12-29-65 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:----What about the suggestion that Cain and Abel were twins? About Cain's history being established? Let us know what History has to say about this. We are interested also in knowing about life in the kingdom among Christians.??

ANSWERS: Concerning the parentage of Cain----Cain was the son of Lucifer and Eve--(I John 3:11-12) "This is the message that ye have heard from the beginning, that ye should love one another. Not as Cain who is the progeny of the Wicked One, and slew his brother."----

Now, here you are told that Cain was the son of the Evil One, thus this statement that Cain and Abel were twins is a fallacy. We never made the statement that Cain and Abel are twins. Even the biblical record in Genesis 4 is not properly translated for it says:--'And Adam knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and bare Cain and then said:--I have gotten a man from the Lord. And she again bare his brother Abel and Abel was a keeper of the sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.'

Now,--the original text never said anything about Cain being the progeny of Adam. In some of the old books of the early texts of "Adam and Eve", and even in the early texts of the Septuagint it never said anything about Cain being the son of Adam. They said:---that as Cain was born Adam said to Eve:--'Where did you get this one, and she replied Cain was Satans son, and Adam knew this, and then Adam knew is wife and she bare Able. Thus Able was the son of Adam, and Cain was the son of Lucifer. And Jesus proved this quite clearly in the book of John as he was talking about the Jews. (John 8:43-44) "Why do ye not understand my speech?---Because ye cannot hear (understand) my word." "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of the father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there was no truth in him." Here Jesus was just pointing out that these listening and not understanding were Cainanites. They had descended from the lineage of the Devil and some of them from Cain. He established that they were the progeny of Lucifer by saying:---"Ye are of your father the Devil, and their physical progeny was thru Cain who was a murderer from the beginning. To prove once more that this is true then turn over to the book of Matthew where Jesus is exposing these rascals. He says to these Jews:--"Woe unto you, Ye Scribes and Pharisees, and Hypocrites; because ye build the tombs of the Prophets, and garnish the sepulchers of the righteous." (Matthew 24"29)--"And say, if we had been in the days of our fathers we would not have been partakers of the blood of the Prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets."

Jesus said:---See---you have just admitted this therefore 'Ye fill up the measures of your fathers.' You are just like your fathers, and ye are serpents---"Ye are the generations of the vipers, how can you escape the judgment? Therefor comes upon you the blame for all the righteous slain upon the earth, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zacharias whom Ye slew between the Temple and the Altar. Therefore I say unto you:--All these things come upon this generation. (this progeny.)

Now, when Jesus therefore tells these Jews that they are the generation of the Serpent and the Viper, and are guilty of all the blood from Abel to Zacharias the son of Barachias, killed between the Temple and the altar. Jesus proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they were Cainanites, because Cain slew Abel, and if these were of the same generations (race) of he who slew Abel they had to come from Cain. And if Cainanites then they were also the progeny of Lucifer because Jesus said:--Ye are the progeny of the Serpent and the Viper.

Now, turn to Revelation 12, and this book also confirms that they were the progeny of the serpent. They were the descendants of Lucifer because Revelation 12 says:---That old Serpent, the great Dragon is the Devil, and Satan. And when Michael fought Lucifer, then the Serpent, the dragon were none other than Lucifer, the devil or Satan. And if they are the generations of the Serpent and the Viper they are none other than the killers of Abel and all these others, thus the descendants of Cain. This identifies the Jews---right out of the mouth of Jesus, as well as to prove who Cain was--"The son of the Wicked One". Therefore Adam was not the father of Cain. The seduction of Eve was the violation of Divine law. The Co-mingling of these beings who had not kept their first estate was one thing which God warned his race about. He had warned Adam about this, but Eve was deceived, that is why the Bible says:--"Eve was deceived, but Adam was not". In other words, the woman was deceived, but Adam already knew, but after Eve was deceived and seduced, then Adam partook of the same violation with the consort of Lucifer. In the old writings such as the Zohar, we are told that now that his wife had violated divine law, and had lost her light, then Adam feeling that he would lose his wife, and again be alone, did follow her in the violations of divine law. Knowing that he had been warned in this matter, but since his wife still lived, he joined her lest he be separated from her.

Now, remember that Lucifer had said to Eve:--"Did God say that, if ye eat ye shall surely die?" Surely he just told you this because if you eat of this tree ye will be as gods. This of course was not a physical eating, this was the joining in co-habitation with these races because these were racial trees. The scripture establishes this clearly---'For of all the trees which are for food ye shall eat.' But of this tree 'of good and evil' this tree of the knowledge of good and evil--which is a racial tree, ye shall not partake. Knowledge is a different type of fruit, therefor the knowledge of good and evil was the Luciferian line. So this violation of Divine law was hidden in the Aramaic translation, and done on purpose, in the Genesis record. But the fact remains that Cain was of the evil one, the son of Lucifer, and Abel was the son of Adam. But neither Abel nor any of the progeny for seven gestations of the womb would ever be acceptable for carrying on the seed line for the House of God. Even the son of Adam--even Abel who was more righteous than his brother, for he did obey and worship and sacrifice, still he could never have carried forward the seed line of the Kingdom. and eventually Cain slew Abel, and then all the offspring of Adam and Eve were wiped out thru catastrophe and struggle up to Seth. And in establishing this fact we then go back to the early part of the book of Genesis, and you note that the only record you have in scripture starts in the fifth chapter of Genesis:--"This is the Generations (race) of Adam" You are not talking about Eve, or Lucifer--now you are talking about Adam. This is the book of the generations of Adam in the day that God created him in the likeness of God was he made.

