11-11-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION: John 1:12--"To those who receive Him, to them he gave the power to become sons of God, even to those that believe on His name."

ANSWER: Yes, we hear many of all races received HIM. To begin with this is a fictitious translation and error at the time of the translation. Secondly it is a thoroughly impossible situation, and thirdly all races did not receive Him so what is being said here in this first chapter of John? The opening of the Book of John talks about Him being the Light which came into the world. Then "He came unto his own and his own received him not. Then as many as received Him He gave the power to become sons of God." This is what the Episcopalians translated this to be, and what the King James and Douay versions had established under phoney church theology because they were trying to twist church theology to suit themselves, and the Jewish Priests at Rome had tried to make it a doctrine to embrace all people, all races, and everybody else in the structure of Christianity.

Let's then go back to St. John 1:12 and take this passage found here..."Therefore (talking about Christ) this was the light that lighted every man (Adamite)." Now; this world was made by Him, but it knew Him not..thus..."He came into the world and the world (order) knew Him not." The world was made by Him but the world (order) knew Him not. Thus He came unto His own and His own received Him not. The translation should have been... "He came to the land of His inheritance and the rulers (or occupiers) received Him not."

Now; "As many as received Him gave He power to become sons of God, even all who believed on His name, which were born not of the blood, not of the flesh, but of the WILL of God." This is rather unique, is it not? But I could clinch this with the Greek but no one here talks Greek so.."He came to the land which was his own, and the rulers of this land did not receive him, but those to be sons are those not born of blood, or by the will of the flesh, not the will of man, but of God." This proves that those who believed on His name had to be begotten of the spirit to be able to have the capacity to believe on His name. Therefore, this is the reason why they did believe on His name. When it says power was given to become sons of God, you cannot take a person already born, and make him into something else. He is what he is by the process of birth. So the becoming of sons is progeny which comes forth in the utilization of what ever process of genera (birth) takes place. In the Greek we have a word for the bringing forth offspring which is...genera...the reason why they received Him is because they were already His offspring. So these rulers who did not receive Him were not His offspring, but they were in control of that land.

Every parable, everything which Christ taught proves this. Let's come over here to the Strong's Concordance, and remember this is a concordance of the King James version. People get all shook up when it comes to finding things according to a concordance. Every Bible has to have its own concordance or it is of no use. You can't use a concordance for the King James version and use it on a Moffet or a Douay or any other Bible. So if the concordance is made for a specific version, then that concordance contains all the words and error's. Now, the Strong's is a rather exhaustive Concordance, so when it comes to this word..'become'.. as it is used here in John 1:12., then the number in Strong's is 1096G., and there are several words in Greek which could have been used, but they have a different number when translating into English, they were taken from different Greek phrases. So we come over here to number 1096 and we find a rather long statement. This word is 'Genomai' and it has many, many meanings such as...to cause to be developed, to be assembled..to be sought to pass, be ordained, or that which has been ordained, and to show forth, to polish as tho a Jewel, to bring forth a demonstration of that which is written. And now you see that this translation does not even convey what the original Greek conveys. It should be:..'Those who received Him were the Sons of God, empowered by their Faith, and it was from within because they were His ginomae... (genera) and because self-manifested, self-contained, evidence now come forth.'

In otherwords, the people who accepted The Christ were His household, His offspring, His seed now demonstrating their acceptance of Him. It was something that just happened. After your child has been born, someone can't come along and make a Negro out of it. In otherwords, then God doesn't come down and make an offspring out of someone who was not His offspring to begin with. The scripture has already said:..'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the offspring of YAHWEH.' So going on what this sort of a loop question we will show you why it is...many races did not receive Him and become sons of God. The Negress who saw Him healing people and wanted attention for someone in her house, didn't say she was His child, and Jesus didn't call her His child because she asked help for her daughter. Instead Jesus said:..'It is not meat to give the children bread to the dogs.' This is a rather clear distinction that there is a difference here. So the woman said:..'Yes, but the dogs want the crumbs which fall from...where?...their Masters table, or the children table.' The children of God...their table. So Jesus said:..'Alright, because of your Faith we will make a concession, and I will heal your daughter.' (Matthew 15:21-28) Remember that always Jesus turned to His disciples and said: ...'Go to the lost Sheep of Israel.'

Now; let me point out something else, there is another addition to this question for you are told that Jesus is the only begotten son of God. This is in a number of places, and it refers to Him as the only begotten of the Father (spirit)..the only begotten offspring..out of our Race. First having been begotten us in the spirit then we are celestial beings, having been begotten of the spirit in the day we were begotten in the heavens. Now having begotten the Adamic offspring, bringing this Issue forth from Himself, then Adam, and Eve separated from Adam, were the offspring of YAHWEH thus starting a race in earth.

Now; there is no begatting of an individual out of our race..by YAHWEH as all pagan religions have gods intermingling with people of earth, there is no other one begotten of woman by YAHWEH after He brought forth the issue of the Adamic race until YAHSHUA or Jesus the Christ...is that clear? Let me show you this...and this has nothing to do with you and I for we were begotten of God long before this. Turn to the Book of Romans and here it is talking about the manifestations of the sons of God, and the things Paul was suffering and then Paul says:..'I don't reckon this suffering at this time to be worthy or to be compared with the Glory which shall be revealed in us. Which earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestations of the sons of God.' (Romans 8:19) The whole creation, whether it knows it or not, is vibrating together in areas off disintegration, or some areas of expectancy is waiting for something to happen. Those of the household of Faith are waiting for the miracle of God, or for the second coming of the Christ, or for immortality to be restored. The world order also vibrates together with us because they are also disintegrating, and are waiting for some solution, for something to happen. But listen to what the Apostle Paul says here:..'the earnest expectation therefore of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of YAHWEH.'

Now; the creature (the physical form) was made subject to vanity, by reason of Him who hath subjected the same in hope. Therefore the creature (physical form) itself shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the Glorious liberty which belongs to us as the children of YAHWEH, to put back on our immortality. We know also that the whole Creation vibrates in pain together until now. (It lives, dies disintegrated), but ourselves also who are the first fruits of the spirit. Even we vibrate in ourselves waiting for this adoption, or positioning to wit, the redemption of our body.

