12-02-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---An explanation of John 8:37?

ANSWER:---This is of course a sad translation in the King James Version. This just said:--"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." I was at this time when the Jews stood up and said:--'How saith thee that the truth shall make us free; we have never been in bondage at anytime?' This of course proved that they were not Israelites. Because if they had been Israelites, they would have been in bondage as the ten tribes were to Sannacherib or to Nebuchadnezzar. If they were those last in the Judah Kingdom, they would of course, have been in bondage earlier in Egypt.

But in getting around to this 37th verse, they were saying:---'How can you make us free for we have not been in bondage at any time, but we are Abraham's seed?' Now, in the King James Version, it has Jesus saying:--'I know that ye are Abraham's seed. But ye seek to kill me.' This is not the proper translation. It should be:--'I know ye claim to be Abraham's seed.' And then Jesus went on to prove this:--'If ye were Abraham's seed, you would do the work of Abraham. Yet I speak the truth which is of God (Spirit) and ye seek to kill me. This Abraham would not do. Instead ye do the work of your father.' And they cried out to HIM:--'We be not born of fornication. We have one father even God.' But Jesus said:--'If God were your father, ye would love me. For I proceed forth and came out of God (Spirit). Neither came I of the flesh alone, but of the Spirit.' This translation is very garbled. But Jesus said:--'Yes, I know ye say ye are Abraham's seed, but if you were Abraham's seed, you would be acting different.' Thus they had been contradicting their claim as being Abraham's seed for ---'Thru Isaac, shall thy seed be called.' Even if they had been of Abraham's seed thru Ishmael, this would still have had nothing to do with the line of Israel. But they weren't Ismaelites either.

Jesus identified them with the Cainanite line--'Ye are of your father the devil; the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning.' Thus he tied them back to Cain. Then in the book of Matthew the Jews again prove they are Cainites and Jesus said:--'Ye are guilty of all the righteous blood slain on the earth from Abel to Zacharias killed between the temple and the Altar.' When Jesus said this, he proved they were Cainanites. And said that they were the generations of the Serpents and the Vipers. This thru the seduction of Eve and the producing of Cain who carried the Serpent dynasty on down.

So over here in the book of John, if you would read this one verse apart from the others, it would be hard to understand. In the King James Version it says:--'I know ye are Abraham's seed, but ye seek to kill be.' Then if you read it as:--'I know ye say ye are Abraham's seed, but ye seek to kill me, because MY WORD has no place in you'---then you understand.

QUESTION:---There is a verse here (Acts 18:26) I don't understand?

ANSWER:---Many of these passages are out of sequence of things said. They have been translated by theologian error. Jewry first started to obscure passages in the Vulgate version and of course they did this in the early Vatican version. And then Protestantism felt the same influence.

Now, Acts 18:26--'And HE began to speak boldly in the synagogue; whom when Aquila and Pricilla had heard, they took him unto them and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly.'--I don't know why this should bother anyone, but the Synagogue thru out the New Testament was simply the place where people gathered thru out all the Biblical world. And remember that the Temple at Jerusalem was controlled and dominated by the Cainanites. And because of this, then by the time the translation of the King James Version, these meeting places were translated as synagogues. But the word Synagogue itself comes out of a non-Hebrew word. Synagogue is the Assembly of the masses. Actually it has a clope relationship to the Japhetic line, or the mixed and mongrel seed which resulted as the assembly of God, or the meeting place of the Gogites. It is never used for Israel at any time. But it fits the Jews who were a mongrel group.

Now, you come to this book of Acts and it says that Apollos was speaking. And Apollos was a Jew by religion, a proselyte after the Jews took over all the areas of theology thru out all of Palestine and Galilee. They controlled every place of worship and the people had no other place to worship except where the Jews held sway in the areas of instruction. The Jews had adopted old testament theology in order to control Judah and Benjamin. And then thru those two, all of Israel. The Cainanites had not part nor lot in this Bible. But at the time of the Ministry of Jesus, they were in control in the land and over the theology. Anna and Caiphas were Cainanites. And Jesus said that they were the descendants of the slayers of Abel and others, thus a Cainanite seed. But this man Apollo was a Pharisee and not a false one either. He should not be referred to as a Jew. Remember that the Apostle Paul said:--'I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, but of the sect of the Jews--by religion.' This was before his conversion. And after that he said that the Jews were against God and contrary to all men. He said--in the book of Thessalonians, that he had no use for Jews by race. This is also true over here in the book of Acts. When this man heard the truth then he became a follower of the proper position concerning Christ and His Messiaship.

Now it is not worth the time to redo all mistranslation. One would have to re-translate the whole New Testament. And this is the work of a lifetime. And we don't have a life time to work it in. There is to much else to get done. But as far as the New Testament is concerned, at no time, and when we say a Jew we mean a man born of the Cainanite line, or the Hittite line or Amalakite line. Never do any of these people become a Christian at anytime. Today we do have people who have been raised as Jews who are not Jews. This has also always been true. But the Jews are the most bastard, mongrelized line that there is on earth. They marry into other races to hold up their line. But they force those marrying into their line to accept Judaism as a part of the contract. But because of the high sterility of their race which is true of all mongrel races, they adopt a great number of children. They have a mania for finding Aryans to adopt. And they raise them as Jews. But as the children grow up, occasionally you get converts to Christianity out of these backgrounds. They have no affinity to this Jewishness even tho they have been raised this way. Generally they find out there is no affinity in this group in which they live and they become almost hostile, because of this radar system built into them that God puts into His people to protect them in this area of chicanery.

So any time you see the word Jew in the New Testament, you need to analyze it. For there are many erroneous translations here. The word Judah for instance, is translated as Jew. And yet there isn't a man who is of the tribe of Judah for instance, anywhere in the world, who is a Jew. When they used the word Jew in the Old Testament in relation to religion, it was used loosely and it came from Yehudin which were 'cursed' Cainanites and called Jews later. They were already in Talmudic law. And the Talmud was 'cursed' from the beginning because of what they did with it. And it has no part nor lot in this either. This is why the Essene company had to worship in the mountains. Why the true Priesthood was not in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. Those in power as pointed out in the Gospels, plotted always as to how to put HIM to death.

