10-07-64 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Could you please explain what would be the best way to go about reading and understanding the Parables?

ANSWER:...Well, the Parables are mostly about the Kingdom. In this instance most of the Parables relate to the structure of the Kingdom itself. And many of the Parables are not relative to the outside powers except when it talks about the sower of the seed. The good seed being the children of the Kingdom, and the bad seed being the children of the evil one. The word here used is for progeny, and is definitely talking about offspring. Now;..the Parables are almost all in this light..'Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto them it is not given.' Christ not only spake in Parables so that the enemy would not understand but then gave a private interpretation to the keys of some of the most secret of the Parables to His disciples when He drew them aside. This is why today so many of these Parables have only been superficiously approached. And in this instance made to be applicable sometimes to conditions unrelated. For instance made applicable sometimes to conditions unrelated. For instance we have the Beatitudes, and the instructions which Jesus taught, and the Gospels come with in this category. The Gospels were not written for the world, they were only written to the spiritual center of the Kingdom, to the Household, the race, the people who constitute His Church. And under this instance the rules which apply here do not apply to the world. If you have a problem with a Christian and he turns to violence, sometimes you can shame him where as instead of just hauling off and beating him up, in this case you might turn the other cheek. Without resistance under these circumstances sometimes with the proper words there might be some benefit in this, altho Christ doesn't advocate a person being foolish here either. But what Jesus is talking about is that you should not be suing one another. You should not be embroiled in personal fights between others of the race. But when it comes to the enemy who is diametrically opposed to you, who wants to destroy you, He did not say to turn the other cheek. You don't walk up to the enemy and say:..you drop the first bomb, and we won't hit you back, we will wait for the second one. This is not Biblical, has nothing to do with the program of Gods Kingdom. This is foolish, here when the Scripture says:..'love your enemy' these deceit- fully use you come out of your own society, your own order, your own race. But the Scripture says:..'Love your enemies' these that might deceitfully use you however come out of your own society,..yes, but it also says:.. 'Don't love MY enemies, for if you do then you will be chastised and judgment falls on you. In otherwords when it talks abut the enemies of the kingdom, or the forces of darkness, or the powers and principalities which surrounds leaders in high places in the kingdom, not only in the kingdom to resist, but it is to meet this power, not only in the flesh but in the mental warfare as well as with Spiritual power. So if you have any specific parable we would be glad to discuss it. But the Key Parable where in you must have the key to understand is..'The Sower of the Seed' because Christ explains this one. The enemy pays little attention but it is vital and important because the seed is sown in the field..and the field is the world, and the good seed are the children of the Kingdom while the evil seed are the tares, or the progeny of Lucifer, called the seed of the 'Evil One'. Both grow in the field, or in the world, and the Angels wanted to gather the tares out but YAHWEH said:..'let them grow unto the time of the end lest you in gathering out the tares should injure the wheat.' Always the tares become identifiable as they do in a field of wheat, so they do at the end of the ages as they turn rusty red. Today they have done this, and now advocate overturning all the patterns and laws of the kingdom. Today is much easier to identify them than if you tried to identify them in the past. But in the Scripture it tells us that the tares will be bundled out first. This is to be done by administering Spirits, Angelic hosts and the Household of God. The Tares will be removed first, and the kingdom will then come to its full. This is the symbol of the Parable of the Sower of the seed. Of all the Parables that Jesus taught this one the disciples wanted to be sure of, to make no mistake about, and they got Jesus aside and asked for Him to explain clearly this Parable of..'The Sower of the Seed.' So Christ makes a clear explanation and there is no way to get out of this, for there are two kinds of being in the world,..the seed of the Kingdom, and the seed of Lucifer sown into the world. This is apart from others of the World Order, as this refers to two basic seed lines in conflict. There are many other parables, each of them carries a mysterious and symbolic meaning, and was not for the world to understand. Lest they... if they understand would join the kingdom, the nations and the church and destroy from the inside. Therefore He said He was speaking to you in Parables so they would not understand. A lot of people do not like to accept these factors, they think they are a lot smarter than God sometimes, but it is a wise thing sometimes to not to divulge all things to the enemy because they will join you alright, not because of a desire to be a part of what you are a part of what you are a part of, but only because they want to penetrate.

QUESTION:...What about the Parable of the Fig Tree?

ANSWER:...This is more than a Parable, it was an experience as well. Because the fig tree was the symbol for Jewry. Remember that Jewry has this symbol, has had this symbol for many, many years. It goes back to the author of the Luciferian problems in the earth. Remember that Lucifer was an Archangel who in his rebellion became Satan or the Devil. Remember that one of the things that he was always identified with thru out all the pagan temples of the world, was this fig tree. Hinduism, Buddhism weave the fig tree into all their temple frescoes and backgrounds. All the Luciferian Houses, and all Snake cults use the fig tree as their emblem. Remember that after the seduction of Eve, then Eve and Adam were in hiding, and were ashamed to show themselves for they knew they had violated Divine Law. They had made themselves a covering of what??...Fig Leaves.

Now; no one ever took fig leaves and covered themselves, for this was only symbolic of the fact that they had accepted the symbol of Lucifers order. By the seduction they accepted the cloak of the fig leaf. This is why God took off them this coat of fig leaves, and covered them with skin, and this also has other symbolic meanings as well.

Remember that Israel is never the fig tree, always Israel is the Olive Tree. The Jews identify themselves with the fig leaves, even when the Cainanites sought to enter in by contaminating the line, and thought they could lay claim by way of Judah, this was of course not possible altho the partial seduction pattern of Judah in this manner..had he had a son by this woman..but never could a Cainanite offspring ever come back in and claim any heritage inside this line. Because the race law of this race was so strong from the beginning on down to our time that there was no way that a Cainanite can get into the administration or into affluence or teaching, or areas of any administration inside the Temple of the Kingdom. For ten whole generations it would require the breeding back of any such seed, and no other families of the Kingdom would take the jeopardy of this so this is a clear cut outline from the start. So the race question has always been important just like..'Kind begats like kind' and 'Seed having life in itself'.

The difference in the Adamic race and other peoples was clearly marked when God pointed that of all the food which existed..marked for food they could eat, but of this race tree of knowledge and evil they were not to inter-mingle with. The posterity of the Adamic race had to emerge forth out of Adam and Eve, so that the seed line of the MOST HIGH GOD would continue. This was His purpose, to transfer into the earth His Household. To produce a physical progeny in which His Spiritual begotten Household from the heavens could dwell. Because of this the entire Old Testament is written to our race, about our race with the instructions of the Patriarchial patterns of revelation, with the message, the leadership, the personal intervention of God running thru it from one end to the other. Other races are talked about, other kingdoms, other Empires, but always it is forbidden to intermingle or mongrelize our seed by fusing with other people. This is significant, and it follows all the way thru the Old Testament, and there is no change made in the New. In fact there isn't one of all these churches who are not getting out on a limb with their Clergy now coming out and saying that Christianity is opposed to segregation. They do not have one passage in the Old, or in the New Testament which supports integration. The preservation and maintenance of a race, is Racial purity, and especially this relates to our race.

