America's So Great A Salvation, 10-7-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-7-63

We turn first this afternoon to our subject ‘America's so great a salvation,’ and we turn first to the words of the Apostle Paul in the 2nd chapter of Hebrews, in which we read these words:---"For the word spoken by Angels was steadfast, then how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?’ For the word was spoken to us by the LORD and confirmed unto us by them that heard HIM. God, also bearing them witness with signs and with wonders and gifts of the Holy Spirit, according to HIS own will. How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? I think the passage is so great and so clear in putting for the secret of what is so great about what the association is, but it is in the instructions of the knowledge which God declared unto us from HIS own lips. And then was born in testimony unto us afterwards by those who heard HIM . . . until we now have the words which came out of the mouth of God. And we now have the instructions out of the mouth of God concerning the purposes of God and the need of people.

When we talk about Salvation there is one great, one important, one mighty Salvation. This is not geared to what transpires in the spirit after one passes from the face of the earth. This is the salvation God brought to earth with HIS own ministry. Sent HIS own sons and daughters into the world, and that My people were to save people from their sins. I want to point out to you that the problem which faces America today and every great Christian nation is the area of Error. It is where we have been witnessing this reaction of evil which has moved into the areas of God's kingdom. The design was to capture the minds of men and redirecting their conduct. And in so doing, they have been led into ways of error. And these processes have brought upon us these catastrophes, inevitable results of violating foundational law.

When we find the scripture talking about the program of Christ and HIS ministry, we discover that it says HE came to save people from their sins. We use that word sin . . . and a lot of people do not like that word, for it is an ugly little word, and they like to substitute error in its place. But we are still going to use the word sin as well as the word error because this is simply thinking wrong and acting wrong. For when you think wrong and act wrong, then the results, my friends, is catastrophe. The reason being that the Universe has been built upon the soundness of law, complete and final. Thus, whatsoever God has done, HE has put it together forever. That which HE created was sound and HE said that which HE created was good. It was good in the field in which HE created it, whether in the field of electronics or in the areas of chemistry, or whatsoever the processes. And you find that the laws are fixed laws they are not changeable laws. And when you violate these laws, you get explosion or catastrophe, or disintegration.

And so in this policy, we discover that the Universe is based on laws. And that the understanding of these laws is very vital to men. But there are laws which relate to men and their occupancy in the earth, and they relate to their adaptation and their relation to the earth itself and also to their strange spiritual power to adapt the earth to their strange conditions under the process of Divine law. Thus, we point out to you that there are many laws which we must not violate. For the violation of these laws bring catastrophe. Social laws, as they are violated, bring a tremendous impact upon people and upon society. Therefore, their error or their misapplication of their energies and their lies, or the violation of these laws . . . it is pure and simple what this thing is that is violated. It is law. That is what brings a big impact upon men by the violation thereof and upon nations. It is therefore this cause, or one of the things which Christ came to do . . . was to lift the guilt complex from over HIS own household, over HIS sons and HIS daughters, over your race. . assuming upon Himself as God, for having sent you into such an environment where these things could take place, a full accountability for this. And having by HIS one immediate act, made an atonement, carried away all acts of violation, and lifted the guilt complex from off of your race or those who constitute HIS sons and HIS daughters. HE therefore left you absolutely free as to being able to face the world or to look God in the face, justified by HIS own Grace. But that alone is not all that HE came to do. For HE came to save you from your sins and from their results, by giving unto you life and truth that when followed out will be the solution to living in the midst of the earth. And thus, HE directed HIS Church with guidance and spiritual empowering by the Holy Spirit to accomplish this. The Apostle Paul said therefore, that we have heard these words and we have heard words spoken by the very mouth of God. Therefore, how can we escape for this disobedience of the law which reality will bring. How can we neglect these words? In other words, if we do not follow these directions that God has given us, if we violate the social laws of God and we mongrelize our race, we will violate the spiritual capacities which this race has and which it can produce. The great and tremendous development of the West and of Christian civilization have been of course, the byproduct of a race, a spiritual household which God begat in the spirit and placed in the earth thru the Adamic house.

