12-27-67 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Concerning the Prime Minister of Australia, what happened?

ANSWER:---We might say that what is called the 'Elite Core' in the world today is a highly organized core of Jewry with their International financing, they control most of the monetary systems of the world. They are trying to crack the western nations with this control. Of course they want to rule thru the United Nations and the world bank--world monetary system and so forth. They do fulfill the areas of Mystery Babylon the Great , where every process is evil. In the book of Revelation God makes the statement concerning Mystery Babylon the Great, that it is the habitation of devils, and every foul spirit and hateful bird. When He says devils he makes it clear what he means by devils. Jesus told the Jews that they were of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father they will do. He was a liar from the beginning and so forth. He identified them as Cainanites, descendants of Lucifer that they were devil, and had control over Babylon. Their domination over Babylon is bringing this climactic picture to an end.

Now; the Prime Minister of Australia was approached a couple of weeks ago by the world monetary fund. He had been rather reluctant to enter into talks with the world monetary fund. So finally he came out and said he was not going to put Australia's funds in the World Monetary fund. Nor was he going to capitalize all the assets of the people of Australia and put it in the World Monetary fund. he considered that such an operation was rather a fraud and not right for the people of Australia to enter into. So if people wanted to trade with Australia they could make free trades, that Australia had a free economy, and it wanted to keep it that way. Well of course the Elite Company said:--He has to go. So three or four days after this the Premier of Australia who was a seemingly healthy individual and who does a lot of scuba diving came to the beach. There were about 50,000 people scattered along that beach and he came with secret service men, and they were talking to someone, and when the secret service men turned back he was gone. They scoured the beach for him and said he must have gone in scuba diving. But they never found his beach robe, or any of his equipment. So they thought he must be swimming somewhere and when he didn't come back they said--he must have been killed. But this is to pat, especially when we have this Elite core who are very, very good at capturing the world. They have a complete crime organization of Sicilian Jews who do some of the dirty work for the Elite core in much of the world.

So when we talk about the program of the Anti-Christ for the end of the age, you are in it, don't think for a moment that you aren't. After W.W. II the design was for the use of commandos, as they saw what they could do. Commandos could move in and take men right out from under the eyes of the troops. It was a German Col. who went in and captured Mussolini tho he was held by the Allies. Had seven complete divisions or regiments around him as well as barbed wire, and this man came in and spirited Mussolini away thru seven whole lines of barbed wire, emplacement. So don't under estimate what Commandos can do. There are commandos who came in and captured a German Commander and one Major, took them right out of the camp and no one knew it. So they hire these men for $25,000.00 DOLLARS PER YEAR AND UP, and they are on tap to do their bidding. And there is these Mafia criminals all over the world ready to perform, to do anything they want done. We might refer to them as International Bankers but this is Jewry out to take over the world. Without doubt they assigned men of this caliber to capture the Premier of Australia. They sent out hundreds of skin divers, out and they covered the bottom of the ocean for miles and miles but they never found the Prime Minister of Australia. Never found his equipment or anything, and then three days later they held a funeral for him. The President of the U.S. said he was going to the funeral even tho they never found a body. They never had any evidence that he is dead, they may find a body later, but they did remove the Premier of Australia. this was a Babylonian design. It is just as much of a conspiracy as the killing of President Kennedy or the liquidation of any of the conservative forces going on right now.

