12-04-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Ps:121 "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from God who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved. He that keepeth thee shall not slumber. Oh, He that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep."

ANSWER:---Now the actual text here is that I will lift up my eyes to the apex, or the high place from whence cometh my help--because my help comes from YAHWEH who made the heavens and the earth. He is the one who keepeth Israel and He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

Way back when Horus the high Priest of the ancient Egyptian wrote his book of Horus---long before the Adamic race was begotten in earth--one of the things he did as he fled from Atlantas, after the judgments of God came on it as Lucifer was mongrelizing the people with the Negroes and there was all kinds of vice and corruption and depravity, where the high Temples of Atlantas were built like Pyramids---in the book of Horus he tells how the sons and daughters of god came into this temple and acted as high Priests for YAHWEH-PUTAH. He says they could never be touched, they could sometimes be seen, and they could hear them but they could not be touched for they had Celestial bodies. He said that in the days when God began to break up Atlantas, when water rushed into volcanoes and mountains blew their tops, and more of the continent sank then Horus or Khufu as he was titled, said that many people would not go down from the mountains to these vice pits of mongrelization. So these people of Atlantas followed their high Priest Horus across North Africa clear to the river Nile which comes down from the high country of that land. And this land was all a fertile country at that time so they settled down and built a country that is today called Egypt. Horus said that the day would come when God would again send his children, and they would build again a temple in earth like as unto the temple they had built before. He talks about how the children of God were going to be embodied in earth, how they were going to defeat Lucifer and preach the truths of God. And how also they would be tempted until God would come himself embodied as Osiris, the LORD OF LIFE AND RESURRECTION. How He would cross the river Styx--meaning go thru the channels of death to redeem his people, restore their power, so they could go on with the building of his kingdom and eventually defeat Lucifer who he referred to as Sette or Satan. All this is in the book of Horus, this is what he wrote:--"Lift up your eyes unto the apex of the Temple from whence cometh your help." for your help comes from YAHWEH -PUTAH by obedience to his laws. His scepter rests with his people."

Thus this verse in Psalms 121 is a repetition of what was said by Horus 11,000 to 12,000 years ago. But the same token there is some other interesting things;--- The Psalmist in Ps: 118:22 says:--"

The stone which the builders refused is become the headstone of the corner." Now in the days of Enoch and Job as they went into Egypt for their building they went up the great river Nile and they cut out those great blocks of stone, and floated them down on huge rafts close to where they were building. Some of the stone they moved overland but when they built the pyramid they did not put the Apex stone in place. But up the Nile river was the place where they cut the stone, where they shaped it on three sides--but they never cut this stone loose from its mooring and they never brought the stone down to the pyramid, never put the capstone on the pyramid.

Now; turn in this same declaration to Isaiah 28:16---"Behold I lay in Zion (the kingdom) a stone, a tried stone, a foundation stone, a corner stone, a sure foundation and he that believeth shall not make haste. Therefore in the day when when we deal with Egypt--the LORD GOD shall raise this great and mighty stature of Egypt. In that day this shall be a mighty altar to YAHWEH and a pillar next to the border thereof. The Pyramid thus is built exactly at the border of old and new Egypt. Thus it is an altar unto YAHWEH and a pillar thereof. Thus --'I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect and precious.' Here we have the declaration that the pyramid is the altar and the chief corner stone is the apex stone. Then on the U.S. seal the covenant from the days of Abraham is marked by the stones on the pyramid. God promised that the people of Abraham thru Isaac would be the ones who would build his kingdom and the cap stone is suspended above that pyramid with the all 'seeing eye of God' upon it. When we chose that stone we chose this symbol to represent us. When Col. Totten did the book concerning the Heraldry of the nation, it was said that we selected this emblem because it was the idea emblem of a Messianic building.

