11-10-65 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---What about the blackouts that just hit the East Coast and parts of Canada?

ANSWER:---Well, this was one of the most unique power failures of all history. We do not believe that this was an ordinary power failure. The reason for this is that within five minutes of this, the Negroes in Rochester, New York had blocked the streets with automobiles and were already looting. And in the dark the officers were having a hard time trying to break it up. Well, it took several hours. And took a while to get thru the barricade of cars that had been set in place. Within ten minutes of the blackout, organized bands of Negroes were creating fires and causing fires in Harlem. Then in Boston, almost simultaneous with the blackout, the looting started. So in other words, if this had just been an ordinary blackout, the looting could not have started so quickly. Of course, it was a test rehearsal by the Communist Left Wing forces to see what these overloads of power would do.

Back in 1953 the Communist party was holding a meeting in L.A. at which time they talked about the massive plan to cut off all power to the major cities at a zero hour. Then dress rehearsals were planned to show how they could paralyze the whole community, the whole city. At that time they had designated certain people in certain communities to help carry this out. One of the areas called for the blowing up of the main trunk line at Boulder Dam and also certain areas of transformers and areas of dispersion. At the present time it is not so easy to do this in California, as it is in other parts of the nation because of Edison and Company who in so many steam generators, to take over just in case. Whereas they might black out a portion of the city, they can't black out the whole west coast because of these many areas of diversified electricity. We also don't have the subways and the electric trains out here. In the east they have all those grids, and all the power companies are thus tied together. so when they blew the first switch then all went together, and all the radio stations but two went dead and those had their own power source. But...just as soon as the blackout came then the looting and raping started. When we were in Washington D.C., we were talking to Col. Washington and he said that the fantastic thing is we have the program of the enemy but the Supreme Court says they cannot be apprehended until they actually commit the act. In otherwords, the conspiracy laws are nonexistent. You have to wait until they do these things before you can arrest anyone. So the hands are tied, one can imagine what it is like when 800,000 people were stuck in the subway under that city. When they got out they still couldn't get home, they had to walk the streets of that city with the Negroes and Puerto Ricans's robbing, looting, and raping. They tried to suppress the fact that it was sabotage and only from the White House could you get answers as to the why of this. They still say they do not know what caused the blackout. But this Negro named William's, who is a Communist said that they would do this to see if they could shut down this country to help the Negro rebellion. He said:... elevators will not move, toilets will not flush, trains will be cut off, no radio or T.V. when we strike this country....the whole country will be at our mercy. He said we can cause in one night the spoilage of 21 million dollars of frozen food. This is the kind of condition which transpired and we feel this was a deliberate...a test run if you will. It also demonstrates that the whole east coast is vulnerable to one bomb.

QUESTION:...Would you talk about sacrifices in the Testament?

ANSWER:...These were all substitutional symbols....they were based on certain areas of Divine purpose, as to what would be made manifest. Remembering of course that the white race are the offspring of THE MOST HIGH GOD, that you existed in the Celestial Realms long before the foundation of the world, long before you existed in a physical body and that you were a Celestial entity in a spiritual body which was resident in it, incapable of error. We were begotten in the spirit by THE MOST HIGH, and we existed thus in a very protective environment and were incapable of error. We were aware of the Luciferian rebellion and we stood aghast at what was happening at the catastrophe in the Universe, and at what was happening in the earth. In fact we had visited earth in the days before whole civilizations of the Lemurian continent and Atlantis as well plunged beneath the waters. We learn this today from the scrolls of Horus about the great temples to Yahweh-Putah which are among some of the oldest records of Ancient Egypt. They tell of how the sons of Yahweh-Putah came in bodies of light but that they could not be touched or handled. They could hear us and see us at times, but could not be touched and yet we served in the great temples to explain unto the people of earth, that they must worship only ONE GOD, and that we repudiated this Luciferian god, this Serpent god. We called on the people to obey the laws of Yahweh-Putah and not to intermingle with the Negroes which Lucifer brought to earth and not to permit themselves to be thus fused. The Book of Horus said:...that when the violence continued and the depravity that Lucifer caused by this great orgy, that as the people moved toward this conduct that the word came thru the sons of Yahweh-Putah that YAHWEH would bring great catastrophe and judgment and would wipe out much of this evil civilization. Then the better people such as those who would make up Ancient Egypt later would migrate and finally settle after crossing North Africa thru the tall grass of that time, up to the belly of their horses, they then settled in the fertile valley of the Nile River. They tell of how after that warning that soon the sons of Yahweh-Putah were not beheld anymore, and the continent of Atlantis began to sink. But a prophecy had been given to Horus...a High Priest of those people and unto their King Kufu...the title of their Emperor, that the day would come when YAHWEH would send His own children, those who had ministered in their temples, and would send them to earth in bodies of flesh like they had, and they would dwell among them again, and build a temple in their midst that would bear testimony to the truth. That they would establish a great pillar and altar unto their God, and to the memories of their yesterday and to their land.

This is not unlike Jeremiah who talks about a pillar and an altar in the land of Egypt. It isn't too unlike this for what they were talking about here is the Pyramid temples in which they used to worship. Thus the measures were also given in this great Pyramid in Egypt.

Now, in the Book of Ephesians our race was told that we had a great destiny, that we were existing in the bosom of the Father before the world was framed, but that we would dwell eventually in the earth. In the other books written by Paul it tells us that before we have ever dwelt in earth that God had made promises to us from before the foundation of the world. That in this plan that He also told us that He would be the "Lamb slain before the foundation of the world." That we would come to earth according to His purposes and promises, and that He planned, since Lucifer had never recognized the sons of God, that this was one areas of his revolt...sheer jealousy and desire for power, he was jealous of these offspring of God, these Celestial children because this placed them higher than he was. So he could never recognize them and this set off this catastrophe which you witnessed from heavenly places. You have forgotten it, but it can be brought back to your remembrance. One of the things the Holy Spirit is capable of doing is to bring all things to your remembrance, all truth, even the truth which the world cannot receive. The World Order cannot receive this truth because they have no such wave length of perception. One thing that remains for you is that all things can be brought to your remembrance, even the things which God had told you in the beginning. However god brought the Apostle Paul back into His presence and then sent him back to earth to write His Epistles, and His Apocalypse of Paul...but this was done away of course as much of our other literature has been....by Rome. They then tried to put out about Limb, Purgatory and so forth. The Apostle Paul made it very clear that a man did not sow in one field and reap in another. He did not sow in earth and reap in another dimension after he died. Men reap where they sow and they go thru those conditions where they have sown, as punishment for what they have done. This is something which Rome did not want, and they thus blotted it out of the "Apocalypse of Paul" and other things as well. I only mention this because the Apostle Paul was taken back into the presence of THE MOST HIGH, and he was told certain things, and he was told that these beings coming and going were his kinsmen, many were Celestial children who had as yet not dwelt in earth. Like Enoch who was also taken into the heavens in the Patriarchial age, he was to return and record these things for the memories of men had forgotten them. The Holy Spirit was capable of bringing back to all His Children the things God wanted them to know, and by his lips to be brought back to all His Celestial offspring by spiritual power, and by the presence of God directing it, because we are spirit of His Spirit and thus capable of thinking His thoughts, and God can turn them on when ever He wants the to think. Under this circumstance then one of His approaches was the building of His own race in the earth. Thus the Adamic race was the Household of God sent here to increase and to multiply. But God told them before they came into earth that all these other created races had been broken by Lucifer and he would try to do the same with them, by absorption, mongrelization, and intermixing, thus would he try to break us down. But we said:... 'no, no just send us and they will never break down. We will never fall, this can't happen to us.'

