The Anti-Christ Battles The Church, 2-21-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-21-65

As we turn tonight to our subject, the Antichrist battles the church it is with the continuing realization that we are in a struggle for survival. The achievement of victory has been described in the plan of God before the foundation of the world. But the struggle is for the earth, make no mistake about that. This not only relates to territory, but it relates to the earth and the events thereof and the eventual overthrow of all of the powers of darkness. And the Bible teaches the story of what God purposes to do. It unveils his record and this becomes a pattern of history. When we talk about the Bible as history, we are talking about the history of a race of people that God established in the earth to build a kingdom. And this kingdom was a kingdom of righteousness, a kingdom made up of his own household to overthrow the powers of darkness.

Now the organization of God's kingdom becomes quite obvious as we talk about it in the earth. There are some people who do not want to consider the fact that the kingdom of God is a reality and it is in the earth. But a kingdom comes by inheritance because the kingdom, my friends, comes from the ruler who is the authority, and therefore the eternal God our Father, who is the ruler of the heavens and the earth, after establishing HIS kingdom by inheritance. And HE has established this kingdom by inheritance. And when he brought forth the Adamic race, he refers to them as HIS own Household. He permits the scriptural record when he permits his own ancestry in the hour when he is embodied in earth as the man Christ Jesus. And it is traced back by both Matthew and Luke . . . all of the way back to Adam who was the son of God. The scripture tells us that the son, Seth, was the son of Adam and that Adam was the son of God. It is rather significant that to understand the pattern of God's kingdom, that we understand this pattern of ancestry. That what makes this kingdom of God so great is this Holy seed which proceeded forth out of Himself. That it is HIS purpose to increase the numbers of His people. The nations and the kingdom of which is comprised will be made out of these people under HIS administration. And that they shall eventually rule over all of the earth under God. And that all of the people of earth shall come to the knowledge of the leadership and the power and the greatness of our God.

Now there is no doubt as the scripture informs us, that there is some opposition. And this opposition comes from Lucifer and the fallen angels that rebelled with him. They come from those who did not keep their first estate and they are described in that ancient struggle. They intermingled with the races of earth and produced inassimilatable seed, and they set up the catastrophes that go back unto the eons of yesterday.

When God established his own race, this was the offspring of HIS own spiritual being embodied in earth in physical bodies. Enveloped with light and Glory which they lost by violation of divine law. But they did not lose the divine seed, the capacity to pass this on to their children. Not, my friends, that which God had ordained to preserve. From the very beginning this struggle against this house of God was carried on by Lucifer, himself, and his inassimilable offspring and their desire to bring down the great program of God's kingdom. In the earliest records of Old Testament history the way to do this was to seek to integrate their society, mongrelize their seed, get them to worship pagan gods and to lose all contact with their faith. Thus it is that from the earliest years of the patriarchs and all down thru the structure of the Old Testament, the instruction of God to his people was to separate themselves from these other people and to recognize that there was no possible relationship between them and these other people. When you intermarry, this is not allowed, or when you form a common government or a form of worship, this is only for yourselves. And you were not to worship these things which were pagan. Actually the preservation of race and the preservation of God's kingdom based on the holy seed and its development and which God promised to restore and to renew HIS people. This was the secret of this expanding theme. In the Old Testament, from the later deliverance of your race, and from the establishment of the covenants that God made, there was given unto them, spiritual knowledge and spiritual law . . . the laws of God and the establishment of the essential patterns of worship. And He established, always, a spiritual center in HIS kingdom. This was a Celestial Kehila, a spiritual embodied center of HIS kingdom. And this is the church in the Old Testament, or the congregation. And in the New Testament and under the New Covenant which starts with the revelation of Christ and the fulfillment of that covenant which he made with Israel and the house of Judah . . . and then the establishment of a new spiritual center . . . a powerful organization, and a spiritual institution that would move out to all of God's kingdom. And whatsoever by now, or wherever the people of this kingdom would be, the responsibility of this spiritual center was to quicken their spiritual center and become the Oracle of God . . . to instruct them in the things of God, the order of God. And the instructions in this new order were called the church.

