12-14-66 Bible Study Q&A


Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...Please explain "I will not blot out your name from the Lamb's Book of Life." A man who I have been listening to says no name can be added, but your name can be blotted out?

ANSWER:...That is erroneous, it comes from mistranslation. This is contained in the message to the church ages in Revelation 3:5.,...to the church of Sardis: 'He that overcometh the same shall be clothed with white raiment and I will not blot his name out of the Book of Life. I will confess his name before my father and before his Angels.' This is a positive statement. In the Ferrar Fenton version it says:..'To he who overcometh I give white raiment of righteousness because his name is written in the Book of Life from whence it can never be erased.' This King James Version is still positive but the Ferrar Fenton says it can never be erased. And we believe it can never be erased because in the Book of Romans we have this:...'Those He did foreknow He did predestinate to conform to the image of the son.' So He started a positive program. Chose the elect before the foundation of the world, and His children where destined to arise in His own image and eventually in the climax of this age they were to put on His righteousness. So to say that anyone can have his name erased out of the Book of Life would be very foolish.

In the 17th., chapter of the Book of Revelation it says:..'people would look and wonder at those whose names are not written in the Book of Life from the foundation of the world.' This was the Beast World Order and this also ascended out of the bottomless pit so this is Lucifer's kingdom. If God wrote those names in the Book of Life before the foundation of the world then they are permanently there. It is the sovereign word of God, the Book of Life is a permanent and eternal pattern of Life. So in the area referring to the soul that sinneth shall surely die, the fact is that we have here a pattern of translation. The wages of sin is death, and death comes on all men. Thus the breath of Life is what passes out of men, and they die because of the transgression which started with the Adamic race and effects the whole race. But at the time with the resurrection of Christ then Christ died for the entire race, and the whole race puts back on immortality. So that they share in His resurrection, and at His coming they will be raised from the dead. So again a soul shall surely die...the breath of life leaves a man because of his transgressions, but it doesn't necessarily mean his transgression as such as a racial transgression, tho he is in part a portion of a fallen society.

QUESTION:...We would like a brief explanation of British Israel and its history. It is used to discredit anyone on the track of identity. We read the Don Bell reports and he has a lot to learn about Israel, so I don't feel he is an authority.

ANSWER:...Of course the Identity of Israel as the white race doesn't necessarily belong to any group or organization. But I don't feel this man is any authority. The enemy which opposes it would like to call it a cult, but it doesn't belong to any particular group. They taught the identity of Israel back in the days of Joseph of Arimathea, who owned the tin mines at Cornwall and at Glastonbury where Mary lived out her life, and this is where the Wattle Church was built that Christ had His hand in. Joseph of Arimathea had given the ten hides of land for the great Abbey. In those days they taught that they had descended from Israel, that this was their coming to Messiah.

All thru the history of the British Empire, the Episcopalians and all Clergy who understood archaeology and the background of Britain taught the fact that the Anglo-Saxon people were Israel, and they referred to this as British Israel. But they didn't stop here, for they taught that the Scandinavians were also Israel as well as the whole white race. But there was a group that called themselves the Anglo-Saxon Federation, and they taught that the English language is the closest to the original Hebrew...and it is, and they became a very powerful moving Institution. As such they put out many books. And there was the British World Association and they taught that the British were Israel. They were a covenant man association...'Brit-ith' meaning 'covenant man.' There were different organizations, but the doctrine of Identity which means that the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred people are Israel, is one of those doctrines that Bible students know and understand. So as far as Don Bell is concerned he follows the same fantasies that a lot of Orthodoxy does, they do not recognize the House of Israel. And I suppose that he believe that everyone can be saved, just so they believe. I suppose that when Don Bell gives it to the Jews, still he must think they are somehow related to Israel.

But Jesus made this very clear when He said they were of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father they would do. This traces them to the generations of the serpent, and the vipers. Teachers that teach that Jews are Israel do wrong because they are not now never will be. Jesus fixes this with the affidavit that they are of their father the devil. All these people who do not teach that the Anglo-Saxon and kindred people are Israel, teach that the Jews are Israel. They say they belong to the hand of God but He just had to set them aside and selected everyone on the face of the earth. They say that Israel is the church, that Israel is spiritual, which is also a fantasie and a fallacy. The Church is Israel because it is found in Israel. It is the spiritual alive heart of Israel. It is an eternal institution to carry on the work as was carried on in the Old Testament as the Kehilla or assembly, of the coming together in a place of worship. But as far as Israel is concerned then Israel is a nation before Him forever. In the entire New Testament Israel is the one who was given the new covenant, and the promises. He gave the law, He gave the promises, everyone of them to Israel, so we have to be Israel unless we are claiming promises that don't belong to us.

