Art Thou His Disciple, 11-04-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-04-68

We are hearing from different people in Britain, as to the catastrophe that is hitting that country. They are admitting through their ministry that there has been great derelict of duty concerning what is happening to their young people. Over 1/4 of their young people in that nation have gone into the Communist oriented---Hippie drug cults while the administration of their nation also supports the policies of Liberalism and Socialism until they feel that even the weather has turned against England. One of the ministers said: God is chastising his people because we have disobeyed him. One said: we are going to return to the God of Israel. Whether this man knew his identity or not I thought that was a good statement concerning the background of this situation.

Last week in Britain it took 30,000 policemen to stop 17,000 Hippies who were storming the U.S. Embassy, they blew up a statue of ex-President Kennedy and said they were protesting against America which is leading the anti-Communist fight. They wanted to demonstrate their hostility to that action.

Then we had many earthquakes and one hit Yugoslavia and then great storms hit northern Italy, and these are just the beginning of times and judgments, hitting people. These are just marks of conditions relating to the events of our times.

I want to point out an article in the U.S. and world news. A democrat Senator by the name of Louch of Ohio says he is backing the Republican nominee for president.---Why? Because our country is moving through a terrible situation, the nation is in chaos, civil disorder, insurrection, deficit spending, besides this: criminal misconduct is on the increase, as well as crime and rape and robbery, and phonographic literature, all are increasing. He said this has gone about because of Democratic administrations policies. He said we are not going to get a straightening out of this political, financial mess with men like Mr. Humphrey, and I feel that Mr. Nixon is the best equipped man in the nation at this time to take on the job of straightening us out. He said: I will break with my party and for the first time vote for a Republican nominee for President.

As for myself I think it should be an impossibility for a Christian to vote for Mr. Humphrey for President of the United States. One reason being that he is in favor of doing anything to gain peace with the Communist. He said: I will walk the other mile to bring this about. Apart from his association with an administration that had failed, I still don’t see how any Christian can vote for this man after listening to his plans for selling out America.

I received a remarkable book this week entitled: “Judaism and the Vatican.” It is being published by the Catholics and it is telling how organized Jewry has penetrated the Catholic Church and has contaminated it’s doctrines, and has revitalized the areas of heresy. Has destroyed the doctrines and their rituals, has destroyed the fundamental Faith in the Crucifixion and the resurrection of Christ concerning the positions of the Church. It has removed from the Church the responsibility of those who crucified Christ and said they had no part in this matter. It ends up saying that of course we have a ½ Jew as a Pope and he refuses to stand up for the doctrines of the Faith of our Church, instead he goes along with the Jewish demands. One-third of the Catholics of the Church are threatening to get out of the Church because of the Jewish penetration of their Christian Faith.

As we turn to our subject: “Art thou one of His Disciples”, we would point out to you that in the ministry of the Church and especially starting with the Disciples and down through the course of time and History, God had ordained a tremendous impact to come from the Church made up of His Disciples. Before the foundation of the world, he had written your name down in the Lamb’s book of Life. He wasn’t particularly worried about your salvation because he knew that he was sufficient and great and he knew that as the Eternal Yahweh and The Messiah, he would bring about your Salvation. He knows about the patterns of darkness and unbelief and catastrophe that moves across the nations of the world. He predicted the perilous times we would be living in. He knew that he would be the very God embodied in the earth. He knew that he was the Father of the Household of his own race. He knew that his own children would be embodied in the earth. He knew them before they came into this world and he knew them after they came into this world. He predestined and ordained their coming in and their going out. And so also in the hour of his own birth. His revelation unto his Disciples, having called his disciples he wanted to demonstrate by one disciple that he especially called the one who was a devil, and that one would walk with him and with them, and YET----betray him, even tho he was subject to all the patterns of God’s Grace through the time of his ministry. So Judas Iscariot was a devil, as Jesus said in John 6:----I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil. This is of course a purpose for education for his disciples. He tells them that one of them is a devil and then after that Jesus walked in Galilee because the Jews sought to kill him. But the Disciples then looked at Judas and recognized that this was a mystery that Christ was unveiling to them. They realized that these people lacked any spiritual capacity and therefore couldn’t understand His Gospel, could never receive it for truth, and therefore through out the course of their time would be people who were in opposition to His Gospel and His Kingdom.

