Adjustment To God Key To Survival, 1961


ADJUSTMENT TO GOD - Our key to Survival

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift -1961

There are certain things that most people would not like to consider. They do not like to think of anything different. It annoys them. Or by not accepting things as they are they believe they insulate themselves from the conditions which are coming to pass. There are some people who seem to operate on the premise that the more we reject the idea that our enemy is not your enemy, or that they are peaceful, and do not desire to engage in conflict with us, the further we will be from actual loss. Like the Ostrich they would like to stick their heads in the sand and not believe things which are inevitable. One of these is conflict with the forces of evil---the people of Russia and the powers behind them. They do not like to take any action against these forces, take no action in our land, let the status quo stand. They say this situation may deteriorate until someday we may have to take some action to correct it. But as for now, push it off as far as you can so it doesn't disturb you. That attitude is prevalent among many people. In fact, that is the way they think they should act in relation to their enemy. In fact, it is 'Love thy enemy' and everything will be just fine. Back in the 50's this was the thinking of the people running the State Department and our government in many cases. (Here in 1987 you see where this thinking has led our nation.)

Now there are things we will discuss that are not considered orthodox in Christendom, or before, but they are biblical. There are some things we have been told that are the purposes of God, the philosophy of God, and we must seek to duplicate them. But these have sometimes not been to our advantage because they are not the purposes of God at all. We have been told that we must not move in any way which will bring the need to use force, for after all God is Love--is he not, he does not use force, that God does not have any desire to bring judgment upon the enemy. Therefore we should go the last mile, never fight, for this is not Christian, and what you must do is not resist in any way. We ask you--what is Christian? As we consider this, we turn to the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it works today. We believe that this gospel was the fulfillment of the Divine plan which God unveiled. He was going to do something. Which was God's plan in a physical world? We might as well recognize then that God is sovereign, has all the power, and is omnipotent. He has all wisdom and no one is going to shorten his wisdom, and He is not going to lose his power.

The fact remains that you are a part of the struggle, you are way out here on a time track of struggle in the midst of the universe. A struggle which has been going on thru out the ages, centuries, millenniums, which has never been easy. But the outcome has already been guaranteed. Just as sure as the guarantee that every one of these sidereal systems will complete their own orbits and return to their own cycles in tomorrow. We are sure this must come to pass, for everything which exists in the universe has to revolve around the concept of One Supreme Deity, that is the factor that you and I are faced with.

Now, the situation we are faced with is survival, and key to this survival is---being in adjustment with God--that is survival for you and for your race, and all that pertains to you is also guaranteed, and sure. But do not think that anything out of adjustment with God is guaranteed survival for it is not. With you it is in essence with its spiritual nature, but not in relationship to the physical form, and its occupancy of physical earth. After all you are the 6th, race turned into the 7th, as far as that is concerned. The first and second races are gone and we do not have too much record of them. The third and fourth and even the fifth are giving away before you, the 6th, race. Some will not accept that there have been that many races, but there is evidence of several others besides yours here right now. You are gradually thru the process of spiritual force becoming the 7th, race in divine purposes. When that race is completed---reaches perfection --it will be in the exact image of THE MOST HIGH GOD. And will be operating under his power, thinking absolutely correctly, and be translating all its efforts into perfection. That is what you are facing, becoming 'new creatures' in that transition. This is why the destiny of the 6th, race when it becomes the seventh will complete His image, and then when He shall appear they will be like HIM.

Now, the processes of Divine destiny are very clear. He has determined that He is going to establish righteousness in the universe. And that establishment of Righteousness does not permit the powers of evil to ultimately achieve a victory. In each and every instance whenever they have tampered with a society on earth, and that society became party to its error, and came forth opposite to truth and provision, it became in the process of destruction. When it turned down its revelation of Deity and did not accept it, or follow thru upon it then it became a decadent society and was eventually destroyed. The race of which you are a part is an absolute one in that the destiny for which God purposed it is that this race shall conform to His own Image. This will emerge in human government, it will emerge in societies of civilizations, of which you are a part. As you become adjusted to the purposes of God as he unveils it, this is absolute proof that it shall survive, regardless of how much energy and force may be arrayed against it in its physical form.

Remember that spirit is limitless until it materializes, and then it is finite (has limits). The spirit from which all substances exist is without measure but when it takes form it is limited by its dimensions. Therefore the things of a created world, even the forces of evil which are earth bound and fighting you are limited by its dimensions. But the power behind you is limitless stretching into the eternities of space as well as this spot where you and I survive. There is an age-old struggle going on, it involves matter and substance, involves everything in the Universe. The enemy you see today, who represents the hordes of Africa and Asia, are representatives of the 4th, and 5th, race together with part of the third, these are those who under the conditions, turned down its opportunities in the past, to throw off this yoke of evil. Today even in the remnants of their theology there are certain things which are similar to yours. I don't care whether you go into the teachings of ancient China, or into the teachings of Buddhism, or into India into the teachings of the "Yessers', and the Vedic --for the Vedic were the Aryans, and your race, but in these teachings you will find that there were opportunities of acceptance, there were atonements made, revelations of Deity were made, and they rejected them for the Satanic substitute. They continued to follow the path of rebellion which cast them into integration, and thus guaranteed them that they shall not survive.”

