10-11-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


St. Patrick?------

ANSWER:---St. Patrick is none other than Ollam Fola who is Jeremiah. St. Patrick in latter days simply assumed the honor of an elder legend. Ollam Fola is an Hebrew term meaning a 'Crying Prophet'. And Jeremiah was the 'crying prophet'. He was always lamenting, bringing out the judgements of God because of the apostasy of the people. Now, Ollam Fola was what Jeremiah was referred as being. And when he brought Tea Tephi over to Ireland, he married her to Heremon the King of Ireland, who was of the tribe of Judah, descended of David from Jerusalem. Remember, the scripture said, never would there be a lack of someone of the house of David to sit on David's throne, the throne of Israel. And of course, the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Germanic and kindred people are the Israel of the scripture. The Jews have no part nor lot in this matter. Jesus came out completely against the Jews saying they are of their father the devil, the lusts of their father they will do. He said:--'I came down from heaven; you came up from beneath, from the netherworld.' Then of course, Christ points out that every white man on the face of the earth, descent from Adam thru Seth, is an Israelite because God said to Seth:--'thou art my Israel.' He said the same to Enoch when he was in the heavens. Thou art Israel----having ascended in that space craft with Angels who had escorted him, Enoch was reminded of things he must teach Israel in earth. This is why the book of Enoch is the instructions Enoch got while in the heavens, in the presence of God. And here he saw all of these people coming and going from out of the Universe to the Isle of the Pleiades. This constellation is seven stars with A1 Cyone the largest Isles of the Pleiades. This is the known exact center of the gravitational orbit of all the sidereal systems of the Universe. All even the Milky Way move around A1 Cyone. Now this is the planet to which Enoch went, and he described it. He tells how he went, how he was taken out into the presence of the MOST HIGH, and he tell us that here on Al Cyone was a tremendous crystal Palace. He said the crystal was as of diamonds, brilliant and radiant. He said that the crafts came and went from all over the Universe to this crystal palace. Angelic hosts met them and they carried on their trade, their business, and they worshiped the MOST HIGH GOD. Enoch tells all about this and he said that high above--it must have been a mile or so was the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. That radiant light, the color of the rainbow shown out thru the crystal walls of this palace of the MOST HIGH GOD. After Enoch was told the things he must again remember he was escorted by the Angels up thru space into the upper stratus of this palace and to the throne of YAHWEH. Here he saw Seraphims and saw the children of God coming and going thru shafts, somewhat like elevators, but they went up thru these levels of the crystal palace. The Angels however did not go up in the elevators, because they could move from the foundation floor to the presence of YAHWEH. Enoch tells about this, and in this discussion he says he comes into the presence of THE MOST HIGH and he fell on his face before YAHWEH. But he is told--stand up Enoch thou art my son, thou art My Israel who I have planted in earth, for Adam is my offspring. We have this evidence in the scripture because it uses the word Bara instead of Yastar when talking about Adam. In the seventh day God said there is no Adamite to till the soil, so He begat Adam. The word is not to create, as in the King James version, it is--bara--to bring forth, to bring forth issue, where as Yatsar is to make or to form. So the original 6th., day creation is when God made the Tungus man who we can trace for 600,000 years back in his background and genealogy. And now Dr. Leakie down in Africa can well establish the artifact of man, and now places man one and one-half million years back. So the evolutionary theory has gone to pot because they did not have man evolving from the monkey back before 500,000 years. But we now have man back so far that he is now before the monkey was placed upon the face of the earth. So the situation is that Enoch was told that Adam was the offspring of God, the Israel of God which means issue, ruling in earth. So there are many things in the book of Enoch that God was bringing back to the attention of Enoch. Remember that Enoch was in the flesh, brought there in the flesh into his presence, then sent back in the flesh to write these things explaining to his sons what their responsibility must be. They had all the great patterns once more, for He wanted them to know once again that they must conquer Lucifer in the earth, to establish his kingdom, and Enoch wrote the prophecy which deals with the tremendous date lines of scripture, this we must recognize. All the basic date lines of scripture,--all the signs of the heavens, all the sidereal patterns come out of the book of Enoch--see. This is a most significant thing, and one of the most important things, for instance --Enoch told of how the embodiment of God would come out of his household, emerge, born of a Virgin. This would be repeated later by Isaiah who said:--"A Virgin shall conceive and bear a child, and you shall call his name Immanuel----for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given ".

Now; actually God is ONE, spirit, soul and body --One God. When he begat children he begat them in his own image--or in Spirit, soul and body. You are one person just as He is One God. The idea of the trinity came out of Babylon, out of Rome, out of Catholicism and out of ancient paganism. There exists no doctrine of trinity in the scriptures. They have translated doctrines but they do not hold up when you go back and read in the Alexandrian Version, they don't hold up for God is ONE--Hear O Israel, YAHWEH thy God is ONE EL (Isa:43)--"I am YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA."--Turn inside the scripture and it says;--I am the savior, I am the Holy One of Israel and when I became embodied in human form I alone am the savior of Israel.--Again (Isa:42)--'I alone am God, beside me there is no God, no God on my right, and no God on my left. I alone am God'. Then he says; concerning the areas of the spirit--My Glory I will not give to another race, because 'I alone am God'. Therefore remember that it was Enoch who also cited that when Messiah would come--when YAHWEH would become embodied in earth then Saturn and Jupiter during the pregnancy of Mary would come together in conjunction three times. He also said a star would emerge out of Aquila, cross the heavens tot he head of Virgo and move down Virgo forming the ecliptic, move down Virgo to the womb of Virgo--bringing you to the birth of YAHSHUA (Christ).This was declared in the book of Enoch.

