12-01-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---(tape audience)--asking for an explanation of the 82nd Psalm. For there seems to be some confusion in it.

ANSWER:---Not really. The 82nd Psalm is probably the most important passage in the scripture as it relates to the identity of the Divine Household in the earth. It deals with a conversation which God gives through David to the Elect.

"God standeth in the congregation of the mighty, he judgeth among the Gods"----then "Hear O Israel the LORD thy God is ONE LORD "----and "Is there any gods beside me, no I know not any." All of these things God thru out the writings of Isaiah and other places is talking about pagan gods, all mythological gods who are no gods. But when God standeth in the congregation of the mighty among the Gods, then the word is Elohim. This then makes sense, because this is a conversation YAHWEH the eternal God had with the Elohim. Here is the Eternal father speaking to his offspring, then they are thus Elohim, or Gods. Therefore they have a divine quality, so YAHWEH speaks in the congregation of the Mighty and judgeth among the Elohim, and He said:----"How long will you judge unjustly and accept the person of the wicked? "--The Elohim are those of the Adamic race who came to earth, and then fell in the Luciferian fall, as this race bowed to temptation and cunning. But they did not lose their Sonship by this process, they are still the issue of the MOST HIGH GOD. They are still the children whom He has begotten. Come over to the book of Isaiah where God talks about how he created the Universe, and all therein, and then makes this statement concerning His sons;---"Thus saith YAHWEH the holy one of Israel, the master of Israel---"Ask me concerning my sons". In this declaration he makes this statement about His sons, and then in the 82nd., Psalm he says:---"How long will you accept the persons of the wicked? And he tells them that since they are sons, then act like sons and defend the poor, and the needy, the fatherless; do justice to the afflicted, and rid them of the hands of the wicked. In other words the world is in captivity, they are captives to Lucifer who was cast to earth by Michael and who captured the people of earth in ancient times, and rendered the great catastrophes, the flood, thee wars, and the upheavals due to the reaction of his person.

Now, the divine children placed in earth as Adamites have one responsibility which is to do the things they were sent here to do. This is of course to overthrow all the work of the Devil, and rise with power and to establish the kingdom. So God says: --this is part of their job. He said:---talking about these people who are poor and walk in darkness---they know not neither will they understand for they walk in darkness, and the foundations of their ancient world is off course because of Luciferianism.

I have said:----"Ye are Gods"---this is YAHWEH talking --I YAHWEH HAVE SAID:---"Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH" ----Ye are thus Elohim embodied in earth, you still have a divine nature, you are still children of the MOST HIGH.

This is one of the things which ecclesiastical ignorance built around higher Priesthoods, elevated high above the people in order that they might gain more Priestcraft power. So they loft off teaching the people that they were the offspring of the MOST HIGH, lest this would place them on a more even kneel with the Clergy who were called to serve, to minister, or maybe classified some of them as prophets and some of them as teachers. But they always aimed to keep the ecclesiastical authority as they held the people down in the areas of ecclesiastical ignorance. This is exactly one of the problems of today. The world is in a state of falsehood--the false religions do this. But concerning the people of this Race, the MOST HIGH said: --"Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of the MOST HIGH." But you don't act like Gods, and then YAHWEH said:----" Why do you die like men and princes of the fallen world order? Therefore arise O Elohim, judge the earth, for thou shalt inherit nations.

Now, the ancient Cabala extracted from the Zohar, and I am not talking about the Jewish records which are fantastic in error. But I am talking about the Israel Inheritance which taught that God was going to join his people. How He would triumph over death, would arise and restore life and vitality to his people. This is of course classified in this instruction to the Elohim who he referred to as One with Him---"Arise, and judge the earth and inherit the nations.

Alright we are the heirs of the nations, we are the joint heirs with his embodiment. So therefore this mystery chapter is to identify God's race in earth as divine, that they are

Elohim. In fact God addresses the Elohim and he said:---"lets make Adam in our own image."---and a body was formed of flesh and it was the exact image of the spiritual body. Always the body of God was in the image of His spiritual body. And when we talk about an embodied form we are talking about YAHSHUA (CHRIST_) --God as savior embodied, and by this token then the apostle Paul says that the body of the man Christ Jesus is the image of the invisible or spiritual God, or the Spiritual entity of God, for He is ONE--spirit, soul and body. And you also are one;--spirit, soul and body. You don't consummate three separate beings, you make up one living entity, so also is this true here.

When you turn to the book of John one of the things that Jesus said when he talked about the fact that in his embodiment there is a term used which is confusing to the ignorant and sometimes to those who have followed trinitarianism so long that they get in a rut. That is where Jesus talks about his relationship to Eternal God, his relationship to spirit. In other words His soul consciousness addresses the essential pattern of the spirit only for the record in the book of John. So in this instance the body of God is always referred to as 'The son of man' when He comes in his Messianic ministry because he promised to bring forth his issue out of the Adamic Race. 'A Virgin shall encompass a man ---A virgin shall conceive and bear a son so his Messianic ministry would refer to HIM as --'Son of man'. The actual word should have been the embodiment of God as a man. Thus God always had a body, it existed before the world was framed. ---"all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made."

