11-13-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


ANSWER:---Will try to answer some questions coming in form the tape.

QUESTION:---What did Jesus mean when He told Peter "Get thee behind me Satan"? (Mark 8:33) ---When a certain speaker came to Idaho, he said Jesus and Peter were of the same lineage?

ANSWER:---Well, this is not so in a specific line. They were not of the same family household. Peter was a Galilean and David was a Judean out of the house of Judah. Peter was not of that household, but they were both Israelites. They were just not of the same household of the same race. "Get thee behind me Satan"---Jesus was teaching the disciples that He must suffer many things. That He must be rejected by the Elders and the Chief Priests, be killed--then after three days, rise again. Peter began to argue with Him--No understanding.--So Jesus said 'get thee behind me Satan'. In otherwords, you don't understand the things of God. You are thinking as a man. Of course when Christ began to tell them all these things He was to suffer, then Peter couldn't believe that He would let them crucify Himself. That the High Priests could not conquer HIM. Peter wanted instead, for Christ to be triumphant, victorious, bring back the Kingdom rule. Peter had the concept that if he could get Jesus back to thinking on that route, it would be better for everyone. But when Jesus turned to Peter and said:--'get thee behind me Satan', --it was because Peter was being used to try to persuade Jesus that there was another route other than crucifixion. Of course Christ was the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world. He told the Adamic race before any of them were begotten as the Adamic household in the earth that it would be essential that He come to earth born out of the race. That He die for the race, and resurrect for that race. Put down the powers of darkness. All these things were essential and had been predestinated before the foundation of the world in the purpose and plan of God.

Peter did not realize that he was tempting Christ with a Luciferian suggestion. So it is not that Peter himself is Lucifer or that he was Satanic, even tho some people do try to make something out of it.

The Jews, in their creation of the Bible in the hands of the creator--their Talmud says that Peter was the successor of Satan, and Jesus turned to Peter and said:--"Get thee behind me Satan."---so therefore, Peter was Satan because Jesus was Satan or the devil. This is queer logic in the Jews Talmud. Others have cited that Satan was the name Jesus called Peter. Only as Peter was used in temptation to suggest to the embodied man Christ Jesus---who was the embodiment of YAHWEH---that He used His power to triumph in victory over Jewry and not take the way of death this seemed a great thing to Peter. If he could just persuade Him, they could move forward toward victory and life. But little did Peter know that if Christ had taken this route, the whole structure of Christ's Kingdom would have gone down to defeat. Because God could never rule and reign over a people who were not perfect. The sons and daughters of God were perfect in their spirits, at the time of their begatting, and God declares they shall be perfect again.

Then Jesus came to the city of Jerusalem. The crowds came out and they said:--"Blessed is He who comes in the name of YAHWEH." So when He approached the steps of the Temple, the true Levi Priests came out of the Essene Co. and came forward with the crown to crown HIM King. They were shouting Hosannah in the Highest. But they also had the Chalice with them because John the Baptist had told them that He would take the Chalice before He would take the crown. Joseph of Arimathea had the Chalice made by Demetrius the silversmith who came to his home. The chalice had the faces of Jesus and His disciples on the outside of the Chalice. Jesus and the disciples would come to the home of Joseph of Arimathes and they would eat meals there and lay around on the couches and talk. The only one he had trouble with was the face of Judas Iscariot and finally the silversmith engraved the face of Judas as turning away. But then Judas was not of the house of Israel or Judah. He had only been selected because Jesus wanted to show His disciples that Luciferians would be Luciferian. That devils were devils. And under these circumstances then, when they offered Jesus the crown, He said:--"I cannot take the crown or I would rule you in bondage and in sin. Today I will take the Chalice, but the day will come when I will take the crown and my servants will fight and the Kingdom will not be left in the hands of the Jews. In that hour of course the triumph will come. But at this time He took the Chalice which was of course the cup in the garden. As the atonement had to be fulfilled by this embodiment of God, then of course, that was the ultimate sacrifice. The disciples couldn't understand this. They couldn't understand even when they stood around the cross. When they were nailing Jesus to the cross, they were still looking for a miracle. The disciples had drawn back and the Priest were mocking as they said:--'If ye be the Christ, come down from the cross.' Then as the earthquake continued, and the darkness grew worse, they were very discouraged. They felt at a loss. Here they had followed one they thought was the Messiah and yet there He hung on the cross. He hung there dying and He had performed miracles for them. They heard Him say ---'It is finished.' --and they were crushed. John the disciple left the hill in great distress. And so did the other disciples. Then the next day Peter gave up and said he was going fishing. The situation was one of utter despair until the power of the resurrection was manifested. When it was brought to the disciples that He was resurrected, they ran to the tomb. Then He appeared to them and they believed the miracle. But Thomas was not there, so he couldn't believe. Then Christ came into the room and told Thomas to come and put his hands in the nail prints. But Thomas didn't need to do that. He said:--'My YAHWEH-YAHSHUA.' --- translated as My Yahweh (God) and my LORD. After this there was never any doubt on the part of any of the disciples. But prior to this they just couldn't understand the scope of this---it had not dawned on them.

