Ask In My Name, 8-28-66


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-28-66

Turn to the Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 13.....After Yahshua had explained certain things to His disciples, He said to them...”What so ever, ye shall ask in my name, that will I do. If you ask anything in my name....that will I do.”

I think we have arrived at a very important period in history. A period in time when the declarations of John will come to pass. Also it again tells us in Joel that if we ask anything, and that if we are in trouble, if the powers of Darkness begin to overpower us...then ‘who so ever shall call on the name of Yahweh...shall be delivered. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, shall be Yahweh hath said.

Now I have not used the name of YAHWEH without authorization because the name Yahweh is what Joel declares. Therefore, he makes it clear, the time shall come to pass when ...who so ever will call on the name of Yahweh, shall be delivered.

It is a rather significant thing that in the course of history that Israel had served one Eternal God and His name was Yahweh, and over in the 83rd., Psalm in verse 18., we find these words...”That men may know thou, whose name is Yahweh. Thou art the Most High over all the earth.”

Well in the patterns of Yahweh, in the unveiling of the Scriptures to Moses, this was always what He was...Yahweh, to His children. YAH...and His children were ELOHIM, or the children of EL. Yah was also used and it means ....self existing, Yahweh Almighty.

Now one of the hardest problems we have today is the problem of Semantics, because you all fall into the patterns of Semantics, because of the language that you speak and the words that you are used to. So down through history an error has been sowed into your race and its hard to remove it because you have been thinking in another name and another form. Now the Word ‘God’, for instance, has been found both in the Old Testament and in the New. In every place they put the word ‘God’. You say....well they have translated the word ‘God’, this is a very important thing, that we have this word ‘God’. I am going to point out to you that this is a very significant thing....and the word ‘God’ does not mean what you think it does. The word ‘God’ does not mean....the Eternal Diety. “God”, is not an abstract name for Diety. In otherwords, people say we have the Almighty, who is God. Well...YAHWEH is not God. You say.....what do you mean by that???

‘God’ is the term for the abstract BAAL, Diety of Babylon. Therefore, the use of the term ‘God’ for Yahweh is an abomination. Under this pattern we then discover that as the Israelites went out of Eygpt they called His name Yahweh, and they knew that He would be embodied in the flesh as Messuah, and that He was Yahshua. Because YAH was YAHWEH, and SHUA was Savior. So....Yahweh Savior. So they never had any other name for He who was the EL, for it was YAHWEH & YAHSHUA.

Now during the periods that Israel had their King’s, and of course some of them were very much disturbed, for they had married these outlandish women and brought them into the midst of Israel. Those like Jezebel, and these women brought in also the Baal Priests, and those Priests taught that all men should worship Baal, as Baal was Lucifer the Prince of this world. He was ‘Son of the Morning.’ But he had turned away and refused to reflect the Light, and therefore he became Baal. And they who whorshiped Baal were the people who are under the domination of Lucifer when he swept into this world. All his children were those who worshiped Baal. Today those who are his children are the Jew’s, and they advocate the worship of Baal, in the name of God.

Now in those periods when King Ahab married Jezebel, the Baal Priests came and it was not permitted that any Israelite worship Yahweh, for Jezebel would not permit it. And now the Israelites were told they must worship Baal, the God Baal, and not Yahweh. Of course this was strange to the Israelites, but the merchants were in business and they said....we will bow the knee but we are not going to believe that.

This is the time when the Prophet Elijah came and he warned of the error of this way, and remember he warned that it would not rain for 3 years. It was during this period of time that we note that Elijah met King Ahab. You know how Ahab called the children of Israel together at Mt. Carmel, and according to the challenge given by Elijah, then Elijah was to speak and he said to the people....’How long will you halt between two opinions? If Yahweh be God, then, follow Him, and if Baal be God, then follow him,...and the people answered him not a word.” Now in the original text, and I am not talking either about the Septuagint, we are talking about the original text....and Mark had one of those in Alexander Egypt, and the word was YAHWEH.

But the Baal Priests had gotten a great hold on the people, but after the manifestations of fire upon Mt. Carmel, Elijah had the Priests and Prophets of Baal taken down the Mountain and their heads cut off. Then the children of Israel were saying...we are free. We worship Yahweh. But of course they had acknowledged the Prophets and Priests of Baal, and until those Priests and Prophets were killed then that was the power that ruled at that time in Ancient Jerusalem.

