And This Shall Be The Plague, 8-9-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-9-64

We turn tonight to the subject ‘This Shall be the Plague.’ And we see the great and tremendous events that are now shaking the world and the situations that are also facing the people of the world. And we try to find a situation that relates to survival and to every individual. There are many things that people do not think about. And when they do not think about them, they are not disturbed by them. We have been toying with the word ‘brinkmanship. This word came into being in the days of Mr. Dulles. We have been on the edge before, we have been told, and this all depends on what we have been told. And we have been saturating the enemy with tapes and then we can be assured that they took the reaction that we wanted them to take. Of course there is nothing to assure you of this at all. We are told that because Russia did not hit us the day after with a nuclear bomb, then they guess, that they aren't going to do it. After all, that is a strange game to play if we thought that she was going to dolt. If we had any idea that we were going to be hit with a nuclear bomb, we should not be at war with the Viet Cong. We should be preparing for the attack that was to come. If we had any such idea, we should have concentrated on the nuclear subs off our coast. And should have prepared for that kind of warfare. Of course, we want to assure the world that this was not an act of force. I don't know just what it was when your planes are engaged in warfare, and there is an attack upon your capital ship. Do not have any fear as to the outcome of this. But I just want you to know that we were toying with tremendous factors this week. As far as the destruction of World Communism and that it will take place, we are 100% for it and have been for some years now. As far as to what is involved, we already have the figure.

Someone said, “how many people are going to survive it?” Well, 1/3 of the people of the earth are going to die in the struggle that is just ahead. You say, “but how do you know?” Well, I have a blueprint concerning this struggle. And this declaration of the blueprint is inspired by the greatest authority in all of the universe . . . God, Himself. HE tells us that out of these battles and plagues, that 1/3 of the people of earth will die.

Now this is quite obvious that this is no small matter, because we have reached the two billion mark, and gone over. And as we press on with a lot of increases, that is a lot of people. Someone said, “we should do all we can right now to stop this thing from transpiring.” But that would depend on who was involved in this 1/3 that are going to die. Oh, you say, “but this should not be an consideration.” But it is a consideration with God. Thus, it should be a consideration with you and me. The fact remains that the great majority of the people who will be swept from the face of the earth will be those forces who have been linked to the destruction of God's kingdom and have been warring against your western Christian Civilization. They, by their design and by their intent, would rule their hour with the Beast. And we have classified for you out of the Revelations that Christ gave to John, that the Beast is the sum total of the world order political system. And it places its battle for Luciferian influence in the earth. It is designed with its religious false prophets and its fallacies to help to build a system of total World Control, eliminating for all times the power of the offspring of God, HIS race, and the nations of HIS kingdom which carry out the objectives of God. It is a strange thing today, but the enemies of God's kingdom know more about the project of God's kingdom than the children of the kingdom, or especially the clergy who are supposed to be teaching about it. It is rather a unique thing that today among so many Christian churches that there are so many people who know so little about what our race is doing here, what the kingdom of God is all about, and what it is here for. If I was to listen to the Christian Clergy out of the National Council of Churches, I would think that the program of God is to bring about an absorption of all religions and the mongrelization of all races, and the pulling down of the Christian flag and the American flag, and all of the standards of Christ. I would think that the purpose of God was to get all people together whether good or bad. But this has nothing to do with the program of God's kingdom, or the blueprint of the scriptures.

We are told today that there are a great many moral issues that must be settled upon the values of human life and upon the values of these great projects that are before all nations. But these issues that are before the world must be settled on the basis of the controversy that God has with the nations. It must be settled on the basis of facts concerning all of the people who exist in the earth and the purpose of God's kingdom. It must take into consideration all of the forces who are aligned against the kingdom in the Universe. We are told today that practically every issue that comes before the United Nations, or comes before any body of world thinkers, or areas of the world court which has now involved itself with two areas of opinion . . . one of these sides of opinion is the Russia side and the other is of the United States. It is thus held up before the world that the Russian State and the United States are diametrical opposite, therefore the whole world must be divided into these two camps. I have had in my hands some rather strange material in which it would appear that the forces that are working today seeking to destroy the United States are working, also to destroy the Soviet Union. And actually, this idea that they are two folds . . . they might be discovered to be just one.

I point out that when we talk about people that this is vastly different. The people that represent the great White Western world are the Christian nations. And they are diametrically opposed in destiny and in background and biblical responsibility, origin, and future . . . diametrically opposed to the Luciferian control of the areas known as the world order. Let’s make it quite clear today that the United States of America, at the present time and out of due season, is a part of what we call the United Nations. And this is a world order. But the people who constitute the kingdom of God have been called out of this world order. And it is your responsibility and mine to take our nation out with us. I am going to tell you this. It is evident that before you have gone very far the great scheme for world control by the United Nations will end. Before you have gone very far the United Nations as such, will cease to exist. And that confederacy of those anti-Christian and pagan forces who rule their hour for the destruction of the Western World and its enslavement will also fail. They will not fail because of the brilliant leadership that our President now gives us. And they will not fail, because they have been given all of the armed forces that they demanded. But they will fail because God has determined that HIS people will not be destroyed. And because HE is going to raise up better leadership. Because HE is going to crystallize HIS people into direct action. Because HE is going to empower the armies of the nations of HIS kingdom and HE is going to bestow upon them, victory.

