12-30-64 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:...The good and evil figs of Jeremiah...would you please explain?

ANSWER:...This is a long and involved question, but the fig leaf and the fig tree representation of Scripture has really nothing to do with Israel except when they are thrust into contact with her. In the Book of Micah you will note that God talks about the end of the age, when the Kingdom comes in, and He said:..'every man will sit under his own vine and under his own fig tree.' Thus God more or less divides up the world as under the vine or under the fig tree. If you go back into the oldest symbols you will note that all the pagan symbols in the world seem to have the fig tree and fig leaf woven into their backgrounds. You will see the Fig leaves on all Hindu Temples, and woven into symbols and emblems and spread out in hoods and so forth.

In the very beginning with the seduction of Eve and the fall of the race then Adam was covered then Adam was covered with fig leaves, he had a coat of fig leaves to cover his nakedness, but this was again the symbol of the fig tree...fig leaf connection with Lucifer. So all of Lucifer's Household has used the symbol of the fig leaf for a long time. The fig leaves represents Jewry, so in this instance sometimes the political machines in control are now always made up of Jews, but are those blinded doing their work. Thus when Jesus was walking with His disciples they came to this fig tree. Now; there is nothing wrong with figs as far as food is concerned, but the fig tree represented the power at the Jerusalem Temple in the time of The Christ. This Temple was Herod's Temple, built by Herod who was a cross between Cainanite and Amalakite lines. He was 'King of the Jews' and this Temple was covered with fig leaves. So the symbol of the Jewish Priestcraft and Kehilla was the fig tree. So when Jesus and His disciples came by this fig tree, the disciples were sort of alert to the fact that this fig tree represented the Priestcraft and those people round about. And when they got to the tree there was no figs good for food, so Jesus said:..I will curse this fig tree...'Never shall it bring forth eatable food at anytime, for ever, it is an entrapment of men, never shall it bring forth digestible fruit'. Well, the disciples marveled at this, for they knew it was symbolism and a parable as well. He was actually cursing the Jewish Priesthood in Jerusalem and all they represented, saying that they would never bring forth good fruit forever. So when the disciples next came by this fig tree it was a dead thing. Christ had cursed it and it died, and they marveled at this. And the High Priests (false) Pharisees perceived that He had spoken this against them, even tho the tree had dried up. And of course they plotted as to how they would put Him to death, they knew by what He was saying...what this fig tree represented.

You go back to the Book of Deuteronomy and it refers to the difference between the children of the Kingdom and the children of the evil one. And in this the Scripture is quite plain that anything connected with this tree is symbolized as death, or as destruction. You will note that when one refers to them either as a vine or a tree it is always cursed. Their vine is the vine of Sodom and their field is of Gomorrah, their grapes are the grapes of gall. When their figs are identified as from the fig tree which is a symbolic racial mark, then it is bad figs, cursed figs. Now; these people today have infiltrated nations, moved themselves into the financial areas, have gathered influence around Potentates, kings, rulers, and in our times Presidents. And they would use their influence and financial power to get appointments and to gain or buy men if possible, and under these circumstances they built a political machine which was a fig tree. There might be a few good people (figs) among them, and they are but a minority in this basket of bad figs...they are anti-God...evil Jews and this mark is for them.

Now; remember that when Jesus gives the signs of the times in Matthew and Luke for instance He says:..'when you see the fig tree begin to bud, then this is the end of the age.' As it begins to put forth shoots, or leaves then you know the end of the age is at hand. In the Book of Revelation when it talks about the days of revolution, anarchy and trouble it says:...'Ye shall see the fig tree cast her untimely figs to the ground'. Revelations 6:13. There is to be a great storm and it casts the untimely figs to the ground, and With it comes anarchy, revolution, trouble and war. And the reason why is that untimely figs are from a cursed tree which can- not bring forth good fruit. Second the fruit she does bring forth is violence, anarchy and trouble, and these are called untimely figs. So in the latter days we have watched the Jews get real active nationally, and this on a national scale. To be a kingdom or an Empire then Jewish nationalism has been a real vital issue, for the last 60 years or more shall we say, and Zionism is the heart of Jewish nationalism. This is the fig tree putting forth its shoots, trying to bud.

So when you see this happen you know that the sign is at hand. We watched this with Hertzel (Illuminati) on down thru World War I., climaxed by the taking over of Jerusalem by the British, from the Turks on the proper day 9-24-17. and instantly the Jews started to pressure...they wanted Palestine to be given to them. The British refused to do this, the Balfour declaration in no way promised this to the Jews. The declaration had said that where as they would be allowed to disturb the people in the land, and they never said they were going to give them the land. The Jews were trying to blackmail England all the way thru W.W.I., and several other countries as well, to get their own way. And because of the strategic value of Palestine as to location, its vast mineral wealth, vast nitrate and explosives, the Jews wanted control of it. Besides that it was much easier for them to usurp the position of the kingdom, and declare themselves 'Israel' if they had the land and were in place. It would not be Israel but would be the abomination of the desolator...Thus Jesus told Matthew (24:15) that in the latter days we would see the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy place. And these people who have gone back to Palestine are the Jews who are behind communism, behind economic and world conspiracy, thus the abomination of the desolator, and they are in the old Holy place. But remember that it would not be natural for God to be drawing Israel back to Palestine to set up residence of Israel people when at the return of The Christ He is to split the land of Palestine with a great Earthquake and cast half of it under the waters of the Red Sea. He is going to level out the areas to the East of Jerusalem until the Dead Sea is no longer a dead sea, and fresh water of the River Jordan will flow into it making the Dead Sea a Living Sea and no longer entrapped. The whole low land will be raised with fresh water running out from under Jerusalem because there are great springs under that mountain. When this takes place, the earthquake that is, catastrophe which takes place is going to liquidate Jews by the thousands or even millions if there are that many living there.

The thing is...all these things God would not do to Israel, this is done to the desolator who is now in place and gets his judgment at that Old Holy place. It is no longer essential for all Israel to dwell in Palestine. After all we are here in the United States, in Western Europe, in Australia and South Africa where ever white men have established great Christian nations, thus the Israel of God is not confined to a specific location. Altho the leadership is now in a spot where it was to be in the hands of a great nation under the symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, while the throne remains under the symbol of the Lion in Britain. Today we have become the leaders of the Western Nations even tho we have had a sad deteriation in the quality of that leadership, this is still prophetic for this is the time of Jacob's Trouble. We can see the snakes wounding hand moving into the heart of our society. So faced with these fact's again, the fig tree is casting her untimely figs. And some of these untimely figs have made it even into the Supreme Court, some into the Treasury Department, and some stand as advisors around Presidents, and have moved into International Affairs, and areas of banking and into Zionism. They have been the brains behind the communist conspiracy so these are bad figs.

