12-16-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...What happened to the Ham and Japhet descendants, and what color were they?

ANSWER:...This is sort of a normal question if people are thinking of all the people on the earth as descending from the Adamic Race, or then out of the House of Noah. Generally speaking one of the great errors of Orthodoxy is to teach that all the people on the face of the earth came from Adam, then every one drowned in the flood but Noah and his sons and their wives. They teach this because they do not realize that the Bible never said that all people drowned in the flood. The word in Hebrew is..eret... so all the people in that place except Noah and his Household in the Ark were drowned. The flood never effected Egypt or over in Central America it never effected even parts of the Steppe's of Asia. It never effected Japan or the Islands of the sea because the flood was only in the upper Tarim Plateau, which was high, but which also was rimmed with high mountain ranges of the Tien Shan mountains. It had an inland sea under the floor of this great valley, and this valley was some hundreds of miles long and wide. It was one of those spots called 'the seat of civilization'. The Adamic race of course started in these Steppes of Asia and came into this particularly large basin as they expanded. From the time of Seth to Noah this Adamic race had been coming out of that area, and they migrated on down to the Persian Gulf area, and some went on down to North Africa, and some branches of the race went Eastward into India as well. There is a period of about 400 to 500 years as this race spread out after coming out of that area of the Tarim Basin. In fact if you were to use a proper chronology, even Hales chronology or the Alexandrian chronology which is much better than Usshers chronology you would find that the exodus of Adam and Eve out of the Edenic condition was 5400 years before Christ. So 400 years after that Enoch and Job were a part of that civilization which came from the migration out of that area by the Sethites, and they now lived in this area we now call Palestine. The city which they built was surrounded by Hyskos (White Shepherds) and they referred to this area of their land as Salem. So Salem was the oldest and most Ancient word for Peace, and the White man was master of Peace (Understanding). But this was a city of white people, and here lived Enoch and Job. But this did not mean that all the descendants of Adam was in this migration, for many of them still lived in this upper Tarim Basin on down to the time of Noah. But Asiatics surrounded them from both the Lower Steppes of India, and the Higher Steppes of Tibet- Mongolia, and the areas of the back country of Ancient China. And this long valley extended across what was called 'the roof of the world'. The Luciferian forces mutated and set up false Priesthoods out of this mutation with the Ancient people, and they wanted the destruction of these white people of this Adamic race. They well understood that the white race had a Divine Destiny, they recognized that they worshiped 'ONE GOD'. Luciferianism had set up a multitude of gods based on all these mongrel off- spring, wherein some of them were even giants. The Scriptures tell us that there were giants in the land in the days of the flood after these fallen Angels mingled with the daughters of men. Unfortunately interpretation causes damage in some places for the word is Nephilin, not sons of God. The English translation says:..'The sons of God (Nephilin) saw the daughters of men who were fair and they selected wives of them, and forced their acceptance of them and produced giants, and every thought of these forces were evil continually'. But because of this they created such monstrosities and catastrophes by this mongrelization that God decided to destroy these attacking forces. But HE wasn't destroying Adamites, and there were two names, or words for MAN..Audaum-Adam the offspring of God thru the word..bara.. meaning to bring forth issue in the Hebrew. And Enosh..non-white people... yastar..meaning to start a race and give it life (creation). So the difference between the Asiatic people who were actually Enosh people a created people who had actually been here for thousands of years before the Adamic race was placed in the earth, was the difference of their origin. We know that the Asiatic race had already fallen before the coming of the Adamic race due to the Luciferian rebellion in the heavens, and Lucifer and hosts being driven to earth, the battle had left him in earth, defeated in the upper air, and the Universe by Michael the Archangel and Commander of the Hosts of God. So these vast space fleets of God had defeated Lucifer and his hosts (Revelation 12) and now Lucifer and one third of the rebellious hosts of the Milky Way were trapped in what we now call our own Solar System. But having been master of this area Lucifer still declared himself as Deity within this area and continued his policy of mutation and destruction by all violations of Divine Law, by mutations of creation. Violation of Divine Law is a violation of how things are put together, and the way they are framed for standards, or mathematics, or ethics, or how these work, or chemistry or physics. When you violate these laws you get catastrophe and upheaval. Lucifer created catastrophe by violating all these principals. He filled up the knowledge of these principals before he moved into this area of rebellion, so these catastrophes became a master calamity in the Universe. But as far as the people of the earth are concerned, these Ancient Asiatics or those who lived even in Africa millions of years ago were descendants of the Tungus man..they were Asiatics. We say that be- cause of the Ancient skulls, the artifacts establish this. We know that in China in Chicken Bone Hill and in Dragon Bone Hill we get traces of Ancient races of people, and they are of the type of the Asiatic man. In these hills we find Jade ornaments, artifacts, Chinese character writings and so forth. So the oldest people we can find traces of were Asiatics or Tungus man. They existed even out on the land of Mu or Lemuria which went down beneath the waters of the Pacific. This land was once an Asiatic continent and the people were of one kind. It was not until thousands of thousands of years ago that Lucifer brought in people who were different (Negroes). They came on the ships of the Luciferian hosts because they were a servant people to the Archangel who after twisted in rebellion was brought into earth with Luciferian hosts.