` So the disciples walked with Jesus and talked with Jesus for 3 years. They were in the presence of the Most High God for 3 years, yet out of the heart of the Kingdom, God had ordained that his Church was going to be a growing institution that would emerge following His Ministry. He had also ordained that those that were members of His Church which would be his sons and daughters out of his race, and out of his household would be known as his Disciples. And therefore as His Church grew it spread through out all of his Disciples. And therefore as His Church grew it spread through out all of the white race. It has moved into every nation of the white race. Christianity is a racial religion. It is a white man’s religion, it has been marked by it’s identity to the white race. Others have been somewhat converted to Christianity but they have not moved with the great Spiritual dynamic of the white race which has been called to raise and defend the Gospel of Jesus The Christ. This was a part of the program of the Kingdom. The spiritual center of the Kingdom was to be the Church, as the congregation and their worship was in the olden days. From the days of Moses on down through the course of History to the building of the Temple. The congregation of Israel was the Spiritual center as they gathered together before the presence of the Most High. The Church was the Keheeli of the new Testament---the gathering place. It was to be made up of His Disciples, but a strange situation was to occur and this also God did proclaim. He said that The True Church would be motivated by His Spirit. That a church that is not motivated by his Spirit is of no value to the community. It isn’t even as good as a social club which might have other reasons to exist besides Spiritual revelation. A Church without any Spiritual Capacity is a totally dead institution. I want to point out to you that Christ declared that at the end of the age, at it’s climactic period that we would have a Church which because of it’s strength----it’s power---it’s organizational activities would seem a huge and magnificent Church. It would be gorgeous in it’s robes, it’s rituals and it’s buildings---but---it would be cold and dead. Christ refers to it because of it’s lack of Spirit. In fact many ministers in this church have no spiritual conception. Many of them have no capacity for Spiritual Conception, many of them even being Jews professing conversion so that they might lead the church into areas of disaster. It is a serious enough disaster when a disciple of Christ who is seeking to follow Christ is not empowered by the Spirit. There were times when the disciples as they walked with Christ were empowered by him, but other times they could not heal the sick or cast out devils, and they would return to him and say: Why can’t we do this?-----It was because they lacked that fulfillment of power of the Spirit that Jesus had promised would descend upon the Church.

In the 14th. Chapter of John, Jesus was teaching of the immediate necessity of his departing, and he said that he would send to them:--his abiding presence, His Spirit to be with them. In the 14th. Chapter of John this is referred to as the Comforter. This is a mis-translation of the word----Paraclete. Thus Jesus said:---I will send my perception, my guidance, my intellect, My Spirit upon you. I will send My power upon you.----I will come unto you., It is Christ in you, the hope and Glory. It is Christ in you---the magnitude of which will be manifested as men serve. Jesus said:---this shall lead you to all truth, it will lead you into paths of remembrance, it will fill your mouth with the proper word, it will do all these things, at the same time Christ revealed and brought forth quite carefully that with out the Spirit, even his closest Disciples would lack the spiritual power of accomplishing any great thing for God, and at the end of the age---The Church--- without Spirit would be a dead institution.

“Neither hot nor cold and I will spew it out of my mouth.” (Rev. 3:16)

In the course of this declaration then in the 26th. Chapter of Matthew----- Jesus said:---Before very long all of ye shall be offended because of me. Now the word--offended--is not the proper translation-----Jesus said:--Many people, because of me and because of what I shall endure---many people because they will not have to endure these things will step back because they cannot understand the mystery of my sacrifice, of my atonement. So therefore there will be many people who will draw back and seek to find an easier course. So the word is not offend but we do not have a proper word for this so they used that word.

