Angels Who Kept Not Their First Estate, 1-25-65


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-25-65

As we turn to this subject we find there is quite a lot in the Bible about Angels who did not keep their first estate altho Clergymen seldom mention this. But also the average Clergymen know very little about what is in the Bible anyhow, for he takes a text, and straight way departs from it.

We are going to discuss the patterns of the earth, and the creations, and the problems of the Kingdom as it relates to Angels who did not keep their first estate. In so doing we would go back into the 45th., chapter of Isaiah as in this chapter the Most High said:---"Ask me concerning my sons.----I want to lay for you a foundation, and as he that created the heavens and formed the earth to be inhabited---said:---I am YAHWEH, and there is none else---I have spoken not in secret, in a dark place of earth; I said not unto the seed of Jacob, seek ye me in vain:---I YAHWEH, speak with righteousness, I declare things that are right.

Thus here is the declaration of the Eternal concerning the patterns of the heavens above in their endless circles of creation and transition, and in the processes where as he says:----I created the heavens and the earth. We might well go back to the creation of the earth spoken of in the 38th., chapter of Job, where speaking to Job the creator answered Job out of the whirlwind and he said:-----Therefore don't darken your counsel by words without knowledge----Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if thou hast understanding, who laid the measures thereof if thou knowest? Who hath stretched out the line upon it? Where upon are the foundations thereof fastened? Or who laid the corner stone thereof? When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for Joy.

In other words:---where were you Job when all this was going on? Well ! HE was to tell Job that altho he was old and full of years, tho he perceived not these patterns of age or antiquity, and Job had not perceived because he was here dwelling in earth, but then he is told:-----Remember Job, altho you are dwelling in earth you were there when I did all these things. You were there Job when the sons of god shouted for joy as they saw all those creations and wonders. Now:---under those instances the word is Adamites---sons of God---a rosy complexioned man, even as God gave the word in Genesis 2 when he said:---"There is no man to till the soil." And strangely enough the word in Hebrew is Adam, the one who can blush---the rosy complexioned man---the white man---the issue of God. Thus in this declaration, the sons of God were in heavenly places begotten by the spirit of God. And the scriptures tell us we have already been blessed with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places. There is not a white man on the face of the earth who has not already been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places, and the Apostle Paul tells us this in the first chapter of the book of Ephesians.

However as God had begotten a body for the household of his race, so they might descend from heaven to earth, he was also bringing his Kingdom from heaven to earth, and we will discuss this later. where as we look back to the hour when as Celestial children of the Most High thru out the creative areas of the Universe, we watched the creating operations of our Father. We watched the rolling out of sidereal immensity after immensity. He rolled out this great solar system and placed the sun as it's center, and broke the patterns of the measure into our solar system, tho some he may have brought in afterwards. But we were shouting for joy as he did this majestic creation. This may not be a big part of the Universe---this our solar system, for it may be a small part, but it is an important part to God. But as God created this vastness of space, we shouted for joy, and we were not alone as we shouted for job, for there were 4 great Archangels at one time who shouted for joy as God created, and one of them was Lucifer---sun of the morning as God the Gather rolled forth this wast creation Raphael came forth to cry in the hour of God's creation----as to the majesty of it all. There was Gabriel who was the announcer with the trumpet, who came to cry great joy as to great joy as to great events in earth. And then we have Michael in charge of the hosts of the Most High. The vast vessels which traveled back and forth thru space----the wheels of the Most High which emerged by the ten thousands, times ten thousands from his throne were under the command of Michael. Yes all the Archangels shouted for joy at our Father's creations, for they were protecting the status of the household of the Most High, and they were operating under creative law. So they were filled with wisdom, with knowledge of science, and know how. And they ruled over the vastness of the creations for the Most High. Oh, there were Angels in heaven as well who were responsible, as they gave homage to the Most High God. And these Angels of the inner heavens were without sex or gender, and they shouted Holy, Holy, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. But there were also propagating Angels thru out the vastness of God's Universe. And there were hosts of Angels under the Archangels as they came and went, and there was no iniquity found in any of them. And Lucifer like Michael and Gabriel reflected the Glory of the Most High God.