One of the things that makes this situation unique is that the Prime Minister of Australia, and then the Prime minister of Canada would not let Canadian money go into the World Monetary Fund. After the Prime Minister of Australia disappeared then the Prime Minister of Canada of Canada last week resigned. He said;--there is only one way to live and that is to get out of this position. So you see this is the design of the World Monetary Fund. This is the outfit that got Kennedy, there is no question of that. The President of the U. S. had betrayed the Cuban people and had denied them U.S. air and naval power. The day of the Bay of Pigs President Kennedy ordered our air and naval power to return to base. At the same time we know that Kennedy had notified Castro of the plans, that the Cubans inside the country had buried their weapons and were to dig them up and join the men coming in at the Bay of Pigs. Well Castro's men got them as they dug up their weapons and they ended up in concentration camps. Yes---Kennedy notified Castro, then he came out and admitted that he had called off the invasion. Well the elite corpse had been doing a little work with Kennedy but it was evident to them that he hesitated, and was a little balky at some of the things they wanted done. I guess the Kennedy House wanted to do it instead of this house of Jewry, but Kennedy had cancer of the spine, and had just about two months to live whether he knew it or not, but his family knew it. So they decided to liquidate Kennedy and thus could blame the right wing which they felt was close to 50 or 55 % of the country. Remember as soon as the notice came out about the Kennedy killing---that Earl Warren got on T.V. and radio and said;--the right wing killed our President. But they did not count on Oswald being captured even tho there were both right wingers, and others as well on the Dallas Police Force. But this was the situation so Ruby killed Oswald and there were five different assassins tied in with the Mafia, the CIA which is like the thrush program on T.V. So this group did the killing, they will kill, will massacre all over the world at the request of these top figures in government. These top figures are with the Elite company, and their puppets are men like McNamara, and L.B.J. The fact remains that this is a sinister operation, and the program is quite clear. So when Governor Connally was shot it was with a 357 magnum which hit him and exploded. They found that one bullet had hit Kennedy and dropped out as they picked him up to put him on the stretcher. It was a high velocity bullet that hit him. A 45 hit his head and blew part of it off. Later the part of his head and the bullet was found on the ground and was picked up by an officer high up in the know---connected with the Dallas Police Department. So you see the whole things was a rigged deal and when they were caught, then they had to make the whole responsibility rest on Oswald. So the entire Warren report was a phoney, they left everything up to Oswald, but their own CIA was evolved up tot heir necks.

Remember that this Elite group has for the past four or five years been moving CIA men into organizations listed as being Patriotic organizations, and these agents would always try to get these organizations to do something extreme, always trying to excite them and sometimes in some right wing organizations they have been able to move the CIA agents right next to the leader of the organization. They plan to kill the leaders of the Right wing movement and take over the leadership at the top. We are now in a very, very serious circumstance, the next three or four months may even be crucial.

Remember that Mr. McNamara resigned to take a position at the world bank which is the main official banking force of this whole phoney operation. Mr. Goldberg resigned but he is interested in the transfer of assets, then they brought in another Jew to take Goldberg's place in the U.N. But we feel that the Australian Premier was kidnaped, and may be murdered. We know that he did not drown, we know they got word to the Prime Minister of Canada when they shot at him because he immediately resigned for his life wasn't worth anything. We know that they blew up De Pughs office and if he had been there he would have been dead. They shot a man in Omaha who was a right wing leader, as he was walking from his church to his car, and they got him.

Now; I am not using any names on purpose at this moment, but there was a meeting with one of the biggest Jew Hotel owners in L.A. and this person saw this hotel owner and he arranged for finances to help with the assassination of Kennedy, this we know. This man Garrison then came out and made some of the right pickups but his program of material is very very bad. In his magazine article he comes out and says constantly that the 'right wing' killed our President. But the CIA was in on this whole thing, and the men he has picked up do happen to be CIA agents, and there just happens to be in the Jew Corpse --those that run Louisiana as well. The Lehmans and Frankfruters run Louisiana and this puts the picture in the south. Again we point this out that this is the program of the Anti-Christ trying to push aside the right wing, but it won't work in this country as it has in other countries, but until we have a transfer of people ----like those in the administration today---they are hard core --criminals in administrative power who will stop at nothing, have stopped at nothing in their careers in the past---until these are removed we are in trouble.

QUESTION;--What about Bradley?

ANSWER;--I don't personally know Gene Bradley, I have seen him in meetings that is all. McIntire vouches for him but then McIntire vouches for the Jews to. So you can't tell by this, but this man Bradley even if McIntire was totally innocent of having anything to do with the killing of Kennedy they could still have used McIntire for a cover up.

QUESTIONER;---So this ties in with the evil monsters?

