12-08-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---In the past few weeks there has been some changes in the teaching of the Catholic theology. After 940 years, it is now alright for Catholics to eat meat on Friday, except for Good Friday. The question is from Catholic ministers who find themselves at a loss. They find that after many years of instructions that this was a sin, more than this many have done penitence for breaking this law under the areas of business engagements and other patterns. So is it or is it not a biblical conjuncture that they could or could not eat meat on Friday? Or did the church bring this law entirely on church authority? And if so, why did they relinquish it after 940 years of the historic practice of this?

ANSWER:--Well, the only answer is that it had no biblical foundation what so ever. It had no Biblical instruction, was never commanded of God, had no spiritual value what so ever. It had been built to its significance by the Church, and its Priesthood to keep areas of symbolism attached to their religion. It was designed as St. Thomas Aquinis was so careful in explaining, that since Christ was crucified on Friday, this involved the shedding of blood, so no meat would be eaten on Friday. This being a decision of the church because the eating of meat required the shedding of blood. Since Christ was crucified then no animal whose blood was shed would be devoured on Friday. That this had a certain spiritual value and the church thru great revelation had come to this area of instruction. This isn't something which is 1900 years old, it is less than 1000 years since the edict has been made, and Penitence and church judgments were placed on the violations of this declaration.

I had a rather unique experience here the other day. I talked to a friend of mine here in the valley, they are Catholics, and they are real shaken up. They say that something is wrong---we have been told what is right and what is wrong all these years, and now they just waive it and write it off, and now say that it is alright. So if this is now perfectly alright then it was wrong when they told us it was right all these years. Then Previous Popes would be considered wrong in upholding these issues if there was no particular value in this thing, and it was just an area of regulation. So they have themselves in some what of a spot in this. the design is that they felt this was working a hardship on people in that this might not be the best available food for Friday, a rather limp excuse. The real reason is hat there wasn't anything to it to begin with, and is nothing to it now. As far as the day of --Good Friday is concerned, and this the night he was seized ---He had just eaten the Passover Lamb with his disciples, had just broken bread. He gave them the fruit of the vine, consecrated it to the miracle of Communion and said;---take and eat this is my body, this is my blood. So this actually constitutes the last meal the Christ had with his disciples, consecrated by his communion just before he went into the Garden of Gethsemane and was taken from there to the judgment hall, an then crucified in the early part of the morning. Actually there is no instructions in the records of any of the early Fathers writings, nothing which involves this. The only area of instruction written by the Apostle Paul, was when he said; --"Let no man judge you in the eating of meat or the keeping of days", thus the capacity of holiness is not achieved by the eating of meat or the keeping of days. That the capacity of holiness is not achieved by the eating of meat, or not the eating of meat or even being a vegetarian. But not eating meat on any particular day, this was not something divinely instructed, therefore if it was a matter of conscious then let a man handle his own conscious. Let him not condemn another man for what he did or did not do in the eating of meat, or the keeping of days. There is some who have asked this specifically about the Sabbath day, was it not beholden on all Christians ---for it is in the 10 commandments to--"Remember the Sabbath day and to keep it holy"?

Today the Christian is to keep every day holy unto the LORD. The Sabbath Day is now being used to try to get the whole nation pinned down to the Adventist Sabbath, or the Seventh Day. But there is not anybody today in all the areas of Chronology who could establish the Seventh day from the day of Creation. We don't have a seventh Day rule established upon this point. The main area of instruction was that they were to keep one day of the week, one day in seven, and be free from the normal routine of work. It would be a day of worship and of service even in the areas of recreation and diversion. In that if they worked seven days without a break it would wear them out, and remove the freedom and liberty which belonged to the children of God. Man was not made for the Sabbath, rather the Sabbath was made for man, not to give him bondage, but Liberty and freedom. Under the religious Sabbath that was established in the time of Moses, then God told Moses that as the moon crossed the Vernal Equinox that every seventh day thereafter should be a Sabbath unto them for that year, until they came once more to the beginning of the year at the time of the equinox. Then all of that period until the moon crossed the horizon was to be a Sabbath unto them of revelry, to a degree, a time of merrymaking and feasting and rejoicing until they came to the sign of the moon, then every seventh day thereafter for that year was a Sabbath for them. Very seldom did the Sabbath fall on the same day year after year. It might be Tuesday one year and then Thursday the next year, just depending on the crossing of the moon at the Equinox. When they tried to find fault with the disciples for plucking some corn from the corners of the field which they were to leave for the travelers, this was a portion of the Wave Tithe. Then Jesus told them that the Sabbath was made for man, not man (Adam) for the Sabbath. So that day as the disciples plucked corn the Jews came screaming-----"Look your disciples plucked corn on the Sabbath day, and Jesus replied:--"Ye serve times and seasons you know nothing about,' and they did not know how the Sabbath was determined. And then Jesus told them also about the Sabbath being made for man, not man for the Sabbath. But it was in the days of Annas who served before Caiaphas, and because it was considered good business, the Sabbath was getting hurtful for the Jewish Merchants in Jerusalem, so they altered the timing of the Sabbath and established the Seventh day, or a Saturday Sabbath from the Roman calendar.