We can well establish this as we turn in the patterns of the scripture to the 14th., chapter of Isaiah as it says: "O Lucifer son of the Morning----How you were cut down, and how you do so weaken the nation. How you in your rebellion refused to recognize the children of God, who were greater than you. You were an archangel, and a great and majestic power, but only an archangel to serve HIS family."

But Lucifer said:---I will not acknowledge and serve your sons, I will rebel O Lucifer son of the morning, as he turned away from the light of truth into darkness, he become known as Satan, or the devil----or deviation from the route of the Most High God. And as this became the pattern of time the vastness of yesterday, the great cooperation of the Universe under God, the program of it's extension unto the farthest areas of it's sidereal immensity-----Was swept into disarray in this hour of confusion. And this we discover in the 12th. chapter of Revelations. That there was a war in heaven, and Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels. And in the hours of their battling and fighting they were making the corners of the Universe their hiding place. And Michael the commander of the Hosts of the Most High God came out as commanded, and gathered up these dwellers on these areas of the planets and sidereal systems. But Lucifer had gathered one third of the hosts of the planets and sidereal systems. But Lucifer had gathered on third of the hosts of heaven behind himself and declared himself God, and moved in open rebellion against the God of the Universe. Thus we have the pattern of the antiquities of yesterday. A hundred thousand years as tho the passing of 100 days in the timing of the Most High, but it was in the vastness of it's power---a great creation. In the first verse of the Bible it tells us that in the beginning---God created the heavens and the earth, and we have just discussed the pattern that job was there, and you were there, for every last one of God's children were there, and the Archangels were there also.

And now we discover in the first book of Genesis, that God put areas of allegory and mystery in the Bible, because it is set up only for the teaching of the House of Israel, and was not set up for anyone else. And it says:----God created the heavens and the earth---and then the earth was without form, and void. Well the word void means the aftermath of destruction by Divine hands. And the course of catastrophe, in the movement of Michael's forces, and in the using of earth from time to time as a headquarter for Lucifer and his armies, there fore, the earth became covered with water again, and the catastrophes which took place made it without form and void. And God then re-created the heavens and earth, and in the 6th., era of time put men and women on the earth once more and told them to go and repopulate the earth. But the cycles of warfare are still on, and the purposes of the Father which he had revealed unto us in the heavens is still in fore.

And God looked down upon this world, and the areas enveloping it and he said:---"Behold there is no man, whose countenance can flush, there is no man in my image that can till the soil." God therefore brought forth Audaum and established him as the image of HIM thru which HE would later emerge to identify and redeem His children. And then the sons and daughters of God said we will go Father, we will go down to earth, we will fight the powers of catastrophe, and we will move in, and establish ourselves for----THIS HOUR.

We discover that Lucifer was not only facing defeat when the 7th., day operation came along. He had been defeated in the upper heavens and had been thrown out of the upper heavens completely by Michael the great Archangel. We are told in the 12th., chapter of Revelation that there was a war in the heavens, and Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels, and neither was there any place found for the Dragon and his angels, in the whole vastness of the Universe. And Michael with his mighty hosts and their fleets swept clear all the rest of that area of rebellion and drove Lucifer and his hosts into this solar system of which we are now a part. And in Saturn and in the areas of Venus the power of darkness came and went, and upon the earth this happened as well. And then again the eventual operation of Michael cleans up the Universe and drives Lucifer into the structure of the earth.

Always in perfidy, always working against the light Lucifer son of the morning was struck down, and did weaken men and nation. He sought by the strange fallacy of his own transgression to place his transgressions upon the Hosts of the earth. Lucifer and those fallen angels who rebelled with him were infamous in their conduct. But in the design to destroy the pattern of God's creation they had moved out upon the races of earth, even before the arrival of your race. They intermingle, as they did not keep their first estate, and we can turn into the book of Jude and discover the significance of this. "Angels who kept not their first estate"---left their own habitation, and these he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness, unto the judgment of the Great Day. But even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities round about them, in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth as example, suffering the vengeance of Eternal fire.