When Jeremiah talks about figs he said:...'behold here is a basket of figs and then there was a basket of very bad figs that couldn't be eaten'. When they talk about these figs we are talking about the people who are involved inside of this Cainanite conspiracy. Well, a lot of people could be involved under the areas of Administration wherever they had taken hold of a kingdom like in the days of Zedekiah who would be 'good figs' but then there would be these evil, unassimilatable bad figs who had destroyed the whole thing. So the whole basket had been tampered with, but these bad figs could not be eaten. This is specifically referring to the Jews themselves, for everything they touch is cursed. So the bad figs are referring to Jewry. I think it could have been a even more clear parable in other periods than it is now. But this is mainly what is contained in this discussion. Remember again that as you see the fig tree bud then you know that summer is nigh at hand. This refers to the climax of the age, and the establishment of the kingdom and so forth.

We are at the period when this is at hand, and have been ever since we watched this imperial Jewish nationalism, with their design to gain Palestine because it is an 'Israel' heritage. This would thus strengthen their position, and their cause. These are untimely figs, the bad figs in our time, and we can point them out in Washington D.C., and in California or in the world.

QUESTION:...Then good figs are the non-Jews caught in this web?

ANSWER:...That is right. They tried to make Judah a fig leaf people but he was not a fig leaf...All Israel is Olive Branches...thus Judah was an Olive Branch. But under the Zedekiah Kingdom true Judahites would be considered bad figs. In the days of Jesus the bad figs were the Herodians, the Shamah Pharisees, the Scribes of their like, all these were bad figs. And this goes back when then to the Christ as He cursed the fig tree, and the disciples, and even the Priests of Jerusalem knew that this 'cursed fig tree' represented them and they plotted to put Him to death. Of course the fact that the fig tree dried up proved that the cursing of the fig tree was not just a passing comment.

QUESTION:...In Ephesians 2:11, it is referring to the Gentiles?

ANSWER:...You have a little problem in the Epistles, Ecclesiastical problems intended in translation because the church was trying to embrace the doctrine which was not Pauline, but Catholic and later Protestant of embracing all people as being capable of Evangelization, so they just simplified their translation into classifying Jews and non-Jews, with non-Jews being classified as Gentiles. But this is not the proper translation, so this is one problem you must face in any Pauline Epistle as you have them in the King James Version.

Now; this passage Chapter 2:11-13...'Wherefore ye being in times past Ethene or Nation in the flesh, who are called uncircumcision by that which is called the circumcision in the flesh made by hands'. The reason for this is that the ten tribes had not continued the covenant of circumcision after they went into captivity, and as such were called aliens from the commonwealth of Israel. 'Therefore as strangers from the covenants of promise having no hope without God in the world'. This is as far as the Ecclesiastism went. But you will note here that in answering this we can show you that the situation goes farther than this. Over in the Book of Romans where Paul is talking about drafting the wild Olive Branches back into the Olive Tree, you note that the grafting is in actuality the bringing back in of the rest of Israel. He says that the grafting of these back into their tree result in...'All Israel shall be saved' as it is written..and this is accomplished as these Olives are brought back to the FOLD. 'Therefore I would not have you ignorant brethren that you be wise in your own conceits, that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles (the word is Ethene-nations) come in'. Blindness in part, the blindness as it related to their identity, so with the coming in of the Ethene then all Israel shall be saved. 'There shall come out of Zion a deliverer who shall take away the ungodliness of Jacob, for this is my covenant with them,... I shall take away their sins'.

Now; wild Olive Branches were still Olives, and when referring to this it says in verse 24:...'For if thou wert cut out of the Olive Tree which is wild by nature, and grafted contrary to nature into a good Olive (this is the true center, the Priesthood and Administration), how much more shall these natural branches be gathered be grafted back into their own tree?' In otherwords there were branches of the race who went out of the center of worship, and were not even in the Ethene gathered under a natural column, and yet they could be gathered back in. Remember these are not figs or oranges, but Olives grafted back into their Olive Tree. Therefore if this grafting back of the Olives is the Ethene (gentiles) then 'All Israel shall be saved as it is written.'

Now; the passages in Ephesians in the original texts follows much like in Galatians which says that we are not only Tekon (offspring) of God but Elect according to His foreknowledge. The classification here is that all Christians whether aliens according to their captivity were grafted back into their own tree. Whether they became strangers brought back under the covenant, this is all according to the absoluteness of the law, that under no circumstances can accept anyone not a son or daughter. This is Sonship, you had to belong to the line. In Rome the people we call the Roman church were all Israelites, the Apostle Paul proves this as he writes to Romans concerning this. The people of Corinth were Israelites, and they were Ethene, altho called gentile by the Temple at Jerusalem and by the false Pharisees. The fact remains that speaking to them Paul said:..'All of our fathers came thru the same writers, all drank from the same rock, thus all came from the same line.' Thus he is identifying all those who make up the people of his Epistles as Israelites.

Now; the commonwealth of Israel, and its establishment in the earth as the kingdom center around the acceptance of the authority of government was in Jerusalem. So when the other tribes went into captivity they were in rebellion against the House of Judah and Benjamin, this is the reason they split, and the moment that they were split out of the true center then automatically they were considered outcasts...or ETHENE, and even classified after pagan control came to Jerusalem as GOYIM. And one of the most important things the Jews tried to do was to keep a permanent split with the tribes of the Israelites on the outside. This is why the High Priesthood at the time of Jesus said:..'We must kill him', if we do not kill Him He is going to gather the children of God who are scattered abroad and we will lose control of this nation. Because we are not the heirs, and He is going to gather those scattered abroad and they will take over our place. In the meantime the people of Europe and Britain were being called gentiles, but they were not being called pagan, or pagan nations. The word Ethene means nations, and they were never classified the beast system..or the beast system as nations of the kingdom. Therefore the beast system people had no part nor lot in this matter. The Book of Ephesians has a few passages here which in translation, the church was attempting to use to build a doctrine and they didn't try to clarify what Paul said, they tried to confuse it so that this idea that people who had no part or lot in it could be absorbed. Thus this gave a whole foundation for this doctrine where they had inserted whole passages of Scripture to gain this idea..'Go into the world and preach the gospel'. Of course Jewish Priests in the second and third centuries had inserted that in the Scriptures as your footnotes in many Bibles.

QUESTION:...I run into these John 3:16 Christians all the time, and I have a hard time getting around that unless I can lead them back into something like you just discussed, but an example is Colossian 3:11 where it says:..there is neither Greek, nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision or Barbarian, Scythian, bond nor free, but Christ is all, and in all and they can't get away from that.

