Age Of Restoration, 2-16-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-16-65

Well in the patterns of our History, this is another one of those weeks that has come to pass. We are talking to you on the subject of Restoration---the age of Restoration. But I want you to know that it is not tied to the statement that was made last week on the Restoration. For we had a Jew come to America as the first Bishop of the World, and as the Vicar of CHRIST. He tells us he is going to be the Pope of the Restoration of human brotherhood and beasts. And there shall be restored to the world, not only complete reconciliation of all men, all governments, and all people,---and he hopes to be the man to accomplish this. So he used the words that he was going to be the Pope of the Restoration.

Some of the people wonder what the Restoration is all about. There is a restoration, but it is the Restoration of the Kingdom to the Household of God in the earth. It is referred to as the Restoring of Israel. But it is not talking about the Jews.

If by some circumstances you do not know that the Jews are not Israel, you will before we are thru.

The Israel of God is the Household of God, the Issue of God. This is what Israel is. Princes, Issue ruling with the Father in the earth and its purpose that HIS Kingdom shall rule supreme. And as it reigns supreme, it shall triumph and the triumph of that Kingdom shall continue forever.

This is one of the great mysteries that David pondered and then later many others pondered this saying, ‘how is it that David refers to HIS offspring or son as LORD? How is it then that David who has an Eternal covenant with One greater than he, refers to ONE greater than he, who emerges from him?’

This of course, refers to the Davidic Kingdom and to the construction of it. Back in the book of Daniel, God says that there never will be a time when there will not be someone to sit on the throne of David. And God said, ‘When thy days be fulfilled, thou shall sleep with thy fathers and I will set up thy seed after thee. I will set up and establish the Kingdom. He--that seed--will build a house for my name and I shall establish his Kingdom forever. I will be his Father and he shall be my son.’ And--here God is talking concerning the Solomon Kingdom. And Solomon built the house which was the great Temple. Then God continues, ‘Tho he shalt commit transgression, or iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men and the stripes of the children of men. BUT I WILL NOT DESTROY THIS LINE. Thy house shall be forever and thy Kingdom shall be established forever before me. Thy throne shall be forever.’ This declaration is of course the promise of an eternal throne.

But there is also the promise of something significant in this. And we point this out to you in the book of Luke. For here the Angel Gabriel comes to the Virgin Mary and is about to proclaim the great miracle that is to happen---that this woman of Israel is going to carry the body of God, and that the Child to be born to her, shall be the Son of the Eternal Spirit, of the Living God.

And these are the words:--- ‘And the Angle said, fear not Mary, for thou has found favor with God, and behold, thou shall conceive in thy womb and thou shalt bring forth a son. And you shall call HIS name YAHSHUA, (translated in your text as Jesus). And He shall be called the Son of the Highest, YAHWEH. And shall bestow on this vessel of flesh, this throne of HIS father David, and HE shall rule over the House of HIS father, Jacob, and of HIS Kingdom, there shall be no end.’

Of course, many people, when they talk about the Kingdom of God, think this is just a spiritual illusion to the obedience of consciousness of men and eventually to the Will of God. But the Kingdom of God is a very concrete reality in the earth. And is made up of many nations. And it is made up of a Household of families, and of a genealogy.

I want you to know that the Children who make up that Kingdom, are the heirs of God because they are HIS Offspring. And the inheritance of that Kingdom of today are the descendants of a power that has been established by background, by fatherhood, by descendence, and it is not a Democracy. The Kingdom of God is a Theocracy. There is a vast difference. You can get a great mob inside a Democracy, but you have no concept of the immensity of a Theocracy.

So we have a declaration about this Kingdom. And its restoration has been declared and prophesied. But there are many more important things than this. Everything relates to the White race, the Adamic race. And it relates to the children of the MOST HIGH GOD who was transplanted in to the earth as Jesus the Christ. And here on earth, Jesus said, ‘Thine they were in the heavens as thy spirits, and Mine they are in the earth embodied in this flesh.’ And by this proclamation, none of them are lost except Satan’s own son who has no part or lot in this matter. But Jesus was talking about a household, a posterity, associating with HIM. HE as the Shepherd said, ‘These are Sheep of MY pasture. I call MY Sheep by name.---I CALL MY SHEEP BY NAME.’

Inside the book of Acts, we have these words from Peter as he said these words about YAHSHUA the embodiment of God, whom the heavens must receive until the time of the Restoration of all things, which have been spoken by the mouth of God thru the mouth of all HIS Holy Prophets, since the world began.

