Abomination Of The Desolator, 12-11-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 12-11-62

The scope of the measures which relate to this year are so many and of such multitude, that it would be almost impossible to cover them in any given night or evening. We discussed with you last week some of the significant foretokens which relate to this period. We will discuss more tonight for there are many of these factors still before us. And we will discuss them thru the year as we progress thru these weeks ahead.

There is no question of the fact that this is one of the most important periods in the history of your race. We have pointed out to you in the past that to understand the hour and the measures, you must seek to show yourself approved by studying the truths God has placed before you. We have the mouth of two or three witnesses to bear witness to the testimony of the things which god has proposed. One of them is of course the revelation of HIS Spoken Word---revealed Word.. This we have coordinated in the scriptures thru the records of the Apostles and the Prophets. This was stated also by the Christ. Then we have, of course, the measure of the Pyramid which is most significant since this is a great measuring pyramid---a pillar of witness. Remember again that along with this, we also have the great Gospel Message of the Sky. And the marked measure of God’s great sidereal clock.

You must understand that if you go back to the beginning from whence our knowledge for our race comes, in all these matters, we must go back to the furthermost writers. And again, this leads us to Enoch. To the experience of that great Patriarch, 5000 years before the Christ. For he was taken into the presence of God. Traveling into the presence of God, he was given the instructions which make up that marvelous and important set of revelations known as the ‘Towers and Pillars of Enoch,’ the ‘Secrets of Enoch,’ and the ‘Book of Enoch.’ It is out of this knowledge and the knowledge bestowed upon Job in direct revelation from the MOST HIGH, that two pillars of wisdom and the great wisdom schools of your race started to parallel the revelations of Divine appearance and inspiration ---with your race. The two important men--Enoch and Job--stood out as the two great Patriarchs. And these two symbols also like the two great pillars of wisdom so well known in the foundation of your knowledge and wisdom, and still symbolized as the Universal and Jerusalem symbols in the great Masonic and background truths of your race. Known also in ancient Druidry as well as of course, thru your race as a people. These were a part of the foundation of your Mystery. These mysteries were given unto you. But your enemy was not given an understanding of this mystery. It is important that you understand that to measure these things, requires a certain amount of diligent inquiry.

We turn to the writings of Isaiah. And he tells us in the 21st chapter and the 12th verse, altho the Aramic text is the best text to use, and the Ferrar Fenton is some better than the King James Version, but------”The Watchman saith--the morning cometh and also the night, and if ye would understand, ye must search out the measures.” This is what Isaiah said.---’If you understand you must search out the measures.’ What are the measures and where are they found? They were known unto the savants and unto the Mystery schools of your race. They were known unto men who were given great technological genius. They were known to Enoch and to Job, the builders of the city of On, the erectors of the Great Pyramid. And in its design, they incorporated what had been given in the blue-prints to incorporate the measure which would constitute the experiences which were measured from Adam’s time to the coming of the Christ, and from the fulfillment of the Atonement. And from the time of Christ to the consummation of His Kingdom by the overthrow of all the powers of darkness.

Now, a great number of people say that we have entered into a period where there is great confusion. Where everything moves along fine in the measures of the Pyramid until we came to a given point, and then when we reached that point, there is no accurate pattern to measure. But when you reached that point, you had also established the point of the ‘morning and evening’, starting the latter cycle of days which would involve you in your relationship with the world and other Christian nations. We point out to you that these measures were very carefully given. You can go back into the ‘Pillars of Enoch’ and you will discover that God and the Angelic Hosts who he was in touch with as they carried him (Enoch) into the heavens, told him what the signs would be in the sky concerning the climax of the age. Not that the signs would make the climax , but that they would measure the time when the climax would come. Just as completely as your watch tells you that it is noon time. You don’t find that makes you hungry, you are just hungry because you haven’t eaten since breakfast. So you go home. Some people don’t understand that the watch doesn’t make them hungry, it just suggests that it is time to eat. The fact is also that the sky does not measure how men will perform. But it does measure what God says will be performed on a given time.

We are absolutely convinced that whatsoever God intends to do will be brought to pass at a given time. We are also aware that this little grain of sand which is so large to us and which we call our earth, is made up of the last resistance center of the powerful forces of righteousness of the Universe. Here a defeated Archangel and his unassimilatable offspring have plagued the nations and peoples of earth. Here into this earth your race was placed about 7400 years ago. And from that one man’s family, it has multiplied and migrated and developed your prophetic chain until you are today one-sixth of the worlds population. First and foremost, I want you to know that I am interested in this one-sixth of the world population because Christ Himself, was interested in that one-sixth. He said they are My children, My sheep. I want you to realize that you are the transplanted Celestial household into earth. That you have a great number of kinsmen who do not reside here. And the MOST HIGH can resurrect everyone of your race who had ever resided here and He can bring in all the heavenly hosts if He wants to. For being God, He can do all things. He is not limited at all. When you come to this realization, you are going to stop evaluating the powers of darkness as something which can sweep the world and wipe us out or destroy us on the face of their threats and imaginations. Because they never take into consideration the mighty powers of the MOST HIGH GOD and the meticulous accuracy with which He has measured the course of these events. One of the most important things was to life men out of his superstitions and mental bondage. To take him out of the areas of his guilt complexes for his acknowledged violations of Divine Law. Since you are the race of the MOST HIGH GOD, and emerged fro His presence to earth, and were aware that you had fulfilled this area of violation, you did not progress, and did not move out because you lost power, wisdom, and vision. But God had promised from the beginning that He was going to restore these things to you in the Atonement. HE for ONE, and ALL times made a new --at ONENESS--with HIS people, lifting off of them their guilt and restoring them to their destiny, and build the greatest civilization ever seen---over throw the darkness, and even subordinate Lucifer and all his children for THIS IS YOUR DESTINY.

We have talked about the Grace of God which reaches out into the fullness of time and has a great spiritual development which reaches out to every corner of His Universe. There is not one single living consciousness which has dwelt in this earth or will dwell, not one single individual under Luciferian hosts, or among pagan races, among those people who have never had the opportunities of condition of environment which your race has had since you came forth from the presence of the Father in spirit from before the world was framed, which Grace will not reach. He said that in His processes of programs, in the fullness of time, He is going to reconcile all these things unto Himself. He said in the fullness of time, He would restore each and everyone of all these patterns of conscious existences, into their proper relationships as it was --with HIM.

Now, Restitution, Restoration---God says I am going to consummate this for all people, all flesh. Not just for My sons and daughters, but for all people. But My sons and My daughters come First.

I point this out so that you might lift from your minds the great hebephrenia of complex which descends on some people who don’t want to do anything about the world crisis, the world situation for fear they are going to wipe out some area of the earth and consign some to areas of judgement and perdition, because they don’t know that God can reach out to the uttermost in every plain and dimension and finish what He started to do.