Alright:----they went after strange flesh, and brought forth people after their own kind, and in their mutations. But as we look at these angels who did not keep their first estate, remember that Lucifer is counted among them, and they all inter-mingled with the 6th. day creation. Lucifer and his hosts intermingled with people of the Tungus man, and upon the ships that Lucifer had, he brought in as he was defeated by Michael the great Archangel, he brought in axmen and swordsmen from the corner of the Universe. The Book of Enoch tells us much as to what had been accomplished by the patterns of Lucifer. As to these forces they gathered from the corners of the universe, among them were the dark and curly headed ones. Back in the days of ancient Chaldea they talked about the God whom they worshiped, and about the powers of darkness, because these powers were in force, but they said that the great God----Maruduk----which was another name for the YAHWEH of the heavens, and they told how a battle had been fought against this "son of the morning," and this was the chaos monster Tiamat. For they were referring to Lucifer, and of how he had wrecked the course of Peace and established His patterns of law. And Tiamat when he came in brought on his ships the dark and curly headed ones, tho they be not the equals of men, they did his heavy work and were forceful fighters.

Tiamat the chaos monster----Lucifer brought in the Negroes in the hours when he came into earth. He taught in the hours of darkness the patterns of immorality and depravity, and degeneration, because the structure of God's Law had built the Universe, and Lucifer in every way sought to violate every pattern of Divine law. His strange perfidy reached out in a lust which he possessed for gold and silver, and precious stones, to cover his body so it might have some form of light, altho it would not be the light he had living as the morning star. For this morning star had now fallen into darkness, and he thus falsely covered himself with Jewels and gathered together the reflective patterns of the sun upon his own countenance from the robes of state which he wore, but he was no longer "sun of the morning".

But the patterns of darkness from Lucifer and his hosts swept out over the continents which once existed where now the waves of the Atlantic now turbulently move, and across and down under. Where also the waves of the Pacific move, where the continent of Lemuria once was, and where there people at one time. Again we see where continents sunk and catastrophes enveloped the earth, continents sunk, and mountains rose, and we find that the Andes mountains rose from the floor of the jungle up unto thousands upon thousands of feet of black masses, which placed Temples 800 to 1000 miles from where they are now found. And there is no instrument of all time in all history which can raise these blocks of stone, to form these ancient walls, and the walls of those ancient inhabited places. The patterns of the catastrophes of these Andes mountains as set by carbon dating shows that eleven thousand years ago that the northern end of these mountains went up. And they went up because God was shaking the earth, he was bringing a force of retaliation upon the powers of Lucifer. And upon the Tungus people came this pattern of mongrelization, the sowing in of foreign blood, the producing of the off colors of the earth. The Negro was becoming more brutish, and he was losing the background which he had been gathered from, when he succumbed to Lucifer. He was becoming a second class area of society even in the earth. And in their areas of depravity and in their policies of seeking after the lust of the flesh, and the patterns of Lucifer he sought to carry out the forceful patterns of his own iniquity. Thus it is then that we have the background of the antiquity of the earth. We have the races in the service of darkness, brought about by the fall of Lucifer, and Lucifer established his temples in Asia, and he lays the patterns of greatness, and in this condition he sought the intermingling of the peoples of earth. In fact we see the evidence of this in the policies of pagan religions.

These ancient-------(Gotmas) were 26 feet tall, and they had emerged out of the bodies of women who had emerged out of the ancient Tungus people of Asia, and they ruled over people as gods, even in the earlier ancient oriental literature we are told this, and that they would in anger----destroy men, they would sacrifice them and eat human flesh----Cannibals or----Cannibals as we now know the word. Why?----Because they worshiped Lucifer as god--Baal, and then Baal-peor, and then Baal as you find in the scriptures, and they who were the priests of Baal would seize human flesh and eat it and they were known as Cana-Baals, or Priests of Baal. And today we have the word Cannibals for eaters of human flesh, irrespective of where they came from. Tho today these are largely among the depraved and degenerate Negroes.

Now:----today in all the functions of this operation, the Most High said:---"There is no man to till the soil." People moved out as nomads, and the backgrounds of their culture was disappearing, and the people were now in the hands of Lucifer so now HE was to establish the ruddy faced man, the man in his own image, in the earth. And now he turned to the Elohim who were children of his spirit, and he said:---Let us begat man in our own image, and therefore the spirit of the Most High Begat Audaum man, and sent his spiritual children into bodies of flesh. He said:---as you come into the earth, you bring nothing into the world, and as you leave you take nothing out, but as you came in you turned around yourselves, and fell under the influence of Lucifer.