ANSWER:...Actually it is telling you...that you are the children of God by Faith in Christ Jesus, as many as have been baptised in Christ have put on Christ. For there is neither a man of Judah, nor a Greek. In otherwords the House of Israel divided into the House of Judah and the House of Israel or the ten tribes. The Greeks are Scythians of the ten tribes so there is no longer any division here. Do not ever call a true Greek a Jew because he won't like it at all. Thus there is neither a man of Judah or a Greek, neither bond or free, but you are all One in Christ. This is the stasis, and this should settle it. 'If ye be Christ's then ye are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise'. If the promise is made to Abraham's seed you can't give it to someone else. So this should clinch it, for the covenant was made to Abraham and his seed (thru Isaac and Jacob) for they are the heirs of the promise. So when you come to the classification in Ephesians Paul had already stated in Corinthians concerning these people being Israel whether in Greece or in Corinth. I Corinthians 12. Remember when the fullness of time is come God sent forth His own embodied incarnation of God thru the Virgin Mary to redeem them under the law, so that we might receive the positioning of sons. This word adoption (Galatians 4) is Ethesuia or the positioning of, the timing of births because Ye are the sons of God. He hath sent forth the Spirit of His own embodiment into your heart. Not to make you sons, but because you are sons.

Now; some Bibles will use the words sons..here as offspring, not for slaves, but for a child in the family who arrives at the position of son- ship...'And because Ye are sons of God hath sent forth the spirit of his son into your hearts'..so that you might say:..'Our Father'. Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son, child of the family who assumes his authority as a son, and is no longer treated as a servant, who has to obey an overseer. But if you are a son you are an heir of God thru Jesus The Christ.

Now; the fact remains..we are still children of God even when in bondage to the world order. But Heirs..as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, even tho he be an heir to the entire kingdom, he is under instruction, and he must obey. He is under tutors, and governors until the time appointed of the Father. Even so we when we were children under this bondage, we are still heirs, offspring, and when the fullness of time came then YAHWEH sent forth His own embodiment, made of Woman (Israel) under the law, to redeem them under the law, that we might receive the positioning of sons..'Because ye are sons, YAHWEH sent forth the spirit of His own Incarnation into your hearts so you could say Father'. Therefore 'thou art not a servant but a son; and if a son then an heir of YAHWEH'. Then a grown up son now ready to assume responsibility in the Kingdom, takes his rightful place. This again..the Codex which the translation of Mark had did not have all this double talk which gives you so much trouble. It would be just like you and I talking about it..that was it.

QUESTION:...What is the actual meaning of this word son, people come up with all kinds of things to prove Jesus is the son of God?

ANSWER:...The reason we use the word son, it comes from--begotten issue. It isn't a matter of gender necessarily but covers all the children of God as an Issue. But when it refers to Himself then He was the only begotten Issue (son) out of the race which came forth from Him. Adam was the issue of God but He did not begat a body for himself out of this race until the Virgin Mary brought forth the body of God. So we are the first begotten of the Father, the first formed of the Spirit but YAHSHUA (Christ) was the first begotten of the Spirit.

Agra Pneumas is the Spirit or the father of substance, and is ONE... spirit, soul and body. But He projected His body thru the Holy Spirit consummating the energy of His own Spirit Being..or Will...consummating in the Virgin Mary, in the womb, and the body of God which was brought forth and grew up was then called Jesus..and Jesus then said:..'Before Abraham I Am'.

You will note that back in the days of Ezekiel that he saw the great space fleets, and when he saw this fleet landing on the Plain of Shinar, that as they brought the throne out he said that there was ONE who sat on the throne, like unto THE SON OF MAN. The Issue is referred to...LIKE UNTO THE SON OF MAN. In otherwords HE was God who looked just like a man but covered with this Glory. So God is a physical body..and was translated.. 'son of man'. Actually there is a compatibility with this for:..'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH'. Translate this is in Psalms and it says:..'Ye are Gods, and all of you are the children of God'. So you also are sons of man, but you are a Divine Spirit in a physical body. You came thru the Adamic propagation, for Adam was a son of God according to Luke. Adam was an issue of God but he did not bring forth any issue by any connection with this race until the Virgin Mary brought forth The Christ. We were a continuing spiritual seed who entered the world thru the seed of the Adamic race which was a physical issue of God. Thus it is that we are the sons of God after the spirit, the sons of Adam after the flesh, and we are still flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone as HE has brought forth Adam as His issue. The Scripture refers to Jesus as the only begotten Issue. And this is in the flesh out of this race HE produced. You come over into the Book of Romans 8:19., and you discover 'The expectation of the creature is vibrating, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Not only they but we who are the first fruits of the spirit'. Thus the first offspring of God's Spirit were His Celestial children in the heavenlies, thus we are the first fruits of His Spirit. And the first fruits of His Spirit enter into the Adamic race, this is how we get into the world. Now; Paul makes the statement that we are the first fruits of the spirit, but when talking of Jesus, He is the first begotten of the Father (of matter) for the Eternal God Himself brought forth out of His own race ..symbolizing His Marriage to His race...brought forth His own Issue of Life. In otherwords the fullness of God dwelt bodily in the man Christ Jesus. This man Christ Jesus was the body of God who said:..'Before Abraham I Am'. I give the law you who have seen me hath seen the Father..I and the Father are ONE. And yet the disciple said:..'show us the Father and we will be satisfied'. And Jesus said:..'Have I been so long with you and yet you say....show us the Father?' Philip why do you say:..show us the Father, don't you realize I and the Father are ONE?

Again this is a part of a solid pattern. A large part of the problem comes from the fact that the pagan religions had many gods, and when they tried in Rome to Babylonize Christianity, this was done by those of a Jewish Priesthood who joined the church to try to condemn its doctrine. And to prey upon the desire for power and money of some. They used their influence on them and were actually able to get into the areas of doctrine things which were not Biblical. Some were even Babylonian, Ancient Asiatic doctrines. So one of these was to divide God up into three parts, to make three people of Him. An old man God, a mystic invisible God, and a young man who was the son of the old God, but a separate God, thus we had three Gods. Plus the fact they turned the Virgin Mary into the Queen Semiramis statue, as Isis the Queen of heaven, the consort of Lucifer actually. But in doing this they made her a consort of the old father God to bring forth the son of god, and thus more than one God.

Now; they actually foul themselves up with this one. We tried to tie up all the Lutheran Clergy with this when we stood before their student body. They thought they would tie us up with the Trinity because they have such a strong Trinatarian position in their theology. And they wanted me to take the position that there was not a Trinity while they took the position that there was a Trinity. So..I let them lay their precis and then I said:..'Do you mean to tell me that there is an old God, a real old Ancient of days God in the Old Testament who is the Father of Jesus Christ the new God in the New Testament?' They answered:..That is right. So I said:..Well, I think you ruled out someone because the Virgin Mary conceived of the Holy Spirit. So if Mary conceived of the Holy Spirit then the old man God you had wasn't the Father at all. And Jesus the Christ is the Father of the Holy Spirit, so the Father wasn't the Father of the son. So now, unless you are willing to accept that the Holy Spirit, and the Father are ONE then you couldn't have the son, the by-product of the Holy Spirit, and still be separate from the Father. The Holy Spirit would have to be ONE with the Father or else you wouldn't have any capacity to say that the Father was the father of the son.

