11-15-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--Are any white people going to be in Palestine when God comes against Israel? And who are the Jews now? For Ezekiel says Israel will be in Palestine when the Russians come.

ANSWER:--Well, that is a fantastic question. Israel is not the Jews now. And is not in Palestine when God comes against Israel. It is the land of un-walled villages. Almost all villages are walled villages. That God and company comes. But remember, that God puts hooks in their jaws. He brings them out. And then they think an evil thought and then they mount up with wings and come over against the land of Israel. The 38th chapter of Ezekiel is not talking about Palestine. It is talking about where the white people live who are Israel.’ Over and over they keep talking about the Jews being Israel. But they are not. Never were and never will be. So there is nothing about the Russians coming against the Jews except where there might be a falling out among thieves. But Russia is run by Jews who are atheistic and agnostic. And the Israelites in Palestine have a multitude of religions. So this is not consistent with the pattern of interpretation.

So in the 38th chapter of Ezekiel the movement against Israel is against the white race where they live---America, Britain, and their kindred nations. This is a completely erroneous question. For the Jews are not Israel. And never will be. This attack on Israel has nothing to do with Palestine. And all this trick played on the world that the Jews are Israel is a hoax. As far as the Russians coming against Palestine, they would like to take all the Mid-East. And take even Africa. But the coming against Israel is the coming against the lands of the white Western nations. The lands of the white race. Largely, America being the headquarters of most of the nations fighting the Soviets, then when the Soviets come down over the pole, then attack from the coastline also literally fulfills the 38th chapter of Ezekiel.

It says --’son of man, set thy face against God and Magog the chief prince of Mesheck and Tubal.’ --- The literal translation is set thy face against the land of Russia and prophecy and say:--’Behold. I am against thee oh Gog, the chief prince of Mesheck and Tubal. When you come forth, I will put hooks in your jaws and turn you back. I will bring you forth with all your army, horses, Persia, Ethiopia (Africa) all of them, and all from the lands of Gomer and Togarjah. (This is the land of the Steppes from which came Genghis Khan)---all of you, prepare yourself, Israel. This will happen. For after many days thou shalt be visited. It shall be in the latter days. And they shall come against the mountains (nations) of Israel which have always been troubled. But they (Israel) shall come thru and now dwell safely. Thou (Gog) shall ascend and come like a cloud to cover the land, thou and all thy bands with thee.

But saith the MOST HIGH:--’It shall come to pass at the same time that thou shall think an evil thought (as I bring you out)--you will say--I shall go against the land of un-walled village, all now dwelling safely without wall, having neither bars nor gates.’---This is not Palestine. For they have always had walled cities. So it is not talking about Palestine. But this is the battle against the Western Christian world. The only way Russian comes into the picture, is that Magog is the land of Russia. And the chief prince of Mesheck and Tubal identifies the land now under Bolshevism.

But God calls for a sword against them. He says they come in the latter days against My people Israel. (They have been coming since the days of Genghis Khan and now with Communism). God says they come in the latter days, against My people Israel. But at that time, the heathen shall know that I am YAHWEH, the Holy One of Israel. Because I shall be sanctified before their eyes. Before the eyes of God. So the battle that takes place has nothing to do with Palestine. It relates to the Jews only in this way. They are the pagans who dwell carelessly in His land (Islands is the translation.)

QUESTION:--Concerning the pagan nations of the world, is it not Christian to try to save the pagan nations of the world? How do we classify the attitude of God concerning these pagans when He tells Israel to over throw them---to conquer them and so forth?

ANSWER:--Well, when we move into the prophecies of the MOST HIGH GOD, we must recognize that HE made the heavens and the earth. And without Him was not anything made that was made. More than this, the world has existed for millions of years and the Universe around us for ever and forever. There has never been a beginning. But the translations and changes which it has gone thru, are not beginnings. Thus there has never been ordained a beginning. But God reorganized and changes it. But there has never been a beginning of Existence. There never has been a time when God didn’t have anything to stand on. That all things were made by HIM is true. But there always has been a Universe and the Creator an author of it, since time---no beginning.

In this area the earth is a part of the Milky Way system and a part of the Solar system connected to us. When Lucifer rebelled against the MOST HIGH, he entered into a warfare against the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. And Michael was given command of the hosts of the MOST HIGH. This meant all the troops, all the crafts, all the super dreadnaughts, were at his command. And we discover that Lucifer was able to sway one third of all the Angelic beings of heave. All the civilizations and cultures, and so forth were swayed by this rebellious Archangel. And thus he was able to kindle a mighty war against God. It tells you in the book of Revelation that he influenced one-third of the Angelic beings of heaven and they followed him. He went all out. I guess he really thought he might be able to overthrow God. And in such instance then he would become the God of the Universe. Of course, this was a very foolish thing for at no time did he ever gain more than one-third of the Universe. We are told in scripture that there appeared a great ‘Wonder’ in the heavens..a great red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns. And his tail drew one-third of the stars of heaven. So one-third of the ministering spirits, in his part of the Universe, lined up behind Lucifer because he had seduced the beings of heaven. We are told in Isaiah 14, that he trafficked with the Angels and deceived in the heavens above as well as on earth.