The Greek word used here for Restitution, is Restoration. And the use of Apokatastasis means restore completely, absolutely, to lose no part of it----All inclusive Restoration. So the thing which is declared here by Peter, is that God has advocated a restoration of all things, and that every Holy Prophet knew about it. Well, if there was anything that all the Holy Prophets knew about, it was that God was absolute Master and Sovereign. And that HE was going to restore all things. In the Restoration of all things, it would be built around HIS person, upon HIS way, and HIS Kingdom. That the restoration of the Kingdom, is a part of that process, and the reconciliation of all things is also a part of that process, and God says, ‘ALL are a part---ALL THINGS.’

Of course, we hear the voice of a Bishop, who said there is a procedure by which we are going to bring about a great period of Universal Peace, and he make a great mission to the United States. And this week is one that you can’t ignore, for it was the major event of this week. For the first time in the history of the United States, the Pope of Rome came to New York City. And we spent upwards to 3 1/2 million dollars to protect him. Who were we protecting him from? Well, they said, we had to protect him from the Communist because the Communist might try to kill him. Then they worried about the fact that they might have to protect him from the Protestants, because they might think he was a false Prophet.

Now why did they say that? In otherwords, they had a little bit of knowledge about the background conditions that surrounded his Eminence, or they couldn’t say that fanatical Protestants might kill him because he might be thought to be a false prophet. Then they had to protect him from some ambitions people of his own click. So anyway, we had him come and they had to protect him.

Now I want to point out something to you while we are on this subject. There is an unprecedented pressure by the forces of anti-Christ that powers of darkness, to overwhelm this great nation of God’s Kingdom, whose foundation has been on its Christian faith, and who have not only taught the Holy Scripture, but have given the respect of the word of God in the schools, and in the background of our colleges, since the days we were colonies.

It has only been in these last forty-five or fifty years, that we have been in a period which was referred to as the period of falling away. It is the great time of ‘Jacob’s trouble.’ (Jeremiah 30:7 and Daniel 12:1) This is the period where the design is to destroy faith, corrupt the foundation of truth, and give us a foundation of destruction.

So by this process, all the enemies of God’s Kingdom, have fought the scriptures. They have fought the Truth of the recognition of God. And this is quite unique, because they tried to take prayer out of the schools, and the Supreme Court went along with that. And they took the use of the Bible out of schools. And they tried to take the Bible from all assemblies. They do not want people to take the oath of office on the Scriptures. They do not want it used in court. They do not want Chaplains. They do not want recognition of Christ. They do not want anything that relates to the word of God.

And I have the minutes of a master design in which the American Jewish Congress and their various Jewish organizations had their representatives in New York City, and they were laying the plan to utterly sectarianize America until eventually there would be no recognition of anything Spiritual. And eventually they would take away the tax exemption status of the churches in order to make it so expensive for churches to exist in the cities that the churches would have to get out and leave the cities to them.

Along with these strategies, they wanted to bar any use by any branch of the Christian Faith, of anything that would have national recognition, or of any of the property that belongs to our nation. Well, last week, the people who are behind this, which is organized Jewry, wanted special permission, and they received it---with the assistance of the Speaker of the House of Representatives--to use the prayer room in the United States Capitol for their own so-called Holy Holiday, their New Years celebration. Not only did they do this in the important date in September, but also this past week.

Now, the important significance of this is that if they could not get this prayer room to make it a temporary synagogue, that their Congressmen couldn’t be there to vote on important things. And I wish they never were there to vote.

So it was that we see this utilization by Jewry of something ‘forbidden’ to every section of Christendom--the Capitol of the United States. And during this period of time when all attempts to secularize our nation and take away any recognition of Christ and Christianity, of any official policy, tho previous courts of intelligent men declared this was a Christian nation,---they say that there can be no recognition of any denomination or any religious group because this would not be in keeping with the age old American doctrine of separation of Church and State.

Well, I tell you tonight, this is utterly false. For there is not doctrine of separation of Church and State that is a part of any State papers or legal documents of our U.S. Government. There was the advocacy of the original fathers that no individual denomination should become the State Denomination, so that it had the concept of special treatment. But the concept of the separation of Christ, of Christianity, and the Christian church, from its influence in these United States, was never intended at any time and should never exist in this society.

But with such a procedure, we have watched Liberals of all groups including even such organizations as the Council of Churches of Christ, in America, go along with the elimination of the Bible and Prayers in our schools. They say it is necessary, so we do not have recognition of any denomination. And so we do not have any influence. We can’t have anything that upsets the Jews or anyone else. So they just take Christ our of everything, leave God out of everything national, and we will take care of God in our churches. Well, God save America when the only testimony is the testimony of some of these churches.

