Army Of Christ, 3-25-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-25-64

Tonight as we turn to the subject of the Army of Christ it may seem like a subject that you have never heard about. But there were many things to discuss as we approach this Resurrection period each year, and many times there is much that is left out. One of the things that you have been told to do is to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. So all of the record and all of the background and all of the panorama of the things which took place around the life of Christ and the events of the scripture are very vital and important to you. As we survey this background of history of this day called Palm Sunday, it is given this title because the people had gathered outside of the gates of Jerusalem and along its streets to strew palm branches in front of Christ as He entered the city. And you remember that they cried “Hosannah in the Highest to the son of David. Who is He that cometh in the name of the LORD?” And we have that cry repeated and the story told of the significance of that hour. Of course the fact in that time was that a great multitude of people in Palestine hung around the gate of the city and they were anticipating that He would come this way. They knew that He was going to enter into this city by this gate, and they were waiting to strew before HIM these garlands and palm branches. And to cry--- “Crown HIM King, and hail Jesus.” --There was a reason for this, because it had been planned for sometime. Because this was a most important thing in the hearts and minds that had planned it. If one had gone back over the events in Palestine since the hour of the birth of Christ, they would find that the story had spread and grown concerning the things which had taken place at the hour of His birth . . . The enunciation out of the heavens, the signs in the sky, the coming of the wise men, the preservation of John the Baptist by the fourth wise man. The going down into Egypt by Joseph and Mary until the death of Herod the king. The significance involved around it and the remembrance of the prophecies of Isaiah who had declared that “unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given and the government shall be upon His shoulders. His name shall be called wonderful, counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. And of the increase of his government there shall be no end. Upon the throne of David, and forever.” These were the things that they remembered and this was their hope. Thus it is important that we know all of the events that surrounded this period of time. How the temple in Jerusalem was now in the hands of Cainanites, an abomination to the MOST HIGH GOD. These Cainanites had by usurpation taken, and had sworn that they were identified with the Faith of Israel. They had moved in with their Shamah or false Pharisees and with their Sadducee background out of Asia, and with this cult they had taken over the control of the temple of Jerusalem and even reached out into many of the smaller Temples which they called Synagogues in the surrounding cities. As you will remember just preceding this, John the Baptist had been born to Zacharias the high Priest. You will remember that as the angel announced this to Zacharias that he could not believe that this could be that he would have a son. Therefore, he was stricken dumb until the birth of this child. When they ask him what would be the name of this baby then he wrote down the name John, for this is what the Angel had said it should be. I only repeat this for this message for those who were not here this afternoon, so that you might understand what was contained in this special ministry of John the Baptist. For this baby, while still in swaddling clothes, was speaking and talking to people. From the time he was a babe until he was 12 years old, he told them all that went on in the heavens and what he was here for, and who he was and all about the Messiah, and about God being born in earth, so as to dwell among them. For this was John the Baptist. And of him, Jesus said, never was there a man born of woman greater than John the Baptist. Jesus said if you could understand it, this was Elijah who was to come. And surely this had been an unusual child.

All around Palestine there were those who had been expecting the birth of Jesus and hoping that this would be true. In fact the whole panorama of the story of wanting to crown Christ king could be traced to the Essene company. The Essenes were the people who had come out of the true house of Judah and Benjamin and out of the true background of Israel. Many of them were Levites, the proper priesthood. While in the temple were Cainanites whom Christ later identified them to be. This true Priesthood continued to believe in their expectations and their deliverance. They had gone to the great caverns that had been cut by the waterways in the hills round Jerusalem. Jerusalem is surrounded by granite hills and sandstone formations cut by the water ways. This was water that was inside of the mountains and which dried up leaving great cavern systems. And from the Sea of Galilee thru all of the mountains were this Essene company dwelling in the cavern system. They established great libraries here and copied great scrolls and wrote of the tradition of our race for hundreds of years. This they did to preserve the truth, to keep the true scrolls, and to keep a library which would keep an account of history and the great things they were a part of. And there inside of the Essene company were master strategists, masters of what was the remnant of the armies of Benjamin and Judah. There were those who recalled from the lips of their fathers, their fate when they had been taken into captivity in Babylon. Some of them were from the Davidic house and had been captains of the hosts of the King of Israel. Thus these men and their posterity were taught that when they went into captivity that they were a class whose responsibility was the defense of Israel. And that someday they would be the leading of forces, the captain of the hosts, and the armies of Israel would march again. They believed that Messiah the Prince would come and dwell among them and they would lift the standards and fight for the king against the powers of darkness. So also among the Essene were wise Savants who belonged to the other pillar of wisdom who understood the law of the fulcrum and the mighty technology that had been passed by spiritual understanding from the days of Job down to these days of our race. And these men were a very vital part of the people who constituted Judah and Benjamin and Israel, their companions, who lived in Palestine.

The other tribes of Israel had been carried captive ages before in the days of Sennacherib, had been freed in the days of Shalmaneser, and had already found their way into Western Europe. When they were settled from the Greeks in Scythia down to the children of Gad who were in Rome, and all of the way north to the Angle-Saxons who were in Britain. And in Scandinavia more of Israel, with the Swedes and then down into the house of Ruben in Holland. But all of the people of Israel were marked and identified who were not now in Palestine with Judah and Benjamin. These were a great and mighty people, the household of God. And they had a tradition. They were of the purest line of descendants of the White race. These were the people whom God had covenanted, and of whom HE said, “I have placed you above all of the people on the face of the earth.” No wonder that they had expectancy. But their land was under the heel of the Roman Empire. But more deadly than this, for even Rome designated certain rights and privileges to their citizens, and this was the usurpation of their theological society. For they were virtually a theocracy to a degree and were ruled over by their own priesthood and permitted to have their own priesthood under the Roman Empire as long as they obeyed the laws of Rome. But this had been taken over by the usurpation and by the filing of false claims, and the coming of the house of Cain. And later at the trial of Christ the high priest Caiaphas, in power, and this line of Cainanites were in control of the Temple in the time of Jesus. So it was that back at the time of Jesus the people were looking forward with expectations to the fact that Messiah had come. That Jesus could be that Messiah; for John the Baptist had told them much about the fact that he, himself had come to make way for the King. He was the messenger. For it was written that HE would send His messenger before the great day of the LORD. More than this, Jesus, Himself, identified John the Baptist as a very unusual person.