Thus the emblem of the Messianic kingdom of God was a pyramid and the chief corner stone represents Christ, thus the whole building would be sealed together perfectly, would be perfect perfection of all angles and all sides. This is the reason we selected the pyramid for the New Order of the Ages, as we started this nation out. But had the chief corner stone as Christ.

So when the Priest Horus wrote so long ago he had said;--Look at the high place from whence cometh our help, using almost the same words as the Psalmist put in Psalms 121.This has significance for when you come to the book of Peter we find these words;---"To whom does Christ come? but unto a living stone, disallowed by men, but chosen of God , and precious. Ye are also all living stones built up into a spiritual house , a Holy Priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus the Christ------

'Behold ! I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect and precious, and he who believeth on him shall not be confounded. Unto you that believe He is precious, but unto them that are disobedient the stone which the builders rejected, or disallowed , the same is made head of the corner. This is the same thing the Psalmist said, so when they left off that stone on the pyramid there was no explanation as to why they left it off. But on our seal the symbol says that Christ seals in the whole thing together.

So, in Peter you are told that you are 'living stones', a holy priesthood and then the Apostle Paul said your body is the temple of the Holy spirit, so the sum total of the symbol of Christianity, the church and Israel is living stones. And these living stones are fitly framed together by the Chief corner stone. The only building with an apex stone, the Chief Corner stone is the Pyramid thus the stone the builders rejected .

There is something significant for Horus wrote about how God had his connection in earth. He tells how the chariots of YAHWEH-PUTAH came and went from earth. He said there were spots in earth to which YAHWEH himself, would come at some time.

Now; when Elijah was taken into the heavens then God sent a chariot an took him from earth. Then when Christ is born in earth it is the light of a great chariot that guides

the wisemen to Jerusalem and then on to Bethlehem. And then hovers over where HE lay. Stars don't come down to go before men but a great light did come down as Rome records and the Hyskos record tells as well. But remember a great ship hovered over the shepherds, or many ships and they sang to these men. the told the Shepherds to go to Bethlehem to see the Christ child. This birth was a big thing for the Universe because God had become a babe in human body to do the work he had told us he would do which was to be the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. When we wee still in spiritual bodies we wee told all these things and he gave the measures of his birth, to Enoch and Job and they had the exact measures of his birth, crucifixion, and resurrection in the Pyramid.

Now; as Enoch and Job and that company came into Egypt they had the 'eye of YAHWEH' which was this great big disc and they had the all 'seeing eye' in the center of the disc--then here our nation chooses this symbol to mark our nation, this is an old, old symbol therefore.

Now; when Christ was crucified the disciples thought everything was lost. Then came his resurrection and they had their faith back in a hurry. Then one day Jesus took them out on the mount of Olives east of Jerusalem and while there as he is talking to them a cloud of radiance comes down and they cannot see the craft in the could. But Jesus tells them to go back to Jerusalem and wait until their power comes from on high. Then he walks into the cloud which sat on the mountain, and this great shimmering light, and two men walk out of the cloud and tell the disciples---quit staring at the cloud for as you saw him go he will come back again. You go back to Jerusalem and wait for your power which is from on high. Then the whole great light with the super dreadnought of space went away.

Ezekiel also saw these ships of space. He was on the Mount of Olives when he saw those ships come down and the living creatures get out of them. He was given a ride on one of the crafts. But the door came open from one of them and out came a throne. And Ezekiel fell on his face before the Glory of the MOST HIGH.

Now, after this Ezekiel talks about something else. Later the Cherubims lifted up their wings and the Glory of Israel was over them and above. And the Glory of YAHWEH went about them, then over the mountain, which is on the east side of the city of Jerusalem. He says this space craft had the Glory of YAHWEH in it and it came and stood over the city of Jerusalem. And then moved over to the Mount of Olives. This is the same thing Horus said about 12,000 years before. The point being was that YAHWEH came and went from different spots on earth. He spoke of how the Seraphims lifted up their wings. They had wheels on them and the Glory of YAHWEH went away.

