Ark Of The Covenant - And Its Reappearance, 2-25-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-25-62

This subject...The Ark of the Covenant is never discussed very often in Christendom, or among Christians generally. Because thru out the years thru which we have just passed the knowledge of our ancient heritage, our Christian background has been dropped from the average Christian Church, until the average Christian of today does not now where he came from, and where he is going. Generally speaking he has just assumed that he is just a Gentile who heard the Gospel from some clergyman, ors evangelists, or from his mothers knee, and by some type of activities, or by acceptance he has by these semantics in thinking, and by some mental gymnastics of certain things he has accepted, has now become a son of God. We in the past few weeks have been discussing with you the origin of your race, and the distinction between the Adamic Race and other peoples upon the face of the earth. The Scriptures have given us the descriptions of two creations, and one of them is the begatting of the household of the Most High. We have discussed the migrations of your race from its birthplace, and from the High Steppes of the Tarim Plateau, moving out over the earth. Its multitude of lines left on the earth as it set up its way-marks And built its centers of civilization. We have talked about the great centers of wisdom established in Egypt by your forefathers. The great knowledge and wisdom which was recorded by the Egyptians and by the Greeks, as well as others writing later of these points of your origin. And the other trails of your Race, such as Aryan..Manu..White sons of the Most High God...the children of Yahweh..the children of Indra, the children of Osiris the Lord of Life and Resurrection.

From one end of the earth to the other, the races which serve pagan gods and their background, and philosophies of their religion bear testimony to your race and its one God, and to its faith. Testimony that you were White people, the pale race, the children of the God beyond the sun. And with all the testimony of time and tradition, the background and the record of this book which we call the Bible is the generations of the man Adam. It is the history of the Adamic race, its starts off in the fifth chapter of the book of Genesis to fulfill this responsibility to become the record of things which pertain to the Race of Adam.

Most significantly we understand that these 66 books were compiled after the Council of Nicaea decided what books they would keep. We are also well aware that some of the greatest and most valuable documents of inspiration were not correlated at that time into the group of books which we call the Bible. In fact the binding of the Bible which followed the decisions at Nicaea excluded great numbers of volumes filled with inspiration, and with knowledge which were the possession of your race. Fortunately for you God's wisdom has spared them for you, and the records of the books of Enoch are back in circulation. The original text such as the Alexandrian Version of the Scriptures existed before Rome, and before the Council of Nicaea, and eliminated great numbers of the errors which were placed by the design of men, to change the pattern of theology to fit their own Ecclesiastical order. In a sense these doctrines sometimes have been confusing because the Protestants utilized the same doctrines for translation, and left the same barriers against much added inspiration, altho eventually they incorporated much of the Apocalypse. Then in time the Apocalypse of the New Testament passed into the hands of the church, and was reorganized, and some things were deleted, and some were printed. Then the Oxford Version emerged for some of these doctrines, and tradition, but some were made very obscure. I think it essential then that we realize that the Scripture does contain enough correlated accounts for you to catch the pattern of the 'Ark of the Covenant', from its beginning unto the present time. I think this is significant, concerning the background of your race, because you are a people of covenants from the beginning. We do not have to go into the background of the history which we have already reviewed, but again we tell you that the Adamic race is the offspring of the Most High, spiritually begotten in the Heavens of the Spirit, and now the children of Adam after the flesh. Adam was the offspring of the Most High, and the Apostle Paul confirms this when he refers to the incarnate embodiment of the Christ, as the second Adam. There is no question of the fact that the preservation of this race, which God has placed in the earth to build His Kingdom was one of the paramount designs of the Most High God. The whole program of the Bible from Genesis I to Revelation is one of segregation.

Now, we mention this when it is not a popular doctrine among a lot of people of our nation, because the forces who have sought to destroy your Race, and to stop your divine Destiny, has wanted to integrate your Race, And to absorb it. Wanted to mongrelize both the people, and then infiltrate The false philosophies of pagan gods into your theology, and fill your philosophy with error. This is the reason why...from the book of Genesis to Revelation, thru the entire Bible we find this design of the Most High for preserving the Race which He planted, to multiply it, and expand it until it filled the earth. And out of this Race was to come the development of His Kingdom, and the fulfillment of this Destiny which God intended in the Beginning. The transplanting of the Celestial sons into a physical world, embodied as a people of earth, showing off the Glory and the Majesty of the Most High God. And for this cause He determined this plan from the beginning, from before the foundation of the world.

This my friends, is why the Apostle Paul talked about things God predestined, because being God, He had this power. And one of those things predestined for your Race was that you are going to conform to God's own image as He walked the earth in Glory, majesty and power unprecedented in the history of the races of earth. To see the very sons of God manifested at The climax of the age in which you live, with knowledge, wisdom, technology, with the abolishment of superstition, and of darkness, and the rising of standards of the God of Light and Truth. It is a rather significant thing that as we Look out over the background of our Race that we find it filled with the historic migrations of your household, and their tracks are to be found in the Old Testament as well as among the traditions of men, and of nations.

We would think this afternoon from a starting point of only from Abraham on, for this picture we wish to present. Because we have already discussed the Flood with you, and the dispersion of the sons of Adam and the sons of Noah after the Flood, and the realization that all the world was not drowned by that Flood, because it only covered...'All that place'. We know that the land of Egypt existed before the Flood, and the Assyrian Empire had existed for thousands of years before the Flood in the same form which it was in after the Flood, when it much later was fighting Israel. More than that we have 360 thousand years of the tracing of the Turanian peoples of the Assyrian Empire, and that is quite a long time to be sure. Modern evidences today in the form of archaeology that come thru the use of measuring with radio carbons, and other developments in the nuclear determination field, have given us the antiquity to the artifacts of men, and to the background of their civilization, and their society.

