10-28-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


Question: Something about Byrd's exploration and the Innerearth?

Answer: Well, Admiral Byrd was looking for an entrance into the INNEREARTH at the South Pole. He was very curious as to this, and in one of the trips he made to the South Pole he could see under clear ice, buildings frozen over with ice, clearly frozen in the ice. They had come on this spot twice in their transversing of Antarctica. What would happen to them is that they would get caught in a huge snow storm and they couldn't find the spot again unless the snow would melt or blow away in drifts. But they knew that there was at one time a civilization at the South Pole which is now covered with ice. This is one of the things our expedition was involved with, and Byrd himself had written a tremendous notebook, which is about to be published, and we know some of his material because he discussed it at the Explorers Club about seeing these stone buildings under the ice. And about how they intended to go back to this spot, and try to find this place where the shifting storms had covered them, but they thought they knew within a few miles of where it was, but there was no vegetation or anything to mark the spot. It was not close enough to any high mountains to use the peaks for markers to pin point the place. Of course he was looking for the entrance in the south polar region, to the Innerearth.

Now; there was main areas down there covered with perpetual vapor and mist, and vapors arise all the time. This means that there is warm air coming out of the earth at all times. Birds fly out of openings down there, and fresh twigs and some leaves of plants are scattered around on the ice. Byrd knew more about this than that but this even has its value because in the book of Job there is reference to the entrance to inner-earth, and how God closed over the entrances in the north, and about the frozen gates with their covering of ice, which was supposed to be a bottling in. (Job 38)

Now; Norwegian scientists sailed over a great rim, a gravity factor, and what they called the great arc. I have the volumes of these Norwegian scientists here, and they tell of sailing inside the cup of the earth and back up and out. So Byrd was one of those who believed there was a large opening at either end of the earth, and they thought that at times these could be covered over.

Now; in the book of Enoch he tells of how he sailed over the opening of the north, how messengers came for him from the MOST HIGH, how he locked up his house and told his children goodbye, how he flew up over the ends of the earth, and how the watchers took him into the opening of the earth where he saw Paradise, which was once the mountain of God. He flew into the Netherworld which Lucifer controlled, and there he saw where Adam had been driven out upon the face of the earth. He tells about going into the inner earth, then coming up out of there and going out through the solar system. This is in the book of Enoch, almost every book of Enoch tells about this inner earth, as to what he saw.

Now; the book of Nicodemus has much about the inner earth in it also. How Christ stormed the gates of the Netherworld, and how he liberated all the souls of Adam's race held waiting for their Messiah. How HE took his many sons captive and took them into the dimension of spirit. Thus from the time of the Resurrection there has never been a hold on any of the Celestial, soul consciousness, spirits of the Adamic race for this is the household of God. This was one of Lucifer's powers, given, to hold in the Netherworld, the grave being the entrance into it, these captives, in his hands. But now after His Resurrection, Sheol or Hades was enlarged. The entrance thus to Hades being the grave. In the Old Testament it was Sheol, the grave, and today modern translators for the Baptist, or Episcopalians and of course in Rome because they wanted to, they translated Sheol as HELL. When the Apostle Paul was writing to the Greeks he was talking about the grave, about death, and he talked about the Netherworld because the Greeks knew this was where Lucifer did abide. Where he had his administering spirits and so forth. So in order to get this across to the Greeks, then Paul used the word Hades, and this was the Netherworld. But the only draw back or problem when they try to translate ideas and theologies into languages is that they run into different interpretations and variations. For the Greeks, Hades had two levels. One level for the demonic powers defeated by Jupiter and the gods in the top of Mt. Olympus. They kept the Titans which were the unassimilatable offspring, from the mongrelization of the demon gods who intermingled with earth, and produced the Titans who served the Netherworld gods. So therefore the Gods of Mt. Olympus consigned these Titans and Monsters to a Sub-Netherworld or a chamber of gloom as it was called, a sub-world. And there were powerful Angelic hosts said to be watching over them. But that these powerful Titans had tremendous influence because they were the direct descendants of Lucifer. They had oracle wisdom, so in the upper levels of the Netherworld they had separate groups of beings, and here they were keepers of spirits, in Greek Mythology. And here such oracles of the various pagan temples such as Apollo and Artemis were found. In this area of Greece there were volcanic tubes which came from some of these extinct volcanoes, not extinct to the point but what fumes came out of them, but the Apostle Paul talks about one of the oracles, and that they would set tripods over these openings into the volcanoes and set this seat hanging from those tripods, hanging with golden chains would be some of oracles like Apollo, Artemis, and I can show you ancient pictures, plates. But here they would sit suspended like Mediums and voices would speak to them.

Well, as they held the Titans, in Greek Mythology, they held them because they were so dangerous, they used powers of the gods of Mt. Olympus in their strange strategy, strange theology to hold these more deadly of the crossed demon gods in their place. Yet the demon gods were compelled to answer the questions of those who had the favor of the holders or Watchers. This is Greek Mythology, theology an they would make them answer the questions, and they would divine all kinds of things. Thus they would have these messages through these oracles, and the word oracle comes from Greek, meaning messages from familiar and ministering spirits. In other words the word oracle meant secret voice, it falls into the same category with Witchcraft, and Spiritualism, and operation of familiar spirits.

Thus Hades of Greek Mythology said that the Olympian gods kept the watchers who had a terrible stream of fire, which was like a flame from inside of a volcano, and they controlled these rivers of fire which supposedly flowed deep inside the earth. So if they had people who were real bad they would haul them off to the Netherworld and drop them into the streams of fire, and this was supposed to consume everything but their consciousness of existence. So they would just know they were in fire and burning but they could never get out. This was strictly Hades, see. And this doctrine as a part of the fear doctrine of ancient Babylon by which these Priests of Baal used this to threaten all these people of the world, that if they did not serve Baal, then their spirits would be plucked up and put in long sliding chambers which could plunge them into the Netherworld streams of fire. If they started down this route they had to appeal to the various degrees of theology in ancient Babylon to get them out, so they had an intermediate state which they could get in, and this was called the estate in which their consciousness was suspended, and it would all depend on how much religious life was conducted on the outside, through these Baal Priests as to whether or not they switched on down the road and came out of the semi-conscious state which was called Limbar, the same as the Catholic Limbo. And the state in between was called purgatory in Catholicism, and it is this suspended state ancient Baalism. In otherwords this is all the Devils lies from the beginning. By starting everybody down this chute the Priests could exhort more money from the relatives. So this is how Baal financed their operation because no one wanted to end up in a place where everything was burned, and then find out that all they had left was this consciousness, and this consciousness would burn forever unless someone would ante up enough money to bring them back up out.

