Arch And Keystone Of The Christian Faith, 4-22-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-22-63

We turn tonight in our thinking concerning the Arch and the Key Keystone of the Christian Faith. We are in a period of time when we have heard much upon the drift of the faith and the churches, and missions, to get away from the great fundamentals of the Christian Faith, as tho these were not essential points. Many discourses have decided that the philosophical approach to the problems of life, are taught by Jesus, the teacher while the actual facts of his divinity are not as important. And the miracles which he wrought they hold in question. And his resurrection is not as important as his instructions. But I want you to know that this invasion which came into our churches and into our pulpits Came by design and by purpose from enemies ages old, who knew if they robbed the Christian Church of its Faith and the power of Christ's resurrection, they would have robbed the church of its Faith and its courage to accomplish the objectives of God's kingdom. Thus it is that we had the higher critics, who started in the twentieth century to attach the discussions of the doctrines of the scripture. There were many things which they overlooked the monumental testimony to the acts of God--the monumental evidence the power of God. And the continuing revelation of the spirit which bears witness to his purposes.

I would point out to you that the enemies of God's kingdom have not changed, and the powers of the enemy are still the enemy of your Christian Civilization tonight. And I think it is significant that we understand that as great and as historical as the event of Christ's resurrection was, the powers of darkness faced with their reality were not subdued in their action or repentant in their conduct. But wanted to have Jesus dead and permanently so. The fact of his Resurrection was a great challenge to their security. But not my friends enough to produce honesty of which they were not capable. No wonder that Jesus talking to these people said;--Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of the father ye will do. No wonder that he said;---your father was a liar and when he speaks of a lie he speaks of his own. Therefore I can anticipate that you will follow in this process. Then again--the words of Jesus---you will be like your father and you will fill up the measures of your father.

We would turn in our thinking, as we have discussed this afternoon and have discussed the last few days, in the last few messages, the great Panorama of events which relate to the ministry of God from the hour when they would have crowned him king, to the acceptance of the cup to the tremendous pact at Gethsemane, and the trial of Christ and now we come to the climactic day in which we celebrate his resurrection. It is good that these thoughts pass thru the minds of Christians. It is good that we recognize the significance at this point. I would for a moment before we consider this turn over to the writings of the Apostle Paul. The Apostle Paul was one of the disciples who sometimes identified himself as unusual because of some of the experiences that he had. In one of these experiences he had been taken into the heavens after his conversion. He was not only taught of God and taken into various dimensions but returned to write the book the Apocalypse of Paul. Then all of the Epistles which follow him and are based upon what god told him and the Instructions that he received. So we turn again as Paul the great and wise and intelligent philosopher, acquainted with all of the philosophies of his time, acquainted with almost ever area of theology. But his own personal experience, having been taken into the heavens accompanied by the Angels and then brought back, and so real was the dimensions and the plains that whether he was in the spirit or the body he could not tell. He now speaks in the book of Corinthians to the people of Corinth. And this was a people that could not be passed off lightly. They gathered together in some new assemblies to speak and to learn some new things. They were constantly seeking after knowledge and wisdom. They were well informed about all of the knowledge of the ancient world. To speak on Mart hill or go before the people of Corinth and with understanding stand the test of logic and reason. And be backed by a great flow of knowledge and wisdom --from the spirit which would be carried to the mind of the listeners, about the things upon which he spoke. The Apostle Paul writes these Epistles to these people of Greece, and of Corinth. And he had already told them who they were by race and background. That all of their fathers had passed thru the same red sea, How all of their fathers had partaken of the same manna in the wilderness. And he identified them as Dani, and Saccae, and Israelites, as the people of western Europe were thus identified. The writings of the Apostle Paul make it impossible for anyone to read his writings and not identify them as the white race of God's kingdom. And by this time The Apostle Paul 's experiences had proved as in the book of Thessalonians as to when he writes;---the Jews are against God and contrary to all men. And He no longer identified them as the Israel of this book. But we note that as he writes in the 15 chapter of Corinthians that he is writing about things which Christendom thinks about. He said;---Brethren I would declare unto you the Gospel that I have preached unto you, and which you have received, wherein this is the Gospel by which you were saved, and as you keep these things in your mind, which I have preached unto you, and ye have not believed in vain.