Now; remember that Enoch wrote his volume at a period of time which far succeed chronology which is Usshers chronology for Christ. We find that this was about 5000 B.C. when Enoch wrote this book, and the date line for Adam is 5400 B.C. In other words this is the time when Adam and Eve were put out of the Garden of Eden. 5000 B.C. is when Enoch was taken into the heavens, into the presence of God and then wrote the book which bore the prophecy.

Well a star did move out of Aquila and did cross to the head of Virgo which was forming the ecliptic, and it was at the time of the birth of Christ when this star was in the womb of Virgo. It was a great and bright star. but it was not the star that was guiding the wisemen. In fact it doesn't say that it was a star, just says a great light. So in that period of time we had a conjoining pattern of three months apart, and one of the few conjoining patterns was when Saturn and Jupiter came together.

Now; remember that Enoch also speaks about the sign of the 'Son of man' and he talks about how God would redeem his people, how his children would rise. The word Saints is translated from the Greek and means 'believing offspring' of God. The Adamic race, this white race is thus the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, this is what the scripture declares. Therefore the saints of the MOST HIGH are going to take the kingdom, possess the kingdom for ever and ever, so Daniel tells us.

The book of Ezekiel is also filled with much prophecy. It is filled with many things which have transpired. But Enoch tells you that the sing of the embodiment of God shall appear in the heavens, which is the same as the sign of 'the son of man in the heavens.' And according to the book of Matthew then when the sign of 'the son of man' appears in the heavens ye know that you are in the latter days and the Day is at hand. Well, the sign of 'the son of man in the heavens' was spoken of by Enoch because Enoch said that the wanderers shall line up across the heavens and shall be in the sign of the pouring out of God's spirit. So Aquarius is the water man, the pouring out of the heavens, t his is the sign in the Zodiac for the pouring out of My spirit.--"I will pour out my spirit upon your sons and your daughter, upon your young men and upon your old men"--and "I will pour out water upon him who is thirsty"--the latter is found in the book of Isaiah, the former in the book of Joel. Alright then the Aquarius is the water man of the heavens, and you will remember that February 4, 1962 all the planets lined up in Aquarius and right across the line on the other side of the sun. This is the first time in 12,000 years that the planets thus lined up. (and 12,000 years is an Everlasting according to ancient records.) It has only been since 5400 B.C. that the Adamic race has been here in earth. We know that Adam was driven out of the garden in 5400 B.C.--But this is the pattern and Enoch talks about the destruction of the evil forces which is tare time. And Enoch then said;--3 ½ cycles thereafter shall the earth make its revolutions and then God will take out the evil ones. This is the same thing when Jesus speaks of this pattern. The earth is the world and He gives the parable of 'the tares.' He says the evil one sowed seed, they are the children of the evil one. In the Greek they are the progeny of the wicked one, or the offspring of Satan or Lucifer. The good seed are the children of the Kingdom, they come out of the Adamic race. He does not talk about the field being the world, and people being created here, but he does talk about the children of Lucifer being sowed here and that they are 'the Tares.'

Now; children are not tares even tho they have succumbed to the doctrine of the tares, and serve idols and so forth. The Negroes themselves are not actually 'tares' either because they came in on the ships of Lucifer as axmen and swordsmen when Michael defeated Lucifer in the heavens, and cast him out into the earth. We discover in the book of Enoch that he knew this also. But the axmen and swordsmen were Negroid, and Lucifer started right in polluting things in earth. He started to mongrelize and mix every specie, every race. He even created disease germs by mixing protozoa and bacteria, by mixing and crossing he produced cultures for sickness and disease germs. And Enoch said that they mixed brews, they mixed grasses, and they let them ferment. And then they mixed thee ferment so that they might breed the sickness and the humors which beset men. When he talks about humors what he is talking about is that he mixed the protozoa and got from that viruses and germs, because there was no way for the natural body to throw off the sickness and diseases which they had not built up an immunity to. So Lucifer sowed sicknesses by witchcraft it was said. this was the stirring of the humors and so forth. Of course they were worried about the mists of the night which carried the humors or disease germs. All this goes back to Lucifer's rebellion. And it continued until the continents to the west were caught up in Satanic violations of divine law, and troubles and wars and earthquakes occurred and the ground cracked open and waters rushed into volcanic cavities. Then Lemuria sank in the west and Atlantas in the east, all these situations are referred to in the books of Enoch.

