10-12-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:----How can we produce different races since the flood covered all the earth and everybody drowned---how can we produce different races from the sons of Noah.?

ANSWER:----Well, we are sorry but someone has given you a bum steer. The flood did not cover all the earth at that time, and all races do not come from Ham, Shem and Japhet. The pattern is quite clear---when God sent that flood it was to cover all that Upper Tarim Basin and destroy those in that place who were Luciferian mongrel offspring. They were seizing, the women of the white race and forcing them to marry with them. There every thought was evil continually, and in the original Hebrew it says that God would not permit these people to destroy his race. The translation in the King James Version is not quite accurate, when it says that God repented that he had made man---He determined that he would not permit those people to destroy man which he had begotten. In the areas of the scripture it says God warned Noah of the coming flood.

Noah was a righteous man he came out of the Seth line of the House of Adam. You can trace the genealogy from Adam thru Seth. You remember that after the seduction of Eve and the fall of the Adamic race that God drove them out of Eden and it was not until Seth was born that the Adamic Race was established as the House of God. Adam said:---I have now begotten a man in my own image, in my own likeness, of my own race. And of course the cleansing of the womb had required seven gestations according to Biblical law. Then when Seth was born then on down the line came Enoch a descendent of Seth, and you come on down to Noah who was also directly descended from Seth. And Noah had three sons who were just like he and his wife, as white as Noah was.

But in the area of the big basin where the House of Noah resided there was this big basin between the Steppes of Asia and the areas of Mesopotamia. And in this great big area there were giants, strange offspring from this mongrelization of that time.

Now; you can of course well understand that evil Satanic powers were these Priests of Baal---Baal Peop was an offspring of Lucifer, and only known as Priests of Baal, but they were Canna-Baal---the word for Priest was Canna. And since they were eaters of human flesh---they were devouring all the people that they chose. If the women did not submit to them they devoured them. Some were giants in that old land in those days. The city of Petra was also a city of Giants, they were from the same source. This can be established to this day because of the size of the dwelling places. The actual table and chairs in the city of Petra were up to 9 feet to the floor. No ordinary man ever sat at those tables.

Now; the Word eratz is one of the basic words in Hebrew for---all that country or that place. It has been erroneously translated as---all the earth. In other words it was translated as tho the flood was all over the earth, when it should have been only--all that country.

So God warned Noah that he was going to send this catastrophe upon this place. Noah was to preach to all the sons of Seth to get out of that area, to have nothing to do with these evil people, and Noah built his Ark and then all the fauna of that land passed into the Ark. The scripture says:--7 males and 7 females of all the creatures, the animals or those for food. Then two of each kind of the unclean creatures. And we can understand that this flood did not cover all the creatures, the animals on the face of the earth either. We can take zoology today and find 3 million species or slightly more on the face of the earth, and 3 million species would have required a navy larger than the British, the American navy and all merchant marines put together to have housed and fed them. So the fauna described here was of that land. Since this was in the steppes of Asia there could have been some tigers, but generally speaking there were not to many species in that high area. There were no elephants or anything like that. But there was saved a pair--male and female of all the fauna of that area, even rodents. They all made their way to the Ark and were confined in the Ark, and then Noah and his sons and their wives made their way to the ark and YAHWEH sealed the door. The message had been given to the whole area but no one else wanted in the Ark. They had laughed at Noah, and they booed Noah, but God sealed the Ark and then it started to rain.

But the pattern again is that it was not altogether rain, for the fountains of the deep were discovered as well as the belt of the heavens. Well this belt of the heavens was sort of a tight atmospheric belt that had been above the face of the earth since the days of creation. The fountains of the deep---was the fact that under the upper Tarim basin was a vast underground sea. And over this sea was a vast over-belt, a shelf of material. There was an over belt from the alluvial high ridges and it had soil enough to sustain life, some places it was 125ft. deep thru this soil where in other places it was 300ft. thru, but in some places it was only 40ft. thru of rock crush over these pillars of rock and soil which went into the underground sea. So when the fountains of the deep broke up, not only do we understand that it was raining, but a great earthquake broke up the soil and let it fall into the fountains of the deep, and the Ark was soon afloat, and people were immediately in the water. This basin was 140 miles wide and several hundred miles long, this was where the flood was in the Upper Tarim Basin.

