12-09-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---There is an anti-Christ in the last days--Daniel 8-3:25. Who will take over and rule with evil powers? Will you explain this?

ANSWER:---Well, there is one thing about the book of Daniel, and the multiple and overlapping of the seventh and eighth chapters. It is talking about the Little Horn of Daniel. Significantly for symbolic symbols, this is of Asiatic Kings and powers. One of the old emblems for Asiatic Steppe conquerors like Genghis Khan and others was that their emblem on their head dress had a horn. And this horn would come right out of this forehead. This headdress was used way back 2000 years ago and even earlier. And of course Daniel always refers to the symbol of these horns. Sometimes they are rams horns. Sometimes they are twisted horns of other animals which gave rise to the Unicorn and so forth. So these are given for symbols of leadership; military powers out of the Asiatic hoards who wage war against your race and against the kingdom. So some of these are dealing with prophecies of Anti-Christ, and others already fulfilled by Empires which arose under the symbols of Greece and Medo-Persia. But under this instance this particular passage refers to the situation in the latter part of their kingdoms when the transgressor comes to its full. This is a significant period of time, and it is generally conceded that it is also talking about the climactic time when all the powers and forces of evil would bee waging a war against the kingdom. This would be the day when the transgressors make their full attempt, and also the day when they come to their judgment in their all out attempt to destroy our western civilization where in the anti-Christ forces will be totally wiped out and destroyed.

Now; anti-Christ is not necessarily one person, for there are many anti-Christs. Wo ever happens to be top dog among the anti-Christs would be the top dog of his day. Khrushchev had his day and so did Stalin, so whoever this individual is he will also be an Asiatic Jew, all of them are, and they rerun their cycles. We are told that in the day when the transgressors run their fullness that there will be a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences who will stand up. This is always a vision of a person who is vicious, cunning, blaspheming, subtle. And of course Khrushchev fulfilled most of those things in his day as did Stalin. It speaks of the fact that he shall by his power therefore destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and holy people. When he talks about the fact that by his mighty power he shall destroy, it also talks about his policy---shall he cause craft to prosper in his hand. And he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by PEACE shall destroy many. He shall even stand up against the Prince of Peace, but shall be broken without hands.

This is almost self explanatory because one of the things --this is symbolic of any socialistic reign, one of the things is the wiping out of all areas of things that are old, and thus the state controls the replacement. This has happened all over the world in these latter years. Every conqueror had wiped out all areas of things that are old---this was done in Rome where the buildings were decaying and crumbling, and was rebuilt with modern apartments and buildings. This was done in Germany and has been done in the United States, and is going on even now in the Soviet Union. Whole areas of Moscow and Petrograd have been destroyed to be replaced with modern buildings, but the significance of this socialistic design is that all areas of labor are organized and controlled by this master of the Anti-Christ program. In the book of Revelation where it talks about Mystery Babylon the Great, it is talking about this Mystery Babylon as the complete symbostic system of all the forces of anti-Christ movements. Of course when a Babylonian symbol is used in the book of Revelation it is strictly and completely Jewish. The Priesthood which controlled ancient Babylon was a Jewish Priesthood and of course had nothing to do with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and had nothing to do with the people of Israel, but was an Asiatic, and Satanic conspiracy, its Baal worship and false religions dominated Nebuchadnezzar, and Belshazzaar and others. And in the days of the height of Babylonian power they controlled all Babylonian economy, and were virtually the overlords directing the military power of Babylon, and Babylon had the most tyrannical reign of any ancient empire before it fell. So God identifies always ---Mystery Babylon ---with Jewry, and identifies them as --"Thy merchants", identifies them in the latter days as those trying o over throw the kingdom using the same type of treachery. That they would use the same old symbols, merely transplanted, that were used thousands of years ago would be expected.

Under this instance as Christ unveils this it is to point out that all crafts, all industry, from the carriage maker to the jewelry maker--all industry is organized under control of labor masters and demagogues, and they are answerable to their supreme authority of this anti-Christ order which is as this ancient Babylonian order. Thus Jesus dies them to Jewry and to no one else, saying they are guilty of all the righteous blood slain from righteous Abel to Zacharias slain between the horns of the altar. He says that Babylon is guilty of this ancient massacre as well as the constant warfare against the Christian church. Jesus identifies them in Matthew and then in the 18th., chapter of John identifies them once again. Having already tagged this only to Jewry, the Christ retags this to Jewry, and of course when Babylon tumbles and falls the cry of 'Alas Alas, Alas, reaches to the sky. The word Alas is the word Oi and it is used all over the world by Jewry, and no other people. The word alas is very seldom used as an explanation or rather exclamation by any other people. This is particularly typical of a particular group.

Of course Daniel as he is talking is saying that a contemporary powerful master rises up in the last days, in the last moment of struggle, and of course he is controlling all the areas of labor, has been heralded as a great leader because he has the socialization program, and is in control of his country because he replaced old buildings with new ones, and all these things which are a part of the fanfare. Actually this is not an overly important passage in face of all the other passages we have in which the anti-Christ forces would seek to wage warfare with the kingdom, which by this time would be identified with Christ as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and Prince of Peace. So there will be a Satanic power, an embodied Luciferian force which will wage war with the kingdom in the very climactic hours of the return of Christ. This final leader will actually led in waging war against Christ himself and will be broken, will be utterly smashed, as far as the power of his kingdom is concerned. With no one to rescue him, utterly destroyed without hands. In other words without any ability for any defense to be made which would carry on any trace of his power. So these words --broken without hands-- signifies the tremendous forces used against anti-Christ powers which totally destroy their strength in the earth. This of course was written back in 553 B.C. and translation does much violence to the book of Daniel that in the courses of history places don't have as much significance as they would have because you don't know what was on the mind of the second or third translator.

But it is true that Daniel had in mind that Lucifer would have a supreme embodiment---a top evil person who would be waging war against the kingdom. But this is also true, for we deal with many anti-Christs. The scripture says in the Epistle of John---they who deny that Jesus is the Christ--they are anti-Christ. Then the scripture refers to the fact that Stan's own son is the son of Perdition, and Judas of Iscariot was of course Lucifer's own son, and Jesus identified him as Satan's own son. As Jesus was divinely embodied, so Satan's son was Satanically embodied. Again the spirit of Judas of Iscariot or the complete embodiment of a Luciferian offspring is always symbolized as the final head of the kingdom of darkness waging war against the Christ. There is a lot of people running around trying to hand this Anti-Christ title on to someone. They hung it on Mussolini, and then on Hitler and neither deserved it. And if they hung it on Lenin and Stalin then these men were fit marks to begin with, and Khrushchev would qualify for any of these Jewish forces, who always wage war relentless warfare against the kingdom and against Christianity. These areas are politically and basically first inside their own nations, and their enemies in both instances were Jewry, so they wouldn't fit into this pattern because the forces of Anti-Christ do not make war against Anti-Christ at all, it makes war against Christians and Christian society.

