12-13-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Ham was cursed---or rather, the child Canaan was cursed.--Why?

ANSWER:---Well, the law given to Adam was broken. This was the law given to all the patriarchs, the law spoken of the attributes of God. The fact remains, that the scripture says Ham discovered his father's nakedness. It was well known by the patriarchs that to uncover his father's nakedness was to take his father's wife. Therefore for this then, Ham or rather the child was cursed in that he would have to serve his brothers (could not be a leader). So for several generations this child and even Ham would have to serve his brothers. But this doesn't mean that Ham was turned into a Negroid. Nimrod came later in the Ham line. The generations of those cursed had run out. and Nimrod was an Emperor. And Terah, the father of Abraham, was a descendant of Shem and was Prime Minister to Nimrod, the Hamite of his day. So Ham, Shem, and Japhet were as white as could be. The situations which occurred there, made Ham almost ostracized by his brothers.

Still later Hamites were participation in administration and became powerful. And Nimrod became Emperor over all the white race of that area of Chaldea. Of course these strangers, the pre-Adamic people who had moved out of Sodom and Gomorrah, --they were the fallen Angels mixing into this situation until it was totally evil. And thus an identification of them came thru their evil. Tidal for instance, also lived in this land. He was from the land which went beneath the waters. And none of the people that Tidal ruled over came from the Adamic race. So they were always rebelling and battling the armies of UR of the Chaldees. And Nimrod fought with them as he also fought with others, such as the Assyrians who were Asiatics. And they kept coming down from the Steppes of high Asia. They would invade thru the mountain passes. As later, Genghis Khan would invade and then retreat. But Nimrod was always carrying out a revenge against those people who were seizing white women in the upper Tarim Basin, and had been the cause of the flood which wiped out so many people. Still there were more lines of these people, and in various instances the stories about Nimrod are found way back in his day in history, and are in the archaeological rooms of the British Museum on tablets. They talk about how Nimrod's Empire became great and mighty. They how these various Priesthoods came in on Nimrod and began to tell him how great he was. They wanted to trade with the Great Nimrod. And they brought in women from India and Asia and other places until Nimrod had a mighty harem of pagan women. Then they wanted to build a great Universal Cosmopolitan city. They wanted him to order the decree so these races could intermarry, thus make it a great cosmopolitan city. They then said that Nimrod was God and finally this idea went to Nimrod's head. And finally he listened to some of these strangers and they set up the worship of Nimrod. Ninus was his son and Semiramis was his wife. And thus these Priests set up a Satanic trinity, a pagan concept. Nimrod was a god, they said, and his wife a goddess and their son a god. Thus three gods. This was the starting of the Trinitarian gospel. Prior to this, Nimrod was striking out at all these pagans and their pagan beliefs. But now ego got in the way and he began to set up this Trinitarianism in his Empire. and here was Terah, the Prime Minister---a descendant of Shem. And when Abram was born, there were signs in the sky. And wise men came to Nimrod and said:--'We have seen signs in the sky showing that a son has been born to thy brethren in thy kingdom. This child is to become a great and mighty ruler. The gods decree that he should die, rather than these things befall thee.' So the enraged Nimrod said:--'I know not who this man is that has this child. But look to it and find him so that we may kill this child.' So Terah heard this and he sent Abram and his mother to the 'Caves of the Treasury' where Noah resided. And Noah raised Abram and taught him all the things of God until he was twelve years old. Then he returned to his father's house, for now Nimrod had forgotten all these things. Of course, the great mystery of this is that each of Nimrod's officials had to have a great temple full of gods. So Abram went into his father's temple and saw there all these gods sitting around on their pedestals. But Abram had been trained by Noah and he knew that his father worshiped YAHWEH. So why all these gods in your house? For YAHWEH alone is God. These are only of stone and wood. His father said:--'Not so, my son. These are Nimrod's gods and I serve Nimrod.' Well, Abram's father went away to attend the king, so Abram took a dish of porridge into the temple. But he also took an ax with him. And he started chopping up all his father's gods. And he scattered them all around the temple. The next day his father went into the temple and said:--'Abram must have done this because he wants everyone to worship only YAHWEH.' So Terah went to his son and said:--'What have you done? Nimrod will be very angry. He will kill us all.' But Abram replied:--'Oh no, my father. I took this porridge in to the gods and the big god reached for the porridge and then another reached and they got angry and fell to fighting each other. All the little gods then got into the scrap and they just tore each other up.---Oh-- it was terrible.' But Terah said:--'My son, you are lying to me, because these gods are just wood and stone. They can't do things like that.' Well, replied Abram. 'Then father, why worship them?'

