Amazing Grace To A Race, 5-12-63



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-12-63

We were speaking to you a week ago on the patterns of judgement. Judgements that fall in a single category, and of course it always does and it seems to be the result of the violation of law. Patterns of Divinity require that there shall be a perfect carrying out of the patterns of law and it is not a matter of revenge, or a matter of God seeking to placate Himself because of violations by someone else in the structure of law. We made it quite clear to you last Sunday afternoon, that God’s Laws extend to all areas of His creation. These are laws as they are, which have been synthesized and put together. Thus the law can be a law of chemistry or a law of mathematics. It can be a law in the area of moral and ethical relationships and codes based on the make up of men and his responses and emotions of the ideal structure of society. All of these are things as they are, violate them and in this violation you set in motion a chain of energy, a chain of vibratory reactions which can create great catastrophe.

Understanding of law was therefore very important for a people so as not to walk into error, and by trial and error, not have to discover that which was right. We have spoken of your race from time to time because you are the people of this Book. This Book was written to you expressly because you have the spiritual capacities to the intellectual wave length and the abiding presence of the MOST HIGH to understand and to know, and to find your relationship to it.

We are not talking about the Bible alone. We are talking about the 163 books and volumes that are inspired, and that which came out of the mouth of God, and out of the mouth of Holy men inspired to write them. Unfortunately, you have to deal largely with 66 of these books, but only 64 are basic. When we talk about these patterns, we remember that we have a relationship to this Book that no other people in earth have, one in which is so close to the background of your society, to your race, that even in the Mysteries of the allegories of its foundational work in the scriptures then---you have the symbol in the background of things which later studies and continued experience with this Book can unveil.

It is one thing for us to look out upon the earth and see all the situations taking place, and accept that this is just an evolution of reactions, that comes from all these people and various areas of environment. It over simplifies it if we say it thus emerged out of a common stock, but this is not true. And as a student of the Bible, you will discover that there are differences in the origin of the races of mankind. There is difference in their capacities and therefore, a great difference between you and anyone else on the face of the earth. It was the Grace of God which sent His own Celestial Household into earth, and started this Adamic race.

This Adamic race is not only the household of the family of god, but He makes this quite clear. If you want to establish a difference between the Adamic race and the other races, then the Adamic race is the progeny of Divinity. They are the Household of the MOST HIGH. They are the Children of the MOST HIGH GOD. If you will turn to the Gospel of Luke, and go back to the genealogy of Jesus the Christ, then you will discover that the genealogy here again, is identifying the family, and the vessel from whom we see the embodiment of God as He carried out His Messiahship. And this traces the genealogy of Him back down to Seth, who is the son of Adam, the son of God. This is a very significant measure because it was used by virtually all of the early church. And it is important to them that this genealogy be thus traced back to areas of great prestige and power. Sometimes, it is rather a vain genealogy if it gets out of the structure of the Kingdom. But it is not a vain genealogy if you are tracing Jesus the Christ back to Adam, who as the scripture than declares, was the son of God. I think this is important for you to understand. And as we have talked of this many times, as to the difference of races and of people, no thorough knowledge of theology or of the signs of understanding of the purposes and the plans of God, the operations of God, can occurs and what God’s purposes and plans for you as a race actually provide.

One of the great problems we have today is this understanding of the scriptures. This would not be necessarily true if it were not that many hands have been placed upon them thinking to change, to modify them, to make them acceptable to these ideas of the areas they were trying to put forward. Especially is this true since we have been suffering since the days of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of the Christ. And then Christendom suffered this persecution by the enemies of the Christ to eradicate if possible the full impact of the scripture. Because of this, they have constantly used words and terms and applications which they thought would confuse. They have sought to contaminate and touch many of the records of the early works of theology and in churches by establishing their power in ecclesiastical authorities, their priest craft. And in many instances made no corrections of these areas and actually adopted many of these transitions. So it is important for us to understand this. When we talk about Sonship, we are talking about a factor that you have inherited. Because you are the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD.

We have pointed out to you that the content of the scriptures show that there was a Celestial origin for the Children of God. That they came down out of the Heavens and were embodied in earth, thru the miracle of birth and the Adamic race is the process thru which this was being carried out. This Adamic race possessed the capacities which no other race in earth had ever possessed before, having been Celestially begotten in the heavens before they were ever sent into the world, for the purpose of establishing God’s Kingdom, to reign in the areas of darkness, subordinating a rebellious Archangel and liberating the people of earth from superstition and the process of error that had been sown. We recognize that as we get into the wider horizon of what is involved in the background of history, especially as it relates to the solar system and the Universe, that a great number of people who think that it is alright to expand in every area of knowledge that they can research---(and we are for that)---will stand back and say, ‘but we should not probe into these areas of the unknown, that we should not touch with speculation as to what has transpired with anything as far back as before Adam.’ But I want you to know that this is just a little portion of time. And over the expanse of time, we are already probing with the anthropologists and the Geologists into ages that consist of thousands of millions of ages before Adam. Surely, we can take the time to probe beyond Adam to see what transpired in the relationship of existing beings and intelligence and understanding, and the antiquities of the history of earth.

When we talk about the Adamic race and about God’s Grace, then it was Grace unto the entire world and to His Universe, that He transferred Celestial households to the physical world. When we talk to you about it, then you do not have too much to boast about as far as your own conduct is concerned. Because subordinated from the Celestial plains to a physical world, it was known and was declared from the beginning what your reactions were going to be, and how the forces of darkness would seek to both subordinate your mind and take away your freedom from the standpoint of spiritual capacity, to fully understand and transfer spiritual power into operation. Thus by accepting the temptations of Lucifer and violating Divine Law, your race lost its most vital and Adamic capacity. And this was that it had in its possession the Light and Aura of Spirit, and synthesized cognition between the spirit, the soul consciousness and the body. This wave of Light energy which is out of God’s own nature, which is a part of the light force of his own nature, was known unto the ancients as one of the great shielding forces which kept the metabolism of the body balanced out, and it immunized the body from all forces that would disintegrate or destroy. It would not only have preserved perfect health, but also preserved perfect capacities of consciousness. And it would have preserved patterns of inspiration that would have developed in every area which man sought a synchronization out of perfect knowledge.

