Armageddon - Local And Worldwide, 5-5-63



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-5-63

Tonight we are discussing a subject which is significant and important to each one of us because it relates to a chain of events that is much closer to us than any of us understand. Also we pause in understanding our relationship in these times, to these strange forces at work inside our nation as well as on the outside. The passages in our scripture that relate particularly to our race and to the great nations of the western world, bring to mind that we have long known that thru out the course of scripture that prophecy has talked about a final struggle. About a period of time when the powers of darkness would be throwing all their weight, all their military power, and all their internal subversive force, and all those who are associated with them to attempt to suppress God's Kingdom, to swallow it up and make it a force of none effect in the earth. Such a struggle has been named in the scriptures and in revelation refers to this type of struggle as Armageddon. We are well aware that this Armageddon has been taught by many that this is a single battle and they want to locate it in the plains of Megiddo, in the land of Palestine because great battles have been fought there in the past. And because it is a natural battlefield, and because of its importance, and significance in the areas of Palestine. But I want you to know that the battle of Armageddon is a world wide struggle by the powers to overthrow God's Kingdom.

I want you to know that the battle of Armageddon has already been decided altho the actual battle has not been launched in its full tempo. For God Almighty has not only determined, as he outlined the course of the coming struggle, that the Kingdom of God is going to win it, but that it will also have as many forces thrown in to the battle that are needed to accomplish this victory in the earth. For all the powers of heaven will be thrown into the battle if they are needed. We find a very strange attitude taken today by many Clergy of today who have become what we call -----pacifist. This kind of pacifism sometimes has a Communist origin, and other times it comes from their not being well informed, and their ecclesiastical position therefore somewhat erroneous. This is understandable because last week at a conference being held in Long Beach, the Dean of Pasadena Highland College, one of the spokesmen for the educators and Clergy pointed out the fact that we want to warn the people of the emanate danger coming from unscrupulous leaders who are preaching inside churches --- of a great number of Christian congregations and denominations --- that --- they are teaching Communism, socialism and virtual Atheism. And he also cited that the influence of men like in areas of our education field of today makes our public educational system the most deadly area for spreading Communism and socialism in the world.

In instances like this we can understand how communism in the Churches has brought a great wave of Pacifism until today instead of a proper and prepared warning to the people of our nation, and the Christian nations, the Church is telling the people that it is their obligation to disarm, and to bring about a Peace by welding all people into a massive world government, like the United Nations. Had the people been aware of the content of the scripture, as to what the scripture actually teaches, and those instructions which are --- "Thus saith the LORD --- instead of in 1963 the message in the church being disarmament, the Church would be instructing the people to bring all pressure on those in Washington, and every branch of the government to see that America is adequately armed and properly prepared, so that we leave no stone unturned that would make and keep America a great power. There should never be disarmament in this period of time, because you can never do business with the Devil. You cannot negotiate with him, and you cannot stop destiny, or roll back Armageddon.

We unfortunately have a knucklehead Jewish Attorney General in the State of California, and this man would like to see America disarm. This man would like to urge Passivist on America, but at the same time he wants to wage war on the people who are --- Right --- in these United States. This so called --- deadly, and terrible right wing. It was only a matter of a few weeks ago that they were holding under a Jewish labor conference assemble, at the Ambassador Hotel --- a convention --- to see how to handle extremism in California. ---- Extremism of the John Birch Society ---- all the Right Wingers --- all the Christian nationalists --- all patriots. And unfortunately, or maybe fortunately since Mr. Mott understood it so well, he said this includes --- Christians --- Protestants --- fundamentalists, all these people who make up a dangerous right wing. The thing which makes them dangerous is that these people believe that Communism is a Devils politics --- and the Devils social order. Therefore it must be resisted because they are Christian and against it.

Well, I would like to know what Mr. Mott would like for us to do about Communism ------Embrace it?

In this instance he said this extreme right wing is hurting America and preventing the bringing about of a co-existence, and order of Peace and tranquility in the world. He says that if the administration tries to make Peace with the Russians then all these right wingers, and Christians with their Devil theory say:----that these terrible people are trying to make a co-existent

peace with the Devil, and they want to oppose the Peace makers politically. Well:-----that is a good idea----I wouldn't vote for any man who wants to make peace with Russia by the route of surrender and submission. And then the Attorney General is also disturbed because he says this is a Devil theory, and is distributed by the Devil's people. Therefore this Devil theory over ---simplifies, and makes it hard to handle, and these people may be a greater danger to America than the Communist part. ----- Well ! Of course it depends on whose America he is talking about. There is no doubt that the people around Mr. Kennedy and his Administration, people like Mr. Brown, and Mr. Mott think that the Christian right wing people are a greater danger --- to them --- than the Communists, they travel with. This is as he sees this situation.

I can assure you that there is a case against the communists that will probably be as brilliant as Genghis Kahn ---- because eventually as Genghis Kahn came into power ---- he gathered up all the silly people that opened the doors for him, and cut their throats as he said:---- "If you will sell out your country then you will sell out me."----- So I think that if the Communists were to take over they would do the same with these people who are doing their leg work in America today.

I point out to you that we cannot take a chance today on any individual who plans to disarm America. We have too many of these Communist Jewish advisors around the President of these United States. We have the Jew Mr.___________ as assistant Sec. of State, and the program is to disarm America. Can you think of an assignment more deadly than to be on a board with the goal --- of disarming the United States. Someone said: --- But this is the only way we will ever have peace. In fact I read a piece of religious literature that has already passed the approval of these false minded men in this denomination and they said:----

How can we have peace unless we disarm the world?

It is rather interesting to see the Israeli position on this as outlined in the papers of yesterday. They said they were getting a lot of mealy mouth answers to their demands to make Israeli --- secure --- and that many of their problems came from the fact that many of the Arab states are arming to the teeth. So the suggestion is coming from a lot of pro Jewish operators in the congress and else where that we must put an embargo down on sending arms into the mid-east. They say but this is not enough-----We want a whole world massive disarmament program thru the United Nations, and then it would be impossible for them or anyone else to get arms to hurt Israeli.------

This is rather interesting to note because this is a U.N. propaganda strategy, and some people say:----Do you think they will disarm the world?----No my friends:---this is just a program to disarm you. The Devils forces do not intend to disarm, they only want to trap you so that they can mount an attack with great speed against you. I had one person tell me:-----Dr. Swift we have gone so far down this disarmament road that it will be impossible to get sufficient arms in time to save America. Every time we get a major project started it has already been canceled, and changed and before we get enough of some equipment like the B 70's, then it has already been canceled out, and a new program started. There is not enough material or enough of the weapons systems developed, to protect America, against a major Soviet Assault today --- would be defeated.----

I am going to tell you that if we were to lock horns with the Soviet Union tomorrow, or even today, that what we cannot deliver --- the armies of heaven will.