But at no time did God ever lose control of the Universe. He couldn’t. For He is absolute. He is complete. But the scriptures say:--’How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning. How thou didn’t weaken the nations. For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascent into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the Stars (sons) of God; and I will sit also upon the Mount of the Congregation in the sides of the north. I will ascent above the height of the clouds I will be like unto the MOST HIGH.’ But God said that He would bring him down and bring judgements upon Lucifer.

There is no question that God created the heavens and the earth. And He also created the ancient Tungus people. The first to live upon the earth. And this long before the establishing of Adam. This is well established by the book of Ezekiel and the records that we have. In many volumes, the books of Enoch, and many others, talk about this situation. The Bible is the complete history of one race and one race only. It is the history of the Adamic race. The Bible starts out:--’In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And then darkness was upon the face of the deep.’ But the void means aftermath of destruction by Divine hand. For you can go to Websters and he tells you that --’void’--is the aftermath of destruction by Divine hands. Whole civilizations were wiped out. Had come to complete judgement because they had fallen under Luciferian control. Of course Michael had defeated Lucifer and driven him into this solar system. And many of his ships came to earth. Michael wanted to move in to finish him off, but God said---stay Michael. He was an Archangel and he is going to be an Archangel again. But in this place I will establish My sons and daughters. I give them bodies of life. And they will be dwelling in physical bodies when they shall overthrow Lucifer. Because Lucifer said:--’I will not acknowledge thy sons and thy daughters. But the sons and daughters shall overthrow him.’

Now, in the books of Enoch, we are told that Lucifer found that YAHWEH was going to have a household of sons and daughters. So Lucifer said:--’Will they be as great as I?’ And YAHWEH said:--’Even as I with I alone being above all.’ So Lucifer said:--’I will not show this. I will not tell it in my part of the Universe.’ And he stalks out of the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD. So Lucifer rebelled. Refusing to acknowledge the family of God as God declared He would bring them forth. So we know that we existed in plains of Spirit before the foundation of the world because the Apostle Paul tells us that we existed in the bosom of the Father before the foundation of the world. That He pre-destined us to conform to His own image in the earth. That He promised us that He would be the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. There is much that God promised us from before the foundation of the world. So if we existed before the foundation of the world, then our appearance here as the Adamic race is only a secondary factor, because He promised us things in His word, and established it rather clearly with the Apostle Paul. For He was taken into the heavens. He was ushered into the presence of the MOST HIGH. And in the Apocalypse of Paul, in one of the greatest pieces of scripture ever produced, we are told that the Apostle Paul was to write these things in a book. Which he did. But the Catholic Church covered up those things in the Apocalypse of Paul because it upset the many doctrines they had put forth. There was no room in the Apocalypse of Paul for their purgatories and perdition. So they removed the Apocalypse of Paul from the scriptures. But Paul kept writing his Epistles. And they contained many of the mysteries contained in his book.. So he would write in Hebrew or to Ephesians and talk about the things that he knew. So Catholicism did not understand that when they destroyed the Apocalypse of Paul, that they did not destroy all the things that he had written. They discovered that there were many copies of the Apocalypse of Paul. Mark had one in Alexander, Egypt. They then decided to revise the Apocalypse of Paul and the Holy See said that the Apocalypse of Paul had been mistranslated. So they put in all that fire, up to their knees in fire, and all that kind of stuff so their purgatory and limbo would be in the picture. The Apocalypse of Paul had stated that this idea that the gods of the pagans would threaten the children of God with all types of judgements and fires after they died, was not in the program of God. That Lucifer held no power for this over the people. So the Catholic Church changed all this. And the Apocalypse of Paul today which is an Oxford Edition, ---I have one---and it has all kinds of fires and so forth. But there is still so much of it lest that you can see all the areas of inspiration still coming thru which they were not able to cover up. But the areas of this that Paul speaks about, is the existence of the Celestial children of the MOST HIGH. Saying we are strangers and Pilgrims in the earth of whom the earth is not worthy. And if we could remember the place we came from, we would surely desert this earth and go back there. So God pulled down an area of forgetfulness over the minds of His sons and daughters and gave them the desire to stay in earth and do the things He has determined that we shall do.