Now; when the scripture says:..not only they...but we ourselves who are the first fruits of the spirit, this means that we were the first offspring of God, begotten of His spirit in the heavenlies. We are the 'first fruits' of His spirit, we are a celestial household which He transformed from heaven to earth. No created race of today, such as the Tungus people, or the created races such as the Negro people who came in during the time of the Luciferian rebellion were ever offspring of God. They will never be offspring of God. He created their races and they were good in the days of that creation, and now they are under the Luciferian rebellion. They participated in areas of catastrophe, but at no time were these people originally the offspring of God. Never were they Celestial children of His household whereas the Adamic race were people who were the children of the Father before the world was framed. This is why the Apostle Paul says in the Book of Ephesians that everyone of you were already blessed in Heavenly places with the Father before the world was framed. This is also why Jesus says in John 17., 'Thine they were in the heavens', referring to the spirit which is the Father of even the body which He resided in...'thine they are in the heavens...mine...now embodied...they are in earth, and not one of them is lost except Satan's own son that the scripture be fulfilled.' (John 17:12) Now;..Father (spirit) doesn't take them out of the world, but keeps them in it. They are not of this world even as I am not of this world....Can anyone tell us why Jesus was not of this world? It was because He was the embodied YAHWEH from the heavens. Though He dwelt in a physical body He was only to occupy the earth with the same covenant destiny that He had prescribed to His Kingdom when He put them here. So God runs the Universe, He runs it to the best plan and strategy that could possibly be developed.

Now; we have always had areas of invasion of the doctrine of the church, organized Jewry has penetrated the church and contaminated it's doctrine since the days of early Rome. Contaminated it by the attempt in documentation, and in Protestantism as well. Today with false spirits and evil contending then the doctrines they are seeking to stir up...again...seeking to lead people astray. They are watching the tumult arise, the areas of the struggle between them, and the powers of darkness are getting more clear. Familiar spirits are now trying to take on holy nature, and they are trying to sell Christian's on the idea that you can just forget the laws of God, the teachings of God, the plan of God, and follow areas of church teaching that exist, or areas of new teaching. So to embrace everything inside the structure of the church, as the same, and they want you to recognize a Universal brotherhood with all races which is a fallacy. They want you to accept or believe that a spiritual transition or a sudden positioning on the part of Christ makes a Negro like a Chinaman, like a white man, and it doesn't make any difference anyway. But all you can do is make a believing Negro out of an unbelieving Negro, if he has the capacity to respond, but he only has this at an emotional level. You can make a Chinaman recognize that his forefathers turned from the true God to worship idols, and when adjusted to the right God not only does he improve his condition but if he will obey the laws of God, turn from his transgressions then he benefits his whole society because obedience to the laws of God are good. But nothing you can do will make this individual the offspring of God which he is not. Because to be an offspring of God you would have had to be an offspring in the spirit. You would have to be the descending line of God in the flesh. This is why it is called the begotten of the spirit and the breaking of the water. This is why Jesus made it rather clear when Nicodemus came wanting to know how to participate in the kingdom of God, in the administration of it. The Kingdom comes by inheritance, God's sons and daughters, the Kingdom is not a Republic, this great Republic of ours is just a part of the kingdom, but the government of God for the rule of the earth is a Kingdom which descends with His authority upon His sons who are His heirs. Thus we are a Divine Seed, heirs of God in the earth today. And so as such we are the First Fruit's of His spirit. God created the heavens and the earth, and put all these things in it, but the first issue of God, the first fruit's of His spirit are you and I...his sons and daughters. Every last one of us makes up this Household of God to whom this mystery chapter in Romans, and the one in Hebrews talks about...we are the first fruit's of His spirit. So we say we are the children of God, begotten of His spirit. Jesus the Christ is not the only begotten..Jesus the Christ is the Eternal Father, He is the Eternal YAHWEH, but in His Christed form which is His physical body, it...His physical body came forth from God, begatting out of a physical household thru the Virgin Mary as the receptacle...the first formed..first begotten..the only begotten by YAHWEH (spirit) out of His race in physical earth. No one else can say that He was brought forth by YAHWEH...thru the medium of YAHWEH...thus a son or issue who is yet YAHWEH (God). But everyone of us...every descendent of the Adamic race, we are the children of God after the flesh thru Adam, and the children of spirit because He begat us in the spirit before the world was framed. We were begotten of incorruptible seed and we live and abide forever. We have a two-fold claim on the Fatherhood of God. We have a claim thru having been with Him in the spirit, and we being the first fruit's of His spirit are thus His issue. We are also the first household in the earth which are His offspring as well, because He brought us forth as His issue in the physical,...then born of the Spirit, we have to be also born of natural birth, the breaking of the water to complete the process. This is what is meant by being born of the spirit and of the water.

When the church couldn't conceive of how this could be, they reversed this process, and translated it just reversed. The original text shows that you must be born of the spirit and then of the water. So not understanding how someone could be born of the spirit without the persuasion of an Evangelist, the first thing they did was to say:..you have to born of the water and of the spirit. They had to get them naturally born before they were spiritually born, so they could set this process up, then they would have it set up as they wanted it to be taught.

Now; the fact is..for in the earth..there is another word used. And this word is to be regenerated. Thus to be regenerated you have to be born of the flesh first before you can be regenerated by the spirit. So this statement was made that a man could not be reactivated or restored by God if he hadn't been born in the flesh and then fallen. But this isn't talking about his original spiritual existence. Because the word 'regenerated' proves that you had to be generated to begin with to be RE-generated. So if you are talking about spiritual regeneration then you would have had to be born of the spirit to be spiritually regenerated. This is also true in the doctrines of theology. This is the way people contend thru endless ages, arguing and bickering over points and never catching the vast areas of the kingdom. This is the trap they fall into. As far as the questions they try to throw to confuse people, the process is to try to eliminate your Israel Identity and the Kingdom.

Not especially this person who asked the question, they only asked because it keeps popping up when they see errors of translation, and theology. But I point out to you that these verses alone clearly prove that there is no foundation or authenticity for such a question for when it talks about...in a number of places..whereas Jesus is the only begotten son of God, then it is not in a number of places but when it refers to this then He is the only issue that YAHWEH brought forth out of His own spirit upon a woman, to produce a child in a body which is thus...the only Begotten. The Virgin Mary is the only woman to bring forth the body of God...remember this. Eve was brought forth from Adam, she did not produce God, she was produced by God. And this begatting is the production pattern in which the form of Life came forth out of our race. The word here for 'begotten' is that He YAHSHUA was the only Issue brought forth out of the flesh, after our race had been formed.

Now; again remember that the only people who accept Christ or receive Christ in their inner consciousness, in an awareness of who He is, accept Him to the point where they participate in His Kingdom..His program..are the children of YAHWEH who have this special capacity built in them. He said:..'My sheep know my voice, a stranger they will not follow.' Then He turned to say:..'If they turn away to a strange voice they will turn back again.' When He calls for them they know the voice of the Shepherd. When He talks about sheep He says:..'Those who are not my sheep will not come, but those who are my sheep will come.'

