11-04-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


(Current Events---Will summarize)

The election, was cut and dried and the press was doing the convincing of the people. Before 1960, 2 states Illinois and Texas were the 2 states rigged to save the election for the Democrats. This was considered to dangerous, to close. This started the method of declaring by T.V. of estimates of electorial votes on a small percentage of votes. But the attack came in Viet Nam showing the close work with the Reds, Communists just before the election, and if they hadn't had this all planned out they wouldn't have let you have an election.

You are in a period when there is a certain amount of apathy by the people. They want security, no worries, no wars, although they are in a deadly one, but they are turning away from that to total amusement, and not thinking, depending on T.V. for mass information and miss-information, and the idea that the government owes them total medical care, security, with nothing built around thrift or on the Bible or Constitution. The greatest mistake we ever made in this country is when we started abandoning the constitutional foundations of our forefathers, back in the days of Madison and others, of the right to vote, which should have remained at all times in the hands of those who had an equity in the country, property owners, because they pay the bills. This is the way the elections were conducted in the first 3 administrations. Then you don't have this pressure from groups who want supplied with something for nothing.

If a man didn't feel that he was going to get a lot more out of the government through Social Security and other socialist programs than he contributed he would invest his money himself and make it produce for him. When ever a man wants socialism, these handouts from the government instead of producing for himself, and depending on his thrift, initiative and ability, he either admits his inability which should also disqualify him from determining the course of a nation, or he admits the fact that he wants something for nothing, and wants someone to subsidize him in this situation.

We have a certain segment in America today who are a victim of increasing socialism for 40 years, artificially created depressions, and the increasing dependence and growth of the Federal Government. We have been infiltrated by certain unassimilatable people whose work has been designed to give us socialism and socialist complexes. This has come from their instructions, their colleges, and we even permitted socialism to creep into areas of the church until we have a great number of Socialist Clergy who do not believe in the basics of the Faith, and actively teach the philosophy of socialism. Against this you have had a great patriotic core growing, developing, and spreading. The last two years you have made a great patriotic upsurge in all of America's history. This has been going on since W.W. II and gradually increasing, it has been gradually taking hold, and denouncing socialism and communism. Lots of groups have been formed and although they have been infiltrated, partially neutralized, still there has been a growing, expanding awakening of conservative Patriotic thought in America. We have been active in all areas of anti-communist activity since 1946. At that time we were elected Chairman of the California Pastors Committee Against Communism. We worked with all denominations Protestant and Catholic, and Father Vaughan of Y.O. University represented the Catholics in this program. But we were the California State Chairman, and from this organization was formed what was known as the California Anti-Communist League. We worked with the Un-American Activities Committee in Sacramento, and in Washington, D.C., and we were getting in deeper, and meeting with more leaders all the time. We were attending seminars and all kinds of anti-communists activities, and thus we watched new faces on the horizon, come into this. Some came into this growth because it looked like a lucrative way of life, but if they didn't produce something they would be noted and put out of the organizations. So even those strictly monetary professional patriots still had to serve and produce accurate papers or they were done. Of course we were still taken in by Australian, Swartz, because he was a socialist to start with. This wasn't something to produce for the "Right Wing", but to strictly make him millions of dollars.

Now; we have watched this build up and this was probably the first election campaign where some of these issues came to light as far as Goldwater was concerned, it didn't matter who was speaking, the Right Wing was looking for a standard bearer. But they couldn't capture control of the media, or the voting machine situation, nor the political policies. But lets face it there hasn't been an honest election for years even in Kansas and Missouri. When Harry Truman was running he had to race home because they were voting dead men. So a challenge was made, and they took all the ballots and put them in a great big barn under guard in Kansas City. I was in Washington, D.C. with Col. Greer when this recount was demanded, and Federal Marshalls were to come in, and President Truman took the Presidential plane and flew to Kansas City, and while he was there, all the ballot boxes were stolen, so no investigation could be made, they never found the boxes.

I have in my library a volume on the documentation of that situation, and the Pendergast Machine and Harry Truman were in this situation to the hilt.

In Illinois in 1960 they voted dead men and people who had moved away, there were hundreds of dead Democrats who voted in that election. There were more people voting than their population count, and they pulled the same thing in Texas. These were the kind of things Nixon should have challenged, but the powers that be, threatened his life. They said, challenge and the Republican party will lose its right ever to come back, besides the amount of money which had to be put up to have a re-election in both states was terrific, and if it did not change the election Nixon would be held responsible for raising it, and it would have bankrupted the Republican Party, so it made a challenge almost impossible.

Now this year (1964) I believe on good authority that 27 states were rigged. I heard that 17 states were assured, if they took a chance on just 2 states this would be to close, and the process might break down. The thing is the commitment has been made, the world government strategy calls for the abandonment of these United States. They plan this for to be the last election, and to roll you into a World Government, this is political action, but I think Mr. Johnson will only last 6 months, he will have a heart attack and Mr. Humphrey is to be your Red Dictator. (Well, YAHWEH didn't allow this did he?) You saw him with Walter Ruther on one side and the head of the ADA on the other side, but after all he is Mister ADA, he is a Red Democrat. There are a lot of unhappy democrats but I don't think this election will be challenged either.