ANSWER;--Well who knows. ---In other words Life and Time magazines who have been going after the Mafia are going after Garrison and they claim he is tied in with this to, however I doubt that he started out that way. He may be some what confused as he blames the 'right wing' for something they did not do. These of the CIA who came into the 'right wing' weren't 'Right Wingers' they only came in to try to control the 'right wing.' As far as the windup of this picture, this is why the transfer of McNamara and the others they aim to take control of the U.S. Monetary situation completely.

QUESTIONER;--what would be the outcome of this?

ANSWER;-Well, if they get their way, if they accomplish all they hope for the World Bank will take the assets of all nations and divide them up on a common denominator basis, reassign them on a basis of which will be negotiable to all nations. It means that a Hottentot nation of Africa with no collateral will get as much money to divide up per capital as the U.S. would. You would go down to a peasant status in a hurry. The World Monetary fund never lets loose any assets, it only gives checks to use anyhow. The assets never return to a country, so this would be a super U.N. World Design. It would liquidate the independence of the U.S. Economy. it would place us under control of all finance, they eventually want to set up with this credit card program now. As you look on T.V. you see ---70 Bankers behind Mrs. Jones as she went Christmas shopping, and she can as of now overdraw up to $1,000.00 if she wants to. But they do not tell you that there is 18.5 % interest per month on this, and people don't' realize that you don't pay one cent to handle your own money. You figure that the 18% per month, interest plus the 33 1/3 % taxes which aren't going down with this program, then figure it out and you have less than 48% of the money to work with. And the most strange thing is that you find that most of this credit card stuff is handled by the Mafia. There has been a battle in Congress over this but this is the design. So the whole thing is just a messed up situation. I the first place I don't think it is going to work. I don't think they can get enough computers to handle all this check book finance. People aren't going to do this, they may do it in some areas of Europe, but the American's just aren't going to take it.

QUESTION:--- What is the mark of the beast.

ANSWER; --Actually 666 is jut the mark of a man without the spirit of God. 777 is the mark of a man with the spirit of God. So the mark in the forehead is not a stamp you see on a man's forehead, it is not on the outside, but what is behind the forehead. It is the thing he gives accent to in his intelligence, his mind, and the mark of his hand is what he puts his hands to do.

Then if he puts his heart and hand to do the things not of the kingdom he is doing the work of the Beast system. It is not essentially the mark, it is the man, and the hand is to signify that he has intelligence, or he is brainwashed and is doing the work of the Beast system. This 666 isn't going to be stamped on your forehead or your hand.

QUESTIONER:----Will the violence which comes from the fall of Babylon mark the invasion of Western Europe and the United States?

ANSWER;--The violence which comes from the fall of Babylon comes from the people who were mistreated by Mystery Babylon. So a they discover this, then with violence will Mystery Babylon be thrown down. God speaks as tho this is a great thing. He says;---Great is the fall thereof, and He speaks out to his people saying:--' Rejoice, therefore O heaven and earth, all the holy prophets and Apostles for God hath avenged you on her. ----"A mighty Angel took a stone like a great millstone and cast it into the sea, and said:---with violence shall that great city of Babylon be cast down, and shall be found no more at all." Great Babylon had control over the nations, the craftsmen, who made the cars, all vehicles, all clothes and so forth, and shall no more have control over all these things. There shall no longer be any candles seen in Babylon. The world will discover that it was ---'Thy merchants ' which ran Babylon. For it was these great men and their sorceries by which all nations were deceived, and in her was found the blood of the prophets and of the Saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. So you see how God makes it clear that Mystery Babylon was run by organized Jewry with their control of worlds economy and great supermarkets, and all these situations thru the U. N. an these people are guilty of all the blood of those slain upon the earth.

You can take the words of Jesus, for he pointed out who they were.--They said;---"If we had lived in the days of our fathers we would not have killed the prophets"--Jesus said;--You have just identified yourselves as the children of the prophet killers. Therefore upon you comes this responsibility of killing the saints., from Abel to Zacharias killed between the horns of the altar. Of course Abel was killed by Cain and Zacharias had been killed by those of that day. So Jewry from Cain on down were guilty of all the killings of the Adamites.