When John the Baptist was baptizing in the river, Jesus came and he said, “Behold, this one cometh, and I am not worthy to loose the latches of HIS shoes. And HE shall baptize you with the holy spirit and with fire.” And as Jesus told John to baptize Him, then John said, “No, I should be baptized of you.” And Jesus said, “No, this is for you to do.” And from then on the Essene company knew that this must be the man that John the Baptist talked about. Concerning the background of this event, we have told you before that as a baby and then a boy, John the Baptist had a clear memory of the things he had known while in the heavens, because this was a spirit of an abiding prophet. And God had sent him by this miracle with this special message. And he said, “You anticipate that the king shall come and you anticipate that as HE comes HE will take the crown and rule. But HE shall not take the crown at this time, but HE shall take a cup. And in this cup HE shall assume all of the responsibility of all the error men have committed in time and for all of HIS people. But HE shall take the throne at a later date; this I know, for I have heard these things in the very council of heaven. And God hath declared that for this purpose HE comes. But I tell you HE that was born and HE that His kingdom is announced, is the fullness of the Almighty God, the everlasting Father, is what Isaiah declares. What is it that Isaiah says:---'A virgin shall conceive and bear a son and ye shall call HIS name Emmanuel,' meaning God with us.”

And so this Essene company had this remarkable young child. So why did they keep him? They had to raise this child lest Herod would come down and kill him. Here was a child that escaped the massacre of the babes of Bethlehem when Herod, the king of the Jews, sent an army into Bethlehem to kill all of the babies hoping to destroy the Christ. Thus it was that as John the Baptist became 12 years of age, which was the legal age in the land of Palestine for an Israelite boy, and thus he remained with the Essenes living in their caverns, and early coming forth to testify in this ministry. Then at 12 years of age, came this veil across his mind that would no longer allow him to remember that which he had beheld in the heavens, but now charged him with new spiritual dynamics. Now he must get out and preach for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Make way for the King. And thus it was that this young man dressed in goatskins, was out in the wilderness. And Jesus said of this young man, that it was not to see someone dressed in goatskins, but it was his proclamation that you went out to hear. For he had declared that he was a messenger with a message in these matters. One thing that you will remember about John the Baptist, that he did not spare any time on his enemies. When he saw the Jews standing by, he said, “Oh, ye generation of the serpent and the viper, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?” For he understood and he recognized their part. And remember this man had experience. For this was the one miracle of the embodiment of one who had walked the earth, then been carried into the heavens in the great chariot of God.

Now what I want you to recognize was that something else was going on at this time. There was a man and you have heard his name. Sometimes you have heard it criticized and under attack, for few people understand all of the things involved in this instance. If I was to ask you who was Barabbas, you would say, “Oh, that was the robber that the people selected.” Well, my friends, you do not know what they would have called George Washington if he had not won. The difference in what they call you is in whether you win or whether you lose at that time. And George Washington was a nationalists and a rebellious rebel, who was against tyranny. So he lifted up the standards and produced this great nation. Let me tell you that Barabbas also was a nationalists and a patriot. And he came from a line of the capitalists of Israel. And his fathers before him had once served in the armies of the king and had defended Jerusalem, and had fallen captive in the days of Nebuchadnezzar. Thus it was that he came from this line of Israel. But because of the ‘Wisdom schools’ that religiously carried out their responsibilities, they continued to stir and to call back to the memory there in Palestine, to the people, their responsibilities. When after the Maccabeen wars and the invasion by the Cainanites, the Hittites, the Amalakites and all of the forces of darkness who took over by their chicanery and trickery, by their joining of religious groups until they gained power and fraudulently gained control of the Sanhedrin. Thus they forced out the areas of true wisdom and knowledge which now waited for the day. And the Essene companies could have been called a material and spiritual underground, waiting for the hour when the Messiah would come . . . When they could join forces with the King of Kings and LORD of LORDS. And then march out and establish the kingdom of God in righteousness and justice thru out the earth.

Tho they pondered these words of John the Baptist as we have told you before, and Joseph of Arimathea who was the relative of Mary, therefore in the flesh the uncle also of Jesus. He was also one of the foremost of the Sanhedrin and had a great home in Jerusalem. He was well known as an influential man. He was a keen student and one who spiritually waited with a great yearning for the coming of Messiah. He had watched these events surrounding his nephew after the flesh, and in Jesus, he recognized that this could be the Messiah. He had listened to the words of John the Baptist as a boy, and was strangely stirred thinking that great events would follow. He knew how they had taken that crown rejected by the Essene company and injected it with the jewels of the first wisemen, with the rubies and the emeralds and the sapphire. How they had hoped to crown Christ King with this. And then word came that they must prepare for possibly HE would not take this crown at this hour. They had engraved a chalice, the work of Demetrius of Corinth . . . one of the most brilliant of silversmiths had sat in the home of Joseph of Arimathea and had skillfully engraved the cup and the chalice which would have around it all of the disciples, including even the face of Jesus at the table. It had been skillfully wrought as this man sat in the home of Joseph of Arimathea. And Jesus talked to HIS disciples and to those who came to hear HIM. And as we have cited before that silver chalice was still in the possession of Christendom and would be saved later from the ashes of the church of Antioch. And today that chalice and cup is in the United States. This is one of the most valuable of all relics of Christendom. For here we have just as they were in the days of Jesus, the faces of all of the disciples. And I have a photograph of that cup. And that cup was in Los Angeles when this great Greek Cathedral was dedicated here. It had been in the great Greek Cathedral in Constantinople and then later in Greece. And this cup is now in the possession of the United States given to them by a philanthropist who purchased it from its Greek owners. And thus it remains in the United States.