But I want you to know that you are the children of the Most High God, and in the 17 chapter of the Gospel of John, we have the great Majesty of the prayer:----John didn't hear this prayer, but Jesus was to record this prayer, for He was the fullness of God dwelling bodily. But in his humanity he spoke out and he said:---"I have given thy word to those whom thou hast given me, and none of them is lost." Of course we had the son of perdition who was a Jew, but he is not counted in this.----None of these men you have given me is lost---but don't take them out of the world, just keep them in it, but they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I am the Lord that came down out of the heavens, and those are the ones who came down out of heaven even as I have come down.

Then Jesus turned to the Jews and said:----Where I go you cannot come, and this is clearly marked, as no Jew can ascend into haven.-----We will come back to that , but we wanted to point this out, because Jesus said---no man could ascend into heaven, unless he came down out of heaven, and then he said:----"I am from above and you are from beneath".

By the areas of this pattern then we would again point out to you that Lucifer did start policies of race mixing, and intermingling, and this is the reason why some of the early people upon the earth were monsters. They had to bring down the size of their form, and they took upon themselves a physical embodiment. They could do this because they understood the continuity of the genius of science. They knew that they possessed a body, and that they could use it well, and they took upon themselves a bodily form, and the Angelic hosts took upon themselves their body form because of the de-acceleration of the very atomic structure of their own entity. They can blend it back into dimensions of spirit as they accelerate every area of the atoms of their body. And they did---de-accelerate until they brought down in size the form of their body, until they were down to the size of average men and women.

Now:----we not that in this pattern for Asia, these fallen hosts in their procreation of darkness started to mongrelize the races and this is of course against the purpose of the Most High God, for "Kind begets like kind, seed having life in itself. "But this mutation of angels and humans was the catastrophe of all times. And I want to tell you tonight that there is no greater transgression under all the high heavens, than this police of integration which will bring about again----the deterioration of your race, and the judgments of God.

In the policies of their intermingling then, they also had one pattern of 'norm'. There is the process of mitosis and in the lining up of the chromatin, and in the splitting of genes, the patterns which moves out to produce more genes in the body as the embryo grows and develops, is noted as the pattern of the body develops. And each one of these 'norms' depends on the father and the mother 'norm', which actually is not visible, but is a dividing force. And from one you get two, and from two you get four and so on, but the pattern suddenly stops short, for we need no more cells for the heart, and no more for the eye, and so the growth stops, and the completed embryo emerges as the born child. But it then continues to grow and multiply until it has reached the mean 'norm' of the mother and the father. But these angelic hosts whose spiritual forces had been 24 to 26 feet high, and some places we discover that there Angelic forces who were only 10 feet high, this is declared in some parts of the scripture. But now----the child grew and grew after he emerged, and became a monster or Giant, and could be up to 18 to 20 feet high, because this was the mean 'norm' between the spiritual status between the father and the mother.

We discover that in the Adamic race as God placed them in earth---there was the desire to wander. And they came down off the High Steppes and out upon the High Plateau in the upper Tarim plateau and we discover that Lucifer and his household moved in upon the sons of the Most High God.

Now:----turn back unto the sixth chapter of Genesis and we are told that in that day men began to multiply upon the face of the earth. And as he is talking here is means Audaum, not the Enosh, It doesn't mean the race which he created and that he told to repopulate the earth, and have been now for thousands of years. This is talking about the Adam man, the Rosy faced man, and as they began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them. And here is says:---sons of God---but the word is Nephilim, and the word for fallen Angels. And it says they took all of them they chose. So then the LORD says:-----my spirit will not always strive with man, for he also is flesh, and I will reduce his life span to 120 years. Thus in 120 years he would send giant catastrophe upon that area of the earth. And we are told that there were giants in the earth in those days, as children were born of them, and they grew into mighty men which were of old, men and renown.----They were the Gotmas of Asia, the monsters who ruled over the steppes. And today these great---huge Buddha's came from the Gotmas religions of the pagans, because the sons of Lucifer that were spreading out all over, were even a special type of mutation.