But this week they broke all precedent. Nothing has ever happened before like this. The President went to meet the Bishop of the church that claims to have the largest following in the world. He came as an individual, as a Bishop, as the Pope of Rome. And he came to the United States on a big, well prepared, well designed, campaign to show a pre-eminence over all areas of Religion. And every Left Winger and every Moderns and every individual that denies that Jesus is the Christ, and even some of those representing organizations of Christianity, rushed to New York to hear his speech. I could name church leaders who should be ostracized from the entire structure of Christianity for they went to New York to greet the Pope of Rome who they recognized and gave authority that he was a pre-eminent church man.

Now this is not a hostility against a denomination. I have no war with any branch of the Christian church. But I want to point out something to you this afternoon. The Pope was there to help bring about a restoration of Peace. And he talked Peace--Peace--Peace. And what he said, would be the brotherhood of man. And he said, ‘I want to be the Pope of the Restoration of Peace.’

Well, there is nothing wrong with wanting to see Peace restored. And then, my friends, there is only one thing that a Bishop of God could do. And there is only one area in which his authority stands and rests. And it is upon his commission to proclaim the Word of God. And if he had come to proclaim the Word of God, he could have talked about a peace that passes understanding. And he could have talked about a coming peace that will be brought in with achieving victory. But he didn’t do that. HE DID THE JOB OF A FALSE PROPHET.

You say, Oh, well, you shouldn’t criticize. It was a friendly visit. He smiled at everybody. After all, it was the most enthusiastic crowd in New York since Lindbergs welcome after he flew the Atlantic. And you say there were thousands and thousands of people who attended the Mass at Yankee Stadium, and three million people came to the United Nations in one of the biggest visitations to see him.’ This is all true. He spoke to the U.N. and they said this is unusual.

Let me tell you something. If there is to be no area of precedence in one branch of the Christian Faith over another, and if we are to follow that policy, then the President ought to meet with every Christian leader and every Christian sect in these United States. I wouldn’t mind talking to him for about an hour, myself. Of course, I don’t know whether we would be in accord.

Every leader of every Christian denomination should be able to speak to the U.N. as well. It shouldn’t make any difference whether it is a large organization or a small one. Not if we are going to make this follow the lines of so-called democratic processes within our nation. Why was this special preference given? Because of unusual authority to reach out ecclesiastically and politically?

Now, you are going to say ‘why do you say that this was not a proper message for restoration?’ Because he said, ‘I want to bring to your attention the fact that all men are brothers. Now we have all got to get together and I urge you to strengthen this great institution (the U.N.) on its twentieth birthday. And I want you to be merciful. I want you to be liberal. I want you not to block out anyone from joining it. I want you to set your hearts and let everyone come in. The only way we will get any Peace is for everyone to join the U.N. authority.’ And he said, ‘I think we should abolish all weapons. For as long as there are weapons, people are going to fear.---of course, everything but defensive weapons. We have to keep a few of them around.’----He was remembering all that loot back at the Vatican---one quarter of the worlds treasures, silver, gold, and jewels. They have to protect that until we can get this authority established, then we will have Peace. Then he said, ‘Peace can only come when all men accept one area of authority, and we have this great instrument in our hands.’

Now I am going to tell you---as a Bishop of Christ, this man knew---if he knew the scriptures--that this is an error. There is coming an era of Peace that shall sweep this world. When the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdoms of our YAHWEH and HIS CHRIST.

And the CHRISTS OF GOD are the embodied household--the great living body of Christ, which makes up the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom and the Household and family of God in the center of the earth.

You may not like it. But you are a Christed people---you here in the flesh. That is all the word is--the embodied God--YAHSHUA the CHRIST--the body of the Eternal Christ--the same yesterday and today and forever. Before the foundation of the world, HE existed. HE said, ‘You who have seen ME have seen the Father. No man approach the Father except he come thru ME.’ Still the Disciples couldn’t understand that anymore than some can understand it today. They said, ‘Show us the Father.’ Jesus said, ‘Have I been with you so long and you still say ‘show us the Father? I say, you who have seen ME have seed the Father.’

Ezekiel 13.---Read it. God made it very, very clear that one of the problems in our nation and for our race in these latter days, was that our prophets were like foxes in the desert. You know they destroy the vine.

