America - Ancient, Modern And Future, 8-16-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-16-64

As we turn to the subject of America, we find it has its place in prophecy. It has its place in ancient history, in Bible history and in our time, both the ancient and the tomorrows which God has in store. We are not working in the dark because we have the word of God with its related references. We have the great panorama of the record of history which men have left. Archaeological records which date back for thousands of years are not available. And in this great age in which we live, with its science and technology moving out of the areas of inspiration form these people of the MOST HIGH GOD among your race, has not only been able to measure and to understand, but now to probe back and back in history. But the whole ancient story is now coming together as the history of the earth and of the nations which existed upon the very continents.

When we talk about this great nation, we are faced with the fact that our heritage is upon a land which is very ole and very ancient even as it relates to human habitation. There are a great number of things which we will not even have time to begin to discuss tonight. But when we talk about the antiquity of this continent as it relates to human occupation, it is one of the oldest spots on the face of the earth inhabited by civilizations and cultures. Tremendous work which has been done over the last 25 to 30 years, especially in the Southern United States and down in Central and South America in the last 15 years had added greatly to this. And has unearthed the antiquity of many civilizations. Also it has thrown a great light on the background of things which have happened historically in North America as well as in South America, especially as it relates to the nations and their peoples and the movement of these people. Thus, when we talk about America, we go back to the depth of its antiquity. We know that ancient writers in Greece knew about and had traditions and history concerning a land that was beyond the land which went beneath the waters. Thus among some of the ancient philosophers and writers of ancient Greece, they talked about this continent beyond the Saturanian continent of Atlantas in which they tell exactly about the antiquity of that continent. They even told _______(Solon) in his day, how long it had been since this continent went down and how it left the waters between their land and this great land to the Westward, now beyond the waters of this sunken continent, as they called it.

These United States today resting in North America, tied to South America with the Central American link, are a part of territory so old that among the oldest links we have today are to be found when we probe the depth of the surface. When the oil well drilling in Montana, or down in what is called the Four Corners area in New Mexico---when drilling down below the pre-Cambrian formation, they came up with artifacts of the dwellers which have been upon this continent. And there were ceramics, some are painted, some have plants and pictures on them. But the ceramic and particles of them are found. Of these artifacts coming up some of them are very interesting because some have been spear heads, some are arrow heads, some are very delicately formed. We have also brought up pieces of metal that has been formed as instruments of various kinds. Among them of course, is the historical gear that came from pre-Cambrian depths in the uplifts of Montana. This demonstrates that this great gear with the fulcrum lever on the side was apparently made on this gear as we would put the attachment on a gear in our time for the lifting of some piece of machinery for a special purpose. But this came out of an oil well core and it exists today. It is not deformed. There is no part of it that is not in good shape. It proves that in the days before the pre-Cambrian seas washed across that part of Montana, that there were intelligent beings who had machinery. This, my friends, was a long time period to estimate. And we can no longer tell because we run out of radio carbon activity. We run out of the ability to determine in the materials beneath it, just how old this might be. Geology has by stratus, set of course, as in both the Grand Canyon and in the mountains of the Yellowstone, tremendous layers of measure of the stratification. And we can well establish 600,000 years and 800,000 years back in time. And in the Grand Canyon there are places where we have over one million years of stratification. More than this, ancient measures have been used for the computing of the formations of substance and sub-stratifications and have given them periods of well beyond millions of years ago.

Of course, there are those geologists who with complete authority, tell us that the pre-Cambrian seas washed the earth one billion five hundred million years ago. But they have never quite satisfied me that they know accurately how to determine time elements at such distances. But we are going to settle for the fact that there is no question about the fact of the pre-Cambrian seas washing the earth. This part of it, well over a million years ago. And thus over a million years ago people on this continent left a bronze gear. And if we could get down there and dig around in that particular layer where it came up, we might find a lot of things. I would just point out that there were people upon this continent which we live on ages and ages ago. Now, of course, there has been a lot of work done recently such as the gathering by the work of specialists concerning the people we know as Indians, this name they have been called from the Columbus era to our time. Also the work which has been done from the days of Niven unto the work of a great number of the modern archaeologists concerning Central America and South America. And of course the history we have of America since the coming of the White man. Among those volumes, are those put out by the Chicago University talking about Indians before Columbus. Even the National Geographic most colorful volume on the Indians,---in it they go back to the Incas and the pre-Inca civilization. And when we talk about the Incas, I think it is important for you to know that 15,000 years ago, the great cities of Tiahuanacu and others were formed. But when these cities were built they were not high up in the Andes Mountains. But were just a little above sea level which is evident by surrounding territory. And in the lower hills from the high summits of the Andes are found sea shells and sand, showing this area had been elevated to great heights. In fact, these cities later occupied by the Incas were elevated to the heights they now hold about 11,000 to 14,000 years ago. So you learn a bit as to how old cities were in South America. And since W.W. II, radio carbon has been put to the debris of some of these cities, and you find that when the last of the mountains went up, it was about 11,00 to 12,000 years ago. As this uplift occurred, it covered some of the buildings and cities beneath them leaving sheer walls of Granite with part of a city below and part on top. Radio carbon checks out pieces of furniture and materials buried in the cities and we come up with 11,000 years to 12,000 years ago, showing changes of events in the mighty uplifts which took place. The antiquity of the furniture, the time when the uplifts came or took place, can be established today.

So it is that we know more about these areas than any previous period in time and history. Thus before your race was upon this earth, long before the days of Adam whose history we can set at 5400 B.C., approximately, by the time of the Exodus, this continent had a thriving civilization upon it. People are very prone to say, ‘of course this civilization was very prone to be savage, after all those that roamed the world at that time were savages.’ But I am inclined to think as the great German archaeologist and anthropologist Baron Humbolt, that this is not true. He was studying carefully the headwaters of the Orinoco, and the Amazon River, and some of the strange curios that they possessed and ancient treasures which they seemed to have hoarded, which were not of their own making. And also made a study of these people and the background areas of their race until he was to say that it was quite obvious that savagery is not where this starts. Instead it starts form civilizations and cultures which catastrophes upset and destroyed or struggles and wars which set it adrift. And these people then had to ream always from these centers, and lacked the technicians who produced and made the things which sustained their societies. Savages are a degeneration, or a destruction which is an outgrowth that destroyed ancient civilization by catastrophe. He said savages are not evolving, they are degenerating form the periods of high civilization which had preceded their savagery, and being cut adrift. He talks about how he has studied all areas of savage tribes and groups which he could put together from information gathered of those he could get to, altho there are many unexplored areas as well.