The 31st., chapter of Jeremiah says;---This is the Covenant I will make with the house of Judah, and the house of Israel, I will put my spirit in the house of Israel and the House of Judah. Now; the house of Israel and the house of Judah were both to turn Christian, there are no descendants of Abraham thru the Covenant line that are not Christians, and Christian nations to this day. This Apollo, I haven't checked his lineage but he could have been a Benjamite or of Judah , but as a Galilean he was one of the lineage of Israel. And all of the Benjamites and Judahites migrated out of Galilee before the time of Titus the Roman. They came into Europe as the Normans and the VisGoths.

QUESTION;--What were these sons of Strangers in Isaiah 56--what do they represent?

ANSWER;--In most of these instances it is referring to the line coming down from Seth thru Enoch and Job. These were also Hyskos (white shepherds) and yes strangers to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but they were Adamites who by passed the Covenant. A great number of times we hear this word strangers, but never is the word enosh used. There are two words in scripture for mankind, one is Adam and the other is Enosh. There is these two lines, and the Hebrew words are Audaum and Enosh. Everywhere you find the word pertaining to mankind it is one or the other. When ever it used the word stranger which means Enosh it is usually heathen instead of stranger. Somewhere within the scholarship in the King James Version they did at least make this distinction, altho at times they used the words stranger along with the word heathen interchangeable in the same passage. When it talks about the son of the strangers who join themselves to the LORD to serve HIM and worship HIM, anyone who keepeth our Sabbath and keepeth our Covenants, these have to be Adamites or they would not have any affinity with this anyhow. So the word here as stranger is an Adamite, and you could be a stranger to the Covenant with Abraham and still be an Adamite by not coming thru Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but before them. You would still be acceptable as a part of God's Israel. This is proven when Joseph is sold into Egypt, and this was a part of Divine destiny, so remember that as he was elevated to positions of authority because of his spiritual guidance as a prophet of God, he goes down to the city of On and becomes acquainted with the Household of Potipherah who was the white Priest of the ancient Mystery and wisdom school of our race at that time. There Joseph marries Asenath the daughter of this High Priest who was one of the most beautiful white women in Egypt. This woman was not of the seed of Abraham, but she was an Israelite from way back. You say how do you come by that?---because the word is ISRAEL----and it does not start with Jacob who is the grandson of Abraham, but existed in the days of Enoch. The word "ISRAEL" IS A REAL OLD WORD --and it means a Prince ruling with God, and is an ancient name. So when Joseph married Asenath he didn't marry outside of the race. But he married into the Priesthood on the highest spiritual level of the race.

Then when Jacob saw these two sons of Joseph then he said;--"Let my name Israel be named on these two lads." If there had been a question about the genealogy of these lads then they could not have been numbered with Israel. They could not have received a blessing from Jacob. Remember how Hagar and Ishmael were sent away? God would not let Ishmael take a position in Israel, for our God is a segregationists.--"Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called." God was absolutely discriminating and selecting among his own offspring . Only thru this discrimination and selection would they be acceptable for the administration of the kingdom.

Now; of course God was not angry with Ishmael because of his heritage, and Ishmael was to dwell with his brethren in Peace, but no one in the administration, instructions, teaching, ruling of the kingdom was acceptable unless they came thru Isaac and Jacob, altho in marriage they sometimes picked up some of the lost heritage of the race.

QUESTIONER; In other words in the bible there is two different words for man, but what about this when they were to send the women and children out of Israel---they had another word.

ANSWER;--that is another thing, the word used is outlander, this is marrying outside of your race, and this meant that his wife was of another race.

QUESTIONER;--It is the same word.

ANSWER;--No it is not in Hebrew.

QUESTIONER;--How about a mongrel who cannot enter into the congregation for ten generations, then later in the same chapter it says that an Edomite may enter into the congregation in the third generation? (Deut: 23;8)--Have you ever figured that one out?

ANSWER;--That is a pagan lie (see Moffets and F.F. translations) If a third generation Edomite was to be accepted it would have had to have been by one of Esau's Israelite wives. Esau had several wives, and the ones who got him in trouble were these Hill country women who worshipped at the 'Hill of the Satyr'. this is where they worshiped the goat-god Pan, and where they went in for bestiality and all that depravity in that religion.

QUESTION; ---Such as the Hittites practiced?

ANSWER;---Well the Hittites were the Yehudin (Jews) they are the thin faced, longer nosed Sephardin Jew, and there is also the Ashkenazin (Jew) who are the more round headed Asiatic Jews. But in this picture Esau is still out of the line, but if he had an Israelite wife and these children of that wife had stayed in the Israel line, then by the third generation they could have gone back to the temple. You go to the old Zohar and you find these things, but the children of the outlander wives were something else again and they always moved with the world of their mother. Sometimes the others drifted off in that environment and they were thus no longer part of Israel any longer. The old Zohar had all these old teachings of Yahweh and the things he spoke. It was almost like a Talmud in a Pre-Jew period. In otherwords these were the things the Patriarchs and the wise men had received from God. The ancient Zohar was every word that god had spoken and everything he had brought forth, where as the Talmud was introduced as a substitute for the Word of God, and they said that when God wanted to learn something he came to the Rabbi. Well that is just something a Jew would tell.

In this instance again, no Israelite, no man of your race would lose his identity with the temple, and the leadership with its values which it had, by letting his family absorb an outsider which would also put his family outside. But this marrying outside the race actually required 10 generations of breeding back before you could even bring one back so just figure this out. If you had 1000/64th., of mongrel blood you could not participate in the administration of the Temple, or in any of the political life of Israel. And here I am not talking about the Jews because they are all a bunch of mongrels.

QUESTION;--"To many as receive HIM, He gave power to become sons."

ANSWER;---This we have handled many, many times in bible study so it is repetitious but your story here is;---'He came into the land of his inheritance and the occupants of the land received Him not. but to those who received Him he empowered to become sons of God. In otherwords He gave them Divine power which belonged to them because they were born, not of the flesh, nor of the will of the flesh, but of the will of God. He gave them this power because this was a spiritual seed in the earth, and they were in the earth as sons, this is why He came, it is a part of his atonement, this is the thing He promised them. This is why He was crucified, this was why He resurrected. This gibberish translated in there has no part nor lot in this story, for he came to the land of his inheritance and the occupants received him not.

