America's Dilemma, 1-14-62

America’s Dilemma

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-14-62

Turning tonight to the subject ‘America’s Dilemma’---whether you realize it or not, America is poised for one of the most turbulent periods in her human history. And this dilemma we find ourselves in is caused by strange and competitive forces, which have worked their way inside of our society. Thus we are discussing this subject tonight. This afternoon we talked to you about the origin of your race, about factors which involved your beginnings as children of God’s Spirit, about your coming into the earth and the establishment of that Kingdom and its Divine purpose. This question has often been asked about the United States and about the great nations of Christendom. And over the years there has been those who have sought to preach about the content of the scriptures and talk about the Bible. And they have questioned as to whether the prophecies saw the great nation of America, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Germany and these nations which are a part of your race.

A rather strange thing in all of the background and blueprints that the Bible contains as the many volumes of inspiration came together, that Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Divine purpose should overlook the promises that God said should take place. It is strange, is it not? That all this would be overlooked, if this were true. However, there is no nation more firmly implanted in the prophecies of the scriptures in its content both Old and New Testaments than your nation. In fact, who you are and because your nation is involved is vital in these things which must take place in the earth. And thus you are in a ‘dilemma’ tonight.

You say, ‘What is that dilemma?’ In the first place the great majority of the population of your nation come from the White nations of Western Europe. These people in their ancient background have been children, in the most part of the MOST HIGH GOD. And they moved out of a race which carried the philosophy of Monotheism. They quickly accepted the Evangelism of the message of Jesus the Christ as the Messiah. And then Christendom expanded with great speed from one tip of Europe to the other, until the people of Western Europe were identified as Christian nations.

We have behind us now hundreds and hundreds of years of a background and a culture built upon this Faith in God of the instructions and the background and the patterns of Divine Law and the basic standards of righteousness. We have discovered in our own society the ever reaching for liberty and spiritual expression had a great influence upon the settling of this continent. From the early hours of the early settlers to the formation of colonies, one affidavit was continually made---to be free and to worship God without interference. And this strong spiritual desire was linked together with this strong desire for freedom and a great force of destiny moved upon men. Thus, they settled this great continent of ours. And we discover from early colonies on up to extensive programs, the people of this nation by great majority and much predominance were White and Christian. This must always be kept alive in your thinking because you are a very definite part. More than that a powerful political heart center in your name---of Western Civilization. As we talk about Western Civilization we are referring to Western Christian Civilization of the great nations of Western Europe and of the great race line which today we refer to Caucasian. Why then were you called Caucasian? Why were you known as the Caucasian race? Because much of your race migrated thru the Caucasus Pass out of Assyrian captivity in the days of Shalmaneser, to find your place in Western Europe. And that identification marks you as the people who left captivity in Assyria in the days of Shalmaneser when the House of Israel was in captivity, the great nations of God’s Kingdom.

We always look back when speaking of the patterns when all people may not be acquainted with the facts of this Book. But when we are talking about Israel, we are not talking about the Palestinian monstrosity called Israeli today. Nor are we at any time talking about the people known as Jews. We do not recognize now nor is there any ethnic claim that can be made by Jews to be any part of Israel, now or ever. If there is any one thing that injures the Gospel of God’s Kingdom, it is when clergy are ignorant enough to bypass and permit Jewry to become a participant part of the program of God’s Kingdom. They remain the enemies of God’s Kingdom and the destroyers in your society.

There is a rather interesting thing when we talk about the background of our nation that overwhelming majority of those who settled your nation were White and Christian. All of your founding fathers in the days of their inspiration when they became catapulted by destiny to positions of leadership, like George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and others, all of those men represented the White race. They represented Western Christian Civilization at that time and in that day. It must be remembered that there is not contribution today made by your enemies to this civilized society of which you are a part. Every once in a while someone tries to talk about Hiram Solomon and bring in Samuel Marx in the days of the revolution. But all these fellows were doing was a cheap Jewish trick trying to get your nation in hock before it was born. And they went to make a deal with King George. And it was under their economic pressure that they would finance the pressure of what later became the Revolution by increasing taxation, promising then threatening the Empire to leave his troops stranded in Egypt, unless he bowed to their demands. They said, ‘If this war comes---you increase the taxation--by a directive and if we have a war over this matter, you give us the right to control the banking systems of the New World and we will not hold you responsible for any of the debt which will be accrued in this development of the war. But in turn for financing the war, we want the permanent control over the banking procedures here in London, and we will establish what is to be known as the Bank of England in our hands.’

So a deal was made with the house of Rothchild--Red Shield. And under this pressure King George was supplied with enough money to return his troops from Egypt. And beyond this there were other forces under this pressure in this hour. In fact, in the days of your Revolution, let me assure you, that Hiram Solomon who was a representative of New Amsterdam Mercantile Establishment, a part of the strategy of the house of Rothchild, for the New World, and a part of Samuel Marx who supposedly offered the money to Hiram Solomon to make his offer to the New World, but was one of those who was engaged to keep Benjamin Franklin from getting here with the loan that was being made by France for the purchase of the necessary arms ‘without interest.’ Where the Jews had such an interest hold in their arrangement that the Congress had been bilked into accepting a certain amount of money at that time, were forced to accept this manipulation of their economy for this New Nation for all times. In fact, their agreement was that in the period of when the war would be over, if the colonies were successful, that they could at certain times refuse the interest, let alone the principal. But I want you to know that at the present time, that the indebtedness of the Revolutionary War or parts of it were actually offered to the United States by these two from the house of Rothchild and none of it has ever been paid back. And the Warburgs were also in on that original debt, and the transference of that original debt and its value.

I only bring this out because I want you to know that they were not in any way contributors to the development of our country. They had only beaten Benjamin Franklin by tying him up and paying the shipmaster not to sail, so that they could con the whole Congress of these United States, in its earliest hour of assembly, where at that time it was just an organized assembly to help develop the purposes of a New Nation in its formation.