Now; remember that Enoch talked about the 3 ½ years after the line up of the planets of 1962, and this brought you up to the middle of 1965--and this was to be the beginning of 'tare time' when God would begin to take the 'tares' out of the way. And he started this time with Barney Baruch and others as they started to go. And then the massive 'tare time' will be one of the biggest extinctions of Jews ever seen--whole masses of them will be swept out of the way as the death angel marches against them. This is what 'tare time' is, and we are in the time now of 'tare time'---there is no time limit on this in scripture. We may even have it shortened for God can shorten anytime for the Elect's sake, but we are now in the beginning of 'tare time'.

Remember that when the sign of 'the son of man' appeared in the heavens that all over the world the pagans trembled and shook. They said there is tremendous foretent because of this sign. They looked for their cities to fall, and they never got this so they couldn't understand because their occult patterns portrayed this also. But the fact remains that 'tare time' and the sign of destruction ---with the sign of the 'son of man' in the heavens means that the end of the age has now come, and that their power will be shaken and broken. They misunderstood it, but still it is there, and it does tell you in the scripture that when the 'sign of the son of man' appears in the heavens that the heathen will mourn--will wail. And the Hindu of India all wailed because of this alignment in 1962. Every pagan on the face of the earth wept and wailed when they saw the line-up, of all the planets right straight across the heavens. (Now--they were not quite in a straight line on one side of the sun--could it just have been an early warning sign?-E.M.)

Now we have passed the beginning of 'tare time', and what we now have before us is the time of the culmination, the thing is that there is no question of the fact that in time the 'tares' will go. The Angels said:----'Shall we take the tares out of the world?' and Jesus said:---no let them grow together until the end, lest in rooting out the tares you hurt the wheat also. But at the end of the age, I will send my ministering spirits, and my holy Angels, and we will reap the tares out of the world.

Now; people have this rapture idea that is as phoney as a $3.00 bill. They have the phoney idea that they--the church--is going up in the air. They think the Bible teaches that there is a rapture, but the Bible does not teach the theory of rapture under any circumstances. There is no theory of rapture what so ever. There is only one verse in King James which is translated and this is:--"We who are alive and remain at the coming of the LORD---We shall not hinder those who sleep"--and this is true---and we shall be changed in the elements of our being, because we shall be enveloped with light. But there is this passage in Thessalonians which says that when the LORD comes we shall meet him in the air, and shall ever be with the LORD" So these people think that they will be raptured--taken into the air. But it doesn't say that at all--the original word utilized in the Greek is for human bodies living in an atmosphere. breathing air. In other words so shall we meet the LORD in our air breathing bodies---this is what it means. So when Christ comes we meet him here, and they have the idea that they go out to meet Him and return with him later to earth. But we are to meet him, and he gathers together his people. But the flight up into the air is not in the scriptures, they just translate it this way. And they have confused it. For in the day of the Coming of the LORD we will be changed like unto his glorious body. The dead in Christ shall rise first and they who remain, or we who remain shall be changed in the elements of our being.

So the envelopment of the wave of light which originally surrounded Adam and Eve, before the seduction, that wave of Light had a perfect immunity to all diseases, and all sicknesses, it is the element of immortality, it is what the Apostle Paul spoke about when he said:---'I don't want to die, but I do want to put on my envelope, or house from the heavens. ' He also said in Corinthians:---I know that I have a house, a tabernacle not made by hands Eternal in the heavens. This is the Celestial body begotten by the spirit of God. This is the body, his consciousness existed in, before the world was framed. After all the most important thing that the Christian should know is that every Christian in the world--every white man who is in he world today pre-existed in he spiritual plains. But after the establishment of the Adamic race --then God sent his children into earth, thru this race. We can establish this again with the book of Hebrews because again it says:---Now that the children of God are in bodies of flesh, so He took upon himself flesh like unto his kinsmen. This is what the Apostle Paul tells you in the book of Hebrews. And also in this book he said that we existed in he bosom of the Father in love, before the world was framed. But he was going to redeem all his kinsmen and is not ashamed to say he is the kinsman. In the spiritual realm which is incorruptible we knew no transgression. In fact when Lucifer rebelled against our father's kingdom, and the vastness of the Universe was ours, we looked on in amazement, and spellbound that such evil could exist. And then Michael the Archangel went out and fought for the children of god and in the book of Daniel it tells you that again Michael will appear and will fight for the children of God as he did aforetime. Again the powers of darkness will be joined with the armies of heaven, and at this time the armies of heaven will join the physical kingdom armies and the physical force as well as the spiritual forces of Lucifer shall be broken down. The Anti-Christ shall be destroyed. There is no place in scripture which says that the Anti-Christ is going to take over the kingdom. He conquers the earth, the world order but he does not conquer the kingdom order. The kingdom survives, it triumphs and it overthrows the powers of darkness.

Now; we are in about as tough a spot as we have ever been. We are about 11 days right now from the zero hour of things which are coming to pass, but the there is a zero hour which is still coming up. But Enoch did call the measures for the birth of Christ, and called the astronomic numbers for the return of Christ, or the second coming which he referred to as the embodiment of God. I think the most important thing Christians can recognize is that Jesus Christ is the YAHSHUA of the scriptures. In other words--'I YAHWEH AM THY YAHSHUA'-- I God am thy savior---beside me there is no God. I am Alpha and Omega. And Isaiah said:--unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, his name shall be called wonderful, councilor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father. So this child born was the Everlasting father which makes him all of God--Alpha and Omega.

