Adamic Race Becomes Nations, 7-31-61



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-31-61

We have been discussing of evenings part of the age old passages of earth, of the ages of anthropology and the evidence of geology, of the ethnic tracing of men and of nations of the last eight thousand years. The traces of human existence back to 600,000 years and then on back to one million years, and not one and three-fourths periods of years times of human existence or man’s existence.

We have cited to you in these messages the differences in the men of the earlier creations and the hu-men who were the children of the Most High God. We have pointed out to you in the book of Genesis, the difference in two creations, one of early men who were created upon the earth and whom God said were good, and then the sending of His own begotten spiritual children out of the heavens to earth, the embodied offspring of the Most High as the Adamic race. The earlier creations then the sixth creation of earth, this Adamic creation after the seventh day, or in the climax of it.

We have pointed out that it was the Grace of God who sent His children who were before the world was framed in to the earth to establish His Kingdom. And we call to your attention tonight, that the destiny of the world in the next thousand years and the eons to come will be in the administration of the hands developed by the Most High God, of the Adamic race, the White race, now known as the White nations of the world. A great number of people have overlooked the scripture concerning God’s Kingdom and how it is framed. There are people all over the world today who can trace their ancestors back many millenniums. The Chinese, remember their ancestors as having come from the lands not beneath the waters of the Pacific. They talk of the troubles which swept over the deserts and high plateaus of Mongolia on the edges of Siberia. They talk about how they stretched at one time over the earth in all directions. And they lay a good history for the ancient Summerian and the Sharapot Dynasty, and the time when they were all over the earth and they also reached into the High Steppes of Asia. And they tell the same story as the Sharapot Dynasty of ancient Summeria, of the coming of Lucifer the Dragon god, in his ships of fire, and finally the god Dragon who came to earth. And with him came strange people. This is the coming of the dark and curly headed ones shown in the Summerian plates as the entrance of the Negroes and the troubles which followed, as strange doctrines and new gods came into existence.

The ancient races of antiquity go back thousands and thousands of years before the Adamic race. How they were unassimilatable, a new people who came in, gods who then married the people of earth. Then it speaks of their unassimilatable people who were raised to the position of gods, then superstitions which took place. And monotheism, this worship of the true God, was gone.

In the writings out of the books of Horus the Priest of ancient Egyptians, tells of how the Great God YAHWEH-PUTAH became angry at all of this evil. Talks about the titanic battles fought in the ages past, and how there was a light in the sky, and how the earth shook and whole continents moved. And this trouble which caused sinking earth and rising mountains. All of this is a part of the narratives out of ancient Summeria. And this also ties in with ancient China, and the people who lived at the headwaters of the Ganges and the Indus Rivers. They were on the earth thousands of years before God in His Grace, planted His garden Eastward in Eden and put Adam, His own son, into this garden. This Adamic race, the White race, this was known in the ancient Zohar, and in all of the ancient Patriarchal discussions, in the days of Adam and of Seth and of Enoch and of Job. They knew that the Adamic race was the White race. They knew also that where this was in scripture translated men, they knew that often this was not talking about the Adam man they knew. They understood that the first violation of Divine Law for the Adamic man was the seduction of Eve and the joining with here in the violation, the transgression against the laws of God. They knew of the setting aside of Cain as an offspring of Adam and even of the permitting of the murder of righteous Abel by Cain, for no man was acceptable out of the union of Adam and Eve until Seth was born. And his blessing was vouched for by the symbolism in the book of Genesis when Adam said, ‘Now I have begotten a man in my own image.’

Everyone of you on the face of the earth today who are White men are Sethites, descended from Adam. That Adamic race wrote of their Patriarchal responsibility in their communion with god, in their instructions and their high moral actions concerning the Will of God, the works of God and the Word of God. They had with them, the writings of Adam and the books of Adam and Eve, and the writings of Seth and the ‘Book of the Bee.’ Some of them are now in fragments, but most have been translated by the great Egyptologist, Budge. And some of these were complied as ‘The records of the Treasury.’

The history then of the Adamic race, is the history of the people of the Bible. And it does not belong to Africa and it does not belong to Asia. It is your Book. Someone said, ‘That is how the troubles of the world got started.’ No, it is not. This is the story of the coming into the earth of the children of God, to build His Kingdom, for the Salvation of the earth. This is not for the saving of them from imaginary perdition when they die, but saving them from superstition and error and transgression while they live. And balancing them with the God who is the creator of the heavens and the earth. Let it be always clear, whether you like the word in your vocabulary or not, that the biggest problem in the world, believe it or not, is not sin, or misconduct, but violation of Divine Law and all the catastrophe it produces. Whether in violation of racial law, or economic and monetary law, or whether it is the overthrowing of the standards of ethics for God’s standard of your society, that is transgression, the thing we save them from is the catastrophe which always ensues when these Laws are violated. Salvation is not saving anyone from something that happens when they die. It is to save them from error while they live. And that is why you were sent into earth to accomplish this. This fantastic idea that we have to flee from the revenge of God, especially when we are the children of God, is also in error. The thing we are in flight from, is our own transgressions which pile up----and mean a terrible crop when the harvesting comes.