If you looked at that face on that cup, you would say that is Jesus. Why? Because there is a spiritual force that identifies the face of Jesus whether painted by an Italian or painted by a Scandinavian, or a German. Whether the painting has Christ with blue eyes or brown eyes and hair, the fact is that the moment you look at it, then you say that is Jesus. There is a spiritual force that identifies the Christ no matter where you find HIM. But if you want to go back to something which doesn't have color like this engraved chalice, the identity of the face of Jesus is known the moment that you see it. For this was just the way it was known by the Master engraver as he put it upon the Chalice.

The reason I point this out is that behind this there were great expectations. If you had gone out and stood along the roads that led to Jerusalem, you might have found many times a strange spectacle. You would have seen a loaded caravan coming along loaded down with all of the goods of the world. You say, ‘just a simple caravan?’---Yes, because these priests were only interested in making money off of the people. They were not interested in spiritual responsibility. They had made the Temple a virtual bazaar . . . a trading post of the nation. They had set up their false money changing program of even the gifts given to the temple. These priests had so apostatized the temple, that Jesus on a previous occasion, had scourged them from the steps of the temple. HE said, “You have made my Father’s house a den of thieves and a house of merchandise.” Thus it was that the temple caravans wind their way over the hills and into Jerusalem. For Jerusalem was surrounded by hills. In this instance, bands were making their way, and suddenly you might have heard a shrill cry. You might have noticed swift horses sweeping down out of past gullies to attack the caravan. You would say bandits. Yes. But you would note that in this assault that they seized the wares of the caravan and then vanished back into the hills. Oh, how this disturbed the temple Priests who had been gathering these goods and wares to make this temple this house of merchandise. And now you say, “but who were these bandits?” Well, they were this fast striking group of the Nationalist army . . . the army who wanted to fight for the king of Israel before them. Then a Roman caravan winds its way. And it is carrying on it supplies for the garrison of Jerusalem. And in those supplies the short swords and armor with a short supply of Roman soldiers guarding this caravan as it moved into Jerusalem. Then again a road block would stop the caravan. And as they were removing it then a band of men would sweep down and attack the caravan and seize the weapons and then disappear into the hills. Who were they?

This was a group of patriots who were gathering armaments and preparing a vast underground in Israel. So who were these people? I point out to you that if you will turn into the book of Matthew that in one of the things which you will note here, is that in the instance when they wanted to crucify Christ, and they were crying for HIS crucifixion, it tells you that Pontius Pilate who understood the situation as to what was going on and wanted to release Jesus, suddenly turned and said unto them, “I have a notable prisoner here called Barabbas. Now who would you rather have me release unto you at this time of the year? Would you rather have me release unto you Barabbas or Jesus?

Now the reason why this was a notable prisoner, it says here that this man Barabbas---this one had been arrested for sedition. And I read here also according to Matthew, Mark and Luke who tell us about him, that Barabbas was seized for insurrection. And in one of these instances, someone was killed. When Pontius Pilate--who had found no fault with Jesus and wanted to let him go---then he thought that there was every chance that they would say release Jesus and not Barabbas, since it was the governors custom to release one man at the governors feast each year. But even tho the Jews hated Barabbas with a tremendous hatred, they hated Jesus even more. So why did they hate Barabbas? He had raided their caravans and he had stole their goods. But Barabbas who knew that those goods were being illegally taken in to be traded on the temple steps had confiscated them. There was no doubt about this fast moving army of Barabbas because it was on the increase. Out of every city of Palestine and out of every city around Jerusalem, the true men of Judah and Benjamin had secretly joined this company. The sons of Zebedee, before being joined into the ministry of Christ, had known of this army of Barabbas. And also at the home of Zebedee, Barabas had been known to often come. For this young man had descended from the captains of the hosts of God and he had one great ambition. And this was to see that the true priests of Israel were put back in their place in the Temple of Jerusalem, to see the power of Rome broken and the standard of the God of Israel raised again. It had been demonstrated to them that this was the man, this was the Messiah. HE had stilled the wind and the waves and unstopped deaf ears and opened the eyes of the blind. HE had even stopped funeral processions and raised the dead. HE had told them that HE was the king, and that one of these days they would see the mighty hosts of heaven riding in. There was no doubt about it. For this was the king. And stars had proclaimed it, wisemen had come to announce it, and angelic hosts had shouted it down to the shepherds that this was the Messiah being born in the city of Bethlehem. There was thus no doubt in the mind of Barabbas concerning this event.

Joseph of Arimathea had counseled wisely that the time was coming, that it was close. And every day they turned to the fact that the Jews were plotting to put Christ to death. I can turn into the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, and show you that this strategy continued. And constantly the voice of this people was how to put Christ to death. The 26th chapter of Matthew shows you that there assembled together the chief priests and the scribes. And the powers of the high priest called Caiaphas and they consulted that they might take Jesus by subtlety, and how they would kill HIM. And they said, “We do not dare do it on feast day, lest there be an uproar among the people.” This is Jewry. This is brotherly love of Satan's own household wanting to destroy the embodiment of God, this manifestation of the Eternal. So in this instance, the armies also said that they must not wait. “The time has come when we must crown Christ king and make HIM acknowledged as Messiah.” They thought that there was no doubt that this was the embodiment of God. And if they should crown HIM king and gather their armies, then the miracles would come out of heaven and fire would fall and they would then be able to capture the world. They had no doubt about these things. As they discussed these things, then Joseph of Arimathea had said, “We have the words of John the Baptist, and I have sent for Demetrius. And we are now engraving this chalice. We are preparing the cup, if this be the purpose. And on the other hand we have the crown all ready. But we must have strength in arms to help us.” And so in order that they might be identified and properly clothed Joseph of Arimathea whose ships plied the coasts of Britain all the way into the Mediterranean, was continually gathering the supplies. And the beautiful blue velvet type of capes that were worn by the army of Barabbas were being gathered and tailored. And across the front of the capes were two crossed beautiful golden fish, for this was the sign used by Christ and the disciples when secretly they gathered. As they met on the streets under Jewish observation, they raised their fingers, crossed in the sign of the two fish. For this was the sign of Pisces the symbol of the Church. Thus as they moved the symbol of the fish was used as the symbol of the company of the MOST HIGH. The Essenes were using this symbol, and it was known among those that followed Jesus. Thus, here these beautiful tunics were being prepared. There were over 3000 of these Blue Tunics that had been brought out of the caves of the Essene.