But as to Peter, the design was to tempt Jesus. He wasn't talking to Peter as such, for remember that Jesus gave the name to Peter of 'The Little Rock.' He said --who do you say that I am, and Peter said:--'thou art the Christ, the embodiment of YAHWEH.' And Jesus said:--'Flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, Peter. You had to receive this from the spirit. But upon this great rock this great confession of faith, will I build my Kingdom and the very spiritual center of that Kingdom, and the gates of hell (grave of netherworld) will not prevail against it.' So Christ was not casting off Peter with this remark in the book of Mark. There is quite a few situations that the disciples were involved in that established this.

Remember that He told Peter that before the cock crowed three times that Peter would deny HIM. But Peter said, even if everyone else turns away, I will not. Yet Peter did deny Him. After the soldiers seized the Christ, put the manacles on Him and took Him off into the judgement hall, the Peter who had been so gallant and brave, who had cut off the of the servant of the High Priest---Peter then had expected a miracle. He thought that Christ would call in a great army and they would win this battle right there with the Jews. But when Christ restored the ear, and told Peter to put up his sword, then Peter was confused, even tho Jesus said:--'If I will it I could call in a whole legion of Angels and throw all these Jews into the sea.' So Peter followed a far off as they took Jesus in chains to the High Priest. And he stood outside warming his hands by the fire. A maid asked:--'Aren't you one of His disciples?' --This was asked three times, and finally Peter cursed and swore and said no. Then the cock crowed three times and Peter remembered what Jesus had said and he went away weeping. One would say, this was a tremendous failure on the part of Peter. But Peter was still overcome by the fact that the Christ who had done all these miracles was led away a prisoner, was being judged and smitten, and Peter felt fear and anguish at this situation. Peter followed to the cross and he still felt bad at what he had done. But when the power came to the disciples, after they went back to Jerusalem, after Jesus had gone into the cloud where the great chariot awaited HIM, then Peter was a different man. They were told that Jesus would return as they saw HIM go, in a great flag ship covered with Glory. So the disciples went to Jerusalem and into the upper-room where they waited. And the outpouring of spirit came and it had a great significance as far as the program of God was concerned, and an area of prophecy. This prophecy being that in the latter days, He would pour out HIS spirit upon HIS sons and daughters. This was a work of Grace on the part of YAHWEH to restore back the things He had promised to the Adamic race, this house of Israel. He promised also that by the end of the age, He would redeem them. He promised a New Covenant to both the house of Judah and the house of Israel---all Israel---where as He would put a heart of flesh in them, not this one of stone. The spirit of the Living Father has been with each of the Adamic race down thru the disciples at the time of Christ. And therefore even tho they didn't have the cognition of it out of the spiritual mind into the consciousness of their soul consciousness, still Priest in the Temple, and the prophets were given areas of it so that they could write with inspiration. But it had not been poured out on the house of Israel as a whole. But when Pentecost--meaning the fiftieth day came---this outpouring of God's spirit descended on the disciples. This was the first time the spirit had thus descended upon the Adamic race since Adam had lost this spirit connections altho he never realized what he was losing.

Now, the disciples had been with the Christ. They saw miracles performed and they had tried to do some. But on this day of Pentecost, this was the first clear cognition of the mind of God descending on men except as He had spoken thru some like Elijah and Enoch and so forth.