QUESTION;--What evidence do we have that the white race came down out of the heavens, an that as such they are identified as having kinship with God?

ANSWER;---We just finished a tape on that which was last Sunday afternoons message, and it has gone out over the nation now. But we an answer that relatively quickly. We have a race of people who make up the structure of people known as Christians, in the house of God, that have had a very different origin from other people.

You will note in the book of John that when Christ refers to Himself, a the 'Light of the world', being not only the master of Celestial dimensions, but all spiritual dimensions are composed out of particles of Light. All areas of the physical Universe, which are tangible in this plain, or this wave length of vibratory existence consists as we have stated many times before--consists of electronic agents of energy. Every atom whether a hydrogen atom, one an electron or one a proton is made up of particles of electricity held together by a mentoid law which is a light law of knowledge. This book keeping element is found in the most complex atom and first found is the most limited one, but the fact is that all the physical world which we see, touch or handle from which our physical bodies consist is composed of electronic organization, and held together by an intelligent law that demonstrates the forcefulness of its sameness by spectrographic analyses to the furthermost light reflexes thru out the universe. Substances subject to light reflections are subject to light analyses breaking down with the spectrum giving a spectrographic analyses by reflection of any substance which is capable of giving either reflections, or can produce for us light as it burns of its own accord.

Now; with in this same pattern the light itself, possesses weight and formed particles, and the dimensions of spirit, the Celestial dimensions are composed of light and also the Celestial body is a light body just as the physical body is an electronic body, but we reside in both. The soul consciousness is a consciousness which is aware of of its existence, is consisting of an awareness and therefore consists of thought areas of element and energy of thought which can range in Celestial plains or physical plains, it can draw its concepts out of the Celestial mind, or it can draw its awareness out of the body which relays thru the brain, thru the concepts of reaction. So your knowledge comes by the senses, by visual operations, by hearing --within the structure of your physical body it becomes your occupying tabernacle and with it you gather your information, with it, and form your ideas, with it and you have all the experiences of existence. However you have all the capacities of spiritually being able to think in terms of the spirit an to see, and to catch ideas which are not the by product of the senses in which many times transpire in the consciousness long before even the development of the event.

Now; the people therefore who have the capacity to be activated in the seat of their consciousness by the God of light are a specific people. When we refer to Christ as the Light of the world it tells us therefore that He is the True Light which lighteth every man who cometh into the world, and it becomes obvious then that there are people who come into the world, and these people have the same wave length as the mind of God, and are thus capable of --because of spiritual capacities to receive the thinking of his thoughts, or to be activated by them. They do not have the same spirit that the original creation has, nor do they have the spirit that those in the Luciferian rebellion possess. The offspring of God instead are spirit of his spirit, and life of his life.

As we deal with this we turn over to the book of Corinthians and we might say that this is quite obvious in the opening passages of the book of Corinthians, when talking about the difference between the people who constitute the white race, who make up Christendom. He says;--' We speak wisdom of God in mysteries, even the hidden mysteries ordained before the world was formed for our Glory.' (I Cor; 2:7) Then we are told that 'God hath revealed them unto us by his spirit; for the spirit searches; searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.;----Now; we have received not the spirit of the people of the world, but the spirit which is of God'---that we might know the things which are given of god. Therefore the natural man of earth order cannot understand the things which are of the spirit of God. They are foolishness unto them, because they are spiritually discerned. But we did not receive the spirit of the world order, we received the spirit which is of God--Why? because we are not of the world (order) we are out of the household of God. This isn't talking about an area of conduct, this is talking about an essence of being, of a people who came into the world, who possess his Light, his Light which is the Spirit of God. And because they came into the world lighted by This Light which belongs to the Father, and to his offspring, then we confirm that people did come in. By turning to the book of John chapter 17 we thus find this prayer which was recorded by John at the inspiration of Christ who demanded it. Jesus said; --"I am not of this world (order) ----these are my disciples whom I called, and they are not of this world either, even as I am not of this world.' So he was not of this world because He was YAHWEH OF HOSTS FROM HEAVEN. Why then is not your race of this world order, because your Celestial beings have come out of the heavens just as His did. And as he entered the world by birth, altho this was the first begotten of the Father (spirit) into your race, you also entered the world thru birth by route of the Adamic race which is the issue of God and started this race off with Adam who was the son of God according to the book of Luke 3:38.

Now; therefore we point out to you---the book of Ecclesiastics says that you brought nothing into the world and you can't take anything out except your consciousness and awareness. In fact as you came in a veil was brought down over your remembrance so that you would not remember the secret of arrival lest you return to those plains. So there is adequate evidence that we came in from the outside. That we are the offspring of the Most High. Jesus referring to His Celestial being said;--"Thine they were in the heavens"---then referring to his earthly embodiment as Messiah, the shepherd and king of the kingdom he said:--"Mine they are in the flesh." Thus thine they are in the heavens, and mine they are in earth.

Again Hebrews chapter two --this is the results of Paul's trip into the heavens, and his talk with the Angels on the space craft. He went into four different dimensions of the heavens and then came back, and was told to put these things in a book. This was when Paul said---he knew a man once who went into the heavens, and whether in the spirit or the body, he could not tell, but he knew that he had gone. Later he would admit that it was he who had gone, and he could not tell whether he was in the spirit or in his body, because the consciousness of the soul is in both. The Celestial pains he found were as solid in their dimensions as the physical elements which is just organized electricity, and are under its law in this plain. Thus it was the Apostle Paul who was taken into the heavenlies and then came back. While there he was told----according to the Apocalypse of Paul that this was from whence he had come. That he had volunteered to go to earth in the timing of God, and he had been brought back into the heavens to bring back things to his remembrance so he would retain this and would go back to tell those people who made up the church, made up the kingdom, so as to bring back to them the knowledge of kinship and so forth. So in this he is told that thousands upon thousands, literally millions of people were there, and he saw them coming and going in vast ships all over the Universe to the various outposts of God, that these were his kinsmen, children of YAHWEH. Many of them --he was told had as yet not dwelt in earth, but many would yet dwell in the earth, but they are thy kinsmen, they are thy family, thou art a child of God, and thou hast dwelt in earth, I will bring again to your remembrance that thou art an offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD.

This is why over here in the book of Hebrews--one of the great mystery books which Paul writes, writing this Epistle after the return to earth, after he had written many Epistles he says; (Heb:2:14) ---'Now that the children of God are down here in bodies of flesh, that God himself when he came to earth to conquer death, and overthrow sin, then took a body upon himself---a body of flesh just like you had. A body of flesh just like you had, took it upon himself, took it upon himself, out of this race, out of the seed of Abraham, this very household of Adam---He took upon himself, a body out of the race that he might be flesh of his brethren. He was not therefore to call you his kinsmen, or relatives. So therefore --so that he might be just like his brethren (household) this second chapter of Hebrews says:---He took on himself a body of flesh, because the children of God were down here in the flesh. Now; there were other people here in earth who were creations, and there were also rebellious forces who came in with Lucifer, but here it is talking about the offspring of God.

