Armor Of God, 9-8-68


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-8-68

This is an evil day----and we turn in the book of Ephesians. For here in the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul said, 'Put on the whole armor of God.' (Eph. 6:ll) 'That ye may be able to stand against the devil.’

Now, of course, ‘the Apostle Paul did not know that there really was not a devil. This is just some ‘bad ideas’ that people get. Some of their ideas are good, but some of them are also bad . . . But of course there is no devil.’ And the Apostle Paul did not know that! In fact, that is what some of our ministers are trying to tell us in this Presbyterian convention. Because I know some Presbyterian ministers, who do not believe that there is any devil whatsoever.

So the Apostle Paul may be a little off his rocker here, but he said, ‘Put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the devil.’

Then over in the book of Romans, it tells us in the thirteenth chapter of the book of Romans, in the 12th verse . . . it tells us to put on the armor of light. The divine armor of God is laced with his majesty in light and this provides an armor of protection for the household of the Most High God. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.’ The correct interpretation is, ‘we wrestle not alone against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers.’ Against the rulers of darkness in this world.

Now principalities and powers are areas of administration set up by the devil. Whole areas of the earth are set up for the ruling princes of darkness . . . Demons.---More over, Lucifer, now the ruler of darkness, was once prince of this world, until he as cast down by the kingdom of God. And it also says, 'against spiritual wickedness in high places.’

I want you to know, that the highest places in your churches and in your nation are being filled today by spiritual wickedness, which denies the virgin birth and the deity of Christ. They tell us that we can accept any philosophy, and that all gods are good, and all of the rituals are fine. And that all of the amalgamations are fine, and supposedly good.

This is spiritual wickedness. This in this spiritual wickedness in high places of government. We can see the enemies of Christ, the sons of Lucifer, moving into places as advisors and capacities . . . even Supreme Court benches, and other places of authority in our government. I tell you that I defy you to find me a Jew who would not be classified as spiritual wickedness.

Today, Mr. Agnew was asked, ‘what do you think of Mr. Forrest?’ And he did not know, so he said, ‘Well, Mr. Forrest is a brilliant attorney and has a fine mind. And I have many Senators who are for him and many against him, and I do not want to speak out on this issue.’ But others spoke out, and they said this man should not be on the Supreme Court, or on anything, because his concept of decency and order are sadly lacking.

I think that Strom Thurman did right well when he told the President, ‘This man should not be approved. And if you come out and endorse him, then we will have that opinion of you.’ Yes there is spiritual wickedness in high places.

Now, the Apostle Paul goes on to say:--'Therefore take upon you the whole armor of God. And therefore then you may be able to stand in this evil day.'

One of the most important things that the Apostle Paul brought out is that we have to hold our line. You cannot leave this true church. You have to stand. You have to exist. And you have to raise up a force that can resist the powers of darkness. And in all of these things, we must stand putting on the armor of light.

Now stand therefore, having your loins girded with truth. There is this that you must know that you are a divine order, a race. That you are the sons and daughters of the Most High God. And now you must know that you spiritually existed in spirit in the heavens above with HIM before, long before you ever came into physical earth. In other words, know that you have an Eternal spirit which possesses Eternal capacities. Also know that you are embodied in earth. Know that you are children of God after the flesh, as well as children of God after the spirit.

This is truth, and this is the truth that is supposed to girth your loins. And as you know this then you are almost an undefeatible people. If you know that you are an undefeatible people then there is no power that can destroy you. When you understand that the whole program of God is to establish the kingdom of God in the earth. That you are to take possession of that kingdom in earth and to drive out Lucifer. Then you are not to be defeated. For Jesus said that he had come to overthrow all of the works of the devil. And that is what you are supposed to do, with his help---overthrow all of the works of the devil.

Some people say, ‘but you are a bigot, for you are opposed to this policy for the Negro . . . you cannot understand him. You think he is degenerate and anti-law.’ Well that is not the way he is going to live in our country. For we are going to see that the laws are enforced. He will have to live by the law or get out.

We hear a lot of talk about law and order today. And many people do not like the sound of law and order. But the true intelligent sons of God likes the sound of law and order, and there is no government that can stand without the enforcement of law. Therefore we understand that having one girded truth. And this on the breastplate of righteousness, this mighty truth that we shall be joined with our God in the mighty victories still ahead.

Now the breastplate of righteousness:...your righteousness would not stand, for much if it was not imputed to you. Your righteousness is like filthy rags, the scripture says. And yet upon you stands the most glorious light of the Most High. And it says, 'Arise and shine thy light has come, for the Glory of God has risen upon you.’---Why? Because God has imputed upon every one of you his righteousness just as he did to Abraham. And all he wants you now to do is to have Faith. All HE wants you to do is believe His word. And He imputes his righteousness unto you as in the intellectual capacity of your being absorbs the works of God, and as you stretch forth the work of your hand to accomplish this. I want you to know that we would all be a crestfallen people if we did not believe the word of God. If we did not believe the word of God we would be looking for places to get away to so we could hide out for a while, because of the coming crisis conditions.