To the Jews He said:..you cannot come because you are not my sheep. Now, a lot of people who do not understand the origin of this are lots of times very perplexed. They say:.. but why could these Anglo-Saxon and kindred people come, and not the Jews. But He said:..they are not my sheep.

Another confusing thing is that they falsely put the label of Judaism on all of the religious systems of that time. So people who were not Jews by race were attending synagog's because this was the compulsory area of theology existent. But there was a revolt against people who knew this was wrong such as the Essene's, and these others who were waiting for Messiah, and praying for the day when they would be delivered. There was a move to silence these people, and to keep this mission of Messiah from happening. But let me point out to you that Jesus said to the Jews:..' Ye are of your father the devil.' In otherwords, you have descended from the Cainanites, and your father was a murderer. He was the offspring of Lucifer, thus Jesus took this tie for the Jews back to Lucifer and to Cain. Thus the Jews in Palestine at the time of Jesus were the Cainanites, Amalakites, Hittites, and so forth, but preeminently those in power were direct Cainanites.

Now; stop and think. The most important thing in the world is who you are. There is nothing greater today, more vital, to preserve you forever than to know that every last one of you was begotten of the Father before the world was framed. That you were with Him when this was all brought to pass. You were with Him when Lucifer rebelled, you were with Him when Lucifer contaminated the races, and set up all these catastrophes. Actually he didn't do all this to earth until he lost the battle in space, and then brought all the contamination to earth. When God embodied you within physical form He was just keeping His promise to races already under the control of Lucifer. Some sought God's deliverance even when their continents were sinking. Some sought God's deliverance even when they were migrating instead of accepting the error such as those people we call the Ancient Egyptians of that time, they came under Horus and Khufu to that land. God promised them that altho the world was coming under the control of Lucifer...of darkness which was keeping the world in error, that still He was sending His own sons and daughters embodied in the flesh to build His kingdom. They were to lift up a mighty altar and Temple unto Him in the land of Egypt. The Temple similar to the old but with the significance of the Pyramid. All these things are the History of the Egyptians to this day, and if you go back into the History of India you discover that Ancient India had a doctrine before the contamination of Lucifer and his religion as the serpent under the Kali worship...the assassin goddess. So under the assassination Goddess, under this evil, the doctrine was set up and Kali was the symbol of the female form of this evil one, the consort of Lucifer after they did not keep their first estate, and became established in the earth.

But also into India had come a strong line of the Aryan's, and later they will tell you that Hinduism was Aryan because there is still a trace of the Aryan in the people of the Hindu religion. But the Caucasian..the Aryan's were rulers for a long time in India before being overcome and absorbed by the dark races. The science, knowledge, and wisdom of India was Aryan. They were the Manu..the Aryan..the tall white ones, and even the man who built the Taj Mahal was an Aryan, and this was an Aryan design. The best of India's architecture is now mixed up with all these terrible sculptures of pagan filth and rottenness, but all things worth while in India came from the visitation and rule of the Aryan's. the ancient Vedic and doctrines contained mysteries, and scripture of things which God told Enoch about our race, these things were found in the Vedic writings, and the Vedes are white men that were in that land at that time.

When they talk about Krishna what then is Krishna? In the ancient doctrine of India Krishna was the day when God would become embodied in the earth, emerging out of His own Manu or Aryan race. This liberates people from their guilt and transgression..He , this coming Krishna does all this, then later was to come sweeping back out of the sky with all His mighty army, and thus save all the earth from bondage.

Today Hinduism has taken over India and very little of the Vedic remains, but has become a hodgepodge of imagination. Inside the Bahi..the Gata or inside the areas of their theology they also have Krishna. They also have Brahma, Vishnu, Sieva, and Kali, all deadly gods of Luciferianism, but then they also have Krishna. They don't understand all Krishna is going to do, but they think that sometime a great and mighty God such as Krishna is going to move in and conquer the earth, and all these other dynasties and liberate the people. But the word Krishna in India meant..God embodied. Then in Greek we have the word Christo meaning..God embodied, or embodiment. So when we say YAHSHUA..Christo..or Jesus Christ we mean YAHWEH. The Eternal God embodied in flesh, so that He might be our savior. In otherwords, YAHSHUA means YAHWEH (God) the Savior. YAHSHUA or Christos translated into YAH-ZEUS was embodied. The Apostle Paul writing in Greek since they did not have the word YAHSHUA which was Hebrew so they said YAH-ZEUS. He said this because this was the God of the Greek's with that big stick that got them out of trouble. But there is no name under heaven which is as great as Jesus if you mean...all of God embodied in earth. But when someday you find out that it is not YAH-Zeus..but YAHSHUA, then YAHSHUA is greater than YAH-Zeus, and YAHSHUA which is the name of God in the fullness then brings to mind that the full name is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. If we said...YAH-YASHA....or YAHWEH-shua the great words of the Old Testament, then we are saying this means the Great Eternal YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA...I am the Eternal Father, I AM the Eternal God who is to be embodied in the earth. So this is what it means, don't let anyone talk you out of your Sonship, don't let anyone make you share it with the apes or anyone else. Don't let anyone talk you into sharing it with any other race. If you are a Johnson...then you are not a Jone's boy...you can talk to him, take him in and share your food with him, remember that. Thus the fact remains that we are the sons of God embodied in earth, this is your destiny, and you cannot give your destiny to a Negro, or a Chinaman. This is a Satanic lie which was instituted by two Jews who tried to put all of Rome on the wrong trace, so they went into the Book of Mark and added all those verses we have pointed out to you in the past. Trying to establish that you wee to go into all the world and preach the gospel and all who believed would be saved, and all who did not would be damned. This is a lie, those verses were never in there until about 200 years after Christ, when these two Jews conned the Catholic church to add them, and then the Protestants went along and copied it. Scholarship admits this even adding a footnote right in your Bible that these verses in the last chapter of Mark from verse nine on, are all phoney.

Now; anytime God sets up a record, writes your name down in the Lamb's Book of life, before the foundation of the world, and knows your date of birth, the time of your birth, who you are to be, how long you are here to live, that your going out and coming in is known to HIM, then by this very process He has predestinated that you are going to conform to His own image. Thus says that you are His sons and daughters, that you are going to answer His call, then you can rest assured He is going to have His own way. And that all these things which are occurring by His process are still going to happen. It is pretty hard to transfer, by hearing, by chance, by decision or acceptance, the factors of identity as a household, a family to anyone else.

