10-13-65 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Who decided that fish isn't meat, is it because the Catholic's can't eat meat on Friday's?

ANSWER:...Well, whether fish is meant is a difference of opinion, but there are lots of differences between cold blooded fish and warm blooded animals called meat, so the Catholic's have an are of authority for this. But this was a Papal ruling established under Papal authority, and they did this because they decided that Christ died on Friday, so they would abstain from eating meat. I know of no area of scripture to substantiate this, but it doesn't matter whether a man eats meat or not, or even whether a man keeps Saturday or Sunday, or Monday or Tuesday, just so he keeps it under Yahweh-Yahshua. It is not important which day he keeps, just so Christian's come together on the first day of the week, but some even think they meet on Saturday. And the Seventh Day Adventist think that they have to meet on Saturday, but that is just a fetish with them. They have lots of good teaching, but the scripture says:..'Let a man observe the day according to his own faith, and according to how he feels, just so he has the right God.' (Romans 14:5-6) This is referring to meat which had been offered to idols. We will thus share days and meat, but as far as the eating of certain meat that the Bible has instructed people not to eat, it was because it was not healthy, or because it wasn't digestible, but this isn't a criteria on whether a man has spiritual capacities or whether he is an heir to Eternal Life, for after all...the Adamic Household...All Israel...the whole race has been destined by the very purposes of God to ultimate perfection, transformed into His own image in His own time, so therefore no eating of meat is going to effect the physical condition in which he dwells in earth at this time. In otherwords, there are some things that are not good for food. However, let no man judge you by what day you keep, or what meat you eat, as far as putting a real issue on it. That is why we are not Catholic, for a lot of the things that the Catholic teach, we don't believe.

QUESTION:...Why does it say in the Bible..."Fear thy God?"

ANSWER:...The word in Hebrew for 'fear' and 'love' is the same. But it has a reverence and awe, and it is synonymous with love when that love is directed to an area of deep emotion of what one knows or understands. So where it says:.."Fear God" it means LOVE HIM IN REVERENCE AND AWE, for it isn't trying to frighten you. Another place it says:.."Perfect love casts out fear." In this instance this word is not the same root word, and it means fear as we understand it. So here if you love YAHWEH who is also YAHSHUA with a perfect love, you understand Him, and there is no fear. So these two verses are entirely different words.

QUESTION:...Who was the man at the head of the Rosicrucian, and should a person try to learn from that organization?

ANSWER:...I do not know whether this is a good subject to go into other than to tell you that the founder of the Old Wisdom School which developed into what we call the Rosicrucian today, was the man called Enoch. This school originally a school of spiritual wisdom applied to spiritual understanding of areas of existence, like the spirit, mind, and body as they are related to the occupancy of the soul consciousness in these planes. Whereas the Master Builders which was the other Wisdom School of our race was established by Job who was the first Master of this order called Masons today. And this application of spiritual law was...to the doing of things in this physical world, whether it was building a building, or the erecting of a bridge, or the building of a kingdom, or the building of an army for the protection of the Kingdom. Everything in the natural field which could be a technique was from the Masons (master builders). Everything that related to the consciousness of individuals, related to his existence in the spirit, or in the flesh was of the household of the Masters of the Rose Cross. So you see the Rose Cross, and the Masons and those who were a part of it existed even back in the days before Solomon was in the Temple, in fact clear back in the days of Job and Enoch, and then continued on down until the Christian era. And in the Christian era we find that the Jew's being unable to destroy the church by martyrdom and persecution wormed their way into the church to destroy it, and of course they went after the areas of the Mystery Schools. Their method in this was to set up competitive lodges, and then through the power of the purse later fusing their false schools with the true. Then having done this they did as they joined the Church in Rome. Then the Masonic Lodge went on from the seventh degree to all the Asiatic orders, and brought them into the Lodge. So today in the Masonic order over 50% of the rituals, the degrees are fictitious, pagan, and should never be permitted in Christian circles. Today the Rosicrucian order is divided into red companies, yellow companies, and white companies, some of them are separate orders, but they have fused so much of their fake so called Wisdom into their organization that most of the literature of the Rosicrucian today is made to..sell..to people who are trapped by their ad's such as:.."Here is the key to Wisdom and Mastery...make the world work for you, because you can become the master of your environment." There are areas of good knowledge but I would not advise anyone to join this order for it is pretty hard to find an area of this order not contaminated and untouched by pagan Asiatic doctrine woven in. This is the effect and influence of Jewry upon this order.

So you see, they have created substitution Wisdom Schools today with just little bits of the original of the Masters of the Rose Cross, or out of the original Masons or Master Builders, and they have incorporated these bits of knowledge into their Illuminati, and even though they have used the B'nai B'rith to con their way into Masonic circles, still you find this situation.

I do not want to go deeper into this subject, but I have shelves of information on this subject and if you want to study it...but this tape goes out all over the country, and lots of people belong to these orders, and since these orders were the early Wisdom Schools, there is no sense in disturbing the people who belong to them with something you don't have the time tonight to explain.

QUESTION:...Was Shem the Melchizedek that Abraham gave his tithe to?

ANSWER:...No. No. Ham, Shem, and Japhet were the three sons of Noah and all three had Patriarchal responsibilities, tho they did not all carry them out to fulfillment. The actual mutation of the Japhet line does not start with Japhet, but with his offspring later down the line. We don't see any particular mutation of the Ham line until we get down to the days of Nimrod. So when we deal with the Melchizedek order it is more than an order, because it becomes a Priesthood of THE MOST HIGH. The Mysteries of this are to be found in the Book of Hebrews. For Melchizedek was without beginning of days or an end of life...abides a Priest King continually. Now there is ONE who is Alpha and Omega, and John when meditating on the Isle of Patmos heard the trumpet and he beholds the image of the Radiance of Deity, and he hears these words:.."I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA", and John falls on his face..."I am the First, and the Last".