Now, instead of telling us to go up into the gaps and to build a great, great alliance of all the nations of God’s Kingdom, White Christian Nations so we can stand shoulder to shoulder against the hosts of anti-Christ, the powers of darkness, instead of preparing a defense against these powers of darkness, we are told ‘Peace--Peace--just joining together with every pagan nation and every abomination on the face of the earth--and respect every religion---then this world religion---and ‘kiss the ring.’

You know, I was watching when they all kissed that ring. And I was wondering. How many germs they passed around that day? Negroes kissed the ring. White men kissed the ring. Every type of representative who recognized that authority, kissed the ring.

I want to tell you this. You can’t receive those of Voodooism and those of Hinduism and Christians at the same communion. You can not unify them, all religiously, and you cannot unify them all politically, unless you violate the laws of God.

Speculation then that peace, can come from this route?----Well thru again and read the 13th chapter of Ezekiel and God says, ‘they say Peace, Peace, and they seduce My people and the daughter of MY people with that word ‘peace.’

And there wasn’t any peace. There was just sudden destruction coming. And the organization they built it with has no spirit, no blessing upon it. Because it was built ‘not of ME’---and ‘I’m going to send hailstones and the fire upon it. And I’m not going to let it destroy MY people. I am going to destroy that institution.’

And when the Pope arrived, and when he went around holding his arms up to everybody, if he had said, there is only one hope for the world and that hope is Christ; there is only one hope for the world and that is the acknowledgment of the sovereignty of God and because the powers of darkness would destroy it---Christian nations better become strong and get together--and get out of that union of darkness and stand together--and throw all darkness out of their union---then, my friends, he would have been speaking the Word of God.

Did he say separate yourselves from pagans and Communist? No. He said, find in your heart to join them to you ---every abomination of the world. Everything God said about your relations with pagan nations, this man repudiates.

I point out to you that the Harlotry daughters of the hierarchies of darkness rushed down there to give their obedience to the same areas of error. And they testify to a false prophet. And you have lived to see the day where hierarchy has been created which is recognized by the National Council of Churches, in this city, and everywhere else. They think it the most wonderful thing that ever took place. They see with it the total church unity. But what they see is not the Church of Jesus the Christ.

I think there are many fine clergymen in every branch of the Christian faith. I think there are many fine Catholic Priests. But I am going to tell you, my friends, they have no authority to proclaim anything but the WORD OF GOD on any contemporary matter. There may be some who think this man speaks with infallibility. Well, that is only when he quotes the Word of God on some already declared subject---and at no other time.

I point out to you that it is the church’s business to discuss what effects its members and has any relationship to their lives and living and to their responsibility before God, that they have an area of authority on which to work. And we have told you in the past that there is nothing that has more strength and more power than the WORD OF GOD. By the very order of the Word that proceeded forth from God and by the determination of the energies of HIS mind, HE circumscribed the Universe and we are told by Peter, the worlds were made by God. And the future development of all creations is going to be continually made by the WORD OF GOD.

And there is never a procedure in which the Word of God returns ‘twice’ to the Eternal Father. There is not subject that effects the structure of human society that is not answered by the Word of God. And the church is the oracle of that Word. And its leading Bishop is supposed to be the pre-eminent voice of authority on the Word of God. And what they say should always find complete obedience with what God says.

Now, I find in these latter days when we are told about the powers of anti-Christ and the programs of World Government, and the power of evil, trying to destroy anything built upon Spirit---that when we have been told that we must come out and separate ourselves from this area of world order,---that there is dragging of feet. But let me tell you this. We better listen. Because God is going to break the power of World Order. Make no mistake about that.

Judgement is going to fall on the enemies of God’s Kingdom. And HE has told you, in order to save you the embarrassment, the chastisement, the trouble, and the sorrow,--- ‘You come out of it, O MY people.’ It is judgement time when the Word of God has been so inflicted and the prophets pointed to the end of the age and the day of the LORD, when that happened. And that, my friends, was the day we just had.

When it talks about the Restoration of the Kingdom, some of you say, ‘what do you mean, the restoration of the Kingdom?’ I am not talking about the restoration of the church (the called out ones). The church has never been destroyed. The church has never ceased to exist since it was started. The church will never cease to exist. It just needs to be spiritually re-empowered. There are whole areas of it that are very, very, sick as far as spiritual leadership is concerned.

So when we point out to you ‘restoration,’ there is only one thing that is to be restored. The kingdoms of this world are to be restored under the administration of the Kingdom of Christ. The power and authority must be restored to the House of God, to the people of God and to the Kingdom of Israel.