In this instance, the opinion seems to be of many experts who studied Indian backgrounds and traditions, and the migrations of people upon this planet that at one time they had ancient civilizations which at one time they had been cut adrift from. And in the instances of upheavals and catastrophes they had gone into what we call nomadic savagery. There is a lot which seems to be true of this because there is no way to study the history of this continent without studying the fact that there was a continent to the east of it and a continent to the west of it. And some of those ancient peoples were residue of people from these continents. And thus have their records and their indication s of this in their own ancient history. Also we know that there were land bridges left after the sinking of the land masses to the west that were across the Bering Strait. And almost the last of those are gone except for two major islands up in the Straits today. And when we discuss this bridge we find that migrations were attributed to this. And are still attributed to the fact that before this land bridge broke then some of the peoples of Asia crossed into Alaska and came on down into North America. This helps to make up the migrations of its ancient history.

I think it rather interesting that we can come now to a time period for the antiquity of some of the civilizations and history of ancient America. Because in the instances of the records we can go back to ancient records as well as the finding of modern scientists today for our facts. For instance, there seems to be a complete record from both the Islands of Japan as well as form Asia concerning the fact that this land to the west of America was largely called Mu. And the rulers of it were called Ra-My. And that the land was the land of the God of the Universe who was the light of the world. That Mu was called the Land of the Sun, and was once known as the land of the Great God of Light.

The peoples of India said this was the land which Indra had established. That Indra was the God over all White men who were HIS children, the Aryans who came into their land. In their own Vedic writings, later they talked about the fact that the great land where now the Pacific Ocean is, was once the land of Indra’s Ra-My, or where kings of Indra ruled over the earth. More than that, we note that in some of the areas of various Isles, that we have today, they talk about this also being Pan-Mu. They refer to one fact that one of the later gods who came was the god Pan. That there was a great struggle and mighty wars and people were torn between the worship of the God of Light and this great new Dragon god, and of all of his orders. Strangely enough the violations of Divine Law, the mongrelization and mutation, and the brutishness which was involved, produced the goat-gods, the Minitar, the half-man beast gods of bestiality and evil. And with them came the name Pan. The continent to the westward of us now beneath the ocean became known as the land of the Pan-god altho the word Mu also still stands out. The word Ya-Pan meant the god Pan. And it was this land of Ya-Pan, one of the high points like Easter Island, and other islands of the Pacific, which remained above the surface of the ocean when that continent went down.

Now, I think it rather significant because I am going to turn here for several pieces of evidence in this matter. We find here in the records which go back to the Toronco manuscripts which are some of the oldest which we have, and which were unearthed in the Mayan civilization and have been translated. And inside of the Mayan civilization records, it talks very plainly concerning this great land, of how the fire broke out of its mountains, and how the continent split and fell beneath the waves. And how they used to travel across this far continent and of the lands which were there. They tell of how they were also a part, as was Ra-Mu’s land, of this great continent which went beneath the waters. In this great manuscript it tells of how the great volcanoes were set in operation because of the anger of the gods. Then tells how the land broke up and the water rushed in and the great catastrophes came. That continent then went down into the lake of fire,--into the pit. Actually, what they saw was the volcanic eruptions and great catastrophes that swallowed up that land.

We point out that in the records concerning the time element that is involved in this, that we have a rather interesting record for way back when the famous archaeologists over in Troy was unearthing the great and ancient areas of Troy, he found records there which also referred to Atlantas. Referred to the lands which had gone down beneath the waters, referred to it as the land from which the ancient Egyptians came. But in these records in the ancient manuscript of ancient Mayans and Yucatan, these are estimated to be about 3000 years old as to the carbon testing of the manuscripts. And the extracts of this manuscript tells about the land, how it was sacrificed and how it then went down. And the number of the people that it gives is about 64 million who went down at that time. I think it also interesting that the dates of the dynasties given for that civilization when the land went down is about 50,000 years ago. That doesn’t mean, however, that this was when all the land went down. For we have records of about 200,000 years of civilization which existed, which was connected with those old civilizations in North, South and Central America.

Just out of Mexico City, 21 miles, an archaeologist found the levels of three different civilizations. And as they went down in the diggings of each of these civilizations, thru the artifacts of these people, the end of the radio carbon dating measure and fluorene replacement and the stratification factors which were involved, would demonstrate that the lave patterns which helped to cover them and the time element of the catastrophe would demonstrate or show without a doubt that 200,000 years ago, there were cities that had been built with architecture and temples. And with people living in them in Mexico at that time. This happens to be one of the oldest pieces of recorded construction and building which had civilization in the Western world.

In tracing back the history as the National Geographic history now shows with carbon replacement by fluorene, that they have dug up so called Indians, their fossils and fossil bodies. And classified some of them as being Mongols, some of them not being Mongols, but of a later period. But they go back as far as 39,000 years. So we have American Indians living in sort of a tribal live, having also implements, demonstrating that they must have had some areas of trade with higher civilizations, because buried with these Indians are artifacts with a date going back to the 39,000 year point. They had implements made with metal and if they didn’t have the process to make them, they knew where to trade to get them.

I think it rather significant that in the dating for instance, of this continent which had subsided to the westward, we should point out both Japan and China have dates for this in their history. In Japan they have the dynasties for this land which plunged beneath the waters and those records whose 18,000 for the late dynasties in their years for this land of which Japan was a part. This is where the Sumara came form. So the Sumara warriors of Japan talk about the dynasties and their kings and their land destroyed by the great catastrophe with fire and with earth upheaval which left just the mountain tops as islands above the sea. But their records in their dynasties have them as 18,000 years ago for this catastrophe.

This is also a rather significant thing for we also have the history of an ancient people in China. This is the ancient Ching dynasties. They talk about the fact that their motherland had gone down beneath the waters and how they had built new civilizations to the northward.

