12-29-66 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


We have a question that was sent in: Asking for the true mane of God.

The name of God is a personal, proper name--which is YAHWEH.----The word God is not a proper name, it is a title that has been bestowed on HIM, such as the title of King, or of Caesar.---Now we find that after changes were made in the Scripture then Genesis 1:1 says: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Until the bible was translated into the Douay Version and the King James version, the true Scripture said: "In the beginning, Yahweh created the heavens and the earth."---So YAHWEH is the name of God and always has been.

It seems that when Jewry was trying to get a grip on the Priesthood in Jerusalem as they worked into that area at the time of the Maccabaen and Hycranus Priesthood they started to influence and change the scriptures to make them conform to the Talmud. Here at Jerusalem the Jewish Rabbi later said: "We must take the name of Yahweh out of the mouths of the people and we will put in the name of the Tetragrammaton, and thus they will not use the word Yahweh, instead they will use the name of Adoni or Elohim. " Well Adoni means Lord and the word Elohim is another word for God, but is not HIS name. So here at Jerusalem they used the word El--and the word Elohim, and then they passed a law at the Temple that said: the people could not use the name of Yahweh anymore, instead they must use the words--Adoni, and Elohim.

After this as time went on the name of Yahweh was taken out of the mouth of His people. Ever since that time the struggle has continued to come up with a name for God.

In the book of the Prophet Moses, chapter 2 and verses 16-17 we find that it says that one of the things that Yahweh is going to do in the latter days, is to restore the use of His Name, and he says that he will take the name of Baali out of the mouths of His people, Israel. Now Baali was the name of Lucifer, in one of his chief areas of authority, as the embodied earth God, over all agriculture, and over all winds, and all storms. Baali--or Baal is a title for Lucifer, just as God is a title for the Almighty.

Did you know that in the days of Old Babylon, that the word --God--was the Babylonian name for Dog. This was a great big dog, carved as an idol and this dog was supposed to be one of the supreme gods of the Universe so they called him God.---So these Cainanite Jews at Jerusalem, when they sought to take the name of Yahweh out of the mouths of His People, put in place of the name of Yahweh--the words of Adoni and Elohim,---However, the name Adoni meant Lords, and Lords, and lords many----while the word---Elohim was better as this meant El---and His Family.

Along about 1030 A.D. the people in Europe were trying to translate the name for God, and they knew that His name in Psalms and various places was---Yah--for the first part of this name, but then they got mixed and came up with the name Yah-ovah---which was not his name and then they changed it to Jehovah. And the Jehovah Witnesses chose this name for their organization.----Thus when the Anglo-Saxons sought to translate the name they didn't have a word so they just used the word God and translated it as the Supreme power of the Universe, but His name is still YAHWEH.

We have to recognize that Yahweh looks upon a peoples communications, and their language and knows that what language they use has come about thru the different languages since men of our race started talking after coming to earth, and He knows that some of them haven't learned how to talk right even yet. But we do have a derivation of words and of languages from many places, thus Yahweh looks down with understanding when people call him by the word for the Babylonian dog, and we are stuck with the word that the scriptures use in our King James Version.

Then the Authorized version came along and it says that the name of God was not used because they thought Gods name might be used profanely, so they did not use the personal name of god. And they said that actually this is a higher Christian Principal, since there is only one God, and all we have to say, is God, and we don't have to say his name as it is written in the beginning.---This is what we are told in the beginning of the authorized version, in the very start of the text. Now that shows you how silly they were, because they said: We don't have to use his name cause all Christendom will only serve one God, so we will just call Him --God.--Since that is not his name, the word--God--has become by the areas of communication, just a title.