I point this out to you, that out of the revelations of Enoch, were given unto us the knowledge of use, as we said, by the wisemen. And the knowledge of this configuration of the heavens that occurred on February 4, 1962. And this sign came in the sign of Aquarius. This will and must remain the guiding influence in measure for this era which we are in. Because this is what Jesus talked about when He said there would be signs in the heavens, and all the heathen would mourn. This thing happened as the newspapers pointed out. The heathen were frightened as they thought it was the end of the world. It never happened since 10,000 years before this. And it was prophesied 5000 years before Christ by this man of our race, Enoch, as being the sign of an end of an era. And that the time of the Kingdom of Christ, was about to be consummated as this era would throw off the powers of darkness, and be joined in the elements of its final conflict with the great hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD, and the personal presence of JESUS THE CHRIST.

Now, when we point this out, we want you to know that you are still in the year of that great configuration. Now, this is the unique factor. Everything in the Solar System lined up either on that side of the sun, of in opposition. And lined up on that date. And it was the first time this had happened in the sign of Aquarius. My,--what a significant sign it was. For God had told Enoch that the sign of God, the Waterman of the heavens, pouring out Divine energy and spiritual forces upon My people, to awaken them out of their sleep, to cause them to stand up and resist the powers of darkness. To start throwing into reverse the forces of disintegration that were harnessing My people and putting them to sleep in this time of their trouble. He was told that this was to be a period of great tribulation.

We have sited to you that many people have always anticipated in some areas of the church that the tribulation was something future and there would be no Christians left on earth when this time came. And that the tribulation would descent on all other people. But I want you to know that the tribulation is the work of the forces of darkness and Anti-Christ in the climax of this era which we live in and the periods preceding it--to destroy Christianity and to rule the world. No more deadly forces can be turned loose against Christians than world Communism and world Jewry have turned loose against the Western world and against Christian than when they put to death and maimed millions of Christians. They carry out this area of persecution in all areas where Communism is established whether it be in China, or out of the Russias across the Steppes and into Eastern Europe as it came rough shod over Christian societies. It is a time of trouble, anxiety, persecution and death.

Now, we point out to you that you now live in periods of tribulation. You can’t add anything to it for this if tribulation. You can’t do anything more than kill people and torture their minds, and try to brain wash their souls. You can’t do any more than pull them apart with oxen, or boil them in oil.--all of which have been done by the Red Revolution. Or turn them over to the constant torture and to the process of the intense lights and the glaring pressure of the brain washing inquisitors. All of these have happened in your time. You are just very fortunate people that you live in these United States. And as citizens of God’s Kingdom in this great nation under the outstretched wings of the Eagle, for the enemy hasn’t become strong enough to carry thus unto you in all areas of your life, these same things. But don’t worry. His influence over the forces, He can control, and especially has this been true over the administrating of Mr. Eisenhower and Mr. Kennedy, would actually march troops into some of these states, and use Federal authority, and even military force and weapons, in violation of the Constitution, and in violation of the Laws established by the Congress, and signed by the President, to prove that they can use force, even here, unless you cause this thing to stop. And if they use force to try to integrate the peoples of God and violate HIS laws, the day would come, if not stopped by Divine intervention, where they would be doing the same thing to you here in the U.S. that they have been doing to Christians all over the world.

Thank God that you live here where you are still an influential balance of power. Where still the people who make up White Christian civilization, are the majority. But the sad thing is that among that majority, most of them are asleep. Because they are asleep, they have not been resisting as God wills that they shall resist. But He refers to the fact that they have been asleep. And as Paul said--it is high time you wake out of your sleep. Isaiah said:--’The cry is to the Watchman, what of the night, the morning cometh.’ But if you would know the morning and the evening, you must search out these things, and learn and inquire the measures.

Now, the fact is, we are in a very serious condition, as far as our society is concerned, if you remain asleep. But if our people wake up, they are angry at what happened to them while they were being fooled, and they react to this, and then they call you a reactionary. And, my--that is a terrible thing, to be a reactionary. But I tell you something good about it. For it shows that you are still alive. Anytime you can promise and push, and kick and stomp on something and it doesn’t move, it is dead. But when you react and are a reactionary, you are still alive. And when this sleeping group of sons and daughters ever wake up, and they are starting to stir, that reaction is going to sweep out this force of false liberationism out of our society.

I am not going to predict any ‘peace’ ahead for you because there isn’t any ‘peace’ until you have victory. Anytime you think you have ‘peace’ without victory, you only have slavery by acquisition.

We point out to you therefore, that one of the great symbols of Aquarius, is HE will pour out ‘My Spirit.’ The Prophet Joel talked of this day of the atom bomb. Talked about the day of the gathering of the hoards and then tells us:--’I will pour out My spirit upon all of My sons and daughters. I will empower them. And they are going to reaffirm their necessity for proper armament. They are going to once more start beating their plowshares back into swords, and the pruning hooks into spears.’ You have been taken down the road to disarm as well as all the nations of God’s Kingdom. This is a rather smart strategy upon the part of the forces of evil. For if you can disarm the people of God’s Kingdom, then you have brought about the way to take them over easy, without their ability to resist.

Now, you have to be asleep to accept these things. But under Mr. Rostov’s State Department 7702 bulletin, they came right out and printed it so their people would understand that they were going to disarm you and turn over the power of your ability to protect yourself to the program of the Anti-Christ. If you don’t know what the Anti-Christ is tonight, I’ll tell you. It is the world government program of the enemy of Christianity which outnumbers you, to take you over and get you to submit. They come in falsely promoting and promising many things such as economic advantages and security. But none of these things, my friends, will produce for you because they want to subordinate you, reduce you to slavery and destroy your Christian way of life. The program of God’s Kingdom., the words of the prophets, the revelation given by the Christ to John, and the words of Jesus Himself, concerning these factors, point out that you were at no time to subordinate yourselves to these things. That you were to come out of these ideas, to resist them, and seek a way to overthrow these influences as they would use the world for the Anti-Christ program.

Now, we point out to you therefore, that there were some very important measures involved in this. ‘I will pour out My Spirit on My sons and daughters.’ Some people think that this is going to be a last day revival. It is a revival, alright. But a revival of the great patriotic, spiritual determination of the sons and daughters of God to have Liberty, and not be ruled over by the darkness. To worship the God they like, and to drive the enemies of God out of their society. That is the kind of revival this is to be. If you don’t like that kind of revival, there isn’t much you can do about it because that is the kind He is going to send. I want to point out to you that this great spiritual outpouring, these great waves of Divine energy, awakening, illumination, light, vision and determination, was to move upon your society. It starts to move when you move into the cycles of that configuration. And it picked up its tremendous input to produce the great ‘Right Wing’ wave which the enemy doesn’t like. And the awakening of all the Patriotic groups and leaders moved across the United States. And they didn’t like this. And now God stimulates His church and quickens them to come to their responsibility to denounce the evil.