Thru the years, the immediate thing Lucifer does is try to mutate all people, thus he set about at once mingling these Negroes with the Asiatics, and thus produced various tints, and shades of people, and out among the Island people we see this. Where as the largest bulk of the Negroes multiplied in Africa...this was because one of the fallen Angels who was in command of vast fleets under Lucifer actually made this his area of landing and territory. This was Voo Doss...one of the Angels who rebelled with Lucifer under the Archangels control. Thus he had a great number of ships under his control, and they made Africa their landing place and set up their civilization, if you want to call it that, altho it was even then higher at that time then it is today. This is the reason why he being a Devoss...or fallen Angel was thus a devil. The word Devil today comes from deviation...fallen Angels. So the Negroes followed the road of deviation, and the Angel that they served was under the Archangel Lucifer who became a Devil, or Shatan, or Satan. Thus a servant..a Priest of Shatan could be called a Devil Priest, and in the Steppes of Asia a devil Priest was a Shaman..or a Priest of Shatan. So today in Tibet in areas of Buddhist idolatry and high Temples, their priests are Shamans, where in Africa they are Witchdoctors under VooDoss or Voodooism. So this fallen Angel VooDoss formed this Ancient Negro religion of Voodooism. And this is why that when Negroes were exported out of Africa that they were found to be worshipers of the chief devil of the Negroes..VooDoss. This is why in Jamaica and in the Islands you find this practice of Voodooism so prevalent. Voodooism also had a concept that their death would be replaced with witchcraft, and that they would never die. Thus their bodies became the walking dead, or Zombie. This is why one of the oldest words for the walking dead is Zombie, because when they die they do not have a spirit. When these Negroes die they are just dead, they do not have a spirit as you and cannot know spirit as you know spirit. They never had any or they lost it by mutation in their intermingling process which they had gone thru. Because the Luciferian Satanic host not only mutated species, but even tried to mutate people with animals, and thus they became brutish and would not have any spirit what so ever. This may have effected the Negroes especially because they did possess from the earliest fossils we find such as in the caves of Kilimanjaro a superorbital ridge, or a heavy cranium bone structure exactly like the large Apes, with whom we know there are areas of in-breeding. Where as this may not be successful today because of the chromosome that Negroes might now have, or the Apes might now have. But there were Apes who must have had similar chromosomes because out on the Ancient Isles of Japan they had intermingled Apes with men. They were lighter colored Apes, and in antiquity, one kind of Japanese people had been the result of part of this fusion. This is why in even W.W.II we found some Japanese who had short tails, altho they were not hairy as the Ape. And these white Apes were not as hairy as the other kinds. The Ancient Chinese always referred to these people of Japan as outcasts. Many of them were also exiles of the Chinese criminals which had been joined with the great apes of the Island. This does not make up the bulk of the people of Japan for many of them descended from the Ancient strain of Lemuria, and the oldest of their warrior clan are the Sumari or the Sumu, the word for the highest point out of the water. The Latin word Summit comes from this word..Sumari, or Sumu, and the Sumari warrior is the high cast of Japan. They..or the reason they are called Japanese is because in the mutation of Satanic false doctrines which came with the fall of Lucifer they worshiped the pagan god Ya-Pan which was a mutation between man and goat. So man and the goat was also crossed at times, and these monstrosities were worshiped by these Satanic Priests, who headed some of the Ancient worship of Japan. Also a Minitar was half man and half bull, and Satanic mutation was introduced by that process in their worship. This we find condemned in the Scripture as well because remember Esau went to the Hill of the Satyr to worship? And the Satyr was a Satanic mutation of religion...part man and part goat. And the mess of pottage Esau sold his birthright for was...he married a hill country woman who was from the Asiatic clans who worshiped at the Hill of the Satyr. Thus much of Esau's generations were totally excluded from any part of the kingdom of God even tho he had originally descended from the Adamic race. It wasn't he himself but the seed in him which was condemned in this situation, as the seed he intermingled with the Satyr worshipping people. Therefore remember that out of Ancient mythology also comes this pattern, the goat-man or Pan..and the pipes of Pan, how he is half man and half goat and he leads the children off as they follow him. This all goes back into Ancient Japan, Ancient Asiatic theology. I could also show you carvings..., I have of 1/2 man and 1/2 deer gods, and the High Priests of Lucifer advocating that the highest revelation of the Asiatic Steppes comes from the mutated specie. And in the Scripture where ever there was any mutation of species, when they followed those avenues of idolatry, both those who lie with the beast, and the beast also were to be destroyed...and the mutation of issue to be destroyed as well. The fact that this was in the law of Moses showed the Satanic design was also trying to do this to the Adamic line, and to Israel in their migrations after they had come out of Egypt. These strange monstrosities and peculiar things are all a part of violation of law, mutation of species, the stopping of that law...'Kind begats like kind'.

The reason we bring this in is that we wanted to call attention to the fact that Ancient Japan for instance extended into a continent which went down in the Pacific ages before Adam. We know that the last of the continent did not go down until 11,000 years ago, and altho the continent did not go down all at once still that was a major sinking. This was contemporary with the sinking of Ancient Atlantis. And we can tell the time of the sinking of Atlantis...whether people want to call it that or not. We have those smug individuals who think they know more than time and record who say that was only alleged. But it is not because the history of the Ancient Egyptian tell how they migrated from this Ancient continent which sank beneath the waters. And the whole story we have from Atlantis comes from the Sythians.. ..forbearers and relatives of ours from Ancient Greece who sent their smartest sons down to be educated in the great Universities of Alexandria, Egypt. And the history preserved in these great Universities were histories of Ancient Egypt, but most of the knowledge city of ON, when in the days of Enoch and Job they had gone down into Egypt to build this great white race city in that land. And of course it was there that men like Plato studied and learned of the Ancient antiquity of Egypt. And having the great Alexandrian Library there he was able to peruse volumes which are extinct today. I have locked up in vaults a volume which copied all of the remaining records which were not destroyed in the Alexandrian Library fire, and in the fire later in Britain..of the old records which were brought there which in itself is quite a story. There is only three of these volumes known to be existent today. One we have here, one Manley Hall has, and one is in the British Library in Great Britain. This tells many things, and it would be hard to establish many things without this grouping in this summation volume of all the scrolls and documents that had still survived which were correlated in Britain under..(Theophical Gale) who had been commissioned to put all these things together into one great volume. And of the Ancient Mystery Schools in Britain including Druidry, the Ancient Master Builders of our race which was the foundation of British Masonry... all of this was incorporated into this volume. Out of it comes a summation of material which is beyond anything existent today in any other grouping. So with this we pick up even their Atlantian migration and history under Priest and King...Ancient Horus and Khufu.

One a title for their Pharaohs who later they called their King, and the title for their High Priest who originally was a High Priest of the 'One God', today referred to as YAHWEH-Putah, much the same word as the old Hebrew name YAHWEH which was our race's oldest name for God. Thus the crux of semantics, the background of archaeological records frames up for us whole patterns of material that we once knew, and now must learn again. It is hard to lose these facts, for they follow the race. Some say they may be particularly repetitious, but once this clear picture is in the minds of people they never lose it, never have any lack of answers because the high- est areas of the development of archaeological studies, Ethnic studies of migrations, or radio carbon testing of the products of earth, where we are finding the artifacts of man..all show this. When you understand this there is no scientists who has any arguments with you over the antiquity, or over the patterns of it. The great problems we have today over theology and science is that which most theologians are ignorant of as to what scientists are ignorant of truth, thus they think they are at odds. The results is that ignorant Clergy come along and say 4000 B.C. Adam..the first man walked out of Eden, no man walked on earth before that, when we are busy digging up civilizations 11,000 years old to 1/2 million years old. We can show you seed time and harvest, sedimentation thousands and thousands of years with human artifacts in it. We can show radio carbon, and florin replacement and number three other types of chemical testing by which we can tell antiquity. So we have the testing ability to very accurately tell the 'Time' element. So only the ignorant think that the oldest people have been on the earth since only 4000 B.C., and they are only Biblically ignorant if they think that God is held within this dimension. Then they shortened up their own times of 1400 years if they think that 4000 B.C., is the perimeter.

