11-16-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:--What is the meaning of the serpent flying around the staff?

ANSWER:--You mean the caduceus?

QUESTION:--Well, the snake is supposed to be the symbol of the Jews, so why did the doctors choose it?

ANSWER:--No, the Jews did not have anything to do with the doctors choosing that symbol. Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness when the people were murmuring. But the people of Israel were not Jews. None of these in the wilderness were Jews except a few who came out of Egypt, the mixed multitude. But the Jews were never Israelites. So Moses was told to make a brass serpent and put it on a pole and those who saw it would be healed. This is its start. The medical profession has two serpents with wings wound around the pole--the wings on top. This winged serpent was a sign of the medical profession and it came from the sign of Moses and the serpent on the pole. The medical profession then just designed these two serpents for a sign of their profession. Yes, the Jews are in the medical profession, the medical association. The Jews control it. The Fishbines ran it for instance, but I understand today that a Jew does not head it anymore. And there has been a lot of kickback on the Fishbines. But the Jews had nothing to do with the selection of this sign.

Our trouble today is that too many clergymen have taught that the Jews and the Israelites of the Old Testament are one and the same. Today, the Jews say they are Israel--’the Chosen People’ Judah and even the lost ten tribes of Israel. But they have no part nor lot in this matter. Jesus made this very clear throughout His ministry. He spoke constantly against them. This book ‘The Reopening of the Trial of Jesus Christ’---the Jews go on trial in this book. Jesus is constantly challenging the Jews and telling them who they are and what they are up to. The Jews were never Israelites. Some of them were the mixed multitudes who tried always to come out with Israel thinking in the areas which they could control. They try always to move in and influence Israel’s Ecclesiastical control of their Temple, as well as their state. But the Jews themselves--the word Jew comes from the word Yehudin meaning accursed. When it talks about accurse or Yehudin, it is usually translated accursed. The word Jew only occurs twice in the Old Testament and that is a mis-translation.

When the tribes of Judah and Benjamin had gone back to Jerusalem to rebuild there came out of the Isle of Pergamos---Jews. And these Yehudin had been powerful in Babylon, but were brought down by Medo-Persia. And at that time, they had gone over to the Isle of Pergamos and set up their headquarters. And from there they had loaned gold to the Roman Empire and they used it for political power. Now, Herod was a Jewish king, a real Jew. But he was not from the tribe of Judah, Benjamin, or Levi. But his family had loaned money to the Roman Empire and they used this for political gain. So he was appointed King of the Jews. He was placed in charge of the Province of Palestine as King of the Jews. He was the Tetrarch over the areas of Judea and his nephew was put in power over Galilee. But Herod had bought this power. And when Herod set up the Herodian Temple in Jerusalem, there had been the Maccabean wars, because the Jews were trying to take over from the Israelites, those of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi in this old land of Palestine.

Now, Judaism is one thing and Jews are another. And in most places in the New Testament, where it is talking about men of Judah, then along comes an interpreter and puts the word Jew in there. For instance Paul was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, from the sect or religion of the Jews. But he was not a Jew by race, but of the sect of the Jews because the Sadducees had taken over. Even the false Pharisees had taken over much of the theology by the time that Paul graduated from the Theologian Seminary there. So he said, ‘I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin but of the sect of the Jews, but still Paul was not a Jew by race. He was an unusual character in this situation for he was even made captain of the Jewish hosts. They were using him to ride and persecute the new church. But most of the disciples of the Christ were of the tribe of Benjamin. They were Galileans and they were not Jews even by religion.

One day over here in the 6th chapter of John, Jesus decided to tell His disciples that He had chosen them and one of them was of the Jews. He said, ‘One of you is a devil,’ and he spoke of Judas of Iscariot. Then after that, Jesus having exposed this OGPU agent, who was working for the priesthood of the temple----this priesthood, who because of their chicanery had fallen into the hands of the Sadducees. So after that Jesus walked and spent much of His time in Galilee. So the Galileans were not Jews. Thus largely the Jews were in Judea, mainly around the areas of Jerusalem. But they were not Judeans, only Jews dwelling in Judea.

Now the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin with some of Levi, returned to Jerusalem. The ten tribes with some of Judah had been taken captive by the Assyrians ages ago. And the two tribes had been left in the Judah kingdom. Remember that God promised to leave one tribe with Judah. Remember when Solomon’s son, Rehoboam came to power, he refused to be guided by the wise old men of the Kingdom and took the advice of those people who had moved in to represent the pagan powers. Israel of the ten tribes called for justice and when they did not get it, then Jeroboam said, ‘To your horses, O Israel.’ And they took to their tents and they left and formed the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Then the Assyrians captured them and took them away and part of Judah went with them. But in the Kingdom of Israel, now it was only the Southern Kingdom with Benjamin left with the rest of Judah and their quota of Levi. In 586 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar came against this Southern Kingdom and started a siege against Jerusalem. So what did he take captive but just Judah and Benjamin. And they went back to try to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. But a mixed multitude went with them who were not true Benjamin, Judah and Levi at all. There are twelve tribes of Israel. Actually thirteen, counting both sons of Joseph, but Israel and the Jews are two different people. At no time in history were the Jews the descendants of Abraham.