In Hebrews 13:8., concerning Jesus...He is the same Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The only individual embodied in human form who never had a beginning of days, and has no end of life is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, Himself. (Revelation 1:8) Therefore the Divine purposes are manifest by the fact that God Himself many times visits the earth at His own will. Of the times before Adamic earth we have no record. At the time that He begat Adam as an offspring...for Adam was an offspring, first in spirit as we all were, and then came to physical bodies thru which the celestial would enter the world...God was there. And we note that He was in earth before Adam to prepare a place where Adam was to dwell. Then he was there talking to Adam after he fell. We know that YAHWEH talked to Seth, and He talked to him visibly, but not to the point where He was embodied at that time. Then there were times when He walked the earth, and they could hear His footsteps, and then see His shadow. Then also when He spoke to Moses at Mount Sinai, remember that Moses begged to see YAHWEH, for all he could see was His halo, or an aura, or a bright light. So YAHWEH told him to get down in the rocks as the rocks would protect him to a certain extent from the tremendous energy of His countenance, and Moses got down into the rocks. But Yahweh knew that Moses was a peeper, so as He walked by He put His hand over the hole in the rock, and then Moses could look at the back of Yahweh, so here He was fully embodied. Then when He wrestled with Jacob and threw his thigh out of place, Jacob thought that he was wrestling with some kind of Angel, then found out he had wrestled with Yahweh. But when Yahweh got tired of that little game, He touched Jacob and his hip went out of joint. The fact is that there are many places in the scripture which show the embodied presence of Yahweh from time to time.

Now; the order of the Heavenlies, the Celestial beings with access to the Universe and the Sidereal Systems are called Angel's. Some of the words for Angel's were ministering spirits. They also can apply to you, for being a son of God, you can be an administering spirit, and therefore even tho you are dwelling in earth in a Christed body, you can still fall into the category of Ministering spirits. These also, can apply to you for there are words translated in both the Old and the New Testaments as Angel's, which come from the word...Ministering Spirits. Others are talking of specific beings who have specific categories like Cherub's, and Seraphim's, or Angelic hosts who occupy heaven and earth, that are not the offspring of God, but are the descendants of created hosts. We have a strange, in fact a lot of strange ideas about Angel's which come from incomplete theology, that teaches that it is impossible for multiplication of angelic orders, because they have no sex or gender. This is entirely foolish as...only those Cherub's who are around the throne to serve HIM in Spirit are without sex or gender. However, there were only so many of them and tho they had almost the same classification as an Archangel, for he was also called the Anointed Cherub that Covereth, but he did not keep his first estate, and that is his problem.

So of the vastness of the Universe, or of the increase therein...there is no end, even for the Household of God. So recognizing that sometimes God appears, and they thought they were talking to an Angel, and suddenly they realize that they were talking to Yahweh...the reason I mention this is that when God assumes an area of Priestly responsibility in the earth, embodied in His own person, this is a Melchizedek revelation. This is the Priesthood of the Eternal God, without father, without mother, without beginning of days or end of life, and abides a Priest King forever.

Now; the body of God when it came forth from the Virgin Birth, as produced by the Virgin Mary, by Divine participation and preparation is now an offspring by the process of birth. Therefore, this is the same similitude of His original being. So in the Book of Hebrews...again this being who resided...Yahshua was before Abraham, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Thus, again, was a Melchizedek Priesthood, in that this was the Patriarchal Eternal Father now residing in the flesh. The actual passage that dealt with the original Priesthood Melchizedek, said:..."He was without father, or mother, without days, or end of life....abides a Priesthood forever."

So now that He was embodied in earth, He was in similitude of His former Priesthood, but of course He had a mother, but this did not take away the fact that the body she carried had been a totally inclusive seed, prepared and developed by Yahweh to bring forth at its completion the fullness of Yahweh in body. So the body of God, existed before the foundation of the world, it was resynthesized in the body of the Virgin Mary by a miracle, and it emerges still....YAHWEH EMBODIED AS YAHSHUA, the same yesterday, today and forever.

Now; some men, with a title of Patriarchal Priesthood were in similarity to the Melchizedek Priesthood, for the Priesthood of the Patriarchal service was a father over his family, who met Abraham and to whom Abraham paid his tithe. The Bible makes this quite clear in the Book of Hebrews.

When one pays tithe to, or renders a Spiritual service to, then the lesser pays the tithe unto the greater in the escalation up to Cherub Deity. Now, Abraham was blessed of God, he was called of God to father a race, even tho he had come down thru the lineage of Adam. But out of Abraham would come Isaac, and out of Isaac shall "Thy seed be called."

Now; since Abraham was the seed from which the nations of the kingdom were to come, then in Abraham was the great House of Israel, it's people at the time have paid tithe to Shem, for the Priesthood of Shem could not have been greater than Abraham, for there was none greater than Abraham than Yahweh Himself, so that is who Abraham paid his tithe to.