Well, they were caught in this so they rushed to their lexicons and all thru the Scriptures and there was no answer as to this. So now I said:.. lets go a little further, if the Holy Spirit and the Father are ONE then we have gotten rid of one person of this Trinity or else you don't have a father for the son giving them any relationship. So lets examine this, and put them all together and say that by this miracle of spiritually energizing this ovum in Mary then YAHWEH (God) placed a special seed by His own miracle power which multiplied and grew and produced the very image of the elements of His own body...transmigrated, transposed from heaven to the womb of Mary, because this body was the 'Same yesterday, today and forever ...Before Abraham I Am'.

This is all the God you will ever see, all the Father you will ever see, for the Father was in the man Christ Jesus. If this is not true then why did the Apostle Paul in Colossians say:..'The fullness of God dwelt bodily in HIM...all things were made by HIM without HIM was not anything made that was made'. HE..YAHSHUA..Jesus was before all things, and by HIM all things consist. So if He was before the Father, and everything was made by HIM then was this old man the father doing thru out all Eternity? He didn't have anything to do with it, He was just an abstract personality hung out in space, had nothing to do with creation? Now if HE was before all things then Jesus was before the Father was He not? If the Father and Jesus are not ONE, if this is not ONE individual with spirit, soul, and body, then the Father never made anything, never did anything and Jesus did it all. They said:..But this is not according to theology. I said:..yes it is.. ..'Hear O Israel YAHWEH thy God is ONE EL'..Isaiah tells you this, there is not many gods, there is no God beside ME, none on the right or none on the left. No there is no other God. I along have the scepter in my right hand. This is why the fullness of God is in the man Christ Jesus, and His Eternal Spirit could synthesize anything which could happen to the flesh, raise the body, ascend into heaven and take back the scepter hand of authority. Now; when He lifted this physical body up unto that throne He proved that tho the synthesis of God could be placed in the physical earth, that actually it could taste death, it could be raised by the Spirit and ascend right into the Celestial dominion and take the scepter. Thus He could also raise His race back unto the throne which was under condemnation of death because of Lucifer. Thus HIS Ultimate Atonement...could set His children free as being captive to any power of Lucifer thru the power of HIS Resurrection...because THIS WAS THE ETERNAL FATHER!

To prove this again we come to this position, as Jesus talked about sending the Paraclete, this is the inner consciousness of His own Mind, this is called the Holy Spirit, this is the energy which synthesized the Universe. This is the great creative personality of the energy of God. It is out of this that your spiritual being has been synthesized. Jesus said: 'I will send the Paraclete...my spiritual consciousness upon you, and when this comes...what was it to do? 'It was to bring all things to your remembrance'..in otherwords bring to you the knowledge of all truth. This is the Savior speaking..'I, this Agra-Pneumas, spirit which is in me, which is the Father of all things, comes to you'. So when the Holy Spirit comes it is I (Jesus) who comes..I the Eternal Father, for 'Ye who have seen me hath seen the father'. So there is not two or three, you aren't going to see two or three people...you are just going to see ONE.

When John passed into the heavenlies after the Word came to him:..'Come hither'..then John went and ONE sat on the throne. And when John saw this ONE on the throne, it was none other than YAHSHUA-Jesus or YAHWEH the Eternal ONE.

Now; John was on the Isle of Patmos on the LORD'S Day for the testimony of Jesus the Christ...and while in meditation suddenly here he hears this Trumpet sound and then:..'I am Alpha and Omega..I am the LORD GOD Almighty, the First and the Last'. In otherwords hear me for I am the Almighty God, and John turns and sees this radiant personality and prostrates himself in trembling and fear. This is the first time he has seen HIM like this..but then Jesus said:..'Come on John stand up..you didn't do this when we walked on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, you didn't do this when we walked when you were my disciple, you weren't afraid and fell to the ground then. I hold the keys to death and to the grave...I hold the keys to everything men fear, so stand up John.' And John stood up and looked into the face of Jesus who said:...'I am Alpha and Omega, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.' This proves again that there is nothing in the Old Testament to establish anything but that God is one Individual, one being. There is nothing in the New Testament in any of the texts to substantiate the argument, to synthesize the idea that God is other than ONE being. The rest of these things were translated into, imputed concepts, to try to give us a Babylonian trinity and transfer that trinity to our Christian Religion. Now; one thing that the beast system wants to do is given us a multiplicity concept of God. But if this were true each of you then would also be three different people walking down the street every time. You were begotten in the image of your Father, you are spirit, soul, and body but one entity. The body can crumble and disintegrate for this Tabernacle can die, but the spirit, the Celestial body which is composed of particles of Light cannot die, and the soul consciousness in this body cannot die, and can immediately be freed from incumbering veils of this flesh existence, and can be unlimited free...in spirit.

Now; even tho we know this, if we were to die, the soul would be even free in the spirit than it is now, but we don't want to die, we just want the spirit to envelope this physical body, to transform it...we don't want to die, we just want to give this body immortality so it doesn't die. Synthesize it in that transformation so that we might have our original existence...why is this? Because then we are free to move into any dimension... spirit, soul conscious realm, thought waves of time, and of prophecy or in the physical dominion for there is a whole physical Universe out there. As long as we have a transformed Celestial being, a physical being wrapped in a Celestial being of Light we stand to accelerate or decelerate the speed of the electrons around the nucleus. And this physical body can occupy any planet in the Universe, anywhere physical things are in form. We can walk with it, touch it, handle it, do all these things.

As long as we are in the Spirit we can move thru all the Celestial planes, all the spiritual realms, all the Universe. But in the Spirit you can't move into the physical realm to do the things we want to do in the physical world because we lack physical hands, and physical operations. Now; I am not saying that there isn't some applications of physical energy which can be applied, there are spirit beings today in the Nether- world which are banished out of the Celestial realm, some of them who are as demonic spirits working with familiar spirits, they have some effect in the physical world. They do all kinds of silly tricks in order to attract attention, they lift tables and write on slates, knock on walls. They generally play hob gob with tricks in order to attract attention, but they never perform a miracle which does any good. The super natural element of the power of the Kingdom heals the sick, raised the dead, opens the intelligence of man, casts out fear, modifies the elements, adjusts the Universe. All Lucifer does is do tricks to attract attention, to get people to serve him using mysticism and fear.

Now; both have super-natural elements and power, both operate on higher planes of natural law than most people have the ability to use, or the understanding that they have the ability to use. So in this instance then you are a single entity, spirit, soul, and body, but if this body has not yet been elevated to the wave length to which it moves with a quickening pace, if the electrons in the atom of your body are not accelerating slightly faster so that the emanation or aura of the energy of your body is not great enough to repel the processes of disintegration, then this body can age, and it can crumble, but not beyond the synthesis of elements to give you back the body that you lost in this process. But you are still one person, you could be one person without your physical body..in the Celestial body..there you are also one person not three different persons. You will never see a spiritual body sitting over here and a clay one..elements of earth..sitting over there, and a mystic spirit moving around separate from this, for God does not operate that way. This is Babylonianism, spiritualism, cultism, and superstition, and should not be incorporated in the Scriptures.

QUESTION:...If the disciples could look at God in the form of Jesus, why couldn't Moses look at God's face?