In the book of Matthew when Jesus is giving instructions to his disciples, he said;--'I send you out to the LOST sheep'. In other places he talks in parables about the occupiers of the land who were not the heirs as the scriptures says;--'They perceived that he spake this parable against them, and they plotted together as to how they could put HIM to death.

See how you have to tie this all in. If scholarship is going to draw any thing out of the New testament narratives you have to tie this in with this message of John--"He came to the land of his inheritance and the occupiers received HIM not." they were the occupiers of the land, but were not of the household. they knew they were not heirs, so if they were Israelites they would have been heirs. Jesus said;--(John 17) "All thou hast given me-----thine they were in the heavens (spirit), mine (now-embodied) they are mine in earth. --Not one of them is lost save Satans own son, who was not of them anyhow. They are not of this world as I am not of this world. This is God talking in human form as a human speaking for the record. This prayer was for your benefit, in the record, so that you would catch the theology of the mind of God dwelling as a man. So he had John put this in the record because John would not have had this which is in the seventeenth chapter unless it was shown to him. He said:--"Thine they were in the heavens, mine they are in earth." This becomes very important as to this passage about the Glory of god. At the very beginning of the book of John it starts out by stating a fact;---"In the beginning was the WORD , "---this is of course the intelligent conscious declaration of god. The WORD was a part of the very existence of thee very being of God. This WORD was God the intelligent ego senses--person of god himself. This Jesus was the creator of the Universe, the center of the Universe, Deity in all its essence.

Now; the same was in the beginning with all the manifestations-spirit) of God. "All things were made by (this intellect of) God, and without HIM was nothing made". then come over here to where it says;--"This is the Light of all intelligence and knowledge, even the body is synthesized out of particles of Light, as to weight and as to density. It is as different in its dimensions and vibratory levels a the electronic plain in which is made up of atoms and particles held together by Light animation. for the spirit holds the substance together just as the Light world holds the electronic world together. But there are two different plains, you can cut spirit and it is nothing but organized electricity in physical universe, but you can also get into another dimension which is just as solid as this one is.

But again the scripture here says;--He was the true light, which lighteth every man (offspring) which cometh into the world. So there are some people who come into the world, and other races which were created here. Our race was begotten in the heavens , of the spirit, thus we were a Celestial household who came into the world by entering into an Adamic offspring, The Celestial seed was transplanted by purpose, and thus the children of god came into the world to occupy Adamic bodies, and thus are children of God after the flesh. Everytime you have the word Adam this is the white man, for a blushing countenance was one translation of the word, and was thus translated into some of the old texts as the white skin which can turn pink, or blush. However the word Audaum meant children of Light--offspring of the MOST HIGH, or children of the rising sun, or Children of Light.

In fact you go back into the oldest text possible, where you can find a record of this, you see that Lucifer is to have said: --we must put out this light which these children of YAHWEH POSSESS. TO DO THIS WE GET THEM TO COHABIT WITH OUR RACE, FOR THEY ARE ENVELOPED WITH A RADIANCE AROUND THEIR PHYSICAL BODIES WHICH IS CALLED AN AURA. This was the reason then for Satans seduction of Eve, to put out this light, to take away their immortality, their spiritual power.

Now; verse 9--This is the Light which lighteth every man (Adamite) who cometh into the world. In otherwords, races were already here on earth about one million years ago. Altho we only have about 600,000 proven years for this as yet. Even tho there are other cycles longer than this. But this is a lot longer than the Biblical record. But never the less we do have this proof. These people were the Tungus people. Then the ancient Sumerians. The Negroes came in at a later day of about 73,000 years ago. Where as the white man came much later, only about 5400 B.C. And these people (Adamites) were to build God's Kingdom in earth.

Once these basic keys become the basis of man's thinking, once you have learned the story of semantics and have searched for truth, all thru the writings of paper in ink, when you find that Lucifer tries to hide truth. But the spirit bears witness to truth. Once you know the story then you start discerning right away as to where they try to obscure truth and where they didn't. Once you know the story that there is only about 7400 years of history in your race, then when they try to lie you into something such as 73,000 years, or 600,000 years come to mind, and you know what is true and what is not. When you understand this, then you start looking at this Bible differently and you start realizing that there are people who don't have the spirit. And these people are called--the Beast system. But they walk around like you do; they wear clothes, build homes, and they even become the victims of the Beast System. This is the population which carries the 'Mark of the Beast' system. And there were Beast kingdoms at all times. But they never came into the Hu-man race. Oh,--you hear people talking about the human race today. But there are lots of people who are not of the Hu-man race. And all the Evangelists in the world can't make hu-man beings out of them. The word Hu-man is spirit man and comes from the old word----NU---from which we get the word New. In ancient Egypt, they used the word Hu and Ka. And in ancient Lemuria they used the word Hu. The Incas used the words Hu and Ku which were ancient words for spirit. The Egyptians were those who came out of a very old and ancient race. Probably the Tungus people. And they had an ancient background on the continent of Atlantas before it sunk, because of the Luciferian conflict against God. The records tell of their history, their struggle and their migrations. But they knew that the Adamites would come. They knew that God would put His own sons and daughters again in the earth and they would teach the people, build His Kingdom order, and overthrow Lucifer. This was the message from the MOST HIGH GOD. The world would be put back in order once again. And the land under the oceans would be raised again and the world would be remodeled. These ancient people believed in the Ka or Hu of Ra, the God of Light. And the word Adam or Hu-man (spirit-man) comes out of this background. Far back in Aryan migrations as they came down into the areas of the Persian Gulf, some of them moved on over into India. So remember that the Shemites, Hamites also, came into this land later. And yet they were still white men and remained white men until about the time of Nimrod, when some began to merge their seed with other races. They started to mongrelize the Seed Line here in Ur of the Chaldeas. So God told Abraham to get out of there. But in this situation the Aryans carried lots of their semantics into India. And ancient India was also made up of Tungus people. Then Lucifer set up pagan temples there and tried to weave the Negroes into their society. And the Tungus people tried to resist, but Luciferianism set up those temples in their midst and began to bring down the people. Then came the MANU--the Sethites out of the Steppes. They conquered the Ganges valley and actually took over all of India. This was the best years India ever had. The white man came in with civilization and developed architecture. And here, when the Negroes were being mixed in, the white race tried to stop this. They said:--'These people running these temples are (Yehudin) outcasts.' Kali worship is one of the most terrible there is. For almost every girl, by the time she is 11 years old is a prostitute in the temples. By the time they are old enough to marry, they have already had children of the temples. The friezes of the temple, the pictures of the operations of the temple, are so rotten you couldn't show them here. The makeup of their parades in India, feature every process of their perversion. All is demonstrated in their parades as they go down the street. In otherwords, this is their religion. And people never rise above their culture, their religion.