In Revelation John beholds the revelation of Christ, and hears the great trumpet sound and he hears:---'I am the beginning and the end, I am Alpha and Omega--I AM THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. And John falls on his face before Jesus who is revealed unto him. He says:----I have the keys to death and to the grave and so forth, and here John beholds Jesus the Christ. In this instance again the situation is that the white race is the offspring of God, they are the Israel of the scriptures because they are 'MY Issue, ruling with me in earth'. God said to Enoch:--'Thou art my Israel, ' so these are important factor, and some only see part of this.

The British have seen part of this, they know that they are Ephraim, they know that they have on the walls of Buckingham Palace the list of that throne line right down to the present Queen. But they don't realize that Israel takes in all the white race. They were fighting the Germans and were mad at them but the Germans are of the house of Judah as is he Austrians. The scripture prophecies , and talks about the division between the House of Judah, and the house of Joseph, that trouble would come between them as these rascal Jews stirred up this trouble. But in the latter days---behold, Judah and Joseph shall be one stick in my hand---they shall stand together against the Anti-Christ. And probably the bet ally we have in the world right now is western Germany. Probably better prepared to assist you, or maybe Simeon Spain for Spain has 2 ½ million warriors. Two million regulars and ½ million reserves. And Franco said that army would be on call if the Soviets--communism sweeps into Europe. So we see these prophecies being literally being fulfilled, but only when you realize that the Jews are not Israel. And the Jews admit they are not Israel but still people don't believe them. They talk about the Ashkenazim, and the Sephardim --the difference in Jews and the amazing thing is that when they talk about these two types of Jews, they admit that their Rabbinical leadership is the Ashkenazim-- or Asiatic or round headed ones while the Sephardic are the more long headed ones, who come out of the Hittite civilization. So we have Sammy Gatt in the Jewish newspaper --'The Jewish voice" talking about how the Ashkenazim came from Asia and the Sephardim from the Hittite civilization, but that they are now working together so beautifully in Jerusalem. And the Jews out of Europe also are all coming together because they have something in common.

Well sure they have something in common--they all descended from Lucifer. He sowed his seed in Africa, in Asia and thru Cain into the white race. Remember when he seduced Eve--from the epistle of John it tells you that Cain is of the wicked one. Since the spirit could not cohabit with the darkness this was the loss of Celestial light. Then Adam cohabited with Lilith the consort of Lucifer and the descendants of that child help make up the great masses of India. This is also one of the reasons why you get a half cast white from the Hindu of India. When they put the Hindu in the Caucasian class that is wrong for he isn't, but Aryans did rule for some time in India, and clear up to the time of the builder of the Taj Mahal the Aryans taught the truth in India. But Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali were the pagan gods Lucifer has established as the gods of India. But remember that the Aryans came in and taught that Krishna would come, and in the religion of India then Krishna was the embodiment of God which would overthrow with a great Manavara (battle in space) the world in upheaval, and forgive all people. This is the doctrine which remains around Krishna, who is Messiah God, who will be embodied in earth and rise to great power. But it is long perverted from what the Aryans taught concerning the fact that God would be embodied and rule the world, and acknowledge his children and so forth. This did happen when the Aryans did take over India back there in time, and India did have several invasions of Aryans.

When Alexander the Great came from Greece to the Steppes of Asia, he came down thru the Himalayas into India as well as across that plain. The Greeks were of course Israelites---Pho-nicians---or Pho-Enoch as well as they had been blended of course together. And the Phoenicians were descendants of Enoch, so you see Alexander the Great was a Greek and the philosophers of Greece were his mentors, and he had these philosophers accompany him on his journeys. Plato was one of these philosophers that he was very interested in. Plato told him how the white men had been down in Africa long before, how they had been in Alexandria, Egypt where was found the great wisdom of the ages. How Pythagoras also had been down in Egypt, and how white men had taught the Egyptians, embalming, mathematics and such. These philosophers had been down in Egypt to learn and they knew that the city of On was a white city, and that it had a white priesthood. This was what Plato had taught Alexander the Great. In the book Alexander the Great by Harold Lamb we learn that Plato had taught Alexander the Great, the Macedonian conqueror. He tells about how Plato told him about Egypt, and about Atlantas, and all these things. this is why in the works of Plato that we find so much of this.

Now; the Apostle Paul was a complete student of Plato. Remember that he was also a great linguist. He was a great apostle of the church because he spoke Latin, Greek, the dialects of the Aegean Islands, German and so forth. so remember when he came to Mars Hill he was speaking to these people who even had an unknown god. He said to these people---the God who speaks unto us which certain of your own poets have said---'In him we live and breathe and have our being, for we are his offspring. (Acts: 17:28) We are the descendants of god for He is where we live and have our being. So you see the Apostle Paul was quoting Plato. I have the works of Plato and I can show you where Plato said:---- we are the offspring of God, we live and have four being in him, we need not the many gods of Olympus but we do need the great God who is our father. This is in the words of Plato who saw this, and the Apostle Paul quotes Plato.