This is ancient Baal religion, was way back in the days when Babylon was at its peak. In the days when they had men like Daniel and these others as prisoners, and this was why they had employed the Vestal Virgins. So all the false religions of the world had various

parts of ancient Baalism, or Luciferianism to hold everyone bondage. And the only thing is that in those days the Devils themselves who wanted you to worship in their Baal religion punished people who did not come through.

As they transferred this into Greek Mythology and Romanism, as they transferred part of this over then only the gods who could intervene were powerful one like Jupiter. Because only Jupiter with the Romans and Zeus with the Greeks had the power or the clout to intervene. This was the God who was the most powerful, and He had the Shepherds staff, and sometimes the club in his hand, this they got from their Zodiac.

So when the Apostle Paul wanted to write to these people about the fact that Christ had conquered the Netherworld and the power of Lucifer which held in bondage the spirits of men as the power of this world, then the Apostle Paul used this word Hades. Immediately the Greeks transferred all of the meaning of the word Hades over to the Netherworld, and then this was transferred into Rome also. So that today the things referred to as flaming hells and perdition and so forth come from that source. But it doesn't make sense in Christian theology because what would the Devil be doing down there, after he had won people over, after they had disobeyed God, then why would he be giving them a bad time? In other words if Lucifer is trying to gather people, take them away from the LORD, then there is no point in him taking them down there and torturing them. It wasn't even right when he held the whole earth, and this was his phoney deal he put over in holding people. But today Rome took hold of this idea in the 2nd or 3rd century because the Jews who were unable to destroy the Christian Church then joined the one in Rome which was the most powerful church in the south, and they had by now set up their control center in Venice and were operating out of there. They bought their way into the Christian Church and at once started to change the doctrine, so Christianity ended up with all this inner earth as a flaming torture chamber, with devils and demons stoking the fires, and people thrown in. Rome ended up with one of these deals where as a person was in a temporary state until they could see what the status of the family was like, so they had them go into limbo. Then they pass out of this into purgatory, and then they start sliding down this long chute unless enough prayers are said, and enough money is handed over to pick them up out of purgatory. And if there is enough in that last purse then you can get them up to the heavenly gates, where St. Peter will then take them in. But how they handle the gymnastics of this is never clearly told. The finest of theologians of Catholicism was St. Augustine and St. Thomas of Aquina and these men are the great ones of theology, I have their volumes but they also get caught up and twisted in this. But this is no problem because the Priests explain these things to the masses, and other than telling them what a terrible deal this is, they just slide them on in the flames so you can't get them out unless the whole family ante up enough money to get someone back up out of hell, and get them on the slide and then shoot them up into limbo, and then kick off into the other route. One of them was a Spanish Prince who was supposed to supply the weight of a Chapel in gold, in order to get his son back up out of the flames, and I guess they got him out.

So in other words the Bible does talk about an inner world, there is a place there, and it is pretty large. There is more land surface inside the earth then there is on the outside because 2/3, or 3/4 of the outside is covered with water, depending on the tides, and inside

there are no seas like this, and no streams rise up off the inner earth, but we have much in the scripture about this place. We have the story of how Christ went down into the inner earth and preached unto the spirits of the Adamites in bondage, and then took them out of there.

In the ancient books of Adam and Eve it tells about how Adam and Eve were driven out upon the surface of the earth. But that there was a Paradise, a Mountain of God in the inner earth. Where as they could come out upon the surface of the earth, and could come and go, they had a covering of Light so that they could come and go into the sunlight outside, but when they lost this covering of Light they couldn't come out on the surface and stand the attacks of the radiation of the outer world. And for this cause God gave them a covering of skin, and so forth. All of this was in the ancient doctrines, and someone always says, but are they true? Well, I can tell you that they have the evidence of great antiquity criss-crossing all through the ancient records of theology, I find all these things crisscrossed all through the scriptures, and there is no doubt in my mind that there is an inner earth, and that there is openings which God said he had closed with Watchers set over them. And that there were times when certain of these openings would be opened. And I do know that there are areas, sub-areas of darkness in which the book of Jude tells us, there are areas where these mongrel offspring, the Angels who did not keep their first estate had intermingled with daughters of men. And had set up these terrible catastrophes even some of them in the pre-Adamic world, and then in the Adamic world in an attempt to mongrelize the world. Here in the book of Jude it says they have been set in a special place until the day of Judgement. And we still turn to the book of Jude for this, but all these things and more were things that Byrd had studied, and he knew that there was supposed to be an entrance at the South Pole. He was always looking for this entrance. The South Pole was supposed to have a land entrance, where as there was a cold land entrance at the North Pole, but the seas were also a part of the entrance in the north before the shift in the axis.

Now; therefore Angels who kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgement of the great day (Jude 6). And the chains under darkness, this is the sub-level referred to in Greek Mythology. So almost all Greek Mythology has some elementary foundation in antediluvian experience of beings in the Universe. And of course we today are so sophisticated that we don't buy anything unless we have seen it. But you take people, whole areas of them who live, go through their lives never understanding the spiritual forces which exist, the species, the factors, the influences, they know nothing about it. And this is not a sign of literacy, this is actually an area illiteracy because they have never come in contact with it. Yet such Universities as Cambridge and Oxford are well aware of some of these mysteries of the ancient past, and they have whole volumes dealing with witchcraft, and beings, and things which happened. They have found it so woven through out all literature, through out history, and through out all the religions of the world, and they have recorded what they found.