Again we call your attention to the 82nd., Psalm ---"Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH . Here he is talking to Israel which means Issue ruling with God, or Princely issue ruling with God. Now; this word Israel goes way back, was known in the days of Enoch 5000 years before Christ. Was known by Seth which is contemporary to 5200 years before the Christ. Seth knew that he was Israel, or Issue ruling with God. This name then came precisely upon Jacob meaning --you are a Princely ruler--ruling with God, thus changing his name from Jacob to Israel. This was not the first time the name was known but this was of course a seal of the continuing posterity of an acceptable seed, non-mongrelizing, and unpolluted. So all of these things are just a little of the evidence that there are people who came into earth, transplanted spiritually by the process of birth into a physical world, and the scripture tells us that we are thus children of God, born of incorruptible seed in heavenly places, by the spirit, and of course the whole procedure of Christianity is to renew these things, to restore what was lost in the fall, to renew minds, to regenerate our spiritual cognition in the seat of our consciousness. We had to have possessed it before or we could not have had it regenerated. We would have had to had spiritual wisdom or it could not have been renewed.

These are words spoken to His disciples showing they had been with him in antiquity, showing that their spirits dwelling in these bodies had been with him in antiquity. He said; --Ye are they who have been with me since the cosmos was formed. In other words you have been with me in the beginning, then in the 14th., chapter of John he also said; --'I will send the Paraclete --this is my administering spirit, the word of truth which the world (order) cannot receive. But you can receive it, and it will bring all things to your remembrance which I have declared unto you. Everything from the beginning will be brought back to your consciousness. These are the experiences that you have had.

Job in the 38th., chapter ---as God tells him to tighten his belt and answer, if he can remember----'Where were you when I laid the foundation of the world, laid the measuring line upon it---where were you when the morning stars sang and all the sons of God shouted for joy?'

Now; I want to bring one more verse in here that proves it was not talking about Angels, when it says sons of God shouted for joy. Again we turn to the book of Hebrews where Jesus now in a physical body, a man among men, and yet also VERY GOD----there is a passage here which says;---because of His Deity, his destiny, and his purpose he was made so much better than the Angels, and had a greater inheritance; he obtained a more excellent name that they---"For unto which of the Angels had he ever said at any time--Thou art my son?---Angels were never sons of God, they were creative beings, some of them multiply, and some do not. Some were before the throne, some were Seraphims, some Cherubims and these were propagating angels, all with different words for their names concerning the Celestial orders in the original Hebrew, and in the Greek. But at no time did he call Angels His offspring, they were created beings, created for his service, an for His Glory, but they were not his offspring. Unto you He said;--'Thou art my sons, thou art Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. So we very definitely know that God never called Angels his sons, so that the 82nd., Psalm does not refer to Angels. It was to Israel, and this is why David was so interested in this, and incorporated it into his psalms. Then He says;--why do you die down there like earth men, why do you let these things happen? Why do you die like created men when you are sons of God?

This word man is Enosh, so why do you die like they do who are without his spirit? The word Hu-man is Adam in English and Audaum in Hebrew. This proves the difference in the other races, the sixth day creation and the seventh day begatting of God. The words Bara and Yatsar take president here. This is repetitious, these verses we have pointed out, but then you can't become to familiar with them for this understanding of Sonship. And since this question keeps popping up from time to time, as people ask, how can we establish that we are the Adamic race and are different, that we came in from out of the heavens. Then Jesus said; --No one can ascend into the heavens, unless they had come down out of the heavens, thus they could not go back unless they came out of there. During the time of Christ on the mount of transfiguration Elijah and Moses stepped out of the spirit, proving this. One thing about the wave length of spirit, a spirit can get right back into the normal and natural affinity. But sometimes operating on different wave lengths could move into those plains.

It is the knowledge and patterns of organization and substance as far as physics is concerned that when you move into that area of vibratory influence or frequency as it related to organization of material that you may pass elements of the vibratory plain together in energy form right thru the patterns of substance whose vibration is on another plain; and because this is true we can see the abilities on one wave length, and pass right thru to another. This happens in Celestial plains all the time. There are Celestial beings passing right thru this room which you cannot see, never the less they are tangible in their plain, and all Christ had to do at a pre-mature attempt to crucify HIM, was to steep up the electrons revolving around the nucleus of the protons of his being. He stepped up or accelerated this and went right thru the wall , as tho it was not there. Then he slowed down the electrons, and there he was outside talking to the people. But they down in the treasury room were looking for Him even under the tables and they had their stones to kill him. It tells us this in the scripture that the Jews put stones down there to kill HIM, then the guard comes in and said;---He is outside talking to the people. So they wondered how He did that, but He was master of a law, knew how to utilize this law. This is why it says in the book of Hebrews------'You are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, of whom the earth is not worthy'---why? Because you descended from a long line of men of whom the world is not worthy. This word Pilgrim means one who travels to a far land on his on volition. The earth was not worthy therefore God had to put a veil over the seat of your inner consciousness for if you could have remembered how you got here you would have gone right back. This proves again that the stepping into the dimension of spirit is quite possible.

Now; all of these powers are to be restored to our race in this climactic hour, in which we live. That is why I say; ---bring it on--the faster the things develop, the faster the development and restoration of the household of God takes place. We are living in a day when modern physics and electronics are capable of showing certain forms in certain dimensions which we cannot touch. For instance radar and sonar bring in images which we cannot see, and the images in some of these instances are exact images of the human body. Some of them are crafts, ships, substances and vehicles which are moving around us. They are moving within the scope of instruments which we are manufacturing but we can't see or touch them, and yet they are there. They have just as much form as if from that dimension an instrument is projected at them, and if an instrument was projected this way, they could pick up the solidity of our own being. So we actually sit here and think how solid we are when you are nothing but a synthesis of electricity. So lets face it, you are only solid by the law which is holding it together at the wave length, at this velocity, at this determination point of electron which makes it very solid for us here.

Thus this tabernacle, so the scripture says --be dissolved we have another in the dimension of spirit not made by hands which is the begotten issue of God. Paul said; ---not that I want to die to put on that tabernacle (dwelling place) but I want to see these so synthesized together that this one is enveloped in light. Then this mortal will have put on immortality an there will never be a division between spirit, soul and body ever again, so as it has an entrance into any plain--it is always spirit, soul, an body. If there is any additional questions on this subject I will answer it now, otherwise we will go to another question.

QUESTION;---You have mentioned before about the first and second plain, and then a fourth, and a third, an then the different heavens.

