11-03-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---(From South Africa)--We always read and understand that the flood was world wide. They always quote Genesis 7:21-23 and Chapter 10:32 where it talks about the earth being divided after the flood according to their nations. These are the families after their generations---sons of Noah---in their nations. And by these were the nations of the earth divided.

ANSWER:---The concept that the flood covered the whole earth is an ecclesiastic concept. But basically the 'flood' of Noah's time did not comer the whole earth. The word in Hebrew for earth is Eretz which means that place or all that country. So this was the area of the country where Noah and his family were ordered to build the Ark. Of course they were the last and purest strain of the Adamic Race left in that area, at that time, in the Upper Tarim Basin which was north of Turkestan at that time. (In the high Himalaya Mountains). This area of that country shows the effects of that flood to this day. It is a great upper valley several hundred miles long, but there was also an underground sea under that area. The great pillar of rock which held up the surface was broken by a great earthquake and the land fell into the water. But you can see some of these pillars of rock still standing today, and see how they collapsed. At the same time water fell from above, and all in all, this basin filled up and the foundations of the deep were thus uncovered at the same time and the Ark floated. But this is the place where the flood of Noah's time occurred, and the water rose up to the high mountains of that area. Ararat means high mountain. Thus the mountain of this basin had water up to the rim of the basin. And then another great earthquake came at both ends of the basin and cracked it open and the water ran out. One end of the water ran down into China, because this was the dividing line of the drainage of the earth. Water went down thru the Wang Ho river of China. And at the other end it went to the west. Then finally down thru the area where lay the City of Ur of the Chaldea. And then emptied into the sea. When the earthquake came, one can see where the water poured out thru this rift, and out of this great fault and then descended into these two areas. The flood did not cover the whole earth because the only people who drowned, were in these areas;---in the Tarim basin where Noah built the Ark. Where the enemy was trying to absorb all the white race they could with mongrelization and violence, was where the land sank and the heavy rain came. But Noah and his wife and his sons and their wives were safe in the Ark. And they had taken with them, two of the animals; a part of all that lived in that area---of the clean and eatable species. And he took seven males and seven females of that land. But no, by no stretch of the imagination, could Noah have accomplished the taking of the species, if it had involved the whole earth, with its three million species that is marked by fossil life today. It would have been totally impossible for him to have put all these animals into the Ark. It would have taken a bigger fleet that our Navy, and the British Fleet, and all their Merchant Marines to have carried all those animals. Then you would have had to have had a fleet almost this big just to carry the food for all those animals for the 120 days. So you see this would not have been practical. Besides, the Egyptians did not have a flood. They had dwelt in Egypt ever since they came over to the Nile Delta from the land that went down under the waters of the Atlantic. Egypt was a great and powerful nation before the days of Adam. Egypt was still a powerful nation when Abraham went down into Egypt. Of course, we know that they hadn't had a great flood since they had perfect continuity back thru their migrations. We have many documents to prove this. But the best proof is in the Bible of course, in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel where God talks about the Egyptian Empire having been an Empire. And the Assyrian Empire being even older and greater. Even in the days of Eden, there were these Empires on the face of the earth. God speaks thru Ezekiel to Pharaoh and says:--'I know thou art a great kingdom. That this kingdom existed in the days of Eden.' With this evidence, then we know that the flood did not cover Egypt. For this dynasty is spelled out as God speaks to the Egyptians through Ezekiel. Also God speaks concerning the Assyrian Empire of that time.

Now, the question about the dividing of the earth at that time--if all the earth was not drowned in the flood why does it say here in Genesis, in the tenth chapter --after giving the names of the sons of Japhet, Ham and Shem --why does it say in verses 31-31--"these are the sons of Shem, after their families, after their tongues, in their land after their nations. These are the families of the sons of Noah after their generations in their nations, and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood".

Now, the question of the dividing up of the earth in those days---these are simply the nations of God's household, these are the Adamic people. The others are not referred to. These are the nations who are to build the kingdom. Now you are in the time period after the flood of Noah's day, but out of the household of Noah came these people.' These are the people who today are the ancestors out of whom the children of the kingdom have come--out of Shem--Abraham, Isaac, Jacob-Israel. Eventually the Japhet people and the Hamites were absorbed, thus out of the Shem line then came the kingdom. This was the going forth of the sons of Noah, as they scattered into their positions and patterns of destiny after the flood of Noah's time. Various versions have different translations of this dividing and moving forward of these children of Noah, but all of this has no bearing on the fact that the people of the Adamic race that descended down from the house of Noah, thru the Shem line as they started multiplying in the earth according to God's declaration, that they end up as the people of the kingdom of God in the earth. But in just a few generations after the flood we see Abraham going out on the plains of Shinar, and here were thousands upon thousands of troops, armed troops, warriors, millions of them who in no way could have descended from Adam, and surely they could not have descended from Noah, but here they were locked in battle. If there were no people but Noah's family after the flood then where is the source of the genealogy of these people, where is their origin? There is no Adamic background for the king of Sodom, the king of Gomorrah, or even the king Tidal--king of the nations.

QUESTION: (from South Africa)--How do we know that trees here are nations? How do we know that these symbols are right?

ANSWER:--Well, turn back to this 31 chapter of Ezekiel--and it says;--"And it came to pass that the word of YAHWEH came unto me saying;---go say to the Pharaoh, or king of Egypt, an unto his multitude; whom art thou like in thy greatness? Behold the Assyrian was a Cedar in Lebanon?--The Cedars in Lebanon were known as mighty trees, so god is telling the Pharaoh through Ezekiel, that the Assyrians were also a high tree--a mighty tree--a great tree--a line of people. Here it says; hey have great branches and a high stature, an its top among the thick boughs. And Waters are racial streams, the 'waters made him (the Assyrian Empire) great." This is the posterity of the Empire, ' The deep set him on high with her rivers running around his plants.' And she sent out her little rivers unto all the trees of the field'---O.K. the trees are nations, and the field is the world, for the Christ told you that the field was the world. And there are many other places where trees are referred to as kingdoms, and nations. So the Assyrian, in great height was exhaulted over all the other trees. The Assyrian Empire was of the Tungus people and they stretched out over the whole earth. 'His boughs were multiplied and his branches of the various boughs of this great tree were made long because of the multitude of its Waters.' In other words the empire and kingdom because of the people of the race tree were so many that this Empire was very extensive. We don't want to dwell to long tonight on this particular question. These questions came in from South Africa, from the tape circuit, and here is another one.

QUESTION:--How was it possible for the promises to be passed on from Jacob by the women who were not his wives?