Alexander the Great went to India and there he found the Aryans from the pre-invasions of civilization that came down out of Persia. The one alliance that Alexander the Great made was with Zoroaster of Persia. Zoroaster was a true prophet, the Persians were descendants of Enoch and Seth from the areas of the upper Mongolia, and had come all the way down to the Persian gulf. But these were Aryans and they worshiped YAH--and they believed that they were children of YAH, THIS IS WHAT ARYAN MEANS, and the Aryan Persians were white men--Adamites. The Medes and the Persians were mostly white, and the Jews hated the word Aryan because Aryans are the descendants of God, they are the white race, and the word Aryan is one of the oldest words in the HU-Man language, the commercial language of the white man. No wonder that the Germans said ---we are Aryans, we can talk about an Aryan culture which goes back this far. So we understand that one of the things Alexander the Great wouldn't do was to penetrate the great wall of China. Because beyond that wall was so many people that they would absorb the Aryans. So they did not move into the Steppes or into China, but said if these people tried to move on the Aryans then we will crush them by the thousands, so they better just stay behind their wall.

But on his way to India then Alexander the Great moved thru the area of Hunza and that is a very remarkable place. Hunza is the place where a company from Alexander's armies were trapped. This army moved with their women with them so they would not mongrelize and their women cooked for them, and were protected in their camps. So one company of these white Aryans were caught in a high valley as they tried to come down into India. The winter set in an they were trapped in this valley where the climate was fairly mild. The winter held the passes for three years and they couldn't get thru so they settled down. The main army of Alexander the Great had gone on into India and then sailed back to Greece. But the Hunza people just stayed in that valley. They were of course Caucasian people, and they had carried fruit and grains, seeds with them so they sowed their grains, their seed and some fruit grew wild there and they survived until their next harvest. Ultimately when there was contact with the outside there were no disease germs found in their valley and they were the healthiest people in the world.

But back in this situation again---after the Israelites were released by Shalmanezzar they also traveled west and some of them came into England and Ireland. They were Israelites altho they had lost their identity somewhat. This was understood by Jeremiah and by Jesus. For remember Jesus on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea had been to Britain. Remember when he came back once he went to the seat of customs and the Romans wanted to collect a custom from HIM? Well, he had a fish caught and a coin of gold was taken out of its mouth so he said---pay the custom with it. He had just returned from the land of Ephraim by way of the Mediterranean sea. Remember how the Shamah (false) Pharisee said;---see he gives tribute to Caesar. Jesus said:--look at the coin, whose face is on the coin? They said: Caesar----so Jesus said:---give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God that which is his.?

Again when the Jews were trying to kill him they said in the sixth chapter of John-----Where can he go that we can't find him? Remember that Jesus had said:----I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil?--Jesus had chosen Judas of Iscariot a Jew so as to teach Christendom a lesson thru the ages, and he points this out. After this Jesus had to walk in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill him. After this Jesus in order to escape the wrath of organized Jewry went to Galilee, he went on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea to the cities of Ephraim, and then came back. This is the second reported instance of his going to the cities of Ephraim.

You will remember that Christ built the wattle church of Glastonbury, and astounded the wise men of the Druid University of London, England, and in this instance a church was well established almost 2000 years ago at Glastonbury. Of course the Abbetry there was built around the Wattle church which was built by Christ and the young men from the Druid University who assisted him in building this chapel, but still it was called the Wattle church as in so today. Remember that the Christ was a carpenters son---yet he was also a MASTER BUILDER. And there is another factor here, the Blue Lodge of Masonry existed in London like those of the Blue Lodge of the Masters of the Rose Cross, and were never infiltrated by Jews in those times. In the days of Solomon the true mysteries of the Temple were taught in the Mystery schools of what is called Masanos or Master builders--Masons. The Apostle Paul said:---I am a Mason, a wise Master builder, a Mason, no other foundation can a Mason lay then that laid by Jesus the Christ. The record is still there of how Jesus as a young man went to the Druid University in London, and of how he astounded the High Priest at his wisdom. They said:---thou art the Master Mason, and Masonry sought to serve the Christ as he built the Wattle church of Glastonbury. This was when Jesus was still a young man before he started his ministry.

Remember that Pontius Pilot was referred to as a Spaniard because he came from Spain, but he was also a Basque, but he had traveled to Britain, under the mantle of the Roman Empire, and there he had married a British girl, then this girl died and Pontius Pilot then married the daughter of Caesar, and was made the governor of Jerusalem. He was the governor there at the time of Christ. He had reports of Jesus and his wife had been observing Jesus and beheld the miracles, the things that he did. Then when the Jews brought Jesus before Pilate then Pilate took Jesus into the back room and talked to him. Jesus said to Pilate---'You must do what is written.' Pilate said:--what is written? and Jesus said:--'It is written that I am to be crucified'. Pilate said :--I am not going to have that done. Jesus said:--'no power comes to you unless it is given to you.'