Now, there is a word here--"Bara"--In the day God brought forth issue or begat him, in the likeness of God was he begotten, and for the others--Male and female brought he them forth.

Now, Adam lived 130 years, and then begat a son in his own image, and called this son Seth. Therefore this was the first son who was the spiritual seed of the Kingdom. After Adam begat Seth he lived 800 years and begat sons and daughters. All the days of Adam were 930 years, and then he died. So Adam violated divine law, but he also lived a long time, and almost made it to 1000 years. Then in Genesis five we have a whole list of those Adamites for Seth lived 105 years and then he begat Enos his first son, and lived after that until the days of his life were 912 years, and then he died. And we can go down that list thru the lineage until we come to Methuselah and find that he lived 187 years, and then he begat Lamech, and after that he lived 782 years and begat sons and daughters, and in all he lived for 969 years, and then he died. But with this violation of Divine law the gestation period was followed by an incompleteness, and they had lost their aura of immunization, and the factors of the violation of Divine law in hitting the seed line was to the point where it greatly reduced their life span. First they lost their aura which made them immortal, but they still lived almost 1000 years.

By the time you reach the days of the flood, then this included the time of Noah, when he would get the great ship together. Noah had three sons to help, who were named Ham, Shem and Japhet, and they had wives and families which had not mongrelized with these fallen angels. But these Nephilim were contaminating all the races. They were seizing all the women of the area that they could and some of them were breeding, and some who resisted were being eaten. The word Cana-Baal means Priests of Baal, and Lucifer was called Baalie. And the Priest of Baal ate human flesh, and thus the word Cannibal came from there, and still does today. The inter-mingling, the mongrelization produced Monstrosities, and great Giants. Of course the law involved here is the law of Cell Division, operating by Celestial division of mitosis. The fact then remaining that even in the natural division, that the Celestial norm of these Angelic beings were some 20 feet high. So when they did not keep their first estate, they may have taken on the physical forms of close proximity with the normal beings of about six foot height, but their Celestial norms which determine their energy field of cell division continued to multiply, and split the cells after this mutation until there were giants in the land in those days after this violation of Divine law. This then is the reason why these Giants existed, and of course did not want the Adamic race coming in and throwing over his control over the Asiatics, and the Negroes, and those even in the rest of the world. So Lucifer decided to integrate and mongrelize the Adamic race.

God said that since this evil had come upon people, then their time of life would be 120 years, and this did come down for we do not find any life span more than this except the house of Noah in that immediate generation, which went beyond that. From the time when you get from Noah to the generation of Moses, then in Psalms 90:10, a man's time was three score and ten, and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet it is soon cut off and--"We fly away." But by the time of Moses the life span was cutting down to about 80 years. Thus the generations of life span bounced along, but only in the white race, the Israel of God does this life span hold up to 80, and sometimes 100 years old. The rest of the races have an average life span of which became shorter and shorter, and in 1932 the average was only 32 years of age, all over the world. This means that in Asia and Africa the average life span was 32 years of age, even tho we had some people living up to 80 years of age, or over. This shows how short the life span is under contamination and violation of divine law, thru the loss of spiritual energy and aura. But the white race has always had a longer longevity than any of the races around them, but they would have had immortality if it had not been for this violation of Divine law.

Since the atonement whereas there is no law which can force death except the acceptance of these things in the subconscious mind, also the expectancy which comes out of that expectancy into the human brain in which people don't expect to live beyond a certain age, then as you think generally so do you live. When they can whip that expectancy and start filling out this expectation of disintegration and death they defeat the law of sin and death which is already paid for, so you do not have to live under it. The spirit of the Law of Christ Jesus makes you free from the law of sin and death. (In our generation you are on the edge of an entirely new age, when mortal puts on Immortality. And thus this is the inevitable state which occurs anyway at Christ's return. This is already working now in the members of God's Household. He said:--I shall do a short work of righteousness, and in this he will envelope his people with the kind of spiritual power which will make them indestructible. This is scriptural as well as a fact that we are at the end of an age.

QUESTIONS:---Does the Old Testament talk about Sisters?

ANSWERS:----Nobody talked about sisters in those days, except in a very few instances, such as the sister of Moses. There is also nothing said in scripture about the sisters of Cain and Abel, however in the book of the Records which is the book of Jasher, with some of those records extracted from the book of Adam and Eve, it does refer to the sisters of Cain and Abel. So this is possible, they might have had twin sisters, but Cain did not marry a twin sister, because he went eastward into the land of Nod, into Akkad, and there he started the generations of Cain. And Cain remember was called Sargon, the name for an Assyrian conqueror. And all of his lineage became the descendants of Sargon. These people figure in history thru their artifacts and they trace right back to Cain, the Luciferian offspring of Eve and Lucifer.

QUESTIONS:---How can you discern White Jew from among Christians?