We see victory ahead and we must participate in this victory. And because of this concept of victory, there is working in the children of the Most High, a great cry for victory. But the righteousness which you possess is the righteousness of God. By Faith are you saved, and with the righteousness of God right beside you, then you are saved by Grace, and your are righteous by Grace, and you are righteous because God is your Father. Therefore you can be clothed with the breastplate of righteousness and your feet are shod with the righteousness of Faith.

And now some say this does not sound to me like peace, this sounds like war. But do you know what the Gospel of Peace really is? It is the sovereignty of the Peace of God's kingdom, and there will be no Peace until the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. This is what we are teaching---the sovereignty of the kingdom of God. The supremacy of the white race to carry out the objectives of the Father. Therefore, this is the preparation for the Gospel of Peace. Therefore you have to have all of the armor of God so as to be able to take all the darts of the enemy. All of the attacks, all of the Agnosticism, all of the atheism, all of the human cries from the evil ones, all of the attacks on your religion, is because you have a Faith that comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. You possess Faith because of this word of God, for it is sound and it is true, and it all comes to pass. Therefore you can tell as it comes to pass that you then have your answer. You can declare prophecy and it is true because you have the factors of Faith. Therefore take the helmet of Faith and declare the Word of God. Therefore take the literal word of God which becomes more and more for the household a literal flame of fire.

No wonder he says that his ministry becomes as flames of fire before me, for they become inspired and on fire for the word of God, and it is an unquenching of the purging of the spirit. Therefore, the sword of the spirit is the Word of God. But possessing the word of God, then you are all of the equals of the powers of darkness and all of the forces of evil. And even Satan must flee from you, as his power is broken.

Therefore, put on all of the armor of God, and watch in prayer for the supplication in the spirit. And watch for the supplication of all of the believing offspring of the children of the spirit. You are responsible for every Christian brother or sister, to work with them, to help them fight the enemy. To help them in the hours of their miss adventures. At all times we each one are trying to preserve the structure the culture, the civilization and the life and vitality of every other Christian. And we have become a vital force in the kingdom of God. And with care and vision and alertness. And armed with the word of God, for whatever comes to pass. We stand ready in this hour.

I have been reading a lot about Hezekiah, this week. Over in the book of Chronicles, it tells us a lot about Hezekiah, when he became king. It tells us that when Hezekiah became king that he took a good look around Jerusalem. And I think that what he saw in Jerusalem was sort of like looking at America today. Because he saw that the temple of God was sort of empty. It was sort of defiled and excretion was in the holy place. And the true priests were not in the temple, they were hiding. And in every place he saw high trees and altars and strange gods. So Hezekiah took a good look at all of this and said, we cannot stand for this. So he called the Levites out, and he said to them, ‘Get into that temple and clean up all of this mess, throw out all of that defiled matter.’ He said, ‘Clean up all of this and then let’s rededicate this temple and find all of the instruments of the service of God.’ So the Levites came out and they cleansed the temple and it was once more fit to enter into. And so they started again to worship the most High God. And they found all of the golden vessels that they used to have before they were carried off to these temples of idolatry, and thus they began once more to worship God.

Again the people came out and they pledged again to the Most High God. And Isaiah was a strong right arm to Hezekiah. And those two cried to the LORD to cleanse the nation of this terrible catastrophe that had happened.

Today I tell you that they have defined the Temple with all of this hippieism and all of this drug culture. And I see that the Methodist Church of San Francisco and the Episcopalian Church have gathered with the Homosexuals and they are having all kinds of meetings. This my friends is a strange situation but anyway they defile the temple of the Most High God. So what do we discover here? We discover that every type of depravity is to be found here. Every type of depravity was taking place under this era of depravity that had swept in on Jerusalem. And so also is this true today.

Now in the time when all of this is transpiring, then the church in its general structure, and I am not talking about the true church or the people of the most High God. I am talking about the pattern of spiritual wickedness in high places which accepts the patterns of mongrelization, and moral depravity and degeneration. But all of this today requires the cleansing of the temple. It is about time that the people of the church gather together as Christians and say, this is enough. We will allow no more and we will not pay the salary of any minister that does not obey this standard. This is the way you cleanse the temple. And if you start cleansing the Temple of ministers and Bishops, you may find that you have a pretty good institution there.

