11-29-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Something about Lucifer?

ANSWER:--- Some of the right-hand men who rebelled with Lucifer were Voodoss, Lukii, Ariel, Beelzebub. These were the lieutenants under Lucifer. Well, Voodoss went to Africa, and of course the Negroes had come in with Lucifer on his ships. In the books of Enoch, it talks about the dark and curly headed ones that were the axmen and swordsmen as Lucifer described them. It seems that over in Africa that Voodoss took over and then Beelzebub took another area. And Lucifer had his great headquarters, after the sinking of the lands to the east--in Asia. Lemuria sank because of the catastrophe of the Luciferian influence because of God's judgment. Lemuria had been mongrelized with the Negroes after they came in on the ships in the great Matavara. Matavara is the Asiatic word for upheaval and catastrophe. They started to mongrelize the Tungus race on Lemuria until they began to worship Lucifer, the serpent and the dragon. The ancient Chinese, these Tungus people, worshiped under the symbol of the Dragon in Asia whereas the people of India worshiped under the symbol of the great serpent. The ancient Chinese worshiped Lucifer as the exhaulted Dragon. While those in India worshiped him as the abiding serpent and the mother of the Ganges. For this cause they worshiped serpents and they still do unto this day. The king cobra is the symbol of Lucifer in India.

So Voodoss took over the Negroes in Africa, and there was civilization there not unlike the later Greek civilization with their great columns and so forth. They were probably left over from the days of Atlantas, but the fight between Voodoss and Lucifer, this because Voodoss taught that he was god, and the Negroes were taught not to tell Lucifer all these things because Voodoss was promising them greater things than Lucifer was.

Lukii came to make his report to Lucifer and Lucifer asks where is Voodoss? Lukii said;--well he is having a little problem there with the strangers who came in after we arrived. The Book of Enoch says;---'riding with the wind'--then Lucifer goes to Africa and he finds that all the Negroes who had been worshiping Lucifer are not worshiping Voodoss, for he had established a religion called Voodooism. So Lucifer then had a battle with Voodoss, and Lukii and Beelzebub also for they were now all rebelling against Lucifer. Beelzebub said;---you rebelled against God so why can't we rebel against you, and be as you are? But Lucifer having more power than they did bottled them up. He put Beelzebub in command of the Netherworld, or it is written that he was the Prince of Hell. However the word Hell in Greek is Hades or the grave, and has no real bearing on the Netherworld. For the Netherworld is the inner earth. And it is controlled by Lucifer, it is the place where he held the spirits of all these people he captured. This is told in the book of Nicodemus as well that even the Adamic race after the seduction of Eve which started the apostate forces of the Cainanites--with all this design Lucifer claimed the souls of the Adamic race when they died---after this cohabitation with the race of darkness.

So Lucifer beguiled and thus seduced Eve and Adam who was fully aware of this because God had shown him all the people of the earth after he had begotten him and placed him in the earth. This having been done he cautioned Adam not to cohabit with the family trees placed in Eden. He let Adam name the different creatures of earth, and he beheld all the trees, and knew that there was no helpmate for him so God separated the female portion from Audaum so that Adam and Eve might be one flesh. The fact remains that from the time of Adam's transgression until a redemption could be consummated and eventually the pattern of resurrection be established, and immortality given back to the white race, then when they knew death Lucifer claimed the body.

But the hope of Messiah was that then their souls would be released and joined to their Celestial bodies. This was one of the destinies prescribed before the foundation of the world. This is one of the reasons why the Apostle Paul told us that these things were told to us before the foundation of the world. That since the children were here in the Adamic race--being Celestial children they had come by way of being born into the world by way of their parents. They had a veil of forgetfulness pulled down over the mind for a babe known more when he comes into the world than he does after a few weeks as he starts later learning the language and growing up. But the fact was that Lucifer had a title to the bodies of all the people. The Nethermost world was divided in the inside, and here was an area called Paradise. In Paradise was the mountain of God, and it had many jewels, was radiant and colorful. Then there was a gulf between that and the portion which was called the Netherworld, and the sons of Adam went to the Netherworld alright because Satan claimed them, but there was a gulf between the children of the kingdom who he held captive by their souls, and the children of these others like the Chines who on a cycle of 612 years make their reincarnation. There was no new spirits given to the lost world, never would be given unless redeemed so the world was just re-bodying the spirits of the races--before Adam came to earth. This re-bodying was to place-----when certain factors were released----and they would then be reborn in to this Asiatic race. This is where they get this Sadducee doctrine of reincarnation which is an Asiatic doctrine. The Sadducees who were a part of the Jews were all Asiatic and they taught this doctrine of reincarnation. It did not make any difference what they did or how they died, it would only be a time of cycles, then they would come back. So their Talmud is a vicious and rotten book and any thing they do is legal as long as it is not done to another Jew.