They said this would be the Sabbath from then on. But they made this a ridged Sabbath, the Adventists of today are a good people but the Jews helped to finance Mrs. White when she formed the Seventh Day Adventist movement thinking it would split the Protestant right in half, and help down the existing churches of Protestantism. So actually the Jews financed the seventh day movement to start with, and many of them then joined it, but the actual design was to use this to split Protestantism. I have known many fine Adventists and Adventist Preachers but they have been given a fictitious concept that to worship on Sunday was to take the Mark of the Beast. And if you have the mark of the Beast you are headed for perdition. That Mark of the Beast is the day that you worship on, could not be true because the scripture as revealed to the Apostle Paul was;---'Let no man judge you as to what you eat or the keeping of days'. If the keeping of days was the Mark of the Beast then it would not have been passed off so lightly in the instructions God gave to the Apostle Paul for his church --on this matter. Of course they contend then have a Seventh Day Sabbath but they cannot have, where as the Christians came together on the first day of the week. All thru the New Testament era they did this, and this has continued ever since.

We have people who think that their spiritual values impute to them Eternal Life, based on the day they keep, but this is a little erroneous matter of identity. The children of spirit have Eternal Life because the spirit has Eternal Life. You cannot destroy the Eternal spirit, for you cannot corrupt the incorruptible, there is no way that you can mutate that which God has begotten. Thus Begotten is a matter of Sonship, a spiritual identity, and it is not a transaction that some one takes from you and hands to someone else. We mentioned this because we have questions coming in all the time from the tape network over the world. There is a great drive now because they are trying to get their conformity to Sabbath keeping. As Rome changed some of the edicts they have liberalized some of their conceptions. They now want to accept all religions, honor all religions, and it does not require any longer that an individual accept the deity of the Christ, or become a part of the Christian church as such, in order to have the communion and fellowship of the Christian church within its great religious roll of brothers. In other words the church has now said that anyone who worships in any form are co-brothers, co-religionists. This of course can never be accepted if any one has the area of instruction built around the facts and the ARCH AND KEYSTONE OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH IN CHRIST AND IN HIS RESURRECTION. --'Thou shalt have no other gods before me'---Hear O Israel the LORD thy God is ONE LORD' --'I am the God who made the Universe, I made the earth, and I stretched out the heavens. Place after Place it says that----I did this all by myself, for I alone am God.'

This becomes so fundamental in Genesis thru Revelation until there is no room for any religion but the Christian religion for the Kingdom of God. You have been instructed biblically to throw down every other religion, throw down their groves, smash their idols, all their symbols, and then make every knee to bow--this is your destiny. Whether you know it or not, this is what you are going to do all over the face of the earth. There is not to be one Pagan Temple left on the face of the earth. There will be no areas of false religions on the face of the earth. There is not to be one pagan Temple left on the face of the earth. We are to destroy the pagan Temples, and all their symbols, places of worship, and then forbid that man worship no other God, and then enforce it. So there will be at least no open manifestation of any other existing position. This is the ultimate authority which God invested in his children and his kingdom, and he brings it to fruition.

QUESTION:----What about the stopping of the bombing in Vietnam just over Christmas?