Someone says...but don't you think anyone else can accept the Christ? Other people may listen to the words that you bear testimony to, and with in the realm of their ability to evaluate, in the seat of their emotion, or in the seat of their soul consciousness they may accept or reject what you tell them. The older races like those in Asia may still find a certain witness slightly reminiscent of their past, but it is to this point...they can give ascent, they can correct their ways under your influence, and the only place we find any abiding, lasting missionary activity is where the white man keeps the administration, continues the direction of their society, the development of the pattern of law. The very moment you take the white man out of this, the anti-Christ activities of the United Nations or any of these other fallacies takes over, and they go retrograde right away. This shows that the persuasion as far as they are concerned is subject to the presence, and the guiding influence of the Sons of God.

Now; let's turn over to another answer for this..in the Book of Isaiah God asks:..'You ask me concerning my sons.' This is in the Old Testament and there has been no provision made for any Sonship to come by any other way than by the route of being an offspring of God. He said:...'Only Israel was His offspring. He would not give his glory to any, other than to Israel.' Then He said:..'Ask me concerning my sons...command ye me.' (Isaiah 45) Thus all the world looks toward the children of God, there is no God beside yours, surely He is within thee..this then is ISSUE, the LIGHT, the offspring of God. And then God says:..'with my sons, my offspring I am going to set all the captives free. I am going to overthrow all the captive cities, I shall build my kingdom, my new order in the earth, or my New City...with who? with my offspring who are going to liberate all the people of the earth, all the captives of the other races, and save all people unto the ends of the earth. All will recognize that Thou art MY Children, and that I have acknowledged thee.' The prophet Isaiah tells you all about HIS great plan, also proving once again that God does have offspring.

Now; we find ourselves talking about something out of the Greek which was first written in Aramaic. So in otherwords as He said (John 1:12)..to as many as receive HIM..this is identifying that this is brought forth from within, permitting their Sonship to be made manifest, their Sonship to be made known, because by their ability to receive Him they prove who they are. This is what this passage is saying unto you. Then when you get over into the Aramaic it tells us that He re-empowered His sons, or receives that which is a part of their destiny. So that they could re-occupy the things in earth which they were to do. So in this declaration the Aramaic text is the clearest of the text's. And of course some of the older literal translations were more clear. Thus He came to the land of His Inheritance, and the occupiers received Him not, but those who received Him He re-empowered them. Thus this makes a big difference.


QUESTION:..Would you define the word 'soul' please?

ANSWER:......This is a semantics in some instances translated out of three different words, one of the older words in Universal language for soul is...Ra. This word is found in early Egyptian and Shemetic languages. It was the resident consciousness in the physical body. The Egyptian's said of our race when they first came into Egypt...'these are the children of Osiris, the Ka of Ra.' These are the children of Light and resurrection who are the soul of the God of Light, the soul conscious children.

Now; the word 'soul' comes from two words...Pneuma or Pneumatic, and from this form we get the word new. This is like the silts of the atmosphere, but the word is sometimes also.. spirit. And in Hebrew it is Ho or Hu..thus Hu-man, spirit man, resident in consciousness in earth, or have a Ka (soul). As we deal with the New Testament we have in the Greek and the Latin word also..Scio..meaning to know, and the Greek word is the utilization of the word consciousness, or to perceive. Thus out of this we then have:..'Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.' The word 'mind' is translated here as Soul as well. Thus this is in three dimensions...spirit, soul, and body. The dimension of Light is the Light body with a dimension of intellect. In otherwords, when we say this..the celestial being also has a celestial intelligence center which synchronized the thought patterns even as that of God, because it pulses with the very impulses of the Mind of God. So that the spirit which is the Issue of God reflects the image of God, or the thoughts which go thru the Celestial consciousness of God resident in the Spirit as well as it can be resident in the flesh a physical brain. In otherwords, the physical body's thought center is the physical brain. The physical body with this physical brain reflects the senses, remember this. And even as you hear now and record in the physical body with electrons, you are recording to the ear, the vibrations which you hear. What you are recording is actually electronic vibrations, but what your soul is doing with this is translating those vibrations into relationship with the semantics of what it knows.

Now; you could go out of here and talk to some of these bar-flies over here, and they couldn't make anything out of it because they don't have any spiritual background, no religious context, wouldn't know what we are talking about. It wouldn't make any image for them would it? But your soul makes an image out of it because this is in your thinking being, having been raised and associated with a diet of word forms and semantics. Therefore remember that the soul in you is the conscious ego in you...resident now in this physical body. It is also co-resident in the spirit because you have a spiritual body with you, on a different wave length. It cannot be beheld by the eye but it is there. You are thus in the image of God, spirit, soul, and body. God dwells in all these dimensions and can also accelerate the electrons in the physical body to so synthesize that physical body into any range of dimension between here and the pure plane of spirit, and still re-materialize it in every area of atomic substance with which it is constituted. But the soul consciousness is always resident in this entity of spirit, or of the wave-length of its projection in the physical, irrespective of what wave-length that body is in. The soul is thus co-resident. This is why the Apostle Paul said:.. 'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.' In otherwords, if this physical body crumbles or decays, or disintegrates, the Celestial body is not gone, the soul consciousness can still reside in it, because that body is an Eternal connection. So if this physical body has something happen to it, and it disintegrates, the soul is no longer hampered by the limitations of the electronic memory, or the patterns of retention when the veil was pulled down. For a resident in a physical body, that soul is instantly thinking in the dimensions of spirit. At this moment your soul is capable of thinking in the dimensions of spirit because your spirit gives it all its inspiration, all its vision, all its extra sensory perception, which moves out of the areas of spirit. So by this process of the spirit you get knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. You say what about the other races??? That is always the question. Well, those races were not begotten in the spirit, and thus they do not get the inspiration out of this spirit. They get inspiration out of the spirit of creation. The soul consciousness recording the background of our ancestry is the electronic memory. They were under an Archangel who could influence them for the bad. Therefore God counteracts this with His sons, getting thru to them as a rule. Thus if God had a better way to restore the world and reach people, then He would have done it. To Him this is the better way, thus He sent His sons down here in bodies of flesh who could be moved by His spirit. Who could set up now, because of the spirit...these idea forms which He wanted to convey. So that we could translate this into semantics and take this to the people of the world. By this process then we carry this truth to the world. We can get thru to them on this level, and we bring them testimony to the true God. The actual success of overthrowing the darkness and liberating the world is not consummated until the children of the Kingdom with the Father involved overthrow Lucifer. When we have defeated Him in earth, and all His embodied forces, the whole world will be free from his grasp, and the greatest missionary period in all time and history will be possible with the instruction, the teaching of the people unto the ends of the earth. It is only limited at this time, it is unlimited in the period to come.