In Hebrews 13:--Jesus Christ or YAHSHUA, THE embodied one was the same, Yesterday, today and forever. And it is this same Jesus---YAHSHUA- who in Revelation, says:--'I am ALPHA AND OMEGA---LORD GOD ALMIGHTY." There is no addition, no subtraction. This is totally of God. So under this same declaration, we note that in the passage where Jesus referred to Himself as the bread which came down from heaven, He also makes the statement of the fact of His re-entrance into the Heavenly plains. He said that this same ONE who came down out of heaven shall return back into heaven. And He said:--'what if ye see the "Son of Man' ascend up where He was before? The reason why I want this passage to be clear in the minds of men, is what He declares here:--"If you see the Son of Man ascend up where He was before." In otherwords, He is using the title translated thus in your King James Bible as "Son of Man." What if ye shall see this embodiment of God ascend up where He was before?--Proving that this body was before in the heavens. That this entity was in the heavens before. Thus what if ye see this person go back where He was before, proving that He was there before He was born in earth. Therefore He pre-existed. And was the Eternal Existing One. Even as everyone in this room also existed in Celestial plains before their advent here through birth. This is the great mystery--the transposition of passage started in the hierarchy of Rome and continued with the twisting of the book of John in translation of the King James version. When Nicodemus asked Jesus, how does one participate in the Kingdom of God--How does one get in---what procedure do I enter into the administration of the Kingdom, for I want to participate?--Well, Jesus said:--'you are a master (teacher) in Israel and don't understand this? You have to be twice born.' This is what Jesus just said:---'Ye must be born from above and born on earth--born of the spirit and born of the breaking of the water. So they transposed this on purpose. They did this from the Alexandrian text to the Roman text and then King James text followed the Roman text. When Jesus said -ye must be born of the spirit, it was that they were spiritually conceived before they were physically embodied. So Spirit precedes the breaking of the water. Jesus says:--"we brought nothing into the world, and we can't take anything out but the consciousness we possess.'

Now, if we came in, not with flesh but were born into flesh then we came in as spirit, so were spiritually begotten in the bosom of the father before the world was framed as the book of Ephesians tells us---born of the spirit before we were physically embodied. So to participate in the Kingdom of Heaven you have to come by this route. A Negro can't participate no matter how much civil rights legislation you pass. They cannot participate in the kingdom of heaven for they are not heirs of the kingdom of Heaven by inheritance. A Kingdom comes by procedure, by what God does in earth. It is a Royal family, they were put here for a purpose of governing the earth. It is not a democracy--God save us from that--it can sometimes function as a Republic, but it will be at its height and its best a Theocracy, an then who reigns---Christ---in the embodiment of Christ in you for he says:--You shall sit with me as kings and priests on my throne, and ye shall rule the earth. In other words then to participate in the kingdom of Heaven you have to be spiritually born of the household of the MOST HIGH to be able to participate in this kingdom administration. Someone said:--but is that fair? What do you mean 'not fair'? What do you mean---the best thing which could ever happen to this earth would be for the divine race to come down here and rule with righteousness. They the other races were not created in this way, or mutated by Lucifer in a status like this, so nothing which exists in earth could have anything but praise and satisfaction when it comes to an area of proper consciousness that God took a divine race, and transplanted it from heaven to earth, because out of this race would come a society, technology, and civilization. All the patterns of the war against the darkness, against superstition and ignorance, and most of all is the only channel toward the right God. No other race, only this offspring of YAHWEH ever taught return to YAHWEH for he is the master. Never mind this devil Lucifer, never mind this serpent God, just turn to the right God and blessings will return to you, for ALL FLESH shall be saved. He after all has the Grace to save to the uppermost. This is our God, and this is what the prophets were telling you, and you just accept it for you are going to have to anyway. This is what it is all about, it is just as simple as that.

Now, we have gone through tremendous procedures, in the areas of theology to make theology an exasperating, intricate science which has to take tons and tons of reading and study to understand. Where as actually the science of theology is the knowledge of God, and we in our relationship to Him. The most important thing you can find out is our authority as sons of God, and what we are here for, and how to carry it out. If we were to find the necessity of Most of these theological volumes out there we could destroy most of them and there would be no great loss.

This is the great mystery, the transposition of the passages started in Rome, and continued with the twisting in the book of John in the translation of the King James Version. When Nicodemus asked Jesus how does one participate in the administration of the kingdom, for I want to participate?--Well Jesus said:---You a Master or teacher in Israel and you do not understand this? Do you not realize that you must be "twice born"? --this is what Jesus said:--'Ye must be born from above and born on earth, born of the spirit, and born of the breaking of the water. So they just transposed this passage --on purpose. They did this from the Alexandrian text to the Roman Text. When Jesus said: Ye must be born of the spirit, it was that they were spiritually conceived before they were ever physically embodied. So spirit proceeds the breaking of the water. Jesus even says:--Ye brought nothing into this world, and we cannot take anything out but the consciousness that we possess.

Now, if we came in, not with flesh, but were born into flesh then we came as spirit, so are spiritually begotten in the bosom of the father before the world was framed, as the book of Ephesians tells us---born of the spirit before we were physically embodied. So to participate in the Kingdom of heaven you have to come by this route. A Negro thus cannot participate no matter how many civil rights legislation you pass. They cannot participate in the administration of the Kingdom for they are not heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven by inheritance. A Kingdom comes by procedures, by what God does in earth. It is not a Democracy. God save us from that. It can sometimes function as a Republic. But it will be at its highest and its best as a Theocracy. And then who reigns--The Christ.--He reigns through the embodiment of Christ in you. For He says that you shall sit with Me as Kings and Priests on My throne. And ye shall rule the earth. In otherwords, then to participate in the Kingdom of Heaven you have to be spiritually born, a Royal Household; born of the household of THE MOST HIGH GOD. Then physically born thru the Adamic race, or you are not going to be able to participate in this Kingdom administration. Someone said:--'But that is not fair.'--what do you mean?--The best thing which could ever happen to this earth would be for the divine race to come down here and rule with righteousness. They were not created in this way or mutated by Lucifer in a status like this. So nothing which exists in earth could have any thing but praise and satisfaction when it comes to any area of proper consciousness that God took a divine race and transplanted it from heaven to earth, because out of this race would come society, technology and civilization. All patterns of war against the darkness, against superstition and ignorance, and most of all is the only channel toward the right God, lies in this race. No other race, only this offspring of YAHWEH (God) ever taught return to YAHWEH for HE is the Master. Never mind this devil Lucifer; never mind the Serpent god. Turn to the right God, and blessings will return unto you, and "All flesh shall be saved". He who has Grace to save to the uttermost, this is our God, we have come here to tell you about, and you might as well give up now for you have to anyway. This is what it is all about. It is just as simple as that.