ANSWER;--Yes, we have discussed at that time I think the order of Angels, and of people dwelling thru out the Universe. I don't remember where I started at the top or the bottom. QUESTIONER;--At the one just above ours.

ANSWER;--Alright we will just make this a quick review for those who were not here. We have surrounding us a plain of spirit which is not visible to our natural eye, but there are times when we may be able to perceive beings in it because of a little extension of the video frequency of our wave length, or because we have activated by spiritual energies so activating us from the spiritual dimension because of spiritual meditation; because of the communion of thought; because of people thinking together, this catalyst of energy sometimes causes an extension of the wave or our sight perception until we can see auras standing out on people. Or we see something which is filmy tho it might be passing by, but is in another dimension.

Now; it is sometimes true because of the borderline closeness of the first and second plain that sometimes even within that second plain they wander just a little over the border, maybe absent mindedly and sometimes they do this as an apparition to produce fear because Lucifer's fallen Angels have demon spirits that can move into event he third plain. Eventually also are moving into the third plain are a great could of witness who of course you cannot see. These are spirits sent into our physical world, and therefore related to us in carrying out certain areas of Divine objectives and especially of guidance. We have little knowledge of how much influence is maintained, or helped to direct, or guide us in our thinking, to help to re-catalyze influence from messengers sent from various areas of the command in the heavenlies to stimulate this area of thinking. So we have ministering spirits like guardian Angels. Their immediate dimension round about, or the second sphere above this one can have good beings as well as evil beings within it. But the next dimension of course is a dimension which cannot be entered into by any of the fallen Angels, or any of the Angels carried out of the second heavens, who cannot get back in.

Along with this is all the comings and goings thru out the universe as we see from the book of Enoch, and from the writings of Paul---millions of people, probably multiply millions, even billions, and these are the offspring of God. Paul was told these are your kinsmen, relatives of yours in the Celestial plains, they may not have a physical body, they may never have a physical body, or they may have a physical body whose wave length has been absorbed by higher acceleration into a Celestial plain capable of residing on any planet, altho probably forbidden to enter this one except under specific command. Therefore then the Apostle Paul and Enoch both saw people coming and going, saw great ships, crafts, whole fleets coming and going from the areas where the administration of the kingdom is located. From planet to planet, from one area to another they move. Then there are great areas where there is spheres of command. One particular area of the Pleaides, the largest area of the Pleaides is reserved apparently as an administration center of YAHWEH'S kingdom, where as the family of god has an ancestral family center in the Universe. There exists also a great floating sphere which may be almost symbolic to an asteroid going around Al Cyone in the Pleaidees, which is almost a tho made out of carbon diamonds. It is so clear that it radiates with beautiful color. It is shimmering with Light because of the very Deity of YAHWEH shinning out of it, which makes it sparkle with all colors. It is the most beautiful in color of an mansion in the Universe, and both Enoch and Paul saw it. There is where we get the words;---"OUT of the Ivory Palaces", or "out of the Crystal Palaces", and they talk about the patterns of it. This is so high in this tremendous castle that there are clouds of radiant vapor, effulgent glory, between the roof and the floor. And virtually all had to ascend to even approach this floating throne surrounded with glory, where Christ was reviewing, as the Eternal; YAHWEH --messengers of his household from all over the Universe. This particular plain of course was the same plain in which they were coming and going where they traveled in ships. So therefore this would be a third plain, but they were perfectly capable of going from one spot to another and moving from one place to another, and they were coming into to the center from all over the Universe.

The fact remains that these of God's household are capable of propagating, and they do produce a Celestial race. You as such came out of this having dwelt in this very plain yourself before you were born into a physical union. There you were a part of the existence of this society, and these are your relatives. They are apparently grouped into these societies and area, but they are grouped and scattered thru out the Universe because they seemed to not only have direct affinity, but they come an go for services, and for the sheer joy of the Father's presence, this is the third heaven, there are plains and dimensions in each, but this is the third heaven.

Now; there is a fourth heaven, and now we are not talking about the second or third plain above us, but about the second and third heavens. Thus there is also a fourth heaven which exists around the throne plain as well, and also exists within Al Cyone---in other words is a dimension which the children of the Most High these offspring of YAHWEH move for the unveiling of what must be the tremendous designs of YAHWEH for the future. Where as they move into this plain they not only in the plain surrounding the throne, but there is a passage way----we are told---'there is a way which walketh from the throne and enter into this plain is possible by those whom the Father beckons. Thus it is into this council chamber of the Universe that YAHWEH CALLS HIS MANY SONS, OR SOME WITH SPECIAL MISSIONS IN WHICH THEY MOVE INTO THE SYNTHESIS OF TOMORROW, where in is the making of new things, the generating of new forces. But into this wave length they are moving into sheer light, and the sheer essence of the total effulgence of Divine Deity itself. In other words not only are they divine offspring but this is more than a dimension of living, this is a total dimension of absorption into the conscious existence of the Father in which they are empowered for their work in what we call the third domain. This does happen and there are none that are not worthy to come or go because they are the offspring of the Most high, so all are capable of this. The only reason being that some are designated for this mission or that, some are prepared to go from a third dimension into a second, and into earth to be embodied by route of birth. Some may also be prepared for certain spots way out in the Universe where ---way out in time---when there are certain things which they are going to perform. There is ability we are told within the dimensions of the fourth plain for YAHWEH TO PROJECT into the consciousness of the spirit, for a given time, the things he is going to stir him with, or things he is to do in the timing of his foreknowledge. Therefore when this person is briefed in the presence of the Father, in the pure Shekinah of his Glory, and then passes out, and eventually moves into earth, born into the earth as a babe, he won't remember anything about it, for his mind closes up as he adapts himself to the environment and learns the language forgetting many things of his inheritance, which was part of his background.

Now; what transpires?--We discover that whether he knows it or not since he is now in this physical body, the electronic memory of all his ancestors passes down the chromitin, in the genes, which are iron oxide carrying electronic memory, thru all the mitosis process, all the energy impact of the dividing of the cells as the spindle fibers continue to divide. It controls the exact break off and transition, the factors which form every element in the body, the embryo, and all this is however electronic memory. But there is also instilled in this soul consciousness of this individual, and now all set up in the timing of this spiritual entity that which functions--on a divine time table, one with the mind of God. There is set up this which suddenly starts to drive thoughts home. Then sometimes people wonder why they get this vision as tho out of a clear sky, why ideas start to take hold of them, why ideas turn and seem to change their course of life, but that was all TIMED UP THERE IN THAT BRIEFING BEFORE THE ENTRANCE INTO EARTH. Therefore that is why things can go along with that cognition until it reaches the point, and then it moves just like that. This is why the Father said;---Who will resist his will? Who art thou who replies against God? Shall the thing formed say unto HIM who formed it---why hast thou made me? He said; --'I call my sheep by name, and I lead them out, and I give them Eternal life, and they shall never perish.'---'All that the father (spirit) giveth me---or all that is given me by this high Echelon of spirit even tho it is embodied in the man Christ Jesus ----'They shall come'--No limitation does he put upon His own power when embodied. No limit on the tremendous and inestimable power of his spirit, nor does it block this tremendous force.