If you want the history of the British Israel Organization, then you just have to get the history of the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred people because it is in all encompassing truth concerning these people who fulfill the prophecy God gave to Israel and to which they are a part.

QUESTION:...What is the different ages...like the church age and the age of Grace?

ANSWER:...The Grace is not a particular period of time. The Bible doesn't talk about the age of Grace, it tells us that God deals with us always with Grace. He dealt with Israel with Grace because of the very law given to them, because the law brought condemnations and judgments. Moses talks about the laws of God and how the Grace of God still follows them. He says he forgave them for their transgressions, and their not being able to keep the law, with the one exception...this one transgression which you could not blot out. This is when a man took a strange wife...the wife being of another race and then begat children. The sins of the father then extended to the fifth and up to the tenth generation. Whereas God can accept back the man possibly. still these children had no affinity with Israel, they were a mongrel off breed of people. But no amount of Grace could change the pattern that they had no part not lot in the House of Israel. But as far as Grace is concerned, he has the power not only to forgive sin, but to carry forward the entire process of his administering program of gifts because the gifts of God's spirit descend, you don't earn a gift. A gift is bestowed on you and it comes by the Grace of God. The Grace of God is unwarranted favor from the standpoint of having earned it. So therefore all the favors of God shown to His race or household are unwarranted. We can say we have these things coming to us because we earned them, but by the Grace of God they come. There is probably no greater or bigger word in scripture than Grace because this is the very nature of God Himself to bestow Grace on His Household, His family. We talk about the age of Grace and theology generally concedes that the age of church was the age of Grace, whereas they like to talk of the age of the law and so forth, but God dealt always with Israel with Grace. In fact when He said He was going to divorce Israel then He comes out and says:... show me the bill of divorcement, can anyone show me this bill, for I am married to Israel. So God deals always with Grace, and of course the New Testament program...when he pours out His holy spirit on Israel it is upon the people who comprise His church. He said Jeremiah that He was going to do this, and it would be a measure of Grace, but always He deals with Grace. We believe that He always has dealt with Grace, in fact the Grace of God is one area of theology that no man can encompass.

QUESTION:...I just had the idea...there isn't any marriage in the plane of spirit.....


QUESTION:...It just came to me that the male and female must merge into just one spirit....do they?

ANSWER:...No, they never do. This comes out of the concept that God removed Eve from Adam. But she also was a living soul. When God begat Audaum in His own image and after His own likeness, He was only begatting the physical vessel's that the spirits of the eternal children would come into in earth. But to Adam...a son of God...His spirit entered into Adam as he was called, as the first man of the Adamic race. Then God separated Adam and a portion out of Audaum was taken and He made Eve, so that Eve also received a living spirit, a living soul. This was because there was no people on the face of the earth from whom Adam could take a wife. Thus God produced Audaum (both male and female) and took Wo-man from Audaum but He gave her also a living spirit, so now they were one flesh but two spirits. It would be very very foolish to think that just because He took the female portion from Audaum that there was no spirit in Eve. They are one spirit only in that they are one in Christ as you all proceeded forth out of God. But both Adam and Eve came in as separate entities. This would be a strange thing, for a man might have several wives, and then his spirit would sure be divided up. The thing is the woman has a spirit of her own, and she doesn't have to wait until she gets married to have a spirit. They are one in companionship, One in Christ but they are definitely separate entities.

Today the entire race emerges out of Adam but each receives their own spirit. All women as well as all men are begotten today whereas Eve was taken from Adam so that they might continue to be one flesh, to produce one race. If this is what you are talking about then this explains it.

QUESTION:...Well then, is there a place in the Bible where it says God had daughters as well as sons?

ANSWER:...The word is children of God whereas the King James lots of times says it is sons. This would mean both sons and daughters, for instance we have judges in Israel and some of these are daughters. It is a conceited concept that only men have a spirit.

QUESTION:...But that isn't why I was asking?

ANSWER:...I know, but it is still a conceited idea.

QUESTION:...Why then is it that throughout the Old Testament that only sons are mentioned?