Thus we turn now to Abram, this man who was called out of the land of The Chaldee. Remember that God called Abram out of this land because he was selecting the purest strain of your Race to carry forward the destiny of the building of a Kingdom, which was to increase until it filled the whole earth. It was to increase until it subdued all the powers of darkness, and brought back knowledge, wisdom and intelligence to the earth. For it was the purpose of the Most High God that every nation, and every race, eventually would come under the administration of His Kingdom. This is not something which is extravagantly claimed, Christ Himself as He walked the earth made the statement that one of these days, when they saw Him come, like the lightening across the sky, that as they saw Him establishing His power in the earth, that He was going to divide the people of the world like a shepherd divides sheep, from the goats, and that He was going to say to the Sheep Nations (His believing Offspring)..Saints often in Scripture.. ..Receive this Kingdom prepared for you, before the foundation of the world. That He was going to say to the Sheep Nations:..'Rule over these goat nations, for this is your Destiny'. Those are the words of the Christ, and when we tell you that this was God's plan from the beginning, then it is quite obvious that He has not changed. The Apostle Paul assures you of this as he writes in the book of Hebrews 13:8., 'He is the same yesterday, today and forever.' So do not worry about whether God is going to accomplish His purpose, for this He will do, and you are going to be His instruments to bring it to pass, because this is your inheritance. But when He told Abram to get out of the Land of the Chaldees remember that this land was being ruled over by White Men at that time, for Nimrod was a White man, and Terah...Abram’s father was Nimrod’s Prime Minister. But the people of India and of Asia were moving into the City of Ur of Chaldee, and this society in that land was beginning to embrace pagan gods, and pagan philosophies, and this was not the plan of God for the building of a kingdom. It was not His plan to use a confusion of ideas, made up of mongrel people to build His Kingdom. Thus He called for Abram to get out of this land of the Ur of Chaldees. If you do not recognize this as a segregation call, then you explain just why God called Abram to leave this land, so that out of His Seed, and His posterity would that 'Seed be called.' We have called to your attention before that the acceptance of Ishmael, altho he be the offspring of Abraham, still would not be acceptable, would not qualify him as one of the administrators of the Kingdom for it was 'out of Isaac shall thy Seed be called.' This is a racial purity carried out here to its completeness. Do not forget this. You will discover in the New Testament, in the book of Romans that it does not delete this, for the Apostle Paul Said:...Not because they are the children of Abraham are they the children of God, but out of Isaac shall this Divine Seed be called. Why? Because as soon as the blood was mingled with other races which lacked Spiritual capacities, and origin, there was no way to bring fruition the same consciousness whose wave length could be guided as the children of God must be guided, to build the Kingdom.

Now, that may interfere with some peoples theology, but it is basically important that you agree theologically with Yahweh, and with the revelation in both the Old and the New Testament.

Significantly then Abram went out of the Ur of the Chaldees. And from that day we have come down thru our history into our Destiny as a great nation, and a company of nations in the earth, as God promised He would make of these who were of the Seed of Abraham thru Isaac. This did not mean that any one people, called the Jews today could by any possibility, be the Household of God, or the Seed of Abraham. They ever became at anytime a great nation and a company of nations, and they are not a blessing to the earth, I can assure you.

If you will go thru the content of the Scripture you will note that from Abraham down to the man Joseph, the one son of Jacob, and his going down into Egypt, it is recorded for you in a continual pattern of divine Blessing, which rested upon the Household of God, that was preserving it thru the instrumentality of Joseph for its period of great catastrophe when famine swept the world. And while in the land of Egypt it is recorded that Joseph married a Princess..Asenath..the Daughter of Potipherah, the Priest of the City of On. This was the royal line of the White Shepherd Kings here in the land of Egypt, and Asenath was a daughter of this line of kings from the days of Enoch and Job who built the great City of On with its Great Temple. This is most significant for you to know because this Princess Asenath was a white woman, and one of the outstanding people in the City of On during this time when Joseph was in the land of Egypt.

You should remember that the Priests of On were of this White Adamic Race who went into Egypt with Enoch and Job, and who built this City of On, and later they would build the Pyramid and the Sphinx, and other markers that were left in this land. And the records of the Egyptians tell of this coming into this land of this race, as does the records of Joseph, both speak of the coming of your race into Egypt for a definite purpose. The Egyptians then called you the children of Osiris the God of Light, the descendants of He who would be manifested as the God of Light and Resurrection; and thus it was that your Race is identified with an ancient priesthood that existed before the Flood, in this land of Egypt. Then after the Flood we discover that Joseph a descendent of Abraham thru Jacob, went down into Egypt and married into a strain of the White Race. This is established quite clearly because when an old man beholds his grandsons, he says concerning these grandchildren...'Let my name Israel be named on these two lads.' The sons of Joseph and this Princess from the Priest line in the land of Egypt are now to carry the name...Israel. We know that this could never have been possible..Jacob-Israel could never have put his endorsement upon Ephraim and Manasseh as children of Israel, unless the race line had been pure. This was one of the criteria of that day. We then note that one who knew not Joseph came to power, and then Moses was called to lead the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, and into the wilderness of Sinai. Here in the wilderness, and at Mount Sinai the Law was given to Moses, and the establishment of the Law upon which the Kingdom was to be based was revealed. You remember that this was a unique experience, for upon the mountain of Sinai, the Majesty, the very Glory of God made the mountain radiant. It made the whole area seem as tho it was charged, and the people could not approach the mountain because of the radiant Glory of God, which emanated from the mountain, especially from the top of that mountain. But we are told something very, very interesting.... Deuteronomy 33:1....'This is the blessing wherewith Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel before his death.' He Said:...'Yahweh came upon Sinai, rose up over Seir, and shined forth from Mount Paran, and He Came with 10,000 of His Saints (Believing Offspring), and gave them the Law from His right hand (The Hand of Authority).'

The average Christian thinks that God met Moses alone upon Mount Sinai. They don't realize that He flew in with one of His great space crafts of His Kingdom, and that there were 10,000 of His believing offspring with Him. That these ships hovered over three mountain peaks, and sent great lights beaming down upon them before settling down on Mount Sinai where He met Moses for this hour. Do not forget that Moses had to rope off the mountain because there was so much divine energy of light and glory, that man at that time, could not have stood the radiation, and the wavelength of its power without special immunity, and special preparation. But Moses then went up onto the mountain and he received the instructions for the building of the tabernacle, because this tabernacle was to be the center of worship, where the people would meet with God for guidance in their midst, during their wandering and during this part of their history.