Now; Enoch and Job when they had built the great city of On in Egypt, then built the foundation of the Pyramid, and were in the process of these activities when visited one day by Melchizedek here in the city of On. There between two great pillars that had been erected as an Altar, with one of the pillars representing Spiritual Law, and one representing Natural Law, came Melchizedek. The Principal of these pillars set up there was to symbolize both Spiritual Law (Rose Cross) and Natural Law...Physical Law (Master Mason Builders), and between these two pillars was this Altar. And one day as Enoch and Job and the companies of Sabeans (workers) were gathered to do homage, a stranger arrived and behind the stranger was a heavenly company, but they referred to them as men radiant with Light, and this company approached Enoch and Job. And Enoch immediately perceived that they were visited by and Angel of the Lord, and he broke out the BREAD AND THE WINE. This is the first record that we have of the giving of the communion. And when this was consummated the Egyptians having learned from the white men who this stranger was then said:..."This is Osiris the Ka of Ra, the embodied in earth as the Priest King forever, without beginning of days or end of Life, who again would dwell in earth and cross the river Styx for every man." This is to be found in Egyptian lore, it was in the Coptic Church in Ethiopia, and Egypt, and in the ancient records of Enoch, and it tells how Yahweh had broken to them the bread and the wine, and established the two areas of the schools of Wisdom to guide this race.

But Abraham met Melchizedek and what did he do? After the battle in which Abraham was miraculously spared by the storms that confused the enemy and made them destroy themselves, then Abraham emerges with wealth of all these forces of the battle. Abraham would not divide with the King of Sodom because Abraham did not want the King of Sodom to think he had made Abraham rich, for Abraham was already rich by Yahweh's blessings, and he did not want any part of this situation with the King of Sodom.

Abraham had only moved away a short distance when suddenly a great illuminated figure and a great company behind him were seen, and Abraham was said to have inquired as he approached him:.."Who art thou", and He replied:..."I am Melchizedek", which means...'Prince of Peace'. And Abraham fell before Him and he paid Him tithe and then He broke out to him and served Abraham "bread and wine"...the communion.

Now; in no place do we see the communion served except in these strange records of these instances of the embodied presence of God because before it is over Abraham paid his tithe to HE WHO IS GREATER. In the Zohar which is one of the oldest text's of what Yahweh said to man...it is recorded that Melchizedek, the Abiding Presence, embodied in the flesh, sat and break bread to Abraham, break unto Abraham, HIS BODY AND HIS BLOOD, so therefore, this could only be one personage who ultimately embodied would in time sacrifice His own body, and His blood,...who was the Passover Lamb..before the Passover, who was the fulfillment of the synthesis of His people with Him, in all He was to do. So this again identifies this as the Priesthood of Yahweh who is Yahshua as savior.

Now; by the various work of The Christ, this is among the mysteries of the Atonement. By His becoming the substitute of His own household and race, under the sentence of death (meaning only physical death) but the holding of their soul consciousness from the freedom of the Celestial world, and Celestial occupation. Yahshua paid the price of the Atonement. He bought the world and set the treasure in the world....set them free. This treasure was His own children, and doing this He eliminated all the judgments, and all the curses as far as His household is now concerned they now can stand before Him, guiltless and without judgment. Thus again the leadership of the Kingdom can in turn or in a sense say:...that having been begotten in the spirit before the world was framed, these Celestial children who have had an atonement which covers their own resurrection, and thus free's them from the law of sin and death and can now participate in the work of Yahshua, the Christ, because the spiritual center of the Kingdom today which is the awakened, illuminated, liberated church, and though the actual price has been paid for the entire race, the consciously aware church is now free, and as such are called the BODY OF CHRIST IN THE WORLD TODAY.

Now; why do they say that? Because when Yahweh was embodied in earth He was Christ--CHRISTED. The word 'Christ' has many meanings, and one is ...embodied. When spiritual children are embodied and free then we are also a CHRISTED PEOPLE, a liberated people. Now there is not one single charge that can be laid against them by Lucifer, or by any of the powers of darkness, to hold your soul captive, for Lucifer can't say that they have not measured up to perfection as of yet.

But Yahshua said:..."I paid the price, I redeemed you", thus the children were redeemed, and now are not under condemnation. He said:..."I do not condemn them, and they are destined to develop into the fullness of Glory", so therefore, they as the Body of Christ in the world today, and can carry on this ministry and through that which represents their church order, then thru the Bishops and ordained Clergy and thru all the spokesman of the church they can carry out thru the church the Aaron Priesthood. They can produce and carry out the responsibilities off the Melchizedek Priesthood, and give the sacraments which is the table set by the Father for His people. First He set it out for Enoch and Job and then for Abraham. So the Melchizedek Order is the synthesis order of the church only thru a Christed body...the body of Christ in the world today. Therefore we are His body, we are His feet, we are the fullness of the Body of God. Not one member, but many members, and one can not say:..."I am His feet, or His hands, but the full body." This is why the scripture says:...'Let there be no division, for this is one body, with many members.' (no denominations here)

Thus today the spiritual center of Yahweh's Kingdom is likened as to one body with many members. The actuality of the race from which we come is the Israel of God, the issue of God, and this issue of God produces His many sons. So God then, refers to the fact that "I am married to Israel"...symbolic as a race, but the spiritual center of MY BODY moving thru My race, doing My work, in My church, until the hour of My return.'

So under this mystery of the Melchizedek Priesthood, this is a mystery of a people who are spirit of His Spirit, Light of His Light, therefore restored and redeemed symbolically, to see full redemption in the RESURRECTION, or at the putting on of immortality. We go to the similitude of the Melchizedek Priesthood, therefore every Priest of God, every Minister ordained of God, who continues to do the things that God has instructed, such as the issuing of the sacraments, and the fulfilling of this responsibility, is heavenly transition to a physical life in a physical body, the synchronization of spirit, soul, and body. This is the Melchizedek Priesthood.