Now; we would have liked to have seen the conservatives take over, and 83 Jews be dismissed from their jobs, but here is what is to happen later, this is their plan. The administration has deceivingly postponed the crisis in the monetary system, all the bad things since Roosevelt are coming into crisis, there is economic upheaval coming, and if Goldwater had been elected he would have gotten blamed for it. However it will come, there is no way you can keep the commitment to the Jews, and to the American people at the same time.

So lets say you have an economic upheaval and it reaches to the level of labor, more people realize then it will reach an inflation rate behind the scene of 250%, this will totally devaluated the dollar, and God will be effected in this program. As gold goes up the Federal Reserve will be able to reissue $3.00 for every dollars worth of gold which exists. So your dollar is reduced again as things go up, and purchasing power goes down. It reduces your saving power. But the enemy is ready for this, for housing and so forth is to be subsidized by the government, more built than is necessary in some areas, so the taxpayers will have to fork over as they are brought up by the International Jew, and then be resold and then going through the same cycle of the taxpayers backing their program. But all socialistic program collapse, and we are now reaching this edge in many areas. So I see more government created emergencies, and more dependent on United Nations help, and with this you will also see the rise of the 'Right Wing' to stop this take over of America.

I see the Negro used in California in a great uprising (this came in 1965), and the government instead of being on the side of the 'Right Wing' it will move to suppress anything against stopping the Negroes as we defend ourselves, but defend we will. By this they hope to declare Marshall law all over the country. But I think they will be unsuccessful even here in California because of the strength of the resistance.

Now; some states cannot be rigged as they have different ways of controlling their ballots. Mainly it is where voting machines are used, where you have the greatest fraud. Remember here last night, two men were running for Senator and they tabulated the vote and then said, that can't be right, the machine must have stuck, so they just took 90,000 votes from one man and gave it to another, and then said, that is correct. We watched this happen in big city after big city, as the vote was counted in the election. But where there were no voting machines the Right Wing won. This voting on pay T. V. lost which was a good thing, for this was for sports, and those behind the scene were a bunch of Jews, so I was against it. So the trend even in California was pro-right even in face of this crooked situation and if even 25% of Americans are alert there is a surprise in store down the road for the pro-left because this power is growing.

One of the mistakes socialism makes is that they destroy the intelligence of what makes the free enterprise system work, and then it collapses on them. They also do not realize that there are some strategies against the Kingdom which will not be allowed. And as we talk about spiritual powers to be used there are powers totally beyond the ability of the enemy to understand.

In frustration of the enemy they are going to seek to suppress, to frame, to remove the influence of the leaders of the Right Wing, and this will bring the catastrophe upon them. Remember all the enemies of America, are just one heart beat from being out of your way, especially when they have heart trouble. Ha! But the Master can just say: this is an unfruitful branch we will just take you out of the way, and he is gone.

Now; I personally believe that the forces trying to take over America were totally behind the killing of Kennedy. I have the copy of the report, and there was to many phoney things which never came out even in books and magazines, such as, practicing Kennedy's funeral a week before it happened. The F.B.I. talking to Ruby and Oswalt two weeks before Kennedy came to Dallas, all these things, with the C.I.A. actively there, and there is probably a C.I.A. man here tonight with an F.B.I. man watching.

But the day has come when you reach as many people as we do, then they never miss a beat, and they have someone watching. But then who arranged for Mr. Johnson to ride 3 cars behind President Kennedy? Because the Vice-President is a publicity hound, and he would have set in the same car if he could have gotten in. I think they wanted to make as much political hay out of this as possible, blame it on the Right Wing, but I don't think Kennedy would have been re-elected if he had been there to run. All it would have taken would have been for a little more of he and Bobby together, and people would have been ready for a change. It is true that Kennedy had cancer of the spine so he would not have lived to much longer anyhow, but Johnson was more pliable.

There is a book out charging Johnson with 3 political murders, and he has stepped in with an injunction to stop this book, so there is a lot of things involved here, even mutton heads in the Republican Party don't bring out conservative trends they are elected for. I helped put Nixon in the Senate, and this was before the Jews took him over, and he was caught in that web. But make no mistake about it he is a sharp politician, and if he could have come into office on a conservative wave back then, when Jenner was head of the Un-American Security Committee he would have made a house cleaning. He is friendly, I have a whole file full of correspondence back and forth between us. But the moment they decided to limit his effectiveness by running him as Vice-President with Eisenhower they hung a six pointed star around his neck, and he no longer would talk to his old friends if they knew of the Jewish International Conspiracy. But Nixon would have come out behind Goldwater in the campaign, hard hitting, if he hadn't been fearful that they weren't going to win. The reason he was fearful they wouldn't win was because he said this election was rigged, and he said this sometime before the election. So he came to Casper, Wyoming, and said that Johnson and Humphrey were both anti-communists and great Americans, just as Barry Goldwater and Miller are. Dick Nixon would never have made that speech if he hadn't known the election was rigged. He was trying to find an area of political survival after the election was over, but he thought only a miracle would stop Johnson and Humphrey.