There is one thing we must understand...too many churches will get up now and preach a big sermon for you about something which is several hundred years from now. They sometimes preach about something which may be for 2000 years from now. A bunch of these people are talking about sliding into the sky and forming a big kingdom somewhere up there, talking about the earth being gone, burned up...gone completely. When they talk about going into Celestial realms and ruling throughout the Universe they are talking about something 'after' the Millennium, after the reconstruction of the heavens and the earth, of your ability to come and go to the far out areas where you are going to rule and reign with The Christ. This is true, but first you rule in earth. This earth is not going to be destroyed or wiped out, you aren't going anywhere until this thing is finished here.

So why should I go up and neutralize people with something which isn't going to happen for a thousand years, even tho it is a matter of interest to know what is going to happen. But start with now, then find out what will happen from now on. You can go out just as far as God has unveiled the knowledge to you because:.."Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard all that God hath prepared for them that love Him." We are several thousand years ahead of ourselves now as to the records of what God is going to do today or tomorrow.

Now; I would be very foolish if I was to tell you to go home and pack up a few things which you could carry on your back, and by some measure get thru the Red Sea tonight and walk around thru the wilderness of Sinai until the LORD sent down Manna to feed you. You would say this man is crazy what is he talking about? I should sell my home and go over and walk about in the wilderness? Over there between Palestine and Egypt...why should I do that? But that is what the Bible said about those people, they were to leave Egypt and follow Moses. Yes...but that is a long time ago, so if I was to tell you to go follow Moses out into the wilderness you would say that I am crazy, but we have all kinds of preachers that today are trying to tell people that they are to do as Moses told the people of Israel to do at that time, for that day. And there are a lot of other people trying to tell you what you are supposed to do 1000 years from now. So...this is foolish, and I am not going to tell you what you are supposed to do 1000 years from now, besides, by that time you will have better instructors than me, in fact The Christ will be your instructor. But the thing is that then you will know as you are known, and the things which God gives to His ministry will be flowing thru your mind with the same clarity because the whole witness of the spirit will be on all people at this time. So the only thing to do is to preach this day, for this hour, for what is to happen now. And you know this is another reason why we tell you not to get out of the body yet, because when God wants to get you out of it He can. He can envelope you with the spirit and transform it today by spirit experimentation, and by a concept that they are beings so changed that they are no longer relative to a physical dimension. Oh, some people say they have this, and are so changed they are no longer relative to a physical dimension, but they haven't missed any meals, they haven't decided to give their property to the rest of us, or even to the cause. But the thing is that we have a super seated University, and they sit upon the Universe, and they have fallen into the old Babylon error which has been introduced by the same fallen spirit process so as to get you to leave the things God put you down here to do. The thing is God put you down here with this built in desire to stay. If you didn't have this you wouldn't need a doctor when you were sick, and so forth. All these Christians who get carried away in some of the things, then say:...this world is not my home, I want to get away, I want to go to heaven as fast as I can, and they want to make sure they have enough to eat. But if you don't like it here and want to go then all you have to do is quit eating, and you will make it....see? But the more I hear people talk about not wanting to leave, the more I notice they don't like to go. This is good because they might commit some spiritual suicide if it wasn't for that. Because what we left is so much better than what we have as to the clarity of our perception.

Now; this is something I want to get across to you tonight, this is very important..it is... the clarity of perception. After all what is living beyond knowing and experience? What is living beyond experience of consciousness? You say...I like to go hunting or fishing or traveling...why? Because you like the experience of going and seeing and what you experience. Life is the conscious knowing of experience is it not? Therefore also the knowledge is not only experience but you say...what am I? What is your soul development, this Ka, this ego, what does it do? Where does it come in? It is the sum total of all your experiences, you see, you are the sum total, that is what you are. And you are an entity made up of the sum total of your experiences incarcerated within this experience, and shaped in the process of it by the thinking of this experience. Therefore the only thing which can correct areas of this experience is the spirit which is always right. And it does not always view them with the error thru which you might view them. You see, in a physical body we have certain limitations, these sometimes are limitations of perspective, sometimes caused by positioning, some might say by environment. In otherwords, if you are standing on a hill looking down on a scene you can sometimes see more than the person standing on the level. Somebody at the 40 yard line might see a whole lot better than some one down at the end of the field. See?

Now; some will say, but maybe they didn't intend to see...maybe they recorded the experience as to where they are. Environments are very special things, but what about the spirit? Well, the spirit does not have to be positioned in any special part of the environment because it knows all things. Therefore your area of vision, or of hearing, or area of senses, or maybe even the built up passion within you which is the fire of all these areas of the senses if it is not properly regulated by the consciousness, is now leveled by the spirit into what is best for you, and that which is within the keeping of your nature as a child of God. So you are regulated, modulated by a spiritual thermometer. Or shall we even say a spiritual regulator which operates in you like a thermostat for every area of functioning. And God ties this in to a ganglia of nerves in the seat of your intellect, so it can function thru to the cord of electrons in your own physical body, and here you have a soul consciousness. This soul is the thinking you.

There are three dimensions:...Light, Electronic or physical, and Thought. As far as your resident existence is concerned it can never be separated from a thinking being, and spiritual thought is the most powerful force in all the world. It is the power which can adjust and alter matter. It is the power that can accelerate the speed of electrons around the nucleus which makes up the molecular matter of your being. So therefore remember what we brought to your attention Sunday when talking about the 'Tree of Life'? Three things here referred to are ...the bread of life, water of life, and the third is the very Life of Life, the very effulgent area which proceeds forth from God, which is the Tree of Life itself. And when He talks about this He said:..'I am the bread which cometh down from heaven, anyone who eateth of this bread, they no longer hunger.' Then this word Jesus refers to..'My Identity' as to who I AM, the word which emerges from Me emerges out of the consciousness of My spirit, this is the Bread of Heaven which mens minds and their intellect must digest, must feed upon if they want never to be hungry, never to lack for food that is satisfying. Therefore I AM the consciousness of YAHWEH (God) in the thoughts of Hu-man (Israelite's). Therefore He that believes on ME believes in ME, He who is spirit of my spirit, and now perceives this, and believes so that he acts on what I say, to him comes this Water of Life so that he never thirsts ever again. For he that believes on ME...the word on..or the preposition...in...believes to the participation thereof, and receives the Water of Life, thus he never thirsts ever again. This is the Living Water which comes out of HIS inner most being. It flows out of where? HIS Innermost being, out of the Celestial Tree of Life to the connection within you, to the inner throne, the judgment seat of your embodiment.