We realize therefore that this was a portable temple. That it was made according to Divine instruction, and was virtually an open...portable temple. That it had its shielding walls of veils, cloth well woven, to separate an inner Holy of Holies, from a central court. And this central court from the outer court where the congregation could gather. Along with all the laws which were Economic laws, and laws of Agriculture, of Science, of Social Existence were laws concerning the procedure of worship for this time. Inside the Holy of Holies which was inside this inner veil there was to be placed a very special...specifically prepared Box. And this box was to be 2 ½ cubits long and 1 ½ cubits wide, and 1 ½ cubits high. Moses was given the instructions for this Box, which you can read of in the book of Exodus, and he was to build it exactly this way. He was told how this Box was to be overlaid on the outside, and on the inside with gold. It was to have rings of gold in its corners into which would be inserted poles which would carry it. And Moses was told what to put inside of this particular Box..this Ark. For into this Box was to go...a copy of the Law, and the Scrolls which God had given unto them. Inside this Box was to go the Rod of Aaron, the one that budded as you will remember. And with these things was to go some of the Manna that they had been preserving in the pots prepared for it, after God fed the children of Israel with this food which fell from the Heavens. Thus the Manna, the Scrolls, the Law, and the Covenants of Government and the Budding Rod of Aaron were placed inside the Ark of the Covenant.

But God also told Moses something more significant about this Ark...He said:...This Ark shall be a sign of My Covenant, and when you have placed this in the Tabernacle it shall be a witness that My Spirit shall be an abiding presence in this Holy Place. Even the High Priest will approach unto this Holy place once only in a years time. Significantly then the 'Ark of the Covenant' inside the Holy of Holies was to be a symbol of the abiding presence of God, was to be the formation of His mandate of government, of His abiding presence...abiding Covenant with His people. And so it was after these preparations, the Ark was prepared and we are told that after the Tabernacle was given its final consecration, and dedication, that they put the Ark of the Covenant inside the Holy of Holies. And upon that day the Glory of God shown round about. The great cloud came down from the mountain close over the Tabernacle, and then the radiant emanation of effulgent Glory so filled the spot, that even Moses, or the High Priesthood could not enter the Tabernacle, because of that moment.

We would compare this moment to the vision of Moses when he had witnessed the presence of God upon the mountain, when he said that he had looked at the back of God as God walked away. This was after Moses had asked that he might be allowed to see Yahweh in form.

I want you to recognize as well, that we have an agnostic trend which tries to give no form to God in our time, they just try to make Him like a gentle force of nature, saying, the Spirit has no shape, no form. But let me tell you that Moses saw the back of God, and the Scriptures are filled with the description of very attribute, and every pattern of Divine nature, embodied in the same similar form which you in the physical world know as a hand, a face, and so forth. Thus we have evidence that there is a Celestial body, just as there is a physical body. And of course a student of the Scriptures soon learns this. The Apostle Paul said that the physical body was the exact image of the Spirit body, and the body of the man Christ Jesus, was the exact image of the invisible Spirit which was the eternal God. So also are you in your physical bodies the exact image of the Celestial body, and the Spirit being which is the real you, whose consciousness is resident inside of this body, and is a counter part in form, and in shape to the physical body which we behold. Of course we know that this is a great volume of truth which runs into more things than we can discuss this afternoon, because the Apostle Paul didn't even know whether he was in the Plane of Spirit, in a physical body, or whether in a spirit body. He was carried out into the Heavens during his own experience, and taken into the presence of God, and we are given to understand that he was unable to determine whether he was in that physical body or out of the body. Then when John went into the dimensions of Spirit, he knew that he saw all things, the age, and he beheld all things that relates to natural living, all this was a part of his perception of existence in the Celestial Plane. Let me turn back therefore to this fact, that God had met Moses and had given him the Law, had embodied His purposes in the things which he had instructed the Patriarch, and had declared and revealed to those who represented Him, all His purpose. But this Ark of the Covenant had a peculiar significance, for this Ark was where God had said:...'I will meet My people'. Here the aura of My Spirit will always stand between the Seraphims upon the top of this Box. And in the center of the Throne, a Symbolic Mercy Seat, which was placed upon the top of that Box. But this Box contained in its content...the Oracles of God, the Budding Rod, and the Symbol of the Bread of Life.

Now; ..this was also not the first Ark..and I realize that this may seem strange to Some, but let us go back to the writing of the Egyptians in the days of Menthos, the High Priest of Karnak. He tells of the time in that great City of On, where the two pillars of wisdom (Enoch and Job)..who had built the City of God, had brought those people numbering 144,000 into the land of Egypt for that purpose. He said that in the center of this city was the altar of their God. And the Egyptians called this God..Osiris, but said he was the embodiment of Ra in the hour of His Revelation. Menthos said that these people also had a Box. And that this Box was also overlaid with God. And in this Box were things which had been told unto Enoch which he had written after he had received this knowledge from the Most High God. All of these instructions given to Enoch after he was visited by Angelic hosts, and carried away in a chariot of space, taken out to the Throne of God, and then after he returned he wrote these things in a book, of what had transpired.

We have mentioned this to you in the past, even the date line of this Transfiguration, telling you exactly what the sign of the Son of Man in the Heavens would be, for this was the sign that was given unto Enoch, and given also to Enoch was the sign which the Wisemen followed for the birth of the Christ, and this was also incorporated into the writings of Enoch. The Egyptians gave the dimensions of this Box which Enoch and Job had with them, which was overlaid with gold, and they knew that inside the Box was all the knowledge, all the wisdom which had been given to Pa-Hanok when he was in the ship which flew into the Sun. Meaning when he went out into space. It was from Enoch that they would get the word...Phoenix, and Phoenician, because Enoch went into the Light and Glory of God..and returned. Therefore they referred to Him as the Phoenix who flew into the fire and came back. This man Hermies or Enoch of the present Translation, and Hanok of the Scripture was known in his time as one of the wisest of all men. Enoch had placed inside the Box which he, under instruction, had built...Because God had said I will always be the essence of presence, where those things are recorded. Thus they kept inside the Box, a container of the Fruit of the Vine, and of the Bread. And this particular bread was kept continually under that Priesthood, and they kept the dough of that bread alive, with its working yeast. In this peculiar situation we are told that this bread they used had a Heavenly life to it, and thus it was therefore permissible for them to keep it in the Box, for they could not use the Yeast of the Nations.

What we know of this is what the Egyptians wrote about it, and we do have the portion of wisdom which Enoch passed down, as to what was inside the Box. But inside this Box was the great Scrolls, and the Egyptians tell us that when the great pillar was built in their land..speaking of the great and mighty Pyramid, that it was built at the command of these two pillars of wisdom Enoch and Job who lived in the City of On, and those workers assembled this great and mighty building, as an altar unto their God. Later Josephus was to record this in his history of this people. And these writers cited that inside this great structure (Pyramid) was also a huge Box of stone which was of a size to receive the Box of the wisdom and the mysteries which the Priests of On maintained. This was a strange mystery to the Egyptians all the time that Enoch and Job lived in the City of On, and were the High Priests of God's building.