Now; some individuals are very much confused when they hear a man like Paul talking about this is a Gospel that he has preached unto them whereby they are saved when they keep these things in memory. For the salvation of the Children of God is not my friends a medium by which God keeps them from some terrible torture when they die. For the Salvation of the children of God is that he saves them from catastrophe and error while they live and the hell from which God would save his household are those the world has produced in the midst of society in its attempt to destroy the kingdom.

Now; some do not like these facts but they are still facts. But if you want the authority of God's scriptures, Isaiah declared his intent to save every last one of Israel, and every one of your race is quite complete, and the Apostle Paul in the book of Romans said; --All Israel shall be saved, as it is written. Salvation intends to adjust every man of the children of the Most High, and make them complete the task that he sent them into the world to do. What shall be before the climax of time is that Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is LORD, including Khrushev. Someone said that does not mean that he is going to be converted pretty soon. Well he is not going to be converted by the State Department and Mr. Kennedy -- No. And billy Graham is not going to convert him either. The only thing that will convert him is a final defeat upon the part of all of his forces, and it will finally thrust him into an area where the Shekinah Glory with its presence will burn out the errors and that will take a long time, and that is not my worry. But I am concerned about we who constitute the household of the Most High God, I am concerned about so great a salvation which so many have not taken the time to pay attention to, and how you escape in this order in which you live if you escape so great a salvation. For this salvation is not only the wisdom of God, and the application of his spirit to adjust you to his consciousness, and to accuse you to know that you are his sons and his daughters to reawaken you to the existence of your race and your nation and the power of God's kingdom to learn how the adjustment of that kingdom flowing thru you as sons adjusts you to God and then delivers into your hands the things that the father has proclaimed, for it is your fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom. And more than this it is the salvation in your time that lifts men up out of darkness and fear and superstition that lifts them out of mental chaos that causes so many under pressures and great fears to fill so many mental hospitals and give so many their indecisions and creates the crisis of our times. Let me assure you that the purpose of the Most High God is one that saves to the Uttermost. So in the instance of the purposes of God nothing then is as important as destroying the avenues of Fear, which largely range around the periods of the unknown. And among them the great mysteries which descended upon your race after it arrived in the world, and forgot the remembrance of the land from whence you came. AS the Apostle Paul said;--if you had remembered the processes of all this you would not have stayed too long, you would have gone back. For now children were growing in earth bodies in an earth world, and here they had found themselves because of the violation of law, called sometimes original sin, but this was the attempt to mongrelize and destroy your race which God by his own presence, and preservation and righteous purpose preserved this society so as to carry on the destiny. In this instance the mercies of god reached down to see that you came with power, and that you would rise again to the power that he gave you to finish the task that he gave you to do, for the development of the earth and for the Glory of our Father, thru the development of his sons.

So we know that with all this one fear fell on men, so what happened to them? They waxed old and they died, or they were smitten with disease and they died, or they engaged in struggles and battles and they died. Death was a very real thing and people had many problems and they died. But what was this life that moved the body, where went this living consciousness that lived within the body that they conversed with? How quickly then the body no longer represents the individual? How quickly they recognize when the person is gone that this was not the one they had communion with. And with whom they had this discourse and comfort. For that was the flesh, so whither did it go, and religion had their answer, and the enemy also had their answer based on their background. Lucifer was the master of the inner world, of the outer world and he would accept no challenge. And those who would not accept this death were in the prison chambers for all times. This was the reason that the promises made to our forefathers, and to you and I as individuals from before the world was framed, and to our forefathers before there ever was an earth framed, from the days of Seth on down to the days of Noah and then to Shem, and into periods of your own time, there were promises made, some now fulfilled, but up unto the time of Christ they were waiting for that fulfillment. One of those was that this light power of god which held the universe together, the light that was in his inner consciousness, could raise the dead, and altho men slew him still he could raise the dead. For the power of the light and the spirit was greater than even of the flesh. That powers might wage war against the flesh but they could not destroy the soul. Nor could they keep the soul from bringing the power of the resurrection into reality. So your race, from the days of Adam to your time, the white race are the children of Resurrection. Remember this for you are Resurrectionist.