Now, when we cite to you that even in the areas of the violation of Divine Law, wherein your race has been told not to intermingle with the racial streams of the knowledge of Good and Evil, not to partake of these trees, to preserve that race line was vital and important. This was essential because there was no other race with which a synthesis could be provided which would have the wave length of spirit to carry out the Divine objectives. Other races were created and the day they were created they were good. If you will turn over into the book of Ezekiel, where Ezekiel talks with utter inspiration about the capacities of men to perceive and to understand, and to think and to talk, and of course, he uses the Hebrew word called soul.

Now, this pattern translated soul, means the areas of cognition wherein all created beings have this area of vision as to reason. And God said that all souls are Mine---in this instance. That all people with souls belong to Me, for I am God, and I provided them with this wave length of cognition, in the areas of creation which I made. But when you talk about the spiritual levels and the higher perception, you are talking about a wavelength of Light and Power that was begotten into a Celestial family and transplanted into earth, and Adam was thus covered until he was known as the son of Light and of Righteousness.

Back among some of the oldest documents and traditions, wherein we find not only the old books of Adam and Eve, which are a part of the Treasury records in the British Museum, and translated by Dr. Budge, but you will discover in the old records such as the Zohar and others that they continue to refer to the fact that Adam was clothed and enveloped in Light and Radiation. And in the words of description concerning him even run down into the Summerian Kingdom’s later discussion of the fact that this son of Murdoc---which is the Summerian word for the Great God of the Heavens---and where the Chaos monster is Lucifer---and they referred to Adam as the offspring or the White race---the Adamic household as the Son of Murdoc or as the son who was clothed in light and walked in glory.

Then they say that his glory has not lasted and they talk about Tiamat or Lucifer, the son of the Morning who was brighter than he. So in this instance, they referred to a loss of something possessed by your race in its earliest history, which was filled with Light. This is also true as you go back into the writings of India, when they talk about you as the children of Indra, you are the sons of the Eternal, you are Manu, you are the White man. This is how they identified you. And from this comes Hu-Man or spirit man, and the embodiment of Him in the earth. And the embodiment of God in the earth would be the eventual manifestation. They had some of your theology. For they said that this would be ‘Christna,’ when He came---similar to the word in Greek--Christ--which meant embodied. Actually, you were an embodied race. You were the children of the Household from Spirit sent into a physical world. The Apostle Paul both in the book of Romans as well as the instances in Corinthians and other places, relates to the fact that Adam was the offspring of the MOST HIGH. This is quite clear. He talks about the Messiah, the embodied Christ and refers to His as the Second Adam.

Now, many times, words are used in theology that never came out of the pattern of just pen and ink. They never take on their full significance in the minds of many. I want to clarify this for the Apostle Paul talks in the book of Romans about these areas of theology and he is talking about the Jews and the Gentiles. And he is talking about Grace and the Law, and those of the Circumcision, and those not of the Circumcision. And in these instances, the translation here is Jews and Gentiles. You say, ‘Why is that?’ He was talking about the people until whom the Law had been given. He was talking about the race which had come down from Adam. He was talking also about covenants and theological regulations which were established when the law was given to Moses and the established patterns of worship which had been set up in the days of Sinai. He was talking about a people. One--Judah and Benjamin, who are locked together in the translation by the word Jew. He was thus talking about these people of the Judah Kingdom, the house of Judah. As he talked about the Gentiles, these were the Etheene, the house of Israel. These were the nations and they separated Judah and Israel. Judah and Israel---and the translator keeps saying Jew and Gentile. Jew and Gentile has had people confused for a long time. Theologians in theological seminaries, in the nations throughout Christendom, have become aware in many instances that they were talking about these two branches of race thru Abraham. But people today when they read this, then think about these Jews who are running around among us, and who have created so many of our problems. Who are the purveyors of Communism and the 5th Column in our society. These are not the people that the Apostle Paul was talking about. More than that, these people did not descend form Abraham. They are Hittites, Amalakites, Cainanites and are unassimilatable by any Christian society.

When we talk about the people who constitute Israel, we are talking in many instances about the 10 tribes which separated back in the days of Rehoboam and had gone out under Jeroboam’s leadership. They separated themselves from the center of worship. And in this process it was not long before they were carried away, as history reveals, by Sennecherib’s armies. And in the days of Shalmaneser, they came out from under the rule of Assyria and they started their migrations, as some of their earlier forefathers had pointed the way. They came thru the Caucasus and by way of Greece and onto even the northern parts of Europe where their settlements began. History as written by men such as Madison Grant and some others, laid down some of the most ethnic studies of the occupation of Europe, as well as the settlement of Western nations where eventually our own continent became Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, and out of the nations of this pattern.