Then again, the Apocalypse of Paul and the books of Enoch, talk about the fact that God begat Adam. The Hebrew word being--Bara. And in translation they say that God created Adam from the dust of the earth. But that isn’t correct, for ‘Bara’ means to bring forth Issue. Thus Adam was the son of God. And his physical body was made out of the elements of which the earth is composed. But the word YATSAR is to create or to mold. God talks about how He created men and women on the face of the earth. And they were to multiply and cover the earth. But it says in the 7th day creation, where God speaks forth on this seventh day and says:--’Behold there is no Adamite to till the soil.’ So God brought forth Adam--Bara--to give birth unto the household. He then separated a portion from Adam, and Eve came into being. There is nothing about a rib in the scripture as you have been told. In Hebrew it said YAHWEH separated the female portion out of Adam so that Adam and Eve would be one flesh. Then Adam and Eve, now male and female, were still spirit of his spirit, and life of his life, flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone.

In Ephesians, then the Apostle Paul tells us concerning the household of the MOST HIGH GOD, that He is married to His bride. And the bride is Israel. Some say the church is Israel, or the bride. But the reason why the church is called the bride, because the church is Israel. But God goes a long way back. He doesn’t start with conversion or the policies of the church when He sites that Israel is His bride. Because He says that they are flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone. This is a very significant thing. When we deal with the relationship, with the household of Israel, we have to go back into Deuteronomy, because there, God speaks out concerning Israel and all the factor concerning this. He says:--’Thou art a holy people. YAHWEH, THY GOD, hath chosen you to be a special people unto Himself above all the people on the face of the earth.’ This is White Supremacy --period. The fact is that when God brought forth His household, and said, thou art a holy people’, then Webster backs this up when he says that only that which proceedeth out of God is Holy. God is Holy, so that which proceeds out of Him is Holy. Thus--’Thou art a Holy People unto the LORD THY GOD.’

Now, the pagans of the earth, were seduced by Lucifer into believing that Lucifer was God. He started the mongrelization of the races. And sowed into them their false Priesthoods, and pagan religions. And every time these fallen Angels mingled with the races of earth, they produced these evil people. There were giants in the land, for the Angels did not keep their first estate. There were these great Gotmas as a result of this in the patterns of ancient civilizations. But at the same time, Lucifer also mingled with people of earth and brought forth sons who became mighty men. They were called YEHUDIM children of Lucifer. They were devils or devious when he turned away and would not recognize that God had sons and daughters.

Now, the only place you get devils is from the devil. So by the time of Jesus, there were lots of devils in the earth. This is why he said:--’I have chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil.’ And He was speaking of Judas of Iscariot. He also said to the Jews gathered around: ---’You are of your father the devil, the lusts of your father ye will do.’ So the devils were the areas of organized YEHUDIM or Jewry.

Remember that Adam was placed here on earth and then Lucifer seduced Eve. Remember Adam had been told that these beasts that walk upright, that NONE of these people were for him to mate with, that they were not divine. They did not have the spirit. Therefore, they represented the household of good and evil. And had participated in both good and evil. Thus they were the ‘Tree of Good and Evil’. This was a Luciferian tree and Adam was not to partake of any of the fruit of that tree. This ‘apple’ story is a hoax. For God never, never got mad at anyone for eating an apple. Thus God produced Eve out of Adam. And then here into the garden comes Lucifer decked out with glory, majesty, and power and becomes quite friendly with Eve. He seduced Eve. That is what happened. And he said:--’Did God say you are not to mix with us and that ye would die if ye do this? Well, if ye will do this, then you will be as we. Ye will be gods and know everything. This is the way of life.’ Well, Eve fell for this and Cain is the offspring. Then Eve came to Adam and introduced the serpent woman Lilith who happened to be Kali, and the wife of Lucifer. And from Adam and Lilith came most of the people of Kali in India and the people of the Ganges.

Then Adam declares that he has followed the temptations of Eve for he was afraid he would lose Eve who had become as evil. Now if he lost his mate, then what would he do? This was his excuse to God. But when God came down into the Garden, --well, this story was written by Moses almost 4000 years later. And Moses says that God came into the Garden and Adam was clothed with a garment of fig leaves, or a garment of the ancient fallen priesthood---the same thing which the Buddhist priests wear. So God asked Adam who told him he was naked. But Adam blames Eve, saying she tempted him. The book of Seth declares that Adam was afraid he would lose Eve. But God stripped the garment of fig leave off of Adam and Eve and gave them a garment of skins. He said:--’thou art My son and daughter. I have prophesied even before you came into the world. I told you what I would do. I am the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. I shall not leave thee under Satan’s grasp. I shall redeem thee. For you are My Kingdom. I placed you under this jeopardy and I will redeem thee.’ This is in the book of Seth.