QUESTION;--Does the fall of Babylon precede Armageddon?

ANSWER;----Armageddon is a world wide battle, whether it proceeds or is a part of Armageddon, this is a part of the end of the age, and we are in it, we are there. We may not have broken out in a full sale battle but we are there. We don't have any objection to battling the enemy, it is the way we are battling which we protest. We should not send one single boy to fight the Viet Cong, we should do it entirely with our machines, our power. Leave no Atom Bomb or nuclear bomb factory in Asia or we will be hit by them one of these days because of these foolish policies.

The fact is that this Armageddon which finds the Christian world fighting the anti-Christian world, it has the Christian world in battle against the Anti-Christ forces. The armies of Anti-Christ start this final battle but the kingdom ends it, there is no question of that.

QUESTIONER;--It says that this 666 is the number of a man---

ANSWER;--No it is symbolic, it is a man without the spirit of God. In other words the lineage of Lucifer and the fallen Angels produced no offspring which had the spirit of God--see.

QUESTIONER;---Then there is no man who represents the Anti-Christ?

ANSWER;--Oh, there may be a sort of super mean who will be the anti-Christ of the hour, but there are many Anti-Christs we are told by John---"He who denies the deity of Jesus the Christ is Anti-Christ.

QUESTIONER;---Well it says no one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark?

ANSWER;--- Well in fact if you are behind the iron curtain today you can't buy or sell unless you have a certain card. This goes for eastern Germany also, and you have to have to have a card even to trade in the market. This does not happen in the nations of God's Kingdom---just a part of the nation. You see when people read these things they don't realize that the Kingdom of God is still made up of men and of nations and what happens in the world order is not going to happen in the Kingdom of God. Altho they may gain areas of control and power eventually this will be broken. Of course 1/3 of the Christian nations are now behind the iron curtain, they have had martyrdoms, in fact it is like the great tribulation. They talk about a great tribulation but even in this generation we have had a great tribulation since 1917. We have had the wars, the taking and the setting up of Communism in Russia. What more can they do to a people than tie them to teams of horses and tear them apart.? This is what they did to the Ministers and Priests in the Soviet Union. They put to death 17 million Christians who would not give up their Faith in Jesus the Christ. So when we have these situations then we have all the conditions out of the period of tribulation. Of course we have all this graft and murder going on and all this tribulation going on now, but we are in the time of Jacob's trouble. The scripture says there would never be a time like it. Of course there never was a time like it will be when this is over, but that is the time when Michael will stand up for the children of God as he did before. Because as they go out of tribulation they go into the final hours of the program of Anti-Christ. But we have a vision, we have no question about the outcome of this for God said that he will help his people. In fact if you live by faith you are not going to worry about the outcome of this. You are just going to be prepared for stepping up the hour when you are going to move against the enemy. The LORD said:--I did not come to bring Peace--I came to bring a sword.---why? Because he said he had a war with Amalak for all generations . God speaks out concerning his kingdom, he says they are his battle axe and weapons of war. And they are going to put down these nations of the enemy such as the powers of Assyria, the powers of Babylon, the descendants of the Luciferian forces in the earth. Then God speaks out and said;--'Ask me concerning my sons--command ye me, for they are going to set the nations free. ' They are going to be the ones to accomplish this great victory. Of course He has promised all the hosts of heaven. He has said that as lightening out of the east will be the coming of the 'Son of man', and one of the first things he will do is to divide the sheep nations from the goat nations, and then he will say:--here is the kingdom prepared for you before the foundation of the world. We have absolute assurance of the ultimate victories of what is coming. The book of Revelation tells us much about the end of this battle. In the book of Revelation it talks about the Christ and his coming. It tells us that heaven has opened to John and he beheld Christ at the head of a great army. His eyes were brilliant, radiant an aura as of fire was around his head and on his head a crown, and a name written there that no man could name but Himself, and he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood, an armies by the millions followed after him, and out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, and He shall smite the nations with a rod of iron. And he treads the Wine press with the fierceness of Almighty God and on his vesture is a name----"King of Kings, and LORD of LO R D's".