So again, Peter was just a fisherman. He had been with the Christ and his speech had betrayed him. But the fact remains, that altho Jesus had taught them many things, their understanding was not clear until the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. This opened up their consciousness, and expanded their minds. And then Peter got up and spoke to this great gathering that was there; people from Jerusalem, from Judea, from all over the world where Israel had migrated, from Persia, Western Europe, and so forth. And the Apostles were speaking in all these languages from the areas where these people came. The people were amazed. Here were all these men of Galilee, yet they were speaking in all these different languages. Peter said:--'This is what was spoken about by the Prophet Joel.' It was not necessarily the fulfillment of all the prophecies, but this was what was spoken of by the prophet Joel. As Peter spoke, he was no longer a coward. The High Priests came to listen and he accused them of the crucifixion of the embodiment of God. He told the Israelites all about the things they need to know, and 5000 accepted the Christ right there. The next day, 3000 more. And this is the way it went. God was using Peter's tongue and mind. The Holy Spirit had transformed and taken over these Apostles. They were fisherman, a doctor and so forth. But the power of the spirit had taken over these men. And they might have seemed weak before this, but when He poured out His spirit on them, that was a different thing.

At Pentecost He started what we refer to as the Church Age in the nations of the house of Israel. He now was to give a spiritual input to the spiritual center of His congregation which would gather the people as a fore time as the Kehilla is in the Old Testament, so the Ecclesia is in the New. So the Ecclesial (congregation in the New Testament is the Kehilla (congregation) in the Old Testament. The ministers were ordained and they moved out to set up the organizations and things were moving. The Church however, is not the Kingdom of God. It is a part of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is made up of people, of nations, government, administration, the program of absoluteness, the spiritual center of His Kingdom today. Some people think the church is the Kingdom, or that it is invisible, or that the Kingdom is not of this world. Jesus said:--'My Kingdom is not of this era.'---translated world--.So they think the Kingdom has nothing to do with earth, that it is only in the heavens above. They also misinterpret--'Flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom of heaven.' So they say, it is in heaven. You have to die to get into it. Thus they preach 'salvation' so everyone gets into heaven. This is all an area of misinterpretation in an area of drossness that has come over the teaching of the facts of this Kingdom being transferred from heaven to earth. The program of God was to transfer His family--the Kingdom--from heaven to earth. He taught you to pray--'thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.' The transference refers to a Kingdom in earth. The flesh and blood does not understand, it is the spirit which is where you understand--the spirit in this flesh and blood body.

The fact of Pentecost was that He was now pouring out the spirit to the early church and this factor would increase in the House of Israel. So we must not spiritualize away this area of the Kingdom in earth. The Kingdom of God in earth is a part of the total Kingdom. And it calls for the victory over the kingdom of darkness. For the freedom of the nations that were on earth is necessary by the household of God. The Kingdom is always a posterity factor. It descends from father to sons. The only way to inherit a kingdom is by birth. This is the way a kingdom is inherited, thus you are His household. You are to set with Him in the seat of authority. Not only on the earth but it is revealed that the children were with HIM before the foundation of the earth. They ruled with Him all over the Universe. This is the one factor that we should be grateful for. The more we think upon the mysteries of God, the more we understand them, the more we appreciate that we are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. There are lots of people who are not the offspring of God. But you are the offspring in heaven and in earth. You are not made like other people. They may call you a peculiar people, but that is because they don't understand why you are different. Of course, the Luciferians never did have any light. That is why Jesus said to the Jews:--'You can't hear my words. You lack this pattern of understanding.'

So we see that by the outpouring of God's spirit the Apostles became very valiant men, with no thought for their lives as they moved out. Everyone of the Apostles but John was martyred because of his testimony of the Christ. Men don't die for a lie. These men had witnessed the truth and became powerful Evangelists. The church became a powerful organization and spread out over the entire white race, gathered together the household of God. Of course the church became a spiritual center of knowledge and interpretation. We happen to be living of course, in the latter day when we are told that there would be a great falling away first. The doctrines of the church of course, are blinded by the commies, false teachers. And yet the true church still holds on the truth. One thing which happened is that blindness in part has come upon a people. And a lot of them don't know they are the people of the Kingdom, the household of God and thus blindness in part has happened to Israel. They know who Jesus Christ is, but they don't know they are the household, the children of the Kingdom. So when He said that blindness in part has happened to Israel, but then said:--'They are going to know from the least to the greatest that they are the House of Israel, and that they are His Kingdom. I want to again, point out that the children of the Kingdom are going to inherit the earth. When Christ stands back, He considers the weakness of say--the Apostles, as the weakness of mankind. He also knows their strength and that thru Christ, we are strengthened until we can do all things. More than this, we discover that the Holy Spirit will perfect everyone of the household. We will be perfect---Paul (Corinthians) said:--'I speak of this--and John also said:--'I speak unto those who are perfect.' It was in the mind and body where all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. But not in the area of the spirit. Not when the spirit is unveiling, and people can reach into the spirit and the knowledge of God in the spirit dawns upon men. Then men have unlimited areas of knowledge which they can gain. Men can gain as much spiritual knowledge as they have the determination to go after. One of the strange things is that people in our period of time, one of the problems is that people only want as much religion as they feel they have to have. So they don't want any more. And yet they don't want to sound bad. They want to sound good. So they think they should want the knowledge of God. But they just want to be good on a minimum level which they have to be. This seems to be the way it is in our day.