ANSWERS:----I hate to say they are white really for they do not consider that they are white. When you see black or yellow Jews you can see that they are lighter skinned but that is all. They talk about how smart they are because they are capable of fooling us by passing for white. In one book "Jews without money" by Michael Gold, he talks about how smart they are because they can come into this country from anywhere in the world, and pass themselves off as white. This is his statement on the matter--but they are not Adamites, they are not Israelites, they do in part come from Eve thru Cain, but he married right back into the pagan lines again. So some are lighter, or whiter than others, but they are still Jews. We do have eastern European Jews who are fairly white, but not necessarily Israelite white. Very seldom do you see a blue eyed Jew because they do not begat them. If they have them then mostly, they have been adopted out of orphanages. Because of the mongrelization of the Jewish race sterility is higher than among other races, so they adopt a great percentage of orphans, raise them as Jews and marry them to Jews, and thus they fed the race line which isn't out of the Jewish line unless he is an adopted offspring. Jews never tell their adopted children that they were adopted. That is one thing they never do so those children never know that they were adopted. This is true, and this is the reason why the catholic church was having such a great battle with the Jews in France, when these Jews were coming into those orphanages and using someone for a front, and were adopting these Catholic babies out of the orphanages and raising those children as Jews. The church found out about this, and tried to use the courts to block this process. They made it against the law for any one to adopt a child for a Jew, to use someone else's name so the Church would not find out about it. The Catholic church felt strongly about this at that time, they felt that no Jew should be permitted to adopt an Christian baby and raise that baby under Jewry. I think the Pope needs his faith lifted a little bit because the Church was more righteous a few years ago than his present position and attitude seems to be today. Since he says he is going to call all men brothers, in fact if he doesn't quit trying to make Peace with the devil and the Viet Cong and so forth he will be hurt, for that was is about to get hot, as the facts and the measures and the date indicate.

QUESTION:---Was this mark of Cain--that he was colored.

ANSWER:----Well no, he was not necessarily a Negro, or colored, but as far as Lucifer and his hosts who did not keep their first estate were concerned, their progeny didn't necessarily have to be colored. Then Cain went eastward into the Akkad people, a sort of mongrel type of people, of the Asiatic race. The lower types of the Akkad people had already mixed with the Negro after the Luciferian rebellion so there were darker ones as well. But of the name of Cain and the kingdom he built, I have volumes in my library dealing with this, supported by archaeology, the British Museum, and thru research all over in Assyrianology, and it positively proves that Cain was Sargon. So you see this society had Asiatic blood.

QUESTION:---Can you tell us how to spell his title:


QUESTION:---Justify the Mosaic pattern of Exodus 21:24--"Eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth hand for hand, foot for foot"--with Matthew 5:38-44---"Ye have heart it hath been said:---"an eye for any eye, and a tooth for a tooth, but--

ANSWER:-- know what they are after here. They want to justify--'eye for an eye' with 'Love thy enemy.'---Alright Exodus 21:22--If men strive and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and so forth,---Then if any mischief shall follow, then thou shall give life for life--and eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth, hand for a hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe' Now; I am 100% for this, if a man attacks a woman, and she suffers violence, I think he should be lynched, just as surely as they did in the days of our forbearers. Make no mistake about this, for this is the only way to protect them from these Negroes and Kikes, and keep them in line. This is the only way to protect yourself from these pagans who rape and loot, and do violence. When it says: "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, this is talking about these savage races, these pagan people.---Now; when you are dealing with this statement over here in Matthew, this is the law of the Kingdom. These people in their entirety are Christians, and in this instance then Jesus made this statement recorded over here in Matthew. This is not however how you would deal with non-Christians or Africans and Asiatics who are unpredictable.

Now, Matthew 5:38--"Ye have heard it said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I say to you that ye resist not evil; but whosoever shall smite you on the right cheek, turn to him the other. And this continues on thru verse 41. But what The Christ was stressing is that these are the laws of the Kingdom, for these people of the Kingdom, (the church as some call it) for these people are a part of the church, and they are Christians. For them you walk the other mile, and do your best to resist the idea of striking back at them. But he did not tell you to go to the Red Chinese, and let them hit you, and then you turn the other cheek. But if you are in a school with a Christian teacher and get slapped, and if you didn't get your head cut off, then turn the other way. In other words if someone who is a Christian hits you then let him hit a second time before you give him all you have--literally--but not materially. There is nothing here that says you have to become a punching bag. Jesus is pointing out that as far as the Kingdom is concerned you can shame a Christian, and make him realize that just because he has something to react to, then maybe you do also. You can't do this with a pagan, and Jesus did not tell you to do this with HIS enemy, this is only a law of the Kingdom.

Again we have a lot of people trying to apply this to a lot of pagans who haven't anything to appeal to. Jesus said that they couldn't understand his speech and they couldn't understand his words. So you can't apply those rules to these people, and it was never intended that you should. Besides I am going to have to site something to you--there are areas within the beatitudes, and within the Sermon on the Mount that definitely show that within the procedures of translation they have been--Episcopalized to try to give an area of meekness and pacifism which Jesus did not show to his enemies. Just remember that when Jesus saw those scoundrels on the steps of the Temple--buying and selling, he made a Cat-o-nine tails and went up the steps and chased them off the steps, and he said:--'Ye have made of mine house a den of thieves, and of murderers and liars, and he overturned their tables and turned lose their stock and those kind of things. This's alright you just follow HIM, you don't have to go any further than that--see. You should be cleansing your temples, and running them out of your schools, and out of your society.

Again, take the words of Jesus. If he meant for you to stand by and let the enemy do anything to you, he wouldn't have told HIS disciples "I send you forth as lambs among wolves. If you don't have a sword then you sell your coat and buy a sword." I listened to some silly preacher shooting and hollering on the radio and ever so often they get into that same area of error. This fellow--altho I don't think he can go but a few weeks at a time before he is hollering for Pacifism, conscious objection, all this silly stuff, and this fellow said:--When Jesus said sell your coat and buy a sword, he meant that the sword was the Holy Word, and they were to go out and buy bibles. Of course he had not thought for there were no bibles in those days to buy. That what they did have were scrolls. But when Jesus said:--"I send you out as Lambs among Wolves, and told them if they did not have a sword, then they better go out and buy one, he was talking about good old down to earth armament. And when they were about to go out, Jesus knowing what the Jews would do, said to Peter:--has anyone a sword. And Jesus then after Peter said he had one, then said:--that will do. Remember that there was only one servant of the High Priest whose ear was to be cut off, in this plan which was coming forth. The Disciples all fell asleep as Jesus was praying, and Jesus had already told them earlier at the table that before the Cock crowed three times one of them would deny HIM. Peter said: OH! no this will never happen, but Jesus said:---Yes---and Peter it will be you who will deny me. But Peter here in the presence of the Christ said:---Oh, no you can count on me.