Enoch tells us this and so does the Apostle Paul, that we said we would go and we would not fall. But our Father said:..'yes you will fall, and in this fall you will lose your immortality, for your Light will pass from you. I will have to redeem you, I will have to pay the price of your redemption. It will require an atonement for your transgression and guilt...but I WILL DO THIS, I WILL DO THIS ATONEMENT FOR YOU.' You cannot atone for yourself unless you live in perfection and the state of perfection you cannot make as long as you are under the judgment of the fall, unless you could redeem yourself, but of course this you cannot do. So having told Enoch this, and also the Apostle Paul, who caught the vale of this then God says:...'it is essential then that since the wages of sin is death, immortality will have come upon you, and it will take someone who had not broken the law, who had not violated any law, one who has never broken the law will therefore have to pay the price of DEATH voluntarily and then conquer death by the raising of the body because there is no hold upon Him. This would have to be done, and yet He would have to be capable and with authority of taking the guilt of the world upon HIMSELF. No one could do this but YAHWEH HIMSELF. So I tell you this, you go into the world and since I did not intervene to stop Lucifer so that I might in the long run conquer all evil, that I might give you experience which is necessary that I might redeem you, my sons and daughters, that I might demonstrate my power over the Sun, Moon and Star's, and bring Lucifer to his knees. I have determined that I will come and redeem you. Since, therefore, this is a sacrifice which I will make for you because I love you...even tho you may not think this will happen...still it will occur for I know this, I will permit this cycle and therefore I will come and redeem you. I am to be your sacrifice for transgression, I will redeem you before the event takes place. I know Lucifer, I know what he has done before. You know what he had done before, and you think that you can stand against him, but you will fall. I however will restore you, for this is by MY GRACE, and by My power...I WILL DO THIS. So therefore remember this:.."the wages of sin is death." This means to the mortal body, and it ends with this mortal body. This body lost it's spiritual immunization to protect you when it lost it's LIGHT. This seed sown then is the wages of sin and is death, and you have to die because all have come short of the Glory of God.

Some people will say...I reject that doctrine of original sin. Well, this is alright for a nincompoop because there are a lot of people who think they know more than God. There are lots of people who then reject the doctrine of original sin, but don't make any mistake about it, for your Adamic forefathers transgressed and they lost for you 'immortality.' You can reject any responsibility or any relationship with original sin, but you will still get sick and die, so you still pay the price which is death.

Now, you will have to also admit that the Apostle Paul said:...'all of you have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. I don't want to embarrass you but if there is anyone here who hasn't sinned then stand up. So far no one has disproved this point that all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.

Now, there is no degrees in sin, this is a misnomer, some may say there is big sins and little sins, and to steal is not as bad as commit murder, or to violate various Divine Law's is not as bad as some other things. But violation of sin, violation of law brings death. There isn't any little sin or a big sin. If you break the law in one part you have broken it in all. So therefore, if by keeping the law you retain Eternal Life and the resurrection of the body, you can't retain this because you have broken the law. You inherited this transgression, so all have transgressed and come short of the Glory of God. On the other hand He said this is what I will do....'I establish that the only thing to do is find an individual who is without sin, can lift sin from men by first dying for them, and when dead then Resurrect Himself'...where are you going to find someone like that? Thus God said:..'I supply the sacrifice' and then He said to Moses, 'I give this law to you to pass on, but the Patriarchs had it before you...take a Lamb without blemish from your flock for the sacrifice. This is a symbol for a spotless creature, therefore as you slay him in this ritual of the Priesthood...this is saying in this confession...that you are sinners, you transfer all your guilt to this Lamb. You transfer this sin by this ritual, and I accept it. As this Lamb dies carrying your sins, so he dies lifting off of your conscious a guilt complex for your transgression. You are then not guilty because you have accepted this, and it is sort of a type of what is to come. So when this Lamb dies on the day of atonement, as people come to shed their transgressions, the day will come when He said:..."The day shall come when I will walk the earth in a body of the race, as your kinsmen and tho I am born in a body, this body shall be tempted in all things, it shall not be immune of all the feelings and all the senses that you have, but in all these things will I YAHWEH-YAHSHUA will be your Lamb. I will assume all the guilt, all the transgressions of the whole world, so they can't say it was unfair. I do all this so that I may purchase the Treasure hid in the field, which is the world."

Therefore the atonement will be a restitution by Yahweh-Yahshua doing this for you. He became the Lamb, and tho He had not violated any law, still He assumed all, He paid for all our transgression, and fulfilled any legal right that Lucifer might have to claim that he could hold you in debt, because he is the Prince of this world, and thus because of your sin or transgression he will hold you for a time, but 'I will raise from the dead, and technically you will then be free.'

By this same token, God said:..'because I have paid the price, now you are free, then no one can lay and charge on you. No longer do you have to kill any lamb's for I have died for you.' This Lamb of God is the complete sacrifice, and now that sacrifice has been made. He told us this before the foundation of the world. He told this to Moses, to the Patriarchs, even to Adam after Adam had followed Eve into transgression. Adam was hiding, he had lost his aura and he thought he was naked, for he no longer had the radiation of Spirit. It wasn't so much that he was running around naked, it was just that he had lost his light, but he was also clothed in a tunic of Lucifers. When God found him he said:----I have made a covenant with you, and the symbol of this is the allegory of the story of the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent---the symbol of the kingdom was made by Adam and Eve, by Israel, by the woman of revelation 12, and so forth.

Now, there has been a continual war between the Adamic race and the seed of the serpent. In this seed of the woman, there is a miracle involved---A woman would encompass God himself, and being born a man among men out of your race, born of your bone, he became your kinsman, and thus taking on himself your transgressions made the atonement. Therefore the symbol of sacrifice was to symbolize the great sacrifice which was to come. No Lamb could carry away your sin, no animal would have the capacity to do this. But God said:---I give you this ritual which you in performing then look forward to what I have promised to do. Therefore because you have faith in what I do, you look forward to what I promised you. Therefore because you have this faith in what I do, this fills your need until I do this. When I finish it from that time of the atonement for all the sons and daughters of God on the face of the earth, not only we but they who come after us. These are the words of the Father. Remember this, the atonement was consummated, no one can add anything to it, no one can take anything away from it. So by this---we have the words of the Apostle Paul that HE was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. He had told us these things before the foundation of this world. We had thought we were stronger, and bigger than this, but we missed, and Adam violated the law. Eve was deceived but Adam was not. Eve was formed for a helpmate for Adam, long after YAHWEH told Adam he was not to mix with these other races on earth. Adam had rejected the Luciferians, the Assyrians, the Egyptians and the Negroes, so there was no helpmate for him. So God formed Eve's body from Adam and Eve was then seduced by Lucifer. Then Adam not wanting to be separated from eve, violated divine law by openly consorting with Lillith and he lost his immortality, and brought transgression on the race.