Some have wondered why they did not follow the people coming and going from these caverns and cave systems altho they were stretched out over a wide area. This, my friends, is because they had been secretly been planning for years in secret companies. The vast underground of Israel was being developed and preserved for the day when they would be again able to gain their freedom. They had many, many shepherds who moved their flocks back and forth constantly along the roads and highways of old Palestine. And when a pathway led off to the Essene caves, a group of men would come and go . . . and the shepherds would take their flocks and cut out their footprints so that none could follow. Yes, it was well organized. And the shepherds worked with the Essenes to blot out their trails. The Essenes moved within and without the cities, and had their messengers within. And also, the disciples were anticipating this coming of Messiah and when Christ would take the kingdom. So earnest and sincere where these people about the setting up of the kingdom. This knowledge was so prevalent that the mother of James and John asked Jesus when this would take place. And she asked Jesus that as HE took the thrown of the kingdom would HE put one of her sons on HIS right hand and one on the left? Can one of them be the Prime Minister and one the ex-checker? She knew that this must take place and she was thinking of her sons who had followed Christ from the beginning. And her mother's heart wanted the highest places in the kingdom along side of the king for her sons. Everyone was talking about the fact that the kingdom was going to rise, altho they did not speak of this in front of the Jews. Remember in the book of John, where it says that even the family of Jesus coming down from Galilee dare not speak openly of Jesus for fear of the Jews.--- “No man spake openly of HIM for fear of the Jews.”

Thus it was that these Blue Tunic warriors with their fine swords of the Damascus seal, with their weapons and armament and material waiting for the day. Each time they had been able to raid a Roman caravan they had increased the strength of their garrison. Each time a ship of Joseph of Arimathea came in, more weapons and supplies were acquired. And now they were a strong army and they were waiting for the day when they could over throw the yoke behind the undefeatable emblem of Messiah. So it was that the planning had gone on.

Just think, my friends, here in the land of Palestine the multitude thronged along the road to hear the words of Jesus. They came by the thousands to hear HIS words, not taking thought to their food or provisions. In fact they would listen all day to the words of Jesus and the multitude followed after HIM. And in this company were patriots and men from many shops and from their trades, ready to form an army to follow Jesus at any moment. This is why we want you to know the truth about this story that Christ was rejected to the point that HE had no friends and HE did not have any followers and that these people a week later, turned on HIM to cry for HIS blood. This is another myth of the clergy. For the people who wanted to crown HIM King on Palm Sunday, were not the people who said, "Let HIS blood be upon us and upon our children" a week later. There was a vast difference between these two. For the army of Christ was being formed. The army of Christ had entered into a blood covenant. They had been secretly meeting in the caves of the Essenes waiting for this day, and all Christendom recognizes this hour. Now and then a rumor would come that Barabbas and his group were still at work. And the scriptures tell that he was the enemy of the false priesthood and even of the power of Rome because they said he was a seditionists and an insurrectionists. And we find that the Jews never change because they call patriots today seditionists when they try to save their own country. Remember that Palestine belonged to Israel and they had a right to overthrow any invader, to put out of the temple the false prophet. In the instance of this day, we can show you how well organized that it was. First from all over Palestine, the people would come in for this day. The rumor had it that the disciples were in close communication at all times. And as they listened to Jesus, then the word was passed along as to what Jesus planned to do. They waited every day for the word that HE was going to set up HIS kingdom. They sought to ask these questions:-- ‘When shall these things take place?’ Then on this Palm Sunday and close to the end of the ministry of Christ, they waited for what they had anticipated for some time for the decision that they would go to Jerusalem, for the Passover was growing nigh. And they had spread the word and people came in from all over. And thus the army of Barabbas was also on the alert. And finally they got the word that Jesus said we shall go down to Jerusalem today. This was what they had been waiting for. And if it had not taken place, they would have had to send messengers starting a change of plans.

Judas of Iscariot had already alerted the Priests of the temple that something was brewing. He did not know what was involved in it, but they should be very alert. So the Cainanite apostate Sadducees who Jesus said were of their father the devil, along with the false Pharisees, were on the steps of the Temple as they saw the great mob of people in the streets. And little did they realize as to what was about to happen. And as Jesus approached thru the hills getting close to Jerusalem, HE told HIS Apostles who at one time had wanted HIM to enter Jerusalem in some triumphant manner---they would have had HIM take a great chariot and ride in. But no chariots like this were available and besides this was not the prophecy. Jesus said, “you go over the hill as you approach the city and you will see a man tying an ass to the tree and the colt a foal of an ass will be by its side. You tell him that the Master has need of this and you bring it to me.” That, my friends, is a part of the beautiful pageantry that all Christendom recognizes at this hour. For this is the prophecy that the scriptures had declared from the days of the prophets -- “Behold thy king cometh riding on an ass with the foal of an ass running along its side.” Thus will the King of Kings and the LORD of LORD’S, the Mighty God of the heavens enter Jerusalem. AND SO HE DID.

As they approached Jerusalem, the disciples were filled with expectancy and Judas of Iscariot watched to see what would happen next. He carried the money bag along side of the other apostles. The bag was getting lighter because the climax of the ministry was ending, and he was getting more disturbed about this. At the same time as they approached the city, the great cry went up. “Hosanna in the Highest, YAHSHUA who comes in the name of YAHWEH. Hosannah to the son of David.” And the people cried out with a fervor. Little children ran before Jesus scattering branches and flowers in HIS way. But the thing which was to take place, like a startling flash of blue and gold, their short swords resting in their holsters---and they were shouting ‘Hosannah to the King of the sky, to the son of David,’ and thus the Army of Christ was in place.