Now, way back, oh--5000 years before Christ, our Aryan forbearers came into India and brought civilization and knowledge. After seeing the situation there, the caste system was started. It wasn't a bad idea either. For the Aryans were not to mix with these people on India. They could not do this and serve YAHWEH. The semantics of India changed because of the impact of people.

And we have the word--Krishna. This word was the word--shall we say--in Hindustan, even tho not a Hindu word, but was now involved in Hinduism. We call the language in India Hindustani. But is sowed with Aryanism also. In Greed the word for embodiment of a Divine being is Christ or Christo. And in India the embodiment of the Supreme God is Krishna. He is the Supreme ONE who will conquer the forces of darkness. And the Temples of Kali will be smashed. So all this talk of Krishna is about the coming of this Supreme God to liberate the people. I can show you volumes on Hinduism. Some of them contain beautiful photography. And you see woven into all these friezes and temple light, this story that someday Krishna will come upon the horizon. A mighty mantavaro (race) with space crafts and all this, will conquer evil and set the people free. With all this devil worship--still way out there, is this story of the coming deliverance. Where did they get this? The Aryans told them. This is what Enoch and our forbearers knew. So we went into India and we built an Empire. The word for Aryan was Manu, the Hu-man or spirit man out of the sky, sons of the Eternal of the heavens, and the great world upheaval out of space and earth, involving great powers, fallen Angels, who they worshiped as gods in whole areas of the earth. And in this battle which was an ancient history of these people of India, they talked about catastrophes which sunk continents and raised mountains and so forth. And this is not a figment of imagination. For all these things happened.

So, I use the word man advisably for all these different kinds of species upon the earth. But we are sort of tied down in the Old Testament by the two words--Enosh and Adam. But the average Methodist over there doesn't know that there are even these two words for mankind. And the Episcopalian's don't either. The man I talked to who was going to become a minister of an Episcopalian Church, then became a lay leader. And then sort of dropped out because he became involved in the Insurance business. But said he intended to return to this work in time as he had completed three years of Seminary at the same time.

He said:--I am against communism. And I support the Gospel as it is against communism. But of course everyone came from Adam and everyone can go back to the Father, for He created everybody.

I said;-- That is a good fairy story. Where did you get it?

He said:--That is what my Bible says.

I said:--But that is only what the Seminary taught you that the Bible said. Your Bible did not teach you that. Your teachers taught you that.

He said:--But that is Scholarship.

I said:--It is not scholarship if it is in error. But I am willing to prove to you in five minutes that it is error. That there is a part of the story which you have never heard. If I can't prove this in five minutes there is something wrong with it.

First I took him over to the 31st chapter of Ezekiel. And when he saw that the Assyrian and Egyptian Empires were all over the earth in the days of Eden, he was shook. After all, if you are going to have those two Empires over the whole earth in the days of Eden, then that is impossible for these people to have come from Adam. For you don't propagate that fast. The only ones who could do this is the Jews who had 6 million killed and they raised them up again to walk your streets.

There are many facets to this subject. And I pointed out to him the ice ages and these other things which happened to this earth; continents sinking and so forth. So people were here before Adam. I pointed out this Tidal King of the nations. Told him to get an old commentary and trace it back thru an old concordance and this Tidal was King of the land which went beneath the waters. Consider this man Tidal's genealogy and up to the time when Abraham meets this Tidal on the Plains of Shedorlamer. And you have here the Cainanite line all the way down. But where did this Tidal come from. He was the King of the land which went beneath the waters, or King of the people of Atlantas. But where they stuck in this chain of thought, they never stop to deal with the antiquity of races which existed so far before Adam. And yet all thru the scriptures you have reference to them. So this man went home and the next time I saw him he had to admit this was in the Bible. And the last time I saw him he had tried to teach some of those who had taught him and they wanted to ostracize him.

QUESTION:--That should convince him more than ever.

ANSWER:---Well, yes. But he does not quite know what to do with it. But we are not confined to the limits of this Bible. This book gives us the key to many others, --many things. But archaeology has brought us the facts. And we have found the bones, the campfires, and artifacts of these ancient people and we know they were there. Over in China, in Chickenbone Hill and Dragonbone Hill, there are 8,000 and 11,000 years of seed time and harvest in the dirt where the rivers come down and piled in up year after year. For the last thirty years, we have had archaeologists digging in different places and coming up with all kinds of things layer after layer. In otherwords, 5000 years before Adam was put on earth, we are digging up bones of the Enosh man who was buried in earth. So they didn't come from Adam. And today we can go back 600,000 years and find that men were on earth at that time. The thing which made this man the happiest was when he found out that 73,000 years ago, they were burying Negroes in Africa. This seemed to give him a great relief when he found there was no connection between the Negro and anyone who descended from Adam.

The great error today is an attempt to teach genealogy. I listened to some doctor, a brainwashed instructor from some college, the other night, and he was saying that modern study of the genes has proved that there is no difference between white men, a Negro or a Chinaman. He said, conditions of climate, environment and everything else could have made these gradual changes. So mix them all together. It's alright, he said. But he is not only a liar by the Book, but he is a liar by the medical profession and even by the area of biological law--"Kind begats like kind." He is ignoring Mitosis, the work of the genes and the chromosomes. Today the most advanced scientists knows that the iron oxide in the chromosome carrying out the functions which activate everything from the color of the eyes to everything about a person, all stored there, just like that paper stores facts. When this fellow says that it is just something about the environment, or something they ate which made Negroes our of some people, and Chinamen out of others, ---this is preposterous. The fact is, if that were true, no one would know what they could come up with when they raised a family. If there wasn't any difference in the seed, in the blood, and other factors, then that might work. But everybody know there is. And the best evidence is that there are Negroes, Chinamen, and White men. For "Kind begats like Kind."

When you come up with the facts that Negroes were on the earth thousands of years before the white man, then they are stuck for an answer and their argument is over.