This is the reason why in the Old Testament and in the New Testament as well, so carefully is listed the foundational laws granted your race by the Grace of God. That you understanding these laws would not have to, by private error, bring catastrophe upon your society. HE ordered that you do not violate that race; that you do not take another people and thrust them into the center of your social order; or marry your sons and daughters to their sons and daughters. Do not set them up as teachers over your children. And do not give them positions in government of your nations, for you are the children of the Living God. You are a race of HIS own begetting. You are a household that HE sent into the earth. And with these other trees of knowledge of good and evil, you were forbidden to participate with, or to join yourselves to.

It is one thing to talk about the food trees of Genesis where all of the trees were planted and you were given to eat of the fruit of these trees. But when it came to the racial trees of the other societies of earth, it was not given for you to partake. This was not what you were placed here for. This would bring catastrophe upon your society. Thus, there were social laws given, first spoken and given to Adam and Eve. Then brought down thru Seth and thru Noah. And then reinterred to Moses on Mount Sinai and then woven so carefully into the Law. These are words which came out of the mouth of God. And thus it happened. Great spiritual vision was lost and deterioration happened among all people who violated this principal and this law. This is the reason why we point out to you again, that there were economic laws. And these laws were based upon patterns of mathematics and the application of what you call money which moves the goods that were produced. And you were told that there were certain principals that were applied to your economy, and they would destroy you. And there were words such as usury, and these factors which upset the economic balance of money. If you violate this law, you bring upon yourself depressions and catastrophe. In the careful warnings from God, in each and every one of these areas, these are the laws which work. Such as the soil and replacing the things taken out of it for your food supply which had lost its vitality and its minerals. This is a law of God. It tells about the fallowing of the soil and the things which must be done. This is a matter that is spiritual revealed knowledge. Science now knows many things which the law of God gave on Mount Sinai. Thus, it is that the anger of God did not mean that HE had to descend with anger, for the breaking of HIS Law brings the natural results. HE did not come to destroy, HE came to bring light. HE said, “I did not come to condemn the world, but came to bring the world light.” And HE came to bring them a solution to their problems. They were given the spiritual capacity to exceed in these areas. That is why again, HE came to save HIS people from their sins. From their errors that brought on the problems of our times. From the wars and the catastrophes that the people of earth have been caught up in because of the violation of Divine law. HE came to earth in visitation as Messiah, came first to HIS people and then thru HIS people to the other people of earth to show them that there was a way of truth.

If you will turn to the book of John, we see again the impact of this message that Christ brought as HE speaks to the people round about even to the enemies that stood by. Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make ye free.” Possibly there is nothing more important for us to understand that all of the progress and all of the development of the western world with its culture has come out of the obedience and guidance of the principals of Divine law. And the spiritual implication upon the race that obeyed was in the race of HIS household where we find the great solid existing Church. The Church being the spiritual center of God's kingdom, shall be found where the great White Western nations exist. Specifically, we do not say that the church is Asiatic or is in Africa. We may find missionary outposts there, but when you look for the church of Jesus Christ, you are going to find it among White nations, and among people moved by the Spirit. And you will find it losing its influence among those people who become mongrelized and losing its vision.

Now this is understood by Satanic forces . . . the great world conspiracy today . . . which challenges Christian civilization is trying to gain power over a people who are trying to find power by knowledge and by truth. All knowledge and all truth proceeds from God; moves thru the areas of vision or ideas as the Greeks used to refer to this mysterious process of thinking, and then becomes translated into reality. When individuals of your race were sent into the earth, you came in by natural birth. But you were begotten by the Spirit of the Father before the world was framed. You brought nothing into the world, so we are told, and you will take nothing out of it but experience. But let me assure you that as far as the earth is concerned, born as a babe and growing up with an awareness of a developing environment with all of the processes of the senses which are also resident in you, that outside of these senses working thru the mind or the brain, is the soul consciousness which is the sum total of all of your experiences placed in your remembrance since you were born in the earth.