Now, the book of Genesis was written about 1466 B.C. And Adam was placed in earth, out of the Garden 5400 B.C. Still Moses catches the pattern of this, that god would bruise the serpents head while the serpent would bruise His heel. There would be enmity between the Seed of the woman (the people of the Kingdom) and the seed of the Serpent (organized Jewry, the Yehudim, and all that goes along with it). For they will be the Anti-Christ forces. This is all in the structure of this question.

When we realize that the pagans of the earth are following Lucifer, have been deceived by Lucifer, when we realize that organized Jewry is the head of every false religion on the face of the earth, that they organized it, they transposed it, changed it,---then you begin to understand. People today talk about Jewry and about them having the Old Testament. But when Jewry came into Israel, then Israel had the areas of the prophets, and so forth. But the Jews didn’t leave it like that. They began to change it. Their Rabbi and Rabbinical leaders changed it and then wrote their Talmud. But the Talmud is not scripture. It is all the things ‘THEY SAID’ about the scripture. And the Talmud is one of the most rotten, vicious evil books ever written. It talks about pornographic literature, about homosexual actions, about killing of the Goyim, about attacking all the non-Jew girls when they are ten or twelve years of age. It describes all kinds of pagan and fantastic ecstasies. All these Jews can talk about is all these kind of things. And also that ‘thou must not attack another Jew.’ So it is the most rotten book on the face of the earth. They say in the U.S.--when God wants all wisdom, He calls on the Rabbi. Then the Rabbi gives Him his wisdom so the scripture could written. So they have God working for the Rabbi and those Rabbi are Sadducees. These Sadducees are all over Asia. And they are reincarnationists. This is why the Sadducees didn’t believe in the Resurrection like the true Pharisees did in the days of Jesus. They controlled the Temple at that time and influenced the Scribes. But Annas and Caiaphus were not Levi Priests at all. The true Priests of Israel were out in the Essene caves. And were copying the true scriptures. The true Priests were in control of some of the smaller Temples. But the Yehudim controlled the Temple at Jerusalem. And thus they called their assemblies Syn-o-gogs which identified them. Syn means assembly. And the Presbyterian church refers to their ‘syn’ of assemblies. So the assemblies of Gog were what they were calling their local temple even in the days of Jesus. And many of these Jews in the time of Jesus were Cainanites, Hittites, and Assyrians. So when we come to this pattern, then they were seeking always a pattern of destruction. Thus the Jews wrote in their Talmud, a reincarnationist doctrine because they were Sadducees. They literally fulfilled what Jesus said to them:--’Where I go you cannot come. I am from above and you are from beneath.’---They were from the Netherworld, because Lucifer kept reincarnating, because he could not produce any new spirits. There was a 612 year cycle. And sometimes, this could be halved when they would return and a new Jew would be born. But they never would get any more than they started with. This is also true of the pagans. These forces of Asia that are in bondage, they can never produce more people than they had at the time of their fall. Because no new spirits were given unto the earth.

Now, this situation was spoken of in the book of Enoch, in the book of Seth, in the book of ‘The Bee’, and in all the ancient volumes of scripture given to this Adamic Race. Of course we do not have a lot of them today in our scripture. But there were 612 basic illuminators. So there was 163 books considered inspired or okay. But then they threw out ten of these. But 153 was the exact factor. It was the displacement of inspired volumes. The book of Revelation was the last volume in the ancient cannon. But that does not mean that God ever stopped inspiration.

But the fact is that in all these patterns of wisdom and knowledge, there is one thing quite clear. That is that God ordained that Lucifer would rebel.. Ordained that he would rise up his forces of Anti-Christ. Would do everything in his power to take over control of the earth and rule the World Order. Still, God also ordained that His sons and daughters would multiply, rise and grow and produce His Israel, His Kingdom in the earth. That is why He said to Seth, to Enoch, and to Abraham and so on:--’Thou art My Israel.’ He changed the name of Abram to Abraham and said from you will come many nations. He then changed the name of Abraham’s grandson from Jacob to Israel because this race is still the continuity of Israel. This is the Adamic Household. This is the White Race. Thus the Household of YAHWEH, GOD.

Now, as far as this Kingdom is concerned, this then is the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD, ordained to be established in the earth. And it is ordained that it will be successful. That it is going to triumph. That it is going to put down every pagan force on the face of the earth. It does not make any difference if things look upset. Because we are int eh time of ‘Jacob’s trouble.’ When reading the papers, if we go up or down in influence in the earth, we are still a victorious army. And this army is going to conquer the world. Make no mistake about this. I said--’conquer the world.’ Go back to the book of Deuteronomy. God was very clear concerning this separation of His race. And integration of course is one of the strategies of the total evil of the Luciferians. Jews are pushing integration all over the world. Not so much for themselves, as for all other people. But they push integration and design to destroy the wisdom, the iniquity of your race, and the knowledge of your race.