Then you can turn to the book of Job and show them:--'The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.'---This was when this solar system was rolled out. And this was with the earth involved. We were with HIM in the heavens when HE put this solar system together. Then came the transference of this entity into the Adamic race---much later--- which marks again a vast distinction between races. But there are areas of theology which are trying to combat this all together. They are squirming and twisting at fact. But the funny thing today is that the enemies of Americanism and of the preservation of our Race, and of the things that we hold dear---that 25 years ago these men didn't believe in the Deity of the Christ, didn't believe in any of these things. And they still don't, for they are communist and revolutionists. And now in fighting us they are trying to use the Bible which they don't believe in to contradict what we are saying. So now they want everyone to descent from Adam where as a few years ago they were trying to bring us down out of the monkeys.

QUESTION:---Bobby Kennedy said:-'We have to do something about these Negroes---the children who's IQ's drop after the tenth grade. He probably didn't know what he was saying. Did you hear him?

ANSWER:---I did not hear him. But the older a Negro gets the less his intelligence grows. People don't know why but I'll tell you. A Negro child---his head stops growing and sutures up after an early age. A white man's head doesn't stop growing and suture up until he is about 30 years of age. This suturing up means that the skull comes together and becomes firm and hard, and stops growing. But a Negro, by the time he is ten, his head is about as big as it is going to get. And as it sutures up, it is also compressing as the bone is getting thicker. So what happens is that there is no more brain room and no more expansion. And a Negro stops his intelligence growth. He will never use as much brain as he has, but as a little one he is sharp and alert, until about ten years old. And after that you can teach him, but his brain is not growing after this. It is compressing. This is true and they drop in their I Q's because of this. They have been doing lots of research today in laboratories using people who are above retirement age. And they are alert and doing some wonderful work. The only thing which causes people to age and decay mentally is that they lose interest. If you know this message then the world becomes a challenge and you are always thinking. But when people no longer want to learn, and they have knocked out the zest of living, and the deep factors of Faith that is working Faith, they then deteriorate. We have a lot of inactivity Faith. A lot of retiring dying faith. I guess it gives them something to do before they slip away. So they just sit back and retire and plan on this. The minute they get this retiring faith they just sit around trying to behave themselves until they die. Where as a working, living, participating Faith does not leave a point in their life whereas they will be too old to participate. As long as they work and plan and talk, and are interested, they keep vital. There is a law here which can reverse such factors and can reverse age. And we are learning more about that all the time. This is where men think. This is where the door is locked subconsciously by men, to hold out the full restoring values of the spirit. This is again why there is no more vital areas of understanding as to know who you are, why you are, what you are, and what you can be. Because these are the factors, and the people can sit around all day and review history which is interesting, but unless they can relate in their thinking, in their Faith to 1964, then all they have to live by is something about 2000 years old. This is the reason why I refuse to let people bind me down by the way someone twisted in translating a verse. Especially, when you understand the theme all around the verse. This is why Jesus said:--'By the letter of the law ye die'---. He did not mean by the law itself. But by tying themselves down to what was written on a piece of paper with ink as to what someone said, and then throwing this up into the face of God who gave all knowledge and all truth. Jesus said you are going to challenge Me with this???? By the very word of the law you die. He said:--'You know the truth and the truth shall set you free.' The spirit is truth and light but by trying to hedge it in, and restrict it you bring about death. This is a very vital factor. Remember this, then there is no question about the fact that the scripture in the New Testament used the words--the aga-Ethene, and the Ethene. And as they translated this into New Greek, out of the Vulgate, and then into the King James, they came out with---heathen, and gentile, and everything else. But the AGA were heathen nations. And the Ethene were the Household of God. And when God talks about the Ethene, He is talking about the nation. This is why the gathering of the Ethene is the grafting back of the branches of the olive tree, back into the tree of Israel. Therefore, it says the grafting of these gentiles was the grafting back of Israel. Why?? So that "All Israel shall be saved, as it is written." By bringing back the Ethene, you don't do this by translating that word as Gentile and the translate this word for pagans as Gentile at the same time. The Jews garbled this all up. For everyone today who is not a Jew, is called a Goy. But all Jews are Goy. So that is also turned around. If they were going to make this distinction between Jew and non-Jew this is alright. But the word Goyim meant the Beasts which are without. So the Jews in usurping out theology, and twisting it to their own leanings, are called---the children of the kingdom,----and we are called the dogs which are without.

Now, people also do not know this, but all thru the scriptures the Negroes are called dogs--animals--walking dead--with out spirit. Zombie is the oldest word---Dead---the dead when they die know nothing at all. Today, a Zombie is a body of a Negro activated by a demon thru witchcraft. This work is for free in Jamaica. I am not fooling you. There are more zombies down there and more witchcraft that you realized is being practiced. We have some of that around this country as well. We have this one named 'Child' running around this country, the purple mouthed Negro.

QUESTION:---On this idea of Zombie, can't they be some of our race just sound asleep--soul sleep???

ANSWER:---No. Here is a little different category. But Zombie is a walking dead because there is no spirit in them. These are those whose physical body has no spirit in it. So when they die they are just that. There is nothing left. Where as there is a silly doctrine called 'Soul Sleep' and they say these are some whose spirit is just asleep. But the scripture says:--The dead, when they die, are just dead. But the Living (Hu-man--spirit-man), when they die, their spirit returns back to their Father who gave it. So this is the difference between Zombie, and the Living when their physical body died.

The word Goy in the New Testament is Ethene. Remember when the Negroes came by and saw all the miracles that Jesus was doing. She sees that the power of God is here, and so since she has a sick daughter, she cries out:--'Lord, Lord heal my daughter.' Jesus didn't pay any attention, but you wouldn't say that He was hard hearted would you? But finally Jesus said:--'It is not meat to give the children's bread to the dogs.' But she was a smarter Negro than most, and maybe there was no Martin Luther King to mess them up. For she said:--'Yes, LORD. But we dogs want the crumbs from the children's table.' ---From where?---She knew that she was of a different specie. And she wasn't unhappy or mad. So she said:--'We dogs want the crumbs from the children's table.' Jesus said:--'Alright---( and the word used here for Faith is radiation or aura. And thus Jesus said:--since you have absorbed some of this by being around these people, I will heal your daughter. (Matt: 15:21-28) But notice verse 24---Jesus said that His main purpose is to gather the Lost Sheep of Israel. So don't wast too much time on the dogs. Because they are not the people to build the Kingdom. This is your purpose in being here. So don't spend all your time on something which does not help the Kingdom. The disciples had a mission which was to go to every white man on the face of the earth ant tell them that the Messiah had come.