Thus it is when we save men from error with truth and justice, we re-create, reconstruct, the whole order of society. And we are building the whole order of society which we have been taught to pray for as ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.’ Every once in a while someone who is said to be Orthodox, wants to challenge these truths and throws up an opposition because he is not ready to throw aside some of the superstitions which he inherited concerning what God’s plan really is. One of the hardest things to fit into reasoning and understanding is the theology some men embrace as Orthodox. They think the program of God is to get as many people off the earth and into heaven as possible. But I want you to know that the program of God for the earth is to build nations on earth from the children of His Kingdom, and establish the administration of the Celestial household in the earth and the bringing of all the people of the earth back to a proper balance to the program of God. The Kingdom of God is real. It is administration. It is Rule. It is children from heaven to earth in power. I can show you that if you still have that idiosyncracy of thinking that God is taking any chance on His children in the earth on losing them. Or you think that God, Himself, is not the ultimate Master to the ultimate end. Do you suppose, my friends, the God was so angry with His own children that He sent you into the earth, and then would turn you over to some great torture chamber forever and forever. Do you suppose that God’s enemy, the devil, would go down there and torture someone that God wanted punished and do this to satisfy God? If there is a struggle on between the devil and god, with obviously the devil trying to take over, if he captured any one of you, do you think that he would torture you? No. He would be glad to have you on his side. If you think the devil has just become a torture master just to satisfy some concept someone has of God, let me tell you this. We have not yet grown up in the knowledge of our Father, nor we have grown up in the remembrance of His greatness if we have the medieval concept that belongs to the dark ages, and which came out of the Romanistic impact, which was a result of an invasion into the church to condemn its doctrines.

There is no question tonight, about Celestial plains. There is no question about the fact that men have come down out of the heavens. And there is no question of the fact that men have gone back into it. Everytime when someone of God’s noble men pass from this earth, they go back into the heavenly dimensions from whence they came. And no man can get back into it unless they came down out of it for Jesus said so. And all the preaching to Africa or Asia, cannot put one Chinaman into the heavens. Didn’t come down form there. And would not know what to do if he was there. He is not adapted to it. This is not his background. And that does not make you anti-Negro or anti-Chinese. I listened the other day to an integrationist who said that these Christians better learn to get along better. They better learn to integrate. And all of these Churches, their schools and their societies better learn to integrate, for they were going to have to learn to get along with all of these others. Let me tell you something. If you are unfortunate enough to die before we win this struggle and go into the heavens, you will find it the most segregated place in the Universe. When I talk about the nations of God’s Kingdom, I am talking about White nations. The nations that make up the Kings and Priests of the MOST HIGH, who the book of Revelation tells us are going to reign in earth are White people. And eventually when you catch the picture of this from the book of Revelation, and you will see:--’Lo, I beheld a great White throne.’ This is John talking.

I was rather interested since the Chicago University has some scientists who every once in awhile, will tell more truth than their propaganda machine of the social scientists. It was reported this morning in some newspaper, but not in your local one, that it is quite evident genetically that the Negro is of an inferior race. And it is impossible on a mental and social or political level for an equality to persist. Because of this lack of the ability to control himself and to govern his society that the whole concept of social society---and this trying to put over a program of false ‘Equality,’ is based on no sound scientific fact. That came out of the Chicago University. I just hope that they get this out before they can cover it all up. Because of such a false concept many have in the pulpits, and all of the foreigners with the Communist slant, want to pour everything into the same mold. And there is not one scientific foundation for it. They do not have the blessings of God on it. They do not have scientific proof to back it up. They have the most unusual socialistic, communist jargon, and they do not help the Negro. And they do not help their own race who they are systematically trying to destroy. I tell you that whether we return to the history of this Book or whether we have a history of a people who are easy to trace, who have a knowledge of history, and were easy to trace back to the ice ages, your race is easier to trace, because they are more contemporary. Geology leaves no problem for accounting for people who lived back 1000 years ago. But my,--the job the historians have trying to account for the White race,--where is came from and how it migrated. Even tho they have a simple tracing of their migration in our times. They have no problem where they want to do this honestly, it is only when covering up that they have a problem. I am going to add to this lecture this statement. The enemies of God, the offspring of Lucifer, are unassimilatable people. They have not only waged war against God’s Kingdom, but head up Lucifer’s program for ruining the earth. They have not only consistently waged war against your race, and are waging it tonight against the nations of God’s Kingdom, but they are truly determined to cover all truth and sell the world on a lie. This is a super deception. For the Anti-Christ is a super deceiver and his children are super deceivers on the world horizon. It is for this caus that Jesus made this very clear. There is no cause for you to misunderstand what He said, ‘Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.’ And He was talking about these unassimilatable children who were dominating the Temple of Jerusalem at that time. He knew who they were and He knew who their father was. And He said, ‘The devil was your father.’ Then He said, ‘Ye are liars. You could not tell the truth if it were easier. You were born to lie, your father was a liar, and the truth is not in you.’ And the world just receives their propaganda lies. And the bigger their publication companies, the bigger they distribute the lie.