QUESTION:..the eating of the Apply by Eve?

ANSWER:...There was no apple involved in all this, for this was Lucifer with Eve in an attempt to destroy the purity of a new race which he knew was the offspring of YAHWEH. He thought that if he could mutate this race he would end the transference of the Kingdom of God from heaven to earth, by birth, by embodiment into a physical world. However he did not count on the fact that before the foundation of the world that YAHWEH would discuss this with His sons and daughters. Oh, they didn't think this would happen, but He had promised not only to redeem them but also the cleansing of the blood stream. And had told them in the Book of Enoch as well that which God had declared unto them, that seven generations would purify the blood stream. Therefore the seduction of Eve had contaminated the offspring, but the Eighth gestation, or the seventh from Adam would complete the cleansing. The first was Cain a Luciferian seed, therefore with Seth then Adam would say:..'I have begotten a man in my own image.' Thus Seth was the child of Adam and Eve, and the spiritual seed could now function in him. And thus would by pass the Luciferian design. Whereas the other children of Adam and Eve before Seth would spread out in those early days and be liquidated all but Cain who went over into the land of Nod and married into the Akkad conqueror..Cain can be found as to his generations clear down to Naium-Sin, down thru the background of the Ancient Sumerians, thru the Akkads into Ancient history. In fact I have in my Library volumes of Ancient Archaeology. I have copies of the many plates and pictures of things in the British Museum, by which you can establish this Cain line. But the Apple..was only a symbolic situation. In otherwords it was forbidden for them to eat of the fruit of this tree of good and evil. Of all the trees..but the tree of good and evil and this has to be race tree, has to have intelligence or intellect. You cannot have knowledge without intellect. You cannot have knowledge without intellect. It requires intellect and when physically embodied it requires a brain. Therefore this tree to have knowledge meant it had to be a people who had fallen under Lucifer, and became part the Luciferian order.

Adam and Eve had not made their violation of Divine Law until they made contact with this tree of 'Good and Evil.' This is all explained in the Ancient Books of Enoch, and in the Zohar. This is clearly spread out in all the records..in volumes of discussions. I can show you volumes of Ancient manuscripts as well as being found right here in the Scripture. The thirty-first chapter of Ezekiel talks about races and racial trees in earth before Eden. Thus these had to be pre-existent societies before Adam.

QUESTION:..In the discussion of the Parable of Talents..some people say this justifies usuary? Matthew 25:14.

ANSWER:...No. The talents in no way constitutes usuary. The talents in this instance was money to be invested in production. In otherwords the program of God's Kingdom supports that money is not to be loaned as money to bring back money out of money. Interest in the condition of Usuary as such is forbidden except where the money is in a sort of partnership procedure, and is put into areas of production. In otherwords as if a man has a field and hasn't any seed, and you haven't any money to buy the seed, thus you go to this man..and go in with him on production and are then entitled to what ever was agreed on as his share of production, this is not usuary. This is produced wealth for you took nothing out of another's dollar... you produced it. This is true in any area in which you produced the capital to increase by production, but to loan money at usuary on a persons misfortune, to take interest out of a persons labor, or their income in which they had no way to take what you were giving them to make money with, this is forbidden...why? Because this is the way the lecherous operation folds in to take Widows houses, and folds in on such families and so forth. There are social operations which rest upon the people of our race, upon our standards and our ethics which calls for assistance to people in their problems. The basic law we must remember for this society which God has ordained is the Law of the Family. When we break up the law of the family we have broken up the family until within the community, the law of family is finished. Therefore when we say honor thy Father and thy Mother, it was always the responsibility of children when their parents were old that having raised them and cared for them, and assisted them, when they no longer have the earning capacity, it wasn't charity it was a responsibility, a love operation to care for the elderly.

This again was the responsibility of Israel to produce offspring, for their increase, and of course there was always situations where certain actions might burden them financially, and this was where the charity of the entire community of our race were responsible to assist this individual.

Now; the idea was never formed within this process..that assistance was to be given to be extracted with usuary, to confiscate a few things they might have left, which is the general trend of the money racketeers. Lets face it, Satan has been in the money business every since money was coined. And Satan's children have been exploiting this area as he gained control over nations and people. They live as parasites, they do not produce, but always they seem to gain control over all areas of production..taking from but not joining in the production, but trying to swindle the areas of production..the firms themselves. There is thousands of years of history in this kind of an operation. I can show you volumes on this. The talents were in support of the fact that God placed these talents in the hands of these people, that it was not the significant pattern of individual gain. This was a symbol of God placing in peoples hands, things for the growth of His Kingdom, and they were to put it all to work for that purpose. Therefore some didn't put it to work maybe because they were frightened so they just hid it in the ground and it did not produce. In otherwords, money just stored doesn't do any good, it isn't working and it doesn't do anyone any good. Anything even truth just stored where as it may enrich you does not help anyone of the kingdom unless passed on. We are living in an era when it might be to some advantage to have some hard money on hand, kept..such as silver coins, or gold coins, but the fact is that this is not what is talked about here in this Parable. Today when you take a large amount of money out of circulation and don't keep it working, not as interest against interest or other dollars, but money that grows thru production, then it effects the economy drastically. When you put this money in production and you produce for instance..automobiles with it, then you have more than you started with. So you get back more money and you have created something. Plus the fact that men worked when this was going on. At the same time this is also true, ..a man buys a hay baler and you put people to work baling hay. But if you just bury this money somewhere and don't let it work, thru production, what have you done but hold back a medium of circulation for goods to sell, and you are effectively clogging the economy. People don't realize this, and this is why some of the most effective ways to discount money is this process they invented to compute the capital wealth of the nation, plus its vegetable production, and its deteriorating production, and the areas of what we might call the areas of oxidation or deteriation..just wearing out. They have done this by equators who computed this, but the Jews never wanted to go this way, but it is an advanced area of economy understood today, and I don't want to get into that. But there is no reason why everyone cannot keep their capital working if they remove the blocks in your economy. In otherwords it is better to keep all money in production, there is more bonified causes drying up for lack of capital than you have any idea of. This is the way the enemy squeezes the small man out of business, he dries up the capital and the small man does not have anything working for him, he can't operate a small business even.