Now what in the English language was translated as the Church was the Ecclesia. This was the spiritual center. And from the Greek word we catch the pattern of the spiritual center of the kingdom. It had its strategy and God has ordered as to how it should be conducted. HE had gathered his disciples around him as he instructed them and gave them the message as he walked the earth, the very God. But also as the Man Christ Jesus. And during that very time, he trained them in the proclamation of the message. HE went about preaching the 'gospel of the kingdom.' And he taught them that the kingdom was real, that the kingdom was at hand, that the kingdom of God was in the earth, and was developing out of his race. That the people of God had been the celestial people out of the heavens, for 'thine they were in heaven and mine they are in earth.' He taught his disciples that they must awaken this race wherever they were to be found, whether in western Europe or wherever the seed of this race were to be found, they were to be called and to be quickened. HE said,--'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out, and they never perish.' Then HE also instructed them that they were not to go to the pagans. Their first necessity was not to go to Africa or to Asia, but to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Not lost as to who God was but lost to the magnitude of the purposes he had set before them. Thus they were to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, to tell them that the Messiah had come. In fact there was one thing that was made with the forbearers of the past, and that was the covenant that God made as HE said,-- “My word shall not depart out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed for a thousand generations.” And you can turn over to the book of Deuteronomy and you read that “my covenant is with you for a thousand generations.”

Thus, it was thru out the thousands and thousands of years. And it will be for the thousands of years that are ahead. The purpose of God for the building of HIS kingdom is quite clear.

We point out that all thru the scriptures there is reference to other people, other races. But none of those people had the capacity to build his kingdom. Almost all of them are enveloped in the world order which is under Luciferian power. The preaching of Christ's ministry was opposed from the very beginning by the people of Lucifer's kingdom. If you go thru the New Testament, you go thru the ministry of Jesus Christ, and you have the manifestation of the birth of Christ, the declaration of all of the hosts of heaven, with all of the measures of the heavens, which were proclaiming the visitation of God amongst his people. And later the Apostle Paul would say:--'All things were made by him, and without him was not anything made.' In the course of this ministry, we are to note that altho God walked among men, and altho he welded unprecedented power never witnessed before by the eyes of man. He could still the wind and the waves and unstop blind eyes and open the ears of the deaf. He could demonstrate his power over mind and matter, and feed five thousand from one lunch box. He could move out and demonstrate the spiritual force always to meet the needs of the people. And there was no doubt of the fact that the fullness of God was moving among them. But in the course of this ministry and in the face of all that was good, he was under constant opposition.

I challenge you to take a pencil and go thru the book of John, and every time it says that there was opposition, that the Jews plotted to put him to death. And they took up stones to stone him, and the Jews did this and the Jews did that. But always, they were against God. It is rather a significant thing that Jesus finally denounces them all. And there in the book of John, HE tells them that they are of their father the devil and the lusts of their father they will do. HE tells them that they are not his sheep, that HE came for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. And he tells the Jews there on Solomon's porch, that they are not his sheep. And HE proclaims His identity as the Eternal Father by saying,- “I and the Father are ONE.” And they took up stones again to stone HIM.

When we talk about the subject of Antichrist, we are talking about those who are against Jesus the Christ. If they are against Jesus Christ, they are against your God. They are against His embodiment and they are against your Faith. And necessarily then they are against the destiny of your race, and against your church, and the destiny of the kingdom of God in the earth. And as such they become identified as Antichrist. One of the beloved apostles of Jesus Christ, was John. John writes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John, as well as the Gospel of John. And if we turn tonight to the writings of John, then we find that he bears the great testimony and record of the person of God, of the enemies of Christ, and those who sought to destroy Him. Then in the book of John, in 1st John, in the 4th chapter, he tells you who constitute the spiritual center of the kingdom, the church, the household of the Most High. You are to try the spirits to see whether they be of God. One of the great strategies against the church is that false prophets have gone out into the world. And now these false prophets are well identified. ‘For every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.' But every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh is not of God, but is that spirit of Antichrist that ye have heard and is already now in the world. This is what John said:---"Ye are of God, little children, and ye shall overcome them. For greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.” Here is the establishment upon the part of the apostle John who has had unveiled to him some of the great mysteries that relate to God's kingdom. Especially that those that constitute the church have in them this spirit of God. They are the children of God and the issue of God. And greater is this spirit of God in them then the spirit of Lucifer which is in his children who are in the world order. And this world order is controlled by Lucifer and his minions are his children as Jesus has said.