There is not a person in this room who does not sit here without the knowledge and the force of the Father. But we go a little further with this---consciousness, awareness, changes which transpire in your life, your acceptance of certain areas, you were sent into the world however with a perfect spirit, he did not send you down here to gamble with you. He sent you down here to do a task, and you will fit in so be sure of that. There are those who are empowered to do certain things, or to catalyze the hands empowered to do certain things. Thus there is nothing left to chance, it was all fitted in---in the beginning. And in this 'fitting in' we have had the developments of our own reactions in the flesh, and in the spirit. But remember that the great waves of purpose change in eventual accomplishment, and have been fitted in by this briefing which the spirit will on its own time accomplish, and in its own time take that which is received into its fourth heaven experience. This also was given to the Apostle Paul, so when he returned he wrote the 'Apocalypse of Paul' while he could still remember, and then of course as certain things came along in his life he was empowered to make decisions, to do things already ordained before--from the beginning. This is why the Apostle Paul would write about pre-destination because he did foreknow, he did predestinate to conform to the image of the son (his own embodiment ). He calls them Elect of God according to His foreknowledge, He elected and determined them from the heavens above, and so there isn't any chance in God's operation. When he talks about ---He who he did foreknow He did predestinate, then when did he foreknow you? The answer to that second question ---He foreknew you in the heavens before you came down here. He didn't foreknow a people who did not exist before, but He knew how they would be because He had Omniscience. H didn't make any promises to the rascals like He made to you--his offspring from the beginning of time. This is why we read in Ephesians that --'we have been blessed with all spiritual blessings, with the father before the world was framed. That means that you all in some area of time have moved into the fourth heavens.

Now; there is also a fifth and a sixth heaven, and one of the factors of a fifth heaven is that it is a protracted realm that moves ahead of Time. This is hard for people to understand, but you see incidents exist, first in the framing of the sheer essence of HIS WILL in which all things are created. This in the consciousness of God, so therefore since God synthesizes out of, not just with miliamps as you and I think but I don't know how you would measure billions or trillions of volts of energy of God's mind which holds the Universe together. We are just a reflection fraction of his thought power. Now we are told that not only does God shape tomorrow with Omniscience which is beyond your mind and mine, but we can lay out a little expedition, we can plan the groceries we will take, and various things we are going to do, whether it is an expedition or a Safari, and you take six or seven times the armament you might need--alright you can lay out all these plans, if this happens we will do this --if that happens we will do that---but the Father can lay it out in multiple millions of individuals, lay it out with detail and determine this is the way it is going to be ---and this then is history. And He can leave the forces of darkness, cope with it in his measure, control it, or let it go, and hit it by the sheer reaction of the spirit. But into his plain we note that He set up tomorrows with a complete perception of just how certain amounts of evil will react to certain amounts of good, or how they will react to environments, to thought pressure, and ideas just as a chemist knowing precise amounts, having had total experience as to how chemical will react in a test tube. So this is --the Mind of God knowing that a certain delayed power with a certain reaction to a certain amount of the presence of his sons---knows what will happen. Knows how the devil will react with a certain amount of evil to his perimeter, and thus He lays out tomorrows. So this is the dimensions being formulated in the mind of God for there are things in the tomorrows which God is planning right now. This is why we are told---'Eye hath not seen nor ear heard all that God hath planned for those that love HIM.

These plans are being put together right now in the fifth heaven--right now. He therefore could say to John;--'come hither' and John says ---a hole opened in to the plain of spirit so he walked right in. But in there it was just as tangible as it is down here in the body, or maybe the body went with him, for he did not seem to know. But one thing I do know, they gave him things to eat off a tree, and he ate, and he tasted, and he touched, and he wrote of this place. But the first thing he does after getting there, he is taken to a second dimension and he looked down over the conditions of the church as it is located in various areas and as the types of church history for the tomorrows would be. He then is called up hither and the first thing he wanted to see is the throne, and there HE is---and when he beheld HIM, then HE was none other than Jesus the Christ who he had known all this time. Then God starts to tell him things, and he takes him from the echelon of experience out of the second heaven with its perception of the earth abstractly, from a spiritual plane into a third dimension of residence in the spirit in which he travels, moves, among all kinds of Celestial beings and heavenly beings, and then he is subtracted into the fifth heaven. Oh, he passed the fourth one no doubt, but this was not so much a briefing as to be able to synchronize his conscious with the utter consciousness of God for the writing of this book of Revelation which was one of his most responsible activities. John was carried into the forth and then event he fifth plain, and God pushed him forward and then backward thru time, he traveled ahead, and saw the events we are seeing now. The events that are happening now--John wrote about. He saw the power of all the hierarchies of religion under Jewry and he saw set up the things which effected Rome, and he saw things which effected every branch of the church, he saw kingdoms, and nations, he saw hoards of anti-Christs, saw the preparations, the battles, and yes even Armageddon. So John had already experienced that ,he wrote of it for it was just so real as tho he had been there. He had traveled there thru the synthesis of the sheer energy of God's will which sent him into a form of tomorrow. He therefore had been there and watched it happen. So in other words we can say that he traveled on a time track against time, and has traveled ahead of time, and has already experienced things he is waiting for us to catch up to. And some of these things haven't happened as yet.

You see --it takes this power to be God, and the more you understand these laws the more this opens up and we have only scratched the surface. The more you understand these laws the more you live in an awareness of his, the unfolding nature of what God reveals of the vastness of his kingdom, or of the spiritual plains and dimensions, and you get shook down here once in a while where you live in a physical dimension subject to the senses. And then Suddenly your soul soars into the dimensions of spirit from it's residence, and the more you know the more it stabilizes you, it just calms you down, and prepares you for what is to come.