Now; someone says, but money put into this type of situation grown, so you would have over production. No, not really, for you never get over production until you get total consumption. Until everyone has all they want or can consume..until then you never have over production. This attitude that the economy is built on scarcity thus we raise the price thru scarcity, well the economy in Gods Kingdom is built on worth and value. Therefore since not built on scarcity, then the more you create the more people can acquire, and the more wealth a country and its people create. In otherwords wealth does not consist of dollars themselves but the things that dollars can buy. The individual should be able to know that because he works and accumulates it is the same thing as working capital. That this working capital continues to work for him, but he joins now in keeping it going, not stagnating it.

Of course an economy is not supposed to be filled with a bunch of gyp artists going around trying to con people out of things..so you must keep the Jews out. The LORD told you that if you let them come in this would happen to any economy, and we are proof that it does. To begin with we were a prosperous bunch of colonies on a barter system. We never had any problems until we let Hyaam Solomon, and those fellows come in with their brokerage business, for this brokerage of money on money is Usuary. Now; if a man puts his capital to work, if he expands and brings in more business, and things keep rolling then this is not Usuary. At the present time we are watching increasing population with reduced production, there- fore your wealth does not pyramid, or grow. Labor then says:..we have to get more money for less time worked, but no...what we need to do is to produce more goods...because more goods produced increase earnings to buy more goods. More goods produced here build the goods needed here to help eventually thru out the world. But you build here first..eventually in that process it would be possible for a man to produce everything he needs all over the world in three days a week and maybe less. But you have to learn the relationship of the equity in the production as it relates to the individual. In otherwords we need an economy of plenty, not scarcity, and this is not made by printing phoney money not backed by production. When the economy is backed by production there is plenty for everyone and everyone is a producer in some way. Even the mother in her children is a producer, and the teacher may not be producing a commodity, but is producing a necessary service. So you learn the equity of both goods and services. You must evaluate goods and services and this requires equity and equitor. We would do lots better with equity and equators than we do with International Bankers and their Monetary fund.

In Gods plan you end up with people in homes they want, and purchasing power, and that is real wealth, not some imaginary money they can evaluate next week, or take away the right to even own such as gold and silver coins.

QUESTION:...Is there anything wrong with eating a fig?

ANSWER:...Not if it is ripe. Ha. Don't compare the fig as an eatable piece of fruit with the fig tree race. You see these Jews had so long identified themselves with the fig tree race that for a King they brought Herod who was a Kike, not an Israelite from Judah or Benjamin, and they brought him in to be King from the Isle of Pergamos. Remember that Jesus said that Pergamos is where Satans seat was. He said of the church of Pergamos...I know you problem, you are on the Island where Satans seat is. After the fall of Babylon the Jews had moved their headquarters to Pergamos and made a virtual citadel of this Island in the sea. It was existent there all the time of Medo-Persia, Greece, and then Rome, and was still there at the time of Christ's ministry. They used their gold and silver manipulation to buy and sell Empires. So they bought for Herod the Kingship of this territory under Rome who gave autonomy to the people, but it was still under the Kingship of Herod, so Herod ruled over Judea, and was thus listed as King of the Jews, but the people of Judah and Benjamin were not Jews.

Understanding this relationship then..Herod built the Temple for this time, and he covered it with gold, and it was known as Herod's Temple, and all around the rim of this Temple was the fig leaves and the serpents, and all were interwoven as the six-pointed star overlapping and made out of Serpents heads. You go down on Beverly boulevard and down there not far from the Farmers Market, in that area and right across from the Pan Pacific auditorium there is a Synagogue. Next time you go by it look at it for its six-pointed stars are woven in overlapping weaves out of serpents with the ends of it being the serpent holding its tail in its mouth. And all around this building are the fig leaves, and the serpents. Remember Moses said:.. see these are the children of the serpent..and Jesus said:..'Oh, ye generations of the Serpent who warned you to flee from the judgment which is to come?'

Now; the fig is a fruit and there is nothing wrong in that, but the Jews had always identified their ecclesiastical rule with the 'fig leaf', and always their mysterious political rule with the serpent. And Lucifer was always identified with the Serpent, and the Dragon. Revelation 12:3-7. This fallen Archangel was always known as Satan..the Dragon..the Serpent even in the sky. I can show you the Star Bible in which Constellations were formed millions of years ago, and still with the significant cycle of events which would effect the earth as it relates to us, and our position in these factors. And Hydra the Serpent was Lucifers title in the rebellion. You will note that 'Wise is the serpent, cunning with wisdom, but falling because he becomes the Serpent and the Dragon.'

So Jesus then came along and there was this fig tree, and he wanted to point out this to His disciples, because anyone connected with the temple was and knew that they were figs in control. That is that this was the ecclesiastical order of the Luciferians, but they had proclaimed themselves as the ecclesiastical rulers. But they were Cainanites, their head men... Annas and Caiaphus, and now Herod with his Temple and its serpents and fig leaves on it. So Jesus said that there is a fig tree..bring me some fruit from it. So the disciples thought there must be some reason for this so they went to the tree and there was only some little dried up, hard figs on it. So they came back and said:..Master, there is not any eatable fruit on that tree. Jesus said:..alright because there is no eatable fruit on that tree, then it is cursed forever, never will it bring forth any eatable fruit...never. The disciples looked at one another, for they now knew the fig tree was the symbol of the Temple. Knew that He did not expect them to get anything off that tree, and He had taught them this for a lesson. That afternoon as they came back by the tree, the leaves had turned brown and the whole thing was withering. This fact spread abroad, and the Priests in the Temple knew that He had wrought this miracle against them. That after- noon they also began to plot together to see how they might put him to death.

Now; some people thought they shouldn't eat figs. But there isn't anything wrong with figs. It was just because there was no fruit in Jewry, and HE wanted to explain just what this was.

QUESTION:...Do you know anything about this evil star in the last days that is supposed to be the dog star in the end of this age?

ANSWER:...Well, now stars themselves are not the evil. When Lucifer rebelled then this rebellion effected one-third of the Astronomical bodies which were under his direct administration. This is a symbol, the Universe is a circular Universe and its furthermost perimeter turns back into its own orbit. God holds this Universe together, this is the compression and expansion of the Universe. I don't want to get into this area of Light and physics, but I just want to site that there is no beginning and no ending by the Eternal. This principal may have overlapping layers upon layers as far as depth in or out is concerned. But as far as the known center of the Universe, it fluctuates almost like an Ecliptic out of balance. As it moves in and out of the Pleaides which is the known center of the Universe. This center of the Universe is that in which even the milky way and everything in it is gravitating around this antiquity of eons.

Now; with this picture of a rotating Universe, and with this cycle of Divine purpose Lucifer and all his hosts rebelling..still the Father knew this before it happened, and permitted the Archangel to do this. Thus in this rebellion Lucifer was going to try to take over the throne, refusing to recognize the offspring of the Divine family. So at the given point when God announced the Divine family before the world was framed, the world... meaning this creation, this solar system, then Lucifer had refused to participate in this program of the Father, because he did not want to acknowledge anyone higher than he was. When he asked the Question will they be greater than I?