We can well see today, that the fast growth into a socialistic impact as reported by the Adamic race, showing up about 7400 to 7500 years ago is shown in the history of the nations of the world. And with it has come the most advanced written history of any race on the face of the earth. We note that the early settlers of the Sethite race, settled in what was later known as Canaan land. But that was not its original name. There they built an ancient city called Orusalem. And there dwelt children of science and great wisdom. One portion of the house of Seth which contained Enoch and Job, went down into Egypt and built the great city of On, the mighty University cities. The great patriarch Enoch was the man who walked with God. A branch of the Sethite house was still in the upper Tarim Basin and it was this branch of the race who were climaxing a period with the devout and learned Noah.

Noah and his three sons and their wives lived in the upper Tarim Basin. But they were not the only White men on the face of the earth. But they were the only ones left in the Tarim Basin. But far down there in the city of On in Egypt, were the remnants of a great people. Here these great patriots to God had built their great monuments to God, a great and mighty Pyramid. And here this city of On would remain a great city of Wisdom, a University city, until later on when the Greeks would send their sons to On to study the great wisdom of these people. And Egypt would later record the great impact of these White men and their city and their God. Surely the children of YAHWEH-PUTAH the children of YAH, these sons of Osiris, the Lord of Light and Resurrection, had a mighty impact.

Yes, just for a matter of record, I want to tell you something about the city of Orusalem. Here lived the descendants of Seth and their descendants who had built a great city in that area. And when they were sent to build this great city in Egypt, and do their great work for their God, 144,000 White men, 12,000 for each month of the year, marched down with Enoch and Job to do this task. They left a great learned city of men who knew no war, resting in peace. But sweeping down out of the hills, led by a Satanic priesthood of people, we classify today as Jews, came these people. And then they would have been called Asiatic Jew, Ashkanazi. Sweeping down upon this city, now came this people in a great charge who had identified themselves with Cain and had affiliated themselves with the Akkods. They struck with suddenness and they massacred every man, woman and child in that ancient city of peace. Wiped out the Sethites, except that 144,000 and their families who had gone into Egypt. Some people then do not understand in the days to follow, how this order was given to go against this land---this Canaan land people---. But they were Jewish Cainanites.

The flood hit the upper Tarim Basin. Why? Because here the same evil priests of unassimilatable darkness were ruling over the people with the pagan religions of the Serpent and the Dragon. Their concept of Baal-Peor, the Dragon god, was rising. And these ancient priests of Baal were called Canna, an ancient word in Asia, because they ate human flesh, because they ate men. And they were called priests of Baal, or Canna-Baal. And your word cannibal today, comes from the fact that these were priests of Baal. And there were giants and monsters in the land who devoured human flesh.

Go back to the ancient 6th chapter of Genesis and you will discover that their every thought was evil continually. And the word is Enosh. It says that after the Nephilin had intermingles with the daughters of men, fallen angels and unassimilatable monsters were born and they were giants in the land in those days. Translation does a lot of violence to what is in the 6th chapter of Genesis and it was not found as you searched ancient records or the Alexandria Version of the scripture. For here it tells us that God looked down upon these evil beasts, and it says there was sorrow in His heart toward men for the violence they had created and He said, ‘This shall not always be, for now these fallen Angelic hosts with their offspring, are not also flesh.’ He did not say He was sorry that He had made Adam. He only said, ‘I am sorry that this evil power has wrecked havoc against My man.’ But in that time all the violence of evil swept down upon that area of the motherland in Asia. They taught in intermarriage and the absorption of the White race. They produced gold and spent great prices to provide a bride. Then turn over in the New Testament and where it is talking about the evil of the last days, it says that it shall be as in the days of Noah, when they were eating and drinking and giving in marriage. So shall it be in the end of the age.’

Now, there is nothing wrong with eating and drinking and getting married. The wrong is how you eat and drink and who you marry. They were drinking with intemperance and consorting with other races. They were violating Divine Law and they were intermarrying between this evil power and mongrelizing their race. And this evil society had almost destroyed all of the White race in that area, who had not fled with their households. And don’t you buy all these genetic stories as to how all these people got by the flood by who Ham, Shem and Japhet had married and went on the ark. You say why? Because when God told Noah that there would be a flood in the upper Tarim Basin, in that land and instructed him what to do, this man Noah, was not only an astronomer, but this man was also one who heard from God the instructions for what he was to do. Ham, Shem and Japhet were three White sons of a White father and a White mother. And they had not married outside of their race or they would not have been on the Ark at all. Someone said, ‘We have to bring the Negroes past the flood, but I wish we had not.’ But we do not have to bring the Negro past the flood for there was not a flood down in Africa anyhow. There was no flood over most of Asia. And there was no flood here at all when that flood occurred. For the word in Hebrew is ‘Erat’ meaning all that place. Even when Cain was driven out of that place and away from his home, he said, ‘My punishment is greater than I can bear.’ And when it says he was driven out of there, the word is also ‘Erat.’