QUESTION:...Was the Pyramid on the Seal of the U.S., put there because it is the Pyramid of the Bible, or because of the Illuminati as you sometimes read?

ANSWER:...First of all, don't buy that Illuminati business. The Illuminati was a Jew designed organization to destroy and crush Christianity. To fifth column their way into all areas of the Ancient Wisdom Schools, and it was given a vast rebirth under the House of Rothchild, about the time we got our independence. They thought they we in an area where they could use their influence to gain power. You see the devil is a counterfeiter. He grabs good symbols and uses them to gain power, and utilizes them by twisting them just like he twists words. The Illuminati twisted the words:...brotherhood, fraternity, and equality, and did great damage by that method. Let the Jew's say these words and you are in trouble. There is nothing wrong with Brotherhood, or the other words, it is just who says them, and how he uses them.

The scripture tells the Christians...remember one thing you are supposed to do and that is you are to remember Brotherhood. I can show you where the Apostle Paul tells us..."Remember the brotherhood", work for the Brotherhood, but he was not talking about the enemy, he is talking about the House of God, about a solid battling defending force of the Children of God.

Now; the word equality, this is equality of the sons of Yahweh in origin and destiny, but not equality with all the forces of paganism, and all the forces that have degenerated. This is why I tell you that the Illuminati takes words and twists them and bends them. The very fact that they are trying to prove that different things are equal proves that they are different. If everything and everyone comes up with a statement that we are all the same under the skin, the moment that you skin an Adamite you already have a difference, so it just proves that they aren't the same. Black and white are not equal, it could be a matter of preference but there is no similitude. There are all kinds of differences in the black man and the white man, and then different from both is the Asiatic man, even spirits are also different.

Now; the pyramid....of course the Pyramid on the Seal of the U.S., does not look like the Great Pyramid because it has the blocks of stone, 72 blocks, and so many marks of Masonry. But the thing that marks it as an emblem of the Great Pyramid is the fact that George Washington knew all about the Great Pyramid. He knew about this before the Pyramid was opened and before they found the secret and ancient passages. For this knowledge is of the Ancient Wisdom Schools and is a knowledge of ancient Masonry. The first great Mason was Job, so don't forget that. George Washington also knew about the Sphinx and he knew the significance that has not been fully brought to light by investigation underneath it. Washington also knew other things about the Sphinx, he knew about 'The All Seeing Eye' and 'the Chief Corner Stone', and that the civilization of God's Kingdom were Living Stones simply framed together in which the Chief Corner stone seals the whole building in and makes it complete. He knew the symbolism of this race and he knew that no other foundation can any man lay but that which is laid in YAHSHUA..The Christ, the Chief Corner Stone and thus the Chief Corner Stone has to be on top of the Pyramid. This is the Apex stone, and it has to be a perfect stone with all the angles, and all the planes exactly the same, and the Chief Corner Stone has to be the image of the whole thing....complete. There is not a Chief Corner Stone in a rectangle or an square. The only building which can have a Chief Corner Stone is a pyramid. Even as the whole people make up the Body of Christ, the whole Kingdom becomes a reflection agent, and He seals the whole thing in. Therefore the Pyramid was symbolic of the fact that the only stone that could fill that caption would the Christ Himself. Only under the perfect reign of Christ could this destiny be consummated, so now we deal with this emblem on the seal.

Peter said:..."All ye who are with me are stones, simply framed together to grow into a Holy Temple unto YAHWEH."

I have all the material here and some are very ancient volumes, about the formation of the Seal, the acceptance and the measures, the things that were done, and also the discussions of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington and others who prepared this design such as engineers and engraver's, and all of them were Master Mason's, all of them participated in this knowing exactly what they were doing. Knowing that the Pyramid was the ideal symbol of the Messianic building, because it was the Temple symbol of the Kingdom of God. They knew about the ancient lore, they knew about things that related to ancient Egypt and that is the reason why, and in full knowledge of this, that they said they would adopt the Messianic symbol because America had a prophetic destiny, and here eventually would be gathered a representative number of the Children of Israel, under the outstretched wings of the Eagle. Here in America they saw that this would be:..."One out of many", and "He prospered our beginnings." These early Americans knew what they were doing and they did this wisely. They put the 'All Seeing Eye' in the capstone and surrounded it with Glory. All thru the Old Testament I can show you of your destiny, and these scriptures were used, and they were selected by these men because they understood them.

Now; there were of course forces that hated George Washington, but you can understand that. There was a Jew named Pike who wrote 'Morals and Dogma', and he emerged before the Civil War period. So there were forces in Jewry that were fighting George Washington and trying to destroy America and gain control of this country, and the order of the Masons from the beginning. The Master Builders understood these things of the Old Mystery School's and they resisted, and as long as George Washington was alive they were never able to warp the Order of the Mason's. This is the relationship of the symbol of the Pyramid to America. 72 times this covenant God made with Abraham...concerning the Kingdom. 72 times this covenant is confirmed, and there are passages of scripture to confirm this. 72 times...and there are exactly that number of stones in that Pyramid. Now these early American's knew this because they cited that as the Pyramid was the ideal symbol of the Messianic Building, and God confirmed the covenant with Abraham whose seed we are, then our Seal should confirm the prophecy.

QUESTION:...What about the Sphinx? What is under it and is there any connection under it with......