And still under Jezebel, in the days that followed then we find that some of the Baal Priests had survived, and Jezebel began giving them new powers, and they also brought in the Priests of Molech, and finally under all these false God’s, Yahweh took His Glory out of the Mercy Seat in the Temple of Jerusalem, and stored it in the Heavens and the glory of Yahweh, did not shine over Israel, because many were worshiping gods. Thus Yahweh put this Mark over them as the sign of chastizement, the Mark of 7 times over...or 2520 years. During this time there were those who followed the true pattern of Yahweh, and those who followed Baal and others, and thus were under bondage to them.

And when in the course of their service as they came back out of Babylon, after the 70 years of captivity, they had been taught by these Pagan Priests of Baal who came with them, and these who moved out from the Isle of Pergamos where the Christ later told you...’Satan’s seat was’...that to use the name of Yahweh was a sacreligious thing for a man to do. So they were not to use the name of Yahweh, they were to use the word...GOD.

Now; the word ‘ADONI’...or Lord was added, also to be used which was a special atribute to Baal himself. The word ‘Adoni’ or ‘Lord’ meant the words...God Baal, and they were to used those words when his personal name was not used. Now the children of Israel were not too well aware of what was going on, for Semantics was creeping upon them. They were told to use the words ‘God’ and ‘Lord”, and they thought that meant, in their minds, the true Yahweh...Yah...El...of their history. So when they were speaking then they were praying and speaking to the Almighty Yahweh...but they were calling Him God, and Lord.

When the Apostle Paul wrote his many letters, he also wrote many things concerning the Most High, and Yahweh was what he wrote, and he also wrote that the Mighty Yahweh was embodied as Yahshua. But when Paul wrote to the Greeks then he thought they might not understand this as the Greeks had many gods, but the greatest was Zeus, and in Greek writings and theology then Zeus was the Almighty Yahweh. So since Zeus was Yahweh therefore, Paul said Yah-Zeus so that he could catch the pattern of their thinking and convince them that Yahweh was The Almighty, as thus Zeus.

The Greeks brought this out in their early translations of the Bible, and when the King James Version was translated, naturally they now had the term...Yahshua...degenerated down to the word..’Jesus’...Yah-Zeus. So we today have in the King James Scripture, Jesus Christ ...instead of Yahshua...the Christ.

Now of course Yahweh is an understanding Father and He knows unto whom we pray, but He does make a declaration concerning this matter...He said: “What ever ye ask in My name....I will do.” So the whole plan of the Baal religion was to get the people to stop calling on the name of Yahweh....for Satan is afraid of the name...Yahweh.

The Jew’s also hate the word even tho they recognize the name they are told that Yahweh is an unspeakable word, for when they refer to the word Yahweh, the Jew’s tremble. So he is constantly seeking to place the word ‘God’, ‘Lord’, ‘Baal’, into the mouths of the people of the Most High.

We want to point out to you that under this declaration that Yahweh talks to you in the Book of Hosea and he talks of Israel’s adulteries, and how she has been wooed into worshiping gods of strangers, and how He has chastised her. But still there have been some of Israel that have never strayed and at no time has all Israel ever bowed to a pagan god.

So Yahweh said He was going to sweep out of Israel all the pagan gods. And generally speaking until we started the National Council of Churches and all the fallacies of modern theology, we had come through almost 2000 years in the service of the right one, and we have recognized Yahshua the Christ...Jesus.

We have recognizedd the areas of our chastisement, but it was not completed until after the 2520 years, and then in July 4, 1776., Manasseh became a nation. And of course we can apply the measures and we find thata they come out quite accurately. The final developments in our history are coming out as described, therefore we note He speaks in Hosea. “Therefore, I am going to lure my bride Israel. I am going to take her into the wilderness and speak comfortably to her, “...and then refers to the fact that it will be in that day when they are going to call Me...Yahweh...ISHI...meaning ‘beloved’ husband. And He says I am not going to have them call me Baal...anymore. Now many people say...O God help us. Then preachers come out and say we have to pray to God. Well, actually Yahweh is getting tired of being called God, which is not His name...but is the pattern in the worhsip of Baal. And so Yahweh says....they no longer will call me Baal. For I shall take away that name out of their mouths.