QUESTION:---There is another message there, that only those of the Kingdom were to benefit by His coming???

ANSWER:---Oh, sure. At that time, this was to put all the sons on the right track, to restore them, to split the veil. And when the veil of the Holy of Holy's was put back then spiritual guidance would begin to move back over them. It did not require a Priestcraft to accomplish this. Only a minister. This is all part of that function. This is not animosity, it is a matter of evaluation..

The book of Job tells about his experience with the Negroes. And the Negroes were at that time the savages who he had taken out of the thorn bushes and fed and clothed. And the moment Job had trouble, they turned on him. Finally Job said Negroes are not as good as my dogs. They ar not fit to come in and lay down by my fire. These are again from this word Zombie.

QUESTION:---All the promises of the Bible to those who believe, like in John 3:16---does this involve others or is this only Israel. Because the Bible is about Israel and to Israel, and for Israel???


QUESTION:---There is, time after time from John 3:16, that you find this----

ANSWER:---That is right. But this is to Israel and for Israel. So straighten them out first. The fact remains, this is not a sheep call in John 3:16. It is a conformation call. Where as Lucifer was the one who resisted, raised his will against God and said:--'I will do this and not that.' So He said:--O.K. come by your own will, but these others can't come. They have no will. --- Jesus said:--'I go out calling my sheep by name. I lead them out' So You could not by an method of Evangelism make a son of God out of someone who is not. The scripture does not promise that. The scripture is written to Israel, and for Israel, and about Israel. But according to the covenant, new and old, you could go to the ends of the earth and proclaim that YAHWEH IS GOD and tell them to worship the right God. But as you go out you enforce the law and build the Kingdom and proclaim YAHWEH IS GOD. The Apostle Paul said, the spirit forbade me to go to Asia. The Gospel has gone all over the world. But where it has stayed and become solid is in the Israel nations. We have sort of a blooming rose bush of Christianity on Formosa right now. For there are more Christians than non-Christians there. There are the Mandarins, the scientists, or teachers of China, and they couldn't go the communist route for they confiscated everything. So we have Christianity on Formosa. Chang Kai Shek's wife is a graduate from a Methodist College. And after marrying her, Chang accepted Christianity to the best of his ability. And he delivered his island into the Christian realm. He said:--'We have served Buddha. We have studied all these gods of China. And we have cried out to all these gods. But none has helped us.' Buddhist temples helped the communist to drive Chang Kai Shek out of China. So he turned to his people and said:--"I ask you now who it is that help you. This is the United States, a Christian nation that helped us. They serve the one God of the Heavens who came to earth as Jesus Christ. Therefore, I have asked their missionaries to come to tell you of HIM. So why don't you give this one God a chance since all these others have failed us.' To them, this was a mechanical process. What would be better for them? So they turned Christian. And the evangelists back here said wonderful, wonderful. They became Christians. Yes. Chinese Christians ---but what kind of Christians?--They are Rice Christians.

Now, it is good they are Christians, but they are still 'rice Christians.' In the Boxer Rebellion, these people in China had been Christians; raised in compounds. And they didn't give up The Christ when some bandit came along and said:--'I will cut your heart out if you don't give up Christ.' Well, hearts weren't valuable over there anyway. So they died by the thousands in the Boxer Rebellion. But in the communist rebellion, they would come into the compound. And there we had rice fields and everything was prosperous; and American money had built all these things. After all, $5.00 would build a house over there. And the people on the compound had free rice. And they lived well. But the communist came in and pulled down the Cross and melted up the bell for bullets and said:--so now you have communists--you are communists. So O.K. Then along came the Christians. And they would feed them rice and again they were Christians. So it is quite obvious that with rice and clothes and so forth, they became Rice Christians.

In Africa, they are five and ten cent store jewelry Cannibals.

QUESTION:---What about the Koreans?

ANSWER:---The Koreans are different. They are not strictly Asiatics as the Chinese. They are a mixed blood people. They come partly from the Ammonites who came over into that area ages ago, and were driven into that area which is now Korea. So they are about 10% white blood. This makes them different from the Japanese or even the Chinese. This is also why there is a difference in the Japanese. For the Annu are of white blood ones. And then there are the Sumari, the people of ancient Lemuria. And then some of them are from a bunch of white apes with the same number of chromosomes. And they used to call them 'white apes' or tailless apes. This is their own history. I can show it to you and some of the Japanese had tails even as late as W.W. II. The Sumari wouldn't have anything to do with this down breeding bestiality production. And neither would the Annu. But this is ancient history for them and Luciferian catastrophe. But these Annu, I have beautiful color photos of them, and they were white people. I can show you history from the days of Lot on back to their history. But these Christians on Formosa, or in China do not have the perception of the white man. But after a lifetime of the generosity of the Christians, they become much more mellow than they were in the arms of their own pagan religions. They become more emotional and quite attached to their missionary stations and so forth. But they don't have the capacity of deep inner spiritual insight. You never get a deep understanding of Christianity, but they can get a deep understanding of Yami. Or if you go into Confucianism they can argue for hours on the philosophy of Confucius. And you can get from them tremendous depth in Buddhist theology which is the worship of the Great Gottmas(Giants) from fallen Angels. But this is different to them then Christianity.

Now, in the age which is to come after we have overthrown the darkness, and the powers of evil, the world will note a great transition and change. And one of the things which is to happen in the ages to come, processes which may have started now, but won't be consummated until this is done, --these people will be made new creatures in which they will be given an added quality of perception. This is in the era to come. It does not make them your brothers or catch them up to what you are now. But is will bring them up to a status which is more like what you are to think and to know as you return back to your Divine nature before your fall. But they will rise in their status in that the whole Universe will be put back in balance again. And they will be restored to their original creation before their fall. This idea that we have to run out and save everybody on the same salvation route has been built on the idea that they are all in the same perdition. In otherwords, as long as you think there is a big fire somewhere, that when people die, a lot of them are going to be thrown into that fire, and burn forever and ever, as long as you believe that, then you have to work night and day to keep people our of that fire. And you have to have some formula by which you do it. So we reduce the formula to the saying of a few words. Or to an acceptable pattern of the theological ritual that they must admit to. Or if Catholics, they must of course join the church, be baptised, go thru the preconceived rituals, and if they keep this up and pay the proper proportions, down to the time they die, then the family pays to get them out of Purgatory. All those things. If we believe that, then we have to work to get them through that route so they don't get burned. All of this is tied to an area of pagan imagination and since that is true, we have a world of theology twisted and warped out of shape. Therefore, men must work at saving everything on the face of the earth. Saving it from what God might do to it, if He could get His hands on them.