Now, we have gone thru a tremendous procedure in the areas of theology to make theology an exasperating intricate science which has to take tons and tons of reading and study to understand. Where as actually the science of the theology is the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD and we in our relationship to HIM. The most important thing you can find out is our authority as sons of God and what we are here for, and how to carry it out. If we were to find the necessity of most of these theological volumes out there we could destroy most of them and there would be no real loss. Revelation is worth far more than those dead writings, for theologians have been writing for 15 centuries and putting all this in small prints which will burn your eyes out. They have put great books of this together, and written volumes. I have read them until I fell asleep and time after time forced myself to read thinking I could come up with something that would make it worth reading, or something that could give me some information. But outside of some things they can put their fingers on historically that happened in their time, then I find they have already retired to a higher position on an ecclesiastical maypole, and round and round that pole they go, never coming up with anything new. See? Priestcraft has to create a substitutional situation in which God was standing by a great rift ready to throw everyone in; ready to torture everybody if they capture anyone. The major procedure was to make everyone conform to the procedure the church has established or suffer torture and pain for ever and ever. So this gave Priestcraft a lot of authority with these with a lot of ecclesiastical hocus pocus which could save people by repeating certain passages. Then keep this area of what the people know to a simple circle and make it seem profound to what the Clergy know so that they have control over the people, to buy and sell their souls in this great big ecclesiastical racket. That is exactly what Rome gave birth to. And it is exactly what Jewry put into Rome and what Protestantism has carried on.

Now, at the same time the church as an institution is a marvelous institution as the vehicle for spiritual revelation, as the catalyst for men and women as they come in to worship, so that they might receive the things of God. But God works thru the week. Thru the Levi, His ministers, He works thru vision and inspiration. He works thru the recorded word, and the inspired word, and thru the areas of perception. So when we say:--'study to show yourself approved of God,' this is true. So I wouldn't throw out any of these volumes. But if they burned up, it wouldn't slow us down a bit. In otherwords, if you lost them all, you could still go at high speed. Now and then you could extract some area of evidence for those who have to have some kind of evidence, or musty paper before they accept what the spirit bears witness to, on the basis of what God already has said. So in this instance again, we point out that these ecclesiastical tones have been used for study. But the average theologian of today doesn't know what is in the Bible. He doesn't begin to know what is in these 66 books. Let alone all the others. But he know more or less about what is in the musty book. But has been raised around and around his own little brand of error. He does not want to embrace anymore truth and he doesn't want to drop off anything which has become a fetish with him, especially if it elevates his Priestcraft a little. Instead of elevation of authority and if there is any elevation to which God gives any prestige what so ever being based on what God is able to reveal, and what spiritual truth he is able to bring forth thru his ministers, rather than any avenue of dead material that hasn't accomplished anything for them, most of these 1700 plus years, then why should he anticipate it is going to produce a miracle today? We tell you that it is the old truth which comes out of the heavens that was not spiritually discerned by these ecclesiastical authorities that is going to be the dynamics which will save the world. I can assure you that this present area of error which hasn't accomplished anything today it is not going to accomplish, at this date. It is going to take the vitality and dynamics which God has purposed. This is why God made it clear to Nicodemus. So that he would understand that the entrance into the administration of the Kingdom of God was FIRST by origin, by destiny.

Thus again, begotten first in spirit, and then into flesh. It was translated thus then transposed in the old Vatican version to say you must be born of the water, and then of the spirit. This breaking of the water is natural birth, this is the procedure.

So again, people have gotten the idea that as we talk about this, --and since the idea has been so indoctrinated--then a hundred preachers explode, and by the time they analyzed it, and get down to write a letter to us, they change their minds. See? They have heard over and over this message--'Ye must be born again',--or you cannot get into heaven, and people think this is in the future. They think that is something which has to happen to them after they are born into earth. Whether people like it or not, this is how you arrived:--spiritually born and then physically born. You don't have to be born a third time, but the renewing of the mind is a regenerating of the consciousness by the power of the spirit. This power of spiritual perception was mutated by the fall when the LIGHT went off the Adamic race, but which God has promised to restore. So there is a regeneration, a renewing, but it isn't a second or third birth. It is a regeneration of spiritual power, a renewing of the mind. We are already a twice born individual. We existed in Celestial and can exist in Celestial and physical plains. We have a soul consciousness which can bridge any dimension by its capacity to perceive even able to project itself backward and forward in the time link of experience, even in the realm of ability to think. It is the power to think across the nation and back again in your chair, connecting the image of events, or the areas of perspectives of tomorrow. This is tied again to the fact that Ye are Elohim--and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. And we might add to this, here again,--the statement we find in Ephesians when Jesus said:--'He who ascended is He who first descended and then descended into the center of the earth before He again ascends. He who brought 'captivity captive'. This is one of the things He said He was going to do before He ascended back up. So this 'son of man', or the embodied ONE went down, then back up to where He came from. I might tell you this. This is also where you came from. If you didn't, then you aren't going back. Not unless you came down out of there. Remember that.

You can preach all your life and not get a Negro into heaven. They won't like this but it is true. You say where are we going to leave them?--In hell?--No. That is not what is meant by Hell. Most of the time Hell just means the grave. And most of them end up there. Remember--the Dead--Zombie.--They know nothing at all.--Thus when they die--Zombie. But the children of spirit, when they die, the spirit returns to where you came from.