ANSWER:--Well this is a propaganda play. But today this is a very historic night because Mao of China met with Williams, the Negro Communist leader, and Williams said that their attack on American troops and America itself---this invasion of America and the overthrow of the Western world would start on the 8th of December of this year. This calls for the Negroes thru this holiday to riot and increase their violence, and that the Chinese would from this time onward deal deadly blows to America such as even Paratroopers, and invasion and so forth. This was published in the "Esquire" Magazine, and other Communist publications, and in the Negro community. We have a file on this, so after Dec. 8th, there is this intent. I think the man who should be given the 'Star of Lenin', fly him over there and give him 'The star of Lenin' --is McNamara. He has knocked out more aircraft and other things we need with a few degrees than the Soviet Union and china have done in a year. And this recent move will knock out all manned aircraft, all the bomber squadrons, and go totally to missiles. The only manned aircraft for protection will be an increase in Helicopters. I think this is rather significant, because without fast support the Helicopters are sitting ducks. The Helicopter pilots going in for rescue has to have fighter support or fast jets will come in and knock them off like ten pins. So what we are doing is dooming the Helicopter Pilots and the men on the ground as well. The Navy is very angry, they don't want to give up their flat tops either. I want to point out, that there is no intelligence in a missile after you start it out, and it is on target, and you can't think for it, to do the things that need to be done. People say--but we don't understand this--well I can, its just a lot of appeasement, and this inability to be successful. High officers said last night that this means the defeat of the U.S.

QUESTION:--Exactly what is blaspheme against the Holy Ghost?

ANSWER:---This is something that the kingdom people cannot do. It is impossible for an Adamite to commit, this is the total INABILITY TO PERCEIVE OR ACCEPT THE DEITY OF THE CHRIST. This is the supporting position that Christ was but a man, the illegitimate son as charged by the Jews. The Jews most of them commit Blaspheme, they live by it. Only a mentally deranged person would be actually a part of this. There has been some ---church added --fictitious passages in the scripture which some people have thought was Blaspheme.

In other words they tried to say that altho this was not the intent or the purpose---that if an individual repented of an area of mistake or transgression, then having repented of this and went back at some time and yielded to temptation and did this thing again, or say there was no repentance remaining for this individual, and therefore this was blaspheme of the Holy Spirit. There is no word of truth in this. It did not exist when the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Hebrews. You will find in the margin that these passages did not exist in the earliest texts, someone just wrote them in afterwards. The Apostle Paul said:----'We are not of those who can draw away into perdition.' So if you cannot draw away into Perdition you surely can't commit the unpardonable sin. For this is a sin outside of Grace. Therefore to be outside of grace would be to be outside of Christ, so it has to be a transgression which is outside of the Household of God, outside the spiritual seed, or the Kingdom, it is a mutation, it belongs to Lucifer's kingdom, his family, his household. So there is no way to reconcile this in the earth, there is no way this can be put together under this error, at this time, and in this order.

There are a lot of people who sort of like to go along with the superstitions and a theology which puts people into all sorts of torture chambers and tortures them. But torture was added by Pagans to the Christian theology and the Christians then kept the pagan torture, but never worried to much about it, because they always eliminated the torture for themselves because they had Grace, and Eternal life, and they shall never perish, these are the words of Jesus-----'That no man can pluck them out of My hand.' and the words:---"The spirit is greater than the flesh". And no man could possibly extract anything Out of the holding power of the spirit. Then along comes the Monk Armenian and he said:---yet---but a man could walk out of the hands of God. ---So there has always been a bunch of those who said they can walk out of the hands of God because they are a free Agent. I want you to know that there never has been a Free Agent There is no other fallacious piece of theology like this --free moral agency, there never has been a free moral agent. If you get outside of Christ. He who has been set free by the Christ is free indeed. His Eternal Life is spiritual, it is not moral. Morality is an end result, spirituality is the security of it. So it is by spirit that you have Eternal life. It is by spiritual Regeneration that you experience this vitality. The program of God is Spiritual, to its security, and more or less to its results.

Now, God does not have agents, he just has sons and daughters in the program of the kingdom. So the kingdom is not composed of Agents, and no where does it talk about agency. So the whole doctrine of Free Moral Agency is built out of the theological synthesis and ha no part or lot with the sovereignty of pre-destination, the Eternal nature of Divine Grace or the procedure of Eternal life. They have a word they like to use--Eternal Security--but oh, my, it must be a false doctrine. If I did not believe in Eternal Security, I wouldn't be able to believe that God saves to the Uttermost, or that He keeps his word. When He says I give you Eternal life, and you shall never Perish, then he also said:---Your name is written down in the Lamb's book of life before the foundation of the world, so no one is going to take it off or out. In fact they tried to translate two passages of scripture to support this saying, the person who overcomes--his name will not be blotted out of the Lamb's book of life. If you look at this passage in your text and look in the Concordance you will find that the overcomer is one whose name has been written, unchangeable, fixed forever in the purposes of God. But they write it negatively, the over comers names is not blotted out, but you don't write with the ink of heaven, and then blot it out. God never made a mistake, he never selected someone then changed his mind and assigned someone to a job and then says he ran out on me, and didn't do it. He says:---I knew you before the foundation of the world. I predestined you so if you don't do what you are to do, I will make you want to go. Some people die and don't' finish their job, but they will come back and finish it. no one will get ahead of their destiny. In measuring up ultimately to their responsibility, and before they are thru all will conform to the image of the son --his embodiment.