We say: There is no God beside me, because the scriptures declare this.--I alone am God.---Well He alone is Yah--and beside Him there is no El----but he speaks to the Elohim which are his children, for the word Elohim is plural of El, and the word we use for God was El,--or YAHWEH said to the Elohim: "Ye are El, and all of you are the children of Yahweh". This is found in the 82nd., Psalm, where HE speaks unto the Adamic race, the house hold he begat. In fact in the areas where he was begatting this house he turns unto the Elohim and says: We will make Adam in our own image. Therefore the Celestial Children of the Most High had to be begotten by the Spirit of Yahweh. They had been existing in the dimensions of time, and in the planes of Spirit, and they had a pattern of life there, just as tangible as this one is except it was of a different wave length, in light element areas, and actually the electronic field is just accelerating at a different rate, tho we can't feel or touch it, and yet it is still there. This is what is known as life, and in fact Spirit is known also as life. We have discovered that such a wave length as the atomic field passes into a light wave and this is the condition of the Spiritual dominion. We are to understand this because Yahweh is light and life, and he refers to this as he says: In Him is not any darkness, none at all. The Spiritual plane is light, and therefore we discover that He is the one who lighteth every man, or who puts Spirit in every man. Then this word hu-man---man every hu-man enters the world in light. The word hu-man is an Anglo-Saxon word but Man is one of the oldest words in the Aryan language, so to connect the two words we go back to the earliest periods of the white race as they are coming down out of the high steppes, back in the days of Enoch and Job. At that time they called it an Aryan invasion of India, as they came into ancient India with civilization and culture and the word Aryan meant the sons of Yah---and they said that Aryans are Manu---this was the first use of this word, and Manu meant man with Spirit, therefore human also is man with spirit.

Now on this earth there are also men without Spirit and they are mixed up in the translations somewhat, then all were translated as man, but there is a difference in Hu-man and Enosh. Since the hu-man was the embodiment of Yahweh, and the offspring of Yahweh, then Adam was the offspring of Yahweh, as Yahweh had begotten Adam, as Yahweh said to the Elohim: We will make Adam in our image and then as Adam increases there will be houses for thy spirit to dwell in. Thus the program of Yahweh was established for sending His Kingdom of Heaven to earth, and that program started with Adam and multiplies from him. We are told in the book of Enoch that when Enoch was in the heavens he was told that this Adamic race was Yahweh's Israel, and Enoch saw that we would be an unbroken line from Adam down to our time, an unbroken race line and an unbroken society.

Now going back into history in Judea we find that the name of God---Yah--and Yahweh was used until after the death of Solomon, when the Jews began to come in and laid claim to the land, and from then on they brought in scribes and Sadducees and sought to gain influence in the Temple, and later this came about. Then at the time of The Christ, some of the scribes at least were Cainanites, and Jesus proved this when he said: "Ye are of your father, the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do."---At this time under the power of Caiaphas they had succeeded in taking the name of Yahweh out of the mouth of the children of Israel and they said that no man could use this name except their holy rascals. So they said; now we will use the name---Yahweh---but you can't use it any longer, instead you will use the word--Adoni, or Elohim.

Now turn to Isaiah chapter 43:3---Here Yahweh spoke out, but their interpretation of this verse was: I Adoni they El."---now this is actually fictitious because before this the words here were: "I am Yahweh they El, the Holy one of Israel."---The word El was the Impersonal name of God and thus Elohim was never the name of God, rather it was just the impersonal name of Yahweh and His Children.

The full text here as it should be in verse 3 is: "I am Yahweh, they Yahshua, the Holy one of Israel."

The name of Yahweh belongs to the Children of Israel, and that is why HE makes that statement in the scriptures---I am Yahweh, they Yahshua. The word in the scriptures being Savior, is still Yahshua. The original and sacred names have deep and literal symbolic meanings.

Many translations of the Bible use different names for Yahweh, but all agree on the name--YAHSHUA--as the Savior. Then Moffet says in his introduction: strictly speaking this ought to be rendered Yahweh as this is familiar to modern readers in the false form of Jehovah. Were this version of the scriptures intended strictly for students, we would have no hesitation in printing the name as Yahweh. So why not use the name of Yahweh--since it is the name for God period. There is no other name for the Master, the Eternal, the author of all things. Then Rotherham devotes a chapter to the introduction of the name, and he says that irreparable loss has been done by the suppression of the name, so the restoration of the sacred name of Yahweh is necessary because the suppression was a mistake.

The sacred name of the Creator is --YAHWEH--or the short form of Yah, and is the only name by which HE is known in the entire scripture.---"That men may know that thou whose name alone--is YAHWEH--art the Most High over all the earth.


"I am YAHWEH--that is my name, My Glory will I not give to another name, or to another people. My praise to graven images."