Now; the area which was framed by the mountains was sort of like a great bow. There was great heights to the mountains around the Basin, and that let the waters run out down into Mesopotamia and eventually down into the rivers of the sea.

So we have the chronology of this time which lets us obtain the exactness of the flood. So we have the period of the flood, and its exact time. The Chinese recorded this and they talk about the great earthquake and how the great flood moved down along the Whang Ho River. Talked about how the people along the river drowned, how the crops along the river banks were ruined. Then along the western and we have the record of Ur of the Chaldea where the water came down the Euphrates river. This was before the time of Nimrod, but Ur meant a city of Chaldea. And so high did the water get at Ur that most of the buildings along the river went under water., but the buildings on the high ridges were above the flood. So we can well time this by chronology and that chronology coming out of China proves that the flood was not all over the earth. The flood did not drown every one in China. It did not move into North Africa at all. There were Egyptians in Egypt before the flood and they were still there after the flood. And Abraham was educated later by Noah who was living in the caves, and Nimrod wanted the father of Abraham to get rid of his son because of the phenomena at the time of the birth of Abrams. So Terah sent Abraham to live with Noah so he would be safe. But Nimrod was a descendent of Ham and he was then ruling in Ur of the Chaldea. This was some time after the flood, and when God told Abraham to get out of Ur because this place was going the way of mongrelization by bringing in the people of India and other places, then Abraham left Ur of the Chaldeas and went finally into Egypt with his wife and was entertained by the Pharaoh who actually fell in love with Sara and it created quite a problem for Abraham, to escape from the land with Sara there long after the flood.

Then in chapter 31 of Ezekiel we can see that the antiquity of the Egyptians is well spelled out. For Ezekiel went down to tell Pharaoh that in the days of Eden, the Egyptian Empire was quite great but the Assyrian Dynasty was so great that their race streams made their kingdom strong, and their small streams or small racial streams were in the Garden of Eden, but the Assyrian was greater. So if Ezekiel was writing about 800 B.C., and talking to the Egyptian Empire Pharaoh, and told him that Empire existed long before the flood, and also existed when Adam was put on earth 5400 BC, and now still existed, then the flood did not cover the whole earth. Thus the word Eret meant in Hebrew--all that place.

The Maya for instance talk about this but they didn't have a flood to talk about, they talked about the rising of the land, and they go back into antiquity and they talk about how the Andes mountains rose. They describe those things but then later they learned about how the Andes mountains rose. They describe those things but then later they learned something they inscribed about the flood---from the white race as they came. But there were people before the flood and after the flood of Noah's time as well. And it was Inca, Maya, Toltec and Aztec, as they come on down in this hemisphere. The Inca were pre-Adamic as were the Maya and the flood never touched North or South America or even Europe proper, but it did come down from that one area.

So we are sorry to have to inform the listener if it is a shock, but all the races did not come from Noah's three sons. Biological law still stands, you don't change this law:---"Seed having life in itself".---

--"Kind begetting like kind". It would be quite a problem trying to have a family if you didn't know whether you would get a negro or a China man out of it, but Abraham was told to get out of Ur of the Chaldeas because, they were mongrelizing the races there.

Nimrod was however a descendent of Ham and he became Emperor over Ur. But even this chastisement that came on Ham did not change his color, it was strictly a violation of divine law. Ham would not be blessed or elevated in his lifetime because of this violation of divine law. The people of Japhet---some of them were absorbed in Asia, those descendants of Japhetic line were of Gog and Magog, for the Asiatics adopted the names and built their cities accordingly. Of course one of the Cainanite lines from the high background was Meshech, and in the 38th., chapter of Ezekiel then it talks about Moscow, or Meshech the Tubal. This was actually out of some of the mongrelization of the Japhet line. But some of the Japhetic line came on down to the Persian Gulf and some like some of Seem moved on over to ancient Britain and they built Stonehenge like they had built do-ring on the Persian Gulf, and the astronomical measures found in high Burma. So we are to discover the Adamic race is the white race. One thing they recognize and understood was that they must maintain racial purity, that racial purity comes first. That racial purity was the most important thing for the continuity of a society in the mind of God.