When we talk about the seriousness of this hour and we talk about the fact that it is a serious hour, then we also mean that it is not over. Of course, there has been no reaction from among the communist nations. Except Red China declared martial law yesterday and is mobilizing the largest army in her history. But this is of course, not a reaction. Vietnam also went into marshal law, and their armies have been raised by 20,000 troops. And there has been a continual transfer before this of military strength as well. The Soviet Union at this time says she is against all of this and wants to be neutral. Of course, there is no greater fallacy than to believe that there is a break up among Communist kingdoms, among the areas of your enemy and its opposition. We find ourselves forced to observe the blueprint of the communist world. I think sometimes one of the greatest mistakes people make is that they do not take seriously what people say they are going to do. If you wanted to know what was to happen in W.W. II, read Hitler’s book on the ‘New Order.’

Now without being for or against, I merely say that it was a clear outline of events, and certain things then transpired. The facts of this situation is that Christian nations fought Christian nations, because men were being advised by Jewish Communist and world conspirators. I point out then, that there is one factor in this struggle that is just ahead, is this is the Christian world against the Communist world, the kingdom of God, this White race, against the forces of evil. And this time it is not going to be the White race against others of the same race, or the people of Europe against the people of this continent. There will be a unity unheard of among the nations of God's kingdom for resistance in this situation. We are seeing that we are being fooled today by those using manipulations. We are being told that we can avoid this holocaust if we become one now and join this evil which we fight against in which we would lay down our lives rather than to be absorbed. There are cowards who quote the phrase 'Better Red than dead.’ But I will cite to you that we would be better off if those who cite that it is ‘better to be Red than dead,’ if they were dead. Do not think that this solution is going to be set by conference tables in a new vein. Or that the successful disarmament policies on the part of the United Nations is going to render the impossibility of war, and that these situations are all going to pass away. We are moving closer and closer each day to more and more turmoil. In fact, to make a division makes it hard to tell where to draw the line. The same old strategies that come from infiltration, deep inside and hostilities being stepped up create problems today, in the areas of our allies. There are no more fearsome and courageous men in the world than the Turkish army. And strangely enough the Turkish army is anti-communist to the core. And we have had no ally at anytime who fought communism so valiantly as did the Turks in Korea when we were fighting the Communists.

Now let’s take another look at areas of our background. There are more people as far as history goes, in our background that are related to other branches of the White race, and that is the Greeks. They are not only Sythians, but remember when the Apostle Paul stood and spoke to these men of Corinth, he identified them also with our background. And he said that we had all passed thru the waters and all had drank from the same rock from which the water came in the days of Moses, and all partook of the same manna. And as he spoke to them on Mars Hill as we have pointed out, he not only re-quoted their part but proved that we were the offspring of God. And not as we have insisted in the past, even the Greeks fight the anti-Christ. It was during the Truman Administration that the United States government aided Greece. We fought battles in its mountains, and we helped to stem the attempt to take over all of Greece as far as Communism was concerned. The area of Crete and its independence became a new area ripe for trouble. Thus, it is that we look out upon the Isle of Cyprus and we see a similar situation. There on the Isle of Cyprus, we have watched the ferment of a revolution. We have watched attacks upon Turkish population and visa-versa as there have been attacks upon the Greeks. This may have a deeper root than many realize. For this may go back into the days of the Sultan the Magnificent, who was the Turkish Master of Constantinople. You must remember that Constantinople was once a part of Greece to the eastward before the coming of the Sultan and the power of Turkey. At first beleaguered by the hordes of the Khans and later by the Turkish dynasty, great struggles were fought. In fact, today in Constantinople there exists one of the greatest Mosques inside of Muhammadanism and was once a great Greek church. It was one of the great pillars across the Bosphorus and here was the great church of St. Sophia, later to be called the Mosque of San Sophia. Strangely enough here in Christendom in that area was a great church that fell to the hordes of the Mongols, and then later to the Turks. But we point out that in the course of these later years, Turkey has been militantly anti-Communist and has been against not only the pagan and atheistic nations, but like all Muhammadan countries, totally against idolatry.

Now the strange situation is that both of these countries are traditionally allies of the west. Altho not a part of the Western world, but out of this land came the great flow of culture that transferred out of our ancient past into our modern era in the areas of mathematics and areas of philosophy which has become so a part of our western thinking. And this in turn was grafted right out of the schools of wisdom which were set up in the ancient city of On in the days when ancient On was set in place by Enoch and Job. This is the reason why today, we take modern terms in mathematics, geometry, calculus, and algebra and all of these which came from Calculus and was the background into which Pythagoras was introduced into down in the ancient city of On and in Alexandria, in Egypt. They are the ones that planted the mathematics of the Pyramid into our modern times. We might say that this entire western world has been thru this route. And we have only carried out the procedure of some of our own technology, but that greatly catalyzed.