After the waters of the flood subsided----(if it had been over the Himalayas, I do not know where they would have subsided to. Do you?) But after the water ran out of that Tarim Basin, cracked open by earthquakes, the water finally having reached its highest peak and the Ark having settled on its ‘Ararat’, or high mountain which was the word for high mountain,---and Ham, Shem, and Japhet came out of the Ark with their father and their ‘zoo.’ Thank God, those poor fellows did not have to take care of all the creatures on the whole earth, for they would have had a lot of species to look after. And they would never have food to feed them or time to feed themselves. And they came out of that Ark to follow their destiny. For they had ‘no stranger’ on that Ark which they were going to carry down to where they knew were part of their race somewhere to the southward. Ham journeyed down from the Tarim Basin following the river which carried the flood and came to the area of the ancient Chaldeas which had been washed by areas of the flood as it ran down thru the areas of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. I can tell you exactly by Ur dating which Dr. Wooley and others were able to establish that the flood from the Tarim Basin came down 90 feet deep at Ur of the Chaldeas. The migrations with some of the people of Ham came right down thru this area. In fact, it wasn’t long after that when the Hamites had settled down around the great Shinar Plateau. Here they would grow as men of renown.

This was not true with Japhet, for he never came out of the Plateau country. Some of his people went down into what we know as the area of the Wang-Ho River of China. Then some migrated in their offspring and in their time, over toward the Steppes of Asia and they intermingled with the Tungus people who were a part of the background seed of the Mongols. And because Japhet’s offspring violated Divine Law, then Japhet’s descendants were absorbed by Asiatics. And the name of his offspring still is carried by the name of Magog upon the lands of Russia. But Japhet did not father the race of Magog. This was the name of one of his sons who was in time absorbed by the Asiatics and his name still marks Russia. Moscow and Tobolus are those two cities referred to as Meshech and Tubal in the 38th chapter of Ezekiel. This showed the areas of the Russias and the enemies of God’s Kingdom and the participants of the great battle of Armageddon which may be only weeks or months from now.

Ham was not the father of the Negroes. Nor were any of his descendants Negroes. He was a White man. And he violated certain principles of Divine law. And he was removed as an authority and power inside of his family and would never have the same position as the other son of Noah, because of this act which he had committed which effected the status of his posterity. But I want you to know that Nimrod was a descendant of Ham and the ruler of ancient Babel. He was the head and master of Ur of the Chaldeas. Known now as the cosmopolitan center of the Asiatic world, his strength lies in the groins of the Summerian and Assyrian dynasties in which he was with the confederacy.

One of the purest strains of the White race was the household of Terah whose son Abram was raised in the home of the Prime Minister of Ur, after he had been sent until 12 years of age, where he studied under Noah. Strange as it may seem the book of ‘Jasher’ gives us much concerning this. And because of the mongrelization and the fallacy of this city, remember that God called Abram out of the land of the Chaldeas and changed his name to Abraham, telling him that he wanted him to carry on the destiny of the purity of this race. He wanted him to get out of this land and He would do a lot of things with him in a land that He would show him. He said He would make Abraham’s name great. He would make him a father of nations. And would make HIS covenant with him and all of his seed after him forever. HE established instructions with Abraham for the preservation of the purity of this Adamic race, because of this spiritual seed and this spiritual quality, because if it is mongrolized it does not carry thru with this transference of from heaven to earth. And God does not permit or allow it. Abraham responded and moved as God required and he left that land of the Chaldeas wherein he had been the son of the Prime Minister of Ur. He went out to the land with wealth, with family and with servants and a company of strength. He did not pause to build a city out of anyone else for he had faith in God who had said, ‘I will make out of you a company of nations and a great nation and a multitude of people.’

We learn later of the Covenants made with Abraham and with Isaac and with Jacob as God made covenants with each one of them. I will not take time to read these to you because I want to get over to you the impact of anatomy. God’s covenants are there. They are unconditional covenants made between this Adamic man now generations removed from Adam, but selected to produce the great and powerful line of God’s Kingdom. Later you may remember in this dispute within this family that destiny was weaving, that Joseph was taken to Egypt by the Ishmalites. And altho the Ishmaelites had come thru Abraham and Hagar the Egyptian,---(and a little matter of interest, is that this woman Hagar, had been a woman of On, Egypt. She was not of the Sethite line, altho she was in part of the line out of Isaac as God had said that his seed would be called. But the Ishmaelites were supposed to be able to dwell with their brethren. But this line would have to be called as God had determined it, unpolluted, un-mongrolized, and not changed.

When Joseph went in to Egypt, he was of the seed out of the household of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. A bride had been selected for Isaac, when he sent his servant, Abimelech up to the land of the Sethites and got a bride from among his own people. The scriptures tell us that he was made to do this. And every time the church tries to tell us this is a type of getting a bride for Christ, let us be sure that the Holy Spirit keeps us in the truth. For the Holy spirit only gathers for the household of God, for the spiritual center of His Church, and for the reign of His Kingdom, out of the household of the race of the MOST HIGH. Everytime God identifies Himself with His household, it is always going to be with the Adamic race. He proves this as it says that He was the second Adam. And to prove this, the book of Hebrews also says that ti identify Himself with His race, He took upon Himself a body just like you had---a body of flesh--of the seed of Abraham.