In this strategy the most important thing is not to give up any of the Temple possessions which they gained such as gold and silver or jewels. Hang on to them even tho it costs their lives because it keep them in the Jewish family and eventually they will return to power. This is all a part of Talmudism, this is one reason why Titus the Roman came to the city of Jerusalem. He wanted to collect the taxes these rebellious Jews would not pay. He stormed the city for three years and they even ate their own children before they would give up their money. Eventually he stormed the city and took it. This is another reason the Jews tried to argue with Jesus saying:-----what do you do in your religion with a woman who has been married four or five times----whose wife is she going to be? To them they had come back as someone or something else so it didn't make any difference---see. So they said how do you take care of that kind of a situation? With us it is no problem for when we return then we return as a different person. The King James Version left some of this out, but it was in some of the Douay Versions. There is a difference here in the Catholic bible and the King James Version's the translators did not know how to translate it, they didn't believe in any of it so just didn't put it in. But the one thing promised in the atonement even before we came in is that in the embodiment of God, his crucifixion as the Christ, and his conquest over Lucifer that he would tear into this inner realm and release all the souls of his people from Adam on down and take them into Paradise, and from this resurrection onward the spirits of Adamites go back to God who gave it. That there would never be any bondage on the souls of men of the Adamic race, where as they would never go into the Netherworld, or purgatory or so forth. Immediately upon death the spirit returns to God who gave it. This is why the Apostle Paul says:--absent from the body is to be present with the LORD. This also gives the lie to the doctrine thee Jews try to teach. When they couldn't destroy the church by persecution, after a Christian Emperor came to Rome, they then joined the church to move in and condemn its doctrines, and mix in all the mysteries that came out of mystery Babylon where they had set up the patterns of world religion. They brought into Catholicism the same principals of occult religion that they would put into Buddhism for it came later. They were the originators of Gotmaism these monsters who were the offspring of fallen Angels.

In the book of Nicodemus as Christ tried to get into the Netherworld then the officials there didn't want him in because they realized that Christ had raised Lazarus from the dead, had stopped a funeral procession and restored a boy to his mother, so if Christ came in how will they hold him if he decided to take all the Adamites out when he goes, then they will have lost. So this is why Beelzebub cries out to Lucifer;-----look, what has happened to us, behold thy people have crucified THE LORD OF GLORY. When he was in earth in the body of a man we were unable to stop HIM from raising the body of Lazarus, unable to stop him from turning a funeral procession into joy, so if we let HIM in we will lose our hold over His people, and will suffer a great loss. But Lucifer replied:---this man died as a man , he could not save himself as a man when he was dying, so he will not be able to save himself now that he is dead---so let him in----and then you hold HIM there. The scripture thus was fulfilled:-----"Open up ye everlasting gates, the King of glory shall come in----Who is this king of Glory?--He is the LORD strong and mighty He is the king of Glory.---Open up ye Everlasting gates the King of Glory shall come in"--This panorama between the King of Glory and the keepers of the Netherworld goes back and forth, and then David who is listening said:---"This is what I said"--remember when in inspiration wrote these things. The spirit of YAHWEH MOVED UPON ME , and I wrote of these things. ----Listen the KING OF GLORY IS AT THE GATES.

When Christ stormed the Netherworld and he preached unto the spirits, the souls of all the Adamites held here from Adam right on down to the resurrection--he then took them from that portion of the Netherworld, smashed open the division and passed with them back into Paradise. As Christ led his sons and daughters into Paradise the one thief from the cross waited for them. Jesus had said to him:---'this day shalt thou be with me in Paradise' and there he was.

So in the 24 hour period following the crucifixion Christ took his many children into Paradise, from one side of the Netherworld to the other, and they remained there until after the resurrection on the third day. Having delivered the souls of his living children into their Celestial habitat and delivered them back into the hands of the heavens,--their spirits were rejoined to their soul consciousness and that only left their physical bodies in the grave. A few of them as a type were resurrected at that time for the dead walked the streets of Jerusalem while Christ was waiting the time of his resurrection. The Jews were scared to death, they were locking the doors of the Temple, for the veil over the Holy of Holies had been rent from top to bottom so they knew something was wrong. They knew that Lucifer, their father, had surly failed to hold Christ so they were very much disturbed. But the Gospel of Nicodemus has an account of all that transpired from the time of Christ's crucifixion till his resurrection.