Now, later YAHWEH told you that (Jer. 31) of Israel---He would put His law in their heart, so they will be My people and I their God.' But as for them whose heart walked after their detestable things and their abominations---'I will recompense their own way upon their own heads saith YAHWEH GOD. So in the land of Palestine today where the Mount of Olives is, the abomination of the desolator stands in Jerusalem. Thus in that day shall YAHWEH come and His feet shall touch the Mount of Olives. The Mount will split and move half one way and half the other. And make the land a great plain and the Dead Sea a living lake. How does He do it? By the power of God.

Three weeks ago in Israeli there were flying crafts that came and set down on the Mount of Olives. They sent out jets and the UFO's went away so fast they couldn't catch them. There was quite an uproar. They wondered in the papers whether they could be Arabs or Russians. But decided not. But our State Department said we would protect Israeli. Then this happened another time. And they were all shook out of shape over there. But I want to point out how close we are to the end of the age, because one of the prophecies says that He will return to the Mount of Olives and split that mountain and the Jews are going to get it.

In 1947, when the first UFO flew over Mount Rainier, in our nation, Eddie Cantor was entertaining in that Jew center of Hollywood, and they asked him what he thought about these UFO's flying around. He said that many Christians thought it was the prelude to the second coming of Christ. And if it was then the Jews had had it --- And he was right.

So back in Ezekiel, He has already poured out His spirit upon His people. But for these others, He is going to bring recompense upon their own heads. So the LORD said He will fly over that city and His feet will touch the Mount of Olives.

Then back in the book of Horus, he said lift up your eyes to the Apex. Then Peter says He comes to the living stones who are His sons and daughters. He comes who is the building stone, the headstone which the builders rejected. So with these passages, they have been here all the time. Thus we have an open chart here and we look and wait for the next event.

QUESTION:---What doctrine of scripture do we have that most people don't believe and it becomes a big handicap? What is it that people don't understand today that is their most serious handicap.

ANSWER:---We are fortunate for we understand the Gospel of the Kingdom. But organized theology doesn't understand whole areas of the scriptures. A lot of these ministers have gone to seminaries and been taught certain doctrines of the scripture and gotten real prejudice about it. Even tho it doesn't make sense, they will hang on to it. And if you disagree with any of it, then that is terrible. They think six days are 24 hours, and days are 24 hours. But the first and foremost error that confuses is that they think Adam is the father of all races. But if all men came from Adam, then it wouldn't be safe to have a family because you wouldn't know what you would get. But scripture says:--'Kind begats like kind, seed having life in itself.' So whether they know it or not, they are already denying the law of the scripture which we just quoted. Thus if there are no pre-Adamic races, then how do you explain men buried in the earth 1 1/2 million years ago?

There is no way to explain this. There are spear heads this old, but no one to throw them at. In fact, they have Adam before the six days of creation. Bang!--then there was Adam. The doctrine of 6000 years before Christ doesn't hold up either. Because He goes back further than that and we can prove it. Adam is almost 7400 years old, but He told Adam and Eve--go and repopulate the earth.

Now, in the repopulation of earth, even after all the catastrophe, they still say Adam is six thousand years ago. And this makes God a mockery. This makes integration then acceptable. A lot of preachers don't like the Negroes but they pray and pray for God to take this hatred out of their hearts.

So the first thing that blinds people, is this idea that everyone came from Adam. But scripture had told them that there was no helpmate for Adam out of all these people on earth.

So when Adam was put in earth--then the second Adam was this body, the babe from the womb of Mary. It means that this is the second conception conceived by the process of God--of a human form. This is the first Adam, a living soul; the second Adam is a life giving spirit.

So when Adam was put on earth, then there were trees of the field all around (Ez:31). Then all the trees of the field were great race trees. Egypt was a great Empire but Assyria was a much greater Empire. So orthodoxy does not take the scripture as written and start the white man as Adam. This gives room for lots of error---which is that they do not know who God is.

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