ANSWER:...Now you are dealing with something else. On the Mount of Transformation the disciples saw Jesus transformed into Glory, and He permitted them at that moment to see what would have beyond the normal wave length of their video-frequency. This sometimes happens, it is possible sometimes for the eye of the Spirit to be so synchronized with the eye of recorded perception of the senses that the soul consciousness sees the image of something in the spiritual realm. Sometimes it is given unto you to see an emanation of aura, and sometimes this aura can be the impact of this energy catalyst on the atmosphere, but most of the time some others might not see the aura which stands out around people. Now there are times in your thinking in such an affinity to the thinking of the spirit, that at that time you can see a little fire line of aura which stands out around people. The disciples saw the whole radiance of Christ's Glory shining out on HIM on the Mount of Transfiguration. They saw all HE wanted them to see of the Glory of God which He had before the world was framed, and they saw Moses and Elijah there not realizing that these two were not there in simple physical body because they beheld them. They wanted to build some tabernacles for them. But remember again maybe there were there in decelerated bodies visible to behold, but anyway they were there for the disciples to behold.

Then Moses wanted to see God, he said this is one request I have..I want to look upon you. But YAHWEH said:..you cannot stand to look upon my face in this close association. But Moses even tho he had been on the mountain could not stand the full Glory of YAHWEH as HE appeared on that mountain. This time His appearance was on the total Celestial level. And remember he had come in from outer space with the great fleets and over ten thousands of his believing offspring, and they were with HIM on that mountain. But Moses so wanted to look in the face of the Flaming God..but YAHWEH said:..'no I can't let you do that, but you get down there in those rocks, and look thru that hole in the rocks. When I pass by you can look at the back of YAHWEH, but you cannot stand the Light and the Glory of my countenance, my face at this time.' All the energy from Divine power and Presence was here, and the mountain shook from the fire of God as God came to give the Law to Israel. So charged was that mountain, so dynamic was the energy of God that if anyone touched that mountain but Moses who was immunized they would have died from that energy charge, or the radio activity, so to speak, of that mountain. But Moses by constant association had been immunized, and was the only one who could come up on that mountain. The order was thus given:... 'Don't let man or Enosh (beast) put their hands on the mountain, or they will die'. Yet here was Moses on the mountain and He wants to see YAHWEH ..not just talk to HIM and hear HIM, but Moses wants to see HIM. So YAHWEH said:..o.k., after I walk by you can see my back. So Moses who was going to peek..was down there in the rocks, and as God walked by He put His hand out and covered the hole in the rock. And Moses could not see anything until God passed by and then took his hand away. So Moses then said:..I saw his back, his hands, thighs and feet...I saw the back of YAHWEH..but even tho Moses was immunized to a great extent he could not have withstood the Glory of HIS Countenance.

Now; when you are dealing with Jesus the Christ you don't see all the Glory which God revealed because He came forth born of a woman of a fallen race, but He was still the Father. So Jesus divested Himself of the eminence of His Glory. The only thing he said he ever missed here in the physical presence was:..'oh, that I might have the glory which I had in Agra-Pneumas..or Spirit, before this creation. But not the will of the flesh of this moment, but the Will of the Spirit must be done.' But the only thing His physical body longed for was this enveloping Glory. Now; the disciples saw the transfiguration, the Glory of God flowing from across the spirit world into His physical being, but they never saw it in all its Glory. Not as you will see it when in the hour, when it is brighter than the midday sun. If you look at the sun for just a little while you can't see anything. Imagine the Glory of God when His emanation is brighter than the noon-day sun, but also the transition you make will allow you to look at the sun. A lot of people won't want to look, they will go hide in the rocks and the mountains, from the Light of HIM who comes in the day. But let me point this out that in a little while this Glory faded off of Jesus just as Moses and Elijah disappeared, and the disciples saw only Jesus. At the time of Christ's resurrection these guards in the Garden He was shining brightly, they said like the embodiment of Jupiter. And so bright was HE that they fell to the ground stricken by the brilliance and the Light, and great fear fell on them. Never had they seen anything like this, and they were paralysed by the Light, the Radiance and the Glory. But this was slowly disappearing off of Jesus also after His resurrection. This was the power of His Resurrection, the accelerating force of the Spirit. After this He met Mary in the Garden who said:..'They have taken away my LORD and I do not know where they laid Him'. Jesus said:..'Mary' for no one could say Mary like this and she turned and said:..'Raboni' or Master. She reached out but Jesus said:..'Don't touch me for this energy has not ascended off of me into the spirit. Even now I am so charged you could not stand to touch me'.

Thus Moses who was so charged, more than anyone..so charged with the spirit that he had to cover his face when he came down off the mountain or the people could not have stood even to look at him, because his face shown, it was so Glorious. This is why Scripture says that under the law, the face of Moses was so filled with Glory because of the contact with the Father, so think how much more glorious you, the children of God..not under judgment of the law shall be before this thing is finished, as you are changed from Glory unto Glory in HIS own Glorious image. Think how much more shall your Glory be than that of Moses because now you are not under the law of death, but the law of Life which makes us free from sin and death. This is the law of the Spirit of Life which was in Christ Jesus. Now; the law was good but only a schoolmaster could it bring to us by teaching and by revelation up on the next great stage of development which is still to us..THE CHILDREN, and not to pagans. To we who HE did know... Elect according to His foreknowledge. And therefore we are children of HIS foreknowledge who HE predestinated before the foundation of the world to conform to the image of the SON.

Now; there are areas of Mystery which God apparently codified to remain a Mystery. I think He let the church cover things up at times in their stupidity because in some of these areas there are still mysteries:..'Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven unto them it is not given.' The rest of the people are bogged down, but in their Priestcraft they created what was to bog them down.

Now; the truth is here, it still breaks thru, but there are still permissible blocks here in which they can obscure the full light of truth except the spirit bear witness to the truth in you, and illuminate beyond the shadow of individual obstructions put in here by men. God did not obstruct the truth except He used the obstruction of the mind of men and even spoke in parables. He said:..'I speak in parables so they will not understand, for I don't want them to give ascent to this and join the church and destroy it. They don't have any spiritual capacity to accomplish anything good, so I don't want you joining them, I want you of the Kingdom to fulfill your Destiny...as to what it is going to be. I want the powers of darkness subordinated, I want them to acknowledge you, and go thru the steps that I have planned, and let me assure you that God will do all He has planned'. Now; there are some passages in the Scriptures one could wrestle with because in the King James Version the way they have been framed by the translation of Paul's Epistles would obscure the intent. But because you are caught by this fact that the children who come..the children He calls ..children of Abraham, the Elect of His foreknowledge..those He predestinated. Jesus has already made this clear when He said:..'All that (and here He is talking in the flesh)..all that the spirit which is the father of flesh..thus all that the father of all things...All that which is given unto me of the spirit, none are lost' in this picture but the son of perdition, who is Satan's own son so that the Scripture might be fulfilled. They belonged to the spirit in the heavens, they belong to Him, in the flesh in earth, and He says:..I have not lost one of them'. Thus the Scripture then could say:..'All that the father hath given me shall come, and he that cometh I will in no way cast out'. 'But no man cometh unto me except the spirit giveth it unto him, and I will raise him up in the last days'. There is thus no if's, and's, or but's, and it is not left up unto people out here making choices, or not making choices. No man can come lest the spirit send him, and I will raise him up in the last days. It is left up to capacities, to energies, to the things which God sends down. And thus He knows exactly how you are made up, he knows your spiritual reactions. He knows if you have been short-circuited by the world, He knows how to send a wave of spirit to catalyze the activities to approach unto you, until you respond with the response which in his foreknowledge He purposed. And all of this was in your own reaction by experience because you are an existent person, you are an experiencing being. This is not however an experimental religion, it is an experiencing religion. It is not an experiment, for it is already fixed with God.