The people today who we call Jews,---and remember there are many patterns of Jews because we are dealing with multiple of races when we say Jews, but it is a matter of a single origin, for Lucifer intermingles with the Asiatics long before he inter-mingled with your race. Long before Eve brought forth Cain as the progeny of the Evil one, Lucifer had sown seed in Asia and in Africa, in the peculiar mutations of his lust, for lust was the pattern of Lucifer. And all of his sons and daughters moved in the dynamic patterns of seeking to modify and destroy all the structure of god's creation, and in lust they moved out. I am going to tell you that these Jews have established this lust in your country as well. Here in Hollywood it is not the work of Cecil de Mills, or Walt Disney, but it is the lust that moves out of the fleshpots of your theater, and out of the flesh pots of your city that corrupts. But most people are not a part of this and they do not understand, but here the immorality, the depravity that moves out of this Jewish community will bring tremendous judgment upon this city. Their policies continue always to stir up the Negroes, and they tell the Negroes to move out, that they must integrated, that they must work of the alteration of all white women, and all white people down to their level. The Negroes have been convinced of these goals, and they struck boldly for those goals.

And they are only doing this because they want to destroy, and to profane the very civilization and destiny of God's Kingdom.

One of these days the white man is going to rise up, and he will strike a blow which will create by the pattern of God, one of the greatest destructions ever to hit the Negro community on the face of the earth. In the hours of this declaration we are told that there were giants in the land in those days----Yes, these evil giants were Cana-Baal, priests of Baal-Peor---and as they came forth as Priests of Baal-Peor in all the patterns of perfidy of their operations, they seized upon men, and they were eating men who would not submit to them. And in this situation we are told that God repented of making men. But in the Hebrew the word was not repent, it is:---It has come to my mind that I shall destroy this evil thing.

Now:----he didn't say he was going to destroy all mankind, he didn't say he would destroy all Adamites, he said he would destroy this evil thing that hath been spawned. Thus God sent the waters of the flood, but Noah and his 3 sons and their wives survived. And in the area of the upper Tarim basin was wiped out---this whole foundation of those monsters which had been produced in your race. But it did not separate the catastrophe which had fallen upon the face of the earth. When the Most High spoke out he made it quite clear in the book of Jude and we turn there again for this pattern:----For the Angels kept not their first estate. They had left their first estate, they were not even in the area of propagating angels, and building up the society of God's Universe. They were now co-mingling with those God had created, and now were co-mingling with the household who had the spirit of Living God. And by this corruption upon them came from God, and area of great judgment. He sent his watcher angels, and bound some of them in the inner earth and set watchers over the corners. And some of them were emerging in areas of their perfidy, and he said that the offspring of them were just like their parents. They had become almost humanoids in their size, but I tell you that today there roams this earth, a great mass of sons and daughters of fallen angels, who kept not their first estate. These people are known as devils, and when Jesus talked about devils he was not trying to call people names. He was not trying to find a name for them, for when devils have children they are devils. When God had children they were Gods, and God thus said to you:---"Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. You are a divine race, and you have a capacity which you must measure up to, and eventually the Glory of God will rise upon you, and be seen from one end of the earth to the other.

But upon these devils,----they who have moved out into areas of your society to destroy you, they also shall receive the judgment which falls upon their father. Let me point out to you that in the Gospel of John in chapter 8, when Jesus spoke he said:-----"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." This stirred these people and they said:-----what do you mean, it will make us free, for we have always been free, we are the children of Abraham. -----But there is a word left out in this translation (37) but as a whole the meaning is there. It should read:----"Yes, I know ye say ye are Abraham's children, but if you were Abraham's children ye would receive me."

He said in the hour of this declaration:----"Y shall seek to kill me because I told you the truth, which I have heard out of the God (Spirit) of the Universe." They said:----"We be not born of Fornication, we have one Father and he is God." So you see all the time they knew the program of Lucifer and how he sowed his seed thou out the races. They knew that they were the product of a god of evil. They knew that they were a product of the flesh, which had not kept it's first estate. So therefore then Jesus made this statement again:---"If God were your father, ye would love me for I proceeded forth from God. But you do not even understand my speech, because you do not hear my words.---"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of you father ye will do."