So, we are in transition from Socialism to World Government which will not be successful in these United States. There will be a great reaction and angry people when they find out what has been going on. So, what do we do now? Well, we pull together the Right Wing and start fighting harder. The best defense is attack, so we will continue to point out anything which is entrapping to America. We are stepping into an ancient pattern in geological cycles much like those which climax age changes, times when there is great changes in mountains, continents and Oceans, and we are going to see a lot of strange things.

No, I do not trust the power behind Humphrey, if he gets in we will never have another election until the time when the Almighty steps in.

Question: Do you think Dick Nixon was paid off?

Answer: No, I just think he took the orders of the Republican Hierarchy. I think he felt they had run up against a deal like the Pendergast machine. And Nixon didn't have any money to go ahead with recounts, so on advice of Republican Hierarchy it was decided not to buck the powers behind the scene.

Question: About Daniels prophecies have they been fulfilled or still to be?

Answer: Well, most of them dealt with events that have been fulfilled except he did have some prophecy for the end of this age, in the last climatic cycle, like the hosts of the heaven coming in to join the Kingdom. Of course Daniel did know that the white race was a Divine offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD transplanted from heaven to earth, born into bodies of the Adamic race, and that the word Santest meant believing offspring. He talked about the end of the age, and that this great battle between the pagan people, the non-white race, and the Adamic Race he also brought in the hosts with Michael to stand with the believing offspring. The word Saints comes from the word Santest. People have the idea that someone who never lived sat on a hassock with a halo around their head, and that makes a Saint, but a Saint can come in a sword in one hand and a victory in the other, and the fact that Saint just means believing offspring should be understood. In this factor we might classify those who make up the spiritual center of the Kingdom of God, as believers anyway. But the word (Saint) in translation and semantics has lost a great part of its vitality. The Kingdom and the race of that Kingdom is constant, and the spiritual force remains. So in this very hour when they think they are going to take this world over, even in this battle, call it Armageddon or something else, we are going to win. The white race, the nations of the western world, we don't have to guess at this, we are going to win, period. We are not only going to win but we are going to eliminate all non-Christian, non-white authority out of every white nation in the western world, and we area going to rule the world with the best government the world has ever had. But we will administer this rule, and not let those incompetent create areas of catastrophe and trouble. We are not going to let them through their areas of cannibalism and superstition destroy the areas from which this rule comes. This is destiny, this is the path to which we are committed, there is no other cause. Politicians can come and go, and if they use this route we can use them, but if they fall, then new ones will be found, but this is our destiny, there is no other cause.

Question: Will we get rid of Humphrey and others like him?

Answer: We better not discuss this, but then we don't have to pull tares. Humphrey is the man they really want for this world government, but behind and tied in here is Walter Ruther, and then Humphrey would go. Walter Ruther is Moscow educated. I have his correspondence in here from the Internal Security files when the hearings on him were made years ago, and he said his great dream was for the Creation of a Soviet America. As he wrote home to his family as to what he was learning he expressed this dream. When he rose to power in the labor movement he was assisted by top echelons of revolutionary power?

Question: Then how will he gain that power?

Answer: Not necessarily by being President, that is just a title anyway. But the man they want at the seat of power is Walter Ruther. Humphrey will do for President, but for top man, Walter Ruther is their man at the present time. (Well, YAHWEH took care of him, didn't HE?)

The design of world government is setting up something else, it is called Provincial administrators and under this plan they divided the world up into 21 districts under the United Nations, and will have a Provincial administrator in each district who will be a power above all local government, and eventually dissolving all local governments from its areas of representation. Then congressmen will be of no value, no longer will they make the laws, the Senate will cease to exist under the United Nations charter. It is already cut and dried, I can show you the format. Way back when they had what they called GAT which was sort of and International trade alliance set up in Cuba long before the days of Castro and his revolution, it was set up as a social revolution over all most all the world. And control of almost all goods, pricing, controlling and distributing goods, taking over economically by agreement and alliance to secure their design of doing away with Individual Nationalism, through delegates selected by a procedure for the U.N. and all elections would be held to select candidates, but not party, for political parties, all this is in their program. Provincial administrators have been selected, and even foreign affairs which was the official publication of the program of Foreign Affairs cited that Provincial administrators, or the best man to coordinate 'Foreign Affairs' would be Walter Ruther. So this came out of the GAT conference way back, they were planning on Walter Ruther being the coordinator under the United Nations of Foreign Affairs. (So they sent him to Moscow to be schooled in Communist Administration.) But Kennedy and Johnson and a lot of others also wanted this position.

Question: I was in shock when I watched T.V. last night and I saw President Johnson either drunk or doped, did you see that?

Answer: Well, they can say he was just tired, but Humphrey stepped in to deliver the speech for him, but I think that was also planned. However the President is known for not having the sense to keep the liquor out of his mouth when driving his car at 100 miles per hour. They were celebrating something last night, and Humphrey was there, so people all over the country saw the President a little bit drunk last night, or he had a tranquilizer, so leave yourself an out. Ha!