The fallen Angels at the top of the list who rebelled with Lucifer were the top Archangels of the Diocese. In other words they were from the area of 1/4 of the universe that Lucifer ruled over. They were Archangels under the great Archangel of the Diocese. And 1/3 of the beings out of that part of the heavens rebelled with him. But God still had 2/3 of the hosts of heaven, and he could have stopped him if he had wanted to ---so--he had a purpose. But Beelzebub is referred to as the Prince of Hell. Not only that but Ameraphael an these others whose names were Satanic, and Tamatros, and Shalandra---these are names of Devils. There were about 25 big ones and then lesser Angels whose names were given.

Of course we realize that in the division of the heavens, there are Archangels under Michael and Raphael and Gabriel the good Archangels, all these were --we are told basic great Archangels. Then God never appointed anyone to take over that area that Lucifer once held. He took over as the bright and morning star. Actually before he rebelled then Lucifer was this bring and morning star, so now Christ takes over his territory a the bright and morning star. He will take over all of the areas of Lucifer's rebellion---by conquest. Thus now Michael is the Commander of YAHWEH'S hosts, and he and his hosts actually threw Lucifer out of the heavens. Then God sent his own begotten family into the earth, so that the kingdom of God would rise and conquer the kingdom of darkness with HIM as the head of the Kingdom of God . He refers to his family, not as only Adamites, but as Israel--My Issue ruling with me. This issue rules from the throne of the Most High God, and in this the Angels are not greater than your are in the sense that God recognizes, them as such. He said that when Adam was created that he had created him only a little lower than the Angels, now that God had begotten a body for them, they were a little lesser than the Angels. But the spirits that dwelt within them came from Celestial realms from before the world was framed.

In the book of Hebrews it said:---but to which of the Angels did he ever say--thou art my child? In the book of Hebrews also God says concerning the order of his people---we see Jesus who was made just a little lower than the Angels, for the suffering of death. In other words didn't hold immortality------but crowned with Glory and honor. But by the Grace of God dwelling in HIM would taste death for every man. For it became him for whom all things-----or it was a becoming thing for him to do--God could do no less than this. Then this statement is made:---That because it become God to bring his many sons into Glory----to be made the captain of their salvation--thru suffering, for both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of One; for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren. ---Thus the children of god are all one with HIM and He is not ashamed to call them his brethren. Again--I will put my trust in HIM and behold I and the children are one. ----"For as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also , himself took a part of the same."

In other words the children of God are now partakers of flesh and blood bodies, but they are the children of God after the spirit, and the children of Adam after the flesh. So since the children are partakers of flesh and blood He also took the same so as to destroy Him that had the power of death, this was of course Lucifer. And delivered them who thru fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. He took not on himself the nature of Angels; but he took on himself the seed of Abraham. There fore it behooved HIM to be made like unto his brethren. He was not ashamed then to call them his kinsmen. Therefore God is our relative, our kinsman, we are flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone. Therefore the One who is our father was embodied as YAHSHUA, AND THIS IS WHY THE BOOK OF ISAIAH SAID:------UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN, UNTO US A SON IS GIVEN, AND THE GOVERNMENT SHALL BE UPON HIS SHOULDERS,. HIS NAME SHALL BE CALLED WONDERFUL, COUNCILOR, THE MIGHTY GOD, THE EVERLASTING FATHER AND THE PRINCE OF PEACE." There is no trinity, there is just ONE GOD----"Hear O Israel--- the LORD thy GOD is ONE". God appeared in Celestial nature as YAHWEH, and in physical form as YAHSHUA FOR IT IS one AND THE SAME GOD IN ALL PLAINS. Then his Celestial capacity with the power to move into all three plains with thought waves is referred to as the Holy Spirit. For thought waves of God and its working power is the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is the force which does the creating. it is also referred to as the LIVING WORD by whom all things consist, by whom all things are made that are made.

In scripture then Jesus is the WORD, and also he is the Holy Spirit which is the Word. So we find John saying that --"The WORD became flesh and dwelt among us"-- This was the intense mind power of God who became flesh and dwelt among us. Thus He came to his own land and the occupiers received HIM not. But to those who received HIM--to them he re-empowered them once more as the children of God.