Now; the philosophy of Lucifers children who also die in conflict is reincarnation. And they are told that they make these cycles of return, and every pagan religion on the face of the earth includes that philosophy. So the difference between you and they is that you are resurrectionist and they are reincarnationists. There is no depth to your consciousness and you do not have to change identity and beings, and you have faith to solve that problem. You were sent into the world to live in a physical world. And if you had died between the days of Adam and Christ and had died then you would have been assigned to the holding spot under the control of Lucifer. And this was in the Netherworld which he thought he which he thought he was going to hold forever. But he could not torture you or persecute you, and there were the thousands upon thousands of the souls of the children of Adam, and you were awaiting for the day which we celebrate known today as Resurrection day. The fact is that from the day of Christ's resurrection to this time that there has not been one soul or consciousness of the Adamic race which ever passed into any Netherworld, or come under the bondage of Lucifer except when they come under bondage to superstition or fear of this evil power in the world that they live in. Oh, you say, then what happens to this individual when they die. The Apostle Paul says;----'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.

Now; of course men have always wanted to go into the heavens. Even in those days when they waited in the Netherworld, they were waiting for the day when they could go back into the dimension of spirit or the heavens. They were informed in the Wisdom Schools that the Celestial world was exactly like the physical world and it was power that held them together. In fact the plain of spirit was so great and it surrounded, and was the foundation of the field of energy of all things. Every physicists knows that these particles of electricity are the most astute forces by which the whole world is held together. The whole world moves in bands of light, in electronics and vibrations. Thus it is that it is held together by the Divine mind, giving solidity and dimension to the whole area, according to his purpose. Thus it is assured that you are the children of the father, that you come from his presence and can go back into his presence, once you were liberated, and that liberation has been accomplished. Theology has fought for many, many years to hold men in bondage, or that they had the power to release men according to their obedience. In fact I know that one of the incidents of this has been developed in one area of Christendom in which they penetrated very, very early. And there are certain people who believe that they must pay for certain rights and privileges, and certain ceremonies in order to be sure that they do not slide into some prison chamber of torture. That there are intermediate stages like purgatory, or there are other areas which might be closer to this emerging danger and threat. Thus it is that Ecclesiastical orders by holding men in fear of flames, and judgments and tortures, did not surrender the prison chambers with the Resurrection but held on to them, and after the resurrection they are still hanging onto the body of Christ upon the cross. I want you to know tonight that we are not celebrating the death of God, we are celebrating the Life of God. For by that death he conquered all powers of death then with the Resurrection. And without that resurrection we would have had no Christian faith. This I want you to understand as well---that there has been since Christ's conquest, no perdition for the children of God except this perdition they walk in earth when out of adjustment with the father.

Someone said--what about he rest of the world. ? They have made their perdition and their catastrophes and in their nethermost realms they are not free because they have no part nor lot with what god prepared for your race. And in this era they are not capable of receiving it. The Apostle Paul then said;--first of all brethren I deliver unto you these things which I have received from the Christ who not only died for our sins and errors according to the scriptures, but he took them off of us, he left us free, with no guilt condemnation, no fears, no bondage. Those people who go around today in fear and bondage do not understand that they have been set free. There are many people today who are free and do not know it. There are many people today who are worried about things which are long since passed. And in their hearts they want to serve God but they live in fear. I want you to know that perfect truth casts out all fear. Perfect love possesses no fear and certainly of all people you do not need to be afraid of an all righteous father, who is greater than the human mind at this point is able to perceive.

Let me point out then that out of the words of Paul he said;-concerning Christ, that he was buried, and that he rose again upon the third day --according to the scriptures. He was seen of Sephes and of the twelve, and then he was seen of 500 brethren at once in one assembly of who the greater part were still alive at the time of the Apostle Paul's writings. And then he was seen of James and all of the Apostles. And last of all said the apostle Paul --he was seen of me for I was like one born out of season, and he came before we on that Road to Damascus where he stopped me. Then the Apostle said;--now I am the least of the Apostles, and possibly I should not be called an apostle for I was foolish enough at one time to have persecuted the church of God. But by Grace I am what I am. And HIS Grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain, for I labor more abundantly than they all. Yet not all, but the Grace of God, were with me. Now whether it were I or they, if Christ be free, and he rose from the dead, then how say some of you that there is no resurrection of the dead.

They started to substitute this permissions doctrine early, as the Sadducees and Jewry sought to join the church, and they would join first then seek to change the doctrines of the Asiatic that there had been no Resurrection. Then the Apostle Paul then at that time made this charge, if therefore there is no Resurrection from the dead then Christ is not risen. If Christ be not risen then all this is in vain and all of your faith is in vain, so you just might as well go home. If Christ is not risen from the dead there is not anything for you to have any hope in. That means that he is still dead and there is no Messiah, and that the Messiah could not conquer evil then we are already called to be under the Beast like process which is an evolving process.