Question: Last Sunday you were talking about the seventh week symbolism, and that we have had the sign of the son of man in the heavens and now are almost into the third day, and before the week was over we would start to see judgements fall on those who had made their bed with Babylon. Then we would be seeing the light to once more start to envelope the children of the Kingdom. Now; must we see the completion of that week before we see the enveloping light?

Answer: Well, it is not so much the completion of the week, all prophetic measure especially when they run back over 5000 years before Christ because all of Enoch's writing was done 5000 to 4900 B.C. So when we came to the time of February, 1962 this was thousands of years since the prophecy was given, and yet all those planets lined up in that formation, in that sign exactly as Enoch was told they would be.

Now; Enoch was told that within this week, see when they said week they always knew this was seven years. In other words, a prophetic measure, all prophetic measure were measured on 7. A prophetic year was given in 2 different ways: when you got 7 times, then time was 360 days in a year, so 7 times was 2520 years. Now, you say but there is 365 and 1/4 days in a year, but in 4900 B.C. there was only 360 days in a year. And it wasn't until 1490 B.C., or one year that Venus stabilized in our Solar System. Prior to this time Venus was not in our Solar System, was not among the wanders or planets. She was not found in the sky calendars of China, or of the Mayas, or the United States. She did not become stabilized in this Solar System until 1490 B.C. and then for 50 years after that she didn't stay in the same position, but fluctuated in her orbit. And during this period of time the record of the Exodus by Biblical History. But I can show you volumes of astronomical record of Mayan, Egyptian, and other calculations. ________________ (Vel VOKOSKIE) who wrote "Worlds in Collision", who plagiarized some of this material from McGonolyn and from other historical astrologers said: I am not talking about astrology but astronomy, the movement of the stars and planets, and the sidereal systems.

Therefore 360 days was always the measure until the coming of this planet. Then after this we were slowed down in our solar cycle, not in our axis revolution but our solar cycle, for we still had 24 hours to the day, but it took 365 days to make a revolution in our solar cycle, where as to that it took only 360 days. So what we get is an extension of the solar cycle to 365 1/4 days.

Now; when the judgement was given and God pronounced through the prophets certain kinds of chastisement, in the course of political history it was generally marked by times, or years, or cycles, and by meters of units of measure such as 7 times, which is 7 times 360 or 2520 years. Then when dealing in later measures, or climatic measures they referred to, for instance weeks. Daniel asked a question, how long will this Kingdom as Judah and Benjamin return to build the city, how long will this Kingdom last? Thus Daniel was told that 70 weeks would be given to this nation. But in the midst of those 70 weeks, in the midst of the 70th week, Messiah the Prince would be cut off. So, 7 times 70 was 490 years, from the day when they went under Nehemiah to rebuild the walls and the city and set up this city. From that day there was Cainanites coming in and these kikes who weren't of Judah and Benjamin at all, but with all these non-Israelites, in this cycle which transpired then 490 years from that day was not consummated. 483 years was the last week of the 490 years. In the midst of that week or the 486 and 1/2 years then Messiah was crucified, and thus Messiah the Prince was cut off in the midst of the 70th week. The 70 the week still fulfilled itself, but after that there was no official Sanhedrin in its proper form because no true Pharisee who was of Judah and Benjamin ever sat in the Sanhedrin, thus this Kingdom was sliced in half. The False Pharisees who were Sadducees and Asiatics and the true Pharisees who were of Judah and Benjamin parted company. In their upheaval the crucifixion of the Christ made a severance and not one true Pharisee remained in the Sanhedrin but Gamaliel, and he got out of it soon. After Christ's ascension, then Peter, James, and John, and all the disciples went to preaching Christianity and this was developing so the Jews tried to imprison Peter, James, And John, and Gamaliel provided the defense for Peter, and then the miracles and things transpiring are all historical and are in the record.

Now; following this cycle then after Gamaliel walked out of the Sanhedrin then not one true Pharisee ever set in it ever again. Not one man of Judah or Benjamin, no German or Norman, ever set foot in the Sanhedrin ever again, so remember that. The people who were the Goth and the Visgoth are those who made up the tribe of Judah. There is not a Jew on the face of the earth who is of the tribe of Judah. A part of the tribe of Judah went out with the 10 tribes of Israel who went through the Caucasian pass and into Europe and settled in the heart of Europe. These Israelites were the Anglo-Saxons of Joseph who settled in the Isles, and those of Gad who settled in Italy, those of Simeon in Spain, Dan in the Denmark and Asshur and other into Scandinavia and so on each into his own place. But the background of their symbols, their migration is all a matter of ethnic history, is all a matter of anthropological record.