You, the Adamic race, are a part of this creation which started over 6000 years ago as it relates to you as a race, although there are some who do not agree with our findings. Such as the National Council of Churches and the World Council of churches, and some theologians and the Pope of Rome and the Chief Rabbi who now expresses the idea that evolution is correct, that everything we see today has evolved, or emerged thru evolution. They are willing to accept this as tho it were not in conflict with the Bible. That is how God created everything they say, for all things emerged out of a mass, although the Catholic church added that of course they did not believe that the soul emerged thru evolution, it had to be super imposed.

We have a little bombshell that is brought out when in a debate with those people about this matter, this is that if there is a transition which goes on inside a specie, then it has never been recorded that there has ever been a change from one specie to another, thru the stages of evolution. No text, record brings this out in any of all these writings on this subject. They talk about nothing of any kind of life in the strata of earth. They go back thru all these ages and they talk about, and they find all kinds of animal life, and then move into the next age and say that here we have a higher type of life, but they do not stress any link between the two strata. Also each of these strata has been laid down because of a major catastrophe, and they have all kinds of explanations of these catastrophes here in even the animals of the north frozen in the ice ages. Each of these catastrophes were an age cut off, yet supposedly evolution continued. So accept for a moment this theory of the ladder of evolution up until the 'great apes', and then on to the Aborigines, then as they say this goes on to you. But another portion of this theology as it moves thru the periods of great changes, uplifts of earth, and the great catastrophes and they bore down to what is called the Cambrian age, and they bring up pottery and artifacts which proves that --yes man existed in that age.

Go down then to the Myacene age and you again bring up artifacts which proves that man existed in that age. They forget that this upsets their theory of Evolution, of evolvement of monkey into man. They also forget that going into the caves of Europe they find the pictures of man hunting the flying reptiles. They have Saber tooth tigers being fought by the Neanderthal man, and they found that the Cro-magnon man in a latter strata who is definitely pre-Cambrian, and he goes back to the period when coal was formed in the earth. This means there were people involved in every one of these catastrophes which changed the earth in these periods of time. You think it does not relate to you for you----or no one could have existed in these conditions. The food supply was different in each of these ages, and their adaptability was different. This was not evolution, it was simply a distinction, a creation, a change in the law.

You say, ‘What would change a law of creation?’---What would cause and affect this transition? The fact remains that a lot of things have happened since you came into earth that you cannot erase from your mind, so don't try it. There is a struggle of forces, there is evidence that this is true, the Book of Genesis indicates that this is true. The Word-- Elohim --El meaning YAH --an Elohim God, and offspring, which they produced in their own image. The first Elohim were not your Elohim Gods, but when HE created Adam Cadman He created him and put a living soul in him, and a new physical race which had never existed before were now in earth.

Now, we are going back further than you may be willing to accept, and show you a bit of hidden theology which seems to have been hidden from theologians on the face of the earth. Theology is the key, even to political problems, but theology never solves anything theological. Listen.---Way back in the days of Lucifer's revolt in ages past, this revolt not only enveloped civilizations and societies which existed in all inhabited constellations. But Lucifer revolted against all the creative purposes of God which reached into the infinity of tomorrow because he wanted to set an orbit of his own power. In this revolt there went out with Lucifer Elohim--gods.--These were only gods in that they were permitted absolute power in certain realms for control. Then when they were stopped short by divine power as Gabriel and Michael were told to stop Lucifer, then as this happened Lucifer went into a rebellion and said--'I am going to try to capture the masses of the Universe.' These rebellious spirits---Lucifer and his followers, --enveloped themselves in masses of substance (bodies) and hurled masses against masses until great orbs and masses of substance were enveloped in great activity and used by the minds of these rebellious Elohim.

You say, ‘But I can't accept that.’ But we will show you this in more than symbolism, for it is one of the things that Jesus told John when He said that Lucifer drew a third part of the stars of heaven, and they were cast into the earth. More than that Jesus was not only talking about the Angels of rebellion who had the spirit energy to control certain masses, but in that battle of the Orb's the whole solar system was rocked in catastrophe, and out of this came the solar systems as you know them today.--And remember that you watched that happen. But always that ultimate achievement of the supreme Deity conquered, and forced into orbit this whole mass as you know it, and Lucifer and his forces then became earth bound. We can go into the writing of every race, even the oldest ones, the 3rd, and the 4th, ones in Africa and Asia and find the remnants of their teachings, and their traditions about these great struggles. In Chaldea these writings are filled with stories of these great struggles. In Chaldea these writings are filled with stories of these great struggles although they took the wrong position as to what was evil. But they tell of how monsters fought, in chaos, for the earth. One was called Tiamat the Chaos monster, one was the Great God Murdoc. And actually, this was a struggle of righteousness and evil which sought to see who took over the universe. Lucifer and his hoards were losers from the beginning but they must be taught that they could not win.