I think it is rather significant since we are on this subject, you know this is propaganda. When anyone says anything about a pure race, when they know about the spiritual factors involved then you get this propaganda that all races are the same. But the fact remains that the other races do not have this spiritual connection. The fact remains that we always hear that the white man must be suppressed; if he stands for his race, he is all wrong. They try to find all kinds of ways to bring pressure to hold him down; by taxes, no tax exemptions, and so forth to keep the white man away from the Press, the T.V., and the radio, if they think the white man is superior to the Negro. And today in our time, the U.S. government aides the Negro to try to climb above the white man. Every night down in Harlem, they give vent to their hatred of the white man. Then act out all of their dreams, that the Negro stands apart and above every white man; that Harlem will be an International Nation, the capital of the world. This school where this acting goes on is the School of Black Arts Repertory Theater, which is supported by Federal Funds, and is a part of the anti-poverty program. The economic directors say:--'We would rather see these kids acting on stage instead of out in the streets.' Then they say:---the aim is to educate the Negroes, so that the 1/2 million in Harlem will find new pride in their color. The Government representatives said:--We don't see anything wrong with their hatred of Whites. The Government gives them $40,000 each eight weeks for a new play put together against White people. It says developing a Negro culture all their own, and the government says it wants to build areas of responsibility. One of the spokesman of this deal, is named Jones. And he says they give their hatred to Whitie. They say they live for the day when they take the world from the White man. Police officials say that they don't think that they are much of a threat. But the fact is that the government is subsidizing this expression of hatred with $40,000 every 8 weeks. If the blacks can advocate their rise to rule the world, they can never deny the right of the white man to practice white supremacy which is much easier to support than black supremacy. We have the evidence that we do have the capacity and the vision, and the technology to do this. So this is a significant facet of all this. But again, they are giving quite a play down in Harlem.

In the newspapers all over the country, they are now carrying a story that God is dead. That Christ was just given a drug and then the Disciples stole the body. There was some Jews who started this in London. And now they are giving it quite a play here in the U.S. Churches. But the quicker we run this out of America, the quicker we get rid of those who would make fun of our Faith. We just have to learn to use our heels.

QUESTION:--Psalm 51--It speaks about the Psalmist who wants this--what they say is conversion. So today what is conversion when they say it is taking hold of some Preacher hand?--when the Psalmists seemed to appeal directly to God.??

ANSWER:--"Have mercy upon me, O YAHWEH, according to thy loving Kindness; according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies, blot out my transgressions, wash me thoroughly from mine iniquities, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgression and my sin is ever before me."

This is similar to the High Priest on the day of atonement. The plea of the entire congregation as they come to the day of atonement, asking for YAHWEH to forgive them for the transgressions they have committed since the last sacrifice. Of course, after the crucifixion of the Christ, all sacrifices had been put away. Jesus said:--'It is finished." No one can add to or take away. You don't have to start pleading with God to go back now and lift your transgressions for He has paid for them. All you have to do is ACCEPT IT. And if the spirit of God awakens within you an area of Error in conduct, then behave yourself and correct it. But DON'T SET AROUND WITH A GUILT COMPLEX and wait for GOD to make a NEW SACRIFICE. We have too many theologians sitting around the Altar every night where ever the Altar is. And they keep saving the same Christians every Sunday night over and over again. If a stranger comes in to the congregation, they begin to sing:--'Tell mother I'll be there.' and he begins to wonder if he will make it and gets a guilt complex. And he remembers Mother and goes to the altar. And the guilt complex is lifted off of him. But what is lifted from him is --THAT HE HAD ACCEPTED THE SUBSTITUTIONAL WORK OF THE CHRIST--WHICH IS FINISHED. Instead of putting him under a guilt complex, if there is error in his life, then now he knows better than to commit it. So straighten yourself up and behave and you come out from under any condemnation. But you see instead of setting ourselves free, we are trying to pull the wagon all by ourselves.

This is why they used to sing:--'Take your burdens to the Cross and leave them there". We are not anti-Evangelistic, unless we are thinking of a pattern which was in the yesterdays. This is trying to get the Christian saved at least once a month, or at every revival. If you can't twist their arms any other way, then you say---anyone who loves God, wants to get closed to God, then he better come down here and pray. Then you can tell them how many converts you had, or didn't have. This all helps because it is mass psychology. I grew up that way. And I went that way. I was a young Evangelist at first, so I can tell you that you have a prescribed procedure; a technique you are taught in Bible school. You are taught how it works, where to put it out, where the emotions start to play and then you begin to get smarter and smarter. The spirit of God however, teaches you more and more, and the first thing you know is that the most important thing is to get truth to me and set them free. Don't keep them conned in a circle of repetition. You know that if the church wants to reactivate in saving new souls then go out into the highways, and by ways, and tell them to come in. But don't keep saving the same Christians over and over each Sunday. If it is a matter of Eternal Life--that would be different. But if just a matter of conduct, then there is nothing wrong with prayer. Altho I think the area of prayer is largely in the basic meditation in which they permit the spirit of God to show them something other than them all tell God all day long. Because God does not need anything in the way of telling. You couldn't yell loud enough to make HIM hear all the way out there in space, if He cannot hear the inner most thoughts. And if HE doesn't, then He is far too far away out there in the Pleaides to hear me. If His spirit isn't connected with my inner consciousness because I am spirit of His spirit, then there is no other route. But HE says:--"I stand at the door and knock and if any man will hear, then I will come in and sup with them." So He comes into where I think.---The area of perception, the intellect moves here. And this is where God meets you.