Now I point out to you that this is not the only time this is mentioned. For instance, everywhere you go, you will discover in the writings of John that he is a very witness to the powers of darkness. But we are out of God. We are his progeny. We are his issue. In the 5th chapter in the 19th verse, he said the whole world lieth in darkness and wickedness. But we who are of God are not of this order.

Now we read over in the 2nd Epistle of John, many deceivers have come into the world who do not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an Antichrist. We turn to the 3rd Epistle of John, and we note again that this declaration is for the people who constitute the household of the Most High. And John writes that always the opposition is Antichrist. And in the testimony of Jude, we note that he bears witness that there are evil forces that are come into the world, and they are forces of evil . . . inassimilable offspring of Angels who did not keep their first estate. And Jude the apostle writes that these people are brute beasts. They are to be taken and destroyed because they are in link with the devil and they are fighting God kingdom. Of course these forces come right out today and say that there are things which Christians are not to consider. However the fact remains that these were Apostles and epistles written by these Apostles, inspired of God to identify the enemies of God and of your race and your faith. There are many who do not understand that they cannot understand the problems of faith and race. They do not understand that the Adamic race makes up the household of God, and that they are the people of the Most High. We are well-aware today that every attempt is made to cause the infiltration of your race and the crushing of your faith, and the subordination of all of God's works for you as a people. In fact, we are discovering that the enemy today is seeking to destroy the TRUE CHURCH because this True Church, if it fulfills its ministry, exposes the Antichrist. And calls on Christians to resist the Antichrist, and calls on Christians to fight the Antichrist until he is defeated.

Now for one moment, we would go back to the period that follows the ministry of Christ and his ascension, after his resurrection into the heavens. We have therefore what is called the book of Acts --the Acts of the Apostles. And this book of Acts is the beginning of the story of the New Testament Church. You will note that in the very beginning of the ministry of the New Testament Church that both Peter and John, those beloved apostles who declared this message to the people, that after they spoke to the people that the chief priests of the temple and this sect of Jews laid hands on them and put them in prison because they had proclaimed the Gospel. So the opening of the true church was opposed by the Jews who from their highest authority seized Christians and put them in prison. Why? Because the church was beginning to function.

Now let’s turn to this 5th chapter of the book of Acts and we move into the record of what transpired. And we read that, the High Priest arose and all that were with him, which was of course one of the sects of the Sadducees, and they were filled with indignation. And they laid hands on the Apostles and they put them in the common prison.

Now this is warring against the church so let’s find out who does this. This was the work of the Antichrist. It was the chief Priest of the Temple and the Sadducees, a sect of the Jews. And they put the apostles in prison because they had proclaimed the gospel of Christ. Of course there were miracles performed, for God had lots more power than these Jews. He let the apostles out of prison and he confounded those very Jews many times by the manifestation of spiritual power. But I want you to know that for your record, if you want to be a viable supporting Christian, and if you want your position well established, and as to what you are against, then know that war against the church was started by Satans children. And these people who warred against the church were the Jews.

Now we have a lot of people today who are trying to apologize for the Jews, and they try to tell us that these are the people of God and that they are the kingdom, of course, in the earth. But this is of course, not true. We turn then over to the 12th chapter of the book of Acts, and we read that Herod the King stretched forth his hand to vex the church. He killed James, the brother of John, with a sword. And because he saw that this pleased the Jews, he proceeded further and took Peter also. Why did he do this---King of the Jews?---He killed Christians and he killed apostles. He killed them to please the Jews. By the mighty power of the purse, he reached out to control. And Herod of course, was the king of the Jews. And he himself, being a Jew, he persecuted. He assassinated and martyred the apostles.