Now, Peter was young, and quite a man, he had been a pretty rough sailor, he was sound and hearty, and willing to stand by to defend the Christ. He had a sword, and he hadn't worried much about how to use it. But the Disciples had fallen asleep here in the midst of the agonies of these Temple Warriors with their swords and there spears, were not of Herod's army they were from the Temple guard but of the same stripe--Kikes. But when they came into the garden rattling their swords and chains together, the Disciples woke up, and Peter took one look at them and drew his sword. He wasn't afraid, he was ready to take them all on, and the reason Peter was so brave was that he had seen Jesus walk on water. He had seen all the Miracles, he had seen Jesus raise the dead, and he expected that at any moment Jesus would just snap his finger and right out of the sky a great big army would appear. So Peter was just doing what he thought he should be doing, which was to defend The Christ until back up came in. Peter had the same thing in mind that the mother of James and John was thinking, for these sons of Zebedee. She said:---Jesus when you take the throne of the Kingdom you have two fine boys here for your Disciples, and I want you to set one of my boys, one on the right side of you, and one on the left. One could be the council of the exchequer and one the Prime Minister. This was just the normal desire of a woman, to see her sons in the highest seats of authority. There is nothing greater than being next to Christ, but they just knew that He would set the Kingdom in place and would conquer the world and rule over it, what they didn't know was when this was to happen. But Jesus said that this is a good idea but there are some other things which has to come first. For righteousness to his sons, thru this atonement. He had to restore his son to Sonship first. This became the paramount factor, you remember the great narratives of their offering to Christ, the Crown, and yet they took the Chalice which Joseph of Arimathea had secured, just in case--the people were disappointed. This Chalice had been prepared by Demetrius the Silversmith, and the inner cup was used in the Garden, but you remember how as he Took the Chalice that Christ said:--"I take this cup that--by the Atonement which is to come--then you will be set free. And when he would later return he would definitely come to take the Crown. So he definitely indicated the difference between the Chalice and the Crown, between coming for the Atonement and for the Crown.

In this instance the Disciples never quite discerned between these two things until afterwards, when they were writing the Gospels, and the records of the early church and its history. Then the Nicaean records, the records of Clements and all those, became the records of the Christian heritage.

But in that instance there in the Garden, you remember that Peter came out swinging. He was probably no great swordsman for he swung it in a great circle. And when the High Priests servant came forward with his short Roman Sword then Peter took a quick swing. I wish he had been a better swordsman, then it could have been a bigger miracle, for Peter just cut off his ear instead of his neck. The Jesus said:--alright now Peter, put up your sword, if I had wanted to I could have called in a whole legion of Angels. There are armies standing by which you cannot see. I could bring in legions of Angels if I wanted to, but this has to be done first. Then Jesus reached down and picked up the ear of the servant, and put it back on. So this wasn't the day when Jesus wanted his disciples to use their swords. He said:--the day will come when my servants will fight and the Kingdom will not be given unto the Jews. This must be about to climax because the Jews have been taking over the Kingdom ever since then. First the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violence takes it by storm. And I look at these schmoes right now and they are dancing their highest jig, but it is not for long, because the think (conspiracy) is reaching and building, higher and higher--until it is reaching its highest point. But the fact remains that Jesus does not expect you to turn your other cheek to your enemies, to HIS enemies, or to a people of another Faith. He wants you to forgive, and go the last mile with Christians, but don't go beyond that mile if what they are doing injures the Kingdom. If they have become the instruments of Satan, to do things for him, they are warring against the Kingdom from within, and then you are not responsible to treat them this way. If they are going to act like sons of Lucifer, and are going to pursue this course, then you have to treat them like you would the sons of Lucifer. But when you are dealing with most Christians then you generally go this other mile. People get their feelings hurt, they get all broken up, but they still forgive and go along. And the fact remains that you might forgive a brethren over, and over and over.