QUESTION:--What religion is Haile Selassie?

ANSWER:-- A Coptic. The Coptic church existed for a long time in Ethiopia, land of the headquarters of Queen Cadice who was a descendent of the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. This Queen of Sheba ruled over that area of Ethiopia as well as the Arabic and Ishmaelite area. She was not a Negress as some would have you think. But the Israelite Priests would not allow Solomon to legally marry any woman not out of the strict Israelite lineage even tho she was a white woman of the Adamic race. The law said that the Queen had to be of the Seed line---"Out of Isaac shall thy seed be called,"so the Queen of Sheba was never permitted to enter into the Temple as the wife of Solomon. The Israelite Priests refused to marry them, but the child she bore was Solomon's son. Thus Solomon sent the Queen and her son and their families back to their own land, but he also sent 1000 of the Nobles of Israel and their families with her to form a court for his son. When Manalex I grew up he married into the Israel line of the Nobles of his court. But being of the other side of the linage of Abraham back to Heber he was not acceptable in the King line of Israel. And even Solomon and all his power could not by pass the Levites. So generations from this child came on down, and in the days of Jesus then Queen Cadice was Queen over the land called Ethiopia, and the areas of Sheba and Dedan. After Christ's ascension--one day Philip was going along and he sees a Noble in his chariot, an Ethiopian Eunuch who had charge of all the treasury of Queen Cadice. And it says he was reading the book of Isaiah, and coming to the Temple to worship. As he saw Philip he gave him a ride. As Philip steps up in the Chariot he notices that this man is reading the book of Isaiah, so he asked if he understood it. The Eunuch said; --how can a man understand unless he has a Levite to explain it? So Philip expounds to him the scripture, and the man then wants to be baptised, and since they were moving along the water then Philip baptized him.

Now, silly Clergymen will getup in the pulpit and say---my this is the first Negro convert. But there was never any Negro brought into the church at that time, no one ever heard of a Negro reading Hebrew. Who ever heard of a Negro on the way to the temple to worship? They would not let a Negro into that Temple. So here you have a man going to the Temple to worship and he was reading Hebrew, so he was an Israelite. He lived in the land of Ethiopia but he was an Israelite. You could be an African Israelite, and a Swede or a German but also an Israelite, and I can tell you something else, nobody, but nobody who ever had a treasury ever had a Negro in charge of it. In fact you can hire them to tote, but you never let them tote in the treasury house.

In the days of the early church fathers they never thought of this man as being a Negro, so Clements writes about the conversion of one from the Coptic church from the land of Queen Cadice. In fact this was an Israelite Church, they followed everything that the Israelites taught, this had come down from the son of Solomon, and the Levites sent with this court had established the whole Israel worship in the land of Sheba, and Dedan and in Ethiopia, and this man was one of the rulers under Queen Cadice who was making his way to Jerusalem to the Temple. This man would then go back to Ethiopia and tell them that now the Messiah had come. There can be no doubt of this --He would tell them that this was the Messiah who had fulfilled the book of Isaiah, and the Levi gathered around would learn all that this one had heard while in Jerusalem. Then this man who was ordained by the members of the Jerusalem church would go back and establish this Coptic church. The Levites there would become immediately members of this church --ACCEPTING THE CHRIST, and then baptised into what was known as the Ethiopian Coptic church.