But God speaks in the Old Testament as He lays it out and He say--when you (His people) move into the lands to possess them, then cast out the Cainanites, the Amorites, the Hittites, all these people, all these nations there that are mightier than you are. God said He would deliver them before Israel and utterly destroy them in the end. And that they were not to show any mercy to them.. Not give your daughters to their sons, and their daughters to your sons. For if you did this, they would seek to turn you away from YAHWEH. And He said:--’Thou shalt not deal with them.’

Now this is something which we might as well recognize, if you accept the scripture, and of course the scriptures are without question acceptable. Because the patterns of the volumes that we now have, the patterns of inspiration of this book are not only so fulfilled as the great wisdom of prophecy and inspiration that everything which has been prophesied has happened in its time, and is still happening. It is absolutely established to the satisfaction of any court that the Bible is an inspired book. Plus the many volumes that we do not have because they will dovetail with it. The fact remains that God speaks out here and says what He will do. ‘In Israel, I will do all My pleasure. I will declare the end from the beginning. I will fulfill all these things. They shall come to pass.’ And everything God has ordained will come to pass. He says:--’I am YAHWEH, that is My name. I will not give My Glory to another (race). All the former things I declare unto thee before they spring forth, I tell them to you.’ So all these passages in Isaiah literally establish the Omniscience of the MOST HIGH GOD, the total pattern of inspiration.

Now, when you move back into the patterns of Deuteronomy, God says not only are you going to have to deal with these people, but you are going to destroy every altar, break down every pagan image, break down their groves and burn these groves with fire. For you are My sons and daughters. Every last one of those idols and images, you are going to break down. You are going to burn down their temples. But you haven’t done it yet. In fact when God, in Timothy, speaks, He says:--’The spirit speaks expressly in the latter times and says that many will depart from the Faith and succumb to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. The seducing spirits are Luciferian spirits out of the Netherworld, and doctrines of devils.’ So who are the devils? These are the Jews, red, yellow, black or white, because every time Lucifer mixed with these races, he produced devils of that color. That is why in Palestine they are of so many colors. ‘Look Magazine’, last year, talked about the many colors of Jews moving to Palestine, who are Asiatics. And what they call Orthodoxy which is Talmudic Jewry, which will be replaced by Buddhism. Because the Oriental Jews are gaining in population in Palestine. Ben Gurian was an oriental Jew, a Zen Buddhist.

Here then, is a situation. We are seduced by the doctrine of devils. Well, Communism is a doctrine of seducing spirits and devils. And even in our society, it talks about giving people something for nothing. This is the area making its greater Socialist gain. People think they are going to get all these things, benefits, and the government gives them all this. But the government takes away more than it gives back. Besides it is Jewry today which is running the economy of the world, the economy of the nations of Gods Kingdom. Of course, the children of god are waking up to this. But the fact is that Jews are running the economy and the false church as well. As they run the false church they go for ecumenical conferences, for bringing all people together. So the Catholic Church says we will let the Buddhist kiss the ring, the Hindu kiss the ring. The Cardinals have been battling on this issue over there. One Cardinal said--you mean that we are to have fellowship with these men who do not believe in Christ? They say--oh, they believe in ‘a god’--Vishnu, Siva, and Kali. This Austrian Cardinal said we now embrace those who do not believe in Christ. They do not believe in the Virgin Birth, thus no Virgin. And if the Catholic Church does not have Virgin, it does not have anything. That is a Cardinal doctrine in the Catholic faith. But now the Catholic church is split, right now. Because of this ecumenical conference. But remember this doctrine of Jewry is spreading this idea. They want you to accept all these people. And the Cardinals say---’we have nothing in common with these people.’

Now, the white race after all, is only 1/6 of the worlds population and is Christian. Five-sixths of the worlds population is pagan, apostate, and they move with idol worship and devil worship. But I am going to show you that the MOST HIGH says we are going to tear down their groves, cut down their altars, and smash their idols. When the founding fathers came to found our country, then religion was one of the facets of their liberties. Tho there were various areas of Protestantism and Catholicism, which came to set up various areas of their faith, still they had this common denominator in religion and race. They never paid any attention to the Indians because they were pagans except for the ‘white Indians.’ But the rest of them were Asiatics and pagans and they acted like it. In spite of the brainwashing of today, King Philip, a Narraganset was a White man. That is why the Narragansets came to Philadelphia and met with William Penn. And then a friendly agreement was made. But the rest of the Indians were not friendly. Of course I am not talking about the Delaware, the Mohican, Seneca, etc. For these were White Indians, white man out of Scandinavia 1000 years before they were forced to go tribal. I am talking about the Indians out of Asia 2000 years ago. These people had witch doctors with them just as the Voodoo doctors of Africa, just as in South America. These Indians were brutal and they attacked white men. The white settlers treated these Indians alright. In fact I know this because my own family settled along the Hudson River. The Indians came and they let them sleep in the barn in the winter time. And they would feed them. You see Kit Carson married a Swift. And my father’s middle name was Carson. He was named for Kit Carson. But Carson was studying in Bankhall in upper New York, studying for the ministry. And while he was away studying in the winter time, these Indians came and they let them sleep in the barn, and they fed them. And these Indians rose up and massacred every one in the house. This is why Kit Carson vowed to kill Indians as long as he lived. He left the ministry and he vowed that he would kill Indians as long as he lived. He became well known over the nation. The Indians were still at this, long after the Revolutionary War. And way up to 1895, the massacre in upstate New York almost completely wiped out a farm family. And the farm belonged to my great, great grandfather.