The history of the white man is about 7400 years on the face of the earth. Somewhere between 7400 and 7500 years at most, but the white man is not the relative of the Asiatic. He is not the relative of the Negro, and has nothing in common with either as far as his cultural background, his origin, and his inheritance is concerned. He has nothing in common concerning the Bible either because the Bible strictly belongs to your race. It is the book of the relationship of the experience, of the guidance, of the history as God placed them in earth for a very vital purpose, of its religion and its instruction.

Now; in this same area the plan which God has in the Books of the Bible and the other inspired Books which are not in the Bible because of Ecclesiastical design to keep them out, and because of Priestcraft, and Witchery and other factors, some things are defeated. The Holy Spirit, the Sovereign Will of God carries out certain areas of preserving truth, and there was bound together sufficient truth in this volume that a wayfaring, even tho a fool, could not err if he had enough Scriptures and understood them. Of course there is always one pre-requite to understanding the Scripture, and that is the spiritual capacity of the leader. The spiritual capacity of the investigator if not of the Household of God, and does not have the wave length of spirit of God...being Spirit of His Spirit..that one will never catch the pattern that was in the mind of God when a Holy man was inspired to write. Because, unless you are Spirit of His Spirit, you cannot understand, and this is why to the Jews in Jerusalem that Jesus said:..You can- not understand because you cannot hear my speech. You say:..but I talk to Jews and they understand. They hear you but they never understand anything spiritual. What they think always ties in with money, it is always tied into something strictly Jewish. Remember this:...the Jews always work for Jewry but never can perceive the great areas of spiritual truth. In fact Jews of today are such a mutation that they secretly worship Lucifer and Jesus who is the embodiment of YAHWEH SAID, THAT THEY THINK AS THE DEVIL THINKS. Under this same pattern they worship profits, which are evil, and have no moral code as it relates to their responsibilities to anyone else. And only adhere to certain moral codes preserved as an order of society among themselves. This is why all areas of the moral code which are restraining to them are perfectly licensed by them as it relates to other people. You will find this openly inside of their Talmud which is a mutation replacement of Scriptures where they have usurped areas of mutation. Someone said this is a long way around as we deal with...did the white race come from Ham, Shem, and Japhet. But positively not...you have to go back there...for the Adamic race continues on down to Noah living in the High Tarim Basin, and the mongrels and the priests of darkness which came out of these mutations were trying to absorb the white race living in that area because the white race was having an impact early upon Luciferianism.

For instance white men had migrated down to the Persian Gulf, and over into India and there they were bringing the testimony of the White God. They were called 'Vedic leaders' who worshiped the White God. Already the concepts of Krishna the Embodied God, coming in to overthrow the idolatry and pagan powers was being taught. And because the white man settled down he was called in India..the Manu..the tall white one. Of course the old and Ancient word for the white man in Persia was Aryan which meant that they were the offspring of the Eternal YAH..children of the God of Light, or of the sun. And everywhere we migrated we were known even now as Aryans, and the sons of Lucifer hate that word. More than any other word they hate this word Aryan for it identifies the white man as the Sons of Light. Everyone who discovers racial truth, and Biblical truth which is a pattern of origin today which all the mogrelizers and destroyers of civilization and culture have discovered is that one of the old words for our race is ARYAN. You can be proud of that word for it means you are the offspring of YAHWEH..the children of the SUN. And I am not talking of the sun which rises in the eastern sky of a morning, I am talking about the sun of Righteousness that rises with healing in its Wings. Always our race has been identified with the 'Winged Orb', and the Altars of the sun. Not necessarily looking on the sun as a deity, but on the sun as being the brightest light in our Universe. It is symbolic of Our God because He also is the 'Sun of Righteousness who lighteth all'. The difference between men is that some are started here by creation, and some came in, and that you are the sons of Light and Righteousness that came into the world, and your spiritual illumination from that MIND which holds all things together, from that MIND which is creative power..then being from this spirit you have a higher responsibility, a greater destiny, a far more important responsibility than any other people upon the face of the earth. The worlds history and development comes thru you, and by you, because it is the Will of the Father who was not ashamed to call you His Kinsmen. He took a body of flesh like you had which must always remain in important area of the text. So in discussing this again remember, even tho some say we have heard this over and over..well hear it until you can talk it in your sleep, until it becomes a pattern, until every Clergyman is confounded. Until every per- son in ignorance understands. Remember the Book of Hebrews is written to the descendants of Heber..the white race, because of this it is your Book. No Jew has it for it is only found in the Christian Bible. And there it says:...since the children of God are now down here in bodies of flesh, then God took a body like you had so that He might be like His own relatives, as tho He wasn't ashamed to call you His Kinsmen or brethren. Never forget Him in every study, in every consciousness, in every pattern of thought. That being the brethren of God, being the kinsmen of God, being of the Household of God down here in bodies of flesh which has its limitation, unless we have restored to us the natural color which we lost, and all the power which goes with it, but this is also in the pattern of God, and in His plan, and prerogative without which we would be greatly limited. Now; the fact remains that there are no other species on the face of the earth who are the offspring of God by Celestial birth in the heavens. Now embodied thru the physical offspring of the Adamic race. No other people can claim this route, the others are created people.

When it comes to the Negro they were created in other times, and when created they were good. What they have become and now down here after much disintegration at lower levels than their original condition, even made partially brutish, and we don't know how far they degenerated from their beginning out there in the Milky Way, but we do know that here they are a mutation.