Then something happens and God raises up his ministers, and he unveils to those who he raises to this status that he wished to use for prophets. He develops some for this work, and some for that ministry, but all of this knowledge is for his household, for all the children of God. Before we have climaxed this age where in knowledge is increasing--as we see and hear what is written in this manuscript by a patriarch who has been there, then God brings it back into the consciousness. There is something rather interesting in all this, --what happened to John, what he saw is still not all over. What happened to John still happens to the sons of God, to them by relay, and to those of the sons who He raises as ministers, as he especially wants to bring in knowledge and truth to His people, then He unveils things. The reason we know this is because He is again the source of this input, which we may say is jut coincidence. We pick up the trace of a manuscript in which something we are hunting for is found, and we are thrilled with the facts we find, but they are not complete, and we are searching, reaching for them and maybe hunting for another manuscripts but it isn't just an accident that we find it, for it is destiny which brought these things together. The suddenly we have 1/3 or 1/2 of the story , sill incomplete, for we don't know enough pages, but we have some revelations, maybe someone else has some, so what is happening? What transpires is that your consciousness will be taken thru this channel and you can say with the Apostle Paul--whether in the body, or in the spirit --I can't tell, but the consciousness does absorb instantly and is projected into this time track area. And there passes in panorama before your consciousness this whole incident. In between the pieces you have the story--now it is all filled out. You say;---But Dr. Swift how do you know this? Well, I know because God told me so. I know it because I can show you part of thee evidence in a book, and over here part of it in another book. So how do I know what is in between---God showed me. I know that what is in between is just as good for me as that which was before. After all it is written down here in paper and ink and they recorded what they saw

Any time He inspired a prophet He pushed thru into his consciousness areas of spiritual cognition, and this is why instead of having to travel forward and backward thru time and space he said;---'When I send you the Paraclete, it can bring to you all knowledge. What else can do it? It can carry you into this channel emulating you to the fifth heavens if necessary to carry you into tomorrow to show you things which are to come to pass. Therefore he said ---I can bring you--bring to your remembrance --and it will lead you to the knowledge of all truth.

Now; as we reach for tomorrows we go from one forever to another, and we think of forevers as forever and ever, and even, and it never has an end, but forever is eons and millenniums of time, and runs into the multiple of thousands but from forever to forever, the word comes out of the Hebrew and means from heave to a new heaven. Thus we are told a new heaven and a new earth--which means that a sixth heaven is a new reconstructed, or re-projected energy Universe in its physical form in the electronic world. It is going to be a gradual transition, or an instantaneous transition just like a sudden cell division, or we might say spontaneous unification of multiple particles of nebulous gasses, and instantaneous form like other sidereal systems. We think of sidereal systems as being formed the same way, but they are not. Some are formed out of a breaking sun and others are started with a star division, and then this is multiplied and balanced. Others are masses of nebulous gasses, or by direct activity in the mind of the Father all brought together in the mind of the Father, and the synthesis of it is what wasn't existent in it a few nights ago on the telescope of the Universe. These are the patterns of purpose, but when you move to the sixth heaven you are moving to a recreation, a re-modification for the pleasure of YAHWEH in His Universe of all physical created forces, or any part of it leading to it.

Then you move to the seventh heaven which is the administering now of areas of revelation in Celestial plains in form and experience beyond that previously experienced. So in other words there is no end to His kingdom but of course there is always an end---someone says --someday you will reach the end of it and know it all. No, my friends, because as you reach that perimeter you will find there are spiritual horizons beyond, and physical creation being formed by the plan of God from the fifth heaven into the sixth. Then you are going to discover that you are never going to be bored because you know it all. Remember the Father has been at this forever. This is staggering and when I say forever please excuse me from using the Hebrew limitation on forever, for I mean entity of being, substance emanating from HIM in form without a beginning for such issuing subtenants. In other Words then the Eternal existence of the extentionalism of that which God has been working, making, forming, changing, and the eternalness of this operation staggers the mind which is always taught to think in terms of limited life spans, and three score years and ten and so forth. But we are talking about limitless expansion. Therefore we can talk about unlimited tomorrows, and that we have an unlimited yesterday.

Since we are spirit of his spirit we are begotten --yes--in the time track of one of God's yesterdays and tomorrows. In other words there was a time when God made a seventh heaven of this dimension of this Universe of this period of time. Do you know what I am going to do is what God said; ---I am going to have celestial children, so we started. We are thus living in what we might refer to as extentionalism of this great seventh, of this present era of unlimited millennial horizons. And when we have consummated these divine plans for the good of all even unto our own experience, our own areas of existance, and to the pleasure of the existent pleasure of God, when He does reconstitute a new sixth and seventh for a new extentionalism it will be a new thing, a new heaven and a new hearth that is literally thru in construction. However nothing passes away except as it is reformed in better order, this is all that is allowed, anything else is prohibited. We could spend a lot of time in one of these other plains, maybe we shouldn't do all this tonight, but is there a question here if not we got it across.

QUESTIONER;--Dr. Swift as far as ministers of God are concerned, you mentioned that John saw these things, and that the Paraclete can bring this to you--well you have experienced this being able to correlate this message until we get the picture, but is this something that every minister can obtain?

ANSWER;--Ultimately, but this again is the factor --the gifts in the calling of God are thus determined by HIM to the point that it is not something which some one takes just because they are holier than someone else, or because of some sheer effort on their part of acquiring something someone else, didn't know. This is not the procedure thru which these things function strangely enough. Because these drives and urges were set in that pattern of experience in the fourth heaven in the ages of yesterday, and we don't have much to say as to how we would start with enough drive to do the things we do.

Now; therefore there were many sons of the prophets in the days of Elijah but there was only one Elijah, and one Elisha, thus always a successor to carry on .So we can't say that all these sons were destined to be Elijah's. But in the atonement everything which might have caused a veil to fall over the past remembrance was paid for. The veil of the Tabernacle or Temple was rent from top to bottom symbolizing the fact that there is no longer a veil between your soul consciousness if you will just turn and be guided by that which is impulse patterns of law, therefore any secret thing can be revealed.

Now; there is no doubt that as we read in Psalms that if you hunger and thirst after righteousness and say my soul hungereth after thee Oh YAHWEH, as a deer hungereth after cool water on a hot day---this is what it is talking about. The heart panteth after the water brook---my soul hungereth after thee O YAHWEH. (Ps:42) In this instance it isn't just repeating phrases, it isn't trying to get you into an emotional upsurge --don't do anything you don't feel like doing. But the thing I am pointing out is that if the desire to know is there, this is the most important thing to you at this moment, than anything else, be assured as you reach for it, that it will be given to you. But if this is not as important as something else you want to do then you will do something else first. Every once in a while I hit some group on --'cloud nine'--holy Joes that the world would be just as well off, or better if they weren't so prevalent, but anyway they think they have acquired some special knowledge because they have just denied themselves everything. If you took time to go fishing, that is bad, you should have just set there any gone after some idea from God. But let me tell you something about this, for I go fishing, maybe more than all of you do, but I haven't been able to go for quite a while now, but unless I get a driving urge to go after an idea, I just go do something else, but when a thought wave hits which God sends --it is an irresistible search to know, and then to relay it because God wants you to relay it. And until you get the answer , and it clearly fits in you are not happy.