Now it is a very curious thing, but here we stand on the edge of war in a very crucial week, and war then breaks out between allies who should be against a common enemy. At the same time as these allies were providing the tension of this situation. It is a war that will be set in place by October. This, my friends, is not just to press all of the Arab states into this conflict, but it is for the occupation of Israeli. And they did it with violence and they did it with deceit, with starvation and with viciousness unlike anything in modern history. And in the areas of even the United Nations decisions, the Jews have not only continued to partition the land, but they have continued to push Arabs out of their areas of it. They have destroyed their water supplies and driven them out into the desert. The Israelis have attacked and destroyed holy shrines of the Christian faith as well as that of the Arabs. The resulting thing is that everything in that area by all reports and records we have from the observers for the United Nations before some of them were assassinated and others destroyed by the powers of International Jewry. And still men made their reports. If you want to read the report by Hutchins, a member of our own Navy, and who was sent over there as an observer, you will discover that the ground work had been laid and constructed before hand by Israeli, and they are trying to get the United States to fight a battle for them. They got commitments out of President Kennedy, and they got commitments out of President Johnson. And we just better pray that the influence of these men will not affect another President and that we get another one before the hour comes. In this instance, we point out to you this. That in these states, that the Soviet Union and Israeli have been secretly linked together. But then those little nations then approached the Soviet Union to get supplies, and they thought this would be the secret of their continuing independence. Actually Israeli and the Soviet Union have sown a great war in the areas of the oil supplies. And this involves Palestine and North Africa. And the charter of their contract is fast running out.

Now you say, which side are they on? Well, they have sought to make it just a muddle, each man would be against his brother. And while this is all going on, the great areas of man power which the scripture tells us to be arrayed against the nations of God's kingdom, would be drawn out of Asia. It is out of Asia that the hordes of the Khans came. And it is out of Asia that the great Mongol forces marched against Christian civilization. In fact that seventh power that came into play against Christendom and the one which had a wound nigh unto death and out of which comes the eighth, is the power of Asia harnessed to an anti-Christians drive. It was the Jews, you know, in Venice who were holding their secret meetings that gathered the hordes out of Asia to throw at the Western Christian world in western Europe. And clear up to the days of Martin Luther, they were still fighting those hordes out of Asia with a new rising leader to carry out those objectives. But suddenly the hand of God and the unity and determination of Christian nations helped to crunch eventually the scourge of the pagans that had swept out of the east. People thought that this was Armageddon. But Armageddon was still ahead. And now in your time, you are being told that there is nothing to worry about, because the areas from which these hordes come are now too busy in ever being involved in ever reaching us. The long patterns of isolation created by oceans which were once great military barriers, no longer are barriers in a modern world. The speed today of transportation thru the air, which used to block missiles, do not make any area of the earth safe as a geographical location. We point out to you that at the present time, we have enemies that possess one thing. And that is manpower from whence they can draw vast and great numbers. So as we look at Red China, tonight, then Red China is backward in some areas, but not in others. But she has no backwardness in the areas of what we call savagery tonight. In fact, Mao Tse Tung is said to be willing to spend three hundred million lives, if necessary, out of Asia, to accomplish his objective in his strategy, in his time.

Now there has always been a statement that he was willing to spend 30 million lives. But in one of the recent speeches that he made, and I am quoting what a brigadier general said that Red China is willing to muster and spend, so now he is willing to spend three hundred million lives to accomplish his objective. We hear much today about the great break between the Soviet Union and Red China. But the Bible plainly tells us that there is no break between the hordes of the anti-Christ and the powers of darkness. This is only on the surface in order to get you to accept areas of defeat. In this military Soviet text book which is but a textbook of the Soviet Military design, it says that Russia is willing to play down any joining with Red China in order to get you to accept the idea that she is opposed to all that Red China does. In fact, she has warned of Red China's military activity, and she has warned Vietnam that she will not do anything about it if she makes war against the United States. But this is all in the strategy. All the time, she is telling this. She is just trying to create for herself an area of neutrality while trying to get us to stop our area of nuclear weapons . . . saying at the same time, she has nothing to do with our trouble in Vietnam. At the same time, she has been supplying the North with tons and tons of military equipment and fast flying jets. And then it looks as tho she is really disturbed about what Red China is about to do. We have just consummated a rather interesting period when this long corridor which reaches across to the Siberian Straits and all across the Siberian landscape, they are laying down landing strips and concrete slabs for defense. And this two-mile strip has along side of it, altho there is barb wire. But fortifications and areas for feeding and bivouacking troops and then just two weeks ago Russia signed a treaty with Red China so that she can move her troops anytime she wishes thru this vast corridor to the Bering Straits. Thus, giving her a water outlet in our area of the world. We point out to you that we then stand in a very curious situation. We have been involved in a war in China that we have not been able to win. And we have had great generals who have come and gone who could have carried this to the point of victory, but had been refused the opportunity to consummate this situation.