I think it a rather significant thing that if you and I were to turn to the scriptures for instructions in this hour, then we would turn to the prophet Joel as he talks about this hour when they are trying to disarm America. He talks about this great and mighty struggle as this northern army comes down over the top of the world. Then in the 38th. chapter of Ezekiel, another prophet talks about how the enemy will mount up like a storm, a great hoard to come down---over the top---against God's Kingdom. These United States, and the great Christian nations of God's Kingdom are all south of the pole. They are all from all locations situated for this Soviet Attack, and those that ride with the Soviet Union are all from a portion of the earth to which the Soviet Union is attached. So as they come down over the top this prophecy is to be fulfilled. And in the instance of it, their air power and other portions of their strength is such that it makes possible the launching of this attack against the Western World. We are told in the book of Ezekiel that this is their strategy.

While mealy mouth leadership is telling us that they are working out and moving closer to a program assuring us of ---Peace--- and they are moving closer to a settlement of these basic disagreements, ---- the Soviet Union is telling us how they will work for Peace and disarmament, and how we are breaking up Peace conferences by not surrendering fast enough. How they will even enter into the program of transferring some weapons into the hands of the U.N.----but when they feel that we are sufficiently disarmed, and not ready to protect ourselves, then they will strike suddenly for annihilation against our major cities. And their # 1 blow is to blast the American Navy out of the sea. They are continually overflying our navy, and keeping it under constant and continuous observation. I have in my office whole facts which come in from Naval reports, for Naval observers, and from the Air Force, and from Washington D.C. about how in the last year the Soviet Union has overflown our Naval forces with large bombers such as the B 70's of the Soviet arsenal. It is the opinion of the Soviet Union that for the world conquest which they are determined to have, that they must knock out the heart center of the opposition before the whole world would surrender. This heart center of opposition is the geo-political opposition to the Communist world.

Now the word---geo-political---has fallen into disrepute because they used to teach it in German Universities. And after the war they didn't want any geo-politics taught in any part of the colleges of the world. This is quite obvious because they didn't want any intelligent relationship between the men of the world, and the areas of defense, understood by the average student of today. But My friends:---the Soviet Union keeps it's geo-politics, and the geo-political heart of the world in opposition to the Soviets is understood to be the U.S.]

Even tho they should compliment themselves on the present administration in Washington, and the kind of advisors they have, who are actually sabotaging America. They could not work more effectively on Mr. Khrushchev's team if they belonged to the Communist party. We point this out to you tonight, that the majority of the citizens of these United States are against Communism. The fact is that the majority of the people who make up our white Christian society are opposed to any agreement with the Soviet Union that would weaken American armament. They are tired of appeasement, and the man on the street, the professional man, the doctors, the teachers, the people that you reach are so disgusted, and dissatisfied with the government attitude toward Communism, and toward Castro's Cuba, and toward these situations that if Mr. Kennedy had to be elected tomorrow---My friends:---he couldn't make it.

You say: Oh, but an incumbent President is always hard to beat, but I say that if he had an election tomorrow, he couldn't make it, unless they ran something real sad on the other side. We have had some real sad candidates this we will admit, but the fact is that there is no one so uninformed that does not know that the President of the U.S. has made more firm---the operation of Communism in the western Hemisphere---by protecting Castro in Cuba, instead of blasting him out of the sea. In fact his agreement with the Anti-Christ as he met with Khrushchev forces, was quite obvious, as tho we needed to grovel, and to promise Russia that we would guarantee that no one would break up Communism or invade Mr. Castro's Cuba-----if Russian would just remove their A-Bomb and missiles from Cuba. He shouldn't speak for America---He is not speaking for me.

My friends:----This was an agreement with hell.

Now; I think it a matter of interest for you to know that he didn't get anywhere with that agreement anyhow. In the first place Fulton Lewis Jr. had the courage to come out in reference to this matter, and we have referred to his reports in the past. Now;---information in our possession is that we had a complete blueprint by one of the top Cuban experts who not only outlined where the missiles were---but proved that they were not removed----Not At All ! They just shuffled them around a bit.-------On May 3rd.(63)---and you see how recent this is:--Fulton Lewis Jr. has this material----he says that the intermediate range missiles with a range of 600 to 700 miles are now stationed thru out Cuba. There isn't any question about this for even the administration admits that there is evidence of this. But they have been bringing their missiles into Cuba ever since the days of the supposed re-removal of the Missiles in the Cuban Missile Crisis period. These new missiles are those of 600 to 700 mile range which are capable of hitting the under side of the U.S.

Now;--the charge is also backed by our intelligence sources in Cuba, and this was even broadcast by a station in Florida that now, the Soviet Union has at least 1,000 --- 2 stage --- 45 foot rockets with tremendous range also in Cuba. The Soviets have cleaned out and reinforced, and ventilated 50 huge natural caves in one of the provinces of Cuba, and are planning on using these caves as military depots for tanks, rockets, and planes. Submarine pens have been built under the guise of fishing ports all over, from Marina near Havana to Banes. And they have estimated that 50 submarines are operating out of one base in Cuba. High speed vessels about 15 foot long have been seen in the past 30 days --- running without flags --- but they are running into Haiti, Chili, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela and so forth. Regular small shipments in these small boats are coming and going as the Soviet Union is transferring arms and equipment all over South America, but basically they are concentrating on the Caribbean.

More than this the Soviets did not remove their bombers. This was another one of those myths as in Cuba today are some even of the long range missiles, and their planes and so forth. More than this in a response to Mr. Kennedy's statement that the Soviets are withdrawing all Soviet troops, one intelligence source states that there are more Soviet troops in Cuba now than have ever been admitted by the President or his informers even during the entire Cuban Crisis.

So when we talk about these Soviet troops in Cuba then Fulton Lewis Jr. states that there are about 30,000 troops in Cuba. It is impossible to know how many are there in plain clothes as the 30,000 are the ones in open uniform.

Thus the Soviets now have not only these troops, and missiles, subs and planes in Cuba but they are passing arms and saboteurs thru out the Caribbean as well. So you have a little picture of the Soviet beachhead in our part of the world, and the Soviets have said that the most important beachhead in the Western hemisphere is Cuba. They say that they shall not relax, but shall build this base, and use it to launch as sudden and surprise attack against our enemies, and into the heart land of America.

Now listen:---Mr. Kennedy permitted the sabotage of the Liberation invasion at the Bay of Pigs, and now wages war on the Anti-Castro forces in America. And now is using the armed forces of America to track down and trap Patriots who are only trying to take back their own country. When the policy of This Country was training and equipping these men to do that very thing. So now there is an accusation and not without some basis that the U.S. has influences which are only searching out the true patriots so they cannot do their job.----That is not your stand, and that is not mine, nor the majority of Americans----That is Kennedism.

Now; it is a rather significant thing that they are trying to down grade all who would overthrow Castro. That is like the practice of downgrading Patriotism in the United States. I noticed the article in the L.S. paper picturing the Cuban exiles plotting against Kennedy and they said:----we have to overthrow Kennedy before we can get Castro. That sounds like a good idea.