When the King James Version of the Bible translated, the Jews came in to help. They had been seeking to condemn the doctrines of the church as they moved into it in the second century. When they could not destroy the church thru persecutions, they joined it. When Constantine came to power, the church became very popular and then the Jews joined the church to destroy from within. And they did this in Protestantism as well. In the areas then that they helped in translation, they added the word Jew here, and Jew there, instead of Judean or Judah. But the true Jews were the sons of Lucifer. And Christ made this quite clear. This is why in the 8th chapter of John, then Jesus said:--’Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’

This is always the condemnation the Jews cast against themselves. There were Jews standing by and they were watching Jesus trying to get something on Him and they said, ‘How saith thou, that you could make us free, we have never been in bondage at any time.’

Now, if the Jews had been Israelites, they would have been in bondage in Egypt. And if Israelites of Judah and Benjamin tribes, they would have been in bondage under Nebuchadnezzar. If of the ten tribes, they would have been in bondage when Senacharab conquered the Northern ten tribes. When they said, ‘We have never been in bondage at any time,’ they were telling the truth, for they were NOT Israelites. Jesus said:--’If ye were Abraham’s seed, ye would love Me.’---Then He said:--’Ye are of your father the devil, and he was a murderer from the beginning and the truth wasn’t in him. When he speaks, he speaks a lie. When I tell you the truth, you believe it not. But you can’t hear Me because you cannot understand My words.’ So Jesus makes it very clear as He than says:--’I am from above, ye are from beneath.’ He thus explains that the Jews were the people who could not be assimilated into Israel, for they were the offspring of the fallen Angelic hosts and Lucifer.

Now, Beelzebub was prince of perdition. But we have Lucifer and his fallen Angel hosts who in rebellion mingled with earth. Also intermingled with the Adamic race when Lucifer seduced Eve. Cain was then of the evil one. (I John 3;12)

The Jews were Cainanites, here in Jerusalem. And Jesus proved this when He said they were of their father who was the murderer of the race, and He was identifying them as Cainanites.

Again, in the book of Matthew, Jesus proves this. For you see the Sadducees were not Israelites. They were Jews. They were Asiatic Jews and as Cainanites, they believed in reincarnation. Even tho they died they wouldn’t give up any of their money because they thought they would be right back and get it in that 612 year cycle of years. They believed in reincarnation, but they didn’t believe in Resurrection. And they didn’t keep any standards of moral laws. It wasn’t important, just keep coming back, this is what the Sadducees thought. They came from the Sadducees who existed in India and other parts of Asia. But the true Pharisees believed in Resurrection and in the laws of Moses and so forth, because they were of true Judah and Benjamin. But the Sadducees in order to gain control over the land, then a lot of them became Pharisees by testimony. Then they were seated in the Sanhedrin where they turned and voted with the Sadducees and turned the whole religious administration, the whole economy over to the Sadducees. So this way the Jews stole the administration in Jerusalem form the true people. The man who edited this plot was named Shamah. And thus this is where we get the English word ‘shame’, today. In otherwords, it means proclaim something which you are not so as to gain power by this method. And the English word ‘shame’ thus comes from Shamah. They used to translate the word as ‘a curse’ for years saying Shamah, Shamah. Then it was reduced to ‘shame.’ But it came from this cause.

It was in this area where Jesus said these were whitewashed sepulchers. And He was talking about these Sadducees and that they were filled with dead mens bones. “Ye say, if we had lived in our fathers day we would not have killed the prophets.’---but by this they had just given proof against themselves that they were the children of those who killed the prophets. They were not then Israelites. Jesus said:--’In you is found all the blood of those slain upon the earth, from righteous Abel to Zacharias killed between the horns of the altar.’ And Zacharias was killed by the Jews who were the remnant from the wars against the Maccabees. And when He said they were the descendants of those who killed Abel, you remember of course, that Cain killed Abel.