We look at that measure and those signs, and realize that we are in the era and the climax of this. And in this era with now the sign of ‘the Son of man’ in the heavens, we will march forward unto its areas of completion. Inside the areas of the Great Pyramid, we operated for sometimes on a pattern of ‘an inch to a year’ measure which was well known. In it, we found the advancing points of all the great events which had transpired in the history of our race. The measures, and the establishment of the great work of God which involved His birth and His crucifixion and His resurrection were found. The gradual ascent of all events, including the great events of the history of your great nation and all the nations of God’s Kingdom were there. And then we came up to the ‘Great Step’--in W.W.I and then started forward under an inset of a different measure of time. Under certain patterns of this measure--shortening of time--they had a proper measure and they went on up the passage and into the Chamber.---The Queens Chamber, and on up to the empty coffin, the symbol of the empty tomb. The great symbol of the power of the Resurrection. Then they passed that symbol of the tomb--in 1936. And you remember that some people thought that now the LORD was going to come. But they had a strange idea that all the Christians were going to fly away about that time. But this was but the beginning of another set of measures. When you arrived at what was called one of the last and final pyramid dates, it was August 20, 1953. And again a great number of people expected lots of things to happen on August 20, 1953. And when they approached that date, they anticipated that was going to be the end of measures and God would suddenly step into the picture. But there was nothing to indicate that. This was a measure which was set, a pattern of climactic measure, toward the climatic events in which from 1 to 7 degrees, the measure of Astronomical configuration. And now as it related to this great measuring stick, would give you the ‘Morning and Evening.’ What do I mean by the morning and evening? Probably one of the greatest and smartest men in measures in all Biblical history, is Daniel. And as you know Daniel was the great measurer. That was one of the names given unto him in the Hebrew, --the measurer, the numberer. The fact is, that God bestowed upon this man tremendous wisdom. You will find all thru the book of Daniel, sets of numbers and figures. You will find them, like 2300 and 1335. And you say--what are these days and years?-- They are all given numbers, under proper translation, that are more easy to understand than they are under some of the translations made by theologians who never took the time to study the measure. And so somehow they are obscured. However, there is much discussion. And one goes back into the writings of Enoch, and he points out things which were given in measure which Daniel also talks about as the measures were given unto him. Thus we have approached a period which is most significant. Much of this is hidden in symbolism. Your nation is one of the nations of God’s Kingdom. You were warned very carefully that you were never to be unequally yoked with these powers of darkness, and these forces of evil. You were never to have joined yourselves as a nation, into any organization which identified you with the hoards of Communism and with pagans. But the United Nations joins you as just one nation with all these nations out of Africa, Asia. And the majority of these nations do not worship your God. The majority of these nations are jealous of your blessings and most of them would like to subordinate your society. And God said--don’t join this organization. You don’t have to join it for strength, for God would give you all the strength you want. There is no power on earth greater than this if you stay in proper alignment with God.

Well, we not only got into that insidious thing after W.W.I I, but I want to point out to you that never in the history of your nation did you meet defeat in any of the areas of conflict. You always survived and you always emerged a victor over the so called enemy. Tho sometimes when we evaluate what happens, we lose the wars afterwards.

Now, I want to show you a significant measure. This measure we point out because it is related to the measures of Daniel. As we heard one Saint say unto another certain saint, which spake:--’How long shall it be from this vision?’ How long will it be until this thing consummates? Among the things which are in this vision is how long shall the Holy Hosts of the Holy Armies of God be trampled down?

Now, let me speak out on the matter of measures. There are utilizations all thru the book of Daniel which refer to the ‘Seven times judgement.’ A time was one solar year. That year as it related to your original existing orbit, was 360 days. As you know, until the situation which consisted of the catastrophes closely related to the coming in of Venus and the Exodus out of Egypt which accompanied the slowing down of the earth slightly---used to have a 360 day year. And after that time, had a 365 & 1/4 day year.

You say--can you prove that?’ Yes. The Mayan calender was based on a 360 day year. And then all of a sudden they step up to 365 and then added 1 day every 4 years. When did they do it? They did it exactly at the time of the Exodus out of Egypt, showing that the Astronomical phenomena and the slowing down of the earth track as we moved in our orbit, adding five and one-quarter more days to one solar cycle was recognized by them as to what had occurred that year by observation. Of course, the catastrophes and judgements which fell on Egypt was timed with the astronomical intervention which produced many things. This was when we had the influence of Venus, finally rocketing into its present position inside of our solar system.

We relate to you that as it related to these events, 7 times is 7 times 360. Even tho the time of the number of days was changed to 365 & 1/4. The measure of 7 times being a symbol of a year---7 times 360. So this gave you the mysterious number of 2520 for disobedience of Divine Law in relationship of contact with other nations. For not always following this direction, but by permitting yourselves to be weakened by infiltration, or by not maintaining an utter separation. And by permitting these areas to get ascendency and for trying to do business with the darkness. And you were promised that the chastisement which would descend would be a seven times judgement. For 2520 years, there would be a period in earth history when you would feel the economic bondage and pressures of the forces of darkness, as the sons of Lucifer behind the scenes directed Empires and nations as they did Egypt, and had done in Assyria. There came this final measure then in the days of Daniel. And the 2540 years related to the Babylon Empire and then the power of International Jewry which controlled in Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome was to continue with its problems and its troubles by bringing the hoards out of Asia in the days of Genghis Khan, and regathering them with the philosophies of Karl Marx, and the conspiracy of our time to hurl them against you now. (Old book of Daniel, by Haskell--says Daniel 7:--time 540 B.C.)

I mentioned the fact Friday night, that one of the unique things in this foreign affairs journal which happens to be the official journal of Foreign Relations (CFR) which we think it the devil in a ‘silk hat’ diplomacy operating in America. These are the processes of this conspiracy. And inside the CFR is the intellectual brain washing for all kinds of pseudo-intellectuals who think as they read this---that it is gospel.

Now, they are told about all the programs which they have for the world to make the world a better place under Lucifer, than it would be in accord with Divine Law. And everything which is involved in it is a fallacy. They do however, record conditions of numbers. They refer to the Soviet Union and its 109 actual nationalities and groups of people and among them---the 11th, in size by the numbers involved are the Jews. This is in the CFR report. And one of their top Jews draws up the report for the CFR readers. This is what it says. ‘The eleven largest number of people in the Soviet Union out of those 109 varieties, are the Jews. And they have from 37 to 38 % of all the jobs, especially the most important jobs in the government, in the fullness of the economy, and in the preparations for industrial and military development.