Someone says"--'But there is an area of emotion involved. Yes.--and area of satisfaction, an area of pleasure when one understands things and learns more in his association with God, when he realized the closeness of and the omnipresence of the Eternal Father, and the responsibility of Sonship. Then there is an emotion which arises toward the other children of God. Some of the greatest areas of emotion is toward the fellow Christians especially when they are aware of the great problems in the areas of the Kingdom. And when they join with you in this knowledge they become closer to you than your relatives who don't know it. You soon discover that there is a great spiritual catalyst that moves thru the House of God. All this effects the areas of emotion, but the area of perception and divine contact have to come from the spirit. Because HE IS SPIRIT AND TRUTH. Spiritual things are thus spiritually discerned, soul conscious received and mentally applied and stored as electronic memory after the recognition has been received by spiritual revelation. So again the Psalmist is talking (Ps: 51) about this. "Against thee only have I transgressed, and done this evil in thy sight, that thou might be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. Behold I was shapen in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me."-----Why was this??---Having lost their aura of light, immortality, then every generation of the Adamic children have been born with a lost area of immortality UNTIL CALVARY. But CALVARY lifted all this--HE HAS PAID THE PRICE FOR IMMORTALITY, AND BY HIS RESURRECTION HAS RESTORED THE WAY. But in the days when the Psalmist was writing this, he was acknowledging that the Adamic race fell and the fall was also on him. This did not mean that he was going into some Eternal perdition based on the errors of Adam, but it did mean he was already paying the price in his body for the violation of Divine Law, for death has passed on to all men.

So again turn back to Psalms 51:6---"Behold thou desirest truth in the inward parts (the inner consciousness) in the hidden parts thou makest me to know wisdom."---This is the third eye, the perception point.

"Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."

Now, the Priests runs around and dashes a little sprinkle of holy water; maybe a little incense and sprinkles it on the people, all the symbol of the sacrifice. So the Psalmist here says:--"YAHWEH sprinkle me now with whatever it takes to clean me up. I accept this whether by the hand of a priest, or by thy hand. This was looking forward to atonement.

"Make me to hear joy and gladness, that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice." This is referring to the breaking down of the physical body. "Hide thy face from my sins, and blot out all mine iniquities."---Remember that God says He will blot out all thy transgressions.

"As far as the east is to the west to remember them against me no more."---So David is saying:--YAHWEH, don't look to my mistakes, just take them away.

"Create in me a clean heart O YAHWEH, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast away from thy presence--(cast me away from thy presence--No)---take not thy Holy spirit from me."

Do not take thy holy spirit form me for I am seed of thy seed, a holy seed. Of course, there is not even a suggestion of God wanting to take this away. Even Scofield was smart enough to know this was not possible. And the Christian position is not found with any capacity right down here at the bottom. Way back in Psalms was this note where Scofield said:--'No believer of this dispensation of where the promise of His abiding---should stray. --No Christian should ever pray--take the holy spirit from me, because we are not of they who could draw back to judgement. More than that He says:--'I give you Eternal Life, and you shall never perish.' And since that spirit has been with Him from the beginning then it can be activated by HIM. So you never lose the spirit and Scofield sticks this footnote in way back here under Psalm 51 saying in essence, the Christian spirit has Eternal Life. There is no removal of the spirit.

Now, --"Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted to thee.' In otherwords, David is saying that he teaches others to obey YAHWEH as God. Everything here is trying to get us to go back to God's Divine Law. To send out the pagans, get rid of Usury and lift up the standards of God's Kingdom. This is teaching the transgressors the errors of their ways. This is what David is talking about. But the day is coming when you will teach to the ends of the earth. In fact, the day will come when ten will take hold of a man of Judah and say:--'show us the world of the LORD.' The reason why I like this is because the Germans are Judah. And you know how they are thought of today. But the day will come when this will happen and then a lot of people will eat crow.

"For thou desirest not sacrifice; else would I give it, thou delightest not in burnt offerings. The sacrifices of God are a broken and contrite heart, O YAHWEH, thou wilt not despair."

Thus a contrite heart---this sacrifice is better than burnt offerings. God gives us spiritual strength and removes our guilt as far as the east is to the west. He is pleased with the sacrifices of Righteousness, not burnt offerings. This being people using their life and vitality as they live for God rather than some sacrifice on an altar. God doesn't want us to depend on sheep and goats. They were alright until something else came along. All He wants us to do is as He told the Apostle Paul---'Come. Present yourself a living sacrifice.' This is a bold and acceptable--a reasonable service. So we are told to live and not to die, and not to worry about what our destiny is to be. You don't have to worry about your destiny. Just go out and occupy. This is what David was talking about.

QUESTION:---But he said to convert anyone---

ANSWER:---No. He did not say that.

QUESTIONER:---Can you convert anyone to the laws of God?

ANSWER:---No. You cannot. But you can convert--(turn) people from error to truth. You can't convert the world to righteousness for they cannot receive it. You do not convert a man from being a Negro to a son of God, or form a Chinaman to a White man. You don't do this. You can't go out and promise them they are going to reign and rule, that they become sons and daughters of God by saying a few world when they go to an altar, on whether a sawdust trail or a carpet. It doesn't make any difference. It is not going to change anything. But it is going to change their relation to God, for God is still there, and they are still His subjects. They can start to worship the right God. Worshiping Light instead of Darkness. But don't go out and offer to a Chinaman or a Negro that which belongs to a son. For they cannot possess it at this hour. In the fullness of time He has to make new creatures of them until they can have total understanding. I can show you passages in the original text where the indication is -- in the fullness of time-- in the ages to come that they will make new creatures out of the Enosh.

QUESTION:---Why is it customary to bow your head in prayer??

ANSWER:---Well, it is in a area of respect and humility to God. In otherwords, men bow their heads to YAHWEH--unto none other. However you can lift your head if you want to and look God in the face if you want to say:--'I am justified by your Grace. Instead of slapping you down, God will smile on you. Because you had courage enough to make a full acceptance of His atonement. You are justified, you know, and many of these people who run and hide when Christ comes are doing this because they are carrying a guilt complex. Rather than to say I accept your atonement, I am justified by my Father's perfect love which casteth out fear. He has shown perfect love toward me. So the final of perfect love is to return perfect love. I don't know how people could not love God because of who He is, and what He has done. So I don't see how people could not love God unless they have one of these superstitious gods who runs around with a pitchfork and burns people.