This also we discover is the same line in the book of Revelation where Jesus is talking to John about Mystery Babylon the Great. For this is the political chicanery of World Socialism and Communism. And the whole program with the United Nations and everything else rolled up into this picture of Mystery Babylon. But in the areas of Mystery Babylon again,---listen---this is the statement when Mystery Babylon falls. The cry which goes up is ‘Oi, Oi, Oi,’ or alas, alas, alas, proving that in this hour--’Thy merchants were the great men of earth, and by their sorceries were all men deceived.’ For in this Babylon was found all the blood of the saints found upon the face of the earth. So Mystery Babylon was the merchants, the B’nai B’rith, the Jews. And they deceived all the United Nations. In fact, they run the United Nations. Don’t forget that. They run the whole Socialistic program. They run the Soviet Union, and their economic life. They have since the days of Karl Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, and so forth. They were all Jews. So Jesus said, ‘these men are thy merchants and by their sorceries they have deceived all the nations. And in her (Mystery Babylon) is found all the blood of the prophets, all the blood of the believing offspring (Saints) of all those slain upon the face of the earth.’ Well, Jesus is saying the same thing here in the book of Matthew. And what Jesus said in the book of Revelation is to identify the Babylonians with their conspiracy.

Now, turn back to the book of Matthew 23:33, to these Sadducees and Jesus says:--”Ye serpents, ye generations (race) of vipers, how can ye escape the Judgement.” So remember Lucifer was the dragon, the serpent. Jesus wasn’t just using metaphors, He wasn’t just using exaggerations, He never said a single word which wasn’t vital. And He said:--’Ye serpents, ye generations of the viper.”---”Behold, I send you prophets, and wise men and scribes, and some of them ye kill and crucify; and some of them ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city,---upon you will come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of the righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias, son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. Verily I say unto you, all these things shall come upon this generation (progeny).

Now, Jesus says this in the book of Matthew, and then He identifies Mystery Babylon. And it is the same people in the world today. They are an Anti-Christ force who are the same all down thru time, up unto our day.

Now, too many people have gone thru Bible Schools, and so forth, where the Jews have had their hands in translations, and ‘Blindness’ in part has happened to Israel---until the fullness of all the tribes comes in.’ But the blindness has not been as to who Christ is, but to who they are. But when the fullness of the tribes comes in, then as this transpires then, ‘all Israel is saved, as it is written.’ (Then the United States must rise and fulfill her destiny as all Israel---throwing off the yoke of the International Usury kings!!??)

Now let me point out the fact that thru the book of Acts, there is not one good thing said about the Jews. Not only do Peter and John attack them, but also the Apostle Paul. And he in I Thess. 2:15, said something which the people mostly overlook. “The Jews are against God, and contrary to all men.” This is what the Apostle Paul had to say about them. He tells of their coming out as soothsayers to gain control and influence and power. In the book of Acts, the Apostle Paul curses them saying, ‘You are a Jew, you do not have any part nor lot in this.’ Thus, this excuses the Jew from being Israel.

Jesus said that the abomination of the desolator would stand in the last days, stand up in the ancient Holy places of Jerusalem, which belongs to Israel. But we today, are in New Jerusalem. We have migrated, we have gone out, we have fulfilled those areas of the prophecy. We have fulfilled the areas of the prophecy of the Old Testament. And when God said to David, as he stood by the pillar of stone in old Jerusalem:--‘I will give your people another land far beyond the waters where you won’t have to move anymore.’ We have fulfilled that. When you come to the 18th chapter of Isaiah, it says:--’Ho, to the land of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, across the waters, tall clean shaven men,’ when Isaiah is talking about the United States and that is just a part of Israel. But you see, Israel owns Palestine. This land is not for the Jews, but we Israelites own Palestine. And yet the Jews are standing there and claiming it as their own. When Jeremiah escaped, he took the daughter of Zedekiah the King, and married her to Herromon of Jerusalem, who at that time was the actual King of Ireland. So the throne went then from Ireland to Scotland, and then to Wales, fulfilling that prophecy. Jeremiah took this princess and all the essential things of Israel for a coronation. From Egypt, they took a ship Westward thru the Pillars of Hercules and on up to Ireland where he married Tea Tephi to the King of Ireland. The throne then moved on filling the three prophetic over turnings as prescribed. But when all this transpired, then Jeremiah said, ‘When the Judahites thought they were going to lose it, I bought the land of Palestine form the representatives of the Southern Kingdom of Judah. Bought it for the whole house of Israel. This deed of the land with the Cellars of Salt and all things needed for a Coronation, were brought by Jeremiah to Ireland.