Then on top of those temple steps the false priests watched in anger and in fear as they saw this mighty army spring up all along the road. Here they were among the people in shimmering radiance dressed in beautiful blue tunics and across their breasts those crossed golden fish. And now their short swords were shinning in the sun. How strong then was this army? How long now would they have before insurrection would cast them out of the temple, or would even a mightier host than this appear? As they looked out over the people, these 3000 men dispersed among the people looked even more powerful than they were. And these priests of the temple felt that they were already out garrisoned as they saw Christ receiving the applaud of the people and they heard a cry as Jesus came down the center of the road and the hosts followed after HIM, and they were afraid. They saw all of the garlands and the palm branches. And then the spectacle as Joseph of Arimathea striding along by the side of True Priests of Israel decked with their historic right of Priesthood. Even a high priest whose breast plate glimmered in the sun, whose jewels were as bright as the high priest of the temple who had usurped the authority. And as they approached the steps of the temple, they brought forth the crown and would have placed it upon the head of Jesus. They cried, “Jesus, the King of Israel,” and they wanted to crown HIM king. And as Jesus awaited their approach at the steps of the temple, Judas of Iscariot said, “Take the crown, take the crown.” Because he now saw that if Jesus took the crown, he would still be carrying the money bag. The scripture says that the reason why Judas was interested in the bag was because he was a thief. This is what the Bible tells us about Judas, like most Jews, he had this infinity to it and there was no honesty or integrity in how he got it. So in this instance, Judas of Iscariot was serving the Temple. He was their observer. And you know Jews will sell out other Jews if they think they can make something on it. There is one thing about the devil. Don't let them tell you that thieves do not fall out. For they do.

Thus Jesus had HIS people offering the crown, and Judas said 'take it.’ The cry of the people was 'Hosannah, hail to the king.’ As we have told you before, Jesus said, “This crown is my right, I am your king and you are my people, but if I were to take this crown now I would have to rule you in slavery to sin. I would have to rule you in guilt and in fear. So I will take this crown hence, but not now, for my kingdom is not of this hour.” And then HE said, “I shall take this cup that no one else can take, and as I take this cup that no other man can drink of, I shall assume on ME all of thy guilt and all of thy transgression. And when I have finished this destiny for whence I have come, you shall be free and can look God in the face. For I have finished this work for which I have come.”

Yes, this Priest KING forever. This mystery had also been studied by the Essenes. And Joseph had provided the cup as well as the crown. In that hour when the word went forth that HE would be crowned king, the army had gathered to defend HIM. They would have fought to the last man. They had nothing to fear. Was this not Almighty God? Had HE not stilled the wind and the waves? Could HE not have called an army down out of the heavens? Yes, HE was to tell Peter this later when a Jewish army sought HIM in the garden. When HE told Peter to put up HIS sword. Peter had a lot of courage when he sought to stand off this bunch of Jews. He thought that Christ would bring in a great army, and he had nothing to lose. For was he not a disciple of God? When he cut off the ear of the high priest, this proved that his swordsmanship was not so good. He should have gotten closer to the neck. And Jesus then said, “Put up your sword, Peter.” And HE put the ear back on the priest. Then HE said, “If I wanted to, I could have called in a whole legion of Angels and had all of the hosts and armies of heaven come in. So put up your sword.” This frightened Peter a little bit, as he saw Jesus pick the ear up and put it back on the servant of the high priest.

Let us also go back to the time when this army of Christ saw Jesus taking the Chalice. They heard HIM saw that HE was refusing the kingdom at this hour. They were a little amazed. They would have given their lives that some miracle might transpire. When they saw the determination, and Jesus was not going to take the crown, then suddenly the tunics were slipped off and rolled up with their short swords and hidden away under their garb, and they melted away in the crowd. But Barabbas was still the captain of the hosts and he was going this night to the house of Zebedee, the father of James and John. Then suddenly Jesus turned and HE picked up a rope and HE knotted it hard with cords. Then HE mounted the steps of the temple and started scourging these high priests and all of these rascals off the steps of the temple. HE said, “Ye are a bunch of murderers and liars and thieves and you have made my Father’s house a den of thieves.” And for the second time HE drove them off the steps of the temple. And again the people again took heart and they cried again “Hosannah to the son of David.” They thought still this is the work of a king, after all this fearsome. But in this instance, there was not one hand of Jewry that had the courage to lift a hand against HIM in this moment. But Judas of Iscariot had left the company. He went over into the temple and to the room of the high priest. And he said, “I come to give you news. Would you like tonight to catch the captain of that Blue Tunic Army? Would you like to catch that captain of that army who raised those swords and were ready to fight for Christ? I can tell you where he will be this night. This is Barabbas. He is the man who attacked your caravan. He is the man who also attacks the caravans of Pome. And they should also be glad to help you catch this man who is Barabbas. Tonight there shall be a dispersion of his army, a small squad to give him some protection. But after the midnight hour, he will be asleep in the home of Zebedee. You can catch him there.” So they paid off their OGPU-ADL agent and they went down to the house of Zebedee. There they went in and arrested Barabbas. They also notified Rome who had sent down a centurion and 100 soldiers. You know you must be a pretty good man when they send a Centurion and 100 soldiers to help in this instance. And they sent Jewish temple soldiers as well, to seize Barabbas. And they took him prisoner, and they locked him up. Don't think that this is a dishonor. As I looked this up, the best men of the Bible have all been in jail. Well, they even had Jesus in jail. They locked up God didn't they? They had Peter, James, John, and Paul all in jail. All of the patriarchs were locked up at some time or other. One time I looked out and there was an army coming around, and what was that army coming around for? It was for the Gospel, my friends. They were trying to intimidate fear. For the hour had come and the climax of an age, the end of an era. For when you proclaim truth, if you expose the enemies of Christ's kingdom or lift up that standard, they have you marked. And if you run, they will grab you. If they cannot destroy you, if they cannot intimidate you, if in the course of your movement they cannot outwit you, then they move back with fear.

