HIM. OH, you say what about the first one? Well, even the first ones were made by some force before that one on which HE now stands, for there never has been a time when there was not anything. This idea by a lot of people that there has to be a start of something--they say--in the beginning God--and they have God hanging out there on a cloud and nothing around HIM, but they had the cloud vapor for HIM to stand on. Well, there never was a time when God was hanging on a cloud twiddling His thumbs, and doing nothing, God has never been bored, never existed like this, has always been making and remaking, going through cycles, and millenniums and rearranging and remaking. He says: I have begotten My family, and it is an increasing family, the Universe has been made by ME and they for Me, and they are My pleasure. This is what God told Enoch.

I think this is important for us to understand, because there probably is--I know there is tonight--there is a finite limitation tonight on how far we are going to see. If anyone sees anything beside that--when you go out through the wall and then come back in then let us see you. Ha! But if you get past this infinite point you will master this. And you are going to master this one of these days. Maybe before we get through talking, who knows. But the thing is, this is close to us in the areas of perception. It is the vital power of the transition in this last hour.

Now, therefore these Celestial children are not living in a Universe separated from embodiment because of the mastery of creations existing in the sidereal dimensions which are so staggering to us. God is not living therefore outside this dimension, He lives in it. We are told that His throne is the center of it and the Pleaides, El-Cyone is the center of the Universe. And when the Holy One came from Paran, thus He came from the Pleaides to earth. We know then that the Pleadies is the Headquarters of the whole sidereal systems for they move around it. He can do anything He wants if He wants to go out to the edge that's alright but how do you get an edge on a curve? There is no limit on it for HE can build layer on layer, but you never get to a falling off spot, see. Everything thus moves out from the Father in a great pulsing circle.

Suppose, someone says: there isn't any edge you can get to and find something beyond? Well, you would always be looking on down and around anyhow. In other words to make sanity a reality for your physical consciousness, God put the Universe in a circle. Otherwise you would lose your head just sitting here, and then going out to an endless end. But I can sit here and get all the picture, I can go down this way, and come back over here, see. I would not be afraid to sail out to the edge, like they were in the dark ages, before they got their Light back, for they were afraid of falling off out there somewhere. But you are not afraid of falling off anymore, for the fact is that you can't fall off of HIS Universe either.

So under this instance, the reason I talk about these entities even tonight is because we as Celestial beings then were perfectly at home in Celestial plains, but we could be embodied in Physical form, that process God had reserved--this synthesis of electronic embodiment beyond the ability of the Celestial being in a soul consciousness, to be projected into visibility. We were permitted to accelerate our celestial being into the visible plain and back out of the visible plain without becoming an electronic particle entity with that which could be touched and arrayed. So by this process, before Lucifer upset the world there were Great temples out there which existed unto YAHWEH THEIR ETERNAL GOD. And we came down often on the affairs of our Father. The voices of the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH filled those temples with the symphony of the heavens. And the ancients tell of this, of how the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH COULD BE SEEN, BUT THEY COULD NOT TOUCH THEM, THEY COULD PASS THROUGH THEM AS THEY WALKED AMONG THEM. This proves that we possessed the knowledge, and wisdom and directed then in the things that were good. But when Lucifer's evil became so great, and they started the mongrelization through wild orgies, when they started to go down from the high hills and worship Lucifer and the fallen Angels in the low lands, then the anger of YAHWEH withdrew His sons and their voices were no longer heard anymore in HIS Temples. Whether we were among this group or not who knows, we must have had some affinity with His purpose. But in this instance catastrophe swept the world. Angels who had not rebelled look on and stood aghast, and we also looked on with amazement that people could be so depraved, as Lucifer was seducing them. But God had told these people even when He sank their continents with water rushing into the fire off their volcanoes that HE would still bless those who did not follow Lucifer. We have the whole narrative out of the ancient records of Horus. Plato read all about it before he wrote anything about Atlantas. Alexander the Great about 310 B.C. knew all about this, having been told, and from what he read of those ancient records when he went to Alexandra, Egypt from Babylon. Way back there they knew about how the mountains blew their tops and the continents sank. They talked about how the clouds went into the air which was steam, about the shaking earth, the mighty roar, and the sinking of the continents.