Destiny has a great part to plan in God’s plan for our deliverance, for our nation will be delivered thru spiritual awakening which is going to move out upon the nation and cause them to know who they are and what their relationship is to the Divine plan. This great nation was looked upon by Isaiah the Prophet and it is called to the attention of our society. He said, ‘Ho, to this great land with the outstretched wings of the Eagle---westward from the continent of Africa. And if you were in Ethiopia, then from that continent westward is these United States. Whether you recognize this or not, take a look at the map and you will see that this is true. This nation with the outstretched wings of the Eagle sends its Ambassadors all over the world by sea. And we were told that this was in water drinking vessels, or steamships. And then it says, ‘Go ye swift messengers, from a nation, tall and clean shaven.’ In fact, this has been one of the most clean shaven nations of the face of the earth. And also significantly whenever you get a revolution against anything right, in the Western hemisphere, then they have to look like Bolsheviks as we see quite evident when we look at the Castroites. The fact remains, that we are a nation tall and clean shaven. A nation, we are told, that was to be powerful from our beginning. And a nation especially measured out under foot because we were to be a surveyed land. Those lands would be in territories measured and meted out. And we have what is known as the Mete and Bond Act in these United States. And we do not measure land here from that lot, or that tree, or that fence, like they do all over the map of Europe. We survey these areas and everything is lined up in sections and townships. And whether you buy that land in Alaska or whether you buy it in the heart of America, or whether you buy it in the East of in the West, it is in a plot. And it is on a chart and it is on a map. And it is measured out and metered under foot.’ now, the scripture talks about such a land and said this would be a land divided by rivers. And you probably have more navigational rivers than any country on the face of the earth. More than that many of your State borders and lines are actually divided by these rivers. And the scripture said that all of you inhabitants of the world, all you people of the earth, you watch and lift up your eyes when this nation lifts up the great standard of God’s Kingdom, in the hour when it would be so necessary. It was prophesied that there would be periods and cycles when the prophet saw when our kids and our grand-kids would be tripped off in the crucial hours which were ahead. But God said in the hour of the great travail, in the end when problems came, in the end of the age, people from this nation, a tall and clean shaven people from the nation with the outstretched wings of the Eagle, powerful from their beginning---this nation was going to bring a great and mighty service to the MOST HIGH GOD in the establishment of HIS Kingdom.

Yes, you have fulfilled a great part in history. God has raised up your nation and HE has made one nation out of the many people of Israel. No wonder that on the seal of the United States and on the obverse side are all of these great emblems of your race, the outstretched wings of the Eagle. The covenants which God has made, are symbolized by things which we can see upon that seal. The thirteen tribes of Israel---Oh, you thought there were twelve? But the House of Joseph became two tribes and were numbered as such. And you had the number thirteen all thru your early history. There were the thirteen colonies and you have the number thirteen all thru the background of the seal of your nation. You have the symbols that mark you as the symbol of God’s Kingdom and a mighty place in the power of Divine purpose. And an identification of a nation of Israel is the Olive branch, remember that. And you are an Olive branch and all of the nations of God’s Kingdom are Olive branches. You are not a fig and you do not belong to the fig tree. For the fig belongs to the pagans and to the frieze of every temple in Asia of Brahma, Vishnu, Siva, and Kali, and temples of the Steppes, the temples of upper Tibet. For all of them have the fig tree woven all around. The leaves of the fig tree are all in their design.

Sometime people are going to understand that the fig tree people like the serpent people have a stamp on them which is their identity. This is one of the reasons why as Jesus walked by a fig tree with HIS disciples, that this was not identifying a particular forest of trees, but it was one particular fig tree and it did not have any eatable fruit on it. But Jesus knew what HE was doing as HE was being observed all the time by the ADL of that day. And many people do not know that the headquarters of the ADL is just off the freeway on Vermont. But they had a headquarters back in the time of Jesus also. No place that Jesus walked was free from this observation. For the devils followed HIM around to see what HE was doing. And we know that as HE walked along with HIS disciples, there was always an agent with them if there were not more following HIM, because Judas of Iscariot was one of their temple agents and Jesus knew it and let him walk among the twelve. HE said in the 6th chapter of John, ‘Have I not chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil.’ And in the 7th chapter of John, in the 1st verse, ‘After this Jesus had to walk in Galilee.’ He could no longer walk among Jewry because HE had identified their ADL agent.

Now, when you recognize this, then you will understand that this has been a struggle with these agents from the beginning. In this instance then, Judas of Iscariot, was well identified for what HE was. And the part HE was attempting to play at that time was to bear his report back to the enemy. And the enemy had their followers at all times. Never will you find a great assembly of the people when there are not some Jews standing by. I think this is important tonight, for an understanding of the background of the New Testament. Therefore, when you are reading the Gospels, and it is talking about the people and the multitudes of people, and the people of Judea, and the people of Galilee, or the people of some of the regional cities like Capernaum, and then it will say there were Jews standing by. Therefore, start separating the Jews from these people. For no man could speak openly of Jesus, you are told in the 7th chapter of John, because of ‘fear’ of the Jews.

We want you to understand that an Ecclesiastical error has been thrown over the scriptures, from far away and when preachers understand this, they will come out of bondage. You know---it is pretty hard for a preacher to go around telling people that these are God’s chosen people when he can trace every bit of rascality in the earth to their planning. When they have to say as Douglas Reed said, ‘How odd of God, to have selected these people.’ Well, they are selected for something, but it is not, my friends, to build the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD.

So we point out to you that these great significant measures go back into an understanding as to who they are. And we tell you that today, these people are the enemies of God’s Kingdom. And they continue to carry out the responsibility of that error. Thus Jesus made it quite clear, as HE said, ‘I have chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil.’

Then as they walked by the fig tree, then HE turned to HIS disciples and HE said, ‘See that Fig tree?’ The disciples all looked at the fig tree and they knew that there was nothing to be expected of it right now at this time of year. But Jesus said, ‘See, it does not have any fruit on it, and it will not have any fruit on it henceforth or forever.’ And HE cursed that fig tree and the disciples shivered a little bit. You say, ‘Why was that?’ Well, they knew that this was the symbol of organized Jewry that ran that temple. That they had the power over the Roman Empire until they could put to death anyone they wanted to dispose of. This book tells me that the High Priest knew what HE said within twenty-four hours and he said, ‘HE has done this thing against us.’ The next day, when the disciples came back by the fig tree, it was all shriveled up. And it says, ‘They pondered these things for they knew that the fig tree was the emblem of the temple.’

Now, remember how Jeremiah talked about the bad figs, the figs which could not be eaten? Well, let me assure you that if anyone has an idea that the development of the world, and has a history book of the world, and knows all the things that God has in store for us, then thinks these are going to be developed by the ‘fig tree people,’ then they are mighty mistaken. This is why you are on the horns of a ‘dilemma’ tonight. It is because the people who are of the household of the MOST HIGH GOD, motivated by spirit identified with the Messiah, carrying forward the great destiny of a nation, claimed by God, marked by HIS emblems, numbered as it was to be numbered as the stars of the heavens, symbolizing in all of the background of HIS purposes what God has promised, fulfilling the leadership position, refilling the 12th chapter of Revelation, in which in the hours of trouble, when the seed of the Dragon, the powers of darkness rise to make war against your civilization, the nation which leads the forces against the powers of darkness, the nation which leads God’s children, is the nation of the Outstretched wings of the Eagle.