The things is that this trinityism gets bogged down in all of this. They have God the Father as sort of a perpetual old man sitting off to one side. I guess they get this because Daniel talks about the ancient of days. But he didn't mean that God looked old, for God was as virile in appearance and as powerful and as forceful as he ever was, because God never changes, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever. But they talk about the old man on the throne then there is Jesus Christ, the son on the side, and the Holy Ghost on the other side. This is not possible because----"Hear o Israel, YAHWEH THY EL, is one LORD." They made three individuals reigning as one on the throne, but Isaiah says:---'I alone am God, beside me there is no other. Is there one on my right, or one on my left, no--I alone am God'. So with that declaration then the Jehovah Witnesses say that no there is only 2 Gods, just the Father and the son. But the fact remains that the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit of the Living God--- and all things are imparted into motion by the Holy Spirit. And the spirit of God--the Holy spirit moved upon the surface of the deep and imparted motion to it. The tremendous intellectual power started things in motion. Then it tells you in the book of Colossians--talking about Jesus--that 'all things were made by him, and without Him was not anything made. he was before all things, He is the head of the church. He is the first begotten from the dead. All these things are talking about Jesus and Jesus and the Holy Spirit have to be the same thing.

Let's go back to this picture, if they try to separate God into three different parts then one has to come before the other. They didn't come into existence co-equal for they are given different equality in the different philosophies of Protestantism in theory from which it came. They received it out of Rome and Rome received it from the Jews. This is Luciferism---Lucifer had Lilith the Serpent woman, and they had a son which made up the satanic trinity. And they call this God the father, and Jesus Christ the son, and the holy spirit then became the mother or comforter. But they then get mixed up when they say Mary conceived by the holy spirit, then of course the mother conceived by herself.? They say she had to conceive by herself to remain a virgin. This is sort of the type of situations, and explanations they get into, where they try to doctor up the scriptures, but this is what Babylon does--tries to confuse.

I had a debate one time at a university, with all those old grey beards, and they invited me to speak, thinking these modern heretics could defeated. They did not tell me that I was a heretic but they told the others before I arrived that I was a heretic. So before their students they got out their long faces and their low tones and they said to me:---'We understand that you do not believe in the trinity?

I said:---Well I believe in a triune being, that God is manifested in spirit, soul , and body, even as you are in the image of God, spirit, soul and body.

They said:--But this is not true for there are 3 in the Trinity.

I said:---Well then where is the rest of you? If you are in the image of God there should be an old man, a young man, and a spirit entity sitting there. If God is 3 persons then you would be expected to manifest yourself in three different persons. Then I said; --If God is the father, then I presume he was the father of Jesus the Christ.?

They said:---O Certainly Jesus Christ is the son, he prayed to the father.

I said:--He prayed to Agra Numos --the spirit which fills the heavens and the earth, the father is spirit. This thus was the body of the man praising the spirit that built him. I said:---If the father is the father of Jesus Christ then how about Mary , she was impregnated by the Holy Ghost wasn't she?

They said:----Oh, Yes.

So I said: --Well how could that be unless the holy spirit an the Father are one?

This sort of stopped them and they were looking in their Concordances and finally they said;--We will go on to another question, and come back to this later.

I said:---Well if the father isn't the father of all of them, then he is an imposter. You better look into this--if the father and the Holy Spirit aren't one, and by the same token, if Jesus was not the father then when God said he would become embodied in the flesh to redeem them, he spoke to the children of god, all those who were his offspring, he spoke to them before the foundation of the world, so our father told us these things before the foundation of the world. He said he would be our savior--YAHSHUA or Jesus and would come to save us. So if he was telling the truth then he is Jesus.

They said:---But he prayed to his father.

I said;---Alright then turn to Isaiah----"Unto us a son is given, unto us a child is born, and his name shall be called wonderful, councilor, the Might God, and the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. " Do you suppose that Isaiah made a mistake when he said that the child born to us is the Everlasting Father.?

By now they wanted to close the bible, they didn't want to debate. They had written down--the baptism of Jesus with the dove coming down, and the voice saying ----and then the voice saying---this baptizing every one in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost, an they were going to hit with them.

I said: --What bibles are you using? I see a King James Version, a Scofield, a Ferrah Fenton, and others. I see Lexicons of Greek, and Hebrew and I hope you will abide by these volumes.

They said that they would.

I said;---Alright --well here where you say these are all different people, where it says go out and baptize in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost--I want you to look in these Lexicons about the last three verses of the book of Mark, and some also in the book of Matthew. So they opened up the Lexicon and their bibles and then hurriedly closed them up. I said the man with the Scofield bible--I wish you would read what it says about these verses. I suppose he had never read this before because he looked at it and then closed the book and said:--I don't see what that has to do with this debate?