Now, this was not a church of mixed races, this church was all white and it was not until about the year 1100---long after the Marmaduke kingdom had the revolt in Egypt, long after the time of Christ, when the Negroes took over in Egypt for a time that there was one drop of Negro blood involved in this kingdom of Queen Cadice, or which came down from her. So ages before the present time of this present king, Haile Selassie's Grandfather took unto himself a Queen from a part Nubian Prince who they had subjected in areas of this territory. And they then made this alliance to add all these tribes which reached up to almost the Sudan and all the way back below Ethiopia proper, and all the areas which is now Samoa land. So an Ethiopian king took a part Samoa land Queen, a part black, part Arabian Queen and it caused quite a commotion. But they thought it a good political move. Then another king came along, a son of this woman and he wanted three Queens, but they would not permit this any longer even tho it had been the policy before of more than one wife. But now they said: ----a Bishop could be the husband of only one wife, so also the king. The Coptic church was now powerful, and the Priesthood had lots of authority. They had quite a contest as to whether they could marry outside of their race, but by the time of Haile Selasie there was still some Negro blood in him. But when you look at him he doesn't look like a Negro except he had dark eyes, and he might pass for a Greek or an Italian. There was very little of the Negro about his features, but there was still some color. One of his sons had the gene factors which marked him as having some Negroid blood, the rest of the family was fair. The religion in Ethiopia is the Coptic church, the Christian religion like the Greek Orthodox, only they have their own Patriarchs who go back to this man from the Treasury who was baptised by Philip. This is all in the tradition of that church.

Now I do not think they function in Ethiopia with the same integrity that other Christians might function, but these Negroes today make lots of money raiding and selling one another into slavery. Ethiopia contracted to buy these slaves from conquering Tribesmen, and then sold them to areas of Russia way back even in the days of the Czars, and this practice came on down from the Czar Khans--on down to the days of Genghis Khan. All over the world Negro slaves were being sold by Negroes , and the largest slave trading nation in the world was Ethiopia. I will say this, that when Samoaland people sold into slavery Negroes clear out into the land of Russia, then in the time of Mussolini he demanded that Ethiopia stop this selling of Negroes from Samoaland, or the Italians would come down and punish the Ethiopians. But the Ethiopians spurned this demand, and Mussolini attacked Ethiopia. This occurred before W.W.II started in 1936. A lot of people found fault with this Italian demand, and so they claimed that big powerful Italy was fighting with little Ethiopia. But Ethiopia is not so simple when you deal with an endless jungle and arid area. But the Italians did try to stop this and police the practice. And then all the Preachers began preaching that the old Roman empire would be restored, and Mussolini would be the Anti Christ. So anything he did had to be bad. But if they only knew it the Jews were the Anti-Christ and had been all along. If there was anything good that he did it was that Mussolini broke the power of Jewry in Italy. You should read the "Life of John Husk" by Mussolini. I have several volumes hat Mussolini wrote on theology. They have a clear and beautiful concept of ----'The just shall live by Faith', and they have a concept of faith, and they honored John Husk for his Great Faith. You would say that this man who wrote this book was a good man. Maybe he was firm, sometimes you have to be firm. I don't give approval to maybe all the things his government did for we live with more freedom than maybe his people did under Mussolini, but the word Fascist means--Middle Class. Today the powers of socialism are trying to destroy the Middle class here in America, they would create two classes --one the bureaucracy at the top, this largely composed of Jewish Houses and their control. The anti poverty program is only to keep them on the dole, on relief, so as to control them more easily.

QUESTION:--In the old Testament, it was Lucifer and Lilith, a the time of Adam and Eve, then in the New Testament, Jesus is confronted by the Jews and he said;---'ye neither understand or know the scriptures for in the resurrection or even in heaven they neither marry or give in marriage , as even the Angels in heaven.'

ANSWER:--Since you brought this up I will answer, but this kind of question is better discussed first before it is brought up. There are various types of Angels, those around the throne, the Cherubs outside of the Archangels who might be called Cherubs and Archangels as well, didn't have to stay in one estate. There are Seraphims who are ministering spirit, who are his ministers, who come and go thru out the Universe, this is a spiritual entity. The winged Cherubs around the throne who cry holy, Holy, Holy as Isaiah records as he beheld the throne, these are Eternal Angelic hosts surrounding an guarding the throne who live and bask in the light of God, and they have no sex nor gender and do not propagate, who are Eternally around the throne.

These referred to here in the New Testament are referred to as the Intermediate status of those who die, and are to be resurrected in earth. In other words--the children of the kingdom propagate in the physical world with physical bodies. But when that body dies and the spirit returns to God who gave it, then in that interim while the spirit is in Celestial realms, until the time of return for the Resurrection, there was no propagation. There was no problem with this what so ever. The Sadducees were Reincarnationist so they thought they could trick the Christ with this problem. Being Reincarnationist when they die they are reborn sometime between the time that they die and the 612 cycle, so therefore in their thinking there is this thought, so because of this they never go back once they die, they are cut off from anything before, and in their reincarnation theology they pick up where they are, and go on with nothing, but maybe some experience. The Jews who are Satanic are all reincarnationist. The Pharisees who believed in the Resurrection were of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. No Jews were Pharisees except the Shamah Pharisees who were false Pharisees, and had helped Anna and Caiaphus gain control of the Temple, and of the Sanhedrin before the days of Jesus, and were still there during the time of the Christ.