One of our great strategic ‘greats’ was General Douglas MacArthur. If he had been given a full reign instead of being suppressed by little men of no understanding, he would have joined with General Chiang Kai-shek and the forces of Korea, and they would have driven the Chinese out of the areas of Korea and into Mongolia and beyond. There would be no Red Chinese threat tonight, if it had not been for the striking of the ability of our military which had been developed inside this area of Asia to hold back world communism. Every once in a while someone wants to get up with an analytical talk and it is not analytical at all. And they talk about the fact that we should never be involved in trying to suppress any part of the worlds opinion that does not agree with us. That America is doing the wrong thing in trying to suppress Communism. And this naturally angers the communist and it angers Russia. And no doubt it angers India. But surely, it angers the people of the communist world. Therefore we become in an area of the aggressor because we are against them and seek to suppress them in their own area. I want to point out that this kind of imbecility is being taught today in our Colleges and Universities. It is being pressured in the United Nations and other circles. I point out to you today that when you have a political philosophy and an advance area of manpower in a Satanic direction, whose major directive is the conquest of Christian Nations and then continually repeats this, that they will not stop until their master plan and design is fulfilled. And then, my friends, you should not be disturbed by whether your opposition makes them happy or not. How many times in your life time have you heard them say, “we are going to bury you?” How many times have we listened to Khrushev boast of burying us, and how many times have we listened to Lenin saying how they will take us off guard and then crush us like a ripe plum.

Well, my friends, we have a problem not only on the outside, but on the inside. Then we have the naivety of those who are supposed to be working for us. I don’t want to spend any time on this other than to call your attention to something that you should remember. It would almost be a campaign issue, I would think. For with our attack upon the North Vietnam naval base, and we should always attack, that is all right when any attack is made on any American ship or any attack is made upon an American flag. And we should rise right up when there is a capture of an American prisoner, or an American vessel. We should, at all times make sure that Americans can walk tall anywhere in the earth and not permit anyone to make us afraid. But when the President ordered those attacks after the attack on the ships of our Navy, which was very close to those areas, and which we have a right to if we so desire. The fact remains that when we retaliated. The President of the United States was now taking a direct action against a Communist country. And it was a lot further over there than it was to Cuba, and he has not taken any action here as yet.

Now let me point this out to you, that while taking this action, the President wanted to get all of the political value out of it that he could. He did not want anyone to go to bed without knowing what he had done. He did not want to wait until the next day until it could be reported. He wanted to say, ‘now everyone is for me, and at least on one thing, for I have just made and attack on the Reds.’ So it is true that irresponsible areas of leadership know what the public wants, and they know that the majority of people are behind anybody that will attack the communist. But listen. What the Navy is disturbed about and all of our military is also, is that President Johnson went on television on Tuesday night, and told about our air action and about our execution of the raid on the supply basis and tug boats of North Vietnam . . . and he was telling about these who we attacked, 35 minutes before we made it. He not only did this with an hour and thirty minute error, but then MacNamara came on and he made his announcement an hour and 12 minutes before we made the raid. He told of how successful it was. I do not think I would believe any one of these men on a stack of Bibles ever again.

What I want to point out is all of this area of espionage, treason, and perfidies, never in the history of warfare do I know of an enemy who was notified us of attacks before they came. If they had been alert, as some forces would have been, the damage to our attacking forces would have been tremendous. As it was, we had some loss. And we can't tell just how great it was because we cannot believe these men anymore. This just proves that they are not exactly dependable.

Now did you ever stop to realize that the President of the United States notified the enemy that we were coming, and then told the Americans that we had already been there an hour and 30 minutes before we actually went? Whoever heard of anything like that? A man like that should have been impeached and made to leave the country.

Now I have two more clippings out of the Los Angeles Times. One of them says that President Johnson just wanted to tell the American people about this before they got to bed. If he had waited an hour and 1/2 more, then people would have all been in bed and asleep. Well, what difference would that have made? Did he have to warn the enemy so the American people would get thru the night? Was he losing face that bad? Then Friday, they came out with this--saying that Secretary MacNamara said that President Johnson gave the enemy this advance warning to Peking and North Vietnam so that they would know that this was just going to be a limited attack and not a major war, so there would be no retaliation and throw the whole world into war.

So here is the statement now by the Secretary of Defense on behalf of the President, that he was trying to notify the enemy that we were coming in an hour and thirty-five minutes. Here is almost as bad a kind of betrayal as we got at Pearl Harbor. Oh, you say, we only lost the life of one pilot and maybe a couple of more men and some prisoners? We do not evaluate it by some number. We just say that we aided the enemy when we notified them that we were coming? Well, this just proves that you are on the edge of something and they did not know what the reaction was going to be. But they do not know yet.

I can tell you what is coming. Because God has outlined just what is coming. The hordes out of Asia and the powers out of Moscow and Tobulisc, and all of the communist forces of Antichrist are going to launch an attack against the western nations and against the fortress America. Their design is also to sweep over all Christian civilizations with all of the implements and all of the manpower, and all of the weapons of warfare that are available. They are going to rise and come like a storm. They will come with paratroopers and with submarines. And they will come with the weapons of destruction. The scripture tells us about this, and it also tells us that there is another facet to this. For when they come against your land of unwalled villages . . . and a people who dwell in peace dwell safely, except for the Negro revolution. In such an hour, the scripture tells us that they come to take a spoil and to consummate the end of our civilization and our society. “And they shall come against my people, these people of this great nation.” And as God says, they come to cover the land-- “thus saith YAHWEH --- “I have spoken in the olden times by my prophets, my servants, and I have prophesied these many things.” It is that when these forces out of the Russias and these Communist hordes come against the land of Israel, said the LORD God, “my fury shall rise up in my face, and so in the fire of my wrath, have I spoken.” The MOST HIGH says that there will be some developments that the enemy has not planned for. There shall be a great shaking thru out this nation and all of the nations of God's kingdom. And before this is over, HE says, “I am going to plead before these forces of darkness.” And then HE said, “I am going to destroy these people. And great hail stones will fall and fire and brimstone will be seen. I will magnify myself and sanctify myself before the world. I shall be known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am YAHWEH The ALMIGHTY GOD.