Now, someone says:--"I am saved, I don't want to go to hell for Adam's sin." Well, don't worry you won't there hasn't been anyone of Adam's race who went into the Netherworld since the Resurrection of Jesus The Christ. This does not mean that there isn't a corrective pattern, a responsibility but I remind you that HE said:--"All Israel shall be saved as it is written." I want you to know that it is impossible for any SPIRIT OF THE MOST HIGH to go down into the Netherworld since the resurrection of Jesus the Christ. This is not hinged on something which you do, or don't do, it is hinged on something which HE did. There are a lot of people who don't recognize that. They run around with a guilt complex instead of thanking God for something which HE did, they run around imagining a devil and his torture chamber of perdition. The devil has a lot of people fooled by this. He even invaded the churches to do this and he has people running around paying Priests to keep them out of purgatory.

Now, no one can get you out of anywhere when you die. --- Christ has already done this for you. The Devil can't hold a single one of the Children of God in there. In other words how can he hold that which The Christ paid for? Someone said, they have to go thru a ritual, there is a certain formula,--- it is not a matter of such a pattern however, for the children of the Spirit possess a spirit which god can call, and he will make it known. Almost all of your race will give assent and tell you that Jesus is the Christ, and so forth, but some of them are also mentally sick, they are casualties of Lucifer in our environment, they are the by product of our seminaries being penetrated by Satan's own agents, the Jews, to deny His birth and so forth. The forces of the Anti-Christ seek to capture the minds of our race. If they hold anyone in mental bondage today, they lack the spiritual capacity---these people are a casualty to this battle. Make no mistake about it---this power of Lucifer does not transcend the power of The Christ to save to "THE UTTERMOST'. Always listen to what God says on the subject. If he says:--"I will save to the Uttermost"-----"All Israel shall be saved as it is written"---"All Flesh shall be saved"---then listen.

Now, the wages of sin is death---this is true, and death comes on this body even tho we do have to die--but the work is finished, we have to comprehend this as well as to understand this. We have to comprehend that we are free, but many have not as yet comprehended this great message. Yes, some have, for there where men who have not died in earth, some thousands of years ago. Some of them God just took away like Moses who never died before the atonement he would have been in the Nether world waiting for the Christ, and Lucifer would have had a right to that dead body, and an imprisoned soul in the Netherworld. Lucifer knew this so no one was going to deny him this, and he was thus hunting for the body of Moses. What I think is significant is that Lucifer was on a rampage, and he demonstrated that he could not find the body of Moses after he found that Moses was missing. He was even thundering at the gates of heaven, and Michael went out and decided he would slap Lucifer around a bit and tell him off, for after all he had whipped him once before and could do it again. But then God said:-- now wait a moment Michael -- you are a great Archangel, but so was Lucifer at one time. He is now a fallen one but I'm not going to have you two Archangels fighting anymore, so just leave him alone. In otherwords --- the devil wants to know where the body of Moses is, so just let him guess.

Now, I know where the body of Moses was, for Jesus was on the mount of Transfiguration, and he wanted to show the disciples --IMMORTALITY -- He wanted to show them the Glory he had before he came in a physical body. So on the mount of transfiguration he was thus transformed in radiant Glory and his disciples stood around amazed as they beheld Jesus now with His Glory that he had before he came in this physical body. So on that Mountain --- then out of the dimension round about stepped forth Moses and Elijah. Obviously Moses hadn't died, if Moses hadn't been translated he should have been down in the Netherworld with the rest of the Adamites waiting for the atonement. There is no possibility that the spirit of Moses could have come on to that mountain with Elijah unless someone had concocted this yarn and added it in there because the Devil had been fighting all the time, -- and remember that he did not know where the body of Moses was, and he wanted that body, and he knew that body was missing. But if the body of Moses was dead it would have had to stay in the earth till the resurrection and the devil would have found it.

Now, if the Devil could have found the body of Moses he would have resurrected it, or introduced a substance and led all Israel astray. So because of this it was not permitted, and Paul told us this in his Apocalypse. He told us that Moses did not taste death, and that Enoch also did not taste death. The thing I am pointing out is that some never died, and this happened in the New Testament times also in the days of Paul, for several times we have a record of this. There is no doubt of this, and I do not believe that the Apostle John is dead, he may have gone back and forth a few times, he may have ridden in the best of Heavens crafts, but John never tasted death. Jesus said there was some standing there and only his disciples were present. And we now know of the death of everyone of them except John, so I think he is still around. There is a lot of mystery about this, but we are about to see a great ramification of this, the forcefulness of this is that the atonement was to do one thing, it was to lift the right of Lucifer to hold you --- dead forever. On top of this we have a lot of strange doctrines floating around in Christianity, and some men so love these strange doctrines that they make them as tho sacred doctrines not to be touched, where as they are the most hideous of doctrines, and they have God just playing a game of checkers with the devil, and he only wins once in a while. If you were strong enough to stand up, and didn't need an atonement, then he just wasted his time by coming down here to die --- see. So lets get this clear, there is no one who could have mad an atonement for himself. There is no one even if they kept every law in the book who could have made an efficient atonement to provide for Immortality. So therefore to provide---under this procedure----God makes this very clear, makes a very import ant statement concerning this matter.

Remember the men on the road to Emmaus, and their heart were broken, they were some of the other disciples, not of the 12, who were apostles, and the cornerstone of the church, with the devil being replaced by Matthias. But there were many disciples who followed the Christ. To be on the road to Emmaus, they were brokenhearted because they had envisioned that Messiah would come, and the army of Israel would rise up and Captain Barabbas and his hosts would run the Jews out of Palestine, and they would also defeat the Romans, and rule the world. The Truth would come and here God walked the earth and evil would be conquered. They were sure that the Messiah was--the very God there was no question of this in their minds, then suddenly they were crushed and broken.

They saw this ONE they thought was Messiah led to the judgment chambers of Caiaphas and Annas, and they heard the cry of Crucifixion, which Pilot and the Romans seemed unable to stop. They saw the mob, and the violence, and then this ONE who could still the Wind and the Waves --- was not apparently big enough to --- for he was dead. Their hearts were crushed, as they heard the words --- "He is dead", and they thrust the spear into his side, and out came water and blood. Their hopes were gone, their God was dead, so they were on the way home not knowing just what to do next. They thought they would now be hunted men for they had been with Jesus, and now it was all over. Then they met this stranger, and he talked to them about things in the scriptures, and inquired what was the matter with them? They said:--surely you are a stranger, if you do not know what has been going on. You can tell by our garb that we were followers of YAHSHUA, this righteous man, this great teacher --- but they crucified HIM. We had such great expectations, that HE was our Messiah, that He would restore the kingdom of Israel, but now he is dead and our hopes are crushed, we are going home to a very uncertain future. But Jesus said:--- "Don't you remember the scriptures--- "A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, his name shall be called Immanuel? --- Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given--- He is the everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. --- Remember how by HIS Stripes we are healed. And if Israel is the children of God, if He sent his children into the world knowing that Lucifer would cause them to fall, knowing that in the flesh they would not be as strong as they were in the Celestial body where they could not fall, knowing that He sent them in to fulfill a task for HIM, then isn't God accountable ? Therefore as God walked the earth could he do less than redeem his people? Could God as he dwelt among you could he do less than to die to redeem you?