Now, you can read this in the 12th chapter of Revelation. And if you want to know who is making war, who is the enemy of Christianity, because of this woman pictured here in the 12th chapter of Revelation, which says that she has the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ, then just look around you.

Now, you cannot in any way compute the testimony of Jesus the Christ to Palestine today. And if you will look to these people, you will discover that Jesus said that this is the ‘Abomination of the Desolator’ which stands in the Holy Place. The desolator has always been the desolator. And the abomination of the desolator has a great significance, but actually has been creating desolation and trouble among the nations of God’s Kingdom from the beginning. Every problem and war that you have been implicated in, has been sown by these sowers of desolation.

Now, the scripture is plainly marked that you are the household of the MOST HIGH. In fact, every once in a while someone asks for the explanation of some of the passages which the Apostle Paul wrote in the book of Galatians. And they can be accepted just as literally as he wrote them. He makes a statement here in the book of Galatians, ‘If ye be Christ’s, then ye be the heirs of the promise.’ If ye be Christ’s---therefore, if you are of this household, if you are HIS offspring, if you are a Christian, then ye be Abraham’s Seed according to the promise. Some individual tried to say that this required the fulfillment of every agreement of the law in order to measure up to this standard. But the scripture tells us in this book of Galatians, that the Covenant that was confirmed before God in Christ with Abraham---when HE promised HE was going to be a God unto him and his seed after him, in all of their generations (Genesis 17), this is not conditional and cannot be annulled by an agreement which was made four hundred and some odd years later. So I read what Paul said---that the law could not annul that covenant confirmed by God. Could not dis-annul that promise by something made four hundred and some years later, could not effect this promise. The promise of God to your race for its preservation with these built in nations was not founded on its ability to keep the law, but was founded on God’s purpose to use your nation, and to make great nations and a company of nations motivated by HIS Spirit. For God knew what the response of the spirit of the children would be like when they were put into a physical world and when HE turned loose the power disposable into their environment to bring about the reactions which HE desired.

Now, we are faced with the fact that your nation and the people who are behind this, are the creator of much of our culture. Every once in a while someone says to me that we do not owe anything to any country in Europe. You may not owe anything to anyone because you have subsidized almost everything in the world. But I want you to know that you owe your fathers and your mothers, your grandfathers and your grandmothers, the background of the historical position that they played, and your inheritance of their culture and their experiences which has been a large part of the Chromogen passed back in their genes that brought the electronic patterns of memory sealed them in to each baby born, the knowledge and the wisdom of each generation. That is why we tell you that if you try to mingle outside of your race, you mutate this capacity to draw out of the mind of the Father with which you had spiritual synchronization.

We look upon America and we watched it grow and we have watched its vision. And we are now looking back over this century seeing the expansion of this society as to what has developed and what is grown here. And we can say never has God so blessed a people on the face of the earth with the bounty of the blessings of the adjustment of the soil, and all of the resources of the earth, by bringing to your attention the knowledge of how to apply the realization of your stewardship. There is no question tonight, that the people of your nation have possessed and distributed more than any people on the face of the earth.

Now, you say, ‘What is our problem?’ I will tell you what our problem is. What made America great was being White and Christian. Just remember that tonight. Everything which has made America great is White and Christian. I will not accept for one moment that the greatness of America came from any continent or any nation which has to depend upon us to come over and show them how to do it. Every once in a while someone wants to talk to me about the background of the ancient mysteries of Asia. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, I have a great set of books. They come out of the masses of the Far East.’ I said that is okay. I have that same set of books, but I have not even studied it. Do you know that you can write a set of books and sell America anything if you make it look a little bit mysterious? But let me tell you something. I am not about to be taught by Asiatics who do not have any content of adaptation to spiritual laws, have no source of vision and inspiration, that are adjusted to their environment while they are in the earth. They cannot master their technological problems or produce enough food to feed themselves. And they seem to have no vision and no initiative. And the energies they possess allows them to sit in their temple squares and ask for a handout. Then they come over here and try to tell us how much more superior their philosophy and their way of life is, than ours. I am continually hearing about how much better off the people in a Communist country are under Communism, that we in this Western world, because of the influence of Capitalism. I an constantly hearing this story, but I have never heard of America asking Yugoslavia for help, have you? Communist Yugoslavia, after all of these years of experiment with Communism---yet we have to subsidize them. In fact, have already sent them over three million dollars out of your taxpayers pockets. In fact, even now so that they will have sufficient resources to carry on their activities in the Communist orbit, we supply them with dollars right out of the money supply of our own nation. Not only do we reactivate them, but we put them in first class shape. And we sell them at less then cost to reactivate them and give away millions of tax payers money to one of our enemies, so they can fly those bombers back against you.

Now, it is something--having a whole bunch of boys standing out there in no-mans land somewhere in Europe and suddenly here comes a whole bunch of plane, still with the paintings of America on them and here they come right over our own lines and attacking us with our own ships. Someone says, ‘Oh, they would not do that.’ Well, I do not agree. There is no change of heart in Yugoslavian Communism, or Polish Communism, because they conned you into supporting them.

Do you want to know what the ‘dilemma’ is in this great Christian nation made up of the majority of people who are White and Christian, who thru the course of their lives, developed their families with the background of church, and have given ascent to all of the great fundamental principles which have made your nation great? They followed our laws which automatically segregated the district of the races of their nation. The have not laws to transcribe all of these certain things down in Phoenix, but certain Southern States have such laws which would guarantee this course. In fact, when individuals did not discriminate and those whom they associated with who were their friends, they would say ‘well that man is not a discriminating gentleman. And for one and one-half Centuries, a discriminating person was one who was guided by proper thinking.

But you are living in 1961, and they are trying to teach your young children that a discriminating person is one to be assured. In fact, in our time this would take away neatness and produce sloppiness in a whole generation and make this more desirable than to make this in the pattern of our forefathers as to what is desirable. They today have been trying to break down every barrier against the absorption and mongrelization of your race which God has instilled by birth and by sense and by being as well as by law, in your society. It is quite obvious that we are in one of the strangest positions in our history. A nation made great on the background of these laws and these principles actually going into problems of racial crisis. The great liberties which we came here to establish are being denied to the majority of the people in our nation. We are being told that all of the Civil Liberties programs---and incidentally, between the pressure of politics and the wisdom being shown in one moment out of all the things which Mr. Kennedy did---he did not push Civil Liberties plan until yesterday. He was going to pass it by, but the ADL put on so much pressure, and plowed the whole field with Mr. Stevenson, even to the surprise of Mike Mansfield, and then Mr. Kennedy came out and said, ‘Now among the other things which I have suggested, and now I am going to spell it out. We are going to push a ‘Civil Liberties’ Bill in this Congress.’