I can remember when I was a small boy, some dubious points, when I was trying to convince myself that I must love God. But I was really afraid of HIM. I had heard some of these sermons about what He might do. And suppose I fell and broke my neck and died before I went thru some rig-a-ma-role. Then maybe I would be burned. I was not in love with that kind of a God, but as a ministers son I was supposed to say yes to that, but I had some misgivings about it.

But I also thank God for my beginning, perhaps if I had not had this kind of an upbringing I might have fallen into the same groove, and would be in the same rut, but we wouldn't be here tonight telling about it. I think one thing God wants to do is to take his children out of bondage. You will never get anywhere or get anything done when you are in bondage. It is going to take sons with Conquering faith to finish this kind of times we are in. All the evil is being turned on, and now as this flows things beyond your ability to understand are happening. There are demonic forces in England which are now slapping people to the ground which they can't even see. I have some documents on this that came in this week. They have seen crafts in the air, strange demon powers at work in the darkness which they cannot see in the daylight. They see emanations like static electricity at night and these are Satanic powers. Some people are bothered by it and some are not. One identity minister over there could hear them trying to tear the tiles off his roof, and so forth but he could not see them. You say this is fantastic ---but I have the documentation, so there is a lot of this and we are battling not only flesh and blood but Satanic powers and principalities, We are battling demon forces, armies and after all we are battling in the flesh now also.

Now, in Vietnam, there are devils over there, lots of them, and a lot of them were embodied devils, but they are no worse than those down here in the synagogue or back in the Bronx. But they come in various forms and shapes. These are facts not superstitions, there is an exact science t o this, and they fall into species and kinds. I talked to a minister a while ago and I said; of course you don't seem to believe in a devil. He said; --No-- I don't see any force like that.

I said:--Then what are you battling? Are you battling evil?

He said:--No, I don't battle evil--just greed.

I said:-- Well why do you not battle evil?

He said;--If there is not evil then there is only just greed. --see?

I said:--If there is not evil then why are you preaching, and he could not answer that.

I said:--when you studied theology did you study anything about the Angel orders and demonic forces?

He said:--Oh, now this is ironic--I spent maybe a day on this but ---

I said:---but if you do not know what you are battling , what is in this battle, then you don't understand the battle between the Archangels. And If you don't understand that then you are in a bad spot, and you can't recognize the enemy. I can give you some bible passages, but also there is a whole science of identity of these beings, and categories, and capacities. Cambridge and Oxford University put out whole volumes on Demonology and Witchcraft, and the text they used in Cambridge and at Oxford even today in theology carries this on even tho students may forget it as soon as they leave school.

But then this is one of our problems today, for people do not know that there are some demon offspring of Lucifer right down here in the synagogues and hock shops, even in the foreign service, government and so forth, and that is only one part of it, for they are backed by some of these forces that you cannot see. But you can exorcise them and they can stand right in this room, if you want them to.

QUESTION;--Would you go into the reason for the Crusades?

ANSWER;--Well actually there has been always in our race a stirring desire to take everything that belongs to us--take it back. Of course realizing that the tribes went out in the days of Jeroboam, then they were captured in the days of Sanacherib and carried by him up into captivity by Schalmanezzar, altho quite a bit of freedom was given to them under Medo-Persia. But finally they went out thru the Caucasus mountains and other routes and settled into their destiny patterns of Nordic, Basque, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, and Germanic and so forth. Still they had traditions with them, and their mystery schools, and so forth which moved with them. So from Ireland to Scotland and to Wales tradition traces the throne also. During the days of the Messiah the ships of Joseph of Arimathea moved from Palestine to Britain, thru the Mediterranean, Europe and the Isles are one of history and tradition, with the wisdom schools understanding this, and their church taught it, the Abbetries had the knowledge, this was to be given to the whole twelve tribes of the Children of Israel. That this land Palestine was the land in the hands of the church was understood. And of course since the days of Mohammed then the Mohammedians held that land. The worst thing which had happened was that the Cainanites, and Amalakites had taken over in the time of Jesus. The rest of Judah and Benjamin finally fled that old land in the days of Titus the Roman. Long after that there was nothing but the Jews who were Babylonians, Hittites, Cainanites, Amalikites, these were the only ones left in the land. But always there was this desire of true Israel to get this old land back. Kaiser Wilhelm was raised with this dream, but when only a lad he was tutored by Bismarck who told him that Germany had a right to this land, to rule and reign. And Kaiser Wilhelm dreamed of some day having a palace on the mount of Olives. I can show you this in the memoirs of the Kaiser of how he believed he would be the Lion of Judah when Christ came. He said during the war that he lined up with the Turks to hold the land of Palestine, and that he had started building a Palace on the mount of Olives. He said he hopes to live there in that Palace until Jesus came. He knew he was a Davidic descendent. What he did not know was that the Davidic house had been dried up to make way for the Green tree, now in the House of Joseph. That the Davidic line that came down thru the kings of Windsor even until the present time with the Present Queen--who is still in place, that this is the Direct line of David ruling now in Joseph, and out of Joseph was to come the Shepherd of Israel for these latter days. This the Kaiser did not understand.