Now, when the British were doing some research back at the time of W.W.II, when the Jews were claiming Palestine, when the Balfour declaration came out, they discovered and proved at that time that Jeremiah had bought the entire land of Palestine. Had brought the deed and given the land to the tribes of Israel, thru the throne line wherein Tea Tehpi had married. You can prove this today, for the throne line of England goes back to David. So the land of Palestine belongs to Israel and you can go back to God’s promise. But all the tribes of Israel are now too big to dwell in Palestine. But as a memorial to the antiquity to the past and to the commemoration to the life of the Christ and so forth. But remember that Jesus said that in the last days, in the land of Palestine, you would find it over run with the abominations of the Desolator (Lucifer). And he would stand up in the Holy Place. So again the abominations of the desolator are the Jews. Thus they as his seed, are the abominations. The Jews have been behind every war we have gotten into. They have stirred up both sides. They have worked against the middle. The house of Rothchild has been a part of this as well, as the Morganthals, Warburgs, Kuhn Loeb and Co., and all these Jewish houses. At the time of W.W. II they wanted Palestine. For you see, the Dead Sea is worth billions from the chemicals there. They wanted that land, they said to set up a homeland for their people. But the British did not agree to this. They did say thru the Balfour Declaration, that they would consider after the war as to letting the Jews into Palestine thru proper immigration channels. They could settle there under the British Empire if they wished. But they could not put out the Arabs from the land, or the Christians from the land of Palestine. And Jerusalem was to be an open city since the Mohammadans and Christians both had shrines there. But the Balfour Declaration did not give them the power to claim the land as theirs. The Jews didn’t all want to go there, they wanted to run the Soviet Union and the United Nations and to occupy all nations as well. But when W.W.II was going on, the Jews were trying to get their hands on Palestine. The Zionists were very much to blame for Communism because they laid the groundwork for it. They are one and the same. In fact, Rabbi Silver said when they were talking about Communism, and whether it was Jewish or not, he said, ‘the entire creation of the Communist state and the Socialist world is a by-product of the Jewish mind. The attack against Communism, the opposition to it comes from the Christians, but they shall be broken down by it.’ And Rabbi Stephen F. Wise said, ‘some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.’ These are the words of one of America’s leading Rabbi. So today the abominations of the desolator did go into Palestine, and they formed the ‘Irgum.’ And from thugs and criminals they recruited from New York City’s East Side, from the slums of New York, this ‘Irgum’ was a very rotten, vicious army. And they bought up ships after the war and they landed them in Palestine and they moved in. They massacred women and children and Arabs. They raped nuns and nurses. They drove the Arabs out of Palestine. They threw bodies down the wells, and they desecrated all the Christian institutions. They killed all the Christian people they could capture. And the Arabs, they drove out into the desert. And all the atrocities which they claim the Germans did against the Jews, the Jews committed more atrocities, for they live on these atrocities. So they raped, killed, and murdered in Palestine.

Now, the United Nations divided the land which was wrong, for God said:--’Woe to those who divide My land.’ But they divided the land and they said this is the line, Jews on this side, Arabs on that. And the Jews started pushing the Arabs out before the ink was dry on the paper. When Count Bernadott went to Palestine, he wrote the famous ‘White Paper’ and sent it to the United Nations. The Jews, not knowing that he had already sent out the ‘White Paper’ murdered Count Bernadott the U.N. Representative. But he had already sent out the paper proving that the Jews had lied and raped and murdered and stole in that land. But after that Mrs. Roosevelt who had great influence, helped put the Communist bunch in charge of the United Nations.

The thing is that President Truman was a superstitious fellow, so he was conned by several Jews into thinking that the Jews are the ‘chosen people.’ He had been taught that in church that they could do no wrong. ‘I will bless those who bless them, and curse them who curse thee.’ So David Horowitz who was their right hand man to Moses el Gabor, who is the evil god in Jerusalem today, this is the name for the lord god the last. So this powerful Jew wields all kinds of power over Jerusalem. And this Talmud which came out was called the bible in the hands of the creator. The head of all the Rabbinical schools put this together, and Moses el Gabor is the head of that school. This book is one of the most vicious of the Talmud’s there is. In fact, it recognizes that we are the ten tribes of Israel. It does not care about that, but it says the Jesus was the devil and Christians worship the devil. It says, ‘our devil is their God.’

Thus, the Abomination of the Desolator moved into Palestine as a Jewish state as little Harry Truman recognized them. No other country was going to recognize Palestine as a Jewish state until Mr. Truman did just that. And of course the Arabs were pushed out into the Negev Desert, and all this evil took place.

Now, we have in this year of 1966, great evidence of this evil. We told you in the preview for 1966 that when October came along, the Jews were going to stir up trouble against Assyria and Jordan. They will stat the prelude to a war and later it will break out into the open, hostilities against the Arabs, then it will wax worse until the Jews sweep into Jordan and seize the other half of Jerusalem and take the Mosque of Omar, and claim that area. Remember we had measures both astronomical and alignments which had come out in the past that were for the future, so this is how we knew. So October 21, they started by invading Syria and said that Syria had invaded them. And then they started pushing Jordan. They burned down forty to fifty of the Jordanian homes, and this Palestine army ran roughshod over the Jordanians. Well, Jordan protested to the United Nations, and the Unites States protested. In fact, Goldberg was forced to turn in our protest to the United Nations so we did protest. This is going on right now. Well, the Arabs were angry and the whole Middle East is just pulsing with this Middle-East war. Remember that Jesus said the abominations of the desolator will stand up in the Holy Place and these abominations are now in Palestine. When they take the place of the Holy Temple, then this will really be fulfilled and you can look for things to really wind-up fast when this happens. (They did not touch the Mosque of Omar however.)