And so we turn again;--Yea we are all false witnesses, if we testify that Christ was raised from the dead and HE WAS NOT RAISED. If the dead rise not then Christ was not raised. And if Christ be not raised then your faith is in vain. And every one of you is still in the ditch with no hope and no expectations. There is no one else to do it for he is the Eternal, and he came by the measure and the prophecies which YAHWEH gave to your forefathers. A fulfillment of things which he told us in the spirit before the foundation of the world. Wisdom that he gave to Enoch when he carried him into the heavens. Then he returned to build the pyramid putting in the measure of the exact time of the coming of Messiah, of his crucifixion and his Resurrection.

Now; if Christ be not raised from the dead there is no other Messiah for he is the only one and the only one who came on time, and without him there is not hope.

Now; we turn again to these words and everyone who has left this world has perished, and our hope in Christ hinges upon his Resurrection, and if vain we are of all men most miserable. The Apostle Paul then said;--don't let this disturb you for NOW IS CHRIST RISEN FROM THE DEAD. He has become the first fruits of them that slept and since 'by man came death, then also by man came Resurrection from the dead. And with this declaration the Apostle Paul said for in Adam all die, but in Christ all were made alive. Every man in his own order, Christ the first fruit and in all they that are Christ's at his coming. So in this instance I put this before you, that the last enemy which is to be conquered is the process of death even as it works in the members of people. There is a law, a mighty law, a powerful law, a law that the fullness of it will be developed even more then men understand at this moment --This is the law in Christ Jesus which makes us free from the law of Sin and death. And because of the freedom of this law, death is not only going to be completely but legally it is already conquered. We point out to you therefore in the book of Romans where the: Apostle Paul was writing about this matter he sited that the whole world vibrates and groans together under the lack of knowledge and under fears and under problems, and under the physical ailments of the human body, and under their waiting for the great day which is prophesied. And we also know these things that shall occur these processes that are in the body which shall occur, so what are we waiting for? We are waiting for the redemption of our body. This is coming just as sure as tomorrows sunrise in a day that is not too far distant. I want to point out to you that there is one dynamic that has given men courage that has caused Christendom even when a minority to stand in unprecedented strength in every area of its problems. It is one of those miracles which stands out quite early, even one of those who had witnessed the resurrection of the Christ. The book of Matthew gives you a little clew concerning how important the stifling of such a story would be to Christ's enemies. The 28th chapter of Matthew tells you of the great significance of the events that took place. Tells us of how a great earthquake occurred in the garden, because at the death of Christ his body had been put away in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. The Jews were afraid that someone would steal away the body, this was their story They had Rome put soldiers under the centurion Malcus who served before Pontius Pilate. This man stood outside of the tomb with 100 soldiers. They were divided into shifts ,and always a large segment of them were to be alert. The commander and the captain of the guard was responsible that this tomb be kept in assessable, as any official document and halls of official Rome and the story, this impact of testimony was that as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week a bright light filled the area and a great earthquake shook the land You can read of this in the 28th chapter of Matthew 'and a great earthquake shook the land and suddenly the stone in front of the tomb rolled away The mighty power of the living God just moved the stone out of the way as tho it was a light pebble. This is the abiding power of the LORD, this is the Eternal Spirit which had moved out of the Netherworld r and as he came he brought every last son of Adam with their spirits fleeing into the heavens, where they awaited their ascension into the heavens above.

We turn then to this account, for the stone rolls away and Christ walked out of that tomb, shimmering in effulgence and Glory, like as to when on the mount of Transfiguration the apostles saw Glory shine upon him after he took Peter, James and John upon that mountain to show them the Glory and power which was his before he walked in the World order.this majesty, and Glory was greater than the sun. Those writing about it, talked about the brilliance of it. Roman soldiers looked at it and fell to the ground in fear, like dead men. Then we are told that as news of that resurrection came around, and Malcus the centurion had come to the home of Pontius Pilate saying I must make a report to you. And this report today is in Roman history. I have the Roman record from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar. I have the record of his report as to what happened that day. And he said;--Oh, noble Caesar I speak unto you as thy governor, to give you an accurate report of the things which happened this day in thy Provence. We had put to death this one that the Jews demanded that he die, One who had done nothing but a good work. This man claimed to be Very God this man not only claimed to be the rightful king over Judea, but to be the proper Messiah over all Israel. This man had performed many miracles, he healed the sick, he raised the dead, and this report seems to be true When he was crucified by their demands and under pressure --I not being responsible having washed my hands of his guilt as he had told me to do, he was laid away in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, a Roman citizen of great renown, a member of the Sanhedrin, and one whose ships plies the coast of Roman provinces.