The hearts of these men then burned inside of them, for this man was telling them that if this was the Messiah that they followed, then He should have died by his own agreement. For is he didn't die he did not redeem them. Since God is the all powerful one, then He is the only one who could redeem you. He is the one who had to have an effective pattern of such tremendous love that he would pour himself into this redemption of his own people. So the men found that a load began to lift off of them, and as Jesus took this bread and blessed it. And the men looked on an aura of Glory around his head, and they now saw the nail prints in his hands. The men recognized HIM and they cried out for Joy, for they knew that He had told them He could do no less than die for his people, that He wasn't taking any chances with them, this was his responsibility, and he had fulfilled the atonement, had consummated it. Then he faded from their sight, but they now hurried back to Jerusalem to tell the others ---- He is alive --- our hearts were comforted, and he spake unto us of the scriptures, and He told us --- "Could have God done any less?"

This then is the reason for the sacrifices --- all thru the old Testament but let no Priest, no Clergyman or anyone --- willing or unwilling Charlatan tell you that there is another supplement to complete the sacrifice. No --- the sacrifice has been made, it was FINISHED, and by the power of HIS Resurrection, He saved everyone from any right or title to hold them, to control them, to keep them or to punish them thru out the ages --- Lucifer could not now do this.

Now, the law is still the law, you violate the law and the law takes its toll. Violate the law when cultivating the field, and you have dust storms and droughts. Violate the law in the standards which he established for your kingdom, and you have broken homes, and areas of catastrophe, you reap even this for which you did not maybe sow. In this situation I point out that on a race comes all the conditions passing from generation to generation for which they sow. Violate God's law, let the enemy migrate into your land, and you are in deep trouble. Benjamin Franklin had spiritual vision, and he said:--"Do not let them come in for they are against your faith, against our way of life. Let them in and before long they will be in the counting houses and banks, and your children will be enslaved. So keep them out, this is the law, if you don't keep them out they will rise, and get above you. This we have done and this is where the law punishes you.

God said:--- 'I have come to free you from the law of sin and death, and the law of the Spirit of Life is in God, by his power to do it in Christ Jesus then this frees you from the law of sin and death.' Therefore because we are the children of God and his spirit dwells in us then His spirit shall quicken our immortal bodies and we shall put on Immorality.

Now, if you can apprehend this, that Christ's coming --- for he shall do this in a twinkling of an eye for his people, make no mistake about this --- the dead in God''s household shall be raised first, he brings their spirits with HIM. And we who are alive, who remain, will be in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye changed like unto his glorious body. It will be an undying, a Eternal body capable of going --- spirit, soul, and body residence for the consciousness into any plain-indestructible.

The Atonement is paid, atonement is the ultimate sacrifice, a restoring of -- AT ONENESS WITH GOD ONCE AGAIN. No longer separated by your error, your weakness. Now of course there is always some people who will say:--'But we tell you No---no---if they have become so neutralized, so mentally sick as is a suicide there is no way for you to know where the quickening force of Gods spirit will move them, but remember He said:--' these are mine---where can the spirit go that I can't find it'. Who can lay any charge against God's Elect? Shall powers and principalities separate us from the love of God? The Apostle Paul said:----'I am convinced that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Neither height, nor depth, nor principalities'. So we have a whipped devil, if we start praising God and start binding the devil in earth, we will be on our way, but we have to many people who are already whipped by the devil, and they think they might as well die and get it over with. Then if you tell them to get out here and buck the devil, throw him out of your PTA, run him out of the USA, move him over to Palestine, get rid of the devil, get up and protest against him, oppose him, they say that isn't good, that is hate. But better learn to hate evil, and all its works. Let me tell you this, for this is real, make no mistake about this, the atonement has been made, and the Devil cannot capture one of the children of God any more. The man--Christ Jesus thru the lips of flesh would say:---- "Thine they were oh Agrapheuma--- or spirit, the father of matter, O Spirit that now dwells in men----Thine they were in the heavens, and now that I am embodied in the flesh, then---Mine they are in earth". None of them is lost but Satan's own son that the scripture might be fulfilled.

Now, Jesus stands talking on Solomon's porch and a bunch of Jews came up to him and Jesus said:---'Ye believe not because ye are not my sheep, as I have said unto you. I have come for the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel, and Adamic race, these children of Seth, of Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have come for the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. He had said:---"All Israel shall be saved". and now He says that He came for the lost Sheep of Israel. He also said:---"I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, I give them Eternal life, and they shall never perish. No man shall ever pluck them out of my hands, and no man can pluck them out of the spirit, for the spirit is greater than the flesh, so no man can pluck them out of the hands of the spirit. Do you suppose that by any weakness of human flesh, by any area of human conduct, or by some decision of Lucifer that there is power that can take from God what He said none can take from him? Either God knew, or he did not know, either Christ knew or he did not know, but I would much rather,----I am more willing to surrender my own pride for decisions I might have made, for any condition his spirit brought to my cognition, to accept the kind of Eternal security that the love of God has guaranteed. I want you to know that when you understand the Eternal doctrines which the scripture has outlined from the beginning, and which God intends to consummate, no longer are we subject to the whims of Priestcraft. No longer does our Faith tremble.

Someone said:---if people thought it was not their Eternal Life which depended upon their conduct they wouldn't behave. But I am going to point out to you that people who believe that their conduct depended upon their works have misbehaved as much as anyone. I point out to you therefore that people only behave when they get a change in their desire to live. The only thing which changes men's desire to live is the Spirit of God bringing to recognition...the Will of God, and the Love of God, and putting the Sons of God on their responsibility and on their honor. As we desire to do that which is good then we do it. As we do this the Spirit of God catalyses areas of error and we have the powers given to us above temptation. As a mortal starts to put on Light...from one extreme to another....we change from Light to Light into His own glorious image. This procedure is going on now. I have Eternal Life and no one can take that away from me, from my Celestial being, because I was begotten in the spirit before the foundation of the world. I am a child of God after the flesh thru Adam and this body can die, can disintegrate, but God has promised His atonement that the work is finished, and I can claim this and live. I know that in the hour of His manifestation He can prove this with transition. I know that He shall raise the bodies of the dead, of the Adamic race, I know that Job long before the resurrection knew this for he said:.."I know that if my body dies, tho the worms consume my flesh, tho these eyes dry up in their sockets, yet with these eyes I shall behold my redeemer, who shall stand in the latter days upon the earth. I know that I shall resurrect, I know that I shall live again, this because My Yahweh (God) hath promised me this." If Job could believe this before the atonement then what a fool I would be not to bask in this same glorious promise after the atonement.