But the New Jerusalem is not over there. It is over here in a New Land. Old Jerusalem couldn’t hold all of the children of Israel, but some prophecy is being fulfilled. But the Jews in Christ’s time were a mixed accursed people, they are the standards of all evil. They have been the warriors against the church in all times. When Genghis Khan came into Europe after taking Samerkand and Baghdad, they came against Christian civilization. But the Jews of Vienna had set this up. Using a Chinese Jew named Chepe Noyon, they got the short swords of Damascus and the big bows of the Turks for the hoards of Genghis Khan. They bought and financed Genghis Khan. And this Jew Chepe Noyon made all the arrangements. The Jews then wore yellow arm bands and opened up the gates of the cities of China for those Mongol hoards. In the year of the ‘pig’ 1011 A.D., then Genghis Khan took China, but the Jews arranged it and Genghis Khan was fifteen miles inside of the gates before anyone of the sleeping city knew it. Then he put Khubla Khan, his nephew on the throne of China.

When Genghis Khan and his hoards took Sammerkand and Baghdad, again the Jews opened the gates. When they came into Europe, they did the same thing. And wearing those yellow arm bands they pointed out the wealthy Christians and shared the spoils taken. Genghis Khan honored his agreement with the Jews and nothing ever happened to the homes of the Jews, marked by the yellow ribbons. When Martin Luther was preaching, they were still coming in and Martin Luther for a while made his peace with the Pope until these Mongol hoards were stopped. Luther said, these are Anti-Christs.’

I have here in my library the works of Martin Luther. And he said, ‘the Jews are Satanic children.’ He said, ‘Remember that Jesus said they were the children of their father the devil.’ If you take them into your churches, they are heretics on the inside and they do not believe one single thing that they say. They will sing the Kol a Nitro vows, which are not vows at all, oaths are no oaths, everything we pledge we do not absolve. This they do before Lucifer, their god. And they do this every year. Martin Luther told the Germans to round up all the Jews and to move them out of their country. He told how the Jews were dividing up the spoils with the hoards of Genghis Khan.

In Spain, the Jews were the Morranos. They condemned doctrines of the church and gained areas of influence in politics and finance. Then the Inquisition came and we have been told that the Catholics ran this against the Protestants, but Torquomada was a Spanish Jew and this was launched against both Protestants and Catholics alike. Finally Rome caught up with them and they put the Inquisitors out on the Isle of Sicily. So today the Sicilians are mostly Jews and Italians mixed, a very vicious kind. This is where most of your gangsters came from such as Al Capone and so forth. They were Sicilian Jews.

So all the way thru the history of Christendom, the Jews have been against Christ. THE JEWS ARE ‘ANTI-CHRIST.’ They deny Jesus as the Christ. They have been getting away with it because they usurped your inheritance and they say, ‘we are Israel.’ But they are not and never will be, never were. But they cling to these few areas of mis-translation. But with this whole operation coming to its full, God has already said He is going to gather them up, thus it is ‘TARE’ time.

A lot of the Christians think they are going somewhere, but the Bible teaches differently. It teaches that it is the ‘Tares’ who are going to be snatched out first. The ‘Tares’ are the children of the wicked one, Jesus interprets the parables, and He said:--’The field is the world, where this seed is sown, and the tares are the seed or progeny of the wicked one.’ The Angels wanted to gather them out, but He said, ‘no, let them grow together until the time of the end, because even tho the blades of wheat looked the same in the early stages. Still by the time of the end, the tares would turn red.’ You can walk in any wheat field, and see this.

This is not only significant, but today every one of the Jew ‘tares’ moves into the Communist orbit, they turn ‘Red.’ Today you can identify them as Socialist, Communist, left-wingers. So they have turned ‘red.’ And God said, ‘I am going to gather the tares out first. Then we will gather the wheat into the barn.’ And we have literally seen this operation being fulfilled.

The planets lined up for the sign of the ‘Son of Man’, (the Kingdom) in February 4, 1962. Then at the end of 1965, in the fall, we moved into ‘Tare time’ and God began to remove top Jews. Barney Baruch went out of the picture, and some of the other Jews died or disappeared. But this is not anything. Do you know that right now, more Jews are dying around here by heart attacks than anyone else? Take a look at the mortuary list. But this is nothing to what will happen. No where in the scriptures does it say that they have any part nor lot in this matter other than the Judgement God has poured out for them, because they are Luciferian children, they are not assimilable.