Let me tell you something tonight. Just as they moved against Barabbas, they would move against all Christian defenders. But there is a difference between the day of Barabbas and the Day of the Return of Christ. You see, we are a great company today. For Christianity is a mighty host. For now there are 149 million of us here in the United States and there are about 15 million too many Jews. But they are not going to hold America. It would be over a week after this, when they had seized Jesus in the garden, and then they delivered HIM to the high Priest and then to Pilate, who sent HIM to Herod. And then brought HIM back to his own court after Pilate had wanted to set Christ free. We will not go into all of the ramifications of this, for we will talk about this next Sunday night. But I think that one of the most amazing pieces of literature and the miscarriage of justice is to be found here concerning the trial of Jesus. For I look at these words---and each time that Pontius Pilate refers Jesus to the Jews, he said, “I find this man not guilty. I find no fault in this man.” Three times the judge said, “I find no fault with this man. He is not guilty.” And each time the Jews said, “Kill HIM anyhow, we want HIM crucified.” That is Jewish justice--really. They have not changed. They want the elimination of their enemies if they have to frame them. In this instance they were denouncing and calling for the blood of God. Thus we will talk next Sunday night about 'When Satan's children put God on trial.'

In the pattern of events, we see them not only calling for HIS blood, and Pontius Pilate said, “Now look, I have a right to turn loose a man that you desire, a man that you want me to have clemency on--so who would you have me to release unto you, Jesus or Barabbas? This teacher, master, gentleman who healed your sick, who here has even raised your dead--would you have me release this man to you or would you have me release this fire eating Barabbas whose armies have swept down out of the hills and robbed your caravans. Who has thundered the threat that he is going to overthrow your power. Who would you have now, Jesus or Barabbas?” Even tho there was probably not any greater hatred toward any man inside of Palestine, the Jews said, “Release Barabbas and crucify Christ.”

Some people may have wondered about Barabbas and whatever became of him and what did he do? Barabbas was devoted to this temple of Jews as he was to Rome. For as they released him, he disappeared into the crowd, and he was back out to the Essene caverns and he said, “What are they going to do? Will they really crucify the Messiah?” And we are told that before the crucifixion that Barabbas had brought back into the city 600 men and they were hoping to intercept and stop this crucifixion and rescue Jesus. We are told that the full strength of the Roman garrison was brought into the city also, along with the Jewish garrison, and warning was sent to Barabbas by Joseph of Arimathea- “Do not make this attempt. There is more in this now than you and I can understand. Make no attempt at this moment. But there shall probably be a call again sometime for these your troops.” Thus, Barabbas and his hosts stood by, pledging themselves to the deliverance of the KING.

But everyone expected a miracle. And when they took Jesus out and laid HIM upon that cross and drove those spikes thru HIS hands and HIS feet with a great thud of that hammer, Jesus looked down upon those Roman soldiers as they dropped HIS cross into the rock and said, “'Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” But that was not true of these Jews who said, 'Let HIS blood be upon us and upon our children.” Let Christendom never forget this. For they are the enemies of God. As the Apostle Paul was to tell us, 'against God and contrary to all men.’

The people waited. Any moment there would be a miracle. The clouds darkened. The sky became almost black with the intensity of the moment. Instead of the dawning of a bright day, it looked as tho the sun itself was going out. And in the instance when they watched these events, they anticipated at any moment that HE would come down from the cross. When finally the word came --'He is dead' --no greater chill ever went thru the heart of men than this.-- ‘Messiah,’ the miracle working God was dead.-- HE is dead was the sigh--HE is dead--HE is dead. Barabbas and his soldiers turned away and the disciples left the sight weeping. Joseph of Arimathea sought out Pilate for permission to take down the body, to see that it was tenderly cared for. And it was placed in a sepulcher of his own.

Thus it was that the hopes of all of Israel was embodied in these events. And the men and women of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, many of them, had known HIS miracles and had testified in the court of Pilate. To learn the whole story of those who stood up, you would have to read the Gospel of Nicodemus. For they had told Pilate how great and good this man was. How the Roman standards held by the Roman soldiers bent before the Christ when HE was brought before Pilate. The anger of the Jews as they saw the standards of the Roman bend before the face of Jesus. No wonder that Pilate had been disturbed as his wife had a dream concerning these events. Pilate had been watching this man thru out HIS ministry and he was sure that this man was 'very God.’ Pilate had written to Tiberius Caesar about these events and later he would say ‘if ever there was an embodiment of Jupiter that walked the earth, this was that man.’ Later he would bear testimony to the deity of Christ and the power of HIS Resurrection and die a martyrs death in Rome along with his wife. But in the pressure of these events, we point out to you that in the aftermath of the resurrection, which changed the darkness and despair, and in the hours that men meditate this week on what we consider Good Friday, to that tremendous event as Resurrection, we call out the fact that from the very beginning of the Resurrection and from things that followed thereafter, Jewry plotted again:-- ‘how and what shall we do?’

You know, the most frightening thing to the Jews, was after Christ had been crucified, after HE had surrendered HIS spirit and that spirit had stormed the gates of the Netherworld. HE started sending out the spirits of a lot of those who were waiting for the Messiah. And their bodies came up out of the graves and they walked the streets of Jerusalem. And the High priests of the Jews went down and hid themselves deep under the temple, in the treasury passageways, and they locked the doors in fear because the dead were walking the streets of Jerusalem. I imagine if some of those spirits of the dead had shown up down in those passageways the Jews would have killed themselves trying to get out. Yes, they were in fear and trembling, so the book of Matthew says, while the earth rocked and shook and the forces of nature went on a rampage. FOR THE BODY OF GOD WHICH HELD IT ALL TOGETHER HAD BEEN PUT TO DEATH BY HIS ENEMIES. And in this instance we discover that while all of these things went on, the dead walked the streets of Jerusalem.