Some one asked:--should I forgive 7 times? Well, Jesus said yes, 70 times is alright. That apparently says that there is no limit to this procedure unless you have a force seeking to do injury to the Kingdom. Then you are not to take them back into the group. If anyone in the sphere of the church, and the kingdom, you can overlook their transgression over and over. But if it is a malicious design however to destroy the church, or to destroy the structure of the household, or to do injury to the sheep, this is the reason the Apostles were given power to eject out of the congregation and away from their numbers, those who would seek to do evil, to divide the flock, or hurt the program of the Kingdom. And thus these people they could find, and if such circumstances occurred they would put them out of their congregations. Then again you can go to the last mile, and if they will not turn, then don't worry about it, just go on your own way. You are not responsible under any sense to support these people who do not want to do anything because of their religion. There thus comes an end to this law of charity. Some people will get into an area of charity and stay there forever, and take advantage of other Christians and you don't do them any favor by letting them get away with it. The thing to do then is to say:--We will go along with this, but not with that. I have watched whole families come to church, they let the church get involved with them, and they get all assistance, and it goes on and on, and on. They would do all kinds of work, but they would never find anything other than what they already had. It does not help any if you make parasites out of them. This is what is wrong with the Poverty program, and all this silly stuff like that. Of course this is a political design in that they make great factions of people totally dependent upon those who are the demagogues, and who then use them. But in our time the scripture does not call for endless charity, tho it does not limit charity. If people are incapacitated by sickness, and they need help, is there someplace where you would cut this off? You might continue it forever, or as long as they needed it. But the scripture tells you that you are given the gift of discernment of the difference between abuse and your charity. The kind of Charity which God asks Christians to bestow in the area of love of your brethren, where as we give them, not as tho we were down grading the gift, or the individual because of the inopportune situation. In otherwords we have too many people who if they do something for some people they think that Charity is the status of the lowest segment of society. It is not a matter of the status or of society, it is a matter of obligation to those of the Kingdom. We have a responsibility, but no one can come along and say:--do this--you have to do this, or you have to do that. The guidance of the Spirit of God--if one will listen--will generally give them areas of responsibility, but the recipient of such assistance is not to be made to feel--nor should he in the structure of Christianity feel embarrassed by the fact that this is supplied to him. People who go around and embarrass people, they just do it because they want to throw a little superiority around. That is obnoxious to me also, but as far as the Kingdom of God is concerned, the Kingdom has some very highly sensitized laws, these are spiritually discerned. And because the spirit of God quickens the Spirit of the individuals in such matters---in otherwords a person becomes sensitive to this area, to the point where they do not want to hurt people.

Now, I think there are feelings in any sensitive area, and if you don't have emotions you are dead anyhow. Someone said:--but we are not interested in emotions. Well-not over emotionalism to the point of fanaticism, but I tell you that anything which does not have emotion is incapable of properly registering an intellectual evaluation, because if you can't be touched by any form of emotion concerning the Love of God for you, if you are incapable of feeling any emotion in any intellectual terms by which you might receive this, I would say that you couldn't perceive the full area of the love of God. You couldn't feel any emotion either. Altho God has the fullness of intellect and the fullness of knowledge and power, as the man Christ Jesus, yet he could not help but be touched by seeing the infirmities of the flesh. And for instance when he came to see Mary and Martha after Lazarus died--and we know that miracle and power was with Jesus, and they had sent for JESUS saying:--come our brother is sick--but Jesus went on about his business and he did not come. Jesus did this on purpose, but the reason was that he wanted to demonstrate the power he possessed. And he continued doing what he had been doing then he went down to the city where Mary and Martha lived. And he found them weeping and they said:--Oh, Jesus if you had only been here our brother would not have died. Now our brother is dead--and they went on weeping and Jesus could feel their grief. And this brings us to the shortest verse in the Bible---"Jesus wept". So don't let anyone tell you that you should be ashamed of showing emotion, because if the very body of God could register emotion, then why should you be ashamed of the same? This tells us that the highest perception of intellect is not separated from the field of emotion, concerning the sensitivity of life, and its contact. Then Jesus went over to the tomb, and talking to Mary and Martha he said:--You know that--I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE--this man then isn't dead, his spirit is some place, and I know where he is. And He that "Liveth and believeth in ME shall never die."--then he said:--Believeth thou me:?" and they said:--'yes we believe thee'--then Jesus said:---'Alright stop this crying, and he then walked over to the tomb and said: "Lazarus come forth". And we are told that suddenly Lazarus came out of the tomb.

Now, I like the book of Nicodemus wherein Beelzebub is bawling out Lucifer for letting the Jews crucify Christ, because he is worried about the fact that after The Christ got down in the Netherworld he would free all the spirits of the Adamites held there, and they would loose all they had gained since the fall of Adam. And Beelzebub said:--do you remember how this same Jesus that you just let the Jews deliver to me--how he called Lazarus and Lazarus gave a might shake and went out of here. Do you remember? We couldn't hold him, so what is to happen when Jesus comes down here? If we couldn't hold Lazarus how can we hold Jesus? Then He said:--I am afraid he will tear this whole place up, and of course he did, and there wasn't an Adamite down there after He got thru.

But getting back to this other fact again, I think one thing people must learn is that courage and manhood, and womanhood are not built by closeness of human sensitivity. Some people think that because a war like people are indifferent to problems, that they have Apartan courage that makes them ride rough shod over others, but is this not necessarily true. This is especially not necessarily true of Christians, even as to how warlike they may be, or how rough their work might be. At the same time a Christian is sensitive to others and he tries not to hurt them, and he seeks to show an expression of his love and affection and appreciation. Love falls into many categories and people never learn to discern this. There is a closeness between Christians, and the more the Christian knows the deeper they know of the Great truths of God, the closer is this relationship between them. And at times I can sight things you might not think of in this instance. You have more fellowship right here in this group, and I am going to tell you that in a time of problems, these will come to your assistance, and you will feel more responsibility to assist those who believe in truth, who love God, than you do sometimes toward blood kin who lack this area of faith. So again even the highest areas of emotion can be kin to intellect, to knowledge and perception.