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘I know a good Jew, he was kind to me. I know he is good.’ Well, the Jews have a program for this. The Jews cite in their Talmud and in the Protocols as well, they cite that every Jew is to make friends of some Gentile who will boast--’Hey, these are good Jews.’ But they can treat all the rest of them anyway he wants to, for it is no crime, no transgression for him to cheat, steal, rob or kill, or rape any Gentile. But because the Gentiles may rise to power, then they be the victim of anti-Semitism, then all of them are to make some friends of the Gentiles so that they will stand up for them, and they can survive. If you can get the Goyim to come to your synagogues or into any areas of your enterprise do this because this Goyim will then stand up for you when the hour of trouble comes. And they will tell you this is their own plan. But none, no one has Jewish friends. They are just acquaintances. Because when the chips are down, they are never your friends, only acquaintances. You see this week after week in the Jewish publications. They are talking to themselves and they don’t think anyone else reads their papers. But they give them away all the time. In fact, if there is any one people I will be glad to see liquidated and taken out of the way in ‘Tare time’ or any other time, it is organized Jewry.

It has created more trouble, more problems. In fact, in W.W.II, in Germany, when Hitler was coming to power, the Jews in Germany were running all the brothels, all the vice, the gambling, and they controlled all the money, ran the banks that controlled all Europe. They owned the businesses all over the area and this was the situation at that time. So when Germans wanted to get free from the House of Rothchild which was set up by the Warburgs of Germany they couldn’t get free without going thru the Reichstag, and establishing a Reich Bank which was just what they did. The Reichstag saw the point they were going to establish the next day. So they would just establish this Reich Bank ‘INTEREST FREE.’ And let the Rothchild Bank dry up on its bush. So the Jews set fire to the Reichstag and burned it down. They claimed that Hitler and his men did it. But they didn’t need to do that because Hitler and his men were on the rise. The next day they had to meet in another building, but they voted 100% to put in the Reich Bank.

Then Von Hindenburg called for Hitler to come and run the show and take over. But Hitler said, he would not take the position unless elected to it. So Germany called for a special election to see if the Germans wanted Hitler for Chancellor or Reichsfuher. Von Hindenburg was president, but they overwhelmingly elected Hitler from one end of Germany to the other. Oh, yes, you hear how Hitler stole power, but he was elected. Then remember this. The Jews are liars, they are children of liars. And so the Jews started to flee from Germany and they went into Czechoslovakia, and Poland and Austria, and these area. And they threw all the areas into an economic crunch, that they could around Germany, and they claimed they were being killed in Germany.

They started coming out with the story of how they were abused, and finally it was that they were being put in gas ovens and so forth. But before the war, they had been shouting that. While in Poland, Jews were high in their government and they were committing atrocities against Germans at Christmas time and at Easter. They were murdering Germans. So Germany put the declaration to Poland that this should not happen, but Poland’s leaders laughed. Then came the end of the twenty years. Remember, November 11, 1918---when twenty years were up the Versailles Treaty said the free city of Danzig would have a right to vote as to whether they would want to return to Germany. And the Corridor would also have the right to vote. But Poland would not let the city of Danzig vote. So Germany cried out to England and to France that the Treaty of Versailles was being violated. But England and France turned deaf ears. Then Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania were given ultimatums by Poland--’Surrender or be invaded.’

In fact, the day Adolph Hitler sent the final word to Poland, hundreds of bodies of German people lay in the streets of Danzig, and Hitler said, ‘We want the assurance that this will not happen again or we will attack. (I have the pictures, I can show you the white paper.) But do you know what Poland said under control of the Jews? Poland sent back this ultimatum---’Attack and be damned.’ Poland thought she could do this by calling up her horse calvary, the largest in Europe. She sent the ultimatum to Germany the same day. Well, the next morning came the Blitzkrieg, and Germany rolled into Poland and in fourteen and one-half days they had captured Poland and taken over the city of Danzig. Germany took Poland just like it was Swiss cheese. Poland just thought that she was strong.

Churchill then told Roosevelt that the reason why he had not declared war on Germany was because he knew what Poland had done, that they had actually created this situation. But Morganthal told Roosevelt to cut off all assistance to Germany, all aid of any kind. And Roosevelt then wrote Churchill that if England did not attack Germany then we would cut off all aide to England. We would give no aide to England unless she attack Germany and Roosevelt did this to please Morganthal. This is all in the Morganthal diary.