You have some people say...Oh, I love the name Jesus, I couldn’t call Him anything else. Sure you love the name Jesus, for in your heart you love..Yahshua, for you love the Christ, for you are the chilldren of Yahweh and thus you love THE MESSIAH because He is the Christ of Israel. And you had to have these names here in semantics, for people were praying to Yahweh their Mighty One, but they were calling Him by another name.

Moffet in his translation of the Scriptures, speaks of the use of the name and in the introduction Moffet says:...’strictly speaking, this ought to be rendered Yahweh. The name should be Yahweh, and none else.’ Now the name is familiar to the modern readers as Jehovah, and were this version intended for students instead of just for reading, I would print the name Yahweh, where ever the true name of God was declared. And I would put in the word Eternal for...also, for the word Yahweh does mean...the Eternal Self Existing Diety.’

Now in the Smith’s Bible Dictionary in the 1827 version the first one, they put the substitution of ...LORD...for Yahweh, and that is most unfortunate, for it in no way represents the meaning of the Sacred Name, and the mind has to constantly guard against infusion with its lower uses. The direct personal bering of the words God and Lord is very injurious, because these words apply to Baal and not to Yahweh of the Scriptures. But since everybody walks in this trap then we will keep on calling Him by the name of God or Lord...Now this is what the Bible Dictionary had to say in 1827.

Now Rotherham in his words devotes a whole chapter to the ‘Name.’ It points out that ‘the reasons for the suppression of the name, and the consequence thereof, may rightly be laid upon the Baal Priests. It therefore is the most natural presumption that the suppression of the name was entailed upon the reader and especially upon the hearer, with an irreparable loss, and because the suppression was a grave mistake it cannot be corrected too soon. An unwarrented liberty has been taken and the path of our humility will be to retrace our steps and to assume again the name of ....YAHWEH.’

This is the Rotherham version and he says...’of course people won’t understand what I am talking of if I didn’t use the words...god and lord..,so please excuse. (Now to me this is just an example of what we have been getting into over the years, the leaders trying to reach all people, back away from the truth and then say please excuse ...but the ordinary people don’t know any better.) Of course this becomes a distasteful you realize that? Because, my friends, you are living in the times now when He is going to take out of your mouth then put back in your mouth His Name, so you can pray to HIM. You want your prayers answered don’t you???

I point out to you that under this pattern when the words came forth out of the mouth of Elijah that they were...’If Yahshua be Yahweh the El, then serve Him. And if God be Baal serve him.’ Under this pattern of direction there was of course the immergance of many, many things. We turn to our entire New Testament and we find that so much that needs correction. But even here we find that when Yahshua The Christ, The Messiah was giving a prayer to His disciples, He told them to pray....’Our Father, which art in Heaven, hallowed by thy Name.’ Most sacred, most revered, absolute Power, a Name above every name, a name that the whole world will fear and tremble at. A name that the enemies of Darkness fear.....’Hallowed by thy Name.’

Of course in the days that Yahshua The Christ was preaching and teaching they referred to Him as Yahshua, and called Him Yahshua of Nazareth. But the wonder they hated Him and trembled at His Name, for He was the embodiment of Yahweh. They didn’t even say Yahweh in the Temple’s because they were using the abortive pattern of the symbols, the use of God and Lord, in His place. There is never a question of the appointed pattern of measure, and what it stands for.

I AM YAHWEH, AND THAT IS MY NAME. This is the words of Isaiah in the 42nd cahpter, 8th., verse. I AM YAHWEH, THAT IS MY NAME, AND MY GLORY I WILL NOT GIVE TO ANOTHER NAME, NEITHER MY PRAISE TO GRAVEN IMAGES. Then we note in Psalms 135:13., we have....’OH YAHWEH, THY NAME ABIDETH FOR AGES, OH YAHWEH, THY MEMORIAL. GENERATION AFTER GENERATION. And of course in this declaration, if YAHWEH be ELOHIM, serve Him. And if God be Baal then serve him.