Someone said the Christian has to stand before the judgment seat of God...well, where do you think that is? It is in the Inner Holy of Holys of your own being. Because you stand here a Christed individual embodied in a physical Temple. In this again, the judgments have been lifted on Calvary, and the only Chastening remains as the individual brings himself by the condemnation into an area of guilt complex before this inner judgment seat, and can only release himself by the finished work of Calvary at the seat of perception when he does this. So today we have psychiatrist's because if people can't understand this spiritual truth and can go to church or to a minister who cannot make this clear to them, so they can understand it then they go to a psychiatrist who is just a silly witch doctor who does not have the answers to use to separate them from their own guilt complex. When the Priest's of His ministry lift this off of you by the understanding of the work already done by The Christ then it only requires your cognition to make it work inside of you. And when that happens the fear complex rolls off, the guilt complex rolls off at the inner judgment chamber. There is never to be a judging of you before the world, you have been lifted from that judgment. You are ever judged among yourselves, that is the only place. Remember that the Christ points out: ...'who hath laid any charge against you?' After all, you are the Elect of God according to His foreknowledge. Therefore who hath laid any charge against you? Can the world condemn? No. None can condemn you but Christ's spirit on the basis of error. And since He is not condemning you, then the basis of error is out of the seat of your perspective, out of a guilt complex condemns you until you accept the relief in the spiritual consciousness. This is also a realm of the Soul.

In this instance again we point out that the soul consciousness resident in a physical body is the resident thinking you. Resides in a spiritual body and when you say I...this is personal ego. Some people just say I all the time, just because they can't think of anything else. Believe it or not everyone is an egotist whether they believe it or not. They could not exist if they weren't aware that they were here. And if they were not aware of this, and didn't try to look out for themselves then they wouldn't be here long. There is such a thing as permitting this physical eye to diminish as it relates to only the satisfaction of the spiritual. That the spiritual eye might envelope it and then develop it. In otherwords, what we need in a physical world...the physical eye could be subject to physical error, to selfishness, to greed, to conditions of the world around about which lacks the spirit because of the sense reaction, and if this wasn't modified by the spirit we would be as bad as the rest of the world. But as we decrease or subordinate just the demands of personal satisfaction, of acquiring, or experiencing, to that of God we fulfill what the scripture says:..'I must decrease so that He must increase.' That spiritual son which you are as a child of God, then develops, envelopes and takes command. The triumphant day ahead will sweep the communist out of America, and the powers of evil from the earth. This will actually be triumph by spiritual sons, illuminated, empowered in Light. This is not so removed from reality that we won't take care of them on any level with which we have to meet it, but so enveloped in Glory that they can't resist. So this also has it's points for one of these days you are going to see the consummation of miracle..remember God does these things on His time, His timetable, and He is not late. Does that satisfy your soul question, or is there some area of that which you want to talk about?


QUESTION:...How do you step up your level of awareness?

ANSWER:....What happens is that you develop it. Just like you come from milk to food as a child grows. Soul's require nourishment just like a physical body. They do not die to the extent that they cannot be reactivated, but soul's shrivel. In otherwords, if you don't feed soul's a balanced diet so that the senses are not the sole control of the soul, so that it has the spiritual food from heaven that it requires, then the soul shrinks even tho well fed physically as it concerns the body. Therefore the only thing the soul can live on is...thought..truth... and the wisdom of God, the knowledge of God, it's relation to His creation, it's relation to His society, to His household, and to the Father Himself. Therefore the soul which does not have this is not fed. So Jesus said:...'Man cannot live by bread alone'. He was talking about His race, His children. So what do they have to have...every word which comes from the mouth of God.

I assume that most people, anyway those I know, gather around to learn. They gather around to hear and are not just interested in gymnastic's of my mind or someone's theory. The thing which gathers men is what the Father said:..'My sheep hear my voice, and they come.' So when the spirit starts to bring forth truth, a hungry spirit responds. And if it has any aptitude for truth it expands. Your aptitude causes you to study, to think, to research. And the more you have discovered, the more you know about Identity, about the Kingdom, the more you know about your profession, your relationship to spiritual law, the more you want to know. The more you seek and search.,..this then becomes your life. And the more you seek and search the spiritual truths then the more this transition, the more this mighty power, the more the works, the more reason for being here...this is the reason you live. Everything you have, if you had to make the choice, everything you have would be expendable for this cause, because it would eat you up, you are made of it, you have grown in it, so why is this? Because the soul has grown with awareness, and eventually you reach a point of awareness which is moving very fast. The awareness is becoming so important that it does not separate you from the things of the earth, or the things of God which He bestows upon you, or that you possess, but it becomes such an evaluation that you will be using tremendous power inter-related with all areas of physical operation. Someone says...how far are we going to go? Let me tell you something...as to how far are you going to go...it is until you glow as did The Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration. You are going to go until the very forces of nature will respond to your command. Until the manifestations of the sons of God are going to be greater than has ever been visualized by man in any area of theology before this. In fact you are going to make 'cloud niner's' ashamed of themselves because you are going to bring it into reality, here on the earth. You will prove that this is the manifestation of the Sons of God.

So..how far can the soul go? Until it thinks with the synchronized perfection of the Spirit which is already perfect. And the farther it goes the more God lets it stay with you. Remove that which holds you back from the fullness of the 'Tree of Life' and the more He lets you stand in the Holy of Holys and preach in this Temple (physical body) where you serve. In this then is why we tell you that we are on the horizon of the greatest era in all human history. We are not separated from the things which are happening, the political struggle, the social struggle, or the economic struggle. Nor are we released from the responsibility of battling the darkness, or the program of evil. Last week we apparently lost the game (the election of Johnson), but we haven't lost the program of God..remember that. What has happened apparently is necessary to wake the people up. We know that the counting of votes was phoney, but if 26 million people voted 'right' then maybe next time there will be more, and more who will learn, and God can take you thru while they learn, and they will learn some real lessons in the years to come. They will need leaders and those leaders will have to come from those who know...don't forget that. In this instance you don't know what the reaction is going to be, how things will measure up, but you know the end of the story. You may not know the day it ends, but you know how it will end, for the Kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ. The great nations will stand aloof and there won't be a Cainanite in the House of God. We know all these things, and I can't get a feeling of defeatism even when I have to look in the countenance of some of these rascals. Because one of these days they will be all out where they belong...not here.

Now; all these things feed this consciousness with the word of God. And also the activation package but of course the enemy works to distort what you think and what you believe. Because you are in the world you have to fight a battle here in the world. Satan tries to distort the facts, saying that the Kingdom of God is evil, is destructive wherein all the Kingdom of God does is to destroy evil and to set men free. If it did not do this then the whole world would be left in bondage forever.

Someone said:..but they actually are conspirators (speaking of the Right Wing), well, this thinking, talking, praying, working, hoping for the day when we can liberate the world from bondage, when we can smash communism, when we wipe out the sons of Satan from places of influence and power, if that is conspiracy then make the most of it for we are in conspiracy with God.


QUESTION:...When Noah took those animals on the Ark both clean and unclean.....