So what about these early settlers? These men were Puritans in their religion. They knew they were different from the Asiatic Indians. There was no question, but that they believed in White Supremacy and that they were divinely ordained. George Washington and Ben Franklin knew that they were Israel. They knew they were the force behind the putting of Israel symbols on our seal. George Washington knew all about the pyramid. In 1860 they had entered the pyramid and he knew all about that before in his day. More than this, he knew of the Temple beneath the Sphinx because he had this from the Masons, the ancient mystery schools. He was one of the original Masons when there was only 7 Degrees in Masonry, before the Jews formed the Illuminati in 1776 and formed their B’nai B’rith Lodge and tried to move this in with more degrees into Masonry. Finally they got their Grand Lodge of the Orient into the Scottish rite. They added degrees and form the tenth degree, this is totally pagan. The fact is that many people move right into the Scottish rite and then they go straight to Vienna for the tenth degree. A third degree Mason has to go that way. The fact is that many of them don’t realize just how much paganism they have absorbed. And Pike--a Jew--a pagan who was battling George Washington, wrote the book ‘Doctrine and Dogmas.’ And this is filled with all religions from Hinduism to Buddhism and Kalism, and all that. But the fact is that every one of these founding fathers who wrote our Declaration of Independence and so forth, almost all of them were Master Masons. Almost all of them believed we were Israel. I can prove this by what they said and what they wrote. They chose all the seals, symbols to identify us. This was a great nation. Then in 1900, it was still a great nation as far as White Supremacy was concerned. It was absolute. Even when they wanted to turn the Negroes loose which was a Jew conspiracy, that moved thru the Liberal churches, which were gaining a foothold at that time, and as the Civil War was over then Abe Lincoln said:--’If I had known this war would emerge over the Emancipation Proclamation, I would never have made it.’ He said:--’To think that these two races with one so much more superior could live side by side, is preposterous. The inferior race must be resettled somewhere else and not to be expected to compete with the superior race.’ All these things are in the words of Abraham Lincoln but you never hear much about them today.

But early in this country, the Indians just kept attacking and the white man marched against them. He treated them friendly. And if they were friendly, then they would go along. But if the Indians were unfriendly, then that was something else. Cochise was okay. But Geronimo was not. So they finally made reservations and herded the Indians into reservations. And if they did not behave, they would be killed off. But that is the history. And today, the Jews have moved in. And thru the false church are selling racial equality. All races are the same. All pagan gods are good. This has gone on until now the church admits that as long as all men seek God by any pattern it is alright. This is Apostasy of the Apostate Church. This is not what God says.

Remember when Eisenhower was President of the U.S., when they asked him what he thought of the race question, he said that by the year 2000 there will be no race question. We will all be a light brown. But remember, that Eisenhower sent his children to a private school. He did not want them to be mixed up. But this is not for the advocates own families. But Eisenhower wanted to make that trip to India. He thought is would enhance his stature. Remember Nehru met him and they took him into the temples of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali. And they put the caste mark on his forehead. While putting this mark on him, they said:--’All hail Kali, unto our visitor, we give the caste of Kali to him.’ And Eisenhower the American President took this stamp of Kali. If this man would have been worth his salt, and had the sense of a goose, he would have said:--’Listen, I am a Christian. I cannot take this mark of your god. I do not believe in your god.’ If he had said that, he would have been blessed. Would have been a great man. But I can’t think of him being a great man because also I know he knew that men were not guilty at the war time trials. And that he let them be killed anyway. But remember he was the President of these United States and he took the Kali mark. And God was watching.

So what does God say? Do not join yourselves with these people, in marriage or in any other way. More than that HE said--you are to cut down their idol temples and burn their groves.