Now in the instance of this, I only go thru with the rest of this story because it not only tells us of this eventual attack and the end of it, this was on the areas of supplies . . . and we had been warned that if they kept this up, it was like the leaders of ancient Israel. For we had already taken them into our country and showed them our wealth and our leadership, and our protection. And this only stepped up their desire that they must disperse of this before they move forward in history.

Now there are some groups that perceived this as cleverness. But Lucifer, it seems, has been able in the areas of cleverness, to steal the concepts and blueprints of our weapons system. In fact, one of the things which I can warn you about is that as long as you profess Jesus Christ and this as a Christian nation, these people will always be your traitors. In fact, these five factors are tremendous. Our nuclear secrets were stolen almost 100% by Jews and sent over to the Soviet Union. In fact the Jews could not have supplied these secrets to Russia unless they had looked over the shoulders of those of our race who had the technology and knowledge to produce these weapons. So they looked over the shoulders of the children of the MOST HIGH, and then they ran with the blueprints. Don't talk to me about equality of these people, for they would not have needed to steal these secrets if they could have generated these concepts by themselves.

We point out to you, that there never ceases to be areas of suspect. One of the greatest things which we have every built for the defense of our nation, and one of the greatest things is these Jet engines. And one was knocked out the other day after they poured hydraulic fluid into one of these Jet engines. One of the things whether people know it or not, is a cop two is pushing away ahead of times. Some of these things. And people better look into this, for that is the problem inside of one of our great plants. And they are not identifying these problems because they feel that a Jew is responsible. Let me tell you, that I would never trust a Jew in any area of military secrets, or any area of responsibility when it involved the survival of our nation, now or at any time. If we would just realize this, that out of this stems the great antipathetic of our Christian society, we are also being warned that nuclear holocaust can come at any time. We are also being told that we have lagged behind in the building of proper nuclear shelters. And we have not made provisions with proper air pressure systems with air filtration, to see that a proper area of our civilization survives. And there are some points that might be considered as being well taken, as they say that we become so used to something and to its close association, that we cease any longer to protect ourselves from it, and people have become so used to this idea of nuclear war and bombs in the hands of our enemies since W.W.II, that they have fallen away from the possibility that it contains 'fall out' and other factors that might damage a society.

But there are also other things that are very dangerous. We have today, existing in the hands of our enemies, weapons that our people know little about. Our enemies have been working night and day to produce deadly live viruses. These are deadly bacteria and funguses that are new made by mutations and a constant mixing of cultures, and the development of a heightened germ for which there is not, in development, a known antitoxin. Because these germs never existed before. The strange thing is that in modern areas, we have different types of ways to type our viruses. We also not only have in bombs that carry in depth, but an explosive that will spread viruses which spread quickly thru the country. And they also have types that can spread thru the air, much sickness and disease. In fact, the development of what we call ‘biological warfare’, and the development also of new types of gases, are continuing behind the Iron Curtain, but also here. In Denver Colorado, we have an area of warfare for the use of gas, of chemical warfare, which is separate from the other military branches of warfare, completely. And since W.W.I, we have been developing gasses. And in the areas of the last few years, we have advanced in the areas of toxic poison and different types of gas warfare and biological warfare. This production of germ warfare has never had an equal in all time and history.

One of the men in charge of this is Brigadier General J.H. Rothchild, USA Retired. And this man was in charge of this Satanic design and, of course, knows more about it, probably than any one man in the United States.

Now I want to show you the pattern involved. This text book is just off the press. And if you can get it, then it would bring you up to date on germ warfare--toxic patterns and its utilization. And you would see a great master plan that they have in mind. For the man who put this textbook together was just last week one of the elected representative for creating a world government. They held a convention in Arizona and plan on a big one in a few days. This man is an outstanding leader among the world Federalists. And in this book, he tells all about the use of germ warfare and viruses, and what is essential, and what must be done. And he points out that while our nuclear weapons are terrible and you have great catastrophe, and following them, they leave all kinds of bad situations. But the power of gas and germ warfare is even more deadly, but can accomplish a more complete subjection of all of the world. In this instance he says, ‘we outlaw some of these weapons.’ And say they are inhumane. But he says they can't do any more that kill anyone anyhow. And if you can render them absolutely helpless without killing them, this is even better. As it would bring less loss of life and be less dangerous to the rest of the world. So he builds up the case of the use and release of nerve and gas warfare. This is a warfare that used toxic forces as well as disease germs.

Now we have a whole list of treaties. And they go back to the Treaty of Versailles, the Geneva Convention, and with Great Britain, and the Soviet Union, and all of these countries, who have thoroughly and completely outlawed use of gas in warfare. They have not only outlawed that in warfare, but they have also outlawed the use of biological warfare to a limited degree. Therefore, because of the outlawing of these weapons, they were not resorted to during the periods of World War II. And they say it would have save some lives, and would have saved the lives merely of the attacking forces. Because they had the gas, and the other side did not have it.