Then:---"If Yahweh be Elohim, follow him. If Baal then follow Him."---Now actually the word Baal is also translated, the Lord, so therefore: How long be ye in the hearts of the Prophets that Prophesy, Yea they are the Prophets of deceit, who think to get my people to forget my name of Baal.:---Then comes the declaration in the scriptures as he says: "I will take the name of Baalie out of thy mouth and they shall be no more remembered against thee, and I shall place My name in their place. This is found in Hosea 2:17, in Jeremiah 23:26-27, and Hebrews 2:12 and in Psalms 22:22.

Then again in John 16:6---I have manifested they name unto them thou gavest me out of this world. I have declared unto them--"Hallowed by they name."

Now with all the changing of names in the scriptures they trap themselves again because the sacred name of the Messiah if Yahshua, so when you turn in the translation in the New Testament--there is says that the Angel Gabriel came to the Virgin Mary and said: Thou shall call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their minds."---So the one who came and was formed as Jesus in the womb of the Virgin Mary was the supreme Yahweh of the heavens, and he said: "I am Yahweh, thy Yahshua." Now in the text from whence they translated this---"Behold Yahweh cometh,---and then when the Angel Gabriel spoke to the Virgin Mary he said: "Thou shall have a child and thou shall call his name Yahshua, for he shall save his people from their sins."

Later in the Douay version and then in the King James version they translated the name as Jesus. The reason for the translation of Yahshua as Jesus was because of Paul's speaking to the Greeks who were Israelites, and they were mixed up in their use of words, and they were using the word Baalie when they didn't mean to use the word, so Paul understanding their mythology and their concept of the greatest god as Zeus so Paul said: You are looking for the savior God, the Almighty One, and he has come, he is the one you call Yah-Ause---and then when they translated it into Anglo-Saxon they wrote his name as Jesus---But the name of the embodied Yahweh as Savior is--Yahshua.---and thus it is written:---The Angel Gabriel said to the Virgin Mary; "thou shall have a child and shall call his name Yahshua."

Thus his name ---to his Children---is YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA, meaning Thy Savior. Th original and sacred names have deep literal symbolic meanings. There are names written in the forefront of many bibles and they are some of the names used in place of the original and sacred names such as YAH-ZEUS, A-XZEUS, EHYEH, ELOAH, AND MANY OTHERS. There has also been attempts at partial restoration of the sacred names by some editions of the Bible as was the case at the French Abbey. Then Scoffield says; in Genesis 2;4---YAHWEH and then Young’s Concordance says;--Jehovah and Strongs concordance says Yahovah. However all agree on YAHSHUA as the savior.

Then Moffet says in his introduction; --strictly speaking this ought to be rendered YAHWEH as this is familiar to modern readers in the erroneous form of Jehovah. Were this version of the scripture intended strictly for students of the original we would have no hesitation in printing the name --YAHWEH. So Moffet says the name is YAHWEH and for deep students he would use the name YAHWEH.

WHY NOT USE THE WORD YAHWEH since it Is the name of God--period. There is no other name for the Master, the Eternal, the author of all things, the name is YAHWEH. Then Rotherham says; regarding the suppression of the name, that irreparable loss has been done by the suppression of the name, so the restoration of the sacred name of YAHWEH is necessary because the suppression was a mistake.

The sacred name of the Creator is YAHWEH, or the short form of YAH---is the only name by which He is known in the entire scripture. That men may know that thou whose name alone is YAHWEH--are the MOST HIGH all over the earth. So here again the word YAHWEH is composed of parts of the verb --to be--and signifies self existence. While he has many titles such as Elo, Elohim, Elyon, and he is characterizes a YAHWEH -Nissi, YAHWEH-Rapha, YAHWEH-yireth, YAHWEH-tisdkenu, YAHWEH-Salom, YAHWEH-Shammah, and YAHWEH-RAAH, STILL HIS NAME IS COUPLED WITH A DISTINCT CHARACTERISTIC.

We have his name translated Jehovah, and this and Jehovah that, but there never was such a word as Jehovah, in all times until about the time of 1030 or a little later. The word is,--’I am YAHWEH, that is my name. My Glory I will not give to another name, or another people, nor my praise to graven images.

Then O YAHWEH thy name abideth for ages. Oh, YAHWEH thy memorial is to generation after generation. Then if YAHWEH be Elohim, follow him. If Baal then follow him. Now actually the word Baal is also translated --the LORD, so therefore ---’How long be ye in the hearts of the prophets that prophecy. Yea, they are the prophets of deceit who think to get my people to forget my name for Baal.