We point out to you that we are very definitely engaged in a struggle for the earth. Your government doesn't dare deny that we are in a struggle because then they couldn't defend the billions of dollars we are supposed to be spending for defense. Altho the areas in which we are spending this money isn't putting the weapons in the hands to be used for our countries defense. We are spending more money to get a man on the moon than would be necessary to put fighting weapons in the hands of our people. We can get the service men involved in battles half way around the world. We can fight Communism in Viet Nam and in Laos, but we can never fight it successfully because of the United Nations and all of their military influence, with Soviet Communists in high position of responsibility. We can never get a proper balance this way, --- for instance in Laos instead of backing an Anti-Communist government we backed a co-existence program with pro---and Anti-Communists in the program as well as some neutral. Now;---anyone who backs a program like that is silly. You never have an Anti-communist or a neutral communist so you can never have co-existence in any government with the communists. I am sure Mr. Kennedy understands this because it was none other than his secretary of State that was involved in trying to have a duel government inside of China. He used to tell us in those days that this was just an agrarian revolution. That Communism in China wasn't like Communism anywhere else, but we found out that he was right---because it was worse than anywhere else. More than this we have found that the design of Chinese Communism is to conquer the world no matter who they have to exterminate. They said that the whole sale loss of life would not hurt them to much because they have more people to lose than any other nation, so it shouldn't effect them to much.

In this instance we point out that when Mr.Rusk was being confirmed as Sec. of State he admitted he was wrong on Communism before because he thought it was just an agrarian revolution. But he wouldn't make this mistake again, since he found out that he was mistaken. I don't think this nation or any other nation can afford to take a chance on a man who made such a great mistake which cost the free world-----China. Why take a chance on a man like that --- fire him --- there are many other good men to pick, so you don't have to rely on a man such as this.

One of these days we are going to realize that the battle of 'Armageddon' is for keeps. We are playing this program for keeps. There is no quarter asked, and no quarter going to be given you ---- because Christians ---- they liquidate.

So we point out that there is only major one objective, and that is never give a man a second chance after he has failed in the defense of his country, or in the logistical strategy. Pick a man who has not failed and then move forward. Someone said: oh, you can forgive----Yes you can forgive a man anything, but don't stick your neck of following a man who doesn't know your enemy. We point out that we have never had a period where we have had more appeasers---apologizers---pro-socialists---communists---and admitted errors in logistics, and experience and understanding than we have now. Even Bobby Kennedy said: My brother made a mistake on Cuba. The American people---I tell you---made a mistake at the last election.

So we listen to the story---outlaw all the weapons in the world so we don't have anything to worry about. Well: Outlaw all the weapons in the world, and the Devil will still have some in his pocket to use against you.

Now;---what does our Bible tell us:---It tells me to prepare for war, and not for peace. It tells me:---"Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears, let the weak say: I am strong"----Why?---Because the pagans are coming, the heathens are coming against you and we better get strong. The book of Joel tells us this, and if any one stands for Peace then it must be----the CHRIST----because he is the Prince of Peace as well as the King of Kings. But do you know that no one has brainwashed God as yet. All the propaganda fields, and all of the Churches have been telling God how to run his world every time they have prayed to him, and yet they haven't changed his mind. Not only does he know what their thoughts are, and what their attitudes are like but he says:-----In this hour I am going to raise my voice, and sound my trumpet before my army, and my army will arise. And they are not going to stand by and play ping pong, because God says:---They shall stand against this northern army.

In what generation was this to occur?---- In the days when you see a great pillar of fire spread out in the heavens. This great pillar of fire is to spread out into smoke as in the days of nuclear weapons, and the atom bomb. In the book of Joel we are told that the sign of the end of the age is when these problems come to their completion, and that this generation will see the confirmation of these events. this is also why Peter talks about this day when elements are dissolving in fervent heat. That is exactly what is transpiring in your period of time. Someone said we must avoid this nuclear war because the radio activity is about to wipe us off the earth.---No---the radio activity isn't as close to wiping you off the face of the earth as --- treason is.

We turn to the pattern of the scriptures and we are told how these armies are going to come against the Most High God, and against the nations of His Kingdom. One of the great plans by the forces of Lucifer is to absorb you --- to mongrelize and swallow you up as a race of people. They have been engaged in this strategy ever since the earliest days of the history of the line of Adam---until God wouldn't count the seed, until the birth of Seth, and then he guaranteed the preservation of this race----thru the seed line of Seth. The fact is that this is an important thing for you to remember that the Adamic race is the household of God. Every man and woman of this race is of the household of God --- every man or woman who is unblemished in his racial background of this race carries the posterity of the Divine household. You are the sons and daughters of God thru which he builds his Kingdom. You are the nations of His Kingdom, and you are going to break the power of the forces of evil. You are going to lift up the Divine Standards, and rule the earth. Ruling it in righteousness with HIS assistance, and HIS manifestation in the Climactic events.

One silly Clergyman who passes for a Kingdom preacher put out a letter, the other day and he said:--- One of the greatest dangers of all times are people who try to say that the white race --- the Adamic race are the sons of God. They are just like everyone else, because if they were the sons of God they couldn't have made mistakes.-----Well this just demonstrates the illiteracy of this pastor --- concerning the Gospel. We want you to know that this race is the sons and daughters of God, and that is why the powers of darkness must break or destroy it if they wish to continue to rule the earth. They will not be victorious even tho they fall the Adamic race. ---- But you can prove this for your satisfaction very easily. Just turn to the book of Luke and start with the genealogy of Jesus the Christ, and go right back down thru the house of David, back to Abraham, and back down to Shem, to Seth who was the son of Adam, who was the son of God. This is in the book of Luke which definitely brings the genealogy of The Christ back down to Adam, and back into this authorship of the begetting of THE FATHER. This is important for you to understand ---- it is in the Catholic Bible, it is in the Protestant Bible, and in the seven versions of that Bible being used in the United States. Every last one of them comes out with this. ------ Who is the son of Adam ---- who is the son of God.

This is the reason the Adamic race is vitally important for the building of Gods Kingdom in the earth. Anyone who does not know that is just not informed about the most important area of Biblical instruction. Why do you suppose the scriptures were so very careful to carry back HIS connection to the Adamic race and origin? Because they did not want HIM identified with any other pattern or race with which there was no connection, or association.

We point out to you that in these areas of our problems today, the unassimilatable forces of darkness descended from the fallen angelic hosts of Lucifer, and these hosts have been waging a warfare against Gods Kingdom from the very beginning.