Pilate said:--don't you know that I have the power to let you go?

Jesus replied:---No, you do not, any power you have is given to you, so you do not have any other.

Pilate realized that he was going into a deep area of Masonry and he turned to Jesus and he said:--"What is truth"?

If anyone is advanced in Masonry , especially as the Light Carriers used to understand it They knew this was a key signal. So Pilate said;--what is truth? And the Gospels tell you that Jesus answered him but they do not tell you what Jesus said. However they immediately tell you that Pilate said:---'you are not guilty'---Pilate knew that here was a Master Mason, higher than he was. Pilate had entered Masonry in Britain, he wasn't going to do anything to the Christ. So he came out and he said:---'I find no fault with this man'. But the Jews screamed crucify Him, crucify Him. This again was one of the biggest areas of false Juris Prudence, the judge says 'Not guilty' but the accusers want to crucify HIM. They have enough political power to force the Judge to turn him over. But the Judge washes his hands claiming this not his responsibility. This was a fiat, he could wash his hands of any responsibility as a Judge, and turn him over to another Governor. This political power the Jews had as well as their own army under Rome, and Pilate thus was not held guilty for the crucifixion. But the earthquake at the time of the Crucifixion shook even at Rome knocking down idols, so Rome called Pilate home because they thought that Pilate had crucified God. They brought Pilate and his wife home to Rome and she said she would take her stand with 'this one' that they crucified, and she was put to death. Pilate was given the fatal cup of hemlock because they said he crucified God. Pilate said he had not done this, that he had washed his hands, and turned the act over to the Jews.

Jesus of course had told Pilate that he had to do exactly as it was written--which was that he was to be crucified, but that HE would not hold that against him. And in the Gospel of Nicodemus you have much of the conversation between Pilate and Jesus. This Gospel of Nicodemus is the fifth gospel, the greatest piece of inspiration in the world today. He tells the story of what happened. Rome did get hold of this Gospel of Nicodemus and they did deface a few little words, they did make a few changes, and this present copy of Nicodemus is from the Roman copy, however you can get one of those. I have one not a Roman copy, but you cannot get one of those today but what is touched by Rome. However I don't think it is off very much, it is pretty accurate.

But the situation is that in all these matters, it is well marked that the Jews were driven out of Ireland. Some had tried to follow Jeremiah to Ireland, this was some of the mixed multitude who in the days of Rehoboam as he came to power, had turned to the young men, the strangers in the translation, and they had advised, that if the people thought their taxes were to high, then make them like the whips of the scorpions. The Jews wanted more money so they worked on Rehoboam so this is why Israel went out in the firs place. They said--to thy horses O Israel and they left the rule of Judah and Benjamin. Remember that God had said he would leave Benjamin with Judah for David's sake.

Now; the fact remains that Ollam Fala drove the Jews (snakes) out of Ireland. And he married Tea Tephi to Herremon king of Ireland, but also of Jerusalem. And after the Jews were run out of Ireland they were not allowed back in until Roman Catholicism captured a portion of Ireland, and this is where the black Irish come from. This is a long way around-----but this is where we wanted to get to---for the Kennedy's are Black Irish, they have some Jewish blood. There are some other factors I know about also.

Now there is an alignment that I wanted to tell you about--it is for October 21--the alignment can be geophysical as well as political. But they do mark unique alignments---3 degrees anyhow. The thing is we have some startling information which came from a letter Monday, of this week. and it is from Seattle, Washington, from engineers who were flying for the forest service. It is kind of foggy up around Seattle this weak and a cloud bank was around Mt. Rainier. They couldn't see the top of the Mountain, but the Pilots fly looking over the forests and they were above the cloud bank, and they saw a plume of smoke coming out from the side of Mt. Rainier blowing north east for 25 miles. It was coming from right at the junction of the cloud bank. So they came down and notified the service that there must be a fire on Mt. Rainier because they had seen this smoke. The next morning they sent up a plain to spot the fire. Again there was fog almost to the top but there was also the smoke coming out of the fog. That night they sent out the planes and they could see the flaming fire in the fog. In the morning the fog had lifted and they found that for three thousand yards on Mt. Rainier a rift had opened up on the mountain and flowing out was lava coming down Mt. Rainier setting fire to the forest, and had produced the smoke going eastward. So they came down and reported it. The photographed it and the forest service and geologists as yet haven't told the people about it. but as the fog lifts it will be seen as there is smoke coming off the mountain. And Tacoma, Washington lies at the foot of that mountain. In other words if that thing blows then Tacoma, is right at the bottom, when Mt. Lassen blew it blew for 40 miles. If you get a blow then Tacoma and Seattle will both get the showers. But the mountain has opened up and lava is coming down the mountain. This has just happened in the last few days. We received the air mail letter Monday. So if it blows by the 21 it will be one of the cycles of the measure. I do not know why they want to keep it secret, but the government wants to keep every thing secret from a flying saucer to a mountain eruption. There is nothing in the papers, but there is an opening of almost a mile in that mountain.