Now; "I see the kings of the earth and the Beast and their armies." The Beast system is all these non-spiritual races who are joined under this program of Anti-Christ---"I saw their armies gathered to make war on HIM who comes on the white horse and against his armies." If they are silly enough to fire their rockets against the Christ as he comes, if they are silly enough to think they are going to win then they will turn loose their missiles and all their weapons. But we re told that these weapons will fall back on them. it tells us that the Beast and the false Prophet, they who have deceived the whole world, who wear the mark of the Beast, they are defeated at this hour, in the hour of Christ's return. At the same time we may be battling Africa and Asia and the Beast system in our own country. Actually this Negro war is just a part of the Beast System. it is an Enosh situation. In the scripture this means --Beast of the field--and this is what they are called, and they like at the time of Job want to burn down our houses. Every week I get 15 or 20 clippings from major cities where these leaders of the Negroes talk about how they are going to attack and burn out the white man and take over. How they will rob, shoot, and kill and no one will arrest them. They are definitely a part of the Beast system of the lowest cast.

God speaks out about these strangers who come into the country, and now say that they are going to burn down our houses and run us out. Suddenly there will be a surprise when they come to burn down our houses they will just be shot. The white man will not take this. The fact is violence has been taking the kingdom of God by storm ever since the time of John the Baptist, as the scriptures tell us, but again God says:---the time will come when my servants will fight and the kingdom will not be given to the Jews. These are factors again, we are in strange hours, we can't always trust officials of our government, you can't always trust people who are in positions of power. But at the same time the enemy has moved into your society, they have taken over some of these people, they are using these tools, but it does not mean lost victory.

QUESTIONER;---Many of those in the church believe in the Rapture, they believe that they will be taken out as soon as the battle starts, so who will be battling for God?

ANSWER;--Well in the first place--when you talk about the word Rapture then look it up, it is not in the Bible. The only place they adopt this Rapture from is the mistranslation in the verse in Thessalonians.

QUESTION:---But doesn't it say we will be with him--is the day of ------

ANSWER;---Lets look at this, you are only talking of part of it. (I:Thess:5) "But to the times and the seasons brethren we have no need that I write unto you, for you know perfectly that the day of the LORD cometh as a thief in the night". In other words this coming is a surprise to the world order, for they are not looking for this appearance. "For when they shall say Peace and Safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. But ye brethren are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of the Light, and the children of the day; we are not of the night, nor of the darkness. Therefore let us not sleep a do others; but let us watch and be sober. For they that sleep, sleep in the night, and that be drinkers, are drunken in the night. But let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breast plate of faith, and love, and for a helmet the hope of salvation". For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our LORD Jesus Christ.

Now; II Thess; 2:1--"We beseech you brethren by the coming of our LORD Jesus the Christ, and by our gathering together unto him that Ye be not soon shaken in mind or be troubled, neither by spirit nor by word, nor by letter as from us, that the day of the LORD is at hand"--This was not to happen however until we had that great falling away in the areas of the false church which we have been having. The world Council of Churches and the National Council of churches and all this denying of the deity of Christ has come---but this 'man of sin' ---remember that the mystery of iniquity doth work; and will continue to work until he who hindereth will be taken out of the way. And then "the wicked shall be revealed whom the LORD will consume with the spirit; and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. 'Wickedness is being revealed, Jewry is being revealed and then we have to pass this area which says that ---'The dead in Christ shall rise first, and then we who are alive and remain shall be changed in the element of our being.

Now; where they said that they meet the LORD in the air, then atmos is the Greek word--and this word atmos was the word for air, and the physical body breathes air, so in these atmospheric breathing bodies we shall meet the LORD. So transformed but still in these air breathing physical bodies shall we meet YAHSHUA.