But when talking about the Crusades, after the days of the Khan's and Turko's (Mongolians) had come into the picture --for remember that Arc Arlson one of the Great Turkish Arab leaders headed largely the army that controlled Palestine, and the Mosque of Omar had been built in the city of Jerusalem. And of course all of the Arabs were Mohammadans and they believed that they must protect this Mosque of Omar. So work came back to the Christians in Europe that the holy Sepulcher and the land where Christ's life had been lived, and all those holy spots, our inheritance which belonged to us was in the hands of the Ishmalites, and the Edomites, and the Turko's --so it became a driving urge to march back and take the Holy land, so we marched. It was a part of our inheritance --we had to go back down to take that land, and the only thing we learned in this was that the fighting ability, the chivalry of the Knighthood of Europe took hold down there, and the chivalry of Arc Arlson was tested, and there were some great battles won and lost. Then Richard thee Lion Hearted returned after he made a treaty with the Ishmalites, the Arabian forces, and they respected them as being brave Knights. But some of these Crusades were futile like the children's Crusade, that the children would be heaven protected. But most of them going down weren't killed by the Knights of the Ishmalites, or by the Mohammedian forces--starvation and all those other factors took them, but most of the children were from ten to fourteen years of age, so it was a fantastic idea anyway. The slaves (Negroes) from the Mohammedian camps broke loose and killed and looted, but the terrible long march, the weather and all these things was what killed the children, so the Children's Crusade was a great error, but as far as Richard the Lion Hearted and others were concerned, it was token symbol again that Christian Knighthood would march to take it back. Of course the time was not right. The day we were to take it back was 9,24,1917 according to the Prophet Haggai. So in the 1335th., year of the Arab Calendar with a day for a year, then on 9,24,1917 true Israel took Palestine. It was on this exact date when General Allenby retook the city of Jerusalem from the Turks without firing a shot because the waters from the sacred river Nile flowed thru the streets of Jerusalem. This fulfilled a prophecy in Mohammedism that they would never give up the city of Jerusalem until the river Nile flowed thru the streets of that city. So God permitted a sort of miracle which seemed to be an impossibility. But for water to take care of General Allenby's troops a water pipe line was laid from the Nile, but they hadn't allowed for expansion and the heat from the sun expanded the pipe and it sprung a leak so the water of the Nile ran thru the streets of Jerusalem. There were no stronger and braver soldiers. No one questioned their ability to fight, but they asked:--'from whence comes this water?' and when told they cried; Allah, Allah Akabar--and they said: the word of Allah is true, so they laid down their swords.

Now, I want you to note that the name of the General who led the British forces was Allenby--Allah-ben by the leadership of God. But then God said he would raise up leadership, so in their language Allenby was a great general, a gift from God. British planes flew over the city dropping leaflets and they did not burn the city. But in Isaiah it said:-- 'as birds passing over, and in that day will I protect it and defend it.'

In other words the Crusades started back in the days of Richard the Lionhearted, but W.W.I which the Jews really started was a battle between the branch of the house of Judah and the house of Joseph when the Jews were trying to take over the world and sprung their Bolshevik Revolution at the same time. But it marked the climactic period for the beginning of the war which started exactly 2520 years from the end of the siege of Jerusalem when Zedekiah and his sons were carried off captive. So you see how accurate the cycles come out. It is one of those things hard to explain, a sort of tremendous drive which God keeps alive. At the same time there is a certain situation that once we set the stars and stripes on it we are going to have it. There is this great burning desire to put the stars and stripes back where they came down, and one of these days we are going to do it. This is the same thing which moves Mc Arthur when he said:---'I shall return' and he did just that. Of course the world will never be in proper form until the stars and stripes and the Union Jack and the Germanic flag fly in unison from one end of the world to the other. When that day comes, an the Cross of Christ is supreme then we know what the Millennium is all about. We will see these things as we move thru out day climaxing with Christ's own participation in events. The hosts of heaven coming in, In fact I think the days ahead are to be glorious. Sure we have a dictatorial power trying to trip us up. We have a power trying to turn us to Communism and Socialism, we see an attack on the part of our Congress on the vital parts of our life, but we also see God stirring a mighty force, raising it up. So do you realize that the right wing can trounce all the left wings in the whole world? We can take the 'right wingers' of the U.S. and win the whole world. After all if he could take Gideon and 300 men and win --what could he do with 51 million people, so I am not a bit worried, just impatient.

QUESTION:--How many Archangels before Lucifer fell, and who were they?

ANSWER:---Has someone been talking to you?


ANSWER:--The reason I ask is that someone came up with a silly question, they had been to a bible study and they said a bunch of Archangels ran out and tied up the devil, and a lot of that stuff.

Well the word Archangel is taken from the Hebrew and it is a word for those around the summit, or commanders around the throne. Now we referred to the four corners of the Universe, and they used to say that there were four basic Archangels involved---Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer and Raphael. And Lucifer when he rebelled involved lesser hosts. Amaraphael was not an Archangel, but a lesser Angel and he rebelled with Lucifer. And when Lucifer rebelled he involved lesser hosts and Amaraphel a lesser Angel rebelled with Lucifer. And when Lucifer rebelled then God himself upheld that corner of the Universe. In other words as Lucifer was defeated, by Michael the Commander of the Heavenly fleets, and was driven into this solar system then God, himself said: 'I will take over the place of this morning star. So Lucifer was referred to as the morning star for this solar system. He was the Day star, the illuminary, the teacher for this corner of the Universe.

Now, it says that the 'Day star arises in your hearts'. This is referring unto the Christ, as the Sun of the Morning, and refers to Him as the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning star. God Himself thus became the Morning Star, but of course He was also the Master --God of all, but still does the work of this Archangel over this entire area. So Lucifer who was the Prince of the Powers of the Air was cast out of the heavens and cast into earth, and God himself then upheld his corner. So then God, himself came down to earth, and makes himself subject to a dimension in which Lucifer was captured, to conquer here in the flesh, for this is where God had put his sons and daughters so as to defeat the enemy.