So again, I point out that if there is any one facet in which people keep trying, it is that they try to be considerate of others. Sometimes someone says:--this isn't any one's business, but it is everyone's business. We view people as Christ like, and there is no doubt that there is an area where a wave of spiritual energy, or solar force went out, and there was no doubt that each disciple could feel the Christ like directiveness which went into him when Christ went by. He could look in the face of Jesus and hear his words, and he knew that there was a higher feeling of personal directivity in him that he had ever felt with anyone else. Just look at the little tax collector, and the great change which came over him. He was a tax collector out to get all he could for himself, and he wasn't a Jew. He was a white man, just remember that. But the fact is that here you have an example of lots of white men, when they are ready to level taxes, and they assemble together with others of that kind, then pretty soon they get rather callous. He had been conning people right and left, he did not have many friends, and I can assure you of this:--I don't know a lot of tax collectors who do have friends. I don't know why anyone would want to be a tax collector for very long anyway. But this man had heard everywhere he went about Jesus, he had heard rumors that this man had the Messiah, that he had performed miracles, that he was the very body of God, and he just had to see this ONE. So as Christ went by he planned to do this, and as the Christ was coming down the road, then Zacchaeus climbed a shaggy, barked old Sycamore tree. Zacchaeus was a little short man, and so many people were around and on that road, like there was a parade, and he couldn't see, so he climbed a tree. When I was a little boy I could hardly see a parade myself, for it seemed like I could never see over all the people, and I never could get out in front. But by the time my father left the parsonage it was always to late to get in the front line. There were always so many people at our house we never could get away on time. So Zacchaeus being a little guy climbed the tree, and up in the crotch of the tree he looked down. But if you want to know what personal directivity was--even tho the world and Universe are filled with multiple and trillions and billions of people---still when Jesus came down the road still he knew this man's name. And when Jesus came under the tree he stopped and looked up and he looked at this little tax collector and he said: "Zacchaeus come down from that tree, for I am going to have dinner with you". And Zacchaeus took one look, and something was conveyed to him. And when Jesus looked into the face of this little man, then Zacchaeus for the first time feels that wave of effective purpose which was involved, and we are told that Zacchaeus made haste, and came down and they had not even finished dinner before Zacchaeus said:--Master, if I have taken anything in taxes that I should not have, I will give it back many fold. I am going to restore it all.

Now, it was the presence of The Christ which conveyed this, an area of Christ likeness. You don't have to cultivate it, you just have to block out the opposition. It reaches a Point where there is an area of what we call self encasement which stands out, for God wants all men, sun-crowned men, and men who look the whole world in the face and blasts the darkness.

But in this area where you deal with the people of the kingdom, as you deal with the household, then God looks for the type of development which welds together the family, as one great body, One Faith, One Lord, and One Baptism. Nothing is more important, on the left or on the right this is one body, with many members.

Now, there are people who just don't let you be yourself, you cry and after that you have responsibilities, and then you just walk away, and at the same time in most instances after you break down the situation, people want t do what they want, and they don't want to be bothered by having to serve someone else a little bit, or to give away a little bit, in any of the things they do. It is important to you--that which you want to do, and if you have to do something else, you grumble a bit, or you get your feelings hurt, but there is just strictly one word for this, and we just call it selfishness, and that is about what it amounts to. We don don't especially intend to be selfish, but we are to an extent, and the resulting situation is that this kind of condition sometimes makes an individual consider his own desires to feelings before he turns to hurt the other fellow.

Now, this does not mean that you always have to give in because there are people who will take advantage of you, if you always give in quickly. Many people,--and I see them all the time--act as tho they were the only ones alive, and as tho they were alone. There never is time to put themselves out for anyone else. Or at the same time they will say some unkind thing not in a manner of jest or joking, they just say unkind things because they never consider that others have feelings, and these things they say may hurt.

Now, some Kike can come down the street and say some unkind things to me, and it does not hurt me at all because that is just about what I think he will do. But if a Christian comes along who you respected for their Faith, or who professes to be a good citizen, and they say something like this then it hurts you--see? By the same token then the best way to eliminate this problem in the Kingdom is never to hurt other people.

Now, the process of this is the governing law, and within the structure in a greater sense, Jesus points then for Christians to go court against one another should not be done. Because if they go into court with one another, then generally the Kikes take over the court, and the enemy controls most of the courts, and here is a couple of Christians fighting each other with a Kike up there making the decisions most of the time. So you are better off, especially if you are fighting about little things to give them twice as much.

Now, in the days of Jesus people didn't think about great wealth unless they had a lot of it, and thus most people didn't run around and worry about it, and maybe some people with a couple of coats, well this was a lot of possessions, but Jesus said:---think of it this way, if a man sues you for your coat, give it to him. However a man would be pretty little to want to take your only coat wouldn't he? But---think of it this way, if he really needs your coat, give it to him, and even the other one id you have two coats, if it was necessary, and if this man had anything in him, then by this time he would be ashamed of himself. You see if this man wanted to sue you, and you said---look you can have my coat, and anything I have, by this time he shouldn't even want to sue you. But the Principal that Jesus was bring out is the sensitivity that exists in the spiritual quality of this race. This was not trying to get us to stand around and become punching bags.

Someone said:---but Jesus just stood around and never opened his mouth to defend himself, and they took him and crucified HIM. He was like a Lamb going forth to slaughter, but he opened not his mouth to say not a word. This was because Jesus came for this purpose, but afterwards, after he had consummated that Atonement and when thru that phase of his purpose, you are not going to see Jesus coming back and going thru a Crucifixion again. This time he is bringing an army and is going to clobber the enemy until there is nothing left. He is going to break them and defeat them. Because the enemies of the Kingdom keep people in turmoil, keep people in pain. They cause the anguish of poverty and all the procedures of it, the wars, the catastrophes. You don't think that God is going to let these armies of evil run forever do you?

When the Kingdom comes in with the Kingdom law, then these forces are going to be broken. Some of them are going to be killed and sent back to the dimensions from which they came, and which they belong to. But you aren't going to see Jesus come back here waving a palm branch and holding a lily in his hand, like some of these silly pacifists are doing, for Jesus would not have anything to do with such things. He would think such people were sick in the head. So what we have to do is learn to discern.