ANSWER:--The women who brought forth his posterity do not effect the promise that would be carried on by the seed of Jacob. Actually when we talk about the Covenants made with Jacob remember these were made with ---"Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called". Jacob is the seed of Isaac. The twelve tribes of Israel move out from the twelve sons of Jacob. What these people are trying bring out is the plurality of marriages. But there was no condemnation at that time, for this which we see all thru the Patriarchal era of their history. This is neither here nor there in the promises to Israel, that plurality was simply a way to protect the women of Israel after their husbands were killed.

QUESTION:--That now------

ANSWER:--They are having a lot of problems down there with the race question. Their greatest problem seems to be with the Methodist church where they seems to be trying to force Brotherhood and interracial marriages on the people. They are telling them that this is the Christian thing to do--break the color barrier for Christ's name. But if there is anything fantastic or foolish this is it, the church calling for the violation of God's law, where it should be blessed in the one who teaches --'My law is just --obey it'. You make no contribution to society when you break God's law. When you fuse our race with theirs they don't pick up your spiritual capacities and you have mutated their background and culture. The only thing is they might have more intelligence in some areas, more technological skill in some ares, at the same time they violate divine law, and they never inherit the spiritual qualities of your race. So God did not change the Old Testament instructions of --'come out an be separate'. He made it clear that this process brings down your race. It isn't a matter of what benefits may occur to some degree among them, it is our responsibility to our race, for God has told us to obey HIM, and to carry out the responsibilities He wants us to fulfill. After all He is our Father, and we are his children, and we are supposed to have some racial pride, and to obey God. And since everything is catastrophe when we violate it, then there is no excuse what so ever for anyone seeking an interracial marriage. The idea that this has any foundation, or Biblical support is in error. There is no where in the bible where it does not condemn interracial marriage, and no part of it which does not separate the white people a the children of God to carry out the definite functions bringing in God's kingdom, and developing ares of that kingdom. You will note that much of the problem today is because people will not differentiate historically the background of the old Testament because they haven't been taught by their Pastors in their churches. They start out with everyone having come from Adam, and they must get over this hurdle or they never get away from the areas of ecclesiastical error which comes from the lack of knowledge. This occurs because Clergy themselves do not know the answer. But the Adamic race being the offspring of the Most High God, being the last race put here on earth, the only one on the face of the earth who are the household of God, as such there is no capacity for the intermingling of people, and thee Negroid, or with the Asiatics and producing a continuity of spiritual perception, because there is a difference in the seed. And the children of God being spiritual seed have a spiritual capacity which can only be consummated and carried on as the seed germinates thru the race with the capacity to do this. And this is the one reason why Eve had to be separated from Adam so that they were one flesh. They had to be formed so as to have the capacity to carry the same wave length of spirit and spirit form. The old word Hu --or Human from where we get the word HU is also spirit--thus Human is spirit man. Humatic --Pneumatic is some times used because it is atmospheric or something that you can't feel or touch. One of the oldest words in ancient languages was Hu-man and there is a difference between Hu-man and people who are of a different origin, and other creations. And if the Methodist Minister does not know this, they have only been taught a certain set of doctrines, so if they are not guided to look for something different, then his parishioners will not know. There is no difference if this is the Catholic religion, or any other religion. If they are not guided to learn --further if they are not students of Biblical history and anthropology then their library will not contain such things, and they will never get into those areas. The fact that the Adamic race is ---the understanding of the Adamic Race is the key to the bible will no be found. If you do not know that the Adamic Race is the last race to be put on this earth, and not something which is formed or made, then you are always in difficulties, and of course the thing which God forbids is that--intermarriage with other races. The children of the Adamic race with their spiritual capacities are not to intermarry with other races.

QUESTION:---Concerning the Sabbath Day the scripture said to remember the Sabbath Day and to keep it holy. How do you find it not compulsory to keep the seventh day Sabbath?

ANSWER:--Well, that would be quite a fete, if someone could produce the chronology to trace the seventh day. If you could produce someone who could give you an accurate chronology, if you could go back to the creation of this solar system and find every seventh day after that, this is one way to pin point this with accuracy. But from the areas of creation, these are not 24 hour days, his is symbolic of time periods or eras. I cannot compute how many million years but we know that there has been men on this earth one million six hundred thousand years at least. They were not offspring of the Most High God, as you are, but they were people. The Negroes have been here on earth at least 73,000 years B.C. and they may be men but they are not spirit children. So the hu-Man or Adamic man has history of approximately 7400+ years on earth. The anthropologists can tell this when they deal with the human skulls of the white man, the Asiatic or the Negroes. So easily identifiable --so in the dealing with this question we are dealing with something that is historic.

Now, when God told Moses to set aside a Seventh Day, they were told of many Sabbaths. These were rest Sabbaths, and Worship Sabbaths, and sometimes feast days. And when the new moon crossed the vernal or Autumnal Equinox these were the horizons of the heavens, when this occurred they were to count seven days thereafter and that was to be their Sabbath for that year. And Every seventh day thereafter until they came to the Equinox again was to be a Sabbath. When they came around to the clock or the next Equinox they were to have every day of the old cycle, and they went thru their whole cycle of 12 months, and every day that closed past the 30th was to be a Sabbath to them, until the new moon crossed the horizon. So sometimes they would have 3 or 4 and sometimes up to seven or so rest periods, tho generally about 5 or 6 days. and sometimes the Sabbath would fall on a Wednesday, or on a Tuesday, it didn't matter what day of what we now call a week, this was the Sabbath, and it was to be a day of Worship. Remember the Seventh day and keep it holy because you need a rest period. You can't get by without a rest period, without the individual cracking up physically, just as the ground does if never fallowed or rotated. The Sabbath was never to harness men with obligations. The Sabbath was made for men not men for the Sabbath. It was made to give him a period of rest, a period of time to meditate. We are told as concerning the days, to live every day unto the LORD.

Now, the Adventists are convinced that they have to keep every Saturday, which to them is the seventh day, and this is also the seventh day of the Roman calendar, and Sunday is the first day of the week. So they keep Saturday and they think that is the seventh day creative Sabbath, but it is only Saturday on the Roman Calendar. But when we are told to remember the seventh day and to keep it holy, this was given to Moses and there was no Roman Calendar, and there was no Saturday or Sunday. They numbered their days of the week from the new moons crossing the equinox. This was why in the days of Jesus when they wanted to pick on the disciples for picking some corn on what was called the Sabbath--that Jesus had an answer. The Jews had established Saturday as the Sabbath in Jerusalem. They called Saturday the seventh day because they did not want to disturb their hock shops and businesses and trading bazaars by shifting their days of supposed rest under the laws of the Sanhedrin. The Sanhedrin was originally set up as a court of Israel. Therefore in a democratic state which Israel was supposed to be, the law had to be maintained, and no business was to be conducted on the seventh day. And those who did it were breaking the laws of Israel, and could not do it inside of Israel. This was the problem--for they had caravans coming in from all over, and they would find that they could not get in to the city at certain times. This was O.K. for Israel, but the Jews who had no part in this--it was just a front for them, they said:--we will establish Saturday as the Sabbath. But Jesus and his disciples did not pay any attention to this, they just picked a little corn on the Jewish established Sabbath. So some one ran to Jesus and said:--your disciples plucked corn on the Sabbath. And Jesus replied:---'The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath--but you are keeping days and times, and seasons that you know nothing about. You don't even know the time, ye say we break the Sabbath, but you don't even know what it is all about.

