12-31-68 Bible Study Q&A

Wednesday Night Bible Study - Questions and Answers

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift


QUESTION:---Are all prophecies double purpose. And will America be destroyed?

ANSWER:---(Deut. 28:69) No. Some prophecies are double but they are marked like---"As it was then so shall it be in the time of the end." Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel talk about then and as the time of the end.

But Deuteronomy 28:69----Don't hold your breath until America is destroyed. This land will not be destroyed but the enemy will be destroyed out of it. Deut; 28---the nations to be brought against thee---these were things brought against Israel if she disobeyed, and this has already happened . The Assyrians were to come against them, and this happened. And Sanacharib did take the ten tribes into captivity, but that was not for this time, this hour today.

However since 1911 we have been under the conflict with Lucifer and Communism. Frankfriter was a Communist when he was a teacher at Harvard law school and when appointed to the Supreme Court. F. D. R. was an egotistical man, a son of a very wealthy family. He put Jews in many high places. He was a son morally not very good. His family shipped him out of the country, to Australia, and he met Rachel Perkins there and got her in trouble, and the boy born was Harry Bridges. The Bridges family were approached by Sara Roosevelt to raise Harry as their son, and then bring him to this country and they would see that he had a job, and so forth. This they did, and the left wing labor unions decided they could use F.D.R. and his ego and he would think he was doing something so they made him President. He had a gift of being able to talk and that worked for their advantage also. The Commies and their front thus elected F.D.R. But he thought he would be the ruler of the world. But the Russians plied him with Vodka and he didn't know what he was signing much of the time. It was his administration when Communism became firmly entrenched in the United States. They thought to take the U.S. Government control from the Congress and place that in the hands of appointed officials until the communist would control America. They did the same thing with Eisenhower as they shaped him up as President The Jews were with him all the time influencing his thinking. From that time on the hoards of communism were on the rise, and this 8th., beast would be out of the seventh.

Genghis Kahn would be raised up by the Jews, he was quite a leader of cavalry, and he was successful after they provided him with men and weapons. They almost conquered Christendom as they came against western Christian Europe.

The people of Italy were of the tribe of Gad, but the Jews became rulers over the Roman Empire, with their money. And the Knighthood of the west finally was able to stop the hoards of anti-Christ. Finally Genghis Khan and 12 of the leaders of the hoards would go back to Lassah because of the great wound of Genghis Khan, and finally he died, but they kept coming back for about 500 years until finally they were stopped.

Now, Satan had entered into all 8 Empires until they had his seed sowed in and then they would take over. So this 8th., beast system is world Communism and it has covered more land surface than any other beast system, and organized Jewry set it in place, and managed it, an they took over and started the organization then of the Soviet Union. The children of Anti-Christ are always the same.

We are the house of Israel from the Virgin in the heavens, to Mary the Virgin , an the story of his children and his plan for earth are all outlined. Then Satan makes war with the woman and her seed and they carry on war with those who have the Testimony of Jesus the Christ. The Commies still keep coming, and coming. So when does it stop? Jesus said these things were to happen because you are of His Race. The hoards of Anti-Christ are his enemy and our enemy. And we must totally destroy them and organized Jewry which started them. Our people relaxes and thinks that it couldn't happen here, and the Preachers, they don't believe in the Virgin birth, the deity of Christ. But Hitler put the Jews in camps because of what they were doing and it will come to the fact as to whether we will stand up for our nation, or YAHWEH will have to force you to.

The Jews screamed when the astronauts read the bible on the moon, Madeline Murry was able to sue and change and take prayer out of schools. How long do we have to put up with people like her. They should put her in a mental hospital.

Jews took over the Seminaries in Germany, they were the 'higher critics' , and Christianity has been shaking ever since. Ben Franklin said if you let the Jews into your country, they will be in the counting houses and your children will be cursing in their graves.

Geo. Washington and Ben Franklin thought the same way. They were both Masons of the Blue lodge which went back to pre-Egyptian in the days of Enoch and Job. they knew the mystery laws of Israel, and they understood who the Jews were, and who they were not.

We see then that today there are more people who are awake, our denominations are to wake up, you just need enough people to lead, to capture education and theology. Last year Mr. Johnson started to talk about the 'non proliferation' treaty which bans any atomic weapons in space. The reason why he wants this is because he knows that Germany has developed the neutron bomb. In an hours time after the bomb is burst everything with a nervous system is dead, but everything else is not destroyed, so when Johnson wants to do this for the Soviets--then Johnson is thru.