When God sent Moses to Pharaoh he said:---you just tell Pharaoh that Israel is my son, even my first born He said the same thing in the book of "The Bee". God spoke to Seth and said:--"Thou art my Israel"---ruling with me in earth. And Enoch in his heavenly experience was taken into the heavens and then he wrote in the book of Enoch that God said:---'Tell my people, Israel they are my issue ruling in the earth. Thus there was no mongrelization at that time. There was no mongrelization of the Adamic society to amount to anything, until some of the Japhet people were taken over, and then some parts of the Ham line were taken over. But the descendent line thru Seem was well established as to where the seed line comes. It was well established when God sent Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldea, and He said:---'out of Isaac shall my seed line be called, and out of Jacob shall my seed be called, thus the Seem line was pure.

Now; we have the area of the Moabites, and areas of Moab who came from Japhet line which maintained its purity. And we had some of the daughter of the High priest out of the land of Moab then he married a pure line from the house of Adam---perhaps from the Japhet line. And also the wife of Joseph from the white Priesthood, from the days of Enoch who had established very clearly the Priesthood in Ancient Egypt.

When they went down and built the city of On, and the Temple they established this priesthood. They were a perfect line of pure posterity, having no contact with other races, they taught all the truth of God, they taught the wisdom and mysteries of God. In fact Enoch was head of one of the great schools of divine Mystery, as was Job the scientific head of the Masonic line of the fulcrum, the first of the Masons.

So we have these patterns in the 5000 B.C. time frame, but you will remember that later came Joseph the son of the house of Jacob, one of the twelve sons, he went down into Egypt and the Priests of On were still there of this white race. And there was some fear of these powerful Priests and the Pharaohs did not want to antagonize them. As the Pharaoh came who knew not Joseph they had a greater fear of the White Priesthood at On. They looked on these Priests as having strange and unusual power. And we note that Asenath was the daughter of a Priest, because of her race. Joseph became quite popular, he could show the Pharaoh the interpretations of dreams. And eventually Joseph was permitted to marry, then he married Asenath the daughter of the High Priest of On. And his two sons, Ephraim, and Manasseh from which came the Anglo-Saxons, were from this union. Remember that Jacob blessed the two sons before he died and he said:--"Let my name (Israel) be named on these two boys". Then he also said:---"In the latter days let the whole house of Israel say:---God make us as Ephraim and Manasseh."

Now; if Ephraim and Manasseh had not been pure blood lines and established clearly before God as a pure blood line then Jacob could not have passed on his blessings. So the House of Joseph is a double house, and thus we have the 13 tribes. We do not have a tribe of Joseph but his tribe has a double portion, thus two tribes.

So you say we have 13 tribes so we lost the no. 12---No Levi was given to all tribes, to be scattered among all the tribes thus we are back to our symbolic number of 12. God said he would ordain ministers of Levi forever. So Levi became the ministry for all Israel. It was one of the smaller tribes as well. Because in the earth tribes there was a monotheistic concept of God alright, because God is one, but there was several conditions of marriage. For instance if a man's brother died he would then take his brothers wife into his own household. If his brother had no children she would also become his wife and raise children for his brother's name. Well in this policy they went on to plural marriages.

But in the Priesthood of Levi the men were to only have one wife. This was more from the tradition of Israel than actually written into scriptural law. So we discover that Levi thus became the smaller tribe. When Christendom came the policy of one wife was followed. But at the creation God begat Audaum who was both male and female, and then separated them into Adam and Eve. This is what the Hebrew makes clear. We don't know why the phoney deal of the rib to make Eve was manufactured, but the King James Version and the Moffet Version decided to do this, and they probably thought it was a more simple thing to do it this way. But God made a perfect creation and then separated Adam and Eve and they were man and wife---one flesh. And from this the posterity of the Divine household was established. But the household of Levi were made the ministers and scattered among the tribes.