Of course the Jews couldn't know anything about this, remember when Herod was king they didn't know when or where Messiah was to be born. They had to call in the scribes and students to find out that Jesus was to be born in Bethlehem of Judea. But prior to this the Jews did not know anything about this, an the same way with the Sabbath, they just picked a day.

Now, the Apostle Paul in the scripture tells us that you are to let no man judge you as to what you eat or drink, or for your keeping of days. If you are to impute righteousness on the basis of the spiritual qualities of this light of Divine Grace, and this great spiritual energy which moves from God to man and passes from one generation to another and on, and can be enveloped in greater glory--if God sends it, then it is not based on what you eat, or on the days you keep.

Now, let every man be persuaded by himself, but every man should take the responsibilities that he has, and should take time to worship God and to rest. So therefore God said --make no disputation over this day that a man keeps. But the Christians came together on the first day of the week on the Roman Calendar based on ---"As it began to dawn toward the first day of the Week." Thus this is the Sabbath they kept, the day Jesus resurrected. this was thus the LORD'S Day, because this was the day that he resurrected. And the Christians have been coming together on the first day of the week since they met in those days in the 'Upper Room". As the Apostles went out after Pentecost the Christians have been coming together on the first day of the week, and the early church fathers tell us that they did not keep Saturday as the Sabbath, for this had been set up by the Jews. They however --these early church fathers came together on Sunday as this is the day they feel that the LORD Resurrected. We also keep one day out of seven, and this is Sunday, or Resurrection Day, an the Jews make a lot out of this, they say it is the mark of the Beast, but this keeping of days--we find much that is involved in it. One thing they do not do---or I should say that they would not do in the days of Moses on the Sabbath --for they were under very strict laws, dietary laws as well as others, --one thing which they were given was very strict instructions on -----was the Sabbath. And on that day a man could not plow his fields, could not work in anything, so at the things a man labored with, this they could not do on the Sabbath. So the people took the time out to worship, to set in assemblies and be taught. They may have done other things but this was the main thing--they were to take the time out to rest, and to worship. Today we take one day off, in seven, which is a good thing irrespective of what you do. They may just use this time in doing what they want to, which is not always the est, but in other words some people just use Sunday as a time to go from one pleasure to another, and never take time to assemble themselves together to worship, and this is not good either.

In all the history of our race ,on the Sabbath, the men assembled themselves together. The Catholics sort of get around this by setting up the early Mass where as the people come down and worship, and still have quite a day ahead of them to do as they please. In some Protestant churches they have an early service, and then later another one in order to tempt people to come to church, instead of roaming all over the land. In the New England states it was a tradition, when we were children, when Sunday came--we went to church, we went three times that day. We had lots to eat on Sundays, but it also was prepared the day before, so as it could be put in the oven, and not keep anyone from going to church. And this was not just the Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, but all churches. The New England states taught that this was the way you lived on the LORD'S Day. This was the situation unless you were a ministers son and then you followed those rules closely. The fact is that some people thought that you were only allowed to worship or read on that day, nothing more. I remember so strongly this feeling that they had to preserve Sunday, that the Newspapers as they arrived on Sunday were put away until Monday morning, so you weren't to think on those things on Sunday. This did not belong to any one group, this was the feeling all across the country. However there were several things that were permissible, and one was a walk in the woods, for by moving out into nature you were getting away from everyday things. And I know a lot of little boys who went fishing, but they left their catch in the creek until Monday before they brought them home.

The important thing concerning this day---"Let yourself be persuaded in your own heart". Let me assure you of his, the Christians went to worship on the first day of the week which is Sunday. The belief being espoused in the early church was that you were to keep every day unto the LORD, they should not put on an air of realistic religion for Sunday, and then lay it aside the other days of the week, and act like all the rest of the world acts, and trade like the rest of the world, and defraud one another, and then on Sunday pat each other on the back. You are to live every day unto the LORD. We as children of God have responsibilities to work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and then we break the tempo and have a day of rest and worship.

I would not be able to say that there was a great disfavor on the part of God because people occasionally did different things on Sunday. I think they should if possible attend services of worship at least once in the day. The more they are filled with the thoughts of God the more they pick up the catalyst of spirit, and then they want to come together and worship. However we are living in a strange and hurried way. In fact peoples lives are rigid with routine, and because of this the only day some families have to get together is Sunday. I can't think of anything more significant than spending some of this time as much as possible as a family in the service of God. But the fact is this is not the criteria for Eternal life. This is only part of the process of living as a Son of God, as a part of the Divine purpose. There are many things we are given under law, and since this is tied to it---that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath--- made for man as a time of worship--this is just like God gave them health laws, and told them not to eat hog, things like this, for it was for their own good health. It was not to keep them in or out of the Celestial plains, you do not take your physical body there anyway until it has been transformed. So you don't have to worry about contaminating heaven by eating hog meat, but you an kill yourself with all kinds of poisons however, and all kinds of conditions. Someone can talk about some fine hogs that they raised on the best of corn, and they are not contaminated as are others, but still it is not meat that is digestible because you cannot break down pork fat with the heat of the human body to properly digest it. This is why it is called a rich food.

Now, I am not going to just pick on this one thing because there are other things the scripture says that aren't good for you. But the hogs are surely a poor source of food, and even more so if they are contaminated. Some pork is cleaner than others, than those hogs raised on garbage and refuge, but at the same time wouldn't someone be better off if they confined their diets to things which was designed for you to eat, and God ought to know for he put things together.