Now; Enoch was told this again so that we would remember, but when Lucifer rebelled he took one-third of the stars of the heavens into his rebellion. This meant that one third of all the stars in the Universe who were under Lucifers administration at this time were brought into that rebellion. These stars..were inhabited by beings in physical planes as well as Angelic hosts and lesser orders and so forth. And these stars were planets. In this rebellion they fought against the MOST HIGH, they are on a leash, can only go out so far, and then will be brought back, and will have to bow under the administration of Gods Kingdom. Right now they create friction and we are in the struggle of it. And we find ourselves transplanted into the very spot into which Lucifer was driven when defeated by the great fleets of Michael the Archangel, here on earth, in this Solar system where all of Lucifers remaining power was condensed, here is where YAHWEH said He would place his sons and daughters. Here is where He said He would put them into earth, and here He said:..these are my sons and daughters who are to overthrow Lucifer, and here is where He said He would join us, and this family which Lucifer refused to recognize is going to triumph. Now; out of this comes a new set of values. In otherwords if everything in its righteousness, and its order is held together by this principal of law, all that is constructed by it and held within it by its power, never will it appreciate the organization or the pattern of its law, or the values involved, or the Love which God holds for that which is His own plus that which is His creation until they had watched the Total investment of God Himself into that which He produced and ordered. Thus you have the miracle of Oneness, or Atonement. You have the process of now knowing right and wrong, by comparison. All the patterns of total experience when it is all added up in the relationship of Grace, God says will have been worth while, and even evil will have been made to Praise HIM, will eventually be expunged from the Universe, and in that day even Lucifer is going to worship at your feet.

Some people have a sort of narrow minded little theology and they have a sort of twisted up God. In this instance their God has to sit back and torture people to satisfy himself because of their rebellion. When they don't perceive in this Omniscience that there wasn't anything which He did not know. That even in the plans of all the energy and violation going off on its own orbit, when He knew exactly how far it would go, and how much restraint He would put in for the protection of His own Household. While they also were nurtured and matured in the experience of Administration, because unto you it has been given to sit with HIM within the seat of authority thru out the vastness of His Universe. Remember the increase of His own Household within this earth will be as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. There is 126 trillion times ten suns in the Solar system alone out there, visible with an electronic telescope that can be photographed. How much perimeter and layers there is beyond that, no one knows. But if you just had one offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD for each one of these Solar systems with a sun, that would stretch them awful thin and pretty lonely. So you see that of the increase of His Kingdom there is to be no end. But again we who have passed this route have developed an area of experience. Sometimes we evaluate the casualties which we see never realizing that no casualty ever gets out of the perimeter of Gods Grace, the magnitude of His Love, and the Light of His being. That He is able with the unction of His own being to eventually purge out error from everything. This aura of White-Light Fire is called Shekinah Glory. In some instances it is translated because of superstitions and mythology that the Greeks picked up because as they translated words into their semantics they used the words which related to their mythology, and it is woven into our theology of today. For instance Jude was talking about the prison chambers of the fallen Angels, and the word is Tartaro. And this is a word in Greek mythology for a perdition beneath a perdition or a prison chamber for the Titans. And the Titans were the beings who came out of the intermingling or intercourse of gods with daughters of men, and the offspring which came forth were Giants and monsters. If you go back to what you call Greek mythology today you will discover that these gods...especially some of these strange ones intermingled, and their offspring were called Titans. And this stranger intermixture is not the God Positive, but are gods of the Luciferian hosts in rebellion. As again the sign of Zeus, or Jupiter as they marked it, because this was the most brilliant planet with its seven suns, the reason they marked this was because to the Ancients this was only a symbol of the movement of power in the heavens. We don't want to get into this now, but the thing is that this Greek Mythology was not actually a myth it was built on early foundations. I can take you into the Old Testament, and tie a Preacher up into twenty knots if he doesn't know what this is all about. I will show him where these fallen Angels did intermingle with daughters of men and did produce Giants and monsters, and did this even after your race came in. This is why we had the flood up in the Tarim Basin, it was to drown those rascals there where they lived. But the flood was not over the whole earth at that time, for there was not a flood in Egypt, or in South America for instance, at that time. This was a judgment which God poured out to destroy, total destruction of that posterity of fallen Angels and Adamic offspring and so forth dwelling in that place. The reason I point this out is because Lucifer was star of the Morning ...sun of his corner of the Universe. Not for just one Solar system, but he was the guiding Illuminator for that portion of the Universe. In otherwords he was 'Light Instructor' under YAHWEH over one great portion of the Universe, and this was one-third at the time for his fall. Now; he turns back to darkness, and no longer can put out Light and instruct and create. Now; he can only destroy, mutate, and disintegrate. Now when we talk about a Dark Star there are Astronomical bodies which are rather strange. There are a few of them which may be a part of things which reflects no light. It is hard for anyone here even to perceive even the depth of modern physics because we think of all substances as having some ability to reflect. But there are substances today which absorb all known light in the spectrum. There is a body of objects so big, and traveling thru space that do not reflect any light. The only reason we know it is there is that as it travels on these photographs and maps made every few seconds apart, on this great scopes such as we have down here at Palamar, it blocks out the light of other stars as it goes by. The reason we know it is there is because it cuts a path across a sky map.

So there is significance found in Ancient prophecies not found in Scriptures essentially, that is...in these 66 Books which ties in with this. In otherwords in Scripture we have here in King James, there is no mention made of this Dark Star. But there is a star called Wormwood which falls into the sea of Revelation 8:11. This is a cyanide Potassium Meteorite of great size, burning with fire which causes a catastrophe where it falls, this is yet to come, it is to fall in a given spot. This is why it is referred to as Wormwood, or Cyanide..a bad condition. But getting on with this ..Lucifer is the symbol of the Black Star, but the star is also a reality in significance and in measure. Maybe only for a minute would we be able to measure certain events by it if we were sharp enough. But there is such a Star.

Another thing that is a phenomena..about seven or eight years ago, moving thru the sky was a great boulder looking about the size of the Rock of Gibraltar, it came from the Northeast and traveled Southwest, and in one of those periods I was in a pickup truck high up in the Piute Mountains and there were a couple of men in the cab of the truck with me, and a couple of us standing up in the back of the pickup. This was during deer season, and the sky was overcast with regular grey clouds. And I happened to look up and there was this thing cutting a swath thru the clouds just like they were evaporating and you could see the blue ball above the path cut in the clouds. But this thing was like a huge rock mountain turning and twisting, but never falling. It was not illuminated, there was no light, just this great boulder. I banged on the cab of the pickup and they stopped, and the our of us watched this thing. You know you can't tell anyone about things like this because if you tell about a great rock like the rock of Gibraltar hurtling thru the skies cutting a swath thru clouds then people will doubt you, but it passed over Edwards Air Force Base, and San Berdino and it circled back over Texas, and was last seen out over the Caribbean Sea. So I have two or three reports on this, and over San Berdino it wasn't cloudy like it was with us so they saw it and said it was like a great boulder. And in Texas they said it was a great boulder. In the Caribbean they said it was like a huge Meteorite which did not come down, but it was also like a huge boulder which just went sailing thru the sky.