Thus, we find if you want to get into the proper levels of this that Lucifer's forces were assigned into the inner earth, except those seed begotten into the world, and who go through the cycles of return, plus races which went under the bondage of Lucifer, and had no longer access to Celestial plains, so they went through a process in their theology called, cycles of return. So the Netherworld became the headquarters of those cycling souls under Luciferian bondage. All except the Adamic race. Because we were of His Spirit and Life of His Life, then the spirits of the Adamic race were held in bondage until the atonement. But the moment the atonement was consummated, the spirits returned immediately unto the place from whence they came with the soul resident in it, the soul consciousness. Thus to be absent from this body is to be present with THE LORD. The Apostle Paul knew that the resurrection had been consummated where in Adam all men die, but in Christ all men are made alive. And their spirits now have full access back to The Father. That you can't add to the atonement, or take away from it therefore he said: to be absent from this body didn't mean that his soul would be in bondage, but it meant that his spirit would return to His Father. So under this instance the Apostle Paul had the problem of trying to get across to the various branches of our race this fact, when we through our environment and through out our problems have been involved in our thinking with all the traditional religions, we have come in contact, and semantics and everything else that is involved, so Paul would find some of the race in Greece and some in Scandinavia, and in Britain and elsewhere, and each would have a certain area of theology. For we have been involved in different things through out the migrations, and he would have to find a way to reach in to each group so as to awaken their understanding. They would be talking about the same experience in inner earth, because no one goes down there and comes back out, and tells about what went on, so all they had was traditional records. Or they had to threaten the people concerning the Priests of darkness, and the Luciferian forces, for a purpose. The only place you find anything positive about this is when Christ went down, and then brought out the captives. And then in the book of Nicodemus as to the experiences which were in the records of the early church which told of how these people waited down there for the message that Christ was born on earth. And now in this area where the sons of Adam were, they knew that now they would not have to remain in the world, but could return to the Celestial plain. They knew that they would soon be delivered.

Beelzebub was the keeper of the Netherworld, the keeper of mens souls. He could not come in that area and torture them, but there was this area where those of, or because of their violation of Divine Law, and because of their lack of spiritual responsibility were more subject to the pressure of the torment and the mental anguish, thus the Luciferian forces kept giving them all the pressure that they could through their areas of mental anguish and fears. Thus could operate because there were tormenting demons who could torment souls of men. But such men like Adam and others, and then David would speak to those people and stir them, and this was of an antimated Celestial being inside the inner earth, in their soul consciousness. They could not get out, but were bound here, and of course time was weighing heavy on them, as they were waiting for deliverance. At the time of Christ's Resurrection we are told that Hell was afterward enlarged, or Lucifer had the whole of the inner earth for all the sons of God were gone, and the gulf which used to separate this area was now removed, except for the one area which Lucifer could not get into called "The Mount of God" and the inner Paradise. This is still there with the reservation that the Luciferian forces cannot touch. There was also areas inside the inner earth which had a civilization, this was made up of people who served Lucifer before his fall, and of course were under him in all times during and after his fall. They take instructions from him, they used to come out upon the face of the earth, and there were routes in and out. They knew where to avoid the areas of heat. This idea that the middle of the earth is molten is discarded by all geology anymore, because areas are hot and areas are cold. Some places at great depth it is hot and in some places cold. This depends on whether there is lots of mercury or chemical makeups of the earth, and the pressure of the weight of the earth, the centrifical makeup force equalizing great pressures and weight causing various chemical reactions. So you can have some areas hot and some cold, and the ancients used to know there were systems which you could pass through, and there was places where they could not go. For instance most of the Incas disappeared into the cavern systems of the inner earth. This is known as one of the mysteries out of South America. As to how the High Incas and all of that Priesthood, that was the occult Priesthood disappeared into the earth. In the days of Schafer mysteries which were redone and published by Palmer, the receptive pattern of this is always phoney, but they talked about the Deero people who dwelt in the Inner earth, and how they had routes to the outside, and would come and go. Thus we have elementals capable of residing under different conditions. In other words you have small people called Gnomes, and Dwarfs, and there is one negative and the other just neutral. And others are dwellers in the waters who were the Silts, and the Sephaim which dwelt in the darkness. Then you have the dwellers in the air, and water dwellers called Nymphs, and then you had Fairies which were supposed to be dwellers in the air, and Sprites who were supposed to be ministering air spirits. They also had Salamanders, dwellers in the fire, and they could dwell in the fire itself, and on the other side of the picture are the Seraphim which God said were capable of dwelling in the fire. They can live in the midst of the flames even in the sun. Oh, you say but that is a blazing hydrogen ball, but it is only the outside which is blazing hydrogen, there is a whole planet there. But heat had nothing to be feared for the Seraphims for they are just as much at home in the fire as you are in this atmosphere. And as far as your spirit is concerned I can tell you this, temperature doesn't bother it one bit. So when they tell you that you can go to hell, there isn't any type of fire you can write about that we know as flames or fire like we used to think was Hades and so forth, that would bother your spirit because the spirit isn't bothered by heat or cold, it is existent in the dimension of Light. It could maybe be tortured having to go through strange colors of Light, because there is a possibility that in the violet of the spectrum on that end is what they call the torture realm of Light. There is the same thing on the other end to, but the spirit is so synthesized since it is made up out of all this light, being the Light which proceeds forth from the Father, he being before all things, and all Celestial plains are made out of Light and Light synthesis therefore the spirit has much protection.

The physical dominion of all the Universe created is made of electronics, so Light and Electricity are what everything is made out of. The only thing between this is thought and then you can translate this into Light or electricity. And this which solidifies it is the retention of memory in the soul consciousness of being. So we have spirit, thought and elements in what we call creation. So you are thus spirit, soul and body, and so also is God. In this instance then we have some of the physics of the sidereal systems and the creation, and when we talk about these things we discover that the power which binds and controls the universe, when they come out of the Celestial consciousness whether they merely are the idea operations in the physical senses, still idea rules the Universe. Knowledge, wisdom, idea, and greater and lesser degrees in the realm of thought or consciousness controls everything which exists. Therefore the source of positive and righteous though synthesizing and creating energy and vision is the INTELLECT OF GOD. We because we are His children, begotten in His Spirit also exist spiritually within the frame work of the same great synthesis of the Light Intelligence.