Now, this Archangel defeated in space--had caused the solar systems to rock until this war settled down with righteousness in control. Lucifer was defeated and driven to earth where he set up his so called 'mystery school of wisdom'. And there is, after all, a lot of wisdom in ignorance. But it is full of untruths. There is a Divine Mystery School also. And most theologians do not know about this school. In ancient Hindu writing you find the name of these stars or angels who rebelled against the Most High. They were called--Assurs--and they took their time as Elementals in the destruction of the masses. And then defeated in space, became earth-bound beings. They started writings for a mystery school of information for the races of the earth--at that time mostly Asiatic and Negroids. These schools taught that Lucifer was the Dragon god and really was not wrong as YAH had said.---That there wasn't anything to this that these were evil though, so you just forget what God said. This was just ideas against ideas. But it wasn't evil. They said that Lucifer was in the beginning the god of this earth. And he wasn't doing anything wrong, but God who didn't like what he was doing tried to take away from him that which he was doing. And there is a little truth here and a low of error. When Lucifer rebelled against HE who was the center of truth, then he was wrong all the way. And altho when he was in control of this part of the Universe, Lucifer hurled his masses to take over the Universe from the Great Center of power--and he was wrong. Those same Luciferian Mystery Schools tell you that Jesus Christ was a usurper. That He came in to take over what belonged to Lucifer. The last part is true. He did take over as Lucifer was run out and confined to earth. But HE was not a usurper. The mystery schools which were the usurpers say it, but the Vedic (Aryans) prove it. For the Vedic says that since Lucifer had fled his charge, then God Himself became a bright and morning star. This was the name for these Angels who governed the Universe under the Almighty. Thus HE came in to take over that which Lucifer had misused. Then Jesus in Revelation said, 'I am the bright and morning star.' And Michael and Gabriel were called thus. And so was Lucifer when he was an Archangel. But when Lucifer was cast into darkness of vision, his power then had no capacity of perception. Thus, his power was negative. And YAHSHUA assumed the position of Lucifer's power. And Lucifer had then to be defeated in that sphere--before things could be put into order there. The same is true of earth today.

Now at that same time the 3rd, or 4th, races --namely Negroid and Asiatic still had the same God you have, but they had stopped worshiping Him and now worshiped Lucifer. And Lucifer became the God of this world to all the people who were here. Then as things came more to a climax the 5th, race also fell and it was decreed that the Eternal One --then created Audaum, who is Audaum or Adam-Cadman. The word then --Cadman is significant. He not only created Audaum from the elements of the earth, thus spirit molded and formed of the elements of earth --man, and He then breathed into Audaum --his own 'ego' or 'soul'. And Cadman thus means spirit protected, and this sixth race of which you are a part was started. It possessed something that no race had ever before possessed. It had a capacity to perceive the thoughts of God, and to do a creative work. In the hours when that race was created, He the Creator, and author of all said it would be seduced by the mystery schools of evil which were occult. That this school would however fall because in its search for knowledge it was looking in the wrong place. But then Lucifer said --you want knowledge of good and evil, you want understanding, and wisdom and I will give it to you. 'DID YAH SAY THAT IF YOU PARTAKE OF THIS GOOD AND EVIL YOU SHALL SURELY DIE?' ---I TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN HAVE ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WANT, YOU CAN BE AS GOD. BUT GOD DOES NOT WANT YOU TO BE LIKE HE IS.

Now, that is a lie with which Lucifer drew 1/3 of the stars of heaven as well. He said:--'behold I have discovered things, and have made it known and God wants to throw me out of heaven because of my power.'

Now, the reason Lucifer was cast out of the heavens was because he set forces of power in motion to try to take over heaven. He however was not the supreme authority and he did not have enough force. Just remember that 2/3 of the balance of power was on God's side there in other space. Here on earth with the balance of number then Lucifer had 4/5 of the world power and you had 1/5. Thus the toughest battle ground in all the Universe is here in earth, for those forces cast to earth which did not keep their first estate ---they are the majority today. But here is where they come up short, the energy of spirit which holds the heavens and the earth together are not under their command. They only try to control you with their patterns of wisdom they retained which is an attack against the senses in a realm which is entirely material, and there they attempt to launch their program to destroy the structure of God's kingdom. They have to work out of the process of the senses, and this then is why Plato told us that their god is a god of materialism, and I have given you already his name. In that orbit they have no capacity to create, they may duplicate but not create.

Thus this Audaum--the Adamic race which God had created then made its emergence in earth. They went thru everything heaven foreknew, and then joined themselves to the Luciferian mystery school until they took on the emblem of the fig leaf. Then tried to make their triad with the streams of divine worship. But YAHWEH came down and cleansed them of that. They were intermingling in violation of divine law, and again this was straightened out by divine intervention. And this area they were sent away from, portrayed by the 'Tree of good and evil' lest Adam and Eve find the secrets of the 'Tree of Life' and live forever in their transgression. (This is an allegory to understanding) They were driven out of this inhabited area of earth by the hand of the MOST HIGH. Then Seth became the progenitor of the Adamic race. There is a record of this in the book of Enoch, the book of Job is also another record, then there is another book very hard to find, except traces of it. This is the Zohar, called a book of light, and it was quoted by Enoch. It is mentioned in Genesis in part when Abraham went to bury his dead. He went to the people of Heth, and there Ephron the son of Zohar (meaning revealed light) and Ephron gave to Abraham the cave of Antiquity. But in that concept Enoch had unveiled the whole background of this struggle of the masses (people), and how Lucifer became captive in the earth. It was one of the greatest battles ever lost. And it was fought before your race came into physical existence. It was when God by the power of spirit assembled the first man out of the elements of earth that Lucifer tried to control thru the elementals these masses of substance. And then God set up this process where in those who possessed His spirit would be able to carry out a basic metabolism of the development of Life out of thee substance of earth, and the residue of spirit. Enoch talked about this --and do you know why the book of Enoch is not in your Bible? ---There are those who say that they found that most of these things Enoch talked about were told to HIM by God, were told before 4004 B.C. when Adam came along, so this is of no consequence so we will not put it in the bible. So if you talk about something which happened before Adam they didn't want to record it. They didn't know how much was recorded before Adam anyhow.