Now, the laws of the Kingdom after the Atonement, and after men can respond to the reactivating spiritual force of the Holy Spirit is different from the laws of the Kingdom which was given for the governing relationship of people, and of strangers, and those who come and go thru the Kingdom. For they were held by the law that which was righteous, and therefore its punishment was to warn that it would cost them if they did not obey the law. At the same time you don't have to threaten a man to love his wife and family, for even the heathens love one another, to a certain degree. Even tho they may throw their babies to the Crocodiles once in a while at the command of a witchdoctor, and the monkeys love their babies more than that. There is no question of the fact that the mother monkeys love the little monkeys, and if they lose another monkey they weep and cry just like people. I have talked to explorers down in South America, and they say something about little monkeys that fall out of trees and get killed. They say that you would think it was a Wake the way the monkeys gather around and cry. There is a wave of emotion which flows thru animals, and you would never find a mother monkey throwing its young to the crocodile. But you let demon forces capture a race, such as Satanic forces of Witchcraft, like that which has captured the Africans with their lack of discernment, and they do not have as much in the areas of love and emotion as the monkeys. But the people under control of Witchdoctors do have babies thrown to the crocodiles, down in Africa. And in some places in China they destroy many little girl babies. There cannot be any doubt of the areas of affection here, but in their idolatrous pattern they do destroy these babies out of their families. Even a dog would not do that.

I tell you that anytime you get out of the Kingdom you are dealing with everything Lucifer has taken over, with the exclusion of spiritual perception, this is the lowest low of the animal kingdom round about. You are not supposed to be using the laws of the Kingdom on the animal kingdom round about. You are not supposed to be using the law of the Kingdom, internally--on the enemies of the Kingdom. Thus you do not use the laws of the Kingdom either internally or externally on the enemies of the Kingdom, use the laws which are for the enemies of the Kingdom.

Now, you can go out and feel compassion for people, this is one of the problems of the Anglo-Saxon people. You know anything is cuter when it is little, and we don't want to hurt it--see. Even a lion cub is cute when it is little, but when it grows up it can hurt. Lot's of people have taken lion cubs when they were little, and were able to tame them, but the chances are they are never tame, and a Tiger cub is never tame either, a leopard is never tame even tho there are kinds of leopards who have been bred and bred, and their fangs have been pulled, abut the fact is that a Leopard never changes its spots, as the scriptures say, nor an Ethiopian his skin. A Negro is a Negro now and forever so don't forget that, it will take a new creation to change them in the ages to come. The fact remains if you make them obey the law, you hold them under law, and they will improve but they do not have the capacity and discernment to fulfill it.

Now, the Asiatic pattern shows a high intellectual capacity, but let me tell you something, the Asiatic pattern of emotion shows that it extends to Asiatics. It is very unusual to see it extend outside of its race, unless there is a violation of Divine law, and Japanese women have been brought home, something like this, and of course you are not to violate the law, so this should not happen, soldiers should not bring home Japanese women. But the fact remains that these Asiatics have absolutely no emotion, they will go out, and torture and kill, and the more they torture the more they seem to like it.

So lets face facts, the more civilized race in the east is the Japanese. And probably, possibly the most friendly neighbor you have in the area would be a Japanese neighbor, as long as there was not point to be gained, and not enough strength for a conquest. So they could be good neighbors, and we had them out in the valley and we got along fine. But the very moment the fatherland got into the scrap then these people were no longer your neighbors, they were anything but---see. During the war when we took prisoners they would treat them well, but when the Japanese took prisoners, they would torture them, they would slice meat off men and cook and eat of this flesh. White men would not do this, and not all Japanese would do it, but those that did were the squat Japs, they are a lower race, than the Sumari, the taller Japs. But still there is something that they could not understand, after we whipped them then McArthur ruled them with firmness, and they could not understand this either. In other words we ruled them like Christians instead of taking revenge on them after we won, and they were better off than we were, for we still had Truman, and they had McArthur--see. So they did better than we did. But you still haven't made orthodox's out of these Japs. But I would rather have the Japs on our side, because they fight like devils. They admire the technological skills of our race, they admire history, and science, and they like to adopt our ways, but if Japan was to get the upper hand upon us tomorrow, they would not treat us as we have treated them. They would liquidate, and make slaves, and so forth out of us. So always remember this, the laws of the Kingdom apply within the Kingdom, in one direction, and outside the kingdom we may apply these principals which is our nature, but we do this with caution knowing that we may have to apply, in order to treat that which is outside of the Kingdom, and that which has been unable to perceive the atonement--you may have to treat them with the forcefulness that if they strike you may have to strike back. For there is only one thing they know, so if they kill some of you, they die.

Now, a lot of people thank that if you have a Christian civilization you shouldn't have capital punishment. But the fact is that there is inside of our society forces that if they were not stopped by punishment, they would kill everything in their way. Because when you can kill, and then go to prison, and be out in seven years, then you don't worry about that, but when they are sure that if they kill they die, then it is a deterrent, and this makes them obey. Not because they love God, because they don't want to die.

Now, remember the God who gave Moses the law, was the same God who was embodied as the man Christ Jesus. But there were areas where the human interpretation was not perceived, and the great spirit of the law was not perceived. So you had the old testament law--inflexible, but it clearly had mercy. He said:--all these things are to be found in My Mercy. There is only one thing, and this law when you violate it then it is violated beyond the structure of My Mercy. And that is when you intermingle with other races and produce a mongrel. He is mutated, and these sins of the father descend upon the children to the third, and fourth, and on down to the tenth generation. And now he was saying---for all things I could forgive, there is this one thing. This is the Blaspheme for this violates "Kind begats like Kind". This is a Holy seed, and if the Holy seed is planted outside the race then this mongrel offspring is outside.