ANSWER:...Seven pairs of clean animals and one pair of unclean animals of all the things which lived in that area...so what do you want to know?

QUESTION:...The number 7., is it some mystical number, is there any significance?

ANSWER:...Oh, seven is a mystical number because this is a Divine number, it is a perfect creation out of the synthesis of seven. The reason why they were taken in pairs is because God proved that male and female were very practical realities. All that phoney stuff about a spiritual virginity of a Celestial invisible woman coming first, in the flesh after the fall...that pattern that all people male and female have to become spiritual virgins, lose all identity, that is being taught as well today. They tie this in with the Virgin Mother, and with Kali...all this is a false doctrine. It is being introduced and taught today, but the reason I mention this since you ask this other question, I want to tie this in. Any doctrine which tries to take people back into this is trying to take you back into a type of Uam-Yogism, which is also Kali worship, but this is being introduced today as Christian thru the (Shalander) Komati type of doctrine. I can show you this in their false teachings, in their pamphlets, I can show you their doctrine. I can take you to Yami-Yogi and show you everything laid out inside of Hinduism which they are introducing. But I can also show you that never did God release creation without it being double...male and female. Even the Angelic hosts had double patterns except in Celestial realms in the immediate guardians around the throne.

Now; 7 males, and 7 females, so that they might continue to produce. So remember these pairs of seven male and seven females of all the clean animals, and one pair of anything else, this was all the animals in that land, or that area. This is where that Noah built the Ark in...eret...that land, this is where Noah rounded up all those creatures. This was quite a round up at that time, but the fact remains that...'that land'..probably didn't have more than 100 species of even domestic and wild up there in that High Tarim Basin. And yet today most people think this meant all the creatures on the face of the earth. But the flood did not cover all the earth it was only over the High Tarim Basin. There are at least 3 million species in the world, and out of them there would be about 30% of them clean species. Under that instance you would have been faced with a tremendous problem, and number of creatures as well as all the unclean ones. In otherwords, to have hauled all those creatures if the flood had been all over the earth it would have required a fleet of ships as big as the combined Navy of Britain and the U.S., and all of our Merchant Marines as well. Then this would have required a fleet three times this size to have carried food for them as well. It sure would have caused one man and his three sons to have done a lot of hopping from ship to ship to have fed them, or to have had a boat that would have made the Ark like a tiny life boat.

Someone said:...but the Bible does not make a mistake...that is true but men sure do. If you will go back and read it then it says...eret's..that place. This is the area where the Ark was built, where they gathered the animals and where the flood took place.

The pattern of the symbol of seven is only the spiritual seal. Thus that which was ordained from the creation was duly multiplied, male and female to carry out the cycle.


QUESTION:...I thought that maybe they took seven pairs of clean animals so as to eat them.

ANSWER:...No. They didn't take them to eat them, the fact remains that in the period of time when they were on the Ark we have spiritual lore to the effect that the water barrel was replenished, and they never lacked for Divine Manna. This had to be a good barrel to have kept all these creatures watered.

QUESTION:...I don't see how Noah's Ark ties in with tracing God's offspring, it sounds almost as a side story.

ANSWER:...Well Noah's house was on that Ark. Noah, his three sons..Ham, Shem, and Japheth and their families were on the Ark. They were saved out of all that area, and your race today descends from Shem one of these sons, that is then very important. However you have other relatives from before Noah, from the Seth line which were before this, such as Enoch and Job and there wasn't any flood where those people were. In fact Joseph married back into this lineage from these men when he married Asenath the daughter of Pontipherah, Priest of ON. Thus these of the early part of the race, and the descendent's of the survivors of the flood married. So these before the flood were still on earth after the flood. But we don't use the flood as the only route of tracing the Adamic line. But the Adamic race was united and basically the only seed of it which survived past the Abraham pattern was that group in Egypt, except for maybe some Aryan dispensation somewhere in the earth, because Aryan's were scattered before this, some were in India you remember before this.

In the days of Nimrod, and Ur of the Chaldeas every country in the world sent their representatives to his court. The False Priests of course wanted to capture this court and of course they did when they went to the very head, to Nimrod himself and started to make him co-regent with their pagan gods. Here they started integration, mongrelization and all the lusts of the evil of the orgies of such inter-mixing. This is when God called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeas lest He destroy this remaining seed line which He intended to build His Kingdom out of. So the seed line goes forward from this point. But as far as this is concerned then if the flood had covered all the earth and everybody had drowned on the earth but Ham, Shem, and Japhet then all the other races of the earth would have to have been produced from these white men and this is biologically impossible. Mitosis which is kind begatting like kind has to be determined by the chromotin.."Seed having life in itself" as the Bible says. If this were not true you would be taking a terrible chance having children. You would never know what you would get, maybe even a Negro if this pattern came from these three sons of Noah. These other races did not come out of the Ark, for only white people were on the Ark. Negro's were here in the earth 73,000 years or more, this is proven, and thus they were here 66,000 years before Adam came out of the Garden. We can go dig up the bones of Negro's back 73,000 years ago and Asiatic's that long ago, so they never came from the same origin either, or the same father.


QUESTION:...I have some friends and they had some friends called...from the Latter Day Saints Church. They were telling me that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and only they have the truth.

ANSWER:...Well, he could have very well been a prophet.

QUESTION:...I told them I didn't think we needed another prophet, we just needed to read and understand the old ones. Besides, I think all prophecies are found in the work of three different prophets. I have heard this and I wondered if you thought this, or whether you said this?

ANSWER:...I said:..three witnesses...those being the works of God, the WORD of God, and then of course His people..nation, church and throne are also three witnesses to the things of God.

But lets understand this, there are 66 books here and 64 of them are true. And there is another 160 or more, and we are finding more all the time. But there were 160 some odd books in the archives of the 'Church' and all of them with vision and inspiration. The books of Seth, and The Bee, these were the books possessed by the church in Alexandria Egypt when Mark was Pastor, before Rome tried to destroy all the books that they did not canonize in support of their doctrines. Therefore remembering this we then have still a lot of major and minor prophets, and this is the way we divide them up today. But we call Isaiah and Jeremiah and some other Major prophets and some like Joel and Micah Minor prophets because they didn't write so much, but there isn't any minor prophecy.

Now; this also didn't end the prophecies by any means. God still speaks thru His ministers and His prophets. In otherwords, when God can bring the vision of His truth thru the consciousness of a person, it will never be unrelated to what He has said to anyone else, so that 'it doesn't tie in'. But He can bring wisdom and knowledge of something which is about to happen tonight, next week, or throughout the time it is important, to those who are His ministers and His prophets. We may have to divide the areas of that ministry to those that have the gift of the reception of prophecy. This is not given to everyone but it is given to some.