The fact remains, that as people talk about the bible, you just stop and think--who are you? --Here you are in a body, take a look at this body for it is made out of the elements of earth. But where did it come from? What is it a part of? If I told you that your body was a part of a flaming sun, a part of the moon, and the stars, a part of the dust, and of the drift of comets, a part of dinosaurs and debris of the past, which is not evolution by any means, would you believe it? To alter its course, matter was changed by force, in all this time matter shifted and moved like the sand and the wind. But spirit can gather matter and take it out of its inorganic state and make it pulse full of life. And as you take those trace minerals into your body, take the atoms of human flesh reduced in their substances and chemicals and you photograph them under the electronic microscope, then there is no difference in that atom and the atom right out there, the same substance or chemical solid in the rock. The reason this body has life and pulse is because there is spirit in there, basically making a chemical change thru the mystery called life.

Now, John was taken to the school of understanding and He said:--Jesus was the Logos, the Living word --that lighteth every man coming into the world. This is the Light of men. The mystery is that even in an orbit controlled by forces in rebellion, that divine sons could continue thru the process of spiritual seed to gather for themselves a body, and still have residence in it with the patterns of divine inspiration.

You say:--but let's talk about something down to earth today.' Well, we are talking about something which is going on right now. The mystery of it is that you continue. You say:--'I eat plants, the substances round about me that has already take life and made life.' --But we tell you that it is the life translated in them that you assimilate. The mystery of it is that there is a struggle here between light and darkness, between a spiritual orb and a physical world. You are a twofold being, a spiritual being occupying a finite world because God Almighty decreed you are to occupy it. Don't argue as to how he does it, just accept it for He is doing it. There were those that occupied a physical world for finite purposes before, but not to create, rather to destroy it, for their own purposes. He is using you for creative purposes. He is occupying a finite world thru and with you. Remember that altho you may go to 100 churches and talk about spiritual things, but you can't talk about anything which you can't compare to a physical world. Remember you can't do a single thing in the plain of spiritual input, the only place you can work is where it is finite (meaning has limits) where you can put it into form.

Remember Moses had a unique experience, not only did God call him for a special task, but Moses walked with God, and was taught of God. Moses learned all about the law which was necessary to translate it into a physical world. God gave Moses the law as it related to earth, and how to keep everything in adjustment. Moses said: (Exodus 33) --"I want to look at your face."----But God said:--'Moses you can't see my face, you can only look at my back.' This means that this is just a mystery. For God did not actually say all that.--God said:----'Moses you cannot see my face for you are here in physical earth, and all you can see is spirit in reverse'. Thus they translated it ---'My back'. But spirit is reverse in matter, the other range is infinity or space which is spirit in exquisite form. God said:--'Already I have taught you the law of spirit and matter, this law of life. I have lifted you to the highest plain and have taken you to the mountain of Sinai, to a fire bath, and endued you with light so much so that it pours forth from you until ordinary men can't look at you and live. Thus I have showed you spirit in reverse, but you cannot see my face---not yet.'

We want to show you something using numbers. The numerical value of the word Moses is 345. Moses asked:--when I go to the children of Israel who shall say who sent me? It is translated the "I AM" sent me--but the word used here with YAHWEH is reversed in its characters, and with only one small measure upon it is the same as Moses--and translation says:--'I AM that I AM sent me'. --But no.--'The God of spirit hath sent me who hath been made a God of flesh'. YAHWEH thus said: ---'I have endowed you with the knowledge of the power of earth, and you say show me my face! But all you can see is earth, you cannot see spirit ---NOT YET'. But the numerical number of the name above every name is 543-- and Adam-man given divine law and perfected is 345. Add them together and you get 888 which is the number of YAHSHUA or Jesus the Christ, spirit and flesh together. The strange thing is that the ancient Vedic knew this way back there in ancient India, knew that when Christ came in his time that his number would be 888. And all of the Asuru (the stars that did not keep their first estate) who controlled the formed substance of other Yessers --this is found all across Buddhism, and we find that they worried about this seventh race called --the Aparti --who emerged out of the Aryan race, a new people because the dynamics of the God who made them would bring them to perfection, not only in spirit but in finite form and produce the change needed to do the job. You say you cannot accept that. ---Well, --you might as well because we are on a time track in between that purposed and the end is perfection.

YAHWEH SAID:--'I will make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel.' At this point never compare the Jews and their twisted Cabal which produced the Babylonian Talmud--never compare that with the ancient Zohar and the law God gave to Moses. The Jews served Lucifer, and they serve him today, and they deny the revealed Christ whose Kingdom is being built in earth. They are fighting him in every way. And they call YAHSHUA a devil, and claim that Lucifer is the real God. They have taken over the symbolism of the name of Moses, and they teach that true Christianity is Satanic.

But let me show you something. ---Everything they are trying to work on is in a physical plain, which they mutate. So in their mutation then you take the value of the name of Moses and subtract it from El Capoer and you get 666. So they have substituted the value of El Capoer--666+345. They subtracted the number of Divine law from the Luciferian deity measure and have given themselves the mark of the Beast. You say, but what has that to do with us? Jesus stood before his disciples and other Israelites and he said:--'Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, unto them it is not given'.