Now; the Jews in Jerusalem had no part in this, but a part of Judah and Benjamin who had formed the Kingdom from the days of David on down, after the other tribes had gone out in the days Rehoboam, were in that land until the days of Zedekiah, who Babylon captured, and those people in that captivity were largely of Judah and Benjamin because the others were already long gone from that land. They were even gone in their migration after leaving Shalmanesers Kingdom. So we have an absolute record of this, we have a historical cycle. And Judah and Benjamin had the same trouble that we have, for there was that 5th column on the inside of the nation. Where this trouble comes from is these unassimilatable people who come in here, not to build America but to take it over, and to destroy it, to absorb it, and Christ identified these Jews as of their father the devil, and they still are today. They are destroyers, not creators, they are parasites through out all generations. They were thus not of Judah and Benjamin and need to be identified as such. So after the Crucifixion, then those last in that land of Judah and Benjamin begged for permission to migrate out of Palestine. And the Kingdom of Rome gave this permission, and in just a few years they migrated out of that old land. They came into Europe and this was the coming of the Vis Goth, and the Normans. And the VisGoth joined with the Goths of Germany and Austria, etc. And the Normans were scattered into Normandy and France, etc. Remember, "One tribe I leave with Judah (all others I send away from him) but one I leave for David's sake."

Now; this measure, a week in measure was 7 days, or 7 years, and a year in measure 360 days, or it could be 360 years because one day for a year.

Enoch was told that after he saw the sign of the embodiment of God, this was the sign of the son of man in the heavens, for the scripture said: watch for this sign. But Enoch was told that for this sign also, all these wanderers would line up in Aquarius, the waterman of the heavens, they would line up in a straight line, and now they would know that this was the 'Sign of the son of man in the heavens' which also Jesus would refer to. At this time then all the heathen would mourn, all those heathen of the earth would mourn.

Now; when this sign came February 4, 1962, I still have in my files from different publications, all over the world, reporting that over in India the pagans mourned, for they thought the end of the world had come. They knew about this sign also, knew that it talked about the end of the World Order. It was not the end of the World, but it was the Beginning of the end of the powers of the pagan forces using superstition over the masses, stopping civilization and progress of those who had the capacity of vision and initiative in their war against the Kingdom. This would be the sign of the end of the age.

Now; there are people in the white nations who rule this hour with the beast, in other words they become proselytes of the Beast System, for the advantage they feel they get out of it. In other words, today I tell you that a man whether President or whoever he is, when he is a tool of International Jewry, designed to rule us, to take away our Republic, is more evil from the stand point of judgements concerned, than those who are trying to take us over. And the enemy trying to do this is doing it because he wants to over throw our way of life. So more power to him if he can get away with it. Our task is to bind the darkness, to liberate the earth, and not permit this to happen. But if one of our kind sells out for power or temporary affluence then the scripture says he is a proselyte of hell, seven times as bad as the enemy himself.

Now; we have then those under the scripture, those who rule their hour (15 years) with the beast. And the Scripture has the term of Babylon for an economic world Political System. This is the system today of Socialism, Communism, and International manipulation through the use of the gold manipulation and so forth. Jewry as such did not descend from the white race, but from Cainanites, partly white, Amalekites, and others, thus there are black Jews, yellow Jews, and so forth in Palestine today. They didn't come from Abraham but from a World Political Click, the Kehilla, the Illuminati. You can trace them back into their organizations and events in Europe, then further back even in the days of Ur of the Chaldeas when they took over Nimrod.

So, we think of the history of the white man and there is only 7400 years of background for this race. Today we have fragments, fossils, skull types, artifacts, remnants or cultures back thousands of years for our identification of racial groups. No longer is it limited, go back to 600,000 years to the Tungus man and lets just stop there for here is 600,000 years of Asiatics on earth. They were created good when they started, and were good until the Luciferian revolution took them over, as it came in from the outside. We have the history of the Negroes, and how they came in on ships of Lucifer in that rebellion, after Lucifer took them over. We have the ancient manuscripts telling the story of the coming of the Negroes on these ships of Lucifer, and of the mongrelization and the viciousness by which the race forms were disturbed by Lucifer at that time. We have the Radio Carbon dating of the burial of these Negroes 73,000 years ago in the caves of Kilmanjaro. Thus we have the antiquity of Negroes, we have the mutations, we have the records of wars, atomic struggles, the shaking of the earth, the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantas, the cities beneath the ocean, the migration points from the High Incas to the Steppes of Asia. We have their areas, their symbols and backgrounds, and I could talk night after night for years about the fabulous connections we can geologically now establish between now and ancient civilizations. We know about the uplift of the Andes Mountains, although of course the Andes are not so very old, for the last of them only went up 12,000 years ago when the last of the High Sierras went up. The oldest parts of the Andes Mountains went up 24,000 years ago, so you see there is nothing new, these are really not an old chain of mountains. The great jungles were over these mountains before they went up. Continents sank after some of the mountains went up, the earth surface has been going through upheavals, and of course forces of darkness have been involved in this, but a carefully guiding hand limits these forces as to how far they are permitted to go.

When we understand these things and know that at our race has only 7400 years of history, no anthropologist would seek to establish, or would establish by a Fossilology the existence of this white race before 7400 years, so out of the whole area of manuscripts and chronology we know that Adam was in that area of 5400 years B.C. We know this because we have scripture, we have things told to Adam, the books of Adam and Eve contain some of these things told to him 5400 B.C. So this Race is a Divine Race, and God placed them here to build a Kingdom, to establish a civilization, again in the earth, to over throw the darkness, to liberate the world from areas of these catastrophes. God cannot do less, than to put everything in order, he has to have a purpose, a plan which is always fulfilled.