But one of them said:--Well what does it say? And the man said:--Well the last verses were not in the bible until the second century after Christ. From verses 9 thru 20 these were added to the Bible 200 years after the death of the Apostles.

I said:---Since the book of Mark was written by Mark and they added these verses 200 years after, then they are not authentic. Here it says that Jesus told them to go unto all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and he that believed would be saved, and he who believeth not shall be damned. But he never told then to go preach to ever creature. Then in the book of Matthew the verses added here were that they were to baptize everyone in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost--then it says that the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them, and when they saw Him they worshiped him but some doubted------Jesus said to them--all power is given unto me in heaven and in earth, go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father , the son , and the holy ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always , even unto the end of the world. Now; some of this could be alright, and the 20 verses might have been 16, but from the 16th., thru 19th, verses those were never in the scripture at all, and all lexicons tell about this, they don't take them out just tell about them. The Gospels that the disciples and Apostles had never had these verses at all. It was after Mark had died and the Jews wanted to put a lot of Babylonianism in the Gospel that they succeeded in putting the holy Trinity in Rome, and then they wrote these things into the scriptures, but it is in the Scofield bible, and others, and in every Lexicon.

Well by this time the old boys didn't want to talk anymore, and the students were around me. Then one of these old long beards got up and said:---All of this can be explained, we have been sort of swept off our feet by this challenge but there is one thing about a heretic---HE KNOWS THE SCRIPTURES THOROUGHLY. ---I started to laugh, and I said:---That is a pretty poor testimony of the church --if the devil knows the scriptures better than the Apostles. But you will have to admit that we acknowledge that Jesus as the Christ is the embodiment of the LIVING GOD. if you want to find some one who is a heretic then you turn to the book of John and it says:--'He who denies that Jesus is the Christ, that he came in the flesh is a heretic. Thus we say that Jesus is God, so what do you say?

They said;--But he was begotten then he became a being.

I said:--This does not sound right because it tells me in Hebrews 13:6 that Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever. So YAHSHUA embodied was the same living spirit, yesterday, today and tomorrow as the Almighty God. Isaiah testifies to this:---"I YAHWEH the Almighty, the Eternal Potentate of the Universe, behold I am thy savior or YAHSHUA.---It says this in the 43 chapter of Isaiah, so we don't have any problem with that --this establishes that the bible is true, that we are made in the image of God, spirit, soul and body. Thus it stands to reason that he meant what he said:---YAHWEH THY GOD IS ONE EL. --The students all gathered around and the old boys just sort of disappeared. but they had invited me down to discuss some theology with them and that's the way it ended. But we have students on the tape list all thru this Lutheran Seminary and Bible study. In fact one man said he heard our tapes back there at the Lutheran seminary and they had been sort of torn up since then, and trinitarianism is not so widely taught as it once was.

Alright; the administration of the kingdom was under the administration of the ONE Sovereign God . There are Archangels, and lesser Angels, and the word here translated is ministering spirits. So a child of god, one of your race could also be referred to as an Angel or ministering spirit. Where as the fallen Angels were fallen ministering spirits and they fell with Lucifer. Angels don't all have wings. The Cherubs around the throne have wings, they fan the throne, they can fly as they say:--holy, holy, holly and so forth. The Seraphims who move thru the dimensions of fire, earth, water, and air have wings, this is the primeval dimensions, but it doesn't change the elementals which are earth, water, fire and air. Basically because water puts out fire, and the land is above the water and below the water, and the element of each one of these were the four phases of creation. And of course there is a lot of symbolism in this as well, but there is one God over all four corners of the Universe. --This is why the four corners of the Universe are four substances from which all things are made. and it is from the four corners of the Universe that the Elect come. So people may look up into the sky and say:--I don't see four corners up these are the elements.

Lucifer tried to take over the elementals. So wherever God had a reigning realm then he also had a fallen reigning realm and the Seraphims were those who could move in and out of fire. They could move into the burning sun, and be just as at home, just as tangible at any heat , any temperature.

Now; these principals of the Luciferian kingdom who can move into fire are the Salamanders. So these Salamanders are fallen spirits, or negative side. This is why these little lizards which grow up in the woods are called Salamanders, because they can go thru fire. But the fact of the matter is that when the forest fires start burning the Salamanders burrow down into the moss and dirt, an survive that way. But this is the reason they have that name.