And in the 13th chapter of the book of Acts, we find the opposition which was raised against the Apostle Paul. And it says that a sorcerer, a Jew, attempted to stir up the people against the Apostle Paul. We note this everywhere we go. And in the 13th chapter and the 46th verse: ---and the Jews when they saw the multitudes, they were filled with envy and they spoke against those things which were spoken by the apostle Paul, contradicting and blaspheming and stirring up the people.

We continue in the book of Acts to the 13th chapter and the 50th verse, and it says that the Jews stirred up the honorable women, and the chief people of the city. They raised persecution against Paul and Barnabas. And they expelled them from their cult.

Now in the 14th chapter of the book of Acts---and this is the history of the church, this is its record in the New Testament. “And their came hither, certain Jews from Antioch, and they persuaded the people. And having stoned Paul, they threw him out of the city supposing him to be dead.”

Now I would suggest you do this for your own education. Take your pencil and go thru the book of Acts and see what transpired from one end to the other. And here it says that the Jews opposed them and blasphemed and sought to destroy the apostles. We read here at every turn: ‘a certain Jew rose up and accused the apostle Paul, and he stirred up the city.’

As we continue in the book of Acts, then we read these words: Acts 21:-- “and in seven days, they had stirred up all of the people.” It did not matter where Paul was, in Jerusalem or in Rome, or on the edge of the cities of the Mid-East, or Asia, the Jews were the ones that stirred up the people against him and the other apostles.

In the instance of this, the Apostle Paul, finally in the book of Thessalonians, writing to the people of Thessalonica, and many times, he would say:--'The Jews are against God and they are contrary to all men.’ I think this is rather significant because in the persecution against Christianity, it is the Jews who have conducted this as they deny that Jesus is the Christ. And they, the beloved Apostle said, that they who deny that Jesus is the Christ are Antichrist. Jude said that they are literal brute beasts who are to be taken and destroyed for they are literally the offspring of fallen angels, who did not keep their first estate, and they move with satanic power.

Now this is a rather significant situation. For anywhere when we find a record of trouble and persecution that comes against the church it comes from these people. We are in a last day period. We are in a climate of climatic events, unprecedented for the speed with which they are developing. And we discover that the church is still under attack. In fact, when the great world forces of evil rose to power in your generation, and came to a head under world communism, the first victims of the massacre, and the design to wipe out the leadership of your race was the church, which was under constant and continuous by organized forces of the revolution, almost all of them being Jews. In fact, I have records in my files that came right out of the archives of the U.S. Government about the Red Revolution. And that with others of the secret service reporting back to the government of the U.S. and the reports all say that the revolution was Jewish controlled, and that most of the Jews leaders had come from the United States and from Rabbi Ben Jacobson's synagogue. That this Red echelon of Red Marxist were none other than American Jews and European Jews who designed to capture the Russias and liquidate the church. So that they might carry out in a godless society of their own making a power with which they hoped to sweep the world and liquidate all civilization. Never have we had anytime in history, anything that approached this conspiracy in numbers. IN THAT FIRST HOUR OF THE REVOLUTION, SEVEN MILLION CHRISTIANS WERE PUT TO DEATH BY THE HOSTS AND FORCES OF JEWRY.

Now we point out to you that the strategy of Lucifer was to build a world government. And you do not win people of the church by putting people to death. You do not win people in Christian nations by waging war against the church and inducing them into surrendering their livelihood for fear of fear, and for death of things which might follow.

So the great strategy was how to capture Christian nations. We in this period of 1965, find that there is a great war for civilization against the powers of darkness who would engulf the world. But do not think that this is only a matter for survival for there are other facets in this war. There is the great spiritual dynamics moving thru God's children, being quickened to over throw the powers of darkness, and break the tyranny, and to set the world free under the control of Christian civilization.