ANSWER:...I don't think I want to talk about the Sphinx tonight, it is a complicated subject, but there is a hidden temple beneath the Sphinx. There is also an underground corridor that connects the Sphinx and the Pyramid. This has a lot of connection, but we won't go into that because it would take too long. There is an Ante Chamber and a large Temple Chamber within the Sphinx. Also at one time there was a Temple between the paws of the Sphinx. Some of the Temple is still there, and this was the Temple where Mary and Joseph took the Christ Child, and it was there that they stayed under the wings of the Priest's of On until the death of Herod the King. This is why you will see on Christmas cards the picture of Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus between the paws of the Sphinx. This information is a part of the ancient lore, and there is so much of it that we won't have time to go into that tonight, as it should be done with more time. There are some interesting things relating to the Sphinx and the Pyramid, and the scale which is developed and carried out to so many thousands. When you place the pyramid and the sphinx on the map of Europe, you can get the whole picture of migration, and the King's Chamber will lap over the coronation stone in West Minster Abbey. So when laid to the scale you would be surprised at what the Sphinx shows. (also the eastern line of the apex V of the pyramid will show where the Red Sea was crossed, and Bethlehem, and the High mountains where the Garden of Eden was located.)

QUESTION:...When will you answer these questions?

ANSWER:...Well, there are so many other passages about the Bible to talk about, but for many years we were speakers for the Pyramid Club and volumes were written about the Pyramid, and 60% of all the books written about the Pyramid were fictitious. This is not to say these men did not mean to be right, but it was that they were trying to force these things to their theory, and some of these men were my friends and they sat in my library and I told them why they were off, and I told them why things weren't going to happen as they said they were, but these men could not see these things until their predictions didn't happen. So they kept changing the scale and changing the insets, always wanting things to come out right. Always they were pushing it off into the future, so of course you can never prove them wrong until that day comes. Then when they are wrong, they apologize for it, so don't get out on one of those limbs.

The measure of the Pyramid was more than just a passage measure. It was made as a sidereal calculator, like an astrolube, it not only gave us a procession of equinox's but it gave us the conjoining pattern of certain measures in the Star Bible which was given to both Noah and Enoch. Now the Star Bible is not astrology in it's total, but it is the value of the movement of the Planet's in certain positions which God made known to the Patriarch's, so they could look for certain things to happen. When certain planet's were in conjunction, in certain signs of the Zodiac with given positions, then knowing this and knowing what to look for then the Star Bible contained many things that the early wisemen of our race understood.

In looking over what the indications of these things have been then some of us have been considered foolish to do this, but we noted that with sidereal calculators we could calculate forward and backward, and I can show you how to do this. You take every great and mighty battle that effected the history of Britain or France, or any great world turning event, and you find where it has opposition...where the enemy was outside of the race and you mark that date, then go get your Pyramid calculations and you find...always...that Saturn was in opposition to Jupiter, or you will find Mar's in conjunction with Saturn if this is war. I am not trying to defend astrology, I am just going to tell you that certain things happen under certain conditions, that never happen when those things are not in the measure. So I do not say that the stars make men do anything, but I do say that there are areas of restraint and areas of energy that move thru the consciousness that these measure. Therefore my watch doesn't make the time it just tells it, and time is here whether the watch is or not. I realize that there might be some who will object to what I have said just as they are probably thinking in terms of fortune telling, but the measures were not made to tell fortunes with and they could be wrongly used in that instance. But it is also true that there are areas of affinity between people according to the date and their date time, under the scope of the fall of the race. However, under the freedom of faith men can be freed from the areas which would be indicative of the time not best for them and that they would have under the measures in the sky, but you would have to understand this law.

We point out to you that when in the Temple of Dendera they showed 612 stars marking the first and seventh magnitude illuminaries, this is all the first to seventh illuminaries you see with your eyes. Now you say...oh, but eh sky is full of stars. Yes, but we set the value of the stars by how big they look, and we see we have first to seventh magnitude stars, but they are so far away that this isn't the magnitude of their illumination...to you. So we only have 612 of these Major magnitude stars that we can see with our eyes. Now; you go down on your star map to the heavenly equator and you split it, and count along both sides and there are 306 stars of that magnitude on either side. Then you go to right angles and split it again between the summer and winter equinox and you count the blocks and now you have 153 stars in each block.

The significance of this is:....that when Lucifer seduced Eve and then Cain was born, then Yahweh said to Adam and Eve....now women shall bring forth in their conception in pain and sorrow. A transition thus had occurred in their fall, their 'light-aura' had gone off of them, a cosmic conception as originally brought forth the emerging Light taking substance and materializing didn't happen. They now had to bring forth a flesh body, and they strained and suffered in this process even like the animal kingdom did. Therefore what transpired....what happened to the Adamic race was that they fell like the beast of the field, like the Negro and the Asiatic in the production of the flesh, and thus gestation became a period of 9 months instead of the 360 days. For the original gestation period for the hu-man race was 360 days, not the shorter time of 9 months as of today. There was also a spiritual factor involved here as well, and a transition was involved. Therefore this is why the Virgin Mary was involved in a mystery conception, and this conceived thing, this being within her body was a Holy Thing...because it was the body for God, but still she developed and brought forth a physical body and thus Christ without transgression took on not the body of Angel's, but He took on a body of the seed of Abraham, the seed of Adam, so that He might be just like His Kinsmen, His brothers. Now; in this body and it being perfect, He could now redeem them all and set them free from what they had lost in this seduction of Eve, and the lost aura. The area of radiance of the aura that was lost would have preserved that body with total immortality, so this was lost immortality. Since the resurrection there is a synthesis of energy and light that could continue immortality, could develop into the perfect man.