Paul said:---'God speaks to us not in the wisdom of men, but in mystery reserved for our understanding before the foundation of the world'. Had the Princes of this world understood this, they would not have crucified the LORD of GLORY. They would not have upset their own plan. But they did not understand therefore the MOST HIGH unveiled that he was gathering out a people who have the spiritual capacity to accept and receive HIM. He turned to the Jews on Solomon's porch and said:--"Ye believe not because ye are not my sheep. My sheep hear my voice, I lead them out, I give them Eternal life and they never perish."

Someone said:--'Dr. Swift, you surely don't believe in Eternal security?' Well, if I didn't believe that God was Eternal and had the power to hold those that belong to HIM, there would be no God in my thinking. God holds all things together. He is able to redeem his sheep. He is able to protect them, to care for them, to look after them. "He is the light which shines in darkness and the darkness does not comprehend it. Therefore we know today and science has now declared, in document after document, in volume after volume, that every thing of matter is held together by spirit. Every bit of matter is held together by energy and knowledge. In a volume on mineralogy they some times occur---in minerals, and crystology, they do not understand why. But it shows the knowledge concept in substance, forever so often in so much mass a crystal forms. The crystal rays in the mass as if in the proper condition, and the fact remains that a mass forms, but elements in it changes in transitions, thru vapors, and in moving, in heat and its metamorphose thru conditions and pressures, and suddenly there is a perfect set of crystals. But a crystal only occurs in that form of mineral, and that wave length of energy. They say it has taken on a knowledge form. You ask, what a group of meteorologist, a group from the realm of pure chemical and mineral analysts talking about analysis of forms taken on by minerals. They say energy holds together every atom of it, but the crystal reveals its purest form.

Let me show you something.--The light shines out of the darkness but the darkness does not comprehend it. The light which is the life of men, constructs and holds and moves. And your body made of substance which has existed thru the Eternal, and the residency of your spirit while you are here in a physical plain, and yet you can't see the light energy which comes from it. Today you can take every element we have in the earth and it has a light range from Light invisible. There are eyes in a finite spectrum, but you can only see the things which are in a realm of substance, controlled. But there are lots of forces of energy which we cannot see. In the black rays, the ultra violet, an extreme wave length of the ultra red we do not see this wave length of life. But you take violet and pass it over Tungsten or Zinc, or Calcite and see what happens. The ultra violet light bursts its polarity which is the same process as trying to reverse its construction, and there is an emanation, called florescence which comes out of this. The beauty of it is indescribable. The distinction between its brilliant reds and its radiation is there. You are beginning to see a little of it in fluorescent tapes used in science, as they have learned in turning on orange light, just a little bit of ultra violet until this change brings on a great beauty. There is nothing which isn't translated into light and energy. This is body, so there is a struggle of force which is trying to reverse the process of spirit and materialize everything apart from spirit.

Now, Lucifer and his forces are in a struggle. They do not stay in substance where they had power and image. The Negroid and Asiatic races had an image with the Assur’s (these stars or angels who did not keep their first estate) their records and traditions are filled with this. The Giants and unassimilatable peoples of this world today-- the Giants destroyed by the flood of Noah's time---and the unassimilatable people called Jews today are scattered all over the world, they are evidence that there was an infinity in substance and form. But let me tell you this, they have tried to pervert every form of deity and take it into themselves and take over the world, on the sheer basis of change, our universe has been in chaos, people have been twisted by false ideas, civilizations have been wiped out, lost. Because they came under chaos. The top sorcery of Atlantis caused its fall. We don't have to work very hard to prove this situation because archaeologists find the remnants of it. Some of Atlantis did not finish its fall until the days of Peleg, and a little bit of it did not fall until the situation which affected the earth in the time of the flood in Noah's time. But the beginning of the fall of Atlantis was long, long before that time. The fact remains those things happened, and civilizations passed away. There are still some evidence however of the third race among you and of the 4 and 5 around you. But they refused every time God revealed himself, and they have not accepted God's revelation of 'The Christ in you'--spiritual law and physical law combined. Remember Jesus proved that as a man among you, he had absolute power, over every element, even the wind and the waves supposedly subject to the forces of the elementals obeyed HIM, were answering to HIM. Even the earth was subject to HIM for He had absolute power over the elements of the earth. He could use the clay or roll away the stone, and take out of the earth what His body had conquered in death. There was not a dimension which was not His. He could step into the atmosphere and become invisible. Remember when the enemy tried to crucify Christ or stone Him before time, He suddenly stepped into the atmosphere and they could not see him. He was master of every one of the four basic dimensions. He was sovereign. He proved that He was Incarnate law, that He was God manifested in the flesh. He proved being the Eternal God in the flesh, that He was capable of finishing the transforming of the created Adam-Cadman. For this Adam-Cadman was the man with the perfection of God, transformed into the sons of God, or God resident in the flesh. I mean---now we are sons of God. This is why in the mystery of which John writes:--"As to the many who received HIM' to them He gave the power to become the Sons of God. (John 1:12) You are an indestructible people, an absolute Eternal people. But do not think that just because you are sons and daughters of God that you have no force for violence or that there is no Peace with violence. Peace is the state in which the spirit resides. Not where the body is. The Spirit which lights up this body has been a part of the Comets, the dust of the earth, in a dozen transformations. There has never been Peace in substance where this body was made. But the spirit which resides in it is in perfect adjustment with the Law of Peace. So how do you keep it alive? God gave to Moses a set of laws. And Moses developed them for you with a knowledge of the earth. He made you master of the elements. He put in you a 'New spirit' to protect this knowledge---My sheep--they are Eternal. I pour my spirit into them in this transition. I will give to them the knowledge of all truth. With the knowledge of the earth they can open every door. Whatsoever they seek, they will find. Knock and it shall be opened unto them.'