Now, in the books that I have discovered like the books of Horus and Enoch, and even since the war they have found other books of Horus as they were moving the ancient temples. They found more copies of the books of Horus, they found one copy of the book of Horus not far from the Karnac Temple and one not far from the two obelisks of the sons of Joseph which had been set up by Hapshepsut. They found there at the Temple these scrolls which has these prophecies of Horus and Khufu, the Eternal line of Khufu. You know of course that Khufu was the title for the King of Egypt in all generations even way back on Atlantas. After Alexander the Great conquered Egypt, when he saw the Great Pyramid there was this little funeral chapel to Khufu, so he named him Cheops, and this was a Greek word for someone's dead body in a little funeral chapel, that someone had built behind a big pile of stones, that someone else had the brains to build. They built the funeral chapel out of mud and small stones with not much architecture involved. But they who built the Pyramid did not build the funeral chapel. But then along came the Greeks and called the man in the funeral chapel, Cheops. Then because on the caratouch it said Khufu they said that Cheops and Khufu were the same. But every Pharaoh was called Khufu, see. There is a lot of Khufu thinkers today, but in the instance of this God said to these ancient people, the day will come when you will not follow this evil, when you will migrate from this land, and I will spare thee and thy seed until the end of all ages. So the Egyptians migrated over to the fertile Nile Valley Crescent. Came across the great plains of fertile grass and mighty trees of what is now North Africa, but what today is so much like a desert. And they settled in the fertile crescent of the Nile River, and they said that YAHWEH-PUTAH would send His sons to overthrow this bad devil, Sette, that had set up all his evil, and had mixed men and animals and these terrible black beasts. So the curse they saw was Negroes mixing with Asiatics and the old Tungus people, and then worshiping the devils.

But to these people coming would be the KA of RA, the soul of YAH WHOSE SEED is LIFE--thus His children in earth. The children of Life and Resurrection--Osiris--who will raise the dead, and put life back in the earth, as they drive out Lucifer and restore what is lost. They had this from their ancient prophecies, and they were waiting for us--for the manifestation of the Sons of God. This same manifestation is talked about by the Apostle Paul as he said he could endure all that suffering for it would be nothing compared to all that Glory and experience which would be his when--the Manifestation of the Sons of God occurred. This was his inheritance, and ours for he knew that he was a part of all this. Then the Apostle Paul was talking about this same mystery and he points out this because of the significance of the mystery involved in it. He says: I reckon not the suffering at this present time to be compared to the Glory which shall be revealed in me. He knew who he was--Tekon--offspring of God. But "I am waiting with the expectation--my creature (physical) body for the manifestation of the Sons of God, see. For the creature is made subject to vanity, the creature itself shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Then he said: We know that all creatures round about us, and not only they, but us also, so not only they, but us also, who have the first fruits of the spirit, begotten of the spirit, in all times and ages. Therefore we also vibrate, and it is written groan--but we vibrate to wit--what we wait for. The spirit has Eternal Life, the soul needs to be balanced by the mind of the spirit instead of the flesh, because the flesh mind is imperfect. Except the spirit balance out your flesh mind you can never get anywhere. This is the reason why we have flesh minded preachers who can never get into spiritual values, because this is spiritually discerned, and they so not think in this realm, so they cannot discern. Therefore it says: "We are saved by hope." In all our mounting problems we have this majestic hope 'The hope for the manifestation of the Sons of God', this is our Heritage, and our Heritage is in this Glory.

It says that the spirit which knows our infirmities, because we are of it. The spirit within us is always in contact with the Father, and always therefore communing for the needs of the physical body it dwells in with vibrations which cannot be uttered by the human tongue.

Now, therefore: "He that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is in the mind of the spirit. He maketh intercessions for His offspring according to His own will." There are several passages which are vital when we are dealing in this because, in the book of Hebrews--

QUESTIONER:--(same man who has interrupted before)--In other words then you agree that the ultimate thing for the Sons of God is immortality of the mortal body, now just as a father raises a family of sons and daughters, and they do not immediately come into their inheritance--so it is with we who are sons and daughters of God, born into this world--we must strive to obtain the fullness of Sonship. For example Jacob wrestled with the Angel of God, and then his name was changed to Israel.