Now; there is no intelligence above the LIFE OF GOD, so the spirit is the highest of all orders. Intelligence has within it in its inner consciousness a higher level of synthesizing consciousness than anything in the Universe. The physical consciousness has to work through the consciousness of chemical metabolism and instrumentation with the many amps of electricity through the nervous system, this gives you the physical brain. In other words the brain operating through the senses produces consciousness in a physical environment of an electronic Universe. So this brain can record consciousness, the soul consciousness being the resident ego in the body, and can translate this into conscious patterns of thought in a physical brain which stores them in electrons. But the spiritual vision which also remains with a child of God, dwelling in a physical body, can bring through to that soul consciousness anything which has been known to it since the days it was begotten of the Father in the eons of yesterday. Plus the fact that since we are spirit of his spirit, it is totally possible for God to transfer any area of conscious wisdom to the spirit, for the illumination of the conscious knowledge or desire that you wanted to know before you even became a spiritual entity in an Eternal begetting of the household of the Father. All spirits are not of the same age either, even though made out of substance which is Eternal. All Spirits did not come through a consistency as a light being at the same time, because God begat his household, his people through out the course of time. And we are told over in the book of Isaiah that of the Increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end. Even though he tells us that the begetting of his household shall be like the sands of the seashore and the stars in the heavens, even though you see how many stars there are, how many trillion suns, we aren't going to be overcrowded even if we only have one son of God for every one of those out there, would we? Actually we would almost get lonely out there without another son to talk to. So if we had one son for every grain of sand we would have about the same number.

When Mr. Milikin was talking about the grains of sand and the calculator they had, he said; If we were to take one grain of sand and multiply this by the density of the earth we would end up with about the same number of grains of sand as there are sidereal systems in the Universe. Well, that is a staggering thing, and we can't hardly think of that, but how many grains of sand are there in just a handful. But there is layer after layer of the Universe, and the comparison to the density of the earth is staggering. But when the scripture tell us that the increase of his Kingdom shall be of no end, then they can never out number us. Something else, we also must remember is that the creations of God is vast, and that this earth is just a tiny spot compared to the average, visible luminary we see in the sky. Of course, we don't see much further than our own sun, but there exists being who can dwell in any conditions and environment anywhere in the Universe.

Now; this was the difference between the Dwarf as we know it, and the Gnome of the Luciferian host which rebelled. This being of the Luciferian hosts, the Gnome was of a wave length in his own being whereas he could dwell in the solid. In other words when we think of a solid we think of a mass such as a mountain, and unless there is a tunnel through it you can't go through, but a Gnome could go through because of his acceleration point which is different than any physical body walking on the solid, and could be one with the wave length of the mass through which he traveled. So he just passed through as though it wasn't there. This is of course something which can be done with a little knowledge of how to accelerate and deaccelerate the wave lengths of the body. Because The Christ could bring these to a colonial level, and in instantaneous measure, then to the same pattern of the density of the substance such as a wall, he could walk through the wall as though it wasn't there. He was a man (physically) just like you are, but he had not forgotten anything where as you have forgotten much.

The scripture tells us that since the children of God are embodies in the flesh then He took a body like you had, even coming into this world by physical birth, just as you entered, by birth. He came to call you his family, Kinsmen. In this instance it says that he was tempted with all of the feelings of infirmities, his body was subject to everything your body was subject to, and he didn't protect himself particularly because He could feel hunger and feel pain. He could be crucified and know its agony, he could know in his physical consciousness the loneliness which comes when people would forsake Him, when they should have stood with Him. He could feel all the set things, but still retain His Divine nature in all this attitude. He could be God because He was God, and yet He could fully experience all the physical reactions that men could feel, and could find solace with the attitude of perfection of His humanity, as the fullness of Divinity dwelling within.

What I want to point out to you is that He still had a physical body not surrounded with physical aura of immortality. He took that off for you because if He hadn't taken that off He never could have been crucified. Never could He have felt the things which you feel. When you finally put on the aura which is yours which is still there now to a degree as it is catalyzing and growing, but when this has been accomplished, when mortal has put back on immortality, this developing function of Light and aura will make you just like Christ after his Resurrection. You will note that even though He did not carry the transfiguration of Glory which comes across from Celestial plains, so as for this very suffering of death, for which He came, still He is not separate from His inner consciousness, any of the wisdom, knowledge and self energy powers necessary for control. He knew how to so change the temperature of the atmosphere from the inner consciousness of his mind that He could still the wind and the waves. The way to stop a storm is to neutralize the temperature of the atoms of the atmosphere and the molecules until they are not ascending with the heat and causing a great draft. Because it is the rising and falling atmospheric temperatures that cause the great winds to blow. So He stilled the winds and the waves by neutralizing the range of temperatures, in his own mind, when He said: "Peace be still". Had neutralized totally the temperature of the atom, of material in the whole cycle of the storm, and the winds actually stopped.

Now; He had this power, and he hadn't for gotten how to use it, and you also have this power, but you don't know how to use it. He could stop a funeral procession, and immediately as the Master of Life and Death, immediately restore life, call the spirit back, raise this son and restore him to the mother, and change that whole funeral procession to one of rejoicing. He could do this because He was Commander of all the elements, and could even command the spirit to come back. In this instance he could resynthesize, and area of tissue which had broken down. He could restore perfect balance, and all the processes of the body. He did this and thus miracles were manifested. He could do this because of the power of His mind, for He the creator could balance all the molecular masses, all the granular pattern for any of these things which were subject to Him. Because when He looked at something he knew what needed to be adjusted, and he did these things. Thus there are miracles, and it was a miracle that so much dynamics could exist in one individual but this was THE FULLNESS OF YAHWEH DWELLING BODILY. And you are the sons and daughters of HIM also dwelling bodily. And whether you know it or not it is the CHRIST in you which is your hope for such radiant Glory and power, ultimately to be revealed in you, for which you have been predestinated for this purpose.