Now, just stop and think. If God has this whole Universe in His hands, has "All Power", "All Omniscience", says that---'just who can resist his will, that His WILL prevails, that HE will do all "MY WILL"---If you don't think that HE can put everything back in order, then He is not big enough to be my God. I don't like little gods. They always get you in trouble. I like a Big GOD. And He has to be a lot bigger in His nature than He has developed us in ours---Remember that!!

QUESTION:---I was over to a friends house and a Mormon caller was there. I told them that when we were born on earth, that was the second birth for us. But the Mormon said--no, those two births are by baptism.

ANSWER:---This is just Mormon doctrine which is just about as deeply entrenched as the Church of Christ used to have as they thought that the world was saved by the water of the flood. But the World (order) was drowned in the water of the flood. You go back here where it is talking about the world passed away. The world that then was being overflowed by water, perished (II Peter: 3:6) where in baptism was in like manner. That is what they say. Well, for instance, Baptism is a symbol of death, burial and resurrection. But Resurrection is also a symbol of re-activation.

Now, let's get this clear. You were Celestially begotten in the heavens. This is where you came into existence; into being; a thinking entity of God; an incorruptible seed. You were physically born into a physical world when you came into a physical Adamic flesh body. And resident in this body is a son of God, lighted by HIM. For every Adamite that came into the world is lighted by HIM. Adam was not under the fall as he came in, but he fell. And thus the Adamites came in under the fall. But you here today, came in under the guilt complex you inherited.

Now, you were pro-created spiritually in the heavens. And you are pro-created physically in the earth. And your Celestial consciousness has to be re-activated for you to fully appreciate the spiritual capacities you possess to receive that which Christ has done. Therefore everything that the Christian church has done, and if the Latter Day Saints can't come up with any more than this, then this is for them too--(-this is the renewing of the mind) Its regeneration then regenerates the spiritual power in the body, and in the consciousness. This is re-generation. So you have to be generated before --to be regenerated. You had to possess this knowledge before it can be brought back. And for the spirit to bring all things to your remembrance, you had to have heard it before. So the whole spirit re-synthesizes--in command--a re-activation which is just as tho a person was re-born. But they are already 'twice born'. So you are just re-generated. And the scriptures even call it re-generation.

QUESTION:---But Baptism for them?---

ANSWER:---Well, born of the water is physical birth. And this has nothing to do with baptism. Born of the water is part of being 'twice born.' Jesus said:--'Ye must be born of the spirit and born on earth.' The best place to prove this is where Jesus talks to Nicodemus. They have it translated:--''born again". But just get a lexicon and it will tell you that you must be 'twice born'. Jesus said:--'don't you---a teacher of Israel, understand this?--You must be born of the spirit, and on earth--thus 'twice born'. Nicodemus was wanting to know how to participate in the Kingdom of Heaven. Nicodemus was not thinking about his entity being existent in spirit. But this is an Old Testament doctrine and a New Testament doctrine.

Now, whenever the church adopts a new theology, even one of error, they make everything conform to it. For everytime they translate, they conform to this as far as possible. The spirit never lets them obscure vital areas of truth because they do not perceive it. So it is always there to be found. That is the reason we can say today, there is an Episcopalianism and a Catholicism that is still stuck in the King James Version. Actually, all the churches make up 'one church. But all the doctrines in Christianity don't make up all truth. Only the truth of Christendom make up the TRUTH. So any time an area of Priestcraft comes up with something else, then look it over.

Now, get this straight. God might show me unlimited amounts of spiritual wisdom. There is no end as to what He might open the door to. And there isn't anything I myself searching for, that He doesn't make known, if HE wants you to know it. So it is a natural reaction for my mind to be thinking of this when I am walking out in the hills, or riding in the car. It is just click-click. Something is always coming in. I have no power then to keep you from learning this, from fulfilling your destiny which is also coming. In otherwords, God raises up Ministers, and gives them spiritual wisdom and give them power to pray for you. Gives them power to heal the sick or enough Faith to even raise the dead. But there is not one single thing I can keep you from. Because there is nothing thrown in here (the Bible) saying I am to keep you from it if you don't ante up, or don't ante up enough. Because most of the Priestcraft we have today, this so called power to excommunicate you, or keep you from the blessings, or withhold anything from you, is nothing but a piece of propaganda or witchcraft which the Jews concocted back in Babylon to try to rule men.

Now, what so ever shall be bound in earth, shall be bound in heaven. And what so ever shall be loosed in heaven shall be loosed in earth. Someone said:--how about that? This is when binding the enemies of the Kingdom, not binding the Sons of God. If all these priest would turn on--and all the Preachers would turn on just for one year and tell the people, we are here to bless, not to curse, we could bind the enemy and have nothing but good for the Kingdom. We don't go around throwing jinx's on people. There are a lot of people who get jinxed from Preachers and Priests. But I will grant you that there is no fear in this book (Bible) to be put upon the sons and daughters of God. In otherwords, there is power that ministers possess, but it is for good. Not for a curse.

Now, we can bind the enemy and we might find we can, under certain conditions, have them drop dead. You may be able to generate enough power to do that. But you let people inside the Kingdom be activated by demonic powers, and they fight against the structure of the Kingdom. And they throw their energy to the enemy to destroy and they can make themselves sick. Can even kill themselves by fighting the thing which is right, but which now they think is against them. But the thing which plagues them is against them until it is removed by themselves.

