11-06-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


ANSWER:---The questions coming in from the tapes are too many to answer---

QUESTION:---I have often wondered what is going to happen when Christ comes. Will we get up and go to work?

ANSWER:---I would imagine you will. But I think you might be able to take a day off. Ha'. I think everything will come to a mighty standstill. There will be a lot of beating up on the enemy who came to destroy. They plan on destroying Christ, His nations and His Kingdom. He said that in the twinkling of an eye, which means you put on immortality-- that is one factor. And if you missed a meal, that is not important. I think you will see much the same in atmosphere but not in strategy. But all men are going to sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree.

QUESTION:---What I meant was that men are still going to work. There will be businesses, industry, but under a different strategy?

ANSWER:---I think the profit system will continue but it will be within bounds. There will be one thing that will help. When the Kingdom comes in, there will be no Jews in business. They will be gathered out of the way. And be trying to get along with each other out in the constellation of Ara. Some will have a lot of it and some will have a little and some will be trying to get it all. Ha'

Remember the one area of trouble on the face of the earth will be Lucifers children. They have made most of the trouble on the face of the earth. Besides, we won't have any droughts, crop problems. We will have all things that we need.

When Christ was on earth before they ate and raised food, He liked fish. They didn't have all the good things because the rascals held sway. But this time they aren't going to crucify Christ. So this will make a great difference. Lots of us will move into the areas of administration because He said:--'You are going to sit with Me in the areas of My throne. You are to rule the world. And you will be able to teach the people of the world how to raise enough food to eat. And they will work to feed themselves. You may find that the Kingdom is administration. And the Kingdom is to be supported by the flow out of what the world produces when they are ruled over by the proper procedure, because there will be bounty in the earth. One man asked me if you would be able to go fishing when the Kingdom rule comes. Well, I imagine so, because Jesus went fishing. Everytime they looked for Jesus, He was out fishing, or on a boat or cooking over the fire. He seemed to like the seashore. So you will probably fish in the Kingdom. But it's a big Universe and we haven't began to see the things to be done. "Eye hath not seen, or ear heard" what has been planned. There may be great portions of the Universe never developed as of yet. I think we will be there in that work. There is no transgression out there, so they won't need us for that. But the main thing we do know is that God has a terrific program and it is all good. We do know there will be no more Usury. No more graft in this administration. All governments will work out for the good of the people

QUESTIONER:---Right now I wish I didn't have to sleep, for there is no time to do all I want to do.

ANSWER:---Well, now you don't have to get it all done in just three score years and ten. A day is as 1000 years with YAHWEH. But when Christ appears, every spot and wrinkle is going to pass away. So we will be at the height of our maturity forever. So think of that.

QUESTION:---Well, will the eye doctors, dentists, and M.D.'s be out of work?

ANSWER:---Well, they may find work with the other races.

QUESTION:---How about the cosmetic field?

ANSWER:---Well, I don't think we will need people to tell us that someone's face has not the proper tint on that day. ha' I wouldn't be surprised but what everyone's face will register perfect health.