Now; who am I to speak for thousands of Ministers in Christendom. They are scattered all over, some have been called to the ministry and have a great desire to serve. Many have been brought up under a restricted hierarchy such as we were, plus the fact that destiny was to determine that we were just pushed out here and there in our thinking until god has us out from under the control of the hierarchy, just where he wanted us. This is a part of the destiny of the fourth heaven, timing from the past. But when I was being pushed out I did not know that there was a fourth heaven. These are things that we learn, but what I am pointing out is that the more you learn, the more sure you are that you were destined to know this, and that you are going to be used with it. More than this as we talk about ministers, every minister can know the important mysteries of God, and the facts that his congregation needs to know. But God starts in---line on line, precept on precept, and if they don't know who they are, and who makes up the people of the kingdom, don't know who the Bible is written to, want to run after and give it to the Jews, want to run after the world order, and support the United Nations, then they will never get any spiritual enlightenment. They have to learn first things first, so God takes them thru this line, generally first is identity as to the nations, and suddenly they learn who they are, and they learn Sonship, and they then are suddenly escalating their thinking and they see why they are here in earth, to build a kingdom on earth, and to bring in the kingdom, and to rule over men and nations. This then becomes a part of their thinking and it fits into their ministry. Then it stimulates people who suddenly find their lives are changed. Their lives are built into the objectives of God, and now the spirit can do what is intended when it sent them into the world to begin with. It intended to wake them up at a given time, and to charge them with this essence of the kingdom. So you see these things fit in, it charges this ministry and all those associated with it. So then who can tell when God will, like a meteor flashing thru the summer sky lift the Clergymen into areas of spiritual realms, and make leadership out of him for some specific purpose. Or do the same thing with a layman, or to a military man, because He needs a man prepared for this in the past--ages ago--for the time which is now--this is sovereignty, this is pre-destination.

Now; you say; --can anyone do this same thing? What I am talking to you about is not something like self accomplishment. Maybe a minister is experiencing the same thing, maybe knows the same thing, there is reason to doubt this but---they do not know anything about it. If a person experienced the same thing I know they would have to tell it, they would not be able to keep it to themselves, so maybe they don't know. And if they don't know they can't tell it, they just hear it, that's all, they weren't locked in on this. I think that there is knowledge for the whole race, and when that comes that wave comes down at the same time, then any locked in minister would get at least part of it. This is why truth may suddenly break out in a few places, or a hundred places over the country all at the same time, or a forewarning comes, maybe an earthquake and a lot of people feel it, even down on the layman level.

Now; I would rather have our laymen than the Clergy in most denominations, because of their knowledge of the kingdom, and they can make more useful Clergy than the others, but what we are faced with is the experience of picture perception, sometimes you discover this, always as you red this as a child these words brought pictures to your mind. If they didn't, you wouldn't be visualizing the scene, producing the pictures which the senses perceive. Therefore we get the idea like these in a whole panorama of pictures, sometimes they come so fast all we have to do is just talk about them. I would hate to get ideas in words, but you get them in pictures, and they surprise you as they come.

Now; you say; Can any minister do this? I would assume that any minister would have in his experience the connection of visual revelation. This might not come for ten years or maybe 15 years in a persons ministry. I have been preaching since I was 18 years old, and some things have only come in the last five years. Some areas of understanding of infinite perception, and power relative to it are only contemporary. There are something I discovered when I was 20 or 25 years of age. One of these gifts of God is this total ability to retain and store whole vast areas of material that you don't know at times just why you are storing it. But you can pull these items out just when you need them as you want them in a message. A message which suddenly wants to be declared ---you don't have anything to do with it----you just keep preaching as your remembrance comes. I have had this happen since early in my ministry. So I can't tell you what happens to other ministers. I can only speak as to my experiences, but I do know that it depends on ho important this is to you. Just how much and how fast this thing develops is how important this is to you. I don't think you have to wait to long to reach for these things because the time is now short. I think God is catalyzing with a great shortened whole area of this situation, and one of the problems you find is this, that this is why you don't like to refer to your own experience, even tho you would like to talk about things God has unveiled, and prove it, and teach it, because people think you are exalting yourself.

Then there are other areas which Lucifer works on sometimes to try to stir dissention and makes ministers jealous if they don't have the knowledge, or don't have the know how. Then some of these people not as tho they are being moved of God, but some of them have just been moved by a desire that they want to be a preacher, and they become wreckers. They become almost enemies of the truth because they never have been 'called' into this area of the ministry. So this has happened in all denominations up to its measure. I think we are living in a time when never has there been such extreme passions, of force turned loose in human emotions in the areas of thought and thought power. I think that the enemy catalyses to destroy and God energizes it for good. Never has there been as many familiar spirits and demented minds who think they are holy, as there is at this time, and God will have to rescue his children out of this situation. But this is coming and one of these days we will break the shackles off these people and say;---Come out of there and that will be that. This happens all over, and you are going to see it. You may think this is an extreme statement, but I believe in the lifetime of some of you in this room that you will see people called right back up out of the graves. You are going to see the command come, and the call made for Celestial sons. You are going to see people called back for assistance, and when they come you are going to see the very earth give up substance in an immediate change. This short work of righteousness may be only a few days, or a few short weeks before the advent of the Christ when all transition occurs, but you will see it.

QUESTION;- I have herd you say that there is no copyright on truth, is that an expression or a fact?

ANSWER;---No, you can get some truth and split it in a few minutes and copyright it by the way you put it together, but you can't copyright another man by just saying the same thing, and then re-arranging it in another paragraph. You know, people think they originated truth, but no man originated truth for it came from the mind of God. He shows you things, and they go out thru the messages and tapes, and some of these people hearing this, even some Preachers use this information never telling where they received it, which is alright, it doesn't have to tell where they get it, but some of them claim they know the source from which it came. But the fact remains that since knowledge comes forth from the mind of the Father, the receivers are his children, so when I say there is no copyright on truth don't let anyone come along and say;-----Oh, that is an old idea, that is all it is, don't let them do this, for I tell you that there is nothing new that you hear for ---'there is nothing new under the sun.' When I say there is no copyright on truth I mean that no man can come along and say;----You can't teach that because that is what I originated, you can't say that because all you have to do is group it in your own words and its new again. See?

I had a person come in the other day very excited and say; --I was over in this other church the other day, and do you know that he preached the very same sermon you preached three weeks ago, the illustrations were even yours, as well as the words. He said what do you think should we do to restrain him? I said;--but that is alright, since I don't have any restraining hold on truth, this is fine. This is not competitive, this is fine, if everyone in the whole country preached the truth we would get over the ground faster. So this is alright, I don't care if they preach the same thing we preached a few weeks ago. But if they didn't have any vision--and concept which transplanted this into their own consciousness until their own words could frame it, then why deny them the use of mine? The only thing is get the truth out; for you cannot copyright truth. You can copyright an idea which is used in a mechanical contrivance but you can't copyright an idea which originated in the mind of God.

QUESTION;--- Fasting. I never heard you discuss that?