When you understand this then you see how they tried to trick Jesus by saying:---'Here is a woman who has had many husbands here in the flesh. So when she dies and goes to heaven, then whose wife will she be, who will be her husband?' Well of course Jesus didn't get involved in explaining this he just said:--'She will be like the Angels around the throne. There will be no marrying and giving in marriage in this interim.' This has been translated to try and have it seem that the Celestial realms were sterile realms without any increase. But of the increase of this kingdom there shall be no end. However for every son who is going to be embodied he not only is going to be Resurrected, but the synthesis of that body and the Celestial body--this is Eternally capable of moving to any plain or any dimension. But this has nothing to do with the Endless tomorrows of Eternity. It was only Christ's answer which has been translated and interpreted as ecclesiastically hierarchies wanted it interpreted. But Jesus made it quite clear that this answered the Sadducees.

There are propagating Angelic hosts. For even Lucifer did not keep his first estate. He begat offspring, and Lilith was his consort. She was the Serpent woman. And Adam and Eve had an offspring as did Lucifer and Eve--and their child was Cain. Lilith had demon offspring all thru out the Ganges area. There was thus Lilith--but we won't go into this tonight for there is a lot more to this question.

QUESTION:---Is there any reference to female Angels in the Bible?

ANSWER:---Oh, yes. There is reference to these being under their names.

QUESTION:---I never saw any but the male ones.

ANSWER:---There is nothing to support what you just said. You are just guessing.---Unless you understand. But they are named in various categories. There are male and female Angels denoted both by their names. And also by the things we have concerning the Angelic hosts. The records of Enoch in the "Pillars of Enoch", and things we find in the book of "The Bee", and the book of Seth about these consorts of those found bound in the Netherworld, for what they brought upon the earth, and conditions, and the judgements at the time of the flood, the setting up of the Watchers and so forth. This is too involved; too long a subject to get involved in tonight.

QUESTION:---Ezekiel 16:3--"Thus saith the LORD GOD unto Jerusalem, thy birth and thy nativity is of the land of Canaan; thy father was an Amorite, and thy mother a Hittite."?

ANSWER:---This is talking about those non-Israel people who had come into Jerusalem and settled down. They settled in the land and claimed they were joining this theology of the land. They came in as refugees, but came in to destroy. Sort of like these of today. But they were Cainanites, Amorites and Hittites. Then by no stretch of the imagination could they be Israelites. One thing which was totally forbidden was for Israel to mix with other races. The seventh chapter of Deuteronomy would take care of this. If Israelites mingled, they were thrown out. Never could enter the Temple for ten generations. And any family trying to redeem them, was cut off from the Temple. The Bible has been very firm on this. There was to be no mixing of the blood. This verse is directed at this mixed multitude who not only had committed every violation of Divine Law, but they were as immoral and perverted as the Jews of Hollywood are today. They are the bad figs of all the bad figs. They are the enemies of God. Jeremiah took a bottle and threw it against the wall and it broke into a lot of little pieces. He said:--"Can you put that bottle together again?"---Oh, no. They couldn't---So are the inhabitants of Jerusalem. They even ate human flesh. Violated every law. Condemnation rested on them. These inhabitants of Jerusalem could never be put together again. But this did not have anything to do with Judah and Benjamin.

QUESTION:---But going on in this chapter, you would think it was talking about Israel?/

ANSWER:---If you will read the whole chapter thoroughly, you would know it is not a good chapter for national discussion because it gets too involved. We can go down into the mud too. But these people are nothing but degenerates, evil and vicious just like all Jews the world over. They are the scum of the earth. And they create trouble. But this is a discussion of how evil they are, who they are, and what God had to say about it. If you ever say you are anti-Jewish--what God has to say is something else. In His attack on them, there is nothing as low, nothing as depraved than a Jew. Now, I will talk to you more about this question, but I do not want to put it on tape.

QUESTION:---What do you think Dec. 15 means for Rhodesia?

ANSWER:---Well, Rhodesia is a country just like California, or South Africa, and they want to flood it with chocolate; mongrelize it, take it over and destroy it. So I think that the only thing to help will be for God to intervene.

QUESTION:---Will the United Nations come out against Rhodesia?