In the meantime, someone reported this to Nimrod and he called for Abram to come before him. He said:--'What have you done to your father's gods?' Abram replied:--'Oh may you live forever, O' Nimrod. I brought a bowl of porridge into the gods and they fell to fighting over it and chopped each other up.' Nimrod said:--'Do you expect me to believe that these gods have this power?' Abram said:--'O king, if they have not that power, then why do you worship them? If these gods of wood and stone have no power, surely you, O' king, wouldn't worship them? You know they have power to do these things.' Well--Nimrod didn't know how to answer. If he did, it would make him out a fool to be worshiping gods of wood and stone. So Abram said:--'O' they have great power. They can do these things.' So Nimrod called in the soothsayers and they said:--'We have perceived, that this is the lad which we warned you about many years ago. The stars said this one would grow to be more powerful than you. And in his time the sky will not have enough stars to number his seed.' But finally God spoke to Abraham, and said 'you get out of this land because they will destroy you. So Abraham went out to a neighboring land until this all died down again. Then came back to his father's house until God told him to leave the land of Ur of the Chaldea forever. So Terah gave up being Prime Minister and went out with Abraham.

So--basically, here the race was, Hametic, but they started trading with all the other nations and they began to, at least a few of the race, mix with the other races. This started their downfall. Later the Asiatics started over-running some of the outskirts of this kingdom. But Kush went into Africa and after several generations, some of them began to mix with the Africans. But there were white Kushites all thru Africa. And they built great cities down there. And some of those cities had great pillars like the Greeks built.

The tribe of Japhet wandered to the eastward. Some went down the Wang ho River into China. And they went in by the great cataract that the flood had cut as it went down into that river. The Chinese of today have the story of Noah, of how the flood came down their river and wiped out some of their cities and people. And they tell of how one of Noah's sons came into the lands of the east.

In Egypt, they tell of how the flood came down the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers into the Red Sea, and that it even backed up into the Mediterranean Sea. But there were no effects of the flood on the pyramid.

When the Japhet line came into the land of the Asiatics, they were of course, of the white race. A grandson or great grandson of Japhet, was called Gog. He thought he would be an Emperor and perpetuate his line. And he did this for a time, but the Asiatics began to absorb his line. But they kept the names of these mighty white men for their off breeds. Thus, you have Gog and Magog of today. Thus the Russians are not Japhetic. They are Assyrians. But the names of their greatest conquerors, leaders, were of these of Japhet who had come into their lands. So the land of God and Magog is marked as of Russia today, the Asiatic Russian. The white Russian didn't go into that land until the Eastern Europeans were able to hold back the hoards of Genghis Khan, and were finally able to move in and conquer that land. Their first Czar was a white Prince of Germany. And about 1000 Princes of Germany formed his court to enforce his power, so they could hold in check, these hoards of the east. So these white people basically took over the farming in the Ukraine. And their Royalty was right out of Europe. Czar Nicholas was a cousin to Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and King George of England. So the white people in Czar Nicholas's kingdom were all Israelites. But this is as far as the white race extended to the east. But the 57 varieties of people in Russia, left over from the days of Genghis Khan, were all now under the control of these white people. And they didn't break the law without being punished by the Czar Khans. In fact, this went on until about the third century back from our time. But the hoards which came up with Jewry, came in and spread out their propaganda with Karl Marx and Trotsky, and Lenin and so forth. And they gathered up all the hoards of Asia, and the Bolshevik Revolution which actually exterminated the Czar and his family, and started taking their toll on the Christians, had all kinds of Mongolian hoards in their troops of that day. Of course, the eastern Cossacks kingdom was entirely Asiatic Mongols. The western Cossacks were white men to a degree. But they still had some mixture of the slant eyes of the Orient. They still had some mixture there. While the Cossacks of the Czar were handpicked out of the cream of the cavalry of the white race. and the Mongolian Cossacks and the semi-white Cossacks rode herd over the outer-Cossacks of the Empire until the revolution came along. But when the Bolsheviks gathered them, they gathered all together into bands.