Well, I am kind of glad that he has made that position clear, for there has gone another chunk of the South. I have pointed out to you already, that Mr. Kennedy has made some very grievous mistakes, one of which was when he got up and denounced the whole ‘Right Wing.’ For when he denounced all of the ‘right wing,’ he lost all of the ‘right wing’ Democrats right then and there. And he never gained any Republicans because they were not going to vote for him anyhow. So he can write the ‘right wing’ off and he lost the ‘right wing’ on the Democrat side. And then he would push for a whole lot of legislature thru the Congress and the South will buck him all of the way.

Now, you may feel that this is something that should not have been discussed. You say we don’t take any partisan position as a congregation? No, we are on the side of the best interest of our race. And we are on God’s side. And if anyone, regardless of party gets on the other side, we will say something about it. Thus this dilemma that faces this nation is that the majority of your nation is still Christian. I am going to take an evaluation of the census. The last census cited that in their computation according to races, 140 million of the possible 190 million people in these United States are White. Now, I think it is rather interesting that when they added the Jew up, they did not count them as White. Now, we could have told you that all along, but we were surprised that they knew it.

Here in one of the volumes that they have written recently, in fact, Michael Gold wrote one not so long ago called ‘Jews Without Money.’ In fact, when they first put this on the newsstand, or when they first started selling this at the May Company, we advised everyone to go down and buy one. If you want to know what American Jews are like without money, you buy this book by Michael Gold. But this was never written for your consumption. It was written for their consumption and they thought that they could possibly sell fifteen million copies. That is enough copies because they will all buy it. In that book he flaunts the fact and prides himself that he and his brother and some other Jews could pose as White Americans and get by with moving into a great number of organizations which were White and Christian. And how they would always participate in anything that the White Christian wanted to give away, even the potatoes at the local mission. And when they took them up exorcized them so to make sure that they were Jew potatoes and not Christian potatoes. And how as they passed a Christian Church, they cursed under their breath thinking that their black magic had an effect upon that church. I want you to know that all of the black magic which comes from the lips of Jewry cannot effect one church of Jesus the Christ. But I can assure you of something far more dangerous than that. It is when their semantics of revolution is sowed very, very cleverly into church organizations and into their literature thru the editorial staff which is under the hands of these people. Do you know today ---right now, that in the educational system of the Christian Churches of every denomination, that there is a great hard core of organized Communists financed by Jew money in these United States at the publication level at the Sunday School literature and church papers?

You say, ‘How do I know?’ Because I can go to my files and pull them out and show them to you. There are Presbyterian papers, Baptist papers, and Pentecostal papers. Yet this is rather significant. The strategy which helped make American dilemma what it is, is that Christians have had obscured from them the great background of who they were and what the Bible has to say about it, until many of them have been led to believe that the enemies of their society are the

chosen of God. And that the people who spit on God and crucified HIM and said, ‘Let HIS blood be on us and on our children’ are to be utterly overlooked and let them get away with every conspiracy that they plot.

You know just to show you how they hoodwink people, down in Israeli, they invited all of the Pentecostal people of all their churches in America to go down and hold a conference, their yearly conference in Palestine. And they said that if you come down here and do that, and since you are Christians, and this is where Christ is said to have lived and where HE was born, then you can come. And there is only one agreement we want and that is that you are not to preach Christ while you are down here, to any of our people anywhere. We will give you the ‘key’ to the city so you can visit any place that you want to. And we will pay the expenses of every one of your preachers who is down here.

Now, have you ever heard of anything as generous as that? They said we will pay the expenses of your preachers to come down here and they did. But a little deal was made for they said, ‘When you go home, you just tell everybody how wonderful Israeli is. You come up to bat for us every time there is a problem. You help us sell Israeli bonds. You talk about the Holy Land and all of these people down here and everything that happens down here, you back it up. This is against all of the Arabs and everybody else. And this is what they did. I have in my file, most anything that happens in the U.S. goes in my file.

There is one thing about this Gospel of the Kingdom and about this ministry. It has not only gone all over America, but everyone who is alerted and not only the many, many who listen to tapes and listen in congregations and every time they see something or hear something which is tied to the truth, they pick it up and they mail it to us. In fact, some of the people have become so disgusted with their own denominations that they have become a revolution inside of their own church. So here comes their literature and I watched one after the other, those interested in healing like Oral Roberts down in Oklahoma, and here they were selling the propaganda of Israeli. Not only did this minister go down in Palestine to visit Ben Gurian, who was known across America because of his open meeting across America because of his tents and his campaign. And when he got down there, he had a meeting with Ben Gurian and Ben Gurian said, ‘Are you going to mention Jesus Christ while you are here?’ And Oral Roberts said, ‘No, I did not come down to do that.’ And Ben Gurian said, ‘What would you like to do?’ And Oral Roberts said, ‘I would like to bring the Jews and Christians closer together.’ And Ben Gurian said, ‘You have given the right answer.’ Mr. Ben Gurian then said, ‘Now, Mr. Roberts, we know that you would like to build a ‘Prayer Tower’ at your tabernacle and we will raise the money for you to build this tabernacle with its prayer tower and it will be our gift.’ So what did this Christian do? He named this the Ben Gurian tabernacle. You go to Tulsa and there it is.

Now, I only bring this out for one purpose. It is to show you that the reason why America is in a dilemma, and not all of the blame can be pointed at the clergy, but that clergy who did not purge any of his congregation if they did not stand up for Jesus, and then would go down and make a deal with this people, and agreed that he did not go down there to talk about Jesus, and if he did not go down there to talk about Jesus, they he should stay home. The only reason I can see for some white man to go down in that area would be to see some Arabs, or else to stand up for Christ.

Significant as it might be, we have watched the infiltration of our society with the unassimilatable seed of darkness. And the moment they arrived here, they told us they were fleeing from persecution in Europe. Everywhere these people go, they are being persecuted. But apparently, their persecution is greatest where Christians exist. Why is this? Because sooner or later people in any country where they have dwelt and carry out their assassinations, discover who is doing it. They discover who is behind their brothers and their dope and all of the evils of their society. And they discover who is behind the manipulation of their money and who is living as usurers’ on all of the interest they can draw out of the people, and who has gained the manipulation of their money system. That, my friends, brings into view the leadership in this matter and why they try to establish a monetary system which is free from these parasites. And the moment they do this, they are in the midst of a great whirlpool of great trouble. America has a great dilemma because we left the door of America open.