ANSWER:--Just a moment there--

QUESTIONER:--But he did wrestle with an Angel--

ANSWER:--Just a moment, he had nothing more to do with that than you do. He was pressured by destiny, he did it just like you will do what you have to do.

QUESTIONER:--But in a moment--

ANSWER:--Just a moment, lets get back here, in the moment, in a twinkling of an eye that is just how quick his children will conform to HIS image.

QUESTIONER:--How quick is the twinkling of an eye's of God?

ANSWER:--At His appearing, now wait a moment, where do we come to? We have come to Mount Zion the city of the Living God, Celestial Jerusalem, an innumerable company of living spirits. We have come to the general assembly of the church of the first begotten. Or the word 'first born' is sometimes 'first formed'. If we go back to the book of Romans where I was reading to you of the Sons of God, then I will come back over to you later. And over here we come to this statement of the manifestations of the sons, and then comes the declaration, "For we know that all things work together for good for them that love God, to them who are called according to HIS purpose. For whom HE did fore know HE also did predestinate to conform to the image of His son (His embodiment) that HE might be the first born among many brethren."

Note, here it has talked about the first formed image of God, on the edge of a new creation. He tells this to Enoch, the word is a magic symbol, used all the way through the Old Testament, that they are the first formed standing on the edge of a new creation. And He calls us the first born of a new order, and we are thus His offspring, co-rulers with HIM.

Now, I want to get back to this other factor, when we talk about the great heavenly hosts that are to move in, they are not only going to be HIS family but they who have been in earth, and who have ascended with HIM, while we who are alive and remain unto the return of Christ shall not hinder those who died, see. Everyone of this vast company of Adamites, HE paid the price for, and HE emptied out the Netherworld as their spirits went into Celestial plains. And Lucifer has been defeated from this time on, by the Seed of God.

Now, HE has brought great catastrophe on earth, brought judgment and death continues when Resurrection of Life should be constant, until the last enemy to be put down is death, but in this instance great Celestial hosts will come in, and they will be the spirits of people whose bodies have died, which will immediately, in this hour of this returning of Celestial hosts re-synthesized, in elements of substance with the spirits from when they came. Don't worry about the loss of a few molecules, there is plenty to re-synthesize, they shall once more stand forth on the earth. Job whose writings go back to 5000 B.C. or more said: "Tho the worms consumes my physical body when I die, I know that I shall, in the latter days stand upon the earth, and with my eyes I shall behold my maker."

Now, as the Celestial hosts come in, when the armies of God come in for this final cleanup, of everything from the Commies to the Jews, and the picking up of the Satanic seed, and the pulling out of the tares, as the Angelic hosts, the reapers come in, well a great number of these are your kinsmen, relatives of the hosts of God, plus the hosts of God who are standing by for the Majestic side of the spectacle.

Now, this is the day of triumph which God has for the earth. One of the things I want to point out, I want to crack into a little sensitive realm of perception, it is very vital for us to obtain, but God willed and ordained the development of HIS Kingdom. He placed His own children in the earth subject to all these catastrophes, trials, and conditions of their environment. But provided sufficient energies to come through so that although there would be casualties, still not beyond HIS GRACE. There would be mighty victories. There would be times when Lucifer would be enveloped to carry on because he felt he was winning, but it was all within the knowledge of God.

Know this, God not only bought the world to get the treasure hid in the field (the world), but said He was going to get the world also when it was time. But HE did this to redeem His sons, for He knew that embodied in this atmosphere, this environment, and subject to this physical world they would follow this course. When HE withdrew this protective shield from them, it left them unable to contest Lucifer, and He knew that if He did not, when placing His children in earth, remove this shield then this would never have happened, and Lucifer could not have warred against us, for we would have been as indestructible as the Father.