Now, the story of the Shem line is that he did not mongrelize. He held his race line. Abram was of course, the purest strain of the white race. The Shemites today are the descendants thru Heber. And this is where the word Hebrew comes from. These are thus the descendants of Shem. These Hebrews then existed for hundreds of years before Abraham. And when you get down to Jacob, his nave was changed to Israel meaning 'Issue ruling with HIM.' But all the issue of Heber were Hebrews. This was only the term that was used for the Priesthood. And the mystery of the Priesthood is--'the children of God.' So the Hebrews are the children of God who worship HIM. Then again, Seth was also in this category, a Hebrew as well, even tho so far back. But he was also HIS Israel, Issue ruling with HIM. And God speaks out in the books of Enoch, saying:---'Thou art My Israel.' He does this also in the book of Seth. A worshiping Israelite is Assemblies is a Hebrew. So you are Hebrews. But there isn't a Jew on the face of the earth, who is a Hebrew. People call them Hebrews, but that is because they don't know any better.

There is one thing I like about this news commentator--Cotton--who was on the air the other night. Les Crane had him on there with the ADL. And Crane said to Cotton:--'I understand that you are Anti-Semitic.' Cotton said:--'I am not Anti-Semitic. How could I be?' The Jew spoke up and said:--'You are against Jews. So you are anti-Semitic.' Cotton said:--'Well, I am against the Zionists. But you people aren't Semites at all. The Arabs are Semites. Many of the Arabs are Semitic. They came out of Heber thru the loins of Abraham. And all the children out of Abraham are thus. But you aren't descendants of Abraham. But all white are Semitic. All white nations are Semitic. So how could I be anti-Semitic?' So-they were playing with their lips all this time. But Cotton gave a good account of himself on that broadcast. But the Jews like to play strange games. For instance, the majority of the people moving into Palestine now, are Asiatic. And these Asiatic Jews could not be Semitic by any stretch of the imagination. But they say anyone against Jewry is anti-Semitic. One of the chief Oriental Jews with eyes on a slant, is talking about how they pour down anti-Semitism in China. But there is no anti-Semitism in China. You would wonder how you could have anti-Semitism in China if these in Palestine were Semitic and those over there were of the slant eyed ones. Remember, Shem was to bear issue with his own kind of seed and he didn't have the Asiatic slant eyes. This was true form Seth to Shem to Abraham. And then 'out of Isaac shall thy seed be called.' Then out of Jacob came the Israelites, one more time. This is one thing they cannot account for in Palestine. True Israel would never marry outside of their race. So what kind of mongrels are these that are marrying all kinds? They come in as Chinese, Negroes and all kinds. And yet the house of Jacob Israel is Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, and so forth. And they are not mingled. Oh- we have soldiers coming back with Korean and Japanese wives. And we should send them all back with their children. But it doesn't make a massive impact on the race, for they are sort of ostracized. When you were children you were taught that you should chose your companions. And you looked down on someone who married outside your race. This was done and you held the line pretty well. You go into England and you might say that there is the Cockney Englishman who is the least privileged. They were crammed up in their area. But you wouldn't catch him marrying outside of their race. Even the white trash, as they used to call some in the south, still one of the things they were strong on was white supremacy until of course, we moved into mulattoism when the Jews pushed and pushed this mongrelization. One of the things is that Lassiter was one of the great slave traders. Way back at the time of Hayman Solomon, was the first governor of finance in New York City, long after Peter Stuyvesant's day, when he was selling slaves---Lassiter was selling them for brother purposes. This was the first reason the slaves were brought in for. And you know that only the lowest of the white race trash participated in this. Those whites that were anything at all looked down on anyone who would buy a brother slave. This has held all thru our society up until this day. It hasn't been until this generation with all the programs of integration and all the policies of darkness that they have tried to establish a way of life which is against the laws of God. But Swedes are Swedes, unless they marry someone like Sammy Davis Jr. Then you get a polka dot. But that doesn't change most of the Swedes. A lot of Negroes went into Sweden during the war and there has been some mongrelization. But it is not going to effect all of Sweden. And already, the off colors are looked down on as outcasts. Inside of Britain, they have ordered the darkies back to the colonial areas they came from. And laws were passed that they will accept no mongrelization in Britain. This is a good thing. (However, I think they have been able to change this a bit.) As far as Germany is concerned, there will be a few mongrels thru this occupation army, but you will find that the white race basically will remain white. Then if you look at Israeli, they are a mixed up hodgepodge of everything on the face of the earth. The only thing they have in common is the nose or the ears. And the scripture says that the show of your countenance is against you.