No wonder we have this pattern. ‘I will declare My Name unto My brethren, in the midst of the congregation will I sing unto thee.’ And of course in this declaration, we note that it will match up with the patterns of Scriptures that allude to the Most High. And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of Yahweh, shall be saved. It is also they that know thy name who shall put their trust in thee.’

In Jeremiah you find...’Thus saith Yahweh, the maker thereof, Yahweh is His name, call me and I will answer thee. I will show thee great and hidden things, which thou knowest not. And I have manifested thy name unto men, which thou gavest me, out of the world.’

(Not to all men, but to men thou gavest me, out of the world.)

You know the whole doctrine of the Trinity is a faceless and groundless doctrine. You then say that you have been raised to say the Apostles Creed, and to show that we believe in the Holy Trinity. Well, it doesn’t make any difference how you have been raised to think, this is a time to correct errors. You know the doctrine of the Trinity came into being back in the days of 323 or 324, at Nicaea, when they were arguing about an area of translation. Some argued, ‘did not Yahshua say I and the Father are One?’ The some said, ‘this is One God.’ Then others came forth to say....’in the Gospel of John 14:29., He is talking about the fact that the Father is greater than I.’

Well, He did not say that. In this area in which they were discusing the story of the works of Jesus and etc., Yahshua said: ‘Now I go to the Father...or the Father is enveloping the Son’ ...or in the Incarnated form...the translation said...’the Spirit enveloped all of the Son and therefore the Diety enveloped with Light and Glory is greater than even the flesh, without it.’ And He said, ‘Therefore I give Eternal Life to all thou hast given me. I give Eternal Life to each and every one of His sheep. And the Father is greater than no man can pluck them out of His hands.’ Therefore we have God...God who is the Father..who is One. Then we have Jesus Christ, and He is God, and He is One. Then we have the Holy Spirit, and He is God and He is One. And all these three are separate...God...and yet all make the one God-head, like a corporation. So they said....’ that is a great doctrine, so the Catholic Church, right there and then at Nicaea incorporated this doctrine of the Trinity on this affidavit of assignation.

Now, when Yahshua spoke to His disciples in John 14., He said:..’Let not your heart be troubled, if ye believe in Yahweh, believe also in me, in my Fathers house are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you, if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself, for where I am ye will be there also.” And this of course in its rhyme, is not exactly correct.

Ye know....He says....Whither I go, and the way I go, ye know.

But Thomas says:..Lord we know not, whither thou goest, so how can we know?

Thomas was not perceiving the Mystery of what Yahshua had said. When He said: Thine they were in the Heavens, and mine they are in the earth. For Thomas had come into this world, as a babe, but he had come down out of the heavens, and he was already in this pattern that Yahshua was talking about. Now he didn’t he could. And Yahshua said, Where I go, and the way I go, ye know. For I am the way, and the truth, and the light. No man cometh unto the Father, unless he come to me. This was so simple that it was difficult.

Yahshua said:...If you had known me, you would have known the Father. So you have seen Him, you have walked with Him, you have talked with Him. I am Yahweh the father, I just don’t have the Glory on me which I left in the dimension of Spirit. Then someone said...Lord show us the father and we will be satisfied. Here after He had just told them He was the Father, out of the Spirit of dimension.

So Yahshua said:....

Have I been so long here with you, and still thou has not known me? Why do you say unto me, show us the Father? What are you talking about? He that hath seen me hath seen the Father. I am the Eternal Yahweh. So again we see how in this area that they were seeking again and trying to break up this transition of ...I YAHWEH, AM THY YAHSHUA.

Over in Isaiah in chapter 43., “Thus saith I Yahweh, who formed thee O Jacob. He that formed thee O Israel, I have redeemed thee, I have called thee and thou art mine. When thou passeth thru the waters, I will be with thee, and when thou passeth thru the rivers they shall not overflow thee, and when thou passeth thru the fire, thou shall not be burned. Neither shall flames be kindled against thee, for I am Yahweh, thy El. I am Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel, thy Yahshua, I Yahweh, thy Yahshua.”

And there He makes this declaration. I would give Ethiopia for you, I would give Egypt for you, thou hast been precious in My sight. And I will give people, for your lives, this is what I will do for you.