Now, this is a passage that is in the scriptures and when this declaration comes out then he says;--I will take the name of Baalie out of thy mouth and they shall be no more remembered against thee, and I shall place my name --YAHWEH--IN THEIR PLACE.

Therefore, how long shall this be in the heart of the prophets who prophesy lies? Yea, they are the prophets of deceit of their own hearts; which think to cause my people to forget my name. I will declare unto thy brother and in the midst of the congregation will I sing the praise unto thee. And it shall come to pass that who so ever shall call upon the name of YAHWEH shall be saved, and they shall know that thy name will put their trust in thee----YAHWEH is thy name---call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest ---in my name.

Then again--(John 17;6) ‘I have manifested thy name unto them thou gavest me out of this world, I have declared unto them----’Hallowed be thy name.’ Now; the sacred name of Messiah is YAHSHUA, so therefore when you turn into the translation in the New Testament they trap themselves again. This time they say that the Angel Gabriel came to the Virgin Mary and said;---’Thou shalt call his name Jesus for he shall save his people from their sins.’ so the god who came and was formed as Jesus in the womb of the Virgin Mary was the Supreme God of the heavens and he said;---I am YAHWEH, THY YAHSHUA, and the text from which they translated this :----Behold YAHWEH cometh, and then when the Angel Gabriel spoke to Mary he said; ‘Thou shalt have a child and thou shall call his name YAHSHUA FOR HE SHALL SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS. ----Then later int he Douay Version and then in the King James version they translated the name as Jesus. The reason for the translation of YAHSHUA as Jesus was because of Paul’s speaking to the Greeks who were Israelites, and who were using the Tetragrammaton, and referring to the use of the word God, and they were even using the Word Baalie when they did not mean Baal. So Paul knowing that in their mythology that their concept of the Greatest God was Zeus, and knowing that Zeus had the club and was always whopping on the people of Greece, then Paul said;--you look for the Savior God, the Almighty God, and he has come he is YAH-ZEUS. So in his Epistles then Paul wrote YAH-ZEUS, and when they translated it into Anglo-Saxon they wrote Jesus and thus Jesus became the name of God as he was begotten as Savior. So thru the years we have been saying Jesus, but when they translated it out of the Aramaic or Hebrew they translated it out of the name of YAHSHUA.

Now the Virgin Mary was a Hebrew girl, and the Angel Gabriel did not speak to her in Greek or Anglo-Saxon, rather he turned to the Virgin Mary and he said; --’Thou shalt have a child and shall call his name YAHSHUA.

SO this is the use of the name and there is no question of the fact that he said that one of the things that he was going to do in this latter age is to put the name back in the mouths of his people Israel. Then the people will no longer call him LORD, or God or Baalie, but then they shall call and shall know him by his name.

Now; he calls you by your name, for that is the way to get your attention. He says;--I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, My spirit speaks to them individually. Now he says; when you call me by my name I will hear.

Now; God has a lot of Grace and he has dealt with us with a whole lot of Grace because he realizes the differences in languages, but his name never changes for it abideth forever. It lasts for generations and generations, but he does realize that little children brought up and taught to thank God for what he has done, don’t realize that they are thanking the personality, but the name is still a pagan name. Under this again when people go into rapture over the LORD this is again not his name, rather its the word Adoni. And this is the word for all the lesser gods of Mount Olympus as referred to by the Greeks, so here we have that peculiar pattern. It also shows the importance of the true name.

This then answers the question that came in as to the true name of God, and how to find it. You can start in the scriptures and every place you find the name of God place the name of YAHSHUA BECAUSE THIS IS THE WORD, except when it is in the abstract and that is where it says YAHSHUA SPOKE TO THE ELOHIM, OR IT SAYS YAHSHUA IS A MIGHTY EL, OR YAH IS EL, FOR YAH IS A PERSONAL NAME. HOWEVER EL is just an impersonal name just as if I turned to you in this meeting and I said Man--then I turned to Eddie, and I said man. That is what we do when we say God, because that is just an impersonal title. But there is only one YAH OR YAHWEH, but many false gods.

Now the scripture says that ‘I come in my father’s name’ and they keep talking about the father and they say---In the beginning the Father created the heavens and the earth. They did not say that the Father turned to the Elohim, however that would have been more correct, if they had translated it that way.