In those days, in the aftermath of Christ's ministry, and then in the days when a great vessel came in a cloud and HE stepped into it and two men stepped out of the cloud and told the disciples to return to the work that they were charged to do, you will remember as that great ship ascended and the great cloud went into the heavens, they were told that THIS SAME CHRIST WOULD RETURN IN LIKE MANNER AS THEY HAD SEEN HIM GO.

The disciples returned to Jerusalem. And when the feast of Pentecost had fully come, they were proclaiming the Gospel. And a great and mighty power descended upon these disciples and they were able to speak to every language, or tongue of all those who were in attendance that day. They did not speak to them in Hebrew which they all understood. They spoke to them in the language of the land in which they resided. And this was a part of the miracle of the spiritual outpouring that day. And the people said, “What strange things is happening here? Are not all of these men like us --Israelites? These men are Galileans, and here we hear them speaking in our language--so perfectly in our own tongue.” The Jews were standing by and watching these things too. And from the most early sessions of the Christian churches, the Jews moved against the disciples to stone them and to kill them. To move against their homes and their businesses, to throw rock in and smash their wares, to move in and threaten their children. Then the Jewish hate of the Priesthood moved out against Christians. As Christians traveled the roads it was no longer safe for them.

The Essene company met again and they said, “Messiah has truly come. Messiah has lived among us and HE has set us free. HE has lifted from us our guilt and our fears as HE has promised. And by the magnitude of HIS grace HE has declared that we are sons that can look HIM in the eye. Now must we again go to the defense of the church and these who bear their testimony.” Thus Barabbas regrouped his men and stationed them along the roads. And out in the hills they had watchers who notified of the assembly of the churches. And when Jewish troops went out to destroy, then suddenly out of the hills would come the Blue Tunic warriors of Barabbas. And for 100 and some odd years, history tells us, the troops of Barabbas and those who could carry on their tradition who wore that blue tunic with the crossed golden fish emblem, continued to fight those who sought to destroy Christians. Barabbas had long passed away. But Blue Tunic Warriors were still to be found down in the land of Palestine wherever Christians still assembled. In fact is this so much a part of history, that when Titus the Roman marched against Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and when he moved to crush the rebellious Jews still resident in the land of Palestine. These who had been the trouble makers for Christ and these who sought HIS death. Jesus had told them that this generation would receive a judgment. And so it did. But one of the orders that went out of Rome in this time was that the Blue Tunic Warriors were to be let come and go. So Rome was not worrying in that day when they attack that city, that they were attacking Christians, and they turned to the warriors of Christ. Altho they had their toll upon Roman caravans, they were then permitted to move freely out of the country. And this they did.

The order of the Blue Tunic warriors would show up in central Europe, in the fiords of Norway, and in the Isles of Britain and in the company of the Druids. And their tradition had them coming down round the Round Table of King Arthur. Thus the Army of God, the Soldiers of Christ became a tradition in time and history. Yes, Barabbas, himself lost his life in defense of a Christian who was being persecuted. Saul who became Paul, you remember was sent out to slaughter Christians. And it was on that road to Damascus, when he heard that heavenly cry and saw that vision. And God called to him and said, “I am changing your name from Saul to Paul.” And this was his experience. We tell you that Paul also was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin and was raised in the city of Tarshis. But educated in the philosophy and the theology of his time, he had never know the truth, and was a victim of misinformation. And thus, became a part of this evil brainwashing program. But his knowledge of the philosophy and the wisdom of earth was great, so God selected him because of his desire and made him the chief Apostle of the church. In the writings of the Apocrypher of Paul and the Epistles of Paul, he identifies the enemies of the Christ. And he talks about the great and mighty day, when as King of Kings and LORD of LORD'S, HE shall establish HIS great and mighty kingdom forever. And one of the Disciples of Christ who became a great mystery was John, who lived for years and years. There is no record of the end of John. This was the John on the Isle of Patmos who wrote the book of Revelation, and John whose testimony we hear of who reached those many groups of Israelites left behind as the migration went westward. He would show up and become Prestor (priest) of Asia. And this would be the same kind of events that surrounded the Isle of Patmos.

Thus there is mystery concerning John who may still be some where fulfilling destiny in the earth. For Jesus said, concerning John, that he would testify again before the end of the age, before kings and powerful people.

So we point this out, that John was to bear a great and mighty testimony about this King of King's and LORD of LORD'S. For the angel announced to those men outside of Jerusalem that this same Jesus shall return in like manner. As Joshua met the captain of the hosts and heard the identification- “I am the captain of the Hosts of YAHWEH” and before he was thru talking, Joshua said, “My LORD and my God” --and knew he was talking to the captain of the hosts for this was YAHWEH Himself and God is a man of war. While pacifists are trying to tell us that we should think of Peace at this time---let me tell you how you think of Peace. It is the peace in your heart that HE took the Chalice that day AND SET YOU FREE. It is the peace in your heart that can pass all understanding, when you know no fear, but remember that Christ comes in to war against evil, to throw down its power and join you in victory.

I want to point something out to you. I turn over to the book of Revelation in which I see the hosts of the United Nations and the world government and the pagans. And we better get out of her, and get out of her fast, for we do not want to be inside of the United Nations and this Beast system when they make war against Christ. Let me assure you of that. The scripture says that in this hour the heavens will have a great host---for there shall be none other than the embodiment of God. There shall be the Eternal Christ. And as HE comes with HIS great fleets and HIS mighty ships and HIS mighty sky cavalry coming in and on HIS vesture will be the words KING OF KING"S AND LORD OF LORD"S. And it tells me here in the 19th chapter of the book of Revelation, that all of the armies of heaven follow after HIM. That will be the greatest military review in all history. I am going to tell you something about that day. I think that you will find a very special honor guard around the Christ that day. I think that when the mighty hosts of heaven come in and Mighty Archangels are flashing their glory, I think you will find in that day a person talked about--a man maligned and hate--but also surrendered it. I think you will find a man who offered his life and surrendered it for Christians. I think that in that great and mighty hosts and in that echelon which surrounds Christ, that you will find 3000 men with Blue Tunics and the crossed golden fish on the front of their tunics, the armies of Barabbas. Yes, the armies of Jesus.