So by this pattern, I will point out to you that in all of the declarations of theology, there has never been any excuse for putting aside the Name of Yahweh. Every bit of scholarship in the world admits that. Of course I’m not talking about the modern ministers, coming out of the Seminars today, because they right away lead them away from any controversy, and they don’t know anything about the Name of Yahweh, or Yahshua, or Baal, or anyhting else. In fact they are only told that as long as men worship then its good.

In fact we have right now in Washington D.C. a Temple of all Faiths. It was started under one Administration and continued under another and then ended up under another Administration. And all the names on their Stationary as builders, and Administrators and contributors are Congressmen, and Statesmen, and Ministers, and important people of our Country. And, shame on them, every last one of them that ever put one dime, or their name into that Temple of all Faiths. For it is an abomination before the Most High Yahweh. They can be divided up by that 6 pointed Star, because that just exactly what it should have on it anynow. For in one corner they have Buddhism, and in another corner they have Mohammedism, and in another corner they have Hindduism, and then in the last corner they have a world faith Bah-Hai, with a golden light over it, and in a little nitch they have Christianity as the Prophet of Jesus. Oh they say all men can go in there and worship, and all men can respect all the gods that other men worship,....well, all of them are Baal but Christ. So in that Temple you have five points for Baal, and one point for Christ there in the National Temple of all religions, in the National Capital. Some of these days we are going to pull down every part of that false Temple and we are going to put up a Pine Tree. For I YAHWEH symbolized Himself as an everyliving Tree. So declareth this Yah of Israel.

We have so long used the words...God and Lord, that we find it weaving in and out of our vocabulary. We find it as we relate to YAHWEH AND YAHSHUA, and even these who translate and are working on the same thing, find themselves doing this. And they say only by the miracle of Yahweh, and by His Spirit, can this area of error be taken out of the mouths of people. Many people say....why is it when you are reading along you say...Yahshua, and when I look it says Jesus or Lord? Well, it is because I corrected it as far as I can as I read the Scriptures. This is one of the tremendous areas of errors that even the Apostle Paul sees, the gods of this world wanting over.

We discover that in the Book of II Corinthians chapter 24 and verse 3., if your Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that be lost. Now, some will say...well that’s a strange thing. It is because since they don’t have the Spirit, they can’t understand it. In fact today you can’t do anything about the Pagan hoards of Jewry...why? Because Yahshua said: The Spirit of Truthis not in you. You are like your father, you lack all understanding, you have no capacity for it.

Well who would I be to go out here and try to convert the Jew’s, after Yahshua said that about them? I think the most fantastic pattern of lost Missionary effort is to send a Missionary to the Jew’s. In fact I think missions anyhow are one of the biggest wastes of money that the Church ever dreamed up. For unless you send out the Gospel to the children of the Kingdom then it is a lost area of finance.

Under this great pattern of acknowledgement, we are to note that if our Gospel be hid, then it is hid to those who are lost, for when it hits the House of Israel then it rings a bell. And the Gospel is the name and plan of Yahweh, who sent His children into the earth to build His Kingdom and to take back the earth which belongs to Him from the hands of the usurper.

This is what you are here for, there is no other reason for your being here. You are the House, you are the Household, you are the descendents of the Eternal Yahweh, the Elohim of the Most High. You don’t have to measure up to the pattern of the world, and the laws they put together. You are interested in the Law’s of Yahweh.

You might even say that we have to abide by the laws of the United Nations. Well, the U.N.’s law is going to be the laws of all the Pagan countries on the face of the whole earth, and we are not to abide by it, now or never. If the Law’s of Yahweh ever go forth, and the U.N. comes under those Law’s, then they will be administered by the House of Yahweh, and then we would be interested, but not before. So we have these strange and peculiar patterns.

Now; we turn to the Book of Corinthians and we read:...The God of this world (who is Lucifer), Baal, has blinded the minds of these people, (Asiatics, Jews, etc.) So they cannot see the Truth of Yahshua, the Messiah, Yahweh-Yahshua. That, says Paul, is what we preach, and we are servants of Yahshua. For Yahweh hath commanded the Light to shine out of Darkness, and He hath enjoined our hearts to give Light to the knowledge, of the Glory of Yahshua, in the face of Yahweh, His embodiment.