So again one of the things that was a problem with the race, when they were down in Egypt, in Gosham especially while in slavery, and the Egyptians had all kind of things they were eating, and it was seasoned with all kinds of spices. They grew these things around there, the leeks and the garlic. It didn't men there was anything particular wrong with the leeks and garlic, but they only had quail and manna to eat. But God gave Moses rules as to what they were to eat. But here in the old Testament this was not a criteria of theology that this man be kept out of the congregation, this one is to be let in on the basis of what he had for breakfast---see. Nor on what day he worships either, so we do not measure this as a standard for Christianity, tho I do say that when a person comes along and says I don't go to church, I would rather stay home with my family, and do things. I can be just as good a Christian outside of the church as I can be on the inside. This is generally self evaluation, and I generally ask that person---what do you mean--just as good? --as good as what? They generally say just as good as those who go to church, and this depends on what is goodness. The only righteousness being referred to is he righteousness of God being imputed to us. I generally find if I ask this person how much of your bible do you study on this day, that they generally didn't read any, to be real honest. But how much time have you spent on Meditation, on the things of God this week, how much time do you spend meditating on the signs of the times, an the events taking place? How much have you discussed and instructed your family as to the things around about in relationship to the scriptures. And you generally find that these just as good Christians didn't do hardly any of the things that they are supposed to do, if they are honest with you, because they were just so busy in harmless pleasure. But actually it is not harmless if it so keeps the people away from the things of God that they never take time to meditate. So if a man says I have to use this day because it is the only one I have, then lets use all days to study and to meditate. So make this one an important part of our responsibility which is to see that your children have been raised in the knowledge of God, that your families can think on these things. A man or woman who does not study and meditate on the things of God never comes under the catalyst of the spirit by assembling themselves with other Christians, never picks up the vision of higher things, or higher levels of inspiration, then this individual is also robbing himself. He may think that he is well off, but he may be miserable and poor, for he does not have the discernment which comes from assembling and meditation and thru worship. So I generally find that someone who says:--I am just as good as--is measuring themselves by a standard that they feel they must obtain, and that they are trying to establish themselves just as good --but have not sought to be just as good as.

Now, goodness is a relative thing, but righteousness is imputed to you by Faith, by hearing, by the word of God. So Faith increases as the knowledge of hearing, of the word of God increases, as your meditation on it comes, and its relationship to other things increases. Therefore your righteousness is thus imputed to you according to your Faith. Therefore we aren't necessarily justified by the works we do, no matter how good they may be, but we stand up justified by the Cross of the Christ which finished for all times the consummate atonement in any plain that judgment and transgression mighty have against us. But we take computed righteousness for our own inheritance because our spiritual seed has been begotten in the light. Therefore with this in vie then we tell you that we feel that you should worship. it is not a rigid thing to worship on every Sunday, but when people get the habit of skipping on Sunday, this is according to what people think---'Let no man judge you as to what you eat or drink'--Of course when we see you see the results of drinking of so much hard liquor we can see why this is thought necessary. But still no man can condemn you for what you eat or drink. Of course when we see the results of the drinking of so much hard liquor we can see why this was thought necessary. But still no man can condemn you for what you eat or drink, but it also says that you are to be temperate. It also says;---not to look on wine when it is cloudy, and this is when it is heady. There are passages like this, but there is no grounds for saying that the Bible teaches abstinence, but it does teach temperance. It did however call upon the students who were studying for the service of God--to abstain from all areas of strong drink. We note that all through the scripture it is calling for temperance, and yet we have people today who say that anyone who has a glass of beer or wine is headed for hell. Of course they are just wrong on that as the hell they are sending them to which is one of the errors that they embrace. But we could also say that the individual who becomes over indulgent becomes a slave to it and then he is in hell whether he known it or not. Because he is in bondage just like a narcotic, and it ruins his life, an the economic structure of his family, and his mental abilities, an I think that Lucifer today has used liquor as one of the greatest of traps, and I know that he enemy of your race today has been trying to break down our youth, and trying to sell them on debauchery, when they can. And of course they weaken their resistance with Alcohol. But again we say this:---"Let no one determine that you are not a Christian just because of what you eat or drink, but remember these things do effect your leadership, guidance, spiritual effectiveness, this is done by how much and how you drink.

QUESTION:--If we have a spiritual body in the image of God, why is it important for HIM to raise this--or reassemble or re-synthesize this body of flesh?

ANSWER:--well, there are several reasons. First you are in the image of God, spirit, soul, an body. The only area which actually which Lucifer gets any triumph is over this physical body, this one dies, so his is one area where god is not going to let him triumph. This immortal being---Audaum (Adam) took on flesh and then lost a portion of his entity. He became mortal and will thus put on immortality when it is restored. I has already been paid for by YAHSHUA so as --to live forever. I will tell you this --you would find it hard to do --to take your spiritual hands and lift up that chair--see.

Now, to do anything in a physical creation you have to be embodied in a physical body. And thus it is hat as God walked the earth, he was in a physical body, but he talked in a spiritual body, altho he was in this physical body as he wrestled. There was a time when we in those spiritual bodies could step up the velocity or the wave length of our spiritual entity until they could see the video frequency of light, but they never could touch it, they could hear and sometimes see, but they could not touch. This was ages before we were placed in earth thru the Adamic seed.

Now, there is no question of the fact that we have a celestial body, but there is also no question but that God is going to finish this, and his children will be immortal an death is not going to triumph over them. Their bodies have to be synthesized with victory in earth, and restored to immorality. Your ability to take this body into other dimensions has been established by the fact that The Christ took his body into the heavens. But eventually the synthesis of physical and the Celestial realms---until the spiritual light surrounds the physical is just a part of God's purposes in the earth. And you might go to another planet, but you would still need a body to walk around in if you wanted to pick up any things or move anything. You don't roll stones on roofs with just a gust of energy. QUESTIONER: the reason why I ask is because you made a statement once that some space beings would be coming back to claim their physical bodies.

ANSWERS:---well they do not have a physical body at this moment.

QUESTIONER:---Oh, I thought you were talking about those on space ships.

ANSWER:-----I was talking about a lot of Satanic forces who were destroyed and consigned to the Netherworld, and they do not have a physical body, but they still move into certain areas thru certain cycles, but we don't want to take the time for that now. but some do move out--we are in a time when whole forces of these spiritual forces move out into the air to make warfare against the kingdom. This is why we also have spiritual forces in Angelic form like guarding Angels to protect us.

Now, there is no doubt that there are lots of shall we say---those who did not keep their first estate, and were destroyed and would like to gain a body for physical occupation. This is why there is these cycles of return, this is why there were disembodied demons riding around on the shoulders of that man when Jesus came along in the cemetery of Gergesenes, they were driving the two men crazy as they were under the obsession of these demons. All the demons were waiting for was for the men to die so they would have liked to have driven them off the cliff, and when Jesus drove off the demons then they worried, that they would be disembodied spirits out here for ages and they ask to be put into the hogs, so they could get back to their own place when the hogs died. This showed you that they were from the netherworld, and they just wanted to get back there.

But when you talk about this physical body, remember that you are spirit, soul and body, an there are light dimensions, and physical dimensions, and the soul can be resident in both.