The fact of it is that God said the spirit will lead you into the knowledge of all things. Therefore the spirit of God leads men into the knowledge of all truth, and leads you into the remembrance of all things. Your spirit being out of the spirit of God knew everything god promised or considered. Knew everything He had stated, and Peter talks about this. -- That at one time you possessed almost all knowledge. Christ promised (John 14) that He would pour out His spirit and that spirit would come upon His disciples, His children. And bring all things back to their remembrance. We should therefore be struggling to unveil all the mysteries of God's Kingdom. Because as men become interested in the mysteries of God and His word, whereas each new secret leads to new truth, the avenue is open for them to go on and on until then mount up as Eagles.--'with wings as Eagles.' Actually the scripture tells us that there is no limit of what Adam man will be able to know and to understand for all of the knowledge of the wisdom of God is available to the household, the family of God, and the holy spirit will bring this to the household of the hour of Christ's coming. However the miracles and the conditions of these happenings in the church in these latter days---some of these things will descend upon His Kingdom before He comes, to some of those seeking out further and further in areas of divine mysteries.

I think in this area again, we can point out to you that this -- these are the things which we reach for. We point out to you again that Jesus said:--'Greater things than these will ye be able to do, as you understand and know how.' There are more believers today to scatter it over a greater area than the time when He performed the miracles. But we are going to see a few weeks of months of tremendous miracles and events before we see the climax of the age. We may see it only a week long. But we will see spiritual power descending on the believer. Especially those who have sought after HIS name.

Now all Israel will be restored --saved, but some of them don't now believe God enough to go after spiritual truth, therefore then some become more active Christians waiting to be called to great missionary activity among the household of God, among the race. Where as others will be glad to be just door keepers in the kingdom because they are not willing to put in much time on the things of God. You take a church like ours, some will come to bible study but lots of them don't have time to come. But I want to tell you this, if people want to know they will come. If there is a hunger for truth, for knowledge, they will come, if they do not come they are just not hungry for the word, or the knowledge of God. Some are active Christians, and it means that we are going to see tremendous events. remember that Jesus said;--some will not taste of death until I return in my Glory. But the only one who we have no record of not dying was John. This is one of the mysteries of all times, and John is still around somewhere. But before we move in to this age there will be those of the household who will not experience death. They will put on immortality as the sons and daughters of god. Did you know that the swallowing up in victory has not occurred in the past? But one of the things which will transpire is that we will catch the perception. The Apostle Paul was catching this, he said: --I comprehend it, but I can't apprehend it ass yet. In other words I haven't been able to grasp the truth that will give me immortality. Of course he finally died before he did. There is one thing about the Apostle Paul, his eyes were very dim but he was still going on. There was no lack of vitality until he said;---after I am gone tell people this----and then he went real fast, he was accepting death and it came.

I am going to tell you that as this household of God starts to refuse death because it has already been conquered by Christ, because the price has been paid--the wages of sin is death---so now we die because we are paying for something that has already been paid for, we just don't comprehend this, it is one of the great spiritual truths that will emerge at the climax of the age, maybe after just a few weeks or months then there will be immortality. The process of sickness and death is available, spontaneous healing will move out of the true church as never before. A the Apostles saw this so also will the spiritual power return even just for a manifestation of a short work of righteousness, and then the scripture says-----after this ---"will I come".