Fortunately we are arriving at such a climatic period in history, that this will soon be made manifest upon those who constitute God's household. However in watching this we note that Christ on several occasions used the power He possessed because if he had not used this power they would have stoned Him ahead of the Crucifixion. They even had these rocks down in the Treasury building, and they were going to stone HIM to death. Jesus couldn't let them do this because this would have been ahead of time, and all the measures thus not fulfilled. They wouldn't have been able to seize Him, and give their false testimony by false witnesses, and call for His death by Crucifixion. So just about the time they were ready to start throwing stones they couldn't see HIM. They knew the doors were locked and there was thick walls in this treasury building under the Temple so they looked everywhere but where was HE? They thought, no, He may become invisible but he can't get out of here. But that was no problem for YAHWEH-YAHSHUA for he just passed through the walls.

Now; the word Gnome was used because it is that which can dwell in the solids or pass through substance. So there were spiritual forms who counteracted the Elementals. The Innerearth held certain bondage limitations for spirits who had not kept their first estate. So remember these who kept not their first estate had lost their Aura, and were in the dark spectrum with no light illumination, and they couldn't get out of this prison. Out on the surface of the earth they could do a lot of demon things, and evil destructive things, but they had no creative force. Lucifer and his hosts could dwell in the upper straits (of the Netherworld) and Lucifer could come and go, and his ministering fallen Angels with him, but they had lost their creative, genius, still they retain their destructive form, they thus mutate, they abuse, but they do not liberate. They suppress consciousness but they don't make it exuberant. Therefore they go through all areas of substitution to produce false status of exhilaration. They can do this in the natural senses but are never able to make the soul consciousness exuberant in itself. This they cannot do, only the Spirit can release joy. Lucifer cannot create joy, he can only cause an area of temporary pleasure, but never is there an area in his realm which produces satisfaction in the consciousness.

Actually this is quite a subject when you get into it, probably one of the men who was probably more of a student of everything on this subject was Commander Byrd. Because Commander Byrd got into the study about the inner earth, and because he believed so thoroughly in this, thus he looked for it. He knew that there were birds flying out of some very warm area down there with thousands of miles all around them of ice and snow. He knew there had to be some area from whence they came carrying these pieces of grass and twigs. He also knew there were those cities frozen in the ice, for he had seen them. He also knew that as he died they might not ever publish the full Byrd biography which the Byrd family hold, however I am certain that there are areas of science which want to suppress what they cannot control. But all the scientists in the world don't sit here and argue away what I have just been telling you because there isn't any way for them to get into the areas of spiritual knowledge even as it relates to the entity of people unless they accept these patterns of facts, and the evidences of them. And the background knowledge of people through out the ages, even though they come on evidence of various facets of it. The more we go into the areas of physics, the more we are experimenting in the light dimensions of measure, the more they develop sonar and radar, the more they discover things coming on radar screens and showing up on light measures, crossing, which they cannot explain. In other words ships go by, people walk through dimensions where there is not supposed to be any, but they show up on screens of our laboratories, in our higher electronic developments of today. And they are not from anything around, they are not peoples of earth. And we have positive evidence today in electronic laboratories, especially in radar and sonar and extra areas of operation, so we are picking up objects which cannot be seen by the naked eye. There are things which are solid in their form but are not in the wave length of which we are. This has reached a point where they have put a certain curtain over this and said: no discussion in any report, when this report is made it goes into archives and sealed because our tender brains are not supposed to be able to comprehend this. But I tell you what is going on, and Materialism is shook, they have come up against things they cannot explain. There is only one explanation for it, so Lucifer tries to explain this, thus binds people to the slavery of his suppression. It is high time that the Clergy probe into the mysteries so as to make clear unto the people of the Kingdom which we are a part of, but not triumphant over, but also in other areas of every sphere and every plain, from the furtherest sun of the Universe to the area we live in, explain this to the people of the Kingdom. This is a more multiple plain surrounding us again than we have any idea of. The all powerful synthesis of it held together by the all powerful gather who has established all the patterns of law, and all are subject to it.

Question: How do you explain what William Blessing says as to the cities of the sky?

Answer: You are asking me to explain what Blessing says? Let me say this, I like Blessing, he is a little guy with one of the biggest imaginations I know of. I believe that about 25 to 30 percent of the things he writes about he has a clue on, but he is tied up with this occult stuff, and he is full of Shastaitis, and that is a special sort of mental operation.

Question: So are there no cities in the sky?

Answer: Oh, there are not only cities in the sky, there is whole sidereal systems filled with people. As far as that is concerned there is out there in the Pleaides, one echelon that is formed out of sheer hard carbon, the most brilliant, most beautiful, and these structures of hard carbon, you would call diamonds, but they are crystal palaces. The beauty of it the synthesis of it is described by Enoch, and talked about by the Apostle Paul, and there is no doubt about this great platform in the sky. We call it a platform but it is just a great carbon mass. Of course there are other materials in it but this is an island in space, in the Pleaides.

Now; there is not only one, but I know of another right now going round the earth at the equator. I wouldn't begin to estimate its size, however I do not have the complete facts on it, but I do know it is there. And at first when they thought that it was an asteroid going around the earth. But it isn't, for once it showed that it was a mechanical operation, for it came up over New York City, and then a short time ago it moved over Sidney, Australia, and they were shook when they saw it. When an object on an equatorial course gets off its course and moves off somewhere then many get shook. This is evidently some outpost station that God set up there ages ago. Maybe it is what the scriptures are talking about as it says we are always under the observation of He who sits upon the circle of the earth. (Isa:4:22) God looks down upon the inhabitants of the earth as grasshoppers, but there has always been someone up there looking after things. So when you get through with this then the idea of cities in the sky is not crazy.