Now let me point out that under this instance, that we are told that unless the world wants to face a holocaust, and this is the Red Chinese plan and the Russian plan, that a Red Chinese shift to a nuclear band does not have anything to do in the instance of the United States and the Soviet Union and what ultimately transpires. Because when we enter into a nuclear test band and refuse to use nuclear weapons, and the United State kept the agreement, and the Soviet Union kept the agreement, then Red China could come along and deliver it with Soviet weapons anyhow. This is a part of the present structure. She calls for the destruction of Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

Now following the destruction of these cities, then America would be expected to retaliate. And she would knock out the various cities of the Soviet Union and make the people sorry they used nuclear warfare. But this would not get our cities back and it would not do anything to restore the damage. So he says that the world faces a terrible holocaust and the only solution out of this dilemma is to transfer all of the weapons of the world, at once, into the hands of the United Nations, and be without fear.

He says if we do this, then the Soviet Union will come in and they can influence the Red Chinese to come in. For there are far more dangerous weapons out there in the hands of Red China, and then there is economic encirclement, and economical reprisals. Well, my friends, we would not buy that. For the Red Chinese are about to break their own nuclear bomb out of their own cyclotron in the matter of a few weeks. It already has a stock pile of equipment supplied by the Soviet Union. There is absolutely no hostility between the Soviet Union and Red China in the areas of the military, for they are working close together. And this is something that we will learn, to our surprise. But there is this suggestion . . . that immediately, we surrender all types of weapons of this type of warfare, and turn over to the world policing system, which will require about 300,000 men, all of the toxic weapons and all of the germs, and all of the poison gases. And these men will then rule the world. So he said, “I want to point out how humane this would be because you were going to burn them all up in a Nuclear war anyhow.

Why do that when you can paralyze their nerve and they will die without realizing it anyhow? He said we have the type of warfare now developed wherein we can release into the wind the kind of gas that will neutralize the thinking of an entire city, and they will not be able to think of anything that will activate or motivate themselves. This will allow the men to come into the city and disarm and take it over before the 24 hours which this gas effect lasts.

So you see we can reduce the world to any status that you want without the loss of any lives. He said we can deliver this by airplane, and by missile. And then he said this is the breakdown. We have gasses at the present time which cannot only completely neutralize the nervous system, but can stop much of the reaction in the body. It will also kill within a few seconds by just a wisp of inhaling. Then there are others that will wipe out all the remembrances of the brain. And this causes an individual to not be able to remember or conduct his own activities.

Thus, the people can be educated to be a new kind of robot to live under another kind of era. He talks about the vitality of this kind of warfare to suppress mobs, to fight counter-revolutionaries. And he said that one of the amazing things is that the revolutionary forces who are under the United Nations, always, they know that they cannot fight superior weapons and forces. So they plan on their hiding in the mountains and their snipping guerrilla attacks and their stealthy attacks against leadership. He said this is all easily taken care of by this germ warfare. For all they have to do is to fly over areas, photograph and plot out the route. And then come in and knock out every mountain hamlet and every resort or place where people would resist this setting in place of the world government. “So we get them with gas or render them helplessly sick, until we can move in and totally disarm them.” This is the strategy.

So he talks about the fact that what ‘we must now do is to implement a total world government with a world police force, totally disarming all nations, and we could eliminate anyone inside of the nations that does not go along with this program.’ So he stands by his knowledge, and he is suggesting that he be one of those leaders to rule in this new world without fear????

He says that we have gases so deadly that people cannot comprehend that they exist. And we point out that we have this in our own arsenal. And of course, this man might be thinking of using this against anyone who would oppose the world government.

Over here in the book of Zachariah, it tells us something about some of the plagues that are going to fall upon our enemy . . . especially in the day when they come against God's people and HIS kingdom. And this was a strange plague. But this was the plague where also the MOST HIGH SAID IT “WOULD FALL ON THOSE WHO CAME AGAINST HIS ORDER. There flesh would fall away while they stand on their feet. And their eyes in their sockets and their tongues shall consume away in their mouths.” This is from the book of Zachariah 14:12. And what he is talking about is the time of Armageddon. And what he is talking about is a type of gas which we have now that can wipe out a total city, or a whole army. And this is something which as it touches anything that is moist like the eyes, the tongue, and the lips. This is an exact description of a gas which is available today. We are told that the enemy has this type of weapon, but we also have them.

I want to point this out to you because this is so clear. As they are attempting to make us believe that we have to embrace World Government now, and put our nation under control of mad men, and then they can use this substance on the rest of the world to control them. It may be well to say that it does not matter. For all you can do is kill a man anyhow. But according to the scriptures, it says to look out for a man that would not only destroy the body, but the soul as well. Did you ever stop to think that a kind of a gas that would neutralize the type of brain cells that a man no longer knows anything has destroyed also the consciousness as well? It is more deadly then for the warfare that kills the body if it kills the soul as well. There is no slavery more dangerous than the slavery that robs the individual of the ability to think, to act, and to recognize your responsibilities. Thus, they could put a lobotomy upon those people who oppose them politically and socially. Then they can say that anyone who does not accept their strategy is unsound.