Anyway, as in the days of Hezekiah, you start right in the church that has not had one use for the word of God. And this famine of the word of God has brought a terrible situation to development upon the nation. So therefore, we look for a man like Hezekiah.

You know? I listen in vain to the candidates. Do you know that? Oh, I try to dress some of them up. For some of them are better than others. And some of them do not know of course, and you try to excuse them a little. In fact, you are a little sorry for some of them. One will come out for state rights, and he sounds pretty good. Then he gets us and says, ‘I did more for the Negroes than anyone in the United States, and they all voted for me. And if I am president, then I will be president of every man.’ He said, ‘I do not care about a man's color, his creed or his religion.’ I would like to see a man come along and say ‘I am going to represent Christians in this country. I am going to be a President for the Christians; and if people don't like it, they can leave.’ Oh, you say, ‘that is bigotry.’ No, my friends, that is positive. I am going to tell you that if a man came out and said that he was going to represents the White Christians of America, he would be elected. I just hope that as this election gets closer that some of these candidates will come out and call upon this nation to turn back to the Most High God, and say that they are going to like Hezekiah . . . cleanse the temple and cleanse the nation.

Well, we discover that having cleansed the temple then Hezekiah looked around and he said, ‘now we have another job to do, for all of the cities of Judah and the lands around have groves and altars in high places.’ So he called on the people and they went out and chopped down the trees and the altars and threw out the images. And they threw out every pagan religion. That was a good idea. Do you know that? For God knew that they were in business about that time. When there is no more pagan religions in America there would be a great cry. But what a great day that would be. Every pagan religion, every Antichrist program is now in this country. And yet, people say---this Country stands for all religions. No, my friends. This is just since the church lost its spiritual status.

So in the days of Hezekiah, then along came Sennacherib and he was a great Syrian leader, a conqueror. And he came into the cities of Judah, and he said, ‘Did Hezekiah and his God convince you to chop up all of these Altars and groves, and images? Well you better put them up again, for I am going to come in an take your cities if you don't, and I will reduce you all to slavery. And I am going to challenge this God of Israel and I will come in and smash you, and do all of these things unto you.’

And Hezekiah and Isaiah said, ‘Oh! YAHWEH, we are not afraid to fight, or to die; but look at the size of this army. We are outnumbered 100 to one.’ Well, my friends, this is about the way they have you today. Look around you. We are tied down in the Viet Cong, and the hoards are gathering against you everywhere. Three million Russian troop stand on the boarder of eastern Europe, and 540 thousand have swept into the Slavic countries. And many divisions are on West Germany's border, and on an on. They want to move in an gobble up Europe while you are tied down and cannot move. Let’s not talk about a treaty with the Russians. Let’s not go over and make a treaty with the devil. Let’s pick a man who will call for a day of prayer, and we will pray for the victory over the enemy.

Well, it says that God heard the prayer of Hezekiah, and he did not even have to bring his soldiers out. Suddenly, God hit the camp of Sennacherib with small pox. And his leaders, his captains, and such, were hit with this great disease as was many of his legions. And it says that Sennacherib then in confusion, fled back to his own land.

So God brought victory to the land of Israel. Do you know what the scripture says over in the 7th chapter of the book of Chronicles--11 Chapter 14th verse?--"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then they shall hear from heaven, and I will forgive their transgressions and heal their land.” So what do you have--? You have high taxes, you have the government taking your land. You see prices rising and you see on all sides the work of the children of darkness. And now God says he will heal your land. All we need is for one man to move in and take the stand that Hezekiah did. And he could be the biggest man on the face of the earth today.

Now I think one of the first places to start is to start cleaning the church and put back one God and one nation, in your church. I think, my friends, that this is spiritual wickedness in high places. And I remember that the Apostle Paul said -- ‘put on the whole armor of God.’

I think that you can see that there is a need for this whole armor of God. And this armor of God is the things that you possess. And if you give a little attention to it, I think that you will realize that the sword of the spirit, the pattern of Faith, the understanding of what God has bestowed upon you. The acceptance of God's righteousness and the courage to move out against God's enemies. Above all, stand. Don't turn, don't fear, don't apologize. And above all things---Stand.

I am going to tell you that you are going to see all of these pagan things broken out, and you are going to see one of the greatest victories that was ever seen. You look out over these United states, and you will see that crime is swept out of the streets, because the doers of crime will be out of the streets. We are not going to stand for the Yippies and the Hippies and for these ministers that say that they are the great strength for our revolution. We want here a revival, not a revolution. I want you to know that the results today of all this is because you have allowed the strangers to come into your land and teach your children. When the word of God said ‘no, do not do this.’ Therefore revival. The sword of the spirit which is the WORD of God. So as the Apostle Paul concluded, we are in evil days. But let us put on the whole Armor of God and STAND.

End of message.