Now, Israel, is not as some Palestinians think. The U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Australia, Rhodesia, Holland---do you know--that every White Christian Nation is the Israel of God. To them belong the administration of the earth. With one King and that King, none other than God, Himself. And HIS people shall reign with HIM in the earth. And the Restoration of complete authority, to overthrow, all the powers of darkness, all the work of evil, is the blueprint of that administration.

Turn to the book of Acts 1:6, where the Disciples said to Jesus, ‘Wherefore will you at this time restore the Kingdom of Israel?’ This is what they waited for. This was what they wanted to know. Will HE at this time, restore it? One of the evidences concerning the time of its final restoration was to be when God, Himself, reentered human affairs. At the time HE re-enters human affairs, the Kingdom is to be restored to Israel. There would also be the restoration of all things as it relates to your race, as it relates to the earth, and as it relates to Creation.---All Creation.

You say, ‘How do you know?’ Let us go back to the book of Acts when Peter talks about Christ’s re-entry into the heavenly plains--and heaven was to receive HIM--until the Restitution of all things. And this has been spoken by God thru the mouth of all the Holy Prophets since the world began. So by this process, then if the restitution of all things, awaits the return of the Christ, then at the return of Christ, all things are going to be restored. Not by the coming of the Pope, but by the return of Christ. Now that is very specific. Some people don’t know that. They say, ‘This is the Vicar of Christ.’ Well, so is every Christian. Did you know that? You are a representative of the Son of God. Did you know that? You are HIS Witnesses and HIS Household.

There isn’t an aide of Israel, to whom is given authority and power to speak for all Christendom, that wasn’t even given to Peter. Of course, Peter wasn’t the first Bishop of Rome anyway. He was doing his ministerial duties in Britain before he went down to Rome. So he was, without a doubt, a great leader of the church for some period of time before he was crucified head downward in Rome.

We war not on any branch of the church. But let me tell you something. When the Jews couldn’t destroy Christianity, they used their money and influence and joined the church. They tried to condemn its doctrines and set it up like their own Babylonian order. And they did influence the structure and the ecclesiastic and high order of the Catholic church. Its Pontifical authority reaches back to Babylon’s Pontiff’s. Its Cardinals are the order of the Babylonian priesthood. Its concept of the Sisters was set up under the order of the Vestal Virgins of the Veil. Its priesthood became subordinate to the escalation of authority that ends with the Pontiff.

When they established Buddhism, they set it up the same way. And they have the same Cardinals, the same structure, where it is found today, in Tibet or in China in Buddhism. They escalate the power, the same in the temples of Kali and Hinduism also.

Now, don’t think for one moment, that we do not classify this as a Church. Christ classified it as a church. HE understands the areas of priestly assumption and human authority that was set up there, but HE recognized also their faith, testimony, and charity.

But I point out to you, that it is not an approbation by that recognition that it is still a church. It is not an approbation of the areas of error. The reason why we are Protestants, is we protested areas of presumed authority by priestly assumption even tho it was sowed in there by the enemies of the Christian church who wanted to destroy it.

They never have been able to destroy that church even tho they moved into it in that way. Because of their testimony, concerning their belief in the Virgin Birth of Jesus the Christ, and that this was the very birth of God, that, my friends, was never been wiped out. In this area concerning the testimony of the Virgin Birth, their faith is stronger than some of the leadership in some Protestant denominations.

(I wonder what the appointing of a Black Pope will do to the Catholic Church?)

But I am interested in one thing. We are in the day of the LORD. This is the day of the restoration of the sovereign power of God and the Supremacy of White Christian civilization over the entire earth. And it does not come by joining the forces of darkness, who would destroy, it comes by coming out of it and then force them to obey God. ‘Come out of her O My people.’

So no doubt this was an historic day. It can’t help but be historic. As I point out to you that in the midst of these situations, thru which we have been passing, we have watched all this attention paid to false prophecy. We listen to news casts say this is the greatest appeal to brotherhood of any time in History. Paul said we make no appeal to brotherhood except the brotherhood of GOD, and remember its brotherhood.

Jesus said to the Jews, ‘I am of MY Father, and you are of your father. I am of God and you are of the devil.’ That is pretty far apart. Even the National Council of Churches can’t put that together. So God did not call for brotherhood with Lucifer. HE called for the recognition of the Family and the Household of God. You are a member of HIS family and Household, only if you are an offspring. Not by mental gymnastics, not by some excepted philosophy. It comes from who you are and where you came from.

It isn’t a matter of whether the world likes what God is going to do. The important thing is the fact that the world is going to confirm to what God has prophesied.