Now; we have the areas of the water, and we have the Silts or Nymphs--these are ministering spirits which can move thru water. The Luciferians have the Rapheim. The angelic Rapheim can cover the water, and move down into the water, they have no problem with this at all.

The Elfin kingdom can move thru solid earth as tho it were no obstacle, or no dimension. In fact God could move in any of these plains being Master of all. He went right thru a solid door an they found him outside and they didn't know how he got there. But he could move thru any of the patterns of the elementals. But the counter part of the Elfin kingdom is know as elves. The Luciferian part is known as gnomes. So fairies, and elves are where people could live and move out of the masses of the Elfin kingdom. The fairies were the dwellers of the regular kingdom and upon the surface of the earth they can move all over. The Luciferian kingdom has demons who can move all over, and some times visible and some times not due to mediumship.

To these are added the 4 elemental kingdoms and in the areas of earth these 4 elemental kingdoms play quite a part. This is the little people and strange things that people see upon the face of the earth haven't always been out of the imagination, because there are area that are true. I have photographs in here of real fairies, photographed in Ireland, and in the New England states, and the children could see them, but the adults could not. Little children would come in and tell about them so they used infra red film and photographed this one garden where the children were always going out into and seeing these fairies and it was all so beautiful and radiant--and they were there.

Now; remember that Jesus said;--except ye become as a little child ye cannot perceive the kingdom of heaven. So all the facets of heaven may not be seen unless you have the faith of a little child. Of course we can see ministering spirits, Angelic Angels may appear and disappear before the people--thus these situations do exit.

In the creative patterns of God's kingdom he has thru out all the sidereal immensity, thru all the planets in space---these multitudes of conditions. We would say you could not live on some planet because it is a burning son or star, and yet Archangels went in and out of these stars, and into these falling stars and there were people who dwelt in these burning suns, and all the Angels were called Morning stars, or stars of the morning. There are also planets in the Universe, millions of them and they are inhabited. God did not make the Universe to be uninhabited. So in these various conditions where some one says that no one could live there because of atmospheric condition, to hot or to cold, don't be to sure of that. They don't know anything about it, they can live there in their dimensions just as well as we can live in this dimension. However the patterns remain again that in all these sidereal situation they fall into these patterns, just the same as we do in our relationship to our earth.

But a lot of people don't like this because disrupts the patterns of evolution if people are living all over the Universe. And they were because when Enoch came into the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD and saw these men coming in these great crafts from all over the heavens he asked who are they?--and he was told;--some of them are thy brothers, mine elect, some are those who have not as yet lived in earth, but they come from the four corners of heaven. Some of them are the servant races living in these planets who are ministered to by My sons and daughters thy brethren. So you see Enoch was told that many of these coming and going thru out the Universe were his brothers, and many were of those that He ruled over.

This is again why Jesus talks of the fact that the earth shall become subject to the kingdom. For the children of the kingdom are going to rule over the earth. And one of the areas of destiny for us is that we shall rule and reign with Christ. We shall sit upon the thrones of earth and administer the affairs of earth. And the whole earth is going to bow down and admit that we are the children of god. They will say;---Behold! God is in thee. Isaiah says:--"Ask me concerning my sons, command ye me--they are going to set the captives free, and all of these things." So again;--the scriptures talks about how the children of God are going to rule and reign with Him thru out the Universe. Well, we have reigned over the universe before and we will again. We will reign over the forces of evil and the powers of darkness because Lucifer is going to bow the knee, and worship at your feet. Of course a lot of people just can't wait until they can roast and toast him in hell forever and forever. There is no question of the fact that he will be in some torment because he has plenty of guilt, but I think it is a far greater thing if he can make a good guy out of the devil. If you can make him worship God, and can make him serve and worship at your feet, there is a lot bigger victory in that than toasting him forever, and ever where he can' get out. Of course that is a bad situation anyhow because plains of fire, which we have prescribed, in the areas that Jewry sold into the scripture which Rome swallowed with their purgatories and limbos, these were flames of fire in which you could get burned, and never be burned up.

The fact remains that fire and heat do not bother the spirit what so ever, because the Seraphims are ministering spirits, and they do not reflect the patterns of temperature. So if a persons soul is released from his physical body there isn't any way you can torture or burn him up. Now if you put him back in that body you can't keep him there forever, and forever because his body would be consumed, and he would be back in the spirit again. So this is a fictitious thing. It has never been thought out, as people move into the areas of heresy they never do think things thru. They get trapped in the trinity, in all these doctrines and so forth. Some little silly guy will get up and talk about all these hells, and then sit back and rub his hands in glee because he thinks a bunch of people are going to roast and toast there forever. But the Grace of God says:---I can save to the uppermost, and the uttermost is the extreme--extremity a person can get into. He says; these are my sons and my daughters and I can save them. I can save all flesh. Thus it tells us that all flesh shall be saved, as it is written.