Now there is God's plan to take the earth, and there is the devil's plan to defeat it. And the center of the devil's plan is to defeat the spiritual center of God's Kingdom, HIS church, to cut off the voice of the oracle of God, and to turn it to the voice of the Antichrist, and then seek to defeat the nations of God's kingdom by the process of deception. This is why the scriptures tell us that one of the programs of the Antichrist involves this Mystery Babylon the Great, this master plot, this Antichrist and false prophet, carrying out their activities against the kingdom.

We point out that in the structure of such a strategy that the master design of Lucifer is to build a world government. That this world government shall have absolute authority over all men and all nations. And to be successful, this has to include all Christian nations. Thus, the Christian nations must be induced to surrender their sovereignty and surrender their power. You are in a very lucky position in all of this because all of the White nations of the world have all of the technology. You have the highest standing of all of the knowledge and the wisdom in the midst of the earth. And this progresses beyond all others.

We are also aware that with all of the cunning of Lucifer, and with all of the knowledge that he fills up and possesses, he has thought to build in the areas of his kingdom, the opposition against you and your race. This is why you have found that with cunning and keen observance, that the children of Lucifer have invaded your nation, coming in as refugees, fleeing from trouble. And they joined themselves to the staff of your investigators. And they have looked over the shoulders of your scientists and they have stolen your nuclear secrets. They have picked the minds of German and American scientists for the secrets of astronautics, and they have launched into the sky their satellites.

In fact, you well know that the first satellite launched into the sky was by Russia, after they had picked the brains of your race, then used their restraining forces in your country to keep you from putting the first satellite there. America could have launched that satellite before the Soviet Union, but we were restrained from this accomplishment by the advisors around this area of influence. And it was being done skillfully by this scheming cunning. Of course, this was not evaluated at first as to what it would mean until it entered into the areas of weapons and the possibility that the great projectories and the powerful controls of bombs upon the earth, these satellites could cause.

When we talk about the fact that world government is the first design of Lucifer to control the earth, with the exception of this Christian nation program. And the most powerful influence of the Christian nations is the spiritual center of it, which is the church. In almost all of the centers of civilization, the whole center of society both in colonies and in all home lands, was the church in their community. It has been thus, the years that the spiritual center of that community or nation was the area that had the greatest influence upon the people of those nations. Here in the United States the church has been the center from colonial times on down to our day as the great area of community life. No institution had more influence than the church did. Therefore the thing for Lucifer to do was of course, to infiltrate the church. And the program called for the sending in of Satan's own ministers which the Apostle Paul told us about. He said that Satan's own Angels would move in among Christians as ‘Angels of Light’ and seek to turn them aside from the purposes of God's kingdom. Some of these men go so far as denying the deity of Christ, and thus, unhinge the very foundation of the kingdom and make unnecessary such a race. There are many people who are just brainwashed by the propaganda of the enemy. They have had all of the great promises of God spiritualized away. They have had the purposes of God obscured from them as tho a shame and a reproach.

They have been told, don't talk about the kingdom, take your eyes off of it, fold your hands, be a martyr, don't think of anything but the kingdom of heaven. For this is the important thing, for the kingdom of heaven is in the sky, not on earth.

But the scriptures do not teach this. The scripture teaches the universal language of the kingdom in earth and the strength of God's kingdom. And it taught you to pray 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.' The program of God's kingdom as unveiled in the scriptures, was for this race to be placed in earth, to grow and to multiply, and move under Divine law, to preserve the purity of their race and of their vision, and to occupy the earth, and to overthrow the powers of darkness. They bring you great tidings of great joy of all that the kingdom had to offer to the world, but to resist the forces of evil.