In this instance then as we jump from 360 days, or 12 months to 9 months, then every individual which is born is short one-fourth of the orbit influences of all the synthesis of the Universe. Since we are beings that vibrate in wave lengths of electronic and light energy, and since all the fruit and vegetables that we eat, are nurtured and grow by these wave lengths from all the photosynthesis in the green carbon storage, to the processes of the color of all patterns of fruit, we, or every living substance that grows, therefore are drawing energies and vibrations from the universe around about. And therefore the distance of stars, the sun, all have their impact on growing things, and the nourishment therein. The air that you breathe and the very atoms all vibrate according to the impact of all the substances. Nothing is divorced from the impact of the universe. Nothing can escape the impact of anything that moves within it. So therefore within the growing period the nucleus, growing up from the ovum now produces the whole structure of the developing embryo. But it is three months short of all the vibrating forces that growing children would have received in perfection, and the food that the mother ate would even be 3 months short of perfection. These are supposedly the synthesis of substance which would now make for the perfect man.

Now; The Christ-Yahshua is the completer by the sheer spiritual synthesis of His being. He consummated in His atonement by paying the Divine price, and He restores back to us (in time) what we lost. So we may say that all people are short one quarter, thus are not perfect.

Therefore, there are various similitudes in people, there are some that may not always follow the categories of what may have been decided by some of the students as the natural affinities. Virgo's are analytical, and there are different classifications for people under Gemini, not because of the emblem but because all of these people grew up under the influence of this Light Vibratory track. Therefore there would be periods when they would be more effected, when the very balance of the heavens as it relates to their development, and their natal patterns of time were in question. People are very much concerned about this natal time...why? Because the natal time is important because of the nine months that precedes it. This is a law, and built within it is the expectancy of death for..."The wages of sin is death." It comes out of the background of the time element involved in the father and mother. So they expect that maybe they will live maybe three score and ten years, or 4 score, but the combination of this expectancy is passed on to the child, who also has this pattern, its the law of 'sin and death'. This is the law of the fall, this is the in-completion, this is the fear complex, this is the automatic valve that starts to shut off the subconscious mind, the functions of certain glands so that their secretions starts to slow down and the result is that they begin to age, and they do this automatically.

Some people say:...My mother or father lived to be 80 or 90 years old, so I probably will also, and then some say only 60 years but they do not realize that they have already set an automatic set up in their brain. This is what the Apostle Paul was talking about, for he had discovered all the secrets involved in this. I will show you this over here in the Book of Romans where this comes in. "The Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the Law of Sin and Death." Now; the law of sin and death is the 'judgment law' of in-completion. The completion factor is 153, whether it be in the Pyramid or whether it be at the apex, or whether it be the number of stars in one-fourth of the heavens. When Jesus wanted to prove how important man was then remember that He told His disciples to cast their net on the other side of the boat...the right side...and then they pulled the net in and it was full of fish, and then He told them to count the good fish and they counted 153 fish.

Now; 'fish' ..this is the symbol of the Kingdom moving through its ages of conflict under the spiritual guidance of the church, in which Yahshua is the completer. Therefore the sign of the fish is the sign of the 'Church and State' , of the Kingdom bearing the witness...it is the symbol..these crossed fish...of the spiritual reinstating of the Family of God.

It is therefore the mystery emblem of the church or 'The called out ones.' In those early days they used to go around with their fingers crossed as they greeted one another, and that was the emblem of the crossed fish. The Golden Fish was the emblem of the Blue Tunic's of the armies of Barabbas. The significance therefore...as having consummated the atonement, and having sent His Holy Spirit back to His children, He has completed them. And this thus brings the statement that:.."The spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death." Thus I do not have to respond to a bad day, or good days, and I do not have to let astronomical measures which show the curse of in-completion do the work of my enemies, such as to defeat me, and break me. All I have to do when I move under this sign is to bind it in the name of Yahshua, whose spirit of the Law of Life has made me free from the Law of sin and death.

When you begin to understand this do you know what happens? I get so busy, so filled with what is happening that I...and you do to...we ride right under the danger before we know it. This happens, but you are now complete, and you can whip anything. And this is the reason why some people don't know that there are some periods and some areas, and some days when it does not pay to get out of bed if you do not have some spiritual understanding. If you don't do this you just go along anyhow and stumble on it.

One hesitates to talk about some areas of spiritual law, since it was not included in the Orthodoxy of the church, and since the church has been invaded by Jewry, brought from Rome to Protestantism. Since they narrowed down their gospel to just a few simple facts and one fights the constant horizon as you expand the truth. There are many of these things...Mysteries of the Mystery School's of the Kingdom that are automatically called...false prophet, or something like that. So one is hesitant sometimes because the minds have been for 1700 to 1800 years closed to these areas of perception. But we here in the 'Latter Days' are to find that all knowledge is for us. Every little secret thing is to be revealed and knowledge shall and has been increased as it never had been before, and since we have already run the gauntlet of criticism and attacks by those who want to oppose the Kingdom, those wo do not want to accept it and as we dare to say some things that have been sealed up then they say....what difference does it make, they can't do any more than they have already done? After all, they didn't say anything good about Yahshua, and the servant should fare no better than his master, or the son, no better than his father. But the fact remains that we are in this hour when the Spiritual Wisdom of this hour is going to cause some...not all, but some to do a short work of righteousness, and after that...WILL I COME.

There is going to be a segment of people among the Kingdom who will be called out to a higher perception, to greater achievement. Not on a cloud nine like these Holy Joe's get when they think they are better than anyone else, and they can't even laugh or enjoy themselves.