In the instance of this we know that Noah's three sons, Ham, Shem, and Japhet migrated after the flood which came many centuries after the families of Enoch and Job who had migrated out of that same area. Then Enoch and Job and their great company went into Egypt and built the city of ON. But Enoch and Job did not migrate out of the High Steppes where Noah and his sons lived, but their forefathers did. In otherwords their parents migrated down, and they landed in what is now Palestine, and at that time it wasn't even called Palestine. They built the city of Salem which was their central city in that area. It was supported largely by the shepherds whose flocks were feeding on the hills around about. And by areas of limited agriculture which was brought by these Adamic people. They later would take agriculture into Egypt and this was one of the things that the Ancient Egyptians refer- ed to as what happened in the days of the coming of Enoch and Job. It says that...'They did make the earth to flourish with food which was good to our lips'. So actually they brought corn and wheat to Ancient Egypt and helped to spread their use for nourishment. This was why it was planted here, and the fact is that even later in the days of the flood...remember this is just a mystery insertion for I haven't time to go into this...but when Adam died his body was embalmed. This was an art taught by the Angels, or administrating spirits to the sons of Adam..to Seth and his offspring. This they did because they wanted to preserve this body of Adam, and it was in a cave where this body was kept, and altho there was kept the sacred records, still this was passed on as a secret...from generation after generation. Noah of course was aware of this, he was the keeper of the treasury. And when the flood did come the body of Adam was put in the Ark. This is one of the secrets of the Ancient records. And one son who would be held loyal to his responsibilities was Shem. He knew that it was his responsibility to transport this body of Adam down into a land..by a way which YAHWEH would show him, and he was to carry the sacred rolls as well as the body of Adam. There in that land would be a sarcophagus to hold this body of Adam until the Resurrection where in YAHWEH-Putah would come...Osiris the Lord of Life and Resurrection. And at that resurrection Adam would stand upon his feet. This story comes down thru tradition, and you may say that this is just folklore, but we can tie it in to many old manuscripts, thus it is more than folklore, but remembering that our race had already gone down to the land of Egypt and built this Ancient city of ON, built the oldest of the Pyramids and the Sphinx just reinforces the story. Many of the Sky maps produced in the astronomical lore came from the time of one man, for no man in all time and history had more revelation than did Enoch. He was taken back out into space into the heavenlies and then came back to earth again to report and record these things in a book, to tell the mysteries to his sons so that the wisdom of the mysteries, already lost would be restored, and much preserved. But the records of Enoch tell of some of the most out- standing experiences, that any man of our race only duplicated in part, and that by the Apostle Paul.

Now; I want to say this, I find that there are a group of idiot people who are attacking the Apostle Paul, as to what he wrote and as to what he thinks. They do not understand the Apostle Paul, as to what he wrote and as to what he thinks. They do not understand the Apostle Paul because when you understand the Apostle Paul you know that he was educated in the fourth heaven where he had been subjected to the enveloping Glory of the MIND of God, so as to give him patterns of knowledge and remembrance to go back to earth and to teach it so you don't have to worry about his theology. There are areas where Ecclesiastical has tried to change it, Paul was however one of the few men taken into the heavens for a visit with God and he couldn't tell whether in the spirit or in the body. I can't think of anything more assuring than this because if the Celestial body is so in tune with the physical that you can't tell the difference, then there is no disruption of thought in the process which we call death, so..'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD'. You can move into the consciousness of both planes even today.

Now; understanding this...then after the flood which was quite a catastrophe in which already mongrelized and mutated people had been destroyed, there weren't many left in that area which were so mongrelized except Noah and his Household. But many, many Adamites had migrated from there over the years before this catastrophe. And at that time the earthquake broke the earths crust in that great valley and dropped that crust into the water, and then the storms continued until the water rose to the high mountains. And Ararat is the word for high mountain, or high spot. It means high mountains, so today there are two or three ararats in Russia and in Turkestan and so forth. Then at the end of the 120 days there was another earthquake and it split the ends of this basin split letting water run down thru China, and the other end of the basin split letting water run down eventually to the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers coming on down past the Ancient city of Ur of the Chaldeas and on down to the Sea. At the time the water reached Ur of the Chaldees it was only slightly above the flood stage and much of Ancient Ur escaped any damage.

Now; this was Ur..before the days of Nimrod, the old part of the city was established by the Tungus people, and it was destroyed as the people fled to the hills, but the property on the higher hills wasn't touched at all. So when Mr. Woolly, one of the great archaeologists of our race, went down to dig at Ur he found the Ur of pre-flood period, and the continuation of Ur into the post flood period, and that the flood only came down that individual valley and eventually dissipated into the sea. Of course this is important for if that flood had covered all the earth, and not just that country then everyone would have had to come from Noah and his three sons. This would also have meant that all the livestock and animals of the world would have had to come from those on the Ark, and think of the ships necessary to carry them, as well as the food for them, and with one man and his three sons to try to care for them it would have been better to have drowned them than try to feed them over that period of time. But reduce that number to all those of that land, and that number is not so large, for after all this was up in the basin called the 'Roof of the World'. So we know by all these things that this was a limited menagerie that Noah and his sons had to care for. And another thing...God destroys nothing... until it does not exist..on the face of the earth in any period of judgment. So the flood did not reach Africa, or even most of Asia and 'Kind after kind, after its own kind which God said was good...must remain'. I have in my Library copies of the records of Ancient China, copies of antiquity and archaeological records so the people of Ancient China talked about the flood, they talked about old man Noah, they had a name for Noah, and one of his descendants in their Chinese records which tells that some of the descendants of one of the sons of Noah came down along the Whang-Ho River and settled in that valley. Their offspring moved into the High Steppes and low Steppes and these were the offspring of Japhet. And then these offspring of Japhet started intermingling with the Chinese Steppe Asiatics. They did not stay loyal to this law...'Kind begats kind'...and they were eventually absorbed. But no one can come along and say that the Chinese came from Japhet because the Chinese root stock was there 600,000 thousands years or more before, and for 23,000 years Chinamen have been buried in Chicken Bone Hill. Thus you cannot say that from Noah's three sons even the Africans came because 73,000 years ago they were burying Negroes in the Caves of Kilimanjaro. So the great experts today in their study of the Caves, and of fossils, and all things which they find in the caves also bring forward that fact. There is a lure to this study of caves and the exploration of caves, and out of it we get fossilology. Man seeding protection from the elements soon found they could build a fire in the front of a cave and have protection even from the beasts. Thus some advanced civilizations were carved and cut into the caves as we find in the High Steppes of Asia. In fact Genghis Kahn made treasure cities out of caves in the High Steppes of Asia. And they carved in the rock whole cities of rooms, and engraved deep in these caves the symbols of their gods. So as late as the ninth, tenth, and even in the eleventh centuries this was going on in the High Steppes of Asia. But we also find in this antiquity that Negroes coming so far before the Adamic race could never by any stretch of the imagination be considered the descendants of Adam. Then we came down to Ham and some got the idea that there was a violation of Divine Law, which we will not enter into at this time, but the violation was in the area of moral law, and that this violation lost the authority for Ham to assume the position of leadership with his brothers concerning family matters. In fact it put him in a sub-status with them at that time. But Ham had sons and they were white men, but the curse of judgment which came on Ham's offspring, especially on this one of Ham's offspring didn't effect the color of Ham's race, thus he did not start the Negro race. The fact is that if you go into the Old Testament you will find that the descendants of Ham produced some very great men. But the time comes when you get down to Nimrod and you find he was a mighty warrior and a great power. In otherwords he was a descendent of the Hamitic line, and these of that line had migrated and marched as did the Shem line in their expeditions after the flood period. The Shem Household migrated carrying the embalmed body of Adam, but as they marched, remember, that the Shem and Ham lines were closely associated and all white men, with one thing in common, they knew that problems came in the attacks against them led by Pagan Priests.