This is true, it had to be within the atmosphere of earth but it was also high..a huge boulder..but never came down like a meteorite. It must have followed to some extent tho maybe not truly, the earths circumference or it would have shot off into space before it got over us, or maybe you could have seen it from the Caribbean, that is possible. But I have kept a record of this, and I also have records of lots of things stranger than that. But the thinking is that this is referred to sort of like that opaque object which on a larger scale is cutting off the stars. We have one that circles the earth at the equator also, it is a mechanical satellite of great size. It has been moved around the earth at the equator for the last 7500 years at least, but that is another subject.

QUESTION:...What is the Star Bible?

ANSWER:...Well, the Star Bible is a Bible of Constellations and Decans, and Houses of the Sun and the Moon which was known in the days of Noah and Enoch. When our Patriarchial forefathers had been taught the mystery of measure they set up this knowledge. The Temple of Zendera for instance in Ancient Egypt had 612 major illuminaries (stars) from one to seventh magnitude, and had the entire procession of the equinox. Venus had not come into our Solar system at that time for Venus was still a Comet which had given trouble thru lots of periods, of history. Venus had lots to do with upheavals which effected lands that sunk, and mountain ranges that moved. But Venus did come into our Solar system to take her orbit about 1480-1436 B.C. It was during that time that the catastrophe hit Egypt, the plagues that fell upon them at the time of the Exodus. Also remember that the Scripture says that it was neither light nor dark for 40 years. Why...because the atmosphere was filled with debris as we passed thru the tail of this Comet which became a Planet, but which scattered debris across the Universe. The dust and debris kept the light of the sun from coming thru as it filtered it as tho a smoky cloud.

This thing happened when Mt. Pele (on Martinique) and Krakatau (Indonesia) blew. Krakatau threw so much dust into the sky with that greatest of all explosions, the greatest noise man can remember hearing as that volcano blew. They heard it over in London, and all the way over from the Islands, and it was many years before the dust was all gone from the atmosphere. It made the sun go down for years looking as tho it was going down thru smoke. I can show you records of this with Astronomy because it kept them from a clear view thru out our Atmosphere. Of course we have had a little experience with this thru our atomic bomb experiments, but of all the nuclear bombs put together they never began to approach the force of Krakatau.

QUESTION:...What is the difference between a five and a six pointed star??

ANSWER:...One more point...The five pointed star has been used for centuries. The six pointed star..there isn't anything wrong with a six pointed star at all. The six pointed star has a basic symbol for our race ..ages ago. It was a symbol of two pyramids, one pointing upward and one pointing downward..overlapping. It was a symbol of the spiritual and physical emblems of the kingdom. One building upward toward YAHWEH and one building downward toward man for the unity of heaven and earth to build a kingdom. (our Seal) And thus this six pointed star was the symbol of the kingdom thus called the Davidic Star, thus David was Gods King ruling on earth on Gods Throne until HE takes the Throne on earth.

Now; the Jews as they formed their six pointed star were just trying to steal the Star of David, but in stealing it they interwove it now as one Pyramid overlapping another, but as interlaced set of triangles, and wove it out of a serpent.

Now; we see the six pointed stars all around..Sheriffs have six pointed stars, do you know where they came from? When the money lenders..who were Jews in Europe, when they wanted to foreclose on people they had to have an officer to collect for them. So they hired a bandit to collect for them and they called him a Sheriff and he wore a Jewish six-pointed star like you see today and this is how it all started. Then when they gained control of England they established their system of Sheriffs even before they had the banks under control. Under the Bank of England the Jews now controlled these Sheriffs who were actually government authorities for the collection of funds for the Bankers, and the money holders. Thus it was that all they did in those days was serve papers and foreclose on property. Today they are general law officers but go back to New York, and they are just general bailiffs. They serve papers on you because they are city police or local police. Here a Sheriff is a different situation, but back in those times this is how that six pointed star got on their uniforms. We are always suspect when they stick this star on the sixth army..see? And we are watching pretty close, but that is another story, another pattern. But the six pointed star has as much right in our heritage because it is the symbol of the kingdom of God, in heaven and in earth, and built on earth, established spiritual and physical on earth. The five pointed stars were used after the six pointed star became identified with the Jews. In revolt against the Jews all the Aryan economy became tied to the five pointed stars. However we will get that six pointed star back and they can take the snake with them.

QUESTION:...the stats in the Pyramid of 1979+2979., for both the Kings Chamber and the Queens Chamber for the millennium???

ANSWER:...You are using the computation of Adam Rutherfords figures... well the figures are all right but the interpretation isn't. Let me point this out, this building was built in the time of Enoch and Job, and not at this later time they ascribe to it. The Pyramid was there before the flood, and had a partisan Egyptian history, and these men who built it also built the city of ON. These two were the two Pillars of Wisdom who erected the two Pillars of Wisdom in symbolism in the Temple square. They divided the city into 12 segments, and there were 12,000 Savants for each month of the year who were artisans and craftsmen that worked on the Temple of ON with its measures, and this was a Temple of Light and Knowledge. This is where Joseph found Asneth the daughter of Pontipher the Head Priest of ON, and she was a white woman from the Sethite line. This is why Jacob-Israel would say:..Let my name (Israel) be named on these two lads..Ephraim and Manasseh for these were the two sons of Joseph. There was no violation of race laws here for they were of the same race household.