The liberation of the earth from a fallen Archangel who he permitted to rebel because there was value to be taken out of this, was not only experience but evaluation as well, thus He has to put this back in order, and he is in the process of doing it. God's Grace on history is thus marked.

Now; when anyone of our race accepts the temporary power format of the enemy, and willingly joins himself to it in order that he might reign temporarily thinking it might win, then this individual has pitched his tent with Babylon, leaving his own people of the Kingdom of God. And the scriptures in the Book of Enoch, says that in the midst of the week following the sign of the son of man in the heavens that Grace would be withdrawn and Judgements would start to fall, on those who pitched their tent with Babylon. Remember when it talks about Babylon it means those who pitched their tents with the enemies of Thy God. In the book of Revelation when talking about Babylon it says: "Woe unto Babylon, Come out of her, Oh, My people." But in the book of Enoch it says: "Those who pitch their tent with the enemies of thy God. Those who enhance their profit and their power in this convenient season for them, for the inconvenience and hurt of My Kingdom." Then: " Come out of her oh, my people" in the book of Revelation.

Question: What if there are a few Jews where you work?

Answer: Well, if there is a bunch of Jews where you work then just have a life preserver close by, you might need it. Ha! If there is a lot of Jews around and even those who seem to have no connection with Babylon, still they support it through the B'nai B'rith, and other Rabbinical organizations, and Cargills, they all support it, and know what they are doing, some are just better informed than others. All Jews whether they want to or not contribute to the operation, and when the chips are down all Jews stand together. As far as this is concerned, the catastrophes will fall, they fall upon the enemies of the Kingdom, the Bible predicts this. For instance whole areas of coast lines are going to subside, and this will happen where there are large concentrations of the enemy "In the midst of My people", and who comes in to destroy.

Now; they all know a certain percentage of this, and they have gone down to Rio De Janeiro and took over for 13 to 15 blocks back from that beautiful beach, and now there are Babylonian mansions, and apartment houses there and they are full of New York and Baltimore Jews. For ten years they have been building this block after block, and moving their families down there. They have upset the political life of that area with their money, for they have no God but gold. So they have bought and sold and helped to ferment the revolution in Brazil at the same time. Brazil was making pretty good progress under the hands of intelligent Germanic leadership, and that white, although a minority population, was successful in guiding and building Brazil. Then in came this fifth column and the Jew masses with their money, and now Brazil is in a revolution and in trouble. The thing was, they began trying to equalize these white people by mongrelization, until the revolution has begun to get a foot hold. But when these fellows begin fleeing from an area which they have been picking for years, it is because they think the place is about to go. They enhance themselves to the limit. There is one thing about Jews, even though they stand together to clean the enemy they are totally reincarnationist in their theology, they are Sadducees, and they don't care about how many of their own people they exterminate in accomplishing their objectives. So as long as the more powerful ones can manipulate, and be powers in administration, they don't mind if two million of their own kind get wiped out in accomplishing their objectives. They will call the signal for bombs if this is necessary for power over other places. They watch for what they think is the best point, after they have looted a place, then they destroy it. Every place they leave they destroy it, and then claim they were put to death there.

Now; they have us set up for the same thing, for instance when Martin Luther King went over to Holland, Jim can tell you this, for he was over there at the time, but Martin Luther King was telling the people of Holland that we were putting Negroes to death over here in the United States. He said this was what white people were doing in America, and these silly people in Holland and in England also were believing him. This was in all their newspapers, but of course the Jews owned all the newspapers. Oh, we hadn't set up the gas chambers as of yet, but we were beating on the Negroes and flogging and killing them in the streets.

Now; most of the Jews who were supposed to have died in W.W. II are down in Mexico City, or in the United States, or down in Rio De Janeiro, and on every Main Street in every little town in America. But remember how they said they were being put to death? Well, this is an old tactic always they scream this, but they don't care if situations wipe out a lot of their own people, they are expendable. But they never let go of their money for this is their life.

This is a strange thing, don't think that Jews ransom their own lives with their own money. They will ransom their sons but not themselves. They believe that they come back in quick cycle, and thus they will keep the money in their family. Therefore they will ransom their sons but not themselves. This a peculiar twist in their thinking but this has been true for years.

Question: Do you think they will come back in the same family?

Answer: Well, yes in close connection, but of course there isn't any other family for them cause this is the devil's family, so they may be scattered out but in the same family. This is why this tracing back can get off into many channels for this can reach into many things.

Now; in the midst of this week, by the time you reach the 9th, month of next year (Sept. 1965) this measure ends. But a lot of men will stay in this hour with the beast, and they will have to catch what happens. But the warning is out right now to get out. If people are still pitching their tent with Communism and Socialism, they better get out right now, or they will die in there. Because Communism is going to be defeated in America. It is the enemy of the Kingdom, it is at war with the church, oh, not the phoney church, but the true church is at war with Communism to the end. This is a very practical war, it is them or us, and it is not going to be us.