Now; some of the Prophets were not of Levi, but generally speaking out of Levi came the ministerial leadership of Israel. I believe that this continued true since Levi's seed is scattered thru out Israel, I Believe that God still calls Levi for Ministers. I believe those not called of God should better go out and form some social club than be pastor of a church. I do not believe that any minister who does not feel a divine calling should be a minister. He, if it is laid upon his heart by God to be a minister, then he should be a minister, but today we have to many social directors who move under strange influences, and they move into the Seminaries. But God did say:--Levi should be ministers, forever. Whether from Anglo-Saxondom or out of Germany or Scandinavian countries--still Levi was scattered in all Israel, and God still calls Levi, especially I would think this is true in the areas of spiritual wisdom. So this takes care of the questions out of the tape area.

QUESTION:---Was Jesus born in Nazareth or the city of David?

ANSWER:---Well Nazareth is not in the picture at all of his birth. He was born in Bethlehem, a city in Judea. You see Mary and Joseph were traveling to that area because the Emperor had placed a tax on the property and the people who owned property had to pay. This was sort of a surtax on each and every male of the family. So they had come to Bethlehem to pay the tax. And the story of no room in the Inn, is just a story. Zachariah was the High Priest in Bethlehem, in the local Temple and Elizabeth his wife was a cousin of Mary. Elizabeth had a child about 6 months before Mary came to Bethlehem. And yes Bethlehem is the city of David. This was a promise very dear to David. So not only was the Christ child born in the city of David, but he traces his lineage back to David also.

Yes, David called this offspring LORD,, and one of the questions placed before the puzzled administration was why did David refer to the Messiah as HIS LORD? Because Messiah existed before he was born into earth. He had been told as he wrote the Psalms all these things.

QUESTION:---Matthew 25:41---"Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, depart from me ye cursed, into everlasting fire prepare for the devil and his angels?

ANSWER:---This is the division of the left and the right, what happens in the dividing of the nations. Verse 33 says:---The sheep nations are the nations of Israel, and also they are the minority in the earth. It says:----"Fear not little flock, it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, to rule over it and rule over the earth with a rod of iron. Of course the rod of iron is a rule of force, with God's law, no monkey business here. Thus he bestowed this minority race, this household of God, on these sheep nations, he bestows on them this rule of earth by divine administration.

Now; the Goat nations are---in Asia, in China, in Africa and on the perimeter of Israel. These Goat nations are to be ruled over by devil workers, they have had Priests of darkness, and they were not men at all but devils. This is what this scripture is taking about. It is these rulers over the Goat nations who go into perdition. But the word for fire is the same for Shekinah Glory. So they are going into this Shekinah fire until every bit of error is burned out of them. This is the consigning of them into their areas of judgment. This is not like the fire of Gehenna which is where they threw the junk outside the city, it was just a dump, but even there the worm does not die either. Somehow the translators got some fire and brimstone into the Gehenna dump also but it was not in the original, there is no place for it.

The Goat nations on his left hand are actually going to be liberated by the sheep nations in the Kingdom rule. They bring an end to the rule of the forces of darkness, as they received the Kingdom rule.

QUESTION:---Revelation 8--when he broke the seventh seal there was a silence in heaven of about the space of 1/2 hour?

ANSWER:---Of course this was not 1/2 hour of our time. The hour measure is 15 years--thus this would be 7 1/2 years or days. This then goes on into the worship service---and the trumpet sounds thru catastrophes and gatherings for a purpose in Israel. The first trumpet sounded and then the next and each brought a wave of catastrophes---and the world moves under these catastrophes, altho they are not against the Kingdom, except as some of the people of the Kingdom are caught in them . These are not all fulfilled, but this 1/2 hour should signal the return of The Christ and some things will happen at that time. These will not fall on the Kingdom as God gathers his army, this hits the enemies of the kingdom. This is an overlapping chapter, for there is an angel of the bottomless pit here, and he gathers the forces against the kingdom, and the people he gathers worship devils, gold, silver, idols and they have not repented of their sorcery or evil. So this is the scum of the earth, the idolaters the brothel operators and so forth, these all are gathered against the Kingdom. This is like other parts of the book of Revelation, you can talk about things at the end, and then go back to the creation of the world and start again.

In Revelation 12 you go back before the birth of Christ and see the woman in the heavens. The book of Revelation is not necessarily written in continuity, it goes back in overlaps, to the beginning then maybe moves to the end in one chapter, but each chapter teaches areas of truth. There has been types of the soundings of the trumpets in history but not necessarily the finality of it. The final sounding of the trumpet may be within a matter of a few weeks, not years.