Now, the things that are significant is that this is pointing out also that their influence is very, very extensive throughout the Soviet Union. The only thing I am pointing out is that all of these processes of the revolution from the days of Karl Marx unto this time have been financed, motivated, and activated by the powers of Anti-Christ permanently directed by these forces. Now this 7 times judgement and this climactic pattern in this, our last days, of the hoards of communism coming out of Asia against you which is the 8th coming out of the 7th, as Jesus said it would, is within a measure of certain permissive factors in which God talks about how long this will be permitted. And when He is going to awaken His people. How they will arise out of their sleep and come to terms with the powers of darkness.

Now the defeat of the forces of darkness, is inevitably decreed. The 7 times of measure---if you start in with the fall of Jerusalem and add your 2520 years,---brings you up to the beginning of W.W.I I. If you take the final fall of Jerusalem and add 2520 years, you come up to 1917 and the deliverance of that old city by the armies of Britain and the support of American power and troops. And then from that --1917--the mandate passes out of the hands of the Turks into the hands of the Anglo-Saxon people of the Western world. Up unto this hour in the climax of this age---when suddenly you watch this subversive revolution made up of these Jews who were not Israel, moving down to invade and confiscate Israeli, blackmail and control thru their evil influence in America, until this nation supports their claim. And this silly little fellow, Mr. Truman, so frightened of the Jews that he acquiesces and so superstitious, in believing in the ‘chose people’--works. And he is afraid not to take his orders from David Horowitz. And suddenly, he surprised the world and recognized this little abortive state. And this fulfilled the prophecy--’the Abomination of the Desolator’. The children of evil, who usurped your place, are moving into the old Holy Land. They are only one step from taking the site of the ancient Temple which is in Jordan, which battle will probably break out between not and February 12, 1963 next year. The fact remains, that even in the hour that we are in, we are watching the ‘Abomination of the Desolator’ now in the holy place. (Of God’s people)

When Jesus wanted to give you a sign for the latter time, He said the Abominations of the Desolator would be down in that land. So this is not the Israel of God going back. For the Israel of God are staying here and in the Western nations of Europe. You don’t have anything you want to go down to Palestine for. And if someone comes along and says you must go back to Palestine, you let him go there. Because I am going to tell you that it is no place for a white man to go from now on. You let the children of Lucifer go down there. For that is the spot that God is going to pour out His judgements on His enemies. That is where the struggle is going to explode in a most deadly way. That is where earthquakes are going to split the land in half before it is thru, and put half of it under the waters of the Red Sea and roll it out toward the plain eastward. And you will discover that the whole thing will be changed. That is not the way to treat the Holy people. You don’t swallow them up with earthquakes. Read the book of Zechariah if you want to discover what is in store for that area of the earth.

But we do point out to you, that by the time they went down into that place, you can start measure of the ‘Abomination of the Desolator’ spoken of by Christ, as moving into the Holy Place. And that place was an old spot in an old measure.

Now, we point out to you that from 1917 on, we watched a temporalty displacement in Palestine of an administration over the land, being in the hands of the enemy of God and this is the ‘Abomination of the Desolator.’ Simultaneously we emerged in W.W.II, violating Divine Law, and joined ourselves to the Anti-Christ system. Not only did this nation of God’s Kingdom do this, but we even hosted this abominable thing in San Francisco. Now it has worked its way retrograde and all the way to the East coast and is set up in New York City. We crossed America symbolically with the symbol of the citadel of the Anti-Christ. The next time it moves it will be thrown into the sea.

Now, all the motions of the Unites Nations was talk and harassment. There was no peace. W.W.II was over. People thought there was peace. And there was a temporary lull. Therefore this insidious organization was developed and you were tricked by the small print by the agents of Communism which dominated every element and every force which dominates within the U.N.

Now, on June 25, 1950, the Korean War broke out. This was a sudden invasion of the Communist from North Korea into South Korea. This involved also the sudden declaration on the part of Harry Truman that we declare war on North Korea, which was the only good thing he ever did. But then this is followed up by General McArthurs magnificent command who fought the enemy speedily clear up to the 38th Parallel, northward to the Yalu River line. You fought a was starting on June 25, 1950. And now--in the book of Daniel, the Saint who said to the other Saint:--’How long shall the armies of the MOST HIGH GOD be trodden down?’--Daniel 8:13. You are the head of the armies of the MOST HIGH GOD, for you are under the symbol of the ‘Outstretched Wings of the Eagle’ according to the 12th chapter of Revelation. And your military power with the rest of the Western nations of Christendom is the resistance power against Communism. Unless you are under control of a bunch of dupes who take their orders from Communist on the inside. So when you went into the United Nations, you suborned yourselves. But you never had a chance to find it out until the Korean War started on 1950. And when it started June 21, 1950, you moved of course, into the beginning of the measure of the ‘Morning and evening’ of the climactic 21 days. For this climactic week of the attempt to dominate the armies of the Hosts of the MOST HIGH---the measure would now be determined by the measure of the days, first. So how long would it be for a day for this week was for the down trod of the army? That measure was climaxed. And the pyramid measure agrees that on August 20, 1953, we came to the climax of that first day of the ‘Morning and evening of the day’ in which you were involved in this subordination of the armies of the MOST HIGH. And on that day, the Soviets burst the first hydrogen bomb.

Now, we point out to you that you had won every war until the Korean War. And this was the first war in the history of our nation that your army--the Holy Armies of the MOST HIGH, were under the suppression of the forces of Anti-Christ. From the time you entered the Korean War, the U.N. Commander, a Russian General, had power to direct even the ways you could fight. And the U.N. told you how you could fight and who you could fight, and how you could lose because they wouldn’t let you coordinate your material information and keep it out of the hands of your enemy. They wouldn’t let you bomb beyond the Yalu River in North Korea, against these hoards of Red China. And even Mr. Truman, your President, under the directives of the United Nations, promised the people of Red China, that although they were involved in North Korea, and were killing our troops, that we would never attack their supply lines and their cities and lines of production.

My friends, we gave assurance to the Anti-Christ and their headquarters. We fought the armies of the forces of darkness and subordinated the armies of the MOST HIGH under the measures of the judgement for the Hosts of the MOST HIGH being under the Anti-Christ powers.

So you didn’t win the Korean War. You ended up right back where you started with an uncertain truce. And the tension has been building up again, even not. And you spent more money on that war and the economic cost of Mystery Babylon was greater than all the wars you have ever fought in all your history. It cost you more under Mr. Truman’s administration for the Korean War than had bee spent by all the Presidents of the United States, if you start with George Washington, and came on down to Franklin D. Roosevelt. And that is a lot of time.