Then Peter the big fisherman said:----I will not draw back. I have stood up against the storms, I have stood against the ruffians along the water fronts and I have wrestled with men equally strong. Tho all men are offended I will never draw back----I will never deny YOU, for I am your disciple. Jesus knew the power of Lucifer’s forces, and he knew the strategy of the sons of Lucifer and he knew the powers they would apply. He knew that organized Jewry would move because at that time they controlled the High Priesthood of Jerusalem, they controlled the areas of their government and they controlled the financial areas of that society. He knew that as the specter of their greatness and power, of their ill-gotten wealth came forth that unless men were filled with the spirit---the mind of God, they would not recognize this evil and content themselves with the Testimony of Christ.

But Peter said:--Now listen---I will never draw back from thee. Jesus said:---”Verily I say unto thee that this nite before the cock crows then thou shalt deny me thrice.” But Peter said:---Tho I should die with thee, yet I will not deny thee, and so said all the disciples.----But Peter was here standing with and in the presence of the Embodiment of God. He had forgotten momentarily the world controlled by Lucifer and his followers. Here he was in the presence of the miracle working God. So Peter didn’t think that anything would come along that Christ could not do. He didn’t see the course of the disaster that would come along because he didn’t understand that the embodiment of God should suffer crucifixion. He didn’t believe that the power of organized Jewry would crucify Christ because Peter believed that Christ could withstand all these things. In fact when the Jewish Priests had tried to stone Jesus down in the treasury room of the Temple, Peter knew that Jesus had become invisible and came out of their midst. Peter knew that Christ could do anything, therefore he couldn’t conceive of Christ suffering death and he couldn’t conceive of Christ letting any harm come upon his disciple. But Jesus knew what was to happen and he said:---Before the cock crows you will deny me thrice.

Then in the garden of Gethsemane the army of organized Jewry came in and as they went to take Jesus before Caiphas the High Priest, according to their plans of conspiracy which was to crucify him before the day of the Passover. They were worried that with all the Israelites around that they might crown HIM King and then Jewry would lose control of the nation and the Temple Priesthood. So they planned to take Christ and kill him before the start of the Passover. Thus they came into the Garden with the army under the control of the Priesthood, and Peter stood up and drew his sword and with a big swing he cut off the ear of the servant of the High Priest.-----But Jesus said:----Peter put up your sword, don’t you realize that I could call on the Administering Spirit and I could have a legion of Angels here to take care of this situation. But Peter you don’t understand that the enemy is moving in to accomplish my purposes and My destiny. So Jesus put the ear back on the servant of the High Priest and then Judas came forward and kissed Christ on the cheek. Jesus said:---Betrayeth thou the son of man with a kiss.

Peter and the disciples then fell back and they watched Jesus being chained and taken by Jewry and a great fear now came over Peter. This fear penetrated Peter’s heart and soul as he followed with some of the disciples at a distance. He watched Christ being taken before the High Priest of Jewry. Some of the disciples left the scene but still Peter followed a far off. We are told that one of the disciples went even into the chambers of the High Priests where they were to try Jesus, and he would have taken Peter in there but Peter drew back and went to the fire that some of the soldiers had built to keep warm. In the meantime Jesus is being questioned by the High Priests, and Jesus did not answer them. Then the High Priest said:----I adjure thee by the living God, that thou tell us whether thou be the embodiment of the living God---The Messiah.

Jesus said:----”Thou hast said it---nevertheless I say unto you, hereafter shall ye see the son of man----the embodiment of God seated at the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven.

Now:----The High Priest rent his clothes and he said---this is blasphemy. Peter has been outside the chambers of the Priests all this time and as he stood around the fire a damsel said to him:----Thou were with Jesus of Nazareth. But Peter replied:---I don’t know what you are saying. Then again came another who was standing around and coming up to Peter---said:--Surely thou art also one of the disciples---Galileans for thy speech betrays thee. Then Peter began to curse and to swear saying:---I do not know the man. Immediately the cock crowed 3 times and Peter remembered the words of Jesus and he left that place weeping bitterly----Yes earlier the great Peter had drawn his sword, but after Christ had submitted to the program and to the power and conspiracy of Jewry, then Peter denied him, little realizing that by their crucifixion of the Christ their conspiracy would be wrecked, the program and the design of the children of Lucifer would be completely wrecked. Thus Peter when not in the presence of the Messiah, felt the power of organized Jewry and like many others in that area at that time, felt fear. In Judea no man spake openly of Jesus for fear of the Jews. So it was in the days of Peter, and before he goes thru with his denial he had cursed and swore that he knew HIM not----all because of his fear of organized Jewry.