I can tell you this. That which is of the household and of the race, and of the Kingdom, and of this mighty catalyst of supernatural power--the Kingdom-- is dominated by super natural power. It is a higher operation of spiritual law than the natural mind can understand without the spirit. The 'Beasts' can't understand this, for Jesus said:--'You cannot understand my speech because you are not MY SHEEP.' It didn't make any image in their mind. But let me tell you that the children of the spirit down here in physical bodies, -- they are spirit of His spirit, and have built into them, (even tho, maybe not aware of it,) something which the world (order) does not have. And that soul consciousness requires an affinity with spiritual wisdom and food that they must have, or they shrivel up, shorten their time, weaken their power. Or many times not aware of it, they live a --sort of dead existence. But when the forces of darkness fight the Kingdom, they destroy themselves. Inevitably then, this is important for people to understand. Judgement generally, descends out of a pattern of energy power just like chemical reactions in a test tube. And there are wave-lengths of energy. And there are catalysts of thought that turn loose in vibrant force, to effect all the receptive thought patterns around about and in the earth. Therefore a Celestial house when short circuited with error, then its reactions, even on the nervous system can destroy them. And yet they didn't do this because there was a curse put on them. They cursed themselves.

But I am going to say that we are going thru a rather strange period. All these ecumenical conference desires are built on several things. Popes get rather ambitious. They would like to bring all churches together under their Papal Power. Oh, Yes. They would like to see One Church because they think all the churches should be one. And this is good semantics. This is good church lore. But they are not interested in seeing that all these people believe in The Christ, as they are getting them all together into a One roof proposition. They would take in the Hindu and Buddhist who don't have to give up their pagan faith to join. They have Buddhist Priests over there kissing the Papal ring in this conference this year. What for??--Well--if you will just smile at us we will take you in and you don't have to give up your Buddhist Priesthood to gain status with us now, and recognize the Holy See. Well- the See isn't as holy as it used to be. Someone said:--maybe it's not as narrow minded today? Well--Christian, whether Protestants or Catholics have one thing in common and that is THE CHRIST. They have one other factor in common and that is their RACIAL ORIGIN. Because the great strong points of the Christian faith is still the Western Christian Nations. And others are just Christian outposts. They are like an invasion into a foreign land. The only thing there is progress in Africa and Asia is when 'white men' marched in bringing in their religion and set up a fort. So we bring in civilization, build cities, put in hospitals, and schools and we keep an arsenal and an army over there. Then we civilize them and start them wearing clothes, and stop them from eating each other, and we don't let them bury the live wife with the dead husband. And we make them conform to Christian ideas, even if they are pagans, and they obey the law. So by this process, you get civilization. You get Stanleyville or Leopoldville or Calcutta as cities. But just roll the white mans flag out and bring in the United Nations flag and all its ideas, and you can't stay there. Everything you built goes. And they are right back where they were. So authority must be behind truth because these people can't hold the truth by desire. It must be held by law. This then is the Law that goes out of Zion. In that day when the Law goes out of Zion, it shall rule with a rod of iron. What is that rod of iron, but firm inflexibly enforced. It is not tyrannical or cruel. Why? Do you have to enforce it? Yes. Because no one else is smart enough to enforce it spiritually. So you can't live in the earth in proper balance spiritually unless under spiritual mandate. So the people of the early earth got along as long as Lucifer was an Archangel. But when he became a devil, they were in trouble. But we wouldn't have been in trouble if back in the days of Adam and Eve, they hadn't let him seduce the race which cost us our aura, which was a great mantle of our power.

But after all, this devil still doesn't have us licked. For all this time the greatest resistance force has been this race which you are a part of. This hour which is ahead will see this restoration of Glory. I wouldn't want to miss anything which is ahead for anything. Would you? We have never been in such trying times, whether you know it or not. The things which are about to turn loose all over--economical--everything, is at the testing time. And if you think you have seen big wars and tremendous situations, then the events which are right here upon us are going to be unprecedented. And yet the Kingdom will come right on thru. This is the miracle of it all.

The possession of your racial integrity, your spiritual vision, your connection with this whole theme as a driving force is going to keep you going. He is going to push and give you a drive. And without this incentive you will be in fright all the time.

QUESTION:---What is the identity of I AM. Who is I AM???

ANSWER:---What??? The old word AM is a very ancient word, the symbol of absolute and complete embodied divine wisdom. Theosophy under Bovtskyism which is Kale incarnated Jewish evil set up the religion of Asia to try to take over the white man. And then had the gall to put on their temples the letters A U M --- meaning, we have it all. If you want to see that sign go right to the Foothills Boulevard. They have that sign over there. And you see it once in awhile. The great world Universal knowledge of wisdom, the final ultimate of all knowledge and wisdom embodied, belongs to this word AM. But it is hardly ever used in our theology because it is not in our semantics. Generally, when you see it then it comes out of some area of theosophy. When YAHWEH spoke to Moses, He said:---'You say that The Eternal has sent thee. (The word here is Everlasting--and that is the correct translation.) He said to Moses:--'I AM the Eternal, today, tomorrow, forever the Eternal Living YAHWEH. So I am YAHWEH living and you go tell Pharaoh that YAHWEH hath sent you.' The world has put the word I AM thru a lot of twisting and turning, trying to make a fetish out of this---the awareness of existence in important, and the most important thing in teaching was that the awareness of existence was to bring into them this thought that they were an embodiment of Divine entity.


Mother Shipton's puzzling prophecy--(the following lines were first published in England in 1485 and were said to have been uttered by the prophetess long before the discovery of America and before any of the discoveries or inventions mentioned therein were made. All the predictions have come to pass except that contained in the last two lines. We of the Old Farmers Almanac will add one additional prediction; namely that Mother Shipton will end up with an excellent prophecy score of 13 correct out of 14 attempts. Perhaps 14 out of 14.)

Carriages without horses shall go,

And accidents fill the world with woe.

Around the world thoughts shall fly,

In the twinkling of an eye.

Water shall ye more wonders do,

Now strange, yet shall be true.

The world upside down shall be,

And gold be found at the root of a tree;

Through hills men shall ride,

And no horse nor ass be at this side.

Under water men shall walk,

Shall ride, shall sleep, shall talk.

In the air men shall be seen

In white, in black in green.

Iron in the water shall float,

As easy as a wooden boat.

Gold shall be found 'mid stone,

In a land that's now unknown.

Fire and water shall wonders do.

England shall at last admit a Jew.

And this would to an end shall come

In nineteen hundred and eighty-one.



Perhaps later, we will understand just what did end in 1981---in this long struggle to bring forth the Kingdom.