Now you possess something that is older than that. You have a Celestial being, a spirit being. And that spirit being is co-resident with you, now in this physical body in which we are not tabernacled. The Apostle Paul tells us that this is our tabernacle. This is our house this is how we dwell in the earth. If we were just spiritual beings, we would have little influence on the earth unless we had instruments to accomplish these results. Thus this body becomes the instrument in your hands when properly guided to recreate and to carve into the essence of this earth the kingdom which God sent you here to build which you pray for when you pray “THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL RE DONE IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.”

It is now that you are embodied, as the Apostle Paul said, “for now the children of God are embodied in bodies of flesh, and by this process heaven has been transferred from heaven to earth.” But it will never develop the processes of heaven until the sons and daughters coordinate their thinking with the patterns of truth. The great conspiracy of Lucifer is to try to mongrelize the race and destroy the spiritual receptivity of your household. It is also to try to change your responsibility to God's law to an irresponsibility to God's law. HE would like for you to revolt against God's law and accept world law in its place.

Now I want you to know that if the great Christian nations are to survive . . . and they will, if they are to carry out their destiny, and they shall. It will be by the application of Divine Will, and not by the mongrolizing deteriorating ideas that are being poured out over our nation and in our schools and upon our people.

It is an established fact that if you neglect so great a salvation, which is every word which came out of the mouth of God, that the time has come in this society when we make this identification that there is nothing more vital for us than that we affirm that we are Christians and that we recognize Jesus the Christ. And we don't care whether the Jews or any other refugee who comes into this country like it or not. We are going to pray in our schools and we are going to pray in our capital and we are going to pray “UNTO OUR FATHER.” The very day we let these Satanic forces take this course, and also this Satanic guided leadership to remove from our national life the identity of our Father's name and our identity to Him, and so influence our testimony and our witness that we start to blot out of our national life, this identify with God, then, my friends, you have destroyed the very root of your salvation. Therefore, it becomes more important to us that you serve God more than man. And we call for a 100% rebellion against any national or Federal or State institution that would seek to keep people from praying and recognizing God anywhere. There are certain things which you cannot legislate. The Constitution of the United States says that you cannot make any laws to regulate religion. You cannot make a law concerning religion or the carrying out of its activities. It becomes the foremost principal of Christianity that you bear witness, that you are a witnessing people and you bear witness to the truth and that you are an activated people who put the truth into operation. There is no question about the design and the pattern. We will have more to say about the design and the pattern later. But at this very moment all of the troubles and the crisis in our nation are from this conspiracy. And this is probably as great a crisis as we have had since the Civil War. It is quite evidently a neglect of ---"So great a salvation.”

We are permitting the forces of a Socialist Communist revolution to seek to interpret for us our social responsibility. We are having them set the classifications of a class of people. We are more than that, having them take that which is equal before the law and try to make it personally equal before our social order. And this of course, is a violation of human consciousness and human intelligence.

We point out to you something that is quite evident in our time. That if Africa or Asia had the initiative or the capacity and were equal with you as individuals, they would not need to apply to you for anything. If, my friends, these people were your equals, they would not need Socialism to raise their status. If they were your equals, their schools would be adequate. Their teachers would be satisfactory and their own initiative would create and carve out the only things which are essential for them. It is that lack of equality, based on that ingredient, that lack of capacity to respond, that today creates the vast distinction between White Christian people and all of the other kinds of people upon the face of the earth.

Now this is not hatred. This is spiritual guidance born of clear thinking and clear reason. And because of this, if you think, and if you accept the basis of truth, if you identify yourself with your Father, your LORD and your Master, you are going to have the same enemies that HE had, because they want to obstruct the same Truth that HE taught. These become quite obvious in our time. We tell you and we will challenge anyone . . . for these are not my words . . . they are the words of the Father who has called you to come out from among them and be ye separate or segregated, and touch not the unclean things. Why? Because HE says, “I want to continue to be a Father unto you and to your generations after you. And how can I do that if you are mongrelized and have destroyed your capacity of vision. I am not playing stepfather to any of Satan's children.” God made this clear. -- “I want to continue to be a Father unto you, and that requires that you preserve the seed of the family.