Question: But I wanted you to explain Blessing's idea?

Answer: I thought I just explained, and there are cities on the ocean floor also but those are Rephaim cities, and the Rephaim are dwellers of the depth. They were not mortals when their cities sank, when catastrophes enveloped those continents, as they proceeded to mongrelize with every evil set up, and those continents are thus water bound. In fact there are those beings which became water bound, and are given temporary respite, so that they could dwell until their liberation, even change in their beings and so forth. This is found in ancient manuscripts and known in the Zohar and so forth. For instance the Dolphins were a race of people, and are still a race of people, but will not receive their liberation back into human form until the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH take back control of the earth, until the Kingdom of God comes in, and the restoration of all things starts to take place. Then the Dolphins will be released again, and will take on their human form. This is why they are not only the friend of man, but their intellect is equivalent to an average person. Their mathematics is perfect, they don't think like fish, but like a man. The United States is trying right now to finish the connection between the Dolphin communication system and ours, so as to put the Dolphins to work for the Kingdom. We want them to find some mines, and give us information on submarines, and any work which goes on by the enemy. Dolphins do this to a limited degree, but if we could win over the Dolphins until they would reunite other Dolphins so they would work for the western world then there is nothing that goes on under the sea that we wouldn't be informed of. This sounds rather strange, but right now we are trying to train Dolphins to come to us. They are using certain emblems in patrol boats with the emblems on the bottom so the Dolphins will know which are the right boats to guide to where there are mines or things that are put in the sea, which they can observe. You say can they do this? Well, they have about one dozen trained now, and are working on more. The thing is that way back in the ancient days they knew that the Dolphins were an imprisoned race waiting for the restoration of all things.

Now; I don't ever like to explain what Blessing is talking about for he had a little voodooism, a little Hinduism thrown in, things like that to make it interesting, but sometimes he gets some whoppers going. For instance he talked about the tower of Babel and said it was 30 miles across and 120 miles high in the sky. And that they made it out of bricks and that they mixed the mortar and it would take these guys 20 years to get to the top. So if they were doing this by wheel barrow and by hand then you know that would have solidified long before they got to the top. He said they had to have refreshment stand and cooking centers, but really a refreshment stand about three hours out? This is the story, and it got so high that it got in the way of the Angels and space crafts flying around so they got in touch with God and they had an earthquake and shook it down. But some of the debris is still floating off into space, and they are still gathering these bricks. How they kept it from floating off into space wasn't explained, but I have this story by Blessing filed away, but if you actually had a tower 120 miles high and 30 miles thick fall over, when it is only 4 times as high as it is wide, then it would be hard to tip over. That would sure be some pile of brick, 4 times as high as the Himalaya Mountains. We would be going over there for brick ever since, but he didn't think this out when he wrote it.

Question: I just wondered what you thought?

Answer: Well, he has some interesting lines alright.

Question: How about Destiny?

Answer: I stopped using "Destiny for our literature table about 10 or 11 years ago, and I haven't read it since then. There were certain areas of crackpots in Destiny and I couldn't show it. Some areas of truth are alright. Rand was a brilliant attorney and he learned Identity then he gave his interpretation of the Pyramid. Beyond that he would not accept Pre-Adamic races. And he branded us as of the Devil, because we talked about Pre-Adamic races, and he thought to use his magazine to destroy us. Then when talking too much he reversed himself. But at the same time one of the things about it was that he had areas of measure that I could make with a chicken house. And a lot of things were just put together to sell magazines. I have been to several of his conferences. I was not able to absorb great spiritual revelations from such a crowd.

Question: I have a book on Destiny by Perceful.

Answer: That is not his full name. I have the volume here and I can get it for you. Part of it is crossed over with truth, some of it is occultism, and Metaphysics. There is to much theocracy in it for Christian use. I thought you were talking about Destiny Magazine.

Question: I have that also.

Answer: Well, Destiny magazine was a better magazine in that area, but the stuff neighbors and others were putting in there was just sheer words, in other words they would start with the idea of how they wanted to come out and then work back to that spot. They couldn't miss because they worked after it happened.

Question: I read about these monsters, long necked, and ancient ones found even in Idaho, eggs from them?

Answer: Found at Crater Lake and Clear Lake, well most anything is possible. There are lots of things that happen in the depth of the ocean to that we don't know anything about. We have eggs from pre-historic monsters in suspended animation, in the deep freeze, almost. A lot of things which hatch out in the deep ocean dies at the upper pressures. With all the Dinosauria, flying lizards, all things which existed, and still exist, there are areas in South America in the Jungles of Matagrossa that still have what we call pre-historic animals in them. Back here just a century ago we had a monster who lived in a lake out east of here. But the lake dried up, the last earthquake finished it, but it started up just like it stopped, and that monster was sort of like a Petradyctile when it flew out of here, it managed to get clear to Arizona where a group of cowboys running a herd saw this great monster coming toward them, and it scared them half to death. They shot at it with their 30-30's until they ran out of ammunition, and then they ran. They went over to the closest city and told what they saw and when they went back out there the monster was dead. They had shot it until it died, and already a great swarm of buzzards were all over it eating its flesh. They have the bones to prove this over in the museum in Arizona, so anything is possible. This was not particularly a sea serpent, which does exist, for mariners have seen them at sea for years. Nobody goes to sea for to long a time without seeing a lot of things. It is possible that there is a Lock Ness monster, and that it is a type of Sea Serpent which hatched out in different temperatures. I don't doubt the existence of them for to many have seen them.