He said I put a stone before this sepulcher and sealed it with the seal of Rome. I put Malcus with 100 centurions to guard it, because these troublesome Jews were afraid the disciples would steal the body away. As it came toward the morning of the third day, there came a great brilliant light and a great earthquake and the stone just rolled away. But one emerged out of that tomb who was brighter than Jupiter I tell you noble Caesar this was Jupiter, this must have been VERY GOD. Then Pontius Pilate said that Malcus had reported this because no man, nor could the prophets and disciples of this great man have stolen this body. Who noble Caesar could take from 100 Romans this body. Who noble Caesar could have stood against our legions? Who would have challenged Rome by such an act?

And Noble Caesar it is well known unto me that these men have spoken the truth, for these men would not go to sleep on their watch for this would mean death. More than that there was a whole company of centurions round the clock. The bright light and the earthquake also awakened me its illumination was bright in the early morning, and I knew that some stupendous event was taking place. Then came the words of Pontius Pilate the governor---He said;--I interviewed each one of these centurions separately and they all told the same story of how they were all stricken to the ground and paralyzed as tho they were dead men. And the ONE who walked out of that tomb shown with Light and Glory. Then he says these things:----as soon as these words had been passed thru out the community, then Angels bore testimony to his friends, and Pilate said that he had been told that ---immediately the Jews came down with sacks of money, and they came to each one of the soldiers, and gave unto each one of them sacks of money saying that they should each say that the disciples had stolen the body of Christ.

Of course to get their hands on sacks of gold was a Roman holiday, but these men, said Pilate were not to tell this story of what the Jews asked--they were just to say that they had fallen asleep. But to let a bunch of Jews come down and try to coheres the soldiers--this they could not do for this would mean --where are the dead bodies of the disciples for Roman soldiers would not have allowed this. If they had come against Roman legions they would have died there and if Roman soldiers went to sleep while on guard they would also have died there. Therefore the Jews who came down to persuade them only lost their money noble Caesar, but this is what happened irrespective of what the Jews will report to you, and what they report to one another. The fact is that this is something we could not stop, all of the power of Rome could not hold it back. And I tell you noble Caesar that these men bore absolute testimony, and they have also shown me the evidence that the Jews bribed them to say, as they had wanted to say all the time---stolen by his Disciples, and not Resurrected.

I think it is a most significant thing that here in the Gospel of Matthew, that I read in the 28th chapter and in the 12th verse that when they had assembled with the elders, that the Jews gave great large sums of money unto the soldiers. Thus this proves that Pontius Pilate wrote the truth. It proves also that Matthew knew about it for it is in the New Testament. And I challenge that there is not one church in Los Angeles which has read this scripture on Resurrection Day or pointed out that the Jews tried to bribe the soldiers as the scriptures do declare. Why is this since it is so important in this bit of history, so important a part of HIS accusers and His murderers? I turn then to the disciples after this giving of large sums of money, saying, the disciples came and stole him away while we slept.’ And they also told the soldiers, if this comes to the governors ears don't worry we will take care of him for you. But as Pilate said;--no Roman soldier could come and confess that he went to sleep on his job, or we would execute him. And no Roman soldier could say they stole him away, or they would be asked, then why did you not die defending Rome? Yes, Pontius Pilate was as forceful as he could be in trying to convince Julius Caesar on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In fact he was doing a better job of it than a lot of Clergymen have been doing thru out this period of time.

The soldiers took the money and did as they were taught only to a certain point. And the Jews tells this story unto this day and say that 11 of his disciples came and took away his body. Thus showing much more courage than they had shown in the garden of Gethsemane. And yes, there is no question of this mighty spectacle If there was any one event that you or I could go to see thru out all time or history, if we could travel back across the periods of time of anyone event, there is no event that I would have rather seen than to watch that Stone roll away. Or seen that event as HE walked out of that place. Nor would that event ever leave that person who had witnessed this, nor would fear come upon them, nor doubt as to the power of spirit Nor the invincibility of spirit, nor the everlasting power of spirit--FOR DEATH EVEN OVER THE FLESH WAS CONQUERED.