We said it the other night. We said that we thought that Governor Ross was standing tall and clear in these United States, and his stature continues to grow. I want you to know that under the pattern of inspiration, that God moved on many men to move out of Western Europe and to settle here in these United States. And when they settled here long before we became a nation, where we were but Colonies, they had this great denominator in common . . . the recognition that Jesus was the Christ. And this was the great development of religious freedom. This brought the formation of Colonies by men of initiative and with vision. And it was not long before it was demonstrated they had high production, and they had a high development of sound colonies as any place on the face of the earth. No wonder the enemy wanted to find some way to break it up.

When the day came when we wanted to become a nation and to free ourselves from economic bondage which was being place upon us by the influence of the enemies of our civilization, over the nations from which we had come, we point out to you, that at that time, we signed a Declaration of Independence. That we were a separate and free nation. And that we recognized in this situation that all that constituted citizens in these colonies were free and equal before the law. We were not at that time, talking about racial equality. For in those days and later as we drew up the Constitution the Negro was not involved in this document since most of those who signed this document were slave owners. This is not, my friends, an approbation of slavery since we see this as a dangerous disturbance, but it is a point of law which you must remember. I think it is significant for you to remember that the Constitution when drawn up was a pact between 13 independent colonies which now were States. This is the United States of America. United Sovereign States who came together for their mutual benefit and for their solid creation of a defense structure and administrative structure which would work out to the well being and preservation of the liberties of every individual in the State in which he dwelt. Therefore when they formed the Constitution of these United States they delegated and specifically spelled out what powers they were going to leave in the hands of the Federal Government. The reason why they spelled out these powers so clearly and in the Amendments so determined what authority they would grant the Federal Government was for the continuation of liberty and freedom. It is most significant then that in the Tenth Amendment of these United States Constitution that they said that any powers not constituted under the Federal Government specifically spelled out were reserved unto the States. The Constitution of these United States does not give the Federal Government any right to go into any State unless that power is delegated to it under the Constitution. It is by this process that you contain some people who have designs on great power. It is by these balances and proper checks that you help to contain a design which could bring upon you complete tyranny. Thus the Executive Branch has been limited as to how long a time a person can remain in office. It is limited in what it can do and in turn the Congress and Legislative arm of government is also limited in their legislation to certain limits from the Constitution, unless it gets a heavily complete ratification from the people of the nation. If it is not there, then that Constitution is to remain unchanged.

So what we point out to you is that in that former time it was designed by our founding fathers that we would preserve this great Christian heritage and continue to recognize it. We point out to you that what has been happening in the last few weeks is because we have been neglecting the great areas of truth that God has given us, and we are neglecting America's so great a salvation, that we must live under the proper and guidance of Divine law, not the emotionally disturbed mind which intends to take over the world. The Constitution of the United States is still one of the great documents of Christian developments.

Now we point this out to you . . . that when Governor Ross interposed the State of Mississippi between the Federal Government and the people of Mississippi, he was following thru on a principal first introduced by Thomas Jefferson. As I explained to you, this Constitution was a compact between the States. It was to protect the States. All of them. If any State violated its recourse, then there was legal recourse by which other States could be made to come to terms. But if the Federal Government by the usurpation of Federal power violated the individual rights of an individuals state, then that State could declare its State Government interposed between the Federal Government and the people. And that is exactly what Governor Ross did. This is a point of law. And thus it is that Thomas Jefferson made it clear and wrote it sensibly on the right of interposition if the Federal Government got out of line and the correct position was not taken by the sister State.

I point out something which I want you to remember, for it is related to this revolution. The revolution as you know, was designed to upset the Constitution and place outlawism in place of it . . . anti-Christ laws and devil worship from people all over the world. But you White Christian nation, only 1/6 of the worlds population, you better abide by your own laws and come out from among them and be separate and distinct. In this instance, they were trying to put over the United Nations principals in the United States processes of law. The design in the first place, was to create a great upheaval over the treatment of minorities in this country. I do not think that minorities have very much to cry about here in America, for they are better off here than in any other place in the world. If they were not better off here, we would not have as many of these undesirables coming into this country to begin with. And they understand that as well. And then having arrived, then instead of leaving the symbol and the shape of America as they found it, they seek to destroy it with their conspiratorial design.