QUESTION:---Revelation 12 ---A New heaven and a new earth---And the lake of fire and brimstone:---?

ANSWER:---The lake of fire is Shekinah Glory, the second death is when the evil nature of all is burned up. The new heaven and a new earth---is a holy city coming down out of heaven, and it has been coming down for a long, long time, since the days of Adam, it has been spreading and growing all these years. The New Jerusalem is this new order and a new rule for earth. Then this transpires, John said he saw the heavens opened and a voice said:---behold the tabernacle of God is with men. And he will dwell with them and they shall be His people, and He will be their God. This is as God has established himself on the throne of David and is ruling the earth. Then He wipes away all the tears, there is no more death no more crying, no more pain, all those things have passed away.

In other words at the return of Christ we who are alive will be transformed in this body, and his body will then put on immortality, you can still touch it but it will be enveloped in light. It will be slightly speeded up in its areas of atomic patterns of acceleration. It will be an immortal body, that can't be destroyed, will never know death. The light of the Spirit shall surround it completely. When He comes we shall be like HIM, we shall think as He thinks and know as He knows, thus death then stops for the Adamic race. Therefore He that sat upon the throne said:---I make all things new. This "All" does not leave out anything. And John was told to write these things because they are true. HE said: "I am alpha and omega:. I will give unto him who thirsts (for truth) of the waters of the fountain of life freely. He that overcometh will inherit all things, and I shall be his God and he will be my son. But those who are the sorcerers, the idolaters, all those of evil will find their judgment in the Lake of Fire, which again is Shekinah Glory. This is the second death when their natures which were evil shall be totally burned out or purged--is totally gone--it may take an Everlasting for this, we do not know the time element on this, but when it is consummated Lucifer is again going to worship at your feet, and will have made all things new.

This is the restitution spoken of by all the Holy Prophets since the world began. This is what Peter talks about in the book of Acts.

QUESTION:---Everlasting is just a period of time?

ANSWER:---Yes, the ancient Assyrians had a word much like the Hebrew for Everlasting, they said it was 12,000 years. They would say:---from Everlasting to Everlasting until they would have a cycle of 144,000 years.

The Hebrew also seemed to operate in this way, because of the months of the year and so forth. The Apostles had a direct affinity because there ere 12 of them, and there were also 12 sons of Jacob. But an everlasting they said was 12,000 years. But we have a pattern of antiquity longer than that. In the 90th., psalm it says 'YAHWEH has been our dwelling place in all generations." I think his is a good thing for us to think on---who are we for we are the children of the Adamic race, yes, but also the children of the Father---YAHWEH of the heavens. We did not come into existence when we came to earth as the beginning of and thru the Adamic race. This was the first physical body we had, but our spiritual entities were the children of the MOST HIGH and we were worshiping YAHWEH thru out all ages. And from the hour of our birth way back there in our beginnings until now---there is thus a long period of time behind you.

Now;---God pulled down a veil of forgetfulness over you when you entered this world. You had to adapt yourself to languages, and under the fall you didn't have the fullness of the spirit which was restored after redemption. Now we have again the capacity of making contact with God's spirit as we move into our own spiritual house. Note that the scripture says:---"Thou art our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever thou had formed the world, from Everlasting to Everlasting thou hast been our dwelling place.

Alright:---Before the world was framed---Everlasting to Everlasting is from one 12,000 year to another 12,000 years, or in 12,000 cycles.

Now;--I note that with God a thousand years is as a day, then talks about our earth span as being three score years and ten. After the ravages of sin the life span came down from 900 years to 500 years, and then to 120 years, and Moses was about the last of the 120 years of life, then to restore unto us this longevity which we see has started to come, and it will end with immortality for us.

Now;--I want to point out to you that over here in the book of proverbs, where God is talking about wisdom which descends upon the sons and the daughters, one of the capacities of spirit is that the spirit has never transgressed, it is born of incorruptible seed. It was begotten of God in the heavens before we came into a physical world. Therefore we have the wisdom of God, wisdom which the spirit bestowed on men.