I think there is an added significance to this. For how long were these mornings and evenings to run? It was a little over three years and some months in the measure. If you multiply it out, you have seven times the measure for this week, of twenty-one years for the down troding of the Hosts of the Holy Armies. Thus from June 25, 1950, the measure of these mornings and evenings--21--would bring you up to July 23, 1972. In otherwords, the end of the duration, or the end of the suppression of the armies of the Hosts of the Most High by physical measure would be July 23, 1972. But in the midst of this week of measure and judgement, the great signs and configurations were to call their part of the symbols of outpouring and stirring the shortening of time by Divine hand. And the measure given to Enoch concerning this, was that as we come into the sign and the measure, we would see the Liberation of God’s armies in the midst of their week.

I think that this has additional significance. From the August 20th, in measure, which is given us here, from June 25, 1950 to August 20, 1953, climaxes the first day. In the midst of this week and climaxing of the measures also involved are February 5, 1963. This is the half-way mark in this measure. And by February 5, 1963, there should be such sweeping anger in this nation over the control of the Anti-Christ to suppress the army of the HOSTS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, that you should start breaking out and then overthrow this thing. You may start the sign of the death toll of the United Nations.

Let me point this out. In 1961, of September, over to August 1962, under the nefarious program to disarm the United States government, and to take additional power and control over our weapons from the State Department plan called 7277, to the signing of 87297, into public law by the President of the United States, ---transferring the power of weapons of the army, air force military, and navy over to the United Nations, altho never consummated as far as official transfer---the document is however, signed and the title already given to them.

Now, therefore, you have from the period from the climax of this first day of suppression in this period of 1961-62, the transferring if these armaments according to their conspirator plans, the Abomination of the Desolator now seeking to suppress the HOST OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, let me point this out to you. As you move into the beginning of the throwing off of this power in the midst of this week, which is the great contest of God’s Great Day of Battle, you will note then that this day--February 5, 1963 marks the end of the ability to suppress the people of God’s Kingdom not to retake hold of their own armies and finally turn them against the hose of the enemy.

I think that you will remember, that we moved into these climactic struggles in World War I, in August 5, 1914, the Pyramid measure, and in the 4th of 5th measure of the soft step of the Pyramid (Queens Chamber). The 7 times judgement of 2520 years now multiplied by the 7 of the last week, then add unto this the day measure as we shorten this to a day measure. So what do we get out of this by a shortened measure?---We come up by the exact number of days to August 1 to 5 the first 5 days of August, 1963, as a climactic point in this measure of breaking the bondage or control of the Holy Armies. In otherwords, from Feb. 5 to Aug. 1-5, 1963, you begin to fulfill the command---’Come out of her, oh, My people.’ That will being you in time out, and start the move to destroy the influence of the United Nations over you. By the time the Saturn influence of this year, the opposition which occurs as Mars started out in November---the day you threw the blockade around Cuba--to move retrograde as it moves against all the signs of configuration, ends this in June.

In June, Mars starts to join with the sign of Jupiter, the sign of God’s Power. And now thrown into the balance, and for the rest of that year a war-like and unusual demonstration of power with spiritual forces in dogmatic resistance against the powers of evil.

Now, we point this out to you. That if you to into the measures of the war which ended in Nov. 11, 1918, you will note that unto the 14th verse of Daniel 9, as these measures were given as to how a man might measure as to how long the hosts would be trodden under foot in the Kingdom, then this measure is 2300 days. And this, my friends, will see the cleansing of the Sanctuary. But don’t go down to Palestine, for this, my friends. These are the great nations of God’s Kingdom and the people who constitute this Kingdom, all ‘Living Stones’ which produce a Holy Temple unto the MOST HIGH GOD. This is the Sanctuary of God. And it is the culture of civilization of your race and your nations, which must be cleansed of this evil influence of Satan’s children.

Now, what does this measure give? 7 times this 2300 solar measure, from Nov. 11, 1918, brings you up to August 5, 1964. And I will tell you something. What starts on August 5, 1964, is the year of Jubilee. And this means to the great nations of God’s Kingdom, the might Israel of God, that the year of Jubilee will bring Liberation,---the sign of the up swelling of Divine balance of blessing and power. God help Communism and all that stands behind it, when the Jubilee starts to move.

My friends, there will be one struggle after another to overthrow, to smash, to consummate this, even to the entrance into the struggle of God, Himself, into your picture. I am going to tell you this. You are not going to get out of this without a fight. You are going to fight all the hoards of Red China, and all the Soviet Union, and all the pagans of the earth before you are thru. But instead of being destroyed of hurt by it, you are going to watch the 100% crushing defeat of the powers of darkness. And this year is going to be one of the great turbulent years which starts the moving forces which culminate in these victories.

I think it is a rather significant thing that it was told by Enoch that God’s measure of Judgement which would commence with the last cycle of ‘the wars and rumors of wars’ which had there foundational origin in Satan’s children and the sons of darkness. This means that International Jewry was behind it and in their manipulations, participants in all the creation of the conditions which produced W.W.I and W.W.II, and the present wars, and most astute students understand this.

Now, when the light power,---when the standing up of the Holy Army which was even referred to by Enoch,--would be consummated by our Father as Enoch said:--’God, Himself, would come with one thousand times ten thousand times ten thousand of His armies out of space.’ Even the book of Jude carries this out to the decimal in the first thousand group and says:--’Behold, the LORD cometh with 10,000 of His Saints in Judgement.’ And of course, this is carried out in the multiples of ten thousands times ten thousands. But I am not against a limit on re-enforcement. The more the better.

But in this instance, the measure is 50. And from W.W.I, August 5th, 1914 to August 5, 1964, then--after that should start the seeing of the signs of this greater deliverance, the completion of measures. Some of these measures are 7400 years old. And the start of the measure as it relates to the Pyramid, the measure of the sky, and the significant foundation of these measures, and their influence,---all of them start falling around 1963-64 as the beginning of the throwing off of these yokes.

We called to the attention of many people as did the Don Bell Reports, and Dan Smoots and others that we had signed over the control of our army to the U.N. And thru the tape work in this particular area of your ministry, we have reached several million people and they have gotten very angry. They are buzzing like hornets. And American Legion groups and others are turning the pressure on. They wrote their Congressmen and now they find out this is true. The people were asleep. But now God is pouring His Spirit out on them and they are coming out of that sleep mad as hornets.