So we point out to you that the design was to place a Civil Rights plank in your Constitution and this was designed after Governor Warren became Chief Justice of the Court. He participated in this Black Monday decision and he said, as he went into that office, prior even to being confirmed ---that he would use his influence, if confirmed, to integrate the South showing that he was preconceived in his opinion. He should have disqualified himself from this case because he had already passed judgment without hearing any of the litigating circumstances. We had gone to Washington to oppose the conformation of Governor Warren, and we were able to hold it up for almost a week before the overwhelming forces of the world order were able to pressure the committee for conformation, and they released it out of the judiciary. And we have been in several unique developments from that time on. Because from the hour that they decreed that they would integrate America, altho they did not base that integration basically upon the text of the Constitution, they based it upon the writings of Socialist and Communists like Mardal and Dubois . . . one a Swede and the other a Jewish Negro. And a communist sociology which is hard to swallow when under Communist influence, who designed in their own books the disregard of our own Constitution, which they called an outmoded document. And they designed by bringing together, by intermarriage of all races to end all problems between them. And these were quoted by Douglas and by Warren in their decisions.

No wonder then that when the Civil Rights plank that Mr. Eisenhower had promised the Jews and the Negroes and all of the political pressure groups, that he was going to help pass, came before the Senate of the United States and before the Judiciary committee . . . that the emanate Senator Russell from the State of Georgia and others who were vitally concerned were in great debates and in discussions. They suggested that President Eisenhower come down before this group. And he came before the Judiciary committee and they ask him various questions. They said, “Now if you had the passage of this Civil Rights legislation, and if it became quite obvious that some of these positions could be twisted and come against the laws of some of the Southern States and know this many of these Southern States will not agree to the violation of their laws . . . therefore if we do not continue to resist this Civil Rights plank but support this Civil Rights plank, and it passes, would you therefore immediately implement the decisions of this now new known commission on Civil Rights for the use of troops or force? Would you, President Eisenhower, send troops into any Southern State to back up decisions given from any such Civil Rights plank?” President Eisenhower said, “I would not. I do not contemplate ever using troops against any government of these United States.” Senator Russell said, “All right, here is what we want to do.” Back at the climax of the civil war when a variated congress of the United States who had created a crisis, wanted to jam down the throats of the South some illegal practices, they created what then was known as the Posse Comitatus Act. And this gave the President of the United States the military authority which should never have been committed. And now the President could send troops down into those areas of the south and cram down their throats that which had supposedly been decided by Congress which were lopsided and many times illegal. The creation of this power to send troops was created in the aftermath of the Civil War. And thus brought a dangerous force over the South.

Now we know what transpired. They sent forces down and set up legislatures never elected by the people, but consisted of Negroes. And they demanded the ratification of many things. Now the 13th Amendment was legally ratified. This abolished slavery. But the 14th Amendment was never legally ratified by 3/4 of the States to make it a part of the Constitution legally. Thus, the Posse Comitatus Act which gave the President the power to turn troops loose on the States to enforce his will, came at a rather unique time. And came, my friends, on the force of an un-ratified Amendment. Even last week, David Lawrence had the courage to write that the 14th amendment to the Constitution was never legally ratified. No Supreme Court will ever rule on this, for they know that they have no position to legally to stand on to support the legality of the Fourteenth Amendment. It would never be ratified because the South would never ratify it and now it is outdated. So there it is . . . a decree just roughly placed in by tyranny, but not legally. So that is one weak point in the Constitution, this un-ratified Amendment.

Now let’s point this out, because I think this is very clear. When the Senate said to President Eisenhower---’if you do not want our resistance to this Civil Rights Act, will you clearly write in this Civil Rights Act that the Posse Comitatus act is physically removed. And for any President to order troops into any of the sovereign Southern States is a felony. Mr. Eisenhower reluctantly agreed to that and the Civil Rights plank was born into conception by the forces of the United Nations who would attempt to destroy America with it. Thus the Civil Rights Act became a law and President Eisenhower signed it into law . . . that the use of Federal troops in any State unless requested by the Governor of that State for the protection of the people, was a felony.