I think this is of added significance, because inside of the Great Pyramid when it was opened up in contemporary periods of time, when evidence was brought forth concerning the inside of the King's Chamber, there was found what is called the 'Coffer'. Today We are told that this Pyramid is a tomb, but that is a matter of conjecture, but it does have a coffer in it. And that coffer is 2 ½ cubits long, 1 ½ cubits wide, and 1 ½ cubits high. It is the exact size of the Box covered with gold, and used in the worship of God, Then this Ark which existed in the days of Enoch which signified the promised life of the Kingdom, the building of the Race, then it was also the same size of that later 'Ark of the Covenant' which Moses was to build.

I think that it is most significant that the 'Coffer' in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid was the same size exactly, since according to the Egyptian records, and even the writings of Menthos, this was a strange stone Box placed in the order that it might hold the Great Coffer of tremendous value.

You will also note that way back in the time of ancient Egypt, it was recorded that these white men who lived in the City of On had upon a given day a great Ceremony. They came forward and they sang praises unto their God, and then Enoch and Job opened up the Box, and they took out of it... Bread and wine, and it was a part of the Covenant of their Destiny. Again you see...that the symbols of even the Communion reached back into antiquity, and with this the realization that they were not only the Offspring descendants of the Most High God, but that the unction of God.... consecrated the elements (Bread and Wine) which were the symbols of Life and its substance. It was absorbed by them as they ate, and they became One in substance again with their Father. This was the teaching that the Egyptians impute to this ceremony.

You may remember that when Abraham went out of the Land of Ur of the Chaldee, he went out on that great plain where the kings of Genesis 14., were battling with Chedorlaomer against Sodom and Gomorrah, for the Gold of Ophir. And after the successful victory passed into the hands of the man Abram, you will remember that there came unto him that day...Melchizedek... the King of Peace, and the Incarnate, Eternal symbol of the Priesthood of the Most High God. And when He met Abram that day He opened up a cloth and served unto Abram...the Bread and the Wine. And when Abram saw this King of Peace, who was none other than an incarnate manifestation of Deity, then remember that Abram gave unto Him his Tithe, and he worshiped Him. It is written as the New Testament declares in the book of Hebrews, that always the lesser has to worship the greater. And yet God had designated Abram as the highest and best on the face of the earth from your Race. Again this is a significant thing, and has its relationship to an ancient background of your Race.

Now; one other thing is applied to this Box, for the Ancients said that when these of your Race came to a Herculean task, that the Box would be brought forth, that the light would shine forth from the Box because of all the gold inlay, as bright as the sun and maybe brighter. And that the gold reflection turned to light, and as they those times Herculean tasks were done. Great mountains of rock would thus be moved, and all kinds of things were done at the command of these men, with this great knowledge that they possessed. The Egyptians did not do the work of the building in Egypt for these great buildings of God. The Egyptians did not do the work as has been pictured of the pulling of those great stones up long ramps, as H.G.Wells puts his outline of history, and as others have pictured this Feat. It was done by men with greater wisdom and knowledge than that. I can only point back to that ancient art to help your understanding of the Ark.

We will now go forward to the 'Ark of the Covenant' and we find that this Ark also had some special power because God had promised that here... At the Ark He would meet your Race. Here He would put the Glory of His presence around this Ark. And this spiritual Shekinah emanation would be a great power in your midst. It would give special spiritual guidance to the High Priests who would come forward to ask questions of Him. Of course we know that the Priesthood carried forward its significant patterns, and its emblems, and had the Urim and the Thummim which we will discuss at some other time for added knowledge and wisdom in answering questions when they needed to know the answers of certain things.

Now; long after the development of the children of Israel into a stronger and greater status, you then remember that they entered into the land of Canaan. In that day Joshua was their leader, and in that day the great obstacle to possessing that land across the Jordan River was the city of Jericho. And the Cainaanites dwelt in Jericho which was their strongest and greatest city. I think that it is always important that you understand that the God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament, and He hasn't changed in His ways. And that those ways are higher than most men understand. Every once in a while I find someone complaining because they think that the God of the Old Testament couldn't have been the being He was painted because why would He send the Children of Israel against Canaan land to destroy everything before them, then rebuild it because He was going to give them the land? They always say:...That doesn't sound like God. But what these people don't know is that long before this time, coming down from the High Tarim Plateau had come this Household of your Race, and they built cities in this land later to be called Canaan as the Israelites were to enter it. And it was from this land that Enoch and Job had selected the 144,000 to go into the land of Egypt with them to erect the great memorials to our God. Then two years after this company left for Egypt, came these hill country Canaanites (Cainites) and people out of Sodom and Gomorrah and Sumeria...Strange people who looked just exactly like their offspring look today, and they suddenly descended upon a peaceful community of the people of your Race left in this land, and they wiped them out everyone, every man, woman and child who were living there. The only reason why they didn't stop the Divine purpose was that Enoch and Job and their great company had already gone down, and were established in Egypt. But they wiped out the last of the remnant of your Race here in this land now called Canaan. But before that, the great city there was called Orusalem. We call it Jerusalem today, but it was Orusalem, and or was much like Ur of the Chaldees, and it meant City of Peace...Orusalem while Ur meant the City of the Chaldees. But here at this time, under the leadership of Joshua, then all God did was lead you of His Race back into the land which your forefathers had established, and said:...Remove these people before you. He knew what they would do if they were left, for He knew what they were like. You remember how Joshua as the leader of the Hosts of God, and with a greatly inferior number of people looked out over this situation at that time. He already had a report on this land and the people, for the spies who had been sent over Jordan, and who had come back to report as to the number of people who dwelt there. How some of them were of giant proportions, and as to the strength of those people and their cities. These people who had come down against your Race in earlier days were now entrenched in this land. But God had given unto Joshua great assurances, and He told Joshua to do this:... 'Get the Priests from among the people and take the Ark of the Covenant from its hiding place in the Tabernacle Holy of Holies, and then with the soldiers going first...march across the river, with the Ark of the Covenant following the soldiers, carried by the Priests of the Most High.' And then they were to march around this citadel of the enemy seven times. And after they had marched around this city seven times then all the walls would fall flat, and then they would move in that time of consternation to take the city. Someone said:..Do you believe that? This is not a matter of belief, this is a matter of fact, it is a matter of history. For even the Cainanites and the Sumerians and the Assyrians recorded it.