Now; as to Joseph Smith, there isn't any doubt in my mind but that he had the gift of prophecy, maybe with limitation and maybe not. But much of what he wrote was manhandled afterwards. Also there wasn't any doubt in my mind that there was certain areas of experience by some form by which the original scrolls and doctrine's the Mormon's claim was first found by Joseph Smith. And this minister who was helping him as they wanted to understand this miracle...which was also real. Someone said:..do you believe in the Angel "Maroni"? Well that might have been his name. Somebody showed them something which was supernatural. I would have to accept that this was an Angel of God, or it was a familiar spirit from the devil, or that the two men were liars. I have only those three premises to take. In fact remember that some of the things they translated into the book of Mormon's couldn't have been known by these two men because there hadn't been archaeological work done to prove this concerning the Maya civilization, in Mexico, or the coming of the white man. They had no way to know that part of Manasseh had entered into Central America and fulfilled the things that happened at that time. Nor had the archaeological discoveries, many just finished since W.W.II., which are involved here....been discovered. So therefore they had to have had some supernatural element to compose this material. So it was either of error, or it was of truth. There are areas of the doctrine of the Church of Latter Day Saints that I think are in error, but there is a preponderance of the doctrine which is also true. I think the areas of error were the results of the Council of Elder's and how they codified the later positions. Later books were written, some claim prophetic insight's, some contain great spiritual nuggets, but also some great human error. "The Pearl of Great Price" and the "Doctrine's of the Covenants" are among these.

Now; we are not narrow minded until we don't pursue and investigate most all areas of that which acknowledges, or recognizes Jesus the Christ because it is the foundation upon which our culture survives. Of course we might say that this isn't always the criteria because Lucifer is smart enough to say all these things even in the midst of the blood (Adamites), and then try to destroy the Kingdom within...see? You cannot capture the Elect if you get away from these two things, and the devil has found this out.

Now; I will say this, most of the teaching that the Mormon's had were developed areas of the Christian doctrine, and that they decided they were led to migrate, to move and to build a society. I wouldn't say they weren't led to do this, the best evidence is that they did it. The only thing which is in error is to think that Christ is just a man who became God. This is error, it is not true for Christ was God before the foundation of the world, and by whom all things were made. He was not an individual who was a pretty good fellow out in space and was permitted to be born in earth, then became God just because He obeyed. There is a passage concerning this, that they take out of scripture which says:..He became obedient and the fullness of God came upon him. This is just a matter of translation, it is not a matter of original pattern of the scripture, it is a strange thing that they fell upon this one area of mis-translation to incorporate this.

Since Jesus Christ was God before the foundation of the world, since all things were made by Him that was made by Him that was made, that He is the Eternal Father, for God is One. Therefore their doctrine that Christ became God...he came forth out of the Father as many others have done, and then became God because He obeyed, this is not true. You also are offspring who have come forth out of the Spirit of the Father, and were embodied in earth, this is true, but Christ being the only begotten ONE thru the flesh of His race was also embodied in earth. He acknowledged you as His kinsman, His brethren but He also said:... "He who hath seen me hath seen the Father"...thus I and the Father are one. This no one else could say including Brigham Young, or Joseph Smith or anyone else.

I make no war with Mormonism but I have watched some people neutralized who were further advanced than this. They then went retrograde to a degree because they accepted certain areas of bondage which kept them from going further. We have been approached on several occasions by Mormon groups. They tried to get us to go to Salt Lake City sometime ago, and also to Provo. If we would embrace the teaching of the Mormon Church we could have been preaching in the Tabernacle and teaching at Provo. They came to us and said that they had the witness that we were a prophet. Not too long ago they tried it again, and they asked us to come. I said:..without any hostility, if you think that we are a prophet, that we have what you need, then why should we walk with you, why don't you come join us? This they did not want to do, they wanted to keep this a little closed circle. I said:..if you believe that the white race are Israel, and believe that the House of Joseph is the Anglo-Saxon people, and that even the white Indians are Israel, which we believe to be true, then why do you want to exclude any Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Lombard, Germanic, Basque, any of these kindred people, where they be Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian or any other churches, why not acknowledge...One Faith..One Lord...One baptism, and all work together? Why not then share the things of God, the prophecies, the Messianic Destiny which we would bring into your Tabernacle as freely as we would welcome your truth into ours? This they were not ready to do. When are we going to join together the Methodist, the Baptist and all others? When they are ready for ONE FAITH, ONE LORD, AND ONE BAPTISM. When they will acknowledge truth.

Now; never walk backwards. In otherwords, never walk backwards to carve out a position in which you have already expanded because knowledge is increasing, and God is working this way. As far as this is concerned, prophets are still being found and prophecy has not ended with the Book of Revelation. Prophecy still continues and will continue, altho I repudiate today areas of false prophecy which does not consistent with God's word, and neutralizes people so they do not remain effective in the Kingdom, or it takes them out of the true church which God commanded should remain forever.

Now; God has not permitted them to leave the church as an institution. Oh, you may leave one church and join another but you do not leave the true church. If God bestows any gift of any capacity upon people He said:...I have organized "The Church" in the world, I have organized it with Pastors, and with Evangelists, with Elders, and with Deacons. I set up this whole order to operate here in the world. To call on the sick, to minister to people, to help the widows, and all these people who need help, all of these things God has ordained His church to do. So it had to be down here in the world to operate this way, and it is to prevail for all the perditions and judgments, all these activists are not going to be able to stamp out this church.

We do not make war on the True Church as such, as long as it will recognize that Jesus is the Christ and recognize..."Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." If they will recognize Jesus the Christ as such, and the word of God for guidance we do not battle any church, but we may disagree with areas of its physical operation if it repudiates truth, and operates on areas of error.

So what is to happen...this ecumenical conference in Rome has already cursed itself, when it says we will take in the Hindu, the Buddhist, and Jews, even atheists if they are men of Good Will. They don't have an ecumenical conference anymore of the church of Jesus Christ because you can't be a Hindu and a Christian, or a Jew and a Christian, for you are either one or the other.

Even not knowing..race..if they had said:..we will take in people who were Buddhist, were Hindu, were Jews, and who now confess Jesus the Christ that would have been different, but they don't do this. You can be a Buddhist and still go down there and kiss the big toe or the ring, you can be a Hindu or a Kali worshipper and come in there now and sit in this ecumenical conference. This is not what God is talking about as a great new spiritually developing unity of the children of the Kingdom, of the Race, as the developing unity of the children of the Kingdom, of the Race, as the spiritual center...the church...who know and understand that this church is one great mystical body of believing 'thought' existent in the world so that the nations might be savored, and the Kingdom come to its fullness.