I want you to know its more important that God have HIS way then any other procedure that could be put into force in the earth or the Universe. Even the powers of darkness and forces of evil don’t want to lose control. God says they will. Even tho they don’t want to see society cleaned up. God says HE is going to clean it up. HE not only says HE is going to restore all things, tho some theologians say of course, that ‘ALL’ doesn’t extend to everything.----Well, God says, ‘EVERYTHING IN ITS OWN ORDER.’---ALL THINGS. Over in the book of Romans it says, ‘All Israel shall be saved as it is written.’ And the word is ‘ALL.’

I go beck to the 45th chapter of Isaiah, in which YAHWEH, the embodied Jesus, the Holy One, in which all the seed of Isaiah shall be justified and shall glory. You know if there is any promise and thing worth knowing, and comforts worth knowing, this afternoon, it is that every last White man from Adam to your time, is going to eventually conform to the image of the Father and be enveloped into the light and the glory that belongs to HIM. It is to know that God has power that saves to the utmost. This salvation is to save people out of error of transgression and sin, and have them conform to the concept in government, in morality and the whole structure of God. They shall wake up as tall sons. God’s great plan for the earth is to see this earth ruled by HIS Family. And HE is seeking a seat of authority in the midst of the earth.

Now make no mistake about this. HE will accomplish this. If God cannot accomplish all HE says HE will, then there would be no God and religion would be a fake. We have enough religious fakes running around now. But be sure of this. Let every man be a liar and God be true.

Standing in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, his eminence said, ‘I feel already like a citizen of your country because you are all Christians here and Catholics. And because you are Catholics, you are all citizens of Rome.’ And then he said as the Patron Saint of this Cathedral said, Catholics all, but Rome citizens first.

Now let me tell you something. I don’t think St. Patrick ever said that. You say, ‘what do you mean?’ Well, I am pretty sure St. Patrick never said that. But the Pope was pretty secure because he was quoting a dead man. And he could only get away with quoting a dead man. Lest he stand up and deny you, you are safe. You say, ‘why?’ Because he was trying to live up to his oath of Allegiance. He owes the oath of allegiance to Rome. Now I don’t like dual allegiance. I don’t blame all Catholics for his statement, but he was creating not unity, but disunity by these very words.

Do you know who St. Patrick really was? Do you? He was Jeremiah the prophet whom YAHWEH appointed. That is who St. Patrick was. And the snakes he ran out of Ireland had two legs. They didn’t crawl. And when Jeremiah brought the daughter of Zedekiah to Ireland, he said, ‘I am the prophet, God raised up to transplant.’ And he was transplanting this Kingdom whose ultimate restoration with all power, over the earth, with Christ ruling over it was to be established. The Restoration for the ‘latter days.’ And ever since, there has been someone to sit on that throne until Christ is the final ruler.

During the time after the annihilation of Jerusalem (approx. 585 B.C.), the transplanter of this throne was none other than Jeremiah. And as the transplanter of the throne, thru the daughter of Zedekiah to Ireland, Jeremiah persuaded the King of Ireland to make it a law in Ireland that the Canaanites and the Malakites could not enter the Kingdom. So that what had transpired in the days when Babylon came down on the throne of Zedekiah and his household, would not be duplicated here in Ireland, because of strangers in their midst who would be destroyers. So a law was made that no Jews could live in Ireland. And every one of them was driven out. And they fled. That is who St. Patrick was--Jeremiah.

So much was this important, that in the early days of Christendom, and now here, you know the early days of Christendom didn’t start in Rome. But it started in Great Britain. When Jesus was a young man in the flesh, HE traveled on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, HIS Uncle, to Great Britain. Joseph was the owner of the Tin Mines in Britain. So Jesus came to Britain and HE amazed the teachers and professors in the Universities with HIS knowledge. And the young men joined in building the first church in Britain---the ‘Wattle Church at Glastonbury.’ And this is where a cottage was prepared and Mary spent her declining year. There also is Joseph’s spring where the spring never goes dry. This is the spring where Jesus as a young man drank from. Also the spring where Mary drew her water every day until her death.

And after the Ascension of the Christ, when Jewry was waging its war against the young church, the Disciples took Mary---for she didn’t follow HIM into the sky---but they took her to Britain where she lived out the rest of her life and where she was buried.