I point out to you that it was not long after this before Mr. Rabb or alias Mr. Benedict, a leader of the ADJ inside of the New York area, and this Jew who disappeared quickly after the Goldfine disturbances, was the man who actually ordered the troops with the knowledge of President Eisenhower into Little Rock. I point out to you that this was a felony. We carried a true Bill from conservatives and patriots of this same Bill signed by President Eisenhower a few months before. It brought into focus that these troops entering into little Rock into an area which was not the governments business, and the Tenth Amendment clearly spoke on this issue . . . this was therefore an additional grievance. But they had used the Posse Comitatus Act illegally and sent troops into the South. And this was against the law and a felony.

Now if you know about a felony and are a Congressman or a member of the government, and you do not act to take the necessary recourse, you become also by complicity, a part of it. So every Congressman who would know of this would have to call for impeachment of the President. The President can do almost anything, and they can only impeach him. But that is mighty important when they move in the wrong direction. The Senate is the judge and jury and the House the prosecutors. So we took this Bill and we put it on the desk of practically every Congressman, except a few like Congressman Javits who we knew would be on the wrong side. Having made known these facts, we had a group of leading Congressmen out of, say, Mississippi and other States who were thoroughly aware now of what had happened. And they had not previously considered this Bill. But now finding where this Bill would take them, they started to find out how many Congressmen would go for impeachment. And there was 116. But that was not enough. And for fear of the blackmail which would take place, they did not move because they would not have the muscle to move it on the Congressional floor. But they admitted that day that the laws of the United Government had broken down. That you could not get proper action even in the face of complicity. So I want you to know that those congressmen knew that this Bill was based on a felony committed by President Eisenhower for the use of troops when he had already signed, with his own pen that he would not do.

Now I want you to know that the use of troops by Robert Kennedy, and also by the President, is also a compounded felony of the Kennedy family. I want you to know that under the laws of the State of Mississippi and of California, also, and for that matter, under almost every State in these United States, that the resistance to a felony committed with arms is the responsibility of every citizen. That the bringing of troops into the South was armed felony. And any type of resistance to this is not unconstitutional, but constitutional according to law.

Now no one is foolish enough to think that you can resist the force of the Armed Forces of the United States. But it is hoped that the leaders of the Armed Forces of the United States when they become aware of the fact that they are being used to inflict a felony would refuse to violate the Constitution. The time may come when we will get sufficient leadership to recognize that the Constitution is their own security. I want you to know that Mr. Barnett said, “This is against my religion to integrate the schools. It is against the laws of God and it is also against the laws of my State which I am to uphold.” So he pursued every legal process of every court of law. In fact, the first court said that as far as the State of Mississippi was concerned they did not have to integrate. Then the Court of Appeals reverse this and said that they did. Then he appealed to a higher court and never got anywhere for little Bobby Kennedy said this is what you are going to do and you are going to do it now. I want to point out that Mr. Meredith has probably absorbed all of the education he is capable of. His own wife is going to the University in Jackson. The fact remains that he is not a very good reader and he does not understand much of what he is doing or he would have spoke for himself and read his own statement. But they had someone else read it for him. We point out that the only reason he is going to that school was because the ADL, the NAACP, and the ‘one worlders’ wanted to destroy the structure of the White race. And they demanded that he be their pawn to do this job. If he was smart enough to go to that University he wouldn't be there.

I want to point this out, for this is a most important position. Since the court where Mr. Barnett was trying to carry this so that he would have a decision by law, he took his stand on the fact that the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, unless they want to change it, still determines that the Federal Government has no authority in any area not delegated to it by the Constitution. And that the education in Mississippi was no business of the Federal Government unless they amended the Constitution and wiped out the Tenth Amendment when it became evident that these men would use troops against any area of the U.S. to accomplish their objective. I hope people remember this in any future election. If the Kennedys want to play with troops, the place to start is in Cuba not in Mississippi.