QUESTION:---But how about Canaan? He wasn't any good?

ANSWER:---This child of incest with Ham doesn't carry very far. He was just made a servant of his brother, could not be the administration. But as far as the offspring of Lucifer, this didn't necessarily stop with Cain. There are lots of Luciferian offspring in Asia and in India as well. Tremendous amounts of them. The Princes of the Priests who hold the temples of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali, in India, today for instance. Most of the satin robed Buddhist are Luciferian. Before Buddha came along, most of the satin robed Gotmas were well entrenched in the areas of Asia and China. All they did was develop the word Buddha. And they said he was a Gotma Buddha and they just switched over to a living Buddha. These Jews had hatched him our of jail, you know. And like Robin Hood they fetched up a fancy story for him. But said he was god. Was taking from the rich to re-distribute to the poor. And the people bought this. Buddha isn't so long ago. He doesn't go back too far. But the religion of Luciferiansm and the High Priests of the Gotmas, had 26 foot images of these creatures who went way back for 11,000 years.

QUESTION:---Well, I wonder about DeGaul. Is he with the Jews?

ANSWER:---No. They are with DeGaul. In fact, he has done a very strange thing. Mr. Penay is a Rothchild man in France. He is the man in the control position of French banking, sums up the directives of French policies for DeGaul. He would be the man who would be influencing DeGaul to gather the gold and gold certificates to bankrupt the United States. This man is a powerful House of Rothchild Jew and DeGaul has listened to him and saw that America could be brought to her knees before Japan if we didn't have sense enough to say we are not going to redeem dollars with gold anymore. Well, the other day, a strange thing happened. This will go down in history. Thinking that he would be the man who would decide the issue,---now, this has been a strategy of Israeli in their secret meetings that they would expand the empire again. They want to capture Morocco and Algiers. They want to stir up a scrap and then the armies of Israeli will sweep across North Africa and gather up Algeria and Morocco. We know that Algeria has fallen into the hands of a fellow who is a communist. At the same time France, under DeGaul, pulled out of there and didn't even keep their contract with the Frenchmen who lived there.

Now, the areas of Russian influence is not very high in Algeria because they are a separate communist organization. And they don't want to surrender their society to the Soviet Union. But they will deal on the side with the Soviet Union and still maintain their own communist ideas. Now, the area of the taking of Algeria and Morocco has nothing to do with the background politics. Israeli wants this because Ben Gurian said:--'Israeli will carve its place in the sun. It will take the Tigris and Euphrates. It will take Egypt and everything that is in our program.' So they have laid out their design and this includes ancient Baghdad and ancient Persia as well. They held a meeting two weeks ago on their design to sweep into Egypt. They are working with the Soviets. They are arming Egypt, but not by quite enough. At the same time, they want war on Egypt. they will let the Saudi oil lands go to the Soviet Union and they will just take territory. Right now they are talking about all the land that belongs to Israeli, but their first move now is to be toward Algeria and Morocco. And when they talked about this then DeGaul became angry. And Penay is trying to hold him down. So DeGaul listened to Egypt and decided to sell Egypt the finest of jet planes which France turns out. France offered to sell Egypt 50 jet planes and 50 to Algeria. And these countries want to buy them with oil and gold and diamonds and this is DeGaul's great economic triumph. Penay is trying to hold on to the coat tails of DeGaul. And so Israeli came out and denounced DeGaul. So then France said if they were going to let a pack of ragamuffin Jews who control the banks of the world, tell France what to do, then France would cut her way into the sun and she would back the Arabs and she was doing this as France the Great. This happened in the last two weeks. And we thus have a strange picture. We have France hollering about the Protocols. This is alright, so we are just sitting back and watching this operation. In otherwords, we may think that DeGaul may be as crazy as a fruitcake and strange, because he went to Canada and tried to stir up things. Had all the Canadians shouting for DeGaul. He said all the French Canadians should be given their Independence. He was behind them in their revolution. All these people in Canada who were not French were scratching their heads and wondering what this was all about. So he refused to speak when scheduled because he knew they would slap him down. So this was a very sad day for him in Canada.