I don't think we know much about this will of god--some people think you have to become a real fanatic, but these people don't really know to much about the knowledge of God. You don't want to confuse the knowledge and learning of the things of God with fanaticism. I can think of a lot of religious movements today that are fantasism. Try to end up with something they have heard after all that Glory--Glory --Glory. God sometimes honors them in their ignorance and blesses them, but as far as knowledge of God and the kingdom of god , they don't understand it. As far as the mysteries of God they do not understand them either. So there is a vast area of fanaticism but it doesn't have wisdom or the knowledge of God. It does not know the truths of the scriptures, the patterns of pre-existence, the patterns of pre-destination, sovereignty, doesn't realize the pre-destined program of restoration, or the restitution of all things. And had they sought the wisdom of God instead of by fanaticism tried to develop by fanaticism what they thought was holiness, they would have advanced a whole lot further. Some one says, but how do you know that you are advancing? Well, you have more doctrines, more knowledge as to the things of God than any other people. You have more of this as originally taught, you can go back to more scripture than any other people on the face of the earth. This is the Gospel of the Kingdom. How many people know about pre-existence? They don't know that they were the children of God before the foundation of the world. Don't know what God promised us before the foundation of the world. That they existed in the bosom of the father before the world was framed. The Mormons know a little about it but they do not know as much it as you know. All this just passes off of them , they do not realize it pertains to them, and yet God is talking to a specific people, and a race. The scriptures are there, his spirit has enlightened you--therefore you not only know about pre-existence, but you know about sovereignty of YAHWEH , and the predetermination of his power . When you understand what 'Twice born" means you understand that it means spiritually begotten in the heavens to begin with, then you understand the program of God's kingdom, these are advancements. When you start to look at the knowledge to which you have advanced in it is so far beyond church theology but still it is theology, it is just advancing with a greater God, a bigger God, and the more that you know about the knowledge of the program of God the bigger and bigger he gets on the horizon and becomes absolutely infallible , impossible to defeat, immutable in his program, and as we see these factors then God just gets bigger and bigger. So with this understanding the last enemy to put down then is death. that is why we tell you that you are on the threshold of immortality. We are on the threshold of grasping life and vitality that will charge our bodies and do this very thing. And this will descend upon those who seek him, who look for the mysteries, who want to know the truths of God and understand them.

Now; we are not condemning these people who don't want to advance in the knowledge of the mysteries of his kingdom. We are not condemning these at all, but we are telling you that to each his own---there is no question about the pattern of --reaching out --and design and desire to know the things of God, then He increases their wisdom and their understanding and their power will also increase. Whether they know it or not prayer power will increase. It does not require a long prayer. But you will discover that it happens and things you will be surprised at happen and you will be surprised that it works for you. Because you lived in an atmosphere which meditates upon the things of God, and thus the more you become aware of God . The newspaper is like the bible unfolding as its a way that you see these events outlined happening, and you have been told in the words of prophecy that they will happen. He says;---I tell you these things before they happen, before from ancient times I have declared these things, shall come to pass, and I unveil them before they ever come to pass. So you are watching the patterns, the earthquakes come and you expect them. The catastrophes which hit the nations you were expecting but you are also looking for the signs of miracles, the mysteries that come. You are seeing objects, hosts that come out of the sky, your men who fly in the shuttles talk about illuminated objects, space crafts by the thousands which they saw out there, moving along side them as well. When you read this in the paper you aren't surprised a bit, you knew this would happen all the time--see, Then the scientists came along and they say---well that was just reflections of light that you get and it is 'stellar reflections'. You have sort of a field shield round that is caused by the 'slip stream', as you move thru nothingness up there so they just explain it away. But you don't have to explain it all away, it dawns on you right away, these people don't know but you know, and why do you know?--You are living within the field of the purposes of the MOST HIGH. Your understanding is that he is going to bring forth his kingdom, that there is no power the enemy can use that can stop it. You know that every program of conspiracy is going to end in defeat, but because you know this you are living on a plain above a person who does not understand these things. So he can get cast down, can go into a political doldrums, when things are going bad, and then be uplifted when things go better. But you anticipate that things are going to get better, and move ahead---why? Because YAHWEH said;--'I have a people who have never bowed the knee to Baal'. There is no knowledge that is equivalent to the knowledge of God as he unveils it, as he opens up your understanding of the passages of the scriptures. What is the reason why even tho the Bible is not the sum total of the inspired books, the fact still remains that the bible never gets old, it is never worn out, never reaches the point where there is no more to talk about. Why? Because of the input, the depth, the plains, the dimensions, the program of God's kingdom , all reflect around the solidified patterns of words. In other words out of the WORD comes depth and patterns of meaning and YAHWEH goes back to patterns and passages to place upon the people the transference of their value into other periods, and into other times, and other ages.