Now; listen (Proverbs 8:22) "The LORD possessed me in the beginning of His way, before His works of old. I was set up from Everlasting, from the beginning or when ever the earth was". So He admits that he was begotten in the beginning or before the earth was. When God then was doing His oldest work he begat His family--a divine race--offsprings. He goes on to say:-- "When there was no depth in the sea I was brought forth. When there was no fountains abounding with water, before the mountains were settled, before the hills were brought forth, while as yet He had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world. When He prepared the heavens---"I was there".

Now; the mysteries we find cropping up in the scripture concerning the mysteries of your existence as a child of God, he is Hu-man, or spirit man, begotten of the father in spiritual plain before the world was framed. This is why they Apostle Paul said that we have been already blessed with all spiritual blessings in the bosom of the Father from the beginning, or before the world was framed.

Now; in the areas of the flesh, this is the first body we have had, the first flesh body, we did not reincarnate however we did incarnate, and we are the children of this incarnation, the children of Resurrection, because this body, is so this body dies, then it shall be raised, shall become immortal. The writer of Proverbs says:---'You---God had not made the mountains, nor the fields, nor the highest of the dust of the earth, this is this sidereal system, those had not been made---but 'I was there'.

"He sat a compass upon the face of the depth when he established the clouds above and strengthened the fountains of the deep. When H gave the sea its decree as to where the waters should not pass, his commandment. Then He appointed the foundations of the earth. Then I was with HIM, and was brought up with HIM, and was daily His delight"l So here the declaration is clear, how we were raised as children of God in the household of God, the family of God. And remember this is talking about His spiritual offspring, who are now in earth as his physical offspring. Who did this creating by the way?---The one we call Jesus the Christ, who is YAHSHUA of the ages. Because turn to the book of Colossians and the Apostle Paul says:---"All things were made by him, without him was nothing made. He was before all things and by HIM was all things made. He made powers, and Principalities, all the Universe. We discover again as we talk about the advent of Christ into the world---In the book of John:----"The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. And all things were made by HIM"---"He is the Life of men"---"The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehends it not." But here was the author creator who arrived as YAHSHUA, Savior, and yet he was YAHWEH of the old Testament. So he is thus YAHWEH-YAHSHUA---creator---eternal father, the Everlasting Father (Isa:9) and we were with HIM before he created these heavens and the earth. This should give a person when he recognizes this, quite an area of enthusiasm because this last great system known as communism is not going to put out something like that---now is it?

Now; that you have been established in earth--and none of the powers of darkness or any of their conspiracies are going to triumph over the household of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, for the soul of these children of God is at least seven or eight million years old, for we have that much time recorded here in earth. We have 600,000 years on top of it. We can go to the four corners of New Mexico and go thru the Rock formation with radio carbon which is amazing because of catastrophe which it tells that developed here. But we can establish that the earth is millions of years old. But we were there---in the heavens when HE rolled this all forth. In fact even a thousand years is as a day, it is no time measure with God. In fact He speaks to Job and said:--tighten up your belt Job and stand like a man, where were you when I laid the foundations of this earth? When Job didn't remember he said:--"I will tell you--The morning stars sang together when I laid out the earth. These were leading Angels, and All the sons and daughters of God shouted for joy". So you rejoiced, you were happy when I made this solar system, when I put the sun, moon, and planets in their positions, you were rejoicing with all the rest. Job said:--I didn't realize--I guess I forgot.

Job of course was told many things. He knew that his redeemer lived, that he would stand in the latter days upon the earth. He knew that if he died, and the worms even consumed his body that yet this body would be raised, and with eyes in this body he would behold his Redeemer. This is a rather positive thing, is it not?

This is the pattern of the Eternal Children of the Kingdom. I give them Eternal Life, they never parish. I am your shepherd, I call my sheep by name, I lead them out. When the sheep recognize that they are the children of the father, they will discover how far God's Grace has treated them, and it will produce a better responsibility, and a much better life.

QUESTION:---Before this you were talking about a time of 1/2 hour?

ANSWER:---We were talking about the time element of 1/2 hour that is all.

QUESTION:---Who was saying this--who wrote Proverbs?

ANSWER:---Well it is not exactly known but most is written by King Solomon. It is in the period when he was writing under inspiration in the early years of his kingship.