It was to Britain that Peter went. He served in Britain as the leader of the church before he went to Rome. But you know, the church became so aware in Britain, of the persecution of that church by Jewry, and by these Canaanites, and they were so familiar with the scripture, as that time, and they knew that Jesus had denounced these Jews at Jerusalem, and this world movement of Canaanites and Amalakites and here they also identified them as the children of the serpent and the viper. As Jesus had said, their generation was the children of the serpent and the viper. And they revived the laws of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and the work of the old Prophet Jeremiah, and his guidance in the law. And it was determined that no Jews were to rule or live in the presence of the King. And they drove them out of there. And this was the driving out of the Serpent and the generations of vipers from Ireland. Now this was a tradition in the Christian church that the prophet of God brought to Ireland, when he drove all the serpents and the vipers out of Ireland.

Now, you know as well as I do when Jeremiah lived. You know that way back there 580 years before Christ, that Jeremiah never said, ‘Catholic’s are Roman citizens.’ Later they named him St. Patrick.

The time that St. Augustine came up from Rome and visited Britain, he said, ‘I am amazed. Instead of finding Barbarians and pagans, I find great buildings and beautiful churches, and the same testimony of Jesus the Christ and the Virgin Mary. And I find here that they have not only been zealous for the faith, but all the enemies of God are recognized, including the perfidious Jews.’ St. Augustine said they have revered Holy men, prophets of God, and that caused them to eject from their society, the enemies of God’s people and HIS Holy Church.

Now, I think we can bring closer fellowship between us if we recognize their holy message. Then later they canonized the man who drove the Jews out of Ireland, and called him ‘St. Patrick.’

The only reason why I tell you this, is because I think it rather important, we know that Jeremiah never said, ‘all catholics are citizens of Rome.’ And there was just as much truth to that statement as there was to the one that God wants us all to join the U.N.

God wants every Christian nation to get out of the U.N. And HE wants it to fold up. God says, ‘if you don’t get out of it, I’m going to destroy it with a mighty war, and there will never be any cementing the silly thing together again.

Now, you who have set in this ministry for the past twenty years, know that we have not spent time making an attack upon Rome. We don’t think this church is the anti-Christ. We think there are some anti-Christs in every church that come in to destroy. We think that the higher parts and its organization is probably not properly founded. But we think that the great truths that have marked the identity of the Christian Church still exists. But we want you to know, that in these latter days, false prophets have risen up inside these churches. And when you get one who is supposed to be the biggest representative of the biggest church in the world, and he comes out and advocates the greatest areas of false prophecy and destruction, then we are going to call him a false prophet.

So the significance of these things going on is these are the latter days. And you are on the edge of world upheaval. You know that next Thursday, is the day that the Communist have set for the students revolt all over the world. They plan on making trouble at San Jose, Santa Clara and other places as well. Students revolting in favor of Socialism and Communism.

The Pope said just embrace these people and get brotherhood going and we won’t have any more trouble.

They said, bring Red China into the U.N. And I read in the morning papers, both the big ones---Herald Examiner and the L.A. Times, that Red China is said to be utterly dedicated to one thing----the overwhelming and complete destruction of the United States of America. And she is basing all her policies on this and putting aside all other plans.

Now, you say that I am bitter at the U.N. Well, who controls the U.N? The devil. The U.N. is just a trap to hold you down, to disarm you. So by this very procedure, we see the facets of the error in this construction.

We tell you that these are the hours when the Restoration of the Kingdom comes with mighty power from God. And comes by HIS Advent. No man knows the day or the hour. In the book of Matthew, I read these words. The Disciples said, ‘When is it going to happen?’ Jesus said in the 12-13 verses, ‘Watch therefore, for ye know not the day nor the hour when the Son of man cometh.’

I find about five different places where they wanted to know. But of the day or the hour, no man knoweth. The angels of heaven do not know. Only this Spirit who had planned out every detail--HE--this Father, knows.

But HE said, ‘You are not of the children of darkness, and you know the times, and the seasons.’ And we know what time it is. It is not only prayer time, it is also Restoration time.

We would be depressed, by the things taking place. For I have never watched so many things taking place in the areas of degenerating and deteriorating legislature, as I have watched, in the last few months. If I didn’t know that God was going to cut all this short by the power and HIS intervention----

And when you see all the world willing now to accept a common communion and you see all kinds of people calling themselves Christian, and willing to be fused with this organization, not based on Christ---then you know we have reached the time of this area of falling away. When Satan’s ministers--transfers themselves calling themselves ministers of ‘Light’, and they are moving thru the churches to bring them down.