Now; this is Biblical, we have the power to call in legions and fleets of strength, vast fleets and ships they have no concept of. And whole areas of these fellows are to be taken away, Christ tells you this Himself. And within this same scope a lot of these people who rule this hour with the beast will be forced to live outside of the Kingdom, they will have to go outside and live in the nations of these people they have been trying to force upon you. A lot of these people will have to go to Africa for instance in the period after the victory. They will find it pretty dark out there, and whole areas of these people will be transported out to a new place such as the constellation of Era, the scripture tells us that.

Now; take a look at this picture, lots of these people have been selling out for money and for power, then a catastrophe hits that area, and they don't have it anymore. One thing the Bible is very strong on is, Biblical law. Because fundamental principals of law recognize your occupancy in a physical body, recognize your energies, your initiatives, and your rights. These stand for property rights, territorial rights, Kingdom rights, thus recognize your right to the ownership of property. Therefore property is significant to energy output, but the white nations being the 'Have nations' come from the intellect, from the knowledge with intellect, and you can get anything again, or you can make anything again that you get into your head that you want. So the intellectual drive and vision which produces something is more value than the thing produced. Thus the white nations of the world are the have nations, and the United Nations tell you this. Go to the Department of Agriculture or other places, and the record of output tells you that the white nations are the 'Have Nations'. Why? Because of the intellect and knowledge they possess. It is not because of resources because Negroes have been setting on more resources in Africa for 73,000 years than are found any where else in the earth, and yet they didn't do anything with them. Then you come along and in the last 175 years you have built a great nation, so you get called a 'Have nation'.

I have said this many times, the great war chariots of the Summerians and Egyptians, then the Adamites rolled across Africa, but the Negroes never made a wheel. They saw men building houses but never built anything substantial. Saw progress all around them but couldn't absorb it. Only under the teaching of a white man with intelligence, and under his aura has the Negro risen in his capacities of electronic memories so now it is beginning to record, and build for them. He didn't have anything before this, he was just a step or two above an ape.

I was going down the road the other day and I saw what I thought was a little monkey dressed up like the Organ grinders used to have. It was jumping around in the dirt, and I wondered where that came from. Then I saw a car and some Niggers were working on it, but that little one was jumping around just like a little monkey.

Not long ago we were coming down the avenue, and there had been a wreck and one Negro said to the other one who had run into him, don't get smart with me you old baboon. I've talked to Gorillas who just came down out of a tree who are smarter than you. I would have liked to of had a tape recorder because they were starting to choose sides between the Gorilla and the Baboon. Of course we know that they did not come from monkeys, but they are a different race or specie. The thing is that the 'Have nations' are the nations of the white western world. The technology of our time has moved out of this area of vision I think this is all rather self evident. If you don't have to worry about us making it, a lot of people worry about numbers since we are out numbered 6 to 1. But at one time we were out numbered millions to one, for we were only one family when God put them in Eden. And round about were all these races, and Lucifer pushing them to absorb these white people. Thus the mysteries and allegories of this story but they didn't make it, for we are still here.

In the millenniums to come, your race will be a majority in the earth, and administrators all over the earth because of the increase of His Kingdom there is to be no end. The day will come when there won't be a Negro on earth, they will be back in their part of the Milky Way from which they were recruited in the Luciferian rebellion. I can show you in the ancient records when the battle took place, and where Lucifer was defeated, and he and his broken ships were cast into earth. The Negroes were on these ships of Lucifer, and they were brutish by the time they came in.

Question: How will they take them back?

Answer: Well, there are plenty of ships to take them back. We have crafts flying around today which makes our atlas missile look silly. We have little crafts heading for Mars, but even though we understand something about power, we still haven't learned how to harness it as yet. As soon as they start using electromagnetic force between Solar Systems, and utilize areas of light energies that can be used we won't fool around any more with these fuel systems of solid fuel rockets.

Back in the days of Enoch the crafts came and went by the thousands, and when Paul was taken into the heavens, in the Apocalypse of Paul which he was told to write when he came back, he tells us that YAHWEH brought him there to bring things back to his remembrance, things he had forgotten when the veil was placed over his thinking. Paul, and Enoch both saw crafts by the millions in the heavens. But its a secret you not being able to remember, because if you knew how to get back you wouldn't hang around and do your job. You were to forget what transpired in Celestial plains before your birth, because if you remembered what transpired there, if your soul consciousness in this physical consciousness knew, you probably wouldn't have even fooled with this last election, you would just have left. There is certain things to do, and we are going to do them thus the scripture says we brought nothing into this world when we came in, we forgot what had gone on before, so you can't take anything out but experience.

Question: Do you have flashbacks?