Now, just remember these words:--’Wrath will rise up in the countenances of My people.’ And then, --some day, there won’t be a Cainanite left in the House of God. Just imagine Mr. Kennedy getting up with--vigor--around the White House without any Schlesinger around to advise him. Just imagine, my friends, no Schoos, no house of Rothchild, no Morganthau power, no International Jewry with their hands in your pocketbook. Just imagine going out here to the coast and seeing the United States Navy with its flag flying and no Spider web anywhere in sight. Just think of the great wings of your air power and the mighty utilization of the secrets of flight that some powers have been suppressing from hurling your mighty fleets of your nation across the sky and the world, for where they fly, men know they stand for freedom. Just think how nice it would be to know that when your forces move out, they move under the Stars and Stripes and not the Spider Web. They don’t fly over Africa to crush their areas of independence, but fly to crush the brutality of the Anti-Christ. When they fly over the hoards of the enemy, they fly as the sign of God’s Judgement. Not, my friends, to turn against all other White Nations, to support the devil as you have done in the past.

If you don’t think these measures are important, let me tell you this. You moved into this year of 1962 of course, with Saturn building up for this ultimate priming of this with the first eclipse of the 9th of January in which Mars was squaring it. Saturn’s aiding and influence demonstrates both the triangulation of Uranus as well as Neptune in this picture. And this is the death cycle. With the only sustaining force to block this death cycle is the influence and direct substance of the Spirit of God. Men and women are not aligned with the Spirit of God, who are under great tension. For tremendous activity are going to be swept right out of the way.

Let me show you that one of the best things which could happen to some of these people who are the enemies of your race, would be just plucked off as unprofitable branches. Taken out of the way. Oh, you say,--what about their souls?---Don’t worry about their souls. God know what He is doing. The most important thing as the present time is not to let them destroy the peace and the souls of the structure of God’s Kingdom, of the multitude who make up the Kingdom. This measure was rolling on the first and the second. This measure starts off this Saturn alternating conflict, and also the beginning of the death cycle. It picks itself up until you reach the 20th of the month and then the 25th brings an eclipse sign. This eclipse also, my friends, comes under the pattern of forces, but only the great secure strength of the Light of the MOST HIGH GOD and the promises of His covenants make these of no effect unto you unless this individual is using His strength and His energies to support the darkness.

Well, I think that we have had several instances, and as it effects political life this is the year in which they can be removed. I think the passing of Senator Kerr was a great deliverance to the forces of conservative and patriotic Christian Americans. I think he was removed as an act of God. You want to know why an act of God? Mr. Kennedy was counting on Senator Kerr to carry forward all the heaviest objectives of his New Frontier socialistic destructive programs. He was counting on him to socialize all our education with Federal control, our medical security under Medi-Care, and to carry forward the implications of all the terrible things he helped to do with the passage of the 1962 trading expansion act.

Neptune in conjunction with Saturn with its economic phases and Mars going retrograde, means these are areas which would attempt the suppression of our areas of economy in our society.

We told you that this is the Saturn-Uranus year of great stubbornness. And this 88th Congress is going to be hard to handle. It will be one of the most resistant forces the President ever saw. And the wheel horse he was counting on suddenly died.

Now, Mr. Humphrey said we have been very badly hurt in this passing. We have lost one of the most influential men to put over Mr. Kennedy’s program. And then along with this, when Mr. Kennedy went down to the funeral, they reported that they thought they detected a little tear in his eye.

Someone said--but this man was an American. Yes. But when a man lines up with the forces against his nation, then time is called. After all, I remember that the first great mass of 4-wheel trucks given to Israeli to drive Arabs out of their homes and upset the peace, were bought and paid for and given by millionaire Kerr. I want you to remember what this man and his manipulations were tied to---International World Jewry. This isn’t a good way to live in the day under God’s Judgement. Alright, the man was the most important man in the management of the President’s program. So he is swept out of the way. See what I mean? When I say you are moving into a conflict area where things are going to move differently than planned. The struggle goes on as we told you a week ago. And the Rules Committee is apparently going to stay the same size so they can’t pack it and cram thru a lot of legislature that is not good. How they will vote and how it will be conducted, will be determined by the conservatives if they can hold this line. If they don’t hold it, they are still going to be so cagey and alert, that they won’t pull any fast ones on them when they are not there. This is a turbulent month and it will be filled with intense storms as you move out of it. You are already under earthquake alignment. The triangulation of three planets, and conjunction and opposition as they align will throw great stress and strain at the beginning of this month right up to the day of the eclipse. Largely as where this will be felt other than from Alaska to the Andes, the major area of this stress is in Asia and the greatest danger is to the Isles of the Sea, and unto the Mongolian mountains.

This pattern then picks up with tremendous economic pressure and the Uranus pattern measures it, and also going back to the things which had been indicated in the prophecies of this day and for this era, then we were to come to the struggle over the substance of man. So what does this mean?--It meant that the economic control over man’s food, over his way of live would be in ‘struggle after we passed the sign of deliverance,’ and the resistance started. But this would only quicken and challenge the awareness of His people concerning the insidiousness of this power. The Beast is not to control the Kingdom. He only influences the ‘world order’ until you set it free. But where he controls, no man is able to buy or sell without their permission. But if they got their way under the administration, you wouldn’t be able to buy or sell without their permission. The direct pipeline into some areas which might embarrass the administration. And I better tell you this. When Mr. Schlesinger and one of his friends was down her in one of the newest hotels in downtown Los Angeles, he came out here on a special mission and met with several industrial leaders. And they kittied into the administration and paid their price. And he said:--‘We want you to feel at ease. The Administration does not intend to take over all areas and socialize all areas of industry, and all areas of private enterprise, and all corporations. We intend to permit those who are cooperative to continue to control their affairs with some advice. We intend to permit the cooperative ones to survive.’

Think that one over. Now, the man who sleeps in the White House said--we intend not to destroy all private enterprise and all corporations. We intend to permit some of them or most of them to survive.’ Maybe that is why the drug companies came up with all that Heroin and Morphine they sent down to Cuba? Isn’t it strange that you paid a 70 million dollar ransom at the turn of the year right at Christmas time? You paid a 70 million dollar morphine ransom and they made a big thing about this. So why did they want that much morphine? Because they are fighting a ‘dope war’ against you. That is what the majority of that ransom was---Morphine. And Cuba is one of the headquarters for the ‘dope’ which comes into America to weaken, to destroy, and gain control over men in the defense industry, and in the government and other areas where they can get people to succumb to this area of weakness. Also in the military and other areas of secrecy and in intelligence and areas which relate to production and defense where they can use the addicts to get them anything they want because they are slaves to their habits.

Again I say, that this was another shame. For we paid tribute to the Communist world as we closed up last year. Did you ever see such a reaction set in during the last few week, when everyone is talking about this? People are beginning to come out of their sleep. And in fact, there is talk of impeaching the President on the basis of the past actions and functions of our government. We don’t say they will swing this thing, because it takes a lot of courage, more than has been demonstrated. For you have to be sure when you start this process that you have a majority to carry it thru. Because men live in fear of the Jews and fear of the economic reprisals of the system which they control.