ANSWER; --- No, I never spend much time with that. Fasting is according to the individual. There are some people who I don't know whether they are such gluttons for food that they keep themselves almost stupefied by the amount of food they are making their bodies digest, but anyhow if they want to think clearly and they are seeking spiritual guidance, then they will stop eating and fast. Now this does not mean for ten weeks until you could kill yourself. But if you fasted for a few days and wanted this thing bad enough then they will discover that they have higher spiritual inclination of thought than when their body is loaded down with over indulgence of food. Many people don't keep their bodies liquid enough. This was especially true in Palestine when they traveled where there was little chance of obtaining water, such as we have available here. But the body needs to fast more, or eat less when they can't keep the body supplied with liquid. But this fasting was not some spiritual fetish with Jesus, where he is concerned, it was the power to bind some certain demon obsessions, in the wave length of idea when certain demon forces out of certain Celestial plains was putting idea into the minds of individuals. It was to free this person, and it took tremendous catalysis of mental and spiritual energy capable of throwing off this wave length. This was before Calvary, and before the Resurrection. So Jesus talking to his disciples about this person obsessed with demons, and torn and twisted with this---Jesus said this kind is not driven out except with prayer, and fasting. The disciples were not prepared for this type of task. The ultimate, sheer temptation to the Christ was the fact that God--all of God was embodied in a physical body. And now in this physical body He had assumed the senses of feelings of his Adamic offspring. And the one thing which men do not desire to do especially if they were as smart as He was--is to die. And yet He by his own purpose had consummated an atonement. And He is perfection was the only one who could do this. No other immaculate heart; no other person could do this. So therefore here He is a man to meet the challenge of all times. ---Why? Because Lucifer the Archangel, now the fallen angel-master of the earth is going to try to persuade the mind of The Christ to go around death and make a co-existent agreement with him. And everything would be persuaded for this moment in his foreknowledge of the situation. Therefore the Christ goes apart into the mountains and fasts and prays, for He knew this moment was coming. So knowing that the Christ would be hungry after a few days then Lucifer comes along and says:--my aren't you hungry--why don't you make these stones into bread? He said: --you have all kinds of power so why don't you do that? But Jesus just rebuked the devil ---because to use power of this sort for his own gratification was not his purpose. He just blasted the devil, but Lucifer said; ---Now be reasonable this is my world, you gave it to me years ago, and I am holding it.

Now; come down here and of this course which you have in mind, it will be a painful one, and will end in death, therefore we will be enemies. So why don't we just agree to bury the hatchet? Why don't we do that and not battle here? I will recognize you and you recognize me as king of this world and bow down to me, and pay homage to me, and I will recognize you as Lord of outer space, I will even make you king over all the kings of the world --ONLY SUBJECT TO ME. I will recognize you as Prince from outer space, and in this way you won't have to die because I perceive that in your plan there is a plan of death. And there is an alchemy purpose here that reaches into some design to overthrow my kingdom because as you know I am the king of Death. So if this is going to be pain, struggle, then why not acknowledge me right now?-----But Jesus said:---'Thou shalt not tempt the LORD THY GOD". So He was still God over the devil. But in this instance He still had a great catalysis of strength when the devil thought he would be weakened from not eating. Actually this fasting had clarified all spiritual occupancy of the physical and catalyzed resistance like unto a blast of flame which came out before Lucifer. This is only found in the writings of Clemens and there it says:---'so bright and so flaming was the Christ in his denunciation of Lucifer that Lucifer fled.

Now; you are asking about fasting and prayer. Well, prayer is of course meditation with God which starts with human entities, what it does is adjust you. Fasting is to get your ideas clear, so we wouldn't say that fasting is essential for this, or is not essential. If you felt that you were not getting thru for this thing you desired you might fast for a given time. There are things we see today which we look upon as purism or shall we say as fetishism, monastic patterns in which they were trying to transplant an area of holiness to a man by having this man deny himself even the pleasure of good food, and so forth, so he ate parched peas and took a cubical in a monastery. And this was supposed to make him a very righteous man because he denied all this for the Christ. But Christ did not tell his disciples to stay on the mountain and fast. He told them to go down, and serve, and live. He challenged them to live without fear. Jesus sat down and talked with men, ate with them and even drank a glass of wine with one, and they called him a wine imbiber, that he had fellowship with publicans and sinners. But the fact is that Jesus came to talk to men, he came to deal with people, to call His sheep, and a lot of things are fetishes and taboo where in He did not put taboos on them. The Bible teaches retention of the consciousness of the intellect, it teaches temperance, and balance. But in all these things remember that I would not instruct anyone to do anything which they were not led to do. A lot of people put their bodies in shock at times because they get these weird ideas as to how long they are not supposed to eat and so forth.

QUESTION;--- If one had the desire to fast is there certain foods they should not eat?

ANSWER;--Well, if you are fasting, you are not eating, but there is one thing we noticed that they did not eat, and the High Priest would fast before the sacrifice and he fasted from flesh, and from things that grow in the ground so this would be potatoes and meat and things like that. All those take more energy to digest, and are slower to digest. We also noticed that some fasts were accomplished by the taking of grape juice. This was generally what we call Concord today, the blue grape juice. And this retains strength, but reduces all the toxins in the system. But at this same time it puts no load on the human body, but also it gives strength. This is something people don't know. But if you drink Concord grape juice even diluted with water Cancer cannot live in that body.

Now; no one on that diet ever got cancer, and very few people who drink purple or red grape juice or even wine of this color ever had cancer. This is just one of those factors, but I have some of those manuscripts which dealt with eating and drinking. and the peculiar effect of this upon the body. So in this instance again we note that many things called the curse of death, these things are the growth of things that hit the human body, and they hit because of the toxins, and poisons in the body. But the body cant throw off these poisons if something wasn't keeping it from doing this. Thus it is that sometimes fear in the human mind relayed to a portion of the body, maybe just a bruise, but a person is worried about it, but they also have high toxic patterns. But this causes the relay pattern of the mind idea traveling down thru the muscles to a given point to cause this area of muscles to constrict, and it does not permit a proper circulation, and the toxic condition will build up its poisons because it does not eliminate them fast enough. This breaks down that group of tissues even faster and sometimes induces this unbalance of cells sometimes what we call wild cells, and we get a condition where as if there is any viruses involved you might get the kind of growth which produces different kinds of cancers. And the whole thing could have been involved to start with in the lack of detoxification thru a fear complex which caused trouble to enter in that area. Then you have what the scripture says;---'The thing which I feared came upon me'. Again we tell you this;--the doctors best friend is a spiritually balanced mind, which is also aware that it can bind any area of these kind of things.

QUESTION;--Is it possible this campaign of terror which the T.V. brings to people might be involved.?

ANSWER;-- Well, I will say this, where there is no spiritually fed soul without proper contact with spiritual ideas, and manna which comes from thinking these tremendous things ---that the subjects mind without proper spiritual food---then faced with some of the fantasies of utter depravity would even have a tendency of warping the consciences to a certain degree, making them more subject to this kind of reaction especially if they had any nerve cracks.


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