Understand this. The Jews wanted to obscure the scriptures---the relationship of God literally to His people. And the Sadducees realized that if they could knock out the name, then they could also knock out the Fatherhood of God, for they did not have any father except Lucifer. So they tried to transplant the concept of deity to Lucifer--their father. So they changed the translation of God---EL---this one that we worship as YAH, and they tried to make Him as tho He were the Babylonian deity. And then when Jesus came, they said He was a devil. Now I can prove this to you in their Talmudic bible. This is the area where Jewry has been able to confound the concept of idea.

Now the question was also about the Trinity. The trinity as such, did not exist until the Council of Nicaea---325 A.D. except in the Babylonian doctrine such as they had in Babylon with their many gods. We can tell you that the Douay Version carried the trinity and it started in Nicaea. So then they translated the trinity all thru the Douay Bible. They would come to the word YAHWEH and they would translate it as God. And now they would say this is the Father. But there wasn’t any place in the scripture that said that here is the Father, and here is the son and so forth and these with the holy ghost are one. The scripture never said that at all.

Now, the scripture speaks of the Eternal YAHWEH WHO WAS THE FATHER OF THE ADAMIC RACE, and refers to Him as YAHWEH our FATHER. But they say that the Father is God, and the Holy Ghost is God, but the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of YAHWEH. Therefore, in no place in the authorized original text---and you can go back into the Septuagint and you can find that the Holy Spirit is actually the spirit of the Living YAHWEH. It is not a person. And when people talk about being baptized by the Holy Ghost, this is the Holy Spirit of the Living YAHWEH DESCENDING UPON THEM.

Now, we have in scripture---’A Virgin shall conceive and bare a son and ye shall call His name Immanuel, or God with us.’ Now the word was EL and they didn’t know how to change this, so they said ‘Immanuel.’

Now, when the Angel Gabriel came to the Virgin Mary and said she would be with child, he said, ‘the holy thing was going to fill her for she would be covered by the Holy Spirit of YAHWEH and the child she would bring forth, would be YAHSHUA, who would be the embodied, manifestation of YAHWEH. This is what the Angel Gabriel told Mary. Now remember this. If we were to abide by the concept of the Trinitarian.

But people will say, ‘But I will show you in the scriptures that there are three.’ But it never existed in the original. It wasn’t there until Nicaea. This is just the way they ghosted up the story to sell the story of the trinity to the Christian church. And the fictitious part of this is the program of changing the scriptures until they say---God the Father, God the son, and the Holy Ghost.

Well, then, who’s Father is God? They will tell you that by using the word God as people have to use it because of the languages, that God the Father is the ‘old man.’ He is the one who has been here for ages and ages. In fact, they turn to the book of Daniel and it talks about the ancient of days. And it says YAHWEH the ancient of day, and full of years but eternally young. But this is Eternity---I am yesterday, today and tomorrow. I am Alpha and Omega. I am the unchangeable one. God does not grow old, you know. He doesn’t add a billion years to His age to get a grey hair because He never had grey hair. In otherwords, this is the amazing thing about God. People think He has hair whiter than snow. But this is just the effulging Glory which is beaming around His head. One hundred trillion or so years ago He was still making the Universe.

Under this pattern, then they say, ‘God is the ‘old man.’ But Jesus the son did not come along until He was begotten. But they overlook scripture, which says:---’YAHSHUA THE CHRIST, THE EMBODIED---IN THE FLESH, which means God embodied in the flesh. Then not using the Greek word Jesus the Christ, but YAHSHUA the embodied one is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. So He was the same at all times. But they say, ‘we have the ‘old man’ who is God, and the son who is God, and we have the Holy Ghost and He is also God.’ And they have the reason to believe he is God for it says that the spirit of God moved on the waters. The Holy Ghost put motion on the face of the water, then everything in the creation was done by the Holy Ghost.

Then we come over to Colossians and it is talking about YAHSHUA the Christ or the embodied one, and then it says that all things were made by Him. He is the image of the Invisible God, the God of Spirit, and all things were made by Him. Without Him, was not anything made that was made. He was before all things. And by Him all things exist. So therefore YAHSHUA or Jesus had made all things that are in the Universe.