Now, since we have talked to you, this area of conflict has become more apparent. We told you that this first eclipse of the 25th which starts around Wisconsin and sweeps on to Oklahoma City, as far as the actual measure goes, effects all of our far belt. And is of course, dead center over Duluth. Now, you start out and the pressure comes right on for every farmer to sign up right now on this wheat program. This very week, they said if the farmer doesn’t sign up and support this new wheat program, which the UNITED NATIONS is engineering for all the re-distribution of all the raw materials of the world, there is going to be a great wheat war. If you leave men free to sell their own products, a great trade war---a wheat war will take place. And it will bring a terrible catastrophe upon the American farmer. Let me tell you. The greatest catastrophe you ever had in the areas of farming in America is when farmers lost control over their farms to plant what they wanted to plant. When they passed under a dictatorial program of government which can fine them if they don’t plant the crops they want you to plant. I think it is time that instead of a Boston Tea Party, that we have an American farmers--’Wheat Party’. Everytime someone comes out to penalize and fine a man because he produces food, they ought to just bury him under a pile of wheat.

Yes. It is going to be a very active and battling time. It is going to involve the economic pattern and the Trade Expansion Act factors, and continues in opposition with Mars, and triangular with Uranus. Then we move into the next month of March and we find significant measure. We find her also an added and now a triangulation of Virgo. In addition now we not only see Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, but now you have Mars in opposition, moving into Virgo. But the sign coming up to the forefront has Saturn on the 4th of February,---the exact date that we had that great configuration on February 4, 1962. And now these are right back in this configuration of the sign of Aquarius as on Feb. 4, 1962. And now these are for this time. Mars is retrograde. And as that transpires, we have across Virgo, the Saturn-Uranus balance. And before you close the month, you get three signs moving in Virgo, with Jupiter in opposition.

Now, economic trouble right on thru. But Mars starts an alignment---4 planets---1 ½ degrees,---another earthquake month. A month of intensive storms, of the stepping up of unusual demonstrations in nature. And then you move out of this kind of condition with the turmoil inside Congress, and all kinds of contests going on for small wars. The measurements of alignment effect China, effect Manilla, and the areas where you are now in Vietnam. And when you move into the periods following March, April, May and June, there happens to be only 4 days apart---and measures---to may measures to give you now. But only 4 days apart for measures---earthshaking measures of economic, political, militarily, so close together that it would be hard to delineate the patterns of influence. In fact, it would take 3 whole days to separate these measures. And they are too close together to try to make an accurate prophecy. Of course, July will be a stormy month at sea, with great hurricanes, because the measures show this. And the areas involved are the hurricane belts of the earth.

We want you to know that the great major war signs don’t stem up into their strength until you start moving toward Sept. 1963. And now Jupiter and Mars are on your side. Pyramid measures showing that the hostility are definite and involve areas of Asia just as in July when you came to that total eclipse dead center with that alignment for India and the Himalayas, and effects Manila. One edge is on the West Coast of the United States and Alaska and the Aleutian Islands, and the other edge is far over, deep into the areas of Asia, the other side of Japan. So you get a little picture of the areas this measure contains. When you look at the influences of the scope of measure, you had the similar positioning and the eclipse of 1914 with a configuration of 3 planets in Aquarius and then W.W.I broke out. You had this type of conjunction with the same degree of eclipse in 1941, and this was the sign of Taurus and W.W.II went world wide.

Also in February 4, 1962, you had this great conjunction marking the great sign of the end of an era---the beginning of the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens. And you had simultaneous with this development of the armed military base of Cuba. And the starting of the erection of those missile bases to be used against you. But of course this was under the measure also, that would start to spell the breaking, the uprising, the overthrow.

Now let’s take a little look at what happened. When you go with the Anti-Christ, as we said last night, what would you think of the government of the United States turning downward to be just a cheap partner in a bank robbery? You would say what kind of hoodlumism is that? Well, you have degenerated from the Patriotic support of ‘right’, to become the financial backers and supporters of Bank Robbers. When all the other Christian nations would have no part in this at the end of last month, your nation continued to support the Asiatic head of the U.N. in the attack upon the Katanga Province, to force it to surrender its liberty in the guise of trying to bring about independence and liberty to Africa. The assault led by Indian and Ethiopian troops came against Elizabethville at the end of December. And then stepped up the first of this year. And the first thing these U.N. troops did as they came into Elizabethville outside of shooting civilians and so forth, was to rob the bank. That is the first thing they did. They took over the bank which belonged to the people, to private enterprise, belonged to the companies of the economy. It had more money in gold and other saleable securities for the goods that the people had sold, than all these eighteen black nations which they added to the U.N. You don’t know---they may have more gold than you have because you don’t know how much these fellows at the top of our nation have given away. So the first thing this Jew dominated U.N. did was rob the bank. What they did with the loot after they robbed the bank? You never heard did you? You didn’t hear that they put it in the U.N. bank did you?

Then when they went down to Charlotteville, they invaded this town after the U.N. Secretary had made an agreement, and in trying to suppress Mr._______Cjabene in surrendering the town. First thing they did after killing some Belgium women and machine gunning civilians, was --rob the bank. Thus there isn’t any other way to interpret this. The Unites States government is backing a program of bank robbery. And England, France, Belgium, and Portugal won’t have anything to do with it. But we gave support and the Secretary of State says we must do this to bring about peace and stability in the Congo. Ashamed of yourselves?---Ashamed that we leave fellows like this to act in our name?

You know, their laws are no law. What they do is that they make a decree. They couldn’t get what they wanted thru the Congress so they get an executive decree on this matter. When he couldn’t get it thru the Congress to integrate all housing, then suddenly there is just an executive decree. I say so---JFK.

One real estate man said:--’what are we going to do now? Is it a law?’ What do you mean--a law? Just because a mad Irishman shouts something, it’s a law? Where did he get this idea? He got it from the Schlesingers, the Salingers, the Krafts. If you want to read the story of revolution, then read ‘The Grand Design’ by Mr. Kraft. In fact, as I was reading in the ‘World Affairs’ for January, they came right out to say how the implication of the Trade Expansionist Act of 1962 implements of course, the grand design which ends with the economist masters, the intellectual superios’ taking over the administration affairs of all the little people who don’t understand those things. If I didn’t know anything about taking care of money, I would rather keep it in my pocket that trust it to any Jew I ever heard of. Now don’t think that wasn’t a Christian statement, because Jesus left me a record in this book for me to remember and to learn by. For out of His disciples, you found one Jew--Judas, as He was to show you who was a crook.