ANSWER:...Because Patriarchal law established the man as the head of the family. The name continued on down thru the sons, this is why they only listed sons. The woman thus took the name of her man.

QUESTION:...In the New Testament the Sadducees were questioning Christ about a woman marrying more than one man, and her husband dying and so forth....his brother took her to wife, so she had 3 husbands in life so which one was her husband when she died?

ANSWER:...The Law's of Israel said that if a brother had raised up no seed from this woman then if he died the brother could take her to wife. Remember that plural marriages were alright in the Old Testament. This was for the protection of the women of Israel. Some had many wives, this was alright according to their law. But the Sadducees were reincarnationist's so they thought they would pin Christ down because in reincarnation there is no resurrection of the same body. They just kept going on and on, whereas the Pharisees who were Israelites were teachers of resurrection. Job, way back 5000 years B.C., believed in the resurrection. He believed he would see God. So this is the place where this passage is at this time when Christ was talking. And at this time then the Adamites went into the Netherworld where they were held by Lucifer until the hour of resurrection. So these Sadducees were arguing as to whose wife she would be, but this was a posterity...seed..factor, and naturally she would go to the first husband she would have. This is why a brother would be the one in the family who would take her to wife. Now; Jesus said they would be like they were in the kingdom of heaven...as He said this then there is neither marriage or giving in marriage...this passage is talking about around the throne, there are Seraphims around the throne and also Cherubims and they have neither sex nor gender. But the anointed Cherub that covereth (that is covered the throne) didn't keep his first estate, this is when Lucifer sowed his seed out among the other races. But until the kingdom had been organized, until they get into the kingdom...as far as their physical bodies were concerned, the physical realm was not begatting physical bodies until the spirit world and the physical world become one...see?

We do have cosmic conception and all types of increase but these things happened in the heavens. Of course within this process the eye doesn't see nor the ear hear all the things which relate to the society of the Celestial but we do know that in this world we begat and raise children. And when they die and go into heaven they will be as it is with the Cherubim and Seraphims until once more restored and resurrected in the earth.

But again, this was an argumentive point they brought out with Christ because they being reincarnationist's they just come back and marry and die, then come back and marry again and die and so forth. This was why they thought they had a choice area of philosophy they thought they could run thru on Christ. In fact in the Darby Version this passage wasn't there, so we don't know whether it was in the original or was added on. But it is sensible when you understand.

QUESTION:...The problem in seeing the whole spectrum of religion from Atheistic to free agent, to predestination...but would you talk a bit about predestination and so forth?

ANSWER:...I don't know what your question is but in the first place an atheist is someone who is mentally sick with a vacuum in his head. An agnostic or atheist is not of course a general pattern of our race. Even the pagans worship God in their way but you do have a sort of mental vacuum if you are an atheist, a sort of casualty if some of this race say they are atheist's. Yet these people will still cry out to God in their hours of emergency. These people don't remain that way generally speaking. They try to say Darwin was an atheist but he wasn't, he said to please God he hoped that people would understand that he was suggesting that this was only a theory. So here again Clarence Darrow was an atheist, still caught himself calling on God in several instances. Even Ingersoll called on God once in a thunderstorm. One time he was making a speech in New York and a thunderstorm was coming up and he said; 'if there is a God in heaven he can strike me dead right now.' Of course God didn't bother to do it, then one the way home he was riding in his buggy and this thunderstorm was pretty bad, and a most terrific storm came and he got out of the buggy with a couple of other men and they got under a big tree. Well, God struck that tree and it dazed them, and Ingersoll fell down and started to pray. So you see an atheist or agnostic are in a kind of mental void, it is like a sickness or disease. We won't try to classify them.

Now; there isn't any such thing as free agency. It is as totally removed from scripture, God says the only one set free has been set free by Christ. He says:..'my spirit call's my sheep by name, I lead them out, I give them eternal life and they never perish.'

The program of pre-destination was referred to as God selected His children who were to come down here and to reside in physical bodies. He set the time of their coming into this world. He ordained that they would be His elect. In the course of this it says that 'all Israel shall be saved, as it is written.' He is going to justify them, is going to Glorify them. He says eventually all flesh shall be saved. But in all things God is sovereign, He is the master, He works all these things out according to the council of His will. So we don't have a vast range in theology between free agency and areas and degrees of predestination. We have the fact that God is sovereign, that He predestinates, that He states that:...in Ephesians for instance that...'He not only predestinates us to not only conform to the image of the embodiment, but He talks about our inheritance in Him.' Ephesians 1:9-11.