Thus these of our Race took that 'Ark of the Covenant' and they marched around Jericho, and there was more power in..the Box..than out in front of it. The Zohar tells us that as these Israelites marched around that city that Light and Glory emanated from the Box. The Priests carried the Box with its great Light, and some of the Priests were playing their coronets, and their trumpets. Yes, we know they had musical instruments just as we do today, and they were playing those instruments as they marched around the city.

Now; there is one quality about these men that I want you to hold in your mind:...'They Believed God'. If they hadn't believed God they would not have moved with such a small army like this, out against the tremendous armies of the cities of the Cainaanites such as Jericho. But the Israelites marched out absolutely secure with that Box. I am going to tell you that if we had a Box with the Glory of God shining out of it, that we could carry around, it think we would move anywhere at any time, and with a Box like that we could cleanse America.

There is little doubt about the events which were to follow as they marched with the Box..Jericho went down. The Ark then stayed in the Tabernacle altho there was one period in history when it was out of the hands of your Race, when the Philistines took it captive. It was brought out in battle by people who only called on it when they were in trouble, who had not served the Most High God completely. They had even allowed pagans to come in around them with their strange little shops, and their strange exchanges of goods, and their money changing business where they set up little temples inside their shops to Ashtaroth or Astaroth, of Kali. And these priests of this strange religion were also money changers, and the hock shop owners, who had moved into Canaan. And because they put out a lot of gold, and the things which came from the bazaar of the world, then some of your Race thought this was an affluent piece of business, so they gave a little of the tipping of their head, and a little bow to Asteroth because of money. And this effected some of the people of Israel in higher positions of office. And when the Philistines came against your Race they thought...The Ark...was all that would be needed, so they took the Ark and marched out, and the Philistines were frightened, but the Scripture records that as the Ark was brought out the Philistines said:..'Behold here is the presence of the God of Israel, and we know what happens when they bring that Box out, but stand and acquit yourselves like men, for we shall fight anyhow. And strangely enough they captured the Ark and took it away....And the Ark was gone from Israel, ...for a time.

Now; Israel knew that great trouble had now descended into them. Go into the records of the Old Testament concerning this, and you find that the Ark was brought back, but never was put back into its final resting place until David was King. Finally the resting place for that Ark was in the Tabernacle, but it was never back in its place in the Tabernacle until that day when you read in the Scriptures that David danced for Joy...because the Ark of the Covenant had returned to the Tabernacle.

There is something significant about this Ark which I would call to your attention. We read here in the Scriptures of the things which relate to this...It came to pass when David was rising to his great power, and the King sat in his own house. Yahweh had given him rest by the victories over all his enemies. And David said:...Now I want to build a great Temple unto You (Yahweh). And the desire in Davids heart then was to build the Temple and we read these words:...'The Prophet Nathan was sent to tell King David that all within his heart, for the Lord is with thee. Do all that is within thy heart, but tell David this...Shalt thou build Me a house to dwell in? I have not dwelt in any house since I brought the children of Israel up out of the land of Egypt.' He had dwelt all that time in the Tabernacle, a tent house. But the Scripture also says:...'This will I do...I am going to appoint a place for My people Israel to dwell.' Remember at this time they were in Jerusalem, and in Palestine. But He said:...I am going to appoint another place for My people to dwell...another place, a new land. I will plant them, and they will dwell in a place of their own. There they will move no more. Neither shall the children of wickedness be able to afflict them as a fore-time.' The Alexandrian text said:...'Neither shall they be conquered in their new fortresses'. This did not mean that the children of Satan would not try it, for they will always try until the Kingdom comes in.

Therefore God said unto David:...I am going to establish this Covenant with you.....when you have passed into the sleep of your fathers, one who precedes forth from you will establish His Kingdom, and He will build a house for My name, and I will establish his Kingdom forever before Me. And this Promise was made unto the man David and it was to last as long as the Sun, Moon, and Stars were in the Sky. Never would there be lacking one to sit upon the Throne of David. I think this is rather significant, because that great Temple was built in the days of Solomon, this Son of David, and was one of the great wonders of the world. It was built with great Spiritual significance, and inside that Temple were to go more beautiful developments of all the symbols of the things which were in the Tabernacle with the exception of the Ark. The original, the only Ark of Israel was to go into that Temple.

Now; we have discussed with you as to how the pagans tried to get in on the building of that Temple, and tried to corrupt that Temple, and how the King of Tyre, working with the Princes of India, and other parts of the earth tried to pour in their pagan master craftsman, a worshiper of Kali threw himself alive into the molten brass, and tried to curse the very symbols of the inner service to the Temple. How Israel remelted the brass and poured the molten sea again, and the brier without any contamination. Then on the day they dedicated the Temple they wouldn't let any of the forces of Hiram or any pagan philosopher come in. And they even chided Solomon for thinking this could be done. When they put the 'Ark of The Covenant' in the Holy Place we are told that the Glory of God shown down like it did in the days of the Tabernacle, until the Glory and the Light was so bright that men standing on the hills couldn't see the Temple, because of the Light.

Remember the day when Isaiah went into the Temple under special unction, and the Scripture says that the Glory of Yahweh filled the Temple until it would have been as thick as smoke, except it was illuminated, because of the effulgent Glory of Yahweh round about.

Then go back and pick up the history of race and the records of your enemies, and you will learn many things. Did you know that Sannacherib the great Assyrian conqueror said:..I do not like to attack the camps of Israel in the night time because in the night time everything is dark, but the Light of God..of the Israelites..out of His Holy place is so great over their cities and their encampment that you can be seen moving against the darkness. When you come against them in the daytime it is not as noticeable. So here your old enemies, from their own chronicles of history found in the Summerian doctrines, in the British Museum, are talking about the Glory and the Light which was over the Temple of your God.

Now; we well know that the Scripture has revealed the background of the story which is given unto you. You have been told by the Scripture of how there had emerged these great 12...Yes 13 tribal city-states which made up the Kingdom of Israel. This was the strongest and now most solid and pure line of the White Race. Remember that the largest part of the tribe of Dan had gone out of that area about 1600 B.C. They helped to make up the Phoenician fleets, and they sailed, out thru the Pillars of Hercules and up to the British Isles. Some of them were even to sail further and to other places, but all of your Race who preceded from the days of Enoch were called Phoenicians, by the Greeks who said we also are Phoenicians and Saacci, and relatives of the Hebre or Iberi, the sons of Heber are we. Of course every White man on the face of the earth today is a Hebrew, a descendent from the Hebrew because this is the only surviving strain of the Race.