In the writings of Timothy it tells of some strange situations, that Christ is the only potentate and he is going to rule, and makes this statement about those who believe on him, and those who haven't yet believe on Him. ---"Therefore we both labor and serve and suffer reproach because we trust in the LIVING GOD who is the savior of all men and especially those who believe". Of course the preachers never read this-----again Isaiah says:---'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.' God will take away the ungodliness of Jacob---for of Israel--"All Israel shall be saved, as it is written." This is before the rest of the world, and they are to be the ones who bring back all the people to cognition again. With these things in mind the sad dilemma is that with Luciferian forces battling to hold the earth and bring it under transgression, the armies of God's kingdom have been purified and redeemed and saved---and advocating the power of righteousness --this occurs. Lucifer does not keep his first estate and neither does his Angels, and they are bound up in the cycles of the Netherworld and can't get back into their own estate, except for Lucifer and he can't get back at this time. So what they do is declare war, they battle with real weapons using swords, spears, rockets and all these things. And if they come against the kingdom in a physical plain we will have to meet them in a physical plain, for we are told that we do not only battle against flesh and blood , here in a physical plain but battle against principalities and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places. So he tells us to put on the whole armor of God so that in all these things we will be able to stand.

So we not only battle in the physical world with our forces of Faith, prayer and cognition, but we battle also with physical forces. If the Communist come against us with a sword then they must be met with a sword. God promises us that we will have a final victory, Michael will come in the sky with the vast heavenly fleets, and the most simple things is to believe Him because He tells you the truth. Everything he has declared will happen, has happened, and he expects us to believe these events, which are near and will also happen. Things have been happening right down the line just as the scriptures say.

But the Raphiem are dwellers of the deep, and one captive race were changed into Dolphins in some area of Luciferian power. And they know that at the end of time, when God of the Universe comes, that they shall be set free and restored as a people. This is why they are the most brilliant creatures of the seas. They think faster than man, they work mathematical problems. Their language if taped, on a tape recorder then slowed down can be understood. But they speak so fast you only get a squeal. This is why Dolphins are so friendly with men. They will save them, and push them to shore or swim along side the boat. but they are a Satanically bound kingdom, and the Raphiem bound them. That is in some of the apocopher books and it is true.

The system of Lucifer and his demons, these forces that fell with him, they did not keep their first estate so can't materialize in a physical world. So they can't go thru the process of rebirth. So demons obsess men, try to work thru men for the devil. But Devils are Lucifers offspring and can become embodied. They were embodied when they did not keep their first estate and mixed with human races. All these are devils no matter what they are called---Jews or what ever they are called. But they are the offspring of Lucifer. Jesus wanted this to be so clear, this is why he said to his disciples;---'I have chosen you 12, and one of you is a devil'.---He wanted them to know why walking with the Messiah would not bring a change in this man. He said:--he is a devil. Then when talking and the Jews came up to argue Jesus said to everyone--these people are of their father the devil. I am God and they are of the devil, this is it, nothing can be done about it, for now they are devils.

The clergy can be so blind since this Chosen people story came along. The main story of the Bible is that we are the Household of God, begotten in his image. This is speaking of the white race, the Adamic race, down thru Abraham, and in the days of Moses these were the same people. He says;--ye are holy seed and makes it very clear that the holy seed is that which is begotten by THE MOST HIGH GOD. The fact remains that there is only a holy people unto YAHWEH THY GOD ----and YAHWEH HATH CHOSEN YOU TO BE A HOLY PEOPLE ABOVE ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. This saying belongs to the house of Israel, and when the Jews claim that they are Israel they are just trying to take over your blessings, your name and your title. And in this silly day, we have a lot of silly people saying the Jews are the chosen people, when they are really returning to the land for judgment. Why? because they are the children of Lucifer. The Children of God are we who accept the Messiah, Jeremiah said this is the Covenant I make with you, the House of Judah and the House of Israel---I will write my laws on your heart, all this is fulfilled by the Christian nations, we accept the Messiah and the atonement. Where as there are many people over the face to the earth who reject Christ, but it is the Jews who reject HIM totally. They despise Christians, they absolutely despise the Christ, they deny that Jesus came in the flesh, and they say that his father was just a soldier. In the Epistle of John you are told that He who denies that Jesus the Christ came in the flesh is anti-Christ. This is quite clear, but the same strange music in their Talmud tells you that the Rabbi are more important than the word of God. That God consults the Rabbi when he wants to know something, when there is a problem he needs to settle he calls the Rabbi. However they do say this, that Christians worship their devil, and they call their devil God. They say we worship the Christians devil, and the Christians worship our devil. So when Jesus said ;--'Ye are of your father the devil ' he was right. They were begotten by the devil and they say yes, we worship your devil. he is our god. This is why they act devilish, you wouldn't expect them to change. The leopard does not change his spots, the children are like their father.