"Having made known unto us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He hath purposed in Himself. That in the dispensation of the fullness of time that He would gather in one all things thru Christ...or His embodiment...those in heaven and those in earth which are in Him. In whom also we have obtained an inheritance being predestinated according to the purpose of Him who worketh all things according to the council of His own will."

So actually as we deal with the scriptures in Old and New Testaments, then God says:..' according to the council of His will. He chastens the people as He wills, He sited that where can you go...to the bottom of the sea, or to the height of the mountain, or to the areas of the Netherworld where could you go that He can not find you?' Therefore everything works out according to the council of His own will. Predestination is the prerogative of God, and in the fullness of His own will. Predestination is the prerogative of God, and in the fullness of time He will bring the most wayward individual back into His Grace and back as the object receiving His Grace.

Even Lucifer is going to worship at your feet, and when Lucifer worship's at your feet he ceases to be the Satan or Devil which has been destroyed. The Shekinah Glory of God is the consuming flame and Lucifer emerges again an Archangel restored back to God who invested an Archangel in the course of history and time. But we discover again that this is by the council of His own will.

Now; someone says....but that means that eventually everyone will be saved? That's right. And anyone who can establish that the Grace of God isn't sufficient for that can't save to the uttermost...has a smaller God, a littler theology and that is unfortunate.

Today we have the Armenian teaching in theology in this...the monk Armenia was teaching that people could be saved today, lost tomorrow and then saved again ...but Jesus said:..'I give you eternal life, they never perish.' And he was fighting this area of Grace. But this monk, Armenian, brought out the doctrine that the Catholic church adopted. It had areas of Salvation, but had areas of great penitence, tremendous works for people to stay saved. The church then SOLD them special purgatory and then from there to hell. But nothing could stand still and they were always backsliding, so the people still on earth could help these people who were sliding back by putting plenty of money into the church, or money for high masses and so forth. This was nothing but Babylonian mimicry, a false deal, but they never had a concept of this until this idea came that you could be saved today and lost tomorrow, and the Priests saw that it would work out. With this overload of Jews moving as Priests into the Catholic church they moved all this in. Today in the Catholic church all the areas of Grace which are sold or merchandised by the church come out of this fictitious doctrine.

QUESTION:...On that same point when you said the mongrel of mixed races...well, in the case of the Luciferian seed, or Lucifer's flesh on earth, is this considered flesh or dung as God mentions this?

ANSWER:...God says I consider them as the dung of asses and horses. These are the mongrelized offspring. But don't think for a moment that Lucifer is the father of all the races of people that are today worshiping him. The Chinese were a people, one of the creations of the earth. They are not the children of Lucifer, but they have selected Lucifer in their minds and they worship him. But their Priests are the Luciferian children because the majority of the Buddhist Priests for instance are Jews. They were the Gotma's system, they used to have as well as in Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, or Kali. So today the Jews are Lucifer's children whether they are black, green, yellow or off-white, they are still Jews no matter their color.

Now; I want to point this out from the last Sunday L.A. Times, for it says:..'Israel faces a new testing time.' Why is it facing this testing time? Because they said:...'it is becoming a problem to separate the various Jewish communities, the ethnic groups who have arrived in the promised land.' Widely speaking, they have been divided into two groups. The European Jews and those from America who constitute 35% of the population who completely dominate the economic and political life of the State of Israeli. And the Oriental Jews from the middle east and the Negroid Jews from Africa who make up 65% of the population, but are at the bottom of the economic scale.

Now; the Asiatic or Oriental Jews, the Mongolian Jews except they do have some characteristics of Jewish features, still they are of a different Race. They carry with them the remnants of their religion. And of course the areas of Israel operate all farms and all the industry by estatera. And they place people of the mixed ethnic groups into these kibbutz or farms. Well these Kibbutz farms then predominately have oriental and Negroid Jews in them. They are starting to rise up saying why should the European Jews live in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and invest their money, and we do all the work as this is a collectivist society? They are Jews and we are Jews so why don't they have to work on the farms or we shouldn't have to work at all. So they are having trouble down in little Israeli. The Asiatic Jews are stirring up the Negroes and they are revolting, and rioting. They are having riots over there like we have here when the Jews sic the Negroes on us. But over in Palestine they are getting in trouble as they say the Negroes still have an area of Witch doctor religion.