ANSWER:---I think the U.N. will do everything devilish and damaging that she can to every Christian nation. I think it is your work and mine to utterly destroy the U.N.; cause its total destruction. I think the biggest responsibility of Christians today is to fight every part of the Anti-Christ which has its foot inside the United States.

QUESTION:---But the Clergy gave gone for it?

ANSWER:---I think one of the marks of an enlightened Clergy today is how they stand on the U.N. I think that anyone who claims to have the guidance of the Holy Spirit and goes along with the U.N. is a liar. It is just the same thing as someone coming along and saying you can be a Buddhist, a Jew or something else, just so you are a good one. It does not matter which God you worship, or how. Just so you worship. Anyone who says this, is a liar. Jesus said anyone who tries to climb up any other way is a thief and a liar, and a robber. He said:--"I am the door, and there is no other way." So anyone who tries some other route is a liar an da thief. See? You say, 'but isn't that pretty rough?' Well, I am just saying what Jesus said:--'Let every man be a liar and God be true."--There is no other way. This is the fullness of God. "He who hath seen Me hath seen the Father." --- "No man can come to the Father except he come to Me." There is no other route. Philip said:--'Show us the Father and we will be satisfied.' But Jesus replied:--"Have I been with you so long and yet you say--show us the Father?"--In this instance, again we cite that there is no middle ground here. He is God. There is no middle ground for the politics of the anti-Christ. How can you embrace a 'one world government' when this is Satan's blue print under the scripture?

QUESTION:---I know that it may not be quite Biblical, but would you comment on the Federal Reserve?

ANSWER:---The Federal Reserve is a bunch of private banks,-- pre-eminently Jew banks. These are not American banks. These banks were given this authority and power in one of the greatest mistakes ever made during Wilson's administration. The Money System of the United States was set up by the Constitutional Conventions of Congress. And Congress alone was to have the authority to coin money and to establish the value thereof. It was to be by 'just sets of weights and measures.' And it could issue currency or paper money in lieu of silver so people did not have to carry around this weight. But the honor of the government was that any time you wanted to take this paper and redeem it, then it was given the solid weight of gold or silver.

Now, when ever money is not redeemable in coinage, and not redeemable backed by your government with a commodity, then that money is worthless. That government has broken its contract with its people and it is evil, very evil, in its operation. If the love of money is the root of all evil, if poverty and misery are the by-products of the confiscation of the earnings of the workers, then I tell you that the moment that your government goes back on its monetary contract, it has violated the wages of the worker, and the cry of the laborers blood reached unto the heavens. In otherwords, when any level is reached when they can deny you the ability of any exchange, they have then abdicated the whole structure of divine law on money.

Usury is when you charge a high exorbitant interest on a piece of money where it was not producing a profit in which you are sharing. But you are taking it out of money which had to be paid because of unfortunate condition or debt. In otherwords, if I had $10,000.00 and a farmer had land, and he said:--'come and go with me; you put in the ten thousand dollars and I will put in the land and I will raise wheat and give you back your ten thousand, and a portion of the crop'--this is not usury. But if I went to a man who said:--'I am in trouble. Loan me some money on my house' and I loan him this at a high rate of interest, and I keep taking until I take his house--this is Usury. If the money is taken out of money and robs a dollar without having created any wealth, this a violation of the law of God. Therefore a large part of our interest system, if it is not involved in production or the areas of the extension of wealth to the producer is bad.

Now, as long as we had gold and silver coins, we had lots of gold and silver in our treasury. As long as our goods had 'just weights and measures' to back them up, then you could never break a nation that could produce. Actually you don't have to back every piece of paper with gold and silver. You can back it with stored wheat and goods, with its table of values like gold and silver. But the moment you take away the coin, or don't support the honor of gold and silver to back all the currency you have in circulation, then you have broken your contract with the government. We were defrauded by the government in the days of Roosevelt when he took us off the gold standard then suddenly cancelled the contract with the people, and said we could not own gold, but everyone else in the world could have it, who had any American money. They could trade for it and keep on doing it. But the American people could not have it. So that still left the silver and they got by with it by saying that we left the weight of silver behind the money. And you can go down to the bank and redeem it any time you want to, but nobody did. They did not want to carry it around.