It is understandable today that the powers of darkness do not want your nation to become awakened. The great majority of the people of these United States come from the great Nordic background out of Scandinavia, Anglo Saxons --- Basque, Lombardic and Germanic people. The enemy knows that this is the great Nordic household which came in and settled Europe and then their offspring moved in their destiny, and settled in these United States. We are one great nation ---- a new order of the age ---- God prospered our beginnings and ordained our destiny. Your enemy is aware tonight that if this people who make up the majority of the population of this country ---- 145 million out of 190 million --- ever come out of their sleep, out of their apathy and out of their brainwashing they are in trouble. If these people ever get their eyes off T.V. for a few evenings to find out what is going on, and read some news that you can't get in your newspapers ----- they are in trouble. If they ever wake up to these facts there will be anger arise in their countenances, and there won't be a Cainanite left in the house of God. It is because of this, and the declaration of God on this subject and the assurances that we have, that there are powers today that are trying to use men that they can influence most, probably because they financed their campaigns or promised them certain factors. And what they are trying to do is to make educational understanding intelligence of the problem as tho it were Anti-American, or Anti-Social.

For instance Senator Kegal gets up and makes the statement that Americas greatest danger comes from the patriots. He says that this extreme right wing with all their misquoting, and all of their passing on of untrue things, puts mistrust on the leadership of the country. Well if this man is a Republican he should be mistrusted because of what his is against. because every real Republican knows that there is something vitally wrong with the Democratic administration in Washington. And if he is a good Democrat he also know there is something wrong with their party, that the real Democrat have lost control of their party. He knows that power has passed into the hands of a bunch of unassimilatable Jews with a Harvard accent. Today I tell you this, that in every conversation I find it very hard to find anyone who admits they voted for the Kennedy Administration. I had one man admit sheepishly ---- I am sorry.

The significant thing is that this is all tied to a chain of events----and America is waking up. We might mention that the blast uttered last Thursday. and Friday by Senator Kegel just demonstrated how uninformed he is. He cites that a Russian general or officer has not been in charge inside the U.N. over military areas, every since the United Nations was formed. Then William Randolph Hearst and 'The Times' comes along in their editorials and praise Mr. Kegel and make a strong attack against every right wing patriot, and every Christian that understands this question today. They say this right wing is a greater danger of subversion to America than the Communists. This is brainwashing on a wide scale ---- what are they afraid of?

We happen to have in our files the passage concerning the negotiations between Mr. Moltov and Algiers Hiss about the Military authority undertaken by the Soviet Union. ---- It so declared ---- That the Soviet Union shall continue to provide a military officer of the rank of Colonel or better who will continue to direct the Military, and policing activities of the U.N. ------ I happen to have a list of the men who have carried out this job so don't you believe Mr. Kegel or Mr. Hearst when they tell you that this office evolves from one nation to another. It hasn't revolved ---- it has always been in the hands of a military man from the Soviet Union.

Someone said: ---- we shouldn't use this as a reason for getting out of the U.N., man's last best hope. ----My Friends____ you should have gotten out of the U.N. as soon as you found out what it was all about. You should have never permitted your Senators to sign that arrangement of ---- TREASON to begin with. It didn't matter who was in charge, you should never join an organization where the white Christian nations are outnumbered by the other nations 6 to 1 and giving voting rights to people who hate your faith and your race would be suicide for your way of life, your independence and your culture. ----- All that I hear as an explanation is ---- Peace ---- Peace ---- Peace.

I would rather be a fighting warrior spending my time, fighting all my life, keeping My people free, than submit any part of my nation to the control of any part of Africa, or Asia, under the mind of World Communism. If someone tells you that we are far from war, because war is to dangerous let me tell you this:----- The Soviet Union is planning a war because she knows the tremendous results of our missiles when they land ---- if their war heads really work any more. And that we think it to dangerous to become involved because of their missiles.

I want you to know that as far as the scriptures are concerned that the Soviet Union will open up these attacks. The war can start in a dozen places, and Armageddon can start all over the world. Armageddon is being fought in the United States, the preliminary battles of it are going on right now. There are all kinds of forces involved in this. When George Washington saw his vision of this final and tremendous Armageddon struggle, and he saw ---- right here in the streets of America, the forces of Communism. He saw the black hoards of Africa that were in battle right here in our cities against Christian Civilization. They are just about ready to do battle because they are stirred up by demagogues, and gyprocritical false clergymen of the Negro groups, and backed by Jews who run a sort of front for them. Jewish attorneys handle their cases for them, and are instructing them, and advising them. The NAACP was first organized by a Jew Named Springarten who's program was of course to stir up Negroes. The battles and troubles going on in Montgomery, Ala., have been stirred up by the gyprocrat Communist Mr. Martin Luther King. Communists organizations and left wing control, is where all the trouble comes from. In fact they are nothing but programs to be used to agitate the Negroes, and thus they are developed. Brutality against Negroes is being talked about, and they try to show it in a bad light. The fact remains that in order to enforce the law, you should not let these mobs take over these buildings, and areas of authority. You should not let them upset the whole structure of Education, and other patterns of state governments. They never told you yesterday that the Negroes used stones and clubs in their attacks. They show a few families with little children being arrested, or hoses being turned on them. they attacked the Police and Fire Departments for turning hoses on the Negro mobs of thousands then I am going to tell you that this was a lot more compassionate than setting up machine guns in the streets. If this had been in the Soviet Union ---think of how different. Remember the Soviet Union in the situation of the Patriots in Hungary, as the Patriots stood up ---- they killed them.

I point out to you that we are in the hands of the first stages of the internal struggle which is but a part of the battle of Armageddon. I have numerous copies in my files of the Moslem movement. I have a great many files of the Communist party manuals, and papers. I have a number of newspapers which come from the Jewish press, and they are almost all on the co-ordination of this design and strategy. The fact is that the Moslem movement has as their design the taking over of these United States, and the establishment of Black Supremacy. There is 145 million of us, and we are not going to let this happen. Then also the Negroes do not have the capacity or the initiative, the intellectual ability to do this, but these demagogues will move them to have shock troops to accomplish an area of upheaval which they will never finish. But the communist party wants to use them for creating strife. Inside the Mohammed X Newspapers and the Newspapers of San Diego they report:---- We are awaiting the orders from Allah, and when we receive this order we will destroy all the blue eyes, and all the fir haired, all the white people who will not become our slaves ---- will die. This was in the newspapers ---- did you read it?

We mention this again:----but let me bring this to your attention:---- the federal court will not permit under the supreme court decisions in this matter, for Governor Barnett to have a white court, and a jury of white peers. They say it will not be permitted, you have to accept --- without challenge --- on the basis of race, anyone put on a jury, and this is in the state of Mississippi. But the governor hasn't violated any real law, so what kind of a trial would he get in these circumstances. But down here in L.A. Judge Coulman is sitting on this court ---and incidentally--Judge Coulman is not an Irishman in case you don't know that, but Judge Coulman belongs to the B'nai B'rith. But here in Judge Coulman's court he is presiding over this bunch of 'Mau's called the Moslem XX Cabal and last week in court this bunch of 'Mau Mau's wanted to have their women seated on one side of the court and the whites all seated on the other side, and the Negro men seated on the other side, because they said this is according to their religion. They had all these veiled women there, and then they also had an army present. Now did you ever see a Negro army inside a L.A. Court? Well they had this Negro army inside that court, and they called it the fruit of Islam. And they said we have this army here as friends of the court, because if anyone abuses these Negroes there will be trouble. They stood their and this Court allowed these Negro troops to stand there while we had a few policemen and bailiffs standing there. I would like to see them permit the KKK to stand around any patriot in the L.A. court.