The United States wondered what he was trying to stir up. At the same time the government is probably taking a dim view of his arming the Arabs against Israeli. But the rest of us think it's an ill wind that doesn't blow someone some good. So this is quite a situation. DeGaul talking about the Protocols, and saying what he will do if Israeli makes a move against Algeria and Morocco. This has to do with the French fleets and French planes, he says the Jews are a rag-a-muffin bunch. This is interesting because the U.S. doesn't want to tangle with France over the Jews. But Israeli started this. There is no doubt about that. They sent their ambassador Raben to the U.S. and Marsha Dyan the technical advisor to the Commander in Chief is now the Chief while Raben is here.

QUESTION:---Well. the U.S. stands with Israeli. How do they get out of that?

ANSWER:---Oh, the people of Israeli have denounced the U.S. as joining the enemy of Israel. But we have agreed now to sell planes to the Arabs, so Israeli is now jumping on the U.S. saying we are practicing methods which killed 6 million of them during the time of Roosevelt. The same old propaganda, they say we are turning our face against Jewry.

An article turned up in the 'Herald Examiner' last Monday. This editorial was written by William Randolph Jr. He was stating that America was making a mistake. We have turned on our friend; our only friend in the Mid-East. We have turned on Israeli, so terrible catastrophes would occur as we turned on the 'chosen people'.

The fact is that they have planned a very unique situation. Mr. Linowitz is taking Mr. Goldberg's place. And Mr. Linowitz was an American Ambassador to a South American state. And he is one of those pointing out that we should not forget that all nations of the United Nations are equal. And the Soviet Union is one of these nations. We should not use the policy in South America to keep out another nation of the U.N. from coming down to explain its policies, or help a South American nation getting economic status, altho we don't believe in communism. Altho we are not adopting many of the policies of socialism, we should not stand in the way. So this Jew Linowitz was opening the way for communism to spread thru South America. Where as we were trying to keep communism out of there by giving away our products. Then Linowitz was one of the chief men to open up the South American countries to the Soviet Union. And now Goldberg moves out to be a law partner of a firm which has its hand in the economy of our nation thru the world bank and the world monetary fund. At the same time, Mr. McNamara resigned from the Pentagon and Russia said:--'this was a great disaster for the world.' But McNamara is to become head of the world bank. But what good would the world bank be if the U.S. did not enter into it with its assets? Their design is for all the assets of America to be enumerated; all the gold and silver be deposited in the world bank; all the property which taxes are paid on by the citizens are placed in the world bank as collateral. If a country goes broke, they come in to take it. Of course they have to get the peoples guns, because if they come in to take it, the people would shoot their heads off. So Mr. Linowitz says everyone should move into the United Nations. And Mr. McNamara goes to the world bank and it may be that Mr. Nitzie the commie agent inside the U.N., the man who wants us to build a one world army because we are all going to be communist anyhow, whether we like it or not, if they put him in the Pentagon this is even worse than the man we have had there. Mr. Johnson wants to improve his image. He now wants to be a conservative and says we are streamlining all the war effort. We are not following Mr. McNamara anymore. So the Soviets are now alarmed they said, because we were sending over more troops. So the world is in a turmoil. They said if America tries to crowd us out in this war, then America will face atomic destruction. Well, this just adds to Senator Fulbright's cries, and McCarthy, who is challenging the President, and they say we can't afford to bring in Red China and the Soviet Union. So the thing is this is a prolonged war to make money with out victory. This is not the enemy we are fighting for. We fight communism anywhere. But we should fight on our terms. Not theirs. If we had used our air power and nuclear power at the beginning, then we would have destroyed North Vietnam and Red China or the Soviets if they came in and this war would be over with. We should have destroyed the Red capability to begin with. But now Russia is concerned---so the doves are out. The Doves don't want W.W. III. And have you noticed that they have even pour more Doves on Christmas cards saying the 'Prince of Peace'? This is a propaganda design and actually this is a Dove design to take over.

QUESTION:---I was reading that some of the Arabs who are not Moslems are saying they must get along with the Jews.---??