Now; the city once called Salem in Ancient Palestine had been the area where the parents of Enoch and Job and others had dwelt. While Enoch and Job had come from probably wealthy families because they were masters of quite large properties, having great flocks and many servants, these were also men of great learning for their time. They had around them the Savants and when they were called of God which was to be a part of the experiences of Enoch and Job, they would go down into Egypt to build in that land the Great City of ON, and to carry out this area of Destiny, and with these 144,000 Savants..wise men who studied stars, studied all known wisdom, crafts, architecture...would migrate with their families and with Enoch and Job go down into Egypt leaving the rest of the race in this area, and this large city behind. Later this city and the remnant of the race would be destroyed by Hill country savages and Asiatic warriors who hated the race, and were led by Pagan Priests. They wiped out the city of Salem, this city of Peace, and then later built the city of Cain, because this was people of the Cainanite line who had intermingled with the Akkad people who were the Steppe Warriors, and thus produced these savage warriors of which the Cain line were masters. The Semi-white devil, Cain, the son of Eve and Lucifer was not the son of Adam, at all, he was the one who killed Abel and was driven out into the land of Nod where he married, and built his kingdom, and became known as Sargon the Magnificent because of his power. His descendants became the tremendous and ferocious group of brilliant leaders of Steppe Mongols and others. Thus they led these Cainanites, and this is why the land was called Canaan land because they wiped out the last vestige of the white people in that land. And in the justice of God altho centuries and centuries of history go by...still when God called our race out of Egypt from the land of Goshen, remember he took them to Sinai and then into Canaan land. And He said:...I am going to give to you this land, and you are to destroy all these people here. They are pagans, they are your enemies and they worship Luciferian forces.

Some says:..but why would god give you this land, and tell you to destroy all of them? Because, they had wiped out the remnant of the Adamic race there of the Household of God who were not a warlike people, but a people of science, wisdom and knowledge under God. These were Satanic forces who had destroyed this area, and were waiting to destroy more of this race of Destiny.

Now remember...in the Bible it gives you the generation, the descendants of Nimrod, and Nimrod had conquered on the plain of Shinar..cities of the Ancient world. Sodom and Gomorrah were virtually subservient to him until the kind of Sodom had to pay obeyance to Nimrod King of Ur of the Chaldees. Then there was tidal King of land beneath the oceans. The word Tidal means king of the water washed land. So here were all these cities, and all the genealogies of all the people who came from Adam are traced here in the Book of Genesis more or less, but Tidal or the Kings of Sodom and Gomorrah did not come from any of these people of Adam, nor did many of these others who dwelt in the plains of Shinar at the time of Abraham, at the time of the great battle of 'Chedorlaomer'. In this battle the king of Chedorlaomer and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah, and king Tidal were fighting for a great treasure...known as the 'Gold of Ophir'. And there were millions of men here in this battle which was not long after the flood of Noah's time, so how do you account for so many people, where did they come from, why so many separate species? They would have had to evolved in this process, and no evolution had ever taken place as rapidly as this. All the descendants of Ham, Shem, and Japhet were thus white until they mongrelized, thus Ham, Shem, and Japhet begat white men, and their sons begat white sons, unless they joined themselves to pagan women. It wasn't in the first, second, or even the third generation that this catastrophe happened, and brought on their troubles, and it was mostly started in the days of Nimrod. He had carried a revenge against the Steppe people, the Asiatics who had produced the necessity for the flood, so when ever he found any people who might have been inter-related to this situation then he waged war on them. The tradition now is what happened to the people who dwelt in Salem, but it was known unto him, so everywhere Nimrod was a great conqueror, the great warrior. At first he also served the 'ONE GOD', but then after conquerering these Ancient cities of Arrak and Babel, he began to change under a bad influence. It was here at this site where Nimrod decided he would raise a tower. It would be raised unto the God of the Heavens, but the Babylonians had a multitude of gods. So these Ancient people of Babylon also wanted to have a special route to heaven. But this was ignorance, and then came the great earthquake and this is when the people fled in many directions. But everyone who worked on this tower had to speak in the local language or be put to death, this was because they would then have no revolt by this method. So when the earthquake came the people became frightened and spoke in their native tongues, so returned to their own people.