And I am going to tell you that in the instance of this we have been told that in that day as these things transpire that the armies of Israel shall be standing upon their feet. Bone comes to bone, and sinew to sinew. And every last warrior that fought for our race against the Assyrians and the Philistines has fought for our race under the conspiracies that they have been brought thru at the behest of International and world Jewry, or died fighting Communism, or have been caught in the trap when they defend the nation that they are apart of--caught in this conspiracy of International Jewry. Every American soldier that ever died, every last one of your race that has ever fought, every last one from the British Empire to the German empire, to the people of Scandinavia---every last one of the soldiers of your race are going to come back in that mighty army. And I am going to tell you that they will march with an unbroken tread, an unbroken rank and in triumph. I am going to tell you that will be the greatest day in all human history. And that will be a day when they will not be able to run you thru. That will be a day when you will see Captain Barabbas the Captain of the LORD'S Army and his blue tunic forces who cried in that day:-- “Hosannah in the Highest, Blessed is HE who comes in the name of YAHSHUA IN THE NAME OF YAHWEH, crown HIM KING.” And they will be singing that great song:-- “Hail to the KING.” You will hear that royal cry “Bring forth the royal diadem, and crown HIM LORD OF LORD'S.” And in that instance you will also remember “All Hail the power of Jesus's name, ye ransomed from the fall, ye chosen seed of Israel's race crown HIM LORD of all.” Thus, this seed of Israel's race still exists. And as it was in the days of Jesus, so also in your time. Maybe the most vital part of the LORD'S army is in the underground today. Maybe like it was in the days of Barabbas the most vital part of God's army are Christians who are pledged to defend their country against the hoards of Communism; from the tyranny and the same kinds of plots now surrounding our leadership as the priesthood of darkness of that far off day. But I want you to know that there is a difference between that day and this. Many people tremble before the power of an enemy. And many people quake before the conspiracy of Jewry, or the power of their insidious ADL of; its OGPU of the B’nai B’rith. But let me tell you this. For I remember again those words of Jesus, as they offered HIM the crown, and then as HE stood before Pontius Pilate once more, and said, “My kingdom is not of this hour.” But I tell you the kingdom is of this hour. He said, “If my kingdom were of this hour, my servants would fight and the kingdom would not be left in the hands of the Jews.” I tell you that now the servants will fight and the Jews will be driven out of the kingdom.

Someone said to me, “Dr. Swift, don't you think that the most important thing that we can preach is the gospel of Salvation?” I surely do. And I cannot think of any better way to save America and this Christian nation than to lift up the Standard of the Cross and to have a complete identification of every Christian with Christ. One great mighty center, one great and mighty church, one great strong group of Christian nations. And then on against our enemies until our lands are clean and free again. When wrath is risen up in our countenances and we have driven the Cainanites from the house of God, and until we can hear the words: “well done, my good and faithful servant.” Jesus did not tell you to make peace with the enemy. HE just said you occupy until I get back and then we will finish this thing even if the blood flows to the horses bits.

I want you to know this tonight, that the armies of Christ are everywhere. And some of these armies might surprise some. For there might be a great white robed company also. Probably their flaming crosses will burn from one hill to the next across this nation. And the armies of Christ will raise from this ground that you never expected from one area to another. And they are there right now. Do you know that true Druid armies that are pledged to the service of Christ are under ground in Britain? Do you know that they will rise up to seize those rascals if they try to seize their government or touch their shores? Do you know that The Round Table secret covenants still continue? Do you know that thru out the length and breadth of your race, thru every land on the face of the earth, that God has companies today? Yes, secret companies. But they are there. Someone said, “We do not need secret companies.” But you better have something, my friends. Because the enemy is round you and amongst you. Has entered into every area of your life and seeks to destroy it. He controls tonight, the Beast system of the United Nations and the World order. And at this very moment is plotting the defeat of the kingdom. He is doing the same things that Judas was doing, and the High Priest Caiaphas and Cain. But what they do not know is that this is another day and another hour. That this is the wrong place to try to defeat America. Oh, their plans reach out. They would destroy all of the churches in your cities and take away all of the tax exemption of the churches, cut into the support of people and their tithe and their offerings. They have taken prayer out of your schools. They have taken Bible reading out of your schools, and they have put rascals in areas of influence. And they design the utter submission of your Christian faith. You say, “What should the church be doing?” The church should be praying. The church should be working. The church should be preaching and bearing witness. And Christianity should be planning the overthrow of every anti-Christian force and the establishment of Christian leadership and Christian power from one end of a Christian nation to another.

There is a lot of feelings of emotion. But many Christians move thru this hour in fear. But I challenge you to move thru this hour with courage and recognize all that has been finished for us and wrought for us, that we lift up a standard and a cross for freedom.

We might close tonight by telling you that if you want to help tonight, then join the Christian Defense League. It is not the church, but it is made up of members of it. It is made up of every branch of the Christian church and all Christian institutions. It does not solicit anyone who does not believe in Christ. So keep your $12.00. The only thing we are interested in is a Christian United States and the capacity to unite and defend the greatest legal defense that has every been organized with the kind of trials that you cannot frame and run. I am going to tell you that before God is finished with this instrument in HIS hand, like the blade in the hands of Barabbas, you are going to discover that this will help to create a Christian economy and help to roll out the powers of darkness. For this institution is designed behind an emblem that is indefeatable. And it will march on to complete victory. We urge you to join and use your strength to help carry it out. Thus tonight we tell you to ‘tell it, tell it’ and with your money tonight help us to carry on the work of the tape ministry and get the word out so that everyone is informed as to the background of their race, their ability, the content of the scripture, and what God would have men to do.

End of sermon.