Remember when he thought the money was getting low in the end of the bag, he went and sold Jesus for some silver. He didn’t know that there only had to be so much in the bag because the end of that particular phase of the ministry had come. There was only enough money for that ministry, no more. I know that we have been sold for a lot more than the amount for which he sold our LORD. I happen to know that in this age of deliverance, in this sign, and this hour, in this great outpouring of Spirit, the great spiritual transition of this hour Is it going to take the children of God up and up.---Oh, not out of the earth, but out of bondage.

I was in a conference which started yesterday at ten o’clock and ended about ten last night. There were ministers here from the East Coast. There were people in strategy conference all day. Do you want to know what they were talking about? How to spiritually awaken every Christian and get them to act all at once. Some of you people think this Is it a lost cause, and ministers don’t talk about things they should and there Is it nothing going on, only talk. And you say when are we going to do something about it? I tell you that I sat with Clergymen in a strategy meeting, trying to figure out how to quicken Americans to do the job. You say--can it be done? Oh, yes, it can be done. In fact, I am going to tell you something which Is it going to help to awaken people. In March they are going to start closing the economic strings around the pocketbooks of Christian America with the greatest campaign of all. ‘Buy Christian and American’ that these United States ever saw. Just remember that in 1963, you should be able to be asking, where Is it the sign of the cross on these cans? You have the Kosher mark on them, so where Is it the cross? You say--it won’t happen. Yes, it will. In fact, I know a lot of companies who will be glad to put the cross on the cans for they are tired of these things. We are going to did in and occupy our own land.

There Is it no question about the fact that the actions in the past weeks have helped to anger Americans with the U.N. All over, broadcasts talk about the brutality of the United Nations troops. And the Premiers of other African countries that are White say they are astonished that America would back this barbarism of the U.N. Thus Americans are also becoming astonished. They are saying ---’Oh, God fulfill thy covenants and lift from us this thing so we will never be ashamed again.’ It says that you will never be ashamed after this deliverance. Do you know what deliverance Is it? It Is it taking you out from under something. Briefly this year, Is it the year of the great deliverance forces of God---moving into high gear.

Now, this isn’t punitive or cruel. This Is it a little advice to the enemy. I am not wishing anyone any harm, but it Is it time to go. We are thoroughly convinced that if the enemy lifts its hands upon any of the children of God this year, then God will place the Judgement cycle upon them. And from one after another, if they lift their hands upon Gods anointed, God will know, and the Judgement of God will take them out of the way.

They used to propagandize and victimize Americans once. And they carried a list of a great number of Patriotic Americans. And if they could, they would bind them by association. They tried to type these patriots because they knew what the Jews were doing. Men like Gerald Winrod, and others, a great many others they put in jail and charged them with sedition. But you can’t put men in jail for free speech and then charge them for supporting the truth. These men aren’t against America but they were charged with sedition. What was their crime? They just didn’t go along with F.D.R. and Harry Truman. If the truth was known there was a lot of us who hadn’t gone along either. We just hadn’t made enough noise at that time. But they had a judge and the ADL packed more flaming lies and material into that thing, and they were supplying the material and the evidence against these men which was turned over to the government and they said these men must be Nazi’s or something. The war was on so they could get away with anything in those immediate conditions. So they tried this. And after all this stored up evidence, these men were held in prison like criminals. And the whole thing was just heard before a judge. It didn’t look so good because you knew who was behind it. But finally good-by Judge--a heart attach. Then mis-trial --the evidence Is it gone. The judge Is it the only one who heard the evidence and he Is it gone so mistrial. You can’t try it again because all the witnesses are gone. But we got back some wonderful people. You say--they will try it again. Well, that Is it the best route I know to leave the world.

Before you reach June, you will see more space craft than you have ever seen in the history of this whole program. Some of them are just waiting wrong to do just what Christ said they would do---gather out the tares. When the signal Is it called, the tares go out. You may get some special discernment before the year Is it out and call in for some special removal. Someone said--’in my Bible it says two will be at the mill, and one will be taken. This Is it the rapture.’ No. These aren’t sons and daughters going to heaven. These are those tares going out. He said ‘get them out of the way before the harvest time.’ Remember what Jesus said about this:--’As it was in the days of Noah.’ You have had the sign in the sky, the time Is it ripe, and it can’t happen too quickly for me. As it was in the days of Noah. Those unassimilatable rascals, those offspring of Lucifer who created that trouble up in the Tarim Basin, they were all gone. Don’t worry what happened to them. For some day you will see them on their knees and their noses to the ground acknowledging that you are the sons of God. And they will worship at your feet. Don’t worry. By then they will have learned their lesson. Someone said:--’Oh, Dr. Swift, you can’t threaten these people.’ I am not threatening them. I am just telling you what God said. I just give them the word. But I think God would call it a threat. He said--if you don’t stop tampering with My Kingdom of Christian civilization, in this hour, then when the sign Is it given, My Holy administering spirits are going to do their task and My sons and My daughters are going to wake up and do their task. Yes, we are going to have deliverance. The cry of deliverance will be heard. And you will dance in the streets of God’s nations. You go to the Prophet Joel and he says:--’I will pour out My spirit on My sons and My daughters an in that day there will be deliverance for all those who call on the name of the LORD THEIR GOD.

We are not dealing with a lot of symbols without personality, with a vague abstract of a God with little power. We are dealing with OUR FATHER who fathered our spiritual consciousness and begat this race. We are His offspring and He Is it a real God. And a God who Is it going to make the rest of His creation remember this.

I want you to know that I believe in His covenants. The smartest technological scientific minds I know are now aware that the ideas which are their greatest accomplishments have come like pictures in the seat of their consciousness. And as they seek to analyze this with the greatest of psychological capacities to assist them, they know that God gives vision to those who are in adjustment with His plan and His purpose.

You cannot make something out of a pair of stripped trousers and a silk hat no matter what the United Nations says. And those from Africa thus equipped can now out-vote the Western Christian nations. So, it Is it time to come out of her, oh my people.

We have arrived at a time of a great cycle of spiritual force. And before the consummation of all these measures we will see great phenomena in God’s Universe. And the events of earth which are not as isolated as you think will bear these out. We want you to know that you are not alone tonight. For there are people all over this nation who think like you think. Each area respects their patriots like Gerald K. Smith and others. But one man doesn’t do this alone. It Is it the great synchronization of the truth, the great common identity of the enemy, the great fervor and Faith that God Is it waking up those who will be free again. This Is it your Destiny. And God gives you a measure of it. The amazing thing Is it that God thought it important enough that He told a man about them over 7000 years ago. I wouldn’t want to miss this time, to see the Kingdom of God reflect this Glory and build the greatest area of civilization the world has ever known. This Is it the best day for the world when the Kingdom of God takes over. There will be judgements on the enemies of God --- but deliverance for His Kingdom.

(End of message)