This fear of Organized Jewry is not to be taken lightly because of it’s power. And Christ had already told Peter what he would do and Peter fulfilled that to the letter. However, Christ still had a great work for Peter to do and he knew what Peter would do. He declared in the 14th. Chapter of John that he would send the power of His Spirit---the Paraclete----the administering consciousness of the mind of God upon his disciples. He would restore unto them that which Adam had lost when he violated divine law and the Glory of God had gone off of Him. He would restore back unto the Adamic race---unto the disciples---unto his church, this consciousness of the mind of god.

Thus it is that we find that after the resurrection, the situation once more changes. The Disciples are thrilled by the resurrection, and once more they are followers of Jesus, they are told many things and then finally they are taken by Jesus out to the mount of transfiguration. There a great cloud came down and settled on that mountain and Jesus told his disciples to return to the city of Jerusalem and wait until they would receive the power from on high. Then as Jesus left them and walked into that cloud, two men stepped out of that cloud and said to them:----Ye men of Galilee why do you stand there gazing up into this cloud?----This same Jesus shall return, even as you saw him go. So they returned to Jerusalem to await the great mystery of what Christ had promised them.

The strangeness of this situation is that Peter---this great and good disciple----when questioned:---cursed and denied his Christ because of his fear of the Jews. Never forget that!

Then we are told that the day of Pentecost came and the disciples were gathered together and the entire course of action was changed as the Spiritual power and force came upon them.

Here in the city of Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost were gathered people from Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites were there as well as those people from Mesopotamia. Then there were those from all the areas of Judea, and people were there from Cappadocia, Pontus and from different places in Asia as well as from Phrygia and Pamphylia in Egypt. Some people were there from parts of Libya and from Cyrene and then many former Judeans who now lived in Rome were there as well as students from other areas studying in Judea. There were people there from the Island of Crete and some Arabians were also there.---- These people were all Israelites and were gathered at Jerusalem for Pentecost, many had been in this area for some time and knew of some of the happenings and others had just arrived. These Israelites had been raised in the lands into which they had scattered and they spoke the language of the land in which they had been raised, but these people were of the house of Israel, scattered out across the world of that time.

Then Peter stood up and began to speak:----Ye men of Judea and Ye who are now visiting in Jerusalem, be it known unto you and please pay attention to my words. Now; this is the same Peter who earlier had cursed and said:--I do not know HIM. But the Peter now standing here----stood in the power of the Spirit of God and he says:---(Acts 2:15-16)---We are not drunken as some of you suppose, this is that power spoken of by the Prophet Joel (2:28-29) “It shall come to pass in the last days, saith God: I shall pour out my spirit upon your sons and upon your daughters, and they shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and you old men shall dream dreams. And on my servants and on my handmaidens, I shall pour out in those days---My Spirit---my intelligence, and they shall prophecy.

This was the returning of the spiritual intelligence of the Most High God to move as a vibrating force out of his disciples who had followed The Christ, and to move out of the great heart and structure of the family of God. This would be the first time that Spiritual power would move with tremendous force out of so many people since Adam lost his Spiritual power and the Glory of God in the fall of the race.

Now; I want you to note what Peter said:----”Ye men of Israel, hear these words:---Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know.” So Peter tells the story of The Messiah, of His embodiment. He tells them how Jesus had been raised by the very Spirit of the Living God, that therefore now He sits in the Scepter hand of God. And having received of the ministering Spirit that which was promised by the Holy Spirit----you now see what is happening here. As these words were spoken, then Peter appeals to all the House of Israel and he says:---Let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God hath made that same embodiment---Jesus---who was crucified---both Lord and Christ. He is the fullness of Yahweh---the embodiment---the Messiah.