Well the next day they reasoned that they couldn't separate the Moslem women anymore, because if these women wanted to come to court they would have to sit with other people because of the decision they had made --- on Barnett --- they would have to see that the court was thoroughly integrated. Of course on a warm day that wasn't so good. I tell you that policemen testified that these Moslem attack them as they cried:---- On brothers --- Allah is the greatest --- kill all of these white devils.

One white policeman said that as he went down into unconsciousness he heard this cry:----Onward brothers----kill these white devils. Then one policeman shot and killed one of these Moslems while protecting and rescuing a policeman, and here was the Moslem X representative, the top man, from Brooklyn in this Court taking pictures of this white policeman as he testified about this shooting. And this representative said:----- I want everyone to know what this murderer looks like. ----- They let them get away with that in this court in L.A.

It was only yesterday that two young sailors were out for a week end and they were coming up to the L.A. areas. They were picked up by a car, and it had two Negroes in it. They went up the road a ways and then out into the field, and they made these 2 white sailors get out of the car at the point of a gun, and lay down on the ground. Then these two Negroes robbed these two sailors, and then pistol whipped them in the head. It was rather dark and they did not notice as they then shot them that the one boys body twitched over the other one, and as they shot the second boy, then they shot the one sailor twice. The one sailor owed his life to his buddy whose body fell over his in the dark. Then the Negroes drove away, but the surviving sailor reported this and they captured these two Negroes last night, then on T.V. they had the pictures of these two Negroes swaggering in. These two had murdered on sailor just in trying to rob the two. These beasts of the jungle are the enemies of white Christian civilization, and you are going to have to enforce the law, and hold them in order, for this is the beginning of upheaval for the attack of Armageddon inside your nations.

Someone says: maybe we should not discuss these things but it is time My friends that we have communications from one end of America to the other. If you don't know what is going on here, then they don't know what is going on either place. Someone said this is inciting events, but No Friends their actions are inciting these confrontations to wake up America, and we better do it.

Now; we point out that these Moslem riots, these Mau Mau programs, this violation of law, and this unprecedented wave is a part of the beginning of a step toward revolution. You are hearing a lot about the Caribbean situation, they are rushing troops down to defend Haiti, against the Dominican Republic. But you don't have the ability to go down and defend Cuba against Castro. As far as the President of the Dominican Republic is concerned, he is a strange doctor, a witch doctor as well, and this doctor who is head of the Haiti Republic, which is no republic at all, instead is an evil dictatorship, but this doctor at the head of the Haiti republic is a Voo Dooist. He is a good example for anyone who wants to see what it is lake to have a Negro in charge of Negro country. Because this Negro is a tyrannical dictator and those around him are a bunch of vicious assassins. And most of the Negroes he rules over are just a bunch of ignorant Negroes, who are into witchcraft and Voo Dooism. But it is one of the bloodiest areas of administration the world has ever seen. More than this because of the danger to the people of the Caribbean area even the administrator over the Dominican Republic wants to do something, and threatens to step in at the first of an uprising. So the U.S. government is supposed to step in and do something. But if we are so interested in doing something, then why don't we fight Communism where it starts?

The areas which many have thought would touch off the fuse of Armageddon are in Palestine. And Palestine has a great significance for all of us, because we are the great and mighty descendants of the Adamic household. The white nations of the world --- the western world have descended from the Abraham ---Set line of the white race. Men like Madison, Grant and other great ethnic writers and authorities know that the migration thru the Caucasian pass and other routes in their migrations into Europe were the Nordic settlement of that Continent, from which our basic society and civilization came. We are the people who have had an ancient heritage, back in the land of Palestine thru it's periods of history. It was given our forefathers, and the fact remains that not all of this heritage are to dwell there because all the descendants of Abraham couldn't dwell there today --- no room. On the other hand then, Palestine was under the administration of Great Britain, and it had an administration in which the Christian Arabs, the Ishmalite Arabs, and the people of your race, and others could live in Peace, had it not been for the continual revolution of the Jews of the 'Stern Gang' type who were assassinating, murdering and killing.

In fact Lord Moyne who was a great philanthropist, a brilliant Judge, and a representative of Great Britain was an administrator inside of Palestine, and he was murdered by the 'Stern gang' operating on Jew money. Ben Hecht an American script writer and who was a criminal, and his mind could be no more affected because he said after they murdered Lord Moyne, and many British soldiers:----I had a little happy holiday in my heart. Every time they kill a Christian I have a happy holiday in my heart. ----- Just remember that it was this same Ben Hecht who said:----"Leave it to the mob to bungle it. ---- I would have fed the body of Christ to the Lions, and they would never have resurrected a Saviour out of Hamburger."

By the way this Ben Hecht with his filthy Jewish mind who would pollute the output of Hollywood, is also one of the directors of the 'Brotherhood Program' being held between Christians and Jews here in the L.A. areas----they are being duped---these Christians, so I think it is time for us to wake up. This is but a little bit of a demonstration of what is going on.

But inside of Palestine we have an abortive state which came into being with assassinations, and mass murder, which has no rights or title to Palestine. Because none of these Jews have any title to Abraham's descendants thru Isaac and Jacob to who God gave the land. As these Jews came into Palestine they robbed and murdered and this was the beginning of Armageddon in the country which was designated as the land wherein this might start. For instance Christian, missionaries--nuns---convent workers---priests, and ministers were liquidated. Many of their bodies were violated, and then thrown into the wells and Cisterns inside of Palestine. The mass murder, filth, and evil perpetrated against them by Jewish troops was unparalleled. I have white papers, I have papers from the days of Count Bernadotts investigation of what went on in Palestine as he looked at both sides of the picture. He sent his messages out by carriers, and the Jews didn't realize he had sent the messages out, so as not to let his reports get back to the United Nations, the Jews assassinated Count Bernadott who was one of the original representatives of the United Nations. Count Bernadott was from Sweden and when he reported on what happened then the world would have know what really took place in Palestine. The Jews never keep any word given, they violated every law in this land, and in this instance they counted on their origin and their strength to cover up this matter. Arabs were pushed out of their homes by the thousands, pushed out without water and food. If it had not been for Egypt and Syria supplying water and food, and assisting them they would have died by the thousands. In areas like Damascus, and in Bethlehem where a great number of the citizens were Christians----they were exterminated, or persecuted until it was unbearable, and even yet today this goes on. But the results is that the Arabs now hold a permanent antipathy to anything Jewish.