I want you to realize that Joseph married the daughter of Pontipher the Priest of On, a man from the White Priesthood at that city, built by Enoch and Job. I want you to remember that the two sons Ephraim and Manasseh were the sons of Joseph and became His household. In the days when the children of Israel went out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses, after the defeat of Pharaoh dominated by the black priests of superstition and evil. There went three million people of your race out of Egypt. And there was also a mixed multitude that went with them, an unassimilatable seed who went out to stir up trouble.

Three million people of your race went out at that time, and do you know where they were bound? I want this to stay in your mind as to where these people were bound at the time when God divided the Red Sea. Every once in a while I run across an agnostic. But I hardly find an agnostic on this issue. Because you can go over to Egypt today and read on the tomb of the Pharaoh who was drown in the Red Sea, how he tried to follow the Children of Israel across the Red Sea, and how the waters came together and drowned him and his army. Some people say they don’t believe this was real water. That it was just marsh land. But that does not take care or the Pharaoh who was drowned in the Red Sea.

The great song of Moses and the Lamb---the horse and his rider hath he cast into the sea. Let me tell you this. The children of Israel did not know that under the leadership of this man of God, selected out of Eternal Destiny, but when they went out into that desert of the Sinai where they would receive the tables of the Law and the instruction for the Tabernacle, the symbols of religion and the mass patterns of destiny, ---they did not know or realize that all was going to be required of them. But out of that Law of racial respect, which would not tolerate mongrolization of the race with any of the created races of the earth, but God would speak to Moses and tell him that, ‘You are a people chosen above all the people on the face of the earth, and you were His. And because thou are His, then He was now making this known, and in time all the world would know that He had placed you above all the people of the earth. The book of Exodus would tell you this. And if you were to read in the book of Deuteronomy, in the 32nd chapter, you would discover how God evaluated your race.

I want you to remember that in the days which were to follow, in the time of the Judges, when you had become sort of a nomadic Kingdom waiting for a land to develop in the wilderness, waiting to cross the River Jordan, do you know what they called the other side of the Jordan River?---Canaan land. Do you know when they came into the land? They came when they swept down out of the hill country and murdered those peaceful people of Seth who had established this ancient city of Peace.

Now, maybe you will understand why God sent Joshua and men like Gideon and others, in time, against the Cainanites and all those enemies gathered against Israel. And why He told Joshua to march around that city of Jericho. And when it fell then liquidate everybody there. Don’t spare any one of them. And yet some people will say this was a cruel thing to do. No, it was not. These were an unassimilatable Luciferian seed that had destroyed and killed, wiped out every White man that they could. For the land had to be cleansed. It had to be purged and then reoccupied by His household.

And they went into Palestine and they took that land of Canaan in the days of Joshua, with the assistance of God as the hoards of the Asiatics came against them. For a meteor shower fell to protect your race. Then we say the Israelites live in that old land in the days of the Judges. And Samuel was a great Judge, as well as others who made up this history of the Judges over Israel.

Then we heard your race call for a King, and Saul was anointed. Then we watched in the days of David, Solomon, and Rehoboam. We say the rise if Israel, and then the division as an unassimilatable ‘5th Column’ came in and tried to stake a claim inside of Israel. And we watched the people who were Asiatic Jews who tried to reclaim a part to which they had no right inside of Jerusalem. We watched as Rehoboam took the advise of this group of strangers and of the young men, and then came the breakup as the ten great areas of Israel became independent, established their own King of Israel while Judah and Benjamin still retained theirs in Jerusalem.

We watched this panorama of history as the Assyrians came down and waged war against these Northern ten tribes of Israel, altho they already had a whole system of Empires. We watched as the ten tribes were finally defeated and carried away into captivity, where they remained unto the days of Shalmaneser who gave them their independence and they migrated. Some went by sea, but generally they passed thru the Caucasus Pass into Europe. And they became the people of Rome, the people of Western Europe, of the Isles of Nordic, Basque, Lombard, Germanic, Anglo-Saxon. They came under different names such as the Goth and so forth.

The conquest by Nebuchadnezzar, lowered the standards of Jerusalem and as Babylon conquered and carried away Zedekiah’s children and killed them, and Zedekiah the king, was carried away to Babylon. Thus the Kingdom of Judah and Benjamin, a portion of your ancient people, were carried away into captivity. Eventually, they went back to try to rebuild Jerusalem as Medo-Persia raised to power. The leader of the Medes and Persians had looked upon these people of Judah and Benjamin and recognized their wisdom and their faith. And he looked with favor upon this project. Remember that Nehemiah went back where they were working to rebuild the city of Jerusalem, and he found those of Judah and Benjamin with an Unassimilatable company, a speckled company, and some of the evil priesthood of Jewry, who once controlled with great power.