When we came to the Vietnam War, Christians were running Vietnam. In otherwords, Madam Gnu’s husband and the Diems were Christians. They were Catholic, but Christians. One third of the area of South Vietnam was Christian. The real status of the war was that the Buddhist priests of North Vietnam and the Viet Cong, of South Vietnam, wanted to over throw the leadership of South Vietnam and run the country. The Buddhist of South Vietnam were aiding the Buddhist of North Vietnam to capture the South. They were bringing into their Pagodas, machine guns. And would massacre the South Vietnamese Christians. North Vietnam never stopped this going back and forth across the border of there Buddhist priests and their carts. Once one of these carts broke down as he was coming back in, and out poured machine guns and radio equipment. And the South grabbed him and put him in jail. And then went to his Pagoda and found it stocked with machine guns and equipment to send back information of every battle. They were starting to shake down these Pagodas but the Buddhist priests began crying our. And our Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge helped set up the program to overthrow Diem and put the Buddhist in power to keep them happy. So the U.S. Government had this official rascal and he went down and worshiped in these Buddhist temples and they finally liquidated the Diems and Madam Gnu’s husband. She was over here trying to wake up our government or they would have disposed of her also. But we unseated CHRISTIANITY and put Buddhism in power. And we never won a single victory in Vietnam after that. We have more men over there now, but we are not winning. So this meant that the Kennedy administration is rotten. But we are to fight communism. And yet today the whole of Southeast area of Vietnam is now Buddhist run. We are supposed to knock down their temples and chop down their gods. We should not bow down and defeat the power of our God. This is one thing we are going to change. And if we abandon Vietnam, (we did) then Communism and the Soviet Union will gobble up this area. And then the Philippine Islands and even Japan will be in big trouble.

Now, God has a pattern. He is going to wrest this power away from Lucifer. Wrest it away from the powers of darkness. Everything He ever said He was going to do, He will do. If the white race recognizes this then we don’t care about these inferior Asiatics or these Negroes, for we are going to establish the law. As far as these people are concerned, God says:--’Ask Me about My sons, command ye Me. They (His sons) are going to set the captives free. And the captives will say--’behold God is within thee.’ This happens as the white race does its job.

As far as the time of today, we are at the latter days when the time is the battle we are to do. But we are going to conquer communism. The ‘Right Wing’ is rising in this nation as well as in Europe. And they will suddenly overthrow the ‘Left Wing’. And it will be a slaughter before it is over because the ‘Left Wing’ is forcing this situation. They are creating the Negro revolution. Remember we are in probably a year of what will be a complete reversal of policy in this country. Because the ‘Right Wingers’ will take this country. (They have not succeeded as yet, but here in 1994, they are trying once again. Dr. Swift was a bit early with many of his predictions. Don’t you think?) They probably will not do it in an election. But they will do it just the same. I would not be trying to pacify any pagan nation on the face of the earth.

We know that we have the intelligence, the initiative, the food, all patterns for God has said:--’I have established--My Holy Seed, above all the people on the face of the earth. They are a chosen people, a select race.’ The greatness of our society came out of this concept that as Christians, and a superior society, we will rule the world. We will colonize it, develop it. Germany, Britain, and Belgium and others at one time established their colonies all over the earth. And they were learning civilization at that time. Then along comes the United Nations, a World Jewry program, and all of a sudden, they were talking about the evils of colonization. And Britain and the others pulled back out of Africa. And the Negroes are once more cutting each others heads off. Everything is by design. But this is only for a short time. Then we will step out and take back the earth.

In fact, take the pattern of India. Almost 586 million people, yet they are the most rotten degenerate society on the face of the earth. The friezes on their temples are filled with the most sensuous carvings and pictures. Their service to the gods is pagan. Three-fourths of the girls of India from ages eight to twelve years of age, serve as Vestal Virgins in the temples of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kale. Then all the boys of India are brought into these temples to sleep with the spirits of these gods. And one-third of all the children born in India are temple children, born to run the streets, born of these girls of India from the boys of India who think they are mating with the gods, which is simply the propaganda of these temple priests. It is a rotten, vicious program. If you were to see the parades and the situations there, you would know that there is nothing in common with your culture, civilization, of background. The quicker we tear that down, the better off these people will be.

Now, their evil priests will not let them accept our progress. We sent them plows and tell them how to irrigate their land. Send them pumps to pump water out of the Ganges, but they tear up the pumps and plows and go back to plowing with a stick until they cannot raise enough food to feed themselves. Alright then, let them starve to death. Instead of giving them 42 percent of the grain raised here, tell them to make it themselves or starve to death.

Then we are told that as Christians, we must meet them in brotherhood and love. No. We do not deal with them as brothers. They are not our Father’s sons. In otherwords, He placed His sons here to conquer evil and to rule and to reign with HIM in the earth. More than this, in the book of Daniel, the scripture says I beheld the thrones and how they were to come down. The matter is by decree. I have set up watchers and the demand of the world of the Holy Ones is that the intent of the Living is that the world may know that the MOST HIGH RULETH IN THE KINGDOM OF MEN.