We may prove this because Christ is coming to earth to meet with his people. He is going to help overthrow the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. So if we are going to meet him here on earth and stay here for a purpose, then these seven years of tribulation---then there is no place for them in the bible---This is a prefabrication. The tribulation is here in earth, and it is almost ended for you and you are still here. Christ is coming, this is called the second coming but there isn't two of these comings, only one for this purpose. There is no place in the scripture for any rapture. The tribulation is almost over, it will extend into some rather rough circumstances, but remember we deal with Christs return, he come to overthrow and defeat the powers of darkness. So he isn't coming here and we go somewhere else, actually we know the Greek and the Hebrew an there is no place for Rapture in the scriptures. That was jut ghosted up in later years and they tied it into the 70 weeks of Daniel. But that 70 weeks--the 490 years came out accurately. Christ was crucified in the midst of the week, he made the sacrifice to cease, and an end of sin and he did this at Calvary's cross. And there wasn't any Jewish sacrifice after that either because the veil of the Temple was rent from top to bottom. They were never able to get a church to sanctify it, and there has never been held any sacrifice held there.

So in 3 1/2 years after the Crucifixion that time period was ended of Daniel's prophecy. So that seven years was also ended and there was nothing cut off and extended to the end of this age. Larkin put out a lot of charts and Blackstone wrote books, and one was entitled --"Jesus is coming" and every one fell in line with this and started their prophecies this way. In fat I heard so many full Gospel prophecies that in 1932 I heard them say in their 'tongues' interpretation that Jesus was coming very soon. That ---'Hear ye, Hear ye Mussolini is the Anti-Christ, but the church will be taken out of the world sometime in 1936. Well, nothing happened and all these prophecies of how soon he was coming just never happened. The Anti-Christ was to take over the world and re-establish the old Roman Empire. In other words men get concepts which they may think are spiritual but they are not necessarily spiritual for they are ideas formed out of things they have heard, and they are not prophecies at all for they never come true. God said he never gave a false prophets, and maybe these men did not aim to be false prophets, but they were enthused and then they got into areas where their whole concept was subordinated to a subconscious pattern which they had stored up all these years.

QUESTIONER;---I have heard people speak in tongues but maybe they aren't getting the right interpretation--who knows.

ANSWER;--No, there is a gift of tongues and one of interpretation, and there is the kind where a man speaks only unto God but the apostle Paul who spoke in tongues most of all said I consider it the least of gifts. And in this situation the gift of tongues is the easiest to duplicate. And any witch doctor of Africa can rant around and you don't know how to interpret. Brandon was down there with all these goods that came from the five and ten cent store and the Witchdoctors gathered them all up and these people were all sitting there, and Brandon said:---Wonderful, wonderful they are speaking in tongues. But some of the men on the missionary circuit who understood said what they were saying was some of the most awful, evil things imaginable about Christ, but Brandon did not discern this, he wasn't given any more discernment than a dog. There is also another factor --when Oral Roberts went down to Africa. He didn't know what these people were saying so this is an easy thing to duplicate. I do not say that there isn't any genuine speaking in tongues, but some of these people get hysterical and off into these things they have been fed from the pulpit, and I think in certain areas that they feel that this is the thing to do, but the thing then doesn't come to pass.

Now; coming back to the Rapture--this theory teaches that God is coming to take out his church and keep them out for seven years. Well, then what happens to the earth? They say it is taken over by the Anti-Christ?

QUESTIONER;--But does not the bible say that the heavens and earth will pass away and then there will be a new heaven and a new earth?