We ask you. What people on the face of the earth have discovered the mysteries of the Universe, the secrets of the earth, the secrets of chemistry, the secrets of astronomy and the Aryan race, the true Kingdom of God?

You say:--'this concept of the Kingdom limits this deity to only one people.' No.--It does not. It just means that He will see that all like it, for every knee is going to bow. Every tongue is going to confess that He is God. But to the people who have that in their nature, in their spirit, they are blessed by their adjustment with HIM. This area where you get in trouble is when you get out of adjustment with the 3-4-5- law of spirit in earth. God told you not to assimilate that which is different--whose wave length is negative since the days of rebellion and destruction. He says in the book of Jude, that the offspring of this rebellion are reserved in the midst of darkness, until the day of Judgement.

Let me cite to you this. Saul got in trouble. But why did he get in trouble? God said these Amalikites over here are your enemy. They have been trying to destroy you down thru the years, for they are against me. I want you to go out there and destroy them. And don't spare a one.' Some of these theologians who think 'Love' is being good to everyone, even the devil, got a hold of Saul and they said:--'Look. Some of these people are wealthy. Some are good looking. So let's spare a few?' This is what they did. But God had given a blueprint that was higher then man had perceived. Men thought this force which was destructive wasn't as bad as God knew them to be. In fact when you try to reverse the 345 and assume the 543, then you aren't capable of Love. If God says do it, then you are not to worry about it. And if you could perceive as He perceives, you would know why. As you know, Saul spared a few of them. Then one day one of them cut his head off. Today they are in Asia gathering the hoards to come against you.

God Almighty has revealed the greatest mystery book of the entire Bible. This is the book of Revelation. It was given to those who have the capacity to understand. Some people say:--'I can't understand this book of Revelation.' Well--that is nothing to brag about. When a preacher come to me and says:--'I just don't understand this book of Revelation, you can have it'. --I know he is way down in understanding and hasn't even begun to see the 'light.' The initiation to the book of Revelation is the unveiling of the spirit of God into purpose and form. In short, it is the successful 'Bright and morning star' taking His place in the orbit. The strange thing about this book is that He shows you the hoards of the enemy coming at you out of the Dragon's mouth. And the Dragon is the symbol of Lucifer. Out of the serpents mouth is the symbol of the Luciferian kingdom which forces this race in reverse. Then He shows them hurling themselves against you. But all who have the commandments of God, and the testimony of Jesus the Christ, are going to survive. He says the hoards coming against My Kingdom are in the warfare against My Kingdom. But the earth and the elements swallow up these hoards out of the mouth of the Dragon and the serpent.

You say--but how do I prove it? Well, just take history of the geologists and roll it back age after age and we see they were swallowed up. You say--but everyone wasn't swallowed up--not everybody or there wouldn't be any of them left here. The 4th and 5th races are still here and part of the 3rd, and mostly they are plaguing you. They had their chance, however, and they didn't take it. Don't tell me that in this age when you have a conglomeration of all those factors that they are the inheritors of administration. This again, is a mystery symbol. Do you remember that Ezekiel was permitted to see the Kingdom? In symbolism, he saw the throne (Ez 1:26). He saw a man seated upon this throne. Deity in human form. He saw the symbol of Israel, the Kingdom on the four corners of the throne, --the Ox, or Calf, --the Lion--the Eagle--and the Man. God almighty was giving this symbolism of the Kingdom, His power. He said ----'this is the marching signs of the House of Israel. He said--I have given you the inheritance of the 4, 5, 6, and the 7th race. I have given you--the Lion, and the Eagle, the Ox and the man of the Enoch mystery school.' He said---I have given you the symbol of the Calf---that such as we were at the beginning of our society. The Calf, is the 6th race symbol to develop into the 7th or the Enoch Adam-man of perfection. This was the 'triad' of life which Enoch understood. The facts remain, that as these signs were given as the marching orders of Israel, Ezekiel was permitted to see these signs. When John was on the Isle of Patmos, these same 'living creatures' gave him the same vision of the Kingdom. Telling John that your civilization was to survive, to envelop all the races. But to be the supreme administrator over them all because it would triumph--in the law. Why? Because He made you in HIS likeness---like unto Himself.