Now; These of Israel crowded around and they said unto Peter and the rest of the Apostles:---Men and brethren, what shall we do?---All the true Israelites crowded around and they accepted Christ---they received Christ. But the strange thing was the actions of Peter. Here he stood and he spoke with eloquence, no longer afraid. There was no question in his mind that he was on a divine mission.

Then Peter and John went into the Temple and they saw the man that had been born lame and blind. He had been lame from his mothers womb and every day he was carried to the door of the Temple and there he lay.---Now:--notice the difference in Peter here once more at the Temple--where before he denied HIM--3 times. Peter with John said to the lame man---look upon us----we have no silver or gold, but of what we have I give unto thee, then taking the man by the hand he lifted him up and immediately the man was healed. Power had descended upon Peter---Spiritual power---but of course the High Priests would hear of this and they called for Peter and John to come to them. They investigated the matter and they found that this man had been lame from his birth and that now he was whole. Peter and John are speaking to the people who are gathered around after the healing of this man and Peter tells them how they had crucified----The Christ---the embodiment of God because he did good works. Peter said:---”Ye killed the Prince of life but the Holy Spirit raised him up from the dead and heaven hath received him, until the time of the restitution of all things.” This is what God hath spoken from the mouth of all His Holy Prophets since the world began.----This was to much for the High Priests so they threw Peter and John in jail.

On the morrow the people gathered to see what was going on and the rulers, the elders, the scribes came to see what was taking place and also the High Priests---Annas and Caiaphas came and they had Peter and John taken out of jail and brought into their midst and they questioned them. They said to Peter and John:----By what power and by what name have you done this ? They were speaking of the healing of the man. Peter being filled with the Holy Spirit said:--Ye rulers of the people of Israel----if this day we be examined for doing a good deed to this man wherein he was made whole---By what means was he made whole ?----Be it known unto ye and to all the people of Israel, that it was by the name of Jesus The Christ whom ye crucified, and whom God raised from the dead, by HIM does this man stand whole before Ye. This is the stone which the builders rejected to become the head of the corner.

When they beheld the boldness of Peter the High Priests realized that Peter and John had been with Jesus. What a big difference in this man called Peter---what a transformation---from a man who being afraid of these same High Priests and their followers, had denied his Christ, even going so far as to curse and swear that he did not know HIM, because he was afraid of the Jews, into this man who now stood---filled with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God, with words put into his mouth. Thus Peter spoke to the High Priests, and they did not like what he said----but they said to the Disciples:---Now look---you can go out and preach if you want to, but don’t stir up people, and don’t preach---in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Preach and say nice things, but don’t use the name of Yahshua----Jesus the Christ. We’ll let you go if you will agree not to preach in the name of Jesus. Now:---Peter said:---Why is it important for us to do? Do we obey Yahweh-God or do we obey men?----Now the burden was on the High Priests, for if they said obey them---they would place themselves at odds with the people. So the High Priests were forced to say--obey God. Peter then says:---therefore we will preach in the name of Yahshua---Jesus.

The High Priests of Organized Jewry had to let Peter and John go because they feared the people. However, they hated Peter and they threw him in jail many times, but Peter led the flock and led Christianity, and he moved out from Palestine and he went to Rome and he went to Britain and finally he was crucified I the Coliseum in Rome hanging head downward, but his ministry was dynamic ministry because he had been filled with the Spirit of God. He was not afraid to speak openly to denounce Jewry and to speak against the design of organized Jewry. One of the amazing situations of today is that all through the development of the New Testament---the Church was battling the enemies of Christ, and the enemies of Christ fought Jesus. The Church was not ashamed to denounce Jewry. If you read the book of Acts and if you read the works of the Apostle Paul through his Epistles, he speaks openly concerning Jewry and their part in this matter. He tells the Churches who think they have resisted, that these Jews will fight and destroy. He said:---Ye have not yet resisted unto blood against this evil. You don’t know as yet what it will take to resist this evil but it is coming. Organized Jewry did wage a great warfare down on Christianity and upon His Church. Later they moved into the areas where the Church was spreading it’s power. They sought by the control and manipulation of gold and silver to bring the power of judgment upon the church, and organized Jewry continued their hostility and were the battleground against the church of Jesus Christ.