Tonight the world has watched this little abortive state of Israel come into power. They have watched a smarter man than Mr. Truman con him into recognizing this little abortive state. This man was David Harrowitz who frightened Mr. Truman by quoting:----Anyone who blessed the Jews would be blessed, and anyone who opposed the Jews would be cursed.---Mr. Truman said:----I recognized that this is important, and besides he said that if I didn't do this I would never be re-elected. Mr. Truman said:----I am a good Baptist and I believed this.

Well; I am not going to say whether I think he was a good Baptist, but I believe that he was conned into this and that he made a great mistake when he bowed to pressure, and recognized Israeli. I want you to know tonight that there is no passage in the scripture that says that if you bless the Jew then you will be blessed, and if you do not bless the Jews that you will be cursed.----The curses which descend on Jewry---as Yehudhism---they have earned by their function and actions. They are not Gods chosen people, they are not his kinsmen, and they are not the sheep of Israel. And Jesus himself said unto them:----"Ye believe not because ye are not my sheep," as I said unto you.

Another one of these authors letters cam out the other day and said:----one of the most deadly and dangerous things which is blaspheme is --- to oppose the Jews. ---Well, let me tell you something:----There is nothing which will bring more approbations of the blessings of the Christ down on the head of a Christian today than for you to stand up against----HIS---enemies. I think one of the greatest traitors today is the man who stands up in the pulpit and knowingly deceives his people about the ultimate climax of these events. When we are faced with only one solution to the worlds problems which is substitute for victory until there is nothing left. But when it comes to the enemies of God's Kingdom moving against Communism they suddenly become hypocritical in their religion, and utterly passivist in their negotiations.

We point out to you therefore that there is something developing. We do not have the time tonight to tell you all that happened in the middle east, but I have in my library a great number of volumes on this subject. Interestingly enough some Jews were worried that ---Dual-allegiance would cause them to be deported from the U.S. ----- I think this would be a great idea, and I think that every Jew who votes in his place of residence, and then in the election of Israeli in his local synagogue, where it is a Rabbi, or anyone else, should be deported to the state of Israeli. This Dual-allegiance is a violation of our federal law. The fact remains that even in this instance when truce alliances were made, and we had competent observers of the U.S. Army or Navy, or some other country observing----then Jewish gangs came into Palestine, captured our observers----blindfolded them and took our observers 3 or 4 miles away----moved the truce line----and even put them in another building, and then the next day took the blindfolds off and said:----you didn't see anything, and this is where you are.-----Commander Hutchinson of the U.S. Navy writes the whole story of the violent truce. How Israeli has been violating that truce----how Israeli gangs have been raiding, attacking, and stealing. How their gunboats have been firing on the states of Arab people, and creating incidents, and then when the Arabs retaliate, the Jews scream, and the world gets the picture of the Arabs attacking Israeli.

We point out that you must not think that the Arabs are taking this lying down. Because the Arabs are just waiting for sufficient strength and then it is the plan of Mr. Nasser tonight, that when he can get enough Arabs, guns, and strength he will wipe every Jew out of the land of Palestine---this is his plan. Mr. Ben Gurion the Buddhist who heads the state of Israeli as Premier said:----One of the things that every Israeli settler must know, is that he must see the map of our future destiny.

That we must control all of the shores of Africa along the Mediterranean sea. We most control all of Egypt, we must control the ancient sites of Iran, and Baghdad, Turkey and Babylon---this is our destiny. This we must do, so we must make plans for accomplishing it, for all these lands shall be ours. Now; I have a copy of Ben Gorian affidavit, and statement, and it was published sometime ago, by various newspapers, and magazines.---Can you blame a man of Egypt, or of Syria, or of Jordan who says:---Here is a people that say they are going to take us over, but we will never be satisfied as long as these Jews exist down there?

During the days of the Roosevelt family---further back to Kermit Roosevelt and Lonworth--Teddy's family---when Kermit was attached to the foreign service we go another generation of Roosevelt's that helped to cement fine relationship between Arab states and ours. In fact during the periods where in we were engaged in assistance and aide as well as in periods of W.W.II----Arab relations were good both with Britain and the U.S. In fact then with President Roosevelt, on of the few times when he told something good was when he met with Ibn Saud on a battle ship in the Mediterranean and Ibn Saud said to him:----You don't know it, but you are our relatives---cousins--- the nation of Britain, the U.S. and the other white nations are the real house of Israel----not these Jews, and we Arabs are Ishmalites, and according to your Bible, we Ishmalites and Israel are to dwell together in Peace.---But these Jews are a fraud.

Then F.D.R. came back to the U.S. and turned to official Washington and said:----I learned more about the Jews and the white race than I ever knew before, and I found that the Arabs believe that we are Israel and the Arabs are Ishmael. And I never knew so much as I learned from Ibn Saud.

Of course he learned it to late. But I want to point this out, that these Arab countries had been promised by our state department, sufficient arms to build up their own defenses. Israeli was an aggressor and the Arabs asked us for the arms to defend their borders from an abomination state which Ben Gurions influence wanted to conquer the world

Then My friends:---the power of Jewry said that America was betraying American Jews if we let any arms go to the Arab states so we cut them off. The Jews said that if we didn't cut off the Arabs they would give us a depression so we cut them off, and didn't keep our agreement. Then along came the great double play, and Russia says to Nasser:----We will supply you with arms and equipment and men.----All the world says:---what is happening are the Russians turning on Israeli?---No my friends:----the Zionists and Russians are all playing the same game. They all know what they are doing. In other words political Zionism and Communism are twins. The Soviet Union is run by organized Jewry, and organized Jewry is setting up another sphere of influence inside of Palestine. So if they can get you to thinking that Israeli and Russia are at war, then the Arabs will take arms from Russia and then they will be dependent upon the Soviet Union, for ammunition. And an Arab assault then on Israeli would be dependent upon Russian ammunition which would be cut off in the midst of the attack, and the Arab states would be occupied by Russian troops as well as Israeli forces. This has finally become a matter of concern, and this is why Mr. Nasser is showing more independence as he is reaching into Sweden, and depending on German scientists, and manufacturing. Sweden is shipping new guns and they are manufacturing ammunition by the truck load for every piece of ordinance and no longer do they have to depend on Russia in an emergency.

Ben Gourian told Israeli last week:---We are strong and we must be prepared to stand up to Egypt, and we can take Jordan anytime we wish. The Israelis hate the Jordan people, and they want the old site of Solomon's Temple, and Jordan doesn't like Israeli, but they didn't want to become a part of Nassers Egypt because they were afraid his kingdom, and the Hashmite Dynasty will be swallowed up. So Jordan is caught on the site, and in this spot, they have some of the finest English trained troops in the world, but they are on the spot which Israeli wants. Now, remember that Israeli said:-----as soon as it is to our advantage, we are going to seize Jordan, but as long as we have this bumper strip we won't do this until after we have defeated Egypt, then we will take Jordan. However, this last week the Israelis sent torpedo boats flashing around the dead sea, and they shot token shots, and the flew their Russian made Migs right over the territories of Egypt and other Arab states, and they said:---we just want to warn the Arabs as to what they are up against.