ANSWER:---Well, the true Moslems will not get along at all with the Jews. They get along well with the Anglo-Saxon people. Of course the Turks were Moslem and after their defeat, they became pretty good friends of ours. But this lady you are reading--what she is doing is trying to take a scripture belonging to you which says Israel and the Arabs get along good together. But remember, that Ibn Saud the King of the Arabs met with Roosevelt on the Mediterranean and told President Roosevelt more than he had ever heard in his life about who Israel was, and that Roosevelt was a ruler over the House of Manasseh, while he was an Ishmaelite, that the people of Britain were Ephraim and that the Moslem and Christian world should stand together.

Remember, King Abdulla before the final battle, and Israeli was recognized, that Christmas he went to the church of the Holy Sepulcher and he kneeled there. The Moslems cried out:--'Why does Abdulla, a Mohammeden, worship at the shrine of Christ?' And Abdulla said:--'Christ and Allah are ONE.' Then a great number of Mohammadans started the cry:--'Christ and Allah are ONE.' But the Jews could not stand the fact that the Moslems might acknowledge Christ. They were afraid they might worship Christ because they already thought HIM a great prophet. And now here was Abdulla saying Christ and Allah were One. So the Jews had Abdulla assassinated. When they assassinated him, they won some of the Mohammedians over saying that Abdulla had blasphemed when he said:--'Christ and Allah were One.' But great numbers of them still remembered what their King had said. But this just shows you how much the Jews did not want the Moslems and Christians to be friendly. But they had a chance to take over the Arabs or thought they did. So they couldn't let the Arabs and Christians join together. Russia is getting larger. She will be back. And Israeli--that is a powder keg over there. The Junta in Greece took over Greece this week. The Junta was strict and it might be too strict, but they are trying to say this can't be because Greece is a democracy and the United States is a democracy. But no. We are a Republic. Russia is a democracy.---mob rule. Greece was a limited monarchy when the Junta came. The king was an Israelite; a pretty good king. But he just didn't understand how to handle these commies coming in. If the right wing ever becomes the ruling Junta in the United States, there won't be a communist left in the U.S. You can bet on that. But the king of Greece is moving to take back his kingdom. The people like their king. They think he and the royalty of Europe are God's rulers. The Greeks know that they are Scythians and of the house of God. This is one thing the leaders of the Orthodox Greek church said:---'We are the chosen, and the faithful. We are God's people thru out all ages.' There are no Jews who stay very long in Greece. They just make it uncomfortable and out they go. So a Jew goes bankrupt in Greece because the people won't deal with him. The Greeks support the king but, ---there are a few powerful Jewish banks who offered money to the king but he said:--'when the king of needs Jewish money to take back his kingdom, then the world will never see another sunrise.' But the commies would like to take over Greece. So this is a mess over there.

QUESTION:---Then you think the king won't be able to take over again?

ANSWER:---I think the people would be alright under the king. But the Junta is the generals who want to clean out the commies. Greece did have a war and Truman sent material to them and they did win. But I believe that it would have been best to have left the king. And the generals to have worked under him.

QUESTION:---John 14:28--Jesus said:--'I go away and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice because I said I go unto the Father, for the Father is greater than I.?

ANSWER:---Agra Pneumas the Father or spirit--is greater than the flesh. So here Jesus is going back into the heavens and was prophesying that He was going back into the heavens into His position of Fatherhood of Spirit. And thus the spirit is greater that the flesh. But the church translates this with various concepts and doctrines. The King James Version translates it thus.

Remember that Jesus said:--'I go to prepare a place for you that where I go you may be also, and whether I go ye know.'--But how did they know? They were the children of the spirit from the spiritual planes come down to earth. It tells you this in John. They were the Father's (spirit) in the heavens, and Christ's here on earth embodied. They were here in bodies of flesh so the embodied Father took a body just the same. He said:--'Ye know where I go, and the way I go.' But Thomas said:--'We don't know where you go so how could we know the way?' The veil of forgetfulness had come down over Thomas as a babe so this was why he didn't remember. But Jesus said he knew--and then Jesus said:--'I am the way, the truth, and the light.' You couldn't even approach the Father without coming to ME.' So again, He said to Thomas:--'If ye had known my Father ye would know me also. Hence forth ye know HIM, and have seen HIM.---And yet Philip said:--'Show us the Father and we will be satisfied.' Jesus had just told him that if you knew HIM then you knew the Father. If you had seen HIM, you had seen the Father. Here He stood before them. But Philip, not yet understanding said:--'Show us the Father and we will be satisfied. Jesus said:--'Have I been so long with you, Philip, and thou hath not known me?'------'He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father, how saith show us the Father?'