I point out to you that when General Walker went down to support Governor Barnett and the Constitution, he was right. And I want you to know that they have no more right over General Walker than they have over any citizen in this room. When he was seeking to follow the direction of our government and was seeking to indoctrinate his troops against Communism so that we would not have another fiasco as we did with some of the soldiers captured in Korea, he obviously brought out some of the dangers of the infiltration of Communism. He did not instruct his troops how to vote, but the activities made some government leaders identifiable to the students of where they stood. And therefore someone following the Communist course, then . . . that is the man not to vote for. He did not say, ‘don't vote for that man and don't vote for this man.’ He just gave them a good instruction course that I wish every American could receive. He was relieved of his command when a phony sheet was sent across America, and it identified him as someone who was trouble. He came back to this country when relieved of his command and found out that he was to be silenced, and he could not carry out this objective. So there was no more American soldier than General Walker, and he said, “I will resign from the United States Army. I will tender my resignation. I will forfeit my pension and my rights. And I will carry on this war against my countries enemies.”

Now he was ex-General Walker, private citizen. And when they stopped his retirement pay and accepted his resignation, they have no military authority over this man. So we point out again, that their usurpation of power is not something they are entitled to. I think America is learning something else. I think that our enemies have been building up a great source of evil in the mental health program. And where Patriots have warned the nation that great power is being put in the hands of Jew psychiatrists who could use this wrongly. And you are told that they will never use this power. So don't worry about it. But the first chance they have to catch an important citizen in a position which finds them illegally using power, they toss him immediately into a mental institution and start saying he is mentally insane. That should wake every American citizen up and we should remove the power of the Federal Government to commit anyone under this judicial practice. We point out that after this strategy where they were going to use it to intimidate people by the arrest of General Walker, that they were charging him with insurrection, with sedition. But he could not be guilty of those charges because the invasion was an armed felony against Mississippi. If he had resisted an armed felony, he should be a hero instead of a prisoner. I see the type of medical lying elements woven into our Government when they present a false and certainly corrupt psychological report. They said, “It is true that General Walker has been a paranoid for a long time, and he is mentally unfit. His army record shows that he is mentally unsound.”.... Then, my friends, I think it is time we do some firing for retaining a crazy man as long as he has been in the army. Why we would retain and maintain a force like this would be certainly a question.

Someone said, “But this is not the business of the church.” But, yes, it is. General Walker himself, had the courage to say over the radio that this is the hand of anti-Christ. And an anti-Christ court is trying to put over their anti-Christ decisions. If you wake up and realize that it is Christ and anti-Christ, then, my friends, you are dangerous. When press and newspapers go silent in face of these injustices, when America is to decide what they are for and against, then there remains one institution in America that has the courage to present the truth. That is the Church of Jesus Christ. Because this is a religious matter and this is our business. And its neglect is to neglect so great a salvation that has arrived out of spiritual vision, out of the laws of righteousness, as they have been incorporated in the foundation structure of our government. This is the story. And I have had eye witness accounts over the telephone and in communications from responsible gentlemen . . . men of distinction who were in the Mississippi area and who watched and saw this. One man said, “Dr. Swift, I watched this as the students were jeering at the police even tho they were on their own campus where they lived, and these U.S. Marshals fired these gas canisters into their faces point blank. Some of them hitting hard with projectiles even before they exploded with their fumes. More than this, they were armed men firing at the feet of the students and the bullets ricochet thru the crowd.” The surprise with which the attack came fooled even a bunch of military men. Some I had advised last Sunday morning that you could not depend on his Tuesday noon deadline. Never depend on anything that Mr. Kennedy says from now on and you will be better off. Thousands of Americans were going down to stand with the Constitution. But they found that before they could arrive, the Army had the situation well in hand.