So this is one of the situations we recognize. This outpouring of revelation that descended upon Peter and on the apostles at the start of the church age. It was to start an overwhelming area of consciousness. The most important thing is knowing, and consciousness is one of the important things. After all what is life but consciousness, existence of perception? what is it but the realization of existence and patterns. Therefore spiritual consciousness is the greatest areas of development that men can attain. Out of it comes the factors of intensive faith. Out of it comes the work of the super natural. What men can perceive they can essentially do. So what we can tell you is that covenants and promises of YAHWEH are literally true.

QUESTION---Please explain the trinity or triune Godhead with scriptural reference. It is my understanding that Jesus the Christ is God manifeted in the flesh. How is it that scripture then has Jesus sitting on the right hand of God?

ANSWER:---This is a matter of interpretation. When the King James Version was translated to what they understood when Christ assumes the scepter hand of authority, when he ascends from the physical back to the spiritual plain, and fulfills all things, then he assumes the scepter hand of authority, this is also the right hand. Thus the right hand is symbolic of the hand of authority. They did not understand this as they translated it and they have him sitting down on the right hand of God , his father.

Actually this is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA seated in the position of authority. You can't explain a triune being in the sense which some people want it explained, because the scripture does not carry out this idea of three Gods. In other words they talk about the trinity as God the father, and Jesus Christ the son, and of the Holy spirit which is a mythical Ghost that floats around. They have 3 different gods, and every one of them is co-equal, and they tell you that they are all gods, and all the three made up God. But they are always in the complex pattern of trying to explain it. They never have a job for the father to do, because if they divide him up into a triune being then the father never does anything. You see --if Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and not the father, then the holy spirit is the father of Jesus Christ, and the father didn't have anything to do with it. And if all things were made by Jesus Christ, and without him was not anything made that was made, then the whole Universe was made by Jesus Christ before he was born in earth. So if Jesus was doing all this before he was born then what was the father doing all that time? There wasn't any job for the father was there?

Then on top of this are all these situations men get into when they try to fit areas of paganism into theology. They try to set up 3 gods and make them Co-equal, but YAHWEH IS SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY. IN THESE THREE DIMENSIONS HE EXISTS. This is the triune YAHWEH, he has a spiritual consciousness, a physical embodiment, a soul consciousness in the areas of elements of the mind, thus spirit, soul and body is the existence of YAHWEH who came as YAHSHUA ,SAVIOR. You also had a spirit, a soul and a celestial body when in the heavens and then he gave you a physical body when he begat the Adamic race, and gave you a body to dwell in. So as God in the field of a material Universes so His family has been begotten, bara, in His own image. Spirit, soul and body is the way Adam was formed in the image of God. Remember the body of the man Christ Jesus (we're told in Colossians) was in the image of God. All things were made by Him. And by Him was not anything made that was made. It says He was in the image of the invisible God. So the physical body is the image of the Celestial body, thus ONE GOD. Because God had a body before the birth of Jesus Christ. It is must that He brought that body out of our race. The body which came out of Mary was the body which He had before the foundation of the world. For Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. And He is the God who doesn't stand on nothing. He stands on His vast creation; is always creating and creating. He says:---'I am the beginning and the end. I am always creating and I always shall be creating.' There has never been nothing. When people say that He is before all things, then in each area, in every creation He stands on the edge of it. Thus is before it. But there never was a period of time when He was non-existent, because He has always existed. Therefore this being so, then one of the reasons why we have a universe that moves in cycles and circles is because the pattern of the creation of God has been constant and eternal. That which is eternal is almost a cycle in itself. Of course you don't know how big the universe is because when you get to what you think is the edge, there is still some beyond. They say you don't see in a straight line, so you may see around the curve. So I may be billions and trillions big, but the fact is that the Universe is created by God and is always moving, always transforming, always making. The earth is still going thru its changes, people say. It isn't going thru changes as it used to with continents going down, and mountains going up. But I don't know, I think something happened last week when they had that earthquake back in the east. It shook 23 states. And went 600 miles deep in the earth at a magnitude of 7 points When you move an area that big something is happening, right then. Sometimes they don't do by as like a motion picture. And people don't realize that we are all a part of a constant vast creation, by the hand of the MOST HIGH.

QUESTION:---Exactly just who are the Jews? Please give scriptural references. Is there any small part of Judah that are Jews? We hear that some Jews are Hebrews. Is that true?