Someone said:..but I want more freedom than that, but if you have good sense you wouldn't want it any other way. You wouldn't want any question of your destiny left up to your whims and behavior. Even tho you might even have confidence in it, you still know that men can be subject to physical capacities, they might have an accident by some prodeedure which would dull some areas of their perception, or they might come under some unprecedented catalyst of the darkness. You wouldn't want to live in the world taking a chance on your ability to fight off all these things. To make the proper decision, and to stay with them to the end. You wouldn't want this chance without the absolute soverignity of God. He says:..'I will protect you, I will fight off the enemy, I will bring this thing to pass, I will pour out my spirit, I won't lose one. You would never have left the Celestial realm, never have volunteered to come when the great program was laid out, if you had thought there was any chance you might get tied up by some fallen Archangel or a bunch of his devils, and never get back in the Celestial, or that you would lose your power. You never would have volunteered to come if the game had been presented to you like the preachers present it. You would never have left where you were, if they had said:... look, you can take a chance going down there into the world but if you don't measure up to Divine standards in a physical world then your race is going to fall..and it will have a fallen nature instead of your spirit, and if you don't measure up you are going to go into a great big hell, a boiling flaming torture chamber which you can never get out of. And there will be demons down there poking you and making you miserable but you can't get out, this is the chance you are going to have to take. Oh, if you follow my instructions down there, believe in the right words, don't make any mistakes then you have a good chance of getting back to heaven where you started from.' But who is going to take that kind of a gamble? You might not get back or you might be tortured forever and forever, when you were already in a perfect state...who is going to volunteer????? Do you think that the Father would put forth a deal like that? Do you think that for the pleasure of His WILL He would take such a chance with His children? Do you think God takes a chance on anything? 'For ever O LORD thy word is settled in Heaven'. He says:..Whatsoever I do I do forever, nothing can be taken from it...Therefore whatsoever I purpose to do I shall bring it to pass. Now then is this thing by chance...no? 'It is not of him that willeth, or him that runneth, but God who showeth mercy with HIS GRACE'. He said: 'Therefore have I foreknown..I have predestinated'. So who are the people He hath foreknown? They are Israel..you..,those in the heavens where He fore- knew you. There HE predestinated you to conform to the image of the SON and He says He is going to develop you from Glory to Glory, from quickening spirit to Light, from Light until you conform to His own image..'Arise and shine, thy light has come, and the Glory of YAHWEH has risen upon thee'. No ..it is not and, but when...this is according to His Counsel.

QUESTION:...What is going to happen to those Enosh like this Greek Phoenician woman who understood so well, I noticed that there were a couple of oriental's who came to your sermons?

ANSWER:...oh, you mean the Canaanite woman..she was a negress.

QUESTION:...Well the Bible calls her a Greeko-Phoenician woman.

ANSWER:...only in one translation, she was a Negro woman, she was not a Greek at all, she dwelt in Africa under the Greek Empire, in Syro-Phoenicia with was Negro Phoenicia.

Now; when the family of God was put in earth they were to set free all these captive races. Bring them back to the worship of the right God. To destroy the evil which destroyed them, to bring the sovereignty back unto His Universe. He couldn't have a rebellious outpost here, He couldn't have people being tortured here under the demented minds of fallen spirits, and so forth, so God put His race here to defeat Lucifer and to set people free, to establish righteousness in the earth, to overthrow the powers of darkness, this was the program and what it was for.

Now; this Gospel of the Kingdom is for the sons of God, the household of God, rising and ruling with the spirit of God which He promised when He sent His household into the world to build His kingdom. This goes back even before the Bible, goes back to the Books of Horus in the ages of yesterday as in things told to the Atlantians before their fall. Told them..He would send His own household to build His kingdom, and they were going to over- throw the power of Lucifer, and He Himself...YAH would join unto them. Now; in this again the kingdom comes, the nations of the world then approach the nations of God's kingdom to be taught of God. They will be ruled with righteousness, the powers of darkness will be at least for a season totally handed up. When they are released for a short season it will show that their desire is still to destroy, and they want to turn the whole program of God to travesty once more, so God breaks the power of those who control these fallen societies, and isolates them out to the Constellation of Ara until the fullness of time envelopes them in Glory, after they have been purged in their error. But the people who make up these races, when released from their demonic powers...Satanic spirits, and false influences will turn to worship the right God, will progress back into high civilizations under the leadership of the kingdom.

Then in the next mantavara (next development of races) which is past the seventh heaven, a new thing...new spiritual transitions will be applied even to these creations in which you are going to be co-catalyzers of a great spiritual aura, which in its effnity of transition is even going to make new creatures out of these people in the ages to come. This is not however in this era, but in the ages to come. But when you do this there will be synthesized unto them spiritual capacities which they never had before. They had a spirit of life given to them, like to the Chinese or Asiatics originally, and it was good until they came under the influence of the Luciferian rebellion.

But we are the offspring of God, and as offspring then we are spirit of His Spirit, life of His Life, issue of His Issue. We can be fallen in the flesh but not in the Spirit. But the spirit of these other races can be activated by God to a level of sustaining consciousness, this still does not make them offspring of HIM..Issue of HIM, but it does raise their capacities and there will never be another rebellion of Lucifer in this creation. But Lucifer will be defeated and this creation will be restored, and you are the hope of the ends of the earth, the only hope they have. There is no hope for Asia or Africa but the kingdom of God the program of God, and the magnitude of His Grace. If He didn't have a great magnitude of overwhelming responsibility as YAHWEH (God) for His creation, and the well being of every creature in it, then He wouldn't have sent His own Son (embodiment) out of heaven to earth to build His Kingdom. 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven'. So He transferred part of heaven to earth to get this kind of kingdom made up of His own offspring. He then tells earth to pray as well as His own offspring:..'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven'. Thus this is why we are here, to build this kind of a kingdom.