By this declaration I want you to realize that he was calling them devils just like he had Judas of Iscariot. When he said:---"I have chosen ye twelve, and one of you is a devil."-------I tell you that Angels who kept not their first estate bred devils into human society, and they started devils who walk upright, who were clothes, and who buy precious gems, and run stores, and pawn shops. And then they move into the economic circles of earth and move economies into their particular pattern of Usury. And like their father, the son of the morning, they cover themselves with Jews, but just the same, Jesus said that they were devils. He makes this rather clear as he made this declaration:------"Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do." Not only as it effects the Adamic race either, because he was a murderer from the beginning. He didn't abide in the truth because there was no truth in him. I want you to think a moment, about these offspring of these evil devils. There is no truth in them, neither can they understand truth. Nor can they receive the spirit of God.

But in the 14 Chapter of John, Jesus talking to Israelites said:----Ye can receive the spirit because you are spirit of his spirit. You can receive it, but----they----cannot receive this spirit which is of god. The world cannot receive the spirit of god, and neither can these Devils. And so by this declaration he makes the statement:----"I and the father are one, and of your race and of your household, he says:----He is the father of this race.

But of those devils he said:---YE could not believe me, because you are after the area of a lie.

Jesus was not of these strangers, and not of these same strangers who today move into Palestine. They are referred to as the abomination of the Desolators, standing up in the Holy Place. Oh, you say in My bible it says:-----The abomination of desolation---but the translation is:----"The abomination of THE Desolators." And the desolators are down there in Palestine, now as black Jews, yellow Jews, and white Jews, and Eastern European Jews, and so forth, but they have conformity of pattern, but they do have some basis, for all of them have come from their father the devil.

You say:-----yes but they accept the Old Testament.----NO----they have perverted the Old Testament, and have placed in it's position------the Talmud. Just as in the days of the great Gotmaism, as Buddha came along they turned to him. And they rested the Great Gotmas which they had set all over Asia. And they only used the name of this man as tho he was a visitation of God. But the controlling heads of Buddhism today are in league with communism. They are the controlling priesthood of the sons of Lucifer. But they came into the land of Palestine because now there is a strange pattern of the Kehilla which moves out. For there is a unity today between Chinese Jews, between Negroes who are Jews, between eastern European Jews, and this unity today is maintained by the evil in them. And as they move into Israel today, because they are Jews, there are thousands of them. The Orthodox Jews, which are not orthodox in the scripture, but only orthodox in the perfidity of the Talmud, they say:------we set this up, we have ordained the status here, and we want to control this. And there are so many Asiatic Jews there that they say, we don't want your bible, the fallacies of Buddhism is going to take over the world, we come here as Zen-Buddhists. We plan to remain Zen-Buddhists, and after all Ben Gurion is a Buddhist also.

Look magazine came out with an article the other day about these angels who did not keep their first estate. It didn't call them devils, so we will help them out and call them that, but they did talk about the Jews. And this article said that the Asiatic Jews were going to take over the philosophy of Palestine, because they are more in number. Then the Negro Jews came out for their rights as Jews, and the European Jews didn't like the Negroes, because they don't consider the Negro Jews as smart as they are. But when the fallen angels mixed with a fallen society they brought forth a lesser order. Thus in this instance the Negroes are having an uprising under the patterns of the formula they have been given in the country they came from. And as communism sought to stir up the Negro, and use them as demagogues, so now as he returns to Israel he says:----now I am a black Jew, I am just as good as you yellow Jews, or you white Jews, and so today they are having race wars in Palestine, as yellow devils fight white devils, and black devils fight both of the others. I just want you to know that they have an affinity in the strangeness of their culture, and in the strangeness of their service to Lucifer, and in their utter most wanton hatred of Jesus the Christ. And you might say that as they move out in their patterns of hatred, they are seeking to invade the structure of our western society. They are seeking to buy men with gold and silver, they are seeking to perpetrate before all of the thinking minds of your race, every pattern of seduction and lust, and evil that they can put out. They want to make lust so common place that immorality, depravity, mongrelization, and intermixing of the races will be so actual and so real that your children will think nothing about it, and there will be no play on the consciousness in this matter, what so ever. And so as they move out they are spreading the patterns of Lust.