This is not based on a pattern of self righteousness, for the Bible says that your self righteousness is like a pile of filthy rags. It really isn't nearly the fine silk they think they are arrayed in. But Faith, Perception, the knowledge of Yahweh-Yahshua, the desire for this makes better people anyhow. But this is the important thing, this secret can produce great miracle power. It doesn't mean we have the perfection of those Apostle's, but it means we have the Faith in those Apostle' and what they told us. It does not mean that they were always right in their thoughts, but when they did think right, my what great things they did. Nobody made greater sociological errors than Peter did when he tried to set up a great communal, and it failed. Everything about it failed, but as far as Peter's leadership in the general area, and spiritual leadership in the testimony of The Christ....he was a great man.

I point out to you that secrets will be used before you have gone through the next decade of this knowledge and there are secrets that will be used that will reverse this pattern of integration, and of course the moment that Christ returns...immediately in the twinkling of an eye, He has promised to present to Himself...a transformed, rehabilitated, reconstructed, redeemed people with not one spot, not one wrinkle. Suppose I said that if people diligently thought it, that we are already free from the law of sin and death. We can only perceive it as we perceive the danger and cover ourselves with its protection. But the Apostle Paul said:...'The Law of the Spirit of Life has made me free from the law of sin and death.' Therefore it is the Spirit in Him that raised up Yahshua from the dead that shall now quicken your mortal bodies by His Spirit, that dwells in you. This means that spiritual energies, catalyzed meditation, spiritual vision, the catalyst of energy which comes from a group such as you...thinking...is actually quickening the velocity of the neutron's moving around the nucleus of the cell substances of your body. And as it does that then it gives you immortality, and we are growing from Light unto Light, and Image unto Image, and this is where the Law of the Spirit of Life from Christ Jesus free's us from the law of sin and death, and it is working already in your body.

There is a lot of people who do not know this, they never understand this, but they might pick up a certain catalization that will help them in their areas in which we find it helping direct energy to areas of the body.

Divine healing, which is Yahweh healing a person by spiritual power, the energy is synthesized out of the receptive center of the third eye center of the brain. As this image sees the area of the body in perfect form, and channels the energy that you are constantly receiving as a receiving set in this spiritual center, you then direct it to this area where you have your ailment. And the facet's of Faith starts this energy to re-synthesize the broken down chemical composition and reassemble the atoms.

So what you can have is the God who put it all together, and it is all made out of positive and negative uses of electricity. We try to restore the body thru metabolism and food, or if we discover a break down we try to find what mineral or chemical values are lacking, or if we discover that we have a certain type of virus or germ it might be subject to a certain type of treatment, so we try to destroy it by pouring in medication. But the metabolism shows that with the proper chemicals or minerals, the body can rebuild itself. We have counter medication to deaden nerve and counteract pain until the body can rebuild itself. About 60% of most of the prescriptions you receive is just to counteract pain until the body rebuilds itself. I don't question this, I say God bless the Doctor's who found a way to let people live with less pain until the body heals itself or you die. But also, there is a higher power, it belongs to us, we can claim it, the law is here, and we can synthesize life and vitality, but you know what happens? There is an area of balance here, that requires a determination and devotion, that will be willing to discipline itself in order to gain the benefit.

This is where I better stop.

I will say this:...God is not interested in making you an aesthetic, He doesn't care how you have fun, for some of you might like to bowl and some of you go fishing and so forth. If I permitted myself to be so wrapped up in fishing that I wouldn't take time to synthesize the Wisdom of the law's of God, and things that I could learn, or if in a point in your desires of living the preeminence becomes so great that it blocks out the inner perception, and concentration in your reaching for that or this, until you get out of balance,...oh, I don't mean that you are crazy if you pass this up...for craziness is just a lack of spiritual leadership not psychiatrist's. I want to qualify this:...the neurologist and the student of brain tissue, and the process of thinking, this part of psychiatry is good, but these head shrinkers are getting us in trouble, as they are no substitution for the program of the Kingdom. You can get by these bad days, for you have the power to do it, for there is a key and the key to this is:..."Whatsoever ye bind in earth, I will bind it in heaven for you."

Now; what about nations? You can compute nations in their courses. I can compute beneficial periods for nations as well as where bad periods will occur. This is the law of spirit that frees me from what my Adamic parents lost for me. Now if you have followed this far...it will have to do for now.

QUESTION:...Would you care to commit on this coming comet, and how do they test for the meteorite showers?

ANSWER:...This comet of last September, the Japanese scientists were the first to see it. The Japanese are very meticulous observers, and they do have copies of the finest equipment we ever made. The German's, the Anglo-Saxons, and the Scandinavian's have the finest optical equipment in the world. If you gave them a medal and you wanted a duplicate and the original had a scratch on it, they wouldn't think of leaving off the scratch, and when it came back then this duplicate copy would have a scratch on it. But the Japanese are good scientist's and they did see the comet before anyone else and they flashed the news to all the major observatories. But they could not tell for the first few months where the comet was going. They had to be able to use sidereal calculators which show where the finest areas of screen ridge abrasions occur. So by April of this year they said:...'It is heading into our Solar System and then a few weeks ago they said it is coming very close to our sun, and then they said its coming into our Solar System on the 21st., of October and it will hit the sun, or will pass the sun and lash the earth with its tail. But this will depend on how far out the lashing takes place whether in where boulders are bigger than houses.

QUESTION:...Is that what was meant in your tape a while back?