Now the majority of Christians in America, if they could go into a booth and vote, would not have left the doors of America open to the immigration of 3 1/2 million Jews in World War II. They did not have anything to say about this for Mrs. Roosevelt and the Crown Prince took care of that. So in they came. Oh, you say, ‘I think they have been brainwashed enough to say let them come in.’ But no. There is not an American Christian, if he had his way who would vote like that or let them live on the same street with you. You say, ‘Why is that?’ Because they are bound by this backlog of economic that the house of Rothchild holds and manipulate over all of the banks of the world. They can manipulate loans out of any of these banks where you could not get one. They can operate at a rate of interest that you cannot touch. They can operate a business and they can open up and do business on any street along side of any Christian and sell the merchandise for less than the Christian merchant can buy it, break what you know as the law, and they can still stay in business. Because they are backed by this city which has accomplished this objective. In my files, are a great number of papers and magazines which are like the Chicago Jew issue and which I understand is behind the L.A. tabloid, newspapers, like Sammy Ghatt and the Jewish Voice and the B’nai B’rith Messenger. And when I look at these papers, I just see that they are trying to encourage all of the Jews to go everywhere and buy where it says ‘Kosher.’ Everywhere thru these papers, it says ‘band together now---these are crucial hours---buy here.’ Sell to everybody else but you buy here. Do you know what I think America must do? Let this always be in your mind. Watch it crystallize as these things start happening across America, and I think it is time we started buying Christian in every avenue where it is possible to do so. If you want to know where one of the most sensational fields of production and development is going to be it will be in the clothing business. There are very few items of clothing that you do not have to buy from the merchants of Babylon. So if some one wants to get in early, then start a genuine suit and clothing business and the advertise ‘this is a Christian clothing business.’

I talked to a man the other day, and he said, ‘I would just like to know what field would be a good field to get into.’ And I said I think it is time someone made some honest fabric. Back clothes that were honestly sewn and were of Christian production and then let this be known. Oh, you say, ‘They would attack us. This is discriminatory.’ I said, ‘No, they will not attack you when you say this is a Christian trade and a Christian territory to sell Christian suit and Christian clothes.’ Let me tell you something. You would sell more clothes than anyone in these United States. You say, ‘But pressure would come on everyone of these markets. Every haberdashery would be told if you sell these Christian suits, then you can not have any of the rest the line.’ Then I said, ‘then you have just opened up the biggest line in all of the world. For lets fill the line. When you tell me that if you tried to sell Christian clothes, they would move to put him out of business. If you tell me that would happen, then you are to far educated to do anything about it.

Now, listen. I am serious. Just as serious as one can be. This great nation has 140 million Christians in it, and all of the Jews and others who are non-Christians and not of our race are not essential for us to have a profitable production in any field that America can enter. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, we would starve before we got started.’ No, I don’t think so. For those considered the extreme ‘right wing’ number over five million. All I need to say from this platform is here is a Christian company now entering the clothing field so buy Christian. And before six months had gone by, millions of people would know all about it.

When we talk about our problems, we have to face them realistically. Some would like to talk about a reward we are going to get when we die, but I want to talk about the reward we get while we live. For I am not worrying about dying. I am not worrying about everything being well organized in the dimension of the spirit. I am concerned about what God went us to do and that is to build HIS Kingdom. If you cannot use your influence to build HIS Kingdom and accomplish HIS objective, then you have not broken the yoke of the money changer off of your back. Yes, there is a tremendous economic conspiracy against your society. And they are willing to call you brother on the street until they accomplish this objective. But when they gather together in their synagogues, they do not call you brother.

This is a significant thing. America was founded on the concept of sovereignty of independence. We became a great nation with the Declaration of Independence. And in 1961, we have already given away some of that independence. We started out to be free and now we have joined the wrong bunch of nations. Someone said, ‘We should not join any nation.’ Well, I think we should have learned our lesson a long time ago that all Christian nations should have made the agreement to stand together. Inside the scriptures there are some things concerning these bad arrangements which you are in. When we talk about this, I note that the scripture says you have a covenant with death and with hell among the nations. You re with an institution which is nothing but war and trouble and grief. My Bible says that speaking of the Almighty, ‘I am going to disannul this organization with all kinds of trouble.’ Someone said, ‘It was not nice God to give us trouble.’ But it was not of you to leave the great destiny which HE gave you to get inside of this area for experience.

America’s great dilemma is that here we are a free nation, a Christian society and we have suddenly granted the right which belonged to White Christians in our society to all those who dwell in your society to the extent of excluding you from those rights. I have mentioned this before and this, my friends, is not the position that endorses slavery. Altho I am always going to be this frank. But I believe that any Negro who was in slavery in these United States was better off than any Negro in Africa. At least no one was going to eat him here, unless it was one of his own kind. I want you to know that you can’t talk about persecution here because there are more Negroes driving Cadillacs in these United States, than have bicycles in Africa. You cannot say in advance that they did not make an advance under the influence of the White man because they did make such advances. But I want you to know that they should not now or ever, have risen to the point where they rule over the White man. Nor are they capable of moving into these technological fields of leadership. It has oft been a proven factor, and at least when we were in conference with some other clergy, we were easily able to establish the fact that there are no basic Negro missions in Africa. Isn’t that strange? Here are people who want to establish themselves as Christians on the same level as you have. Yet they have no desire to evangelize their own people in Africa. And they do not subsidize any African missions.

Now, White men, if they thought there was any White nation anywhere who did not know about the Christ, would be so interested in getting that message to them that they would carry it there. But Negroes are not interested in Negroes enough to carry any message there. Their religion is syncopation of motion and is not spirit. If anyone can beat a tom-tom and clap their hands, you have a Negro revival on full scale.