You will remember that even so, Jerusalem grew and flourished altho it was afflicted with wars and conquests. When Alexander the Great went down to conquer Babylon, then Medo-Persia fell before him and he found a Jewish priesthood in the city trying to establish control in ancient Babylon. You will discover also that down in the land of Jerusalem, Palestine was enveloped with strange problems and strange wars caused by this ‘5th Column’ of people who always stirred and created trouble, known as Jews. The rise of Rome, and the overthrow of Greece and the conquest of all that was once known as the Greek Empire, took place. And Palestine became a province of the Roman Empire.

But by this time a strong people had taken deep root in Europe, children of Israel known by many names. Rome said that all Gaul was divided into three parts. And it was. And more than that, there lay to the north, the Scandinavian Peninsula with Asher and Naphtali, and even some of Benjamin. An ancient people of the Sethites had migrated early to Britain and had been joined by some of Dan. And in fact Dan’s mark was all over Europe---the Danube, Denipher, and Denmark or Dan’s land.

Then under pressure of Jewry, and the trouble caused by them, Titus the Roman marched against Jerusalem, for this was a Roman province and the Jews barred their cities. History had marked the fact for the Adamic race the Messiah had come. He had been born in Bethlehem of Judea and God the Father, the Creator of the Universe had emerged among men---God Incarnate, walked among them and finished the atonement for His children. Resurrected from the dead, ascended into the heavens after empowering His family, telling them that they would become a mighty power and that they would rule the earth before they were thru. And He promised to return when the victory would be most necessary. Told them that He would send power upon them. Told them the day would come when His servants would fight and the Kingdom not be left in the hands of the Jews.

You and I are living in a great day. We have seen these people migrate by Rome’s permission. And out of Galilee and out of Jerusalem went every true Israelite. And they went into Europe as the Vis Goth. And also now the Normans were coming. Judah and Benjamin, yes, but not under another name.

Now, all twelve tribes of Israel are located in Western Europe. And these twelve tribes were raising their heads as nations---Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and France, the Lombards of Italy, and the Basque of Spain, and yes, Judah in Germany and Austria. Issachar in Finland, and over in the land known as the land of the Dikes, as they were rising up this protection against the sea was now Reuben. No part of God’s household was lost. All were known by their heraldry. All having links to their ancient past and all having symbolism in their Faith. There went the Gospel carried to them in the instructions left by the Christ. And on the ships of Joseph of Arimathes, came the restoration for spiritual vision, to the line in which Jeremiah had transplanted the seed of Zedekiah, into the British Isles, and into Europe.

Today the nations of God’s Kingdom are Christian. And one of the things which you can be sure of because it is declared in the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, is that ‘All Israel shall be saved.’ All Israel were to become--’thus saith YAHWEH, ‘All Israel shall be saved.’ Thru the work of YAHSHUA---with an everlasting salvation. Thus saith YAHWEH, who created the heavens and formed the earth. And HE established ‘I am YAHWEH. There is none else. Look unto Me all the ends of the earth, for I am YAHWEH---THERE IS NONE ELSE. I have sworn by Myself, My Word has gone out of my mouth in righteousness---that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim in righteousness.’ But in YAHWEH shall the seed of Israel be justified and shall Glory.’

God has promised to bless you with the blessings of the Everlasting hills and the treasures of the mountains. To bless your agriculture, and to bless everything to which you put your hand to do, and that you will have the identification as to being His children and worshiping Him throughout all generations.

Now, I turn to the world today. To a world being brainwashed by the program of Lucifer, and I find people of God’s Kingdom, people of God’s nations, calling themselves Gentiles. But the nations of God’s Kingdom are not Gentiles and never will be Gentiles. For the Gentiles are the pagan nations. The Ethnos of Greece and the beginning of the Western world are not Gentiles. The pagan nations are the Gentiles and always have been.

Now listen. You have however, fulfilled a prophecy which is now unveiled. And I tell you in this prophecy the scripture talks about you as a people. It says that in that place where you are, the numbers of the children of Israel, that God promised your fathers--Isaac and Jacob--that you should be as the sand of the seashore which cannot be numbered. ‘And it shall come to pass in that place where it is said that ye are not My people, but Gentiles, it shall be revealed unto them that they are the sons of the Living God.’ Remember these words which we quoted to you back here in the book of Exodus when God spoke concerning you to Pharaoh and said, ‘Israel is My son, even My first born.’ Listen, my friends, the nations of God’s Kingdom today make up all the nations of the White world. There is not a White nation of the Western world today that is not the Israel of God, and does not belong to the Adamic race. This Adam man is the first Israel man because in the days of Enoch, he was told that Adam was Israel. What did this mean? It meant ruler and descendant of God.

Listen. The significance of the Adamic race is quite clear when we see how God required racial self-respect and that we should fulfill it if we want to preserve our spiritual vision and our leadership. Tonight, all the Christian nations of the world are at war. The hosts of Satan, the powers of Lucifer, are at war with us. They are building their armies and they have showed us their missiles and have talked about their air force. They are at war with us. This is the coming battle of Armageddon. We have had street fights and have been tricked by the enemy. We have had one branch of God’s household fighting another to make money for the devil. But we are hoping that these days will be over forever. That these children of God’s Kingdom shall be free from the powers of Babylon forever, and shall stand shoulder to shoulder as the great nations of God’s Kingdom, as the race of His Kingdom which is our Destiny, against the powers of evil.