Now, this is what makes a difference between an Israelite, between a white man, and a pagan who does not have this truth. The more you know of God the more your rounded out theology is all embracing, the more you leave the areas of Armenianism or Priestcraft that in itself may be working in ignorance because of the Luciferian insidiousness, because they were trying to cover GRACE. The further you leave this thinking the further you go toward freedom, and to higher standards, and great dedication. God does not design to have a people who cannot be happy, who can't play, who can't laugh, can't enjoy life. Some people think that to stay in some areas called righteousness that they have to get off on some cloud-nine and separate themselves from reality. This is not true at all. The important thing is that it is the whole process of the individual which is so synchronized in itself with the Will of God, the thoughts of God, the plan of God, the power of God, that a man becomes free. He lives it and it is this area of knowledge which makes new creatures in Christ Jesus. Because, as you think in your heart so are you. As you think...as God thinks, you become as God is, make no mistake about that.

Now does this explain to you the procedures of sacrifice? That you could not do this except now you are free? That you could not be free except that God has freed you for you could not free yourself? Sacrifice was only a substitutional until that which was perfect had come, that which was a part then was done away with.

Now, since that time, since the sacrifice was not to depart out of Israel until Messiah comes to reign then you say where is it? Where is the sacrifice? Jesus said except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood you don't have a part of me. Therefore if ye eat of my flesh and drink my blood, ye will possess my life.' Therefore He broke unto them the bread and served the wine. Even as He consecrated in the day of Abraham when He met him as Melchizedek, as He established the rite of communion in the days of Enoch and Job between those two pillars in ancient Egypt, so also again Jesus broke the bread and served it to His disciples saying:--' Take--eat--this is My body--and this is My blood.' this element now consecrated is the sacrifice. He was the Sacrifice before His atonement in the upper room. Here they first had to partake of a sacrifice from the hands of Jesus as He served it to them. As He set HIS table before them; this before it happened at Calvary. Then after His atonement, the disciples came together on the first day of the week, Resurrection day, and when they came together, they broke the bread and partook of this table.

When the Apostle Paul was in the heavens, and God told him what to do, he was told that they were not to leave off this operation, that they were to continue in this, a continual memorial, to keep this living sacrifice. Therefore the Apostle Paul taught them that they were to break the bread, to drink the cup, that this is the New Covenant in My blood; this is My body which is broken for you. Some say that this was not intended. They were not to carry this on. Oh, yes, they were, others said:--But this is just repeating what Jesus said in the upper room. Yes, but to be carried on---for the Apostle Paul said that when you come together, when you break the bread, and drink this cup, don't do it unworthily. Don't do it just as a fetish or a ritual which you do not apply to yourself. Apply as you take this communion, the words of Jesus that He consecrated this so that it became a living sacrifice. If you will understand this and accept it, you can have health. It will come to you with each communion service. It shall empower your body with each communion. People who do not understand this get sick and die, when you could have health and vitality all the days of your life. When you have faith enough to apprehend it, you can live forever. So therefore, the communion was to give you spiritual illumination in the physical consciousness, because the barrier was broken down, and each new communion was a symbol of it. So therefore, this was to continue thru out the days of our years.

Now, the scripture says that the sacrifice back in the days of Israel--God said the sacrifice shall not depart out of Israel. With the crucifixion of Jesus the Christ the great veil covering the Holy of Holies in the Temple at Jerusalem was rent by lightening and divine fire, and was consumed. The Holy of Holies was now open to human gaze. Now there was no way they could perform a sacrifice on that altar until they had built a new Holy of Holies and found some way to consecrate it. But they had no way to consecrate it as yet in the law, when once it was violated. Now remember, that the resurrection of the Christ was accepted by the true Pharisees, and rejected by the Sadducees, the Asiatic reincarnationist who knew He was resurrected, but didn't want to lose control of that country and that people. So they had no Pharisee or true Priest to consecrate, to re-consecrate the altar. So they were never able to do this and the sacrifice ceases. But no sooner had that sacrifice ceased then---in the very first day of the week when Christ rose from the dead, He met them in the upper room and broke the bread on the very same day of the week as those disciples were on the road to Emmaus, also they partook of communion. There has not been a ceasing of this Communion symbol until this day. One says:--where is the sacrifice in Israeli? Well, there is no sacrifice down in Israeli. But throughout the Christian world, the sacrifice is on the altar. Some churches place it there once a week. Some once a month. But the sacrifice is there. The sacrifice had not departed from Israel. We are not celebrating a dead sacrifice but a LIVING LORD. But He said:--THIS IS MY FLESH, IT IS MY BLOOD. If you partake of my suffering, ye shall partake of the power of my resurrection, not when you die, but when you live.'

Therefore the sacrifice has not departed out of Israel. It continues today on the altar. Some churches place it there once a week and some once a month, but the sacrifice is there. This is why the church has such a great responsibility. This is the Holy Communion. This is one reason the why the church must continue this practice. The church must carry out the sacrifice of God. It must be the oracle of God. Leave not off the assembling of yourselves together. But if this cannot be done because there is no where you can hear the truth, then meditate on truth. And hold communion with them that have truth whether you share this thru the tapes or some such way. But know this, the Holy Sacrament which God has set up in His church, is the sacrifice which shall not depart out of Israel until the day when Christ has restored everyone of His own race in the hour of His coming. There is no table that competes or compares with this one. Because of this, we tell you again that this is a part of the understanding of the sacrifice. There were many types of sacrifice and various love offerings. But this is the major doctrine of sacrifice---substitution---but completed by the Christ---forever completed. Forever efficient and effective.

QUESTION:---There is a painting in Glendale at Forest Lawn. There is depicted a human thigh bone for the hole which Roman soldiers dug for the Cross of The Christ. The narrative explains that prophecy says the Lamb of God was to be slain at Adam's grave. On the other hand, I have read that Adam's body was in the Great Pyramid in the sarcophagus, in the King's Chamber. There seems to be some confusion as to the whereabouts of Adam's grave.

ANSWER:---Well I am not concerned with a thigh bone in a painting. The Sarcophagus was there first, and it had to have a reason. It fits into a tradition which goes back so many thousands of years longer than the picture of the thigh bone or the bible story. I think it is sort of a fictitious story. The fact remains that the picture by itself is only an indication that some one died on a cross. I don't know whose thigh bone that is but that in itself just indicates that someone died, at its best that is all, the fact remains that here was a death for all men. There seems to be no supporting record of a thigh bone as depicted in the picture. In any of the records of the crucifixion. It doesn't seem to be until afterwards that one of the petitions of Rome, and if anyone could concoct a story Rome could--they have a lot of them, and one of the stories was that this was the grave of Adam. In the cognition of the stories was that this was the grave of Adam. In the cognition of Light they would have known that Adam wasn't there. Remember that Rome had already sold more pieces of the true cross than a huge lumber yard possesses. There were more pieces of supposedly the true cross in churches around the world than it would take to build a great cathedral. So anyone who can multiply the pieces of the true cross like Jesus multiplied the fishes, and the bread, then they could come up with any kind of explanation of the thigh bone. In fact there are even pieces of Peter scattered around, as vandals are supposed to have broken into Peters tomb and therefore his bones were scattered around. Then by some area of deviation the brothers of the church found his bones and every time they touched them they were blessed, and everytime the bones fell apart they multiplied and pieces of St. Peter's true bones are to be found scattered from one end of the world to the other--see. These are really scattered bones, and if all these bones were put together then Peter if resurrected would reach into heaven and pull down all the Graces without any trouble--see. I am not a bone religionists --see.