Now, the moment that we then in the areas of this consciousness where in we possess our souls, for a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. One of the mysteries of existence is for example, how you think. For while you are all capable of thinking in the spirit, yet if you all started thinking in the spirit you would be technological mathematicians and spiritual geniuses but you would be so righteous it would be hard for you to perform in this world at this moment, although that time is coming. The thing is, in this instance, if the spirit possesses the soul consciousness, and draws all of its greatness out of it, then draws its sense of proportion with in this sphere out of the senses, then it can move around and feel its way in its environment, see.

Now, God did not take any chance when He put you down here, and you would say some did not measure up, some were not as active, or some by patterns of environment became less sensitive and so forth, so we came down to our time, and I am not going through all the patterns of ramifications of God, here we have so apathetic people out here, and here are some who are really fighting for the Kingdom, and some are under attack and the enemy is trying to smear them, and they are fighting back. And you say, the fellow who should get the big crown is this fellow who is fighting them, and then the fellow who stands by, but each in his own order, each according to his reward. But these apathetic people they shouldn't get anything because they didn't do anything. They should just be glad to get inside, if they make door keepers out of them for the house of the LORD, they should be real happy. Now, you and I are thinking here, is this the way we should think?


ANSWER:--Now, just a minute, we are very human, this is the way we think, I know what I am talking about, I see this all the time.

QUESTIONER:--I would like to thresh this out with you sometime.

ANSWER:--WE are going to thresh it out now. I am going to tell you what the LORD says:--

QUESTIONER:--I can tell you what the LORD says.

ANSWER:--O.K. but wait until I get through. Therefore all the reward is here where the war is developed. In other words, at this very moment, let me tell you this, I am not working for just something I wish to attain, lets get this clear, I would like to see right now every white man move into this, and I am working for the Kingdom, I am willing for the other guy to get it even if he comes in at the last minute.


ANSWER:--Just a moment, God gives out some talents--

QUESTIONER:--I know that but--

ANSWER:--And He blessed them according to how they dispersed them, but lets just take a look at this: the world is the field, the harvest field, and the time for working within it is in the LIFE SPAN, and we are getting down to the end of the age. Now, there are a lot of things to do, and God starts his offspring moving. He started these fellows working out there, and they received a penny for their work. Then some started working out there at noon, and they received a penny, and then some jumped in at three o'clock and they received a penny. Even those who came in at six o'clock received a penny. The LORD said: lets get this harvest in. Then along came some who had started working in the morning, and they said we worked all day, ever since early morning and we only got a penny. When here comes a man running in at the last moment and he gets a penny. So the LORD said: what is the matter, didn't you get what I promised you? In other words that is the wage I promised you, the Glory I promised you that you would conform to my image, my embodiment.

Now, the fact remains that I am happy that everyone at the end of the age receives the promise. It doesn't bother me one bit, see, if someone comes right along now and raises us and leads Americans by the millions, this would not bother me a bit. And if someone just came along who could go faster with the message, then that is alright also. There are a lot of things to do, a lot of things which need to be done. I want you to see that what we are working for is to bring in this Kingdom. I am already celestially begotten of the Father, I am Light of His Light, and Life of His Life. Lets face it there isn't anything new to be given me, there is no new medal you can give me if I go back to heaven, see. In other words, I am already a son of the Father through perfection and vision, I have already been blessed, and I can show you that in my contract. I have already had all the highest honors, Angels have bowed before us, see. Oh, Lucifer didn't but he is going to, but the rest of them knew we were the children of the Father.

Someone says: Oh, they could give us the purple robe, they could give us so many thing. Well, it might be in the way of your fight pattern. Ha! But I can tell you this, I have had purple robes in the past, so what? We have had everything, you say Jewels, well we paved the streets with them, out there, so what can you do with them. What could you figure out there that hasn't been given us? You say: but we could give you Light and Glory as a Son of God. Alright, I have had that to, and it's going to envelope me once again, completely, and catastrophe. Someone said: but why didn't he listen? Well, maybe he absorbed some of what I would have had to absorb if he hadn't taken it, see. In other words Aryan blood embodied in the world is a divine society even if it is a mental captive. I am getting a reward, I am living on another level of it, I have been rewarded by what I know. You will have to name something else I could receive. Oh! You could come in and pin a yellow, red, or green medal on me, you can come out and say, GOD wants the world to know that this is His son, but I tell you, God said: THESE ARE MY SONS AND DAUGHTERS.