Now; there is another factor, we also have things which come and go from space. We have crafts which may release things which we don't quite suspect. And again we might have crafts that aren't from way out that release things. Remember there were giants in the days of Noah, and the scripture says that there will be giants in the earth in the days of the coming of the son of man. There are giants in the earth today, one of my friends is a tracker in the areas of Northern California. And he was hired to go out and track monsters over near Trinidad, men 10 foot tall, and so forth. And he has photographs of these tracks so the creatures are up there, but he has never been able to come up to them, but he has found their tracks and their trails where they break off things. I have all kinds of records of the Trinity Alps and there are monsters up there. Up in the San Bernadino Mountains in the wilderness area you find them as well. So these things are showing up and they have the Himalayan Snowman too. These things were not seen through out all ages but they are being seen in this date and time, so maybe they are coming out from the faults that opened up. I can take you up here in the Techachapi Mountains (northwest of Lancaster) over there where the Bear Mountain fault is high above Arvin, and there a crack as wide as one-half of this room has opened up and it just goes sheer down into the earth. This happened at the last earthquake. They lowered some daring geologist down into there on chairs and they finally signalled to come up even though they had never seen bottom. So you never know how deep that crack is and what might come in and out of it.

Now; for instance we have caverns systems in the High Sierras where underground river systems exist, and these river systems go clear down to the gulf in lower California, and we have fish and other sea creatures living in these caverns which have no eyes, which never saw the light. The same is true in the Mammoth Caves back in Kentucky. But these fish have no eyes, they don't need them, they have never been in light.

Now; one of the best bibliographers we have on underground cave exploration was the son of Col. Charles Lindbergh. He did a lot for under water work in these caves. In fact some bibliographers got confused and went under a barrier, and they lost their flashlights, and then they were afraid to move, they might go deeper and never come out so they just froze, sat there. And other bibliographers knew they disappeared so they sent for Charles Lindbergh son, and he and another man with extra lights on them went under the barrier and found the men just sitting there talking and hoping, just knowing that others would be coming after them. So they brought them out, and if you want to be in a bad spot think of being in the High Sierras in an underground river and sit there hoping someone will come after you. That is Faith and I don't doubt that they learned there to Pray. But the thing is they did report that there was fish in there without eyes, they didn't need any. So who can tell what might come out of the inside of the earth.

Question: Well do you explain about the Chaldean people coming over to attack America?

Answer: I don't know what you are talking about.

Question: Well the Syrian nation coming to attack, they are Germans.

Answer: Oh, you have been listening to that silly Armstrong, what he doesn't know about nations would start a book. In the first place the Germans are not Assyrians, they are Judah. The Assyrians came from the ancient Sumerian Dynasty, these run back to the Tungus man. And I can assure you that 600,000 years ago there were Tungus men wondering the face of the earth but there wasn't a German among them.

Question: Well, Clem Davis says something like that also.

Answer: Clem Davis wrote a book about the "Stream of Life", and he said that every last one, came from Adam. I have this book and there is no book more incomplete than Clem Davis's book on "The Races of Mankind". Because the 31st Chapter of Ezekiel tells you that there were Empires all over the earth at the time of Eden. Clem Davis was exposed to this, for I talked to him before he died, but he thought it best not to disturb theology then you wouldn't fight about it. Just have a few points where you are different so it will pay, it is much better to say, this is truth and then take it or leave it. But we are to know more tomorrow than we know today. The Bible says this and the more your knowledge increases the more your religion has to grow up. Your Faith has to keep pace with the facts of knowledge.

Now; we have a lot of theories, science comes up with lots of theories so science is dedicated to this probing to know. But when it doesn't come up with all the facts it goes on theory until it finds the facts. And then when they find the facts they have to throw the theory out, but a true scientist has to be willing to do this. Most theologians are not willing to do that, they are going to confine you to that Hades, stream of fire, if you challenge that little wall of ideas which they hold. Because they want to pour God into a mould. But you cannot pour Him into a mould, He begat offspring and there is no other mould for Him. But when you talk about Chaldea, then Chaldea was an area of Mesopotamia. Ur of the Chaldeas was a great city built by Nimrod, but on the site where it built it there had been city after city built on it before he built the city of Ur. I can show you beautiful archaeology plates, volume after volume of these layers of cities built on this site where Nimrod built Ur of the Chaldeas. But I am also worried about any of those fellows coming back over here to conquer us? Of course not, that is to far back in history, they will never make it. However some of the descendants of the Tungus people make up the people of some of China, these are the ones, these are the people of Mongolia, and they are the ones who will try to come against us.

Question: The Bible says His feet will be on the Mount of Olives when that land is divided. Does it mean that the enemy comes first to the Mount of Olives and then to America?

Answer: Well, in symbolism this is what it is talking about, when the great fleets come in, one of the things He is going to do, it says his feet touch the Mount of Olives, and that mountain splits in 2 parts with one of the worst earthquakes in all history, and it will dump all the Jews in Tele Viv into the Red Sea, as all that area from the old city to the Dead Sea will be turned over, and becomes a great plain. It will be quite an upheaval. When the moment comes for his feet to touch that mountain it will split in two and the Jews will fly in all directions. At the same time there will be communist forces with these Jews, the abominations (offspring) of the desolator will be in league, and they will all get a real bad shake in that area.

Now; this is only one step in the master battle because New Jerusalem is made up of the nations of the Kingdom. And the United States is the largest nation as far as territory is concerned, as well as being the largest nation of the New Order. Of course this is given symbolically in Novus Ordo Seclorum, and right in the center of America we have room for a great civilization, 1500 miles square. I don't know where else in earth you would put it without leveling off the mountains to do it. Anyhow the return of Christ is just as literal as His exit. The only thing is that the great and tremendous hosts and the tremendous spectacle involved in this will dwarf anything which ever happened in this planet ever before. I wouldn't want to miss it would you?

Question: Wouldn't that symbol of the Olive, the Mount of Olives mean the Kingdom of the Olive tree which we are?