Today we may find a lot of people who do not measure up to the standard of illumination which God 's holy spirit has put out to each and everyone of us, in other words we are to think right, so maybe we don't always measure up. But basically as a rule, as a race, we don't' go out and deliberately break the ten commandments. We do not steal, commit adultery and so forth, but what if one of these laws is broken.? You still aren't saved by law you are saved by Grace. The fact is that the children of the kingdom do keep the law generally speaking, where as the Hindu does not keep the law. The Buddhist, the most rotten religion of all does not keep the law, they relish breaking the law with their patterns of lust and so forth. So when you look over this situation and the children of God are still the ones who keep the law, who are the elect, were the elect before the foundation of the world, then in other words this didn't start after you got here, but before you came.

The Fact is it started way back before the Adamic race came into earth. So with this realization then we didn't choose God --did we? We may think we did but God said:---'you have not chosen me --I chose you before all the people of the earth. I have ordained that your work is going to remain. There may be some casualties but the war isn't over until the last devil has been put down. and this resurrection is complete. the war is then over and God says I will bring my reward with me to give every man his reward as his work shall be. So you see God has ordained that we shall conform to this image, and the majesty of his own power. So when he returns and the resurrection take place then many of these people who have not been as efficient maybe in keeping the things recognize as best will return to live exemplary lives because they are still going to finish the task. They are still going to be perfect in the earth. God has made this declaration.

For 1000 years Lucifer is going to be bound up, and that will be sort of a soul consoling process for people who want to get even with Lucifer. He is to be bound up, to not have any influence in earth. And we are going to rule the earth, and the people who used to serve Lucifer are going to have to serve God whether they like it or not. But they will have the best life they ever had, the earth never gave forth so much food as it will when the earth is handled rightly. They will never have as much as they will have then, even tho this government hands out supplement relief to fight poverty. But the best way to fight poverty is to go to work. These nations will have plenty to eat because they will go to work. The Millennium is to be a time of plenty, so people don't have to worry about what will happen in the Millennium ever if it started yesterday. But the fact remains that the children of the kingdom are going to reign in this Millennium because God will this to happen. The Lucifer is loosened for a season and where does he go but right back to the Russias to raise up Gog, which is world Jewry and they come against the kingdom again, but we don't' have to worry about this because they will then be put in the lake of fire, which is Shekinah Glory, and it will burn out all the error whether it takes ten years or fifty still it will burn out all error and eventually they will turn again to the MOST HIGH GOD singing hymns to his praise. It tells us that even in the Netherworld they are going to be singing praises to the MOST HIGH GOD. That will be something to do down to the Netherworld and see that. So this is still the Angelic hosts--- God's kingdom people against Lucifer and his hosts --who rule over the pagan nations of the world. And of course Beelzebub took over the Netherworld.

QUESTION;---Would Weejie be one of the Devils hosts?

ANSWER:--Yes , Weejie was one of the fallen Angels, and he was a fallen Angel of the medium ships, that is where the name came from for the Weejie board, for you appeal to Weejie for the answers. This is an appeal unto Lucifer, and the appeal unto mediumship, anyone can work it but you call on the devil to do it. Weejie is a familiar spirit, and no Christian should have a Weejie board in their home.

QUESTIONER;--One girl said everytime they appealed to it and ask the board who it was---the answer spelled out was --the devil.

QUESTIONER;--Where did the Negroes settle when they came in?

ANSWER;--In Africa and out in Lemuria, and even in Atlantas, where they were using them to mongrelize the people. That was why the LORD caused the great earthquakes that eventually caused the sinking of Atlantas and Lemura. These of Atlantas who would not mongrelize migrated to the fertile crescent in Egypt. Horus their High Priest who was also Khufu for Khufu was just one of the names they called their king and Pharaoh. The word Cheops was the Egyptian word for Khufu which is an ancient name. But at the time of Seth the word was Pharaoh.

(end of message.)