Answer: Now; these flashbacks are something different. You can flashback to anything your ancestors did, anything which is stored around the nerve tendrils of the brain, and stored there in the embryo, then its possible by activating that piece of tissue by the electrons evolving and setting up an image. That is why they use electrodes to activate that part of the tissue, a lot of neurologists have been experiencing this today. And sometimes a flash will come and a person sees the image of something which wasn't him, but maybe was his fathers, or grandfathers. So they are very interseted, this is where they got this retrogression. It wasn't the experience of this man in a previous life, it was only the image passed down through the chromotin that has been passed down to you. For instance we have only had 1 and 1/2 generations of combustion engines, and we had to train men to work on them, to take them apart and put them together again, the younger men have inherited an area of this already. But as far as your Celestial consciousness, the spirit can bring all things to your remembrance clear back to the beginning. But you have to know what you want to know or there is no probing for it. When the time comes for this knowledge to be given, it will be a new development. A vision always comes in for every new invention and every cultural wave, and it always comes upon those who have the perception to receive it, whose wave length of perception is locked in with the spirit of God. Thus this has to be children of His spirit, Life of His Life. So when a Race is offspring, and others are creation then we were sent here to put things in order, thus this is why you are the 'Have nations', why the vision has to come through you, why the initiative is there.

Question: When you project the seven years from 1962, does this mean the Kingdom will be here by 1969?

Answer: It does not say that, it says in the midst of the week following this, the judgements are to fall on those who pitch their tents with the enemies of Thy God. It might be shorter than that, we don't know.

Question: Does this mean that if you live in a neighborhood where there are so many Jews then you should get out of there?

Answer: Oh, I don't think it especially means that, I think it means don't go into business with them.

Question: Well, if you work for a large corporation, and there is a lot of Jews that run it, what then?

Answer: I don't think it is as much related to this as it is for those in public office who move in then set up a Jewish cabinet. Or fellows who sit in an area of International finance, and plan depression, downfalls, and confistications in a conspiratorial design. We are victims in some areas of industry today, victims of violating our own immigration laws. In other words our immigration laws forbid these people from becoming citizens of these United States, and they were let in all outside of the numbers and quotas.

Question: Someone said that Johnson would fix it so everyone can come in.

Answer: Well, that is one of the plans as soon as Congress convenes. I have this from all sorts of sources and I have friends in Internal Security, and Immigration. And the design of the Johnson administration is to end immigration. To flood us now with so many African and Asiatics that there will be a redistribution of population. They want to do this through the United Nations, and have just one world, and then the Elite corpse will keep themselves from integration and rule over all the rest of us. They think they are going to force us to accept this, but just remember Constitutional America, the nation to which we pledge allegiance is what the constitution says it is, not what these skunks are trying to make out of it. And if they try to take us over with the United Nations forces, or rule over us with the U.N. forces only prophecy can give you the answer. The Bible says that as they try to do this wrath will rise up in the countenance of My people until there will not be a Cainanite left in the House of God.

Now; they say that we advocate rising up and liquidating all these rascals, but we don't advocate this at all, we just tell you what the Bible says will happen. Why? Because of what they did, because they created this wrath through conspiracy.

But they may not be as successful as they think they are going to be if they try too use our own armed forces against our people. There is lots of things involved in this.

Question: What if a white man marries a Jew?

Answer: Well this should not be done, and vice versa but if they do that, then write off the offspring, and the individual is also in trouble in the marriage. The Bible has greater condemnation for outer race marriages than for any transgression (sin) in the whole of the scriptures. This is the unforgivable transgression because no matter how much Grace you might bestow on this you still have a mongrel, mutated in the wave length, offspring.

The Cainanites have a different background, this is why the scripture is so firm in this from the days of Adam. We get involvements from time to time, and since the war when we sent our boys out, then they brought back Korean hash, and the thing to do is send them home. We have sent a few home, we have had them come here for counseling, and we would say: break up the marriage and send them home. The Chamber of Commerce here in Lancaster used to send us these mixed married couples who were in trouble, and we counseled them to go home. In other words we are willing to help to the ends of the earth, give them guidance, leadership, we are willing to help Japan, we gave them our best of leadership, McArthur, and look what we kept. They had McArthur a genius and we had Truman a--------(laughter). But I want to tell you something, Truman was 100% man beside what we have now (Johnson). He wasn't to sharp, and he was in with a cunning gang, but Truman was more grass roots than what we have now. They used Harry Truman to set Israeli, but he didn't know any better, neither did his Baptist minister. He had raised him on this "chosen people" bit, so when they came in and told Truman to recognize Israeli, and if he did he would be blessed, and re-elected, and if he didn't he would be cursed, so Truman did as they wished.

QUESTION: Was Truman Jewish?

ANSWER: Oh, no I would have liked to have pinned that on him but I couldn't. Ha! His name Harry SOLOMON Truman doesn't mean a thing, Solomon is just a name taken by the Jews.

QUESTION: But he was in business with a Jew?

ANSWER: Now, wait a minute he was just a little clerk in a Haberdashery, and went into partnership with a Jew and was forced into bankruptcy by his partner. But he paid everyone back even though it took him 11 years to do this, and no Jew would ever do this. I was opposed politically to Truman, as I see all the catastrophe from putting such men in high office, but he was not a Jew.