Now; let me make this very clear...There is not a Jew on the face of the earth today who is a descendent of Heber or Hebre, unless there has been mongrelization by Cainanite, Hittite, Amalakite seed bred into your Race, and in that case the Spiritual connection is cut off. So there aren’t any descendants from the Hebrew unless he is a White Man, and comes from a Christian Nation.

It is rather significant that in the history of the Race we note that the Israel division which took place in the days of Rehoboam and Jeroboam, historically set up ten tribes of Israel as a separate government. And the other tribe left with the House of Judah was of Benjamin. Two tribes then set up the throne seat of Jerusalem, and Ten Tribes rebelled against the miss use of power by the throne in Jerusalem. This had a certain divine destiny because as time went on the Assyrians conquered the Ten Tribes of Israel, and took them captive. Now; remember that there was a warning given unto your Race, that anytime there was a violation of Divine Law which was given unto them at Sinai, that this disobedience, and especially if they paid any attention to the pagan philosophies of other gods, and mongrelized the race line, or was disobedient to the edicts that related to the worship of the Most High God, that they would be chastised. That such a period of chastisement would be called:...'The time of the Gentiles- or Pagans'. Thus this word Gentile is confusing, and you must go to the origin of it and see how it is used, and when you do that you see that the translation should have been 'The time of the Pagan nations'. This chastisement was to be for a period of seven times, and this time was one rotation of the earth upon its axis, and that is a trip around the Equinox. Today this is 365 and 1/4 days to the year. But at one time it was only 360, before the period of the Flood, before the final settling of Venus into our solar system permanently...Before that it had a moving in and out of orbit, much like a Comet, and at that time we had 360 creative days per year. It became later in catastrophic which followed catastrophe...365 and 1/4 days per year. But the knowledge of the 360 days per year was still with your Race after these conditions, and were to govern your prophetic days. Thus seven times 360 = 2520 years, and this was the time of the pagans over your Race! Let me then point out to you that the captivity of your people was to be 2520 years until their liberation which was very historic. In that period of time your Race left captivity in the East and went into Europe and settled down and built nations. The Caucasus Pass was the route taken by many of the Ten Tribes of Israel who were given their independence under the rule of Shalmanesar, and they then marched thru the Caucasus Pass and settled in Europe and along the Fiords of Scandinavia, and in the heart of Europe proper, and they joined again their kinsmen who had gone before. Remember that member of your Race, branches such as that of the tribe of Dan and others traveled and they settled all over Europe. You remember that the great developing Kingdom was set up in Ireland once the headquarters of all the people dwelling in the British Isles, and therefore the household leadership over the Anglo-Saxondom itself, and was thru the Celtic people.. ..established as the Throne of Ulster. This Throne of Ulster was given a definite set of measures, and we know the exact time when this transpired. In fact 346 B.C., is what the Encyclopedia Britannica tells You as the date for the funding of Ulster. And Ulsters Throne in 346 B.C., was the capital of the Anglo-Saxon Celtic people in the British Isles. Remember that in the days of Nebuchadnezzar that as he marched against Jerusalem and the two tribes of the Judah Kingdom, the reason this remaining Israel Kingdom has become so weak was because they had let the internationalists into their land. And inside of Jerusalem these Internationalists had set up their shops with their ancient patterns of World Socialism, and United Nations of that day. They wanted you to accept other gods, to mingle the people, and they wanted to violate every pattern of the Law. The kings who ruled over Israel such as Zedekiah were listening to these people, just as what is happening in this country since the days of Roosevelt. But the results were that in Judea the leaders of Israel were weakened. Thus the nation was weakened and when Nebuchadnezzar attacked..they fell. There was three waves of captivity for Jerusalem, three separate and definite invasions, and then finally the city of Jerusalem fell. Zedekiah was king at the time this happened, and we are told that the king was taken to Babylon and his sons taken captive and then slain. Someone said:...There went the Throne of David...There even went the Sacred Vessels from the Temple. But what was really happening? You have to be interested in history to find the facts ...That as they went to take the Sacred Vessels they could not find the Cellars of Salt which were a part of the Covenant. They could not find what was formally the ancient Davidic Scepter, and they could not find the Crown Of David or the 'Ark of the Covenant'. Therefore where was this Ark of the Covenant that only the Priests were allowed to carry.