The scripture tells us that the Adamic race is going to conquer evil in the earth and establish righteousness and worship the MOST HIGH GOD, THE ETERNAL YAHSHUA, YAHWEH KING OF THE UNIVERSE, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, and this is going to take place. The English words KING JESUS, the Incarnate body of God the Savior.

Now, listen. I am going to tell you that right now one of the biggest traps in this warfare against you is the strategy of your enemy, to try to tie the hands voluntarily of all the nations of God’s Kingdom by putting them into an organization secretly controlled by the devil, to which they will make gentlemen’s agreements and then keep their word, and in which the devil never keeps his word, for he is always a liar. I tell you tonight, that Jesus warned us in His revelations to John,---this is for you---that the greatest menace to God’s Kingdom was in our time, a World Government with the United Nations as its head. I think to understand the deadly danger of this, there are some facts that you should know. In 1939, a young man came to the U.S. His name was vonYoungston from Copenhagen. He had studied in the University of Copenhagen and had his degree in law. He came to the U.S. on a scholarship to study. And he went to work shortly after arriving in the Embassy of the Dutch as an employee. It was not long after this because of his fine work and his desire to serve people, that he was given a job inside of the United Nations. Eventually he was placed in a position of responsibility and was highly regarded for his intellect and his honesty. He was serving the people before the complaint board of the United Nations. Then came the Hungarian war. The Hungarians revolted against the terrible oppression and depression forced on their people. And when their appeals came for help and their revolution was rocking along, they were being betrayed and Russia was moving in with power. And Hungary had called for the United Nations to step in and assist them, since these people wanted their own government. And at this time vonYoungston was in the reception area of the center of these appeals. And if at that time a firm decision would have been made, Russia would have walked out of Hungary. But Dag Hammerschald was conveniently ‘out to lunch.’ You say what does that mean, he could have read this when he came back from lunch? It means that Dag Hammerschald was dead in his consciousness. He was bowing to Soviet pressure. And he did not ever receive the telegram. So the appeal went unheard. And when the Hungarian Freedom Fighters made their complaint to the U.N., they came in person and vonYounston was now one who heard the complaint. And he had their testimony which also included evil in the foreign service of some allied governments. So vonYounston had all the names given to him and he had pledged to keep the names of the Freedom Fighters secret.

There was also another man at the United Nations and he was one of the last of the White Russians to serve in the U.N. and he had also this information which he wanted to give to the West, but he was serving under the Soviet and they were at the top of the heap for controlling the U.N. at that time. And he knew that the Soviets were all thru the Intelligence agencies of the United States and were in control of the U.N. completely at the top. And he wanted Mr. vonYoungston to go to Mr. Dulles or President Eisenhower or the CIA with this information. But vonYounston could not get a hearing with Mr. Dulles, but he put the information these two men had collected to the hard core next to Mr. Dulles. And what happened? The Russians called back their diplomat because they were tipped off as to what was going on. But there were Red Agents in our Intelligence forces, and in our CIA. Thus vonYoungston could not get to Mr. Dulles or President Eisenhower. And the Soviets demanded that he turn over to them the names of the Hungarian Freedom Fighters---those anti-Communists who had reported to him.

Well, Mr. vonYoungston said, ‘Never will I disclose those names to an organization as full of ‘reds’ as I know this one to be.’ Well on the building across the street, a Soviet photographer had tried to photograph all the people who had come and gone out of the building. They broke into the office of vonYoungston and they broke open the files of his private papers, in order to get from him those names. VonYoungston owned an estate near by and there he had a safe. And the U.S. officials took this safe and turned it over to the Soviet Secretary Andrea vonRevin of the USSR. They cracked open the safe, but the names were not there. I want you to know that the whole United Nations as an institution is run by the devil.

I think there are some significant things in the panorama of these events. November 23, 1959, this honorable and fine son from Copenhagen, who hated Communism and loved Christianity and loved Christian Civilization but despised what was going on, left his home for his office in the U.N. and was not seen for several days. He was found several days later in a park in Queens, and he had bee shot in the head. But the obituary said suicide. I happen to know and I have been told by others in Washington, that he was murdered and his body placed there. You remember Forrestal. Something happened to him and had a strange impact in the death of Senator Taft. They hounded and drove Senator McCarthy to his death. And they murdered Congressman Long. I tell you that there is a power called assassination by the evil, workings of the Soviet anti-Christ working in America. And you are worried about Berlin or some outpost in the world. Let me tell you that you are the nations of God’s Kingdom. And war is Satan’s goal and to liberate the earth is your responsibility. To smash Communism and its masters is your job. And I want you to know that the war is already on. I want to add this altho I mentioned it this afternoon, in our battle against Socialism in these United States, and all that goes with, every intelligent Christian American fights Federal aid to education, and fights anything controlled by the Federal Government concerning education. We know that this must be kept on the State and local level or we will have a dictatorial Socialist brainwashing to destroy the last vestige of our Christian independence.