Do you realize that you are very close to an outbreak in this part of the earth, where some people thought Armageddon would start?----Do not be surprised if somewhere between August and Oct. 22nd., that was does not break out in Palestine. Don't be surprised if the Israeli get a jolt if this happens because when the Arabs hit they will hit with everything they have.

Now:---someone said;---what shall we do about this? We are to do nothing. I have a piece cut out of the L.S. Times, and out of the New York Times, and Mr. (Jew) Jubits who tried to insult Governor Barnett last week, and was told just what category he belonged in, now says; America must act to stop, to bar the Arab war on Israeli. He says that America must build up an expeditionary force at once to go down and back Israeli. He wants us to warn Egypt, that if Egypt does not throw down her arms and surrender then we are to back Israeli, and go down and conquer these Arab states. But I tell you that we are about to move into Armageddon. And the real Armageddon is a battle against the forces of Anti-Christ from one end of the earth to the other. When the battle of Armageddon is fought, you as a people will be as much against the Jews as you are against the Communists of Russia, because they have the same background. One is formed by the other, and both are your enemies.

Now:----let me point out this matter in the status of this Israeli war. We are Christens, and members of a Christian Church, and a Christian congregation and we have some religious rights. We are not passivist, but in the matter of one Christian boy fighting in a way anywhere to defend one of------THE CHRIST----- enemies, is against our Faith, our religion. We are 100% conscientious objectors in instructing our Christians, and their youth, from our congregations----that they be conscientious objector in any was with any one which is to defend Israeli.

Do not think that we are not ready to defend the U.S., because we are ready to defend the United States, against all our enemies---both domestic as well as foreign. We would support any war as a Holy war----which would annihilate Communism from the face of the earth. Oh ! this may not be what Mr. Kegel wants, and it may not be the philosophy of Mr. Brown, or Mr. Mott, but this my friends is your right as a Christian American. This is----'Thus saith the LORD.'-----Now, many may not like this talk but it is still a sermon.

When I turn to the content of this Bible it tells me that Russia and all of her hosts are those that make up the hoards which come against Christian Civilization. Now;---we recognize that the most important thing which you and I can spend our time saving is----to save the white race. The best way to do that is not to sign another check for the U.N.

The scripture talks about the Anti-Christ as a super-deceiver. Talks about his world government which tries to gain economic controls so that you cannot buy or sell without his permission. The design of theirs is an economic block-----'The world monetary Fund'----and the World Bank' of the United Nations----these are to gain control over the entire Western nations and so as to distribute their wealth, confiscate their resources, and reduce them to regulated poverty.

But right away you are a free and fortunate people, because the judgement of God has started to move. Remember what we told you last January about how important Judges are starting to fall. Well, let me tell you this:---Day before yesterday, Mr.________(Kohnoff) who is one of the vicious followers of Mr. Khrushchev and who was designed to take Khrushchev's place----a man cruel and vicious who would give no quarter and ask none. A man just as cruel and vicious as Mr. Khrushchev altho Mr. Khrushchev may be more cunning, but this man was picked to be the successor to Mr. Khrushchev----when God struck him down with a heart attack----last Friday night and he is in a very critical condition, and he is not going to be able to lead Soviet forces against you.

Then:---as of last night and this morning---This Mystery Babylon, the great economic conspiracy backed up by the Jew banks, and controlling the money of the world, was headed by Herb Jacobson. He was one of the great financial conspirators of the world who world have you reduced to a Socialists state. But he was stricken with a heart attack, and he died today, and so the number 1 monetary czar of the world is dead.---However, don't be to happy about this because there are a lot of Jews who will run up there to take his place.]

Do you know, that when God starts to swinging that great ax of 'Thor' you will not be to surprised if God starts knocking them down---one by one. These people may think they have a security force in the world second to none. They may believe they have the whole world in the hollow of their hands----but let me tell you this:-----MY FATHER knows who they are, and when he starts to remove from the scene---the enemies of God's Kingdom, then he will not stop until he has cleaned the slate for you. Tonight, I would rather be on God's side in this matter than to be among the most affluent opposition in the world, because they don't have a lease on life now. I think it is high time every intelligent praying Christian pray this prayer:--------

Our Father----take out of every high position in government and out of the high positions of influence in the world, those powers of darkness who seek to bind us in economic bondage, and to destroy the world with Satanic design,------It is time for you to pray----God take them out, one way or another. This is a good prayer, this is a prayer for deliverance.

Isn't it strange that you can rush halfway around the world to try to pick up the pattern of your own folly, to try to stop Communism in Viet Nam and in Laos, where you were foolish to believe that it would work, in the first place. And then Isn't it a strange thing that you can move troops to intervene there when you can't intervene in your own back yard, where your own security is threatened. I want you to realize tonight that you are watching the beginnings of the problems of Armageddon. There are more Communists in these U.S.'s than you realize, a great number of them. I have a record in my files about a woman in the office of immigration who is in charge of Visas and passports who says that she has been brow beaten by officials from above her, to make her issue Visas and passports to the whole lot of Communists coming in. Thus these Communists would not be limited in their entrance into the U.S. but there is a Jew inside the passport dept., a high official in this immigration department, and they have been issuing these passports to these Communists, and I have been turning them down. The law says they can't come in but this arbitrary type of Administration says-----give them the passports.

Maybe one of these days, the marines will get as smart here as they are in the Guantanamo base, and they will hold the wall---every time a communist sneaks thru they shoot him.

Of course, you can try to find ways to silence the right wing, but you can't silence a Communist.

I am going to read something to you which I think is rather interesting. Gus Hall who you know as the General secretary of the Communist party and he has been advocating the overthrow of our government, and the Supreme court rules that it is perfectly legal for him to do this, just as long as he doesn't use any acts of violence while he is doing it. Let me tell you what Gus Hall said two years ago at the funeral of Comrade Eugene Dennis in Feb.1961. When they had the funeral, instead of a preacher, they just had this atheist, the head of the secretariat of the Communist party, and he said:-----"I dream of the hour in these United States when the last congressman is strangled with the intestines of the last preacher. He said:---since these Christians like to sing about blood then give them a little of it. Slit the throats of their children, drag them over the mourners bench and their pulpits, then see if they enjoy singing hymns around here anymore: This----My friends was Gus Hall speaking at the funeral of Dennis----Quote and unquote."

Don't think you have a different breed of Communists here in the U.S., because these are not farmers either. You should write a little note to Dean Rusk and tell him these are not agrarian farmers in a revolution here in these United States.