QUESTION:--- Actually are there lots of assertions in the New Testament to make it look like Jesus depended upon someone else. In the Garden he said;--If it be Thy Will let this cup pass from me.

ANSWER:---NOW REMEMBER --THERE COULD HAVE BEEN NO NARRATIVE THERE AT ALL---God hadn't intended that some men --sound asleep--write it. So you will remember that if God did not inspire John to write what he prayed in the Garden, then John could not have written it because he was sound asleep. The disciples were to watch with Jesus for one hour--well they fell asleep, and they did not know what he said--now did they?

Now, if the humanity of God, this body of God, this sinless body which had made no violation of law, but still since it came out of Mary could have been considered as tho under the condemnation of death --unless enveloped in Glory, altho Christ left this glory off purposely, if Christ could have enveloped himself with his Glory there could have been no Gethsemane. But having left off his Glory what made Gethsemane so important?--Kneeling down by a rock wasn't so important, He shouldn't have sweat greet drops of blood because of this. The knowledge that he was going to die might have been a hard thing for the nature of God, yet He planned this so what made this a horrible thing. The synthesis of the Universe depended upon the undissolvebility of his being, he was all righteousness and all good, an He was assuming by his own volition all of the transgressions, all the evil. If you were to think of the most sordid, most evil things that exist, the Christ then said;---I take this upon myself, on my body, as I drink this cup out of this Chalice. I now assume with this legal act just as Pontius Pilate would wash his hands with clear water saying;--I am not going to be guilty of the blood of this innocent man.---thus Jesus said; From this cup, out of this Chalice, I drink this last drop. and as I drain this cup I assume all this transgression.

Now, God stands guilty, make no mistake about this, having finished that cup---God stood guilty of all the transgressions in the world. The realization of the necessity of this was a new experience for God, even tho he knew what He had proposed to do. Now he was experiencing the assumption of this, the pressure on this human body, because the spirit as it related to the full manifested expression could not assume this because the spirit itself was absolutely righteous. So there move from Christ, this area of the spiritual closeness which belonged to his soul consciousness, and he felt almost forsaken as a being.

Therefore having assumed this he could not assume it upon his spirit, it could only be assumed upon his body. Thus separating --by the very word of God the spirit and the soul. The WORD of God which is his divine purpose held together by the very solidarity of his spirit is sharper than a two edged sword, able to cleave or separate the soul an the spirit. Therefore still an entity, but at this moment --the Christ had assumed all this guilt. The pressure on his body aware as to what it meant caused blood and perspiration to flow out of his veins. The agony of Gethsemane was a sinless God assuming the fullness of all evil. Then carrying this load, still in the full cognition of God, at this moment when they seized Him in the Garden, He still had the power to restore the ear of the High Priest's servant, but He submitted to their bondage. he went forth, was spit upon, bruised, and eventually crucified and died with all this guilt on Him that He had assumed, but just before he died his human lips said----therefore spirit --Agra Pneumos ---mine own entity (spirit) which fills the heavens and the earth receive now this soul consciousness of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (God) , and he stepped immediately into his Celestial body, and this human body died, and his head fell. Then within a moment he was storming the Netherworld saying:---Open up ye Everlasting gates, the King of Glory shall come in---who is this king of Glory?--The LORD---the Almighty.

Now, absent from this body is to be present with the LORD, so says the Apostle Paul, thus absent from this body, the soul consciousness --by God's direction had been committed to his Celestial body. The physical body of God lay in that tomb invested in death, but also held from any corruption. One thing God did do to that body, he placed upon it a law so that it could not know decay. Because it had not been guilty of any evil, by its own act of transgression, it was sealed from disintegration and when at His own time He was ready to come forth out of that Grace --bringing 'Captivity captive' and entered into his own physical body, and came forth out of that tomb in all the radiant Glory that belonged to Him.

Now, it was not God talking to another God, it was for the purpose of permanent resident document for his church to understand. That God made known unto John what his thoughts were so that his thoughts given by inspiration to John could be included in the record and made known to us. So that we could appreciate the perception of atonement upon the part of God, so that we could understand this, so that we could understand that agony did take place, in the Garden. But this --had it not been for the miracle of inspiration never would have been recorded by sleeping men. This i want you to understand --it does not separate you from the fact that He who hath seen ME hath seen the Father, or I and the Father are one.

QUESTION:---well was this an insertion when on the cross he said:--My God, My God why hath thou forsaken me?

ANSWER:--- No--what transpired here is that the conscious being relinquishes into the spirit, and the flesh cries out in its moment of suffering, it cries out because it suddenly feels an aloneness. We sill have the physical body not quite dead, but it was not rebellion to what was to transpire. If there was no other way it could have taken, but there was no other way---'I have made the Way--and I take this way.'

Now, the way was translated, and then takes the way of the seven cries from the Cross. This is also subject for discussion. But what did the Christ say from the Cross;----'If there had been another way--but there was not for this is My household, this is spirit of my spirit, flesh of my flesh, so to redeem them ---this portion that fell, to redeem them--to bring them back to perfection --thus I had to redeem them. This is the flesh speaking, if there was any other way --of spirit, I would take it, but since there is no other way this is a part of that cry.

Again remember this crushing weight of the death of humanity, and it is humanity speaking, yet not exactly as it is translated. The declaration is;---'My God, My God --or Spirit now forsaking the body ---because there is no other way. Then came the words;--'into thy hands I commit my spirit' and then came ---"It is finished". There is no question of the fact that the importance was to record for all times that there was no other alternative.

As far as assertions, in most of the texts where there is a by play of words, it is subject to five different translations before it gets down to its form. The main factor is the ability to perceive, to record and to understand what did take place.

QUESTION:---would you go into this area of who is Melchizedek?

ANSWER:---Melchizedek was the embodiment of God. Melchizedek was the one who wrestled with Jacob, and Met Abraham on the plains of Chedorlaomer. Melchizedek was the very body of god walking the earth. He does this from time to time, this is the euphony of God. Someone said;---How do we know this? Because Abraham who carried the seed of God --Abraham who was selected of God as the choicest figure of this race, who was to carry forward the posterity coming out of Ur of the Chaldeas, whose seed was to be called thru Isaac, a father progenitor of the House of Jacob, of the House of Isaac, and yet Jacob of whom the whole race, in whom Moses, David all the apostles paid their title to--they were all in the loins of Abraham. So He who Abraham paid tithe to had to be greater than Abraham. Thus he was without father, without mother, without beginning of days, or end of life, and abides a Priest King Eternal Forever. Who then was this Priest King, Patriarchial father, ruler , emancipator and High Priest? "For we are not with out a high Priest who was not only touched with the feelings of our infirmities but was a greater High Priest than any High Priest that had existed thru out the House of Levi. For that High Priest before he could enter into the temple and make an atonement for the people had to first in the outer court make an atonement for his own sin. Having made an atonement for his own sin he then entered into the Holy of Holies to make an atonement on a special day for the sins of Israel. But we have a high Priest, a Patriarchal Priest King forever who was embodied in earth until the revelation of spirit establishes that --'Thy throne O God is forever, and forever" who entered in then as a man, but as God dwelling bodily he becomes the fullness of God in our understanding by the very things he suffered. We had a High priest that did not have to make an atonement for Himself, but stepped boldly into the place of sacrifice, and became consummate with that sacrifice. So we have a Priesthood still higher than the Priesthood still in the loins of Abraham when he paid tithe to one greater than Abraham. Who was still greater than Moses and Levi as well, an greater than the Patriarchs and Daniel, so who was greater than all of these---only One ---"Her Oh, Israel, YAHWEH THY GOD IS ONE LORD .