In February 1968 the Jews took almost all our gold---they were trying to bring down America, and it turned on them and it did not work. Then huge tenements were built, and the Negroes turned them into slums. Martin Luther King is stirring trouble, but he is a Communist. On April---Martin Luther King was shot. The communist party was all out for his assassination. They wanted to start a drive to take away the fire arms from the U.S. Everyone who got us in trouble made an eulogy for King and was a liar, he knew that King was a Communist, and was out to destroy the U.S. They had his record, his background, and the FBI record.

This was a climactic thing. They started their drive on Washington D.C., and I think that King was shot by a highly organized wing of the U.S. to create conditions they wanted to help accomplish their purpose. The FBI and CIA were involved in lots of things, the pot calls the kettle black, but the FBI has been taken over in the last few years. When the FBI was called in when the atomic secrets were being stolen they let every Soviet spy get out of the country with the goods.

The Negro revolution came to Washington D.C. and they warned the President they would kill him, but he called for total integration that the Negroes demanded.

Johnson stalled and let the Commies come against our men in Viet Nam. He was coming under the measures of his own doing and he said he would not run again. This the first time in history that this had happened.

Bobby Kennedy said in south America that---I want to be the first Communist President. And he didn't want any protection when speaking, but some one worked on that boy to kill Bobby Kennedy. His death would help bring about the disarming of the U.S. that they had been unable to accomplish, but probably the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. put him up to killing Bobby Kennedy.

Congressman Long was working for a new money system when he was killed. American people are waking up and thus a Democrat could not be elected. Nixon does not have all the answers, and Wallace made many errors sand he picked for a running mate a man who was a total integrationist. But Nixon was elected and Humphrey didn't have a chance. 19,000 votes were non-existent in Chicago and 4000 in Dallas were from people already dead, but still Nixon won. The Pendergast machine was ready to give the K.C. vote to Humphry but it was not allowed.

The going to the moon and the reading of the scriptures on the moon was heard all over the earth, this closed out 1968 in a wonderful way.

God is not bringing down this climax of Armageddon on us to punish us, this is just the fulfillment of prophecy. It challenges our race to rise up and raise the standards. I know we are in the day and the hour and my consciousness is clear, for I am God's side.

Dennis and I was going down the road and a sticker on a big black Cadillac ahead of us said;---do you live in a white Christian community or an American Community? Then last night the news said---do you live in a white Christian community or in an American community and integrated community?

The Hippies plan mass race riots unless this American President bows to begin with. Nixon picked a white Christian cabinet, so race riots will start.

YAHWEH says he gives us signs and seasons and understanding of these things, he tells his ministers and his children before these things happen.

Some people left the west coast to live after they heard that the coast could have an earthquake. There is no question that there will be major earthquakes, I had three separate visions of the west coast catastrophe. It was as tho I hovered above it an then others saw it as well.

Edgar Casey---a strange person, after he had seen a sick person then he would lay down and then speak as tho in a trance. Everytime he was right the people were cu red. He also saw areas of catastrophe and when he saw these in 1940 he saw some of the west coast sink, the same area that I saw. He saw the second quake and all L.A. sank with only the top stories of the city hall sticking out .

Brannan --the Evangelists in Africa saw this situation, but first Mt. Vesuvius will blow its tops, then in 3 months Mr. Pele will blow its top and then the cone on the mount in Sicily will blow its top and in three months the west coast goes down. Before he died Casey got into strange doctrines and lost his ability. Jeanne Dixon was much the same way, she sold her talents in Washington D.C. to a bank. The she said a child would be born in the Mid east and her power was gone. But in 1944 she said that great areas of the west coast would sink and she talked about these volcanoes that would blow first.

QUESTION;--Is Jeanne Dixon a Jew?

ANSWER;---No, she is a Roman Catholic and came from a wealthy German parents.

QUESTION;--The book her neighbor wrote --about Jeanne Dixon being strangled?

ANSWER;--This may have sidetracked her for she thought that there was some good Jews. All men fail when they trust some Jews, this is their weakness, this is Mr. Nixon's weakness. I talked to him and I said that the Jews were all rascals but he would never go that far, but Nixon is an asset to what we have now.