We haven’t time to go into all the facets of that tonight. But I want you to know that according to the measure of the peoples that were involved, that a great number of people who existed in the American continents came from the land which went down to the westward, while others had come from the land which went down to the eastward. In the histories and archaeology findings high up in the Andes, is a record which enveloped the continents to the east and to the west. And history to tell what happened to the land to the eastward had to be written 11,000 years ago, because it has been 11,500 years ago according to ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian history since the descent of Atlantas. If I had the time, I could give you a chronology measure of history which shows how many years back to a certain king and how many years forward which proves when that land went down. And of course radio carbon tests on furniture buried at the great upheavals when the Andes Mountains went up proves that this is true for that particular time.

There are great numbers of emblems and significantly there is one thing we find about these most ancient people in this continent. This was that they worshiped ONE GOD out of the center of the Universe. And they believed that HE was Master of the earth. That HE was a God of Light. They understood this much, the same as you do. And they had the symbol that HE was Spirit, soul and body, and that HE could live in three dimensions or more. They knew that HE had children who were children of Light. And they knew they were children of the Spirit. They knew that at times they could be seen. But at other times they were not visible. This was all in their ancient tradition. So in the background of these ancient people, we know that they built cities, they worshiped ONE GOD and the catastrophe which destroyed their civilization came with the Luciferian rebellion which fits into Biblical history. And the great contest for the thoughts of men, resulting in the situation where they descend into immorality, corruption, degeneration, mongrelization, integration, which brings the end of their civilization. The judgements which fell, bear complete testimony both by archaeology, by remnants of these various people found, and by the long chain of connections with their emblems, the background of their theology and of their religion.

One thing we point out is that the high Incas who lived in the Inca civilization, have lived upon lands and temples built ages before them. They made some modifications. They adopted for their own use, but they couldn’t overthrow or disturb the writings and the history which was so much before them. Of course, it wasn’t just the hieroglyphics or even their own crude writings above it, but it is the record in great historical patterns that can be translated and understood today. Of course, if one knows the background of the ancient ‘Book of the Dead,’ one understands that a great amount of this story is the story of things which happened as whole continents went down. It was sort of a memorial to the people who died in the catastrophe as well as a story of how they migrated and how they moved and what their destiny was to be. Involved in it are certain things in history which run right up to our time or the Adamic race, or the coming of the White man. But these things are interwoven. They are the histories of dynasties that are ancient as well as contemporary, as well as later Egyptian history. Menethos, the high priest of Egypt talks about the sinking of the great continent which was to the eastward of what we now call the United States. And tells how the people of ancient Egypt had migrated from there and how they had finally found themselves settling in the fertile crescent of Egypt after crossing the Verdant plains of North Africa. Coming up to more relative contemporary periods, we find out that in the last 2000 years the history which is closer to the events of our times become quite important. The Mayans in the Yucatan, where these great cities and mighty altars were built had a knowledge of almost all the Biblical records of everything which had happened in Bible tradition from the days of Adam and the struggle with the Luciferian Serpent, who was also in their own background right on down unto the periods of the Kings of Israel.

Now, it is a rather interesting thing, for how did they get these traditions? Well, among them were the ‘Queechie.’ And these were tall White men who arrived so they said, in great birds which sailed the seas. In otherwords, the ships of the Phoenicians which were the ships of Dan, had carried across the waters in the period of 800 to 760 B.C. a part of the tribe of Manasseh which the Bible tells us went to sea in ships. They went in the ships of Dan. And they came into Central America. And here were the Mayans, not warlike, except in the gathering of their victims for sacrifice for around about. And actually, this was obtained without any military operation. The high priests of Mayan theology now worshiping the Serpent forms, and the powers of darkness, had human sacrifices. Whereas otherwise they were a quiet people with an ancient culture and art. They were remembering things out of an antediluvian background. But when the White man came, they thought these men were very gods, and received them as the sons of the ancient Gods of space. And they listened to them. The impact of these Manasseh people, your kinsmen, and relatives, was to get the Mayans to turn at least partially to the worship of the Eternal God once more---the one you know as our Father, the Eternal YAHWEH. So in this way, in this instance they added to their history all the things these White men taught them.

From the beginning of the Adamic race, right on down to the events that transpired, even to the Exodus, and right on into the period of some 1400 years before Christ, they had this history inside of their areas of history. More than this, we have other interesting things connected with this. Down in the later Toltec civilizations, which were also high in architecture and knowledge in Central America, and also in Southern Mexico, we find they had this same knowledge. Strange as it seams, there was built up by the influence of these White men whose intermarrying with the Mayan, but retained their old custom of segregation, but by their influence, they built up once again a belief in the One Great God of the Heavens.

Now there was also a white, or very light group of Mayans and they produced a large part of the priesthood which has been a part of the ancient civilization. But they were not the Caucasian type. Even tho, called the white Mayan. There was no fusing to speak of by these sons of Manasseh and the Mayans, but the Manasseh people did multiply and they did increase. And they did rule over the peoples of the land. They were soon accepted as the great and mighty representatives of the God of the deep blue sky.

Now, it is rather interesting to also look at the Aztec civilization. And I want you to know that students of archaeology tell us that the Aztec did not build those Aztec cities. The Aztecs of Mexico and the remnant of the Aztec which we have today, were not the builders of those great Aztec cities.

There are practically no tribes of Mexican Indians today who do not find themselves mixed with Mongol and Tartar blood. In fact, there exists in the history of the ancient Mayans and Aztec, stories of their battles. And prior to the present Aztec which was fused with Tartar blood, there had existed those that had built these cities now called ‘The Aztec cities,’ and between the creation of these old Aztec cities, and their pyramid temples, and their symbols of initiation there had come a wave of Mongols. This particular group were Chinamen of the high stature. They came across apparently in the upper areas of the Bering Straits in great numbers into North America. And in later periods of history, they came on down into what we know as Central America. They not only wages a war against the people of the land, but apparently they had conquered some of the Aztec cities. Then a wave of White leadership with tribes of the people overthrew them.