ANSWER:---No. Jews are not Hebrews. All Hebrews descended from Heber. And so all white men today are Hebrews. No Jews are descended from Judah either. Except when Judah sowed his seed into the Shennie line. And they then intermixed with the hill country people. Of course this lost all of Judah's seed. To have made any of them Israelites would have required ten generations of breeding back. But ten families of lost people would have been required to bring back one person. So the Jews are not Judah. The Germanic people are Judah. You have the house of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh and the House of Judah. And they have all Israelites as their companies. But the Jews are not of the household of Judah. Jesus said to the Jews:--Ye are of your father the devil.' So they are Luciferians. He said the lusts of your father ye will do. (John 8) Jesus made it quite clear who the Jews are. All thru the book of John, this is quite clear. If you want to spend more time on this subject, then Jesus said:--If God were your father ye would have preceded forth from me; but ye are of your father the devil, the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). Because I tell you the truth, ye believe not. Before Abraham, was I AM.' So they took up stones to stone HIM. So Jews are from the Luciferian hosts. That is why they have red Jews, black Jews, and yellow Jews. And the Cainanites came out of Eve. Thus the first white ones. But no Jews today are Judah.

There are a lot of people who don't understand this. And they say the Jews are the 'chosen people', and all that is left of Israel. But that is not true.

Some of those who believe in the Kingdom want to make the Jews Judah, but you can't do that either. So you have to accept the scripture and believe Christ.

QUESTION:---Over in the third chapter of Jeremiah the 8th verse, does that effect Judah? Is Judah still under the law, and Israel then the divorced wife and she under Grace?

ANSWER:---No. God says who can show me a bill of divorcement. As far as the whole house of Israel is concerned, there never was a bill of divorcement. Israel is the bride. They talk about this as a great mystery, but all thru the Old Testament, He is married to Israel. Judah is a part of this house of Israel. they are both under Grace at this time. The curses of being not able to obey the law were removed from against us and nailed to HIS Cross. So none of the judgements or curses rest on you and I, because the law of God's blessings still remain unto us. And we are under Grace. God deals with us with Grace and the restoration of Israel. The salvation of Israel is Grace. We really didn't earn it. He gave it to us. And it is a free gift. Salvation is a free gift of God. A work of Grace.

QUESTION:---Do you have any information on an association called 'Kingdom Evangelists'? We--

ANSWER:---Yes. I believe that is the name of a current group of preachers who started this group. We don't belong to this. We know about 15 ministers who do belong to it. And I don't know if it did much or not. Actually, the Gospel of the Kingdom will cover eventually the whole land. It covers the church and it is found in many denominations. One of these days there will be one great embracing Gospel of the truth coming out of the church preaching One Faith, One LORD, One Baptism. So we are not looking for denominations inside of Christendom. We are looking for Christianity to be the One great big and mighty structure in the name of YAHSHUA the Christ.

QUESTION:---Isa. 56:6-7--the sons of strangers--even them will I bring to my house of prayer for Israel.

ANSWER:---This is Israel---from Seth on down. This is thru the covenant and they are wild olives---or Israel who went out. But they will be brought back in.----The beasts of the forest --these are enosh. There are two different words here, both translated strangers.

QUESTION:---A comment on the woman of Revelation 12, please?

ANSWER:---This is Israel. The 12 stars tell you she is Israel. And when she brings forth a man-child, this is Christ coming out of her. In otherwords, scripture says:--'A woman shall encompass a man, this is a new thing. This speaking of the Virgin Mary, but she also is the entire house of Israel as well. This woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, actually is the house of Israel, the Kingdom. Of course, this is why the Dragon stands before the woman to destroy her child as soon as it was born. And Herod wanted to swallow up YAHSHUA at His birth. Then it tells you that this child is caught up into the heavens. The dragon is angry. He is Satan, Lucifer, the devil and he is cast out unto the earth. And he makes war with this woman who brought forth the man child. There is only one enemy. That is Lucifer. Only one enemy of the program of the Kingdom and that is Lucifer and his people. The house of God, the program of the Kingdom, is the only enemy Lucifer has. Lucifer's kingdom is the opposition to YAHWEH'S Kingdom in earth. But it will be triumphant. Therefore Lucifer makes war with this woman. In fact, the earth fight for the woman. In fact, all the seed fight the dragon. But the woman has the testimony of Jesus the Christ.

The woman is of course the house of Israel. And today, the great Christian society battles Lucifer and will, until his final defeat.