No wonder the Apostle Paul said that this was the Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith. The enemy of God's kingdom even unto this day are trying to throw aspersion upon the work of Christ. I want you to know that almost ever man who saw Christ Jesus and this includes the 500 who saw him at one time. This includes the apostles and the disciples and the total as calculated by Rome in their records is to be over 600. It means that almost every one of these people with the exception of John died a martyr for his Faith. And these men who were prosecuted by a Jewish prosecutor in a Jewish court wherever they were seized, and put to death. Armies were sent out to slaughter Christians. Even the power over some of Rome's Emperors who were not as intelligent as others, and who under the power of Jewry and their own drunken insanity, listened to Jewry and persecuted Christians. Of these the records are told as of Polycart and Clement, the early church fathers, almost all of them died either in Palestine or in Rome in a martyrs dead which would have behooved an apostle for all times to witness to the truth of what they had beheld.

Each individual was given his time before he faced the gladiators in the Coliseum, or before being thrown to the lions to satisfy the strange frenzies of that day, or before being stoned and liquidated in Palestine or thru out the areas that they traveled, this was his opportunity--each were given this opportunity to---Profess that you did not see Jesus raised from the dead, and walk out of here alive. If you do not profess this you will not see the sun set before you die. The fact is that Rome says that they do not have a record of any Apostle --and an apostle is actually anyone who saw the LORD--but Rome says that they have no record of any apostle recanted and said;--I did not see HIM.

Now; you know that men love life, they will not willingly die for a lie. There are today hoards that will die for the likes of communism but they believe it, they have been sold it, and besides they have no spiritual life and vitality to show them the difference. But men who said;---I saw a man, I talked with this man, I heard this man, and I touched this man, these people were not working on a philosophy, they were not brain washed by a speaker, but they were witness to the mighty power of HIS Resurrection. Therefore when offered their opportunity to recant and live, or continue your profession and die, every one of them but the Apostle John who was exiled to the Isle of Patmos for His namesake took their death by martyrdom and passed into the spirit Thus we have no record of any of these people saying this was not so. We thus have an unbroken testimony of those who saw him alive that THIS TRUTH IS WORTH DYING FOR.

I tell you that all fears were conquered. NO Greater testimony of the saving powers or spiritual forces which surround the spirit of God can be maintained than the testimony of all of these witnesses who saw this tremendous event. Upon this cornerstone of the Christian Faith today in every one of the great nations of the Western world, and among the people from that day to this, it has been the most powerful civilizing force the world has ever witnesses. And the most dynamic power in God's Kingdom is the church of Jesus Christ. And when I say that I am talking about the True church which is made up of all of the children of the Most High God, who have knowledge and wisdom and understanding by the spirit to accept these truths. I am not classifying it by the denominations altho they are included in that church, but the processes of their ecclesiastical order is no importance to God, altho of great importance to the men who receive those honors.

Today I tell you that this is a living church, among your enemies moved out of nations whose philosophies have been spawned by the same enemy who sought to destroy Christ, and then sought to destroy the church, who have waged war thru out all ages against you, they have spawned their great revolution, their greatest attempt to destroy. Then with cunning subtlety they move in and try to sell people living in your land, and even tell preachers what to preach. For we receive such instructions, and governmental influences move in to try to tell us what to preach this Easter or Resurrection Day. The significance of this is that we should not be so dogmatic about our Faith, that we should just smile at all gods, whether at the idol of Buddha, or the Temple of brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, or the devil worshipers of the Yesserdes, or whether witch doctor turned political and guest of the White house. That we should embrace it all with the great concept of human understanding, and that we should just embrace all roads to religion for all roads lead to truth and progress. But this is Satan's lie for the only progress in the world is Christian progress. The only power in life is the power and life of God, and in the life of his children which HE energizes. So I point out to you that the enemy has not ceased their work. Nor have they ceased their work to take your nation captive. For they have built their world organizations to do this. They have captured the minds of Presidents and cabinets, and leaders among nations. And in our own nation and in our supreme court and around our own President are more people, that deny that Jesus is the Christ, that come out of the areas of our enemy than come out of our foundation and love an existent and independent America.