And now the agreement which is up for ratification from your State Department,---to the Senate---is for turning all of your education over to UNESCO. In all the members of the U.N. and in your nation, this would empower UNESCO to run all education in your nation. And they would control what is taught to your child from the cradle to the grave. They would close up every religious school and every University, unless they dominated it with their views. That is what is before your Senate for ratification. And every Christian in America should tell your Congressman that they better not ratify this treaty or we will build a new government. We did not send these people to Washington to take the leadership of this nation out of the hands of those whom God placed it in.

The 18th chapter of Isaiah shows that great nation with the outstretched wings of the Eagle, the land God chose for leadership among the nations of the world, the strongest house of the House of Joseph which in the 48th chapter of Genesis, you find certain covenants if you turn there concerning your destiny. You will note that the House of Joseph was to be a great nation and a company of nations. This you have fulfilled. And this 48th chapter of Ezekiel shows also prophecies which are responsible for you. Therefore God gave blessings for Ephraim and Manasseh, and the name of Israel was to be named on you. And out of this declaration, we see these words, ‘A great nation and a company of nations.’ Do you know that the British Empire became that company of nations of Ezekiel’s prophecy and we know to day that the Eagle stands at the height of leadership in God’s Kingdom against the powers of darkness. And the 12th chapter of Revelation tells you that you are going to face the Beast System. But the Dragon and the Serpent are afraid of the Eagle. And it is the Eagle today which worries Castro and Moscow. And always, we wish the Eagle would use his claws instead of his feet.

We are in one of the greatest periods in all our history. And you are under the ‘Outstretched Wings of the Eagle.’ And you are a mighty people under the banner of the Adamic race, God has put in leadership. And all of the pressures of world government, pressures of internationalism and ‘one worldism’ has been cutting off and reducing the British Empire. And now they call themselves a second class power. But the leadership has passed to America. And today this great land is head of the leadership for God’s great Kingdom, in authority and prestige. And then in your nation, they set the capital of the anti-Christ right in New York City.

I think the warning that comes from the grave of the Christian patriot from Copenhagen, received right from the top of the Soviet Echelon, and his knowledge from inside, tells us that the Soviets control the upper floor of the U.N. thus in every branch. And it is time we got out of it and fold it up. Someone said, ‘But what would happen to Mr. Stevenson?’ Well, we will let them have him too, if they want him. For I am sure we don’t need him.

Tonight, you have emerged as a great nation of Destiny. And upon this great nation rests the blessings of God. Technologically we have watched the rise of knowledge until we can accomplish practically anything we set our hands to do. There is nothing we cannot accomplish. There is no secret thing which we cannot try. All we need now is a great spiritual awakening to give us back our self-respect. It is time for 140 million people of Israel in this land, to rise up and cleanse our nation of 40 million unassimilatable people, the mass which works for the enemy.

You say, ‘We can’t do that.’ But you are to take the power back into the hands of our people and rule under God as He would have us do. It is your responsibility. I would disenfranchise every Jew in these United States if I could. I would do this based on the fact that everytime we approach the day of Atonement, which is just a holiday to them anyhow, because this bunch of Ashkanazi and Khassars only use this as a symbol behind which to meet and take an oath called the ‘Kol Nordo’ which is no oath, and their allegiance is no allegiance. Every Jew in office should be taken out of office that day. And every individual who represents Jewry has disavowed every oath to every country and to everybody. And every one of them votes and participates in Israeli affairs. They cast their votes at their local synagogues. This is a Christian nation. The Supreme Court has ruled it so. I think it is time you thought Christian, bought Christian, and elected Christian to the high offices of your government. And we must recognize that one of the chief concerns of Christians is to get out of Babylon, the folding up of the United Nations and the reaffirmation of our Divine Destiny along with the other Christian nations of God’s Kingdom.

You say, ‘It will not happen.’ ?? It is coming faster then you think. Russia says if they don’t like anything she will veto it. And if we do not jump on France, then she is going to veto this whole thing that she has stirred up down in the Middle East. And if Russia vetoes it, then you can’t do anything anyhow. And if the United States was foolish to jump on France, then it would not work anyhow for France is not going to be moved out of her Naval bases in Africa, for she is furnishing security for the White man in that area of the earth. You see, you are at the climax of a tremendous period of impact. Before you know it, you will watch the world in many small configurations. And you will be glad that you can say, ‘I am glad that the rest of the story is written here in my Bible.’ For I see the reinforcement coming out of heaven. I see the army of God’s Kingdom standing on their feet. I hear the battle cry as the LORD sounds HIS voice before HIS army. And I hear that climactic call of victory as the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS CHRIST. For in your lifetime you are going to see all of the rulers of earth come and break their swords before the King of Kings and LORD of LORDS. In your time, you are going to see the flag of every Christian nation side by side with the mighty banner of the CROSS OF CHRIST. And you are going to see it in the heights of your land where all nations will have to come for their judgement. The kingdoms of this world are going to thank you for having helped liberate them and they are going to see that God is with thee, a kindred of like visage.

(End of message)