Just out of Mexico City, in one of the temples unearthed which had been a part of this period, not only examined these warriors who were not of great height were found. But when they examined these warriors, it was found that they were Chinamen and true Mongols. And on them were necklaces of pure Green Jade. The Green Jade was strictly Chinese Jade. It was not like the Green high Jade found along the coast of California, which had washed across the ocean and rolled and tumbled on our beaches. It wasn’t the type of Jade found anywhere in America. It was Asiatic Chinese Jade. And these warriors had weapons and the remnants that were left. And those buried in the catastrophe which buried this city, demonstrated that for a while, in this place some of the artisans were of Chinese origin. Across the Steppes of Asia, across the Bering Straits, there had come waves of Mongol warriors. These Mongol warriors were with high cheek bones, like unto the high Steppes ancient Tungus people.

The ancient cities of the Tungus man and the Turanian man had been scattered from the high Steppes of Asia down into Mesopotamia. They would lay the ground work for the Assyrian people who emerged out of them. And of course, in this continent they moved around in war-like bands. Some of them had actually built cities and some of them were cities built in areas ever of the northern parts of California, and up into Oregon. Here they had set up with the exact same formation the same type of Urk huts they used to have up in the Siberian mountains and the great Steppes of Asia. Only now, they thatched them with mud, and thatched them with brush. But here we find whole mounds with the remnants of emblems of these ancient warriors, their symbols, their jewelry, their materials, showing that they had come out of Asia.

Now we note that among the peoples who make up America, we have the Indian tribes who were here in the days of Columbus, and in the days when Cortez made his historic and famous mark across the southern portions of the United States, and into Mexico and eventually down to the land of the Incas. Nothing is more interesting to a student of history than to read the records of the priests who traveled with Cortez trying to make converts out of these people. Their diaries are among some of the most important records of early America. In face, I have in my library, one of these diaries by one of these priests. And it is a whole diary of one of these Conquistadores and his whole company crossing America and also going way deep down into the Andes Mountains. One of these things they were looking for were the seven cities of Cibola--- seven cities in New Mexico built by White men who ruled over ancient Aztec civilizations. They had built these cities which held great treasures of gold. They were well known in the ancient world. But the traditions of these cities were 300 years older than the time of Cortez, as to the time the visitors had been there. And their forbearers had told them the stories of these cities. And thus hearing of them, then Cortez began his search for them. Actually a volcanic eruption which took place in Lincoln County covered these cities over with tremendous layers of volcanic material. This is why Cortez was never able to find them. For they were buried under layers of volcanic eruption, that took place in that period of time. But about 700 years ago, these great cities of civilization which had been described by Indian records, cultures and traditions, were destroyed.

This however, wasn’t so unusual for the mountain chain from the Great Lakes to Oklahoma City, and on into New Mexico, went down in the days of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This mountain chain was swallowed up in great earthquakes which were almost unequaled until it put everyone in the Expedition in a state of terror. They said mountains were swallowed up and hills disappeared before them. This is a part of the history of what transpired even in our own Colonial history.

So in the instance of this, when Columbus arrived, he called everyone, Indians, because he was trying to reach India by sailing West. He thought when he hit the American continent, (altho fortunate for us he hit further south,) but he thought he had hit India when it was only in the Indies. Spain of course, was of the tribe of Simeon and they were explorers. And as the scripture says Simeon was one of the houses of your race, and when Jacob gave his blessing to Simeon, whose people became the Spanish people, then Jacob said he would be one of these explorers. But also Simeon was supposed to be cruel, and would never be deterred from his objective. The fact is that Simeon Spain controlled the Indies for years. And due to the fact that its religious impact had been under the control of great areas of superstition, the areas which the Spanish settled in the Indies of the Caribbean, never advanced as far as areas which were colonized by the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic areas of colonization.

Now, we point out that when Columbus arrived, he thought these people were natives of India, and it has stuck ever since. But it is also rather a significant thing that some 1200 years ago, there were migrations out of Scandinavia. Flag ships of the Norsemen with their great Dragon heads and Eagle heads had spanned courageously the North Atlantic. They sailed across the northern passages to Greenland then on to hit Canada. And finally sailed up the St. Lawrence River. From there they sent expeditions out over the country. And in many instances, they decided to build stockades and small cities. Apparently some twelve migrations of these ships sailed into the settling sun from Scandinavia. This only demonstrates their Israelitish origin. But like a part of Manasseh, who had gone out 800 years before the birth of Christ, they also went westward. In fact, some of them even managed to return and to tell the story so that more ships came. They built their cities and set up their stockades. Actually along the Great Lakes, they set up foundries which we find remnants of today. In these foundries, they beat the iron ore which they found along the Great Lakes into great new axes, battle axes, and mighty swords. It is a part of history that the Indians were amazed when they saw these Norsemen with their great blades of iron, as they saw their swords and their weapons. In fact, they laid siege to these cities and did not challenge these Norsemen in open battle. But with their arrows, they would snipe at them as they came our of their cities for supplies and materials. When winter was coming and they saw that they would not be able to return to their homes, to their home base, at one of these cities, they took their great long Dragon ships which of course were manned by many oarsmen and sails, and they opened up the petcocks and filled them with rocks and sank them in the clear waters of the St. Lawrence River. They intended to raise them in the spring and go back to where they came from. But for the winter, so that no one could disturb them, they sand their ships in the water. But the whole colony then was wiped out by the Indians, and those ships were never raised, until just a few years ago when archeologists discovered them up their and raised them. And today some of those ships are in almost perfect condition altho they were under water almost 1200 years.

Now, among the waves of these White men who came, realizing they could not stand against the great new syndicate of Indians which were joining together, for the Asiatic Indians and Mongol tribes which reached out into the plains Indians, now joined to attack these cities of the Norsemen. Long before the days of the English colonies and long before the day of Columbus, their struggle was intense. But the Indians did not fight at night, therefore, giving them a brief rest. So these Scandinavian people moved out at night, went nomad and left their cities in the night. Went in bands into the forest going tribal so that their society could become more fluid. But from the history of the Delaware, the Mohican, the Pequots, the Narragansets, and even those form which Pocahantas came, were part of these Scandinavian people. They existed for some time as tribal groups living as tribal bands.