Someone said: look at that one out there he even died before he did anything great. Well, the fact is, he did come down here, and the spirit then returned to the Father. You say: but he probably didn't do what he was supposed to do. Alright then God says: He will resurrect him and he will still do what he is supposed to do.

QUESTIONER:--(same man) But--I tell--

ANSWER:--There are status symbols, and there are Princes and Kings, and there will be levels of administration, but as to the enveloping Glory, they will ALL shine like the sun. More than this before they get through, also remember this is a big Universe, and before they get through, right at this moment there probably isn't more than one or two sons of God to go around for all the sidereal system. I positively know, and so would you if you stopped to think for a moment, if all the sons of Adam from then to now, all of them, if HE gave each one of them one single solar system there would not be enough captains for all that we can now see.

Now, the Grace of God, the Miracle of God, the Wonder of God can restore the Adamic household. And I am not talking about a mongrel, I am talking about a son. But remember maybe he didn't create this condition in which he was caught. In fact our generation today is not the one which let these rascals in. This younger generation coming up didn't let them in, didn't create the catastrophe which is enveloping them, another era of this became lax and we didn't keep the rascals out, and bowed instead of maintaining our racial purity. By violation of law we create sometimes these conditions of environment that has placed this nation in a bad spot. We are now the only generation that can say--this generation shalt not pass until all these things come to pass. This generation which has been just brought up unless in the very center of ideal conditions--they are not to blame for this. I see families right here, and their children grew up right here in the church, you might say, and they never did go out thinking in this way because their concentration was protected. But I know that through certain areas that this protection did not happen.

Sure I grew up in a ministers family, and I had to expand in knowledge and understanding, but I grew up in area that had a natural repulsion against this. And then having German as well as Anglo-Saxon blood I have been brought up race conscious. Oh, this is a terrible thing but I am race conscious, see. In other words I withdrew from some things, but I am still race conscious. But there are a lot of people out here who environmentally have become victims. But they are still of our race, and we have something to appeal to, our spirit reaches their spirit, and how shall they know unless someone goes to tell them?

Now, the Grace of God says concerning His sons, not only will they not lose nothing but--"I have written them down in the Lambs book of Life, before the foundation of the world", but I have predestinated this one thing, that I not only justified them, but I am going to make them conform to this. And in this instance then the reward is here. Initiative, an d thrift provide security, tithe and service to God has assured continued blessing. The prophecy of fulfillment of divine law gives its reward. In other words, the law of service to God, and I hope I can get this across someday to people everywhere--the reward for the service of God does not happen when you die. The reward for the service of God is a present factor while you live which is involved in the knowledge of it, and in the realization of it, and in the inner exaltation of it until today you do not have to give me anything, see. And I couldn't think of much I would want anyhow.

Oh! They say, don't you want something new? Well, if the car wears out you get another, and I might want another suit, but all you want is something to use in your environment just to move. I don't have to worry about being Celestially equipped, I have everything in that environment, see. When I live in this one then someone says: wouldn't you like a big palace? Well, I am kind of nutty so I might want a big palace, but this is only a status symbol after all, isn't it? So someone will, for preaching the truth, go out of here and have a medal pinned on them, or give you this or that, well that is alright, but the most important thing I can think of right now, that I would rather see happen than anyone thing, would be to see Jesus step right into this room and say: I'M BACK.

I don't need any other reward, I am so dazzled by the idea, I would be so thrilled by that event that it wouldn't make any difference what else you had to give. Even your most prized possessions would not be nearly so important as that event. I am not worried about people missing it, or about people waking up at the moment and recognizing HIM. I am going to tell you why people can wake up in a moment, because they have a built in receptive pattern, and a cultural inheritance pattern that is automatically activated by the energies of The Christ's spirit. This is why it says that the moment that He moves into your energy field, the energy moves out like an electronic flame. HE says: 'The moment I move back into your field then automatically it brings the synthesis of the consciousness into focus. At that moment ye shall think as I think, you shall know as I know'. Alright and we shall know even as we are know. And any imperfections because of human frailties are instantly corrected. So what more do you want than that? See.