If you are interested in knowing where it went you have only to turn over to the writings of Jeremiah. When Jeremiah was born, God said that he would be a prophet and that He had called him in his early youth for this purpose. God said:...I have called you to plant, and I have called you to build, and as My Prophet you are to go as a prophet unto the Nations of My People.' So Jeremiah had become quite a prophet, and he knew what was going on, so he gathered up one of the wisest of the Scribes, and some of those who could perceive what was to take place, and in the hour when things were all falling before the power of Nebuchadnezzar, the true Priests of Israel put the rods thru the irons on 'The Ark of the Covenant' and in the dark of night they went out with the Ark. They carried it out covered over with a piece of tapestry, and they took also the Covenant of Salt, the Crown, the Scepter...All of them and took them away. Then Jeremiah did something else very interesting, for he took two of the daughters of Zedekiah, the king and spirited them out of that old land. They were taken down into Egypt at a place called Tahpanhes to rest for a while. I want you to note something very interesting here in the book of Ezekiel...he talks about something which happened, and the significance with which he speaks, and then he interprets. He talks about the Eagle...a symbol of power and this was Babylonian power, this was thus a multicolored feathered Eagle which came down upon Lebanon, and he topped off the top of the Cedar Tree, (All the Princes of the Land) and carried them away to Babylon, the headquarters of the land of Merchants. And then...God took of the seed of the land, and planted it in a fruitful field by a great Sea, and it grew up like a great Willow Tree. Now read what the Scripture says:...God therefore transplanted these roots, and her branches, and her roots so that He might water it by the furrow of her plantations. And it was planted in good soil by Great Waters so that it might be a ‘Goodly Vine.' Ezekiel 17. Then read the 22nd verse of this same chapter where Yahweh said:...I will also take of the highest branch of the high Cedar and will set it. I am going to crop off from the top twigs...a ‘Tender Twig’, and I will plant it in a Great Nation most eminent. In the Mountain (Nations) of the Height of Israel will I plant it. Now; Judah and Benjamin were called the Kingdom of Judah, and in these days of Jeremiah, then the name of Israel was applied to the Ten Tribes who had come out of their captivity and were dispersed in Europe, already set in their Great Nations, in their Destiny. So here was the promise of God, that He would take a girl (a Tender Twig) and crop this Twig right out of the Seed Line of David, and transplant her..into Israel..The Kingdom of Israel. Even tho Israel was known at that time as the dry tree, and Jerusalem as the green tree, still God was going to dry up the green tree in that old land, and plant this ‘Tender Twig’ in the dry tree. This is a rather interesting situation because we have the history of what happened. Go into the ancient history of Ireland and you will find that in 346 B.C., the same as we find in British Britannica that Ulster was founded... Then 240 years before the founding of the Kingdom of Ulster we find that there came Ollam Follah the Prophet of Uak..This is an old word and it meant the God of Light, the God of our Race Yahweh..and Yazuse...Jesus are all of the same symbol, and the Ollam Follah was Jeremiah. Thus 243 years tied on to the 346 B.C., for that kingdom brings you to 586 B.C., and the Hebrew Queen with Jeremiah whom the ancient records refer to was none other than Tea Tephi, later known as Queen Ireland. Thus the daughter of Zedekiah was brought into the land of Ireland by none other than Jeremiah, and he was doing it in the day that Nebuchadnezzar was sacking the city of Jerusalem. Thus as the Babylonians were sacking the old city of Jerusalem in 586 B.C., already the king line had been transferred thru the Seed of David. A daughter of the Line of David was brought into the king line of Ireland, then King Eochaidh, or the Head King (Heremonn was the name) and Tea Tephi, the Hebrew daughter were married. Thus the Scripture was fulfilled which said:...'In a mountain the height of Israel have I planted it' meaning this ‘Tender Twig’. Why did God do this? So that all the nations of the world will know that I brought down a High Tree (the Pharez Line of the Davidic Throne in old Judea), and brought up the Low tree (Zerah Line of David in Ireland)..Dried up that Green Tree in Jerusalem and made the Dry Tree in Ireland to flourish...'And I Yahweh did this'. Then read:...To all the (White) Nations, and Kingdoms and Empires...Who Is thy mother? Moreover take up this song for the Princes of Israel (Ezekiel 19)...'Who is thy mother? She is a lioness, She lay down among her whelps, and her young lions. She brought up one of her whelps, it stood out more than the others'. We talk about the Lions of your Race and the Seed Lion prophecies, and in the Scriptures we are told of how this one young lion was sold down into Egypt, and came out of the Pit. This is the House of Joseph which carried the marking of Great Britain and the U.S. today. But the rest of the nations of the White Western World are Lion Whelps of the House of Israel..this Kingdom of God. So let us take a look at this story. For it tells us that with this marking then all the Princes of the Royal Houses who were to rule over your Race would come out of this union of the Adamic cemented in the Isles, and in Scandinavia, and in Central Europe.

I ask you this question:..Of all the ruling lines which have been in your lifetime or close to it, where did their kings come from? Do you know that King George of Britain..Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and Czar Nicholas of the Russias, and even the blood lines of others of Israel were all relatives, but these three men were all cousins. All of them were Lions of the Tribe of Judah and not Jews...No they were Lions of the Tribe of Judah from the transplanting of the Throne Line which God said would never be nonexistent. He said there would always be a king of that line among your civilization, in a position of power, even if only a symbol, until the days of the establishment of God’s Kingdom in complete rule over the earth. And we have this testimony to remember.

Now; the important thing to remember is that we do have a story which comes out of ancient Druidry, and I want you to know that ancient Druidry was one of the Great Mystery Schools of your Race, carrying down the Mysteries given way back in the days of Egypt with Enoch and Job, and even carried down with your Race, out of the High Tarim Basin. Mysteries and things God had told Patriarchs of your Race and preserved in the Wisdom always those of your Race worshiped the God of Light. They knew He was Spirit, Soul, and Body and thus they had the Triads of Druidry. And as the Druid Priests listened to Jeremiah they knew he was a Prophet of Yahweh, and they allowed Jeremiah to take every Baal altar and symbol down in this land of Ireland. These were the symbols and altars which had come in thru their practice of trading with the nations. The Druids of Ireland tell a very interesting story, of how Jeremiah came to their land, how he brought the Scepter of the ancient line of the daughter of Tamar, he Brought the Crown which belonged upon the head of the King, and he brought also a Great Golden Box filled with power of the God of Life. And they said that there was a special house built for this Box, and the Priests who came with Ollah Fallah served in this house built for the Box. This was a Tabernacle set now in Ireland, and these Druids carried back to the ancient Schools of Wisdom, and they had continued to bring down a line of the Priesthood in their own midst.

Then we are told something very interesting...It was said that this Box was sacred, and people could not behold it at certain times of the year. So the Druids said:..We will build another Box, we will make it just like this one, and we will cover it with gold, so we can let the people see that this is the promise of our God, so they made another Box.

Now; there are things which only tradition can finally answer in our time, until great Revelation takes place. But we are told that at the death of Queen Tamar who mothered the Prince Lines of Royal Houses of Europe, that they went to this land of Tara where she reigned, and built a 60 X 60 foot tomb, a most beautiful rock, and when they placed her in this tomb, they took of the emblems brought by Jeremiah, and a Ark and put them in the tomb with her and then they sealed this tomb. And when they covered the whole top of the tomb it became the Hill of Tara. But there is something rather interesting about This, for We are told that with the death of this Queen, there came Heavenly messengers. Their ship came sailing in and settled to rest, by the side of this Temple of the Most High God. This story was thrown aside in past years, saying this was but a superstition, a story put in by the Druids. But they do say that a ship came sailing in and settled down by the side of the Temple of God of Queen Tamar. They said that out of this ship came men glowing with the same radiance as the Box. This is all part of Irish lore, and it goes on to say that the Box which was put in the hill with the Queen as she was buried was a copy made by the Druids.

When Westminster Abbey was built in London, it meant God's house to the westward...West-Minster Abbey...the house to the Eastward was ancient Jerusalem. God's house was thus set in London, England altho we his people, or some of them at least, continued Westward until they arrived in this great nation which God had determined was to be His final Great Sheep Nation and we then carried its symbol of the outstretched Wings of the Eagle.