ANSWER;--THE NEW HEAVEN AND THE NEW EARTH IN TRANSLATION REFERS TO THE World Order, the old earth order passes away but the kingdom of God on earth will never pass away. In fact as far as the earth being the habitation of men for ever and forever this is a declaration of the scriptures. As far the restoration of the earth and the reorder of the heavens, and the world order, this is going to take place, but don't for a moment think that the new heavens and the new earth theory comes at the time they have set the rapture. It comes after the battle of god and Magog at the end of the 1000 years millennium. So you see the Rapture isn't a consistent doctrine. Remember that the LORD talks about how we are going to be battling the anti-Christ when he comes, but the Rapture people tell us that these are the people who did not make a decision, and they didn't believe god. But they will believe him after he has taken the church away. But I am going to tell you that if people don't have enough faith to battle the anti-Christ now, they sure won't battle when the anti-Christ has the world ---see. the fact remains that if the people who believe in Christ ascend into the heavens there won't be anyone here to battle anti-Christ. Of all the prophecy in the old Testament the prophets never said a word about this, and Jesus was here speaking and he never said a word about it either. It is only in one place in the Epistle of Paul when he talks about the dead being raised and you meeting the LORD in these tangible air breathing bodies that they translate this. But Paul is even talking about these bodies just like they were put into the ground--except now they are raised and are clothed with light. The Apostle Paul said he didn't want to die, but he would like to put on his light. He said he knew this body would be clothed with light, and that if he died and passed into the spirit that God had a body for him to dwell in not made by hands, but that it was a spirit body. The Apostle Paul was so intent that he would have liked to remain until Christ came and then put on his body of light. The fact remains that you are spirit, soul and body, and God is not three people but spirit, soul, and body and we are the same.

So the Restoration of the Glory of god and the bringing of these two to the same place at the same time, at the same instance means that you will be able to move into any plain any dimension thru out the purposes of God's heaven, because of your capacity. But then, you were originally made in the Image of God and possessed this light until the error, or violation occurred and the light or aura went off of Adam and Eve. Butt as far as this goes remember --'All Israel is to be saved', God isn't going to lose any of Israel. His Grace is sufficient and he saves to the uttermost. He says:---"All Israel is to be saved as it is written, so he isn't going to take some and leave some. So the fact remains by our gathering together ---the call is that Christ is come and every eye shall see HIM. Well I think you can almost do this today, it is just like power is given to the Beast to speak. We have given the power for the Beast to speak, it comes into our living room every day, it is all over the world--the image of the beast is speaking. As it talks about this then T.V. and radio could tell all parts of the world that Christ has come. So you know that some of the biggest headlines ever set up are already in place. The Newspapers are not taking any chances, for some of the biggest newspapers have ----I know when the "Herald Examiner" had this headline set up--"Christ returns" had them all set up ready to run so they would be first on the street with them. The 'Chicago Tribune: had these headlines set up, whether they believed or not they wanted to be the first to proclaim it to the world. But if they didn't have the faith that Christ would have returned, they surely wouldn't have had that headline set up.

QUESTION;--This guy they put a new heart in, he is a Jew isn't he?

ANSWER;---Yes, so we aren't interested in him--but they put a woman's heart in him, and sex determination can be made on a mother as to whether she had an unborn child in the last month, and the sex factor is involved in the tissues. And there is a different aura between a man and a woman, and they put a woman's heart in this man. But it would be almost impossible for a man's body to accept a woman's heart, this is a fact.

QUESTIONER;--well the only thing to do would be to pray over the heart.

ANSWER;---But that is divine healing and we aren't talking about that. But if you have to have a heart transplant someone else had to die for you to get a transplant. But if they put a woman's heart in that man it wouldn't live anyhow. The fact is that he was a Jew so maybe the Doctors were willing to experiment with him.

QUESTION;---You say we are going to get hit one of these days--by whom?

ANSWER;--- Well, Red China has informed us that she is going to intervene if we stay in Vietnam after Thanksgiving, and she does have the atomic bomb and the means to carry it. She also has subs that can launch them from the ocean floor. I think she or Russia or both will try it someday, but I also think that it will be a very sad day if they do try it. If they want to try it then it will hit the Fairfax area of L. A., for instance because he has promised that 10,000 can fall at your side and no harm can come to thee. There is no doubt that they would like to try it. The reports say if we continue with that battle and go into Laos then they will bomb us very soon. I don't worry much about the atom bomb but I think they may try it.

QUESTIONER; --The Bible says that salvation if of the Jew.

ANSWER;---No it does not say that, you just don't understand, it is --salvation is out of Judea.

QUESTIONER;---But it does say that--

ANSWER;--You have a King James Version and the Jews helped with the translation. We use the King James Version because more people have it, but I some times transpose a Fenton, or a Moffit or some other translation because I know where the error is.

QUESTIONER;---Well where would you get another idea for this translation?