QUESTION:---Why in Revelation 22:11 does it say "He who is dirty let him be dirty still?

ANSWER:---This is the climax of the end of the age. The time at hand, God is citing that this is not the time for people to change themselves. He would change them in an hour as he established and restores the structure of his kingdom. He said:---Behold I come quickly, my reward is with me to give every man according as his work shall be. Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in thru the gates of the city--the Kingdom.

Now; "I come quickly, my reward is with me." This is the reward of Christ who has an area which he set up for himself as redeemer. To give to every man not as his work has been but as his work shall be. In otherwords He is going to make a full redemption, he is going to restore all things, to make all things new. This is the reason for this passage. It is not the matter of every man trying to straighten up it is the mighty power of YAHSHUA who will straighten every hu-man according as his work shall be. This shows it is for the household of God.

QUESTION:---Where is Paradise?

ANSWER:---Well one was in the center of the earth. This was where the mountain of God, the treasure mountain was located. This was the area from which Adam and Eve were driven out of, and upon the surface of the earth. And now they could no longer go back there. And an Angel with a flaming sword kept them from going back in. God covered them with a covering of skin because after Adam and Eve lost their light they could not stand the light of the sun. Then when Jesus on the cross spoke to the thief on the cross who acknowledged Him he said:--"This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise". And the thief on the cross died, his spirit then went immediately to Paradise which was inside the earth and still protected by the Angel with the flaming sword. The Netherworld inhabitants could not enter Paradise, Lucifer could not enter it, Beelzebub the prince of the Netherworld could not get into it, and none of the sons of Adam could enter it because his redemption had not taken place. But the body of Christ died and he went down and preached to the spirits of the --or the souls of the Adamic race, and then He brought them forth out from under the control of Beelzebub and took them into Paradise, and there was the thief on the cross. And now the Adamites were with the thief in Paradise. There they waited until Christ raised his body, and then later they ascended into the heavens as Christ took this great Adamic company back into the heavens with Him, into the planes of spirit. Then the Netherworld was enlarged, because never since then has Lucifer put one spirit of this Adamic race in the Netherworld, from that day to this. So you are not saving people from going to hell today. you are saying them from preaching, from the error of their way, from their mistakes, and transgressions. But you don't save them from the Netherworld because they don't go there. The spirit returns to God who gave it. If they are begotten into this world, they came from heaven o earth, they return that way. But if they are like the Jews who are the sons of Lucifer and they come up from beneath, then Jesus said:---you are from beneath, I am from above, where I go you cannot come.

QUESTION:---Was Paradise the Garden of Eden?

ANSWER:---This is Questionable---there may have been an outer Eden, and then Paradise and Eden would have been the same, but when they were driven out on the face of the earth, they were driven into the outer area. Altho they could go out before this, they were covered with light, and radiation of glory thus an immunity to outer earths atmosphere was theirs, but they lost this outer covering of light as they cohabited with the darkness.

Now; we know much concerning the Netherworld, for Christ went down into the hollow inner earth, and came up out of it. He tells us that the day is going to come when they will be singing praises to him in the heavens above and on earth, and even down in the cavern area. There are no seas inside so there may be more land mass inside that out, possibly 2000 miles thru that area. But Admiral Byrd was looking for the entrance to it at the south Pole and at the North Pole also. And things were found in his Diary that were suppressed, so there is quite a lot to be said about the Inner earth, about the density of metals, the inner and outer core. Our world shows a weight that is not in any way related to its size, but much less than the size of the earth. Thus we must have vast cavern areas to make up for this even taking the mean and extreme patterns of earth.

QUESTION:---You mentioned some time ago about some things coming out of there?