The 21st., will be an important day prophetically, and we will see as to what happens, after the day is passed we can assess it. The reports say that Peace activists will cause trouble in Washington. The Peace Movement is changing tactics, they plan to become more Militant. The organizers of next months Peace march are planning to use different tactics, trying to provoke violence to force a cut back of defense operations. This works in with the plan of the President of the U.S. The reason for this is that the anti-war protests are to coincide with the design of the administration. 11310 is the number of the order prepared by the President for emergency preparedness, and he can by this tactic create a national emergency and turn over to the Attorney General of the U. S. the order which controls all transportation, all highways, all communications, freeze prices, and wages, and take over all areas of manufacturing and can by a similar program take over any plant in America. And can to the end of the emergency call out the Green Beret troops to deal and fight for the establishing of an area of emergency. So therefore in carrying out the plan the Attorney General will implement all plans---all material, or any personal will be included in the whole U.S. This was the executive order prepared by the President. The Hippies plan a move against the Pentagon with 10,000 or their Peace Movement. And the NDER happens to be meeting at the Pentagon on the 20-21, for special briefings in its leadership. This is supposed to create a national emergency and put this executive order into being. (It didn't quite work. Ha--) At the same time the protesting against the war in Viet Cong area is led by the resistant movement. And this movement happens to have thousands of these 'left wing' students in it. But an emergency planning resolution designed by the President on Oct. 11, 1966, becomes effective in the U.S. Feb. 2, 1967. And the NDER which is now in the Pentagon for training, is to implement this emergency and take over. Congressman Sites helped shape up this program, but now he is being retired and it is being taken over by the 'new dealers' and 'left wingers.'

Now, it happens that on the 21st of this month there will not be a governor of any of the states left at home in the U.S. Because they are going down to the Virgin Islands or somewhere down there, to this great governors conference. The President and the governors of all the states will be out of the U.S. on the 21st. And 300,000 hippies are going to march in Washington on the 21st. And they say they are going to take over the capital and they are going to keep it. Their march isn't called a 'sit in', but called by a very vulgar name. And they say they are going to smear all of Washington with human excrement. So the 'Underground press and others have reported this and say they are on the way to Washington D.C. They are going for this great showdown on the 21st. They say it is against all war, call it a Peace movement, and 110,000 of them are to picket the Pentagon on that day. And the Black Power groups claim that 150,000 to 200,000 Negroes will march in this great design.

Now, ---this is as 'red' as it can be. The Cuban underground has told us that there are 8,000 Russian men in the U.S. who are taking charge of the Negro revolution. They are preparing to overthrow the government and take over these United States. We have less than 300,000 actively engaged in our armed forces. And they are outside of the U.S. to a large extent. We have less than 750,000 Police officers in the U.S. counting deputies.

Now, I don't know whether this will start on the 21st, but a Black Power march will join the Hippies, the resistance march, and the anti-Vietnam march. And that Martin Luther King has put his blessing on this whole thing. But then he is a commie anyhow. The fact is that the House Un-American Activities Committee demanded the records on Martin Luther King and were turned down. they demanded that these records on King be provided them by the FBI and were turned down. Then they went to the State Department for them and were turned down. So this one Jew said:--'the records on Martin Luther King would not be released to anyone.' But another man promised to force out of the FBI these records. But Katzenbach, who was covering, said there is no record whatsoever on Martin Luther King being a communist. But he has been proved to be a total liar, for finally the Un-American Activities Committee got this record and it is proved that Martin Luther King has been found in 17 communist organizations. He went to communist schools and is doing a careful job like Ghandi is doing to stir up violence and trouble. He has sat in conferences with Rap Brown and Carmichael and all these Reds, proving that Katzenbach is a total liar. But of course, this Jew would be a liar anyhow for Jesus said they would lie, and they do. But this is the situation and this trouble is coming. This whole report points out that Red Rob, the leader here in Los Angeles, who is a Jew, also helps with the 'Free Press', and is calling on all sympathizers with the movement, calling all college students to join the movement in Washington D.C. They will be tearing up their draft cards saying they will not fight an immoral war against communism. The National Council of Churches has come out to site that a man can be a Christian and still be a communist; that we must take many things from communism because it is to our advantage. So the National Council of Churches has opened up the churches of the cities. And they are to be the sanctuaries for all draft evaders. So those who tear up their draft cards can go, and live at the church and be fed, and maintained. But all these churches belong to the National Council of Churches, and a lot of ministers in those churches are not sympathizing with the draft dodgers. But their churches are members of the N.C. of C. and are expected to go along. The L.A. Times, this week, carries the news that the churches are to be sanctuaries of the draft dodgers. It starts on the 16th and by the 21st is fully operatively. The educators, the ministers, and lay people of the churches are fully opposed to the war in Viet Nam, so says the National Council of Churches. But the article goes on to say that the National Council of Churches is joining with the synagogues of America to be sanctuaries for conscientious objectors that they will feed and house these objectors until the government gives in.