Then he talks about the stone uncut by human hands which will smite the Gentile world. How this great stone smote the image and broke its feet of iron and clay. The silver and the gold was also broken in pieces. And this stone that smote the image became a great Kingdom and filled the whole earth. So the Kingdom is not to be swept away from the earth. Then is says the offspring of the MOST HIGH shall take the Kingdom and possess the Kingdom forever and forever. We are not going to sit in the United Nations. We are going to take the Kingdom. And the Kingdom and the dominions of the Kingdom will be given to the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH whose Kingdom is an Eternal Kingdom. And all shall serve and obey him. So there is an absolute certainty that we are going to win. It even tells how we are going to win. How we are going to rise up. How the enemy has overshot himself. In fact in Washington’s Vision, he saw this. Saw the smoke over our cities, heard the voice say:--’Son of the Republic, look and live.’ He saw the Negroes sent back to Africa and the Asiatics back to Asia. And he saw this nation return to the ONE GOD. There is no question of the fact that he saw the Civil War, W.W. I, and W.W. II. And now this present war. So we are not working with the darkness. We are working with the Light.

In the book of Timothy, God speaks out about seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils, about apostasies. Even conditions where you are forbidden to marry. You say--forbidden marriages??--Yes. These rascals have set up us as well as Germany and Britain. And we battle and war on each other. And after we won the war, then the war crimes trials were started and the Generals and attorneys, they brought in, were Jews. And they set up false witnesses and sentenced the German officers to death. Because they supposedly shot those men and buried them in the grave in Poland which they made the men dig for themselves. A week before the execution, the secret service, came in and said to President Eisenhower:--’Stay this execution, for the Russians killed these Poles, not the Germans.’ But President Eisenhower said:--’If I was to hold back this execution, on the basis of this information, it would effect the good relations we have with Russia.’ And he said more than this:--’If I hold back this execution, the war crimes trials just getting started, will show these same generals as phoney. And if this transpires, we will lose face all over the nation.’ So they went ahead and killed these men and Eisenhower is as guilty of murder as anyone in history.

These Jewish generals we placed in charge after the war. And we took boys over to Germany for an occupation force. And they were to be there for two or three years. But they forbade them to marry any of the girls of Europe. Even English girls were also included as being forbidden to marry with them. But then they turned loose the Negro beasts on all of the women. Like they did at Stutguard where the American G.I.’s finally broke it up by shooting the Negroes with their 45's. This was all permitted by Jewish Generals on Eisenhower’s staff. So they said you can’t marry German girls, but they established brothels all over so as to tear down the white race. This is what I mean by seducing spirits and doctrines of devils, forbidding to marry your own kind. It wasn’t until the third year, when acts of Congress permitted them to marry and bring their wives home. Then in Japan, MacArthur was a good administrator, but the generals, right away, said:--’You can marry the Asiatic girls and bring them home.’ Why?? Because the plan is to mongrelize your race. To produce the same kinds of conditions they had in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah where they advocated going after strange flesh.

But the Lord says:--’I will sound My voice. I will call upon My army and suddenly a great situation will develop.’ Well the ‘Right Wing’ is rising. And they will repudiate this strange church, this mongrelization. And when they get thru, the Negroes will never push for this again. And they won’t accept the Buddhist, the Asiatic patterns again. The Christian struggle will emerge and destroy every strange temple on the face of the earth. You will see this happen. The children will rise and take the Kingdom. This means a New Administration. The children of the Kingdom will sit with HE who is on the throne in this New Administration. Every knee will bow. Every tongue confess that Christ is God Himself. This has to come from a master race. From these He said He set above the people of the earth, because they have to rule and to reign, to enforce, to police the world, until righteousness frees the world. There is no question of this. So I feel no brotherhood with Africa, or Asia. But I feel a fast drive to smash every idol temple, and every pagan religion on the face of the earth. I think that if we start thinking about this, and moving toward this smashing and destroying of these pagan temples, and every pagan religion on the face of the earth, then we will move faster than just sitting back saying it. We are to move to ser the captives free. So we are not going to join them. The ministers that are pushing this joining with the pagans, are not very educated. They are in that area of darkness. The Jews mix them up in their seminaries and they come out without too much faith and a Jewish psychology, but not much knowledge of the scriptures. They don’t study the word. They don’t find out anything about Israel. They just use a few scriptures which support the text and the doctrines and dogmas of their denominations. And thus go around and around the maypole, preaching every sermon on how to get saved. One thing that will come to pass is that God will free His people from these silly superstitions which have really tangled them up.

(End of tape)