Now, do not misunderstand me. It is better for a Negro to be in a Negro revival than to be under a witch doctor. But don’t count on that witch doctor not being about to influence them if you do not keep that witch doctor out. It is a long story, but we could tell you of events that happened in New Jersey in the New England States. When the witch doctor came in and turned local Baptist, Methodist Negroes into an orgy of murder. It is a matter of record. I point this out to you as well, that there are a great many of these people who are loyal and have served families who have protected them thru the years. We make no endorsement of slavery. But I want you to remember this tonight. And this is a part of the dilemma that you are in. The Constitution of the United States was only written for White men. You say, ‘How do you know that?’ Well, every man but one who signed it was a slave owner. Does that become clear? Every man but one that signed the Declaration of Independence was a slave owner. Therefore the Constitution was not designed to liberate that property. At no time in the future was that slavery broken merely by a establishment of or the setting aside of the previous conditions of the Constitution. And it was only by design and by amendments that there were added changes to these statutes.

I have writings of Abraham Lincoln. And I will be quite frank with you, there are many writers who I am more in agreement with. Mr. Douglas was far more right. But there was one thing which Abraham Lincoln said:---’If I had known that the position I was taking and the advise I was following, would have brought a war between the States, I would have not have considered that all of the Negroes in America were worth fighting over.’ This was Abraham Lincoln. And I have his words right in his own volume. He also said that he was now aware that behind this great drive for liberation, was this economic design, born in New York, to destroy the economy of the South. So what Mr. Lincoln was saying was that he had finally found out the truth behind this whole war. And afterwards when they wanted to put America into a permanent debt to Jewry, he floated U.S. Notes and they killed him for it. That is the secret behind his assassination. The only thing I want to bring to you, is that we have had in the span of the last few years, decisions by men in our highest courts tampering with the Constitution of these United States and the background of State sovereignty and the rights of every individual. And the dilemma that we fact tonight, is that we have set these men up an authority on the court and they have set aside the opinions of the previous court by decisions of their own. And there is no substance in any power delegated to the Supreme Court to reverse the divisions of the Supreme Court that has preceded them. These men are no brain trust on wisdom. They do not know more than any preceding court. They have never been given that position.

Now, you are faced with another dilemma. Attorneys general activated much of their position upon the position of the Supreme Court and upon the decisions that are rendered. And now attorneys are arguing which Supreme Court should we listen to, the previous one or this one.? The law that came is not the law of the land. I want you citizens to know this for I want you to bind it. Every decision that is against your nation or your race, I want you to know that you can do all kinds of things in the name which God has bestowed upon you. And HE said that HE named HIS children in heaven and in earth and you are known as Christians in the earth. Thus start binding the darkness and think of victory. And the day when we will get a better court in a better America.

Right now, they are trying to get a reversal of this. That this is a Christian nation. The Jews do not like it. They fight night and day to wipe every Christian process out of your national life. And this is when your dilemma becomes great. You have at the present time, a President,---and this one is not the first one which was brainwashed---but today you have a President surrounded by men who hate the name of Jesus Christ. Out of 116 men, 77 of those men around this President are Jews. It is without doubt that this influence--and much of it a Harvard influence--or what Harvard once was and what it is today, are quite different. For this was a great Christian School when it was first founded. Today it is filled up with Jewish fraternities and Jewish leadership.

Now, remember there is nothing wrong by making you your mind to be pro-Christian set against evil. John says that if they deny that Jesus is the Christ, then this is anti-Christ. And he challenges every Christian to say, ‘this is anti-Christ’ no matter what you think. Go home and read what John writes to the ‘Elect Lady.’ That is Israel and her children. He said, ‘No, don’t you let these people into your schools or your society. Don’t let anyone in that denies that Jesus is the Christ. For if you let them in, they are going to start taking away all of the blessings that God has given you because these parasites make war on you.’ And he said, ‘If they deny that Jesus is the Christ, they do not have God in any form, they do not have HIM in HIS Fatherhood, and they do not have HIM in HIS manifestation as the Messiah.’ So don’t do as some do---going around and saying, ‘Well, God bless everybody anyway. Let’s pray for our enemies.’ Don’t start praying for God’s enemies. It is one thing for you to pray for your society, for the sermon on the Mount is for the Kingdom and it only works for the Kingdom. It does not work for those not activated by the spirit.

But suddenly, it is popular to bless your enemies. And you brought in a whole hose of your enemies into your nation and you even let their professors join the staff teaching in your Universities. And they started to attack your faith and they started to attack every element of it. And they began to teach in your seminaries. And they try to make everybody a materialistic evolutionists of an order which removes God from your picture. Then they start selling Socialism and Marxism and Communism. Don’t talk to me about these refugees coming in from Communist countries, fleeing Communism, because as soon as they gain a position on a teaching staff, they start teaching Communism here. I know tonight, that every Communist teacher in America knows, but a lot of them will not admit, that we must equate this about the brainwashing of the people. We must equate it with its source, that anti-Americanism is also anti-Christianity.

It is most significant, that we look out upon the problem of our people. Economically, we have watched the enemy move in and manipulate every branch of our production, until by raising the cost of production, he has raised the cost of everything made in America, by raising the wage scale even beyond the level of sanity, until today, we have the highest wage scale in the world and the highest cost of goods anywhere on earth. So be a realist tonight, for you are on the horns of a dilemma. You cannot ship great amounts of your goods to Europe when Europe can build those same goods as well or better, ans sell them for half the price. You say, ‘It cannot be done.’ But it can be done. How do in know? Because Mr. Kennedy said on top of that, we have a tariff on our goods when they come this way, they will do business with us, but they won’t let us sell over there, until we have a high tariff. But add that tariff on and we are out of the market. Let me tell you something. If there was not any tariff between you and Europe, you would be out of the market on anything that they produce. Someone said, ‘Don’t you think that we need a United Economic program?’ No, not until every nation is free from under the influence of the manipulators. The only way we can protect ourselves in this status quo, is to equalize our production in this present time with tariff walls high enough to protect the American market for the American producer.

I want you to know that if you kept the money that you had to subsidize foreign markets with to buy your goods, and reduced that from your taxes, you would be better off with just the home market. And you would be money ahead. I talked to an association of Manufacturers a few months ago. Had dinner in the Press Club in San Francisco. There were men meeting there to discuss some new services and they were discussing this very situation. And this one manufacturer said, ‘Dr. Swift, I want to tell you how right you are. We would make more money if we had the American market back. If we did not have to share that market with every producer all over the world, we would make more money in three days per week than we will in working six or seven.’ And I said, ‘Well, would you have a lot of people out of work?’ He said, ‘No, we would work those people three days a week and we could alternate shifts and run five, and still pay them as much as we are paying them, and sell it to America and reduce our taxes and have more money to pay them with.’ You say, ‘Is this practical?’ Well, looking over the records and remembering that these men know their own problems, and he said the best paying market is the American market---we could be independent and we could be free.