Well, eventually we would get into that war. But remember that Roosevelt got elected because he said he had keep us out of all foreign wars, and your sons from foreign shores. But three days after the election, he turned to Admiral Stimson and said, ‘If I declare war on Germany will the American people follow me?’ I have Admiral Stimson’s diary and he said, ‘Mr. President, you have just been elected on the grounds that you kept us out of war, and if you declare war now, people will think evil of you.’ Roosevelt said, ‘Mr. Stimson, I would not declare war on Germany unless attacked. I MUST HAVE AN ATTACK.’

Now, remember that Germany had made no acts of aggression against us even tho we were selling war goods to Britain, taking them over on our ships, conveying it with warships, destroyers, and so forth. But Roosevelt said, ‘I must have an attack.’ And he sent a telegram to the Emperor of Japan that if we found any of the Japanese fleet 300 miles from their Isle of Japan, we would sink them on sight. Now, Japan had made no act of aggression against us. We had been selling her scrap iron all during the Roosevelt administration and she was building up her war machine, but to strengthen herself against the Red Chinese. The Japanese had taken Manchuria and wanted to hold that area. But we made Nationalist China and Red China bury the hatchet and join together to whip the Japanese. Then what did they do at that time? Well, at West Point we had a plan to attack for every country at that time, on the face of the earth. If we got in war they were all spelled out with colors and symbols. Well, so did the Japanese. And she had her plan if she was ever to get into war with us. The first thing she would do was hit Pearl Harbor and then move against the Philippines and so forth. But the Emperor of Japan thinking there must be some mistake in Roosevelt’s letter, sent two ambassadors over here, but we would not see them. They came by way of the Hawaiian Islands, and were one week outside of Secretary Hull’s office trying to see him. If we had said there was a mistake in the telegram, there would have been no war. But Hull let the Japanese cool their heels outside his office door. And on December 6, late, these Japanese got out of our country, headed for Mexico, and then on to Japan because they knew that December 7, was ‘Pearl Harbor day.’

Now, my cousin was a secret service man for the United States government and was teaching Mathematics in the Naval College in Tokyo. He was a mathematical wizard, but was doing secret service work for the government. We had these men all over the globe and still do. But he sent out the word a month before December 7, that ‘Plan K’ was the attack on Pearl Harbor. When the war came, he was put in a concentration camp. After all, he was an American in their country, teaching, but he knew and he sent the message out. And it went thru Admiral Short and an alert was ordered. Then Roosevelt canceled the Alert. He cabled Admiral Short saying, ‘At ease, this is all a mistake.’

Then later the whole thing comes out on ‘Vox Pox’. Remember that on radio, fifty years ago? ‘Alright,’ Mrs. Roosevelt said, ‘now I remember Pearl Harbor. I was knitting and Harry Hopkins was at the piano, and Franklin was playing with his stamp collection. We were waiting for the news that Pearl Harbor had been bombed.’ Then she caught herself. But it had come out on ‘Vox Pox.’ Those of our men in Pearl Harbor were killed like fish in a barrel. And Roosevelt was responsible for this because he said that he had to have an attack. He wanted a big enough one so that he could declare war on Germany, Italy, and Japan all together, the whole Axis. But Germany and Italy still had made no move against us at that time.

Then remember Roosevelt’s speech, ‘A day of infamy’ has come, I now declare war on Japan, Italy and Germany.’ Later we learned that Roosevelt had promised Mr. Morganthal that he would throw the weigh of the United States into the war to destroy Germany. Elliott Roosevelt wrote telling of how his father had kept his commitment to Mr. Morganthal, to the Jews that he would throw the American weight into the war to DESTROY Germany.

Well, when you get into a war, you have to win it. So we licked the Japs, and we fought Germany to a stand still. But then she was taking on the whole world. But remember the Jews started this. There might have been a time when the Japanese would have pulled this attack on us, maybe so, maybe not. She might have kept Manchuria and been satisfied. In fact I wish Japan had kept Manchuria, for then she would have kept the Chinese out of the ocean. If she kept all the coast line, it would have been far better for us. In fact, right now, if Japan would be the master, she could take Red China. And it would be better for us.

QUESTION:--What was the object in leaving all the battleships in Pearl Harbor, that sunk? Couldn’t they have raised them and got the bodies out?

ANSWER:--No, they were burned. We got a terrific pasting there. In fact, if Japan had known, she could have taken the West Coast in thirty-five days, for they had destroyed the flower of our Navy. Actually, Roosevelt did not think they would be that successful.