Now, listen--you can never make an Israelite out f a Mulatto, or out of a half breed Asiatic. The best that could happen to him would be for him to become an Asiatic, for he could never come the other way. For there is no spiritual seed to be fertilized in the procedure. For the physical entity can consummate an organic structure without spiritual inheritance, but the Spirit of God will never cohabit with he darkness. Therefore there are many areas of misinterpretation of the law by the sages, down thru the days of the Judges, and on down unto Solomon, and so forth, they had many dispensations, and they were looking at the fine points of the law. But when the Jews came in to influence doctrine, they changed the whole thing in rottenness, and perversion in the Jewish Talmud until it is the most filthy of all volumes of literature, this is Satanic. I happen to feel that this is the most satanic fallacious group there is. They will rape, and murder, they are filthy, rotten and will do anything. They murder and get away with it, and when they moved into perversion, and then get away with that then they don't think you have the stomach to stop them---but we believe it is time they were stopped.

Now, I have an interpretation of all that, right up to the days of the church, and even afterwards in which the church fathers, and the church courts and the True Hebrew before it was contaminated, as to how they evaluated the law--The divine law. I have volumes of this so you see how big an interest it has become. The law was sensitized with Mercy, it is also sensitized with the perception of conditions that can cause reactions, which can upset balances. Sometimes the great hurts and the problems give an instability of mental reactions which a person normally would not think and act as they did. In fact you are at that time sort of sick in the mind, this is very possible. Today your enemy wants to say that everybody who is right is sick in the mind, and that is why we are not like they are. But if we were like they are we would be like those kinky psychiatrists, who beat their heads against the wall, and do some other strange things as well, and they are just as crazy as the psychiatrist. I know some great psychiatrist, and then some kooks who are not at all in the same field.

Again I would bring out that this may not be all that is involved in this question, but there is no difference in what the Old testament says and what Jesus said, because Jesus kept the law. What he actually said never changes it, for he is the same yesterday, and forever. But the conditions and the spiritual energies which activate an individual has changed thru the out pouring of the Holy spirit. And YAHWEH said:--I give you your law, and it works for your good. He said:--"I am going to make a new Covenant with the House of Israel, and the House of Judah"---then one of the things I am going to do is---I am going to take away that heart of stone, and give you a heart of flesh. And I am going to write upon the tables of your heart---

THE LAW. And now you will move with discernment, and a feeling of responsibility. The spirit of God is going to reactivate the consciousness in a way that has been lost since the fall, and you are going to seek within the physical prescription of living, as the Celestial spirit would think in relationship with the mind of God. Remember that the Spirit has not erred, that is why the scripture tells us that which is begotten of God does not sin, because HE conceived you in the spirit. The spiritual seed or the Celestial being has never transgressed. And thus it is that out of the spirit comes guidance, and out of the direction, as well as the power of Resurrection and God catalyzes it, and brings it forth and gives you this affinity.

QUESTION:--If the 1000 years period signals the return of the Christ then during this 1000 years will life be similar to what it is now?


QUESTION:---Will there be a United States of America?

ANSWER:----Yes, for of the increase of this Kingdom there will be no end. Children will be born during this period of time, for a child at 100 years will be as he is today--a child. This does not mean that he isn't going to grow up. It means that today some one at 100 years of age or 200 years of age will not think of is longevity, anymore that is what it means saying that he is like a child. That is what it is talking about here.

However People will be multiplying, be increasing, and death for those of the Kingdom will be no more, but that doesn't say that there will be no ore death in the world. Generally speaking before we have gone thru the climax of this Kingdom period, then Lucifer is turned loose again and he gathers up his followers:--Gog and Magog, and this just demonstrates that even those people who have known the perfection of the Kingdom administration will still join Lucifer when he calls, and they will then come to attack the Kingdom. This proves that they have to go thru a complete transition, they no longer can say"---'We didn't have a chance'---When separated from evil they behaved, but when it is loosened again they return to it. Eventually God will have to make different creatures out of them because HE does say:--'All flesh shall be saved as it is written',

There are facets in theology which are so interested in fallacy that they cannot see anything else.

QUESTION:----Well when Lucifer is leased from the pit will it be like another battle which we have been going thru?

ANSWER:---He will go out and gather up his own, and they will come rushing at the kingdom, but that time when they dome against this great Kingdom civilization, which has been built, they will be broken without hands. In other words their swords will dissolve, their weapons will be without hands to use them, they won't have anything on their side. All the forces of Lucifer will be gathered, and Lucifer is then totally defeated forever---WITHOUT HANDS.

Then finally Lucifer will be carried out to the constellation of era, and there will be subject to the Shekinah Glory, until all areas of his rebellion is totally purged out of him, and Satan, or the turning away of---to become a devil is no more. But the Great Archangel is restored, because He is still YAHWEH'S Archangel, so this is another thing, and God does not lose anything, this is in the fullness of purpose. God is never satisfied with anything which is an in-completion, and eventually brings all things to Rightness.

For every Knee shall bow, and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is God. The things I am amazed about is that some people want to ignore all the --"ALLA". Some time I will just talk about all the ALLA---"All Israel shall be saved"---"All flesh shall be saved"---look in the book of Timothy and read about all the "Alls". And when you get thru with it Then God is just putting everything---'RIGHT'.

This is what we call 'reconciliation of all things', spoken by all the Holy prophets since the world began.

(end of tape)