Can you envision an America when those who surround a President do not want a strong America, standing with other great nations of God's kingdom, who will rise for truth and the integrity of our Faith, and warn you not to join these organizations which are against Christ and which God has warned you not to join? The enemy wants you to surrender your faith with a gradual acceptance of all philosophies, and end up with a great repudiation of this Resurrection Day. This is still your enemy, and this is still his strategy.

We will have more to say on some of these areas as we are coming into close developments. But let me tell you this, --when I returned from San Francisco this week, there was in my mail a booklet produced by the state department, and with it was a great World church program to support the great hope of mankind. And about that same time as we returned the Los Angeles Times said that the Administration and thee State Department are planning a program for mass world disarmament, and the creation of a United Nations police force. This was a little blue booklet and it was prepared by the State Department and mailed to preacher who now apparently they want to use in the areas of educating their people, thus use religion in their service. This says that the hope of mankind is the enhancement of the united Nations. This means that we should be willing to have our nation divided into five provinces, and that we permit ourselves to be ruled over by commissions established by the United Nations, and within its procedure area and influence. That we shall be policed by a world police force which will police every nation, and that they will take arms from every nation and every individual only permitting, the local police to have weapons, which are necessary to enforce the law. That the number of the police force shall be determined by the number of the people in a community within the nation. And by this we know that 5/6 of the world would be ruling over 1/6 of the world because they would be 5/6 of the police force.

I believe very complete with the views of Gerald K. Smith in his Newsletter of this past week, in which he said;--'this is treason'. This would be the dissolving of these United States, because the day that you cease to have an army to protect you. The day when you cease to have a military which can protect the walls of your society you have lost your separatism, you have lost your protection and you have nothing, and have become a helpless prey in the hands of those who would devour you. And you only remain a nation when you remain strong, and this is so true. I point out to you that this is a serious hour. And the use of government and forces to try to use the church, with the state department publishing a book --this is treason. I declare that this booklet published by the State department is a book of Treason. Its design is to end this country as a nation, and make us a part of a government where we are outnumbered with the forces of darkness, and it plans on taking away your rights of independence.

That my friends should tell you that we are in an hour when the Beast system is getting ready for their last try to take over this last resistant heart of God's kingdom. The same powers that hated Christ hate the Christian faith. I have been recently appraised and the developments of the last week concerning it, that the Administration of Mr. Kennedy has created a new department known as the Department of Religion. And this Department of Religion is under a Czar called Mr. Fred Kerns. This man is a renegade Lutheran in my text books. The records concerning this man are rather interesting. For he has the power from now on to determine what churches will be tax exempt, and what clergy they are going to accept. The Bill of Rights says that the government cannot create any establishment concerning religion. But now we have a religious Czar, forerunner of the anti-Christ on the horizon. Ministers will not be permitted to perform the 'rites' of the church if he decrees that they cannot do that, and they are not registered and accepted. In an hour of civilian emergency they can confiscate church property as being semi-governmental because they have had tax exemptions there for they can confiscate it and use church property as hospitals or anything they desire. They can stop a minister from performing the 'rites of a church, or the burying of a body, and Mr. Kerns says that they will do just that at the point of a gun if necessary.

There are many ramifications of this for I hold in my hand a very disturbed letter from an eastern evangelists. He with his great tent crosses America from time to time, and without any approval of his thinking of theology, still I would fight for his right to proclaim it. And I want you to know that when Government starts to determine who and who is not a church, on the basis of the theology of a President or on the basis of some of his advisors or on the basis of the enemies of Christ, and the power of Jewry it is time we had a new fourth of July. I am going to read to you out of this letter this report.

Now; our Czar has tried to stop the tax exemption of many of our evangelistic association, urged local governments to permit tents for revivals, and they are now trying to stop the use of public auditoriums for religious meetings, and for all traveling Evangelists. And in some cases some public buildings have been condemned for use because they had been used for such a purpose. They have attempted to have all revivals classified as a business enterprise rather than a church service. They are beginning to bring pressure against Radio and T.V. stations threatening the F.C.C. That no time be given to any religious broadcaster, so that no time can be given of FCC time except to that which is directed and approved by the Czar of religion.