Now again, it is to be noted in Old or New Testament, the strategy of Lucifer was always to deceive, to divide people from their strategy in order that they might find Peace, or security, from the possible marching armies which would march across the earth and divide up the spoils. So then Lucifer sought to seduce your race early, with the promises of Peace. In fact, we are told that in the climax of the age, that this struggle would come to its full. They in this struggle would seek to engulf you with these very nations which they had sought to join you with at first. And God said that one of the greatest deceits of this situation was that they would use HIS prophets, or ministers, and proclaim that they were the ministers of God and say ‘Peace, Peace,’ when there was not any peace.’

Thus, I turn for one moment back to the book of Ezekiel. And there we read these words concerning this strategy. “And the word of the LORD came unto me, (Ezekiel) and you prophesy among my people. And you prophesy against them that prophecy out of their own hearts. For thy prophets have become like foxes in the desert. They have seen a vain vision. They have spoken a lying divination whereas they say,--‘YAHWEH has spoken,’ when I have not spoken at all.” Across the nations of the world we have listened to powerful hierarchies of churches calling the world to pray for Peace and work for peace, to join together in one great world government and one great fellowship of nations. In fact, when they do this, they do the work of the Antichrist, whether they know it or not.

Someone said, ‘but Dr. Swift, are you saying that if we work for Peace, we are doing the work of Antichrist?’ If the Peace which you stand for is the peace of the Antichrist to subordinate your nation and your race, until the majority of pagans and people of the world rule, then, my friends, you are doing the work of the Antichrist, rather than the work of God. There is no doubt that as we turn to Ezekiel, that it says: -- “They have not spoken my word, for I did not say it. They are speaking, and they saw lies, and I am against them, saith YAHWEH-GOD. My hand shall be lifted up against these prophets that see these vanities and these lies. And I shall not let them remain in the assembly of my people. Because they seduce MY people by saying Peace, when there is no Peace.”

There can be no Peace in earth until the powers of darkness are overthrown and HIS kingdom is supreme from one end of the earth to the other. Because the kingdom of God shall receive no rest until the kingdom of evil is broken.

Now God then, makes this declaration, that they seduce my people, they have tried to bring them into an organization which would build a wall of untempered mortar and it shall fall. There shall be a shower of the great hailstones that shall fall in that stormy day. And it shall rend it. And when that wall is fallen, then it shall be said unto you,--where is the daubing that shall be daubed? What happened to this mortar? Then HE says, ‘I am going to rend this thing myself, with a great fury, with the great hail stones of my anger. For my fury shall come upon her.’

When God talks about these hail stones, these bombs of destruction, HE is talking about the destruction of a world order that has been built with untempered mortar. And untempered mortar means without the spirit of God. There is no way for the children of God's kingdom to join with the pagans of the earth and do it with God's spirit. For HIS spirit is not a part of this. And judgment goes out when you join yourself with Satanic forces. This is not only an ideal prophecy in symbolism of the United Nations, but it also points out just what the United Nations is. It is thus, a wall of untempered mortar seeking to absorb you the 'living stones’ into a wall that has no conformity to pattern. And you are placing your hope in something that has no capacity to provide peace or security. And we are not sure we want peace and security except the peace of God in God's own terms for a world that has been brought back into proper submission to the Eternal Father.

Let us then point out to you that the master strategy today is to overcome all opposition to the support of the United Nations. Do you remember when we gave you a preview of this year, that we said that the United Nations is going to be torn with wars, for God is going to bring it down, so that you will not remain a captive inside of this institution with your hands tied?

Now the U.S. News, last week, was talking about how impudent this movement has become. In the first place, we have been joined with pagans and we have been footing most of the bills. We have been involved in things which we should not have been involved in, like in countries that wanted to be free. All of this in the guise of Democracy which is not the position of an intelligent Christian, for we stand for the Great Republic which is our national life, and for the program of God's kingdom. But this great U.N. is made up of a mass of pagan nations and the few Christian ones. And it is the rule of the pagans and is not the program of God's kingdom.