There existed in the days that followed a people who came to build a society like that which they had at home. Who intended to live as their Norse background indicated. But they found that they could not do it. Their cities were ruined. They were forced into what you might call enforced savagery. But they did retain concepts of the Great Spirit. They did retain the symbols, the stories and the records of their background. And thus, they had much of the Old Testament concept of history, especially as we see the same conditions which existed in their theology as it did in northern Europe at the time of and prior to the impact of Christianity, and the great expansion in Scandinavia.

It is rather interesting to note that the Mohican, the Narraganset, the Delaware, were totally White tribes, as were a great number of tribes we will not name tonight, because of the time factor involved. Many of the sub-tribes out of these people were white tribes who had gone native. Their skins became tan, but it was noted that with these particular tribes, the Delaware especially, that as the treaties were made with them, that as they threw back their tunics, their chests were as white as the white settlers with whom they made their agreements. And after Pocahantas became a bride of John Smith and was taken to England, her blue eyes and fair hair, and her skin, which soon became fair, was an amazement to the Court of England, until they said this woman must have come from White people. This was of course, a part of the story of the impact of you race which is the Adamic race, whose history is not too old upon this continent. The impact started about 800 B.C. and then again in a period about 1200 years ago followed up by the later settling of the English. It brought the Scandinavians, the Germans, and the French, and of course the Spanish to North America which produced the history you know as the colonization of these United States.

It is rather significant that in the South, the White strain of leadership remained. Remember at one time that Austria had decided to build a great dynasty down in Mexico. Then of course, in the days of Montezuma, they were going to establish the aristocrat in Mexico, bringing forth an aristocracy. And they almost made it. The history of events which transpired belong to a temporary era, but they were sitting on the remnants of an ancient society. A people ruled by flying deity Quetzal Coatl---the flying serpent. And the worship of Quetzal Coatl is the worship of all the symbolism of the rebellious deity--or Luciferian force.

We point out that the influence of the White man on this continent as well as elsewhere, has been tremendous. In the stories of the Toltecs, we find that the Mongol Tartars who marched down across the Steppes and fought their way south in the western parts of the United States, wanted these Golden cities. They waged war by a new type of gas-warfare. They knew about sulphur and knew how to use it. Thus sulphur fumes choked many of the Mayans in their cities. But these cities had entrances and exits which were not the upper gates, and as the Tartar Mongols or Tungus Mongols came in, these people left by their tunnel routes. These Mongols had made their way across from the Steppes of Asia and then came down to Central America after coming into Alaska and on down to California. And as they captured the Mayan cities, many of them died in these battles, but a great number of the white leaders of the Mayans escaped. And they came up thru Mexico and into the United States. If you will check into the background and history of these Indian tribes, you will find something very interesting. For constantly the white tribes retained more of their identity by refusing to integrate than did other Indian tribes who entered this country and then married back and forth from tribe to tribe. There were tan Indians, and Mongol yellow Indians, and Indians of a reddish color. So this means that there were three kinds of people from the ancient continents, that were roaming this continent, and some were from Asia. Some were natives here and would go back to the ancient builders of the high civilization of the southern continent.

It is rather interesting then to note that there were whole tribes of white Cherokees. The White Cherokee did blend into the Asiatic Cherokee to some extent, but even that area of Cherokee made contact with some of the rulers of Europe as well as making contact with our own government, and they were quite intelligent, were able to write in their own language as well as quickly---they wrote in our language.

Now, the White Cherokee is a White man descended from Manasseh. The other Cherokee are blended in race, color and background. But they were Asiatic. There were White Apache, and there were Asiatic Apache. And this could be determined by chronology and by the high cheek bones and slanting eyes. But the White Apache were a part of a civilization which had great cities which at one time existed before the wars of the Tartars. There are cities beneath the ground today because of catastrophe which happened and some of them were built into the cliffs. Some of them built into levels along canyon walls. This was done of course, for preservation in the fighting that surrounded the periods of American history, before the white man came in colonization. There were White Nez Pearce Indians, and they were not Indians at all. For they were just branches of Manassehites who had gone northward and joined themselves with some of the Scandinavians. This is why the weapons of the Nez Pearce were like those of the Scandinavians. They were great broad axes together with the bow and spear. It is rather significant also that the methods of the fishing used by the Sioux and the Nez Pearce were almost identical as to the Scandinavian methods of fishing. It was used by the Indians of the Great Lakes area, and had definitely been imported. Was not used by any other Indians but those in contact with the Scandinavians. So as we look over the map of the Indian tribes, we have two tribes of many of them. We have two groups of the Iroquois as well. But when they banded together for instance in the seven nations, then they had certain leaders. And the White leadership was usually in the foreground. It is estimated that 25% of all of the nomadic strength of the people who were living in the North American continent when Columbus came over, and from his time on, were White men. They had descended from White areas of history. And along with them there existed these various brands of Asiatic Mongol people. And speaking generally, the tribes leadership in the areas where they had formed their unions was under the leadership of the White tribesman. And they showed their ability in the areas of Statesmanship in unity, and in organization. This is one of the patterns which was so well marked in some of the greatest of struggles we had in this country.

The Northern Cheyenne were Asiatic Indians. And their concepts, their living and even their theology was almost like that of the Steppe Riders of the ancient Tungus people. Almost like those who Ivor Lissner talks about. Those with the concept of the god who supplied the Reindeer, and what their symbols were. And how they worshiped, and the use of the symbol of the bear. He found the same thing, exactly, among these Cheyenne Indians. But when you go further north along the Canadian border, we find that from the east had come the impact of White man.

At one time there was a great historic conference held. And the story of this conference is written in the Aztec language. It tells about the gathering of the kings or actually the tribal chiefs to see what they were going to do in eliminating the influence of these who were the children of the White God, from influencing their theology or standing in opposition to the devils who they were seeking to establish as gods. Thus, we find the record today of a theological force fighting against the leadership of the White man who still worshiped preeminently the Great Spirit who he said was his Father. They said they were the children of the Eternal Sun. Not sun worshipers in its full form, but somewhat significant in some of the things we discuss today as we speak of the ancient emblem which Malachi says is for you, ‘The sun of Righteousness to rise with healing in its wings.’