Now; this calling one a Queen's Chamber and one a King's Chamber came later. But this Pyramid was built by the Savants under the leadership of Enoch and Job as a Great Temple. And a Spiritual measuring instrument of the heavens to only measure equinox processions as they related to the factors of earth but to also measure the progression of measures as they related to prophetic time measures on the earth. It also contained in it an inch to the year and an inch to the month scale and so forth, which were given measures which could start at given points in history to take on their significance forward and backwards. In no way did it relate to the time of the building of the Pyramid. It only related to the time when these measures would start which reach as to 2144 and 2141 B.C., only a casement stone factor there. This is why we find some differences between the measures. There is no difference in the measure when one man measures one inch for a year and another man measures the same way. But there are a lot of fellows with pet theories and they wanted to make the Pyramid prove their pet theories. So if they didn't have enough inches they somehow measured out into the solid rock. If they didn't have a reason for that they would take a compass and take a radii which would be the exact distance they wanted to go out into solid rock and draw a circle. They would give some reason why they had a circle and why they were out in the radii to gain their measure. This is what I want to say about Pyramid measurements ..take the Pyramid as something God has already said:..already fixed. So when you measure you have to measure it like it is never caring whether it is acceptable with some theory you have or someone else has that is not important. Remember that there was a Sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber, and it wasn't put there by any Egyptian King, or for any Egyptian King. For the outline of this Pyramid had been given to Enoch and Job at the time of the building of it, and it was to conform to prophecies even more Ancient than this. That Sarcophagus was to hold..after the flood..the body of Adam until the resurrection. They did not need to seal the top of it because this was in a room already sealed whose air chambers were already sealed. And it wasn't to be entered into after a certain line of fulfillment, until the end of that age. And I could tell you a lot of mysteries which surround this which are in Ancient lore of our race. A lot of Pyramidologists just working around blocks of stone with a ruler don't know anything about this. They had their eyes so close to the stone of this mathematical, precise monument that they didn't go into the source of Light. Where as there are passages in the Pyramid, there are far more passages in my Bible. So I tell you this, and it is significant..this Kings Chamber as they call it was... the Chamber of the Resurrection, and it carries its measure also into the symbols of the New Order...the New Age. So its measures do effect historical dates and values. And alignments in the sky as well were even more important than what men may interpret into their measurements. Now; the Queens Chamber was not established for a Queen. In otherwords the only reason why they came up with this was because if one had a Sarcophagus for a King so then the other one surely had been for a Queen. But when they got into the Pyramid there was no body in the Kings Chamber either. Isn't it strange that Pharaoh would build a tomb and not have his body in it?? Oh, they say, but there was one who broke in there in 800 A.D. and stole the Pharaohs body and all the loot. But no. When he got in there he didn't find any loot and he was most unhappy. This is why he was so angry, after breaking in there and not finding any treasures, and there wasn't any body in there when he went in. This is why you may have read that there was a great passage way torn between the fault that goes down to the descending passage, and the ascending passage way and it comes out at the intersection of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Do you know why that was...this was that great symbol of the tearing out of the Netherworld, that chamber of death. In otherwords when Adam died his spirit was held in the Netherworld until Christ's resurrection. And when Christ came forth out of the grave He brought the spirit of every last one of the sons and daughters of the Adamic Race. And there isn't one of his sons there now. He brought forth captivity (sons and daughters in captivity) brought them captive (in Christ), brought them into Glory and became the captain of their salvation. The body of Adam was not left in the earth either but was brought forth at this time. And this great hole (called the well shaft) which is torn out...thru out the pit is the symbol of this. Out of the Pit into Resurrection passage, and it comes right at the date of Christ's Resurrection. This is what is signified...that Adam went out of there at the same date of Christ's resurrection. If you turn to the Book of Matthew..the dead walked the streets of Jerusalem at that time as well. Many people overlook this passage, but this is why had the Jews hiding down in the treasury of the Temple, scared to come out because the dead were walking the streets of Jerusalem. That would scare anyone..but the dead started coming out as soon as The Christ went into the Netherworld. Now; other Pyramids were built later by Egyptians as monuments to their Dynasties. But this first one wasn't built as a monument to a dynasty but as a blueprint not only of the plan of God, but as a Temple of measure, a covenant that God had made with the Atlantians when they worshiped HIM as YAHWEH-PUTAH. When the catastrophe of Lucifers violation of Divine Law started the mongrelizaion and integration, and the catastrophe of this violated caused judgments of God to fall then God sealed the Temple of Atlantis and took his Spiritual children who had been ministering in Spiritual bodies..He told those Atlantians..the Priests like Horus who did not want to go along with those mongrelization schemes of Lucifer, that the day would come when he would again send his sons and they would dwell in bodies and would build again a Temple like unto the Temple they had in the land of Atlantis which he was now going to destroy. That his sons would build this great Temple when they dwelt in bodies of flesh like those of Atlantis had. Prior to this time we had served in Celestial bodies, but were withdrawn the moment this contamination of violation of Divine Law by mongrelization took place.

Now; the rulers or kings or Atlantis had the title of Khufu, but this was not their personal names. This was just a title just like Pharaoh would be at a later time. There fore these Atlantians who would not mongrelize with these Negroes wouldn't go for all this bestiality as does all the pagan Temples of Asia of today..they migrated from that land. Great earthquakes came and water rushed into the volcanoes and the fires blew the tops off mountains. We have a whole description of this in the books of Horus, and geology proves it happened also. What happened out there for instance where the Azores are? Those mountains which stick up to form the Azores are on a land which at one time was all above the sea. There are volcanic scarfs laying there which are 20 to 30 miles long, and anybody who knows about lava knows that it just pikes up under water, it can't run under the sea, so that land had to be all above the sea for it to run out for all those miles. And not just in one place is this found but all over that continent. Therefore anytime you can get a volcano which has piled up as it erupts it is under the sea. The Hawaiian Islands today are from volcanoes which just piled up. It has to get above the surface before it runs. This is just a matter of geology. Thus these people of Ancient Egypt had migrated before the land bridges were all broken forever. Today here in America they are starting these same orgies, but here in America don't we know better??? In San Francisco and in other places they are working on this and it is evil in its extreme, they are trying to push it in the colleges and all over, and it is totally sordid.

On Ancient Atlantis a lot of people didn't buy all this violation pushed by Lucifer. They couldn't help it if they were influenced because an Archangel who ruled this part of the world had now come down and declared himself as God, and started up all this evil. But there were people who went out from all this violation, they were survivors and there were others who went out early as well, such as Tidal King of the Nations, and you will find him mentioned in the Scriptures, for Tidal means King of the land beneath the waters.