Now the Russians refuse to pay their share, and the French refused to pay theirs. And it has been a rather interesting week. For this last week when they came to vote, all attempts to avoid a split in the U.N. was going on. Our sorry Representative Mr. Stevenson was all a flutter, ‘Oh, my, my, . . . this thing is in a dangerous shape. Anything done must be done to avoid a direct issue. We do not want to challenge or push it right to the point.’ Altho, he had at some previous point, wanted to make the Russians pay, but when it came up to the deadline wherein they would not be permitted to vote unless they paid, then he backed up. So the issues were up and we could not get very far. The world was in an upheaval. The war was going on in Asia and it was about to expand and sweep all Asia. Soviet strategy called for the conquest of the world. America was being taken in by false ‘Peace conferences and disarmament plans. And the master plan was to get the world to go along with eventually a United Nations plan without any obligation upon those who wished to shirk them. So Mr. Stevenson did not want the U.N. to fold up, for that would cause too many problems. In fact, we have not had any decisive meeting of the general assembly of the U.N. since last December, because Russia had not paid its bills. And they did not want to force the issue. Then Mr. Stevenson got us, and he said, ‘we will just go thru the areas of discussing some of these things, and since this is only policy things before us, then we will not say that Russia cannot vote, or any other country can't vote because they have not paid their dues.’ But Albania who wanted to force this issue, got up and demanded that a vote be taken on this matter. And they forced the issue to see if America would get tough. But no one had the courage to stand up, and they adjourned the U.N. until next September.

Now let me show you something. Here you are in the midst of a world crisis and this is supposed to be an arbitrating institution as well as a world government. And in the midst of such a crisis, it closes its doors and will not open them until next September. But we have been paying most of the bills, and we had Mr. Stevenson suggest that we go out to the women's clubs and to the churches and raise the money to keep this great institution going.

All right. God Almighty says, “I will tear it apart with bombs over the world.” In this past week the Russian said that if we continued to fight the Vietcong in Northern Vietnam, that they would destroy us. And then the Secretary of Defense comes out of the Pentagon and says, ‘Oh, my, we must do all that we can to avoid Nuclear war. But we could not retreat, and we could not use our good weapons either, because if we have an atomic war, then 100,000 million will die in Russia and 100,000 in America. This could be the end.’

Now listen. The one institution when it does its job, challenges the program of Antichrist, is the Church of Jesus Christ inside the nations of His kingdom. For this reason therefore, we have had a denunciation growing these last few years from awakened Christians in their pulpits. And do you know, that actual pressure has been placed upon ministers and churches in these United States, that if they preached against the United Nations, that they would lose their tax exemption status? Well, my friends, they may think they can get away with this, but it cannot be legally done according to the laws of our nation. But you can turn to the book of Ezekiel and see that God has cursed this wall of ‘untempered mortar’ of this call for Peace, and the joining together of those who are against God and against their faith. And we can show you that the text of it is that you are to come out from among them and to be ye separated. You can't intermarry, you can't join yourselves to them. You have to understand this. And in the book of Revelation, then God speaks to this whole conspiracy. And HE says, “Come out from among them and be separated, for if you do not, ye will be partakers of her judgments which are going to come upon her.”

So now we point out to you, that the church is responsible to awaken her people to get out of this evil, to stir all of the nation into opposition to this so that your politicians and your leadership moves in this direction.

Now let’s take a look at some of the things that are transpiring. You have had economic upheaval. The magazines this week, are pointing out that no one knows what the economy is going to do. The L.A. Times, this morning, said that no one can predict what this economy will do. The whole nation is going to perdition in a basket. Everything is in an upheaval. There is a run on banks to get money to buy stocks, for they are afraid of the dollar. And there is now one nation that has just told America that they just took all of the gold out from under you and you now have no foundation. The President asked for a large part of the gold to be pulled out from under the National Currency and the backing of our money, and has not come up with anything to put behind it. They are trying to take away our silver and give us some sort of plastic or something to substitute for silver. And, my friends, the reason why a silver or gold coin has a value is because that value is by its own weight which has been accepted. But they have refused in this country, for you to have the right to own gold coins and now they want to take away the silver coins, and you can't have it. But the rest of the world can buy it. This is a part of the Mystery Babylon operation.