The patterns of these people became gradually separated thru their migrations, their customs, and principals which had been followed earlier by their progenitors. Thus the process of circumcision and other things within the covenant were dropped. And the Scandinavian and Nordic people were referred to as the Ethene. And as Judah and Benjamin who stayed at the center in Jerusalem and in the process of identification, they were always referred to as the Jews and the Gentiles, but not like the true center of Judah and Benjamin. In fact, there was talk among those of the Judah Kingdom that they should have nothing to do with those of Israel who had left the one time true throne. That no longer were they to be recognized. And actually, they were cutting them out of their own theology, just as theology continues to cut out a lot of things that it should not have illuminated throughout the course of its history. So just because it has been declared by Ecclesiastical authority that does not mean that it is true. For that authority had been set up by hierarchies of men from time to time. If we are to search for truth, we must find this truth in relationship to God’s nature, His plan, His purpose, and His words. So in this instance, we point out to you that there is a difference between the translation and the interpretation of Jew and Gentile, and what the scripture does declare. For both these people of Israel were under process of law, but one had been separated from the ritual of worship and ceremony, and the others were not. But at the same time, they were both under the same patterns and the same laws waiting for the same Redeemer and the same Messiah. This would have been totally impossible if they had been pagans and Israel and were divided into that group.

If one were to classify the Jews of Israeli, and then to classify the rest as pagans, then I will tell you that there would be no Christian church today and no people fulfilling the covenants of God and no understanding of His purpose. And if you think giving Jews to the world was giving Grace to the world, I am going to tell you that it is the greatest curse which ever descended upon it. I want you to know that this did not come from God to begin with. No Jew did. And they are the progeny---in Christ’s own words on this matter---of Lucifer. And such, Jesus identifies them as his progeny and as a principal in the violation of law.

There is no question that the great catastrophe which enveloped your race in the beginning, was known to the Father. His great rectifying power and His ability to step in and continue the course of His purpose, which He knew from the beginning, ----was to start your race on a course toward restoration that His own Messiahship would have to complete. Thus in this instance, the loss of Aura was the first pattern. There would be no co-habitation with spirit that had no capacity in spiritual union. Thus is was that the physical propagation of the races would continue. And as far as the Adamic race was concerned, it would continue. But it had been lost in the case of Adam and in that principal defection. In the writings of ancient India, as the symbol of the Serpent pertaining to Satan and his partner Lilith the Serpent woman, had attempted as a part of the Luciferian Angels to contaminate God’s House.

It is quite easy to see that there is a struggle on for the earth. And in this struggle for the powers of darkness understand a lot more about processes than some of the sons of light. We are told in the scriptures that the children of the world order are more cunning at times than the children of the spirit. We point out to you therefore that this is because one is activated by different motives than the other. I think you will find this out as you go thru life. I think it is time that you elected a President smart enough to figure this out. You cannot deal with people with a background like that of the Soviet Union, as you can with people of your own background and culture and faith of your own race. They do not keep their word. Never have at any time. This is a matter of record from Internal Securities of the whole history of these people. At the same time you can’t count on the same reactions, the same facing of responsibilities, of moralities, and the guilt complexes you would find with your own people.

Therefore, you cannot do business with someone who has no capacity to understand diametrically opposed in the areas of darkness. One of the greatest areas of advice and activity has been demonstrated in your own midst in the last few weeks, in the midst of what should have been more intelligent in the midst of Christian leadership.

When the Pope received at the Vatican---one Mr. Khrushchev---and followed this up by placing blessing upon him, and he will forget this when he gets back to his own world, but in no way did he make a Christian out of him. Remember that the Pope when he suggested his great sacrament to all men at Easter time, that he suggested that we embrace the United Nations, and place our armed strength into the United Nations, so that the whole world would be ruled by one political throne, and then the whole world would have peace and no problems. Whether he understood it or not, the Pope turned loose at that time, one of the most destructive forces that hurt Christendom in the areas where his influence counts. I just point this out for there was a work of treachery involved and he was quite naive in this matter. The result was that in the elections just ten days ago inside of Italy, the great overwhelming increase in Communism was explained, not only in Italy in its two newspapers, but also in the U.S. newspapers---that women who always voted against Communism and voted for the Christian Democratic Party, who belonged to the church and were interested in seeing that their children and all their families had connections and maintained them with the church---while the men, many times, voted for the Communist Party. But the women kept their families in alignment with the church and with Christendom. But this time, since the Pope had given his blessing and placed it upon a Communist and his son-in-law, and had given his blessings to a ‘one world church’ and one world armament, now adjusted their thinking. And after never before having voted for Communist, they now voted Communist thinking there was no difference any more for this had the blessings of the church. Therefore it had an impact in Rome. And increased the impact of Communism inside the areas of government. I always point this out because people are influenced by the areas of authority that they accept. And if those areas move in opposition or are out-tricked by the enemy into talking about co-existence, they weaken themselves and prepare themselves for capture. Over in Albania there is only one army, and it is well prepared and has only one argument with Russia. For Russia has not permitted them to finish their area of revolution and to march into the Vatican and sack it of all those treasures it believes that it has.

I point out that the intelligent position would keep the barrier continually and constantly of Christianity up against that which is evil, and never be taken in by the subtlety of it. For remember, that the cunning strategy is to break down all the barriers. I point out to you that today when we deal with the positions of nations, they have various responsibilities in their own mind as well. For the design of the Red world today is the conquest of the earth, and the subordination of all nations to their concept of social and political economy.

Now, in the same design many men carry the same ideological front which are actually tools of the demagoguery behind the scenes. When we talk about our own nation this great nation of Christendom, we are the by-product of time and history and development of a species that God, Himself, established. A people placed in the earth with the capacity to respond to Him and today the White nations of the world are monotheistic nations with one God and one value. We can look out over them today and see that they are Christian and in this respect the great majority of all the people, especially when we talk about the White people of the world, they are Christian and they continue to fulfill that prophecy that, ‘I will put My word in thy mouth, and the mouth of thy seed, and the mouth of thy seed’s seed forever. For I will be a God unto them thru all their generations.’

To the student who understands the words of the MOST HIGH, the man Christ Jesus, was the fullness of God dwelling bodily as the Apostle Paul tells you in the first chapter of Colossians. And in this instance, we kept the magnitude of Divine purpose when God refers to having not only the Adamic house, but then emerging of His own being thru the conception of the Virgin, to come forth out of His race, His own race, and complete the cycle, and refer to Himself in this case in the readings of the Apostle Paul, as the Second Adam. Thus demonstrating again the cycle of His vital life.