This was not a lack of courage on the part of Governor Barnett, for they used thousands of troops and MP's and paratroopers. And it would have been a useless slaughter of citizens to try to stop them, built around one Negro going to school. After all, some day the army will be gone and then they can deal with the one Negro problem. Do not, my friends, feel defeated and frustrated because of the violations of Divine law. For the government only integrated one student into a university. When you have to have a division of troops to integrate one man, this is not integration. If someone has a forty-five pointed at your head and they say they are coming into your front room, then you might as well let them come in or it won't make any difference to you anyhow. If they take that forty-five away from your head and you leave that person in your front room, then, my friends, you don’t know where your forty-five is. This is not Africa and this is not Asia. This is America. And what we sing so blissfully about is what is born of courage, not, my friends, of fear, appeasement, and infamy.

We are seeing that every Southern Governor and some of the others that they have a true Bill of the Posse Comitatus Act. We want every Governor of the South and all others to know that a felony was committed. And they can direct their congressmen that they can file these charges. I think that every responsible one in government at the state and local level, should bring about a lawful settlement of these problems. And that we must exhaust every avenue of law and identify ourselves before the earth that we are a Government of Law. But we must defend that law when it is feloniously violated, if possible.

Thus, we point these things out. Our prayers are still with General Walker and with Governor Ross Barnett, and with South Carolina and with Alabama, who have also notified the President that it will not be as easy as it was in Mississippi. Some day the issues may be different. Some day, right here in California, they may say they will settle people from Africa and Asia . . . right here. And you cannot keep them out. Or tell you that you do not have property rights anymore, for there is nothing in the United Nations Bill of Rights that says you have a right to own property.

Thus, we point this out. The time has arrived when we must count the value of our great spiritual heritage. The realization that soul growing up down inside of you from the time when you were a child to this hour, has to grow on nourishment just like this physical body. That they tell you that you are what you eat, but that is all you have to count on, that this is the growing out of the structure of your body . . . but that soul must also be fed. And your soul is also the sum total of all that you remember since you have been here. Your soul has to make an evaluation, for it is assessed with a spiritual impact to be on the right side. Thus your soul knows and has recorded these experiences which it has been thru, and you are a part of what you have been a party to. So when we talk about the soul, then the soul is all that makes up your life, your remembrance. It is your being. And this soul grows to a great magnitude when it listens to every word which came out of the mouth of God. When it directs the physical consciousness and the utilization of the brain by its percussions and its decisions to direct the processes of Divine law, and to change and to capture the environment that it is in until it complies with Divine law . . . then and only then a nation and individuals become strong.

Thus, it is that you have something else besides this soul, and that is this incorruptible spiritual seed which is the spirit, the celestial seed, the being begotten by the Father before the world was framed. That spirit is with you. It coexist with you. For you are spirit, soul and body. Spiritually guided, the soul therefore, activates the brain to do that which is right. For this cause we know that God can activate the spiritual forces of your celestial being until HIS still small voice becomes a thunder like a mighty waterfall. Until the soul begins to grow strong and powerful, until the brain begins to activate it, and people on their feet start to discharge the orders of the Most High God. And this can come to pass in the twinkling of an eye.

Now I want you to know again, as we say how can America neglect so great a salvation, for America’s salvation lies in our Constitution, in our culture and in faith and in the laws of God, . . . lies in the identity of God, as master of our nation, which our Congress has placed in this our flag, and has now declared that this nation is now under God. Not, my friends, under any potential Kennedy or under any other human, but under God forever. Yes. And we tell you that the great spiritual development which will eventually descend upon this nation is going to come with great impact as people wake up out of their sleep and recognize and realize that the troubles upon them have come because they did not pay heed to SO GREAT A SALVATION. Which were the words which HE spake unto us. We do not have the time to speak unto you all of the words that Jesus spake unto you. But each one of these issues speak of your spirit, your culture and built around this center ---"OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN"--and have the background of ability and race bringing this great development from one end of the earth to the other.

Today we look out over the nations of the world and they are in trouble. They are being directed by the powers of evil. Their design is to end the kingdom. But this kingdom is to endure forever and the spiritual center of it is the Church. And it shall became a flaming oracle of Truth in these last days. Thus, we say, “tell it, tell it.” For this Truth makes you free.

End of message.