Now, the Melchizedek Priesthood is a Priesthood in symbolism for the sons of YAHWEH in Patriarchial responsibility --for they are Elohim. He is YAHWEH (God) we are Elohim. He said; --"Ye are Gods and all of you are the children of God"--the day will come when you don't have to die like men. The day will come when you will assume the great height of your Priesthood. And the Apostle Paul says;---till all of you--living stones fitly framed together grow into a holy temple unto God in which he alone is the chief corner stone. So this being true our total race makes up the temple of God. Our total race makes up the priesthood of God and we shall reign and rule with HIM in the earth. Thus we are a kingdom of Priests and a Holy nation. Holy because we possess a holy seed, holy because He restores that holiness unto the seed, and proclaims them to be unto His own image, His own likeness, so therefore this could only be consummated by a Melchizedek Priesthood.

Now, men have talked about a Melchizedek Priesthood, they have bestowed sometimes upon themselves in secret ritual the symbolism of such a Priesthood, they refer to it as a Patriarchial Priesthood, but at best this is but an image of that which is complete in Christ.

Now, since the Priesthood belonged to God, then God in the fullness of His Priesthood, in the fullness of his righteousness--who broke the bread at the temple of On, between the pillars in ancient Egypt, and served it to Enoch and Job, and the 144,000 who lived there, who met Abraham on the plains of Chaeldomer after Abraham turned down the King of Sodom saying:--'I cannot accept spoils of you, lest you say that the king of Sodom made Abraham rich. he said: --I will only be made rich by YAHWEH, the God of Israel. And Suddenly Melchizedek appears and breaks bread and the wine, and blesses him for the lesser has to be blessed by the Greater.

Now, we come to the embodiment of the man Christ Jesus, and the mystery of why David referred to his offspring as LORD----Why?---Why?---The descendants of David existed before David. This is the miracle of the embodiment of Messiah. By this same token then HE therefore, this Priesthood in the full similitude of this Divine Heavenly Priesthood of the fullness of God in the Heavens is now with THE CHRIST in earth, which He could assume in the hours of his atonement.

Now, I know that there are certain categories of theology which have embellished their Priesthood with the Priesthood of Melchizedek. So this does not mean they can assume it until that which is perfect has come. Remember this Priesthood had an Eternal High Priest who was without beginning of days or end of life. In otherwords, --- "I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA--THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY." There was never a beginning of the Eternal God. There is never an end to the Eternal God. There has never been a point when He had a father or a mother. Yes. Jesus had Mary for a mother. But --"Before Abraham, I AM." Yes Mary had the rare privilege of being the mother of the body for God. But at the same time that body by a miracle was brought past a seed, encompassed in a woman and she brought forth a man. But all things were made by Jesus and without anything made that was made. He was before all things, and by HIM all things consist. He was Alpha and Omega. And when the words came to John on the Isle of Patmos, --"I am Alpha and Omega, the LORD God Almighty."--then John turns around and who does he see, but Jesus---only Jesus.

Any time that people want to take God in parts, or jump along in Babylonian theology, and run off somewhere ---don't follow them. We have had great churches in Christendom, the Methodist church was a great church but it ran around with the same Catholic errors which Rome had sown in it by the Jews. It had God broken up into different beings sitting on separate thrones. From Rome to Protestantism, we translated our scriptures to make these thrones to multiply. And we put passages in our scriptures which were not there so that it would say:---'Father, Son, and Holy Ghost' all these separate entities, but co-equal. This is all foolishness. For you are in His image, spirit soul and body. One of the most important things which men need to get free of is a concept of God. To get the concept that they being in the image of God, are the sons of God, the offspring of God, and therefore that the fullness of God walked bodily in the man Christ Jesus.

QUESTION:---Why did God make clothing for Adam and Eve? Why didn't He make them do it?

ANSWER:---You mean, why didn't He make a dressmaker out of Eve? Well, I don't imagine He took a long route around in synthesis when He did that. He had something to perform right then and there. This was the beginning of the sacrifice. He took the animals, they were probably lambs, and He slew them right there in the garden. And the skins of these animals became the covering for Adam and Eve, as a symbol of the fact that of the sacrifices that would follow---would be a covering for their sins. This is why He did it. And I don't think there was much needlework involved. He just synthesized these garments for them. When Adam was running around so called-- in the nude--, he wasn't naked. He wasn't in the nude. He had on one of the most beautiful silk brocaded garments you ever saw. Embroidered with fig leave all over just like those worn by the Temple Priests in the Lamaseries in High Tibet. He had taken on the symbol of Lucifer, the serpent, the fig leaf, that all the world has as it sells out to Lucifer. I can show you where in the Temples of Kali, they wear this fig leaf scarf. In the old Lamaseries of Tibet, in Buddhism, there is the golden tunic and the fig leaves woven into it. And same thing is true with the red robes high up in Tibet. So it wasn't that Adam was running around in the nude, but he had lost his aura of light. And he was naked BEFORE GOD. His righteousness didn't show. Do you know that if you go back into the books of Adam and Eve and to the book of 'The Bee', it says that the people of earth and the Netherworld cried out when Adam and Eve approached with their Light. They cried out for them to cover their Light for they could not move in their presence. So Adam and Eve, before they violated divine law, were illuminated. They shown like the sun. And yet, Eve was taken in by that line of Lucifer and lost her Light. And Adam ---I don't know whether he hated to be alone, or whether Lillith looked good to him, but Lillith was the Serpent woman; she was the consort of Lucifer; she was Kali, Isis, the goddess of all pagan religions personified by Semerimus the so called Queen of Heaven--. See? This is one area where Rome made a mistake after Jewry penetrated. They took the title of pagan things and transferred them to Christianity. Even calling Mary by the title of Isis, the pagan goddess; and called her the Queen of Heaven also. As they did this they took the image of a woman seated on seven hills, superseded Universalism--she sits upon the Universe a Queen, and no widow. But that is Babylonianism.

Turn to the book of Revelation Chapter 17, and you have the symbol of Baal--all anti-God religions. And you read these words:--'I beheld a woman arrayed in scarlet decked with gold and precious stones and pearls and a golden cup in her hands. And her cup was full of the abominations of the filthiness of her fornication, from the intermingling with pagan religions. And I saw the words:--Mystery Babylon the abominations of the earth.' He said:--'I saw this--and the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sitteth.' Thus this woman on the seven hills is the symbol of all pagan religions run by Jewry, all the way down. And when these Jews sneaked into Rome, and could not whip the church, they joined it. They transferred the symbol of the woman with the cup seated on the seven hills and today it is one of the symbols of the church. The church should get wise and come out from under Babylon and drop all these pagan customs. God said:--"(about the Catholic church) I have all this against you, but I know thy charity, and thy works." And the one area they can overcome with is the Virgin Birth, the atonement, and the deity of The Christ. The Devil has not been able to black that out.