I want you to know that when we go into the records of your race, that the violation of Divine Law is called by a very ugly little word in the English language. It is called sin. And sin is a violation of the law. By this process it would not be identified with any violation of law, but immediately people start using this word as it relates to maybe discrepancies of what they feel was their relationship of the standards of moral, ethic, and codes of their society, and of the orders of God. Generally, you do not have to point out too strongly what is transgression to people, because they very quickly assume a guilt complex and the understanding of this is far beyond the knowledge of the preacher to make this application. The reason for this is that the sensitive mechanism of spiritual capacity related to the seat of your intellect, high up even in that instrument---the brain. And the recording experiences of the soul has set standards and forces in you which causes you to know that you are deviating from that which is right or which is wrong. It is very hard to find anyone in your race who is not sensitive to this even tho a lot of people are quite callus and try to make it appear that there is no pattern of law, and they would like to see everyone else violate it, so as to make themselves more comfortable.

Psychologically, there are people today, who would like to see us violate every law and principal. So they would have more comfort in covering up their own errors.

Now, the problem in the program of God as it related to earth, and as we have told you before, was in giving to your race as it did in Sinai and even in the Patriarchal age---the giving of His Law---which was to eliminate from us the patterns of trial and error. And to give to this race in its very beginning, a standard of righteousness in the earth because we were a new structure in the earth and as we have said before, ‘we came with a culture, we came with a written language, a spoken language, we came with the technological ability and even understanding as it relates to the astronomical order to the Universe that we live in.

Now, we point out to you that the terms of theology are sometimes confusing to men. Whosoever controls the minds of a people, holds that people either in bondage or in freedom, according to their nature. As to your race, you are a free born race, the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH transferred to earth. And you lost the Celestial powers that you had by the violation of Divine Law. The result was that you established a line of opposition that had some affinity with the physical origin. And thus the Cainanites became a reality. And you have been plagues with Cainanites ever since.

Now, as far as Cain was concerned then, God would never claim Cain as any part of the Adamic seed. Now would He count anyone until the processes which He in His own laws had established, until by the energies, the vital energies of spirit, He would accept one who arrived after the purification of the womb. And Seth, as you know, is the first one in the scriptures of which Adam said, ‘I have now begotten a man in my own image, and after my own likeness.’ Every White man on the face of the earth is from Seth. And every descendant from the Sethite line, in all the major nations is a Hebrew. This may seem like a new twist, but you descended form Seth, from Noah, from Shem and from Heber. And Heber fathered the whole line of all the basic existing White men of today. Then Abraham was a descendent of Heber. Some people think that today these people called Jews are Hebrews. But they are not. They are not Hebrews at all. And they don’t even have the book of Hebrews. When the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Hebrews, he did not write it to them. When Jesus talked about the children of Abraham, the children of the covenant, about the household which came down out of the heavens to earth, He was not talking about the Jews, for He said, ‘No man can ascend into the heavens unless he came down out of it.’ And then He said, ‘I am going back and you cannot come.’ In face, He said, ‘where I go you cannot come.’ To you, He said that where He would go, you could come and He would receive you unto Himself. The processes are quite different. The capacities, the wave lengths are quite different.

We do not have the time to go into all the areas in which creative beings have processes and entrances. But I want you to know this. This policy had been bestowed under sin. In otherwords, under Adam, there had descended a loss of Aura, a divine balance of Divine energy which God alone could re-synthesize, and which would be re-synthesized after the price for transgression, which justice required, had been paid. The wages of such a violation was death. And death did pass upon your race. I point out to you, that in making declarations concerning this, that the Apostle Paul writes about the offense and the transgression, and says, ‘Where by one man---death by sin passed upon all men, moreover all have sinned.’ Until the law was in the world, sin was not imputed. There was no law and no consciousness of it. Thus death reigned from Adam to Moses even over those who had not transgressed in the same manner that Adam had transgressed. This is declared in the 5th chapter of Romans. Therefore something was lost to the progeny of Adam that only God could restore. But God has promised to restore this. And this is why Christianity contains ‘Restoration’ as one of the areas of development.

Now, you will note that having been sold under bondage, the ability to be tempted by the forces of Lucifer, by the powers of darkness were more able to be made manifest. Therefore for this reason Patriarchs were raised up. And by processes of religious service and instructions, then men might be more able to apply themselves and defend themselves against error by being grounded in truth.

Now, in this instance, there has been as we have brought out to you in the past, the word in the Hebrew__________(goheal) meaning Kinsman Redeemer. Thus the Kinsman had the right to redeem his kinsmen for any offense he was under in the patterns of Divine Law. In the law that was given to your race, and as it related to most races, there was a kinsman acceptance and Redeemer.

Now, in Greek the word Redemption goes a little further, turning to some other things which are interesting as well. But they are tied into this same pattern. I turn to the book of Romans and I read these words, ‘Now, the righteousness of God, without the law is manifest because it was witnessed by the law of the Prophets, that it would be embodied as God, walking among men, the very sheath of righteousness, the very fullness of God.’ And the Apostle Paul would say, ‘The fullness of God dwelt with us bodily.’ Then the Apostle Paul wrote, ‘The righteousness of God, which is by understanding of who Jesus Christ is, was unto all, and upon all of them that believed.’ There was no difference between whether they were of the house of Judah or the house of Israel, for all had sinned and come short of the Glory of god. Being justified. Now, I want you to understand what the process of God’s Grace was. God said, ‘I ordered and I control the Universe. Being God, I can do two things---but one thing I must do is to restore My people because I have invested them in this program and I must get everyone of them back. Number two--I must justify them and restore the Glory so that they might carry the honor of My household.’ The Apostle Paul tells you that in His name, in the Mighty name of YAHWEH, YAHSHUA and JESUS, THE WHOLE FAMILY IN HEAVEN AND EARTH IS NAMED. You are called Christians today because you have been identified with His embodiment.