So why is God going to raise this body?--so that the devil does not conquer anywhere. We don't mind staying here, we don't want to be cut off from the celestial either, but we want both to be constantly present, we want this mortal to put on immortality. So why is God going to raise this body ---so that the devil does not conquer anywhere.

There is a lot of advantages to be able to do everything, everywhere, an there are things you can't do when not in a physical body. Christ could not have made the atonement without a physical body.

QUESTION:----I was wondering why Mary did not recognize Him in the Garden?

ANSWER:---Well, He was still enveloped with some light and power. First of all she ran down to the tomb and the tomb was empty, and she was crying and she sees this form thru her tears, and thinks it is the gardener, she is crest fallen and she approached Him with her head down, she says: --They have taken away My LORD and MY God and I know not where they have laid HIM. And then He said:--"Mary" and she heard the voice and she opened her eyes and saw the face of Jesus and she said:--"MY LORD, and MY GOD" and He said:--"Mary, do not touch me for this light and aura has not as yet moved off of me". In this instance she did not recognize HIM enveloped in light and Glory, but her eyes had not been opened unto that.

Remember the two men on the road to Emmaus, it never dawned on them that they were talking with HIM. Here was some stranger walking and talking with them--Jesus was dead, and they had seen him die. But after they sat down to eat Jesus was illuminated before them an they knew who he was, they saw the nail prints in his hands, and then he faded out of their sight.

QUESTION:--I am in an area where there are many seventh day Adventists. I would like to get the chapters and verses which they point out as to this day.

ANSWER:---I cannot give you chapters and verses showing that the Adventists are right because they aren't.

QUESTIONER:--no, I told them it does not matter as to the day.

ANSWER:--Well the Christian fathers came together on the first day of the week. I have all the writings of the early Church fathers and of course this is the LORD'S Day.

QUESTIONER:--This is in the book of Acts where Jesus said that they did not know the day or the hour?

ANSWER:---No, that is in the Gospels, and they had just jumped on Jesus because the disciples had just picked some corn to eat. Another time they tried to pick on Jesus because of this, and it is in one or more Gospels, and Jesus told them that they did not know the day or the seasons or the time, for they knew not what. I will find this for you later.

Now, concerning this Seventh Day Adventist----In the book of Revelation, John was in the spirit on the LORD'S DAY , and he heard the voice saying;---"I am Alpha and Omega--God Almighty"--In Galatians it says;---"Let no man judge you as to what you eat and drink, or the day you keep."--I will separate them for you later.

QUESTION:--In the book First Timothy chapter 6:7 --'Godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we carry nothing out. Does this have anything to do with the physical body. ?

ANSWER:--This is just more evidence that you are a Celestial entity and that you came in from outside, and go back out when you leave. The physical body you came into you did not bring it in, thus it dissolves. The Apostle Paul says that you go back from whence you came.

QUESTIONER:--Do you have to re-materialize this physical body?

ANSWER:--You do not have to do anything, for you have a spiritual body, it is made of particles of light, this is a Celestial body, and then there is a physical body, the thing which the Apostle Paul was talking about and the thing which Adam lost was an enveloping Glory of Light, and aura that was entirely around his physical body. This was entirely and the very process of light in him. The acceleration of the electrons around the neutrons was slightly faster. There was an emanation of Glory and aura.

Now, the spirit could not cohabit with the darkness, so therefore the physical impact of transgression, this violation of law and order caused Adam and eve to lose this aura. The spirit synthesis ---could not have anything to do with this evil, this darkness, there was no spiritual seed that could be propagated from it--only a fresh seed would do, thus the results was man without spirit --see. This is the reason why Cain did not possess this, and even Abel had some, but he still was mutated to some degree. it was not until Seth was born that Adam and Eve were free from this natural error. There was no restored aura yet, but the spiritual seed could flow and function and could be reached by spiritual stimulation at the seat of the ego, which is the soul consciousness reaching out for the things God said, and the areas of inspiration God still permitted to come thru to the inner sense of perception. But the conscious contact of the Celestial mind, and the physical mind that totally evaluates all things was not functioning, was not radiant round about as it was before. Of course this is a part of what is to be restored, this is a part of what was lost and comes as total restoration is consummated.

Now, since Calvary this has been your right, and the fact that there has been a gradual restoration of spiritual capacities, and energies, greater fields, and greater auras as we are being transformed from glory to Glory, or from light unto light, but in a moment in the twinkling of an eye The Christ can be the catalyst to all of this, at his coming, with His tremendous ability, spiritual powers, with all the tremendous energies to create, to restore, or to do anything that he wants to do. So He said; ---at this moment I will do this--but before his I am going to do a short work of Righteousness ---and according to your faith be it unto you. This is in the area where there is to be a manifestation of the sons of God, so he says: --I will do a short work of righteousness and then after this I will come. So we are now in such a period of time.

QUESTION:--Paul before he met Jesus had gone to the Jewish synagogue, he was raised a Jew by religion but apparently he thought he was a Jew otherwise until he got the light. Is there any good writings on this?

ANSWER:---Yes this has been touched on in every area of theology from time to time, but lots of them not knowing identity or who Israel really is get themselves into a muddle. The Apostle Paul came from a very wealthy family, and he learned his fathers trade. They were a very wealthy family in the Roman Empire, they were high tax payers, dealt in fabrics, and tents, and sails, purple, linens and so forth. Paul was well educated, he spoke Latin, Greek, in fact half a dozen languages, and that many philosophies. Gamaliel was an Israel teacher in Judea, and he taught at the Temple, and out in various synagogues. And unfortunately for some time previous to this they were calling these assemblies in the Temples--synagogues. This was but a part of the hierarchies of that day because now the gathering of the scribes was run by Jews. And when I say Jews I am speaking of Amalikites, Hittites, Cainaites, and so forth who had taken over the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of Annas, and Caiaphus, and the false Pharisees and Sadducees. In order to take over a religion and take over an area of power and live like parasites on it they had to maintain the structure of its laws, and the framework of its government until they obtained full power, and actually they never got all of it, but surely a lot of it. Just like the Liberals of today who come to America as refugees, and then they proclaim themselves Liberals, and move into the Democrat and Republican party in trying to take over America. They give lip service to our constitution, our congress, our Senate, to our parliamentary rules, to all these different offices, even tho they want a Socialist dictatorship. They still have to give lip service to this, and become a part of it while they change it to be what they want it to be.

Now, the word Jew, or Yehudin means accursed, however the use of the word Jew --when the people say the kingdom of the Jews they really are referring to this mixed multitude of people who had come in and moved in on Judah and Benjamin in Israel at that time. The word Jew does not appear in the Old Testament, only two times in the King James Version, but Jews were called Yehudin or Yehudi which is almost like the German word Jew, and the people of Galilee were now coming to assemblies now called Synagogues because of the theological transition which had occurred thru out the century as their temples both large and small were almost all taken over and the Priests in their assemblies were not Priests of Israel. And like today many of them were Sadducees but still Jerusalem was the place where they had their central power.