The European Jews, from the modernists to the Orthodox Jews, they have one God predominately who is their God. They are Talmudic and they believe that their Rabbi's have written all things down, and this is their scripture. Well, it says here in the paper that the Oriental Jews and most of the Negroid Jews don't recognize the Talmud so now they are having race problems. They are ethnically different, but they do have something in common that they do recognize. And the world Cahilla thru out the endless centuries has organized the Oriental or Asiatic Jews...and has permitted all Jews to attend their assemblies tho they had nothing in common in areas of religion.

They say...either the State of Israeli has to become a materialistic State or a State having no facet of religion bearing upon its national life, or one or the other of these groups is going to win out.

The fact is that unemployment is increasing as Oriental Jews are refusing to work on the Kibbutz farms, and the economic squeeze is now on, and the Negro is joining the Oriental. The Army in the long haul is the least common denominator, which makes all Jews of military age serve for two years. Thus bringing them together and hoping that some how they will be reconciled. This is quite a problem for the government but in the long haul Israeli thinks the problem of assimilation will be solved. But they admit it looks like it will take two or more generations. So the Orthodox Jews say that since way back they do have something in common thus they can absorb them all into one race.

Now;...what do you have there? The European Jew the economist, he is the one who stole our money, and he has landed over there and of course they are Oriental Jews to from one standpoint for they came out of Asia. But if they had come from Abraham remember he was called out of the land of Chaldea. He was called out of the land of the city of Ur of the Chaldees...to be a separate people, because Nimrod was mongrelizing the people of his race. He was taking in the people of Asia and Africa into his harems, and was advocating that the people also inter-marry, and that they worship a multitude of gods so that he could reign over them quite simply. The reason why they had the different languages at the tower of Babel was because God shook the tower with a great earthquake and they all started speaking in their own mother tongues. Now they had to get out of the city because the Emperor would have had them killed. This was the law....no language spoken but Chaldean. Thus those at the tower of Babel scattered back over the face of the earth where they came from. This tower of Babel was bringing people together under Babylon rule, so God gave this tower a great shaking with an earthquake and then the people had to flee for they had broken the law in their panic and they ran so as not to be put to death. But Babel was that they were speaking in the language of their mother tongue so it showed they came from all over the earth to help build this tower. But God then told Abram to get out of this land of the Chaldees and even Terah his father who was Prime Minister went with him. They went to the land of Haran first where his father died. Then Abram went on from there, and of course God was preserving the very finest of his race seed. Of course Abraham was 100 years old when he begat his son Isaac, but he believed God and never doubted that he would have this child, that Sarah who was way past years would have this child...and she did...she had Isaac. Then God guided Abraham and he said to his servant....go get a bride for Isaac from among our own people. The servant did this, he did not find a bride among the Cainanites, or the other people, but found a girl from their own people. So then again Isaac sent to their own people for a bride...in fact sent Jacob to their own people and that is when he went to work for the man who became his father-in-law. He wanted Rachel but got Leah first and had to work more years for Rachel. Perhaps God has a hand in this, the thing is that in the operation God was very selectively breeding the highest line of His race, and they served Him accordingly.

Now if the Jews were from Abraham they would be one race. The children of Israel are one race. So if they were Israel in Israeli then they would all be one race. They wouldn't have the yellow Jew or the black Jew or the Oriental Jew, so where do you get all these people? Jesus told you that they were of their father the devil and the lusts of their father they would do. Lucifer and the fallen Angel's begat unassimilatable people as offspring in all these races and this is why they have features and characteristics in common, and they don't quite know what it is. But they do realize this way back in their history. Even tho they were different religions and so forth, this has always been true. The Luciferian capacity to create Mystery Babylon, using his sons to carry out his fantastic program to control the social, political, and economic life of the world, their attempt to war on Christendom is outlined in the Book of Revelation by Christ, thru John but he says:...'we will reveal who runs mystery Babylon. And it will be thy merchants who call themselves the great ones of earth. Those who crucified or put to death all the believing offspring and the prophets. And Jesus said to these Jews in the Book of Matthew that they were to blame for all the righteous slain from Abel to Zacharias. So we have this rather clearly. But down in Israeli they are fighting over the racial differences and religions.

However; 'Hear O Israel, thy Lord thy God is one Lord.' God called for Israel to remain separate because if they didn't they would not only not worship Him but they wouldn't stay race pure and thus lose the spirit. We have the spirit of God and we can propagate the household of the Living God thru which the spirit flows. But there is no spirit which will cohabit with the darkness. Only flesh produces in this instance, there is no spiritual life in the child...the mongrel offspring.