Now; in the books of Horus they tell of how these Atlantians migrated across N. Africa and settled over there along the Nile and its basin. It was a far more luxurious land at that time, it wasn't just a sandy spot, but this was also about eleven thousand years ago. The fact remains, the people waited, they anticipated the day would come when YAHWEH would fulfill His promise to them. They set up their worship system, worshiping the Great God of Light..Ra was the symbol of the God of Light even on the continent of Mu as well as on Atlantis. So these people waited for the revelation of the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH. And the Kings of this Ancient Egypt were called Khufu. Then you come into the first and second dynasties and here the history of later Egypt starts. It was in this later Egypt that Enoch and Job went down into this land. And thus the moment came..the Egyptians said: here are the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH..the Ka of Ra..or the Soul of Light. And as our ancestors built this Great Pyramid these people accepted it because this was the same shape of their Ancient Pyramid Temples in which they used to worship even tho the inside passage ways are different. But to them they knew this Pyramid was the symbol of Restored Life and Resurrection, that there had been no death before this great catastrophe. They said these Adamic people were the children of Osiris the Ka of Ra, or the children of Life and Resurrection. Then the better Egyptians who were not taken over by Sette and Soth and the dark occult gods worshiped Osiris Lord of Life and Resurrection which was a title they gave to the eventual embodiment of YAHWEH who would come out of His own Race and accomplish a mighty miracle and cross the River Styx to save the world. Therefore that prophecy was the prophecy of the coming of the Christ out of that race which HE had given birth to as YAHWEH in earth. He would come out of that race and die in a body, and cross the River Styx which was the death Realm into the Netherworld, come back up out of it and bring His people up out and set them free..thus His Name OSIRIS LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION. So the Pyramid was as the Temple of THE LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION in which every individual is like a living stone, the whole thing sealed together by the emblem of that, in which all the images complete the Capstone. Therefore the Pyramid is the Temple of Ra..The Temple of YAHWEH-PUTAH, this the Ancient Egyptians understood. Later Pharaohs came along and they built themselves great funeral Temples, but these were not as the Pyramid, even tho these Emperors continued to call themselves Khufu and then Pharaohs. Then one of these Pharaohs was on the throne when the Greeks came into Egypt and they called him Cheops, and this one built along side the bottom of the Pyramid...a Funeral Temple. Built it along the side of this big Temple of Giza which had been built all those long years before, but he said he wanted to be buried there...so built his funeral Temple alongside of the Pyramid.

Now; on the Pyramid itself the cartouche word of Khufu is there. This is on a layer of stone but there is no number or name. This is a title for all rulers of Egypt, and since Enoch and Job built this Temple, and later any Emperor could have cartouched it. So Cheops built his funeral temple along side of the Great Pyramid and then comes along a lot of Pyramidologists and they say...it doesn't matter who built it. But it makes all the difference in the world as to who built it. It matters as to what it was built for, and it was built as an altar..a Temple, and for a measure and for a place for the body of Adam.

This body of Adam had been carefully and skillfully preserved. And when the flood came in the upper Tarim basin, this carefully prepared, mummified body of Adam was kept in the Cave of the Treasure along with the writings of Adam and the books of Seth and the books of the Bee which were scrolls or papyrus. They were traditionally copied and kept down thru the years, and this was up in the Tarim Basin where Noah was living, and when he built the Ark he took with him on the Ark..the body of Adam and those scrolls. And after the flood then Shem took the responsibility of taking the body of Adam from that spot down into the land of Egypt. They knew that the land.. in that land they would find others of their brethren, and that a Sarcophagus had been placed in a Temple of YAHWEH to hold that body of Adam until Resurrection. This is found in Ancient Persian tradition. This is why the Shemites came down after the flood. This is where they joined again at the Temple of ON with those that had gone before them. This is when they had the second ceremony of dedication for the Temple of ON. Here again was a high communion, which the first time had been held between the two Pillars, and Enoch tells you of the first time. This is when the time came when after depositing the body of Adam in the Pyramid that they then locked it in by sealing the Pyramid. They let the plug drop down over the ascending passageway, and then sealed it on the outside with the casing stone. Then the only way to get into the Pyramid was from the Sphinx but that is another story.

The Pyramid was then never opened until Kaleb el Mamon crashed into it in the year 800 A.D., to get at the treasure that he thought was there, since there was this funeral temple on the outside.

Now; Davidson was quite an engineer, and he did lots of research on the figures and mathematics involved in the Pyramid. He also knew from the records and tradition which extended from Babylon all the way to China concerning this great Stone Mountain, and because of the antiquity of record we have concerning the Pyramid in the first and second Dynasties, he knew that this Pyramid was built before the flood.

Adam Rutherford is my good friend, and there is no inaccuracy in his measure, but in interpretation there is. He talks with some of these Egyptologists at the Museum in Egypt and they agree with him, or he agrees with them, but they will also agree with anyone while you are there. But the fact is that I believe in his sincerity, and as far as his book is concerned, he has one of the finest books ever written on chronology, it is most accurate. In many of the things concerning it he believes he has the right interpretation as to the symbolism so they have the chamber of the new birth and so forth. But as far as the symbolism is concerned it shows two things especially:..It symbolizes the Spiritual Kingdom and the literal kingdom in earth. One of them runs in straight continuity to the millennium, in the other it runs thru the course of events which the political kingdom runs thru until you get to the end time measure then you have to know the 'Sky Measure' from there on. We will take some time some night with a projected chart to show the relationship of this. We will do this some night in the auditorium in Los Angeles because there are so many people interested in it. We don't really care what it has to do with books on Pyramidology, we are interested in the Ancient Lore of the race, of things known by men, and passed on down to sons. You men don't talk about what is in a pyramid 2000 years before it is built, but when you pick up a scroll in Ancient Egypt that comes from Karnac in its lower Tomb levels, when you pick up something down here in South America that the Mayas have, that was deposited there by the Manassehites then you have history. When you discover a record of Ancient Horus and they are talking about this pyramid, then come along later and they talk about how the white race built this pyramid, and end up with things which are established in the Scriptures, then you can't come along and say..oh, this didn't happen until after the flood, or it doesn't make any difference who built it. You know as well as I do that no ignorant Egyptian who didn't have any spiritual knowledge of God's Mysteries could have put that thing together. They didn't know how it was put together, they wouldn't have known the measure to put in there, or wouldn't have had the knowledge or the Light. Those fellows..Enoch and Job were not working by guess, they had the finest blueprint in the world. They operated under an area of cognition which was a science beyond anything anyone else had ever known.

Now; Moses was a pretty smart chap...lets face it, Moses was one of the smartest boys of our race, and Moses was raised by Pharaoh's daughter, raised as the son of Pharaoh's daughter, but he was a white man, an Aryan, and first his own mother was selected to raise him, so she raised him in the tradition of his race. As he got older he went down to the city of ON to be educated further by the Pyramid builder race, the Temple builders of Wisdom. And Moses learned these things which I can show you stretched thru out the Bible in his writings. And note that Moses was famous for lots of things, for he built the great Treasure City of Memphis, and the Great Treasure chamber for Pharaoh. He was the engineer Prince..son, so call of Pharaoh, and he had Egyptians by the thousands working at building these great treasure chambers. But even tho they built these things and even built the Pyramid they didn't use the science that Enoch and Job used to lift those great 800 ton blocks of stone. They did not apply the 'Light Measure'. This Light Measure was not shown to Moses because he did not become a worker in stone, instead he was a builder of men. He became an architect, a designer, and craftsman, and could direct but he was not given the secrets of Levitation. There is a story on that also. But all those things tie in, but we go back here to this time when Moses built the Treasure cities, but the Pyramid was already there, and had been for a long, long time.