Now, this does not mean that we do not want to buy the things that are well made in other countries. Nor are we against exchanging the goods we produce. But we must same first our own market. And the only alliance that God will ever recognize as being right for you in any circumstances is when you trade with other Christian nations and defend yourself against HIS enemies. America, to fulfill its responsibilities according to the instructions of God in the book of Ezekiel and the book of Revelation, would have to get out of the United Nations at once. And you want to know what a dilemma is? The President has as his representative at the U.N. this Mr. Stevenson. And he just spent the other day with the President telling him why he should make it stronger. You have all of the agents of a political program to take away your nation’s liberties in this nation. And he is telling you that you should strengthen the United Nations. They are putting text books in the schools including the highest colleges, to teach your children that it is the responsibility of all of us to build a ‘one world government’ and to lost our national identity. And they mean our ‘racial identity. Tomorrow mornings ‘Times’ will tell you about what Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Stevenson are agreeing on as to the United Nations.

Mr. Stevenson said we have to struggle and keep this thing going and keep our part of it whether anyone else helps or not, until we have proved that we want to be a part of the community, and all the people are from one great community of nations and we are all sharing the bounties of a great organization.

Do you know where he was making that speech? He was speaking in New York at the convention of the B’nai B’rith.

Now, suppose we formed an organization in America and we took all of the Christians into it and we called it the ADL of Christians. And then we fought as hard as everyone of the ADL fights against Christians. And they would say, ‘Oh, my that is not right.’ Well then, why have an ADL anyhow? Can you justify any people in America who came here from refuge forming an organization against anyone who criticized them? When they talk about anti-Semitism, then if they had the fulfillment of what they talk about is anti-Semitism there would not be any of them here anyhow. But do you know, today, who leads the anti-Semitism in these United States? The leaders of the ADL of the B’nai B’rith. They are attacking the Semites of God, the race of which you are a part.

Republican Senator Tate made a speech the other day. And in this speech he said, ‘We must be very careful and not permit the extreme ‘right’ to capture the Republican Party of the Democrat Party.’ And he said, ‘I am very much concerned that the ‘Extreme Right’ in both parties will capture both parties.’ But where did Mr. Tate make this speech? In New York at the National Conference of the B’nai B’rith. Just write this down in your little book. If someday you see someone on the street corner selling apples that looks like Tate or Stevenson--you will know why. And I would not doubt that both of those men would like to have a high tariff on apples grown in Israeli. You know that these boys have played along with this pretty well when you have to pay twenty cents for an apple from Washington, don’t you? Here in the United States, it costs you a dollar to get five apples.

Yes, there is a dilemma because we are face to fact with anti-Christ. With men trained at Annapolis and our Air Base in Colorado, who dedicated their lives to defend this nation and took a Divine obligation as in the front ranks of the Armies of God. And men, who thru the generations have been trained for the defense of your nation as they watch the powers grow in this ‘Spider Web’ organization, when they tell us that we must surrender the authority to repair our defenses---do you know that the greatest thing which could happen to America and Europe would be if America would get out of the United Nations right now. Never send another check. Never send another bill. And then call for a great new congregation of nations. And this would be for sons of Scandinavia, Anglo-Saxons, and Germans, and Holland, and all of the Christian nations, and all of the people of the Western world, to stand and say, ‘Now we understand our enemy. And we are going to start building the essential weapons to destroy that enemy, unless that enemy reverses its stand.’ And we would promise Norway and Sweden that if Russia tries to intimidate them that the first move in that intimidation will find Moscow blasted off the face of the earth. And we would tell Finland that they should go home for we are going to back her rights, for her occupancy is outlaw work. Remember that little Finland, the tribe of Issachar paid its debt. And when the Russians first invaded Finland in the opening hours of World War II, Mannerheim said, ‘Nothing but scorched earth cursed by God shall fall into Russian hands. Men of Issachar, show the world that for the cause of the right, that you are willing to die.’

Here is an historical note. The only country which went to the aid of little Finland, was Germany. I listened to someone on T.V. the other night trying to slant a whole program. And this was another one of those films that was anti-German. The design was to keep you mad and to fight W.W. II all over again for the Jews. And in this, they were pointing out as they stirred what was behind the great struggle, and they were praising Russia in this motion picture production. And they said, ‘my, how Germany violated its non-aggression pact with Russia and how she invaded deep into Russia.’ I thought we should put some oil on that troubled waters and let it burn bright for your awakening.

I have no particular commitment for any of the political machines in Europe. But I am interested in the race. But I know that the great heart of Christendom is just as deep in the people who occupy Germany and in the tradition and background of your faith. And is sweeping thru Germany just as it is in any other part of your race. And I know tonight, that they are the House of Judah. And I know that the Germans are a part of God’s plan. And I know that the enemy is out to destroy two heart centers of the Kingdom. They wanted to destroy Germany and they want to destroy America. Why? Because these two heart centers can keep the whole world from falling into Communist hands. And when Von Ribinkoff signed the non-aggression pact with Molotov, the agreement was that under no circumstances would any Russian equipment or troops come into Europe. And in that same agreement, no German troops would invade and cross the Danube and invade areas of Russia. But I want to bring this to your remembrance. The invasion of Finland and Poland was a violation of that pact. I want you to remember that when Germany invaded Poland because of the treatment of their nationals after the treaty of Versailles in the city of Danzig and the Corridor, that Russia had no right to invade Poland which was in Europe. I want you to know that when Russia invaded little Finland, it violated that pact.

Now, America had promised that we would help Finland. But we were in the dynasty of the Roosevelts. And in those days when those Russian planes crossed over little Finland, President Roosevelt got up and said, ‘A Leopard does not change its spots. Red Russian strikes helpless little Finland. And from the heart and soul of America, it pledges help for little Finland.’ Then Mr. Morganthal’s gang said, ‘not a cent for little Finland.’ Then, my friends, Germany supplied little Finland with planes and equipment. Did you know that little Finland stopped some of the Russian equipment cold? Did you know that little Finland rolled back Russian troops? Left the bodies of Steppe Mongols laying in the snow. Finland burned their fields and scorched their dwellings and nothing fell into the hands of the Soviets. They were driven back. And they burned parts of Helsinki. And the Russians never made a successful occupation until after the so-called agreement when working with an ally, that you should never have recognized---and then you helped supply the Soviet Union with weapons and build assembly lines. And Mr. Roosevelt confiscated the new Ford Factory and transferred it over to the Soviet Union. Assembly lines were set up over there and you went over there and showed them how to do it. And after the technological genius of America was transferred, they built the weapons and they took lend-lease weapons and they took other assistance and then they crushed little Finland---your friend.