Now; I am not hostile to an Asiactic because he is an Asiatic, or a Negro because he is a Negro. I am hostile to the conduct of Satanically dominated Negroes in the violation of Divine Law under a Luciferian plot whose design is to mongrelize our race. And when the agents of this vicious plan..if in defending our society have to be destroyed then this is alright. But the fact remains that these Asiatics, over there under Communism are common fodder. Lets face it when we had the power and Christian missionaries were protected by the British Empire, and by the strength of Perry's Fleet, when those things were true we could speak to them truth. And according to their capacities they could respond to it. We gave them Rice and they became Rice Christians, and some of them became symbolic Christians, and some of them even more so, because they were educated and synthesized more deeply into out culture like Madam Chang Kai Shek or others like this in our 'mission operations'. Then they caught another step by contact with us which was the reasonableness of the acceptance of the ONE God instead of the many, as their gods had all let them down. Where out of this ONE came righteousness, security, and strength...the appeal of the Gospel of Christ was so much higher and greater than any of their pagan gods who they had to placate thru fear, that this again had a much higher approach. It is a rather interesting thing but it takes Grace in a religion to win heathens. You don't win them by frightening them with Hell, I can tell you that right now. This is the worst approach to make to a heathen, or a cannibal, to go down there and try to make him into a Christian by scaring the Hell into or out of him, either way with this terrible torture chamber.

I have mentioned this before...I had an Adventist friend who was a doctor down in the areas of the Congo, and down in the back countries of Ghana. He told how he was associated with a number of preaching Evangelists in different campaigns. And they had these Chieftains and top brass in there to hear the Gospel. They had already given tents, and jewelry and a bunch of stuff, so he was obligated to listen so they had an audience who had agreed to listen. This isn't the greatness of their persuasiveness, this is the color of Woolworths Calico and all this gem crafts. But they were listening, they had an interpreter who could talk English so he was telling the people what the Missionaries said. So they told them about how God loved them so much that He came down to earth to die so that they wouldn't have to pay for all their transgressions. They said:...You mean a God died so we wouldn't have to do what? So you wouldn't have to die and go to hell. Well then, what is this hell? So they told them it was a place that was run by the Devil that made them bad, that it was a torture chamber where they had flames of fires. So the natives said:..well, if your God has such big medicine why doesn't he keep us from going to this hell? Well this is because you didn't say or do the right things, didn't please him, so he punishes you by turning you over to this devil who tortures you forever because you disobeyed HIM. Well, these Cannibals put their heads together and they finally said:..no..our Devil is better than your God, he may throw us to the crocodiles, or maybe torture or kill but he don't torture forever and ever with fire. Mean old God, we don't want him we would rather have our devils than your mean devil, because if all the trouble and all the pain comes from your devil, and your devil stokes the fire to torture those who go over to him, then your God turns them over...lets him win, then your God is worse than our gods. So the Adventists said:...O.K., that is alright ..so they hadn't scared them anyway and they just decided that no one had any gods except those they accepted so it didn't make any difference that we had only this one God. But the fact is that the Negroes weren't going to trade God's unless they could get a better one. I don't think anyone wants to trade gods unless you can get a better ONE. So a Methodist God, a Catholic God, and a Lutheran God..who would say this is the same God..but yes we are all Christians and we recognize this is true, but the Image of God in mens hearts is what counts, they could well trade him for our God because the image they have in their hearts is not as good as Our God. They don't have a God who is absolute in His Universe, who says:..'All flesh shall be saved'...'That all Israel shall be saved'. Who says:...'I shall reconcile all things unto myself...Every knee shall bow'. Who says:..'In the heavens above and down in the netherworld there shall be praises sung, and victory', In otherwords we have a God who is the MOST. We have a God who is absolute...who says: 'I will bring all things into proper balance'. If you have a god who is less than that then he is not big enough. If you have one less than that then you have one partly beat by the Devil. If YAHWEH-YAHSHUA were to lose any of His creation, any of the things subject to His rule, to Lucifer, and Lucifer can sustain his identity and hold some of these things in his power then God lost something. And if God loses anything to the Devil then HIS sovereignty has been challenged and the Devil still reigns.

Now; the Devil has to get down on his knees and say Uncle, and when he turns and says:...FATHER (of matter) O ETERNAL YAHWEH, I don't want to be a Devil any longer, I was wrong, I am defeated, just let me have any spot you can put me in, of course you can't invest an Archangel and get a Devil back, but with an Archangel invested then you get an Archangel back, so God restores His Archangel. But there is not an Archangel among all the Archangels as important to God as you are:...'To which of the Angels did He ever say...These are my sons?' These Archangels are the servants of our Father, and the heirs of the kingdom. If you knew how many billions, or trillions of people exist thru out this Universe who are not your relatives at all, there are races created like the Asiatics, or the Negroes who were out somewhere in the Milky Way before the rebellion. There are people scattered thru out all the Sidereal Systems from the Galaxies you can see in the Milky Way, in all the vastness of the Constellations you can see around you, and far out in Island Universes on the edge of what you can now see.

I can show you on a clear night way on beyond the edge of the Milky Way when it looks like there is hardly anything out there, on the background of the Milky Way. I can show you when put under the lens of the Questar that out there are more Galaxies that look like Milky Ways upon Milky Ways out there. So how many billions or trillions of miles out there...who knows, but I just know that My Father has been at this forever, has been creating in a great ecliptic. And way out there beyond all things are races and beings which I don't remember. I may have seen them but I don't remember, but we haven't run out of anything in this Universe. In fact there are things that I in the flesh have not seen or heard of. I am not bored, and when we get thru with this situation, and there is nothing to do here, then we will go out and try some of the other spots. We are the children of God, this is our Universe, this is Our Father, and we are His Heirs. He has given us the privilege of sitting with HIM on HIS throne. But we do not offer to the Africans or the Asiatics that we are going to make them members of our family, and rulers of the Universe. They haven't learned to even rule themselves yet, so lets not go so fast. They haven't learned even to be people to be ruled over by the kingdom, and here we as silly Christians are trying to make sons of god out of them, and joint heirs to the throne of God. When God said:..'I do not give my Glory to Africa and Asia...I give it to my sons..'Hear O Israel...only to you do I give my Glory'. I give Asia and Africa to you just as an investment. Now; don't find fault with God and say this isn't fair. There isn't any thing more fair than God transferring his sons to bring this earth back to its proper position. Talk about Grace, this is just the natural nature of God reaching out to do good to everything in His Universe, even the Devil. QUESTION:...Why do you think God made these Enosh people of the other planets if they were going to end up like the Negroes?

ANSWER:...There wasn't anything wrong with the Enosh people until Lucifers fall. The word Enosh means...not begotten of spirit.

QUESTION:...Yes, I know that, but....