Now, we point out that He said, ‘I will justify you.’ And justification means that in the mind of God, He has taken off of you the entire guilt complex and has lifted form you any essentialness of you having to have to pay an account for errors committed in the Adamic transgression and the process of influence upon you psychologically and personally. Thus in this instance, Justification is the result. God has evaluated the conditions the environment and the pattern. But in one tremendous act, He Justified the entire act of which you are a part.

Now, you say where does He say that? Well, ‘All Israel shall be saved, as it is written.’ Then over in the book of Romans, He established that He is fulfilling this and did fulfill this as the Apostle Paul reported. Justification means therefore, that there has been a price paid, that the Law has had a full satisfaction, that the wages of sin was death, therefore, God said, ‘I will assume in a physical body, the entire transgression. I will permit that body to pay that price for that atonement. And in so doing, I legally justify every last one of My people. The price has been paid and they are free. I do this in three different ways. First I buy the whole market out. (In otherwords, this whole process of buying and controlling the energies and powers of the Adamic race, and the souls of men,) I as a greater power, and with the purchase price, I have come in and bought the whole market.’---This is a rather significant thing, because in the Greek word for Redemption, the word Agroazo is used---meaning to purchase the whole market,---for a people who had been sold, had surrendered their consciousness in a moment of error. Thus they are in a mental bondage as tho they were bought and paid for and held in bondage until redeemed by the Redeemer. So the word in the Greek for the Redeemer talks about the process.

One of the parables of Jesus was that there was a precious treasure hid in the field. The field is the world, and the treasure hid in the world was His people, His Household. So it says that He bought the whole world to find this treasure hid in the field. So He paid in one tremendous act by volition of His own all, the requirements---by the extreme violation of law which would bring death---whether this was disintegration in one field or another---the most extreme penalty was death. Therefore, He said, ‘I pay the total price for this and I eliminate as an act of Justice by My substitution, by My authority as God, to have upheld, to change the course of everything and anything. And I have taken this course which I know to be the best.’ So in this instance, therefore, it says that we are justified freely by Grace, thru redemption which is by Christ Jesus who paid the price and purchased the whole market.

Now, in paying this price, the purchase which brings another word and this means to ‘buy out and close.’ This means that having purchased the market, you also closed the market which can never again be opened for this merchandise. The Greek word for this is Exagroazo. This means---I not only bought it, but I set you free, and I did it in one purchase. Now I have closed the market and never again can anyone barter for the souls of men. They can never come back upon My race and put any demand or judgement upon them by any standard of justice, or violation of principals, ever to be leveled against you. That means, my friends, no preacher or priest, or Ecclesiastical figure anywhere, by their pleasure, place any bondage upon your soul consciousness that you have to accept. Nor can any individual consign you to any areas of torture, or persecution, or permit you to go into such a situation because of some Ecclesiastical act that you did not perform. I want you to know that there is no dimension and no area for anything like this to exist for your race, which has no capacity to get into this anyhow. If we would stop worshiping devil gods like they have down in Africa, and see the full portrait of our Father, and find it manifested as Christ revealed Himself---we would have watched the greatest expanse in our civilization and culture that the world has ever seen.

Listen. Therefore we read here, ‘For whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation thru Faith, in His own blood, to declare His righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, thru the forbearance of God. To declare, I say at this time, His righteousness; that He might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.’ What the Apostle Paul said and what was more beautifully brought out in some translations was that God therefore reputed the righteousness of His own nature back unto His own sons who had the capacity to carry it, who at one time had been begotten in His own image and charged with His own life. He did this by His own act, by which He Justified His own people and said that everyone who had the capacity to believe, and did believe it, was automatically set free. He was no longer in superstition. And now they were all free. Lots of people are free and don’t know it. But as long as the bondage factor operates in the seat of their consciousness, they are just as much under a guilt complex and just as much bound down as tho they were still under the control of the darkness. We have a lot of people right here in our Christian nation, who have their brains sometimes captured by the thinking of the world order.

The world order has moved in with cunning to try to rewrite the standards of civilization and your culture and to disrupt the foundation and Constitution of your nation by transforming and abridging that Constitution by edicts, and making you accept those transitions as progress. But they are not progress or a development or a transition of righteousness becoming more bright. They are, my friends, the processed designed for your destruction.

Under these instances, there are a great number of good people, they are find people, they are good neighbors, they want to see well being for everyone, they want everyone to come into good times, but they have been taken over. And this process which has been destroying the nations of God’s Kingdom, if it were carried out, would destroy it. They have been told something that is the result of Ecclesiastical ignorance that all people are brothers and inter-related. Have the same capacities intellectually, until it is there job to absorb them and to stop all differences. They are told that the most terrible think in the world is being different. Today you are told if you are not a conformist, all poured in the same mold mentally and otherwise, then you are anti-social and you are dangerous. Therefore, we must bring everything down to sameness. Mediocrity is the first result and then degeneration is the next one. The reason why they are trying to do this, is that they cannot compete with the capacity of leadership of the Christian world. They cannot compete against the leadership of this race. They are not willing to be assisted by it. Thus they wish to bring it down to destroy it which was one of Lucifer’s designs from the beginning. Knowing that if he could seduce Adam and Eve and bring them down, and absorb their race, that the Kingdom would never grow.

Now, the factors involved in this situation are quite obvious today. For you have watched a great many people turn from the Great Heritage which was theirs, to automatically, but without any great thinking about it---just accept everything poured into their ears by radio, T.V. and newspapers about this brave new world---this responsible great new era which we are moving into.