This piece in the L.A. Times doesn't realize how well this fits in at this hour, but they are proving that the Jews come from all colors, but they are not the seed of Abraham. But they need this place Israeli as a headquarters to carry out their functions. Of course the dead sea has the wealth of the world there....the potash and so forth, and they would like that.

QUESTION:...Under this setting "All flesh shall be saved", are the Jews a apart of this, or are they excluded?

ANSWER:...We don't say that, we just say that there is no specific place for them. In this time... this era there is no place for them. What God will do in His Grace in the ages to come we do not know. We do know that if Lucifer bows the knee, so will his seed.

QUESTION:...Well if the Arabs are a mixture of Abraham and the Egyptian girl are they considered to be mongrel offspring?

ANSWER:...Again, the Egyptian part was pretty much absorbed, the Egyptian's were almost absorbed as their kingdoms have come and gone, so it is pretty much absorbed. The Arab's of today of Ishmael make up the Iraquians, Saudis and so forth. Today those people , many of them who have settled in Egypt, are very much Negroid. During one area of debauchery there was practically no Egyptian's left...only the mongrel from the Negroid's. Today there are not many Egyptian's left....Egypt today is mostly Arab. There are a few, very few, pure blooded Egyptian's left, and one of them is the king line which goes back all along the way to the Pharaoh's for generations. But that is about the last of the pure Egyptian's.

QUESTION:...Were the Ancient Egyptian's of white identity?

ANSWER:...No, they were light tan and those came from Atlantis.

QUESTION:...Is the darker ones of India related to Israel?

ANSWER:...No. The darker ones are not. There were Aryan's there who were related to Israel. You see, Israel goes back to Adam. In fact Seth was also told...'Thou art my Israel.' Seth said: 'behold we are God's Israel, we are destined to build His Kingdom.' So when the Sethites came out of the High Steppes some of them went into India, and these were the Aryan's coming in. They even built these big observatories like we find in the High Himalayas. They knew Messiah was to come because this was one of the things Enoch had written in his volumes after his heavenly trip. The Aryan's became quite powerful in India, they ruled India for a long time. Out of India of course came a mongrel society, for Luciferian sons had sown in the darkness of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Kali. Buddhism was one of the most vicious of all religions. They peculiar things that the Aryan's produced as they came into India was the cast system. They saw this evil and they said... these people were untouchable. The Aryan's called themselves the High Caste. It wasn't a religious factor at that time other than that they knew there evil things here, and that they were the children of God, the white race. There is much of the Aryan's in the ancient past of India however, and when the Mongol hoards came in the Aryan's fought and fought, but eventually they lost their power and throne because of the tremendous weight of the Mongolians's. They fell then into areas of light idolatry to a degree. Then there were Aryan's who didn't fall right up to the time of the building of the Taj Mahal, for that man was an Aryan. so the Aryan's were a separate people in the society In India.

Now; you look up in an encyclopedia the word 'Hindu' and you will see that they classify the Hindu as white rather than a religion which is the way he should be classified. They put him in the Aryan column because of his features, and this is because the Aryan's were white, but they never were Hindu's. in the course of time then most of the Aryan's were either absorbed or killed in India so there was a light cast of Hindu over there, and the light cast of Indians came from Aryan's. Except for the high cast Aryan who would never permit this the rest were either killed or absorbed. But this is where there fairest of the Indians come from today. There are a few settlements of them scattered here and there in India, they have a lot and they don't mix with the rest, they are financially better off than the rest. Of course they should not have dwelt in that land, it was alright to group into Burma and set up the Stonehenge and so forth, but they were in a misguided realm to establish colonies in India in that time. Because they were bound to be absorbed by the sheer weight of people. They should have stayed close to the rest of their race.

QUESTION:...We have heard about the Pre-Aztec culture having been so great. I know you have mentioned some of the American Indians as being white, were they left over from Viking landings, or how did they get here?