Answer: Well not necessarily, for you see the Mount of Olives has a tremendous fault line, and that fault runs right on up through the Mediterranean Sea clear to Cyprus. But this fault is a great active fault and it goes right up through the Mount of Olives, up through the Valley of Jehosophat, and this is the fault which produced the great earthquake in the days of King Josiah, one of the greatest earthquakes the earth ever knew. At the time of Christ's return, one of the things which is to happen, it says His feet will touch the Mount of Olives and one part will go to the right and one part to the left, and one half of it will dump into the Red Sea. Now whether this requires that He actually land on the mountain, this is with all possibilities, the fleets of the hosts of God will be moving in all areas, and of course here is HIS enemy that claims they are the "Ones", they are it, and when this is the abominations of the Desolator, Satans own children gathered down there, then lets see what happens. When people say these are the "Chosen people", even though some of them at least know the identity of the Kingdom but don't stay straight on this. Some bounce around, and now they have some good Jews, and a few years ago they couldn't find any, but now some of them are getting scared and saying yes, there might be some good Jews who are part of Judah. Then they come up with this quote, "I will bless thee that bless them, and curse them that curse thee." They are getting the jitters in this time of the end. But you don't have to worry about this, just get on the side of Jesus and let this come to a head. He says, they are the sons of Satan and as to what they can and cannot do. So I will stand on this point and let all else go. The important thing for people today seems to be, everything is possible. But this is a natural desire, and people want other people to like them, but you might as well give up if you want to stand on the right side. I found this out years ago, even friends sometimes, if you have many, then they don't understand, and you don't need enemies. But the thing is as far as this is concerned, truth is truth, so let it fall. If the enemy doesn't like it, then I am well pleased. There is nothing I can think of worse than for the B'ani B'rith to bring out a book and start praising me. I would sure be ashamed of me and wonder what was wrong if that happened. But a lot of people want to carry water on both shoulders and get away from reality and want to get off on cloud nine instead of responding to the message. But that is alright, a lot of these people grabbed on to this message thinking here was something new to talk about, and now they think there must be another area to go through which will be better received, so they go after that. But they, who go out from us are not of us, so let them go. So instead of going out to raise up people to take the brand, just go out and raise more cattle, see?

It is a funny thing but a lot of people accept the truth as they are running from something, and if the Lord has mercy on them, and spares them for a few days they get all excited and want to run back where they came from. I ran into that situation awhile back, people knew the score and decided to get out of a particular area, but when nothing happened they decided to run right back where they came from, so they moved right back where they had come out of. Just because Nineveh didn't burn right away, remember the same thing happened, Jonah went to Nineveh, he didn't want to go but he had to be convinced, in the whales belly so the story goes, to get him thrown out on the beach, even to get him convinced to go. But I imagine it was quite a bad deal down there in all that digestive process. Ha! But the whale got sick and threw him up, quite a story, but anyway Jonah was on this little island and as he sat there the sun became hot and then got hotter, and all of a sudden a little gourd grew and was shade for him. Here he was, catching fish and living in the sunshine, with cool breezes, and undoubtedly he said: this is the life, let the world go by. Then all of a sudden the vine dried up, no more shelter, and he got all shook, and started hollering to God about this little gourd vine being all dried up. The Father said: What is the matter with you Jonah, here you are all shaken up with a little gourd vine which is drying up, but you weren't a bit shaken up about all those people in Nineveh who are going to perish. I said: You go there and tell them what is to happen, but you didn't want to go. So it got hotter and hotter and then Jonah decided to go and Nineveh was spared for a time.

Remember in the days of Abraham when Lot and his family were living in Sodom and Gomorrah. I can think of no more evil place, as God was going to destroy it, Lot with all the rest, and Abraham started to plead for his relatives down there. He said: suppose there are 90 just men down there, or 70, or 60, or even 10 and so forth. But the LORD said: they couldn't find even that many. Well there are catastrophes in measure which can happen almost anytime. And there are some people who run out of these areas, and if the new place doesn't measure up to the pleasures and customs they are used to, they want to run back to those areas. So this has happened, there are people who left New York City because they know certain areas are going to go, and then they miss all the excitement and move right back to Manhattan. Just because it has been spared for a bit more time so people can get out, this is no reason to run back in.

Question: This sign of the son of man in the heavens, is that all of it, or is there another we are waiting for?

Answer: February 4, 1962, was the sign of the son of Man in the heavens that fulfilled the measure as far as being in the end of the age, or being in the cycle as to all that is to happen. The seven Wanderers lining up in a row, and of course the opposition being directly opposed, and with the Wanderers in the sign of Aquarius, then right across was the opposition.

Now ; you say is there another sign we are waiting for? Well, that is speculative. We know that the sign of the comet that crossed from the head of Virgo to the womb of Virgo during the period when the Virgin Mary was carrying the body of The Christ, that at that time of the birth of The Christ we had a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn for the third time, and we had the emerging of the comet which transversed Virgo. Now we have another one and its measure and its timing because of its angle is not easy to calculate, but it is coming out of the head of Leo the Lion, and this is where it should be. Because it closes the star message, 'for a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel, the Lion of Judah, King of Kings and Lord of Lords'. Thus Leo became the symbol of the final triumph, thus there is again a set of measures which relate to this, and to Sagittarius who kills Dragonis, his arrow pierces the head of Scorpio. So there is again measures here, but we won't go into that without a chart. I keep checking these measures once in awhile as Harvard University comes out each year with a sky calendar, they don't know what they are measuring but they do measure the movements of the Wanderers. The movements are progressing and maybe if we have a few more months to pin point it down closer, but not to the day or hour, that I don't think is possible.

Now; there is something that God unveils to His ministers if He gives them this gift, and when they see it they just know it, so sometimes you can tell it and sometimes you can't because you can't quite pin it down. You can't just say, here is a message, here is a passage, here it is, then sometimes it just happens and when you didn't tell it then you wish you had. Lots of times you get a measure and you can't tell whether it is political, economic, or something else, for you don't get any strong leads, and sometimes we know exactly what is to happen in that alignment. As to whether anyone else follows this, but I do.

Question: More about politics?

Answer: Well, lets just let that go. I firmly believe this to be true, if Johnson gets in as President he will make a far more turbulent chastisement and judgement for our nation than if the Republicans win. Not that I have great confidence in Goldwater, but the people around the Republication Administration are head and shoulders above those around the Johnson Administration with their internationalism which we have had to long.

The End.