We are now been told by an expert, that they can give a lobotomy to a whole city with chemical compounds and germ paralyses, and with thinking paralyses at the present time. We are told that at this time all of these things cannot be discussed with everybody; that only the elite should understand that now they must use these new weapons to put their new world order in place. And they must now concentrate in using these in all areas of the food supply, from the areas of agriculture, to our animals, and so forth.

Now our chickens and our sheep are protected in this country from many of the diseases in other parts of the world. But if they used these areas of germs that they now say they have, then there would be no protection from them. For these are diseases never before heard of. All over the world, thus, they are making these new diseases, and there is no control. They have something which effects the respiratory part of the human body and people will die within just a few hours. Others that can effect a whole city with rising cramps and pain, thus, reducing their ability to defend themselves.

And in all of this, we are suddenly being told that if we do not respond by accepting the world government, which will be done humanely. But if they think this is the solution to this situation, then why have they not stopped this Negro revolution that is coming up?

Now I want to point this out to you. We are watching a design to influence you, to accept this program which would put into the Jews hands, the ability to control all of the world. And then we are to accept the program of Red Russia and change our system until we have this one man, one vote system, which will give them more a chance to change our systems. And in the United Nations, then one nation, one vote, will also out vote us in all of the areas in which we now have some influence. We are told that we no longer live in a world where we can defend ourselves, so we just as well surrender now and live like the majority of the rest of the people of the world.

Now I am going to tell you something. There is something that these people do not know. I would not expect them to understand, for Jesus said it was given to you to know and to them it was not given. And this is the mighty power of our God and the destiny of our race.

There is one thing that they do give you. And that is a map of the world. And all of the wind currents and the fallouts will follow these wind currents. It is a good thing to know where they will come and where they will not come, if they dump out these disease germs. Therefore, they may have given a lot of assistance in these blueprints.

I want you to know that we are on the edge of the hour of these things when they could occur. We know we have lived thru the time of the ‘pillar of fire in the heavens’, and smoke rising in the sky and the elements dissolving in fervent heat, as the prophet Joel advocated that would come. But in that day, there will be a great deliverance for the people of God's kingdom. And the forces of darkness will meet their chastisement.

Now turn to the writings of Peter, when God gave him some of these descriptions of latter times. In this day when the kingdom of God will be challenged and the Day of the LORD comes in and rises with power, there will be great noises in the sky and elements dissolving with great heat. And the World Order will be burned up. If you want to know what is going to happen, instead of them destroying you, the MOST HIGH will catalyst the efforts that will destroy God's kingdom when they move against you.

Someone said, ‘but we can't count on that.’ Well, you can count on that more than you can on any politicians promise, I can assure you. So it says that we are looking for the hastening of the coming of the “Great Day of God.” Well, when you know that the heavens are dissolving in fervent heat and the elements of earth are dissolving in fervent heat, then we will look for a great NEW ORDER to emerge in earth, that the devil can never destroy.

Let us turn for one moment over to the book of Revelation, and we read these words: “that the forces of darkness will wage war on us, inspired and motivated by demonic forces from within the pit.” And here we are referred to the opening of the bottomless pit. And out of it comes one who is referred to as Abadon but in the Greek this is Apollyon; and these battles that are related to this are called, we are told here, are called Armageddon. And we are told (vs:16), we are told that the number of the horsemen with him are two hundred thousand, thousand. These are the satanic powers.

So you just count the man power of earth and the satanic forces that are involved, and you will realize that you need the power of God and the forces of God for a victory. And I am going to assure you that it will be there.

Now listen. The number of those killed between these forces of darkness and God's army are 1/3 of the people in the earth. And they will be killed by the fire and the smoke and strange mist, and the air which carries the gas warfare. And it is the people of darkness that die in this period. But great numbers of them will survive this area of the plague, and they are still worshiping devils and have not surrendered, and their idols of gold, silver and stone, that cannot see or walk. They repent not of their murders of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. But this struggle is clearly outlined here as forthcoming.

Now again, we turn to the book of Zachariah. And we are told a little bit about the day when this should happen. And it is to happen in a time when the struggles in earth are happening. And part of these struggles would involve the nation of Judah which is now the Germanic nation. A ruler would rise among them who would seek to gather and unite all of the people round about. And there it says that after this would come the attempt to make war against all of the nations of God's kingdom and the MOST HIGH would have to save the tents of Judah first, and the glory of the house of David, and the Glory of the house of the New Order. And this would be done so that the other houses of Israel do not magnify themselves against the house of Judah. The Germanic people, tonight, are in a nutcracker. They are right on the edge of what we might call the communist lines in Europe and the western world. And the scripture says that when this war of Armageddon starts that one of the first areas that God will have to save is this great Christian society in Central Europe. More than this, the attack when it comes, will be against all of the great scattered ‘New Jerusalem’ people in the midst of the earth. HE said, “I am going to pour out Grace in the midst of my New Order.” And in that day, HE says that all of the families of HIS household will be united before HIM. Thus, behold, that day when these nations come there comes a battle that come against the cities and the houses to ravish the people. And in such an hour, the MOST HIGH SAYS:--- “I, YAHWEH, shall be king over the whole earth. And in this day, this is what I shall do. I will pour out the plague upon the enemy.” And in the judgment of that hour, some of the very weapons you have sealed up right now, non-nuclear weapons, will fall upon your enemies.