I have a ‘white paper’ in my file together with an engraved card from the Finish Legation saying ‘Good-by.’ And we feel that we owe this to our friends to give them this. Finland’s explanation. I have a copy in my files of the Finish white papers saying, ‘We turned to every nation. And Germany was the only one who offered us help. We took that help and we became ostracized by the United States Government.’ The little Finland said this, ‘We are sorry for this. We have repaid every dollar to the United States that we ever borrowed.’ Little Finland, the Issachar of your race, did just that.

Now, wasn’t it a strange thing that propaganda then started trying to turn America against Finland? But I tell you that these problems come from an unassimilatable non-Christian force in your society. And America’s dilemma is that every awakening ‘right winger’ across America is a Christian stimulated by God’s Spirit. And everyone of them wants to get out of the United Nations. But remember that your dilemma is that you have Senators and Congressmen and blood in their veins runs like chilled water. We have men who if you sit down to talk to them, they vibrate patriotically. I have sat in the office of almost every Congressman in these United States, (except Mr. Javits and a few of those boys, who I would not waste my time on,) and I have had man after man tell me that he knows that America is being betrayed,--tells me that he knows that we are losing control of our nation,---tells me that he knows that we are being pushed into a Socialist situation by the enemies of our society. And before we were thru, we had exchanged notes with committees and it is a known fact that at least 1/3 of the Congressmen know that behind all of this, is the power of organized Jewry, the ADL, and World Zionism working together.

I want you to know tonight, that those who are tied to political machines, there are a great number of these men who know these facts when they are pointed out to them and understand them. Yet they FEAR them. But there is one great problem which faces them, for they do not know how to carry out their career, if they do not stay under the direction of the party. And the enemy has captured a ‘liberal wing’ in both parties and it has cost them a lot of money. And that is why Mr. Tate was talking to the ADL yesterday, and he said, ‘Our great problem is that this ‘right wing’ is waking up and it is out to capture both parties.’ Well, I like that better than anything I have ever heard. I would like to be able someday to go down to the polls and when you look at the polls, you would see two men running for the Presidency of the United States and one is on the Democratic ticket and one is on the Republican ticket. And the one on the Republican ticket thinks like Jerald Smith, and the one on the Democrat ticket thinks like Senator Eastland. And it would not matter which man was elected for you would have a free America. Is your nation so void of men of greatness of vision that we cannot produce good men for both sides? That the program of both cannot be progressively the program of God’s Kingdom? I am tired of hearing everyone of these who are called progressive, as they talk about progress. I am for progress, and I believe anything carried out under the program of God for your race, and the rising of this program is progress. We might even buy ‘New Frontiers. But they are going to have the American flag flying over them after we buy them.

One of the most fantastic Imperialism’s in the world, is the King of Imperialism that the United Nations promotes. That after you fight for the world, that you don’t get it. That after you go over and liberate someone, they are worse off than they were before. The program for today is that if you go out and you expand your frontier, then you have to support everybody in it. I do not hold the believe that we should spill American blood, the blood of White men anywhere at this time to defend a country like India, or some part of the world which has no desire to see the things that you know to be right, set in operation. You say, ‘But how are we going to overthrow the forces of darkness and the power of evil unless we fight them everywhere?’ I want you to know that you are never going to defeat the powers of darkness if you have to be blackmailed into supporting people who are indifferent about their own destiny.

I have said before and I repeat again,---that if India and a lot of these countries which have no initiative, fall in to the Russian hands, it would bankrupt Russia trying to keep up their end of the program. Mr. Stevenson said, ‘If we don’t look out, they will go Russian.’ Well, if so, then think of the many people we will not have to feed or look after anymore. I tell you that the dilemma that faces your nation is that the people want to defend their nation. And ever the liberals. Some of them even want to defend it and they don’t even know the danger they are in. So our problem is that we are in an organization that most of us want to get out of. And the instrument of machinery says that we have to stay in. We are in a World Order and a mass of bondage, which we would like to get out of. And the manipulators say that you can’t.

Now you see what every citizen, as he understands this, is going to be very disturbed about this because God said, ‘You cone out of this whole system, My people. Come out of here lest ye be partakers of her sins and you are found guilty of her evils and errors.’ This great standard of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle above the staff is a part of your nations destiny.

Now, I am going to tell you why you are in this dilemma in 1962. But God is going to start taking you out. And things will pop all over. And because of this, you will discover that America is going to have to develop new machinery to set itself free. Or to take back over the other machinery and fix it up. And you are going to have to get around people that are there that will not do the things that you sent them there for. You are going to have to affirm the right of the majority of people to live their lives as long as they do not interfere with anyone else right to live their lives as they will. You are once more going to have to re-establish the right of a Document and an Agreement. For under your Constitution, as long as it involves no crime, any two or three men can enter into an agreement or negotiate an agreement and they can seal it by the passage of money. And it can be binding upon them and they can enforce that agreement according to a decision by law. Thus if White men want to build a white community, and build their white schools, and raise their children in an environment of their own kind, and this is a matter of their Faith, and it is a feeling of their desire, then they should have that right. And if they want a contract that this property can’t be sold to anyone else to infiltrate and bring in any other race into that community, that is an agreement binding in all principals of right and Law. And when the court set this aside as an illegal agreement, they nullified the right of contract. This is your great and important right--to live your life in freedom and in the kind of environment that you want. The head of the NAACP is determined that you shall lose this right and that they are going to integrate every community. And they are going to enforce that integration by saying that anything that America does by integration will have to be this way.

I want to say in closing, that this is the high point of your Dilemma. And then you say, ‘But don’t we want them all to be Christian and all to worship the right God?’ According to their capacities. But keep Christian nations in the hands of Christians. If you are not ruled by your own people, then, my friends, you have been tricked. If you can elect in America to the leadership at any level, those who are not of your race and faith, it is because you are not voting. If you are voting, and you still cannot get your way, then someone has taken over your party and you better get it back. I believe that it is the responsibility of all White Christian nations to stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of the preservation of our society and when the enemy understands this, he is going to think twice before he moves. Tonight, he does not worry, for he has tied your hands and thinking in your own house. And until you repudiate this, you cannot have the full blessing of God resting upon your nation, because HE told you never to be unequally yoked with these people to begin with. So tonight, we tell you that if it is ever a Christians responsibility to write to their Congressman and Senators, it is now. If ever a nation can be delivered by the voice of Christians, it is now. And we tell you to use all of your Christian influence to preserve your civilization and your culture and the work of the True Church.

(End of Sermon)