Under this same pattern, you were told in the scriptures not to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You who have produced culture and civilization are now surrendering it unto the mongrolized program of mediocrity and degeneration.

Now, your nation and the great nations of God’s Kingdom, were established in the earth for a Divine purpose---to build His Kingdom. And His Kingdom is still going to perform its purpose. And God’s Grace as it relates to you was first to lift the guilt complex off of you, to first pay the price which eventually would be made manifest, because He has already paid the price which the wages of sin have produced. With that price paid, in the field where the transgression was sown, your race is to receive immortality and it will be restored as the illumination of your consciousness, your being is demonstrated as it is going to be. There is coming a day when your race puts back on immortality. One of the interesting things is that Scofield, in one of his notes concerning the atonement, had to write these word, not as a theologian. He said, ‘If the wages of sin are death and Christ paid for it, then it has never been necessary since His Resurrection for a believer to die.’ And somehow, they do not understand this. Because it has never been taught, the wave of Divine energy which is essential to carry out this objective, has been poorly poured out in a ‘latter rain’ of Divine energy, but it is going to be, for the ‘former rain’ came moderately---talking about the Divine energy necessary to adjust the thinking of the Apostles and to synthesize their consciousness for Divine purpose. You are told that the ‘Latter rain’ of this Divine energy is going to be greater than the first. And righteousness shall rain down upon men---as rain coming down out of the heavens on to those who have the capacity to receive this shall be charged dynamically, given great power, greater understanding. The Apostle Paul said that you shall be changed from light unto Light, and glory unto Glory until you conform to His image.

Listen. We turn once again to the book of Romans and it says that therefore we have not anything really to boast about. For when it talks about the removal of the areas of misconduct, and the elimination of fear and darkness, that as long as men are found in darkness and fear, as long as they carry the weigh of their transgressions upon them and worry about what will be the result when they have to face God, in the dimension of spirit. So God lifter that guilt complex from them and restored back the channels of inspiration and tells them to seek and find, and to knock and it shall be opened. And He will give you all the wisdom in which every avenue you pursue. And you shall being in the light and knowledge of His Kingdom. Unless men understand this, some men just live here to die. But some live here to build. You know some people are just living to die? They are just waiting and wondering how long it is going to be, whereas other people who have come to the full realization that there is a great task to be done, this is the important thing. And they are making plans that reach right out into the years. I talked to a man the other day who was 80 years of age and he was sharp and alert, and he was quite active. He was talking to me about a new home he was going to build. And he was talking about some land he was going to acquire and what he had in mind for the development of it and would take some time for some of these things he had in mind. I asked him how long he thought it would take to complete this project, and he said about twenty or thirty years. And I think the man may complete the project. A whole lot of this is in the attitude. If he thinks his grandchildren are going to finish it, he will never see the day.

You know, this process of Faith is a vital factor. When you can say, ‘I can look God in the face and not blush, when you can look God in the face and say I am Your son, and if there is anything wrong, then that is up to You. You paid for it, you removed the transgression. You control the destiny, You control the patterns of inspiration. I accept the finished work You have done. I accept the atonement that You have done. I am a free child.’ God said He had imputed His Righteousness unto you and accepted the fact that you are intelligent enough and have enough Faith to believe HIM.

Now, listen. There is another word for Redemption we find weaving its way not only in the book of Romans, but in other parts of Paul’s writings. This is of course, significant and it is the word ‘Luttro.’ It is most significant because it means to loose, to set free, in the areas of your consciousness, your awareness this setting free, that you are never to go back under bondage and fear again. God never wants you to have any fear in your relationship with HIM. No fear as you come to worship, no fear as you move out. But with that redemption you are to have faith. And you can call for spiritual intuition, for guidance, for the abiding presence, from that kind of knowledge which makes you step back from that moment of danger. That kind of knowledge which can give you the inspiration for the proper thought at the right time, for the advantage of the Kingdom. With this, is also the loosing, of all areas, the blocking out of Revelation all processes of fear, loosing never to be put back in bondage again. This is one of the reasons why, having a consummate atonement, there remains no further atonement. You can’t add to it or you can’t take away from it. There is not another sacrifice coming.

There is the process now of obedience to Divine Law with standards, with ethics and morality, which has been placed upon you in relationship to your intelligence. God believes that there is ample demonstration in these areas where we violate Divine Law, or we violate these processes that the impact of it is worthy of consideration. You are supposed to have enough intelligence now to see the processes of catastrophe and alter the course.

We point out to you that Salvation is the by-produce of consciousness and that it is adjusted by God’s spirit and you can’t boast that you did it. He wrought for you first these things. He lifted the fear complex, opened up the channels. And then by His spirit and the processes of His guidance, you are not to say, ‘in my works should I boast,’ but ‘by His Grace and that which He wrought I am free.’

Now, when a free man sees the disgrace and the catastrophe in society, he would be very intelligent to alter this course. When men discover how the manipulation of their society can produce depressions and place their society into the hands of unscrupulous money changers, he should be wise enough, and so should the Statesmen of that country to see that the laws of God are followed, and that this kind of abuse is not practiced. And they should never place themselves into the areas where mentality of these manipulators can for their own greed create these areas of crisis.

The nations of God’s Kingdom are under covenant and all they have to do is put their hands forth to HIM that He will not only bless them, but He will pour out such an abundance upon them that they will not be able to consume all the food they grow. Today, we watch this process of development and we discover that with the added intelligence and the awakening going on all the time, thru all the processes which we apply to understand that we produce so much food that we don’t know what to do with it, and instead of rejoicing in it, we are worried about it. Why? Because we have to translate this food into areas of profit for someone. And in this profit, there is nothing wrong with the production of food for use and for the increase to be used in areas wherein men might sustain themselves and have security for their household. But the food pattern---we watch it increase---we see more of it than we know what to do with. And now we are burdening ourselves with terrific taxes to pay them not to grow it.