So if you saw YAHSHUA, you have seen YAHWEH the Father of Spirit. He was embodied as Messiah in earth, the holy spirit which can come in HIS full consciousness upon His children---did that at Pentecost. These are all HIS attributes. And Jesus makes it clear. Jesus said:--'I will send the Paraclete to you.' This is translated comforter and people don't know what it is all about. But the Paraclete is the conscious, intelligent wisdom which is translated later on as the holy spirit, or the conscious mind of God. Then Jesus just said:--'I will come to you.' But when people receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, translated holy ghost, it is the fullness of God's divine consciousness coming upon them with power being made available to them, and ---'I will come to you'. So is YAHSHUA Christ who is here. It is Christ who ascends unto the Father--into the spirit or Celestial realm. It is Christ who sends the conscious wisdom of the mind of God upon HIS household. These translations would hold up if the church hadn't tried to modify them to their doctrines. He said, in otherwords, --I move back into the spirit--for Agra Pneumas means father of all things. So everytime they mention spirit they make it another person in the God Head. Jesus said:--'I am going back into the planes of spirit.'--It is just that simple.

QUESTION:---In the book of Revelations where John describes HIM, it says His hair is white as snow--like He is old.??

ANSWER:---Now, wait a moment. It isn't white as snow. This is so brilliant with radiance, it is a golden effulgent radiance. His hair was a golden blond. So remember that is not white with age. It is the brilliant glow which is around His head. Remember when the Spirit said to John--'Come up hither'---And John stepped into the heavens? He was to learn many things so he could write his book. In the first thing John wants as he gets into heaven, to see the throne of God. He wants to look at the throne of God, so we read here in the book of Revelations that John was immediately in the spirit. And he looked and this hole was in the plain of spirit and this was the dimensions around him---into the heavens. And John heard the voice of truth say:--'Come in here and I will show you the things which must be hereafter.' John said:--'Immediately, I was in the spirit and I beheld the throne and the ONE sat on the throne.'---This knocks the Trinitarianism into a cocked hat. For they have three thrones. And one here and one there and one in the middle. But John saw 'one' throne and just ONE sat on the throne. John saw HIM. And they took out a throne and upon that throne was ONE with the appearance of a man. And the colors as out of a rainbow were around the throne. This was the appearance of the likeness of Glory. And Ezekiel also fell upon his face, but HE said:--'Stand upon your feet for I will speak with you.' And the spirit entered into Ezekiel and he says:--'He spake unto me, and set me upon my feet.'

Now; he says this was the embodiment of God as a man, and the throne of YAHWEH emerged from this ship and all the colors of the rainbow were coming off of HIM, this is divine effulgence. The fact is that when John beheld God he also beheld him in the form of a man, because he was seeing him with his eyes, and whether in the spirit or in the body he could not tell. But the physical body is the exact image of the spiritual body and so in the spirit he would see exactly as he would see in the flesh when he sees God. And Ezekiel saw only ONE on the throne. When Isaiah also is ushered into the presence of the MOST HIGH this was also true.

QUESTIONER;---With the world situation as it is now why do you suppose God chose Ezekiel, Enoch and John to see HIM and talk to him, do you suppose he did this just so they could come back here later?

ANSWER;---Now; just a minute---in the days of Enoch he had also talked to Seth and to Adam before this. but Enoch had all these scrolls and he hung on every word of God, and God sent his Angels to bring Enoch into his presence, then eventually Enoch was taken away and he did not know death. but he had to lay out a great foundation for others to run on. Before Enoch there was Seth and there was the book of the "Bee" and other books. Then after Enoch God appeared unto Moses, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua who was about to commence the battle of the Israelites against the Cainanites. He appeared unto to Elijah, Elisha, Ezekiel, Isaiah and all of them were dictated to, from the Holy Spirit, or the mind of God. You are told that all scripture is given by inspiration thru the Holy Spirit, then we come to the day when all these things leading up to Messiah are fulfilled. This is something that I would point out, back in the east one of the tape listeners challenged the church to teach the laws of God, but the Church went into this teaching that it was neither moral nor unmoral, that they were falling down on teaching the sex laws and challenged the church to teach the laws of God. Well the Christian church wrote back that the laws of God no longer had any effect on man for they have all been done away with. We only have the laws of the New Testament to abide with, none of the old laws of the old Testament are of any importance any more, now only what Jesus taught was important.