Remember that the Shemites had carried out their responsibilities, and some of them went on down into Egypt on their mission, but always some dwelt side by side with the Hamites in Ur of the Chaldees. Terah the father of Abraham was a direct descendent of Shem, from Noah, and on back to Seth. And he was Prime Minister of Ur of the Chaldeas exactly in the same time as the birth of Abraham. So later Abraham was called out of Ur of the Chaldeas and his father went with him. Thus we see that the purest strain of the white race was called out of Ur of the Chaldeas because it was in Nimrod's time when he started to take pagans unto himself. Dusty beauties from Africa and India and so forth, as to beauties that is all a matter of speculation as to what you like, but Nimrod probably had a harem which would have made Solomon blush, but this was the curse which made possible this idea of the blacks coming from Ham. Because some of Hams descendants could have been absorbed by the colored of India. But these descendants are cut off from the race as soon as absorbed and never after counted. The moment they mutate or mongrelize they are no longer counted. This is the way for the race to keep itself pure for its intellect, to retain its vision so that it can build the Kingdom of God, throw over the kingdom of Darkness, and bring Peace and Knowledge. The greatest responsibility resting on this people physically is to maintain racial purity, to retain spiritual perception for the Will of God to be carried out, plus the fact that they carried a Holy seed that cannot be multiplied when fused with any other race, producing people of lesser capacities, and start the disintegration of the race. So this is why we tell you that it is totally impossible for the descendants of Ham to have been Negroes except by absorption and then they are simply a mixture. For the children of Japhet to have been Asiatics except they be absorbed by mixing, had they remained white...a strain uncontaminated they would have formed a white cell inside of Asia. Now; there may be some white cells just like that, for we know this of some pre-flood Aryans that migrated. And in the mountains of Turkistan in the mountains of the High Steppes of Asia as late as the day of King Arthur's Round Table when the good King Applestain ruled, the Knights took strange responsibilities. St. George was to go into Asia, across the Danube and into Turkestan because messengers had come concerning small white cities which had been reached by a missionary called 'Prestor (Priest) John' which was one who claimed that he was the Apostle John sent of the spirit to all white men in isolated spots where there were Christians battling against the lacquered shields of Chinamen..and warriors from the Steppes. St. George went over to fight the dragon, to save this white civilization and culture and to bring them the knowledge that the Kingdom of David was still standing by. And the heraldry on the walls of the Castles of Britain carried the Heraldry of King David. These were descendants of the good King David, and King Applestain was a direct descendent of David, and was known as King Arthur. And his Knights went far and wide on these missions and gathered warriors as they went. St. George taught his warriors as they went as to how to battle the Dragon. This is a true story about St. George and the Dragon which people think is a myth, and it tells of how fire came out of the Dragons mouth, and the Knights would go up to fight this Dragon. It wasn't as foolish as you think for these warriors from the Steppes used the great and monstrous Dragons when they went to war. And in their battles they used tons of firecrackers, and they used to breathe fire out of the dragons mouth which was a symbol of their Dragon god. A symbol of their identity to Lucifer, and in the 12th chapter of Revelation it tells you that Lucifer was called by the Steppe worshippers ..the Great Dragon..and woven into the Gospel message of the sky is this story of this Great Dragon..Dragonis..and also Hydra the Serpent which is another identifying area of Luciferian forces. And that is one of the reasons why the Steppe people of China use the emblem of the Dragon while the fallen people of India under his control use the symbol of Hydra the Serpent. This is why VooDoss used the Serpent symbol and Lukii used the Dragon symbol, but both fallen Angels filled up the pagan religion. I can show you where woven into the Chinese pagan religion..as Lucifer took over these dragons and dragon deities appear. I can show you the serpent deities in India and down in Africa among the blacks as well. And of course among the Jews..Lucifers offspring, unassimulatable offspring no matter what color, follow the serpent identity, and wore the Dragon symbol in their Ancient times, and then wove the Serpent into the Davidic Symbol which they stole from our background, and thus this was why back in the Books of Moses they were called the children of the Serpent and the Asp. Jesus said:..'Ye are the generations of the serpent and the viper,..who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?' Not literal serpents..but this was a serpent kingdom. This was what Lucifer was called as he seduced Eve. He was called the Great Serpent as he entered into the garden, this was his title. He was an Archangel...and at one time the Serpent was a symbol of GREAT WISDOM before he fell. This is why Isaiah said he filled up the sun of wisdom and knowledge and power because this was a part of this story. Understanding this is very vital to Christians because of they have the strange idea that all men came from Noah then its easy for race mixing, false prophets and preachers without vision to say it is alright to mix all races together. To say that integration is of God, mongrelization is al- right, this is just fusing of the blood and we will get back to where we were in the days of Noah. But what are we getting back to...in the days of Noah is not the pureness of the blood of our race, but to the condition which caused the flood in the first place. They were eating and drinking and giving in marriage, or inter-marrying as Jesus said so when catastrophe of Divine Judgment falls upon the earth it is because they are living as they did in the days of Noah..thus requiring that judgment must fall on parts of the earth for the salvation of portions of your race, or they will absorb you, they will neutralize you, or they atomize you with fervent heat. But don't worry...God knew this from the beginning, who told you this thru the lips of his prophets and then thru the lips of Jesus, even thru the Apostle Paul who after his heavenly visit came back to bring the mess- age to you. He is not going to permit his sons to lose this battle but is going to empower them in this day, of all times. So again it is very significant that we understand these patterns of migrations.

QUESTION:...Who are the white Russians?

ANSWER:...The White Russians are from the tribe of Zebulon mostly, and remember that on the East with Judah was Issachar and Zebulon. The children of Issachar were on the north, the people of Finland, and yes some of them are in Russia. Some of the people of Poland are in Russia and some are also of Issachar, but the Slavic people are of Zebulon. There has been some fusion into the edge of Zebulon by Asiatics due to conquerors. Some of the Slavs have slant eyes, Asiatic mutation, but most of the people are white, many of them blue-eyes also some are brown eyed but they are fair people. Yugoslavia is one of the nations captured by the Anti-Christ, and is now under communism. But the people of Yugoslavia like those of Hungary are white people of Zebulon. There has been some mutation of Issachar up on the edge of Lapland also, but this is the reason why God said:..I shall cleanse again the blood of my people. When these things have been the result of captivity and trouble, and there is still a service and worship of God, then any contamination will be purged out by YAHWEH because His Will and Omniscience precludes any catastrophe in this area.

Now; in the center of Eastern Europe the Goths and Vis Goth made up the center of the people, these were Judah and Germany is their land. These are the House of Judah in migrations, one migration having taken place when Israel went into Assyrian captivity when some of Judah went out with them. and they came into Europe while the Sythians were moving thru Greece. The second migration was when the people of Judah and Benjamin went out of Palestine right after the crucifixion and resurrection of The Christ. In those early days before Titus, the Romans came to the old land of Pales- tine, they went out as the Vis Goth and were the second migration of the Judah people coming in and settling with their brethren already in place in the middle of Eastern Europe. The Benjaminites were the Normans as they came into Europe at this time. But already in place were the rest of Judah and Israel, as Scandinavians (Asher, Dan, and Issachar, Naphtali) the Dutch (Reuben)..white Romans (Gad) and the Spanish (Simeon) the Anglo- Saxons (the House of Joseph) and the Slavic countries of Zebulon. This civilization in Central Europe as the VisGoths came in of course was not barbaric, they had great cities, and they were war like for a purpose, but like Britain they had great stone castles and were ruled over by Princes. They had Ancient traditions like all Israel, and they looked for- ward to the Messiahship, and when the Gospel was delivered they received it almost immediately. In fact they found areas of its worship in earliest days of Germany.