Now, you know there is something wrong here. And this would not be true if we had not permitted the manipulators to violate the economy of God and step into the areas of handling your economy. Do you know what the scriptures says? You were not to let this pass out of the hands of your sons or your daughters and the worshiping of your God. For the moment that you do, they will shackle you. They cannot shackle your inner soul, but they will shackle your pocketbook if you let them. The laws of God have never been abolished. The Grace of God did not put the law aside. The Grace of God removed form you the penalties and the curses which had been earned for in the seat of your consciousness for the violations of these laws. But the violation of law is still reaped in the area where it is sown. If a nation violates Divine Law, the progression in mathematics attached to that violation will finally catch up to them. The only think they can then do is to restore the whole system and wipe out the areas of accumulating judgement. As far as the process of violation of biological laws are concerned, you cannot continue to consume substances which are poison to your system and not become sick. You may know about the Grace of God, and that God can heal your sickness and hear your appeal, but when you become smart enough to know what is making you sick, then keep on eating the things that make you sick, this is your fault. God isn’t mad at you, but this is a part of the process that we see so many times. People are trying to relate all the things that happen to something that God did as a direct act because He was angry or He was displeased.

Now, God does talk about His displeasure with those who would harm the nations of His Kingdom. He talks about Lucifer and all of his offspring and all the demonic forces with him, to a chastening and a complete reorganizing experiencing. But HE is going to defeat him and HE is going to break his power, and HE is going to demonstrate before all the world that there is no evil which can triumph over you. I want you to know that this goes to the very last point of the last extension of thought. There is one thing about God and that is that it goes out to the absolute. When God says that Lucifer is not going to triumph over good, HE means that he is not going to have one triumph. And when it is all over, then evil is not going to say that we upset God just a little bit. They are not even going to be able to say, ‘Well, we cost Him one Archangel.’ No, even that Archangel, when he comes out of the Shekinah purifying force, which he will go thru in the ages to come, will get down and worship at the feet of the Father. He will no longer be the devil or Satan, but Lucifer, your servant, an Archangel serving the household of the family. Even he will be restored to his place.

I listened to someone trying to equate what he thought was fair and not fair. And he said, ‘It would never be fair, after all the things this dark Archangel had caused for those who associated with him. It would never be fair for theology to get him back to where he was.’ But why wouldn’t it be fair for God to do anything He wants to do, because He is God? What would be better throughout the course of time, to see people never to be adjusted to God and the Universe kind of lopsided, because parts of it were out of adjustment with God? And someone had to admit that it was beyond our ability to reach. God is absolute. There is nothing that He cannot reach. There is no area of the Universe that can stay out of adjustment and at cross purposes in time. We often think in terms of three score years and ten. And even in terms of a millennium or two back to Christianity and its origin or we may go back another 5000 years to Adam’s origin and we limit this as to a long, long time. Then we start to compute the vastness of Eternity, and the tremendous time elements in the sidereal systems and the Milky Way. And we start to compute these patterns which relate to us and the Universe and we discover that the time we thought which has been so long, is not really that long at all, as it relates to our experiences in the earth. And that God was not slowing anything down, He was just carrying it out with minute detail, as He carries everything out with.

Great nations of God’s Kingdom must recognize that they are free. I point out to you that even as it relates to the world order, that He did not come into the world to condemn it. He came into the world to deliver it from its error. Thus, we read in the 3rd chapter of the Gospel of St. John, that God sent this His embodiment of Himself, into the world not to condemn the world but that the world thru Him, might be adjusted. We point out over in the book of Romans that we can prove therefore, that God was able to carry this out and that it was finished when He made this declaration. Come over to this position in the 5th chapter of Romans and wherein He had just told us that by one man, transgression came in. Therefore, by this embodiment of God as the Second Adam, was taken out, by one man’s offense death reigned, and by one man’s death life is going to reign. ‘By one man many were made transgressors, but by one man’s righteousness, many have been given Eternal Life without transgression and without offense.’ In this instance again, this only relates then to who? It relates to all those who were under the law, the House of Israel and the House of Judah. And the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. In this instance, the next verse talks about the fact that in this law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, which makes me free of the law of sin and death, the agency of Divine Light and energy which is in God’s spirit, is also in you. This is the process of restoration under His Grace. And pertaining to your race, this is the reason why the Apostle Paul, in the book of Corinthians, said, ‘We have not the spirit that is in the world, we have the spirit which is out of God.’ This spirit knows all the things of God and points out all those things, and makes all those things known to us. ‘I speak unto you,’ he said, ‘mysteries hidden since the foundation of the world, now to be made known unto your Glory.’ But these are mysteries that the world cannot receive or understand in this era or time. Thus the Apostle marks again the difference in the origin of your household.

Now, everyone of the covenants which are written in this book, everyone of those covenants relate to the people of the Adamic race. And from the days of Abraham on down, have related especially to this household. Therefore, the household of Israel and the household of Judah, the people who made up these scriptures today, make up all of Christendom, only divided into these two branches---the people of Germany and the people who make up the background of Judah in their prophecies, and in the background of their destinies, the migrating people, are Christian people and they make up all the great Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian, and to the other branch of the House of Israel---the Grace of God has reached out to them. When he says, ‘I give then Eternal Live and they shall never perish,’ he means that HE gives it to them.