Now, people went down to Jerusalem --that is Israel people, for the feast days, and even the Jews had to go thru this ritual, all these things that God had ordained, even tho they did not believe in them. Because you see the tithe still flowed into to Jerusalem. They (the Jews did not believe in the resurrection, or any of these things. They actually only participated in its formula in order to hold power. Jesus refers to this and so does his brethren, for He said:--You can go down to Jerusalem anytime that you want, but My time is not yet come. As long as he walked around in a physical body He knew they intended physical violence so he had to keep his physical body out of their way lest they kill HIM before the time of His Crucifixion. So here he said:---Your time is always ready (to go home) so no matter if they kill you, so go on down to Jerusalem, to the Feast, but in Jerusalem it was said that no one dared speak of Jesus for fear of he Jews.

After all what would be more of an interruption into the areas of your living or make things more tense than to have God in a body now walking around in your country? He born of a virgin to fulfill all the prophecies that had been made, as well as he rumors around the country as to these mysteries, and how they happened. For there was the body of God walking around, at least the Disciples and the multitude who beheld the mysteries and the miracles claimed that this ONE was God. And people came from Galilee and they said:--after all his family live in our area, so we will go down to Jerusalem also. But when talking about Jesus in the seventh chapter of John it says:---No man dare speak openly of Jesus for fear of the Jews.

Now,--In Tarsus, in the assembly or synagogue there, now run by the Jews--and there may have been many Israelites in there ----and remember that Paul had been raised under the doctrine of the true Pharisees who were Resurrectionist, since there were not so many Sadducees there, but there many have been some Shamma Pharisees there, but having been raised as a scholar, being a rich man's son, having loved to study and learn, then God prepared him with all this knowledge. Paul had been to Greece (to the British Isles) and he had studied in all those places, and now he wanted to go to Jerusalem because they were having many problems over there. It seemed that there was some contesting of this Messiahship, there were Prophets walking around, and thy said we want you to study in Jerusalem, and also Gamaliel was there. So a wealthy, influential, rich man's son came to Jerusalem, and this young man--Saul who would become the Apostle Paul sat at the feet of the theologian and teacher Gamaliel, one of the great philosophers of that time. From him is where the Apostle Paul got his concept of Grace--from out of the old Testament.----"My mercy shall follow you still". This from the days of Moses, so he learned his theology at the feet of Gamaliel, but we note that at this time the Jews gave this young man the appointment of Captain, and sent him out to go persecute those they called heretics, and to destroy this false teaching of the Temple at that time.

Now, the time of the Apostle Paul had come after the ascension of the Christ, for he never saw Christ with his own eyes, he only knew of this terrible church which was formed by Jesus which did not take its center of authority from the Temple in Jerusalem. So Saul was captain of the hosts, and this was also a Captain of a Jewish host because they controlled the Temple and ruled in Judea. So they sent Saul out to kill Christians. But on the road to Damascus God stopped Saul and spoke to him out of a cloud. Saul was blinded by a great light and he heard the voice of God although those with him just thought it thundered. So these bandits went on with their persecution but they now led blinded Saul to the house of a member of the church, to a righteous man, and here God unveiled thru his eyes, and thru this spiritual leadership to this disciple, and the Apostle Paul had his eyes opened, and he realized that he had been serving the devil and after that the Jews wanted to kill the Apostle Paul. Thus the Apostle Paul would say that the Jews were against God, and contrary to all men.

Now, the Apostle Paul understood the difference between himself and these Jews he was serving and he said; --I am an Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin, but of the sect of the Jews for a time. He never claimed to be a Jew by race. And as a man of Benjamin after the flesh, he now feels bad about this blindness which came over him. But he also saw this--saw the blindness of Israel that was due to come would be largely as to their identity, since they were now scattered out. The identity as to who Messiah was --that would not necessarily be their blindness. Judah and Benjamin in the old area of Palestine would be slow on the uptake concerning the acceptance of Messiahship except the great multitude who Christ dealt with and touched. But the tribes scattered abroad would accept HIM quickly. So again talking about the Jews remember the Apostles and disciples were not Jews. If we deal with this by race, they were not Jews. If we deal with this as a religion then they were Israelites under the bondage of the Jewish religion until the Christ set them free. But they had no Jew religion in the old Testament days, until they came back from Babylon to Jerusalem to rebuilt their Temple, or even in the days of the Maccabees unless you want to consider the fact that the Baal Priests and those who worshiped Lucifer were everywhere, they were always heckling true Israel. The unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer were in Babylon and everywhere.

QUESTION:--Was Pricilla his mother?

ANSWER:-- Well, whether she was his mother or a relative of the family, she was very close to Paul.

QUESTION:--She seemed to be a true Christian so we were wondering why Paul, if he had any relationship here --why did he not know that he was an Israelite?

ANSWER:---Oh, he never doubted that he was an Israelite,

QUESTIONER:-- But I thought it was after he was blinded that he was taken to Gamaliel and he told him.

ANSWER:---No, no Gamaliel taught him when he was in the theologian school. Gamaliel was teaching at the time of Nicodemus, but Gamaliel was out in the empire teaching, he had been in Tarsus and other places for he was a master theologian. Paul then came to Jerusalem to study under him, but Christ had already ascended --remember that.

QUESTIONER:--I thought the blindness lifted off of Paul was so as to tell him that he was an Israelite and not aa Jew.

ANSWER:--The blindness lifted off of Paul was to tell him that Christ was the Messiah. He knew he was an Israelite all the time but he was accepting these other people as tho they were true Judah, in the center. His eyes were not opened as to the fact that the Jews were not Israelites. His eyes were opened to the fact that the Jews were not just going after Jesus, they also were not of the race as he had thought. Because you see he had been told by the Jews that this following of Jesus was just a cult. That he to serve YAHWEH should kill all those the Jews did not like---see. That was what he was stopped from doing.

Now, the selection of Paul was a selection in wisdom from the tremendous development God produced in Paul. He had been so well prepared for this task. He could write or speak in many languages, knew so many philosophies, so many tongues, the Christ just had to break through to him. Paul could write to the Greeks, to the romans in faultless language, his Epistles to the Hebrews was written in different languages and to the whole race.

QUESTION:--Was Gamaliel an Israelite?


QUESTIONER:--Then he should have known.