Now, in this again, this is rather significant, where as you believe and so do I in all this Grace, and you are willing at the end of the age to give them everything, but it is true that there are some individuals who have been mutated in the darkness of service, and maybe there is a possible pattern which we do not know about which is involved in this, because they did not have oil in their lamp, so they could not have had the spirit. So therefore temporarily they must go into outer darkness, and this is to live among people outside the Kingdom where there isn't much light. But the Light is in the Kingdom and the LORD is the Light thereof. And although it goes throughout the earth, the fact is that there is a great difference between this and that.

Now, lets look at this--in a moment this great and mighty thing transpires, and God does this because HE promised that in a moment you, the children of Light, like a nation born in a day are reactivated, effulgent, triumphant and in power, see.

There is a passage over here in Revelation, and the Greek is so unchangeable, it was in Aramaic also to start with as John wrote it. This is something rather hard for people to understand, for HE says that HE is the Root of David, HE is the bright and morning star, then says: Behold! I COME QUICKLY.

In this instance concerning this HE said: Now see, thou therefore my fellow servants and my brethren, and all the prophets of them who want to see what is in this book, and to worship God. Now you shall seal all these things for the TIME HAS COME,(Revelation 22:11)--"He who is unjust, let him be unjust still, and he which is filthy just let him be dirty still. He that is righteous let him be righteous still, and he that is holy let him be holy still, behold, I come quickly, and I bring my rewards". Why? Everyone is looking for a reward, but HE alone is worthy to open the book, HE alone paid the price. HE put us back on course. HE begat us, HE made us a divine race, HE created us as Aryans, and made us a superior society. Our divinity is because the Father begat us. HE says: I am the one who put this all in order, I am the 153 displacement factor, I am the completer, I am the capstone, I put it all back, I bring my reward with me. So what is this reward? To give unto every man his reward as to what his work SHALL BE, not as to what it has been, I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, THE FIRST AND THE LAST.

So what has HE ordained? What but that His children are to conform to His image. Someone said, well then why do we work? Well, we work for the Kingdom because we like to. None work for the Kingdom unless he likes to, wants to, you know that.

QUESTIONER:--(same man who argued all the way through this taped session) I still hold that there is something missing, don't think that I am not accepting this but--

ANSWER:--I really don't care whether you accept it or not.

QUESTIONER:--But I am not accepting without showing you that there are holes in what you are telling us--

ANSWER:--Well, you will have to start early and go for the next month. Ha! Because the fact is like this book, and I am telling you this is the ultimate pattern--

QUESTIONER:--I like the book to--

ANSWER:--Well, when God talks about reconciliation of all things, and restitution of all things, HE says: "All Israel shall be saved as it is written"----"Elect according to his foreknowledge"---Destined to conform to HIS own image. HE paid the price--you can't add to that.

QUESTIONER:--No, but--

ANSWER:--There are all kinds of rewards in the book of Revelation which starts from the day of the first church to the last one. And in that church age where it talks about various things, then these things are within the history and development of all that has happened, see.

And in the instance of this there is no doubt that He has divided things into ecclesiastical and spiritual orders of administration. We are to serve with HIM as kings and priests, and we shall rule with HIM upon this earth.

Now, everyone cannot do the same job, some will do one task and some another, but the status of it is that they all make just one body of Christ. And there is not in this one body of Christ that which can take pre-eminence above another. Shall the head say to the feet--I am greater than that which carries all things just because I think all things? Therefore there is one body with many members, but it is still one body, and that body is an enveloped, accepted body, invested with power.

Now, there may be some things that some people like to do better than others, see. Don't work in this developing hour with the idea that there will not be a lot of things to do, there may be armies moving out to conquer, and this also doesn't happen all in one moment. This battle is going on while they are coming in, going on in the sky as well.

There are demonstrations of victory, all kinds of things can happen. But there are some people who won't be out there battling.

Maybe they won't even know there is a battle, or how to battle, but anyhow, all shall conform to HIS image.


The tape run out.