Stanford University is a great University, but I want you to know that they have what they call a de-gravity class. Now you don't know what this is, but it is one of the most vicious, most wanton things there is anywhere in the United States. This de-gravity class-----in this class they take young coloreds and young girls, and start releasing them from all areas of moral responsibility----so that they can become the playthings of these filthy Jewish professors. They have sown the patterns of no morality, no standards, no ethics, and this is in Stanford University, and it is call a class, in the area of the crafts, but the perfidity with which it is put into production shows that it is operated by the sons of Lucifer. And this is moving out upon your race, and they call this the de-gravity class----I call it depravity.

Oh, My friends one of these days they will find there isn't much gravity when the whole thing blows up. You can say that this is just a minority, as they sow their darkness and incest into the construction of your society, and that they only get to a small degree and only a small percentage become casualties in this attack upon your race, but this is why the Almighty has no mercy upon the forces of devils and their deviltry.

The devils must be destroyed-----Satan must be destroyed. He may emerge again as God carries out the areas of his purposes, as Lucifer-----son of the morning once again, but only after Satan, the devil is destroyed.

God may be able to take these Jewish monstrosities and somehow fold them back, because he is God, and He can do all things, but I want you to know that in the program of his Kingdom, that His Kingdom was planted in the earth and it is to rise and rule with the laws of the righteousness of God.

So as God has called for you and I to respond to the patterns of the righteousness of his law, he tells us that righteousness shall descend upon his Kingdom which shall be as bright as the sun. Your countenance will be illuminated before you have climaxed this hour----with the Glory of God.

"Ask me things concerning my sons-----Command ye me."

And the nations of the world are going to turn to the nations of the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian Lombard, and Germanic race that they despise today, they will turn to you who they are trying today to sell the program of the world order to, and to this race they are trying to mongrelize. But one of these days they are going to realize and acknowledge that God is in thee.------And that Our Father is the master of the entirety of the earth. All these areas of perfidity which they move out in, the policies of the darkness, the functions of evil, all this is the program of Lucifer who was once son of the Morning.

"Oh, how thou did weaken the nations and cast them to the ground. For thou hast said in thine heart that I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the Most High."

"Now prepare these children, for their slaughter, for the iniquity of their father who filled up the face of the world with their cities of evil."

And God said: I will break the Assyrian out of my land, and upon my mountain, and tread him underfoot, as he moves out of the steppes and down upon My Kingdom.

The Most High calls for a determined policy to recognize your enemy and his purpose. I tell you that these Angels who did not keep their first estate were those that went out after mongrelization with the other races. And the curse of God lies more strongly on this than any other pattern of his law. If you move into the law of God you find that he gave it only to Israel. He arrived over mount Sinai with ten thousands times ten thousands of his saints, and he gave his law to Moses, and Moses gave it to the children of Israel. And the children of Israel said:----"All he has given us to do we will do."

Now therefore God said:----if you keep this law blessings will fall upon you and if you don't keep it then judgments will fall, but my blessings will follow my race still. My Grace and My mercy will follow you still. But there is one thing which I will not do, there is one thing that will bring catastrophe upon your line, and upon your seed. If you cohabit with the darkness, then the sins of the father will descend upon the children, to the 3 or 4 or 5th., generation and there is nothing to accommodate this mutation in the house, so the mutation has to move outside the house of God. And anyone accepting a mutation has to move outside also. And is no longer to be counted in the essence of the greatness of Israel. I want you to know that the racial purity of the race of the most high is the most important thing to be found outside the Messiahship of God, and the fulfillment of his atonement. The strangeness of this perfidity moves out from those who have been elected by us, as they listen to the world order. In their cry for mongrelization which they attach as a political paraphrase, they do not stop to think that we did not send these men to do this. But out of original patterns of transgressions, the sons and daughters of God shall rise and cleanse the nation, and the world.

As we have witnessed the fulfilling of the patterns of scripture we shall be able to make this statement:-----that in this time he will show who is the blessed and Only Potentate-----THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. For at the name of Jesus every knee is going to bow, and every tongue shall declare that The Christ is God, for the Glory of God forever and ever.  

(end of tape)