In the meantime Genghis Kahn rose up because of Jewish influence which came from Venice and the Isle of Pergamos referred to in the Scriptures, and they were Chinese Jews who joined with the European Jews all having one thing in common...Ancient Luciferianism. Having promoted Genghis Kahn to attack Christian civilization they backed his play so that he became powerful. They obtained Chep Noyon...a Chinese Jew for his Prime Minister, and brought these hoards against Europe. Having overthrown these areas of the upper Steppes, the Northern gates to Europe were opened, and they set up their Czar Khan's upon thrones who were sub Khans to Genghis Khan the earth shaker or mighty ruler. And even after the death of Genghis Khan they still kept up the invasion, and the Knighthood of Germans under the seven Princes would fight these invading hoards with Khan, and they held them back as they came thru the northern corridors into Europe. This is why the seven Princes formed an alliance in Germany, and they waged a war against Shoggy Khan and his successor all Asiatics of various kinds. These Princes of Germany then pushed their way into parts of Russia and they conquered and took over the cities now called Moscow and Petrograd, and as they built these cities they conquered the land of Russ...some of these cities were carrying names identified with their Ancient descendants of Japhet who had been brilliant military men. And some of their mutate offspring were in the land of Magog, and some of these other cities identified their origin. These were names like Sargon...from Cain which continued. But the Asiatics who dwelt in some of these cities also had no connection with the Japhet people. But when these cities were captured by the German Princes, then White Royalty was put on the thrones of Russia. Frederick the Great was one of these great rulers in Russia, and a direct descendent of the King of Germany. But the king line of Germany was inter-marrying with the king line of Britain, and this white line in Europe was in Russia as well, out of the king line of David, out of Britain where it had been transplanted from Jerusalem to Ireland, from there to Scotland and Wales. And those Dynasties rose unto today...on the walls of Buckingham Palace you trace the Dynasties of almost all the king lines of Europe back to the King line of David. In fact Czar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm and King George I., at the time of W.W.I. were all cousins ruling over these different countries. Now; Germany had provided the white Aristocrats of Russian Aristocracy, so Germans under this white protection migrated to Russia as well as did some of Zebulon who came up to the Danube into these areas because they were under the Davidic or Judah throne. It was not until communism, a Jewish barbarianism, took over Russia and killed the Christians and gathered the hoards of Mongols out of the Steppes that this process was reversed.

This is again the Beast World Order wounded nigh unto death...rising up once again, its wound healed to gather the hoards of Asia to come against and hope to destroy Christianity. Added to this the hoards of Africa to fulfill prophecy. So the people of Russia today who are white are not descended from Japhet, also these may be Asiatics who have come in who have distant connections to absorbed Japhetic lines, and names, and they some- times name themselves out of old tribal names, and their brilliant leaders. But they (Japhet) were absorbed and mongrelized to the thousandth degree, and they are not the parents of the Asiatics. And many of the Cossacks were of pure Zebulon for some of them came from the days of Genghis Kahn and of course he had some white mercenaries with him, for when he captured their cities he gave them a choice, march with him and his hoards or die, and some of them marched, some came out later when they had a chance. This is also related to the Ancient Turkish Empire but we won't go into that tonight.

QUESTION:...Speaking of Nimrod, what happened in the confounding of the languages?

ANSWER:...Well, one of the Ancient laws which existed from the time of Ur on down to Babel, and this was an Ancient law which existed at the time of Ur and among the Sumerians after Israel was captured. It was that in these cities that the kings always forbade any stranger in any of their cities to talk in any language but the language of that city. In otherwords if they did not understand the language they had to be still while they worked there unless they came as a guest. This was so that they could not conspire to overthrow that kingdom. If men were heard talking in any other language they could not plot in secret, when you could not understand them. Always then for workers who came from other lands, they were housed together with the people loyal to the king and the city. So they could not talk in any other language or they would be put to death, so they had to speak in the language of Ur, or Babel or wherever they lived. So they had to learn simple language of asking for bread, or pick, or shovel. They learned these words as they worked, but God saw that this would come to mongrelization and integration of His own Household, for there was some of Noah's House- hold living there, so he sent a great earthquake which shook the top of the tower of Babel that they were building, and it was brought down, and this so frightened these men that they spoke in their own native tongue and they had to flee from that land to escape being put to death. This is the 'Ode of the Tower'..and this confusion is the speaking in many languages. And Babel was the city before which all this happened. Therefore when you get a confusion it is talking about different languages is this is called Babel the narrative is in the Book by Moses written from 1480-1470 B.C., writing history and tradition, and the spirit inspired him to lay down this positive position. And he talks about things in his own time and that takes him 4 1/2 Books to write about the next 80 years, and the others he wrote as he was inspired to write, and record, and thus the Holy Spirit has kept for us great basic truths. But there has been some bad translation with areas of error which are sometimes confusing. But the thing I would point out is that God was not worried about this tower of Babel, He was not worried that they were going out to El Cyone the largest Star in the Pleiades which was millions of miles away. We may be smart enough to probe Mars for good photographs, and the moon could be a short hop, but you will never get a ship beyond until you learn the lore of your forefathers and ancestors. You are not going to get a ship to Pleaides with the speed we can catalyze now. Enoch was there and came back, and Paul was there and came back and whole fleets move thru space move thru space, but we haven't found the answer to all this speed as yet. So God wasn't worried about them building a tower all the way to the heavens, and he just gave them an earthquake and confounded their languages and it would break up this situation where in the children of heaven would be mutated. Always there was intermingling to accomplish this so God just confused their languages accordingly to their order and by sending the catastrophe which had every man violate the law...this was just a part of the old and Ancient narrative.

QUESTION:...Explain John 10:16?

ANSWER:...other sheep have I which are not of this fold;...there is to be one fold and one shepherd, and at this time Jesus was speaking to His disciples. He was in the land of Palestine where in was the City of Bethlehem to fulfill prophecy, for He was to be born in this City of David. His earthly parents lived in Galilee but he was born in Bethlehem and people of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin also lived in Palestine at this time.... they were two tribes out of the 12 at the time of Jesus and they were the sheep of His pasture, but He also had other sheep not in this area at this time. In Matthew He said:...'I come only to the lost sheep of Israel'..then in John He said as the Jews came to Him on Solomon's porch:..'How long dost thou make us doubt? If thou be the Christ (Messiah) tell us plainly and Jesus said:..I told you and you believed me not...because you are not my sheep.' Thus the Jews were not Israelites. The people of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin were His sheep and they were also relatives of the sheep of the migrating ten tribes. At this time the lost sheep were all over the continent of Europe. Thus when Jesus said He had other lost sheep they were not of this Dry Tree of the Judah Kingdom which was to be dried up in this old land and transplanted to other lands.

Jesus had been on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea already over to Britain and there He had taught in the Druid University. In fact Mary was to be carried there on these same ships of Joseph of Arimathea after Christ's ascension. And today you find the tomb of Mary in Britain. The hides of land in Britain belonged to Joseph of Arimathea, and there was a great Abbey built there. As soon as the disciples were finished in Palestine they moved out to other areas, and many went to Britain, John was there and James, and then they went back to Jerusalem. Paul later would go to Britain, and then to Rome and Peter would go to Britain and then to Rome where he would be crucified hanging head down. Peter was a great Bishop of Rome but he was not the first. Actually Jesus did make Peter one of the leading shepherds of the flock for He said:..'Feed my Sheep'. And Peter did great missionary activity, and he did this in Britain as well as in Rome, and became historically identified with the church of Rome. Later the church of Rome became invaded by Jewish Priests who being unable to destroy the Christian church joined the church to try to destroy it on the inside by condemning its doctrines by pagan philosophies.