Every once in a while, you will find someone who will say, ‘I am concerned for there is Indian blood somewhere in my background. Thus which side am I on?’ Well, that is pretty hard to determine at this time especially when you have in Oklahoma, for instance, two kinds of Choctaws. There was a Choctaw whose people were White and there was a dark Choctaw whose people were Asiatic. And actually these dark Choctaws followed traditions which were Asiatic. They played ball games that were known in ancient China as one of the major and favorite games. And this happened in Oklahoma. And yet there were white Choctaws who were forever at war with them who had come from the Manasseh origin.

Over a period of hundreds of years, it is surprising how many multiples of people can survive and breed from the households of those who live for a time in peace.

So we point out this to you. When there came out of the Cherokee Nation a great number of people migrating to the West, as they came into Texas and Oklahoma territory, they came into what was known as the Cherokee nation. And strangely enough, there existed then a great number of White Cherokee and these White Cherokee women were as white as the women the pioneers had been used to. These pioneer men were a long way from home, out in a new country. And it is generally speaking and as history proves, the history of Oklahoma proves---that many of the settlers then married these white Indians. And many of them had blue eyes and fair hair.

So again, it is strange, but we find today a great many people with Cherokee blood, or Seneca blood, or even blood of other tribes. And actually whether they know it or not their forbearers had tied back in to their own race who had been over here in this strange area of migrant mission, colonizers to a degree, testators of their Faith and of their religion.

It is a rather significant thing that this land which we have watched grow up under the technology and leadership of the white man, was not a new land, but an old land in prophecy. When David was crowned and stood by his pillar in the day he was crowned king, the voice of God spoke out to David and said, ‘I am going to give unto thy people a land beyond the waters, a land where they will never be moved again. A land where they will never be oppressed as they have been in the past.’ Now, HE wasn’t talking about Palestine because at that time David was standing in Jerusalem by his own pillar. David was in Canaan land and God told him about another land HE was going to give to David’s race. Another land that would never be taken from them, which HE was preparing for them. Inside the scriptures, we have the story of how God promised this land. How it would be the land of the Pine tree, the Fir tree, the Box tree, and the Myrtle tree. In fact, in the book of Isaiah, the prophecy which was made concerning this land was rather clear. We see the declaration here as HE said, ‘Behold, this is what I will do.’ HE said HE would take HIS rest in a land promised to you wherein would be these afore named trees. And HE tells the prophet Isaiah that here would be the great trees such as those great Cedars of Lebanon, the great gargantuan trees---the Giant Redwoods. And only place where there are those great trees which you found as the Cedars of Lebanon are on the west coast of the United States, in California, and in the Sequoia mountains. This also is the only place in the world outside of Palestine where you have Myrtle wood growing and it grows only in South West Oregon. Of course, there never has been a land more blessed by great Pine and Cedar forests than we are in these United States.

In the 18th verse of the writings of the prophet Isaiah, it says, ‘Ho, to the great land of the outstretched wings of the Eagle.’---westward beyond the lands of Africa, westward of the lands wherein Jerusalem was situated, westward across the great waters. There you would find a great people. And HE said that this nation would send their ambassadors by sea in water drinking vessels. The vessels of bulrushes meant vessels of water drinking reeds. ‘Go ye swift messengers to a nation scattered and peeled, a people powerful from their beginning, a nation meted out and trodden down.’ (Measured under foot,---the fist nation under the Metes and Bonds Acts to measure mathematically, to set our lands up into sections, north, south, east, and west, and not to sell property from landmarks, such as from tree, to post, to rock.) ‘A nation whose land the rivers divide.’ Probably no land has been so blessed as ours with so many state lines divided by rivers as does the Hudson River for instance, divide New York and New Jersey, as does the Ohio river divide, and the St. Lawrence River to the north cutting us free from Canada. The Rio Grande also works its way down dividing states as does the Colorado River. All over the country, you will note this dividing of states by rivers, that we are a land overflowing with rivers, overflowing with bounty and so forth. Thus HE gives HIS measure “All ye inhabitants of the world, ye dwellers of earth, see this nation when it lifts up its standards and its ensigns.’

There is not doubt about God’s plans for America. Turn to the book of Jeremiah and HE says, ‘Behold, I will bring Israel out of her places of captivity, and into her dwelling places. One of the things that HE was to do would be that HE would give us a great New Land. And out of the people living in this land, would come the voice of ‘Thanksgiving’ and the voice of them that maketh merry. I will multiply them and they will not be few. I will glory in them and they shall not be small.’ And the Glory of God is on our Seal with the outstretched wings of the Eagle of the 18th chapter of Isaiah also, and with them is the emblem of that Messianic building which our forefathers built as an altar in the land of Egypt with its great 72 covenant stone symbol---this great Pyramid of Giza. Overhead is the ‘All Seeing Eye’ as the capstone, the symbol carried into Egypt by Enoch and Job when they went to build the Great city of On. It was also one of the emblems known to the ancients as ‘The All Seeing Eye’ of YAHWEH who created the heavens and the earth.

Rather significant then is the prophecies God made concerning this land as to our blessings and our Thanksgivings, as also our rulers and governors were to be of ourselves. It has been that way until lately, and we may still say that the rulers are of ourselves but we sure have a sorry bunch of advisors around them. For they look like the same scurvy scum who gave trouble in the days of Rehoboam when instead of being led by the Elders of Israel, it was by the Cainanites and the apostates who came into the Kingdom, thus brought judgement. No doubt that we are in the latter days, in a period of a time of trouble. But we been a people with a voice of Thanksgiving and were the first nation to proclaim a ‘Thanksgiving Day’ that we might give thanks unto God for the bounty of the harvest. And of course our great Anglo-Saxon forbearers as they landed at Plymouth Rock, one of the first things they did was to set aside for ‘Thanks Giving’ the day of their safe arrival. And the people of the land came with turkey and food. And they sat around and ate with them giving God’s blessing. Historically, they have been eating turkey ever since.

Now, God said, ‘Ye shall be My people, and I will be your God, and I will continue to draw you near unto ME.’