ANSWER:...No. In the first place the Maya civilization is very old. Like the Inca before them, there is a lot of antiquity and mystery about them. But when Manasseh in 800 B.C., went to sea in ships he came into the Caribbean sea and then they landed in the areas of Panama. The Maya's, when they saw these of Manasseh they called them the 'Queechie' meaning God's out of the heavens. The Manasseh people taught these people what they had of the Old Testament teachings, about Noah and all of those things. This is why some of the most pure of Bible stories is found in the Maya writings. They talk about the coming of the Queechie, about what they taught them. Thus the Queechie settled in the Mayan cities but kept themselves apart. The Maya's were not a warlike race and the Queechie ruled over them. Then the Asiatic's had come into the U.S. and they are called Indian's, but they moved down to Central America to the Toltec and Mayan cities and they wanted to conquer them, so these people just went into their cities and closed the walls. But the Asiatic's had gathered sulphur from Arizona and other places and they built rings of sulphur around these cities. They thought this would bring out the people. But the Maya's had built tunnels out of their cities under instructions from the Manasseh people...out beyond the enemy. So the Manasseh people led the Maya's out and this is how the Toulpec society was formed, and largely the Aztec society was later formed from the Maya. But the Queechie were white and they pushed north into Arizona and New Mexico. The white Cherokee, the white Apache were the tribe of Manasseh. This was also true on the east coast as the Vikings from 700 to 800 B.C., started to come to the mouth of the St. Lawrence river. They built a city there like a tremendous stockade because the Indians were not friendly. They built forges there and made great axes like they did in Europe. One of the things you will note is that the forges in the areas of the iron ore were around the Great Lake's.

Now; the Vikings in the year 100 A.D.,..this is the time when Leif Erickson came over, remember that these Vikings held to their cities, but the Indians 6 Nations were gathering and in the tradition which they still possessed, the white men came out of their besieged cities at night and since the Indians didn't fight at night, they went tribal and fought several successful battles. The Narraganset, the Mohichan, the Seneca, and so forth were white men. And King Philip the head was blond haired, blue-eyed like the people he led. In fact Pocahontas the daughter of King Philip was married by John Smith and taken back to the English Court. Inside of three months she was as fair in skin as any woman in the court. She was just tanned from the life in the open and just bleached out. So these Indian tribes, many of them were white men, the Seneca's, the Mohican's, the Delaware's were even white, the majority of the Sioux were white men and great fighters and they manipulated the areas of their tribal wars with intense brilliancy. In fact Sitting Bull who took care of Custer, his whole tribal group, only one of the 7 Nation's which he commanded didn't come from white men.

QUESTION:...The Mandan Indian's were white?

ANSWER:...Yes, there were quite a few sub-tribes, quite a few sub names to these tribes.

QUESTION:...Is there any relation of the Sphinx to the Bible and to the Zodiac? I have heard that there is a woman that says that the woman and the lion were the beginning and the end of the Zodiac?

ANSWER:...Yes, could be. The Incumbent Lion with the human head. The Sphinx was set in place by the same ones who built the Pyramid. There is a passage that connects the Sphinx and the Pyramid underneath. There is a Temple beneath the Sphinx with 3 pillar's and 10 pillar's showing the destiny of the tribe of Joseph which was still to come in the destiny of the Kingdom. There is much which still remains in Coptic Aramaic concerning the inside of the Pyramid which proves that the Egyptian's never built it. But the incumbent Lion with the human head was again a sign like the entire gospel message of the stars which was bestowed on Enoch, which Moses well knew because he was raised in the Temple of On in Egypt. Enoch then knew these things and Noah knew them as well. The Gospel message of the Star's was a constellation message, a pictorial message. Of course it is too much to get into tonight, but it starts with a Virgin and ends with a Lion.

"A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, thou shalt call his name Immanuel." He comes thru the line of Judah and all thru the Zodiac and all the houses of the Zodiac fulfill definite facets of this message. To this degree the symbol of the incumbent Lion with the human head was the same as the capstone of the Pyramid which we place on it, on the Seal of the U.S., with the all seeing eye as well. But it has always been in the heart of Ancient Masonry, that the incumbent Lion and the human head is the chief cornerstone of the Pyramid. Also in the scriptures:..'All ye are lively stones fitly framed together into a holy temple unto God, and behold I lay in Zion a Chief corner stone...etc.' And Peter also refers to this, but there is much to be said, I have volumes in my library on just the Sphinx.

QUESTION:...Zachariah 14:5., 'Ye shall flee to the valley of the mountains for the valley of the mountains shall reach unto Azal; yea, ye shall flee like as ye fled from before the earthquake in the days of Uzziah the king of Judah? Where is Azal?