We mention this because it seems so timely in the face of this attack against Patriots who love America. Who just want to see their nation armed, and protected. Who want to see the American flag honored. Who want to be sure that no flag will fly about this flag. That no liberties will be taken from us by a mob who wants to down our Christian Faith. Also it is the design of true Patriots, everywhere who want to see the immigration upheld. They are discriminatory laws----these immigration laws, but they were set up by a generation of wiser men. They were designed to protect us from a flood of people we couldn't absorb, so that America in the times to come would still be having a progeny of white babies to make up the status of our society. Immigration laws when they were designed, were to keep out of the U.S. those people you could not absorb, and to maintain your status quo. But now the design is to destroy immigration laws, flood your country with people you can't absorb, and wipe out Christian civilization, and thus end the----white race.

We have a vicious revolution in the areas of text books going on also. This is a part of the battle of revolution. This new Standard reading assoc., is to cram this mixture of races down you. These books have little children playing together, white, black, yellow and brown, and as they play together they grow up together, and pretty soon they are playing all sports together, then they are soon marrying black--whites---and etc. and they have all grown up these little children of the third grade, and they are all mixed in their races with little Poke-a -dot children. All are still marrying back and forth, and now they all live on the same street, then pretty soon they are all the same. Every one is a little bit white, a little bit black, a little bit yellow, etc, and now you have a world where there are no problems. No longer is their any superstitions as to how much fun black and whites can have together, thus in this way they have built this great new world. This is the line they are feeding us, but is this the world you want for your child there in the 3rd., grade----this world of the SRA reader?

Come a little further down, and you get this stuff thru the influence of the Chicago University, and some of these other leftist Universities. This isn't what Rafferty is advocating, he is pushing something a little better, but this is what the left is trying to put over on you.

I say another one of these text books, and this is a rather interesting pattern, just as vicious, but still on arm of Armageddon for the mind of your children. In this instance---here is the story---A father and mother and a little boy are playing in the yard---happy---and then comes a notice from the nation that says---you have to join the army, and so Johnnies father goes to war. He is training with tanks etc, and then he goes across the sea. Johnnies Mother has to go to work to support her little boy and then a big bullet comes along and Johnnies father loses an arm and a leg, and in that shape is sent home. Now Johnnie is crying and Mother has to work full time to support them. Then Johnnie's little neighbor has his father killed in the war.----Why?---Because selfish men want flags of different colors to fly---because they want lines and boundaries to separate men instead of them all flowing together. So in this story they teach how terrible this is, and then they show the congressmen all marching in, after they have decided that this is enough, and this is not important anymore. It no longer matters what flag flies just as long as we all have just 1 flag, and all nations are flowing together, and now we have just one great country, no boundary lines, and everybody is brothers. There is nothing to fight over any more, no wars, and everybody is happy ever after.----This is SRA-----

You say:---but they have a point. Yes, they have a point, they are trying to sell this little boy in the third grade, who is starting on this generation, --- to surrender his land, his nation, his family, and his descent. To become the open and easy conqueror subject of the world government of Anti-Christ. These are but little glimpses of a pattern. It is the pattern, My Friends of the day of Armageddon. Now, in these instances; the things that they can never count on is this moulded pattern of human nature, in the areas of resistance to the designs being used in this hour. At any moment they can start the problems that will lead to battle.

I want you to know that Americas best hope is a Christian America. And Americas best hope is their demands for proper representation. I think that after looking at this strange panic which is sweeping America that it is the left wing which is in panic. With this panic they have been downgrading and trying to spear every patriot in the U.S. The reason they are doing this is because they are afraid of us because people are listening to us and believing the truth. They can say it is not so, but they can't prove that it is not true.

I would rather be wrong about how many men are in Mexico and be ready to stop 10,000 and find there are only 5,000. I would rather be wrong in being over cautious, instead of ever being under cautious and find ourselves being hit with something, for which we could not defend ourselves. Patriotism is becoming very dangerous so they say---but we are glad that Mr. Kegel is getting so much mail from Patriots that he is becoming alarmed.

Now:--suppose we tell you this:-----any persecution against Clergymen and Patriots is only going to spread the storm. They can never find all the avenues to get this done. Now they are coming up with the idea to put a number on your mail. They want these numbers so they can run them thru calculators, and keep a record where all mails come from and goes. The calculators can record all these numbers. They have a lot of strategies, and all of these patterns are to classify you---number you---reduce you---to a people who are more easier to control. I am going to tell you of a strange pattern being brought out the other day. They plan on tattooing a number on the foot of every baby so he will be numbered all the days of his life. This now is becoming like cattle,----just remember we have to much of this numbering principal in this Beast system.

Now; for some hope:----

America is the most powerful nation of the Christian world. And God Almighty is going to awaken you so that you will give the world Christian leadership. I want you to know that the powers of righteousness will awaken and retake hold of America, and whether by the ballot box or any other way God chooses to use, if tyranny seizes and presses them down any more. Some one said:----America will be disarmed---no---Americans will never be disarmed because they will demand that the bill of rights be maintained. Every time they try to take away the bill of rights they are trying to create another government, and we aren't going to have it.

I tell you that here in America we are on the edge of an unusual chain of events, and it may be that the sudden movement of your enemy may be your salvation. Some one said:---another election?----There may not be another election but there is going to be deliverance. You are in one of the most unusual periods in the history of our nation. You are going to see brush fire wars which can break into the big ones and could start anytime.

I have one clipping which came out in the news paper until experts came down on them. This one was mailed to me.-----A Naval expert and other authorities testifying said that they believe Soviet submarines sank 'The Thrasher'. Do you know why they believe the Soviets sank the Thrasher? They tell about seeing the trails of the Soviet subs, the signals, and the explosions. Then they tell the story which the government tries to keep bottled up, and keep the nation from knowing. How the Soviet Union has submarine tunnels and basins, and bases just off the east coast. There are on the ocean floor, and in the high mountain ranges of the ocean floor, and their they have their bases. And they say that we found out that 'the Thrasher' got to close to one of these bases, and the soviet subs sank her.

Someone says:----But you can't prove it---no---but I can tell you what one of our Naval Officers testified to and that is what others would support of these facts. But then the Officer said:--I am not allowed to tell you the rest of the story, I am under orders, so I cannot say anymore.

I know the Soviets have subs all around us. I know they are running them in the Caribbean, because I have looked at long runs of motion picture film of Soviet Subs in the Caribbean, taken by Patriots. These subs are based in the Caribbean right now. If we were sinking the soviet subs in the Caribbean we would be on the way to protecting ourselves from a surprise attack more dangerous than even Pearl Harbor.

Remember Soviet Russia says:-----Act No.1 the complete destruction of the United States Navy.----I have evidence in my files today, that the Soviets could blow our fleet out of the water if they dropped the bomb loads they are maintaining over our ships in our navy, this very day.

The other day one of the Pinkos said:-----The right wingers would advocate a bombing assault against the Soviet Union. The right wingers would throw the whole world into a war. The right wingers would destroy cities.-----Lets not get soft and snobby. The administration of Mr. Truman never lost any sleep.