ANSWER:---Now wait a moment, look at all the theologians who should have known. In other words this is one of the marks of Israel--this blindness, and he did know he was an Israelite, but there were Jews here who were not Israelites, so people called most of Judah and Benjamin who were there at that time --call them Jews today--don't they just because the Jews were in power. You could come over here and be a Christian but you go to the Methodist church and you are called a Methodist. And the people over there went to the Jewish controlled Temple and they were called Jews, but they were Israelites who worshiped in Jew Assemblies, and yet they were called Jews. But most of Benjamin and the Judahites did not consider themselves to be Jews because it is recorded that --no one dared speak openly of Jesus because of fear of the Jews. They knew that there were people who had taken over and they did not like it.

QUESTION:--Is there ever any conflict in other plains where our guardian Angels are?

ANSWER:--THERE is no question that there is conflict in Celestial realms otherwise a guardian Angel would not be necessary. Daniel was a prophet of God, no one was wiser than Daniel, and he had some problems. He asked for answers and was used to getting them quickly. And when a person is expecting an answer it usually comes within a day or two, but Daniel couldn't get his answer and he was disturbed. But Daniel waited for 21 days, he waited and he thought--has God deserted or abandoned me--what has happened? Finally here comes the Archangel and he says: --I came to tell you that I was sent with a message, and the Prince of the powers of the air--satanic powers in Persia withstood me, detained me for 21 days until another Archangel came to assist me in breaking those powers. So think not that YAHWEH did not send me, to give you the message, I was just detained for 21 days. So that took a conflict to somehow hold up an Angel until he got reinforcements.

Now, there is in the sphere around the earth, the Celestial or the Spiritual domain around the earth some forces, for he said the Prince of the Powers of the air stopped him. The Prince of the powers of the air--Satanic forces stopped him.

QUESTIONER:---will this continue until the great fleet comes in?

ANSWER:--Well I think this is going on all the time now, because your spirit knows what you are in need of when your soul consciousness doesn't take the time to listen. It says your spirit prays unto the Father in vibrations that cannot be uttered. So your Celestial brain is smarter than your ego consciousness is aware of. Sometimes it asks for things automatically that we don't think to ask for, because it has the spiritual catalyst to ask.

QUESTION:---What is the difference between being the offspring of God and John calling Christ the only begotten son.?

ANSWER:---This is Jesus the ETERNAL YAHWEH--who brought forth Adam by special dispensation for his own purposes. God said: I will also do this:---"A woman shall encompass a man'--In other words in the book of Isaiah then God said:---'A virgin shall bear a son---so I YAHWEH shall take my Eternal body which is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and I am going to fertilize a seed by the creative energy of my mind, and synthesize in this ovum--my body and bring forth this body thru this virgin whom I shall choose.

QUESTIONER:---You mean He ------

ANSWER:--Oh, now --He projected his own life vitality. He synthesized himself as seed and reformed his body thru Mary. But this was the body of God before the world was framed, this was still the Eternal body. This is the only son--begotten of the Hu-man race by God, himself. But the Hu-man race was also begotten of God. But God did not come down to a Hu-man family and then pro-generate thru that human family any other being ---only his own entity. The human spirit cause Mary to conceive, and no other woman conceived by the holy spirit, to bring forth the immediate embodiment of God.

Our entire race is Elohim because we are the offspring from Adam on down, and Eve was synthesized out of Adam but she was there all the time. In other words God separated Eve from Adam so that the two would be one flesh, but she was there all the time. He had established all the organic factors which were necessary for a race. Eve is also in the image of God because she and Adam were one flesh.

We cannot go into this subject on tape of cosmic conception, but --spiritual synthesis proceeded physical conception. God the eternal who moves from both ends of the wave length of the color spectrum by most areas of compression of Light to form synthesis of substance, does this in the very entity of his own being by the sheer entity of the LIGHT OF HIS OWN WILL, being able to produce a function that under the compression of Light itself synthesizing a substance which is of HIM. Cosmic conception is then brought forth and in this we might say God was all conclusive, the progenitor of his own household. So we then deal with this fact--God can stand at any given point and still have the power in the seat of his consciousness, all things being held together by this resident law, synthesized, to set the laws of cosmic conception, and compression, and compulsion and on and on.

However there are some things whereas it would take a most advance class of physicists to discuss, but it can be charted. Maybe we will make some slides and project them, but then we could not use them on tape unless we sent the slides with the tapes so that they would catch the pattern. But there are things in semantics which there are no words for unless they are diagramed. But there will be a time when people will understand all these things.

QUESTION:--Does that mean that in the Celestial plains there are not men and women--just---

ANSWER:--Oh, there are both men and women, there are Celestial beings throughout the universes, there exists everywhere polarized male and female. The only exception being among certain Cherubs around the throne. These do not propagate and increase ,the only have one task and are happy with it.

QUESTIONER:--Are these in any way related to the electronic and protonic forces, these male and females?

ANSWER:--Yes, because electrons and protons are positive and negative units of electricity. But we are talking about light synthesis as well. There is many things --the Universe pulses--see. There are areas of compression which produced whole fields of development. All things are synthesized by it. But lets not get into physics tonight.

QUESTION:--On one tape you made a statement that St. Germain was a devil, why couldn't he have been the devil?

ANSWER:--Oh, he could have been, but the devil is only a Devil, he is just not all devils.


ANSWER:--Oh, I don't think that St. Germain was a devil, altho he could have been the embodiment of him, in form just like any number of embodied devils, that showed up at times. The King of Tyre, you know was a devil, and Judas of Iscariot was Satan's own son, he had a father they say---Simon the Sorcerer as well. We have the mystery of incubi which is the contact of the Satanic spirit beings, the spiritualists and mediums have this with demons all the time. And strangely enough there is fruitions which produce some bad offspring which comes out of the spiritualism.

QUESTION:--Psalms 32:3 --"When I kept silent my spirit failed with in me, when I opened my mouth my bones waxed old through my roaring all day long." What has that to do with the physical at all, or maybe it is all spiritual?

ANSWER:--If you were to talk--and take the approaches the Psalmist takes spiritually and philosophically that the psalmist puts in here and wanted to bread them down --you would be here forever. But--"blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered". Here David is singing --who knows that his transgression is forgiven, he knows of the atonement thru sacrifice and fulfillment is coming. Then he said;--'blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputed not iniquity.'--How about that if you have faith? You might make a mistake but God is not imputing that as iniquity which he is wracking up against you--see. So blessed is this man who God does not impute iniquity to, and in whose spirit there is no guile. This is an additional factor, in this instance he is not seeking to entrap his fellow man.