Now the church is the center of the Kingdom, it is to proclaim the Gospel of the Christ. I tell you today that we have certainly moved into the latter period of time. The Pope of Rome has come out to say that the Catholic Church no longer holds the Jews responsible for the Crucifixion of Christ. Altho they said: “His blood be upon us and upon our children?”---He cites that you must embrace the programs of all the world, of all religions and all forms of politics and learn to live together. He tells catholics that they must embrace the programs of the Communists and not be hostile toward these situations. Under these declarations the structure of the Church is deteriorating today.

Two weeks ago the W.C.C. made a terrible statement. They were telling their ministers that the time had come when all men must get together, when all religions must get together, they were admonishing their ministers that they should not proclaim that Jesus was the revelation of God alone. They must not proclaim that Yahweh was the only concept of God. They must recognize all men, all religions, and out of this would come a great good. They must recognize that Jewry led the world in Spiritual attainment and in Spiritual development. This came out of the National Council of Churches as well, and they warned the ministers that they must become a part of the brotherhood of Christians and Jews. They must listen and understand why the Jews did not recognize Christ, for the declaration of the Christians has been a little harsh for they said:---Jesus was the fullness of God, and if the Jews didn’t recognize Jesus as the fullness of God then they had no part in him. So therefore Christians must get away from this old fashioned superstition and program. And Christians should have no God in particular, rather all gods, all fellowship, a program of all religions.---You have acknowledged this because organized Jewry has moved in and taken over the management of the Christian Church. This Church My Friends, is the Church age of Laodicea the Christ warned about. This Church is void of the Spirit of the Living God.

In the book of Ephesians (6:12) the Apostle Paul tells you the declaration of truth, that we fight alone, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in High Places. He warns the disciples that they need the sword of the Spirit and the word of God, there is no understanding of the word of God without the Spirit of God.

Since the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit of God has descended upon Spiritual Christians. It has descended upon Christians at large as his disciples. More than this there is a vast holding of Satanic power inside of the institution of the Church. These are vast numbers of ministers and they number in the hundreds, who are not Christians, and do not come out of Christian backgrounds. They are out of eastern Europe, they are Jews and they come from areas which have no concept of Spiritual forces.

Today, I want you to know that there are also many who like Peter before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, they don’t speak the truth for fear of the Jews. There are many Christian Churches today who recognize that Jesus is the Christ but they do not stand out and say that Christ alone is Yahweh---God. If every Christian Church in America were to stand today and say that Christ alone is God, and outside of him there is no God, if they would back the proclamation that this is a Christian nation, they would start electing only Christians to places of power and responsibility. This my friends is the areas of responsibility that the Church should follow. Then the people of each and every Christian Church should stand and ask every one of their Ministers:---”Art thou His Disciple”?---- If they asked this they would get a denial of those in leadership in many places but especially in the N.C.C. and the W.C.C. and the head of the Catholic Church

because their testimony is:---All religions, all fellowship, all brotherhoods. There is nothing coming out of such a dead institution, but trouble, catastrophe and problems and terror. A Spirit filled Church is the secret and the Answer.

When the Spirit of God truly speaks then comes the identity, and the program of the Most High. I want you to know that the testimony of Peter now not afraid was pointing this out, and he also pointed out that all the forces of darkness and evil had joined together to destroy Jesus. This is the true testimony of Peter and the True Church. Any Church which is afraid to identify Jewry with the crucifixion and Jewry with the conspiracy, and Jewry with the Anti-Christ is not doing the work of God in the world today.