Well Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and the laws of God in the old Testament are just as binding in the New Testament. The only thing he did do is take away was the hand writing of the ordinances which were against you , and He nailed them to his cross. But all the rest of the things,--if you do them you will be blessed, and nationally the nations will rise and fall with the laws of God. But God by his Grace has promised salvation to all the house of Israel. So these people say;---but only the laws of the New Testament are the ones we have to keep, but this is all fallacy for they do no realize that the people in the New Testament are the same as the people in the old Testament , and the elect of God. When God talks about the Elect starting before the foundation of the world it is Israel which is MINE ELECT. So they can't claim to be the Elect unless they recognize they are Israel. Jesus did not put aside the laws for he says:---'blessed is the man who teaches my laws to obey them'. So this is Jesus saying this;---but they get into a lot of conflict translating the book of Romans, but Paul did not say they didn't have to keep the laws of God, that they weren't righteous and good. he was saying that they could not say they were saved by keeping the law, lest they said they could work out their own salvation. That God in his Grace was crucified. To redeem them, thus they were not saved by law, they were saved by Grace. Not as tho the laws of God were of none effect.

So what happened was that this Christian church back in Nebraska, was throwing out the entire Old Testament, saying that they were not going to pay any attention to it anymore. But Jesus quoted from the scriptures which was of course the old testament. And Peter and Paul said;--let these words be as scripture, the entire New testament is such as well.

Now your question is;-- after Christ's embodiment and his Messianic ministry he said;--'My spirit shall be pored out on the house of Israel and the house of Judah (Jer.31)---My children are going to worship me from the least tot he greatest. They are going to come and say you are a Christian?---because you know God, because you will know me.

Alright;---before this period of time is over, this will happen. And as far as God appearing unto his people today, he has not indicated that we are to write new books on prophecy, or that the scriptures have not been fulfilled in this area, or been completed, the book of Revelation says let no one add the dotting of an eye or the crossing of a t to this scroll. But this did not mean there would not be anymore revelation. It was just that the book ---and apparently there was enough counter measures before you reached the book of Revelation of the things which would happen by the time you received the book of Revelation that His Ministers guided by His spirit should be able to interpret the scriptures, and more than this he cited that this is one of the important things about the Ministry of God. There are a lot of professional ministers and then there are 'called' ministers, and God still unveils, or makes clear things written in the book. He does this with vision, with intuitive inspiration. And this we can tell you, there are various gifts of discernment, and when you look at them or read them they fill themselves into a visual picture. You know there are some people who have a gift of discernment, who look at things in different ways. And while they look at it they see a whole panorama of events, and conditions rise up before their eyes. This is always true with the scriptures. Most of the time we get the whole panorama with this, and we see things happen because they happen. We see these things accurately whether the death of a President or whether it be the wiping out of a coast line, or a coming invasion. And along with it we see the scripture which may bear on this matter even tho it is not on that page ----Even tho it is not on that page, but it is related to it. I don't know what experiences other men have but I know what I have and I know that there are other ministers who see it this way. It starts to dawn for a young minister studying the Word and growing up. It would dawn on me with an intuition, and I just knew what this meant. No one had to tell me as I just knew what this meant. Then I would expound, but I knew what it meant. Then other ministers would say:---I never looked at it that way. The experiences I have had was that as I read my mind is focused on a whole scene. I was not seeing something that was to happen historically today, or maybe it would be for tomorrow, or perhaps further away. I may dream dreams but I do not remember them, but when I see visions I remember them. I don't talk about visions I see to much because people don't think much of visions and dreams, but the visions do apply an with them comes the scriptures so I just see the scriptures, and people can't argue with that. But most times I get the vision and the scripture and I use the scripture on people. But there are lots of areas of scripture which you read academically because you know they are not consistent with the theme of the book, which is the Master plan of theology. You know that God is great, that you are of a certain race, and any area that doesn't agree with that then it hasn't been translated right, so you get a lexicon and Greek dictionary and sure----here it is. You go to these other fellows and say;---here it is, and they say we never knew that--well that is because they never looked it up. So academically the Greek and Hebrew will clear it up. So generally speaking we do have the lexicons which will do the same as studying the Greek and the Hebrew.

(end of message.)