The oracle of God moving thru HIS Living Church is to call the people to cognition, is to be spiritually empowered, is to cause people to be awakened. And the Great Church of God is going to have its greatest and most glorious day just ahead. And the nations of God’s Kingdom have their day, just ahead,--not going down, but suddenly transformed by spiritual power, and they will fulfill their destiny. All the forces of evil are turning their energies loose to destroy that which God establishes. The power of God is going to be the most confusing thing the enemies of God ever saw. I wouldn’t miss the events of the next few weeks and months, for anything. There is no more important time in history than what is just ahead.

And I tell you that all these things are but signs of the end of the age. Anytime you hear prophecy that builds up the program of anti-Christ, and the units of that World Order---you are literally watching how far and how deep, decay has seeped into the age of the Church. Because of the influence of the false testimony. When we look at the world, some say, what we need is to hear the Word of God. We told you last week that Amos the prophet said there would be a famine in the land, a famine of hearing the Word of God. For when you hear the Word of God, today, it is supposed to apply to the great facets and problems round about. And it should coordinate the thinking of men as they see these things and as they live thru them with the purpose of God for the day and the hour. If a minister can’t do that, then he has no vision. And if he preaches any other gospel, then let it be a curse.

Inflexible, unbending, but perfect--thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

There is a love that passes all understanding. There is a purpose of God that is much greater than most religionist understand. HE shall bring HIS Kingdom. HE shall restore HIS son. HIS Salvation shall reach to the utmost. And eventually HE moves beyond ‘All Israel shall be saved’ to all flesh shall be saved, with and thru and by MY KINGDOM.

Make no mistake about it. The Kingdom is not just religion. It is the administration of men and people and nations all over the earth. And the great and living spiritual center of that Kingdom is the Church and it shall perform its mighty task. But first it shall separate men, before it brings about a Universal administration.

HE says, ‘I didn’t come to bring Peace, but a sword.’ Then HE says, ‘I did not come to unite, but to divide. And the first thing I will do is to divide the sheep nations form the goat nations and give the administration to the sheep nations.’ We are going to destroy democracy and set up the Kingdom. Then we are going to know that Peace which can only come from THE PRINCE OF PEACE.-------It will never come by this false prince of peace we have been hearing.

We have never heard as much about peace as in the great upheaval that we have had in these last days. Now the 15th to 17th days of this month have been set up as ‘World Race Riot’ day. All racial upheaval against the White man is part of the Communist strategy. To date, they want the demonstration from the 15 to 17. Maybe they will get it and maybe they won’t. But this is their dates.

Now, don’t forget, that in the midst of all this turmoil the mighty hosts of God are going to re-enter the physical world. Make no mistake about that. You are going to see the mighty majesty of the KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. Other things are also standing by. Other transformation that will hit the earth. We will talk more about that this evening. And I want you to know when we talk about the Age of Restoration, it is to restore back to the Adamic household, their rights, their power, their glory. To restore back to this race that God has established in the earth the administration of the Kingdom, that HE is building in them and thru them all power.

This is the first thrust of God. Having restored the Kingdom, HE is going to bring about the Restitution of all things by Christ, by HIS presence. Let no one tell you that God, at this moment, is not interested in racial harmony on the basis of just fusing everybody together without bringing obedience and a direct line of Divine purpose. God doesn’t want you inter-marrying with just anyone just because they say they will come to your church. God does not want all these people as one family. HE want each, in their own family to recognize HIM.

HE didn’t say we are going to make the vine and the fig tree one. HE said they are going to sit under the vine and under the fig tree. God is not dissatisfied with the area of Creation. He is going to preserve the species.

I tell you today that anyone who tells you that we reach understanding by absorption and by breaking Divine Law, then that one is a false prophet. And that is what causes all the trouble and all the disasters. It only is when everyone is in his own order and own place that we are peaceful. When we try to get out of that order, is when we get into trouble.


Never has it been more important for us to understand all the purposes of God. There are two processes ahead for America. The Kingdom of God, or the process of a program of a Robot. But remember, God has the power to overrule. At this time, the President of the United States seems to be going along with the program of Robot.

I guess this is the first time that anybody even had a preview of an operation broadcast all over the country. Some people like to talk about their operation after it has happened. But we have had a minute by minute view all week.

Let me tell you something. These are times of great judgement on the House of God. Men better walk cautiously when they have great authority in matters relating to God’s Kingdom.

(At the end here, he talks about the tape operation and how, for the first time, this ministry is falling short on finances. For the first time they had finished the week with a deficit. To me, this means that another man had finished his message to this Kingdom. From all I can find out, he must have died soon after this.)

(Dr. Swift actually died October of 1970.)