Now, we went off the silver standard and started to pick up every U.S. piece of money, every silver certificate, every U.S. note except some of the phoney red fives. But they no longer say you can redeem this in silver. You will note that the silver certificate of $1.00, if there are any of them left, it is be because they haven't gotten back to the bank where they destroy them. Every piece of money being produced today, the best money we ever had, the $1.00 bill, no longer says:--'Silver Certificate payable in gold or silver on demand. Now it says:--'Federal Reserve Note. And this Federal Reserve note--this paper is loaned to us by the Federal Reserve Bank for what ever interest they may want to charge. Now as long as we had money, we could control to a great degree what they did with that money for they had to match it or operate under the facets of it. But the moment we went off the silver standard and took all the silver out from behind our money as we did a few months ago, then there is no money. All we have now is Federal Reserve money and the Congress does not have to back that up. In fact you could have a great collapse and the Federal Reserve money is dead. And you say all the money you have on deposit in the bank, it is insured, and they have to honor it. Well--there is always going to be a question as to how much Federal Reserve money they will have to honor. Secondly, it can be inflated. It has no fixed value. Is no longer tied to gold and silver; has no weight value. So under this instance we are about as moneyless as we can get. And the only thing I have any confidence in is substance. I still believe that gold and silver has so much weight. So if it is not money, then thru it loose and we will sell it like peas and beans and we will be satisfied.

Do we worry about Babylon falling ---If you get caught with a lot of bad paper, then you pay. But at the same time the fact remains that you are in a crucial hour. God will bless the tither and those who support His Kingdom. He has promised to take them thru. And God is not going to take them into destruction. The ones worried the most are the Babylonians. They are worried--. See?

So you might say that is found in 'when men weep and howl, their miseries have come upon them. Their gold is cankered.' So when it is pulled out from behind your money it just evaporates. You don't have it. See? President Johnson is asking for War Powers. Walter Winchel came out the other night and said that Congress, when it returns, will be asked by Johnson for 'emergency powers' so that he will have unlimited authority. Everything is looking toward Nationalization of all resources. This is a communist plot it there ever was one. It the President is not smart enough to know that being a Jew lover is not all the story, then he is not smart enough to be President. If he does understand, then he should be impeached. If they give him more emergency powers then he does not have to consult with Congress. The more he gets of war emergency powers, then if you ever criticize him it is treasonable.

QUESTION:---Has the Gospel of the Kingdom been a minority part of the scriptures?

ANSWER:---The Gospel of the Kingdom is what Jesus preached. It is actually what the scripture is all about. Now, He preached on very few things that the preachers say He preached about. Today the Gospel of the Kingdom is like the leaven and the loaf. But it is spreading, spreading. People have to be awakened to racial self respect, to the ONE GOD, to what your race is here for. Along with this comes the awakening of the Kingdom itself.

This Gospel of the Kingdom is growing. And there is no stopping it. We are the only ones who this can take place in--the white nations. For we are the people under destiny in the last days. This Gospel of the Kingdom will scarcely get over all the cities of Israel before the end of the age.

We are a minority today in the earth. Our people know they are Christian, but they do not know they are the Israel of the Bible. Probably far more people don't know this than do. But those who know are moving. There is nothing which starts the drive in a man than the knowledge of the Kingdom. It keeps him moving and functioning. It keeps him a participant, keeps him learning. You may not know whether he is a Baptist or a Methodist, but you will know if he knows of the Kingdom by the stand he takes at the PTA and so forth.

A short time ago the enemy said that the most dangerous thing in the world is this doctrine of the Kingdom. For when a man learns this, the enemy never gets him back. And he never stops working for it as long as he lives. So never be disturbed when you are moving ahead. When the final hour climax comes--the Gideon band of this hour is going to be 'The Gospel of the Kingdom People.' There are a lot of people who will learn of this one day. The things is so fabulous that you can't get a theologian to give any area of attention to it from one denomination to another. But you will be surprised how these same preachers and their people--when once stopping to listen,--will want to hear and learn all they can about this 'Gospel of the Kingdom."

I find that preachers come--two or three at a time. I look out over the congregation some Sundays, and I see preachers from different churches. They come two or three at a time. Maybe they will come a few times, and then no more. Or maybe later they show up. I see them making lost of notes. And sometimes they want tapes. Then if they spot someone from their own denomination, they take a powder right away. I see this happening. They want to know, but they do not want to break with the hierarchy. They do not want to get into ill repute with the hierarchy. Actually they are afraid to be free. There are some who are more free and they see you and they will say 'Hi'. But some others will run. But if you have truth, dangerous truth to some people--enough to make an issue out of it, then they will come to hear.

( end of message )