Yes, we are in the land that God promised to the house of Joseph. The kind of a land wherein we would be blessed by mineral wealth, by the value of oil. Always this has been an emblem of God’s blessing because we have been blessed by not only the oil which comes out of the ground, but by the technology which enabled us to recover it. But all these things are related to this nation. Here we are a great nation to be the ‘one people’ out of many. We look out over the peoples who once occupied the land, and we see that they overran it by the thousands and on either side of them were continents which had gone down in catastrophe. Many of them had worshiped demon gods, had served the darkness. Of course, there is no history quite as colorful as the occupation of this land. Today, we always hear many things which are not true, as the Internationalists take great sport trying to give you a guilt complex in regard to your history. But I want you to read the 20,000 years of history of these Indians before Columbus. And you will see as others such as Chicago University, who have had to put together the record--you will discover as they came down out of Asia, they were warring and killing one another for spoil. They mass murdered, they made war on civilizations ages and ages ago. Well, then when you arrived,---this is the land God said HE had in store for you all this time. The stock from those early Manasseh tribes in their wanderings have largely been absorbed. They exist today throughout this country but mostly have been absorbed. Most of the Scandinavian stock has also been absorbed.

Someone said, ‘What happened to the Delaware? Did they all die in warfare?’ Well, most of the Delaware were absorbed into the New England States. Most of the Mohican were absorbed into the New England States. The reason for this was because they were as white as the settlers. And when they started to wear clothes like the settlers, they passed in among them, for they were alike in their background and origin.

Today, we have the country in the hands of the Nordic, Basque, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Lombard, and Germanic background people. Our language follows the background of the Anglo, and we speak the English language. We as a great nation are under the emblem of the outstretched wings of the Great Eagle. We still have our governors selected from ourselves, and we need to drive away the pagans, --these advisors who are seeking to destroy our greatness.

What about this nation? It has become one of the most powerful on the face of the earth as far as the technological ability, and as far as its ability to provide for its people. As far as its strength of arms, it has become the arsenal and deliverance to other parts of God’s Kingdom at the end of the age. We today, are a symbol of the bulwark. The only problem is that we owe the world better leadership than we have given them. And we pray to God that we can lift up that standard (of the Kingdom) and provide the leadership as God raised up principle men in the midst of HIS Kingdom to accomplish these purposes.

What of America’s future? Well, the world which has been around us some of which is now beneath the oceans, but the remnants of those civilizations plus the hoards under Lucifer, have a plan for America. And this plan is to swarm over America by breaking down our ‘paper’ barriers. They have a plan for America that calls for the submission of our society, the harnessing of our technical genius to their own support. They have a plan for coming in and taking away our homes, confiscating our private property, and only permitting us to live on it as long as we please them. They have a plan to fill us with Africans and Asians, to integrate us, and mongrelize us. Even taking our people by force. They have a plan which would end the white race in America and all over the world. This is Lucifer’s plan. He tried it on Eve when we were one man’s family and he is trying it on us today. But God again is going to intervene.

You want to know about America’s future? I am going to tell you something about it. Across this land as I walk thru its cities, I can see the invasion of Africa. I can see a great number of the peoples of Asia. I can see visitors coming and going. I see instructors standing up in our colleges and they came with all kinds of pagan philosophies. I see the heathen hoards who come out of the areas of the Russias and out of the Communist background moving in and out of our society. We find they have already made their inroads into all the other races on the face of the earth. But I see as I walk up and down in our cities, the company of the strangers. I see they are the most vocal in stating as to how we have to change our society or be destroyed. And I discover that they work at it inside the United Nations, that organization which God has warned us to come out of. I see they work at it as advisors around the President. They work at it in the city clubs, in the women’s clubs, and in the centers of communities, in the coordinating councils. They work at it in the ecclesiastical centers of the brainwashed. And instead of preaching ‘thus saith the Lord,’ they preach the message of the darkness. Yes, they say America’s future is to be a part of One World. It will no longer predominately be a White nation. It will be nothing but a great integrated absorbed part of a world society.

I am going to tell you something about America’s future. For it is in the hands of our FATHER whose spiritual force is stirring up inside of you---HIS many sons. And HE is going to use you to help lead all the white men of earth for the great triumph of God’s Kingdom. I am going to tell you that the hoards who tried to swallow you up when they hit the Mayan cities, the hoards that fought us in tribal warfare, the hoards which decided we couldn’t have any part of this continent, eventually lose that power.

You say, ‘But it was a terrible thing, we killed off all the buffalo that used to roam the plains. This roaming pantry of the Indians was destroyed.’ It doesn’t make any difference. For we were occupying under Destiny and this great nation was to grow. The most intelligent way to eliminate a powerful enemy, is to cut off his mobile food supply and keep forcing him back out of the areas we want to occupy. And we occupied America. This is the Great Land---these United States. And we are not about to give it back to anyone. And we are not about to have it absorbed by the enemies of God’s Kingdom. We are going to rise, to fight, to take back America.

There are those who say, ‘How can this be done?’ Alright, one of the things right now are the hoards of Asia under the leadership of Red China, under Russia and under the Viet Cong---all Communism, actually. They plan on one day locking forces and using the man power of Asia against the nations of God’s Kingdom. The internal revolution, the problems of the south are a part of all this. We are told that Mexico’s President is actually pro-Communist. But I will tell you this. God is doing a little work on your side. HE is already starting to pluck out some of the tares. And we have some evidence of this. The Premier of Italy as you know, was a Communist. And he is on his death bed as of now. And one of the top representatives of the Yugoslavian government who was on the way to Crete as a representative, is on his death bed. And just remember, among these Communist leaders right now, like Mao, and Chou-in-Lai, and Khrushchev,---they are all in their late 70's or 80's. And what they are going to do must be done quickly. There are those who will take their place as they go, but the fact remains that the masochiso-nations, and the planning, still lies in the hands of these masters. They plan in these few remaining years to move against fortress America. The thing we want to be sure of is that it will be safe for Fortress America by not stopping all our defense activities. Don’t use all in growing corn and wheat which we don’t need, and fail to build up our defense.