Now, when I kept silent, my bones waxed old --David is talking about how he has aged by the things he went thru, all the trials, all the worries, all the things people take inside of themselves and mull over and over, this ages them. So great did he felt he bearing down of all his troubles that he tried to relate this to his transgressions, he would acknowledge his sins to the Father, and thus not try to carry them all by himself. He said; ----The LORD hath made a way, I have acknowledged my transgressions, so I am going to throw this all off, it is now up to your YAHWEH for you have forgiven my sins. I am not going around any more with this only on my shoulders. So the whole philosophy of understanding--how the consciousness accept the spiritual areas of revelation, and places back on God the area which God alone can take care of. This is important for men in the physical who think they can accomplish everything by their own physical works, they are thus sick and have to condemn themselves for heir own error. But when they accept the great atoning work of God, the great force of God, when they see that everything good comes forth from God they can also hand back the error and say:---while you are at it please justify this for you promised to do just that. But if you are going to ride on yourself, you carry the whole load, but if you ride as a son of god you control it all. Also it says: --I created evil and I created good, and you say but that cannot be--didn't evil come from Lucifer?--yes, but Lucifer was also created by God before he became a devil, and God knew that he would rebel, and become one. When God put you in earth, tho you were Celestially born you could not transgress in the heavens. You were living a protected existence, you saw all these things, but you thought like the Father, you went along with everything he thought. He created Lucifer who became a devil, or Satan, and you saw this, but Lucifer was first an Archangel and then became a devil, --see. He was God's Archangel when he went into rebellion. But then God said I am going to put you in the earth. He said:---do you think that you can do it?--and we said; sure we can--we will take care of all things, but the Father said; --you are going into a strange environment, and you will be tricked, however you are my sons and my daughters, and I will come down and redeem you, and then you will finish the task. But we said:---Give us a chance--we will go down into earth, and we will whip the devil. So we came down and right away we fell, but God knew all this before the foundation of the world. He had already planned to be the "Lamb of sacrifice". He would show that he could snatch his household right away from the devil., re-empower his sons and the thing is going to come to fulfillment, to the praise of the Father. the Devil will be a better Angel when He gets thru because he will bow the knee. He will be broken, he is going to be punished by the things which he will go through, but eventually he is going to serve, and to worship at your feet. He is still our Archangel, on one of those great plantation out there in space, in the Universe, but he sure has messed up a lot of things.

QUESTIONER:--Well after the one thousand years, is he coming back?

ANSWER:--Yes, he is tied up for a day --you see--a thousand years is just as a day when you get thru with this dying bit. The days will then go by so fast and so smoothly you will wonder where they went so quickly. In fact since you existed for ever, and God never had a beginning then a thousand years is just like a day. After all look how long he has been molding and changing things. Look how long the Grand Canyon has been cutting its way down. What do you mean long? What is long? How many billion or trillion years does it take to roll out a solar system? Look at the sidereal immensity of all this. Look how far out it is to the edge ---where does the cycle leave or have its completion even tho we know that it starts in Orion. So here we have a never ending cycle of creating, developing, a never ending perimeter.

QUESTIONER:---Well I am sure glad it is going to be a different system than this one because I couldn't take any more years of this.

ANSWER:--Oh, now you really wouldn't want to miss a minute of it. Ha.

QUESTION:--But isn't he coming back to the nations outside the kingdom, I mean the devil?

ANSWER:--Oh, the devil gathers again in Asia, gathers those he can gather to come and attack the kingdom. Then comes the day when the Devil (his devil nature) is destroyed permanently, then after that comes the day when he worships at your feet. There is a time, and we have a time gage for this. The day comes when Lucifer is again an Archangel because there is an hour for the restitution of all things in the fullness of time. But we don't worry about that, we will have put on our light, and the sons of God will have by that time accomplished their purpose. Right now our big problem is living in the hour in which we live, and accomplishing the things we are here to do. And a lot of the enemies we have to meet here in the flesh, they also are here in the flesh, as well as those trying to capture our minds, and those trying to negate. So we have to keep this perspective that we are spirit, soul and body beings and there are multitude of plains we must occupy. I think again that I can fight the devil today --there is no disturbance in me if I have to use weapons of any kind in the plain they meet me in. Someone said; but wouldn't it weigh heavy on your soul if you had to knock a couple of these devils out into oblivion?--No. If you knock them back into the dimension from which they came you haven't knocked them out of the area of God's purpose for them, because there is no place a spirit can go where He cannot find it. Secondly the day is coming when He will have restored all things, but I am not going to set here and worry about what happens to them when we get them out of the areas where they do not belong. There is one thing we know, they do not belong in the kingdom, and the enemies of the kingdom we are not supposed to tolerate. If we have to destroy them to break them down we destroy all who resist until they quit resisting. Because really, people think about three score and ten of this envelope we live in, and then get all shook up if they have to destroy the enemy so they can even stay that long.

It never seemed to bother God at all whether he had to destroy them by meteorite or an earthquake and so forth, and it puts them back where they belong, so why should I be bothered by something which doesn't seem to bother God--see. I don't get bothered until my family, my friends, my country, my people are threatened. I don't get bothered over the Devil's people. Someone said:--that is not a true missionary spirit--maybe not, but it is Biblical nevertheless. It depends on what you want as a true missionary spirit. At this very moment I would rather drop an atom bomb on the Viet cong than lose one American boy. This is my opinion--see. God says:--I made you a sharp threshing instrument, not to sacrifice yourself with, but to defeat the enemy. I don' t think in terms of getting more righteous than Christ. I believe God comes back in a body and he is going to grab a sword and is going to look like the sickle in a grape press--see. When he cuts down the vine--see. If this is right for God, if this is the best way, this is New Testament, this is ultimate, this is revelation, so who am I to run along in between and say:--cut off my head, I would rather be a Martyr than resist.

The only people who are Martyrs with benedictions are men who have no way out except deny their faith. And rather than back up on their Faith and their Testimony they died a Martyrs death. But if you had a way to fight out and didn't this is no merit for you. Because when Jesus said that he who didn't have a sword should sell his coat and buy a sword --it was because he was sending you out as lambs among the wolves, and expected that they would try to kill you, throw you before their synagogues and before their magistrates, then remember they are trying to kill you as lambs among wolves.

Now, if you stick together you can defeat them, but if you are outnumbered you can't. If you stand together brother to brother, then you can rescue someone, but the day will come when the kingdom will be strong and no one will dare put their hands on a child of the kingdom. We would rather live without war, with our families and friends even our enemies with love, but at the same time we have this driving force to push our way of life to the ends of the world, so everyone can live under righteousness and divine law. Someone said:--' but if one is a cannibal let him be a cannibal, that is his business, but it is my Fathers world and it is our business, and we don't want cannibals on our plantation --see.

Alright he gave the law to you, so you go out and make them live by the law--His law. You enforce it, for if you give it to them they do not understand it --so live by the law for He knows best.

end of message.