Now we point out to you, that it is the Church of God today which is responsible first, last, and foremost, to instruct the people concerning the laws of God. But they are not to support the financial institutions that live by usuary and by confiscating the past production of a people. Today, one-third of the production of America is absorbed by the Federal Reserve System, private banks, and largely Jewish. And now, under world control. I point out to you, that 1/3 of your production goes into the usuary operation of this machinery. The Church is the Oracle to proclaim this, because God has laid down the principal and calls upon the church to proclaim this, and calls upon the people for obedience. No wonder, this is ignored. People say we are no longer under the law, we are under grace, and no one is required to preach the laws of God. But Jesus said, “Blessed is the man who teaches my laws to obey them.”

Now I will tell you this. That the laws of God were given for a people and for a society and for a race. When they obeyed, they received blessings. And when they did not obey, they were in big trouble. I point out to you, that today the Antichrist is waging war against the church. In seeking to gain influence in government, we find he has already gained that position.

When I look over the panorama of the chief official of our nation tonight, and I say, ‘how could this happen in a great Christian country expect they be asleep, and the church has not proclaimed its message?’ But in this hour, the church is being re-stimulated and awakened. And there has been those who never bowed the knee to Baal, and thus, the program of Antichrist is to wage war against the church. When did it become more important to become popular than to be truthful? When did it become more popular to proclaim a lie and proclaim an untruth to the dusty people, than when the Evangelist can do this? Then God save America. When Billy Graham can stand up in the Hawaiian Islands, last week, and tell them that Jesus was not a White man and Christianity is not a White man's religion. He was half-black and half White, and he comes out of Asia, so said, Billy Graham. Jesus was a Mulatto.

Let me tell you this. There is nothing as unscriptural or foolish as this fantastic statement. How can a man who is suppose to believe in the fundamental and divine origin, and believe in the Virgin Birth, then advocate that Jesus was half white and half black? There would have had to be a Negro father involved in here somewhere, for Mary was White. Well, someone said, ‘but he did not mean that.’ Well, this is just what he said. He did not even think it thru. He was just trying to please the dark masses. He was trying to go along with the popular pattern. He has been supporting in his teaching the grand plan, the great society in which we would have a great brotherhood of man, and tries to make this acceptable. And I am going to tell you that there are a lot of preachers today who are selling out the Gospel of the Kingdom and their faith when they go around preaching this type of message in order to get the approbation of the people round about. You do not preach on the steps of the Capital with a Rabbi on one side and preachers who deny the deity of Christ on the other side, and have all join in the service; and have their approbation, and be carrying out the work of the church today.

Let me point this to your attention. When the Pope had called for Peace on earth, and a conference was held yesterday in New York City and 2000 representatives of the nation came, and they were referred to as the ‘elite’ statesmen of the world . . . but what did they come for, to this emergency session? It was to produce at once a world rule before the world blew itself up. And Mr. Fulbright from the Foreign Relations Committee was the American spokesman, and he called for the immediate burying of all differences between the American government and the Soviet Union. Called on the terrible abstract ideas that separate us. And that we should form one great unity and eventually one great world order. And then Mr. Toynbee who sold out to the Jews when he changed history for them, from his first history book to the second one, said, ‘unless the nations of the world relinquish their sovereignty and form a world government of all nations and all races, the world would see the annihilation of the human race.’

I am going to tell you that those who are under the control of the Antichrist, and who design the end of God's kingdom, were it not for the oracle of truth that emerges out of the True Church of God, men would fall asleep and surrender to their own destruction. The Antichrist still battles the church. They are trying to find the means to deny the work of the church and deny any right or privilege for any who would oppose their world government.

In fact, one of the most unique things out of this statement is the fact that those who oppose world government today are still savages and barbarians who refuse to move with the advancement of man. I want you to know that the kingdom of God is not to be joined with the powers of darkness, but must resist this kind of thing.

End of message.