ANSWER:...Well the 21st., of October is an alignment measure of great significance. Not only is the alignment there that could cause great disturbances such as earthquakes, but it is also a Jupiter-Saturn-Earth evolvement. It could involve the United States, and the Soviet Union, Red China, and Israeli. In fact it will be after this when we will get more Arab and Israeli trouble. Remember that Jews made one attack on the proper dateline against Jordan this last month, they went in on both sides and destroyed water and oil, and they tested their military strength and came back out.

This comet coming in could do two things:...if it hit the sun, we could get one of the greatest sights in the history of our race, for we have no history of any comet hitting the sun in the records of our race. But what it will do we don't know. I haven't been able to see it because of the clouds in the sky at three or four o'clock in the morning, when you would be able to spot it's tail. (as we know the comet did not come on it.)

QUESTION:...Does it speak in the scriptures any where about comets?

ANSWER:...In the Dead Sea Scroll's and in certain places, and in places in the writings of Enoch it refers to the comets, or to the 'Illuminated....Lighted sword of the Lord.' You see, the comets were called...'The Sword of the Lord', because they lashed great judgments in the Solar System and on the earth, and of course most of the troubles of the Exodus in 1486 B.C., was the final settling of the planet Venus in our Solar System, for it wasn't there before that. In all the sky maps with all the Wanderers, they were short one and it came and went but never stayed until that time. For 40 years it moved back and forth then it settled where it is today in it's orbit.

QUESTION:...What were the Sibiling Oracles of history?

ANSWER:...Oh, I know what you mean, these come out of Greek Mythology. These Oracles are tied to the Oracles of the familiar spirits whose Oracles came out of the earth. The Oracle of Delphi was one of these...someone sat in a tripod in a golden chair over one of the holes that goes down into the inner earth, or possibly into a crater, and the Oracles when seated here would prophecy and when in a trance the familiar spirits would take hold of them and then of course these prophecies were guided by familiar spirits. And the early Christian's like the Apostle Paul had to contend with these Oracles because the Satanic power tried to make a mystery of this to compete with the church, to try to say that they had supernatural wisdom and could tell what was to happen. All Greek Oracles were familiar spirit Oracles except the wisdom brought back from Alexandria, Egypt in which they referred to the prophets and they quoted Enoch and Neuclid and others, and gave us again a rebirth of Mathematics from Enoch's measure.

QUESTION:...Who originated the Talmud, or where did it come from?

ANSWER:...The Talmud is Babylonian and it came out of the world of Jewry seeking to pervert scriptures, and take over Israel's religion, like it took over Asia and other areas. So in the Talmud they copied and changed the laws, the writings, and even the prophecies. So the Talmud starts with the days of Babylon on down to the days of the Maccabees. The Jew's in the mixed multitudes who came back to Palestine with the Israelites from Babylon were still working on their Talmud. I can show you here in California that they are still working on their Talmud, the words of the Rabbi are added to the Talmud as they go along and they keep changing it. In the Talmud they say that Jesus is a devil and that the devil is god, but also in the Talmud they admit that Great Britain and America are Ephraim and Manasseh. So by the opinion of the Rabbi they acknowledge that we are Manasseh. They know that they are not whom they claim to be but they try to keep us in ignorance of whom they are while they accomplish their own destiny.

Now; remember this...the filthiest Book which shows the soul of a Jew is the Babylonian Talmud. For instance it goes thru all kinds of perversion that old men can commit with little girls as long as they aren't yet 13 years of age. I have a gold bound copy of the Talmud, one of the editions of the Babylonian Talmud. It is the filthiest and most rotten book and the Rabbinical scholars have these books, but it is alright for they are degenerate, depraved, and their minds go along with this. But these book's don't go into the hands of the general public. If some Rabbi dies and his family puts up his library for sale and they aren't oriented to the fact that this edition is to go back to the Jewish Council, then some of these books are sold.....so I have one. Booksellers who are out for a book to sell, then sells them for about $1,000.00.

This Talmud...now this was the book that they were teaching Justice Warren from. This is the book about which silly little Harry Truman, who didn't know what he was talking about, and after he had been conned into recognizing the little State of Israeli, and after they made him Grand Master of the B'nai B'rith and Masonic Lodge in Jerusalem, this is the book he was talking about when he said:...'I love the great traditions of the Jew's and the Christian's, and I read my Bible and I sit up night after night reading the Babylonian Talmud, and I enjoy it greatly.'

QUESTION:..Was Harry Truman a Jew?


QUESTION:...But isn't he awful close to one of them?

ANSWER:...No, he was in business with a Jew and he got taken. Now; I don't especially like Truman but I will tell you this:...when Truman was in business with the Jew and the business went bankrupt then Harry paid everyone off. It took him years, and of course he was a B.B. brain when it come to understanding scripture also, but he was not a Jew and he was just a misguided white man, a white captive.

Now; anyone who would fire McArthur was a B.B. brain, but then I guess he couldn't help that. You see his boss...Pendergast said:...'I can run anyone for Congress and get him elected, even my bookkeeper Harry. So he bet $10,000.00 and got Harry elected, but of course he got his money back out of Harry.

QUESTION:...But aren't the Jew's supposed to be a Divine race?

ANSWER:...Anyone who thinks the Jews will tell you that they are a Divine race hasn't had experience with the Jew's. Now the Jew's will tell you that they are a Divine race for it will con you, and that will excuse them from all that they do. For the truth go to the authority of Jesus-Yahweh who walked the earth as Yahshua. What did He say:...'I am of my father (spirit) and you are of your father.' I am thus Yahshua and you are of the devil. So there is no divinity of devil's because the Jew is a devil and Yahshua is right for He says that He knows them.


( end of this tape)