The fact remains that they were never able to destroy the testimony of The Christ altho they did weave a lot of things into it which did not be- long there. But when Jesus said:..'Other Sheep have I which I must also bring....then He sent out His Apostles and they gathered out His Sheep be- cause 'All Israel shall be saved...as it is written'. The Apostle Paul thoroughly understood this because he said:..'The Ethene called falsely gentiles are Israel.' This is true as these Ethene were brought the Gospel and then these wild Olive Branches were grafted back on to their own tree, and the Olive Tree is the symbol of Israel. And the Seal on every great Christian Nation today is the Olive Tree. This is why you have the Eagle holding the Olive Branch. This is why Olive leaves are on some of your coins and on your Seal. This is a part or our history. But I can show you

Olive leaves all over the Israel Nations because Israel is an Olive Tree, and the Fig Tree is the symbol of the Jews, for you also have bad figs, and whenever they control a kingdom many people get trapped in his fig tree religion. This is why Jesus cursed the fig tree.

This is a good question because Jesus said:..'Other sheep have I not of this fold, and them also I must bring, but they shall hear my voice and there shall be one shepherd, and one sheepfold,' for the sheep hear His voice and they do not listen to a stranger when he calls. He leads them by name, but remember this...you were sheep before you were called. You see...this idea that a great hodgepodge of people can come running when He calls is simply not true..this whosoever will..is not true. He calls His Sheep by name and he leads them out and salvation is to restore them to Glory as sons of God, to finish the building of the Kingdom. Salvation to the pagan races would be to bring them back to what they had before Lucifer rebelled, not to make them an offspring of God. This would be an impossibility by any mental gymnastics or by any intelligent process because this comes by origin, and by Seed. But to put the whole Universe back in order because our Gracious Father has a purpose for all creation where eventually all creation will bow, every knee is going to bow, and every power is going to be crushed and even Lucifer is going to worship at His feet. He is going to be crushed and even Lucifer is going to worship at his feet. He is going to acknowledge that you are HIS children so we are not on a defeat cycle headed for torture chambers which wreck vengeance on people for some sadistic cause. We are the children of a New Day, and a New Order. Yes, we will battle the enemy, we will eliminate him if he tries to wipe out our race. And he will die before our swords or nuclear weapons if he comes against us, but you never destroy souls, and you don't destroy the ability of God to fulfill his destiny. He has not willed that we are to let the Satanic offspring gather the people of the earth and crush the kingdom. He said:...I will deliver all the world into your hands, I will give Africa and Asia all these things for thee, because you are my children, and I have loved YOU.

But the other sheep of this fold were the rest of the white race living in Europe or where they might have been in other places. The thing is that after the Apostles moved out, the sheep became CHRISTIAN. Today all the white nations of the Western World are Christian Nations. And even the nations like Yugoslavia behind the Iron Curtain, deep down in the hearts of these people they are still Greek or Roman Orthodox and all secretly worship the Christ, and hide their Eikons (icons-pictures) and other symbols of His message. Communism killed Christians by the millions in their communist program but remember for the day when Christ stated this fact...all these white people have become Christians. Thus He has fulfilled this:... 'Other sheep have I which I shall gather'. They were those who had moved out and were not the remnant of the Judah Kingdom who were here in Palestine.

In Isaiah...'All Israel shall be saved....and I shall take away the ungodliness of Jacob'...those are the promises

QUESTION:...What will happen to our people who will not listen to the Israel story?

ANSWER:...Well, many of these people suffer from areas of ignorance, and actually have seen catastrophe descend upon their children, because their children turn to the way of the world order. They have married outside of their race, to Korean, or into the Negro race for instance, and those offspring can never inherit any capacity for leadership in the Kingdom. Ultimately in time the offspring will have to be classified with the lesser order with which it was mutated. And this will eventually require a miracle to make new creatures of them, to give them an affinity with that society. So therefore this is the great curse...the Scripture says they have to send the outlander man or woman out from among them, and their pagan children cannot be absorbed by the kingdom.

Now; this is just one of those things, there are people who will not listen, they won't intermingle, but they won't listen to truth because they have been brainwashed, and it might cost them economically if they spoke up. If they find out they are afraid they might lose their jobs, and they worry about that, but remember we are the majority in this country, and those who are awakening are growing in number so its pretty hard for them to discriminate against you because of what you believe, for their own laws will interfere, and at the same time trying to guarantee civil rights, and they come up against a situation that backfires. I think the best way to show this...you get in trouble if you don't believe the truth when you hear it, if you don't follow when you hear it, then you are in a mental bind plus the fact that you can suffer a great loss. Because God has promised to protect your property, and the people eventually who accept the truth when they hear it, and will observe the laws of God.

Now; this does not mean that they go into some terrible perdition when they don't but it does mean they catch perdition on earth when it comes about because of the catastrophe, and the wars and these things are because we violate Divine Laws. You see we let people tear down our defenses who are enemies of our civilization because leaders inside our areas of authority are not of us. For instance we have 127 or 128 advisors from Cabinet posts on down, and 83 of them are Jews, and everyone of these Jews are Liberals and bent toward socialism and world government. So faced with this we violated Divine Law, and if we didn't we wouldn't let these strangers rule over us. In otherwords this country is founded by Christians who came over here and fulfilled a destiny as to what they were to do, this destiny was planted in them ages and ages ago. And we should have continued as they started out and elected Christians to office and retained the balance of power. You are never to allow the minorities in your society or Anti-Christ religion to move in. So the more people who refuse the truth, the more they assist the enemy by making love with his order, by going along with it. So in his instance again they are in trouble as they bread Divine Law. They will find out one of these days that the kingdom is going to be taken away from them right here, and when trouble comes then God has covenants to all Israel, and there is a lot of people who will be in more and more trouble. We think that we are in trouble because the enemy is trying to pull different things economically, but they are waging war on all fronts, and there are defectors, those who are not of us go out from us, and the people who should be with you go out following the will of the wisp. But those people get themselves in trouble sooner or later. The covenants of God are good and they reach out to those who have the intelligence to claim them, but at the same time most don't know what these inheritances involve. If they have a teacher who knows it and shows it, or unless the Spirit brings it to them there is just a lot of people who do not know what to claim. But this Gospel of the Kingdom is gaining since God promised to restore it in the last days. And whether called gentile or pagan, still the children of the kingdom are as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens. Ultimately the return of the Christ will restore to these people the ability to think, and to know spiritual wisdom gives it to them even.. as HE is known. So you never quit, you always try to reach white men, and what you have to offer them should be acceptable to them. You may not think you are having any results but someday you may be surprised at the things they will remember even tho they may have forgotten that you were the one who told them.

End of Message .