Now, we read the words of the Apostle Paul and he says, ‘I want you to know that you cannot earn, you cannot buy. There is nothing that you can do individually that would purchase for you what God has given you by His own Grace.’ Because how would you ever pull back up into a condition where you were enveloped in light and energy which you rated and then lost a long time ago? God said, ‘I will restore this.’ The Apostle Paul so understood this that he said, ‘I am not waiting to die.’ In the book of Corinthians, he said, ‘I am not waiting to die, but I am waiting to put on this envelopment of light which I once owned in the heavens. That this mortal light put on immortality, and that I might be swallowed up in light.’

I tell you this afternoon, that this is most significant. There is a light for your consciousness which is important to make you aware of the relationship and self-respect and Divine purpose as to what you must do. This is not only a Christian nation from the day of its conception, but from the first President of these United States, right on down to our present time, the White House has never had any ceremony of any pagan religion conducted in it until April of this year. I point this out to you. I hold here in my hands a copy of the ‘Jewish Voice’ Los Angeles, and Washington. The first ‘Bar Mitzvah’ in the White House was celebrated in April by Jimmy Fellman, the son of Mr. Fellman who is the Israeli advisor to Mr. Kennedy of the New Frontier. And as such is one of the Jewish Echelon around him. Thus here I read, ‘The quiet dignity of America’s first Bar Mitzvah to have its conformation in the White House, settled over the building. When they got thru, they were dancing this Jewish dance. And in the discussion of what transpired, were the names of all that were there form Justice Goldberg on down. And the list of names read like those of the list who are trying to disarm us and send us into a socialist world. But here the White House packed with Jews, danced all night long. And other politicians were forced to come in and join in this for fear of their jobs and their appointments. And this article says that the Jews were very happy because they had this event in the White House. With understandable pride, they looked on this occasion as to the gain for Jews in America. That just meant that never before had we had anyone so low in the White House as we have today. This is a conformation for a Jewish young man into an area where he assumes his full responsibility in this Jewish conspiracy for world power. It is not just Ecclesiastical structure, because their background of Sadduceeism today, because this is reincarnationism and it has no part nor lot with the scripture.

I point out that their design is to take all they can get and pass it on in their reincarnating cycle without any thought that they are going to gain control of all the wealth in the world. In this instance, however, it points out to you here in Christian America, that unless Christendom becomes awakened, they will never know the error. Commenting on this, a minister said, ‘This just shows how we are advancing in fellowship. That we are recognizing our common Jewish Christian heritage.’ It does not mean that at all. It just means that the President is so taken over by a bunch of Jews, that he does what they want and he brought a pagan, Babylonian Talmud ceremony into the White House. For this, he should be forced to leave and all those who are with him.

Remembering last week that the President told you that irrespective of what happens, whoever attacks Israeli, or whatever trouble Israeli gets into, we will arise to defend her with the armed forces of the United States. You do not have to go. We want you to understand this. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO. THIS IS A FIRM POLICY. In all the conventions across the United States now associated with us, that we are firmly willing to defend these United States against all her enemies domestic and foreign. We are willing to fight Communism anywhere in the world. We recognize that whether this is defensive or to overthrow that evil, that we are firmly in support and willing to help overthrow Communism in any situation militarily or otherwise, anywhere in the world. To defend our nation against anyone who would attack us, but for everyone who is associated with our congregations who has the right to assume within the structure of our faith, that you are a conscientious objector and have a right to utterly refuse to take up arms to fight for Israeli or Jews anywhere in the world, for they are against Christ and His Kingdom and against Christian civilization now or at any time. There is nothing that will descent upon these people that they have not sown by their own actions. The hostility to the Arab States traces back to the time when they occupied Palestine and the procedures that they used, the massive viciousness of their own continued warfare against all the people of the Middle East. Their harassments, their gun boats on the Sea of Galilee, and their planes over Egypt and other places are justification enough for these countries to want to exterminate the one country which says that we are going to swallow all this area up in the very near future. But for you and me to stick our neck into a position like this, is a very foolish thing. And I tell you as Christians you are literally conscientious objectors. You supply this position to the church that we will not support the enemies of Christ, the portrayers of Communism, this great social evil. Backed by the position that Mr. Kennedy has given them, that they will create more and more problems. And start more wars for you to fight. And you will be surprised at who is making all the profit out of those wars, while you are fighting their battles.

The time has come to say NO. All of these things relate to our time. And it is important that we think clearly and accurately concerning this matter. God has bestowed upon you ‘Greatness.’ He has bestowed greatness upon the world by establishing His Kingdom. These are the areas of Divine favor which many do not earn but God provides. He has also provided for you an area of responsibility. And He has given you this responsibility as put into the consciousness of your race that you must cleanse this Kingdom until no Cainanites remain in the House of God, and the powers of darkness are cast out.

One of the areas of thought which we will talk about tonight, is this standing by of Divine assistance. Never has this been so significant and important. Out of DeCoursey’s writings this past week, he is considered one of the most efficient analysts of news. And he said, ‘I happen to know that the devil is walking the earth in a human body and is organizing his kingdom to wipe out Christianity.’ He tells you, ‘I may not be alive next month, if I publish this issue, but here goes.’ We will have much to say tonight about the strange strategy of the enemy to now bring together quickly this program. But as children of faith, you must understand and know that added to all your endeavor, will be spiritual power and the absolute assurance that there is sufficient strength and power to intervene in your behalf. When you understand this and know how to apply it, you may be amazed at what transpires. Altho they do not realize that it is as close as it is. The world is being shaken today by the Communist world into full relationship. Red China and Russia are apparently burying the hatchet for full coordination along one major line for the overthrow of all non-Communist countries. You may read this today, in all the major newspapers and news flashes which came from Europe and from China itself. Or whether they would replace Khrushchev, himself, and move toward Red China, itself and step up the plans for the assurance which comes to me that no harm can come to the Kingdom of God. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. In this I have greater confidence than in man’s covenants.

(End of sermon)