Then we still have another person in the Godhead. So see what Satanism has tried to do? And actually Babylonianism has trapped a whole area of Christianity into a strange operation for, ‘Hear O Israel, YAHWEH, thy YAHSHUA, is one EL.’ So that leaves us actually serving three gods and then at least one denomination is serving just one god and ‘that doesn’t do much for the other two. And actually He is the Spirit of the Living God.

Therefore if YAHWEH, God, the ‘old man’ is the Father of the man Christ Jesus, then how is it that the third--God is the father of Christ that covered Mary? For remember, that the Angel Gabriel came to Mary and said:--’Thou shalt be with child for the Holy Spirit hath come upon thee.’ So do you mean that actually God isn’t the Father of the son at all, because the Holy Ghost is the father----confusing isn’t it? Well, anyway, if the Holy Ghost is God the Father, we got rid of one area of the trinity didn’t we?

The Holy Spirit and God are one and the same because the spirit moves out of the Eternal YAHWEH and is His Holy Spirit. It is the thinking, processing force of His cognition. It is for Him---to think---is to be---for Him to conceive is to act, and the Holy Ghost or Spirit is the dynamic force of the intelligent mind of YAHWEH, THY YAHSHUA. Thus the Holy Spirit is the mind of God.

Alright now. Who then is the father of Jesus? Well, YAHWEH enclosed Himself in the nucleus seed that He placed in the Virgin Mary. Now He had a body anytime He wanted to materialize in any plain. And this was the body of God that was in the nucleus seed that He placed in the Virgin Mary and it is one, not two.

Alright, we have the word in Isaiah:--’I am YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA.’ Then over here in the book of John, chapter 14, Jesus said:--’In my Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you, and I will come and receive you unto myself for where I am, ye may be also.’ ---’and whether I go, ye and the way ye know.’

By this, He meant that they were the children of YAHWEH, who is YAHSHUA in the flesh. And they had been here before, because they had come down out of the heavens. Now a veil of forgetfulness has come down over the child and they do not realize this. So Thomas then said:--’Master, we do not know where you go. How can we know the way?’ But Jesus replied:--’I am the way, the truth and the light; no man comes to the Father but by me.---If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also; and from henceforth, ye know Him and have seen Him.’ The translation should be---’If ye had known me, ye would know the Father because I am the Father.’

Philip said:--’Master, show us the Father and we will be satisfied, we just want you to introduce us to the Father.’ Now, here stands YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA,--God here on earth, and Philip says, ‘show us the God.’ Remember, that this is the disciple and he has been walking with Jesus and watching the miracles performed so YAHSHUA says to Philip----’have I been so long with you and yet thou has not known me? He that hath seen me hath seen the Father, so why do you say---show us the Father?’ This was the very nature of God talking.

We can prove at this point that this was the very YAHWEH-YAHSHUA---God, even tho they disturbed the translation in the 14th chapter of John. And they made slight changes in the Douay Version because they were all Trinitarians as they translated. And thus all the King James Versions in all Christendom in England, except in the old Abbeys, were Trinitarians and had been ever since they put together a bunch of ‘folderol’ at Nicaea.

But here they said, ‘Jesus said when He was to send the comforter, that this was the spirit of truth, that the world could not receive. This was the intelligent pattern of the Holy Spirit. It says here, ‘The comforter which is the Holy Spirit, and it comes out of His consciousness.

Now, He said, ‘I will not leave you without the guiding influence of my consciousness, the abiding mantel of my Holy spirit. How do we know it’s His Holy Spirit? I will show you (John 14:18)---’I will not leave you without a comforter. I will come to you.’ Now, it was not someone else coming to the disciples. It was YAHSHUA coming to them, for He said, ‘I will come to you, I will not leave you without the comforting influence of my Holy Spirit---for I will come to you. Therefore, Lo! I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear my voice and open up, I will come into him and I will sup with him, and I will abide with him. I will not leave you comfortless.’

Now, some people go out on a limb and they say that the second coming of Christ has already happened. Because Christ returned with the Holy Spirit. But YAHSHUA sent the area of his consciousness into complete communication with the individual. He reconnected the Spirit and the soul consciousness into complete communication with the individual. He reconnected the spirit and soul consciousness so no longer did we need a priest inside the Holy Temple to apply to the center of ‘Power’ for us. Now we could reach into the Holy of Holies and thus this is what YAHSHUA had reconnected. He put the Adamic race back in touch with the Holy of Holies. And He could do this because our spirit is a part of the spirit of the MOST HIGH.