I want to point out to you that Peter says what manner of people should we be in such an hour? When the elements will dissolve in fervent heat and the cities will dissolve into powder and dust, and when strange mists move across the earth, and men's eyes melt away in their sockets, and the flesh falls from their bodies, and their tongues shrivel up. This is then the strangeness of the weapons of this day. And God says, “Remember this, I will be like a wall of fire about you.” This wall of God will protect you from these sicknesses and diseases. This is the good things which the MOST HIGH has promised. HE said, “if you keep my laws and my commandments, none of the diseases and sicknesses of the Egyptians will come nigh you. And in this day, I will be like a wall of fire about you, and the Glory of God rising on you will be like a destructive force against the fires and the plagues that have descended among you.”

Someone said, “do you believe that?” Well, you better believe that. For there is no other way out.

One of the things that we have from this Book is that God has challenged HIS people to resist the enemy. For as they seek to resist the enemy, they will save their land and lift up the standard of God. And HE has promised to save your nation. And HE has promised salvation to those who will expend the effort to resist.

Now instead of accepting Mr. Rothchild’s design, we should get out of the United Nations and fold it up completely. Instead of planning to use these new gasses against the people, we should be loading them in the canisters to be used against our enemy in the day when he attacks.

Let me point out to you that we are standing on the threshold not of any unknown tomorrow, but one in which God has outlined for the future. THAT WE WHO WOULD BRING THE WORLD LIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE AND CULTURE, WILL NOT BE DESTROYED IN IT. And those who rule their hour with the Beast will be powder and dust, and but a memory.

Do you know that one of the devil’s greatest weapons is fear? He wants to throw a veil of fear over people until they don't move and they do not act. He wants to make them so acquiescent that they will abide for a little time in their lifetime, altho they will send their children into slavery. But I tell you that every mealy-mouthed Congressman and Senator who buys into this One world order in order to protect his career for this moment and who will put the future generations into slavery now controlled by the pagan powers of the world, is not worthy of life in this hour. The course that this would lead us to will end in catastrophe. But the strength of God to protect HIS people and the power to alert HIS people to this situation is resulting in a great new strength and a great new force. I am going to tell you this. Those who seek to buy their security will lose their lives in this great struggle which is ahead. Those who will expend their lives for my sake, the same shall find it. I am going to tell you that I believe a great new wave of immortality is going to move over the sons of God and they will come thru all of this in a new and tremendous way. In fact, I think that before too long the hosts of heaven will join you. The very moment that the abiding presence of Christ gets thru those dividing areas of space . . . the very moment that the great flagship of Christ moves into our environment, there will not take place one single death among the sons and daughters of God from this time on. That mortal will put on immortality and the abiding presence of God will immediately bring about that transformation in the “twinkling of an eye.” And thus, making God's household invincible. Then bring on everything you have to find out that which is Eternal cannot be destroyed.

There is nothing which would look better to me. I find myself looking into the sky night after night, and I am looking for something that I expect, and something that people do not see, for they never look up. Someone said, “No, I never saw a flying object in the sky. I have never seen anything but airplanes, and planets and maybe once in a while I have seen a satellite going by.” But the reason why most people do not see anything is because you can't see it on the ground. When you see something in the sky like a star and then it heads north, and then turns west and sometimes then heads south then, my friends, you are not looking at a satellite.

So I tell you that you are in a remarkable age and there are many things which are ahead. But this is the “plague with which I will smite the earth.” It is the very weapons they have formed to use against you. This will not prosper the enemy. “And every weapon I have created in your hands will be like a threshing instrument in your hands.” This will not be that you are a majority in the earth, for you are not. You are a minority. But you have the balance of technological, wisdom and knowledge, and spiritual responsibility. One of America's greatest responsibility is seeing that only Christians are on guard. That only Christians are in areas of responsibility. I think the time has come for every Christian in America to see that every area of American life and every area of government is moved into by White Christians. There are 149 million of us, and if we can get just a few more million alerted to this, then this is the way it will be. Whenever we appoint men of another race over you, then this is an area of the violation of divine law and you soon have a race war going on.

Now we have no approval for violence. But we do stress that every White man should stand ready to protect himself and his home. So don't be disturbed by the news. I read of all of the worlds problems and the battles, and I read the biblical stories of how you are to protect your children, to protect your destiny, and to preserve your racial respect. And I balance this against all of this news of the world. And as I see this struggle of warfare over just a few people, I can't get excited over just a few people. When I think of all of the rapes and murders being perpetrated against the people of the White race by all of these Negro savages and Jewish perpetrators, then there comes a breaking point. “Woe be it for the branches of government which have turned loose catastrophe in this great nation of God's kingdom. For the judgments of God will set in and we will move against the enemy.” For let me point out to you that this is the race that frees the world. And, yes, there are threats and there are mysteries. But the MOST HIGH GOD has promised immunity to you while the very weapons they have taken over will turn upon them for their own destruction. Once you turn such death threats loose, they may blow back upon you. But this you can be assured of. HE controls the winds and HE determines the destiny of HIS people.


End of message.