Now, I have something interesting. These are books by Homer Lee, ‘The Valor of Ignorance’ and ‘In the Day of the Saxons.’ Homer Lee was a little hunchback man who grew up in this country. As a boy he always played with soldiers and his parents pampered him. He had thousands of toy soldiers, had them all over the floor. He fought battles with them, he used strategies. And when he went to college,---this was at the same time as Comparet---and both went to Stanford. And all this time, Homer Lee talked soldiers, had them in his room. He told us how we better be alert for the Oriental could conquer the world. Well, the Red Chinese were at this time, under the Oriental Sun Ya Sin. And one day Lee went to Chinatown from Stanford. He said he knew how they could throw out the Emperor and take over. They said, ‘How?’ And he said, ‘Here is where your armies are, they could move ‘here’ and ‘here’ and start a little revolution ‘here’ and take the Emperor captive and you could take over.’ Well, the Chinese in Chinatown of San Francisco said, ‘You go back to school and we will think it over.’ They notified the Chinese in China and they said, ‘Send the little man over and we will make him a ‘Three Star General. We will give him everything he needs to conquer China.’

Well, Homer Lee went to Chinatown and they told him this. So he quit Stanford and went to China and they made him a ‘Three Star General’ and put him in charge of the revolution. And they actually conquered the Emperor, and then they made him a ‘Five Star General’ before he left China. Then he came back to this country and wrote the book ‘The Valor of Ignorance.’ And he told how the Chinese could move in and take the West Coast of the United States and the islands. He took his book to the government and said, ‘I think this book should be a text book at West Point and at Annapolis.’ This was before the days of the airplane, but the United States government said, ‘We aren’t interested.’ He took his book to England, and they said, ‘If the U.S. is not interest, then we aren’t either.’ Then he took the book to Germany and they said, ‘We will read it.’ Well, then Germany bought thousands of these books and gave them to their soldiers. They studied his strategy of maneuvers. Then Japan bought the book and studied it. They reprinted it for nothing and used it in their Naval Academy. They said, ‘We will use this and if we ever have war with the U.S., it will be with Homer Lee’s instructions. The only thing---now we have air power.’

Well, I have his book ‘The Valor of Ignorance’, and then he wrote another one called ‘The Day of the Saxon.’ This little man died in Santa Monica. Had a beautiful little home down there. He kept trying to get the U.S. government to let him come in and lecture on military strategy. But when he died the government said they should have paid more attention to him.

QUESTION:--It has been rumored in the last few weeks that President Johnson has committed us to go to war against Rhodesia.

ANSWER:--I read this and I told this in church and over the tapes, and so forth. You see, when Mr. Stephenson was our representative at the United Nations, the African and Asian nations wanted the United States to go to war against Rhodesia and South Africa. They wanted to pressure Britain into this but Stephenson was against it, and would have no part in it. But most of the Western world voted with the United States and fortunately the U.N. did not push their luck, or we would have had to pay the bills for that.

Now, Mr. Stephenson wasn’t much, but he did not want the United States to go to war against a White nation, and he did see that the Negroes weren’t much. But the moment he died then Johnson appointed Goldberg to the U.N. and he stood up with the Negroes and the Asiatics.

On October 7, Goodberg signed all the agreements and threw us on the side of the Africans and Asians, for war against Rhodesia. On the seventh, Mr. Johnson and Dean Rusk went to the United Nations building and spent the day and committed to the fact that just as soon as the election was over, they would find a feasible time, so that the next Attorney General elect who was drawing up the final directory, would be able to announce that we were mobilizing two million men in the United States so we could place them at the disposal of the United Nations.

Then came the election and it did not go quite the way they had planned and this scheme fell thru.

QUESTION:--I understand that they have already planned their price freezing and rationing and so forth.

ANSWER:--Well, all those things are coming up, but Mr. Johnson has been pushed back and I don’t think the country will go for it. I know that the Negroes are chopping each other up down in Ghana, and all these other little countries, so who wants to go down and unseat civilization? We named South Africa the aggressor but the Negroes endanger the peace of the world. This is fantastic. South Africa has always minded her own business. The Negroes down here---want to work. They are working in the factories and getting paid. The new Premier was asked about the Negroes, and he said, ‘Well, they are working and they are happy, but no, we are not going to take them into the government.’ The silly thing is, we are integrating them into our housing and so forth. Now they are telling us that we should give $5,000.00 to each Negro. The Johnson administration is supporting the idea of paying this as a claim of reparation for the days of slavery. That is fantastic, for the Negroes were better off under slavery here than they were any place in the world at the time.

QUESTION:--Who started this idea of paying them?

ANSWER:--Martin Luther King and Wilkinson and the Johnson and the Secretary of State said they thought that a fair proposition. That we would subsidize every Negro family with $5,000.00. They said $4,000.00 to begin with then changed it thinking that would be more fair.

QUESTION:--They sure would have one whale of a drunk for about a year.

ANSWER:--Well, I tell you that they are taking advantage of our good nature. But Americans are getting tired of this. Remember it can get to the lynch mob spirit and that could hit Washington if necessary.

(End of message)