You say:--Then what should we do. How do you move along in the situation our economy is in?' In the book of Revelation, God Almighty said:--'John, tell my people this.--Babylon ruled by all the false mystery schools of evil, controls the economy of the world. She does this with economic control and the Beast system which is political evil. Babylon has invaded My Kingdom with a fifth column. She gathers the hoards from the outside to destroy it.' Now--there are two things He tells you.---'Come out of her My people, --that ye be not partakers of her judgements.' How do you do this? Frankly, get out of business with the devil. Absolutely any such business connection is going to fail. Everything which is a part of the Luciferian kingdom is going to fail. You say --suppose the enemy bombs America?' Well, God Almighty says it will not hurt you. For no weapon formed against you shall prosper. But if you do go down to reside with the enemy, then look out. If you live in a colony of those who hate your God, sell your house and get out. Because that community is going down. This is a struggle between righteousness and evil, but this is also for the good of the earth. Not only will that false kingdom fall, but HE says:--'I will remove, I will take out--I will destroy. I will drive them out of your land. And I will smash those who do not go. They will disappear.' People say:--'but we are talking about human beings.' But let me tell you. These Asuru--or Angels who did not keep their own estate, did not just settle in Asia. How about Sodom and Gomorrah? They were there, those who did not keep their first estate. They intermingled with the people of earth and produced evil offspring. Their unnatural life styles made them utter evil. But Lot liked the land and he did good business in those cities. So he overlooked their evil. Lot was an Aryan. And he decided to live there. He had daughters and they were foolish enough to marry into some of those families. There were two daughters, however, who did not join to them. But the records tell us and even the enemy writes about it saying---the Asuru's came before the Most High saying:--'we have corrupted man. We have thus enriched the earth.' In the records God said to them:--'You have proven yourselves worse than man. I have seen this.' They said---'But look at Sodom, that great city we have built.' When they said this, they did not even realize what was going to happen. God sent two Angels to Lot to tell him to move out.---Come out from among them. Oh,--you don't believe in Angels? Well, they are here all the time. They are spiritual beings. And when they materialize into physical form, you can't tell them from any other man. You will find them bearing witness one of these days. So you better be on the right side. Jesus said some have entertained Angels unaware. And the record shows this. We note that two Angels or spirit beings, then came to warn Lot that God was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. There is one thing about being filled with the spirit. Abraham was in-tune with spirit. And he was thinking the thoughts of God. So he said:--'But my nephew Lot lives there in those cities. Don't destroy them.' God said:--'I will wipe them out. For their limit of evil has been reached.' So Abraham starts to argue with God saying if there are 100 good men in the cities, will you save them? Abraham came down on the number of good men. But God knew there was not that many good men there, only devils. Finally, as Abraham begs, they send two messengers down to warn Lot to leave the city. And those devils, seeing the two men 'they did not know', had only one idea. They came to the house of Lot and said:--'Give us those two men so that we may use them for our pleasure.' (Genesis 19:5) Lot refused saying:--'Don't do these wicked things.' and knowing their evil thoughts, Lot said:--'Let me bring out my two daughters for they have never known men.' He knew he was safe in saying this, for they pressed around Lot and kept up their demands for the two strangers. The Angels reached out and brought Lot into the house and they smote the devils outside with blindness so they could not find the door. The Angels told Lot to gather his children to see who would go out with him. But in the morning it was only Lot, his wife and two daughters which the Angels set outside the city and told to flee to the mountains so they would not be consumed by the destruction which was to come. Lot's wife, it says, looked back and became a pillar of salt. Actually, she turned back. Her other children were back there and she perished. Lot and his two daughters escaped into what is Mystery---called the little city of Zoar. Then from there to the mountains for all was corruption around the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. As Lot and his daughters were out of range, down came fire and brimstone. And the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Their great subterranean oil field was ignited and the cities were destroyed in their judgement. The record is there in geology testimony for all time. Of all the seven most fearful things which have happened to the world, one of these seven was the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. If Lot had stayed there, he wouldn't have written about what happened. For he would have been in another dimension in a hurry. I tell you that there is a very concrete purpose on the part of the MOST HIGH when He says:--'Come out from among them and be ye separate.'

Paul said:--'Don't be yoked unequally with unbelievers. For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? What communion hath light with darkness?'

Go back into Deuteronomy for the mystery symbolism where it says:--'Thou shalt not yoke together an ox and an ass.'---In other words, unequally yoked together is forbidden by Divine Law. Thus, God Almighty said:--'You cannot accomplish anything for the Kingdom if you are unequally yoked together with darkness. It is out of adjustment with My purpose and plan. And I am not going to do anything constructive with evil.'

Those who are serving the darkness of world Communism and spreading their connection with Socialism--one worldism, are in all areas of the Anti-Christ and they are linked with darkness. In 1961 a list was published of men in high positions of the Church world who were holding down pulpits and managing things for the churches, of those 600 were card-carrying Communist, but not one church came out to disassociate themselves from those who were card-carrying communist. These men were the top churchmen of the conference of Christian churches. So don't just pick on the Catholic church for Anti-Christ is everywhere when they deny God. And every last one of these 600 church men deny that Jesus is God come in the flesh. Every one of them believe that Jesus lived as a man, but refused to believe that He is God come in the flesh. The Devil even believes that He lives, but does not believe that this was the ultimate 888, the completeness of spirit and flesh in a given form. You say--but wasn't Christ limited in power here in earth? Whenever spirit takes on form it is limited to dimension, but His ability over spirit to draw it was limitless. Therefore we have this from HIM--Come out from among them and be ye separate. What fellowship hath light with darkness? John said:--'If any deny that Jesus is the Christ they are anti-Christ'. And they say John was anti-Semitic. But John tells you that they are thieves, and murderers and will destroy your civilization and your culture. So get them out of your life, out of your homes and get out of there yourself if you live in their areas.