ANSWER:...Across Palestine in the Negev desert. This goes along with verse 4...'His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem, on the east, and the Mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst of, and half the mountain shall be moved to the north and half to the south and there shall be a great valley there. It shall be an earthquake such as they have never had since the days of king Azziah.' Don't for a moment think that the Jews are the chosen people for they are sure setting themselves up for a rather bad awakening. I don't want to be there in Palestine when that land is leveled out into a great plain, and fresh water comes out from under the lower enscarfment of Jerusalem. It says the Dead Sea will become a freshwater lake. The whole thing means that the whole area will rise and that potash bottom will wash out. The catastrophe which will envelope that land is a judgment on that land with the abomination of the desolator that stands in it. This is something which God does for a people called Israel...I think not.

QUESTION:...Is there a fault line under the Mount of Olives?

ANSWER:...Right thru the middle of it, and on up to Tel Aviv. It will dump half of Tel Aviv into the Mediterranean Sea and level out the other side like a plain.

QUESTION:...Then is Azal near Tel Aviv or Jerusalem?

ANSWER:...Azal is actually the name of Lucifer....so there is some significance there.

QUESTION:...Would you like to comment on that?

ANSWER:...No. It would take too long.

QUESTION:...This is probably a long question too, but could you go into Revelation 6., where you see the red horse go forth, and the pale horse, and so forth??

ANSWER:...That is a long question too, but it covered conditions of things to come. The white horse....'he who sat on him had a bow and went forth to conquer,' this is the symbol of the false Peace movements, they are string-pulling operations, don't have any arrows. The red horse is the hoards of world communism. The black horse is an area where the balance of Fascism with Mussolini and Hitler moving forth to conquer, it brought a balance for a short while. The Jews trying to suppress this balance of the black horse then brought forth war upon the whole world. The pale horse, this is the Chinese, Asiatic hoards who move out into the areas of Armageddon. The Chinese are pale in color, they are even lighter than most white men, but an off-cast white. There in this battle they have hunger and death which they always contend with. This fourth horse does take in the areas of Asia and China and their part in world communism. This then is the conditions which effected the earth...this is just a short summary.

QUESTION:...In Revelation 11:3...'I will power to my two witnesses and they shall prophecy a thousand two hundred and three score days,'....what does this start from?

ANSWER:...A year is as a day but it is not important to this degree, for we are past this as far as Israel is concerned. The two witnesses are church and state, they have come out of the Renaissance.

QUESTION:...What year would that start from?

ANSWER:...Oh, I don't want to give an exact date.

QUESTION:...could it be the same as that from the Book of Daniel?

ANSWER:...could be. the two witnesses which are church and state carry forward the destiny and prophecy of God. You have two witnesses in the Book of Zachariah also.

QUESTION:...Do you think that the Arab's will remain under Russian influence...communism?

ANSWER:...No. They were forced there by the U.S., we have promised to back them in that time when we had influence over there, and we promised them weapons to defend themselves. Then when Israeli came into being as an abortive power with the Zionist influence over the control of the politicians and money they made us back down from that promise of supplying the Arab's so they turned to the Soviets because they didn't have any weapons. When Israeli invaded the Suez a few years ago, if they hadn't had some arms they would have been totally wiped out. Mr. Eisenhower who wanted to be President of Peace was very irked so he did the one thing that sent the Jews back home, he froze every dollar that the Jews had in American banks and said that every asset would be frozen forever....so they got out and went back. The Soviet Union secretly in league with the Israeli's supplied weapons to the Arab's but very few ammunition. Then Sweden rushed into an agreement with the Arab's and supplied the ammunition. The Soviet's came in to help with the Aswan Dam, but right now they are running it and putting out power and the Egyptian's are being pushed out. But the Arab's do not trust the Soviet's because they were just dependent on them to a certain extent. The Soviet's are expanding their fleet's and today she has more submarines than all the western powers. She has been moving her fleet down to the end of the Red Sea, down by Yehman, a large standing Soviet fleet moved there last week.

QUESTION:...A News commentator said the Russian military fleet is the largest in the world. It seems strange that they are building up and we are suppressing ours?

ANSWER:...Let us say the Jews suppress it, they spread communism into this country. As far as the Soviet's are concerned since W.W.II., they have been stepping up the capacity of military, and in the past two years her Air force has had a terrific increase. She is transferring 100 Migs to the Viet Cong area every two weeks, and will do this until she has transferred 1000. We can't transfer 1000 to anyone and have any left....so someone is holding us down.

(end of this message)