Now, as to the future of America, this future is going to be more magnificent than anything which has ever happened before. There isn’t any doubt of the tremendous pageantry or even of the skills and the architecture of the races that lived in this world under God, before Lucifer’s rebellion, even on the continent. Why? The tremendous architectural work of lifting masses and blocks of stone and fitting them so close you can’t put a razor blade between those rocks, are still to be seen as a testimony of the science of the High Andes. But this was soon lost with its art and its knowledge as men turned to the areas of darkness. All of the degeneration of the world orders, all of its ancient past is swallowed up. But a memory is the result of worshiping the wrong god, and losing vision, knowledge, inspiration, and understanding. This is why today your race is the only race left with these gifts, because pre-eminently it is Christian. But if the enemy were to have its way, you would lose it also and go down absorbed by them unable to carry out the design of the Holy Seed and a Divine posterity.

Now, the MOST HIGH GOD has plans for America. Did you know that right in the central part of these United States there is going to be one of these days, a great hub 1500 miles by 1500 miles of the largest center of Divinely illuminated civilization on the face of the earth? It will be right here on the face of this continent right in the heart of the United States of America. That is the great future. And peoples of the world will come and go to be taught.

This great nation is going to see the mighty visitation of the MOST HIGH GOD and the great re-location of a great New Order as HE puts HIS New Jerusalem upon the face of the earth. It is all hidden in the symbolism and the prophecy concerning this nation. This is then going to be a good place to be. It truly is rightly said this is God’s country, this is God’s land. And I challenge you today. For if people don’t like it, let them leave it. If they can’t say, ‘my country--my nation’ then it is time to go.

But don’t think that the enemy isn’t hard at work. We don’t have the time to go into all the facets of that subject but knowing the character and the desire of the people of this country to serve, but overestimating their ability to confuse, and to confiscate you because of your good nature---they have moved in on you by saying, ‘We will war on poverty, we will war on disease, we will war on every human problems all over the earth. We will lead the world into a perfect day.’

Oh, this is a good principle, but not the way we are doing it. If you want to lead the world to prosperity, security, and blessing, then you go in and upset their idol worship and give them the knowledge of the Right and True GOD. You give them an administrative civilization under the standard of righteousness of the Law of Zion. Without it, there will be no civilization, no culture, and no solution.

Your troubles today with this heavy load of taxation, is that you are abandoning these standards of your history and ancient culture. Even as I look over this panorama, I see shelf after shelf of the latest and most complete volumes on the civilization and cultures of this great continent. And let me tell you something. When they lost their background and culture, along with their identity, they went down hill and collapsed fast. This is not only true here with 200,000 years of the background of what they once possessed, but also I can tell you that the MOST HIGH GOD stepped in with HIS judgements. Whole areas of the earth then saw great volcanic upheaval. Great and mighty earthquakes occurred, and land was swallowed up in the sea. They went down into the fire of the pit. But this was just another way of identifying the catastrophe that transpired.

We are in a great land. And this year is an election year and the drive on poverty is on. A Bill has passed the House of Representative called ‘the Anti-Poverty Bill.’ And when they passed this bill it was to mobilize all the financial resources of America to conduct a war on poverty. This Bill was given a lot of pressure. And they talked about how important this was, how they would accomplish this. But remember they had to pass an appropriation of almost one billion dollars to start to cope with this situation. But let me tell you that there is small print in this bill---very small print.---And written into this Bill is section 202, is the mobilization under the authority of the President of all private and public resources and utility, all urban and rural---the redistribution, the control, and dispersion of it. For fighting of poverty is in the President’s hands. And these silly Representative of your have signed away the right for you to possess or to protect your private property.

We will photo copy the whole Bill and you will soon have it in your hands. If there was ever any time America should wake up, it is now. For the Socialists Revolution is not only warring against our race, but actually as long as they are fighting poverty, and this is the guise,---much of the authority which is written into the public register as Presidential authority for emergency, is now voted into his hands by this Bill. And it giver him and his administrator over this program, actual authority to confiscate private and public lands and property doing as they will with them---to battle poverty.

I tell you that this is an un-Constitutional piece of historical treason and it is time for us to remember.

But let me assure you that they have made a mistake. Because they think they are determining America’s tomorrow. They have just a part of a Socialist One World Order that says the Elite Corps, are going to rule. But I am going to tell you something about this. Before you have climaxed this situation, and the time will be shortened for the Elects sake. Then the great and mighty hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD empowered, glorified, moving with authority, will be those who will acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ and that the Laws of HIS Kingdom will be those of Righteousness. You are going to see a tremendous victory. Yes, there will be trouble. The hoards of Asia are going to battle in some of your streets. That is going to happen. But you are going to have Civil War with some of the forces of iniquity who are in your midst. You are going to see the design to create so much pressure and catastrophe because of the Negroes running rampant against all law and order, because of the iniquity among you, until there will be violence, blood shed, and trouble. But they intend to do this with the backing of our government, saying, ‘These are frustrated people. You must not stop these Civil rights demonstrations.’ (This did happen in the 60's). If you stand up for what you believe in, they will say you are in contempt of court. But I am getting very contemptuous concerning some of these courts because of the way they act.

THE MOST HIGH has a purpose. HE has a plan. I tell you that a part of America’s future is for you to awaken. And one of these days when about 140 million out of 149 million are over on the ‘Right’, then this whole concept of American life is going to tip Right. There is going to be a lot of people trying to get off this American continent as fast as they can go when this happens. America’s future is going to be one of purity. It is going to be one of the great headquarters of God’s Kingdom. In fact, we will have Palestine all rejuvenated and restored as a historical monument. But there won’t be room for all the people of the Kingdom to run down there. This is the spot where God has ordained.

Again, we see the emblem of that great Eagle with wings outspread upon the staff, land of the Winged Orb, land of God’s Kingdom, land of the children of the Eternal One, children of Osiris the Ka of Ra, the sons of Resurrection and Eternal Life, the designation of your ancient race. You are in this land which time and destiny would see you occupy as your FATHER said, ‘I have prepared it for you.’

I will tell you about the destiny of America. I will tell you about her future in a very short paragraph.

America is going to be a land of the White man’s civilization for the millennium ahead. America is not a new land. It is an old land. But it is endued with the Everliving Spirit of the New. And its present is contemporary with the last few hundred years of its history. But its tomorrows will be even better than its present because this is what God has ordained. But when we talk about it, let us not think that all things continue as it did in the days of our fathers, because everything is in solution, and God is bringing about the fruition of a great New Order which will be that HIS Kingdom is rising to its full.

(End of sermon)