All right, --what Concord hath Christ with the Devil? Why join with an institution that is joined with the devil? --What has this temple of the Living God to do with the devil? God said--what agreement hath the temple of the living God to do with idols? God said:--'Therefore come out from among them and be ye separate.' So what will you get if you obey? ---Touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you. I will be a Father unto you.------Is it worth it? You will be My sons and daughters.---And you say--but I thought we were sons and daughters.--Yes. --But you aren't getting the total blessings out of that as long as you are yoked with darkness. If you want to see what your inheritance is then come out and be ye separate. Oh, people may call you a heretic. But a lot of what they think is Orthodoxy, today is also heresy.

Suppose I told you that there is not one son of God who claims his inheritance who will not survive this coming hour. Some sons of God may not claim their heritage, some will be in ignorance of the work of the law in spirit for them. But every son of God who claims their heritage will go thru this hour, as thousands shall fall at thy side, and on thy right hand, but no harm shall come unto you.

Now, you say:--'Since God is bringing this to truition, all you have to do is sit and wait for it'. No--that is not the way the Kingdom is made. You are HIS HANDS AND FEET, HIS BATTLE AX AND WEAPONS OF WAR, HIS JUDGMENTS ALL MOVE THRU YOU. Michael the Archangel, the highest of the Archangels of all had to take up the sword when God commanded it, altho he did it for Peace, and not one railing at the enemy was allowed. We today should charge the enemy with everything he has done, we should expect them to be no different than they are. Jesus said that Leopards do not change their spots. I expect them to be as they are, and a Leopard to be a Leopard until we have gone thru what God purposed for this hour. You may carry to the world truth, that is your mission as you await this hour and decisions from the sky, in your service for the MOST HIGH. Doing this, you not only serve your God, but you carry on the mission which has been yours since you came out of the sky. But remember the others, even the enemy did not take the message given to them before your day, and they do not take it today.

You say:--'I do not like that idea.' But I tell you this. --The Almighty is going to use you to smash the power of the Soviet Union and all who are behind it. Don't look upon it with fear, it is just matter which has been working for ages. You can't blow up just a little bit of matter and hurt anything that really matters. You say:--'Oh, the terrible pain which comes on all these pagans.' -----Well--they won't even know what happens. Their bodies are different than yours. They are of the substance of the earth which has been around thru thousands of changes over periods of time. What is important is that form which remains must conform to that of God. There is only one form which we wish to see emerge from that struggle which is going on, and that my friends must remain Supreme until 'all things' conform to it. This is the Kingdom built on law, righteousness and truth.

Now, remember that anything actively engage in evil will explode and disintegrate, when it comes to The Christ. The word in the Greek translated --'Wicked' --is that the wicked at work shall be destroyed by the brightness of his coming. It will be a wave length of light that fills the spectrum beyond that which the eye can see which will disintegrate the wicked at work in instant judgment. You don't think that will happen? Well---wait and see. You say that you understand everything, you don't need mystery symbols and those things? Well --you only gain the understanding of such things thru the flow of vision which passes thru you. When you cut yourself off from that flow of vision and you don't need anything else, you will not know that knowledge is a force that comes with vision and energy. Being in adjustment with God means perceiving that you are a part of the Kingdom of spirit, and perceiving that He is in His plain. The only important thing besides doing what He tells you to do is to perceive His plan. This requires seeing HIM as well as His plan. A lot of men see the earth, and the Prince of the earth, they go thru all the rituals, but they don't always perceive what God is doing. One day Jesus walked the earth, the Master of men.---Nicodemus was a fundamentalist and a fine theologian but Jesus said:--'Nicodemus, you are now face to face with the answer'. Nicodemus said:---'There is only one thing I want to know. How do I get into the Kingdom?' Well, Nicodemus was in the Kingdom but he did not know it. He knew he belonged to the people to whom the Kingdom belonged, but he hadn't perceived it yet. So Jesus said to him:----"Except ye be born again ---twice born---you cannot enter or even perceive the Kingdom of God'. Nicodemus said:--'Oh my, I can't go back into my mothers womb, what a wall you have put up here.' Jesus looked at him and said:---'You a master of Israel, a teacher and yet you don't understand this. What kind of wisdom descended from the days of Solomon to your time. If you don't know that?' Jesus said:---'You need to be born of the water, which you were, or you wouldn't be here, this is the breaking of the water in earth, and you must be born of the spirit, the quickening of the conscience in the hour of the birth of a babe, it is limited in knowledge as it grows older and adapts itself to the earth. But the moment a person becomes conscious of the fact that they are a Celestial being, a part of the program of God, because the spirit in them because the spirit in them is the same as the spirit of God, the moment they realize he has a plan and a purpose, the moment you realize this, then you have a new wave of understanding which comes from being born of the spirit.'

As you understand, then as you look and read you look for certain things. You wait for things to happen. For you have caught the mind of God. You say:--'Where do you find this?'-----It is in the BOOK. It is here. The mind of God is hidden in 1000 Revelations and belongs only to those who have perceived that He is---that the Kingdom exists, and your relationship is with HIM.

We believe that the moment a person becomes God conscious, perceives His program and His identity to it, that he has entered in, without that knowledge, you can't enter into something you cannot understand.

There are a lot of people in the Kingdom of God, but since they do not understand they do not know the PEACE of it. They don't understand this pattern of survival, for spirit will be here when matter breaks up around us. I can assure you of this, the key to survival is hidden in THIS BOOK, in every pattern of it.


End of message.