ANSWER:...Well, the animal creation is thus...there is a spirit of Enosh but it is not begotten in the heavens of the spirit, it is created in form and energy and synthesized. But you...you were begotten beings of the Father, the first fruits of His Spirit. This is why in Ecclesiastics that the Scripture says that the spirit of man returns into the heavens from whence it came, the spirit of beasts or Enosh goes down into inner earth. You will note that there are many places where the difference is brought out, the difference between people. It also talks about the Zombie already so mutated, so beastified that in their physical beings they have no way to propagate a spirit of life. In otherwords they can't even propagate the kind of spirit an Asiatic can propagate. They have gone so deep into bestiality, deteriation and degeneration that they are a total mutation, and they cannot stay in this condition as such so they are the Zombie, or the walking dead, they don't know anything. There is no Negroes in the Netherworld or perdition, a Negro is dead right out where they bury him. Even their electronic pattern is dead, just like a dog, stays right there until the general resurrection. No the resurrection of the Kingdom, but the general resurrection. But even these dead shall stand again as God re-synthesizes the elements, and bring back that consciousness. Because he intends eventually to restore them to that level from which they fell, even according to its partition or to its particle..is what it says. So even the portion of them which remains from that creation, of this...God will put it in perfect order.

QUESTION:...There is always a bit of confusion of chronology under this ...returning of the Son of Man. You see some of the Baptists have been under some pretty bad head shrinking, and they have the idea which they put forth quite profusely, that as soon as the 'Son of Man' returns they are going to be plucked up into the heavens.

ANSWER:...We have multitudes of Baptist..even Baptists on the tapes, and even Baptist churches that understand. But back in the days of the Moody Bible Institute a man named Gladstone wrote a book...'Jesus is coming'... This became a text book on the second coming which they divided up into several phases. On of which was that Christ was going to come back out of some far distant heaven, and He would snatch out of the world, in their bodies, everyone that was of His church who was at the Holy level and worth snatching. They would be lifted right up into the skies and their cars would go down the highways crashing into other cars, people would be killed by empty cars. Maybe there might be a good man who was the engineer of a train, I know one like this, and he would go up into the sky and the poor train would be going down the track. Boy!, but it would be a bad time when these Christians left. And they would be gone..right up into the sky and would be sustained up there on some level because physical bodies were going. But they would be changed in the twinkling of an eye and up there they would set out the biggest table, with turkey and lamb and everything imaginable on it, and for seven years they would sit around this table and God was to marry a bride which was supposed to be this 'called out group' called His Church who were eating at this table for seven years, while the Devil took over the earth.

Now; there were a lot of people down here that knew how to be good, they had accepted Christ but hadn't reached the standard of being baptised basically by a Baptist Minister. Maybe they hadn't had a succession of Calvinistic preachers, or maybe they hadn't taken communion every Sunday, all the little things can get you if you aren't very strict.

Now; I am not spoofing doctrine, but I will say this, that doctrine does not put men in Hell only as the way they think. God didn't come to enslave men but to set them free. But everyone didn't quite measure up to their levels. These people were to miss this rapture. And now faced with the fact that these people were gone they knew now that the Bible was true, and there was no time left to fiddle around with the world with one foot in the World Order, and the other in the church. So now they started to testify but oh what a terrible time this is, the Anti-Christ has taken over the world, you find him taking the homes, the property, and when he grabs off the Christians and tortures them, they have to give up their Faith in Christ, and be tortured and die a martyrs death, or else take the mark of the beast. This is the doctrine of the rapture. So what happens, well... at the end of the seven years the church and all the martyrs who have died and those who have overthrown the Anti-Christ, beat the powers of darkness are coming back, but lucky is anyone who didn't die in the meantime. Now; in the first place this doctrine is empty, fictitious, and a bit of imagination, and possibly a beautiful fantasy. There are lots of people who say...'If I am dreaming let me dream on. But if you are dreaming in error, let me know the truth, for why should I be putting my hope in error? In the first place in the climax of the age, when Christ comes we win the battle of Armageddon. The battle of Armageddon is being fought by the people who constitute God's kingdom. They are Christians with the testimony of Jesus Christ against the enemies of the Kingdom..Lucifer..Anti-Christ and his hoards.

Now; if the church was taken out of this world who do you suppose would have the courage to stand up against the Anti-Christ? It is hard enough to get anyone to stand up now, but take the church out, and there wouldn't be anyone to stand up against the Anti-Christ. If all the Christian nations were snatched out of the world there wouldn't be an Armageddon. Now; there aren't two or three such comings of The Christ, who remain unto the coming of the LORD shall not hinder those who sleep, them will HE bring with HIM. And we shall be joined in these atmospheric breathing bodies...but those bodies will be changed...in the twinkling of an eye, transformed right here in this atmospheric breathing physical body, not caught up into the air, but joined with HIM in this air breathing body transformed and synthesized.

Now when you go to meet someone, to herald His coming like they did to the gate of Jerusalem on Palm Sunday you don't stay seven years at the gate. He is coming, and you move with HIM, in otherwords you move into this hour. Well, the great fleets of heaven are involved in this, and the armies of earth are also involved.

There is no reason to believe this way they try to interpret and translate Paul's words, but the word Rapture is not in the Bible at all. They coined this word out of the English language, but you can't find the word Rapture anywhere in the Bible. When we talk about the return of The Christ then we are transformed in the twinkling of an eye, in the elements of our being. But the kingdom is here on earth, and God isn't going to let the devil take over the kingdom. It is the world order that is taken over, not His Kingdom.

The Scripture does not indicate anything like the Rapture, but this book on the Rapture has been lifted up...with charts by a man named Larkin. He was a real find man, who thought he was doing a real good job. He had Blackstone's book in one hand and a Scofield Bible in the other, and he drew 'Larkin's Charts'. Then Preacher after preacher bought these charts or made great big chart copies of them, and they preached on this. They have all kinds of emblems and passages out of context, and they tried to fit them together for this story. We tell you that Christ will be back, the kingdom will come in while some people are still waiting to go. Every so often a group of people expect to go. I had people who just knew they were going to go, and they even persuaded some of our congregation. They all joined together, they didn't know the exact hour or day, but they knew it would be within a few days. They thought we were very unspiritual because we wouldn't take heed and tell our people. They were all to be translated into the sky..didn't I know this?? I said:..'God never told me anything like this'.

There are certain things which haven't been fulfilled yet. You say our LORD delays His coming, but I say He is coming on time. This was before 1962 and we had the sign of 'The son of man' in the heavens. I said:..if you people think you are going to go..and they said:..we know we are going to go..we will be gone by next Monday night. So I said: ..alright then why don't you just deed all your property over to the church then because this is a resistance force, and you don't want it to fall into the hands of the enemy, so why not do this? But when it came to signing over their property they didn't want to do this, so they weren't all that sure they were going to go.

Now; we don't want their property, we just wanted to show them that they were not sure. But we are sure what we are talking about. We are in a time when we could say months, but we are not to know the day or the hour however.

QUESTION:...What will come to pass, what will happen so we will know this is the time?

ANSWER:...Oh you might turn on your radio or T.V., and they will tell you of a great earthquake, or big armada is moving against you, or Chinese hoards are coming across the Bering Straits, Battles are raging along the Israeli border, and Russian columns are joining Israel. You might pick up the paper and it seems the whole world was breaking into flames. But let me tell you something...when all these things happen then in three months we will need lots of help. You will find 'Israel' soldiers fighting on every front...all over.

End of Message.