Thus we say again:---That the Spirit filled Church is the plan of God and a program of God.----Thus he said:---In the latter days I am poured out My Spirit upon My Disciples to start the Church. That was a modest outpouring of My Spirit. I am going to start a tremendous outpouring of My Spirit upon my ministers, my sons and daughters, in a great latter rain of outpouring. They shall come out to speak the truth, and it shall be a tremendous and mighty outpouring upon my ministers, my sons and daughters, in a great latter rain of outpouring. They shall come out to speak the truth, and it shall be a tremendous and mighty outpouring upon my people. They shall stand to denounce Jewry, to denounce crooked politicians, they are going to denounce the conspiracy of Communism. Let the chips fall where they may, these spirit filled ministers----sons and daughters are going to proclaim the word of God. And in a short time within a matter of a week or two---you will see a nation galvanized into action as a church fulfills its responsibilities.----You are getting close to that day. One of the greatest dynamic event that ever hit the white Christian world will be this coming out of the pronouncement---that Jesus alone is Yahweh---God. That we do not recognize other gods, that we do not respect other religions, that we are looking forward to the establishment of the Kingdom of Christ. There is no other message---this is the Gospel that Jesus preached, and the story he told.

Now; the Jews said:----we notice that these disciples have been with Jesus, because of the way they talked. Why? Because they were denouncing the powers of darkness, and talking about the program of liberation of the Kingdom.

Are you his disciple? If you are His disciple you are not going to hold back on the declaration of who Jesus is. You are going to acknowledge him as the fullness of God. You are going to acknowledge him as the only Yahweh---God. You are going to say:---I accept Christ, I follow him because I am a Christian, I am a child of God, I am a son of God, and HE alone is God.

The great responsibility that descends on Christianity is the total exposing of all Jewry for its pattern of conspiracy in the world today. When that has been done then you will have reached the point---of the beginning---in the following weeks upon the nations of God’s Kingdom. The Spiritual Church will become the church with congregations overflowing, while the other churches will be closing their doors because the people will be flocking to where they can hear the truth.

Today I wondered what a congregation must feel like when they had to listen to a Jew speak to them and tell them why Jewry is superior to a Christian. I wondered how the Methodist church congregation in Marsadies felt when a Jewish Colonel was called to speak to them and he told them how the Jews run the T.V. industry, the motion picture industry, the banks, and how they have taken over the communication systems of this country, and how they own the controlling interest in many of the industries of the U.S. and then this man said:--You are going to have to recognize the Jews, for we are a powerful people, we are the chosen people and you are only gentiles.

My friends when these people being called gentiles realize that they are the sons and daughters of the living God, the Israel of the Bible, and denounce these usurpers for the rascals that they follow, things will be so different. They will realize that if these be the Chosen people they would identify with the name of Christ--instead they despise him.

The scripture tells us that the dragon fights against the woman who brings forth the man child---the real Israel of the Bible. The Dragon fights against the woman who has the testimony of Jesus the Christ, and keeps the commandments of God---the true Israel of History. You will find that the Christian nations---the Israel of God’s Kingdom---is going to be reawakened as God pours out his final outpouring of Spirit upon the Church. It is not a mystery which will only be known to a few, but it will be a declaration of truth and the mission of discipleship is going to be the declaration of truth and the mission of discipleship is going to be the declaration of children under their Father, and the Kingdom of God will come in, with great power and Glory. We may resist unto blood but the powers of darkness will be cast down.

Art thou his disciple?----Then make sure that at every opportunity when they ask you if you are a Christian or what you think of Christ---then make sure that you make clear that ye believe HIM to be the embodiment of God. If they design to know where you stand on Jewry then don’t hold back ---- tell the truth, because this is what Peter did after he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Peter denounced the High Priests to their faces and declared to Israel that these Jews are the epitome of all darkness and of evil. Also the Apostle Paul said:---The Jews are against God and they are contrary to all men. God create a Spiritual church in America----close the doors on the modernist church and the church that denies Christ, and America will be free, its political parties, the action of its society and the greatness of its leadership will once more be known, as the church takes it responsibilities as the nation, declared by the supreme court----A Christian Nation.

Then they will not have to ask----Art thou His Disciple---for they will know it from one end of the world to the other.