Now; they have complained to the Post Office and threatened to stop the use of the mail to certain ministries, and this will be without doubt a great blow to free speech and free evangelism. I only point this out because here is an Evangelists, whom you could not have awakened a few weeks ago concerning the power of Jewry, the power around Mr. Kennedy. But here this is only two weeks old and this evangelists is about ready to join the 'right wing' the John Birch Society, or even something further down the road. Incidentally we are going to speak next Sunday afternoon on --"Will the Christian church except a governmental Czar--that is our subject for Next Sunday afternoon.

One man said to me, isn't it a rather strange thing that these things could have happened so fast? I said; whenever you choose a man who had already pledged to put around himself devils, then why do you think this is fast? You have been watching these developments coming up for over 20 years You never anticipated that they would come in your time, you thought that your children would have to worry about them. What you are facing tonight is the power which hates everything you stand for, and now wants to step in an control the Christian church. This will not work but it will create a bigger awakening across this nation than you ever had any idea of. And if thee President wanted to get himself and his own church in trouble this is the best route he could take. The hour will come as surely ass the sun rises when none of the children of death will meet in their death houses called synagogues in any Christian nation. And they who thought to destroy us will from the various areas from where they planned our destruction will be recipient of their own judgment.

I point out to you that never have we had in all history such an evidence of behind the scene influence, to purge and dominate and control the one area the revolution is most strictly about. They had it a different way in Moscow, as the Red revolutionaries marched behind the banners of Lenin, they then gathered up the Christians and they liquidated them. The liquidated them in their churches and in their homes because they had to conquer the Christians first in order to break the power first of the resistance to their Bolshevik Pagan Revolution. In the nations of Europe that they have occupied they again have sought to destroy Christians. I want you to know that since they said;--His blood be upon us and upon our children---they have not changed and our blood is also to be upon them. In these designs they have cried persecution whenever they have been discovered. But they had never shown any mercy when they are in the seat of the destroyer.

Thus, you are in the climactic hour of the struggle between Christ and anti-Christ. The one hope and the one fact that is behind and above all in the strength of your cause is that CHRIST IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD. HE is not a dead Christ, you can go over to Moscow and look at Lenin laying there. Stalin used to lay there but they put him out in the back yard. Mr. Khrushev has been reserving this spot for himself but I think that he should be accommodated. But when you deal with the pagan world they show you the bodies of their leaders. You can go see the tomb of Muhammad, and look at the resting place of Confucius, you can see the site where a dozen living Buddhas have been put away. But when they take you to show you the tomb of Jesus it is an empty tomb. This is the most valuable factor of your faith. For we serve a living LORD, and we walk with life. We are not afraid of darkness or death tho they out number us more than six to one, yet HE who is with us is mightier than he that is with them. And the power and the divine miracle which made and enhanced this day we commemorate, shall enhance all of the destinies of the children of God, until the light has rolled back the darkness and the forces of evil have been driven from the earth. How can men live or fear to die so that men can live in freedom when they know there is no death, and that their God has walked before them, and has conquered death? He has opened the immediate avenue to go into the plain of spirit from whence we came. Thus fulfilling the words of Jesus, that if you came down out of the heavens then you can go back there and now there is no barrier holding you back.

Now; I tell you this, like the Apostle Paul, it is not death that we seek, but it is immortality and this age is going to climax with more miracles from the Father, and immortality is going to swallow up the dying process, and white men will live forever. You say what then the world will be crowded. My friends, you should not be worrying about that for we have already 12 candidates to go to the moon. In fact the whole solar system is yours. If you are worrying about over population then do not worry about that either, for of the increase of the kingdom there is to be no end. This is your race over whom Christ shall rule and there shall be no end. I am amazed at the apprehension of man as they reach out into space, and then recognize that when our brethren come in, and then recognize that when the Archangel Michael will set down on earth the largest space fleet you ever saw we are going to get the largest technological education that you ever saw in a hurry. And we will discover that we are just on the ARC's of the technology of the Universe. That Universe out there belongs to my father, and to me his heir, and this earth is his footstool and this earth is my inheritance, and I know that the prophecy that he has made will be fulfilled. And the prophecies of darkness will be turned to light and the wave of Glory of his Resurrection shall make a new world, with a new hope. For you are not on the edge of darkness, you are on the edge of the light, you are on the edge of the climax of the age and about to move into a new life.


End of message.