ANSWER;---- Remember the Wise men said--We have seen his star in the east---where is he born King in Judea.

QUESTIONER;--Well what Bible would you get that does not say in translation that he was not a Jew?

ANSWER;--Well, the Bible in Greek did not say that ,it said that salvation is out of Judea, out of Judah.

QUESTIONER;--Well, why are we buying bibles then if they aren't true, what do we buy them for?

ANSWER;---- You buy them because you want a bible, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't been tampered with.

QUESTIONER:---What kind of a bible do you have sir?

ANSWER;--- I have a King James Version, a Moffet, a Ferrah Fenton, in fact I have 27 different ones here.

QUESTIONER;--Well what is the best one then to read?

ANSWER;-- Probably you would get the most out of a Fenton Bible, but even so --- a wayfaring man would be a fool if he could not find his way here. The name multitude of the scriptures points out the children, and the program of the kingdom. points out the enemies of the kingdom, who they are. Jesus the Christ is 100% against the Jews who are the actual offspring of Lucifer and he said so. You can take any king James version and prove this. Turn to the 12 disciples even and Jesus said;---I have chosen you and one of you is a devil. He spoke of Judas of Iscariot who was one of the twelve, the only Jew among them.

QUESTIONER;---But there are lots of Jewish Christians.

ANSWER;---I don't buy that. There may be some raised as Jews who are not Jews, but the Jewish race is a mongrel race and has the highest sterility of any of the races, but there are a tremendous number of orphans who were adopted by the Jews and they are not Jews at all. Always they were adopting children until the Catholic church in France finally stopped that. But they have been doing this for years, for centuries. These people can be raised as Jews but when they hear the Gospel of Christ they respond. Jesus said:---if I be lifted up I will draw all men (Adamites) to me. And as people hear this they turn to Christ irrespective of how they have been raised or brought up. As far as Jews are concerned they never accept Christ they work against every thing which is Christian, they do this today

They moved into this country as a fifth column invasion, they are behind world Communism, behind the U.N. all of these are Jew operated. Jesus made it quite clear over here in the book of John when he said:---' Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.' There were certain Jews standing around and they said; --'How saith ye that you could make us free, we have never been in bondage at any time.' --But if they had been of Judah and Benjamin they would have been captured and taken to Babylon, and if of the ten tribes by the Assyrians. They had never been in bondage at any time, but were claiming to be Abraham's seed. Jesus said;---'I know that ye claim to be Abraham's seed but if you loved me you would not seek to kill me. --"You do this because my word has no place in you"---I speak what I heard and ye do that which you have heard from your father. Now--they said they were Abraham's children, but Jesus said; 'if ye were Abraham's children you would do the work of Abraham---Now ye seek to kill me because I do the work of God. And they replied ;---we were not born of fornication, we have one father, even God. Jesus replied;--If God were your father ye would love me, for I came out of God. Why do you not understand me?---Because you cannot hear my words;--'Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, when he speaks, he speaks of his own for he is the father of it. Because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.

Now; I have a Jewish Talmud and I just brought this out to show you what the Jews teach. They say that our devil --Lucifer is their God.

QUESTIONER;---Oh, I think some of the Jews do this but some of them however have turned over to follow the LORD.

ANSWER;--Well if they did then their supposed families will put them out.

QUESTIONER;---I have been around the Jews a lot, I have been in their homes, I have tried to lead them to Christ and there have been a lot of the Jews that have told me not to tell their families but they do have a new Testament and they read it, and they do believe in Jesus but they are Jewish.

ANSWER;--- Then they cannot be Jewish, there is not a Jew on the face of the earth who believes in Christ.

QUESTIONER;:----They certainly are Jewish.

ANSWER;---- They cannot believe in Christ if they are Jewish, for they cannot understand His word there is no capacity in them for this. They may have been raised as Jews but they were not born Jews. Their Talmud says the Christ is Satan, and that the one they worship is Lucifer.

QUESTIONER;--- Oh, they told me about that. They said don't talk to me about Jesus, but then part of the members of the family believe in Jesus an part of them don't .

(end of message.)