Now, I could tell you a lot about Angels, And Archangels, about their ability, their work in the Universe. Things which have gone on before, I can extract it out of ancient records, out of the Books of Enoch, out of the book of 'The Bee'', and out of the book of Seth, and out of the areas of Revelation, in things that God has made known and taught in the Apocalypse of Paul, all these fall into this category. Then some books not listed here also have some of this, so it is a big subject. Lucifer is also known as Azazel, but he was God's Archangel with the others, and when he became Satan or the Devil then God just lost an Archangel, and had to hold that area of the Universe up, himself. And God is going to get back his Archangel, and he is also our Archangel, and he is going to bow the knee and worship at your feet, he works for our family. The day is coming when every knee is going to bow, in the heavens above and on the earth, and down in the netherworld, and that includes Lucifer also. And when the devil nature, When Sat an is no more, and an Archangel sings--Holy, Holy, then it will be a better Universe.

Someone said:--Oh, I want to see the devil catch it for ever and forever. After all this is sort of a Sadistic view isn't it? Would you like to see God lose something. Would you like to see God whipped in something? If he cannot get back an Archangel, then he cannot save to the uppermost.

Now,--in Hebrew the word for Uttermost is --saving without limitation to the extreme--nothing can be added to it. This is translated in our language to forever an forever. After all this is a sort of sadistic view --to burn and burn --but the Hebrew word is saving without limitation, or to the extreme and nothing can be added to it. This then is saving to the Uttermost, and I have a God who is big enough to do that. If you have a smaller god and we are both going to go to heaven, then I would be happier than you would--see.

QUESTIONER:---But isn't someone going to be cast into the 'Lake of fire, ' forever and forever?

ANSWER:---The word fire is Shekinah, and it means the refining glory of God, it is a refining, illuminating, spiritual cleansing fire, it does not burn physically, it does not burn the physical bodies for they are not burned with spiritual fire. It just burns out all the error, all the dross, all the things which need to be taken out of the way, from that individual. The Apostle Paul says that no man can build on any foundation except that which is built on the revelation of God. So if all a man's works are laid on that foundation then the things he does that are according to God's pattern they are like precious jewels, and the things that he does that are wrong are like hay and stubble. All the works will be tried by fire, and anything which is error will eventually be burned out of the consciousness of man.

Now, --if all the works of the man is burned up, if every single thing he did is wrong except maybe to know who Christ is, then he better have it all burned out because then he is saved by this fire.

QUESTIONER:---How by fire?

ANSWER:---Well what is Salvation? It saves men from sin not from God. When you are saved from error, superstition, sin --that is salvation. And Salvation is not putting you out in a great torture system where you have to be pulled out of it like in a volcano hole, because that is not where you are going anyway. So all this silly idea, about a burning hell-----you know that when Paul was writing about this prison chamber in the Netherworld where Christ was to take 'captivity captive' --he was writing to the Greeks who were Sythians, but they had lost some of their faith.

Now, they had taken on some of the far eastern ideas, and they had oracles sitting over the boiling pots, and cones in a cavern system of Greece and Italy. They had gods who crossed river it to Hades and ruled with Satanic powers. And the gods on Mount Olympus were always trying to drag someone out of Hades when this was a sort of torture chamber. So if you did not keep the right God, they would toss you to another one. So when he was trying to made a condition --when the mind was in bondage in the areas when prison chambers would hold people, then Paul used the Greek word --Hades.

Now, there is a difference in the word Hades--and Sheol which is the grave, where all men go when they die, the only thing that can save you from that is immortality or resurrection. The body dies, not the spirit---so that is why---"The wages of sin is death". But the Apostle Paul also said---'You do not sow in one field and reap in another. You sow in this physical world and you get punished in this physical world as well. He said:---where men sow there they reap. So you say;---'I don't see that'--but look at all the wealth that some of these wicked gain. Well, are you sure of that --do you think they are better off? I am going to tell you something, these people live in fear all the time. Wouldn't you rather be you and know what you have, and who you are than to be like these rascals? On top of that we are here to stay and they are not. One of these days we are going to thrust in the scythe and reap the harvest, and the Grapes of Wrath ----it is coming

QUESTION:--What then is Gehenna?

ANSWER:---It is nothing but the garbage dump outside of Jerusalem where they burned the refuge.

QUESTIONER:---This has nothing to do with the devil in Revelation?

ANSWER:--No. I am going to prove something to you. The fire was hot but it was never so hot that it burned up everything because the garbage they threw out burned, and smoked all the time, but the 'worm never dieth;--and yet people want to keep the fire hot and burn you up.

In that chapter in Revelation when those who take the mark of the Beast are thrown into the Lake of fire --this is the Constellation of Era--called the Altar, and this is where they will be taken out to and there they will learn to live with one another. This is Shekinah --The Glory of God which will burn out their error. It says they will be in this 'Lake of fire' until all the error is burned out, and it is the Shekinah which burns out the error.

Now let me ask you this.---Would you like ---in the presence of all the Saints and the Eternal father ---how would you like a seat in a monstrous Coliseum and you sit there forever and forever and watch them torture everyone who was bad---How would you like that??? I might have pulled a few wings off flies when I was a boy, but I wouldn't like to keep it up, would you? I don't want to sit around and watch them torture anyone---I would rather go fishing. If you would read it like it is interpreted you are to sit around and watch them torture all these fallen Angels and people in this lake of Fire forever and forever, and you are to hear them scream and wail. And then say we would like to change our nature for we wouldn't want to do that? After a while of watching that I would probably be ready to pull a Jew out --see I wouldn't want to see anything like that.

When you get thru with this, the nature of God is always the biggest thing. You always gage the valuation of truth, as what it does to God. If it makes God miserable and small then it is not true. If it reduces the image of God until he becomes more fiendish then you would be in your worse moment, then it is not true.

Somebody says:-- but there is to much of this love stuff, love everybody. Well, God is Love, but because of His love he enacts righteousness and justice and destroys evil, but not the individual. He destroys the sin but saves 'all flesh'. ---"all Israel shall be saved as it is written" --If you can tear out all the "alls" then you can get another bible, and start a new religion, because this one doesn't work any more.

(end of message)