Let us, for one moment, reflect on the Name of Yahshua. Remember, every knee is going to bow, of those which are in Heaven and in earth. This is the Word of Paul who wrote in Phillipians. That every tongue shall confess that Yahshua is Yahweh, and the very Glory of the Eternal Father.

In Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul is very disturbed. For he knows that the forces of Anti-Christ are going to grow and that their powers are going to work against the Household of the Most High God. They are going to fight against His Church. Paul is very disturbed for he sees that a great many people are going to be swept into the Church and then swept out of it as a great falling away comes along. And so Paul says:...We beseach ye brethren, by the coming of our Yahshua and by our gathering unto Him, our Messiah. Be not shaken in your mind or be troubled, neither by Spirit or by word, or letter, as we give you this word, that the day of Christ will be at hand. And let no man deceive you by any means, for before that day comes, there will be a great falling away first, and that man of sin will be revealed, the son of Perdition. Ever increasing will be the number of Anti-Christ, for whosoever deny that Yahshua has come in the flesh, are Anti-Christ.

There will always be one supreme leader of the hosts of Anti-Christ and in the final scenes and acts, the very impersonation of Lucifer himself will be in this way.....One Leader.

Therefore the Apostle Paul said: He who opposes and exaults himself above all that is worshiped, as deity, all that is worshiped, for he will call himself God and set in the temple of Yahweh. And he will show himself forth as God. Remember then what I have said to you, Know whatsoever might be revealed, in his own time, the Mystery of iniquity is already at work. Only he who now hindereth shall be taken out of the way. Then shall the wicked be revealed, and Yahshua shall consume this wicked one with the Spirit of His mouth, and the brightness of His coming. Yahshua shall destroy even him whose coming is after the working of Satan, with all the power of Satan, and all the wonders he was able to produce, with all the deciet and unrighteousness. The unrighteous will perish because they receive not the truth, by which they might be saved. For this cause, Yahweh is opposing their darkness.

(Now notice this...)

For a strong delusion is sent upon them that they might believe a lie. (Now who sent the delusion?) The Lord God Baal, shall send a strong delusion, so that they might believe a lit.

Yahweh is not sending a delusion on anybody. Baal, Satan, is sending the delusion, and the Apostle Paul tells you so. With careful accuracy the New Testament was gone thru, and the proper names of God were replaced in their Pattern of translation. And the words of that New Testament is above that of any other.

Strange as it may seem, when Yahshua the Chrsit said.....what so ever ye may ask in My Name, I shall do it, and then repeats it twice, still not many see that. Then in the Book of John ...what so ever ye ask in My Name..... There is no doubt that Yahweh has answered prayers that came forth out of ignorance, for He has honored the desire of His people. He has one absolutely, undeniable rule that He will answer any prayer under Heaven, in the pattern of His Kingdom....any prayer that is asked in His Name.

No wonder that the leaders who came forth like Daniel...when he cried out...Oh Yahshua, Yahweh, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that the mouths of the Lions were closed.

No wonder that David could call on Yahweh, then move forward with whole hoards of the enemy around him. And he and his armour bearer could stand and hold off as many as 800 to 1000 men.

Well? It is fantastic!....the power of the NAME OF YAHWEH.

I want you to know that we are in rather dire straits as a Nation, but it will be a wonderful and remarkable thing, when the Church of the Living El comes forth to call on the Name of Yahweh for deliverance.

(The Living Church of the Elohim)

I’m going to tell you that when we start calling on the Name of the Living Yahweh and acknowledging the pattern of Yahshua that we will accomplish great things, for any man can approach unto the Majesty of the Almighty One in the Name of Yahshua. Now Yahshua has made this promise and Yahweh had declared....They who call upon My Name....I will send deliverance, ...from the Book of Joel. Then lets hold Yahweh to it, and call on the Name of Yahweh for the deliverance of our Nation, and for the purpose of Israel in total.

So do not talk to me about the pattern of having prayed in His Name, then start talking about God and Lord, then come up with the cry to Zeus. (Lord God)

Because we want you to realize that He says:.....My Glory and My Praise I am not going to give any other Name. (EM)