ANSWER:---Yes, when the Watchers permit Luciferian hosts--they do come out of there, and it talks about great flying ships coming out of the earth. It is just like pulling a cork out of a bottle, they come pouring out. There is said to be a sting in their tail, they have the means to do battle, but they are unable to hurt the children of the Kingdom. But they do move out and they gather the hoards to throw them at the king of the Kingdom when he comes. But just prior to this then watcher Angels removed the cork, or their control. So apparently they have been holding in the whole hoards of these Luciferian forces. The Deero have been held inside because we do not have them on the outside as a race. Also there are areas in the writings of Enoch, and in some of the Apocrypha writings about the inner earth. The book of Revelation tells how they pour out and have to be destroyed by the children of the Kingdom. This may be why we have to have reinforcements once in a while from outside. It tells you that He sounds forth his cry from before all the forces of heaven. When Michael comes in with his heavenly hosts then the whole family of God is involved in this battle as well against the forces of darkness, and the powers of evil. This ties into the 8th chapter for there was a king who emerges who is called destruction, who was an Angel from the bottomless pit, so we don't need much of that.

QUESTION:---You mentioned that Adam and Eve were forced out--where?

ANSWER:---I can't tell you just where Adam and Eve were forced out but there are apparently different openings because we are told that He saw watchers, and the watchers are at the openings to hold the people from inner earth from coming outside. Except they come thru cycles of birth, as the sons of Lucifer.

QUESTION:---In Revelation and other places they talk about the watchers, from the four corners of the earth, could their be 4 openings?

ANSWER:---Yes this could be because the watchers are set to keep in the fallen Angels who did not keep their first estate, who mongrelized, and when they were destroyed, having lost their area of immortality when they did not keep their first estate, they took on human form, so these are locked up in the inner earth, reserved until the days of judgment, and watchers were set over them. These are again some of the phenomena of the Hosts of God who keep the devils in.

QUESTION:---When Adam was forced from Eden I understood that the Tarim plateau was Eden with the 4 heads of the river that went down into the Tarim basin.

ANSWER:---Well, they had to come out on the surface of the earth.

QUESTION:---Well the Tarim basin is to cold now for habitation, I thought maybe that was how he drove them out.

ANSWER:---No, it tells you that an Angel with a flaming sword was what drove them out. However I will tell you that the northern opening where Enoch went down into is now covered over at this time with glaciers, frozen ice, in the north. There is only a few places of continental earth, most of it is water, but the south pole--that is earth. But here was still an opening in the north according to the Patriarchs.

QUESTION:---Ezra asked about those who did not obey--those who had time and did not obey, the same must know it after death by paying. If this is true then there is punishment after death?

ANSWER:---Well, that is not so, in that it is an area of pain to be felt by the human body. Ezra isn't talking about the children of the Adamic race. God said:---"Those who still have time and did not obey". He is talking to the mixed multitude who came in and repented not of their works. Therefore they are consigned to the Netherworld with no return except by the process of rebirth. But even they will not know the punishment until the hour of Judgment. In the book of Ezra there are many things with poor translation. It may have to do with the canonization. There are areas of Ezra that do not fit with the passages of scripture that are canonized.

QUESTION:---This is just curiosity but do those UFO's

they have sighted and you have sighted do they have what looks like 'wheels within wheels?'

ANSWER:---Very much so, I have seen in the last two days UFO's which are great circling wheels, they have red lights, and yellow lights. Some have been seen with green and blue lights also. They have been seen in the east and in the west, and these seen in the last few days have a definite area of revolving on those hugh ships, this we have seen with our scope as well. They are not even denying that there are space craft up there. UCLA had put up $300,000 dollars to study these space crafts--UFO's All over the universities are putting up money to study this. Stanford University is one of the best probably. The man in charge of this research, who is working on Asteroids, and so forth when asked about this said:--these flying saucers--they have to do with the return of Jesus Christ, one of these days will understand that this is a part of the cosmic air force. One of the scientists at Stanford made this statement, in fact this statement was made just two weeks ago, as he was speaking to a group of scientists.

QUESTION:---Bet that shook a few people up?

ANSWER:---One of the patterns now---back to this earlier question---One of the patterns we have to deal with is the forces of rejection, the prophets rejected the leaders outside of Israel. After death they did not take their bodies with them, their spirits were different than the Adamic race. But in this dimension where they went they were wrong. This is Keh-ab or Kaw-ab the word translated--pain. This is the torment of the knowledge of error. This we wanted to bring out. Thus when they pass into the Netherworld they are tormented by error. This could be translated in a dozen different ways, so no telling how the church will translate it.

QUESTION:---When it says earthquakes in divers places, why divers?

ANSWER:---Because they will occur in different, or diverse places.

End of tape.