In the days when the Tower of Babel was being constructed in UR of the Chaldeas the Odes of the Tower said that the Tower would reach the sky, that it would be higher than the pinnacle erected in Egypt unto YAHWEH. So what was this Pinnacle in Egypt, it was the Pyramid already known to be in Egypt, and its Chief corner stone was understood. And their Tower was to be higher than this one in Egypt, but this was in the time period shortly after the flood. This was even before this city was called UR of the Chaldeas. But a great earthquake shook the land and brought down this great Tower. Then everyone got scared and spoke in their own language and ran for home for fear they would lose their heads. And people today think that this was when languages were changed, but there is nothing to that. Somebody thought that story up, but the fact remains that the Emperor had made a law that since people from all over were coming to work on this Tower that everyone must speak in the language of the Empire. When people come to work form other lands, and they can talk in another language, they can plot, but if they have to speak in just one language they can't plot against the country where they are working without being overheard. Always there was a danger in this for any Empire so the law was made that they must all speak in that one language so they could not plot against them. Someone said:... God was shook because they were going to build clear to the sky..No.. HE knew different, and all He had to do was shake it a little and down, down it came. But the thing is that God has a program and plan in earth and He is not going to let that plan be upset by a bunch of false Priests. No... He just gave a little shake and the earthquake came and things started to fall and people got scared and cried out in their mother tongue, and the moment that they did this they knew someone heard them, and they would re- port them for a prize, so they took off for their homes so as not to lose their life.

It says:...people were divided by their tongues into their land, or back in their own nations. But races did not start at Babel, nor did languages for they just started talking in their own languages.

QUESTION:...Does the word Levi come from the word Levitation?

ANSWER:...No..maybe to the extent that in our language there is a similarity, but in others it has another name and belongs to Pharmacuda as in Witchcraft. By the way there are no doctors around to be unhappy..but the Greek word for Witchcraft and Demon potions is Pharmacotia, and the place where it is made is the Pharmacy, and the one who deals in Witchcraft and potions is a pharmacist. Now; this has nothing to do with our modern pharmacists except as they do deal with drugs, and I will show you where the Scriptures warns against this. But this is the word in Greek for Witchcraft and sorcery, this is the original word for makers of all kinds of potions and herbs and so forth, and all these were named by the Greek word for Witchcraft. There are areas of drugs and roots which come under the word Pharmakon (Greek for Pharmaco) this is rather significant because it is the same thing as Pheuma, and Pheumatic, and we think of Pheumatic as air guns and so forth, but Pheumatic comes from unseen spirit powers, so if an unseen power of force is thought of it is Pheumatic, or air compresses and you can't see it. This then is semantics so remember there is a tie in to all semantics, especially is this interesting when you get into religions and spiritual doctrines, it is because of the interlacing of semantics. If you dare to accept anything which hasn't been accepted by Orthodoxy then oh..oh, you are way out. But then the Scripture says that some of them are to be way out anyway. The thing is, it is important to know the Truth and not be so tied or laced down until you can't know the truth because it is the Truth which sets you free. The great invisible church of YAHWEH-God, the retention of His church as a physical body, is one of the basic factors which will continue just like nations will continue.

Now; the design of Satan is to destroy the church, nation, and throne, and the program of God is to hold together church, nation and throne. Within this area as to live, to move, or to travel in which it was done supposedly by spiritual continuity is actually witchcraft, and this is called Levitation. Whether this has any connection with Levi or not...the sons of Levi of course were God's ordained spiritual masters, but they did not move by the principals of Levitation as it is referred to today by the occult which is to get out of their bodies, and roam around, and sometimes die this way. There are areas of demonology whereas people leave their bodies and travel and then come back into them. God has told his people not to do this because if they do some of them will not get back in, this does happen. This is why we have disembodied spirits of different types, and obsessing forces come out of Satanism which I don't want to get into to- night because it takes too long to discuss. When we get into these areas which shall we say..are not standardized sciences whether they are occult or positive maybe we need a little more background first.

QUESTION:...we may not be ready for it but we would like to hear.

ANSWER:...That is what I am talking about, you may not be ready for it, but people do like to try things just once. So you don't want to go up to the next point and then stop and not talk about that. There is a lot of things about to happen. The world is going to see the most terrible things that have ever happened in all history. There is a lot of people who will wash out in this, and they think they are buying security and yet they will be the ones who will have the most trouble. I tell you there is a cycle we are going into..we see these things, and there are powers we will use, and things are going to be made manifest, but never has there been anything like that which will take place in these areas ahead of us. This is why Christians must fight together, stand together, work together, to provide an interchangeable security. This will go into all channels, it will touch on food and things like this, but we will survive. They are trying to tie up all channels of food, and it doesn't make sense but this is just a dress rehearsal they are trying out.

QUESTION:...I read the other day that all the Jews are going back to Israel?

ANSWER:...Always say ISRAELI...I hope they all go, the more the better. If they would all go to Palestine today I would even be for subsidizing it. I am against government subsidies, but I'd be for a mass Jewish evacuation if they would just stay there. But if they all come back that is bad, but this is a sign that they are rushing back..that is something else.

QUESTION:...Is Pakistan the seat of the Red Dragon?

ANSWER:...No, I don't think so. Pakistan is Mohammedism and would not be the enemy of our race if it wasn't for Jewry. The area where in Pakistan lies in the Route of the Drago as he comes down thru. India is now no loss there are no Aryans in India, they have been liquidated. India still shows the impact of the Caucasian head type but in no place is it preserved except maybe in little isolated groups. The only place you find true Aryans is way back up in the Himalayas. A pocket of them was left there by Alexander the Great's soldiers (Hunza) but Pakistan and India are really a lost cause right now.

QUESTION:...The Chinese:..the orientals have the dragon as one of their emblems?

ANSWER:...Yes, because the Luciferian kingdom was established in Asia. Lucifer set his emblems of the Dragon and the Serpent over Lemuria, and much of that people migrated into Asia, and some were already in Asia. The Ancient Chin people were taken over by Lucifer, and the Chin throne then was the Dragon throne. These were descendants of the Tungus people. The Serpent is in India, and Kali is the Serpent woman. So there are two areas with the symbol of the Dragon and the Serpent. They use another symbol as well and that is Mela-Kala or the Peacock. The Chinese did not descend from anything Luciferian, but were taken over by Lucifer in his rebellion and he kept them in paganism and darkness, and under the most evil areas of Priest-craft at every turn. And Before Buddha came along they had the Great Gottmas and the Red Lamaseries, these embodiments of deities symbolically of Luciferians. These false Priests were yellow Jews (Yehudin) and they even set Buddha in place and then did all that writing about the Lotus Flower.


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