But listen...This was a new, young Eagle which emerges as a Great and Mighty Nation of the Kingdom. But when we look back to what transpired we find that when they Built Westminster Abbey there was a great ceremony in which the Druids participated, and almost all the members of the Abberty ...which the Druids participated, and almost all of the members of the Druid had been Light Carriers, Scribes and Caretakers..All members of the Druid household. Therefore we are told that there came from the Great Chambers of the Druids those who were High Priests of the Race, and those only who were able, were to carry under the velvet covering..a Box. And right now in the room of Westminster Abbey where the Throne sits today, there is a slab of stone in the floor which is 2 ½ cubits long and 1 ½ cubits wide and we are told that this Box was brought from Ireland, and then was lowered into that hole in the masonry, right after the dedication of Westminster Abbey.

Now; back when Lord Balfour was Prime Minister of Britain he asked the House of Commons to let a group of men go down into Ireland, to the Hill of Tara and to bring the necessary equipment to open the beautiful stone tomb of that Queen, and if it was in the tomb, then bring this Ark of the Covenant back to London. But the House of Commons, would not allow this to be done at that time but it was not the right time for Revelation anyway. Then an argument came up on the floor of the House of Commons, and someone said:...Why go to Ireland when the Ark of the Covenant is already in Westminster Abbey under that block of stone?

Someone asks:...Where is it? I do not think, my friends, that the real Ark of the Covenant is under the stone in Westminster Abbey, nor do I think it is down in that Hill of Tara. You say:..Why do I think this way? I shall tell you...As they made a copy to put in the Hill of Tara so also they made a copy to put under the floor of Westminster Abbey...a copy of this Ark of God..and inside of which are the Sacred Scriptures, just as they put their Sacred records in the one in Tara's tomb. You ask why? Because I believe the story that the Iriah told of the great ship which came out of the sky. Of the men of Light who went into the House of God and picked up the Box. You can be sure that men smart enough to get here to earth would know the right Box.

You say:..Is this important? I think it is very important, and when that ship sailed away it didn't startle the people of Ireland, like it would the men of the President's Cabinet if it happened today. You say:..but there isn't any such thing as flying objects. Don't worry about it, but yes there are flying objects.

I am going to tell you why I think this story is true. Turn over here to the Book of Revelation to when another great son of our race had an experience. He was just a fisherman when Christ called this Beloved Disciple.... John. He grew up with the knowledge, wisdom and lore which God had developed in him as he walked with HIM for 3 ½ years. Later he was sent thru all kinds of persecutions, and finally exiled by the Jews to the Isle of Patmos, for the Testimony of Jesus The Christ. We are told that as YAHWEH-YAHSHUA appeared to him on that Island, that he told John many things which later he would write in the Book of Revelation. And John tells us that one day God opened a door, right in the dimension of the atmosphere round about and said to John..'Come In'. And John walked right thru that door into the plane of Spirit, and here in the dimension of spirit he had unlimited movements thru out time and space, in Divine purpose. So the Book of Revelation is given to you in which John reviews the mind of God, of things which are going to come, and many things which reached back into the yesterdays. One of the most unusual Books which we will spend more time in later, is this Book of Revelations where the seventh Angel announces something for our day. This is the day when God...thru the sign in the heavens as referred to in the Book of Matthew, is going to spiritually stir your race, until you rise, and overthrow darkness, defeat communism, cleanse the earth, and establish liberty and freedom, in the Kingdom of God.

Now; listen...this is the day when Judah and Israel shall walk together, not visiting the ARK OF THE COVENANT as Jeremiah had prophesied, because it was not there to visit. But in that day as Jeremiah tells us then God said: ..I am going to deliver my people, and I am going to show them that these are my sons. With this in mind then turn to Revelations again and read:... The seventh Angel sounded, and there were great voices in heaven saying; the Kingdom of this world (order) is now become the Kingdom of our LORD and His Christ. And HE is going to reign forever and forever'. then John saw when this announcement was made that the nations of the pagans were angry, and their wrath came. So God saw this wrath but it did not change the fact that he was going to reward the prophets, and the believing offspring, and all who love His Name, small and great. And then He would destroy the powers of darkness that are within the earth. This is speaking of the hoards who developed and follow communism, and the pagans of the earth, and the Witchdoctors also who are not accepting Christianity which was sowed in their land. They have spurned it under Red Contracts.

Now; says, I saw therefore that God was going to destroy people in the earth..for His people. And I saw also the Temple of God opened in the heavens, and there in that Temple was THE ARK OF THE COVENANT. Or the ARK OF HIS TESTAMENT. Then remember that when John saw this that it was long after the Ascension of The Christ. And John said:.... And I saw in this Temple of God in the heavens from whence the throne is to be transferred from heaven to earth, with all that goes with it, and there I John saw this Ark of The Covenant in the Temple of the Heavens. So how did it get there? I think the Irish story is right, when it said that a ship came down and men in White into the Temple on earth and picked up..THE BOX ..put it on the ship, and then sailed away with it. They only told you that it could have only gotten into the heavens by way of someone transporting it. They didn't spiritualize this away, for this Ark was made out of wood and covered with gold.

Now; listen...John is telling us that out of the Temple of God in the Heavens is going to come this ARK OF THE COVENANT with Lightening like power, and voice of authority, and it will be rejoined with HIS people, when the forces of heavens, and the armies of heaven rejoin you. I think we could put more confidence in the story of THE ARK OF THE COVENANT when it is back with the armies of our race, then we can put today in our inter-continental ballistic missiles, altho I am not against missiles, so don't mis-understand me.

God has said that Michael the Archangel is going to join you..that Christ is going to walk the earth again...that nations are going to bow the knee. And the Race which God has begotten will be elevated to the leadership which has always marked you as a a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation. I think that again in that day, that you are going to see the great historic evidence of God's Presence. You now serve in this Tabernacle (of flesh), Your Holy of Holies is the spiritual seat of your conscience, and from this Temple you have the abiding Presence of your God. He said:..I will never leave you, nor forsake you. And that emblem of the ARK OF THE COVENANT made with our forefathers will again be on the field of battle, and be enshrined before the nations of the earth, in an hour when every eye is going to behold HIM, and every knee is going to bow before YAHSHUA-The Christ, the King, then yes....the ARK will reappear. But it will not be taken out of the Hill of Tara, and they won't find it even where once I thought..under the floor of Westminster Abbey. But they will bring out the copies from those places and then the third witness will come which is the real thing. But don't worry about how it got into the Heavens. For it went by ship just like ships are in the earth today, and moving in and out of this particular belt of atmosphere we live in.

(End of message)