So here you have the false church doing exactly what you would expect it to do. This Bishop Pike is about as non-clerical as he can be. He resigned from his diocese in San Francisco, but did fight thru at the convention in Seattle. They overthrew the right of the Clergy to fight heresy. So they have thrown out---’trial for heresy.’ So this fellow is a nut. He has gone spiritualist as well. He has a book out on the supernatural--'From the World Beyond'. And he starts it out by saying his dead son who committed suicide because his father had taught him complete futility, is going to meet him. Pike is going to a medium and is listening to his son. He can prove there is life after death, because he has been talking to his dead son. But he is giving up all the values of the scripture. He doesn't believe in the Virgin Birth, or the atonement. Doesn't believe in any of the facets of Christianity. But they can't throw him out of the church. Well, he spoke last Sat. in San Francisco, and he had a medallion around his neck and it is the Hippie peace sign and he said:--'I want you to know that this sign is as important to me as the Christian Cross. This is the Peace sign against all war, against battling communist countries.' This is to satisfy all his demagoguery. Therefore, he calls on all the Episcopal churches to open their doors and become sanctuaries in this greatest of all anti-war movements. He anticipates that world government will take over; will reduce all nationalism. It will take over all cities and build a great new age. And he hopes that in the new age the new church will find its way because as long as man worships God, somehow, someway, then they should all be brothers.

Well, this is Anti-Christ, pure and simple. If you want evidence, then John writes unto you:--'Little children, the spirit of anti-Christ is already in the world. ' How do we know the spirit of anti-Christ? The spirit of anti-Christ will deny that Jesus is the Christ, is God come in the flesh; the same is the spirit of anti-Christ. It doesn't make any difference whether it has crept into the back door of the church, or moved into the pulpit or into the National Council of Churches, or into Catholicism or communism. Any spirit that denies that Jesus the Christ is God embodied in the flesh, is anti-Christ.

Of course, you have been warned in the Gospel of John that you are not to admit any of anti-Christ into your nation, or into your school, or into your pulpits. Do not permit them to come into your house, or say--God bless anyhow--or you will be the partaker of their evil deeds, and will lose everything you have wrought. But we have discovered we have them anyhow, for they deny the Virgin Birth and all those patterns. The churches have moved too Modernistic in many fields. And the situation is that we are beginning to lose the things we have wrought. The commies have moved into our government. There was a time when a man who was not a Christian, could never be elected President of the United States, or to any office. Now you can be most anything and get elected.

The fact remains, that we have allowed the Jews to move not only into our Supreme Court, but into all other courts as well. We have violated this law. For the Jews are absolutely anti-Christ. They hate the name of Jesus. So God tells us that we will begin to lose the things we have gained. When taxes reached 13% there was the beginning of a revolution. They taxed the tea and we said in America, that we won't pay it. The Jews, thru the House of Rothchild, began to put pressure on Britain and she began to tax, so we declared a revolution and became a nation. Now we are paying 36% tax and their confiscation is used to support the Negroes to set them up in your society. So they are moving in on you to capture by taxation what they could not get otherwise. So God said:--'If you let these people who deny my name, deny that I am come in the flesh, if you let them into your country and say--God bless anyhow--then you will lose the things you have wrought by the way now of taxation.

There is only one way out of this. As you move out to crush not only Socialism, but you recognize that every non-Christian is to be ejected from every type of office. And there is not to be a Cainanite left in the house of God. Then you have to move fast when we start. But I think we are on the verge of a great upheaval. You will see this October much activism and trouble. The Cuban underground is worried about the Chinese atom bomb and so forth. They say they will hit our West Coast if we don't get out of Viet Nam. So trouble brews.

But the good part of this is in Bolivia, where U.S. Rangers shot and killed the right-hand man of Castro. The Rangers were in Bolivia helping that country resist Castro and they are the best jungle warriors in the world. They caught about fifty of those Castro guerrillas and killed they all. When their leader was dying, he told them who he was, saying he had failed. Oh, the Rangers will probably be reprimanded by the State Department, because they have been victorious. But as we watch, these things we are reminded this is the time for these events.

How many of you saw that article about the flying object over Colorado? And the horse killed by radiation? And it was as tho the horse's brain had been surgically removed from it's head. All the insides were missing but the horse had not been opened up at all. When the scientists got there, they found the head was entirely empty as was the inside of the body, altho the horse had not been opened up at all. The upper half of the neck was real hot with radiation. First it turned pink and then black. And besides this -- next to the horse, there was a place showing a great circular object had rested on the ground. It had burned the brush down to the soil and had rested on six legs. There were five places where exhaust, like from a car, showed up. And they were hot spots, and made indentations when the vehicles took off. Police say that people saw something fly over the pasture where the horse was and when the horse didn't come in, they went to look for it. Various people, including law officials, saw this queer flying object.

Now, it doesn't matter whether the government will admit it or not. These situations do occur. As far as the horse is concerned, this happened. An air-line pilot flying over Salt Lake City, saw a circular object come by and go high into the heavens as he was coming in at dusk, and they say this object. But of course we know that there are a lot of things in the sky which the government won't admit. But we also know that Michael is also standing by and there will be a lot of unique and unusual events before this is over.

(end of message)