There is one thing the Devil cannot do. He cannot win against any church altho he may be able to short circuit that church until it is ineffective. But he can never destroy it because this institution, even where it has been broken to the point of weeping---still sin cannot triumph about or above a point of that overwhelming victory when the church shall be brought forth in triumph. Always there is one thing that exists in it-- that which keeps the church alive--the cardinal factor if the Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith, which is that YAHSHUA (The Christ) is the Eternal YAHWEH (God). And that HE did raise from the dead.

QUESTION:---Would you please elaborate on the Apostasy and what might be the judgement of that apostasy?

ANSWER:---Of today?


ANSWER:---Well, the apostasy of today has come from the invasion of the church and nation (state) by Luciferians. They penetrated ancient Rome to condemn its doctrines by their own admission. But it did not stop there. It moved into everything. There was a time when the flaming righteousness of the church stood against error. They developed all these things, then, from Calvin and Wesley. And we saw the rise of Protestantism. And they were called Protestants because they protested, because the Roman church was invaded and its doctrine changed, and they condemned this. They wanted the Grace of God to be supreme, the just to live by faith, the atonement to be consummated. And they wanted to free themselves from Priestcraft, from purgatory, indulgence and so forth.

Now when the enemy joined the church and changed its doctrines they set up phony rituals, and this creates apostasy. When the enemy came into the Protestant churches he does the same thing. The Methodist church is now no better than Rome when it lets its bishop deny the Deity of the Christ. As much as I am disgusted with the charlatanery of the selling of the souls of men, still the denouncing of the deity of The Christ is worse. Any Catholic Priest in the world who recognizes that Jesus Christ is Virgin born--is head and shoulders above any Baptist , or Methodist minister who denies it --see.

Now, this is not a repudiation of Protestantism because the great majority of them believe in the truth. But there are two things we do not do--we do not condemn any branch of the church of Jesus Christ as being an inclusive condemnation upon its membership. We only condemn error in any of that church Hierarchy wherever we find it. So I condemn error for its entrance into any church of any stripe. And if the churches would proclaim the Oracles of God, since the churches inspire society and societies build kingdoms under God, the inspiration of the church, its proclamation for freedom, and its consummation of liberty and its destiny produced the colonial vision of freedom, and yes produced these United States of America. We expanded under God, and people did not all behave themselves, for we had some culprits of all kinds, but generally speaking we were a Christian society. The guilt complex falls on the guilty and very few of them would have liked to have lived in the land without God.

Now, we go over our background and a Christian nation grows strong, and a Christian nation starts to live by the laws of God, it then wants to exile out, or barricade out that which is unassimilatable. It has immigration laws, it has when ever it followed the laws of God been blessed, and groomed with greatness.

Now, if a church was advocating ---if you went to Cotton Matthest's church back in the New England States you would have heard some real stiff sermons. He was telling them--you do this or that--this is the law of God, if you don't obey it we will take you out and whip you ourselves --see. And don't think otherwise, or we will excommunicate you and you will have to roam the dry places if you don't conform to this--see. But the church was saying;--this is right, and don't break any of these laws. You wouldn't have gotten any mongrelization back in that type of church. If anyone had suggested it they would have been probably tarred and feathered. Let me tell you something, this is not superstition, if we burned a few witches today we would be better off. Where would we start?--well with some of these Jew mongrelizers capering around on the Hollywood and T.V. screen. We would be better off for there are some witches there.

The Apostolic descends on a people when they weaken their society by mongrelization, by breaking divine laws. But Apostasy starts with denying God, denying the holy scriptures, denying the written word, and then the LIVING WORD. Men start by denying the Bible, they tried to say first that the Bible is untrue, not practical, because they already had scientific knowledge which supposedly transcended the accepted patterns of it.

Now, I can go along to this extent that men teach things which aren't in the Bible altho they say that it is, but at the moment the Agnostics and the Satanic forces try to lampoon the Bible, not knowing the truth either, but trying just to destroy the Bible. They wanted to destroy the story of the Virgin Birth, to deny the deity of the Christ, and deny every miracle. They wanted to deny his parting of the Red Sea, and from there on down to every great miracle of God , they make fun of it. So when this started, this criticism then moved into our seminaries. And they did move into the great Seminaries, into our great Colleges, like Harvard, and Yale, which were built upon a spiritual foundation, teaching theology in truth was more important than any secular course they taught.

Now, the fact remains that they infiltrates these schools. Take a Catholic school for instance --like today in Notre Dame, they have teachers denying the deity of Christ. They have men in there today who deny the veracity of the scriptures. They have men in there--Jewish professors in a Catholic College. This is also true of the Catholic college --The University of Maryland. This is true of Protestant schools as well. They even let Jews into Louisville where they should never allows Jews to teach. Go to the Union Theologian Seminary and it is highly staffed with Jews.

Alright;---then this brings the great Apostasy, this brings us to the crumbling, weakening of the soft step of the Great Pyramid (1909) the beginning of the Great Apostasy. It took hold and spread until 'Higher Criticism' became the word, and they tried to transform it into Modernism, and the highly elect, the elite, the intelligent would then have to deny the scriptures, and to do this you have to deny The Christ.

Now, you come to a moralizer, a great teacher, and you start to give way to all the pagan religions which have no spiritual concept. Then try to move without spiritual concept into a strictly mentalism without spirit. And so these areas of religion then say:--well we can follow the teachings of Christ because he was a great teacher, we can embrace his love of all men but we do not believe he was divine. We think he was just the best man who ever lived, so what do you have but decay.

Someone said: --but this only showed up in Protestantism, not in Rome. But Rome already has one apostasy when they permitted the enemy in to do those things, they had one apostasy when they permitted the changing of the scriptures and its doctrine. And even Rome came into the hour of its great Apostasy.

Right now we have men thru out that church as well as other churches who deny the deity of the Christ. But preeminently the structure of the church has not made this denial. In other words there is not a Pope who would dare come out and deny that deity of Jesus--see. If he did he would probably be lynched before he got across the square, but there have been Methodist Bishops who have denied, and Episcopalian Bishops who have denied the deity of Christ. So this is the great Apostasy and we are in the that time period. It translated into a breakdown where men think and where men live. It has flooded us with people who can not be assimilated into our society. It has brought the chastisement of God falling on us.

Now, we here are a free society, so lets go back in our own life time ---after W.W.I was over, we had been thru what was supposed to have been an expensive war. But did you ever stop to realize that practically no one paid any Income Tax then? Did you realize that a man had to make $100,000,00 before he paid any tax, and then only a few dollars. A man who made $20,000.00 did not pay $5,000.00 tax like today. Income tax came in under the New Deal --a part of the great apostasy of this time.


end of tape.