He had begotten us as Spirit, born thus of incorruptible seed, that lives and abides forever and the relationship of His Spirit to our spirit is in perfect communication, but now the soul consciousness is in perfect and complete connection with the mind of YAHSHUA.

Now, God hears all prayers. And how does He do this? Well, no one has to ring up central and see if the line is clear, or if they have to wait a while, for the line is clear for all these millions of people who are praying. God hears every prayer because He is a part of it. For it starts with Him and it ends with Him. His spirit is where your center of consciousness is. The moment you have need of Him, He knows it. And He knows what you have need of before you ask Him. Because He resides with the Celestial Spirit of the offspring of the MOST HIGH.

Therefore, the scripture says, ‘Arise and shine thy light has come and the Glory of God has risen upon thee.’ Now this is a last day manifestation. And when this happens, we shall see the fullness of God directly. Because in the hour of the return of YAHSHUA, we will see that HE returns in Light and Glory and with the hosts of heaven. And at that moment, that He returns, in the twinkling of an eye, then we shall all be changed. We shall not die, but we will be changed. We shall be enveloped with light, and we will see as He sees. And we will think as He thinks because we will be constantly in tune with the Holy Spirit. It will not only be as we reach in and out for ideas and guidance, but we will be in connection continually with the Holy Spirit. It will be a cognition that dawns upon us until we know the answer to every question. We will know the application of all things. We are going to see as He sees us, and we are going to know as we are known. So this is again, a part of the Holy Spirit which is the Holy Spirit of God.

So God created the heavens and the earth because this was the embodied one---’I YAHWEH as thy YAHSHUA.’ And He came to the earth embodied as the Savior, but He is the same God. And when He was utilizing the intelligence of the Holy Spirit, He was the same God---creating. So the name of God is YAHSHUA and He is the Eternal Father---YAHWEH because He was the one before all things and by Him were all things formed.

I think this is treating the question rather largely but we wanted to answer it thoroughly. And we have many, many passages we could put into this. But this should be enough to answer your question.

However, I want to assure you that in Catholicism, then Jewry made great gains at that time. And they established the trinity at that time and it is a proven fact that certain Jewish invasions were made into the church and they wanted to subtract. So they added the trinity and did this to conceal the name of God. Even from the New Testament church, they were able to do this. And this is the same Jews who added verses to the last chapter of Mark in which people were told to go out and preach the Gospel to every creature and those who believe would be saved and those who did not, would be lost. They were also the ones who said, ‘baptize in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost..’

Now, even Scoffield had to put notes in his Bible saying that those things were not in the Bible,---were put there by two Jewish priest. So you see, we are still following things that were put in the scriptures that have no part nor lot in the scriptures.

Now, we are not interested in whether you agree with me. And if we are wrong, then we want to be corrected by the spirit of God. But we don’t want you governed by areas of error. We tell you this because it is true. We tell you because every translation of the Bible has this pointed out in their footnotes except the King James Version.

Therefore, you can know the name of God. You can know the fallacy of the trinity and how it was ghosted in unto about nine places in the New Testament. But it never existed until these Jews got their hands on the translation of the Bible.

QUESTION:--Our coins say, ‘In God We Trust.’ If they said, ‘IN YAHWEH WE TRUST, then people would not understand.

ANSWER:--This is true. The word God however, is used today as a title and it is not His name. Now, we cannot transpose a language in a moment, but the pattern of God can. And that will be one of the great culminating patterns of that day. For when He comes, they aren’t going to call Him God, of A-Zeus or man or anything else, but His name. Of course, there will be quick translation in a moment of time.

QUESTION:--Did you see the Lomax Show last night? He had a man on his show who said he was a former Methodist minister and then he got to studying all these great civilizations, then they seemed to have all the same story of their beginning. It being that their leader was born and then got killed and that he rose from the dead. He said he heard this story over and over.

ANSWER:--But there is no value in that, for instance, they don’t teach the Resurrection of Buddha. For Buddha was Gautama Siddhartha, and they changed his name to Buddha. But Buddha was an impersonal name for Gatmaism. But Gautama Siddhartha did not raise from the dead. However, this is about par for some of the Methodist preachers.

QUESTION:--I had a Jew tell me that same story---

(tape ran out)